On Deadly Ground

By Charlie Johnston

I have come to believe that top Democratic officials are deliberately trying to provoke a violent response from some right-wing group…any right-wing group…with their heavy-handed oppressive tactics, tolerance of (encouragement of?) violence against the right, and attempts at censorship of any but the most wack-a-doodle speech. Attempt to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice and both Democratic officials and the media insist there is nothing to see here. Let a left-wing group start fire-bombing crisis pregnancy centers and Democrat officials and the media effectively say, “Suck it up, wingnuts!” Let a conservative protest in D.C. get rowdy and it’s off to the dungeons. The J6 political prisoners going in would have passed the Antifa and BLM rioters who looted and burned our cities throughout the summer of 2020 coming out – except that most of that viciously violent crowd never got arrested in the first place. Of the few who did, Kamala Harris, our fake vice-president, led the charge to bail them out. Meanwhile, our Attorney General Merrick Garland solemnly declares that “white supremacists” are our greatest national threat. If he were in charge of the beach at Amity Island, he would declare Angel Fish to be the greatest threat to swimmers because sharks and barracuda are marginalized fish and don’t count.

It takes a perversely special type of talent to make a disaster of everything you touch, but the crew which has usurped power in this country is succeeding brilliantly in that one metric. The thing that leftists, tyrants, serial killers and smug lowlifes all have in common is that they believe they are specially gifted – and that their mountain of failures is not due to any flaw in them, but because others do not understand them and are always undermining them. A normal person knows that success is predicated on careful planning, hard work, and steadfast execution of that good plan. As Thomas Edison said, genius is two percent inspiration and 98 percent perspiration. Leftists don’t think like that. They think they are brilliant because they say so…that it is a part of their identity like having blond hair and blue eyes. They all think they are Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius. When evidence abounds that they are smug losers it throws their whole worldview into a tizzy. They must either adjust course and get real – or scapegoat others for their failures to maintain the illusion of their own superiority. This is how we get fixed show trials like the J6 Committee. The losers are not really that vested in convincing you that it is all your fault: their desperate need is to convince themselves of it. You are just the collateral damage in sustaining their illusions.

We have had the most important year of my lifetime in having the Supreme Court issue rulings that consistently worked to bolster the principles of ordered, Constitutional liberty. Returning the decision on abortion to the individual states with the overturning of Roe v Wade was the most noted such re-assertion. The Court’s decision that the literal words in the 2nd Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” mean exactly what they say frustrated the authoritarian dreams of those who want to disarm the innocent while excusing the guilty. The Court further decided that the 1st Amendment phrase, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” does NOT mean that anyone caught praying in public by any petty bureaucrat can be fired and persecuted. Finally, it decided that the EPA and other unaccountable bureaucracies may NOT enact laws in the guise of regulations that people must obey under penalty of law. If laws are going to be enacted, they must be enacted by Congress. Each of these decisions reinforces existing Constitutional rights, tosses “rights” that do not exist in the Constitution back to the judgment of the people in their legislatures and re-establishes accountability to the people for all law-making authority.

A little over a year ago a good friend of mine told me he thought the judicial branch would become the firewall which would preserve American liberty. This came in the wake of the courts refusing to investigate any evidence of massive election fraud, so I was quite dubious of his optimistic hope. This term of the court suggests to me that the court is, at least, going to make the effort. I suspect the primary problem was that Chief Justice John Roberts wanted to avoid anything that was tough – and so was glad to jettison the Constitution to facilitate that timidity. This term Roberts has clearly become the cheese which stands alone: both sides regard him with, if not contempt, as an irrelevant appendage of the court. Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have assumed majority leadership of the court – and seem determined to exercise it to fortify actual Constitutional principles while kicking “penumbras” and other leftist wishful thinking to the curb.

The question is whether this ends up fortifying the foundation of ordered self-government or simply illuminating the stark and, perhaps, irreconcilable battle lines in American civic culture. Certainly, the executive branch and the current legislative majority are determined to snuff out any meaningful vestiges of popular accountability and sovereignty. The Biden Administration has implicitly declared war on the American people. Just a few mileposts in the war on ordered liberty…

  • Tucker Carlson has been the most prominent Cassandra, consistently revealing the sinister agenda of the first openly anti-American administration in American history.
  • Democrats do not want to honestly investigate massive election fraud in 2020 – and perhaps in 2018. Some idiot Republicans agree with them, claiming that to do so would be to “look backward” instead of looking forward. Imagine if a murderer’s defense was that to try him would be to “look backward” when we needed to look forward. Holding the fraudsters to account and enacting safeguards to genuinely fortify election integrity IS to look forward – and the only possible means of restoring public confidence in elections. That is the necessary foundation to make them, once again, dispositive.
  • The only things treated seriously as crime by the federal government any more are dissent from the left’s agenda, supporting Donald Trump, and being conservative or traditionally Christian. The idea of self-government is being supplanted by the demand for unquestioned rule by commissars and apparatchiks. America firmly rejected rule by actual experts at its founding. Rule by a class with increasingly cheap credentials (lacking any actual expertise) is an absurd leftist fantasy.
  • Leftists call any conservative victory as a violation of “norms,” while normalizing actual violence against dissenters from what is clearly an illegitimate regime. They have come up with the preposterous proposition that speech that disagrees with them is “actual violence” while actual violence that supports them is “free speech.”
  • The war on America and the world’s economy is intentional. Rolling electrical blackouts are coming to the country because our grid does not have enough capacity. The left’s answer is demand we add tens of millions of electric vehicles to a grid that is already over-stressed. They will not approve new energy plants. Oil and natural gas resources have been effectively shut down by the Biden regime, even though America has more proven reserves than almost all other countries combined. Energy prices which are spiking like a NASA launch are fueling ruinous inflation and triggering a recession which will become a depression before the year is out. Biden and the left call that success.

Effective compromise is only possible when contending sides share fundamentally similar goals but disagree on the means of achieving them. Not only do we lack the same goals in America now; we have ceased to agree on the rules on how we can settle those differences. The left gives lip service to American traditions when they can be used to leverage their aims, but reject them as illegitimate when they obstruct their authoritarian ambitions. The battle lines are drawn: one side must win and the other lose. Not only lose, but lose any hope of ever prevailing. For the left to prevail it is insufficient to win an election or two. They must crush the very idea that the people are entitled to govern themselves. For America to win, the left must come to believe that efforts to enforce their will by raw power can only lead to their abject rejection and likely incarceration.

Right now, though two of the three branches of government are currently held by the authoritarian modern Democrat Party, elections in November will almost certainly deliver the legislative branch to Republicans by a turnover margin never before seen in America.

The Democratic strategy is to try to redefine dissent as insurrection. More then this, it is to try to trigger some act of insurrection, in hopes of creating a massive backlash and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – or justifying delaying or cancelling the fall election altogether. Their big surprise is going to be that, if they succeed in getting some faction to violently revolt, so long as that faction confines itself to politicians and government institutions, it won’t trigger much, if any, backlash. If they tamper with elections again, it likely WILL trigger a backlash that they can’t control or leverage to their advantage.

While Republicans are well-positioned to achieve a victory of historic proportions, it is doubtful they will use that victory to restore ordered liberty and self-government. Many Republican officials (maybe most) are institutionalists. If the height of political wisdom is knowing the difference between the time to make a deal and the time to make a stand, top Republicans think it is always time to make a deal. I hope I am wrong, but I think Republicans will not interpret electoral victory as a mandate to defend liberty and the concept of self-government; I think they will just see it as an opportunity to use a stronger hand to make a better deal with those who want to destroy us. Republicans will not actively attack American freedom as modern Democrats do, but they will not defend it either. I hope I am wrong. Certainly, the majority of the Supreme Court realized it is time to make a stand.

If the strategy of both Democrats and Republicans flounder the time will come when ordinary Americans and many states will have to seriously consider how to defend themselves. Democrats want to take America off the cliff as quick as possible. Republicans want to compromise on how fast we should go off the cliff. That is the stark choice before us – and people are desperately hoping we will retreat from the cliff. When that hope is gone, people will get serious about defending themselves.

Fortunately, we have some options, almost all of which involve some significant pain. First, the Republicans could surprise me and govern like Ron DeSantis has governed Florida. That would be the death knell of the authoritarian left but is also the most unlikely scenario. If the Republicans win and govern well but choose to let bygones be bygones with those who have tried to rule Americans and criminalize dissent, it will be calm for a time, but it will only delay the day of reckoning.

States that so choose could decide to engage in large-scale nullification. Why should Texas, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Louisiana and the other energy producing states starve when the answer is, literally, just below their feet? What if, as leftists plunge America toward ruin, some of these states decided to drill and produce energy despite federal rules and arrest and detain any federal authorities who came to try to stop them? The precedent for that sort of nullification was already established by leftist states which refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. If it comes to a matter of survival, precedent doesn’t mean much in any case.

In Texas, Republicans are advocating for a referendum on whether the state should secede from the American Union. Texas is in a unique position because it retained its right to secede in its original charter joining the US. Leftists, of course, insist that even with that provision in its charter, Texas cannot secede. I am not impressed with the Constitutional scholarship of people who think the phrase, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means infringe away and confiscate if you want; that the phrase, “Congress shall make no law…infringing the free exercise of (religion)” means any tinpot bureaucratic functionary can fire or even arrest anyone caught praying on public grounds; and that mysterious penumbras and emanations that are not actually in the Constitution give them power to enact whatever they want. Still, a legal mind as sound as that of the late Antonin Scalia agreed that The Civil War negated the right of legal secession of any state. In a rare moment of disagreement with Scalia, I think there is a significant difference between those states that did not secure such an agreement in their original charter and the one state, Texas, that did. In any case, secession is rarely governed by legal means. Every revolution and almost every successful secession was accomplished by entities that had the means, the motive and the will to make it stick. If things were to get so desperate that the only ones still irrevocably vested in the institutions that have been turned against us are those who are officials there, it will not stop either nullification or secession.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate and respect institutionalists – in times of general peace. One of the compliments I most cherish was when a Deputy Governor once told me, “Charlie, I can’t figure out whether you are the most pragmatic ideologue I have ever known or the most ideological pragmatist.” In times of relative peace, ideologues often gum up the works of getting any action done. I’m not the type who ever refused half a loaf when it was extended to me. But in times of great strife, institutionalists usually become hapless toadies forever being rolled by the radicalized opposition.

Things are extremely volatile in America and the world now. Frankly, I think they are significantly more volatile than they were in the lead-up to the American Civil War. Our best chance of weathering this storm in one piece is for Republicans, after their massive victory, to understand, with the Supreme Court majority, that now is the time to make a stand, not to make a deal. There is an old Chinese curse (comically often errantly cited as an Irish blessing): May you live in interesting times. Like Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf, so we do.

John Adams said that, “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate to any other.” I have no confidence in modern Democratic officials. I have very little confidence in Republican officials. My confidence in most religious officials is as shaky as it has ever been. I am willing to be persuaded otherwise, but I do not believe there is a political solution to the darkness that has enshrouded us. There must come a great awakening. We must become, once more, a religious and moral people. Evangelization is the key to restoration. I have long said that this time, it is the hour of the laity. And so, with Frodo and Samwise, we must take our leave of the beloved shire and begin our pilgrim journey to Mt. Doom.

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118 thoughts on “On Deadly Ground

  1. Equally aggravating as the antics of the Leftists are the people who cannot or will to not see through the Leftists’ ad naseum fakeness, sneaky deception, outright lies, and more… those links say a LOT, Charlie.

    This really is critical for us in this country: “I hope I am wrong, but I think Republicans will not interpret electoral victory as a mandate to defend liberty and the concept of self-government; I think they will just see it as an opportunity to use a stronger hand to make a better deal with those who want to destroy us. Republicans will not actively attack American freedom as modern Democrats do, but they will not defend it either. I hope I am wrong.” This is what too many Republicans have been doing for too long. What would prompt a change of heart in them?

    I do believe in the power of prayer and fasting to change hearts, and I have maintained that the best kind of mitigation is that which comes from people making a return to the Lord or, perhaps, deeply discovering Him for the first time in their lives. Evangelization surely is the key to restoration!!

    The atmosphere is thick with a sense that something’s gotta’ give. Here we go……

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    1. Beckita, your line: “I have maintained that the best kind of mitigation is that which comes from people making a return to the Lord”, is the most accurate to how we escape these times.
      During the mass we pray “through Him all good things come”. And so it is. His perfect will and His permissive will brings only good- even from evil but because of our free will we may suffer tremendously for it.
      I think, as a whole, we have lost our balance between good and evil and as Scripture says, it has even flipped and “good is now considered evil and evil good”. The Right have come so far left of center as to have passed into more of the Left side of thinking and the Left are off the scale all together towards sheer madness. This is why “conservatives” still want some very sketchy things. Many have lost their moral compass and now see things like birth control and bikini’s as “normal”.
      As far as our institutional Republicans, they too are part of the Great Reset as they are mostly elected through the big corporations who’s lawyers write their proposals to be made into law. They don’t even read them because they wouldn’t understand the legalese anyway! They don’t fight the Democrats agenda because it’s their (corporate) agenda too. It’s the “good cop- bad cop” ploy.
      And as Charlie said:
      “I do not believe there is a political solution to the darkness that has enshrouded us. There must come a great awakening. We must become, once more, a religious and moral people.”

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      1. Exactly, Phillip! For we who are faithful, it only takes us a moment to realize just how deep in trouble we are when “good is evil and evil is good”–and how appalling it is when those we think are “like-minded” don’t see it!! Clinging to the Cross every day is my way through. (As Briana said in another comment, each daily step is about all I can handle!) I thank God for Charlie’s vision and direction and for all of you here. THIS is my sanity break!

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        1. Amen, Julie and Phillip. And this phase wherein it seems evil has won and all is lost is one that Charlie began highlighting back at TNRS. The core message of TNRS and Trust Do Love becomes sweet hope and refreshment anew with each passing day. SO grateful because we really haven’t hit the worst of it yet.

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    1. Could you imagine if the Democrats try and steal another election? I can’t imagine. I am at a loss trying to.

      People in FL that I speak to, even patients that I spoke to today– are hot and furious about what’s going on. There is no mild anger. There is fury.

      I do know that my own focus has been small and tight. Do what I have to do today. That’s it. I don’t know what to do with anything more than that, and that already feels too fast and too much.

      Lord, help us all.

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  2. Charlie, I so want to “second” what you have said here. I wish I had the same abilities in writing that you have. So, can my wife and I adopt you? Then, anytime I want to drive a point home with the local governing idiots…I have you!

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      1. No, Dianne. We’re not registering our churches with CORAC. CORAC is not a Catholic apostolate and we welcome non-Catholic Christians and all people of good will to join us in the work.

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  3. Thank-you, Charlie, for this clear, if discouraging, analysis.
    “Let us stand fast in what is right, and prepare our souls for trial. Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid and say to him: ‘O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations.'”
    –St. Boniface
    I will continue my prayers for our our Church, our country, our friends and our enemies.
    Lord, hear our prayer.🙏🏽😔
    Katey in OR

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  4. Unfortunately, I agree with everything Charlie has said. Since “it is the economy. stupid”, there will be a red wave in November. It will only matter if the Rs shown some spine and step up to the plate with common sense, fortitude, the moral courage to restoring normalcy for American families and, of course, tending to making the very basic needs affordable for all Americans. That means that no one can say “This is not possible to do because blah, blah, blah….or “it is not our fault.” In times of crisis people look for leaders that will solve the nations real problems.

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  5. Thanks Charlie, for yet another accurate survey of our current politics and politicians. Fully agree on all points, too. This one quoted really reached the core tension underlying the division between the current far Left Progressive Democrat Party and the vestige of traditional Americans:
    ” John Adams said that, “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate to any other.” ” The leadership of the current Democrat Party is vested in highly self-centered motivation as demonstrated by the Clinton, Pelosi, Brandon clans (add Mitch McConnell and wife) who place their personal corrupt interests above all else. Credit Hillary for explicitly broadcasting that the current Democrat regime cannot work any civil compromise with their opposition. On CNN in 2018 Hillary asserted:

    “Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that civility in America can only begin again if Democrats win back the House or Senate this fall.
    “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.””

    AOC’s squad adds yet another reason why Democrats cannot work out any “reasonable” compromises– they are not only prejudiced against White people and Christianity, but they are blazingly dumb. Brandon himself was never intelligent, and thus was prone to plagiarize others, but now his dementia creates an obstacle to rational discourse. November cannot come soon enough.

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    1. Yes Jack,
      This too:
      “This time, Hillary Clinton blamed Republicans at the polls in Milwaukee and Detroit, and (as always) Vladimir Putin. She called the 2016 election outcome “almost eschatological.” Huh?? From Oxford Dictionaries…,[eschatological (adjective) 1. relating to death, judgment and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind]

      Really, Hillary? The fact that you didn’t end up in the White was the end of the world? Well, for you, sure. But for us, it was just the opposite — it saved the world from your treachery. After all, it was your loss that led to us finding out just how deep and murky the swamp is.”

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  6. As usual an excellent breakdown of our current political situation and probable outcomes in Nov. It can get disheartening when we are so desperate to get the Republicans in power, and maybe naively address the destruction of about every aspect of what America was built upon. From our moral foundation, freedoms, inalienable rights, real education, protecting our country from enemies abroad etc. Yet to think the Rinos and others are more interested in the mantra of ‘lets all be friends and get along for the good of the country crap’ is maddening. You can’t do anything good unless you get rid of the bad first. As Charlie noted, there is most likely a lack of guts and will to create and execute a plan to change and tackle real issues with sound and moral principles of truth and logic benefiting the entire population.

    There is no doubt our only hope is through God and his Mother as our leaders, shield and source of strength. When evil gets threatened, as it has been on numerous occasions lately, you can actually see demonic responses spewing hatred and evil, packed into flagrant lies or twisted half-truths to scare the uninformed and ignorant. We must do our part in more ways than one to prepare for the spiritual and temporal battle and others on the long road to victory, which I am sure, as Charlie said, will have many hardships to on the way.

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  7. Couldn’t agree more with you and those making comments about the fiasco going on in this country, and the lack of trust in the R party, that NEVER misses an opportunity to screw it up.  If we got true conservatives like Jordan, and sideline the pitiful seniors like sell out mcConnell, thune, and weasel Graham…and one eye patchman cringe-shall, we have a fighting change, but otherwise it is the same debt show and mouth piece as the demonic side of the aisle.And Charlie, you didn’t go down the path of Ukraine/ Russia/ China/Taiwan scenerios!  Or the influx of estimate of the 3 million illegal transplants.  Quite a show the demos have played.  All I can say….Dance Mama Mary with your combat boots to crush the diabolical heads🥾🙏🏻

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  8. Happy, Blessed Fourth of July to All!

    I get emails from AoH and wanted to share the incredible inspiring blog entries on that email. This is Alliance of Hope for suicide loss survivors. Keep on keepin’ on!

    from Ronnie Walker:




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      1. Thank you Littlelight.

        I sent them to a couple people who have lost someone one long ago and one recently.

        Thank you for sharing. We really don’t know the burdens people are carrying.

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      2. Littlelight,

        Your post was timely. I learned today that Just last week a recent HS student made that tragic choice at 18. I am so glad I was able to send the site you promoted to survivors. Thank you!

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        1. I am so terribly sorry for the loss of this beautiful young person! Adding my prayers for the deceased and this family as they walk this very dark night.

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  9. Great piece,Charlie!!! I’m hoping for a great awakening very soon!!! But I don’t know…it could be a very long haul😩. We didn’t get here overnight!

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉






    Sadly, we are long past the point where we can have any meaningful discussions with The Radical Left on ANY of THEIR Agendas! Submit or Fight is our only options at this point! ;-(

    Ya need more proof that NY is ruled by Demonic Forces!?
    ….. and Swamp DC?

    Martyrs Soon ;-(







    ‘2000 Mules’ and America’s Open Sore: Doubts About Election Integrity



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      1. Thanks, AnnieW,
        Kind of takes your breath away to see the Big Picture.
        I am so grateful for this diversified community.
        I pray for all – ASOH/Corac – every day.
        God bless us all in our endeavors, katey in OR 🙏🏽✝️

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      2. I would be wary about that blog. It offers a useful viewpoint, but must be read with deep caution. The Saker is from viewpoint that is strongly against the Latin Church, that is to say most of us.

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        1. Thanks for this caution warning, Rick. I find troublesome the set up of the site where there is no acknowledgement of who the author(s) are. That alone begs the questions: “Why are you hiding?” and “What are your sources for stating your position?”

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      3. I read the article, TY for posting it.

        Not having researched all of the nitty details that one must do to be certain about some of the finer points made, the comment about Davos versus China/Russia was concerning to me as we all know the CCP is no hero, LOL.

        Some of the questions this hatched in my brain:
        1.Wait, isn’t Biden and many other wealthy USA citizens in bed with CCP?
        2.Is this a case of which evil demented prevails—CCP vs Davos or is this a case of the deception runs deeper and Davos/CCP are heads of a medusa-like monster with many other heads?
        3.Finally: Does it matter?

        Anyways, we are good n’ cooked without Our Lord. TNRS and all. Keep on keepin’ on, Annie and all!

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          1. I will give her a big hug from you tomorrow.  I have been getting the cabin ready for a get together with friends tomorrow.  Lambzie is at her mom’s house taking care of her.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    1. The below quotes are from link listed above:

      “One might think that church bells would be ringing everywhere.”


      “But the inequality suggested here is that between what men earn and what women earn; and their concern presupposes that men and women are mere individuals in the economic arena, competing against one another, rather than meant to unite in marriage, and thus to cooperate in the more human and humane work of building up the household and the family.

      Indeed, the document betrays a bias toward materialism, toward technocratic and bureaucratic solutions to moral and spiritual problems. I am stunned that after sixty years of such signal failure, sex education should still be promoted as a solution to anything at all.”

      As I understand it, the Pontifical Council wrote this with a quote from the USCCB. Still, there were no church bells ringing in my neck of the woods. Bishop Lori was in CT for awhile. Iirc he may have confirmed one of us–my memory may be faulty here. I do remember writing to him to ask him to speak out against the appointment of an openly militantly gay CT Supreme Court justice. Silence (no surprise).

      I weep, truly, as I read this. But what hits me harder is the miracle that my family has any faith at all, given we were born into this toxic milieu, have been marinated in it, and have only ever known it our entire lives. I see God’s guiding and protecting hand here, and this is humbly awesome.

      In another comment, Pawel said he has great hope for the future, as he was heartened by Our Lady of Medugorje’s words on her feast day the day after the roe was shredded. I heartily concur. May we not fail Our Lord and continue to chop the wood He gives us, looking to Him and tnrs.

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      1. LL & Gang,

        Besides Prayer and the closing of our coin purses, we have no control on what goes on in Rome or at Diocese HQ! What the Perfumed Princes of The Church do/say These-Days is of little concern to me as I have many much more important things to do/think about in the 25 mile circle around my neighborhood!
        THINK LOCAL ’cause that’s all that will count “when the balloon goes up”!

        The Lines have already been drawn and the Forces of Evil are manifesting/exposing themselves in Church and State …. all the way down to Parish & School Board levels.

        See that You/Yours are Prepared! Neighbor-Up! That is what this site & CORAC is ALL about!
        … and MOST IMPORTANTLY:


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        1. No doubt and well said, CD!

          There must be a grave failure on my part because any kind of friendly coalitions seem beyond reach in these deep blue waters. I am doing my best to change that 🙂

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          1. Don’t blame yourself LL! I have the same situation, especially after hubby and I moved from a long time location. We can tell where people stand around here by all the political signs at election time! I smile, wave at people driving or walking by, but I don’t know………………… feels like hitting a wall.

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          2. LL,
            I believe when the time comes you will be given the words needed for that moment. Mathew 10:19-20 tells us: “But when they shall deliver you up, take no thought how or what to speak: for it shall be given you in that hour what to speak. For it is not you that speak, but the Spirit of your Father that speaketh in you.”
            “When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.” (Luke 12:11-12).
            God wants to save all for we are precious to Him and as your heart longs to be that sign of hope to your neighbor, it will be given to you to speak the words necessary for their salvation. You must pray to be that worthy vessel and when the words come they surprise even you!

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            1. I am hopeful for what you say, PF!

              Today our kids got to march in an old parade where our pro-death guv and pro-death sen marched. Our kids were with their dance school. Behind us were the pro-death women, ugh, but ahead of us was Our Lady of Guadalupe and a “Jesus is the Answer” crowd.

              What was heart wrenching was the loud applause the death women got. I was giving out candy for the dance school, so it was hard to gauge the numbers of walking dead, remembering Our Lord wants these for Himself, too. Another sadness an old childhood friend of my husband spoke of how one of her kids “crossed over” The thought occurred to me no family is unscathed. We are all poisoned, to one degree or another. Marathana! +Jesus, I Trust in You+

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    2. Some good news is that some of young friends of mine are holding a big “Roe is dead” party next week. I expect a wildly joyful celebration to the Glory of God. And there will lots of children!

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  11. I believe that overturning Roe v. Wade signals the diminishing of the Democratic Party and the evil behind it. I believe it is not coincidental that the day after the ruling Holy Mary during the apparition in Medjugorje said “rejoice with me”. Change in the USA has a worldwide magnitude.

    It may be gradual, may involve final wars etc., but I am very optimistic about the future. May God reign here on Earth too!

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  12. I would like to suggest that everyone not promote the popular belief that conservatives will win big this November. The liberals would love the fact that conservatives might be over-confident and not vote and/or would be utterly disheartened if the liberals win because there are many ways they could win, including a new pandemic with lockdowns, a frightening expansion of the war in Europe, restrictions and manipulations of voting procedures, etc. Has anyone seen or can anyone do an analysis of the states where liberals are in control at the highest levels to document how they could easily manipulate things so they could win elections at many levels, especially in the U.S. Senate and House. Let us pray.

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    1. I appreciate your strategic thinking on this, Dev, but I must decline. Heaven knows, when I have done heavy politics, I have more than a few times engaged in lowering expectations – and it is sound political thinking most of the time. But I see my duty when I am writing or broadcasting to call them as I see them. If I really don’t want to discuss something, I don’t. This time, though, I think that good traditional political advice is irrelevant. People are MAD. People will not fail to vote because they think it is covered. They want to make their boiling anger known. Again, I have no problem with what you suggest, but that is not the way I see this one – and I only adopted that course when actually engaging in politics, not when writing about it.

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  13. The bottom line is that the liberals believe that the end justifies the means and they have no regrets about suddenly changing the election laws and manipulating voting systems, so have you or anyone seen how they could again manipulate things so they could win elections at many levels, especially in the U.S. Senate and House? I am sure everyone remembers the devastating Time Magazine article about the coordinated resistance to Trump and the alliance between the liberals (including others who did not like Trump), most of the big media, and multi-national corporations: https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/

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    1. Of course I have, Dev. If you are a longtime reader, you know I spent decades as a political professional. When I was in media, I was noted for seeing trends early that no one else did. In March of 1994 I said on my radio show that Republicans were a dead lock to take the House of Representatives for the first time in over 40 years and stayed consistent. The Washington Post did a short blurb after the election that I was the only commentator in the country who saw it coming months before it actually happened. Your opinion is welcomed, but when you have asked if I have looked at the most elementary data that the most junior political staffer in a county board campaign would be aware of, I must confess, it is a bit insulting. I conducted quite a few seminars to teach professionals how to look beyond the obvious.

      So yes, the stuff you mention has long since been baked into the cake. Are you aware of how many states have already dramatically tightened their election requirements? I am aware of states which have not – all blue states. Are you aware of the coterie of attorneys who are already coordinating with each other, determined not to let this happen again? Probably not, as that is being done discreetly. Are you aware of the historical realities that there are not just administrative remedies, but the remedies of reality? One thing Democrats who have any sense at all (admittedly, very few) is that things are so volatile that there is real danger that a successful repeat of the steel would provoke a real uprising they cannot control (as I obliquely intimated in the article).

      Please bring these things up, if you will, but read the room. The folks here are already very aware of these things and much more, so to treat them as if they are ignorant and have never thought of such is a bit condescending, kind of like telling a 20-year pro-life clinic counselor breathlessly, “Did you know a fetus is actually a baby?!” We have already long since covered the basics.

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      1. I wondered too, Devoted, if you were a new reader/commenter. Reading the archives here is a worthy endeavor. You not only get a better picture of Charlie’s erudite depth – and even with his expertise and insights – he researches at least 24 hours before writing as he is adamant about linking us to accurate articles. In addition to this is the gold of reading the archives to shape a mindset which will serve us well as we embark on the worst of the worst yet to come.

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  14. Here is an excerpt from Direction for Our Times “Prisoners” book.

    One can sign up for daily emails and they will send you a snippet each day. Here is today’s. No matter how many times I read them, I find something new and pertinent to my life, some new facet of hope and courage I need shoring-up on. Even though this volume is for incarcerated persons, I have been finding it applicable, as we all have prisons in our minds of some sort.

    In this deadly serious times, we cannot have enough true encouragement. God bless us, everyone. Keep on keepin’ on.

    Heaven Speaks To Prisoners

    July 26, 2005
    St. Thomas the Apostle

    If you want to know someone, you spend time with them. Well, we are telling you that you must become like Jesus. You will have to know him to become like him and you will have to spend time with him to know him. Each day must be spent in his company. He is with you and has always been with you, but you did not always recognize his presence. It is time to do that now. Talk to Jesus all day long in your heart. Ask him what to do in each situation. Ask him what to say in each conversation. Ask him what he needs from you in every moment. This is praying. Some people tell you to pray all day. Others may think this is impossible. But prayer is simply being with God. Talk to Jesus and he will explain everything to your soul. You will begin to change. Your bitterness will start to fade and you will feel your heart soften. This is not without some pain, but this pain is coming anyway because pain does not remain hidden, as we have told you. You will have to face your hurts. Face them now with Jesus and he will take them away. He will leave you with a soul open to his love. Then, and this is the answer to all of the world’s darkness, then he will begin to flow through you into the world. Person by person, soul by soul, Jesus is returning. A great renewal is coming, my friend. Jesus is reclaiming this world for Heaven. Will you help him?

    To read the full text of Heaven Speaks To Prisoners you can do so in our free online library here, or purchase the booklet online by clicking the button below.



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    1. Littlelight, I receive the daily Direction for our times too. Today’s was excellent from St. Augustine. Offering everything up even our loneliness because Jesus was lonely here on earth too. And ask Jesus for His joy and He will put it in our hearts.

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      1. TY, I missed today’s email and went back and found it and read it—what incredible hope and peace these messages ignite. I wish everyone could read these, they are so powerful. TY Http!


    1. Littllight, speaking as a lawyer, the SCt decision against the EPA asserting a legislative authority it was never granted by the Congress was a huge action curtailing the assertion of power by unelected agency bureaucrats.

      To my surprise, even Chief Justice Roberts stated in a separately written agreement with the majority that this usurpation of legislative authority is endemic to all of administrative law; this admonition will invite many lawsuits now against the many agencies beyond the EPA.

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      1. TY for this mention! Yes, of course, a good start and TYG! I was thinking of the crippling bureaucracy everywhere (health care, our church, etc.). So much wood to chop.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉






    Pastor Coverstone – Sunday

    Democrats have NOTHING POSITIVE to run on in the next Election Cycle(s) so it will be ALL about Women’s “Health-n-Rights”, Racism, Homophobia, Climate Change and Evil White Supremacists … Anger, Division, Confusion …. smoke, mirrors, chaff and jamming ANYthing & EVERYthing to keep THEIR Machine Cogs Agitated ;-( … as CJ sez, THEY want to provoke violent confrontations.
    In Boston, yesterday, there was a protest march that I’m betting was chock full of FBI Agent Provocateurs!



    THEY pursue THEIR Agendas come Hell or High Water!
    I remember the AF Survival School Instructor saying: “You’ll know you’re hungry when Ya start thinking about how many Bugs do I gotta eat”.






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      1. We always have an impromptu sing-along, too. In addition to other songs, we sang a few patriotic songs (“America, the Beautiful,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Star-Spangled Banner,” etc.). People in the campground across the river chimed in, and we all clapped at the end. So very cool. It was a lovely gathering with beloved friends representing generations. ❤ Very heartening.

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  16. “Ideally, scientific expertise is based on mathematical relationships among quantifiable observations.
    But there are very important things science can’t tell us. In particular, it can’t tell us about knowledge or reason because it can’t observe and measure them. It can only observe and measure opinions and preferences—the things people actually say and do. So if “knowledge” means “scientific knowledge,” then it can’t even tell us about itself.

    The result is that scientism eventually tells us that we don’t have knowledge, only opinion and preference, because these are the things science can tell us about. But then these have to do duty for knowledge—they are all that is available—just as preference satisfaction (*Egalitarianism) now does duty for the good.

    Technocracy (doing what scientific experts say to satisfy our preferences as much and as equally as possible) thus ends up with the same attitude toward truth as toward beauty and goodness: all are in the eye of the beholder . Our picture of reality—what we think we know—is something we make up to please ourselves.(Relativism)
    The problem is made worse by the tension within the technocratic view between human beings as resources and human beings as the creators of all values. The first means meritocracy—grading people by their usefulness to the system—while the second means an absolute right to define the world that turns each of us into a little god. And who can grade or make use of a god?
    Can such a regime last? It’s doubtful, but the logic of its principles is too relentless for moderation. A process that started with reforms found “most rational” has led to Drag Queen Story Hour. It will no doubt go farther.
    The Church stands for reality, so she will inevitably be a prime target in the struggle. To deal with the situation, we need to hold fast to the realities she has always spoken for. And we must stand our ground and never compromise truth for the sake of an imaginary peace with its opposite.”

    [*Egalitarianism. All preferences are equal preferences, so they become equally entitled to satisfaction when the goal is satisfaction of preferences simply as such.]

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Independence Day 😉

    God Bless The USA–Lee Greenwood
















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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    PF & I agree on this. but … Sadly, PF has been a real disappointment as he seems to be “In Bed” with The Usual Suspects that support/fund Hitmen!
    ….. & China’s Hitmen too ;-(

    Prayers for Victims & Our Republic!
    …… Body Count in ChiTown …. not Highland Park.
    ……… You can bet that VERY few Victims/Perps in the above are MAGA Hat Wearing Citizens!

    Those nice Chinamen wouldn’t Spy on US… Right? .. Did ChinaJoe get 10%?
    I was stationed @ Loring AFB but my first Alert Tour was @ Grand Forks …. many Moons ago.






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    1. CD, I do believe that “they” are trying very hard to promote gun violence so that our right to bear arms can be taken away…
      Have you seen the “Doomed to repeat it” video put out by US Grace Force? Very moving and you can see the patterns.
      Save us Lord!
      ~ Jesus, I trust in you.
      God bless us everyone,
      katey in OR

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  19. Hey Katey,

    The Tyrant THEYs throughout History would not suffer Armed Citizens

    I’ve seen the Video Trailer only. I’ll figure out how to watch on my PC?

    I’m a History Major and I heard my Dad quote George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”, very early in life 😉

    Does not The Good Book saith: “There is nothing new under the Sun”?


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    1. CD, until it’s taken down for violating something, the video Doomed to Repeat It is there at BR Coalition, 56+ minutes long. Heartbreaking that so many have died and still, no one has learned a thing. 😢 Seek and ye shall find.

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  20. Here’s something that I think is amazing; we know there is no coincidence with the Lord. Just watched an episode of Grace Force that I missed, from last month. Father H is talking about being in DC, joining with an exorcist, (because there was an arch of Baal placed in DC). handing out bottles of blessed water to the people there for the Rosary, who went around the grounds of the National Mall. Father explains that the sacrifice to Baal was little babies. Now all of this is not new to some, but the amazing thing is the timing. If this was done last month, it was just before the overturning of Roe. The exorcism must have had a great effect, that helped bring about this miracle. How we need victories, Lord! We are so weary. Come to us, Mama!

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉








    “Higher” & Lower Education, Top to Bottom, infested with Radical Perverts!!





    It may be long after I’m gone but One Day the truth will come out about what I fear will be the THE MOST Evil genocide in Human History, it’s Cover-Up and, hopefully, The surviving Perps brought to Justice!!


    Four months would be my guess! THEY will not allow Election 22 …. Something very unpleasant …. ? … ;-( …. Be Prepared!!


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  22. The Pope said that ‘the Church loses its pastoral nature’ when Communion is denied to pro-abortion Catholic politicians and that ‘it causes a political problem.’……..I guess Francis does not believe that mortal sin is a reason enough for not taking Communion. I think that he forgets that a pastor is there to say “Go and sin no more” as Jesus did.

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    1. You and Bishop Strickland have similar thoughts, Judith. He said: I thank Pope Francis for his clear message that abortion is murder & that politicians should be treated with pastoral care. Pastoral care for Mrs Pelosi is to tell her that she should not receive the Body of Christ until she stops advocating the murder of unborn children.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉


    I’ll bet a C-Note that DC Swamp CongressCritters & Alphabet Agencies were “down-with” BLM!

    The only Womens’ “Health” Issue THEY care about is Maximum ABORTIONS!



    The Demolition of The Republic continues apace! ;-(







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    1. “The only Womens’ “Health” Issue THEY care about is Maximum ABORTIONS!”

      I seen a interesting comment the other day saying “the court ruling on Abortion helped Planned Parenthood hide the fact that a lot of their locations were going out of business anyways due to a sharp decline in birthrate in the past year, they could demonize the right while downsizing.”

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  24. Beckita, it seems to me that this is Catholicism 101. I do not know how Francis can endeavor to get around this somehow and how he can expect a practicing Catholic to accept his lax attitude regarding mortal sin. St. Thomas More stood his ground against the politics of the day and he became a saint for his stance. Therefore, I do not know how Francis should consider a ‘political problem’ to be placed above a Church law. By placing politics above Church law, Francis reveals himself as a true politician and a stunningly weak pastor.

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      1. No surprise there Beckita, it feels like the carpet ripped out from under all our feet, and everyone is at loss for what to do.

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        1. Honestly, Al, I do take great heart and great hope in continuing to acknowledge God and pressing forward with next right steps. We needed to reach this point where all seems lost – but I sense it will become even more intense. It all drives home the reality that we n.e.e.d. God… and He DOES have a plan. 🙏🕊🔥⚜️

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          1. In his homily a few days ago, our priest said, “We need to remember that the Church saves us. We do not save the Church.” I thought that was such a good reminder that God is in charge of our salvation and head of His Church. It actually takes a lot of pressure off me to live this!

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  25. New Scientific Study finds that the Covid-19 Vaccines are causing a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
    These include but are not limited to –
    a potentially direct causal link to neurodegenerative disease;
    immune thrombocytopenia;
    Bell’s palsy;
    liver disease;
    impaired adaptive immunity;
    increased production or formation of a tumour or tumours;
    and DNA damage
    Dr Peter Mccullough, who conducted the study alongside Dr Anthony Kyriakopoulos, Dr Greg Nigh, and Dr Stephenie Sennef, also provides evidence from adverse event reports made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to support their conclusions.

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    1. Yes… this and so much more… a look at reports coming out from combing the Pfizer documents which Pfizer wanted kept locked up for 75 years and a court order demanded the documents be accessible now: https://naomiwolf.substack.com/p/dear-friends-sorry-to-announce-a

      The FDA presses on: https://brownstone.org/articles/the-fdas-future-framework-for-covid-vaccines-is-reckless-plan/

      And an update from Dr. Ryan Cole: https://conservativeplaylist.com/2022/07/03/dr-ryan-cole-reveals-even-more-covid-19-jab-adverse-reactions-that-are-killing-americans/

      The CORAC Prayer Intentions for the month of July. At the end is included the suggestion that we keep with us copies of the Brazen Serpent Prayer – either simply copied from the computer or ordered as prayer cards from Full of Grace Supply House. Thus we become evangelizers who are a sign of hope to those around us.
      Prayer Intentions: https://corac.co/2022/07/01/july-prayer-intentions-2/

      PDF with Brazen Serpent Prayer: https://corac.co/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/the-brazen-serpent-prayer.pdf

      Order prayer cards here: https://fullofgraceusa.com/products/the-brazen-serpent-prayer-with-miraculous-medal-holy-card

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      1. I’m just horrified at the content in the links Beckita, I always hoped these things were not as bad as I thoght & saw in the online rumours…

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        1. I’m right there with you, Al. Horrific! I just refuse to remain dwelling on the darkness. I take note of the reality and move into prayer, praise and the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

          In Romans, St. Paul writes that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.

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            1. The prayer of sleep is good, Al, and I’m not teasing. When we pray and we’re exhausted, then we doze off, the Lord understands perfectly our need.

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    2. PF, I hope the news gets out b/c this is not new, but has been covered up for a long time. I read about it quite a while ago, from the good doctors, not the evildoers! The FDA also just approved some kind of “mixture” jab for the fall and voted to not require ANY safety studies. This news via Health Freedom Summit on CHD.

      For Heaven’s sake, people need to wake up and maybe they are beginning to do so. The UK has more and more deaths and can’t figure out why. I remember Charlie saying something about as more people die by later in the summer….. (?) Please send you light, Lord, to open minds and hearts!

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    I have no beef with Women being more active in the Church …. but …. These-Days after watching PF/Handlers, “America” Magazine & certain Perfumed Prelates In-Action, I’m guessing that PF’s Women may will be “Sisters” of those PurpleHaired, Nose Ringed & Tattooed ANTIFA, Abortion and Climate Change Agitators!? ;-(

    Pray that The Holy Spirit touches millions of near lost Souls before years end!!
    Mother Angelica said to be very thoughtful and specific in our Prayers 😉

    I don’t think that it is beyond reason to assume that humanoids like Fauxcahontas & Ilk are demon possessed!




    Tin Hat Paranoia or example of PLANNED Demolition of USA!


    ……. &/or Feral Gubermint Agents (Obama’s Civilian National “Security” Force) FDA Next? ….. Armed Jack Booted Thugs showing up at the doors of The Unvaxxed ;-(
    USDA Buys 40 Caliber Submachine Guns! Why Are Federal Agencies Arming Themselves!! – YouTube





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    1. Praying along with you, CDamen. (By the way, I deleted your personal information… I figured you didn’t want it broadcast hither and yon.)

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉






    Demonic … & YOUR Dime!!


    ….. Chuck U. Schumer & SanFran Nanny be pushin’ more of YOUR $$$$ into the coffers of the corrupt Blue States ;-(

    Destroying The Military is part of The Agenda ;-(


    Biden Crime Family In Your Face ,,, & Laughing!!



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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉




    Naughty Word Guy is essentially correct …. as usual.

    This will drive THEM into PANIC MODE …… dangerous territory …. Be Prepared!


    Our Democrat Controlled Urban Areas will look like this one day… SOON?

    The Good News is Good People have stood up for Jose and demonstarted to THEM that they are FED-UP with THEIR Social “Justice” Agenda!

    Will The Stupid Party get smart …. At Last!!???


    ….. By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy ;-( ….. Oh! Nothing includes food too! https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/genetic-lab-designed-carbon-capture





  29. Charlie and or Beckita what does it mean to “play it safe?”

    “Now comes what I believe to be the next stage in the renewal of the face and faith of the world. It is a stage where God directly, if opaquely, intervenes in human affairs. I think a lot of the rules have changed – and we will see the results of those changes very quickly. Now comes the time when one of the most dangerous things you can do is “play it safe.”


  30. Meaning of opaquely in English. in a way that is difficult to understand:

    Lol 😂

    I had to look that word up, Charlie!


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