Under Siege

Siege of Orleans
Raising the Siege of Orleans

By Charlie Johnston

Let me start with some good news. On Friday the National Abortion Federation (NAF) voluntarily dismissed 7 of the 11 counts in their federal lawsuit against David Daleiden and his organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). The only counts NAF has not dismissed are those that are necessary to try to preserve the gag order on the truly toxic videos Daleiden took at an NAF convention a few summers ago. The guardians of the culture of death desperately do not want the general public to see those videos, particularly before the mid-term election. I told you a few weeks back that Planned Parenthood (PP) and its ilk were in much worse shape than anyone in the media or general public knows. This is the beginning of the unravelling that will take place over the next few months.

The ghouls of the abortion industry are used to getting their way by bullying critics with the cooperation of both elected officials and the establishment media. They thought they could wear Daleiden down or bankrupt him. Now that that has not worked, they are left with some very lame legal arguments that are going to be exposed for the fraudulent strongarm tactics they are once things move outside of California. Shoot, it’s starting to look so bad that even California judges can’t be completely relied upon to go along. Now the abortionists are desperately trying to figure out how to manage the mess before the indictments (both federal and local) start dropping. The rest of the year is going to be very good for those committed to a culture of life.

Long before I started writing this and my former website, re-building a culture of life has been my guiding star, my stella maris, as it were, on these stormy seas. (Stella Maris is Latin for “star of the sea,” the star by which ancient mariners would navigate their course with certainty. It is why I sign most of my notes, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris.”)  It is what I have quietly devoted myself to even as I publicly write here. I am thankful to see steady progress and signs of breakthroughs on this, as everything else has become too absurd to parody.

I have a hard time taking the news seriously any more. Everything that is necessary to be revealed has been revealed. People are choosing sides with their eyes wide open. It is frankly horrifying to me.  Paul Manafort, briefly Trump’s campaign manager, sits in solitary confinement awaiting trial on tax and bank fraud charges from 13 years ago. The Justice Dept. considered the evidence in these cases too flimsy to prosecute…until Manafort did something REALLY bad…he was associated with Trump. That’s the real reason he sits in solitary. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer had his office raided at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s behest. The action not only trashed the Constitutional privilege between Trump and his lawyer – but that of Cohen’s other clients. But hey, this was to get Trump, so who cares about Constitutional protections? It was leaked that Cohen has a recording of Trump and him discussing paying a former Playboy Playmate to keep quiet about a dalliance with Trump. Who cares that this is privileged material between lawyer and client? It sticks it to Trump!

The indictments of Russian individuals, intelligence agents and businesses for “election interference” is not just absurd because such nationals cannot be prosecuted, but because setting this precedent opens up the door for hostile regimes to use their own legal systems to persecute Americans while they are on foreign soil. Stupid, stupid, stupid – and endangers American citizens…but hey, it sticks it to Trump, so why not? Let’s be clear, these Russian nationals have been indicted for expressing their opinions online, not for hacking any results. By what idiotic logic can the left maintain that aliens who cross our southern border have all the rights of American citizens, including the right to have US taxpayers pay for their abortions and health care while simultaneously maintaining that Russian citizens who are outside our borders but dare to express an opinion on our election must be indicted? That is not just stupid; it is incoherently stupid and malicious. The left has abandoned all standards, except that if it sticks it to Trump it is good and if it doesn’t, it isn’t.

Everybody knows now that the Russian collusion business is entirely fraudulent, simply a tool to execute a coup and overturn the results of an election. Even the most obtuse and malicious on the left know it. I am shocked that almost all the Democrats have chosen to back an obvious and malicious fraud. The only Democrat who has been full-throated in his opposition to this scandalous malice has been civil libertarian Alan Dershowitz. Of late, former Clinton pollster Mark Penn has also expressed public discomfort that mounting a lynch mob despite the evidence is not going to work out well for Democrats – and is dishonorable. The issue is incredibly clear. All that is left is to finish choosing up sides. The sides are not between right and left. The choice is between honor and dishonor, good and evil. Those who choose dishonor or evil think it gives them an advantage in gaining power. To the contrary, right in front of God and everybody they are busy filling in the details of their own indictment. It was 18 years ago this month that my angel tersely told me, “You must tell them true, and they must choose or perish.” I am, indeed, shocked, that so many have chosen to perish.

I am shocked that so many in the middle who have not firmly chosen sides yet are not marching in the streets, demanding simple justice. I don’t understand. The left has openly chosen to weaponize the law to punish opponents and reward allies. Whether the full force of the law will be brought to bear against someone is entirely dependent on where they stand on Trump – or whether they are serious Christians. This cannot last. Our whole culture is on a knife’s edge, tottering between a return to objective standards of law and morality or descent into the abyss of unending war for power. In the temporal realm, I do not know which will prevail. It certainly isn’t looking good for the rule of law. Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lois Lerner, Andrew Weissman and a host of others should not just be out of a job; they should be in prison. But up is down and down is up.

There are few serious men in public life today.  Leftists make absurd claims, malicious allegations – and even some on the right pretend to take it seriously. This last week, a big charge is that Trump took the word of Vladimir Putin over American intelligence agencies. Well, actually, that is not what happened. Trump DID decline to blast Putin at their joint press conference. But even if this story were true rather than just more fake news, these are the intelligence agencies which have routinely been getting it wrong for several decades on key issues – and then added to their marginal competence by making up lies about Trump for the last three years in order to overthrow him. When you decide to trump incompetence by becoming openly partisan hacks, you tend to dilute your credibility. Actions do have consequences. I hope Trump does not take our intelligence agencies at face value. I sure don’t – and won’t until there has been an accounting and a complete clean-up. Right-wing politicians and media who think it treasonous not to believe the politicized intelligence and justice agencies are chumps – useful idiots for the left.

Even as religious authorities get more flaccid in defending the fundamentals of the faith they are actually responsible for, they get more insistent in asserting a political authority they don’t have. I don’t like it that they are usually wrong, but it embarrasses me that they are so shallow and irresponsible. They make semi-moral assertions without grappling with any of the real problems inherent with what they suggest. It is just shallow virtue-signaling. Adding technical jargon does not make it any deeper – and the lack of seriousness squanders the moral authority that more serious religious authorities of the past amassed.

It seems like almost every institution is being run by third generation wastrels who busy themselves spending down the capital their industrious ancestors created. People angrily busy themselves interfering in what is not their business in order to mask their abdication of their actual responsibility.

Everything is in a precarious tension right now, waiting to see which way things fall out. There will be fireworks however things fall. Honor cannot be yoked with dishonor. Justice cannot make common cause with corruption. It is possible that neither side wins, but at least one must lose.  The stakes and the battle lines are perfectly clear now. ‘Tis the eve of battle and even the ponderous moments of quiet portend the strife to come.

It is to God that the only victory in this terrible battle will go. The only path to victory is to hold tight to Christ, to actively work to be on His side rather than to vainly and impotently claim Him for yours. The satan has no chance at victory. He has always known this. His simulacrum of victory comes from peeling as many children of God off to destruction as he can. And so, the fiery trials come. These last few months almost every person and institution I know has come under assault. There are assaults from without, betrayals from within, the noble struggling to maintain their nerve, the ignoble inflamed with passion. “Do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something strange were happening to you.” (1 Peter 4:12)

Neither be surprised that the satan attacks you at your weakest point. Were you expecting him to attack you at your stronghold? He is evil, not stupid. It even pleases God to let you lose a battle or two, that you remember it is not by your wit or might that the battle is won, but by your fidelity to the Master and by your cry, “Have mercy on me, a poor sinner.” Last week a nasty virus tore through me like a hurricane through Houston. For the first time in 40 years, I lost my voice. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are a delirious blur. Yet I well know that he who will be saved is he who endures to the end (Matt 24:13) so today, before my first appointment, I will spend a little time in adoration. Then back to work.

We have entered into the time of choosing. Do not be deceived by the sound and the fury surrounding you. Though there is more to be revealed, all that is necessary to be revealed to make your informed choice has been revealed. The only path to safety is to humbly choose to serve the Lord. It is horrifying and disheartening to see so many choose destruction – and to see them so jubilant at their choice. For you, though, when assault comes from without, acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. When you stumble of your own fault, acknowledge God. When betrayal comes from the midst of those you love, shake it off and take the next right step. When it is too much for you and you can’t go on, go to a quiet place and rest a spell, then be a sign of hope to those around you. You choose whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15) by what you do. Choose the Lord.

In the midst of this time of trial, know that the Lord intends not the destruction of those who resolutely serve Him, but a future and a hope. “Call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you.” (Jeremiah 29:12-14)

The Lord has not forsaken you. It pleases Him to let the goats reveal themselves. Know, in the midst of the storm, that your redemption is at hand. You find your way to it by choosing, with persistence, to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.

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  1. Wow. Just WOW! And we are here…

    Such great news for rebuilding the Culture of Life! Blessed be God in David, in you, Charlie, in all who have given blood, sweat and tears on every front in these cultural battles for life, and in those who provide a bedrock of prayer support, giving assent to God’s work in those who give their fiat.

    Thank you, Charlie, for ever telling us true while heartening us to stay the course, focused on God and taking NRSteps no matter how small they seem.

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  2. Excellent piece, Charlie. It’s very heartening and gives us strength and the courage to carry on. Thank You

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  3. Choose or perish. This must have been going through the minds of both the Christians and the pagans of Rome when it was sacked by Alrac and the Goths in the barbarian invasion. I have started reading Saint Augustines book, the City of God, which he wrote to refute the pagan claims that Rome was destroyed because they were made to abandon their pagan religion. It is a hard read, but if you start on page one, going one sentence at a time you will find that as Thomas Merton, the monk from Gethsemany abbey found, that in it are the secrets of life and death, war and peace, and heaven and hell, so that you may take the next right step with a little more confidence, learning from one of the greatest minds the church ever produced, at a time of her greatest trial.

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  4. I can not say enough what a relief it is to hear (read) your voice of reason, Charlie. With lies dominating the news and culture, I often wonder if I am the crazy one. It is easier to deal with the chaos if I understand that they, indeed, are the ones who are loosing it. As always, I will print this out and keep it handy and ready to help all who must choose truth or perish.

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    1. I realized the crazy one was the media/culture when ESPN made a sixty-something, ex-olympian, father of 5, DUDE…Woman of the Year.

      Not to beat a dead horse, but if that ain’t crazy…

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      1. Chasepro, I don’t know whether to burst into laughter or into tears at your comment. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

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      2. By the way, Chasepro, how is Chadpro? (If memory serves, he’s your brother or something. Am I right, or am I confused?) 🙂

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        1. CHADPRO123 is good. Yes, he’s my brother. Twin brother, actually. I’m one minute older (I cherish this minute).

          We’re both doing well in our little spheres of the world. We only live 90 min from one another. Most everyone in our immediate family is either Catholic, devoutly Protestant, faithful, part of the military, a Trump fan, or some combination of all of these.

          He and I converted to Catholicism about four years ago. Both of our father-in-laws are Protestant pastors of different denominations, which led to many discussions, questions, books…and eventually conversions. He helps teach RCIA at his church, while I help with confirmation classes at mine. Also, since our conversions, his wife, our mom, our grandmother, sister, and a few brother-in-laws on both sides have also converted. One even now wants to be a priest, and is going to Belmont Abby in the fall.

          Also, CHADPRO123 now has 3 kids, I have 4 (with number 5 due any day now). So, that keeps us pretty busy. Neither of us is 30 yet, but all of our friends are totally against the culture of death, some more than others, but even our agnostic/atheist best friend has 3 kids of his own, loves his family, and can’t stand what the Left has done to this country. This is a guy who didn’t even vote for Trump.

          Anyway, that’s probably more info than you were looking for. But thanks for asking! I’m sure my bro will comment here again soon, because we talk about these posts pretty much every day.

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          1. Naw, Chasepro… your response was perfect. I really enjoyed hearing about you, your twin, your family, and your friends. I was chuckling about how you and your brother are alike in so many ways (twins are like that, I hear; but both marrying a preacher’s kid? Both converting at about the same time? Both teaching religious ed? What a hoot!). And I love the part about “a few brother-in-laws” converting. I don’t know why that cracked me up so much, but it did.

            It sounds like you have a wonderful community of family and friends around you. What a blessing! Should be really helpful when the stuff hits the fan full force. God bless you all. 🙂

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      3. So very contrary to truth. It gives a whole new meaning to Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil. It just make me cringe, then shake my head in sorrow.

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        1. Yes, along with ‘Twitter’. Perhaps it is me, but while reading my daily Liturgy of the Office prayers, Psalm 64 jumped off the page and I thought “this is Twitter”. Then I read today, a Rhode Island Bishop has cancelled his Twitter account due to “an occasion of sin”.


          Catholic Study Bible

          Psalms 64:1-10

          1 To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint; preserve my life from dread of the enemy,

          2 hide me from the secret plots of the wicked, from the scheming of evildoers,

          3 who whet their tongues like swords, who aim bitter words like arrows,

          4 shooting from ambush at the blameless, shooting at him suddenly and without fear.

          5 They hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk of laying snares secretly, thinking, “Who can see us?

          6 Who can search out our crimes? We have thought out a cunningly conceived plot.” For the inward mind and heart of a man are deep!

          7 But God will shoot his arrow at them; they will be wounded suddenly.

          8 Because of their tongue he will bring them to ruin; all who see them will wag their heads.

          9 Then all men will fear; they will tell what God has wrought, and ponder what he has done.

          10 Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD, and take refuge in him! Let all the upright in heart glory

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          1. He left Twitter in a huff, because of the blowback he received from faithful Catholics who are sick of the clergy abuse scandals.

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            1. Have those “faithful” Catholics also left schools, medical facilities, stores, restaurants, etc. because sexual abuse is pervasive in all sectors of society. Teachers are some of the biggest offenders. It would do well for those “faithful” Catholics to remember who Jesus chose for his disciples. He knew exactly who he was choosing. Peter denied him, Judas betrayed him, others fought over who would sit at his right side. I sincerely believe that Jesus was openly showing us that His Church which He formed perfectly would contain imperfect people, even those in the highest places. If we were all perfect we would not need Jesus. Priests are people too. They are not protected from sin, they are tempted just the same as you and me. Most succeed in keeping Holy, some do not. There is nothing wrong with being disgusted by sexual abuse, but the “scandal” does not just belong to clergy (of all denominations) it is a scandal for any person to commit those disgusting crimes. It is ignorance, denial or arrogance to ascertain that those serving God should be somehow immune to sin. Those who attack the church or leave the church because of the media’s fixation on the “scandal” reveal that they do not really understand their own faith or why Jesus came to save us.

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              1. True, Rhonda, that Christ calls real men to be priests and the clergy are not immune to human struggle. At the same time, the new revelations in the sexual scandals reveal a wide scope of related spiritual problems, such as brother prelates enabling each other by keeping silence, seminarians leaving their vocational calling after they spoke to superiors about receiving sexual advances from members of the clergy and rather than helping the predator by holding him to account – via sending him to therapy, removing him from the possibility of harming others and encouraging him to live a life of making reparation through penance and prayer – the seminarians, and others who speak up, are told to maintain silence. And most dangerous of all, I think, is the promotion of personal conscience in ways that supplant the Commandments and 2000 years of Magisterial teaching. I provide care for a wise, holy, aging priest who is also a canon lawyer and he has said there is more gravity to the sin of a member of the clergy who persists in these serious sins. These kinds of scandals hold the danger of ordinary Catholics jumping ship in desperation.

                Now, we know Jesus, Divine Mercy, has told us the greater the sin, the greater right that sinner has to His Mercy. Amen. But we *must* as a Church rise up to speak about the necessity for accountability with a thorough house cleaning of both the hierarchy and lay people. Here’s a piece about a way forward, written by one erudite and insightful in his treatment of the problem as well as wise in a proffered solution: https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/cardinal-mccarrick-should-be-laicized-and-his-enablers-should-resign-psychi

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                1. Bekita, thank you demonstrating benignity in your reply. I find it difficult to not be harsh; I’m working on it. Justice and mercy go together while we wait on God’s timing and pray to bring the fullness of grace. The scandal and rot reach high into Holy Mother Church. Does your aging priest/canon lawyer friend know about the work of Fr Luigi Villa? St Padre Pio gave Fr. Luigi Villa an investigative task back in the mid 1950’s. Fr Villa worked with Dr von Hildebrand on the magazine Chiesa Viva from 1971 until 1977 when the doctor passed. You can read about Fr Villa here: (website link removed) Fr Villa’s Letter to the Cardinals from 2012 is a must read: (website link removed)

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                  1. Islam_Is Islam, neither Father nor I have ever heard of Fr. Luigi Villa and I just cannot link to the website you share. While there is a lot of good material there, it is also extreme in much of its content. There’s smearing of Medjugorje when, in fact, a faithful Catholic remains free to believe or not, at this time. And while people may not agree with all that Pope Francis does, he remains the Vicar of Christ, deserving every respect due to him in the office he holds as a legitimately elected Pope. The main author of the site posts on many SSPX sites. My Goodness, III, for all the trials the Church is now undergoing with the unmasking of its interior corruption, we need to turn to sources which promote unity and, with courage, face the truth that serious house-cleaning is in order so we may restore trust in the clergy, for as Pope St. John Paul II said in April of 2002: “People must know that bishops and priests are totally committed to the fullness of Catholic truth on matters of sexual morality, a truth as essential to the renewal of the priesthood and the episcopate as it is to the renewal of marriage and family life.”

                    God bless you Islam_Is Islam. Maranatha!

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                    1. Bekita: I think that you would agree that secrecy is one of the tools that the satan uses to remain unfettered in his evil. You would even agree that his way of working is extreme because his hatred of humans and God is extreme. It only stands to reason then that what Pius XII’s papal mandate directed Fr. Villa to uncover is not only extreme but extremely evil. Yes, the high-level rot that his 60-year investigations uncovered is shockingly extreme. It is only fair to point out that the link to his 2012 Letter to the Cardinals says nothing about Medjugorje or Pope Francis. Rather it re-delivers in summary form what the Cardinals asked for in 1992: documented FACTS for why Paul VI should NOT be beatified let alone canonized. That was the link that you thought best to remove as well as the link to Fr. Villa’s biography which gives each person the opportunity to decide for themselves the veracity of his reporting on the specific topic of Paul VI. Since Fr Villa died in November of 2012, whatever reporting has come after his death is not his and therefore not the point of my earlier post.

                      As much as unity is important in this time of unmasking, Jesus did say that He came to divide, I see this division as a reflection of the command in Deuteronomy to choose life–that is to choose Him and the fullness of His saving Truth. What does Charlie’s angel say, “Choose or perish”?

                      Grant it not everyone needs to be fully informed in order to choose Holy Mother Church; however, it seems to me that to obscure facts for the sake of unity does two negative things. First, it puts the obscurer in the driver’s seat rather than God and implies that God’s grace is not sufficient to overcome the faith-rocking shock of extreme facts like Fr. Villa’s. Second, it allows the satan to continue under the cover of secrecy.

                      Speaking only for myself, although shocking at first, having Fr. Villa’s investigations come to light gives me great relief. Now I can look at the present state of “the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church” and say, “This makes perfect sense! That’s how it became man-centered instead of God-centered!”. This fuller understanding has given me greater resolve to take up Our Lady’s weapons of prayer and sacrifice in UNION with the Church Triumphant, the Church suffering, and the Church militant. Knowing has increased my reliance on God’s saving grace as well as my hope for not only myself but even for the those in authority who have fallen.

                      Maranatha back atcha, Bekita!

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                    2. Of course, III, our Mother’s adversary works in secrecy. Indeed, there is division in these days and the greatest divide may well be in the choice which God awaits from each of His children, either for Him or against Him. It is a good thing to be resolved to pray much and sacrifice. In this we are in solidarity with this community and so many around the world.

                      I stand by my decision to not publish the links you presented. The site to which these links take one is disobedient to the Teaching Magisterium. That’s not what is needed… ever. As frightening as the left has become as they persist in ways which do not honor God’s Laws, equally frightening are those so far right that they know better than God and His Church’s Teaching Magisterium. I spent more than twenty minutes searching for other sources which included Fr. Villa’s work. Most of those additional sites linked back to the website presented in your initial comment. And the additional websites were mostly run by sedevacantists of one stripe or another; most were SSPX sites. At more than a few, I read that Fr. Villa died as a sedevacantist. Such as this is not going to fly here. Along with the grave error of sedevacantism, the nasty smearing of Blessed, soon-to-be Saint Paul VI as a Freemason and homosexual is disgustingly beyond the pale. Rejecting Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass conflates the human errors made by clergy and laity in this postcounciliar time – teeming with disobedience – with the beauty, truth and goodness written into the life-giving Documents of Vatican II.

                      This reminds of a vision which Charlie had at the end of 2014. He saw an effusion of demons let loose upon the earth and their mission was to tempt “the most overtly pious and faithful” on earth. Here’s an excerpt from that piece:
                      “I have been deeply concerned with the visitation I briefly referenced from the early morning hours of December 20. In part of it I saw a great multitude of demons, spewing up as if from a great fountain and spreading across the whole earth. Their primary target in this year, knowing their time is short, are those who are most overtly pious and faithful. If they can cause despair here, they can destroy many. Their primary method of causing despair is to reveal to the most overtly pious that things are not as they thought they were. Think here of the crucifixion. The apostles were scattered, for even though Jesus had warned them of this, it is not what they expected. They expected the triumphant re-establishment of a temporal kingdom. I frankly think even Judas thought that all his betrayal would do was force Christ to reveal His mighty power and establish the kingdom while putting the Romans to rout. This is why Judas despaired and killed himself: things were not like he thought and so he despaired of God, rather than of his own misinterpretation. Think of the pious friends of Job. They kept defending God’s honor to Job, who kept challenging and complaining of God. In the end, God was so angry with Job’s friends that He would not even hear their prayer – but made them go and ask Job to pray that they be forgiven. I saw that even the greatest are going to be sifted like wheat in the coming year, shown that some things are not as they think. Because of it, some will despair of God.”

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                  2. Forgive me, what is the meaning of the screen name: “Islam_is Islam”. Islam is defined as “Submission” which is contrary to a Christian point of view of “surrender”.

                    I choose (free will) to surrender my will to God the Creator. Submission is by force, negating free will.

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                    1. Sean Sullivan: Thank you for asking! I use Islam Is Islam to point out that while there are peaceful Muslims, Islam (as shown by its texts and the biography of its perfect example, Mohammad) is not, never has been, and never can be peaceful. Islam cannot reform. Islam is what it is. As you recognize Islam denies of the gift of free will. It is a slave maker and a man-centered, man-derived, totalitarian ideology. I pray for the conversion of all nations of Islam, individual Muslims, and especially Muslim women.. I trust in the grace of conversion promised by Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe/Tepeyac, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I look forward to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the Reign of Christ the King, and the coming of Divine Will when the Holy Spirit through the hearts of the faithful will renew the face of the earth.

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                2. Beckita– I was speaking to my spiritual advisor about the terrible McCarrick situation, wondering why God won’t intervene to clean up this mess and he said this might be what’s happening now– sure is painful beyond words! Talk about storm!

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                  1. Amen, Kim. It *is* a painful time for the Church, yet, also filled with great hope… at least, I see it that way. These things have been poisoning and destroying people, in a covert manner, for too, too long. It’s time to let the Light shine on this darkness in the Church, tend to the brokenhearted victims and remind all around us to remain in the Barque of Peter. A LOT of reparation is in order. We can all help in this effort. The psychologically and spiritually sick hierarchy needs healing and purification which can only come from truth-telling and accepting responsibility. There’s just no way out of it but through it. May the Lord keep us strong and true to our faith.

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    2. Kris;
      You wrote (in part), “I often wonder if I am the crazy one”.

      From Wikipedia: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief.”

      Hope this helps.

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      1. Christopher, I can see how easily one can fall for this form of manipulation. But for this forum, I would have no one to “talk” to about what is going on (since my dear friend, Nancy passed away). I read a lot to my hubby, and he gets it, but he’s a man of few words 😊 so not much discussion takes place. Thank you for your reassurance by way of the definition of gaslighting. It does help.

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      2. I see “gaslighting” in EVERY news story, especially if it is political. Since people are now reading and listening to more “news” than ever, I can only assume that a great deal of the population is unable to recognize this deception and have been completely duped by so-called journalists.


        1. Rhonda, I see you’re new to commenting and we’re happy to welcome new folks. One of the most salient instructions in the comment policy which Charlie wrote for this site is this: “That is not to say we are nice and don’t say hard things or make tough criticisms – but it must be based in evidence rather than simply emoting feelings – and all is designed to build up the people of God, not to tear each other down.” When I consider your comment here, I’m concerned about the tone expressed. Granted it’s your opinion to say there’s gaslighting in “EVERY” news story. But that’s an emoting generalization which is not factual. With all respect, please, have a read of our comment policy: https://asignofhope442992340.wordpress.com/comment-policy/

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  5. Charlie, I think you are right to say that those of us who are “woke” to the storm we are in have enough info to choose. But there are so many that are blinded by what Sister Lucy described as diabolical disorientation. I truly believe that there are many who believe that left is right and right has become wrong. Those of us who by the Grace of God are seeing things clearly are duty bound to be the sign of hope to those disoriented by gently showing them the Truth.

    A lot more is going to come to light, and soon, that will wake many more people up to the evil that has surrounded us and is coming from New York (money), DC (political power) and Hollywood (satanic evil). I would only recommend this to those who have very strong stomachs and faith, but if you care to see the evil then read the 8chan boards on what is coming out regarding the pedophilia and entrenched satanic culture that the stars and power brokers in Hollywood have engaged in for decades. It is truly sickening and when people hear the truth of what those “stars” that they admire have engaged in and how it’s connected to New York and DC they will then be awaken to the storm. That’s where each of us can help them to see how it’s a spiritual battle that is coming to a head and they need to choose God’s side and stand up against the evil. God will win this, this we know, and Mary has built her army to stand up against the evil. We are all part of that plan but it’s got time to play out yet so steady as she goes, Captain 🙂

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    1. Amen on the need for steadiness, Tom. Quite a few folks from this community have been following the work and postings of “Q.” I’m surging on with intercession for those to whom… well, you said it best: “…left is right and right has become wrong.”

      Even while knowing how people are cementing their ultimate life choice… still, I cannot stop hoping – via prayer, penance and sacrifices – that the ones who remain now lost will be shocked into a change of heart via seeing the state of their souls in the Light of God, the Warning .

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      1. Serious question — do you think it is a positive or negative thing that people are following “Q”? I just did a little research to learn something about “Q” (never heard of it before) and decided it wasn’t for me.

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        1. Frank, I have wavered and waffled on following “Q.” It has seemed very believable and, then again, too good to be true. Truth is, I haven’t had the time to look deeply into his writings as have others. There is someone whose opinion I greatly value who has read not only “Q” but many reliable sources speaking to our times. Because of my friend, I continue to watch and see how, time and again, something which Q spoke of has come to pass. In the end, what remains to be seen is *if* God allows His Plan to unfold in ways described by the intent of what the Q team is working to accomplish. I *do* see God’s Hand in what, at least what I understand, has been conveyed by Q. If true, the people connected to and working on the Q team are very much about the business of revealing the gross and pervasive evil which pervades this entire world. It also seems to me that those who follow Q are both ready and already actively helping those who are awakening to the real picture of how mired in deception this country has been. Here’s hoping that those with more knowledge and better articulation about the Q phenomenon will speak.

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          1. I agree with Frank. In my estimation, somethings amiss… people are seeking “a truth” and not the Truth (God). When events happen and things crumble, Q may be correct but without a reliance on the Almighty, people may be lost. This is why I loved Charlies mission statement:

            “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to others”

            My thoughts in this last, past century:
            Freemasonry. This organization without boundaries, less one: to recognize allegiance to the organization and no other. Is, has been the scourge of the World as we know it. St Louis De Montfort witnessed a banner strung across The Vatican walls displaying a fraudulent depiction of Satan crushing St. Michael the Archangel. It was this which promulgated him to persue his work in Marian Theology, etc.

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            1. Sean, I, too, initially thought those involved with the Q stuff were hyperfocused on their plan rather than God. My friend who has looked much more deeply into the work of Q and team, tells me there is a great emphasis on faith and prayer. We shall see. That said, if Q is authentic, the work being done could well harmonize with TNRS if the team is truly surrendered to God and wanting to do good in His Name.

              Your comments about Freemasonry are consonant with the locutions to Fr. Gobbi. The Marian Movement of Priests and their lay sssociates, another work of Our Lady, have been praying for many years as an antidote to the evil perpetrated by Freemasonry.

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          2. I have been following Q since February. I’ve seen to many things Q has said come true. I was very sceptical at first but I am a true believer now. Q often quotes scripture and asks us to pray. The Q teams says they serve at the pleasure of the president who I believe was elected only by the power of God. Time will tell about Q as Gods plan plays out but for now I believe Q is on our side. WWG1WGA(where we go 1 we go all)

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        2. “For God used the foolish things of this world…”

          And “the chans” are the last place anybody would look for the hand of the Lord.

          Yet, as Charlie writes, even there, “The Choice” is being made and the battle waged.
          It is astonishing to behold.

          It is not for the comfortably churched*.

          neonrevolt.com does outstanding work summarizing the “threads” on the chans.

          https://qanon.pub/ for Q posts to the chans (Q has not posted since 4 July)

          I believe that Q is Christian; he quotes Ephesians here: https://qanon.pub/#t1526855666

          *Charlie recommended Martin Malachi’s Hostage to the Devil in the last thread. I bought it and it is profound. The author is/was a Catholic Theologian…yet, in the book, what I admire about the priests is the frank talk about sin. They are not squeamish around cuss words, they recognize that it is only Christ who is our redemption and salvation and that all have sinned. They do not flee from their pasts, they acknowledge them..and in doing so, they are able to love and work with those who are still enslaved by sin.

          If you, like those priests, are perfectly comfortable in Christ and you see through the profanity and filth to the work that God is doing on their spirits/souls , you will, like me, rejoice. God is working in the chans.

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            1. Thanks for this Timothy. For those who have been put off by the noise and chatter when visiting the boards with Q material, this link gives background and information about Q and what is developing and unfolding before our eyes. When I first read it, I thought of your comment yesterday, Sean, about the evils of Freemasonry. And I thought of Our Lady’s words through Fr. Gobbi in which she said the Red Dragon is Marxist atheism and the black beast is Freemasonry. In the highest levels of the masons, there are black Masses and the most perverted and vile of satanic human sacrifices while putrid occult practices are part and parcel of the lives of those so entrenched in this way of life, actually the bottom pit of culture of death.

              When I ponder these times in light of the many messages which I’ve read and discussed, again and again, the critical act of proper interpretation of prophecy comes into the forefront of such pondering. In this, I have been especially blessed by the in-depth knowledge, wisdom, experience, and gifts of this priest for whom I offer care and assistance and with whom I collaborate in ministry. That said, nobody but nobody knows exactly what is going to happen. Only the One Whom we love and serve knows all these things. And I will be eternally grateful that Abba, in His Love and Wisdom, sent Charlie with the mission and message from which we have all benefited because no matter the details of how God’s Plan unfolds, Charlie has prepared us, in ways both paternal and maternal, as he has written, for our contemplation and discussion, about what we CAN actually do as we traverse the Storm, how we CAN be of use to God and His people, that interpreting prophecy is tricky business, with insight from erudite presentations of history, politics, culture, and faith as they intersect in where we now are, to hearten and inspire, encourage and uplift. And I will be forever grateful for the people who have gathered here, with great faith in God, from many and varied places and walks of life, opening our hearts, minds and souls to one another as we strive to TNRS and support one another along the way.

              All this is my long-winded way (sorry Sean 🙂 ) of saying, I believe the Q stuff could easily be true and is most likely true and if it is true, it would integrate well with what we are about in this place. But, again, the good intended by the Q group is subject to God’s Plan. And while I was initially put off by the constant line, “trust the plan,” I have come to understand that in no way does this mean to trust the human plan – conceived in prayer with intent to combat evil and restore good -above God’s Plan.

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            2. Interesting Timothy. If you are a visual thinker, like I tend to be, you may like this pointed video explanation of the ‘Great Awakening’ / Q phenomenon –

              Lord have mercy on us. ❤

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              1. After viewing this video, I have to say I don’t agree with all of the assessments of the causes of current evil as conveyed by this person. What particularly strikes me is the lack of reference to the spiritual poverty which abounds and how too many have chosen anti-Gospel ways, rejecting God’s Laws. But I see, Jen, why you have brought it as another way to express what the work of Q and Team is about.

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                1. I have to say, I was certainly disoriented for a spell when I read the blog summary posted by Timothy about Q and the Great Awakening. I still might have to re-read it 3 or 4 more times to absorb it all. It does not change my unfailing belief in our faith or this TNRS community, though it is some scary stuff.

                  To me, the “Plan” that the Q group has may not be labeled as inspired by God, but many elements of it have the markings of God’s work. Like Bekita states, I believe this stuff could easily be true, and if it is, then The Holy Spirit could be working through these people in some amazing ways. I have to believe that God uses who He wants to use for His plan (and history proves this). This person who did this video may or may not be Christian – and they may have or may not have excluded explicit references to God in it (to help those just coming around and noticing the storm maybe??) by design. This is certainly a propaganda piece for people to wake up and check the weather!

                  For whatever reason, I just finally quit “ignoring” the QAnon phenom and references on this site to it and took the plunge this afternoon. My head is still spinning – brining back the horrible dreams I had after I read Brown’s Angels and Demons (trust me, that was before I cut that horrible type of literature out of my life – I seriously had some weird dreams!). For someone who loves a great conspiracy theory movie (love The Matrix type movies, etc), even the first pass at the link Timothy posted has me disheveled a little bit….

                  So, yes, for someone much more familiar with Q like it sounds you, Timothy and Bekita are, than I am – I can see this video being a little let-down. I am sure over 1600 drops, Q has so much more rich info to offer. However, to get just to the surface of what the world is seeing (and not seeing), this is more of a mainstream piece that ties all of these heinous crimes together under a common thing. Yes, WE know the father of lies is behind it all, but I am thinking maybe baby-stepping first was what this video was really meant for? Maybe I am over-analyzing it all? Maybe I missed the mark too (please let me know if I did!)

                  I am personally going to re-read the summary on Q’s Great Awakening and re-watch this video so that I can identify a little bit more of the “tangible” or earthly results that satan and his demons have had their hands in… just so I can pray ever harder for our Mother Mary to intercede for us to Jesus. We need this rescue bad – before today I knew it was “bad”, but now I have more of a visual reason to pray more specifically for God’s mercy on us all.

                  God bless,

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                  1. Bill, I believe the video was indeed intended as a ‘red-pill’ precursor for those unaware of the plan unfolding. Sadly, we have friends and family that would immediately ignore or dismiss information that has overt Godly references, although we know His hand is in all things under the sun. ❤

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            3. Timothy, thank you for these Q links. I have tried to find info online, but had no success til you gave these. The summary was a good place to start (by Neon?) How much information people seek should be determined by where God leads them; each one is different. I said the other day that the Holy Spirit has been my professor leading my studies; I use discernment. What makes this material interesting to me is that it jives with the spiritual information I’ve read for many years. Beckita referred to the MMP and Blessed Mother’s revelations, at length, about Freemasonry. That’s just one example, as we see the philosophy of bringing “order out of chaos” all around us today. Obviously this is only one facet of what is happening around the world, but we look for what “rings true” in what we read.

              Now we just keep praying! Come Lord Jesus!

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          1. I read “Hostage to the Devil” about 35 years ago and have read two of Malachi Martin’s novels – “The Final Conclave” and “Windswept House”. I also read around that time other books about spiritual warfare and deliverance.

            But I’ve also read the Bible cover-to-cover several times and read it every day. I’ve also read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. You say that Qanon quotes Scripture. Here’s a rule of thumb — whatever time you spend reading stuff like Qanon, you should spend twice as much time reading the Scriptures. I find that “the comfortably churched” usually find the Sacred Scriptures to be an optional part of their faith walk. The Word of God, which is “the Sword of the Spirit” (Eph 6:17), is a more effective weapon against the powers of darkness than the musings of Qanon or any other website dealing with conspiracies, prophecies or alleged apparitions.

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          2. Timothy: I’ve read Malachi Martin’s Windswept House and The Final Conclave. The subject of Freemasonry within the Vatican is notable in both of those books. Of course Windswept House is fiction but I don’t believe that the Final Conclave is. I am working on The Jesuits but hadn’t heard of Hostage to the Devil. I’ll have to check it out from my library. Fr Martin was the model for the exorcist character in the book and the movie The Exorcist. I understand that he was never laicized but was released from his vows of poverty and obedience especially to the Jesuit order. He was a brilliant man. You can find youtube interviews of him. Mostly they are radio-type rather than videos.

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      2. I wasn’t referring to “Q”, I also am not sure whether that’s for real but we shall see. I don’t follow it much but I have one retired friend who keeps me abreast and one of our Next Right Steppers who keeps me clued in. What I meant was there’s been people posting on the 8chans who are supposedly Hollywood insiders and they are writing about all the evil that many of the “stars” and power brokers have been up to and how’s it’s connected to New York (money) and DC (political power).

        The evil coming out of Hollywood reminded me of the former FBI man Cleon Skousen who investigated the communists in the ’50s and was the author of The Naked Communist. His basic premise was that the Communists (meaning Stan’s evil doers) figured out they could not defeat us head on as they were battling the Greatest Generation then, so they decided to withdraw and go for a stealth attack to take us down and concentrate their efforts on brainwashing our children. In his book he listed the 45 goals of Communists and Congress felt it so important they had it read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Read these things he wrote in 1963 and then tell me this hasn’t been old skinny legs plan all along and he’s accomplished most of them, taking over media, taking over Hollywood and indoctrinating our young people to believe Stan’s lies, making homosexual behavior seem normal, taking over our schools, taking over a political party, discrediting the FBI, discredit the family as the institution, etc. Here’s a write up with some commentary if you’ve never read this: https://www.theblaze.com/video/45-communist-goals-for-america

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        1. Thanks for this clarification on your thoughts about Q, Tom. Very familiar with the good work of Cleon Skousen in bringing what he has brought to light.

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    2. Hi, Tom. I agree with you that many remain under the Dark Delusion by default and not by choice. I guess what’s out there is enough, but I think something needs to happen that will penetrate all corners and get underneath the umbrella of the Dark Delusion. It seems to me that only at that point would their choice be actual, conscious, and deliberate.

      I have a brother in that situation. Fortunately, I was recently able to get another family member to be aware of what’s going on, but he is only on the fence, awaiting proof one way or the other. To my mind we are still in process of choosing, but I admit Charlie has a higher viewpoint on this situation. If he says there have been enough choosers, I can only hope that the “enough” can be expanded before the hammer actually falls.

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      1. If I thought all has been revealed that God intends, I would already be marching. I am grateful that God gives more time for people to change their choice. There is a frenzied madness that develops that can prevent people from seeing clearly until the frenzy has passed. Pray that the frenzy passes, for many souls are in deeply dangerous territory now.

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        1. I believe this is the call to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Please advise if my intentions are in error, but I offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for:
          1) Conversion of sinners,
          2) Everyone who shall die today
          3) For all the Souls in Purgatory
          4) and to bestow Grace upon all those who are suffering.

          I think this ’rounds’ out everyone. I came upon #4 while on a pilgrimage in Medjugore. Fellow pilgrims remarked upon their suffering loved ones, so I thought since Jesus told St. Faustina to ask for “great things” when offering the Chaplet; why not ask for great things here and now when we are all sufferring so much.

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            1. Thank you. Today, this morning at mass I felt compelled to speak with a fellow parishioner about the 54 day Rosary novena. Her reply? “My son in law committed suicide yesterday” 7/23/18. We briefly spoke and I recalled an event during the Year of Mercy.

              One day I walked through the Holy Door of Mercy for all those who have ever committed or shall committ suicide in the future. My former line of work, has a lot of suicides so it is very close to my heart. I then sat in my pew and offered the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him, knowing since God is outside of time, He knew I would pray for the departed soul.

              Immediately after mass, with the Eucharist still (so to say) in my mouth, I offered the Stations of the Cross for him. While stopping at each station, I found myself praying…Dear Jesus, remeber when Simon, Veronica, the Holy Women consoled you, (remember Nathan).

              Upon completion, I re-visited with the Mother In Law declaring to her my prayers and offering of the Plenary Indulgence for Nathan.

              What glorious times we live in. So much grace filled opportunities abound around us. I feel so wonderful to be able to help others (in their distress) and so look forward each day to place my prayers, works, good deeds upon the Altar at the next Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

              It is so wonderful to realize this work of ours, once offered (in this manner) is ‘locked in’ eternally!

              (yes, Joe C. & Beckita this is a long post:) {humility for me}

              On a side note, during this mass my friend was acting as an Altar boy for the mass. He prayed to God to let him see the Mass as God sees it. He told me words couldn’t describe the joy, absolute joy he felt. Each word spoken had a different, glorious feeling producing great love.

              I found this out well after mass as he and I had two hour long conversation on a few items, notably me breaking down in tears over fallen cops who died via Murder and gun shot Suicide. I have tears in my eyes as I type and it affects everyone who has worn the uniform.

              Thank God for this glorious day! Oh, this is the reason for my intentions each day praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for everyone who is going to die today.

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              1. Oh Sean! No worries whatsoever about the length of this comment, rising from your heart, soul and tears. How blessed is this man, Nathan, for whom you have prayed today. Joining in prayer for the repose of his soul and praying, too, for his mother-in-law and all who love him.

                The prayer you offered in transtemporal time, for all who have ever or will ever commit suicide, was truly inspired. You see, praying in a transtemporal way is a major directive which Jesus gave through Luisa Picarretta as He asks us – those willing – to embrace the spirituality of Living in the Divine Will. Of course, there’s more to this way of praying with its core purpose to make reparation to the Father so that the dream is fulfilled: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

                Thank you for bringing us the opportunity to join you in praying for this newly departed soul and for those who love him as we continue to lift all who have ever or will ever die by suicide. Headed out soon to Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament where I will present you to Jesus that He will refresh and restore you, Sean, healing your sorrow as well as any lingering wounds inherent in the work you have done for His people. Thank you for your service as an officer. Thank you for your witness to faith with the offering of your prayers and sacrifices which ripple through Christ’s Mystical Body gathered here… and beyond.

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        2. Charlie, thank you for this clarification. Some in my family need more time and more exposure to more information to be able to make a truly informed decision, and I’m sure there are many more families in the same situation. Each such person needs a specific set of details before they stop just reflexively dismissing other possibilities. I pray for more time and more information before stuff hits the fan. You’re giving me more hope here.

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    3. Tom, you said it best ” to those who have strong stomachs and faith” ….. My spiritual director suggested I say a prayer to St Michael every time I read this stuff. Tonight I was extremely unsettled and depressed. Then I realized that after reading hours of 8 chan and postings on twitter, I was ill. Evil does that. This stuff is sooooooooooo evil. People are not going to be able to handle it. Calling on my Guardian Angel and St Michael to keep my mind safe so I may sleep tonight.
      The good news is that since Friday night when a pedo film director was outed and fired, several others have been outed on twitter. Once the light exposes them, they are not long for their jobs. The flood gates are open in Hollywood and Disney and this will be quick.

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  6. ” It pleases Him to let the goats reveal themselves”… I love this because it amazes me how much the head of the evil one is wildly throwing itself back and forth like the house in the Wizard of Oz, only to land itself in the very depths of hell once all is struck by the light of Christ. Choose well and choose good as often as you can. Mighty indeed in our God and He stands with those who stands with Him. How blessed we are. Love. I do. Diane

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    1. Here’s that Wizard of Oz scene. To this day, I’m still impressed with the tornado special effects considering it was 1939. Here, the house doesn’t land in hell, though. At the end of the chaos and Storm, Dorothy finds herself what could only be considered “heaven” by black-and-white standards.

      Time: …Far away
      Across the field
      Tolling on the iron bell
      Calls the faithful to their knees….

      “We better get undercover soon. There’s a Storm blowing up…it’s a whopper!”

      Yes, that is Pink Floyd. Apparently, the entire “Dark Side of the Moon” album was crafted to sync up nearly perfectly with the first 43 minutes of the movie, from heartbeat to Tinman’s heartbeat. The song for this snippet is called “Great Gig in the Sky” if you had any doubts.

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  7. Charlie,
    Thank you for the hope, strength and courage you give me with your posts! And, more thanks for clarifying who, what and where are the losers of the failed coup d’ tat against President Trump!

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  8. Oh Charlie. This post certainly came at the right time for me. You so clearly and succinctly gather all my jumbled thoughts and observations of late into something that makes sense to me and added so much of your own PLUS such incredible heartening. I can’t thank you enough.
    The victories, and coming victories, for the Culture of Life are so much to be thankful for. Hope for the present and light for the future. The rest of the mess….oh my! My soul at peace, surely, but my humanity can hardly bear the tension of it any longer. I feel like one of my old guitar strings just before it would snap.
    I reflect often on your admonition regarding vanity being our undoing as I tend toward feistiness. Too often a vain feistiness. I am trying to remain small and (mostly) silent. Praying for moral courage. Keeping my eyes on the Lord. It stuns me to my core to see so many deliberately and obdurately choosing evil. It is mesmerizing and I cannot look at it for long. I am reminded of the scene in “The Passion Of Christ” when Our Lord is carrying His Cross to Golgotha. Our Lady, following Him, takes Her eyes from Him for a moment and looks, across the way, into the mocking face of the Satan, who holds in its arms an infant demon. Horrifying sight. But it cannot hold her gaze. She immediately looks back to Her Son. A good image for me to hold in my heart.
    Bless you and all here. I hold you all in my heart and in prayer.

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    1. You play guitar, CG? Me, too. If we ever manage to get together sometime, it would be fun to have a jam session. You bring apple pie; I’ll bring cheesecake. 🙂

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      1. When we reach Mount Meeker, Mick, you are going to hear the most amazing celebratory music EVER from so many Grateful Squirrels! It’ll be a jam fest like the world has never seen, baby!


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            1. Don’tcha know! (Said with a Minnesota accent. OK, I’m in Michigan and not Minnesota; but it’s all flyover country, so whatever.)

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                1. Hahahahaha! Sean, where and how did you find that magazine cover? It’s hysterical!

                  Truth be told, though, after having lived on both coasts, I gotta say that I’d rather live in the sticks in flyover country than anywhere else. “Mich-con-esota” my husband calls it; but he’s a West Coast city boy, so I have to forgive him. 🙂

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      2. Hiya Mick! Yes, I used to play guitar many years ago. I played in a group with several friends and we had a lot of fun with it. It fell by the wayside when jobs, marriage and children came along though. I often wish I’d kept up with it (along with piano 🎶).

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        1. Ha, CG! I used to play the piano, too. I took lessons from age 9 to 14. Never really learned to read music (and it wasn’t from a lack of trying). 🙂

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  9. “The only path to safety is to humbly choose to serve the Lord. It is horrifying and disheartening to see so many choose destruction – and to see them so jubilant at their choice. ”

    I shake my head. I can’t fathom why they can’t see, and then I look at my own weak points and wonder if I could also be so manipulated.

    But that sentence sums up exactly how I feel.

    It just occurred to me to share with you all, that we’ve had quite a lot of squirrel happenings at my house. The cat got one yesterday, we tried to save it but it passed away last night, and as I was drinking my coffee on the couch with my front door open, another squirrel sat at the screen door looking at me. Others have tried to get in the back door. I thought you all might be amused. 😀

    Thank you for the encouragement, Charlie, carrying on!

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      1. Y’all might be interested to know that we don’t have squirrels in Australia and New Zealand, unless they escape from the zoo. However I’m sure that we have many other persistent, pesky varmints and there must be one or two among them which might fall into the ‘cute’ category. Nor do we have skunks, bears, moose, bald eagles, bison, rattlers, etc. With much joy have we watched the old Disney programs, various cartoons and TV series to learn something of all these creatures. And who isn’t captivated by the David Attenborough presentations, however I am truly amazed that there is no hint of God’s benevolent handiwork acknowledged among them.

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        1. Wow, Karen… I always knew that we don’t have animals like kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies in the US (except in zoos); but it never really occurred to me that animals that are so common here are not necessarily found elsewhere. I can’t imagine living without squirrels. I’d be glad to live without skunks, though.

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  10. Thanks Charlie…I’ve been paralyzed by fear today…scary, sad, traitorous moments I feel we are ALL living in. Thank you for your sign of hope to me today. I will try my best to pay it forward. I’m sorry you were I’ll dear Charlie. Rest up dear friend of God😇 xoxo TNRS

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    1. As long-time readers know, I was not a Trump supporter. His style still often grates on me. But this is not about Trump. I remain a supporter of truth, evidence and facts. When I was in the media, I would defend opponents when facts and evidence supported them. You have bought into the nonsense that this is a battle between pro-Trump and anti-Trump. If you think it is acceptable to use any lie, to twist any fact, to ignore all evidence in order to vent your spleen at a person, you entirely miss the point. Objective standards of evidence and justice require that we give those we do NOT like their due when the evidence justifies it.

      Read the article again. I am saying that those who choose to accept lies and reject evidence to smear those they don’t like will perish. Period. I have warned people here many times against putting their faith in Trump, even as I largely respect much of what he has done. But when your hatred burns so bright that you will abuse any tool at hand, when you are willing to destroy objective standards of justice, when you are willing to foment violence to win merely political arguments, you have chosen the dark side.

      I don’t care whether you support or oppose Trump. I do care that whoever you support or oppose, you do so with objective, honest evidence.

      But with several of your comments I deleted, I suspect you intentionally set up this straw man, that the issue is support or opposition to Trump, rather than support of objective standards of evidence and analysis.

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      1. That’s part of the problem. Who to trust? Many here don’t trust CNN, NPR, etc., and others don’t trust Breitbart, Fox, Lifesite, etc. It’s just about impossible to make an informed and solid choice these days.

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        1. On that you are very much right, X. I have always been a big fan of going to the documents. If I am unfamiliar with a source, I will check their material with the documents associated with the story. If it proves fair and true several times, I will take shortcuts and generally trust them. If it proves false or twisted, I generally don’t. Then I will do spot checks. If someone just isn’t comfortable with that level of research, a slower way to do it is note the claims made…then watch and see whether they prove out. Almost every political claim CNN makes is proved false within a month or so. A guy who used to (and still does) irritate me enormously with his style is Sean Hannity. But I have to give the man his props – the seemingly outrageous claims he was making a year and a half ago have proven to be understatements.

          When I was in media (newspapers and then radio) I knew it was inevitable I would sometimes get my facts wrong…so I vowed that when I discovered I had, to correct the factual errors first and more loudly than the original error. It always stung, but living that discipline did help instill a commitment to get the facts right and double-check them no matter how convenient they seemed.

          I really miss the days when I could read Camille Paglia weekly on Salon. I disagreed with her take at least 80% of the time, but her interpretation was always grounded in verifiable facts. Now I am hard put to find an establishment reporter or columnist who does not just make it up to support their ideological agenda. Probably the best left-leaning source right now is “The Hill.” Lot of stuff I don’t agree with there, but they do seem to have some respect for facts as they are

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  11. Charlie, I’ve been wondering…

    If Trump/Sessions isn’t going to move on all these swampy law-breakers, and no one is going to truly lift a finger to stop the media from fomenting violence and treason and general lawlessness (how can they, when their vicious shrieking is so loud), then…I don’t know…

    Could your Jericho March be the thing that let’s Washington/the media know that the people of this country are sick of the corruption and want it to stop, once and for all?

    You’ve mentioned before that a Jericho March would be in response to coup attempts, like when Obama was going to not hand over the Presidency, or if Trump was impeached, or something similarly and overtly corrupt happened.

    Well, we’re at that point, aren’t we? More crimes and horrors are revealed each and everyday to people like us, people who don’t have the means or power to do anything about it. And the people who DO have power are too frozen by…I don’t know…something…to hold anyone accountable.

    I’m just thinking out loud here, and wonder if marching soon was on your mind. I feel a bit like Peter when you told Our Lord He shouldn’t go to Jerusalem to be crucified. Except, instead of asking you to stay, I’m wondering if you’re going go (note: I know Charlie is not Jesus. I’m just speaking metaphorically here, like maybe I’m way out of line for even suggesting he Jericho March soon).

    I was also thinking that such a Jericho March, in the near future, would be such an overt and obvious act on behalf of the God-fearing people of the United States (especially if it got to be large- not that it has to be. God can do with one what He can do with 1,000,000), that it pretty much couldn’t be ignored by the powers that be.

    Any response would be appreciated.

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    1. This has been much on my mind lately, too, Chase. If no one is held to account, we have lost the country and the culture. The serial assaults keep coming. If one is used as justification for overthrow, that would be a sure sign it is time to get marching. Ambiguity – being frozen – is tougher. I have long thought that Judas did not actually intend to betray Jesus, but that rather he sought to force Jesus’ hand, to make the Lord reveal Himself. In short, Judas substituted his own judgment for God’s. I will not act precipitously, committing the sin of Judas. A clear coup would be a clear sign. A frozen stasis of disorder would be another thing. I have thought of many options and scenarios. I will not sit by and do nothing if it all is slipping away, neither will I act precipitously. Choosing the most right step you can is hard…and you are going to make some mistakes. You can only acknowledge God, take full responsibility for what you do and say, and change course humbly when you know you have erred.

      But yes, Chase, you touch on some of the things that are very large in my thinking right now. Some of it may come in a way I do not expect, but however it comes and however it changes, I am all in and will take the next right step before God so long as I live.

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      1. This what everyone is saying……why, with all of the clear evidence at hand, no one has been arrested and put in jail (Gitmo). Obama, Hillary, Clinton, Rice, Jarrett, Brennan, Comey, etc etc etc??? Will we give up the “Rule of Law” in our country. Will only those who follow Truth, be held accountable? Yes, this is the BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

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      2. Well, then, let this be a special intention for any in our ASOH family who would like to pray in solidarity for Charlie…

        Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name, send a new outpouring of your Holy Spirit upon Charlie as he continues to listen, watch and discern the what, when, how, who and where of his each next right step. Dear King Solomon, you who asked for the gift of wisdom, please go before the Throne of Abba to speak Charlie’s name, seeking that a double portion of the wisdom granted to you will be infused into Charlie in these days. Again, we ask this in Jesus’ Name.

        O Passion of Christ, strengthen Charlie. Amen.

        All glory, gratitude and praise be to You, Lord!

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        1. Such an eloquent and perfect prayer, B! Took a screenshot of it so I can have it at the ready to say it whenever and wherever .

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          1. Great, Marie! Now, says the Lord: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” So, I intend to keep thanking God for answering this prayer. The more the merrier. 🙂

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        2. Beckita, it occurred to me that this would be a good prayer to pray for President Trump too. Praying it for Charlie each time I run across it!

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      3. I think Trump is moving to hold people accountable but it’s got to done very carefully. Just this week we heard he’s put into motion revoking the clearances of Comey, Strozk, et al. Step 1. Yesterday some patriots in Congress drew up articles of impeachment for Rosenstein. The groundwork is being laid and as time is playing out the more shrill the left becomes, the more lies the media are caught in, and the more their evil doings are being exposed. Today we see Facebook taking a massive financial hit for trying to silence conservatives. Target is being aimed at Twitter as well for doing the same thing.

        My feeling is that there’s a plan in place and it’s being played out step by step and I see God’s hand clearly in this. Meanwhile good things are progressing as well. The economy is roaring, I’m so busy at work I don’t have time to breath. The GDP number tomorrow should be enlightening. The Europeans are backing down on the tariffs. North Korea is being brought to heel. Good constitutional judges are being put in place. My gut instinct tells me that when they have the pieces in place they will make the move and make the arrests of the Clinton Cabal and Obama schemers. How can they arrest them when the Justice dept and many judges are still filled with progressive leftists? And when they make that move, that’s when the civil unrest breaks out. Can you imagine the reaction of the left when they see all their heros in handcuffs, put there by Trump? They’ll go ookey balookey and that is when we need to be a sign of hope 🙂

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  12. Thank you for the insightful response.

    I agree, it’s this ambiguity about what to do, and when to do it, that’s straining everyone right now.

    I feel like a guy who has an exterminator at his house, and he keeps pulling back dead wood to reveal termite damage, and more termite damage, and more, and more, and more, but every time I’m like, “Hey, can we start fumigating soon?” he’s like, “We could. But you don’t want to lose the house, do you?”

    Anyway, keep Next Right Stepping. Thank you for all that you do.

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  13. One of my sons, who is a diplomat at a US embassy in Africa, has always leaned toward liberalism. He was visiting last week with his family and we were having a typical “political” conversation. He said that he had heard about the case of a non citizen who was an American military veteran being deported, and that the media was indignant and horrified that Trump would do such a thing. Since this is in my son’s area of expertise, he decided to do some digging to check the facts. He was shocked to find that the liberal media was misrepresenting the situation 100% and that this guy’s drug dealings and other illegal activities made his deportation totally appropriate. It was, indeed, very satisfying to hear him say that! He’s asking, “how much are they lying to us about?” Uhhh, yep!

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  14. Today’s readings include:
    You have been told, O man, what is good,
    and what the LORD requires of you:
    Only to do the right and to love goodness,
    and to walk humbly with your God.
    My spirit knew something was going on with Charlie. So I prayed a bit, and wish I’d prayed more; I thought it was angst at his subject matter in writing.

    His description today of good things simply slipping away from us bothers me the most.

    So, in the name of accountability, does anyone here think it’d do more harm than good ( to David Deleiden) to share to face book Charlie’s link to the older toxic videos the courts still have “counts” against? Just to inform; also to prompt choice and examination of conscience with an added personal comment about God’s mercy.
    I mainly think Charlie would not have left it without a caution to not re-publicize,if so, but…thanks!

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    1. Oh no, Leslyek, the older videos have no counts against them. It is videos you have NOT seen that the abortionists and their buddies in court do not want you to see. Re-link anything here.

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  15. It makes me a little nervous to see you use pictures of St. Joan of Arc, Charlie. The reason is that she was a heroine of mine as I read my little book of her life in my childhood, and it would really alarm me to be asked to do the kind of thing she did!! I just have to hope it is a symbolic parallel.

    The piece you’ve written, Charlie, is as always, such a zinger, right on! I’m glad to hear the good news, and the rest of the piece tells us what we need to hear. It’s probably not just me feeling a darkness or weight, in my prayer time, when my whole focus is on things not of this world. (At least that is the goal, and I must cast away the distractions.) I had a particularly nasty experience in today’s prayer time, and am so grateful to Our Lady Undoer of Knots for taking away what attacked me.

    It seems to me that the Lord reveals things to us as we’re able to bear them. Forty or more years ago, I could not have handled all these revelations. I remember in the 90’s or before hearing a talk by a priest that was my first hint of darkness in the Church and I entered into a period where I felt I was in a deep pit. The Lord strengthened me to learn more and more, some of it being all the revelations to Father Gobbi, Anne Catherine Emmerich, and so many more books, etc. The Holy Spirit took me through a graduate course, with Himself as my professor!

    Here we are now, preparing for what only God knows is coming. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph protect us and all our families, and bring them to conversion!

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  16. Trump has got to be the most disrespected president in history. I have often mused that it may be a symptom of doing the will of God.

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    1. That could very well be true, Anonymous (if that is your real name 🙂). I served in the USAF, but unfortunately did so under the Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell Clinton administration. I grew to dislike the Honorable Mr. President’s behaviors and policies very much during my service. If I did anything like what he did in the Oval Office, for example, I’d have been summarily and dishonorably discharged from service. But I commented to a friend that if Clinton were to show up on the Air Base before me, there would be no indication of my true feelings — I would show him absolute respect because of the office he holds. Period.

      But today? Hmm… Trump represents the Republicans, and that — coupled with insane rage toward him personally — makes all the difference. It’s probably more than that, though; something has really changed in our culture in the way people think and behave toward each other. Fits with Charlie’s description of the personal conflicts we see among families during this Storm.

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  17. “This is a time for choosing.”
    Rush Limbaugh

    This from Rush Limbaugh today July 23. In response to a caller who is caught in AMBIGUITY not knowing or able to discern fact from fiction or truth from untruth in the world today. Caught in the middle. Confused and stuck. Unable to CHOOSE:

    “I think he’s aggrieved at all of this back-and-forth and that there can’t be anything in common that we have anymore. I think Bill is terribly distressed by this. But, Bill, look.

    The fact of the matter is, we get up every day and mind our own business, and we see what we believe in — we see people that we believe in and love and admire — attacked, attempted to be destroyed. We have to defend ’em. We have to defend people that we love who we know are being maligned. We have to defend the institutions in America that are under assault and under attack. This war that’s going on in America right now is serious, and there isn’t much common ground between the two sides.

    That’s what makes it so serious. You can’t wish it away, but you do have to pick sides. It’s not enough to say, “Well, both sides are equally as bad. There’s not a bit difference in ’em,” and so you wring your hands. There clearly is a difference. There is a side here that is posing the single greatest threat to the founding of this country since we have been at world war in my lifetime — and they have stated that that’s their objective! I’m not making this up.

    The left has made it very clear what their objective here is, and they’ve made it clear how they intend to pull it off, primarily with open borders and massive illegal immigration, as step No. 1. So as distressing as it is, you gotta choose a side. This is a time for choosing, not a time for wishing or hand-wringing — and it’s a time that you must admit what is, is. And you can start by acknowledging that that dossier is not intelligence.

    It was written, made up for the express intent of driving Donald Trump’s supporters away from him by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. It’s time to admit that there was collusion with Russia on the part of Hillary and the people that worked to put together the dossier. It’s time to admit there was collusion and rigging elections. The Democrats rigged it against Crazy Bernie. All those people are not even being investigated. That’s a problem!”

    One of the great gifts God bequeathed mankind is Free Will. The ability to choose. To choose to love and serve Him. Or not. To Choose God — or — Not God. To choose our destiny of Heaven or Hell.
    That decision has consequences. It seems almost inconceivable to us that so many utilize their capacity for Free Will and choice in such a calamitous way.

    Reading the New Testament in conjunction with a historical timeline and the tracing the journeys of Jesus through Galilee and Batanea and the Decapolis and Judea and the progression of His Public Ministry makes clear that Jesus was well aware of the critical importance of people making the right choice with respect to Him.

    His contemporaries needed time to evaluate what Jesus was preaching and teaching. Time to aborb and come to grips with the mind boggling reality of His true nature as God/Man. Moreover, they needed evidence to inform that monumental decision. The signs and miracles was a way of setting the table for those people of the 1st century AD to make the right decision. To accept, embrace and believe in Him and his Gospel of Salvation.

    It is pretty clear that Jesus was well aware that this for lack of a better word “conversion process over time” was necessary and sufficient evidence was needed for all the people to form an opinion and make such a fateful choice. He was acutely aware of the danger of pushing the people too quickly to make the Big Choice. Why? Because all the evidence to support a decision and choice concerning His true nature was not on the table and would not be on the table during His public ministry.

    Jesus knew that a premature call to Choose without all the evidence would result in many if not the vast majority making a very bad choice by rejecting His Divinity and His messianic role in salvation history. In fact, Jesus admonished his closest disciples to not tell anyone about the insight THEY were gaining into his true nature. Lest they reject Him out of hand.

    The final piece of evidence required to complete the evidentiary record? Christ knew that only His death and Resurrection would be the evidence that many people in the process of choosing would accept to close the case and prompt the choice to believe and accept Jesus as God and savior.

    But what is shocking is that Jesus also realized that many, if not most of his contemporaries would reject Him in the end. Turn away from Him. That his death on the Cross would be a scandal. They would choose badly and reject Him even with all the evidence of His true nature on the table for everybody to witness.

    Luke Chapter 19 41-44

    41 And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, 42 saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43 For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side 44 and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you. And they will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

    Jesus’ time was a time for choosing. And Jesus did everything He could to aid people to make the right choice. He wept over their recalcitrance. But He did not let the people off the hook. He did not allow for a permanent state of Ambiguity. A time finally came for choosing.

    We are living through similar times in our own day. The evidence is piling up on the table for us. Both in the political sphere and more importantly in the spiritual life of the nation. What is shocking is that in spite of the evidence many, people, if not the majority are choosing so poorly.

    Charlie and Rush are right. This is a time for choosing.

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  18. Here are some examples of the media allowing false implications to continue:
    from: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/07/23/making-sense-of-gowdy-and-rubio/

    Am I the only guy who remembers Rod Rosenstein at his press conference saying — and I practically quote here — nothing in these indictments indicates that one vote was changed or the outcome of a single election was affected? To me, that is bombshell. To me, that’s all that matters. To me, that’s bingo, that whatever happened, it did not affect anything.

    So what’s special about the Russians meddling in 2016? Answer: Trump won. That’s what’s special about it. And the fact that you can’t find in any news story about this Rosenstein saying not one vote was changed, the outcome of not one election was affected. That, to me, is the headline. That’s the end of the story. Why can’t you find that anywhere?

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  19. Charlie, I thank you for this inspiring article.
    When you write that many people you know are under attack , I can say that something of the kind is happening to me as well. On a personal note, my health has greatly declined for the last two years, especially since last march.
    Moreover, last year I lived with many others in my Country a social and personal drama when the then Italian Dem Government threatened to take away our children or fine our families heavily (seven thousands euros per child) if we did not accept to inject them ten vaccines, without regards to conditions the children might have like autism, epilepsy, etc. . The bill was modified and the new elections then saw the Dems loose .
    Many people realized How the media in Italy are untrustworthy , but the most part still believe the propaganda. I began to read Italian blogs which explain How Euro currency and European Union rules greatly damaged Italian economy. Unfortunately the MSM still try to convince people that European Institutions are good for us. Italy never had such a terribile high unemployment, before Euro currency , forty percent Youth unemployment .
    I would like to explain myself better , but it is difficult in English. But what I am experiencing is what you told us some years ago, that is every institution has lost its credibility . Even the Pope has meddled into Italian politics saying we have to welcome more migrants, when there are no money to do this and more criminality and social disorder has followed the migrants presence.
    Even at my Parish they organize meetings on Islam , on How good Islam is and How prejudiced we are.
    You are right when you say that only faith in God is left, together with the bonds with family, friends and neighbours .
    I offer God what I have, though it is not much and I hope He shall Rescue us.
    God bless you, Charlie and all Asoh readers.

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    1. Lilia Florentiae: When the Berlin Wall fell and the Iron Curtain came down especially in Eastern Europe all those socialist/communists flooded into Western Europe. They did not set aside their ideas about government and religion. Your country is dictated to by a group (EU) that is not elected. The pressure is to group think in that organization. It would take a move equal to an 9.0 earthquake or a polar axis exchange for the EU to change direction to economic policies proven by President Trump. It has taken years for the people of this country to wake up. And a large portion of our country is still blinded by the left. I would posit that this blindness is directly related to abortion and its non recognition of the assault it is on a real living person. The EU is not a democracy, it is anti-religion. It is a socialist/communist organization of power retaining elites.

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    1. Lilia F and Joanne1950: yes, exactly right. Lilia, your country, Italy, is like mine, Ireland: both have swallowed the Euro-lie hook, line and sinker. If you don’t mind me saying so, the EU is largely dominated by countries whose acquaintance with democracy is relatively recent, or where it has gone in and out of favour, and so this rule by un-elected bureaucrats is not that strange to them, since such things are not that far back in their own history. To us, who have lived with Anglo-style parliamentary rule for centuries (even if we weren’t actually independent until 100 years ago), it is, or should be, abhorrent – but yet, we’ve rolled over and accepted it.

      Some people have done so enthusiastically, even manically, all starry-eyed and drooling about the great “United States of Europe” and how wunnnnnderrrfulll it is/will be. Many of these types actively demonise those of us who, while accepting that the Free-trade idea has a lot of merit (and it was originally set up as the “Common Market”, which is what we in Ireland joined in 1972), are totally opposed to the political union. We’re totally opposed to it because we recognise the forces that are behind it – as Joanne1950 says, an anti-religion, socialist/communist organization of power retaining elites.

      I predict that it will not end well, as with so much in previous European history. It’s truly a house built on sand – and great will be the fall thereof. God preserve us – except of course that so many of “us” don’t even acknowledge Him anymore. God preserve us!

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      1. Dear Jaykay: My roots go deep into Cannaught, Ireland. Great Granddaughter of tenant farmers who owned next to nothing except 7 fine children 3 of which immigrated to the USA. Maime (Mary), Annie and Delia, all of whom had a Irish lilt in their voice until the day they passed. Such fond memories. God bless them all and God bless their wonderful Catholic faith in Christ through life’s challenges.

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  20. Truly, as Charlie wrote above: “And so, the fiery trials come. These last few months almost every person and institution I know has come under assault. There are assaults from without, betrayals from within, the noble struggling to maintain their nerve, the ignoble inflamed with passion. “Do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something strange were happening to you.” (1 Peter 4:12)”

    For many of us, the fiery trials have been ongoing for some time. And God grants us all manner of recourse as we may ever appeal to Him via the intercession of His Mother, His Angels and Saints and His Holy Souls who are making their way Home by our prayers poured out in love. We know our heavenly friends await our call for help. For those who may not know St. Charbel, I share some links on his feast this day. A Maronite monk and priest, his influence has been far beyond his homeland of Lebanon as a worker of prolific miracles. How blessed are we to have such a friend as we seek God’s intervention in our trials while trusting in His perfect answers to our prayers.

    The official website for St. Charbel: http://www.saintcharbel-annaya.com/
    Stories of God’s answers to St. Charbel’s intercession: http://saintcharbel.net.au/miracles/

    Dearest St. Charbel, pray for us. Your intercession continues to bring God’s powerful blessings to people from all religions and countries. Come to our aid in this Storm. Let your light which radiated from your tomb shine upon us, extinguishing all fear when it arises, re-focuing us on faith and trust in God’s Presence and Providence in all our trials and beaming God’s Graces to this site and the people who gather here to support one another as we continue this transition into a New Beginning. Amen.

    Here’s wonderful footage of the exhumation of St. Charbel’s incorrupt body.

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    1. As you know Becks, the great grace of having a first class relic of St Charbel has been given to me. While holding it this morning I prayed the above prayer for all on ASOH.

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    2. Thanks for this, B. Remember I said Graciela’s husband was Lebanese? That was another side story. He introduced me to this special Saint and told me stories about him. When I got home from the hospice, I pulled at random one of two books called “Modern Saints” by Ann Ball. The book I chose just “coincidentally” opened in front of me to the picture you have above. (Of course! 🙂) Coincidences like that never get old!

      St. Charbel, pray for us.

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  21. Thank you Charlie, Beckita et al!!!

    Much needed! I learn so much from all of you.

    Crazy, but in my neck of the woods it is business as usual. No one talks about politics and what is going on.

    Perhaps because of the individual storms in our lives. Perhaps PC of not talking politics , I don’t know.

    Thank you fot the Peace Through Strength Challenge..

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  22. More interesting &/or thought provoking articles in my In-Box this morn:

    24 July MILINET: Three (3) Articles for Christians

    Rubio warns Nicaragua has ‘declared war’ on the Catholic Church

    Walking too close to the Donald–Wesley Pruden

    There Is No ‘Biological Solution’ to the Catholic Church’s Spiritual Crisis–MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY


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  23. I guess it’s pretty clear that Satan is spreading his smoke everywhere. Many people are blinded by his influence. We need THE FLAME OF LOVE DEVOTION in strong practice to blind Satan. This devotion given to Elizabeth Kindelman was approved by the Vatican. I’m surprised it’s not more popular. The second part of the Hail Mary prayer is changed a bit to blind Satan. It goes like this……..Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, SPREAD THE EFFECTS OF GRACE OF THY FLAME OF LOVE OVER ALL OF HUMANITY….now and at the hour of our death.” Thank you, Charlie, for telling us true. God bless you. Your humility really inspires me.

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  24. Latest Medjugorje message

    Latest Medjugorje Message, July 25, 2018

    “Dear children! God called me to lead you to Him because He is your strength. That is why I am calling you to pray to Him and to trust in Him, because He is your refuge from every evil that lurks and carries souls far from the grace and joy to which you are all called. Little children, live Heaven here on earth so that it will be good for you; and may the commandments of God be a light on your way. I am with you and I love you all with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”

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  25. Dear friends,

    It was with great pleasure that I carried all of your prayer petitions to the head of Blessed Solanus’ coffin today at the Healing of the Sick service. Praying at his coffin I knew that he was with each and every one of us, hearing our needs and interceding for us.
    The service was overflowing, with people standing against the walls and folding chairs set up in the hallways to accommodate all who came.
    In addition to the many personal requests (numerous for people suffering from cancers, undergoing surgeries), there were heartfelt requests for our government, for the poor, the forgotten, and an end to abortion. It is always stirring to hear the assembled respond “Lord, hear our prayer” to each petition.
    Finally, each attendee was prayed on and touched with a relic from the True Cross. It was beautiful to watch a friar put his arms around a person, press the relic to the forehead, and see those in line behind form a chain, putting hands on each back in front of them. You got a real sense of the power of prayer rising up.

    Know that it is my intent to attend more often, now that I am physically able, so expect to see more notes here asking for your petitions and prayer needs.

    God bless all of you.

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    1. Thank you so very much, Prayer Partner. Such a wondrous description of God’s LOVE abounding at the service. You’re a sign of hope and a comfort bringer.

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  26. I’ve been waiting to see Mount Rushmore since 2012 (actually, most of my life). Finally, my cousin Joanne and her new husband, Mike, arrived at the tail-end of a 30-day honeymoon across this beautiful country of ours. They have logged over 5,000 miles in their Ford and have seen some amazing places!

    The drive through Custer State Park then up Iron Mountain Road to this monument was incredible. After a schnitzel and Hofbrau at the Alpine Inn in Hill City, we went to the Crazy Horse Monument. THAT, too, was a great experience. We saw a traditional Hoop Dance performed by a young Lakota lady.

    Anyway, God bless you all and God bless the United States of America!

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  27. During what came to be known as the Night of Screams in which the young seers of Garabandal were given previews of The Tribulation and (conditional) Chastisement, so horrified were the girls that they begged our Blessed Mother to take the children so that they would be spared these times. Mary told them that by the time they came the children would be adults. Like the children of Fatima who were shown a terrifying vision of hell the purpose of these visions was to enable the children to witness to the horrifying consequence of sin but also to the urgent necessity for repentance and penance. The day after the Night of Screams the entire village went to confession.
    How far away are we from the time when the Tribulation will take off in earnest. I have no idea. But I think we are all on the runway just waiting for clearance.
    Last night the coffin of a young mum remained in the chapel after we prayed the rosary and sang hymns for the repose of her soul. She was so beautiful. She had left her native home of Italy after her marriage and settled with her husband in New Zealand. Her teenage children expressed their undying love for her and paid tribute to her. They were so strong and composed in their witness, full of courage and conviction.
    I was deeply moved by their simple words spoken without tears but with such dignity and maturity of faith so as to fill the hearts of all present. They had chosen the better way for now and forever to deal with her departure. They were with her to her last breath and were so grateful for every moment spent with her. Their mother had died in the sign of the cross and would never be far from them. The nun who attended her in her last days said that the sign of the cross would always bring her to mind.

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      1. For the sake of accuracy: Conchita (Maria Concepcion) was born on Feb 7 1949 in Garabandal so the above picture may have been taken a little less than 60 years ago. The first brief apparition which was of St Michael. The girls were pilfering some apples from a neighbours tree when they heard “a noise like thunder” and then “a beautiful angel appeared, engulfed in a brilliant light that was not harmful to the eyes.” That happened on Sunday, June 18, 1961 at 8.30pm. The nights of screams were on June 19 and 20, 1962, in which the girls experienced visions of a possible future Chastisement. I quote from the book “The Village Speaks”.
        “These are two nights of horror.
        Two days before the Feast of Corpus Christi …..The girls utter cries of such terror that those around them are deeply moved.
        On the second night (the eve of the a feast) Conchita, Mari Loli and Jacinta cry out in even greater terror. With their hands they seem to push away or hold back something very formidable. The observers heard them cry, “oh let the little children die before that happens! Give the people time to go to confession beforehand…”
        Frightened, all the villagers go to confession and Communion the next day.”
        The children in the photo above are those the seers asked the Blessed Mother to take.

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      1. This is the young mum mentioned above.

        Silvia (nee Boriosi):
        On 23 July 2018 peacefully
        at Rhoda Reed Home and Hospital, Morrinsville, after a short illness, aged 49 years. Dearly loved wife of Brian. Loved and devoted mother of Scott and Anna. Loved daughter of Alessandro and Silvana (Italy).

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        1. And here she is in a photo tribute with the memory: “Silvia was a treasured Founder member of the Mookuleles Ukulele group, she will be missed and we will always remember her as a Ukulele angel.” May she be singing God’s praises and interceding for us through the Storm.

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  28. Perhaps Charlie will address the recent revelations about Cardinal McCormick and others in an upcoming post. Many of us knew for decades about the widespread sexual problems in the clergy. But now the hedge has come down big time and it is my sense that things will never be the same again if the laity collaborate with holy priests and bishops to restore the priesthood so that good men will be able to emulate the Servanthood of Jesus Christ. We are at a watershed moment and either there’s going to be a lot of repenting or I’m afraid there going to be internecine conflict as those who refuse to repent dig in. Send us, Oh Lord, holy priests. Blessed Mother, protect your faithful sons in the priesthood.

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        1. Firstly, thank you all for prayers for Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Wilson of Australia. We must increase our prayers for all priests and bishops, good, bad or otherwise.

          Archbishop Wilson has come under attack from a large priestly contingent for not resigning from his position – as well as our Prime Minister. He still insists he is innocent of the charges and has promised to resign if his appeal fails. If you care to google an article entitled Archbishop Wilson: Fair Cop or Foul you will find reasonable doubt. In other words, is the case being honestly presented? The author of the article is non-religious and is freelance.

          There is a priest in US who appears recently to have been targeted and smeared – Fr Frank Phillips – from within the Church. You can read his detailed story on a website set up by a group to support him. I think it should be a worldwide movement – protectourpriests.com.

          And there is the devastating story of another innocent priest, Fr Gordon Macrae, who has spent 24 years of a 60-odd year in prison and has a blog thesestonewalls.com – deserted by his bishop.

          Cardinal McCarrick is a different kettle of fish, but still needs our prayers.

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          1. Continuing in prayer for all our clergy, Karen… for those who strive to remain faithful, those who are especially struggling to live and teach truth and those under attack.

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          2. Thanks for the reminder Karen. I’ve prayed off and on for several years for Fr. Macrae. I did post a link to his story on my FB page. Please also pray for a wonderful priest from our diocese, Fr. Jeremy.

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  29. Hi, friends. Just checking in.

    I read just about everything just about every day. In some ways I’m simply in “poised” mode ~ poised to do who knows what in response to who knows what. (Or rather, God knows . . . and God knows. He does.)

    I did look into the QAnon links, including the “Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon” that Timothy linked to above. One paragraph stood out for me, because I had (for other purposes) just finished reading the recent Supreme Court decision “Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31, et al.” Here’s the link to the Supreme Court opinion:

    Click to access 16-1466_2b3j.pdf

    The QAnon introduction included this relevant paragraph:

    “So yes, you’re going to see (and are already starting to see) bad actors purged from every area of government and media imaginable. You’re also going to see an increasing number of legal decisions eroding the Cabal’s power structure. For instance, Trump has been at work chipping away at Planned Parenthood’s funding through different avenues. Planned Parenthood is subsidized by the American taxpayer, charges for their “services” on top of that, as as a result, donates double-digit millions to Cabal-affiliated politicians year after year. Trump is working on starving the beast. You can also look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that allows government workers to opt-out of their related Union dues. Government unions function in a similar fashion to Planned Parenthood, by supporting Cabal-affiliated politicians with all manner of donations and networks of support. With one ruling, the Supreme Court just gutted their “legal” money-laundering schemes. And this is very good news for us in both cases, because it’s not you and I these politicians are helping, but themselves and the monied pals.”

    Charlie, the Janus case began in Illinois. If you have time, I’d be interested to hear your take on it. I’d be interested to hear from others, too.

    God bless and keep you all.

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  30. At least two outta three Good News! 😉 Good news that would have never happened if Obama’s Chosen Canidate, Billary, had been elected!

    MILINET: Articles for Christians – 27 July

    Restoring religious liberty–Steve Scalise & Randy Weber

    FiveThirtyEight Smears Catholic Hospitals–ALEXANDRA DESANCTIS

    Help is on the way, at last, for religious minorities in Iraq


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  31. I am getting the impression that what is left to be unveiled is the corruption in the church. Perhaps it is here where the shocks will be stronger and the wolves will be revealed. Perhaps Menses too.

    Pray for all priests and religious and our Holy Father.!!!

    Praise and all Thanksgiving to our Eucharistic Lord!

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    1. I know, Patrick. Praying for all affected by these new fires. May the exterior fires bring us all to a greater openness to be internally purified. This eerie photo was posted at Spirit Daily today:

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      1. The CA fires, and elsewhere, are horrible. Our daughter and her family are out in east Southern CA and on their 4th day without electricity. Generators are running the frig only, and of course it’s so hot. Thank God their house, property, and horses/dogs are safe, but the Cranston/Anza fire destroyed electric lines. I’m asking the angels to help repair the lines quickly. Lord bless those who lost homes and keep everyone safe.

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  32. Another Good-One for These-Days!

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 28 July

    Philippians 3:14
    I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    The way to walk a tightrope is to keep one’s sight on the goal, not on the ground or what is behind. The way to walk with Jesus is to keep our eyes on the goal, his victory waiting for us when he returns, not on the ground (our failures) and not what is behind (our accomplishments). The goal of the Christian walk is to keep walking toward Jesus until we walk with him in heaven.

    Lord, I look forward to the day when you call me by name and walk hand in hand with me. Until that day, help me fix my eyes on what you want me to be and not what I’ve done. By your grace I ask it. Amen. Visit heartlight.org for more


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  33. What I am striving for, and what I feel the Lord calls me to in this age, more than anything else, is simply to pray. There is SO much confusion in this world, so much that is toxic. I take it all to the Lord, and He simply tells me, “pray.” And in praying, and thereby being obedient, I have found my peace- (God’s peace). Sometimes the world right now is just too much to take. But if we follow God’s directive, we cannot go wrong. The world will never win- but God will always be victorious. That is where I find peace and comfort. Thank you, God!

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    1. Amen, Starshine. With you in leaning into prayer when SO many things are too big for us. Prayer is inherent in acknowledging God. And all those next right steps? They’re doable too. I find great peace in our faith which teaches us that every act of love, even a cup of water offered – with care – to someone, ripples through this world beaming Christ’s Light, e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., no matter how dark is the darkness. Great to hear from you, Starshine. God bless you and God bless us all.

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  34. Continuing prayers, in solidarity with people of prayer the world over, I’m quite sure, for the Catholic Church is cleaning house and this is VERY good news, for it stands in the face of the most horrific evil that has been hidden for too long and the cleaning says ENOUGH. NO MORE. We *must* be cleansed if we truly wish the Immaculate Heart of Mary to triumph completely. https://spiritdaily.org/blog/news/australian-archbishop-resigns

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    1. After years of reading lurid exposes about corruption in the Church, I thought I had become inured to any new scandalous revelations. But the recent incident in Honduras shook me badly. 48 seminarians signed a letter saying that there was “widespread and entrenched pattern of homosexual practice in Tegucigalpa’s major seminary.” But what is particularly depressing is that Cardinal Madrigal, one of Pope Francis’ “gang of nine” excoriated these courageous seminarians as “gossipers”.

      Honduras was once 97% Catholic in 1910. In 1979, it was still 94%. In 2014, the percentage of Catholics dropped to 46%. It is my hypothesis that priests who are comfortable with SSA are not going to preach the Gospel’s call to holiness or the transforming power of Christ Crucified. Meanwhile the Evangelicals & Pentecostals unabashedly preach Christ crucified. The ramifications of poor priestly development go much further than some hanky-panky that takes place in the seminary.

      Cardinal Madriaga’s shameful comments are one more sign the hedge is coming down.

      Blessed Mother, please protect your faithful priests and seminarians.

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      1. Amen, Frank. And may Blessed Mother protect the faith of all her children… may they – and we – not lose heart and remember that the sins of frail humankind, be they committed or ommitted by clergy or laity, can never ever tarnish the beauty, the splendor and the truth of Christ’s teachings. Lots and lots and lots of reparation to the Father is needed… of course from those who have erred and, in the name of Christian charity, this can be offered by all who love Abba and His people.

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    2. Beckita, you always have a way of putting things so beautifully, with a great sense of wisdom, grace, gentleness, and humility. And that lifts us up! That is the Holy Spirit at work! Thank you for following God so beautifully. It is a gift to us all. It is much appreciated!

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      1. Thank you and God bless you, Starshine. (Love your screen name expressing hope in these days of heaviness.) Blessed are we that Charlie has provided us this home to gather and share all the glimmers of Light which keep us trudging and moving ever closer to the fullness of Rescue, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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  35. From my MILINET In-Box today. Let’s start out with a rare/pleasant one today 😉

    “A U.S. soldier dressed as St. Nick for kids in war-torn Luxembourg. They never forgot him.”


    “Catholics Beginning Again”


    Now back to ……. ;-(

    “The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades”

    Make no mistake. These same people who attack Trump/Deplorables will attack You if you stand-up for The Faith of Our Fathers!

    “NYT Publisher Complains to Trump About ‘Potential’ Violence Against Journalists – Ignores Over 500 Violent Attacks on Trump Supporters”

    “Thomas More Law Center Files Supreme Court Brief In Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Bladensburg Cross Erected 90 Years Ago”

    “Where Churches Have Become Temples of Cheese, Fitness and Eroticism”


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  36. Dogged Faith

    Ok, this is an aside, but I just saw the movie ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ in the theater and felt that there is something we can take from this. Granted it’s just movie, but his goal was the destruction of evil. What impressed me was his dogged persuit of the goal to save mankind.

    Every next step was impossible and could not accomplish the goal, yet he gave each step his all, as it was the only step provided. His eye stayed on the goal, even when there was no visible path to it. When he could give no more, and was defeated, providence (in this case a movie director) would provide an unexpected twist that gave a next unlikely step. At each step he had complete confidence that the goal would be accomplished, yet he had no idea how, he just kept taking the next available step.

    just a thought

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  37. Over a decade ago, my husband and I first really noticed Fr Jonathan Morris on a late night somewhat irreverent political talk show called Red Eye. (It was our guilty pleasure since when it came to sleep – our children were…how you say…”otherwise gifted”) We recognized him from FOX as the expert in all things Vatican but mostly enjoyed seeing him dialogue with “the best and the brightest” panel of young journalists of all different levels of faith. No matter the topic, Fr. Jonathan could keep up with the cool kids and convert issues of the day into discussions of eternal truths. That was fun to watch! We later ran into his name when we discerned the Regnum Christi Movement. I shed real tears for him as he shared publicly his crisis in vocation when the scandal broke that the Legionary of Christ founder, Fr. Marciel Maciel had been living two opposite lives. Fr. Jonathan’s faith and testimony are compelling.

    So how do you do a pertinent exegesis on the loaves and fishes while addressing yet another example of long term betrayal and scandal in our beloved church?…

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  38. “Madonna of Capocroce

    Towers are for two purposes, either strength and defense, or for beauty and ornament. In the next two titles of Our Lady’s Litany, towers are considered under these two aspects—and first in the primitive sense of the word, as a stronghold of defense and security in war. To address Our Lady as “Tower of David” really means, “Our Lady of Soldiers” or “Our Lady of Victories.” This title is no doubt inspired by that text of the Canticle of Canticles: “Thy neck is as the tower of David; a thousand bucklers (small round shields) hang upon it, all the armor of valiant men. We do not need to be told what a great war it is, in which we need the defense of this strong tower, the Mother of God. It is the great battle between God and the Devil, between good and evil. This war concerns every one of us; whether we like it or not, we have all got to take part in it, to take sides, to fight, one way or the other. There is no such thing as remaining passive and neutral. Our Lord has said: “He that is not with Me, is against Me.” What a terrible thing! To be against God! And this we shall be if we are indifferent in this great war.

    Which side are you on? You may smile at the question, and reply that, of course, you are on the side of God. But are you a true and valiant soldier? Have you fought this day, are you fighting this hour, this minute? You know the three enemies that we Christians have to fight against all the days of our life—the Devil, the world, and the flesh. Are you really, consciously, actively struggling against these three enemies? Sometimes it seems a weary, hopeless, endless business. Do you not occasionally feel like throwing down your weapons and saying: “Oh, I can’t be good; it’s no use trying! I will give up!” It seems so dull, so boring to be good. You want to have “a good time,” you say, like others do—to live, to get some enjoyment out of life. Well, you are not shut out from joy by being good—far from it. But no doubt one sometimes has to sacrifice pleasure and fun to duty, play to work.

    Where are you going to get allies to join you in your fight against these rebellious feelings? We have the answer in this title, “Tower of David.” In the Office of the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary there is the antiphon, Virgo potens, sicut Turris David, mille clypei pendent ex ea, omnis armatura fortium. It is the mighty Virgin, like the Tower of David; a thousand bucklers hang upon it, all the armor of valiant men. Here Mary is compared to a strong fortress, full of weapons, to which you can always fly for refuge in the fray, and where you will find fresh armor and strong weapons for the fight. This was what the Tower of David was—a fortress where weapons were kept. Our Lady likes us to fight bravely; She looks on approvingly and says: “Well done, good and faithful soldier.” She is Our Lady of Victories, and without a fight there is no victory. Let us be brave in heart, and when beginning to get the worst of it, let us call upon Mary, the Tower of David. Oh, how willing we shall find Her to help us! Let us then remember, when life is hard, when things go wrong, when we have to bear failure and disappointment, and are cross and depressed, weary and hopeless, or inclined to let things slide and yield to our own selfish inclinations, when we have unpleasant work to do, or hard duties to perform, to overcome our temper, or sloth, or selfishness, or feelings of rebellion, let us call upon Mary, the Tower of David, and remember that in Her we shall ever find “all the armor of valiant men.” Tower of David, pray for us. She is an ally who can never fail us. She will never desert us, or turn a deaf ear to our call for help. St. Paul said: “I can do all things in Him who strengtheneth me;” so may we, children of Mary, say of our Mother, the Tower of David, “In Mary I can do all things.”

    Motto: “Come over to Me, all ye that desire Me, and be filled with My fruits.”

    Practice: In temptation call upon Mary.”

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