A Pro-Life Apologia

Baby Brother – by Holly Callie

By Charlie Johnston

I have engaged in discussion the last few days with some pro-abortion folks on Twitter. It has been simultaneously frustrating, enlightening and a little heartening. Some friends say it won’t be long before Twitter bans me for some bit of fact they don’t like. We’ll see. The winds of change are blowing there, but the deal has not yet been consummated.

The conversation is frustrating because of the enormous amount of logical fallacies, misinformation, ad hominems, and bald assertions masquerading as facts or evidence coming from that side. I linked to a Yahoo News Item (NOT a conservative site) to provide video of hysterical protesters in front of Supreme Court Justices homes and the response from several was a disdainful, “Oh that video is from Fox News.” What?! So prejudiced against Fox News that they will not even look at video proof if it has appeared on the Fox Network?! That approaches invincible ignorance. The only problem that the left can possibly have with Fox is that it is moderately conservative, not that it is inaccurate. Over the last six years, Fox has proven to be far more accurate than CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the establishment media – so the left’s aversion to Fox is just a visceral emotion rather than a considered decision. (I was kind of amused because I have more than a few problems with Fox, myself, but lefties generally don’t get nuance. Their narrative is that conservatives are racist, misogynist, redneck watchers of Fox News and NASCAR races. It is a bigoted caricature rather than an effort to understand any arguments.) While it is frustrating to me, it is crippling to those so afflicted. What you don’t know will, indeed, ultimately hurt you.

It gave me a key insight into something that has puzzled me for over a decade. Back when I was doing heavy politics, one of the things I was valued for was my ability to get into the minds of the opponents and figure out what course they would likely take. About a year into the Obama presidency that ability started taking a steep nosedive. I just couldn’t figure out what they were thinking. The thing was that back in the day, most conservatives and most liberals (not all) worked from a set of foundational principles. Their actions would differ based on their interpretive prism – but those actions were in service to their principles, and so they were coherent. Modern leftists (and some conservatives) have appetites – and their principles are only of use in service to their current appetites. That is why a month ago leftists were passionately opining that you had to be a biologist to know what a woman is and that men could get pregnant – while now they passionately opine that you must be a woman to have a say on abortion, at all. Their current appetite changed – and so did their principles. For genuine conservatives (and genuine liberals of 30 years ago) principles are pylons sunk into bedrock to serve as the foundation of the intellectual and philosophical structure they build atop it. For leftists, principles are just gear in their toolbox, to be casually taken up and set aside as their appetites demand. The latter approach is inevitably arbitrary and capricious, without any consistent coherence. This is why I cannot easily predict their course: there is no intellectual foundation on their side from which to work. One simply has to hypothesize where their appetites will take them next. Since their appetites are arbitrary and capricious, that is not as reliable as working with an actual intellectual foundation. One side has malleable actions in service to their principles; the other has malleable ‘principles’ in service to their appetites.

Even so, the interactions gave me some heart. Most people simply no longer have the tools they need to do serious critical thinking. This is why so many want to abrogate their responsibility as a free citizen to an ‘expert,’ usually someone as uninformed as they are but with a credential. Philosophy has been seriously impoverished since the Enlightenment 300 years ago. It still bears occasional nuggets of insight, but is largely superficial and shallow – when it does not entirely engage in building castles in the air. Ironically in this age of “reason,” the best philosophy comes from serious theology (though I must concede that some of the worst modern philosophy comes from crackpot theologians). As my friend, Eschatologist Desmond Birch often says, most modern problems are the result of bad philosophy. Add to that the entire collapse of emphasis on evidence, logic and reason in the academy of ‘higher’ and lower learning and you have a whole generation of people who won participation medals without learning or having to seriously strive to actually win much of anything. They come to intellectual debate almost entirely unarmed with any facts or consistent logic. So it is not entirely surprising that they should seek to make every controversy a contest of will and raw, often, violent power. They are incapable of any other sort of discourse.

So how can I be heartened? Despite the lack of factual evidence or the needed discipline for logical inquiry, some of them genuinely want to seek the good. They have simply been deprived of the necessary tools to do so with any precision by several generations of deficient – and often malicious – pedagogues. Unless they are gifted auto-didacts, it is unlikely that they can suddenly develop clear, consistent, and precise ways of thinking to build a solid foundation of coherent principles, either conservative or liberal (NOT leftist – which is profoundly anti-intellectual). Over the years I have had some very warm friendships with bona fide (and even prominent) liberals. Perhaps the most prominent was the late Sen. Adlai Stevenson III. We had some lively, intriguing conversations but that was because we both understood the basic foundational rules of actual facts, evidence and consistent logic. That can no longer be assumed. One time, I was charged with briefing a colleague who was going to meet with a prominent public figure who had been mixed and muddled on the issue of abortion. Suddenly it dawned on me that what my colleague should do was to focus on the basics – that we in the pro-life movement often assumed others to have far more basic knowledge on the subject than they actually do. My friend thought that was an inspired idea – and went with it. After the meeting, he called me and told me with some astonishment that he thought we had a real convert. Turns out the public figure had a top advisor with him, who confirmed all the factual information. The man got mad midway through – not at my colleague, but that he had been played for so long. So I think it may well be time to go back to some basics and fundamentals – not just making our case, but explaining the basis on which we come to it. There are some people we can never reach. They live like an exposed nerve and get some weird excitement out of raging all the time, even at the price of constant misery. A good chunk of those we can reach will still disagree, but will at least do so on more solid intellectual ground and tone down the desperate emotional angst. But some, given the tools for critical, rational thinking, will have a genuine conversion experience like the public figure I mentioned. I am not too naive, I don’t think. Certainly, the majority of the left love their ad hominems and non sequiturs, thinking it brilliant when it doesn’t even rise to the level of rank sophistry. But there is a small remnant of people there who want to find the good and live it rather than just slavishly work to protect their own perceived privilege and power.

Since most of the discussions I reference have happened on Twitter – where it is difficult to make a sustained and nuanced discussion of any depth, I am going to apply the technique to the issue of abortion next. This is just a cursory examination – but it is a start.


 The only question that matters in the abortion debate is whether or not the fetus is a human person. If he is, he is entitled to the rights that all other persons are. If not, he is not entitled to any of the rights other persons are. Until that question is answered, everything else is a distraction and a deflection.

Both science and orthodox Christian theology are in lockstep that the fetus IS a fully human person at an early stage of development. A very few avant-garde philosophers disagree, but they get into some very strange corners – such as Peter Singer who often  argues that a mother should have a “right” to terminate her child up until it is a year old.

Despite this, a whole host of deflecting arguments are raised that cannot stand the most basic test of examination. The first is that abortion is a woman’s right. That fails to understand what a right is and who can guarantee a right. The rights embedded in our Constitution are based in natural law theory. They precede the existence of the state and cannot be revoked. They are granted by God or, if you will, by natural law. That the founders chose this basis was subtle genius for several reasons. First, whoever grants a “right” can also revoke it. Thus, any right granted by a government would be insecure and subject to the transient whims of that government. If you believe that the state is the grantor of rights, you may protest when it revokes it, but you have no grounds to complain that they have done anything untoward whether you agree with the result or not. He who grants a right has authority to revoke it. This is why the very idea of a government granting rights founds those rights on sand. Acknowledging that all genuine rights exist with the person before the existence of the state both secures individual rights and establishes a demanding test for the legitimacy of any government. A government that does not defend actual rights is, prima facie, illegitimate.

What governments can grant are indulgences, privileges and entitlements. But again, these can be legitimately revoked by the same authority that granted them in the first place. You may want universal health care, but it cannot be a right because it is not something endowed to you before the very existence of a government. You may vote for – or a sovereign may decree – universal health care, but the same can be repealed by another vote or the contrary whim of the sovereign. It is not the same thing as a right, which cannot be legitimately impinged upon by any person or state.

The only limits to rights are if one person’s right impinges upon that of another person. Thus, I have the right to freely swing my arm at will, but that right ends at the tip of another’s nose. No one has the right to deprive another of any of their rights except with due process of law for criminal behavior. There are some areas that seem to obviate this, such as the doctrine of eminent domain, which allows a unit of government to forcibly take a person’s land without their approval – but even this can only be done for a compelling public good following due process and with just compensation. The fundamental doctrine is that no person or institution may do violence to the rights of another person. Thus, if a fetus is a human person, as both science and orthodox Christian theology agree, then no other person has the right to deprive him of his fundamental right to life. That means neither the father nor the mother – nor anyone else – can legitimately deprive that unborn person of his rights, for there can be no right to deny the rights of another innocent person or class of persons.

A spokesman for a pro-abortion institute once argued with me when I had him on my Chicago radio show that we could all just agree that, in this case, life begins at birth – and that would solve the problem. It does not. Philosophical principles must be coherent and consistent or they can be expanded or contracted in arbitrary and capricious ways that, ultimately, can target the very person arguing for an arbitrary definition. Arbitrary definitions always begin the slide away from the rule of law and towards the raw will to power.

A few examples:

  • State of development. If you argue that there are some states of development before or after which a person is not entitled to human rights, what is to prevent anyone from extending that state of development before which a person can be lawfully killed? In Peter Singer’s case he advocates for obvious sentience – which could extend to a year or more after birth. What if the standard was extended to the capacity for independence? Then you could euthanize some healthy teenagers. What principle could limit this standard from being extended if a sufficient number of the body politic – or if the sovereign – decided to extend it? It is building on sand – and quicksand, at that.
  • Dependence. There is no doubt that an unborn child has a unique and complete dependence on its mother that can be a real burden on the mother, particularly if she is unhappy with the situation. This is often used as justification for abortion, usually by arguing that a baby has no right to life unless he is “wanted.” Take care again. Given this standard, on what basis do we prosecute women who have killed their born children? Clearly the children were now unwanted. Going further, how do we protect anyone who is in a position of dependence on another? Follow this  argument to its logical conclusion and relationships between mankind simply become a complicated form of animal husbandry – with the shepherd’s hold on his dominant position ever in peril. There are safe alternatives to this. In another age, the way to prevent such an unwanted dependence was through contraceptives or abstinence. What a general abortion regime demands is that no one exercise any self-restraint or accept any consequences for that lack of self-restraint. That is not a “right;” simply a demand for absolute, unchecked privilege over another human being.
  • Interest. It is often argued that fulfilling the demands of pregnancy imposes an intolerable burden on a woman’s interests – delaying schooling, impeding her career or other such arguments – all of which are an argument against interest. Yet if you posit that there are circumstances when one person can freely kill another person because that person impedes the interests of the first person, you have set out on a slippery slope that ultimately ends in the decriminalization of homicide. It would make for a hitman’s paradise. 

These are just a few of the philosophical conundrums one gets into when trying to justify abortion on demand.

Whenever one group of people sets out on a course of genocide against some other class of people, the instigators insistently work to dehumanize those they would exterminate – and studiously try to avoid and deflect from the key question: the humanity or lack thereof of their proposed victims.

Even the slogans adopted by such movements are designed to deflect from that question. Peruse the Congressional Records of the 1850’s – particularly of the senate, and you will be shocked at the familiarity of the slogans to today’s pro-abortion slogans. “Don’t agree with slavery? Don’t buy one,” southern senators often taunted their northern colleagues., completely dismissing any question of the humanity of the enslaved. Southern officials often tried to argue that northerners had no say over the matter at all since they could not own slaves and were not affected by it. This subtly ignores the humanity of the enslaved by arguing that only those who were directly involved – who were perpetuating the peculiar institution – were allowed to have a say at all, thus hoping to completely bar those who would speak for the enslaved from speaking at all. For many decades, the two camps lived in uneasy tolerance of each other, but then the Dred Scott decision forced northerners to help enable and protect slavery as well as southerners. It is equivalent to the Roe v Wade decision in our own time, which forced all states to allow abortions, whether the people of the state agreed or not. The American founders had limited slavery to those states which had it at the founding, in hope that it would ultimately die out of its own accord. But the advocates of slavery insisted that it was the divine right of every white man who wanted to own a slave – and they desperately wanted to expand it. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 sought to give power to the individual states under the doctrine of “popular sovereignty” as articulated by Illinois Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas. Of course, it was another effort to elide the question of the humanity of the people enslaved entirely – as they would have no say in the matter whatever. “Let the people decide,” was Douglas’ cry – except, of course, for the people who were most affected, black people. It was the 1850’s version of the “pro-choice” mantra of let the woman decide. On a question of humanity and human rights, ALL people have a say.

In the immediate aftermath of Roe v Wade, there was no talk of a woman’s right to choose. Abortion, according to advocates, was just the removal of an undifferentiated clump of tissue with no moral dimension at all. I must concede that I was naïve about this. I thought that as time and scientific advances demonstrated the humanity of the unborn, the advocates of abortion would step back from the abyss to which they had led us. To my horror, in 1982 (or it might have been ’83 – early in the Reagan administration) Planned Parenthood recognized that their “clump of tissue” argument was no longer…ahem…viable because of the rise of ultrasound technology. They sent out a confidential memo to their affiliates advising them to abandon the “clump of tissue” argument and start describing abortion as a “woman’s right,” in order to protect their business model.

Margaret Sanger, the pioneering founder of Planned Parenthood, was an enthusiastic progressive advocate of eugenics, using ‘science’ to purify human stock. She set up her first clinics in predominately black neighborhoods, instructing acolytes to use black ministers to advocate for the program in order to keep word from getting out that their aim was to “exterminate the black population.” She spoke to a lively and welcoming group of a women’s chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey. She was an enthusiastic supporter of the eugenics agenda of Hitler’s Germany, publishing an article entitled, “Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need” in her April, 1933 edition of Birth Control Review (the original version of Planned Parenthood’s magazine}, penned by Ernst Rudin, Hitler’s Director of Genetic Sterilization.

The issue hits me viscerally. As a boy, in the mid-60’s, long before Roe v Wade, I had a terrible nightmare. In the dream, my then best friends’ mother had taken us to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. At one point, screams broke out and she came and helped us to hide, telling us that they were putting the children to the knife. I asked her why someone didn’t call the police – and she told me the police were helping them. I was sweating profusely when I woke – and almost 60 years later, the dream still sometimes haunts me.

When I was doing radio in Chicago during the 90’s, abortion was a frequent topic. For a time, various abortion groups organized a letter-writing campaign in hopes of getting me fired – and had assigned people to monitor my show. A large part of my abortion coverage was quoting verbatim sections of Sanger’s book, “The Pivot of Civilization,” the most disgusting and vile thing I have ever read. (Sample quote: “ The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”) I urged listeners not to take my word for it, but find the book in a big library and take Sanger’s word for it. Amusingly, though the station had no intention of firing me, the harassment stopped after several of the abortion groups’ volunteer monitors took my advice, got the book and read it for themselves – and left the abortion industry. 

During this time a strange phenomenon took hold. Three or four times a week I would get phone calls from random women who had had an abortion and never told anyone – and wanted to talk to me about it. The calls always went to the newsroom and, after a while, the reporters could tell. “Charlie, “ they would say, “You’ve got a call. It’s one of those calls.” I think I got them because, on air, I considered the babies as the primary victims of abortion and women as the secondary victims – and urged pro-lifers never to treat women who had had an abortion with contempt. The abortion industry already did that, seducing them with soothing phrases about how much they cared to lure them into an abortion, then discarding them like a used condom after they had their way with them. The stories I heard were heart-breaking, women who told me how their boyfriends or parents had pressured or forced them into getting an abortion. Several told me how the “womens’ center” assured them this was just a blob of tissue – and they believed it until they glimpsed their baby’s broken remains before the ‘doctor’ got them off the tray. They all felt guilty and abandoned, a terrible sense of quiet desperation they rarely spoke at all of. I came to think of abortion as a hole in the heart of women who suffered it, a wound that would not heal. In some it manifested as deep, unending and unvoiced guilt. In others, it manifested as a passionate advocacy for abortion in a desperate effort to convince themselves it was okay. I always finished the conversation by telling the women that their child was in heaven and wanted more than anything to be re-united with them there – so do not despair, talk to your Priest or Pastor and seek forgiveness for your error that you may, indeed, joyfully be re-united with your child in the next life. I once had a young woman who had passionately debated the subject with me in the studio on air. She followed me out to the car continuing the argument. Suddenly, I was inspired to repeat the same thing I told all the women who called me to share their grief. The young woman started shaking, burst into tears and hugged me. I wish I could tell you some satisfying ending to that story, but I never encountered her again, though I pray for her from time to time. I was so thankful for the formation of Rachel’s Vineyard, which helps women who have had abortions recover from the sorrow and guilt of it.

Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln wrote a compelling fragment in a private journal. He said he despised slavery for the major three types of violence it did:

First, the obvious violence it does to the enslaved.

Second, the violence it had done to civil discourse in the country.

Third, the violence it did to the slaveholder, who had to desperately deaden his conscience to justify what he was doing.

I completely concur – and may the violence of abortion pass away as completely as the violence of slavery did over a century and a half ago.


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174 thoughts on “A Pro-Life Apologia

  1. This will be a good piece to chew on, Charlie. LOTS to think about.

    A key to rebuilding/rebirthing culture will be to rectify this problem you have named: “Most people simply no longer have the tools they need to do serious critical thinking.”

    I wonder how many people were explicitly taught and encouraged (at home or in school) to engage in logical thinking and reasoning. I surely wasn’t, and I have a Master Degree in Education. Then again, when I researched briefly on how to develop logical thinking, many of the suggested activities to do so are surely things I’ve done or do.

    While I’ve never considered myself an illogical person, I surely haven’t spent much time in considering logic when involved in metacognition.

    Mercy! If we’re actually going to rebuild/rebirth a New Beginning, education needs to become a major focus of renewal and development.

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    1. Beckita, Sems to me that there really is a “logic” behind abortion and the mantra of Reproductive Rights. Charlie’s brilliant analysis brings us to the threshold of understanding the mechanics at work:

      ” For leftists, principles are just gear in their toolbox, to be casually taken up and set aside as their appetites demand. The latter approach is inevitably arbitrary and capricious, without any consistent coherence. This is why I cannot easily predict their course: there is no intellectual foundation on their side from which to work. ”

      If we dig a bit deeper, we may find a “pylon sunk into bedrock” that serves to explain the apparent arbitrary nature of the motivational forces involved. That motivation is the childlike mentality that seeks to satisfy itself, even if others might regard the child’s behavior as selfish, or even evil.

      To justify their childish wishes to simply do whatever may please them, they have to reject God and the Bible–that is the pylon sunk into bedrock that explains their apparent capriciousness. Once God and His Commandments for moral behavior are rejected, they are free to do whatever they may please.

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      1. Yes, Jack. And for those who own abortion mills and those who perform them, not to mention the money made in selling body parts, flat out greed is the repulsive guiding principle for those who make their huge profits in what they view as this industry.

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  2. This is such a powerful piece, Charlie! Though I have to admit, your intellect sometimes gets above me and I need to re-read, slowly and carefully, what you are saying to understand it!

    And I completely agree with Beckita’s comment about the need for logic and reason being taught–I never learned it! But, God bless my 24 year old daughter, she has been endowed with the gift of an inner logic and reason AND the ability to express it on my level! It also helped that she spent almost a year with the Nashville Dominicans, discerning religious life, and their education was truly superior to any ivy league college! Ol’ St. Dominic sure knew what he was doing!

    Anyway, my point is, many of us need to be educated in logic and reason in order to 1) spot fallacies and 2) be able to refute them. Unless God would be so gracious as to grant me my daughter’s gift? 🤔😉

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  3. Thank you for this. The Left has lied for decades about abortion in what can only be seen as work directly on behalf of Satan himself. It is maddening that our country had a civil war nearly 2 centuries ago over the practice of dehumanizing those with no voice only to return to the same folly again. It seems to me that if someone is willing to argue in favor of this practice, they have so lost the capacity for rational thought and empathy for others that the only way they will change is if they come to it on their own. My experience of dealing with people on this subject throughout my life has consistently left me with the feeling that advocates of abortion are so darkened to concepts of morality that such issues have no place in their worldview. As Lincoln lamented during his Presidency, the practice of slavery was so bloody and evil that it demanded blood in return to end it. I pray we are spared this outcome once again, but only God can make it so. What we have done to 63 million unborn Americans is unforgivable by any human standard. We make the Incas and the Aztecs look like a JV practice squad.

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  4. Thank you for this article. Excellent and intellectual. In my peace that I just published I talk of those women who have chosen to short and now pay the ultimate price of regret and heartache. They are lost in this quest for winning a “right” to terminate life. These women have to live with the fact that their first act as a mother was to eliminate their own child. It’s horrific to think of the mental anguish of that act, that is ignored. I would love if you read my piece, as it coincides with many facts you present here. Thanks again.

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  5. I first learned about the hideous Margaret Sanger and her Nazi affections from Jim Sedlak. (Rest in Peace!) There was a book, “Lime Five.” A person couldn’t read even a fraction of that book and come away in defense of the horror.

    Do you know, does the majority of the public fully understand the depravity of abortion as far as the procedures involved? Do children understand what abortion is? Or is there still, a vague notion of the blob of tissue lie, the choice without consequences? It’s hard to believe there is any doubt, especially in light of David’s Daleiden’s expose.

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    1. I think Charlie’s observation concerning intense emotions clouding rational, logical thinking is a h.u.g.e. barrier – often self-imposed – in people who refuse to accept the actual science of life beginning at conception. Think of the vast number of parents who believed the lies surrounding abortion or fell to pressure and, thus, proceeded with ending the lives of their children. I consider the psychology of a parent suppressing and stuffing, long-term, the primal emotion to protect one’s child. That takes a LOT of psychic energy to maintain. To admit to what one has wrought in giving way to abortion is to face the intense, difficult emotions which would rise and need to be addressed. Anger and stubbornness in the face of truth are, often, masks for fierce emotions, such as self-hate, anguish and despair.

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      1. Well said! Yes, I agree, wholeheartedly and always had a deep heart for Fr. Pavone, David Reardon, others doing such important work centered on all the victims. Number one victim is the baby, but the collateral damage, without God’s grace, can be endless, multi-generational. We are all called to heal.

        I’m having a tough time asking the question. I’m wondering if psychology is the major suppressor of the truth or if there are still masses of ignorant people who never really gave it a deep thought or consideration, and who truly don’t have knowledge of what it is. Does that make sense? This may be a dumb question.

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        1. It’s not a dumb question, LL. Only God knows how many people are invincible or vincible in their ignorance concerning abortion and the life issues connected to it.

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  6. Amen!

    “Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln wrote a compelling fragment in a private journal. He said he despised slavery for the major three types of violence it did:

    First, the obvious violence it does to the enslaved.

    Second, the violence it had done to civil discourse in the country.

    Third, the violence it did to the slaveholder, who had to desperately deaden his conscience to justify what he was doing.

    I completely concur – and may the violence of abortion pass away as completely as the violence of slavery did over a century and a half ago.”

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  7. With the advent of Relativism the strength of “feelings” has replaced the strength of truth. Pope Benedict XVl called this the Dictator of Relativism “that is, letting oneself be “tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine”. https://cultureoflife.org/2006/04/07/the-dictatorship-of-relativism/
    “My people perish for lack of knowledge” has come full to the forefront here. The flood of ideas so overwhelming these days has watered down truth and causes many to believe in new “ideas” which instead confounds them and distracts them from seeking the true gift of knowledge which is given as one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    One time I was asked by a young man who had helped his girlfriend to abort their child if he was feeling guilty because he WAS guilty or because society had taught him to feel that way.
    I told him that all men have a moral compass (the Ten Commandments written on their hearts) and because of this his feeling was from his own conscience knowledge of right and wrong. Charlie’s story of the woman who chased him into the parking lot breakdown betrays this inner knowledge too. But by them not recognising this truth right away this also indicates the pervasiveness of relativism in our society.

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    ChinaJoe & Democrats care NOT about stinkin’ Babies!
    It’s ALL about Power, Wealth and the ability to suppress The Loyal Opposition by slander … and NOW worse!
    The Baby Killers are just one radical cog in the Democrat Party Machine. The SAME Democrat Strategy is being used to unite ALL The Radical Cogs in THEIR “Base”.
    Divine Intervention is NOW (via The Warning?) the only way that some of this Base can be Turned to The Light. The time for “Discussion & Compromise is Long Past!
    Has anyone here NOT figured out what Manifest Evil looks like!!













    As the USA is distracted by Europe and bleeding away our Military Resources, I’m now thinking that an EMP attack on the Continental USA with a simultaneous attack on our Pacific Fleet is a REAL possibility!! … and just WHO, These-Days, is minding The WH Nuclear Football!!? … Eh!!?? ;-(


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  9. My wife belonged to the Silent no more campaign and we marched with them at the head of the March for Life for several years. The end of the March placed this group of women (and some men) on the steps in front of the Supreme Court where they gave their testimony about the pain and suffering that having an abortion inflicted on them. Most of the women were ordinary women from all walks of life. But there were also some more prominent. One was a Hollywood actress, another was Dr. Alveda King. It didn’t matter, the pain was the same; deep, shameful, and ever present. That was only mitigated when they sought mercy and unburdened their hearts. I am very grateful to Fr Frank Pavone for his work and sacrifice that made this possible. I have walked beside him when we went to the West Coast walk for Life in San Francisco and can attest to his deep commitment to helping these post abortive women and ending abortion in our land

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  10. Charlie, I am retired but at one point worked as a lobbyist for a statewide pro-life, pro-family organization. I learned to include our wounded generation (the mothers and fathers of aborted children) in the discussion and to urge compassion for them. Even today, especially when discussing the leaked decision, whether online or in person, I make sure to mention that the mother of the aborted child was lied to at the time but now we have ultrasound demonstrating the science and there is no denying the truth of the humanity of the child. As a result, I have noticed fewer attacks online when discussing abortion and the arguments surrounding it. Meaning, I used to sense some attacks were woman trying to defend their own abortions. But by giving them ways to think about what happened to them, they tend to not respond and only the fanatical keep the argument going.

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  11. I just got this legislative summary email and this quote speaks to what Charlie said about people just not being aware of Margaret Sanger’s full embracing of eugenics. Read carefully below. The last two sentences seems hopeful. It is found on page 2 under “Abortion Expansion Legislation”:


    Unfortunately, the Conference was not successful in stopping several abortion
    expansion bills, which had strong support of Democratic leadership, including the
    Governor. A positive point, however, is that the debates in the committees and the two
    chambers was the first time in decades that the issue of abortion has been debated within
    the walls of the Capitol. Some members of the General Assembly were shocked to learn
    about the racist aspects of abortion and how prevalent it is in minority communities.
    Several legislative members of the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus called for a further
    examination of this issue.

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  12. Realize the below tweet is preaching to the choir here, (however, I would add a prayer intention of the baby formula crisis be remedied.)

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  13. Excellent points Charlie.

    “That approaches invincible ignorance.”
    Exactly, any attempt to contradict their “addiction” to their core beliefs is counterred with hostility & anti-reasoning, since they know they can’t justify their position.

    Back in my college days used to take on around 75% of my sociology classes all by myself on these kinds of topics and come out on top. I was NOT a talented debator NOR thinker, critical thinking was a alien concept to most of the students in class, and most of their talking points had at least one weakness with only a Dictatorship of Relativism being their reason & justification.

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  14. Charlie talked about how he felt when Obama came in that kind of threw him for a loop. My words. Well, I just listened to Michael Voris explain how Satan works. The Dems are well organized and they take the long view one step at a time. It appears that they think moderately at first and then move into a more radical position which is all planned from the beginning. So when Biden said he was against abortion and then for abortion, it just seemed that his thinking was progressing but really that’s what he thought all along until today it is so radicalized.

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  15. Another fire at a small food production company. If you have not heard there have been a rash of total lost fires at dozens and dozens of food production facilities. Most of them small and rural. I suppose because those facilities don’t tend to have the high security that the large facilities have.

    I tend to think this is one reason why we are seeing food supply issues.

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  16. Haven’t finished reading the article and haven’t read any comments so forgive me if this has already been presented, but I didn’t want to loose the thought.
    Why don’t we put the basics of abortion that we assume everyone knows, on a pocket sized card to hand out or leave in public places?

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉




    If you live in an Urban Area or DeepBlue State and can’t escape, get with People of
    Christian Faith and PREPARE!! …. others PREPARE to Take-In Escapees!




    Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers on 2000 Mules

    Yep!! ChinaJoe/KamalBreath’s America Last Admin … In-Action!!





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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. Happy Fatima Day!! 😉














    NPR, like the rest of the Democrat Party/Global Left, HATE The Church and People like US!! …. WHY are THEY still funded with OUR Tax$$$$$???



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  19. Ha!!! I just had a God/Charlie moment! Probably no one cares but me but I thought it cool enough to share!

    So….I’m cleaning my house and I have on random music on my Alexa (I always say Alexa play Christmas instrumental hymns and she does but eventually she runs out of instrumentals so the music goes into Christian hymns) and all of a sudden Alexa (or whoever) plays Battle Hymn of the Republic! So of course, I think of Charlie because Charlie loves that song. The song stops and the next song is supposed to come on, but Alexa plays the same song all over again! Now that got my attention! 🤔 Then I’m dusting behind a chair where I have a basket 🧺 of books and I just randomly pulled out this pile of papers entitled, What the next right step really means!” And not only that, but I was wise enough (yes I’m talking a 🙇🏻‍♀️ bow) to have Charlie autograph ✍️ it when he was here over a year ago! It reads, “God bless you, Linda Charlie Johnston “.

    I don’t believe in coincidences! Lol

    Thank you Charlie and everyone here! I was greatly heartened today and I’m going to read “What the next right step really means,” once again!!!

    By George, let His truth keep marching on!!!


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      1. I’m re-reading it!!! Lol 😂 the one part in particular is Charlie said we will all lose hope before we are restored. So interesting. I have to wonder if we’ve all been there yet or not🤔. If not, I’m going to try my darndest to remember that 😂 Jaxon comes home from Ireland 🇮🇪 tomorrow 🥰 plz say a 🙏 prayer for them Beckita it’s very very windy in Ireland 🇮🇪 today!

        Terrible swift sword ⚔️ wow I wonder what that will be like. I fear His Mercy is inching towards justice! 😳

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        1. Oh no doubt we’ve all been tempted to lose hope in life’s trials. What’s coming, though, is going to be markedly more intense I do believe. God’s Mercy and Justice are ONE. That He justly allows us to experience the consequences of our sins is ever replaced by His Mercy when we repent, turning back to His Will and His Commands. And His grace is always sufficient to bring us back, yet He cannot force us as if we were puppets. We are free to choose. There are too many who use power to take advantage of the little ones. I would imagine Christ’s terrible swift sword is going to bring such things to an abrupt end, sooner rather than later. Praying for you and your family, Linda.

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          1. Thank you Beckita for your prayers 🙏🙏🙏👶🏼🇮🇪

            I’m sorry my response was so slow, Mike and I were at my grand nieces birthday 🥳 party where alas they got her a cell phone for her birthday 😩.

            We gave her a few good Catholic books for young adults, one on St Maria Goretti (for young adults) and another one that was highly recommended for young Catholic girls but I had another God moment tonight but this time it wasn’t about Charlie, it was about you!!! Ha!!!

            So I was talking to our young Cassidy about St Maria Goretti and how she loved Jesus so much that she wanted to be super pure for Jesus in a heroic way. She had never heard of her yet (she goes to a good Catholic school) but she said she had just learned about st bahkita!!! Ha!!! What are the chances🥰

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          2. Drats!!! I didn’t mean to send that last response yet😩. This thing is touchy!!! 😂

            Beckita I do hope and pray God does bring Christs terrible swift sword asap too so that these bad things going on do come to an abrupt end!!! 🥰🙏✝️⚔️🎂📿

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    1. Thank you Linda. Some great excerpts, several gems of Wisdom:
      …” God will let this Storm we have brought on ourselves rage until that confidence in our own capacity is burned out of everyone. … Whatever we say, even if we think differently, it is ourselves we rely on –
      not God. ”
      …” I KNOW that the more specifics I know the more likely my silly mind is to start formulating a plan of my own devising – rather than looking to God for each step, which is the only path to safety. Here is a paradox: If you look to God first and just take the next step in front of you, He will flourish it, even if it is the wrong step. If you make the perfect plan, perfectly informed by the best, fully approved prophecies, you will fall into a pit. All of your plans will blow up in your face. Yet every step you take after acknowledging God – WITH EACH STEP – will flourish. This is a subtlety that many, probably most, deceive themselves on. If you humbly ask God to help you be what He calls you to, He will bless your efforts. If you, instead, dedicate yourself to helping God rescue the world, you will founder. God does not need you to accomplish His will; you need Him to remain in His grace. If you keep that straight, He can use you as a profitable tool. If not, you are useless to Him, however scholarly, pious, or orthodox you think yourself to be. The sooner you get that, the closer we all are to rescue.”

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      1. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, I’m so glad you got a lot out of Charlie’s piece too!!! I’m leaving it very near to me these days to read it often and plenty!!! Lol. How blessed we all are to have this foresight from our Sherpa and ultimately God!!!

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      2. Forthesakeof, I especially like the second part you quote as a reminder. There are 2 primary, powerful things that help me to want what God wants and not what I want. I pray those 2 things (among others) each day. They are daily renewal of my consecration to Mother Mary, and praying in the Divine Will, that really help me to want what the Lord wants (for ALL my family); oh of course, I have intentions I pray for! But there is nothing like the molding and shaping by Mother Mary to conform us to the Divine Will of God. One of my prayers is to place all major family decisions in the Divine Will to be molded to God’s perfect Will. When I can do this, I certainly see amazing results. Praise God!

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  20. Powerful Call to Repentance
    Dr. Ralph Martin, a respected teacher of the Catholic faith and considered by many to be a prophet in the truest sense of the word, has once again given a powerful word and warning to the Church to take the Sacred Scriptures seriously. Watch “Living as Catholics in Challenging Times”. Start watching at 47:05 into the video:

    P.S. today’s Novena Prayer in The Chaplet of Unity, Christ the Returning King, talks about confession now!

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  21. As Christ is Truth (and the Way and the Life), openly rejecting God can only lead to rejecting truth…

    A challenging quote of André Frossard (God exists, I have met Him) comes to mind: “Truth is not an idea to be served, but a person to be loved. The problem of the Christian before the truth is not to discover it but to resemble it.”

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  22. Early in our marriage (in the 2nd half of the 1970’s), both of us were pro-abortion. Neither of us had given the subject much thought, instead we followed the apparent societal approval amongst friends of our age group.

    Back in those pre-internet days, we would sit down on most Friday nights and visit at my good friend Pete’s house in Queens, NY. We’d spend most of the evening there, seated around the dining table, eating pie, biscuits, drinking coffee and talking about history, the meaning of words (the dictionary was always on the table), and whatever books or theories had crossed our paths during the week.

    Pete and his family all came from a Catholic background. The topic for part of one night was abortion, and as with everything, always discussed in the friendliest of ways. All three of us put forth our ideas of when life began. However, as we were leaving to go home for the night, I mentioned to Pete that his arguement had convinced me. It did now seem logical to me that life began at conception. I had yet to change my view on the morality of abortion, but I was convinced that the reason we allowed it was due to two main factors; convenience and money.

    Looking back at the time period when I was in my twenties, watching TV, reading newspapers and books were influential in forming my opinions on many topics. However, when I reached 30, my entire life changed. In His grace, God reached down to me and revealed His existence. Ever since that point, another force has been guiding my steps through life – The Holy Spirit. Amongst the many things that He’s opened my eyes to is the links between the sacrifices made in ancient Pagan religions and the act of abortion today.

    In the last week, my wife showed me the following video. It’s important to watch. It tells of a group of individuals who hide in plain sight. The name of the video is “The Plan” and it runs for 31 minutes;


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      1. Lytlegal, no one but you has access to the control over how much you receive comments… and for security purposes, so it is for each of us.

        If you have a family member or friend who could help you check the MENU bar at the top of the page, there is a section called: “Answers to Techie Questions.” In there is a document explaining how you can manage what you receive.

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          1. Whenever you post a comment, beneath the comment box before you post it, to the far left are several little statements with boxes to check beside them. One is to “notify me of new comments via email” – and if you are already receiving such notices, to unsubscribe to such email notices. Click the appropriate box and it will be done.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Dave. So, question: Are you still friends with Pete? If so, what does he think about the current state of abortion politics?

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      1. Yes, Mick, Pete and I are still good friends, for about 45 years now. We’ll speak on the phone for a few hours every now and then. Pete is a friend who I can talk to about literally anything.

        You pose an interesting question about his views on abortion. He’s definitely still pro-life. However, I was surprised at his approach to the shot. When we spoke about it early on in the process, he said that it wasn’t going to stop him from taking it just due to two fetuses from along time ago (or words to that effect).

        It was quite surprising to me, Mick. I’d brought up the subject in our phone conversation still remembering him as the one who’d originally convinced me that life began at conception. Having known Pete’s opinions for a long time, it occurred to me that since the Church had recently released an opinion allowing Catholics to take the shot, that he was basing his opinion on that. Not on the same logic as I would see it.

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        1. Dave, I’m so glad to hear that you and Pete are still good friends. Forty-five years… that’s somethin’.

          I’m sorry to hear about his views on the vaxx; but unfortunately it’s understandable, considering how screwed up the expressions have been from many bishops, the Vatican, and Pope Francis.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉









    YUP!! There will be Blood and THEY know that THEY can’t afford to have an honest Election in November and THEY will do whatever it takes to ……. including conspiring with USA Foreign Enemies to create ….. serious Unpleasantness.

    One of the Brave Few!!







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  24. You got it right Charlie, it all comes down to very very basics. I just asked my coworker if he thinks a baby in a womb is a human being or not. So his response was: “I don’t know, what I know is a woman has a right to do with her body whatever she wants”. I replied well, if a baby in a womb is a human being,then abortion is a murder.


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    1. Sounds like you made a point that hit home, Pawel! If you page up a few posts, you’ll find my account of a time when just such a point opened my mind too. It’s lasted for a lifetime. You may have changed the direction of a life forever ….

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  25. And then arguing in favor of abortions was, what about rapes?
    I responded that such instances probably don’t account for even 1% of abortions – so let’s
    start with the law allowing abortion only in case of a rape.

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    1. So true, Pawel. Just had a discussion with a friendly pharmacist. She knows of my opinions on abortion. However, she asked about the situation in rapes and incest. Pausing before answering, I said that they were special situations that differed from the normal run-of-the-mill cases. Without even concluding my thought, she replied,” Yes, that just what I think too. There should be some kind of allowance in those cases.” I agreed. I could sense the relief in her voice.

      How wonderful is the Lord our God.

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      1. I think I got this link from one of Crewdog’s posts. Very interesting perspective from a Jewish Rabbi. Unfortunately, he doesn’t continue on the theme that I have always held to: choice begins with the sexual act. It has become so casual (sex) and I think it’s because many women (and men?) think, “I can always have an abortion if I get pregnant.” What a sad commentary on our society.


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      2. Dave, please clarify your statement. Are you saying that you think abortion is okay if the child is the result of rape or incest? Certainly we all sympathize with the trauma a woman experiences in those cases, but a baby is still a baby regardless of the crimes of the father. The woman deserves love, care, and support, not the further trauma of having to deal with the death of her child.

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        1. Dave is a regular here and he has made his feelings on abortion clear many times. He is 100% pro-life. That a woman cut him off before he could finish doesn’t change that. I understand your concern, though.

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          1. I think of it quite like Pawel, Marie. If we could come to a national agreement to totally ban abortion with an exception for rape and incest, I’d take it. In my opinion, the lives that would be saved would be worth the bargain. However, agreeing to that deal doesn’t in anyway mean that I personally believe that those babies are of less worth than any others. .

            Of course, I’d still push and pray for a full 100% ban. If we could achieve a ban excluding rape and incest, I think that it’d be much easier to achieve a full ban from that scenario. Abortion would’ve been marginalized in most people’s minds and it’d be an easier step politically to the goal pro-lifers want to see in the end. No more abortion at all!

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          2. And the unspoken truth, as a friend of mine reminded me (one of the things that started this)
            comes down to artificial contraception.
            Talk about chopping wood, natural family planning … I guess any information about that would be censored (due to the world economic forum depopulation plan)
            Years ago, possibly on EWTN’s Life on the Rock, there was a young female guest speaking on the
            4 levels of happiness. She lamented due to most people living on levels 1 and 2, it would be difficult to eliminate abortion.


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        2. Marie,such a law would be a starting point and would eliminate probably over 99% abortions. Then moving forward all should be done to save all conceived babies even those who are conceived after rape. Babies are never at fault and all babies deserve love.

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    2. A couple online sites show that Jesse Jackson and PA Rep. Senate candidate, Kathy Barnette, would be in the above mentioned category.

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  26. Politically we could never have abortion abolished.

    Only with God’s help and intervention will abortion be completely abolished in our society.
    It is an ancient scourge. A Pagan ritual and our culture is blatantly pagan.

    I’d imagine when fertility issues become so common that the outrage to take the life of a child, who could so easily be adopted, might sway things.

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    1. That’s an angle that I’ve never thought of, LittleOne. Almost all countries have a decreasing birth rate. Even China has built itself into a serious situation demographically and economically. Over time, it may well develop as you suggest – life becomes too valuable for abortions to take place.

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    SIGNS in the Heavens this weekend?

    Chaos & Confusion EVERYWHERE …. Military, Church, Gubermint, Transportation, Energy, Border,….. BABY FOOD!!! EVIL Plan is the only reasonable explanation!

    Naughty Word Guy on Target!

    Inflation: The Calm Before the Storm






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  28. Thanks be to God Globetrotting Tommy Liz n jaxy poo are home safe from Ireland 🇮🇪! They had a great time and I wanted to thank you all for your prayers🙏👶🏼✝️🇮🇪❤️📿🕯

    Jaykay I know at least Liz kissed the Blayne y stone but I don’t quite get it😂. They put a pic up of this really really dark beer so I think they took your advise! Jax did really well and that had this one pic where he was looking in a direction like he was having a vision or something…I asked Tommy what he was looking at and he laughed and said all the young Irish ☘️ waitresses were so beautiful he kept staring at them all everywhere they went out to eat!!! 😂😂😂 Boy, they start young these days, eh😂👼☘️

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    1. Just before my son began his freshman year in high school, he went to World Youth Day in Rome in 2000. One of the stories he told me afterwards was of being stuck in an elevator with a bunch of giggling Irish girls who all wanted to kiss him. He told me he refused because he was being loyal to his little girlfriend in middle school. I asked him if he was crazy…that it had long been my fantasy to be stuck in a room with a bunch of Irish girls who all wanted to kiss me.

      A few months later, he broke up with his little girlfriend. The first thing I asked him was if he regretted refusing to kiss the Irish girls in the elevator. “Give it a rest, Dad,” he told me. “Killjoy,” I told him.

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      1. Oh Charlie that made me burst out loud with laughter!!!😂😂😂 I can JUST PICTURE IT!!! Jax is 11 months old and if I can just figure out how to put his photo up here for you all to see, you would be amazed!!!! Lol those Irish ☘️ girls must be really really beautiful!!! Ha!

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        1. Linda, for posting pictures on WordPress, we’ve got the directions in the MENU bar at the top of the page in the section: Answers to Techie Questions. The beginning of your link is good for this purpose; it’s the ending that doesn’t match the directions.

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          1. Thank you so much Beckita I’ll try again. I’m great with an eye phone but I don’t even have a mouse 🐁 on my computer 💻 to right click😂😂😂. Every now and then I seem to get it, then my mind goes back to “it does not compute!” 😂😂😂. I’ll try again though…say a techy prayer for me ok?🥰🙏👶🏼😘

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                1. Too funny, Linda. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus is always helping us; sometimes, though, it’s helping us grow in ways that challenge and stretch us?!

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                  1. As Charlie says, “ He’s a twicky fellow!” 😂😂😂. Ps plz pray for Jax yesterday I had him and he didn’t seem right.. ended up with 102 fever😩🙏👶🏼☘️✝️ thank you B!!! 🥰😘❤️📿

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                    1. Thank you Beckita! Tommy said he licked everything from here to Ireland and back as 11 month babies will do😩. Nice thing was he loved cuddling yesterday 🥰👶🏼. Nothing like a baby cuddle 🥰. He even patted my back as if to console me😥 Your prayers are powerful before God so thank you 🥰🙏✝️😘

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                    2. Thanks for your kindness, Linda. You know, I think a lot of these wee viruses are actually good for our kids and grandkids as immune system builders.

                      So true about baby cuddles! Both grandparent and grandchild are thus blessed. 😇🥰

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                    3. Good point Beckita!!!! Yes you are correct! 😂 globetrotting Tommy was on duty today and he said he got a lot of cuddles all day long too!!! 🥰. Funny thing though, when I get sick, the first thing that happens to me is all charity goes right out the door!!! 😫. Not so with Jaxon though, not so…. Of course, babies are yet sinless and I wonder if that makes a huge difference to suffering?!?! 🤔

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      2. Charlie I think I just tried to send you a pic of Jax in love with a beautiful Irish ☘️ waitress but I don’t think I did it right!!! I think Jax would have kissed the Irish ☘️ girls on the elevator if he had had a chance😂☘️🇮🇪🥳👶🏼

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  29. Charlie,

    I may be mistaken, and it’s not the end of May yet, but you said something to the effect that millions of people would die each month and that there would be jab regret. I thought, perhaps, the truth of the va.c.x and the harm stories would be out by now so that All would know about the deadly jabs.

    I am seeing no awakening at all in my area. Perhaps because I’m in a blue state, however, in a pink country.

    I’m discouraged.

    And I agree with you that it will not be resolved via politics. Everyone is talking about who to vote for here in PA. It’s hard to discern who is authentic pro-life or just using that label to advance their career.

    Will they be a big news story or an awakening of some sort?

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    1. Well, Little, I said neither of those things. I understand, though, that sometimes people take the more restrained things I actually do say as confirmation of some of the wilder things they have heard from other quarters. What I DID say was that the Covid shots would become the greatest medical disaster in history (way back in December of 2020) and that by June or July of this year, it would likely be so obvious that we would be in deep panic. The numbers are already out there and growing. I spoke to a scientist I deeply respect this last week and he says that already 500,000 have died from the Covid shots – and that it could be as high as 2 million. The CDC and other government minions are doing their best to suppress the information – and blaming deaths from the shots on other things. You already have an early-stage cascade of info going against the gov’t. and that will continue to pick up speed.

      You are only discouraged because things have not happened as you imagined they would. People are very slow to give up their expectations – and then they fall suddenly. But this is something that usually happens at significantly varying rates in individuals…so if you are waiting for a switch to go off and everybody to know at once, that does not happen until very late in the sequence of events. This is why I so often say that if people think they know how the sequence of events is going to turn, it is a temptation to despair – because rarely is it going to happen quite the way anyone thinks. You already have the big picture. Deal with that from the standpoint of Next Right Step and you will do well without your mood being dependent on a particular piece of all this.

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      1. You’re right Charlie.

        I appreciate your wisdom.

        It just seems oppressive right now.

        Thank you for your insight

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      2. Akin to that, I believe, is the mentality of wanting God’s ‘swift sword of justice’ and the like to strike soon and fast. I understand being weary and distraught of seeing evil wreak havoc with seeming impunity, but good gravy folks… when that ‘sword’ strikes it’s coming down on on this entire generation with unimaginable consequences on the good and bad alike. Patience! And humility! And all the other virtues while we still have time to get our individual acts together.

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        1. “The “time of mercy” began when an angel with a sword, who appeared in a vision to the children of Fatima, was about to strike the earth with a chastisement. Our Blessed Mother suddenly appeared again with light emanating from her. The angel’s punishment was postponed as he cried out to the earth, “Penance, penance, penance!” We know this began what Jesus called the “time of mercy” when He spoke to St. Faustina sometime later.
          “I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of [sinners]…. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My mercy… He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice.” —Diary of St Faustina, 1160, 848, 1146
          What is the difference? This time of grace is a period in which, through our Blessed Lady’s intercession, she is drawing great graces upon the Church to prepare her for the final confrontation with the powers of darkness in this present era. The time of mercy will continue through the chastisements which will follow (even if few accept His mercy) until God purifies the earth of all wickedness, thus beginning a time of peace.Those who refuse His mercy must pass through the door of His justice.
          In these troubled times we ask Our Lady of Fatima to intercede for our World, our beloved Holy Father and our Church.”

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        2. That’s probably what it is MP, when Jesus said “these days would be shortened”, it doesn’t mean the end will come sooner, but the severity of events would be reduced.

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          1. I would not count on the severity of events being reduced. They are – but the severity was already far more than people could imagine – and the reduced version is still far more than people can yet imagine. Rather, the mitigation we can expect is greater strength to deal with the events we will have to deal with.

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            1. “I would not count on the severity of events being reduced. They are – but the severity was already far more than people could imagine – and the reduced version is still far more than people can yet imagine.”

              Yep, I agree. What we’ve been through so far has been reduced events, and proving to still be too much. I’d hate to see the full undiluted events would of been.

              You know Charlie, I am a little nervous that the events yet to come will make events up to this point look like a Sunday picnic.

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              1. Chastity: Lord, help my eyes stay fixed on you, lest I get distracted and influenced by temptation, corruption and useless hostility.

                Temperance: Lord, them not me. You know what I have need of and it’s beautifully simple.

                Charity: Lord, if I trust in you, the good things I can give will be inexhaustible because you are the inexhaustible source of all things Good.

                Diligence: Lord, ignite my desire to chop wood with steadfast vigor and grace-filled endurance.

                Patience: Lord, the number of the elect is not complete. Help me to want what You want, whatever the cost.

                Kindness: Lord, let this loving grin be true and always hit the mark.

                Humility: Lord, thank you for being my rock against uncertainties, intimidations, fears and despair by making me a fool for You.

                Oh, how truly foolish the world’s thinking. Let me abandon it once and for all.

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            2. I agree, Charlie. Some of the existing damage from the Shot has been buried by attributing its resultant deaths and diseases to other causes. However, the CDC/FDA Vaers numbers can still be found at the following site;


              Please bear in mind that normally only 10% of adverse reactions are reported at all. Consequently, it would be safe to multiply each number by 10 to gain a rough approximation of the actual statistics. For instance, Deaths on the chart = 27,968. Multiply by 10 and we have a staggering 279,680 Deaths! And the government is still injecting gullible, brain-washed individuals with their 3rd and 4th doses!

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      3. “I am seeing no awakening at all in my area. Perhaps because I’m in a blue state, however, in a pink country.” (Little One).
        There are studies out there showing the massive deleterious effects of the RNA shots in several countries.
        This study in Israel is about this: “…That was not supposed to happen in Israel, which is highly vaccinated with a “safe and effective” vaccine, that was supposed to stop the virus. Instead of stopping, Israelis now have “Chronic Covid” that seemingly never clears.”
        Another study is looking at the high rate of “reinfections” in the UK, another highly vaccinated country.
        “…one out of every 16 Brits, or one out of every 11 Scots, is having an active Covid infection today, TWO THIRDS of currently ill Brits, are having a short term reinfection, or a continued chronic infection, that is not counted as a “case”.”

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  30. I understand how you feel Littleone! The words Beckita used above are very appealing to me: “It’s His Terrible Swift Sword that I’m looking forward to.” (Remember the words of the Battle Hymn……) I pray all the time for the Light of the Holy Spirit to come down and fill the whole world and every human, to bring massive conversions. It won’t end all the evil, but is supposed to send huge amounts of grace to the world, and I believe I just read that Mama said it will reduce the evil one’s power (so all the graces can be effective).

    BTW, there’s an eclipse of the moon tonight, the Blood Moon. I wonder if that has any significance??

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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉








    RIP Victims in Buffalo and everywhere else Evil Holds Sway ;-(









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    1. Bannon did sum it up, much like reader/commenter Lake did with the list he shared last week. However, the baby formula and diesel situation heighten the tension and potential panic.

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      1. There was an article yesterday about a Congresswoman who went to the southern border to see for herself. She found not just one, but more, warehouses of baby formula. What happened to helping our own taxpayers have the benefit of all they fork over to the government?! God help us, but we know all the evil is planned. I could not maintain my sanity without the hours I spend with the Lord, shutting out everything else. God bless you all!

        Please pray for my hubby that he stays healthy after relatives gave me the “c” word. He has too many health issues to get that demonic sickness. I’m sleeping on the sofa bed, etc. to try not to contaminate him.

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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉








    I’m afraid the Canada Guy is mostly correct and the scary part is …. It’s ALL part of THEIR Agenda ;-(





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    1. “I’m afraid the Canada Guy is mostly correct and the scary part is …. It’s ALL part of THEIR Agenda ;-(”

      Which link was he in CrewDog?

      Maybe I’m getting desensitized or something, these things & events are not freaking me out as much as these did in the beginning. From all the information I seen over the years, there’s no preperations to overcome what is coming, our feeble efforts can only take the edge off so we don’t totally loose it in despair, pannic, & violence. Pray the Rosary & the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and anything else you can do.

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        1. Thanks CrewDog.

          I see the WHO treaty as a stepping stone to mandate their globalist culture of death policies on the whole world, the WHO would demand abortions & euthanasia worse than what China ever done.

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        2. Yep CrewDog, he got most of it correct, it’s a disgraceful shame to have to explain that no-brainer topic, but people nowadays are epically stupid & gullible. The globalists are trying everything to get people at each other’s throats, they know someone will totally loose it eventually.

          It’s not just a skin color thing, Liberals are masters of divide and conquer, the more diversity they can introduce in society the more ammunition & justifications they have for destroying Christian values.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉





    I know that Glenn Beck has been all over this Blackrock Op.
    Principalities & Powers … we were warned long ago!! ;-(






    Democrats are experts at Producer Class Destruction and have been for decades.
    We are now at The End Game ;-(



    Something “Fishy” about these “Hearings” especially when I see quotes from execrable DC Usual Suspects about it …. we are being Set-Up for more distractions or worse!!




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  34. There’s a serious power grab that’s about to affect us all. It’s been mostly hidden by and from the media since it was proposed by the Biden Administration in January 2022.

    “Simply stated, in the name of public health, the Biden administration plans to literally hand over America’s national sovereignty to the World Health Organization when the next health emergency hits—and such an emergency is waiting in the wings.

    According to Politico’s health beat reporters, the U.S. has been in “backdoor negotiations” with the WHO since January about a “treaty” that gives the WHO “greater powers to act” during a medical crisis.” quote from Olive Tree Ministries.

    “Leo Hohmann writes, “By amending an existing health treaty called the International Health Regulations of 2005 (IHR), 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐲𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐔.𝐒. 𝐒𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐥, 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐧𝐨 𝐩𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐜 𝐝𝐞𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐧𝐨 𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐭𝐲-𝐤𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐛. 𝐈𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐤 𝐨𝐟 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐒𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐳𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝, 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐇𝐎 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡 𝐀𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐲 𝟐𝟐-𝟐𝟖.”

    Hohmann says, “If the United Nations World Health Organization gets the desired new powers that the Biden administration has proposed to give it, look out. These 13 proposed amendments would create a beast with teeth at the United Nations.

    “Let’s be clear on what’s happening. They are building the infrastructure for global governance and strengthening the infrastructure that’s already in place.”

    The writer states, “If Biden and his Health and Human Services chief, Xavier Baccera, get their way, the nations of the world will not have their sovereignty snatched away. No, they will hand it over.

    Hohmann concludes, “The vote takes place May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland. All that’s required is a simple majority vote and poof, there goes the sovereignty of 194 nations of the world over matters of ‘public health emergencies,’ which could include a wide range of issues, not just viruses.”” quote from Leo Hohmann.

    Please click on the following link to learn more;



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    1. In the last few weeks, I’ve actually been noticing many an article pointing to this development, Dave. Citizen Free Press has a lot of new pieces on it today.

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    2. No surprise there Dave, that’s was being planned way before Jan 2022, they’re just starting to make it official. You can bet there’s also WEF plan too…

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  35. Has anyone else noticed prices at Amazon going totally HAYWIRE?? Two months, the 12-pack of canned fish we buy cost $22.00. Just recently, over a 26-hour period, the price went from $44.00 back to $22.00 and then up to $36.00. And today, it has reached the highest price yet at $56.00. Insane!!

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  36. Good Morning NRS’ers!

    Along with Charlie, the good folks here, Anne a Lay Apostle, a few others, I consider Gary Roe one of my mentors. He is a Grief Specialist, author and speaker and his work is among others gems that give Hope, Courage and Strength to those suffering from grief from loss of loved ones, but also for those suffering grief of any kind.

    Here is a 5 min. video that is so uplifting for one and all. I daresay there is not one of us who can’t relate in some way: “Fear Not” Keep on Keepin’ on, All!

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  37. Alright, I knew Gary was doing a series, but life’s so busy, I somehow missed many! Here I found The Mother Lode, LOL, sixteen 5 min videos. I highly recommend: Gary Roe, Fear Not Series:

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  38. I am so happy this kind of corruption is coming to the light of day:


    Church Militant was smuggled a copy of the secret invitation,GabTweet
    To that end, GOP royalty in Michigan — 17 families — held a secret meeting in one of the wealthiest communities in the state to strategize how to pool their money and defeat all the candidates in the state Trump has endorsed. Church Militant was smuggled a copy of the secret invitation, which was so secret that organizers would not disclose in writing the actual location. You had to call to get that.

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  39. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉





    Here is The Fed Team that will investigate the Pro-Abortion Thugs:


    Yes, Gang! We must take this WHO “Treaty” serious along with ALL the other Usual Suspect Attack, on Our USA/Faith, Vectors!
    Glenn Beck is saying The Ministry of Truth has been mothballed? ….. but THEY will continue THEIR Evil Deeds through other venues.
    I’m still thinking that Election-22 may NOT happen? WE are not just dealing with godless Democrat Fringe Radicals but godless Global Re-Set Agents ……. and Agents of satan ;-(

    This Pastor better Watch His Six!

    WE live in the age of The Big Lie! Joe Goebbels is a Piker compared to The Usual Suspects now!



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    1. CrewDog, I watched the video of Pastor Locke. Fr. Altman was sacked after the youtube video of him saying you can’t be a Catholic and vote democrat back in 2020(?). He said it in a much calmer way, but very powerful too.

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    2. Hi CrewDog,

      No government has the right to give away it’s citizens’ health rights, but they’re going to try it, and silence & non-action will imply consent.

      This needs a trucker or bigger level of protest to even begin to oppose. If the WHO stakes a claim to people’s health rights with enforcement, let’s just say it would be better if everyone died in a nuclear war, as the WHO & global government will make the Nazis look like a bunch of gentle amateurs.

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      1. In the Canadian version of the WEF & WHO plans, citizens will be required to forfeit all rights (health & all freedoms) and ownership of everything forever (property & possessions), those who refuse will be thrown into concentration camps. You can never refuse the injections, and the injections will only ever stop when you die.

        And the Canadian plan is the official international plan for all countries.

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    1. This news is being noted everywhere. It’s a real concern. What we don’t fully know is how much of this is stupidity in policies and how much is a result of premeditated evil. Have a listen to Charlie’s latest podcast. He expressed a thought that has come upon my own pondering. The rotted structures must come down to make way for the essential rebuilding/rebirthing. Even scarce supplies of diesel play a role in us moving through the “out with the old and in with the new” phase of this transition. Blessed next right step at a time we continue… 🙏🕊⚜️

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      1. Thank you Beckita🥰. Yes I need to listen to Charlie’s latest podcast and I’ll get to do that tomorrow 🥳. I hadn’t really thought of the trucks not being able to get around to deliver our stuff but it surely makes sense that collapse might come that way due to the evilness of these times and the globalists that are currently In power 😫

        Something’s been on my mind just recently that I’d like to say. Lately I’ve come to understand and appreciate the importance of Charlie setting up regions and their WONDERFUL CoRaC signal groups!!! Thank you Charlie for all that you did for all of us! I have to say it has/is helping me and sooooo many others to have access to these little ambulances all around the USA 🇺🇸 I have to tell you in my region if you have a question, someone has the answer!!!! Often for me it’s Mick!!! That girl rocks her halo 😇!!! I can’t often make the zooms anymore because of my intense schedule and duties to hubby but I don’t feel alone at all with signal!!! I support this ministry 100%

        I just told a young man, Zach, about Charlie at gfs this past week and by George he thinks he’s already heard of him! Ha!

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        1. CORAC is a mighty blessing, for sure. Thanks be to God for Charlie, Mick and for all who are engaged in this blessed organization. We need leaders and we need all people to step into doing his/her part in connecting with others to support one another and to lighten the burdens of traversing this Storm. We’re bringing Heaven to earth in CORAC!

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  40. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉



    The below ain’t Gourmet but will keep you alive.
    I don’t know what AF Survival Food is like now but 50 years ago your Bail-Out Kit contained Pemmican bars….. that …. the Dog wouldn’t eat!
    The Life Support Troops (Parachute Shop) would give you time expired stuff if Ya wanted it. The highly compressed Cereal Bars were good … tasted like Frosted Flakes 😉

    Pemmican: The Original Survival Food | Ancient Recipes With Sohla

    9 minute video, Hardtack bread:

    These-Days! I believe the below!! ;-( …. Plus the more we here about The Buffalo Killer the more Questions & Red Flags appear!




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    1. Right, CD, re the Buffalo killer. Just watched a little video I get on Rumble, with different news tidbits. Apparently the killer had the black Nazi patch that is seen in Ukraine. The same news talked about how different things are than what the “lamestreammedia” feeds us about Ukraine, etc. Sounds as thought Zelensky is in trouble with the army, maybe a coup? Who knows, it’s all chaos and lies.

      I wondered a couple of weeks ago if anyone else had a bad feeling that US “intel” passed to Ukraine had helped them shoot down a large Russian troop carrying aircraft as well as the sinking of the battleship. I had a sick feeling that we were illegally engaging in war.

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  41. Just came to work to see a Pride board on display with a homo rainbow and two very happy individuals. It would be ok if it weren’t in a Catholic agency.

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