Two Announcements

Today an event occurred at St. Mary Magdelen Parish in Media, PA., entitled: Witness of One Disciple, Spreading the Flame in the Footsteps of Tony Mullen. People involved in the apostolate of the Flame of Love gathered to honor Anthony Mullan, National Director of the movement in the US who died suddenly in March. Members of his family were in attendance and the hope was that the new national director would be announced. I include the agenda for the day and with this news let us pray anew for the repose of Tony’s soul as well as for blessings on this apostolate which promotes the messages of Our Lady and Our Lord given to Elizabeth Kindelmann. May Tony’s soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen.



Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Apostolate

Witness of One Disciple   –   Saturday, July 21

9:30 AM         Procession – Image, Flowers and Music – Cindy & Roseann S

9:40 AM         Witness of One Disciple & Special Intentions for the family – Msgr Chieffo

9:50 AM         Brief history of Flame COFF – Ray Mooney & Pat Welde

10:00 AM       AM Brief History of the Flame Of Love – Eileen Piergiovanni,

10:10 AM       Introduce the Mullen Family

11:00 AM       Holy Mass –Homilist: Fr. Jorge Reyes, OSA

12:00 PM        Adoration Begins / Bring Your Own Lunch  (Water & Snacks Provided)

12:30 PM        Rosary –

1:15 PM          Fr Jim Blount

2:30 PM          Benediction


The additional announcement is actually a reminder that the Peace through Strength challenge has begun and it’s never too late to join in this preparation for the 54 Day Novena which begins next month, on August 15th. If you’re interested, just visit Fr. Heilman’s Roman Catholic Man site where you can find more information and sign up if you wish.

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    1. Tony is such a good man and was a tireless worker, Mick. I love asking for his help as I just imagine he is another St. Therese in attitude, willing to spend his eternity helping anyone who would ask. He gave all he possibly could to promote Our Lord’s and Our Lady’s messages as well as Their special prayers given for these times.

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  1. May Tony continue the work Our Lord gave him now in eternity and may he pay for us to continue his work And waste the time God has given us! God bless you all!!

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  2. PRAYERS AT BLESSED SOLANUS CASEY TOMB JULY 25, 2018 – Send me your requests

    Dear Friends,

    The Capuchin community is celebrating the first-ever feast day of Blessed Solanus on July 30th. To commemorate, there are nine days of celebration starting on July 22, including the usual Blessing of the Sick service. I will be attending on Wednesday, July 25th (my first attendance since my own illness, surgery, and treatments), and will be blessed and honored to carry your individual prayer requests to be placed at Father’s coffin.

    Please send your requests back to this post, and I will transfer them to paper.

    Prayers will be also given for Charlie, Beckita, all of the support team of this website, and all of you as a group.

    But again, I am happy to take your individual needs.

    May we all join in the beauty and blessings of this remarkable man.


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    1. Dear Prayer Partner please pray for my sister Mary who is dying from liver cancer.
      Thank you. Judy


      1. Beckita,

        Tumor and diseased tissue removed. Genetic testing indicated no value to undergo chemotherapy. Eight weeks of daily radiation therapy with minimal side effects. Now taking hormone blocking drug with no evidence of side effects. My care managed by an outstanding team of three physicians-could not ask for better in terms of skill and compassion. Forever grateful for all they did for me. Thanks be to God.


    2. Thank you Prayer Partner. I pray for the conversion of my beloved and reconciling to God and to each other. I pray this for all families and their loved ones. Thank you kindly. Have a blessed trip. ❤

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    3. Hi Prayer Partner
      Please pray that I make all the needed connections on my upcoming pilgrimage – and not just the flights (but them too)

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    4. I am on vacation out of state and just now read this. Hope it gets there in time.
      Please pray for my sons, John, Thomas, and Tim, to return to Jesus and the sacraments and for their wife/fiancé/girlfriend.
      Healing for all of our loved ones.

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  3. Thank you so very much prayer partner. My family is in great need of prayers. I ask you to present all my intentions there…. God knows!! Also for all who gather on this blog may marvellous surprises be given on this special anniversary on July 30… Just realized on my birthday!!

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    1. Anne, will ask for your intentions and a special blessing for your birthday. How great that it falls on Blessed Solanus’ Feast Day!

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  4. Thank you, PP for the offer. Please pray for the conversion of my family, especially the one who has lost his faith. God bless and heal you!

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