Baby Police State Bites Harder

Gestapo raid on the Warsaw Ghetto

By Charlie Johnston

On Thursday, Joe Biden’s Injustice Dept. and its Gestapo arm, the FBI, raided dozens of people associated with Donald Trump’s White House and campaign staff. Steve Bannon was the first to break the story of this huge escalation in the White House war to outlaw all opposition – after he surrendered on bogus charges to the Manhattan DA.  Then I saw that Harmeet Dhillon was able to confirm at least part of it. Dhillon is the Republican National Committeewoman from California and is also part of David Daleiden’s team of lawyers. I know her peripherally – and well know her credibility. Today, the story has been completely confirmed, even though the establishment media doesn’t seem to want to touch it – perhaps because they know that when it gets fully out, this is unlikely to have the effect that Biden and Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland hope it will.

Some find the raw brazenness of the politicization of federal law enforcement to be unbelievable. But brazenness is now a feature for the budding tyrants, not a flaw. They want you to know they will come after anyone for any reason with no apology or remorse. It is designed to get you into line. If, then, this is already a police state, why are they not already coming after you? Because it is a baby police state. They do not have the manpower to take out all the dissenters and they are not yet sure the population will submit without a fight. If there is a serious fight, they know they lose. Yet if we allow this cub to grow into a full-blown tiger, there will be a lot of bloodshed before it can be contained.

Why, then, is the virulent left accusing “MAGA Republicans” of being the totalitarian threat, of advocating violence and all other things dark and diabolical? They are just following one of their great hero’s most basic rules: always accuse your opponent of what you are actually doing – Saul Alinsky – who actually dedicated his book on the matter to Satan. If you look at Biden and company’s rhetoric from this perspective, you can see with clarity both what they are doing and what they are planning to do. Steve Bannon is right that this a signal of their desperation. The top tiers of the left have figured out the only way they can secure their hold on power is through force and violence – and they have chosen to go that route.

Very quickly, our only choice will be to submit or to fight. The third article in the trilogy of pieces I have been working on will cover effective non-violent means of making this attempted putsch so painful that the left is more likely to pull back. I am no Pollyanna. I know that ordinary people are often wont to hesitate before acting vigorously against a small problem until it has become a huge threat. But we have to endeavor to force the tyrants back by non-violent means before getting into a full-blown fight – to live our duty to God. Alas, as Abraham Lincoln once told a peace delegation at the White House, sometimes the only path to peace is through war.

For now, the putsch is being orchestrated against political dissidents. If the left managed to secure that beachhead, the next target would be their religious opponents. This is why, already, I am identifying safe places of refuge for Bishops, Priests, Pastors and Orthodox Rabbis.

I am both astonished and bemused at how eagerly and viciously the leftist rank and file is calling for the abandonment of due process in order to crush their opponents through the power of the state, confident that empowering a totalitarian government could never turn against them. Both Leon Trotsky and Maximilien Robespierre could tell them that is a malignantly erroneous confidence. I always knew the road to hell was paved with good intentions. I am a bit surprised to see it lined with frenzied partisans cheering on their own destruction.


With the death of Queen Elizabeth I have been startled to see some Catholics sorrowfully conclude that her soul is in deep jeopardy because she was not Catholic – and a (thankfully small) few gloat that she is doomed for the same reason.

This cuts to the bone with me. Although always doubtful, I was 16 years old when I made the definitive internal break with my family’s fundamentalist denomination. Like many sects, it insisted that only those who were overtly its members could go to heaven.

My paternal grandfather, Wilbert Andrew Johnston, was one of the best men I have ever known. Incredibly physically strong (enough so that it was noted for many miles around his little Alabama community), he was also incredibly kind and gentle. Before he was disabled from a serious injury, he had a profound knack for soothing people who were hurting or scared and turning down the heat in any emotionally charged atmosphere. Shoot, he was able to do this pretty well even after he was disabled. I deeply loved and admired him. Woe to anyone who mistook his gentle kindness for weakness, though. If someone persisted in troubling the innocent, Poppo Johnston’s strength came dramatically into play – and he truly defended the faithful. He was a Methodist in life. When he died, that meant that the family’s then-religious beliefs condemned him to hell. But there was an escape clause. I overheard my Mother say, tearfully, that she was certain he converted in his last breath. (I need to note that my Mom eventually abandoned that doctrine she had been taught. Though an old Protestant woman to her death, she had, at her request, a Rosary draped around her hand in her casket). What I overheard caused an absolute raw fury to erupt in me. I found a huge stick and battered an old oak in the backyard with it for 10 or 15 minutes in my frenzied rage. I then went for a very long walk. It seemed to me that if my grandfather, one of the kindest, gentlest and most just men I had ever known had to say the magic words before he could be received into glory, then it was all a fixed game. I decided that if I was going to go to hell anyway, I would do it for what I actually believed, not for pretending to believe what I actually found contemptible. I had long studied the Bible. This event launched my study into the history of Christianity. (It was in the course of this study that I had my first hard tickle about Catholicism. I began to trace back to the founder of almost every denominational movement. It was with no little astonishment that I realized that the Catholic Church was the only one that could legitimately claim historically to have been founded by Christ, Himself).

I am Catholic. I completely believe that the fullness of truth is held in trust in the deposit of faith with the Catholic Church. However, I believe that is a gift to me, not a golden ticket. My salvation is dependent on how vigorously I do the Lord’s will as best I can understand it. It is the fruit of my faith in action that will weigh decisively for or against me when I stand in judgment. It is a great inheritance. Just as an heir to a large fortune has a leg up in temporal matters on a fellow born to poverty, it is what he does with the treasure bequeathed him that is decisive as to who he is. Everyone is born with a sense of the good. And so I insist that the fellow who is born with a thousand talents and squanders 500 of them is in danger of the judgment while the fellow born with a single talent who has two to offer on judgment day will be warmly received by the Lord, even though he objectively has 498 fewer talents to offer than the wastrel. The man who seeks the good and seeks to do it is far superior to the man who is born to a wealth of good and lives smugly and complacently.

I LOATHED Protestant triumphalism when I was a Protestant and I LOATHE Catholic triumphalism now that I am a Catholic. My Dad, in a deep religious conversation, once asked me if I thought only Catholics will go to heaven. I told him that, since I believed that the fullness of truth is preserved in the deposit of faith by the Catholic Church and that in heaven we will know all truth, I did believe that everyone in heaven would be functionally Catholic – but that it is how we live and what we do that most heavily influences our chances of salvation. So many of those heavenly Catholics would have been Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and even atheists while they walked this earth. As Jesus said, it is the son who does His Father’s will who will be saved, not the one who gave lip service to it. My Dad thought that was an excellent answer, indeed. And I was delighted, when I was a catechumen, to discover this was pretty much what the Church – and many of her saints – taught, as well.

So I beg you, if you are inclined to think you have a golden ticket to heaven because of your denominational choice, please stop that. You have a mighty inheritance – and the Lord expects a return on what He has given you. Physician, heal thyself and leave the judging of others on last things to Christ.

My Mom as a little girl. She is at far left with her sisters Norma (center) and Joanne, with their Mother, Venie, my grandmother. On her deathbed, Mom refused pain medicine, because she had seen her sister, Joanne, in purgatory (which Mom previously had not even believed existed) – and wanted to offer her pain up so they could both go home together. Wasn’t Mom a cutie?

It has been a matter of embarrassment to me that the historical kings who have been named Charles have been a sad lot. They rarely even rise to mediocrity. I suppose the very best was King Charles XII of Sweden. But in his ruinous war with Peter the Great’s Russia, he ended Sweden’s tenure as a great power – a loss from which it has never recovered.

If the bulk of those named King Charles embarrass me, Charles VII of France (the one whose crown was secured by St. Joan of Arc) absolutely mortifies me. He gladly took the decisive help of St. Joan to win the victories which secured his throne, then completely abandoned her when she was captured and murdered, not lifting a finger to help his great patroness. Only when he realized, decades later, that her conviction undermined the legitimacy of his throne, did he vigorously support her rehabilitation trial. It was always about him. Contemplating this lowlife, I long ago pledged to St. Joan, who I consider my great patroness, that I am one Charles who will keep faith with her to the end in service to our one Lord.

Queen Elizabeth was a notably dignified woman and sovereign. I pray that newly crowned Charles III of England will somehow manage to rise to the level of mediocrity.


Alas, I find I will have to skip over the U.S. Senate race in Colorado. I saw an interview with the Republican nominee, Joe O’Dea, who said he supports banning abortion after the 22nd week except for cases of rape, incest, or the HEALTH (not the life) of the mother. The “health” of the mother has long been the weasel word to obscure a politician’s support of abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth – because they interpret health to mean even if the woman just would feel sad to have to carry to term.  

I know that Republicans, generally, are weasels who will not effectively defend freedom and opportunity for anyone but themselves, but I do demand that they do better than the Democrats who actively attack freedom and opportunity. If they can’t do even that, I can’t bring myself to care whether the seat is held by an open enemy of liberty or a stealth enemy of liberty.

I do know that, in hostile territory, you have to choose what you will emphasize in order to have a chance of prevailing. But that is not as hard and fast as some think. I have a friend who, running in a heavily Democrat area (hadn’t elected a Republican since the 1930’s) was very diplomatic and refined. He lost a couple of times. In his last race, he figured a Republican couldn’t win there, so he was just going to be completely candid about his passionate support for faith, family, and freedom in order to hearten the many faithful there. He won.

I think a lot of ordinary people are starved for people who will champion their values. But they will not rally to the sound of the uncertain trumpet. And neither will I. All the Joe O’Dea’s, Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, and Mitt Romney’s can go pound sand. I have voted for a lot of weenie Republicans in my time, but I will not vote for one who signals from the start that he will join with the establishment club in oppressing ordinary people.


I was delighted to hear from a woman in Memphis that she sheltered in place a week ago when the deadly shooter was killing at random, because she had been alerted to the danger by her regional CORAC Signal group. She had not heard anything on the news about the ongoing danger, probably because the media knew from the start that the killer was a black guy – and that doesn’t fit their preferred narrative. I encourage everyone who reads this to sign up with CORAC and join their regional Signal group. It doesn’t cost anything. We are neighbors working with neighbors to weather the great storm that has come upon us.

The lady wrote us, in part:

“…I have to heartily thank you for the alert you sent the other night about sheltering in place due to the shooter.  Our local news station did not show anything on TV about the developing situation, the Corac network was the only one which alerted us.  The shooter did wind up in our area and carjacked someone before he was apprehended.  It shows the value of the Corac alert system when you cannot depend on regular sources for info.”

I should also note that the virtual talk I will give on Tuesday, September 20, is open only to members of CORAC. We only have 300 slots, so we have to reserve the space for those who have already committed to helping us and each other.

If you have not already donated to CORAC, please do so today. We charge nothing for the many things we do – and we do a lot together. Help us remain strong for all who love faith, family, and freedom, as the dark storm of modern ignorance and malice breaks over us. Check out our website to get a sense of all that we are doing together.  

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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  1. Thanks, Charlie!! I was looking for your comments on the ramped up craziness. I still wonder at how a.n.y.o.n.e. with clear thinking can continue to support this regime. And when I found the following gem at CFP, I thought that going after the MAGA guys minght also be useful as a means to dissuade people from paying attention to this movement rising:

    Love the story of how you discovered the trace back to Christ in Catholicism. What a precious pic of those lovely ladies in your family! And what a profoundly generous offering your mother gave to her sister. Amazing.

    Deliver us O Lord from any kind of golden ticket lies… like the ones that fool us into thinking we have a shoo in passageway to Heaven AND the ones that have us falsely believing we have a special way of avoiding the purification.

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  2. God bless you, Charlie, for being on top of the news! Queen Elizabeth served longer than I have been alive and, while I may not agree with all she did (or didn’t do), I admire her perseverance. May God have mercy on her soul.

    I, too, am dismayed by Joe O’Dea and knew during the primary that he was a rino. My question is: do I simply not vote for neither? Wish there was a write-in space for that one!

    On one of the very conservative blogs I follow, the writer said he had given his wife a “heads up” about the possibility of “visitors”–he said he had to do that because she would be embarrassed to have a messy hour (even for lowlifes). 😂

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    1. I won’t vote for either. Will not vote for any Democrat anymore – and won’t vote for a complete sellout Republican, either. So I pass…and maybe the National Republican Committee will eventually figure out that sending out a leftist dweeb and sticking an R next to his name is NOT the path to victory they think it is.

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  3. Aside from the fact that she told her son Charles to divorce Diana abd marry his side chick of many years and changed the rule that no divorced person could be made the monarch and that Charles was living in sin, that she oversaw the protections that that should have been accorded to Diana and were removed and aside from the fact she was coronated Queen by heretics and that she died as a heretic chances are the Queen is suffering mightily. There are only former Protestants in heaven.


      1. There are no unrepentant and especially public heretics in heaven and that is doctrinal. The Protestant Theocracy of England that was started by Henry VIII has killed millions of Catholics both spiritually and physically and now even the culture of the West. She bares that responsibility. It is purely the sanctifying grace of the Catholic Church that gives any non Catholic the remotest possibility of heaven which is why we say the Rosary for poor sinners I among them.


        1. Well, of course, the Catholic definition of an heretic is one who, having been baptized into the fold, proceeds to dissent from a critical tenant. One who has never been baptized into the fold may be termed a heathen, but not a heretic, even as they espouse views that are objectively heretical from the standpoint of the Catholic Magisterium.

          The Protestant theocracy in England did kill thousands for the sin of being Catholic. Then, briefly, the Catholic theocracy that rose there for a time killed thousands for the sin of being Protestant. There are no clean hands in this situation.

          In any case, this was not designed to be a forum on whether only Catholics go to heaven. I have made my stance on that abundantly clear. I agree with Sts. Thomas Aquinas and Augustine that those who are not Catholic, failing to see fully that the deposit of faith is truly held there, may yet be saved through their devotion to the good written on our hearts from the start – and that also all roads lead through the Church, as the Church bears responsibility for all, whether they are conscious of the fullness of truth or not. On that we will let it end.

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        1. We were not talking at all about her being a saint (except for the possibility or likelihood of her finding mercy in God’s hands and, ultimately, being received into heaven). The question is whether one who, though never becoming Catholic, still tries to do the good seriously as best they can and follows the Lord according to their understanding, can get into heaven. The Church teaches that they can, but that it is a BIG help if they were Catholic at the time of death. Your doctrine would condemn most of my deceased loved ones to hell and I do not buy that – and have taken great comfort from the Church’s actual teaching on the subject. It was an important factor in my decision to convert and come home. In fact, if the Church had NOT taught that those who did not understand their obligation to the Church were loved with God’s tender mercy I would NOT have become Catholic. Your interpretation of the teaching that all salvation comes through the Church misunderstands that this speaks more of the Church’s responsibility to all, including those who do not call themselves Catholic.

          Having known you for so long, Gary, I know you to be a notably kind, decent, and generous man. But I also know you are not a theologian or effective apologist. It grieves me that what people here see is a judgmental fellow who knows many of the rules, but certainly does not know how the great Doctor’s of the Church have explained them – or how the Church has interpreted them.

          The truth is, friends, as flawed as some of Gary’s interpretations are, he rigorously applies them to himself as well as others – and he is, indeed, a kind and generous man who sometimes jumps to erroneous conclusions.

          This really is the last on this subject, Gary. We understand your position as you understand mine. If I were a triumphalist looking for ways to offer condemnation to others based on exclusively narrow interpretations, I reckon I would not be doing this, at all.

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          1. Encountered this very thing while stretching my legs in the neighborhood late last night. Caught a conversation on the other side of the street, though it was so dark that I could not make out the players. Could have been a door-to-door evangelist or simply a conversation amongst acquaintances. Followed along the lines of the “accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior” kind of witness, so I presumed a Protestant evangelist. (Romans 10:9 for support, though saying it is the easy part, and belief in the heart quite another… particularly considering where the seed may fall).

            Several quick thoughts went through my head about Salvation: (1) appreciated the effort, but wondered at the often oversimplification and insistence that conversion is an instance rather than a lifelong process, (2) grinned at the effort because that good conversation was certainly better than many of the alternatives, (3) simple works in a lot of cases, (4) the tremendous responsibility we have as Catholics having been given so much, (5) noted to self: more simple and heartfelt, less complications. After all, hauling the water to those who are thirsty really isn’t all that complicated.

            At any rate, I grinned and gave a little wave as I passed.

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        2. It has long been taught that the Catholic Church, as the body of Christ here on earth, is indeed the path to Heaven. It has not been taught (even before Vat II) that only Catholics can go to Heaven. There IS a difference. Maybe it is one of those mysteries.

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          1. “When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts (Ten Commandments), while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or *perhaps excuse* them on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.” (Rom 2:14-16).
            The Catechism of the Catholic Church (quoting Vatican II document Lumen Gentium, 16) states:
            “This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ and his Church: Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will *as they know it through the dictates of their conscience*—those too may achieve eternal salvation”. (CCC 847)
            “All this holds true not only for Christians, but for all men of good will in whose hearts grace works in an unseen way. For, since Christ died for all men, and since the ultimate vocation of man is in fact one, and divine, we ought to believe that the Holy Spirit in a manner known only to God offers to every man the possibility of being associated with this paschal mystery.” (Lumen Gentium, 22).

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    1. Also, she told Diana to divorce Charles. Though it does not follow the Catholic process for separation, it was not out of line with the Scriptural command at Matthew 19:9.

      I have no use for those who attack Scripture and the Magisterium, particularly from within the Church. But I would tremble to insist that everyone bow to my interpretation of same or be cast into outer darkness. I think that would be an invitation to the Lord to smite me.

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    2. And you think sending her soul to Hell makes God happy? 🥺 God’s perspective was not in this response. May He have mercy on all souls, especially mine.

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  4. So simple, but yet so wise: To be good, do good, the best you are able.
    That paints asceticism properly, despite coloration with religious or philosophic affiliations, as wasting life, not living with value.
    Likewise in politics, affiliation with party and/or mouthing a few popular talking points as virtue signaling, signals instead treachery, with weaseling exemplars such as Paul Ryan, McConnell, and Romney.

    November cannot come too soon, but if fraud again runs rampant, then as an oldster these lines tell my tale for purpose remaining:
    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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  5. Charlie, I often muse about what someone else might do…I believe that our Lord placed you here and now. I believe that what you’re doing is necessary and we need you as a rallying point, here and now. Don’t back off, pick up the staff and I and we will follow. I stand with you.

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  6. Don’t forget about the great Monarch Blessed Karl von Hapsburg , his name is Charles. He is my personal hero, I love him. I know you love him too, and he is probably praying hard for the new king. Who knows, maybe CharlesIII will turn around and be a good king( I tend to have pessimistic thoughts though).

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    1. I am a bit confused. If you are talking about the current claimant to the Austro-Hungarian throne, he is not even a monarch, just a potential monarch. I agree that he has done many good things. By all rights, I think he is a very good man, but you can’t be a good monarch when you are not a monarch at all. If I have misunderstood, let me know. The Austro-Hungarian throne is defunct. If it is ever resurrected, we will see.

      Of course, one very great Charles reigned for a time as head of the Catholic Church – Karol Wojtyla, but he reigned as John Paul II. (Karol is the Polish version of Charles).

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      1. Yes, Blessed Karl was indeed a Monarch, the last reigning one of the Austrian Hungarian empire. Charles the 3rd is a monarch also. A monarch is a king. Even though Blessed Karl didn’t live a long life, and he was driven out of his homeland, he was King. I am Austrian American. I have a great love and devotion to Blessed Karl.

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      2. Don’t forget Charles the Great,(Charlemagne) , who was King of the Franks from 768, King of the Lombards from 774, and the first Holy Roman Emperor crowned by Pope Leo III.

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        1. There is no doubt he was great and effective. He united all of western Europe under a Christian ethos. The name Charlemagne is so ubiquitous to him that I don’t really think of him as a Charles – though you rightly note that his name in Old French is, literally, Charles the Great. Yet his brother was named Charloman, also a derivative of Charles. I guess, in some ways, it would be easier for me to credit a King Karol or Karl as a legitimate Charles. Yet for those known, specifically, as King Charles, I think my observation remains true. Though I also accept the legitimacy of those who say my definition is too narrow.

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      1. Ah, if it is blessed Karl von Habsburg, the last King of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he truly was a very holy man. He instituted many reforms in his brief two-year tenure. He died in exile at the age of 34. Alas, for all his holiness and personal virtue, the empire collapsed. His holiness is a thing to which one should aspire, but his effectiveness is not.

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  7. I was much heartened by this writing, Charlie. Thank-you!
    Yes, your mom was (probably definitely IS) a cutie. How sweet of her. I pray constantly for my brother that he is in Purgatory and that he is making progress. And I ask him to pray for me! My parents, I sense, are in a place of peace and light. Still, I do pray daily for all the holy souls.
    I always loved QE2 – we happened to be stationed in England 1951-1954 and saw her coronation on the BBC. I was only 5 and what I recall is the golden coach and her inside holding up her hand to the crowds. She was always so gracious and clearly lived her duty. I also pray for Charles the king. He and I are of an age.
    As for the increasing situation, the war raging and increasing around us…I am looking forward to your thoughts because I do not – Do Not – want to have to load a gun. I see us on the edge of a cliff, sheer on both sides. I am, we are trying mightily to take the Next Right Step. We are praying that our dear Lord enlightens you in a way that our minds can grasp and follow.
    Always ongoing prayers for you, Charlie, and for all here ~
    Katey in OR

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    1. Amen, Dear Katey!!

      QE2 inspires me too. The idea of “Keep Calm and Carry On” that was her response to many terrible life situations she endured reminds me a awful lot of tnrs.

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  8. I try to “like” comments and they just don’t show up. I have no idea why, technology and I, we can’t agree.
    Your mother was adorable, and that’s quite a little gleam in her eye. By the way, there is a marvelous family-owned company that is called “Memory Cherish”. They will take that photo and restore it so it looks like it was taken yesterday. You don’t send the photo, just upload an image. What they can do is astonishing, and wonderful. It makes the subjects come alive. Their customer service is frankly the best I can recall having since America was the America we would recognize. I have no connection to the company, but they did a photo for me and I love it.
    I do not make assumptions about the souls of others, except for obvious God-haters. I worry about my own soul and my loved ones enough to keep me busy.
    Queen Elizabeth, I find it astonishing that people make such ugly comments about her. We are truly an ugly people, as a whole. Back in the day, one had the good manners to say nothing ill of the dead. Now we are lacking in all charity and grace, and frankly, we are an almost entirely repugnant population. We make pronouncements about the recently dead with no thought as to how idiotic we sound and how arrogant we are being. We make asses of ourselves.
    She was an excellent queen, she loved her God and her people and nation. The rest is none of my business. She was a lady with impeccable judgment, behavior, and yes, a royal demeanor that was quite unique, an intriguing figure and her name will be talked about long after we are all forgotten. I saw a video of she and Paddington, on You Tube called “Marmalade” something, it was adorable, and I’ve watched it a few times, it’s only a few minutes long. She acts in it, and she is charming to see and to listen to. So that’s English!
    We are in peck of trouble in America, and since America is in trouble, so is the world. They better know it. They are playing for keeps, and have come out from the shadows. I am in no position to stock up or prep or do any of those other delightful things that give us comfort. I will have to throw my lot out there and try to trust in Christ for me and mine.
    God bless all here as we face the coming storm.

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    1. The Queen of England prayer for the day of her Coronation.
      When I spoke to you last, at Christmas, “I asked you all, whatever your religion, to pray for me on the day of my Coronation – to pray that God would give me wisdom and strength to carry out the promises that I should then be making.”

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    2. Yes, Kate – that short video of the Queen with Paddington is hilarious. I only came across it recently, before her death, and I was amazed. But then, she didn’t have to act – just to be herself.

      Apparently, according to a British paper, Buckingham Palace have asked people to stop leaving Paddington toys as tributes – and also marmalade sandwiches (the latter being a favourite of Mr. P. Bear, I should explain – I was reading the first Paddington books as a child in the ’60s and you don’t forget these things).

      The Queen’s Christmas Day speech, broadcast at 3 p.m., was an institution, and was also watched by many people in this benighted isle, you might be surprised to know. My mother usually took a glance at it, or more than a glance, even though the Christmas dinner preparations were usually reaching critical point at that stage. Both she and my father were born as subjects of the Queen’s grandfather, George V, before our independence. They believed in the same kind of dignity under pressure that she so symbolised. I honestly think it was instinctual to so many of that generation anyway.

      While Charlie comments that the record of Kings of England named Charles isn’t exactly inspiring, I can only say that the record of the one and only John is… ummm… somewhat worse. Oy vey.


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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    I’ll worry about “Rising Sea Levels” when I see Lord Obama and rest of Limousine/LearJet Liberals selling off THEIR Beach Front Properties!


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  10. That police state baby is about to leap into teen years quickly once hiring of the additional 87 000 ARMED IRS agents is complete.

    And yes, being a Catholic is just a bigger opportunity for more graces, it is not a golden ticket. I am under impression that Catholic Pope Francis is less Catholic than non Catholic President Trump when you look at defending the faith/faithful/unborn.

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  11. The baby face JB Pritzker and his fellow Democrats are also growing here in Illinois.

    ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — An Illinois criminal justice reform law will do away with the cash bail system on January 1st, 2023, which means suspects charged with certain felonies — including second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson — will be released without bail.
    “Approximately 400 criminal defendants will be released back into your community,” warned Winnebago County State’s Attorney J. Hanley.

    “Anyone sitting in jail right now with all these pending charges, they’re going to be let out,” Johnson County Sheriff Peter Sopczak said . “The gates are open and they’re going to be let out onto the streets.”

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  12. Charlie, I’m bringing this over from your previous post because it pertains to this post (a very good one, I might add):

    CrewDog, I appreciate this article that you posted above:

    Not on this list, but I was staying near Edinburgh, Scotland, in September 2010 when Pope Benedict XVI visited. One of his first meetings after getting off the plane was with Queen Elizabeth II at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh at one end of the Royal Mile (Edinburgh Castle is at the other end). Of course, this meeting was on all of the TVs. I was impressed by the mutual respect and graciousness that these two monumental historic figures showed toward each other in their interactions.

    Later in this visit to the UK, Pope Benedict XVI canonized Saint John Henry Newman. Queen Elizabeth’s graciousness was, thus, even more significant.

    May her soul rest in peace.

    Sister Bear

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  13. I have gotten involved in the Republican Party and I quite agree there are some pretty worthless rhinos but for the most part they are few. If you do not vote for the republican on the ticket you will be in fact casting your vote for the opposing democrat. In Texas the democrats managed to eliminate the straight ballet voting which caused us to lose all our Republican judges in Bexar county because many voters voted for a few they knew and did not vote down ballot. Many of us have become poll watchers to watch and record all activity and follow the votes cast on drives to the counting stations. Sorry it got a little long. Just saying I encourage everyone to vote this November. It may the the most consequential vote you ever cast.
    Linda Smith

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    1. I appreciate your work, Linda. I, too, worked with the Republican Party and at the highest levels as an operative. I am very familiar with the argument posed by the establishment that if we don’t vote for the most malicious weasels they send us we are helping the Democrat. I know that there is strength in supporting the ticket straight through, including those you have to hold your nose for. But while the establishment insists we peons do this, rarely do they ever reciprocate. Look at Mitch McConnell right now, saying that all the Senate candidates who stand for the social issues that are decisive for me are “bad” candidates who he can’t help much. If I cheerily help his troglodytes while he undermines my champions, all I am helping is for him to boast that his kind of candidates win. I will do that no more – while respecting those like you have chosen another path. Way back in 2006, when I was running two Congressional campaigns, I warned people at the Capitol Hill Club (the Republican clubhouse in Washington) that if we did not stop deliberately tanking conservative nominees, the rank and file were going to quit voting for the mediocrities our leaders favored – and shocked some by telling them that I would count myself among them.

      There is nothing wrong with honest partisanship. Abraham Lincoln was a partisan when he served in leadership in the Illinois statehouse – a partisan Whig. But when the Whig Party ceased to stand for anything in particular, Lincoln ceased to be a Whig – and became the first Republican President.

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      1. Hi Charlie, I am so glad you are involved in making a difference in our culture. God has certainly blessed you with many gifts and so they give glory to God. Sometimes we get a few weasels and the time to deal with them is in the Primary where we vote them out and replace them with a true conservative Republican but we are in the fight for our future and the future of the republic. I am very much outside of my comfort zone getting into the battle and so are many young mothers who show up at school board meetings fighting for parents right. So are men and women hitting their knees in front of abortion clinics. So We pray and we fight with the armor of God and thank you for leading the fight. Linda

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  14. Had to drop a comment about the mention in your article about the tragedy we experienced in Memphis this week. I was grouping with my Cursillo buddies in our backyard that evening and we started getting news alerts from local news stations around 6:30- 7 pm. They were putting together the fact that several incidents that had occurred were committed by the same guy. He had murdered someone just after midnight Wednesday morning and didn’t surface again until about 430 that afternoon. He was livestreaming some of his evil deeds on FB and the police figured out this was a string of horrors done by one guy. Anyway, when we realized something weird was going on we came in my house and every local station plus national news (Fox news) was covering it non stop. We were advised to shelter in place. So I have to disagree with the person from Memphis who said there was no coverage on the news here.
    The frustrating thing is that the perp had been in jail for attempted murder and served 11 months of a 3 year sentence. Got out and then did this! The week before a young wife and mother of 2 was abducted and murdered while she was out for an early morning run. Her murderer had recently been released from serving a prison term for kidnapping. Our criminal justice system is not doing its job and we citizens are suffering. It’ll probably get worse here. George Soros bankrolled a liberal who was running for DA of our county this summer and he won.

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    1. It is a horrible deterioration in the system, Kim. Even though there was the news coverage you mention, obviously the CORAC person missed it. Thank God she benefitted from CORAC support. Great to hear from you again!

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      1. Oh yes, Beckita! Without a doubt! I was so happy to hear that CORAC picked it up and communicated that info! And happy to hear there is someone else in Memphis who reads ASOH. I just wanted to say that there was wall to wall coverage here. It was such an unbelievable situation I can’t imagine I could have possibly been ignored.

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  15. More on Queen Elizabeth II: Although she took her duties very seriously during her 70 years as Queen, sometimes while dealing with a lot of unpleasantries, she also was known for her fun sense of humor, with a good dose of humility.

    These two favorite videos ~ one in 2012 and one in 2022 ~ will go down in history, I think:

    With James Bond:

    With Paddington Bear:

    May her soul rest in peace. ❤

    Sister Bear

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  16. This is so honorable!

    “, I long ago pledged to St. Joan, who I consider my great patroness, that I am one Charles who will keep faith with her to the end in service to our one Lord.”

    Also, it was a beautiful thing to read about your mom refusing pain medication on her death bed to offer it up for her sister, aka aunt Joanne, to be freed from purgatory so they could go to heaven together 🥰🥰. That is truly agape love!!!

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  17. I’ve been thinking about your outlook on voting for lesser candidates, Charlie.
    I’ve thought the same, in the past and even lately as well. But I’ve concluded this election is not like any other, and it is not the election for stepping back. It is the election to get as many people to vote as possible, even if holding the nose. If one had to face one of two cougars, who wouldn’t pick the smaller one. With our people in office, there is hope we can influence them. There is no hope save divine intervention if we do not obtain that. We are on a cliff. I’m hoping you’ll reconsider, because if everyone took that approach we would surely fail. You are needed, and you have influence on others.

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    1. His great grandson Imre explained to me various impressive anecdotes. Remember that John Paul II’s given name was Karol, in honour of Blessed Charles.

      Imre married a fierce pro life supporter from Cincinnati, Ohio, who recently participated in an interesting talk about the Queen’s Christmas talks on television over the years, together with a former British Member of Parliament and now elderly priest.

      (Edited out the link because we have a 30 minute limit for videos, Sapper, but it looks like a good one for those who have time to listen. Here are the search words on You Tube that will get people to it:
      How to Speak like the Queen l HI&RH Archduchess Kathleen de Habsbourg-Lorraine & Rev Jonathan Aitken

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      1. Here’s an impressive quote from the Queen’s first ever televised Christmas talk back in 1957:

        “But it is not the new inventions which are the difficulty. The trouble is caused by unthinking people who carelessly throw away ageless ideals as if they were old and outworn machinery. They would have religion thrown aside, morality in personal and public life made meaningless, honesty counted as foolishness and self-interest set up in place of self-restraint. Today we need a special kind of courage, not the kind needed in battle but a kind which makes us stand up for everything that we know is right, everything that is true and honest. We need the kind of courage that can withstand the subtle corruption of the cynics so that we can show the world that we are not afraid of the future. It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult. In the old days the monarch led his soldiers on the battlefield and his leadership at all times was close and personal. Today things are very different. I cannot lead you into battle, I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else, I can give you my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations. I believe in our qualities and in our strength, I believe that together we can set an example to the world which will encourage upright people everywhere.”

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  18. Sounds to me like Queen Elizabeth was a very saintly person😇

    I agree with you Charlie, it is not your religion that makes you holy (although the Catholic faith is indeed the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic faith that Jesus began ) but it is the sort of person you are first loving God then loving your neighbors as yourself that make one holy. Only God knows our hearts🥰

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    America Last! Just like first two terms of Obama.


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  20. ‘Parliament intervened to ensure the crown could not pass to a Catholic.
    Parliament drew up the Act of Settlement 1701 which ruled out any Catholics or their spouses from becoming monarch.
    The new legislation made it clear that no sovereign “shall profess the Popish religious or shall marry a Papist”.
    (excerpt from

    (One of my adult kids must have been daydreaming during world history as they were surprised by the long-standing rule.)

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  21. In March 2015, I invited Fr. Dwight Longenecker to my parish to offer a week-long mission, which gave us both abundant time in the parish rectory to chat about current events. He remarked that the Monarchy has been a stabilizing force for the the entire culture in the UK, due to the strength of Queen Elizabeth–somewhat as a visit from your grandmother might affect your behavior, so long as she is with you. It’s hard to predict what will be the effect of her absence, but since Charles’ charisma and public persona is nowhere near what hers has been, it seems that the UK will become more unhinged, and its cultural decay will accelerate. No one seems to agree with me on this, but I think she was the last public figure in the West who was on your side. All other heads of state seem to be marching blindly in lockstep with the zeitgeist. She stood for reason and sanity, and with her death, I feel like I’ve lost an ally.

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  22. Question Charlie,

    Mason’s are condemned by Holy Mother the Church. Queen Elizabeth’s husband was a Mason and if I have it right, he was the Grand “whatever” they call the head guy. Son Charles, now King Charles III is a Mason. So, besides being a protestant who loves Jesus (but not His Mother or His Church) and a Mason — can we say that this person has lived God’s Will?

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    1. Masons are not actually condemned by the Church, San San. The most recent statement about Freemasonry was made by then Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the CDF at the time. Within the statement, Cardinal Ratzinger notes: “The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.” The Royals are not members of “the faithful” of the Catholic Church.

      Our Catholic teaching instructs us that God’s Law is written on every human heart and He Alone knows what is in the heart of each one of us and, therefore, He knows the motivations which bring each one to make the choices s/he does. Of course, being a Mason is objectively not God’s Will. However, God judges us on the totality of what we think and do, including factors which diminish culpability. As the CCC states: “Mortal sin requires full knowledge and complete consent.” The CCC further reminds us that emotions (edit BH: among additional elements) can be a mitigating factor in judgement: “Unintentional ignorance can diminish or even remove the imputability of a grave offense. But no one is deemed to be ignorant of the principles of the moral law, which are written in the conscience of every man. The promptings of feelings and passions can also diminish the voluntary and free character of the offense, as can external pressures or pathological disorders. Sin committed through malice, by deliberate choice of evil, is the gravest.”

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      1. TY, and Charlie, for giving us extremely precise clarity on these matters (conscience/what our church teaches as it applies to Catholics and non Catholics), as there was and is much confusion and it is all very difficult to parse out accurately.

        We are in a time when our ability to TNRS relies on the grace we have to accurately parse these matters out.

        To take it to a much simplier level, DFOT’s Anne says: “No one knows anyone’s full story.” Futhermore, it is only by surrendering ourselves to the Holy Spirit that one may even begin to fully understand one’s own full story. If we are struggling to overcome our own imperfections and need the Holy Spirit here to survive, how can we apply this to another?

        I am deeply grateful for these lessons and strive to correct myself when needed by reflecting on that.

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        1. And how blessed we have been, Littlelight, to be able to participate in the CCC Classes with Desmond’s enrichment via all he carries as a walking, talking encyclopedia of everything Church related and his home library to which he often refers when we ask questions. 🙂

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          1. Yes! Praying for his healing/intentions.

            This feels selfish as his expert instruction is a treasure. And he is so very cheerful and kind.

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        Leo XIII Describes & Condemns Freemasonry

        Given the new general approach of the Conciliar Church toward Freemasonry since Vatican II, and especially the abolition of the automatic excommunication of those who join it or similar anti-Catholic secret societies, there are strange notions being wrongly spread about the real aim of these associations. To clarify what the Catholic position is on this topic, today we bring to our Readers excerpts from an important document by Pope Leo XIII. He spoke out strongly against those secret societies, pointing out their ultimate aim of Naturalism.
        He was repeating the warnings of previous Popes – Clement XII in 1738, Benedict XIV in 1751, Pius VII in 1821, Leo XII in 1826, Pius VIII in 1829, Gregory XVI in 1832 and Pius IX in 1846 and 1865 and on four other occasions. After Leo XIII St. Pius X in 1911 confirmed this condemnation. Altogether, Leo XIII spoke out five different times against Freemasonry, but especially in the Encyclical Humanum genus. All these Popes say that a Catholic cannot be Mason.

        p.s. I know that the Queen was Protestant, and related closely to the Freemasons, as I stated. My question stands, can someone be living in God’s Will not honoring His mother, His church and attached to this cult?

        If we don’t LIVE God’s Will, I think that’s our answer.

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        1. Of course the Church condemns Freemasonry, San San. At the same time, the Church does not condemn individuals who are Masons as you wrote. Freemasonry IS a grave evil and we’ve actually discussed, both at TNRS and at this blog, more than a few times how commenters have had family members who were Masons and how they were guided to pray for cleansing in the family line. It remains our teaching that at our personal judgement, we are judged on how we have loved, the good we have done and the sins we have committed – in light of what the Church teaches about personal culpability and mitigating factors in determining the seriousness of our sins.

          As far as living in God’s Will, of course it’s not God’s Will that anyone be attached to Freemasonry. May I ask why you’re attached to this idea in the discussion? If the conclusion is that a person who is a Mason cannot be saved, then that is incorrect in light of the fullness of Church teaching.

          Not a single person here lives in God’s Will perfectly and consistently. Every time we sin, we reject His Will as we walk out of it. So grateful for confession and the grace which brings us back. 🙂

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          1. “May I ask why you’re attached to this idea in the discussion?”

            When I’m talking specifically about the Queen, and you generalize the discussion to include “all” of mankind, I felt I had to.

            The Queen, I believe did not live in a state of ignorance to the truth, in fact, I believe she was privy to so much more than the “ordinary man”. She met heads of State throughout the world; top minds in every genre; 4 or 5 Popes — so I think she was very aware of the choices she made over 70+ years. And just because someone is not Catholic, does not mean that they are not held to the same standards as a Catholic. The ten Commandments and His Church. She was a Protestant (protest of the truth) and she was affiliated with Freemasonry at the highest levels. She chose to Keep Her Crown, over entering into the One True Faith.

            Did I “know” her heart, no. I only judge “actions”. Her actions, I believe kept her from doing the Will of God. That’s the point, I was trying to make.

            I also get very disturbed when I look at the lives of Bill Graham and other great Christian leaders. Wondering what stopped them from entering the Church like other great minds – Charlie Johnston, Scott Hahn, Dr. Taylor Marshall, etc.
            Choices and wanting to do the Will of God. I believe what the “Our Father “teaches–Thy Will be done.

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            1. Thanks, San San, for the clarification. There’s so much we just don’t know about the interior of people, whether famous or ordinary in human terms. I especially appreciate your acknowledgement that you’re not judging hearts. Gratefully, Jesus will put all wondering to rest as He is sovereign in judging the heart of every human. I love the Our Father and praying for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. God bless!

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  23. Charlie, Eleanor says, “Hi”. She is in her early 90’s and doesn’t use a computer. Some years ago I shared one of your blogs and have continued ever since. One day when I was setting up for Benediction she called me over and said, What’s happened? Charlie hasn’t written me!” At that time it had been an extra long time between blogs. I said as soon as he writes you I’ll copy it out.
    So today as I set up for Benediction and gave her your latest “letter”, she said “Tell Charlie, Hi”.

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  24. Most Ds will not see or admit that a political purge is going on. If and when this makes the mainstream news, there will be a spin to it and the Alinksy followers and planners will cheer.

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    HullyGee! Is the manifestly corrupt Senator (D-VA) speaking of the Domestic Terrorists that Deal in Death, Rape, Human Trafficking/Drugs along our NOT Secure Border or ANY Democrat Controlled Region/City you can name ….. &/or the DHS/DOJ/FBI?

    THEY can’t stand The Truth!
    ……. and Billary and Chuckie III is ALL In-on-It!

    …. Open Borders is a big part of godless Global Re-Set!

    God Save Us from Secret Sleepers & RINOs!


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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Dan Bongino-“fascism check”

    …….. & Pray for Divine Guidance and Interdiction.

    Lest we forget!

    Sounds Right to me ;-(

    We here know the answer: Obama’s National Civilian “Security” FORCE!


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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    The Situation is worse than I imagined!! Where is the GOP, AKA: The Stupid Party,!!?? …. only seven weeks from a, hopefully, pivotal Election!

    Oh! … best not to ask how many BLM/ANTIFA/Radical Democrats &/or common criminals of 2020 Summer of Rage (or daily Criminal Carnage in Democrat Cities) were subjected to similar DOJ WitchHunt Tactics or …??…. This, I Hope/PRAY, demonstrates how desperate & “close to the end of THEIR rope” THEY are!?

    The below is a recruiting/retention PROBLEM Nationwide …. & Our USA Military …. Be Prepared!


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  28. I read this today and thought it was great, and thought you all would appreciate it:

    We continue our cycle of monthly messages for 2022 with the message for August 1, 2006 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.

    August 1, 2006


    I send my apostles the grace necessary for a calm spirit. With this calm spirit, my followers will bring heavenly calm to a restless world that trembles with unease. Live your commitment to time spent in silent prayer and I will place these heavenly graces in your soul. Others will identify these graces in you because these gifts are contrary to the gifts offered by the world. This is another way that my apostles stand out. Do not spend a great deal of time discussing events in the world. Long discussions do not benefit the situation. Instead, spend time praying for the world. This will benefit the world and those around you, along with your own priceless soul, which becomes more and more beautiful through prayer and silence. I want each apostle to understand that I have not abandoned this world. Consider this carefully. I am Jesus. I am God. I have not abandoned this world. Do not be afraid. I say this, dear apostles, firmly. I do not want my apostles to be afraid or to communicate fear to others. Bring your fears to me and bring my peace to others. This is your call and your divine task. Accept this call as seriously as you accept my love for you and your love for me. Our reciprocal love is natural and right, holy and blessed. My peace in your soul is also natural and right, holy and blessed. Apostles, be disciplined in those actions that bring you peace and be equally disciplined in avoiding those things that cause you upset. I seek to comfort many. Very often, I comfort others through you.

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    1. This is a good, hard-earned, disciplined habit. Kudos to folks who have developed it. I’m convinced folks are charging into this thing with whatever habits they have –– good, bad or indifferent — likely heightened in these times.

      Will be filming my final bit for the fall foraging session in the desert tomorrow with loads of quiet no doubt. However, I reserve the right to pull up with a little rant should the Spirit prompt. Hee hee.

      An interesting topic though, as I was having lengthy thoughts about the varied responses in these times, a sort of stew of different personalities and approaches. Certainly there’s comfort. And then there’s Comfort!

      Get out of the way ourselves and let Jesus.

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      1. I was thinking about the lovely photos and short videos you’d make when my 15 y.o., who absolutely loves Shakespeare, poetry, anything theater (God help me—this after the older 6 are all engineers, go figure) recited a lovely fall poem just yesterday.

        Not a Pollyanna, well acquainted with the misery and poison of what I and us all have wrought, I wanted to post some poems.

        I was also hoping you’d post some lovely vids or pics.

        Back to the poems. The first one, my kid memorized. The second my 7th grade teacher in a parochial Catholic school, Mrs. Calabrese, RIP, has us memorize. She left out the last stanza, as it completely perverted the gorgeous previous stanzas. But I used to write it on the whiteboard in our homeschool when my kids were little.


        Something Told the Wild Geese
        by Rachel Field

        Something told the wild geese
        It was time to go.
        Though the fields lay golden
        Something whispered,—”Snow.”
        Leaves were green and stirring,
        Berries, luster-glossed,
        But beneath warm feathers
        Something cautioned,—”Frost.”
        All the sagging orchards
        Steamed with amber spice,
        But each wild breast stiffened
        At remembered ice.
        Something told the wild geese
        It was time to fly,—
        Summer sun was on their wings,
        Winter in their cry.

        – from Branches Green (1934)

        Second Poem (last stanza omitted)
        by Helen Hunt Jackson
        The goldenrod is yellow,
        The corn is turning brown,
        The trees in apple orchards
        With fruit are bending down.

        The gentian’s bluest fringes
        Are curling in the sun;
        In dusty pods the milkweed
        Its hidden silk has spun;

        The sedges flaunt their harvest
        In every meadow nook,
        And asters by the brookside
        Make asters in the brook;

        From dewy lanes at morning
        The grapes’ sweet odors rise;
        At noon the roads all flutter
        With yellow butterflies–

        By all these lovely tokens
        September days are here,
        With summer’s best of weather
        And autumn’s best of cheer.

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Law-Abiding Gun Owners Ignored by Media, Maligned by Politicians–JOHN R. LOTT JR.

    Yeah … Right?


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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    Looks like a good ChinaPlague Info/history Site:

    HullyGee! In past 19 months has there been any unexpectedly BETTER news, predictions or forecasts!??

    Let US Pray that The Good Guys Rally to the Cause!


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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    We know why! The hijacking of Vatican II and likewise of Western Civilization by godless Marxist Perverts while we Pew Peons & Citizens watched it all happen ;-(

    …. but the DOJ/FBI/DHS are Full Bore on THEIR 6 Jan/Trump Vengeance Op.

    The only way, sadly, that Our Republic can be salvaged is by the massive watering & fertilizing of The Tree of Liberty …. with God’s assistance!


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  32. I don’t have twitter, but hubby does. This was hysterical. Just the text, as I don’t have the twit:

    Seth Dillon @SethDillon . 59m
    The FBI raided the Babylon Bee’s headquarters this morning and took both of our jokes. They even confiscated a draft of an unfinished third joke that hadn’t yet harmed anyone.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    JESUS is about the Only Good News to see on Domestic/International Fronts!
    THE SIGNS are there for any who cares to see.
    There is nothing new here, Gang! Just read short histories of Revolutions, Upheavals, Militant Socialism and Dictator take-overs of the past 150 years.

    No Fuel!? No Ammo!? No Food!? … What could possibility go wrong!???
    Our Country is being run by the (Global Elite Controlled) Obama DC Mafia of USA Haters! Agents who relish the thought of a defeated/prostrate USA to “Build Back Better”! The THEY Elite Puppet Masters want Chaos, Confusion, Anger & Violence.
    I am convinced it is all orchestrated …. with demonic “assistance”. ;-(
    THEY want Union Strikes, Rail or otherwise, THEY want Supply Chain, fuel, food disruptions, lawless cities, Class/Racial Hatred and ANY excuse to cancel elections, declare martial law, suspend Bill of Rights, disarm citizens and confiscate the wealth/stuff of The USA Producer Class …. and demand obedience to ALL THEIR Rules/Agendas or ELSE!!


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    1. Amen to what you say CREWDOG.
      God is allowing this to happen according to His plan.
      We are being blessed to follow Him to the cross.

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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows





  35. Charlie, your words about salvation are timely. My father died last Tuesday, Sept. 6 in a hospital in Houston. He died from a weak heart. All the signs were there that his time was coming, yet no one in my family thought to bring a priest to see him. You have encouraged me immensely. This small “thank you” is all I can manage now but I beg my brothers and sisters here to pray for the repose of his soul: Candido Mendoza, age 86, my father and a proud US Marine.

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  36. “Turn your eyes incessantly to the Blessed Virgin; she, who is the Mother of Sorrows and also the Mother of Consolation, can understand you completely and help you. Looking to her, praying to her, you will obtain that your tedium will become serenity, your anguish change into hope, and your grief into love.”
    – St. John Paul II

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