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  • Updates and Alerts for 4/14/19:
  • Welcome to our new feature, Updates and Alerts!
  • For any of you who have been unable to stay logged into your WordPress account, please click HERE for a possible solution. This tech document can also be found in the Page “Answers to Techie Questions” in the Menu area (click the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of this web page for this material).
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Dear Members of Our Community:

We’re pleased to let people know that we may have figured out a tech fix that could enable those of you who have been having difficulty staying logged into their WordPress account from one day to the next to stay logged in after all. Our thanks to Doug for putting us onto the right path (we hope) for solving this issue.

This is a tentative fix, and it may help some but not all of those of you who are having this problem. If you’re one of those having this problem, please give this fix a try and let us know in the Comments area below whether it helps you or not (link to the document is in “Updates and Alerts” above).

BUT PLEASE NOTE: THIS FIX IS ONLY for those readers who are *not* able to stay logged into WordPress across many days. Anyone who *is* able to stay logged in for long periods of time does *not* need to apply this fix.

For those of you who have problems logging back into WordPress after applying this fix, please click to go to their login page and log back in there. Then reload this page to see the black ribbon which should now appear. You won’t see the black ribbon unless and until you reload our website after logging into your WordPress account.

It has also come to our attention that some of our readers may not realize that there is a fair amount of useful information in the “Menu” area. If you are not aware of this material, you can find it by clicking on the Menu button in the upper right corner of any web page on the site. We urge everyone to get familiar with that area.

And that gets us to the new “Update and Alert” area we may periodically place at the top of a new or recent post in the future. (See the top of this post for an example.) We are hoping that this will help us get news and other material in front of everyone in a way readers won’t miss.

Events are speeding up. We may want to alert everyone to topical news as it happens, rather than waiting to write it into a later post or have it be lost. As in this post, we may want to point every reader to new information we have placed in the Menu area. This also gives us the opportunity to provide other brief messages. Please take a look at the Alert at the top of this post to get familiar with its appearance and what it might contain. We will see whether this new section proves useful or not.


The TNRS Answers team.

69 thoughts on “Tech Updates

    1. Well, Kristinreh, don’t call us amazing until we prove this fix works. So far, my own experience tonight is that it works pretty well for Firefox but not for Safari. I’ll retest things tomorrow.

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      1. Steve,
        You probably have tried this, been using this for awhile, it works for me. don’t know how long this will work:
        On the Home page, when logged of the address bar above, on the little green lock, , left click press down and drag it to the desktop and release. See short cut Icon of A Sign of Hope on desktop. Do not sign out. close down. Click on the Sign of Hope icon, see logged in with gravatar on top right of bar. Hope it will work after 24 hours. well see tomorrow 6:50 pm

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        1. Joseph, I’ll try that if I find myself logged out tomorrow. However, when I copy the URL to my desktop, I get a webloc file and believe that will not retain cookie information. We’ll see – experimentation is good!

          If it works, I’ll credit you when I suggest others try it. Thank you for your suggestion. 🙂

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          1. Steve,
            Clicked on my A Sign of Hope, Abraham’s Journey desktop icon this a.m. and I’m logged in now. Will continue to check it out today and tomorrow. This drag and drop the green lock of the address bar to the desktop to produce an icon works well with my mail and any site to which I want to return. I have at my ready use several online Bible translation icons to which I can refer when I want to search for a verse of Scripture–all for free! Another handy use is to obtain pictures and images for my Pictures folder. However, before I drag the icon to the folder, I change the file name letters to .jpg.

            If anyone gets the idea I’m some sort of a commuter geek, these comments are from the guy who was, and still am, the original Dummy for whom the book, Computers For Dummies was written. I found this stuff by accident and sheer dummy luck! My computer is from the prehistoric era–True!

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            1. Ha, Joseph, love your description of your computer skills! 😀

              So far, I’m getting logged in automatically as I should, but I have saved the webloc just in case, so I can test it as you have recommended.

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      2. Steve,
        My process, drag and drop address bar of ASOH does not work, had to log on. Thanks for the info.
        God bless!


    1. AScot, please keep an eye on it for a few more days. It wasn’t working for me this morning in Safari, so I went to Preferences and searched for every related site and deleted those cookies. When I came back here, I got logged in right away. It does appear to be cookie-or-cache-related.

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  1. Hey, SteveBC,
    I use my iPad for all of this. I have attempted several times to stay logged in. It doesn’t seem to work and I have given up attempting to stay logged in. I followed the directions you posted to no avail. After several months of this I either log in or by clicking on the gray follow icon in the lower right hand corner it takes me to the reader. I access it through that. Not a big problem-small annoyance-oh, well. Thank you for all the work you have put into this matter.

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    1. HTTP, I’ve updated our Tech FAQ to provide some help for Safari on iOS. I suggest you go to the FAQ again and see if the new material can help you set a new cookie and see if that helps you. 🙂

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  2. Glad to see this : Finally coming out of our grief over Mary, but man oh man, I see how & why Jesus wept over Lazarus…thanks for all these alerts coming ya’ll. ..TNRS ASOH

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  3. I followed the instructions for MAC, and subsequently lost my ability to sign in either to WordPress or even into my own email account with gmail.

    You do not want to know the thought which were passing through my mind and a few or the rougher ones which even passed through my lips. [None of them qualified as grave sin – but venial – probably.

    Then with amazing assistance from my Guardian Angel [I think] I managed to fight my way back into cyber city [Taht’s not even remotely related to Augustine’s idea of ‘The City of God’.

    Now that my heart rate has slowed a bit – I am going up to get some breakfast – and to thank God I did not have a coronary infarction :-).

    All my love in Christ


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    1. You’d better not have a coranary desmond.. we need you here in this plane during these crazy times 🤗
      All my love in Christ,
      I like the way you sign off…hope u don’t mind I imitate you. Xoxo TNRS ASOH

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    2. Well, Dez, I certainly wouldn’t want to be guilty of causing your demise or driving you to sin. 😀

      I suspect that you used the “nuke everything” alternative, which would remove cookies for all your websites. I include this alternative because by removing all cookies the first time, it can clean out all corrupted cookies that may be adding to the problem. If you did use that alternative, then you would later need to log back into WordPress and Gmail and other sites, to reset their cookies. This is actually normal behavior when you remove all cookies. It isn’t *preventing* you from logging into Gmail but rather simply requiring you to log in again to set a new cookie for each site. At any rate I hope all is well now.

      If you try this fix again, I suggest you can now use the targeted alternative and just remove the cookie-related data for this website only. Today I improved the instructions in the Tech FAQ for this and provided an alternative that deals only with the cookie for this web site.

      I trust that this will inspire you to become a better person and continue to build yourself into sainthood. Take it from your today-only temporary spiritual director: when we sin, we must repent, take the next right step and return to being a beacon of hope to those around us, yes? But of course, that can wait until after you finish breakfast. 😀

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      1. Weeeehl, Steve, you see the problem was, both entities tried to force me to get signed back up through something I had to get on my email …I’m sure you instantly see why I got very excitapated and almost pixilated at that point. Yes???

        I was ready to take the pledge. The last time I took a plege it was to give up demon rum. This time is was give up on x@*'<#ed computer technology, sell everything [and if Jean would give me permission] go live in a monastery without internet connection. 🙂

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      2. Hi Steve, I am not staying logged in. I think I will try the nucular, I mean nuclear option and destroy all my cookies. This will be better than blowing my cookies 😎

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    3. Funny Des. I get frustrated over little things like missing an exit on the highway or a computer that does not behave. Whay can’t the computer do what I think? Where is the do what I think button? I have to say I have committed a few venal sins myself over this.

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  4. Hi Steve- going to try to comment, but don’t know if the website will let me. I am one who has been having problems. I followed your instructions….I work from an IPhone 5….and now am unable to sign into WordPress at all. I tried to ‘like’ a comment and I am sent to a blank WordPress page with no prompts. I am shown as being logged out on ASOH site, but when I hit follow and give my email, it says I am already a follower, which, of course, I am. Frustrated. ☺️ But then, it is Passion Week.
    Other than that, I love the idea of the Squirrel Alert & Update System. A stroke of genius. Now, if I can only get back into the conversation +++

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    1. CG, don’t try to “Follow.” If you are clicking on the “Follow” button that appears in the lower right corner of your ASignOfHope web site, look down the message in that pop-up window until you see at the bottom the link to log into WordPress. Click that, and you should get the full login page and should be fine to log in there. I did enter in the Tech FAQ the link to the WordPress login page, so you can return to that FAQ, find that link, and click it to get to the login page. Try that, and then let me know if you can get back into your WP account and get the black ribbon back. 🙂

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    2. Yuh know, I gotta be some kind of slow. This kind of razzle dazzle happens to me every Lent, and every time I get take my surprise, slap my forehead and say, “Now I get it, now I remember what happens to me in Leant.! It’s also why I’m slowly developing a Cro-Magnon forehead which slopes backwards from so many head slaps during lent.

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  5. Okay. Here I am again and hi there Beckita! I have managed to log in but have found myself commenting from a strange little place I have never seen before, white background, small black typeset. Got to it by clicking the little bell in the upper right hand corner. Still can’t ‘like’ from the buff colored page. When I try, everything disappears. Might let it rest for the night and try again tomorrow. If I am strangely silent, know that I’m here, but floating about in cyberspace. Thanks Steve! You’re my Tech hero no matter what. 🤓

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    1. SteveBC is our Geek Hero, indeed, CG. However strange the process is to make a comment, they ARE coming through.

      Know what? I wonder how many people are having difficulties like this.

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    2. CG, this one’s a “huh.” I didn’t even realize that could be done, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😀

      I recommend that you just go to the web site here:

      Or to the WordPress login page here:

      and start over. Try the ASoH website first. If you see the black ribbon across the tope of your webpage, then you’re actually already in. If you don’t see the black ribbon, then use the above link for the WP login page to get logged into WP. Once that works, go to the ASoH web site, and you should see the black ribbon this time.

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  6. I am working at home today and watching Notre Dame Cathedral burn, I thought this might be a good place to share thoughts. I can’t help thinking that this is all a sign as it happens during Holy week, and the day of the Crisim Mass – at least in our diocese – the Mass which celebrates the sacrament and vocation of the priesthood. I can’t help but read into all this but I hesitate to prophesy without a license.

    How are you all feeling/thinking as you watch the events unfold in Paris?

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    1. It’s very sad, MKM. I gather from my Twitter feed that churches and synagogues across France have been burned or desecrated over the past few months. I also saw a tweet saying that people who worked inside the Cathedral had reported that the fire was set. Not only would that be sad, but it could be destabilizing as well.

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      1. Hmm….I have wondered about that Steve, especially with all the churches being harmed in France recently. officials have been quick to come out tonight and state no terrorist activity…no arson. Really? How could they know that already? It all seems to be a sign of the times…especially during Holy Week. We may never know the truth…but we can see the handwriting on the wall.

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        1. Yes, we can, Diane. And like you, I see no possible way the “authorities” there could already know it was not arson. I doubt they are trustworthy on this.

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  7. Many thoughts roaming around:

    Sadness w/tears

    Holy Week

    Our Lady’s Cathedral

    Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph

    Holiest week in the Church with many vulnerable hearts (with this tragedy) thus being open to movement/healing of the Holy Spirit

    Many pondering and prayers….

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    1. My first thoughts were, if all of the pictures of Mary’s crying statues don’t get the message across,
      perhaps this will.
      Also in St Louis, due to high winds and rain, the copper roof of “The Old Cathedral” near the arch
      by the riverfront was blown off. The church had to be closed on Palm Sunday.

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  8. Just home from tending to sick dear ones (Please pray, especially, for my daughter and, also, my three granddaughters.) and I have discovered the news about Notre Dame. Oh, Notre Dame. Such a magnificent cathedral! I have great memories of time spent praying within her walls and gazing upon this glorious edifice, richly blessed with artistic treasure.

    Notre Dame. Our Lady. It seems she can no longer hold back Abba’s Arm of Justice. And that’s actually not a bad thing because too many are hellbent on d.e.s.t.r.o.y.i.n.g. humanity and all that is of true beauty, grace and truth. Sobering…

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    1. Oh, Beckita, praying for the healing and wellness of your loved ones, and for you , too. Never know if it is harder on us if we are sick or our loved ones.

      I am so saddened by the destruction of Notre Dame in Paris. A loss for the French and the whole world. I thought about the labor of love that many lives put into building that great edifice to the glory God and honor Mary. Over the centuries, humanity turned to admiring the work of its hands and ignored, and even rejected, the One to whom we owe praise and thanksgiving for such a gift. Things are falling. Took our eyes off Jesus. May our hearts be raised in prayerful repentance.
      Praying for the people of France.

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  9. Hello, everyone. It’s hard to put my feelings into words about Notre-Dame de Paris. But g**gle this phrase to see a remarkable photo of the interior:

    photo of the altar inside Notre Dame, by Reuters’ Philippe Wojazer

    God is in control.

    Our Lady of Paris, pray for us.

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    1. A closer look at the altar surrounded by smoke(Philippe Wojazer/Pool via AP)

      Reuters photographer Philippe Wojazer captured an image of the cross on the altar still standing and apparently emitting a golden glow above the 18th century pieta by Nicolas Coustou at the front of the cathedral’s nave.


      Smoke rises in front of the altar cross at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, after a fire engulfed the building. The image captures the cross and altar that survived the blaze.


      This image—just before Holy Week—of the cross acting as a backdrop to a statue of the Virgin Mary holding her son Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, is a tableau memorable enough for some on social media to suggest divine intervention.

      Kaylee Grain tweeted: “After all the aftermath and destruction of the Notre Dame fire, the altar and cross remained untouched. Please explain to me how you don’t believe in God after seeing this.”

      Phillip Webster tweeted: “Not sure I actually believe in miracles but this picture of the altar and the cross untouched this morning is breath-taking and should touch the hearts of all….”

      Another tweeted: “The fact that the altar and the cross are there untouched after all that heat and destruction is a miracle. Very powerful image at the beginning of Holy Week. “

      Another user said: “Sometimes in the midst of destruction and tragedy miracles occur.”

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  10. Thank you Sister Bear! When that image appeared on my Twitter time line, I shouted, “there it is.” My husband asked what are you talking about, and I said “the sign.” Abba loving lets us know during devastating events that He is with us through it all. ❤

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  11. Update on prayer request. My daughter’s friend Ashley did die of a heroin OD. Apparently she recently started using and my daughter said she was isolating as my daughter fortunatly doesn’t use drugs. But pray for Jeanna, my daughter as she has had some conflicts with her cousins and I would like to see God heal this as well as for the repose of her friend. Thanks and God Bless.

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  12. I never log in. I just google Charliej373 and click on the link and it opens without problems ever. I do need to enter my email and name each time I Post however. I wonder if it is responding to an old login automatically?

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    1. Bob, googling to get the link this way is a fine way to do it. You can also simply type “asignofhope3” into your browser’s locator field (where web addresses go) and your browser will autofill the rest. However, this will not log you into your WordPress account necessarily. If you are still having to enter your email and screen name in order to post a comment, you are *not* actually logged into your WordPress account. Only if you see a narrow black ribbon across the top of your browser page are you logged into your WordPress account. And if you were logged into your WP account and had the black ribbon showing, you would not need to enter your email and name in order to post – you would see your screen name already there next to the comment text field and could just enter your comment and hit the “Post Comment” button. It’s conceivable that you don’t even *have* a WordPress account, given what you’ve said. If you want one, click on the “Menu” button in the top right corner of this web page and go to the “Answers to Techie Questions” page to find information on how to set one up. And if you do have a personal WordPress account already, you can click the little blue “W” icon below any open comment field to get a login pop-up window or you can go to and enter your WP username and password, at which point you should reload the ASoH page and get the black ribbon across the top. I hope this helps!

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      1. Thank you for your diligence in taking care of us, Steve BC. Earlier when Bekita called you our Hero Geek, I misread ‘Greek’ for “Geek” and pictured you in a toga with the complimentary wreath on your head. Hmmmm…. will you have a squirrel icon on your superhero cape?

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