The Rules are Changing

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By Charlie Johnston

In his influential Revolutionary War pamphlet, “Common Sense,” Thomas Paine argued that it is dangerously stupid to conflate society and government – that they are two very different concepts:

 “Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness;” he said, “the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections. The latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one…”

This goes a long way to explain why the left has been so desperate to conflate government with society. Society is governed, as it were, by the consensus of those who eagerly, but voluntarily, choose to be part of it. Modern American government is controlled by those who hold official titles, either as elected officials or bureaucrats. It is not a matter of what is best for people, but who controls the whole thing.

The American Revolution was as much a revolution against the very idea of control by a centralized bureaucratic state as it was a specific revolt against a specific country, England. The Americans opted for a very different form of government, one that had never been successfully mounted for more than a decade or two: government by the consent of the governed. The most frequent error in trying to promote self-government was the use of pure democracy – majority always rules. Pure democracy has always been among the most unstable forms of government imaginable, quickly degenerating into a tyranny of the majority. As Benjamin Franklin pithily explained the problem, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

The founders also well understood that, whatever their original purpose, all institutions and bureaus ultimately degenerate into battling for their own privilege and supremacy. Thus, those founders were loathe to vest government power in a single source. In fact, one might say they were almost obsessive about decentralizing and dividing power. First, they separated power into theoretically co-equal legislative, executive and judicial branches. They were not naïve: they knew very well that each branch would try to obtain supremacy over the others, but figured by setting up a permanent game of ‘king of the hill’ between the branches it would give ordinary people a fighting chance against any branch seizing permanent plenary power. Between Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon there were growing concerns about the ‘Imperial Presidency’ seizing such power. Whatever the pretensions and partisan flimflam of the Watergate prosecutors, it did put an end, for a while, to the imperial presidency. But with the ruling on Roe v Wade in 1973 came a growing and unaccountable imperial judiciary, increasingly untethered to the Constitution and determined to rule on all matter of social issues by judicial fiat. Ordinary citizens came to think of the Supreme Court as the final word on all things – and that is not what the Constitution says. In cases where actual law is being adjudicated, it is. But when it is making up social policy rather than interpreting the Constitution, it is not. Its rulings are not even technically binding in those situations. There are areas where the Constitution bars the courts from intruding at all – such as with the president’s war-time powers (the legislature can check these and proscribe them if they choose, but not the courts). Yet the courts have jumped into every area of modern life, acting as supreme legislature, executive AND court – and people have gone along with it rather than force a Constitutional confrontation. Up until this year, that had only encouraged the court’s hubris. Insanely, after the court this year chose to enforce actual, enumerated rights and retreat from acting as the national legislature in overturning Roe, ignorant lefties shrieked that the court was seizing power – even as it gave back power it had actually seized generations ago.

The only time I am aware of when the legislature attempted to seize supreme power was during the Civil War, when many of the radical Republicans thought President Abraham Lincoln was too moderate. They failed – but did manage to make Lincoln’s job much tougher. Otherwise, legislators have generally sought to increase their own wealth and perks while trying to shift hard decision-making either to the courts or the executive. For the most part, they’re just along for the ride.

The founders sought to avoid the “tyranny of the majority” by adopting the Bill of Rights, areas upon which no government might encroach at all. Moderns have completely bowdlerized what a right is. A right is what each person holds, under natural law, before there is a government at all. How a government defends those rights is a test of its very legitimacy. Whoever legitimately grants a right may legitimately revoke it. So recognizing rights as given by God – or by nature – puts them beyond the whims of each generation’s transient governing authorities. Or at least it should. By errantly calling every congenial program a “right,” the last few generation’s leaders have been effective in making government seem the source of rights – which makes it easier for that government to intellectually and practically encroach on actual rights.

The founders went much deeper than this, though. Absolutely terrified of the potential rise of centralized power, they limited the federal government only to those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution, mostly concerning national defense and regulating interstate commerce. All other powers were specifically reserved to the states or the people. Kind of astonishing, isn’t it? With a federal government that has usurped so much authority that states are treated as branch offices of the federal government and people treated like subjects of imperial rulers, we have ventured far from the vision of the founders. It was a vision whose success, in practice, astonished the crowned rulers of Europe, who preferred to govern by authority and imperial decrees…kind of like what America has degenerated into today.

Things began to go seriously sour with President Woodrow Wilson, who regarded the idea of popular sovereignty with utter contempt. He thought the government should be run by “experts” he chose who would dictate what Americans must do. At the same time, we started to unravel the safeguards the founders had enacted to inject stability into the system. America was, theoretically, a federation of sovereign states united into a national government for the purposes of national defense and to adjudicate disputes between states. The House of Representatives was supposed to be an amateur body filled with citizen legislators who would sit for a time and then return to a real job. (Once in Washington I suggested in a caucus that we should not adopt term limits, but instead abolish all pensions and annuities for service in the House. Ha! A lead balloon had a much better chance of rising than that proposal. Everyone in the room except me looked like he had bitten into a lemon doused in ammonia.)  The Senate was supposed to be the home of professional legislators who would make a career of it – and the senators would be chosen by the state legislatures to represent their states. That was changed in 1912 to make things “more democratic” and, thus, more volatile. And the slow process of empowering factions while removing the brakes from factionalism began. It chugged along, eating away at the concept of a republic until the great depression and Franklin Roosevelt.

I have mixed emotions about Roosevelt. There is no doubt that, in the first years after his election, he reignited hope for the future in Americans. His actual domestic policies extended the depression for a good 10 years longer than it should have been. He filled people with confidence, but did not have a clue what he was doing economically. But when the winds of war swept through Europe, Roosevelt conceived of the lend-lease program to keep England afloat at a time when Winston Churchill was the only firewall against Hitler and tyranny Europe had. For his many flaws, Roosevelt struck the one truly vital inspiration that was critical to keeping liberty alive in the world. In many ways, Roosevelt and Richard Nixon are mirror images of each other – incompetent domestic leaders who were brilliant geo-political actors. The major difference, of course, is that the press loved Roosevelt and hated Nixon.

Roosevelt dramatically enhanced the notion that all salvation comes from the federal government. Though he did warn, after establishing welfare in 1935, that it must be a stopgap to get through a crisis, not permanent lest it create a permanent dependence that sapped American vitality. His acolytes were not eager to hear that, as they saw that the dependent classes always voted for the people they depended on. It was a great way to centralize power. Interestingly, at the turn of the last century, some members of the English Parliament argued that any citizen who received welfare should have their right to vote suspended until they got off the dole. They reasoned that otherwise, it would be very tempting for a faction to create a permanent class of dependents to harvest their votes. Certainly, this was a milestone in the transformation of America consisting of a free and independent people and, instead, being subjects of a benign national government.

With Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” the transformation to dependency was nearly complete. Then began the initially slow transformation of American citizens into subjects of their “betters” in Washington – a transformation largely completed by Barack Obama’s, “I have a pen and a phone” style of renewed imperial executive power. Donald Trump was backlash to that, but the left came unmoored from any semblance of respect for law, rights or citizens during his term. Now we are ruled by naked aspirants to full authoritarianism, with Democratic politicians (and far too many Republicans, as well) demanding that they set the terms for what people can and cannot do or think. The government demands it decide what is truth and what is not – and you can keep your mouth shut about it or lose your job and be cancelled. Astonishingly, the establishment media cheers the government on, imagining that they will be commissars in the new dictatorship. (They should read a little more history: useful idiots who have potential influence that help authoritarians rise to power are the first ones to be exterminated after the authoritarians seize power. It does amuse me that the media nags are likely to be taken to the firing squad before I am if their fevered dreams were to become reality. In a very real way, as I defend my liberty, I am defending their pathetic lives.)

It has always been the case that if Americanism and individual liberty are to be re-established, it must be the people (and individual states) which must reclaim it. We are there.

I have long maintained that all of this decadence and dystopia is being played out in a way in which God is giving us a chance to renew ourselves and the world in fealty to Him. Since making a serious interpretive error regarding divine rescue as an event rather than a process several years back, I have come to think hard about the various stages of that process. First the depth of the rot has to be revealed – which began in 2017 with the ongoing administrative coup attempt mounted by almost all departments of the federal government against Donald Trump. It picked up speed dramatically after the Revelation 12 sign in the sky on Sept. 23, 2017.  After that came a flood of revelations of serial sexual dystopia and predation among the ruling class. These revelations force people to choose where they will stand, the first step in forming the cultural battle lines. At first, a timid people desperately wanted a champion – first expecting Donald Trump to be their man on a white horse and now, expecting the Republican Congress that will be elected in November to be their men on a white horse. Not gonna happen. It is the people who must force, first Democrats, and then recalcitrant Republicans, to acknowledge that the people are sovereign, under God. If the battle lines are now well-defined, they are not yet fully formed. There are a host of conservative political leaders and orthodox Christian leaders who know what the good is, but prefer to hedge their bets by compromising with a system that is already crumbling before us.

Now comes what I believe to be the next stage in the renewal of the face and faith of the world. It is a stage where God directly, if opaquely, intervenes in human affairs. I think a lot of the rules have changed – and we will see the results of those changes very quickly. Now comes the time when one of the most dangerous things you can do is “play it safe.”

At the very best of times leaders and prominent people are led by a volatile mix of self-interest, ambition, patriotism and faith. I have often counseled officials and candidates who confided in me that their better natures are sometimes over-ridden by their ambitions that they should not spurn that ambition: it is a useful tool in inspiring action and in weathering the storms that inevitably come in a public life. The key is to never let the tool take command. Unfortunately, when God is wholly abandoned – or just given cynical lip service, all that remains is the quest for power. As the norms instilled by a moral and religious society are steadily eroded, the gambits in that quest for power grow strikingly more bold and immoral. In our increasingly pagan culture, lying, cheating, and stealing have not just gotten to be a more common means of getting ahead, they are publicly celebrated by increasingly ignorant and immoral partisans. I first noticed we had reached this stage with Bill Clinton. Many of his strongest advocates did not dispute that he was a serial prevaricator: they admired the skill with which he pulled it off. When large segments of the general public begin to admire vice more than virtue, collapse is on the horizon. Effectively, for far too long, our leaders have been governed by ambition and self-interest without the leaven of either faith or patriotism. That has filled them with an insatiable hunger for power to fill the hole that the abandonment of faith and patriotism has left in them. Alas, when you try to fill a spiritual vacuum with things, the vacuum only grows in strength and intensity. The search for meaning in life becomes a naked quest for dominance over your fellows – and every success in that endeavor leaves you more bereft of meaning, feeding the irrational hunger rather than the soul.

If I am right, the manipulations, the betrayals, the efforts to play both sides against each other, the efforts to shrink cowardly from the field while calling it diplomacy are rapidly going to start blowing up in the faces of the immoral and amoral practitioners who have used such techniques to advance. I think God is about to increasingly force people to live what they preach. In one way, in what can be either a blessing or a curse depending on your internal disposition, I think He is about to cause people to merit exactly what they sincerely wish or do for others back onto themselves. It is not going to be pretty. For a time, the schemers and manipulators will be utterly baffled as everything that has always worked for them is now become the cause of their undoing. Now the dictum of Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope will no longer just be sound spiritual advice – but the only practical advice that allows you to thrive. At CORAC, we are a society founded on faith, family and freedom. It will get very ugly for a time, but be not afraid. This is our time to thrive.


First principles are a big part of how I think. These are those fundamental principles by which a person can ground their analyses consistently. One of the most important of these is that truth will stand the test of examination. Anyone who tries to shut others down rather than undergo that test is immediately dismissed by me as, at best, ignorant and unreliable and, at worst, a lying schemer. Obviously, in modern culture, there are precious few voices I pay attention to.

For millennia, governments and institutions sought to be the arbiter of what is truth and what is misinformation. The original Americans had a better idea: let every opinion contest openly for predominance and the people would, generally figure it out. It worked beautifully for a good long time. But now the left wants to go back to the bad old days where, instead of persuading people in the marketplace of ideas, they attempt to silence any dissent from their (usually ignorant) decrees. All of you know what contempt I have for that, but I doubt any of you know what smoking contempt and revulsion I truly have for it and all of cancel culture.


As irritated as I get at all the political and media lightweights playing at enlightenment, I find myself feeling a bit sorry for them from time to time these days. For decades they have been pretending to intellectual superiority with repulsive smugness. Now, for a year and half, they have gotten their way almost in toto – and everything is falling apart. As I said recently, leftists do not think intelligence and acuity is the result of hard work, long study and careful analysis. They think it is an intrinsic quality of their make-up, like their hair or eye color. They have been calling all who dispute them rubes for so long that it must be utterly terrifying to them to see the disastrous results of their policies in action. I wonder how many, alone at night, wonder with horror if, perhaps, they have been the rubes all along. What a revolting development for them. But if some few get off their high horse, they may actually be able to have a life of meaning. A hard lesson in the wages of hubris.


I have come to think I am, sometimes being shadow-banned on Facebook and Twitter. My podcast interview with David Daleiden has been getting about a tenth of the engagement I usually get on those sites. It has been normal on Gab, but Gab is where I normally get the least engagement. I am going to put it up again on both those sites next week, but tout it as “The future of Abortion” instead of mentioning David by name.


The venue for my talk in the San Francisco area next Thursday has been changed. It will be at the Chez Nous Café, 2159 Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City, CA 94061. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Come on out and let’s celebrate that the times are beginning to change.

Palisades Park in Santa Monica is a thriving spot for ground squirrels. We shared the grounds with them – from the Santa Monica Observer

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102 thoughts on “The Rules are Changing

  1. Brilliant, Charlie! Here is another piece which demands rereading for contemplating. So precise and erudite with the accuracy of what some have done in the name of power and control and others have allowed in total ignorance and lack of observation. Thank you for laying out the sad history concerning the deterioration of what was beautifully established in America. Thus, indeed, the rules are changing. And whew boy! to this Babylon with its foundation built of lies so that: “When large segments of the general public begin to admire vice more than virtue, collapse is on the horizon.”

    How I welcome what you think is about to unfold, even as it compels me to spend time asking God anew to illuminate any areas of duplicity, arrogance and pretentiousness in my own life: “I think God is about to increasingly force people to live what they preach. In one way, in what can be either a blessing or a curse depending on your internal disposition, I think He is about to cause people to merit exactly what they sincerely wish or do for others back onto themselves. It is not going to be pretty.”

    The only way out of this is through it… Onward!

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  2. Charlie, you really think the time is now? Out here on Granny’s Farm and in my very small surrounding communities, I mostly still see only good. Of course, the Big Blue Bus now has a security fellow watching, and our brick and mortar CPC had protesters, but actually, they were indeed peaceful. We also carry at church and are getting security folks and cameras at our churches.

    Mostly we are ALL praying for rain. It is so dry that this takes precedent over national news.

    PP had THREE cars in the “client” lot this Tuesday. Isn’t it amazing that for an organization “that does so much good and after all abortion is only three percent of our business” once abortion is more limited, all other business also disappears? Where were those women who would be “without any health care options if PP were shut down?” Interesting…

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  3. Hi, Charlie… great post, as usual. Just fyi, I can never find your posts on Twitter. I only remember-joined when the possibility of Elon Musk taking over was real. Now I will most likely leave again. But just as an fyi… I can never find your posts there… 🤨🤷‍♀️

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  4. Charlie, keep telling the ‘King’ he has no clothes. Eventually, the people will see what you see. Those in current power at all levels of Government are solely underestimating the American people. May the Lord have mercy.

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  5. Thank-you, Charlie. This is a lot to take in. I will need to read it again.
    I am so not prepared for trials ~ Lord be my strength! I will strive daily to take the next right step with my eye on the goal.
    Always ongoing prayers for us all, katey in OR 🙏🏽

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    1. MYOWNBACKYARD, no one is prepared for the trials. And, if you think you are, then you have deluded yourself. God will surprise all of us.

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  6. God bless you, Charlie, for your perseverance. I have to tell you, I had a hard conversation with my daughter after she learned that some former (8th grade) classmates were slamming the Church’s stance on transgenders and defending “charity” towards those who identified differently than their actual sex. She was so upset and I told her that the bottom line right now for us was “to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope for others!” As I said those words of yours, Charlie, I was so empowered! (I honestly don’t know how my daughter felt, but, man! I felt like the future was doable!)

    So, thank you!! And carry on!

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  7. This was very intersting, Charlie, thank you.

    I don’t know if it is everywhere or just in Australia, but the “freedom movement” here has a very nasty anti-Catholic bias, based on horrible lies about the Church. I find that quite dispiriting.

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    1. Australia has had a sorrowfully long history of anti-Catholic bigotry. It will ultimately be overcome. You may rest assured that in America, prominent orthodox Catholics are numbered among the leaders of the freedom movement.

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        1. We will soon see how the overturning of Rowe v Wade plays out in Kansas. We are voting on a procedure to strip the right to abortion from the state constitution. In the rural areas I see nothing but support for the removal of this “right” from the constitution. However, on a recent trip into Kansas City I saw many signs supporting abortion as well as about an equal amount opposing it. So I guess that gave me hope because if we can split the metro areas then the rural areas have a chance to carry the day. So with a trust in God, and an opportunity to do the next right thing, perhaps the state of Kansas can be a sign of hope for other states that will be voting on this issue.
          Please pray that Kansans will do the right thing on August 2nd

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            1. The Kansas vote takes place on the Franciscan feast of Our Lady of the Angels: praying for her intercession for the state of Kansas and every soul within it that Kansas becomes a sanctuary state for the unborn. May it be so.

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  8. Charlie, Your wise perspective is deeply appreciated as you illuminated the nature of our nation’s founding, its architecture of a limited central government bound by the Bill of Rights, and how the role of the federal government has been twisted, especially starting with Wilson. The true motivation of too many of our politicians, Left and Right, Biden, Pelosi, and the Squad on one side, but McCarthy and McConnell passively going along, are simply personal aggrandizement, power and money made in side deals while in office, and then lobbying afterwards. Such self-centered behavior explains why our political leaders (Trump significantly excluded) nurture the permanent bureaucrats running the agencies, instead of holding them accountable for waste and fraud on the public.

    The quotations from Paine and Franklin are precious. I have saved this brilliant analysis in my Constitutional readings file. Would that this essay be posted prominently in such outlets as the WSJ and the NYT (ugly as it has become).

    There is one point you made that merits special attention, and that is how our individual lives owning free will and society at large are managed by God–not so much by creating crystalizing events, but by generating a learning and development process that educates and nurtures our souls. Afterall, why are we sent into material life with all of its stresses and hardships, with the hurts from diseases and from the deaths of those we love, when Heaven is our eternal, blissful home? Life is meant to be lived, and best so with gusto. A life without earnest striving to overcome both personal and societal problems is a wasted life. Life must be spent kindly helping all we may benefit, for otherwise such a life is wasted. So yes Charlie, we need to resist the easy way of going along with our increasingly oppressive authoritarian federal and state governments (such as demonstrated by Brandon with his executive orders, his latest on avoiding the Roe v Wade rejection by the Supreme Court). We ought to be engaging our friends, and opponents (who are only temporarily opponents in this material life) to work for a better society and government.

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    1. Unfortunately, the WSJ, (circ. approx 2.8m), prefers exclusives:
      They butter the bread on both sides; after the E. Warren smear, Chris Bell, founder of homes for unwed mothers had a great article:
      Furthermore, they printed Live Action’s Lila Rose’ letter to the editor

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    We be descending into TOTAL lawlessness & Polarization! ;-(
    THEY, of course, will unleash THEIR National Civilian Security Force to deal with problems that THEY created. It’s always how Tyrants gain TOTAL Control …. unless, with God’s Help, Good-Guys Rise Up!!
    … THEY are after your Children!!

    Lenin’s Show Trials and the January 6 Committee–NEWT GINGRICH


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  10. PS:
    As I was walking Furry Child, Sheba this morn, I was thinking about the continued harassment of Supreme Court (Conservative) Justices, the continued internment/harassment of 6 Jan (Conservative) Citizens and The Democrat Party created Economic, Social , Military and Medical Chaos National/Worldwide!

    The refusal of Swamp DC Bureaucrats and Democrat or spineless RINO State authorities to enforce the law and protect the Justices (allow 6 Jan Citizens their right of speedy justice) is a BIG Inflective Point in Our USA History methinks!

    In the big multi-engine Flying Business there is something called Decision (V1) Speed.
    That speed is the point where one can either abort the takeoff or takeoff with an engine loss within the available runway length.

    The USA Democrats and THEIR International godless Re-Set Elite Masters are past V1 Speed and THEY know it! THEY know it is too late for THEM to abort THEIR Agenda so THEY must continue at ALL costs!

    Too late to say that THEY were mistaken and let’s all play nice.
    THEY know that evidence of Gross Malfeasance and resistance to same is mounting! THEY know that THEIR necks are in the noose unless THEIR AGENDA prevails and the Peasants submit!

    If Democrat Blantifa/Union Rent-a-Mobs can assault Supreme Court Justices, fire bomb Churches/Pro-life Clinics with impunity and Soros’ DAs can loose violent criminals whilst jailing Producer Class citizens for defending themselves or protesting, ……. as I may have said back in my BUF Days. The USA is past The 70kt Hack!

    Submit or Fight ….. Be Prepared!!


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  11. ‘I wonder how many, alone at night, wonder with horror if, perhaps, they have been the rubes all along.” (CJ).
    Fewer than we think…..
    As Scripture tells us once they leave His grace and slip into darkness, they can’t understand or see their errors anymore.
    Only supernatural grace will cut this darkness so we hope and pray the internal chaos they are living leads them back into the light.

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  12. Really great post Charlie!!! Can’t wait to hear your talk with DD!!! Going to try again today! Thank you and thank you David and thank you, Mya!

    My best church buddy Char sent me this link yesterday. It’s 17 minutes long but I thought it very interesting and very plausible. There are a few things I remember Charlie saying that leads me to believe this that is described in the video, may be in the works?!?!

    But who knows!

    I guess it’s best we’re all ready for everything first acknowledging God, taking the next right step and trying to be a sign of hope. Boy have I personally messed that message up here lately 😩

    Oh well, keep getting back up again, even when ya fail, right Charlie?

    God is pruning and preparing us all!

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    1. Very interesting, Linda, to hear this explanation. I heard about Father’s vision when it happened, but this puts it in a whole new light. Thanks for sharing, and we’ll just discern and see if it happens this way. We certainly had the first blackout of the Eucharist! Come Jesus and Mama!

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      1. Hi Annie W! Yes it seems reasonable to me that it could happen again especially since the elections are coming soon but I guess we will all find out together😂. So far, I’ve been extraordinarily surprised by each new event!!! Didn’t see any of them coming. I think Charlie said once or twice it’s best we don’t know so we don’t formulate our silly little plans😂 but instead rely on God to help get us through by our daily acknowledgment of Him, taking the next right step, etc…😂

        But I did find Fr Blounts vision very interesting.

        Time will tell! Ha!

        Have a great day Annie W!!! I treasure you very much! God bless! Everyone ok where you are?

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        1. What a sweet thing to say, Linda; I treasure you also. We’re hanging in there, one day at a time! I have my second hip replacement surgery in a couple of weeks. Praying that my St. Philomena oil gives me another miracle of being pain free! Love you all!

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          1. Annie, would you mind sharing where you obtained your St. Philomena oil? I found the one in Italy, but wondering if any US shrines are legit.

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            1. Maggie, I ordered it from The Living Rosary a long time ago; I have a couple cause I kept Mom’s after she passed away. They last a while. I’ll look for the address if I can find some old material, but come to think of it, I found them online not too long ago.


  13. A lot to process here, but I get:

    “His acolytes were not eager to hear that, as they saw that the dependent classes always voted for the people they depended on. It was a great way to centralize power. Interestingly, at the turn of the last century, some members of the English Parliament argued that any citizen who received welfare should have their right to vote suspended until they got off the dole. They reasoned that otherwise, it would be very tempting for a faction to create a permanent class of dependents to harvest their votes.”

    A culture of death dictatorship was forged from the sexual deviants and abortionists of society (who viewed family & children as oppressive & undesirable.)

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  14. I think the “according to his disposition” part is where it gets sticky. I kinda gave a snort of laughter at that part because, well, I think there’s a lot of subtext in those four words. I know I’m going to be carefully watching my own internal disposition, because being hoist on my own petard is not a fun exercise.

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  15. Charlie, I have just found out that a friend of mine in Massachusetts has been having a lot of cardiovascular issues in the past few months and now is in hospital to get a new valve put into his heart. Everything tells me that he is suffering from having taken at least two vaxxx jabs, possibly more. (Not someone you know but a Winter People member of that community, solid, kind, generous.)

    I decided to pray a Brazen Serpent prayer for him but found as I went through it that I was saying “I” a lot, because that is how the prayer is written. I restarted the prayer, this time substituting his name or “he” for all the “I”s. I don’t know if that is kosher to do, but it felt much more satisfying to direct the prayer on his behalf and not to me. I’m not sure who else may have done the same thing, but if it’s kosher and you haven’t pointed that out to anyone yet, perhaps it’s time. We all have family and friends we may need to use it for and saying “I” just doesn’t feel quite right to me. Perhaps others feel the same way.

    On another point, though, in this article you say manipulators and other “players” may/will have their ignorance or duplicity mirrored back at them or backfiring on them. I can understand that. However, when I think about those like my friend above and this comment you are aiming at malefactors, it occurred to me to wonder if it also applies to essentially good people, even God-oriented and kind people like my friend. Or me. Or you. Presumably it does apply to us all, but perhaps it plays out differently for essentially good people than for malefactors.

    I believe the primary reason my friend is in hospital is because he failed to do his homework on the vaxxxes and took them without thinking about it. (Again, I am assuming he is vaxxxed based on his symptoms, so I’m using him as an example and not as him personally.) Presuming we are all subject to this new way of learning lessons, does that mean people like my friend might be suffering in this way because he did not take the Next Right Step somehow? Failed to think something through clearly when that was possible and even required of him to protect his family?

    It’s hard for me to consider the idea that those who allow themselves to be caught out by the malefactors are suffering because they didn’t do their homework and avoid the traps set by those malefactors. Yet if The People in general don’t do their homework and choose appropriately, presumably they need to have a lesson of their own.

    Am I onto something here, or is this new way you are discussing going to apply only to those wishing to do harm?

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    1. Steve, some thoughts came to me: Charlie has said that even if we take the next “wrong” step but do so in good faith–belueving that it was a right step–God honors that and will work “all things for good” even though we may have to live with the consequences of that wrong step. I know that my mom took the shots believing it was the right thing. That she ended up dying from cancer, while not good, was a peaceful way for her to go (she was 85 and grieving for my dad). We received graces with caring for her and being with her when she died. A blessing surely.

      Also, we “reap what we sow” and those who are showing evil will reap it. Your friend did not show with evil intent and God knows this. He will suffer the consequences of his decision, but I believe God will give him graces to get through it. 😔 My thoughts anyway…

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      1. JS13, I think you’ve made some good and reassuring points. Thank you. It relieves me to think that my friend will be helped with graces, no matter what occurs.

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        1. Steve and J13, let’s focus on this insight from Charlie:
          ” Charlie has said that even if we take the next “wrong” step but do so in good faith–believing that it was a right step–God honors that and will work “all things for good” even though we may have to live with the consequences of that wrong step.”

          Thus we may reason:
          1. we may have to live with the consequences of that wrong step here in our mortal life;
          2. our life here on Earth by design includes experiences generated by our decisions, right and wrong, and even seemingly by accidents;
          3. where and when we receive the felt good in which God honors a life well spent is after we pass to Heaven.

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          1. I will add, Jack, that I have experienced God turning a consequence of my own making on its head and, actually, draw great good from it.

            “And he that sat on the throne, said: Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me: Write, for these words are most faithful and true.” (Rev 21:5)

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    2. TY for asking these well crafted questions. The same ones cross my mind, but I have a tougher time putting them into clear language.

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    3. Steve, I, too, pray the prayer for others by changing the pronouns *and* by using the person’s name initially. I believe God knows our intentions and desires for those whom we pray.

      For what it’s worth – and I love that you have asked for clarification about the prayer while I look forward to Charlie’s reply to you – I think that continuing to act via premeditated choices and choices made that reflect doubling down on evil ways rather than making the corrections which God is nudging and/or clearly signaling us to do – are much different that intending to do the morally good things, but falling short because of temporary weakness such as intense emotions or omitting doing good because of being, say, overly tired or failing to honor due diligence in decision-making. Your friend sounds like he lacked the due diligence bit. In my understanding, this would be a case where the person simply turns to the Lord, expresses the regret in negligence to self-care (For practicing Catholics, confession is the means of expressing sorrow and regret to the Lord) and gets right back on track to begin again.

      Premeditating and doubling down indicate that we’ve given our will over to the evil one and his evil ways. These are the ones, I think, who will suffer most as they live in a chosen state of willing and then choosing malice towards their fellows.

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      1. I have prayed the Brazen Serpent Prayer for our friend Desmond Birch. For those who don’t know, Dez was hospitalized this week and then released. In his own words on FB, 18 hours ago: They released me from the hospital on condition that I don’t physically exert myself in any way – till they replace one of my heart valves – which they described as in a physical condition of “severe stenosis”. Additionally, my COPD went through a “serious flare”. I am ordered to reenter the pulmonary rehab I took after my “triple bypass” open heart surgery 6 years ago.

        Please join those of us – the many – who are already praying for Desmond.

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        1. Oh, no. I hadn’t heard that at all. Yes, I’ll pray the prayer and the Miraculous Trust and whatever else I can for him.

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      2. Beckita, I think your clarification is a good way to look at it, as that is a definite difference that distinguishes people. Yet I would also presume that what Charlie is describing implies that those who are on the good side of your distinguishing decision also have lessons to learn. I’m wondering if Charlie will expand on that idea or say I am incorrect in making that assumption. We’ll see.

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    4. The new way, of course, applies to those who wish to do harm or want to stay neutral between what they know to be good and evil. A lot of people who took the shots were doing what they thought was best. If they were capable of doing some serious research they bear some culpability, but not a lot. Most chose to trust people and institutions that, up until maybe a decade ago, they had always been able to trust. Unless they choose to make common cause with evil after they know it to be evil, they will ultimately be fine. (I speak here of the state of their souls. I have no guarantees about the body, even in the best of circumstances).

      Using the Brazen Serpent Prayer for others in the way you have done is an excellent act of charity that will bear much fruit over time. All will be well in God’s own time.

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      1. OK, that’s a helpful distinction and relieves my mind. Thank you, Charlie. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look as if I will be saying the BSP a *lot* over the next couple years, sad to say. However, if it works for many, it will ultimately be positive for waking people up.

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      2. Besides changing pronouns, hope it’s ok to substitute a less intense adverb, ‘lovingly’, in place of ‘firmly’ in this sentence: “When I err, Lord, show me Your mercy by firmly correcting me “. Personally it evokes less bristling after a strict upbringing; and lovingly can encompass both firmly or gently dependent on each individual situation.

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    5. Steve,
      We all share in the “life, death and resurrection” of Christ.
      What does this mean?
      When Jesus chose to become man, He chose to enter the world in the same “fallen” condition we are in. Though sinless, He entered with “consequences” of sin in the world and suffered these consequence just like we do. Those of us that “do good” don’t necessarily avoid suffering but Scripture tells us we do avoid dangers and unnecessary suffering because of the avoidance of sin in our lives.
      As the body of Christ, we share in the joys and sufferings and even the sinful consequences (butterfly effect) of others.
      When a head of state passes a law that negatively effects the whole world, we feel that effect directly. But when a person receives Holy Communion, that spiritually effects everyone on earth and in heaven too!
      So there are multiple things effecting our lives and not just those we do directly to ourselves. The Bible says we can curse or bless our families for multiple generations by our actions and obviously we can suffer negatively or bless ourselves here and now too. Not to seem presumptuous but I have been bitten several times by venomous snakes, including a most deadly coral snake, and had no reaction from the bites at all. Was this divine intervention? Did my life of prayer and good works shield me from a worse outcome?
      According to the Bible, yes.
      Some might say I was lucky but Christians do not believe in “luck” – “I have counted every hair on your head”(Luke 12:7).
      (Mark 16:18): “they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all.”
      The enemy desires to “sift us like wheat” and he will do so any way he can. Jesus refutiated his temptations in the desert with simple biblical quotes so he left him for “another time”. He will never stop tempting us either but gratefully Jesus will never stops loving us!

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      1. Thank you for these thoughts, Philip. I’m glad to hear you have had no reaction to snakes – I didn’t know that was possible. 🙂

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    6. Steve, I have had some of those thoughts also, and what I do with the first sentence is to say “…purify all that my family and I consume in any way…. instead of just saying “that I consume”….
      We’ll see what Charlie thinks of this! 🙂

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      1. Annie W, I like that a lot for my periodic general BSP. I think for a specific person I would use their name directly. Thanks! 🙂

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    THEY can’t handle The Truth or Christian Resistance!

    How mny Catholics are ready?

    Let’s face it, Gang
    One can discuss the finer points of this or that but the truth is: Vatican II was Hijacked by Pervert Marxist Radicals… Period!! …… and many of these Marxist Perverts still hold Power Positions Worldwide ….. and we Pew Peons sat and watched it happen ;-(
    Likewise the same sort has taken control in Our USA and former Christendom and we Citizens watched that too ;-( …. How’s it working out for Ya? …Eh!!??

    Is it too late for Holy Terror Laity?

    I DO NOT agree with George on this!
    I believe that we are SOON going to see the folly of the USA frittering our assets away on Ukraine while areas that are much more vital to US are neglected!!
    The Russians have alwaysbeen SOBs and are just one Cog in the entire European Corruption Machine! Let the EU sort it out themselves for a change!!
    Oh! I’m fully aware that lots of corruption be going on around here too!! ;-(



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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    The Divine Plan of Jesus King of All Nations for Wisconsin, USA, and All Nations

    Same, Same USA. We have Fed/State Gubermints infested with The Ignorant of History, Economics, Farming, Human Nature, ……. and God ;-(
    “Woe to you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own conceits.”

    SIGNS ;-(

    A $Trillion Here a $Trillion There & soon you’re talkin’ Fiscal Collapse ;-(


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  18. I read that Biden wants to declare a National Healthcare Emergency to reinstate total access to abortion in all states. His administration is looking into whether he has the power or not. ( Of course, he does not have the power. ) It could be all political blathering for some of his base, but he is encouraging protest. He says that it is critical. I think this would be an impeachable offense, In addition, he is openly encouraging protests and those may be deadly. (I think this is a second impeachable offense, though the votes are not there to succeed in removing him….maybe after the vote in November) The issue has been decided in the Supreme Court. The only recourse for pro-abortion people is in the legislative branch and they do not have the votes……This country must severely limit executive orders!

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    1. Yes, Judith. And many a democrat is pushing for protests. Equally damning is this news:
      “A California doctor is proposing a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico as a way to maintain access for people in southern states where abortion bans have been enacted. The idea is to provide a clinic aboard a ship in federal waters, and out of reach of state laws, that would offer first trimester surgical abortions, contraception and other care, said Dr. Meg Autry, an obstetrician and gynecologist and a professor at the University of California San Francisco.”

      God’s grace has been and continues to be sufficient – and I would say incredibly abundant in these times – to call each and every one of His children back to Him. Charlie writes above:
      “I think God is about to increasingly force people to live what they preach. In one way, in what can be either a blessing or a curse depending on your internal disposition, I think He is about to cause people to merit exactly what they sincerely wish or do for others back onto themselves. It is not going to be pretty.”

      Indeed, each and every one must choose or perish.

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      1. Well, Beckita, I guess abortion has been around forever and there are those who will always find a way. However, I do not want want my tax dollars to pay for it. And I do not want tax dollars sent to other nations in support of it. Of course, Charlie is quite correct in what he says.

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    1. Maggie, I cannot verify that this news is accurate. I searched the WHO site for this information and it comes up blank. I looked for background info on the site to which the link takes us and cannot find any background info whatsoever. I’m thinking this is fake news because I do see this same news story showing up in online venues which look dubious for being reputable in their reporting services.

      At the WHO site, the latest piece on vaccines indicates that they are promoting the jab as a good thing. An excerpt: “The primary goals of COVID-19 vaccination using currently licensed vaccines continue to be to reduce hospitalization, severe disease and death, and to protect health systems. The use of currently licensed vaccines based on the index virus (i.e. the virus that was identified from the first cases of COVID-19 in December 2019) confers high levels of protection against severe disease outcomes for all variants, including Omicron with a booster dose.”

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      1. Yikes, I found it hard to believe, but failed to verify it. I shall try to be more wary of outlandish headlines. Thank you though for putting a spotlight on the veracity or lack of. If you can just delete the whole post, please do.

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        1. Just seeing this, Maggie. No worries. You make so many great contributions here and I’ve surely missed the mark before, so may this be a moment for all of us to remember to do our vetting.

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      2. This paper does not give a percentage of risk between natural infections or those from the vaccine but it has solid evidence of vaccine risks and the damage it DOES cause.

        “The biological response to mRNA vaccination as it is currently employed is demonstrably not like natural infection. In this paper we will illustrate those differences, and we will describe the immunological and pathological processes we expect are being initiated by mRNA vaccination. We will connect these underlying physiological effects with both realized and yet-to-be-observed morbidities. We anticipate that implementation of booster vaccinations on a wide scale will make all of these problems only more acute, and it will serve to further erode antiviral immune competence and innate cancer surveillance and protection for the global population subjected to these repeated boosters.”

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉
    Oh! Will Sen Lieawatha be charged with incitement!???


    The West is corrupt & Big Tech & China “Own” most of it ;-(

    OUR War Reserve Gear!

    Why NOW!? … Wag de Dog Distractions be coming …. Be Vigilant! Be Prepared!

    ChiTown Dog?


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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Dr. Ray Guarendi: How to master your anger and frustration…

    The REAL # is probably 20%! Gubermint #s always be distorted to cover the Party in Power!

    THEY will “Pull out ALL the Stops” to Lie, Cheat, Steal and WORSE from now to November and waaaaay beyond ;-(


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  21. I received my Brazen Serpent prayer cards and am a bit confused about the prayer of Miraculous Trust, even after reading Charlie’s post on this.
    I am the only Catholic in my family and my purpose here on earth is to pray and sacrifice for their conversions. So, do I pray the MT prayer for each of them, and then let it go, or say the prayer and continue to pray for the specific intention of their conversion (as opposed to their everyday needs and protection)?
    I understand that the “work” part of the MT is the trusting, not just praying the prayer.
    Any thoughts?

    A fine job, as always, by FoG and I loved the CORAC emblem on the back, as well.

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    1. Sometimes, I continue to pray for intentions which I have enfolded in the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. When I do, I’m simply soaking these intentions in prayer without wavering in trusting the Lord. This is similar to having made a Consecration to Jesus through Mary. During the consecration prep, there are reflections to read based on entering a life commitment of releasing all of our prayers to Blessed Mother so she can distribute them to whomever she chooses. Even having made that commitment, we can still offer prayers for those people and situations for which we await God’s intervention. I have prayed for the conversion of family members with the PMT and continue to pray for them as needs arise.

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    2. You say the Prayer of Miraculous Trust once for a particular intention. That does NOT mean you cannot say any other prayers on the same subject. In fact, your other prayers may be part of God’s dispensation on how He will respond to your intention. But also keep in mind that while prayer will flood the zone with graces, it cannot be used to bind anyone else’s free will. God can give someone all the graces in the universe, but unless they choose to take advantage of them, they will not convert.

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    1. I did see it, Judith. While I think a nuclear attack is very possible in the current world atmosphere, I think the leaders in NYC are into fear mongering with this move.

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      1. I actually do not know what to think about this preparedness advertisement. I think that there is a lot of fear mongering. However, I find it an extremely strange move on the part of NYC.


  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Green Bay Diocese is a Big Target now ;-( Up the Resistance!!

    YEP! Live Life! Be Smart and keep your Radar Up! ….. and don’t discount that 6th Sense!

    Why can’t our wunnerfull Feral Gubermint DOJ/FBI/FCC do something about the Criminal Scammers that assail US/me multiple times daily!/
    Yeah! Right!! …. White Supremacists & Pro-LIfers are …………….
    … DOJ/BabyKiller, INC. ……. I hope I’m not alone here in spending much of my Prayer Effort asking The Father for Great and Kinetic Intervention

    The Biden Crime Family have become a MAJOR problem for the Democrat Party and International Global Left ….. and for OUR National Security/Safety!!
    Evil Forces will take advantage … Sooner than Later methinks!

    Reichsführer-WEF Schwab (& his Media/Political/BigTech Confederates) wants YOUR Internet to operate by THEIR rules and standards!


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    1. Thank you for the link for Heaven Sent a Hug. It was a wonderful story and a nice surprise that the author was the first priest to be ordained form our 20 year old parish. His parents are still parishioners.

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  23. Lady of all nations, humanity has been entrusted to you.
    Christ wanting to be our brother gave you to us as our mother.
    Before you we place our prayers, our anguish and sorrow, our hope and joy.
    Grant us the grace of soul and body which you are permitted to give to us all, no matter who or what we are. Hear our prayers and and be our Advocated. Amen


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    Feast of the Brown Scapular and The Sabbatine Privilege
    A magnificent assurance of Salvation is Our Lady’s Brown Scapular. One of the great mysteries of our time is that the great majority of Catholics either ignore or have forgotten the Blessed Virgin Mary’s promise: “Take this Scapular, it shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and a pledge of peace. Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire.” She further says: “Wear it devoutly and perseveringly. It is my garment. To be clothed in it means you are continually thinking of me, and I in turn, am always thinking of you and helping you to secure eternal life.”

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  25. In 2021 in the state of Minnesota, five babies born alive during failed abortion procedure were left to die. Official source: Minnesota Health Department

    Click to access 2021abrpt.pdf

    (see page 30)

    “No measures taken to preserve life were reported”.


  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Are they here or are they there?
    The LeftWingers are looking everywhere!
    Are they in Heaven or are they in Hell?
    Those damned elusive RightWing Terrorists!

    In an Age of Universal Deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act!
    The truth is the LeftWingers, whatever name/mantra/flag THEY operate under, are failing everywhere!
    So!! THEY, like every other failed Tyranny Types in history, must invent BoogerMen to blame ….. Like:
    Right Wing Terrorists, Gun Owners, Pro-Life Christians, Cops, PureBlood Jab Refusers, White Supremacists, Coal/Oil Lovers, Middle Class Producers and/or anyone who cherishes The Constitution/Bill of Rights.
    THEY are frantic, desperate and Dangerous!!! …. BE PREPARED!!


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    1. Crewdog, I’ve seen reports of the Chinese buying farmland in North Dakota and Texas near Air Force bases (Grand Forks AFB and Laughlin AFB). Maybe I missed one of your posts, but is this true? I believe you’d know being it’s near Air Force bases. Thanks and God bless you.

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      1. I see this is old news, but saw it brought up on Twitter by someone who has over a million followers, so maybe he’s just educating those who haven’t read or heard about it?

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      2. What I’m more worried about, AM14, is the near total infiltration of China into our USA Universities, Gubermint Agencies, Industry and 40 years of US outsourcing EVERYTHING!
        China has sold US the rope we are hanging ourselves with ;-(

        God Save All Here!!

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  27. More holiness from Jesus to Luisa
    …””My beloved, …
    know that each soul, during the whole course of her life, is obliged to love Me constantly, with no interval; and if she does not love Me always, she leaves as many voids in her soul for as many days, hours or minutes in which she has neglected to love Me. But no one will be able to enter Heaven if he has not filled these voids; and one will only be able to fill them by loving Me twice as much for the rest of his life; and if he does not arrive at doing this, he will fill them by dint of fire in Purgatory. Now, when you are deprived of Me, the privation of the beloved makes love double, and by this, you come to fill the voids that there are present in your soul.”
    After this, I said to Him: ‘My sweet Good, let me come with You to Heaven, and if You do not want it
    forever, at least for a little while. O please, I pray You, make me content!’ And He told me: “Don’t you know that in order to enter that blessed dwelling the soul must be completely transformed in Me, in such a way that she must appear as another Christ? Otherwise, what impression would you make in the midst of the other Blessed? You yourself would be ashamed of being with them.” And I: ‘It is true that I am very dissimilar to You, but if You want You can render me similar.’ So, to content me, He enclosed me completely within Himself, in such a way that I could no longer see myself, but Jesus Christ; and in this way we rose toward Heaven. As we reached a certain point, we found ourselves before an indescribable light. Before that light one experienced new life, unusual joy, never before felt. How happy I felt! Even more, it seemed to me that I was in the fullness of all happinesses. Now, as we advanced before that light, I felt such concern; I would have liked to praise Him, to thank Him, but not knowing what to say, I recited three Glory Be’s, and Jesus responded along.
    But as soon as I finished, like a flash I found myself in the miserable prison of my body. Ah, Lord, how come – so little has my happiness lasted?”…
    Volume 4 July 16, 1901

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  28. Happy Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast day!
    Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, blessed mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin: assist me in my necessity. O star of the sea, help me and show me, here you are my mother. Oh, holy Mary, mother of God, queen of heaven and earth: I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in this necessity (state the request). There are none that can withstand your power. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Holy mother, I place this cause in your hands. Amen

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Up the Resistance!!

    The DC Clown Show, AKA: BO’s 3rd Term is Setting-Up the USA for a Big Fall.
    With China being the Big Winner ;-(

    NYT .. Aliens, Nuke Attack, ….. ALL part of the Chaff & Jamming Distraction Campaign!

    Time to paraphrase Sir John again: Perversion doth not prosper. What is the reason? If it doth, none dare call it perversion!
    … Matt 18-6
    “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    Sounds about right to me.


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