Our Hope is in God

By Charlie Johnston

A Priest contacted me last week to let me know that the prior week a dear family member was dying. Doctors were baffled about why his organs were shutting down and did not have any ideas about how to stop it. The Priest told me that he prayed and contemplated the Brazen Serpent Prayer. The next day his loved one stabilized. A week ago, the man who was dying last week got up to eat a hearty breakfast. Thanks be to God, a partial shipment of the first batch of Brazen Serpent prayer cards arrived Friday. I will be handing them out at my talks going forward, we will be shipping a supply out to each CORAC Regional Coordinator and Team Leader, and they should be available on the Full of Grace Website in about a week. This is a collaborative project with Full of Grace. We at CORAC bought half the initial order at cost which we will distribute gratis while Full of Grace will keep a supply on hand for sale. If you want to get one immediately, you will be able to order from Full of Grace in about a week – or you can come to one of my talks or meet with your Regional Coordinator.


Just over a week ago I had an interaction with one of our regular commenters, Lake, who observed,

I’ll be honest, I think we are an economic crash away from becoming a 3rd world country in many ways. In other ways we are already there, as the protesting at Supreme Court homes demonstrates. In a lot of 3rd world countries government officials have to live in secure compounds to protect them from violent mobs and assassination. I’ve been to quite a few 3rd world countries, and see how things there work. I also can’t help but notice we are on that road. For example:

Crumbling infrastructure
Unreliable systems
Highly corrupt government at all levels
Power through patronage
Cities where the wealthy require private security and live in houses surrounded by razor wire, walls and electric fencing (even in nice areas)
Government officials live in highly secure compounds to protect them from violent mobs
Control of communications
Minimal trust in contracts or other written law
Arbitrary enforcement of law
Random shortages and supply breakdowns
Lynch mobs replacing official justice
Banks and jewelry stores protected by private security armed with assault rifles
Uzi-carrying security patrolling wealthy areas

These are all daily life for some places. Am I wrong in thinking this is our current trajectory?”

My response was.

“Lordy Lake, I wish you were wrong on the trajectory, but you are right on target. It’s almost like we are following a bloody script – a very old script.

I think most involved with us see it now, but I had a different idea than most thought when I founded CORAC. Organizing to oppose the dysfunction was never my main priority – though I did not object if that was the main priority of others. In the last month I have had two people who previously thought I was warning of collapse as a means of motivating people to work harder to stop the dysfunction say to me in astonishment, “Everything really is going to collapse, isn’t it?” I took my cue on this on how the Lord handled speaking of His upcoming crucifixion with His disciples – with a VERY light touch. He was candid with them but knew that its necessity was outside the scope of what they could process – so He did not push them as long as they lived fidelity to the work before them. From the start, my priority was on building the basic infrastructure so we could begin to rebuild anew and effectively resist the rise of rival warlords controlling things, a la Mad Max.

What is has become so thoroughly corrupted it must perish before what is new and honorable can truly rise. It is doing a perfectly fine job of destroying itself so it most assuredly does not need my help. That is also why I have never emphasized some huge recruitment drive. As things continue their collapse, people will gravitate to what we are doing because it offers the best means out there of collaborating with others to build something true. While some worry about how to up recruitment, my worry has been more on how to handle the flood of new members coming in when we reach critical mass and people know that the old is too rotten to be salvaged. I have been candid about it, but I have never pushed it, knowing that people have to see with their own eyes – and that it is a comfort to kid themselves that what is is still salvageable. Over the decades I was allowed false hope at times because the Lord knew I was not ready to process the full reality without despairing, so I have tried to emulate His method. But that which is right now is all going away. Better that we begin to rebuild before it is entirely gone without being overly distracted by the spectacle of its gaudy, ongoing collapse. You have assessed the situation well.

Someday people will understand that “Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You,” was not designed as a soothing slogan, but as the essential instruction manual for these times – a manual that is easily memorized and carries all the tools we need for the renewal.”

Up until about five years ago or so, only a few serious people understood how serious our cultural peril was. They busied themselves debating internally whether there really was a storm coming or whether this was just a “phase” we were all going through. In the last year and a half the world has accelerated with such astonishing speed into a rank caricature of a healthy culture that all serious people understand that a terrible clash is at hand – and that we go into it with all the institutions and systems we have relied on broken or seriously compromised. Yes, people often tell me that they have friends who can’t see it, distraught that so many think this is merely a transitory state. The difference between this and previous historical regional collapses is not how few see and understand what is happening, but how many do. The invincibly ignorant we will always have with us (though they are remarkably smug about the destruction they are wreaking. Truth is, though, that that is also a common feature of societies on the cusp of catastrophic collapse.)

As serious people have recognized that an “irrepressible conflict” is in our future (to borrow the phrase used by William Seward, who would be Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State, to describe the coming Civil War several years before it commenced), they have been quietly making preparation for hard times. Until now, most of those preparations have been geared towards preserving their own status quo even as the culture crumbles around them – to maintain the fruits of a dying system for themselves even as that system enters its terminal phase. That won’t work. In fact, it only delays renewal.

The baby formula crisis is a useful illustration. On the one hand, it illustrates (in a way that is obvious to everyone) how utterly and even comically incompetent our governing class is become. The FDA shut down the primary manufacturer of baby formula on tenuous grounds that turned out not to be true at all. It did NOT back its error up by finding a new source to cover the shortfall, which it could have easily done by approving imports of European formula – which has no safety issues by American standards but is not labelled as the FDA insists. So the “experts” created an easily avoidable shortage, didn’t notice it might be a problem until it was already here, then panicked and said they had been working on it since February – obviously a lie because it could easily have been handled seamlessly so that the average person never would have even noticed there was a problem. Instead, their response was to lie about it and try to blame the previous administration. Even more mendaciously, the same governing class that created the problem for ordinary Americans made sure to provide ample baby formula for the flood of illegal aliens they have invited in. This is absurd incompetence on stilts. And intentional malice.

So you can’t much get baby formula unless you are an illegal alien. But you can. When I was a little boy, my Mom often let me mix the baby formula for my next two brothers. It was a can of evaporated milk, a can and a half of water, and a dollop of Karo Syrup or honey. It is certainly an inconvenience, but it is not a crisis that we can’t get what no parent could get just 65 years ago. And there is the rub.

People keep thinking that preparing for hard times means finding ways to maintain for themselves the good things the current system offers. That is not how a collapse works. When a building collapses everything goes. It is much the same here. The challenge is how to build anew from the rubble and to be able to work effectively from raw materials.

Over the weekend we had to cancel a proposed talk because of a freak snowstorm (and in Colorado a freak snowstorm in May can bring, as this one did in some areas, over two feet of snow). We ended up having a small talk and conversation in the upstairs living room. We were planning to offer it on ZOOM, but both the power and internet was out for much of the weekend in the area where I live. Thankfully, I only had a brief power outage, but the internet was out for over half the weekend – including when we had our little talk. No problem. We had a great visit and will schedule two more formal meetings in the fall. As society continues to break down, you need to be nimble and not get bent out of shape when plans don’t go quite as you hoped. It will be happening more and more frequently. Instead of getting worked up that you can’t get formula for your baby or meet as you planned, develop the attitude that come what may, my baby is going to eat and we are going to get together with who we can. Let’s face it: if the governing class were trying to destroy America what would they do differently than they are already doing?

This is why I so emphasize the instructions, “Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You.” We can’t determine precisely which rock will be the first to start the disastrous cascade of a rockslide. Even if we could it would not matter. Rockslides do not happen because one critical rock holding up everything else tumbles; they happen because the conditions are right for a rockslide and any of a multitude of rocks could be the start of the cascade. The conditions are right. The economy is mutilated beyond recognition. The justice system is mutilated beyond recognition. Even in the most robust of our traditional mediating institutions, only a small faction are focused on thinking about, “whatsoever is honorable, whatsoever is just, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely and whatsoever is gracious.” (Philippians 4:8) Most are just thinking of what transient advantage they can gain or how they can stick it to their internal opponents. This is the sound of the gears grinding down. It is only a matter of time before the whole thing seizes up and stops working entirely.

But all is not lost. To the contrary, we are on the cusp of God’s great renewal, which is entirely different from the elite governing class’s great reset. When Jesus sent His disciples out on mission (Matthew 10) He stripped them of everything they normally relied on for a journey – no money, no bag, no clothes beyond what they had on their backs, no staff. And yet this motley crew, by their trust in His word, were rebuilt in mind, body and spirit and became, through many trials, more powerful than the pagan Roman Empire.

When I went on my pilgrimage, walking across 3,200 miles of America and sleeping in the woods over a year and a half, I was stripped of most of the things I had taken for granted all my life. I had to learn to live anew – without most of the things that I had previously considered vital. I did it because I believed – and still believe – that God sent me in preparation for the beginnings of the storm and my public work to give people heart to get through it. Though that is what I believed, that is not to say that I was persuaded at the time that it was a good plan. Many of my friends thought I would not actually do it – and that if I did I would get seriously injured or killed out there. Those in my extended family who knew me well didn’t doubt I would do it (I am known for my stubborn determination among those who know me best, however well-masked it is by my cheery demeanor), but they, too, thought it would end in serious injury or death. As good a public face as I put on, I privately thought they all had a pretty good point. But I was convinced this was divinely appointed, so I summoned the ferocious act of the will required to be both obedient and pretend that I thought this was a great idea, too. I was about a month and a half in when the pretense was dropped and I came to believe that this really was a great idea. I still didn’t quite understand it, but boy was I joyful. Spend a lifetime in politics and media and you can get tainted by a bit of cynicism, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

I found the great beating heart of people across the land, hearts that desperately wanted to reach out to each other but dared not in this cynical age. I found people, great and small, overjoyed that I was not walking for any cause or any group, but just as an act of submission in prayer for the good – and in joyful fellowship with those I met along my way. It was staggering. I started off in fear for myself amid all the challenges this alien journey presented. But the joy of almost everyone I met transformed that. I did not quite understand why they were so excited and enthused over an old fella walking, but I could see it had sparked profound joy and hope in my new-found friends. It was somewhere in Mississippi that the transformation turned: without thinking much about it, I had quit praying for my safety for myself and started praying that God would let me complete my journey no matter what injuries might come so that all those who had found new hope in what I was doing would not lose that hope. Turns out that there is a voracious hunger in people for something that is good just because it is good. In rural areas I would stop in a little café and find that the whole town had been watching and talking about me for two or three days, wondering what I was doing – and so the whole café would be talking and enthused to actually meet and talk with me. It was so common that eventually I knew to ask for a doggy bag in advance because I wouldn’t have much time to eat while I was actually in the restaurant.

Before I left on the journey, everyone had advice for me on how to handle things and endure. While there were some good nuggets, a good 80 percent was just the meanderings of people who had occasionally imagined, but never actually participated in such a unique break with everything they relied on. Quite frankly, my thoughts before I set out were much the same: much of what I thought would be important was irrelevant and a whole host of things I never thought of became vital. I learned as I went along. Thank God I was never vested in trying to prove that my then ignorant imagination was right all along. The very first day I dumped almost half of the things I had thought were vital because it was just too much weight to carry. I had to hone down dramatically my definition of what was actually vital.

In the end, I came to think the pilgrimage was precisely the thing I needed. (I sometimes feel sorry for those folks who are convinced that God always agrees with their judgment. They never get the joy of discovering that the way God commands – that they are dubious about – is so much better and more fruitful than their own meanderings). I saw the great heart of people across this land. Yes, it is a cynical age. But scratch the surface of all those cynics and you will find disillusioned idealists looking desperately for a reason to believe, to find real meaning. Ah, what joy to seek to be, under obedience to God, one of those reasons that can spark new belief. Though cheery, I began it with many fears, yet I ended it almost fearless. There were four occasions I can cite where I was in serious danger of death. Though it sounds unreal, there were more episodes than this, but my trust in God was forged strong enough that I didn’t take some of them seriously and have to work to remember them at all. I came away with a sort of divine fatalism: if we are most useful here among His people, God will leave us here however things seem. If we are most useful in heaven or purgatory, God will take us however things seem. Blessed be the name of the Lord – and the next right step that leads to Him.

Things are scary now because we are governed by the equivalent of Charlie Manson’s “Family.” You remember them? Mostly very young women and men, all who were bloodthirsty lunatics who thought they were “enlightened,” but only brought gruesome death and destruction to their targets. They were remarkably enthusiastic about their brutal murders and actually professed to believe they were doing their victims a favor. Doesn’t that sound just like a Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer press conference? They are butchering the values and principles that made America great. It is passing away before our eyes – and the butchers think they are doing us a favor.

God does not leave us bereft. He calls us to a great spiritual pilgrimage to join Him in forging the world anew. We must leave the old behind, walk in places we never thought we could, and trust God to open a new door for us as the dying old one collapses behind us. I am being far more literal than most people think when I say that the new currency, the coin of the realm, will be the people you care for and who care for you. Expand your territory of loved ones.

Years ago, I wrote a line in a piece that I occasionally see someone quote. I think it is one of the best lines I have ever written and is completely appropriate to what our calling now is:

“As you look at your life you cannot measure it by the books published, the soup kitchens worked, the refuges built – though if you do those things they are good. Rather, you must judge it from the perspective of the hope you inspired, the peace you spread, the joy you engendered, the love you kindled – for these are the sure marks of the Kingdom of God. All else is detail.”


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83 thoughts on “Our Hope is in God

  1. I love this piece, Charlie. I’ve been pondering the adventure upon which I embarked nearly 48 years ago when I showed up in Africa as a stranger in a strange land. It was a time of excitement and discovery. Perhaps the biggest drive to frame what we are about to experience as an adventure of discovery is the excitement of knowing that this transition takes us to a destination which fulfills Our Lady’s Promise made so long ago.

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    1. Oh Beckita! Is it possible to have the excitement of a child facing an unknown adventure? My skewed 57 years view struggles to find that youthful, faith-filled outlook. ☹️

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      1. I just love the stories of the martyrs, Jewel, and how they rose to give witness even in excruciatingly painful moments. They couldn’t do that without grace. And I know we but ask and graces come to us.

        I realize we’ll be suffering as we adapt. I’m nearly certain that I’ll weep and feel fear. I’m also sure there will be tremendous joy as people turn their spiritual lives around and reach for God. How privileged we will be to accompany such people on the journey to God. And I foresee great beauty in people bonding through working to uphold each other. This is the dimension of what we’ll be living that sounds like an adventure to remember.

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  2. “The difference between this and previous historical regional collapses is not how few see and understand what is happening, but how many do.”

    I concur whole heartedly. The disconnect is why aren’t our numbers where they should be? People know the game is afoot, this is clear. So, why aren’t we seeing the influx you rightly expected a year ago?

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    1. It’s a good question, Tom, but one I do not think about much. I have had five situations before where people were mocking my naievete because a minority campaign or initiative I was pushing was getting no traction – and then overnight (usually, but not always, at an unexpected point) would come the flood that carried us on to victory. I have had other such situations where the flood never came. My method has always been the same. Work diligently to ensure the quality of what we are doing and prepare the infrastructure to handle the flood when – and if – it comes. If you don’t emphasize quality, it will peter out quickly even if a flood comes. If you are not prepared for the flood, you will be swept away when it comes. But whether it comes is in God’s hands. In all candor, in most things the flood never comes. My track record of expecting a flood and actually receiving it is as good as any I know of – but still includes more failures than such startling victories. Yet one must remain ever vigilant either way. I know that in this case, things have been devised so that if it never comes, those who participate have enriched their lives and strengthened the bonds of fellowship dramatically with those who would build a healthy culture. I know it is our duty to keep people ever mindful of being prepared to handle the influx – for the saddest outcome of all, complete failure, would be to relax like the virgins who let their lamp oil dwindle and be unprepared when the moment does come.

      I hope to be among those who reap what we have sewn, but if God decrees that we should sew and others reap, I know that what we sew will bear great fruit that will last – and so continue to devote ourselves to the sewing while being prepared for the reaping, whoever is to inherit the latter.

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      1. My bad. My wife always tells me I’m too blunt, and usual the women are smarter 🙂

        Please don’t misinterpret the purpose of what I asked. I asked because we need to do this…servant leadership

        When our Blessed mother found Him in the temple she found Him asking questions…#ServantLeadership

        I pray that we begin to follow His example and seek…and then we shall find

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        1. I wasn’t offended at all, Tom. That’s your way and it has proved useful many times. The rhythms I follow are more obscure, though over time have proven out pretty well. I often have people recommending a more traditional way to me and I pay attention to those who are serious, for there are times when they are right.

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        2. Tom,
          I see it as a personal test. The “lamps” are our fidelity to our Faith and this can be a great sign to those who have no moring when things go south. When the other virgins ask the ones with oil to share theirs they refused.
          Not very charitable was it?
          For our part, we can’t be that light on a hill if our own oil runs out. But we can be they who hold a light in the darkness when all other lights fail if we keep our hope alive.
          Pope Benedict said the remnant will be small. On a global scale, small could be 100+ million people. On a local scale that is very few people per community if spread out over 7+billion people worldwide. So that “flood” Charlie is hoping in may be a drizzle in some quarters.
          I pray my oil may light a great path for those around me to find that Light in these dark days. And I hope it becomes even brighter as things become even darker and I maintain my faith and trust as others loose all hope so I can then be that Sign of Hope that replaces the worldly hope they have lost.

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          1. And I remember what Desmond said too that b4 the three days of darkness…if it comes…people will be scarce. But who knows what God has in store for humanity. Either way, if e we love God, it’s a win win.

            I noticed yesterday that the prayer of Fatima by the angel of peace is very similar to what the Baltimore catechism says on why we were made:

            6. Q. Why did God make you?2
            A. God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.

            Theological Prayer
            In the Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace taught the three children of Fátima this prayer, making them repeat it three times. My God, I believe, adore, hope and love You! I ask pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and who deny You love. Meu Deus!

            Not exactly the same but I thought it pretty close and very sweet, pure and holy🥰🙏🎚


      2. That makes a lot of sense to me, Charlie! Sounds like the prayer of abandonment in which our souls find peace!🥰🙏🎚


  3. Thank you for this! I am in the midst of a great storm in my life, one where I cannot see my hand in front of me, for the fog is so thick. I am trusting in God every day to show me the way. Your words have brought comfort to me in my journey!!

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    1. KateA, pray the Surrender Prayer!! If only the final words: “Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything!” Ten times! Every day!

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  4. Oh my goodness, I have been pushing the homemade formula (evaporated milk/karo syrup recipe) to anyone who will listen for weeks now. I do not understand why this is not being pushed, especially on the Right. None of the talking heads bring it up. My own family: my niece has a 8 month old and asked everyone to pick up a can of the formula she uses if we see it. I responded with I would and also gave her the recipe for homemade formula that her grandmother and many mothers in the 50’s and 60’s used. I got a blank look. Geese Louise…. i don’t understand the refusal to try this recipe…. it’s a good backup if you can’t get the commercial formula you like. The little one doesn’t have to go hungry and the mother’s anxiety regarding feeding her child would be relieved. I don’t understand this. I pray every night that God opens her eyes, mind and heart. I stress over and over, do NOT trust the government or expect them to save you. Trust God and yourself. We will all have to return to handling things the way our parents/grandparents did during the depression, including returning to the sacraments. The party is over.

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    1. I don’t understand it, either, omarie. Have we become such a feckless generation that we can’t do anything unless someone is telling us what to do? And how long of them telling us what to do that is wrong before we figure out we are better off fending for ourselves? When I was a little boy my Mom told me I should quit telling my friends what to do. She both laughed and gave it up when she said I looked at her innocently and said, “But Mom, if I don’t tell them what to do we don’t do anything.” And so it goes…

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      1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I breast-fed 4 babies and keep wondering why no one brings that up as a solution! I do know the human body can do wondrous things, and when I had to leave a baby in the hospital for a short time, the milk came right back. Maybe the moms could encourage their bodies to “reboot”.

        Oh and here’s breaking news from Gateway Pundit! Whoopi G. says the Archbishop has no right to bar Pelosi from Communion; “it’s not your job, Dude”! What hutzpah! Aren’t you glad we’ve been informed correctly now?!

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        1. I know of a sweet girl who has a 6 month old and I’m sad to say that people I love dearly have been making fun of her for staying home and breast feeding! 😩. I get a big kick out of her getting the last laugh🥰👶🏼🥛

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    2. I think we’re not pushing it because we know that it has little nutrition to it. There are other home made formulas that have more oomph to them with a higher fat profile ( babies need fats for their brains) but I absolutely agree that if you need to feed the baby, then feed the baby and say a prayer as you do.

      The saddest aspect of the story to me is how we don’t breastfeed anymore.

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  5. I do trust and believe that God will help us through this period that we are experiencing. I feel very much at peace. After all Jesus gifted His peace to us before He entered His Passion. I cling to it. But I have friends that are all over the place.
    What do you think about storing food and medicine. If things are going to disappear from store shelves, would it be practical or not to get a few things?
    My heart goes after those mothers who are desperate to feed their babies. Right now in my Parrish we have several newborn babies. And the mothers are so young!

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    1. Oh yes, Maria. It’s actually prudent to store food and medicine. You can visit the CORAC website (corac.co) and find resources there to guide you in your decision-making concerning prep for sustainability as well as health & wellness.

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  6. What a beautiful piece here, Charlie!!! I’ll be printing it out tomorrow!!! I’ve been thinking a lot about how you said that you got into the groove after 6 weeks of being in the wilderness. I keep telling Mike about that but he’s sort of in denial yet. I’m not. Things are definitely ramping up and it’s really really scary so thank you so much for this piece and all the good advice you give to us in it!!! God bless and protect you soooo much!!!

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  7. WARNING: For the baby formula recipe, Karo syrup-yes, however Do Not Add Honey. Honey is a raw product that may contain bacteria that babies’ immune systems are not ready for. All dietitians know this. Also, the mother’s breast milk is the absolute
    best! And provides immunity that formulas can not. Thanks for everything, Charlie!
    Carole, retired registered dietitian

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  8. In your responce to Lake Charlie, I couldn’t help but think about the miserable state of the medical community in general for just normal medical treatments. On 4/ 28 my daughter stepped on a toothpick which broke off in her foot. She went to the ER only to be told she needed a “specialist” to take it out. The next day she called to schedule an appointment they said TWO WEEKS! She tried another clinic but got the same run around. After the two weeks the Dr was mad because she wasn’t seen right away but HE then scheduled her for an MRI. More days. She is still waiting for an MRI and it’s 5/23!
    Another story:
    My friend hurt his back and was given pain meds (enough for just two days) and sent to physical therapy. He was sent back to work but because his leg was numb he fell and herniated a disc. Now he’s on workmans comp but they just want him to take pain meds and go back to work (as a grounds keeper at a golf course mowing, weeding, raking, etc) but all these tasks he is not allowed to do (light duty work and no bending, lifting, etc). So they won’t officially “clear” him for duty (there is no light duty work on a golf course) but they won’t “fix” the disc either. Now they want to do a block (pain relief only) but this does not fix a herniated disc.
    He is still waiting on this…..

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    1. @ Phillip Frank with regards to your friend with the herniated disk it doesn’t need to be fixed. It will resolve on its own. It can take up to 8 weeks to do so. I’ve had broken vertebrae, herniated disks, sciatica and successfully overcame them all in spite of doctors and chiropractors.

      Your friend needs to keep moving and not laying down unless he is tired and needs a nap. The worst thing for him would be bed rest.

      When the pain becomes a bit more tolerable, your friend needs to start strengthening the muscles of his back in order to keep himself injury free.

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      1. Thanks.
        He is very active dispite the pain.
        I agree with your assessment it’s just he’s having a hard time making money while out of work.
        WC does not pay a full salary.
        Did your numbness revert after a time?

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    2. “On 4/ 28 my daughter stepped on a toothpick which broke off in her foot. She went to the ER only to be told she needed a “specialist” to take it out. The next day she called to schedule an appointment they said TWO WEEKS! She tried another clinic but got the same run around. After the two weeks the Dr was mad because she wasn’t seen right away but HE then scheduled her for an MRI. More days. She is still waiting for an MRI and it’s 5/23!”

      Philip Frank, I am a beginner student, but fyi, here are some things it can’t hurt to try. Keep on keepin’ on!

      (read what she says about Hypericum and the other remedies)

      There are other remedies that can address puncture infections, etc….

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      1. Great ideas, Littlelight. I recently discovered three remedies (chosen thanks to Mick’s expertise… and I’ve recorded what I’ve learned about those remedies, the better to tend to those around me when needed) which have played a key role in bringing healing to a knee which I inadvertently twisted. Icing and laying hands on to pray over the injury have been two additional keys to improvement.

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        1. Wonderful! I love to hear accounts of success using Homeopathy (and prayer). I’ve had so many myself, it is positively energizing. Someday I hope I can be in Joette’s APH.

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  9. When my kids were young, I would read them stories from a “kids” Bible (very simplified). For Noah and the flood, Noah kept asking God, “Where’s the water?” And God would answer, “The water is coming!” This back and forth dialogue continues with each step of Noah’s preparation for the flood. And then, finally! The water comes! My kids would get so frustrated with Noah! After several readings, they would almost yell, “The water is coming!!”

    I literally have to stop myself from continually asking God, “How long, O Lord?!” THE WATER IS COMING!! I hear Him loud and clear!

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  10. Charlie; I’m still waiting for your pilgrimage story about the poor young couple in Alabama (maybe LA.) who after giving you a ride offered you $5 and you refused it. Best lesson I’ve ever gotten in graciously allowing people to help even if one doesn’t necessarily need it.

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    1. That was a very timely one, coming on my very first night out. It strikingly set the tone for what sort of mentality I was to have through this. I will recount it in writing here sometime. And yes, they were in Alabama.

      One of the funniest occasions of spell-check did happen in Santa Monica, though. Cover was not good and I was played out. I had a little extra money and found a nice little hotel that was cheap enough. So I checked in and went out to get some coffee and maybe a roll. It was a Saturday and as dusk settled in, I saw a very young girl wearing a very skimpy outfit. I was very taken aback and thought if her mother saw her there would be some serious blowback. But then I saw more and more scandalously-clad young girls, some with their mothers. It was very depressing and I was a bit shocked. I’m not a prude but I am a Midwestern boy – and pre-teens do not routinely dress like hookers where I come from. It made me ponder how impoverished it was to emphasize something so prurient, particularly at such a young age – and with parental approval. I wrote a little meditation on Facebook, ending by saying that, “Those who put their hope in things are ever disappointed.” Click from my phone. When I looked back at the published sentiment, what my phone had sent was, “Those who put their hope in thongs are ever disappointed.” I started to correct it but then, addressing my angel, just said, “Well played. Well played, indeed.”

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      1. Charlie & Gang,

        This reminds me of year in Korea where I served on a joint ROK/US Staff @ Osan AB. I was the token Tac Airlifter with a bunch of Fighter Guys (85-86) ….. Anyway. Capt Kwon was my ROKAF counterpart and we got a Good-Deal TDY to Hawaii to attend some planning conference @ Camp Smith/Pearl Harbor.
        My Boss told me to take a few extra days to show Kwon the place and since I’d only been there for gas stops, it was a treat for me too. We packed a bunch of Sight-Seeing in three days.
        1/2 way through, Kwon very seriously commented. “American women are very immodest aren’t they?” I assured him that the Mainland USA was different.
        Along the same lines.
        We would often have to drive up to Seoul for something at the Big HQ @ Youngsan.
        Like US they have BIG Billboards advertising stuff. One day I noticed one with a reclining Sweet Young Thing in a Short Shorts outfit peddling electronics. The next week I drove up to find Miss Short Shorts with a tarp covering up her southern regions 😉
        I’m guessing the ROK is “different” now too?

        GOD SAVE ALL HERE & The ROK too.

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      2. 😀 😀 😀 I’m not sure which is funnier, the spell-check “error” or your comment to your angel, “well-played.” And then it hits me how different your life has been from, say, mine, where I might say something to my angel but have no indication there is anyone next to me to hear me say it. Yet there are times when I speak anyway. 🙂

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  11. Thank you Charlie, this is something to share with others who are just now beginning to open their eyes to the train wreck before them that was our beautiful country. I know this has to play out but I feel so awful that there is nothing we could have done to stop this. I feel ashamed that all my ancestors who built up and fought for this great land has dwindled through our fingers during these last few decades. The last twenty years on my job I tried with futile efforts to warn my coworkers of the slow walk on the path to destruction. They would just look at me like I was crazy and nicknamed me “the Minister of Doom” and my partner who echoed the same warnings was named “Gloom”. Now, when they see Gloom and Doom they say you guys were right! Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

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  12. Thank-you, Charlie. Very thought-provoking. I plan to reread to catch what I missed the first time.
    I pray for ourselves that when we are in tears and on our knees that God will give us the strength to get up once more and take the next right step.
    God bless us, everyone, katey in OR

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  13. What a wonderful Post. Thank you so much Charlie. I wish that I had been one of the people in those little cafe’s along your route, who met you and learned about what you were doing. This piece heartened me….and thank you for the squirrels at the end!

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  14. In my baby book there is a card written from the hospital for the same recipe for formula you listed.

    Charlie, can the Brazen Serpent Prayer help the scared step out of denial into productivity?

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  15. I appreciate this post very much, Charlie ~ a combination of reflections on current events from a Christian perspective, and a recollection of remarkable lessons learned during your God-ordained pilgrimage.

    You are helping to equip the faithful, which is foundational to your mission (as you know). ❤

    Blessings, friend ~
    Sister Bear

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  16. The article a interesting read with some good points…

    The more a society ignores it’s problems, the greater it’s fall. Many intentially blind themselves thinking that their ignorance will protect them.

    Society became very vulnerable when it did a way with life skills and embraced a consumer lifestyle mentality, when the economy goes bust, many will become desperate not knowing what to do.

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    1. Al2,
      I was driving home with my family Sunday and we got talking about this subject.
      As we drove along I asked them if they knew of any plants on the roadside that they could eat?
      I quickly pointed out 4 or 5 as we drove by a few trees, vines and bushes that are edible.
      More crickets.
      This vulnerability is so true. One could starve to death while surrounded by a garden of earthly delights with such a loss of common knowledge from days gone by.
      Oil for our lamps can be in many forms during this Storm. This knowledge may just be one of them.

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      1. Yep, I agree PHILLIP.

        The common dandelion is edible and pine/spruce needles can be brewed into tea. There’s surely other edible plants out there if we could identify those.

        Some plants grow like weeds, like chives, parsley, & mint. Some varieties of tomatoes & cucumbers produce lots of fruit, which should be planted. Some leafy greens include mustard leaf, dandelion leaf, grapevine leaf, radish leaf, carrot leaf, beet leaf & sweet potato leaf (some of these are better made into pesto or added to soups & stews instead of eaten raw); hot chili pepper leaves can eaten once in a while if cooked.

        Anyone have anything else to add to the list?


          1. Let’s see…

            The Forager’s Harvest,
            Northeast Foraging,
            Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada,
            Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook,
            Wilderness Secrets Revealed
            Bush Craft – Mors Kochanski

            No, I don’t seem to have that book Beckita. I didn’t realize I had that many books already…

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          2. It’s cool Corac has a section for patio & container gardening Beckita.

            I’ve been making raised garden beds over the past few years, and my family finds it easier & more convenient than just trying to recondition the soil where the grass used to grow. It provides better drainage for plants that require well drained soil.

            Before I started the raised garden beds, I tried poking some holes in bags of dark earth composted top soil and planted inside the bag for a quick and easy garden for those who aren’t setup for gardening.

            I’ve used led plant lights to grow leafy plants durring the winter months in pots. Leafy plants grow better than root crops under plant lights.

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            1. Sounds weird nderful, Al. Father and I have a couple of friends who are building the boxes for our raised beds, soon to be delivered. With some 5 gallon buckets added to our plans, we’re getting excited for some much more spring-like weather to arrive.

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              1. It’s a little easier on the back Beckita, and there’s room to add richer soil & compost. I figure the soil will be pretty depleted of nutrients if one plants a garden where there used to be grass.

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          3. I bought this one (Idiot’s Guide: Foraging”) at Amazon a little while ago but haven’t tried it out yet:

            I figured I might be able to understand a Guide for an Idiot Forager, which is what I will be if and when it becomes necessary. Or perhaps it will become a new hobby someday!

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            1. I might need a copy of that too SteveBC, I have books, but I have no clue how competent I’d be at using those in the field.

              It might not be a bad starting point before moving on to more advanced guides.

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              1. I have the Northeast Foraging book you listed. LOL about this /|\ I have already used dandelion greens in juicing. My plan is to try the cattail recipe.


                1. Ok , cool Littlelight.
                  I bought these books a few years back, I was hoping others like yourself could give some feedback on the usefulness of those titles. Obviously, plants vary according to region, so having a big list of hot & dry weather plants isn’t as useful in a cooler region that is damp where the plants are different.

                  I’ve eaten dandelion salad, the leaves havested in a sunny can be bitter.


                  1. I’m a newbie but it sounds like great fun to report any successes.

                    Joette Calabrese had talks about incorporating foraged greens here:
                    and here:

                    In my yard my two lilacs are almost done blooming. The cardoons was on my wish list to try, and now, you’ve inspired me, Al2. I will reread all my resource books to see if I can competently identify some. If I have success, I will report back.

                    TY for the encouragement and needed kick-start. Trepidation is my worst enemy.

                    Last fall I spent months gathering homeopathic remedies, a few books, a few courses. All the while fighting Trepidation and almost constant sense of being Overwhelmed. (We now have successful remedies for that, LOL!) I have no problem diving into myself/hubby (he’s game) but it is a bit more scary for my kids who are varying shades of Resistant.

                    Anyways, my (winning, happy to say) strategy was, dive in with determination, and set it completely aside when exhausted, to pick up when the energy was there again.

                    Today I am so.very.grateful I just started. If I’d let fear paralyze me, I’d missed out on so many abundant ways to treat stuff that I am ever so slowly learning. TYG.

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          4. I saw that on CORAC and it’s next to purchase! I watched the infomercial on the official link and decided I can get cattails. I know where they are. So I will start with that one goal.

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  17. Hmmm. Tried to comment yesterday in order to receive all comments. Never got the subscribe notice. Trying again. 😁. God Bless!

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉

    Sadly, the past 75 years has been more about rejecting the Scriptures than interpreting them ;-(


    SanFran Nanny …. True Colors! Like Teddy Kennedy, she will go to her grave supporting The Democrat Party Agenda!


    Reichsführer Schwab’s “Future” does NOT include Thee & Me!

    It’s ALL part of The Agenda! 10% Elites” – 90% Serfs!
    Inflation Is Killing the Working Class–ANTONIO GRACEFFO
    …. & ChinaJoe admits it:

    Naughty Word Guy has got a good idea:

    There are plenty of RINO DC UniParty Types who believe in The Davos Agenda ;-(

    I’m sure our DOJ will investigate ALL Hate Crimes and not just those involving designated Democrat Party Victim Groups ….. Right!?? ….. Hello!!!!

    If the Airlines are short of Pilots, the Military is really Hurting. Perfect Storm … All Around ;-(



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  19. I saw your reference, CD, to the Schwab/Davos thing and it reminded me of a prayer I sent up this morning. I heard it done years ago in Charismatic circles, so I hope it’s ok to do. Prayed that the Archangels and all the Angels in Davos would loose spirits of total confusion upon the meeting and all the players to completely disrupt all their plans!! St. Michael the Archangel help us!

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  20. I was allergic to all baby formula. It caused my stomach to bleed. Doctor told my mom to give me goats milk. That did the trick. That’s what I grew on – goats milk. I looked it up the other day and it says how nutritious it is but not recommended for babies due to lack of folate – and they’re telling parents not to use it. It’s astonishing how stupid the media is. To say not to use that, when there’s NO alternative! Hmmm. Seems to me if it’s nutritious, it’s better than zero nutrition.
    Goats milk can be purchased pretty easily.
    Always get enlightened reading your posts Charlie!!

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    RIP Texas School Victims! Prayers for Families & Friends!!
    Sadly ….. People who care nothing about Children & Family will use this Horror to advance THEIR Evil Agenda!!!




    I quit listening to Shawn Hannity a couple of years ago ’cause I got tired of his constant airing of BigTalk & Lil’Action types like SC Lindsey & hearing his same boring “Litany” & Mantras ……. one of which was/is: The FBI is 99% OK and it’s only a 1% Problem. I’m guessing it’s, at least, a 51% Problem ;-(
    …… sadly the entire Fed Alphabet Bureauocracy is corrupt and beyond repair.




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  22. Wow!  Opening story on the prayer card sooo powerful.  Will be getting order in as need ASAP for known people!  My friend owns a flower shop, and they are DRAINED from all the funerals they are doing in their small town.  And no one stating it is from the vax.  It is from cancer, heart disease, etc…And they owners are EXHAUSTED.  They have been trying to educate , be an example, encourage following the Immaculate Heart, trusting in Jesus, and on and on.  And now her own health is taking a toll.  And for the past 3-4 weeks have been CONSTANT “cloud trails” that look so abnormal. And Beckita…you so right in focusing on the new experiences that we will be called to.  I love the Mama Mary picture you posted.  She is the Madonna..Our Lady.!!!God bless to all here, as we pray for each other in contagious faith, hope and love!  🌴Aloha oi’🌺

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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    1. “God bless to all here, as we pray for each other in contagious faith, hope and love! 🌴Aloha oi’🌺”

      Oooh, I <B this! Ima about 10hrs away as the steel birdie flies, LOL. Your words are poetically beautiful. No matter how dark the night, it is no match for Our Lady and Our Lord, eh?

      I've posted this before, but I just got a new one in my email this morning. Gary has healing gift from The Lord, maybe he can encourage your exhausted friend. This video is a link to a whole series of 5 min videos (?about 20 or so).

      Keep on Keepin' On! (from Yankee land, LOL. Aloha oi' too)

      Video, Gary Roe, Fear Not Series, Fear Not When Life is Dark:

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  23. regarding the “great reset”
    •The globalist takeover is coming at us from every possible angle. Whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing, health care, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have

    •one goal, and that is to force compliance with a totalitarian slave system.
    •The global food system, and protein sources in particular, are currently under coordinated and intentional attacks to manufacture food shortages and famine.
    •The globalist elite intend to eliminate traditional farming and livestock and replace it with indoor-grown produce and lab-created protein alternatives that they own and control.
    •While the presence of hundreds of food brands gives the appearance of market competition, the reality is that the food industry is monopolized by fewer than a dozen companies, and all of them, in turn, are largely owned by BlackRock and Vanguard.

    •Eventually, your ability to buy food will be tied to your digital identity and social credit score.

    – The globalist takeover agenda is nothing if not comprehensive. They’re coming at us from every possible angle, and whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing, health care, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal, and that is to force compliance with a totalitarian slave system….

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉


    When the People Tasked With Protecting Our Children Are the Villains


    YUP! ;-(

    It’s the same Ol’ Democrat Party Gun Grab Mantra that we have heard since 1968.
    Ya know! The Democrat Party that turns a Blind eye to Border Jumping Drug/Human Traffickers, Terrorists and Criminals.
    The same Democrat Party that defunds Cops, takes Cops outta Schools and puts up “Gun Free Zone” Signs.
    The same Democrat Party that Owns ALL the Crime/Misery Plagued Urban Areas.
    The same Democrat Party that slanders and demonizes Cops, White People, Pro-Lifers and People of Faith.
    The same Democrat Party that is bent upon demolishing The Bill of Rights …. especially the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments. They only love the 5th Amendment.
    By the by! The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting Bambi and everything to do with an Armed Citizenry repelling foreign and DOMESTIC enemies!
    My AF Officers Oath was a pledge to defend the USA Constitution from foreign & DOMESTIC enemies.
    No! I didn’t forget! The same slimy Democrats that are shedding CrocTears over the Texas Children today are the same Democrats who applaud and promote unlimited ABORTION … now even till 28 days past birth!
    The same Democrat Party that sheds NO tears over the 65 Million babies or the Children gunned down nightly in THEIR Cities!
    Pastor Coverstone today:

    THEY don’t care! Doped-Up Wefare Slaves Vote Democrat ;-(




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    1. Thanks CD, those 2 “brownstone” articles are excellent.


  25. Greetings and God bless,
    I very much love what you have said in this piece Charlie, especially about simply trusting God to be with you no matter what is happening. I find that when I stray from that frame of mind God will get me back to it if he has to “jerk my chain” so to speak.
    I have followed you since your pilgrimage and taken much to heart. But I was one of those who thought I had it all figured out! Didn’t realize that until He showed me just how much I was relying on myself and not Him. I had my comfy little house, my garden, all my food storage, tools. etc. Whatever it took I would be okay because I was prepared! Then my house burned down. All my tool, supplies, food, canning supplies, everything gone just like that! It took me back a bit, then you wrote something about the surrender novena. I thought gosh I have to find that. Well next day I went to mass and there they were a stack of them right inside the door! God is good!!. I have said this novena so many times already, but I will keep saying it until I get my head and my heart straightened out. Yes I just pray we can get back in our home before everything has collapsed. But given the supply chain issues, the material shortages, labor shortages etc. only God knows if that will happen. But I am learning to completely trust that God knows what is best for me and mine.
    I find that I have lost faith in almost all the institutions I used to trust from the government , the news media, the health care industry, even to some extent those who should be our shepherds in the church.
    but God will be there and that is all I need. P.S. It does not hurt to have a community like this to go to when I’m feeling shakey and in need of a pep talk!
    With love, Momwilker

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    1. God bless you, Momwilker. It is a mighty blessing that we all have each other here. You are always welcome to come on over and check in and we’ll lift you up as you lift us up. Thank you for sharing this testimony of faith, humility and fortitude.

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    2. This is beautiful, Momwilker. I used to tell people I didn’t care how much preparation they did provided they were prepared to walk away from or lose it at a moment’s notice if things did not go as they planned. It pleased God to make you live it. The lessons you learned through it will make you profoundly useful in God’s hands.

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  26. Charlies baby formula, using condensed milk, is what my mother used, and I have nursed many kittens with it, but have no personal experience using it with human babies. However, I have found that lactose free milk is even better for kittens, as it does not give them diarrhea, Lactose fee milk is the same as regular milk from cows, but an enzyme is added to simplify the natural sugar in it to make it more digestible. I would avoid using honey in infant formula, because the bacteria in honey can cause a paralysis in infants that can be fatal.

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  27. I have not commented in a while but I wanted you all to know that I am here and still offering prayers for the things you share here.
    I feel sometimes that I am on the frontlines of this battle and my troops have a long way to go to be ready but, if God wills, I will be here to help them through. Once, very long ago, the Lord reminded me of how He consoled St. Peter, “Satan has has demanded to sift all of you like wheat, but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again strengthen your brethren.” (Luke 22:31-32) It fascinates me that this “asking” of the satan is not revealed in the Scriptures. How does he ask? How dare he ask! But I always come back to this thought: The Son of God prays for us, even when we falter so that we can pick ourselves up, acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to others: Charlie’s philosophy in a Scriptural nutshell.
    I pray that I will be ready and that all my smaller missteps have prepared me so that I don’t commit a greater or worse fault when it really counts. God grant me the grace to be a sign of hope.

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  28. Thank you brother! Your simple, folksy, holy, cowboy advise ways helps me love and trust God more and to seek His will for me more simply, and practically.

    With deep love and affection, yours in Christ…r


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