There’s No Place Like Home

By Charlie Johnston

In the story of the Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow desperately wants a brain. When he finally meets the old huckster, the Wizard tells him sadly that he can’t give him a brain. Perking up, the Wizard says he can, however, give him a diploma. Folks, this was only a movie. It was never intended to become our national education policy.

The other day I watched part of a hearing with Gen. Mark Milley and was startled that the whole front of his uniform was bedecked with more medals than those of Generals U.S. Grant, Dwight Eisenhower and John Pershing combined – all of whom won major wars. It made me wonder if maybe he had taken a trip to see the Wizard. If so, the Wizard must have told him, “I can’t help you win a war, but I can give you a chest full of medals.

Then there is America’s most prominent dementia sufferer, Joe Biden. I imagine the Wizard told him. “I can’t give you enough votes to become president, but I can give you a unanimous media narrative.”

People often draw glib lessons for our time from the fall of the Roman Empire. I think they miss the point. The catastrophe was the much earlier fall of the Roman Republic. The fall of the empire was the inevitable consequence of that disaster. When the republic fell Roman emperors retained the forms of freedom while robbing them of their substance. There was still, for example, a senate. The emperor, Caligula, showed his open contempt by appointing his horse, Incitatus, to be a senator. Presumably, this was because Mazie Hirono, AOC, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Elizabeth Cheney and Nancy Pelosi were not yet born – so not available to demonstrate his contempt for even the forms of democratic institutions.

Ideally, form should illuminate and reveal the substance it represents. In simple grandeur, form and substance should ever ride in tandem with each other. A credential should only accompany actual accomplishment or, at a minimum, actual demonstrated competence. When form supplants substance, a society has begun its inevitable journey to catastrophic collapse. We have generals who can’t win wars – or even competently manage a retreat. We have public health authorities who intentionally withhold life-saving treatments in order to force their own expensive, experimental and deadly therapies on a besieged public. We have an occupant of the Oval Office who, quite literally, makes everything he touches worse than when he started. What can a teacher without knowledge actually teach? We pass out credentials like participation medals – and they no longer represent any accomplishment or competence. Yet we are stilled expected to defer to the credentials of “experts” who have no actual expertise, just a malicious and voracious appetite for power. If this is not completely reversed – and that right soon – the inevitable result is catastrophic collapse.

We could all use a good pair of ruby slippers right about now.


In the aftermath of the first round of the French presidential election, Marine Le Pen has a legitimate shot at ousting Emmanuel Macron in the final round a few weeks from now. It is still a long shot: Macron got 28 percent to Le Pen’s 23 percent in the first round. Macron’s closest left-wing competitor, Jean-Luc Melenchon, got 22 percent. The question is how much of Melenchon’s vote was left-wing that will go to Macron and how much is based on anti-Macron sentiment. If most of the rest of the votes distributed among the other nine candidates was anti-Macron, we will have a real horse-race in a few weeks.

No media outlet ever mentions Le Pen without calling her “far-right.” Don’t jump for joy yet. Understand that in France the term far-right is akin to Mitt Romney’s “severe conservatism.” Le Pen’s party is okay with abortion until birth for any reason, is supportive of same-sex marriage, and is committed to big government activism to accomplish its aims. The only major issue that would be identified as conservative by American standards is Le Pen’s opposition to unfettered immigration. So, I guess she is more conservative than Romney. Frankly, though, of late, she has even been hedging on that. So she may be the French Romney – Marine DeLecto, perhaps. But for all the media bleating about how “far-right” she is, her stated positions are more akin to Lindsey Graham or Joe Manchin. That is, however, a dramatic improvement for France.


With Donald Trump’s endorsement of Oprah’s buddy, Dr. Oz, for U.S Senate, I am getting closer to having a different preference for the Republican nomination than Trump, despite his many accomplishments in his first term as president. He has made some very good endorsements of Congressional candidates – but some are extremely clunky. Dr. Oz, who just two years ago was radically pro-abortion, is the clunkiest clunker of all.

The problem is that Trump’s endorsees seem almost entirely determined by personal reasons and fits of pique. I don’t care for either of the gubernatorial candidates for the Republican nomination in Georgia – incumbent Brian Kemp or former Senator David Perdue, but Perdue is a LOT more deep state than Kemp, so if I lived in Georgia I would hold my nose and vote for Kemp. Trump endorsed Perdue because he is really ticked at Kemp.

I admire Trump for truly making America great again for a brief, shining moment. I often don’t like his style. I understand that his pugnaciousness undoubtedly played a key role in giving him the strength to weather the constant and vicious attacks from the left – and so I give him a lot of latitude on that. But his greatest weakness was that he was easily flattered into giving jobs to people who everyone else could see were going to undermine America and him. Maybe he should watch The Godfather – and internalize the lesson that sometimes it needs to be less personal and more business.

I support Trump because he worked hard to make America great again. But it looks more and more to me that that has been eclipsed by his desire to only make Trump great again – and he has a hideous blind spot for obvious hucksters who flatter him. I hope he gets back on track.


I don’t particularly like being a contrarian so much of the time. Even though it feels soothing in those times when I am proved right, it can feel pretty precarious until that moment comes. I always worry that I am missing something that everyone else is getting.

This Russia-Ukraine business has been a very fretful one for me. It is not just that the establishment and media have a completely different idea than I do on what is going on (actually, I don’t much care about the establishment and the media. They are stupid, malicious, and wrong most of the time – so I worry more if I agree with them than when I dramatically don’t). What bothers me is that so many people I deeply respect disagree with me on this one. That means I really am missing something or that many of the people I deeply admire are more easily bamboozled than I would like to think.

Very simply, I would like to see Ukraine’s security guaranteed as an independent country with the autonomy and self-determination of those areas that are traditionally Russian (Crimea and the Donbass, largely) guaranteed. That seems logical and reasonable to me. And while I would have preferred that Russia had not invaded, it seemed both understandable and predictable to me that it would after being contemptuously ignored by western diplomats for some 23 years on the matter. But no, we must all agree that Vladimir Putin is the epitome of evil, a combination of Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin combined and that Volodymyr Zelensky is the noble epitome of all that is sweetness and light. Meantime, all the narratives to support these theses just keep falling short for me. I can’t just forget the massive corruption in Ukraine, the official deployment of actual, openly declared neo-Nazi militia units to persecute Russians in the Donbass, nor that U.S. officials have taken advantage of and encouraged corruption in Ukraine so it can serve as those officials’ ATM and money-laundering haven.

Now we are all supposed to react in horror and rage at the massacre in Bucha. But the story really does not add up. I can’t help but wonder if it is akin to the start of the Spanish-American War over independence for Cuba. In that case, the war was triggered when the American ship, Maine, was sunk, purportedly by Spanish forces. The public outrage that followed got America into the war on Cuba’s behalf. But evidence soon emerged that the Maine was probably sunk surreptitiously by Cuban forces in a successful attempt to whip up American public outrage against Spain. Now it is revealed that the viral photo of what was purported to be a “mobile Russian crematorium” is actually an eight-year-old photo of a waste disposal truck. (Go ahead, compare the images yourself – the two photos are identical in every particular, including the make, model, and positioning of cars in the background). This was obviously a ham-handed attempt to recall Nazi German crematoria and smear Russia with similar atrocities. Any criticism  of Russian forces is enthusiastically embraced, even if they are contradictory. Are Russians killing, maiming and raping everyone in sight or are they meekly retreating in abject misery and failure? They are eagerly accused of both by straight-faced commentators who lack the intellectual curiosity to question the disconnect between these sordid tales. Oh, and we are not supposed to even question whether surrounding Russia with new NATO countries had any effect on all this, even though Russia has complained about it, to no avail, for decades.

It is bloody hard to figure out what is actually going on when it seems our credentialed class is giving us all lies all the time. But here is what I still think is going on. Russia is winning the war by attaining what its primary goals were from the start. Ukraine could have peace – and Russian withdrawal – largely on the terms I described earlier in this section. But it can’t have it while demanding a post-war criminal trial against Vladimir Putin and, at least, on some occasions manufacturing crimes to smear him with. The globalists do not want peace – they think comprehensive war will ultimately cement their hold on authoritarian power throughout the globe. Zelensky must figure out that it is essential to cool down the rhetoric, get back to the negotiating table, and offer reasonable terms for peace and independence. It won’t be as much fun as wild rhetoric, but even if Putin were to reject such calmly made offers, it would clarify that Putin truly is entirely the aggressor and in the wrong for people like me. The globalists do NOT want such an event to happen and are madly trying to inflame things. If Zelensky can stop playing the green screen action hero, he can either end this war or clarify who the worst of the bad guys are.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


A raft of people have asked how we are going to successfully organize getting people to meet outside their local Church on Saturdays at 9 a.m. if communications were to go down for any length of time. What is our master plan, they want to know, while helpfully informing me that it is not going to work in their area. Well, here is the master plan: YOU.

I started this idea because it is easy to remember for anyone who hears it, knowing full well that we can only scratch the surface from national or even regional CORAC assets. The reality is that I’m probably going to be okay whatever happens. I devote time and thought on how to give opportunities for you to be okay. But the point of CORAC is not what we can do for you, but what we all can do for each other. Wherever you are, have you made the effort to let your friends at church know of this very basic plan? If you do, don’t you think that you, yourself, will have taken a giant leap in helping to bring people together in case of need? Are you worried that people will think you a little nutty? Welcome to my world. Which would you prefer: if things smooth out, to have people think you are a little nutty and if things go down having given real life and hope-saving information to those around you? Would you rather keep your mouth shut in order that people don’t look askance at you and leave them isolated and in panic if things do get dicey? Get some skin in the game. This is not like the old, dying system of waiting for some authority to come and solve every problem for you. The budding new system is for YOU to do the good you can while you can and work with your friends and neighbors to renew the face and faith of the world. Take this simple step and the odds go up dramatically that YOU will be okay whatever happens.

There is not one person among you who cannot tell your friends at Church of this simple plan, a plan that will allow you to collaborate with your friends right where you are. It is what will give you a great chance of YOU being okay. So do it and quit complaining to me that I have not successfully figured out how to organize 350,000 churches across America.


I am in Oklahoma right now. God bless Oklahoma! On Monday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed into law a bill outlawing abortion except for genuine medical emergencies. It is the most comprehensive abortion ban in the country. Chatting with David Daleiden yesterday, he said it should be the model bill for every state in the nation (and wished he were in Oklahoma with me). There is a lot of wood to be chopped ahead – but Planned Parenthood and the Culture of Death no longer get whatever they want, whenever they want it. Thanks be to God.


Things have picked up a bit this week on our Easter fundraising appeal for CORAC. I Have a goal of $50,000 in mind and we are almost at $10,000 this week, so we are 20% of the way there. Thank you. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we depend on both your generosity and our sweat equity together to make it happen. If you have not yet given, please consider giving the largest gift you can today. There truly is no place like home – but unless somebody comes up with a trove of ruby slippers, our only hope is in our God and each other.

Squirrel in the Witness Protection Program

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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60 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Excellent piece and links, Charlie. It all slowly and surely continues to come down. I can only imagine what it’d be like if Our Lady hadn’t come to counsel and exhort us to get back on the narrow way.

    I’m finding that unplugging each day and resting in the Lord is a must… the better to rise again and engage in the prayer of doing. Thanks, too, for the reminder that each person in CORAC is needed for action. Onward!

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    1. Beckita, lately I have had similar thoughts. I’m feeling fatigued from the constant bombardment of problems, especially when I see many with answers that are not being pursued. One thing that is sure to cause me to lose energy on a subject is seeing ways to make progress and to work forward myself but ultimately see no progress being made for silly or evil reasons.

      Last night I did the same thing you mention here, just sitting with God and seeing what might be said between us. The conclusion was that seemingly negative happenings in my life are more like a healing or a detoxing than the entrance of negatives. I felt a bit more willing to get up and get going this morning as a result. I’m thinking this kind of thing might be a useful addition to my activities. 🙂

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      1. I like your conclusion, Steve. I’m so sensitive to the negatives that I need the silence, calm and God connection to release them – the majority of which I cannot directly impact – and it’s an energy-bringing, equilibrium-restoring process. 🙂

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      2. Steve, Yes, perspective is key to living our life. This morning I was promoted to write a bit of doggerel about such:

        The Hard Mortal Life

        Heaven, how do I long for my return
        Its uninterrupted peaceful dreaming
        Mortal life too often in Hellish burn
        Heaven, always softly comforting

        Life goes along as if benign
        then suddenly wacked — surprise
        Crash bang from too much wine
        bereft from who dies

        Serenity so easy and sweet
        Life troubled by any this or that
        Heaven an unending treat
        Life always plagued by a humongous rat

        Best to exist without stress and strife
        Or better yet to engage
        Best to own a soft life
        Or better yet to rage

        Would sleeping in pillowed clouds be best?
        or facing hostile foes
        Succumbing to torpored rest?
        or overcoming tortured woes

        No need to choose only one
        Both have value
        After one way is done
        then the other is fun to do

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      3. “I’m feeling fatigued from the constant bombardment of problems, especially when I see many with answers that are not being pursued. One thing that is sure to cause me to lose energy on a subject is seeing ways to make progress and to work forward myself but ultimately see no progress being made for silly or evil reasons.”

        Me too SteveBC. It just drives me totally bonkers some days knowing as much as I do, and still seeing people willing to comply with Globalist agenda for a nonexistent hope of going back to the old normal. The information out there isn’t a picnic in a rose garden.

        Introverted thinkers like myself aren’t naturally predisposed towards optimism & positivity. I don’t intend to get Charlie or Beckita going some days, and I’m sincerely sorry for those times, as the social stuff is part of my weaker skillsets.

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        1. Al, we love you. The truth about one element of emoting is that our thinking can evoke any kind of emotion, such as hope or fear and anxiety. In the times of challenging you, it is only to exhort you to renew your mind of Christ. His emotions as a man when he was in the Garden praying and grappling with the immensity of sin – our sins throughout salvation history – which he took on for us, brought forth sweating drops of blood. Mercy.

          Christ had an angel to hearten him. The intent in challenging any over-emphasis on outrage and fear is to hearten you. Part of it is geared to you personally, hoping to lift you from the sense of carrying burdens; another part is to lift us all, for what we say and do, and then share here, affects us all. God’s special blessing of the Peace of Christ to you, Al, and to all of us as we enter the Sacred Mysteries of this Holy Triduum.

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      4. “The conclusion was that seemingly negative happenings in my life are more like a healing or a detoxing than the entrance of negatives. “

        I get you here Stevebc! I learn from every mistake or negative happenings in my life. I figure we all sort of go through the same thing. Life is quite the journey! 😂. In the end what always pulls me out of a funk is to simply wait it out and wait for brighter days which surely come. I know after that the darkness will be back for more growth!😂😂😂

        Have mercy on me Lord, a poor sinner works good too! 😂✝️🙏🥳

        Happy Easter Stevebc and give mom a big hug from all of us!!! She made a wonderful human being! Or at least she did halfies! 🥰✝️🙏

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    2. I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch TV at all. I hardly get a chance to read a paper and i skim headlines. Right now my life is a time of studying, school, and putting all of that into practice with work and my patients.

      I am busy single parenting and keeping my little condo ready for what might come. Not if, but when. I made myself a list of things we may need and I’m slowly knocking it off.

      I am ignorant of a metric ton going on out there.

      However, there is a peace that comes from just doing what is directly in front of me to do.

      I was driving home from school yesterday with Charlie’s video in mind, and my mind wandered to questions as towered I will be…where will my 6 year old be? Will I be able together to her? My 19 year old? My girls who chose to stay in NJ… and the fear started to creep in. I had to consciously put it aside because I can’t control that one bit. I can only try and fulfill my responsibility and leave what is out of my control to God. I must pray the serenity prayer all day long. Thankfully God doesn’t get bored hearing me.

      These days are hard. God give us the grace to see the truth and the courage to endure. I’m ok with remaining ignorant to try to accomplish that.

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    3. Same here Beckita. Since the New Year the first thing I do in the morning is listen to Fr. Mike’s Bible in a Year, followed by prayer time. Being with the Lord and listening to His word is the best part of my day. It stays with me all day long. Anymore, I skim the headline rarely clicking into the article. Why bother? Evil is just up to no good, I don’t want know the details. I take the peace of the Lord over the garbage of the world.

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  2. Me, I’m not going to WALK seven miles to see if anyone has gathered at my church. I do try to promote CORAC, but so far, it seems only the three of us are signed up. Praise God, one is within walking distance.

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    1. Nance, Not that I recommend walking 7 miles, but I don’t think this is about corac members meeting other corac members so much as it is about telling non corac members that you will be there in a crisis.  You may be thought nuts, but if there is a crisis, folks will remember what you said.  There is no need to make a statement about corac or say things will collapse or otherwise.  Just say casually that if there is a crisis, I will be there.  In our storm dinner, only a small minority are corac members.  I plan to casually mention it to a few friends too.  When the crisis hits.  Folks will be looking to others that are confident not afraid in the crisis.  It will calm them and give them some strength.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. right on Doug. I’ve noticed just here on my own block, people who hardly ever even say “hi” are becoming more friendly and helpful. Good sign and good time to drop the “hint”.

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  3. “The budding new system is for YOU to do the good you can while you can and work with your friends and neighbors to renew the face and faith of the world. Take this simple step and the odds go up dramatically that YOU will be okay whatever happens.”

    Amen, brother. Wish we could just click our heels 3 times but alas it’s time to chop some wood, my friends, and we’ll find our way back to Kansas…

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  4. Great piece, Charlie.

    As for Trump, I’m highly suspicious of him. Promoting Oz, promoting Remdesevir and the jabs. It appears he is not really allied to the American people.

    Rick DiSantis looks promising. However, our leaders are a reflection of our society and our society is a mess. I pray for a strong, holy leader.

    God will truly have to intervene, I believe.

    Really appreciate your insights and perspectives.

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    1. Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz is disappointing. My reaction, much as Charlie’s, is that he is too susceptible to flattery, although given the media bombardment against him (plus the inside attacking by the Republican Establishment) surely must motivate him to seek relief. On balance though, he has demonstrated the character needed to fight the enemies domestic and foreign.

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  5. This is really a very good time to begin talking to people in our parishes and make some connections. You don’t even have to sound crazy to do it. I am seeing more than a few people who are truly scared of what may come. It isn’t because they aren’t courageous people, it’s usually because they feel alone in some way. Far from family, single, just starting out in life and feeling suddenly unmoored . . . maybe just keenly aware they live in a state with a hostile government (like mine, NY) . . . these people do not need to be told that the systems of the world will come down, they need to be told they are not alone. I started checking in on Charlie’s stuff years ago because I caught a strong sense of prudence and practicality in his approach, and practicality driven by a deep faith engine is what CORAC is attempting to spread. I like that. So these days people seem to be kind of checking with each other, I’d listen for those moments and mention that it might be a good idea to have a meeting place if there’s a long term emergency. If your parish is not a great spot, pick another place. I’d explain that the idea is not to have a pow-wow of panic, but to quickly establish a base for exchanging information, banding together for prayer, finding comfort in friends and organizing aid for various needs which may arise. For example, if communications go down, it would be a good idea to get a few volunteers checking on the elderly and shut ins of the parish. A parish church is the perfect place to meet, but if it seems dangerous or something then it’s OK to start somewhere else. It’s up to each of us to act with prudence and faith. I used to think I’d be doing a bunch of stuff and maybe lead, but then the needs of my young family trumped everything and I am just kind of a tea-making oracle type at the moment. But you know, come to think of it, making tea for people when they are stressed is not a little thing in the end. One final thought, it may seem kind of hopeless to some to get a decent group going. You maybe put the word out . . . then the time comes . . . and you show up and there’s like one other person and the group is just two awkward people who don’t know what to do . . . but I think that if anyone tries to get anything at all together which is a force of good in such an emergency, word will travel fast. Even without cell phones. We don’t know the good God can use us for.

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  6. Charlie, you make my thoughts flow onto this page, over and over. Maybe we communicate through osmosis. Your take on General Milley is a bullseye. I think I have the authority to speak to that having served twenty years in the Army on active duty. I was the guy doing the work in the trenches, filling sandbags, etc, while Milley looked for different colored fabric for his ribbons. Your take on President Trump in my opinion is accurate. My wife and I love the guy. The President has to do better. Oz is Romney 2.0 and WILL disappoint. Good stuff Charlie, good stuff.

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    1. Milley and Austin are so bad that they dishonor the military and jeopardize security. I hope that the R Congress to be elected in Nov will drag them thru hearing so tough and embarrassing that the resign.

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  7. What a marvelously wonderful post.
    I was just thinking, what Jesse Waters wouldn’t give to get hold of it! (the first part of it)
    Once again Thanks Charlie!

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  8. Charlie great piece per usual!!! I too was deeply disturbed that Trump endorsed Oz!!! Talk about a pretend movie!!! Oz is for abortion. Period. I was disappointed that Trump didn’t get the most important issue of our times! 😩 Oh well…in my mind no matter what happens, one thing I know; God wins! God is pro-life so we’re in good hands! I never thought to tell all my friends to meet in front of St Anthony’s Saturday morning at 9 am but I suppose it’s probably a very good thing to do so ok! Lol

    Spy Wednesday today! 😩

    May we all be loyal to Christ all the days of our lives! Times are making it to be very confusing at times! Jesus, have mercy on us all…poor sinners!😩🙏✝️🐣🙏

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  9. More good meat, Charlie. Your first topic made my blood boil – Milley! My father would be so disgusted and angry about military men like him. Dad was a 30 yr. senior military officer, commanded an aircraft carrier, had duty at the Pentagon, etc. and my husband had a career of 20 years. So the military is near and dear to me and I always listen to news about it with great interest. If I remember correctly, Obama began a purge of great people. It’s the good leaders who have been persecuted.

    Then there’s Dr. Oz! We watched his TV show for a while and he ended up with the weasels who were all pushing the false cvd narrative, get the shots, blah, blah! Yep, I don’t like the direction Trump goes at times.

    Someone said recently that if our government and media are telling you one thing, do or believe the opposite! That’s the deal with Russia, I believe. There was a “hidden” story about Bucha. The mayor was happy the Russians were pulling out, no bodies and massacre shown in the video, then later the evidence shows up of a massacre. I don’t remember all the details but it was apparently not the Russians. Same with the holocaust memorial, video showed it had no damage whatsoever. Lots of disinformation!

    Okay, rant over. Thanks, Charlie and all here.
    Oh! Please pray for my beloved hubby to have a perfectly successful surgery on Good Friday!

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Does anyone doubt that Red Chinese “Leaders” would gladly starve millions of THEIR own Citizens in order to achieve Pacific Hegemony… & Beyond!??


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  11. I have this dainty cross necklace that I wear, and since I have moved to FL I have gotten comments on it *constantly*. People down here in my town are so joyously Christian. I get doors opened for me with a with a, “Praise God, you have a blessed day.”

    Now, there are as many churches as there are nursing homes. And I know that I am privileged to call the cathedral my parish and that it’s only a good two miles away (and I recently bought myself a bike) but I’m thinking that the 5 churches between me and the cathedral might be just as busy on that Saturday morning. I’ll still start to plant the idea, though.

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  12. You got most of it bang-on Charlie.

    The Russia-Ukrane war is just simply:
    ” The globalists do not want peace – they think comprehensive war will ultimately cement their hold on authoritarian power throughout the globe.”
    How do the Globalists put an end to protests around the world over their vaccine & Great Reset tyranny? Especially with warmer weather just around the corner? Just provoke Russia into a war… This is just a distraction, while the Globalists put the next phase of their plans into action.

    Putin a good guy or bad guy? I don’t know… Zelensky however, is definitely a bad guy who is serving his Globalist masters, and provoked Russia. Did Zelensky have his own military target his own citizens & buildings to blame on Russia???

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  13. Charlie you wondered out loud if there is another perspective about the two-way conflict between Russia and Ukraine that may help to explain what appears to be an inappropriate level of support for Ukraine and derision for Putin’s Russia. I think there really is and it is reflected in the meeting now in Ukraine by leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia ( ), and Sweden an Finland announcing they are now considering joining NATO. Russia’s aggressiveness, and bullying about having nucs at the ready, strongly imply that the current attack on Ukraine, whatever its
    “legitimacy” might be, raises a wide scale threat to all of its neighbors.

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    1. This is good, Jack – and if I were in the vicinity I would want to take extra precautions, as well. The thing that infuriates me is that this has likely been resolvable by diplomatic means – and for over two decades. Now, even after Russia has used force, we STILL do not even attempt any serious diplomatic means. That idiot, Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is busy actually advocating for nuclear war now. If we never even attempt any diplomatic means for resolving conflict, than ever-expanding war is the only means. I am beginning to think that the modern establishment is so used to everyone just doing what they are told that they are incapable of negotiation.

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      1. “The thing that infuriates me is that this has likely been resolvable by diplomatic means – and for over two decades. Now, even after Russia has used force, we STILL do not even attempt any serious diplomatic means.”

        I strongly agree Charlie, this war was totally preventable & endable, this conflict & distraction is a media hog that eclipses everything else happening in the world. So while this is happening, what is happenning behind the scenes that the Globalists don’t want everyone to pay attention to? Vaccine deaths & injury? Great Reset plans? Sonething else?

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      2. I’ll take the daily double, Alex. What does the reign of confusion look like?

        I stopped trying to understand and reconcile motives in this thick miasma.

        It’s nothing less than looking at Golgotha completely bewildered and wanting to yell at these idiots to stop committing deicide yet again. Then remembering that we all crucified Him.

        It’s enough not to flee, even if we can’t square everything up in our heads, acknowledging that there’s temptations aplenty in both approaces.

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    2. An interesting “twist” to these countries joining NATO will be if they must “conform” to the New World Order in order to join and thus capitulate to the Great Reset?
      If Russia’s desire is to hold back the tide of the NWO within its own borders will it’s aggression be used instead to increase the pace of it outside its borders? Is this another “error” that Russia is spreading by its desire to remain clear of the NWO that then leads to an even larger conflict?
      In the spiritual realm these are interesting thoughts to contemplate. If Russia was a bastion of clear morality, this might have some merit but few would accept attacking another country over a potentuality, particularly of a country that is NOT the aggressor but a stooge of more powerful ones. How many other stooge countries will then be targeted?

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  14. Excerpt from the Hours of the Passion
    Third Hour: From 7 to 8 PM

    “O Jesus, You now arrive at the cenacle together with Your beloved disciples and You begin Your supper with them. How much Sweetness, how much Affability You show through all Your Person, as You lower Yourself to taking material food for the last time! Everything is Love in You. Also in this, You not only repair for the sins of gluttony, but You impetrate the sanctification of food.”

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  15. I have no qualms about assuming the US foreign policy establishment is lying 90% of the time, including about Russia. I distinguish between the systems a country has, its populace and its leadership. I believe the U.S. system (its “form” as Charlie says) is superior to the systems of Russia and China. However, that does not mean our leaders are any more honest or moral than theirs. Do I support invasions? No. However it is clear we have been poking and prodding Russia, frankly hoping they would do something that would justify the expansion of NATO and even more military spending.

    The “professional foreign policy establishment” are dangerous and reckless, what Chris Hedges calls “the pimps of war” ( These are people like Victoria Nuland (warmonger for both parties and involved in cheerleading every war the US has started since Bush 1) and the neocon/imperialist think tanks. These lunatics appear not to be globalists, but delusional nationalists who see the U.S. as invincible and every war as an opportunity for the expansion of U.S. power. Their goal is to destroy Russia and capture its resources. That is what this conflict is all about, not the “people of Ukraine.” These people are not sane, and unfortunately they are the ones loudly pushing for war with Russia, because they evidently haven’t done enough damage with their other wars. Their other sprees of destruction (Iraq, Central America, Libya, Afghanistan, etc) had consequences that were mostly regional. This current bout of bloodthirst has the potential to destroy all countries involved.

    While not globalists, these “professionals” are probably being used as useful idiots by the globalists because globalists know the U.S. will overextend itself and fail if it continues on this path. What globalists and U.S. neocons have in common is the eagerness to sacrifice all of Europe for their insane schemes, because Europe will lose badly from any escalation against Russia. Very badly I’m afraid.

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  16. Okay, I’ll bite.

    “Witness protection program”: That’s a chipmunk (notice the facial stripes), who looks quite a bit like a Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel. So, one or the other is in disguise and easily misidentified!

    Very cute photo. We love these little guys around here ~ whether chipmunk or GMGS!

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    1. Was hoping someone would comment on the “witness protection program.”
      Leave it to Charlie to come up with that one. 🙂

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉



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  18. Great post Charlie and I’m in full agreement on Trump, Russia, Putin and Zelensky.

    I can’t believe that now even Trump is calling Putin out for genocide.

    Look out when Finland and Sweden enter NATO – keep poking the BEAR like that and you will see terrible weapons of war used by the BEAR.

    DeSantis has my vote for President if he runs. I think 2022 election, we will have to “hold our nose” on many of the candidates, however, that’s “IF” we have a fair election ever again.

    Wow, you took the wind out of my sails re Le Pen. 😦

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    1. I don’t know if anyone has commented on the Coliseum Stations of the Cross tomorrow. Specifically the 13th Station where a family from Russia and a family from Ucrania are to carry the Cross. To me this is scandalous. Both are Catholic families. Jesus forgave from the Cross, but the Ucranian family can’t? Both are supposed to be Catholics. It hasn’t been easy for Catholics in Russia either. I just don’t understand. I feel sad about the whole thing. This occurring on the Holiest days in the year.

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  19. ….so is Elon musk one of the “good guys,” or one of the “bad guys?” I hear he wants to buy Twitter for 43 billion to promote free speech?!?!?! If I’m wrong please someone correct what I’ve heard?!??

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    1. Well Linda, even tho we like some of his moves lately, he’s not a Christian. So “good guy”? Not so sure. Time will tell.

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  20. Making reparation.

    Your Adorable Head –
    the Drops of Blood Shed by It, the blows You received on It, the Hair they tore; we have Crowned You with Thorns.
    I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, O my Jesus, for all the times we have crowned You with thorns; for all the drops of Blood we made You shed from your most Sacred Head; for all the times we have not corresponded to Your Inspirations.
    Your Most Holy Eyes –
    the Tears and Blood They Shed, the Cruel Pricks
    I ask Your Forgiveness for all those who use their sight to offend You and insult You, asking You, for the sake of the pains suffered in Your Most Sacred Eyes, to give us the Grace that no one may ever again offend You with evil gazes.
    Your Most Holy Ears –
    the shouts and mockeries, evil discourses
    I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all for all the evil discourses which are listened to, and I pray that the ears of all men may be opened to the Eternal Truths, to the Voices of Grace, and that no one may offend You, ever again, with the sense of hearing.
    Your Most Holy Face –
    the spit, slaps, mockeries, trampling
    I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times we have dared to offend You, asking You, for the sake of these slaps and this spit, to let Your Divinity be Recognized, Praised and Glorified by all.
    Your Most Holy Mouth –
    The bitterness of the gall, Ardent Thirst, Prayers Raised to the Father, for gossip, evil and mundane discourses, blasphemies, tastes and uses of tongue
    I ask Your Forgiveness for all the gossip and the evil and mundane discourses made by the creatures, and for all the blasphemies they utter.
    Your Most Holy Person
    fire that burns all of Your Most Holy Person. (from 3rd Hour)
    Your Divine Person, trembling from head to foot (from the 5th hour)
    Your Most Holy Person is all beaten up, and You cannot even help Yourself and clean Yourself, because You are bound. (from 13th Hour)
    irreverences to your Most Holy Person (from 18th Hour)
    I intend to offer You everything You have suffered in Your Most Holy Person, to give You all the glory that the creatures would have given You, had they conformed their lives to Yours.
    Your Most Holy Shoulders –
    for all the blows You have received, for all the Wounds You have allowed them to open on Your Most Sacred Body, and for all the Drops of Blood You have shed.
    I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times in which, for love of comforts, they have offended You with illicit and evil pleasures. I ask Your Forgiveness for the many illicit satisfactions; Forgiveness for the many sins committed with the five senses of our body.
    Your Left Foot –
    for all the times You tired Your poor Limbs, going in search of souls to lead to Your Heart.
    I ask Your Forgiveness for those who do not operate with righteous intention…
    Your Right Foot –
    for all You have Suffered and do Suffer for me, especially in this hour, in which You are hanging on the Cross. …for the excruciating crafting that the nails are making in Your Wounds, which rip open more and more at the weight of Your Most Sacred Body.
    I ask Your Forgiveness for all the rebellions and disobediences committed by the creatures…
    Your Most Holy Left Hand –
    for all that You have suffered for me, for all the times You have placated the Divine Justice, Satisfying for everything!
    Your Right Hand –
    for all the good You have done, and You do, for all…for the works of Creation, of Redemption and of Sanctification.
    I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times we have been ungrateful at Your Benefits, for our many works done without upright intention.
    Your Most Sacred Heart –
    for all You have Suffered, Desired and Yearned for, for Love of all and for each one in particular.
    I ask Your Forgiveness for the many evil desires, and for the affections and tendencies which are not good – Forgiveness, O Jesus, for many who place Your Love after the love of creatures.
    Most Holy Neck –
    chains and ropes which have oppressed You.
    Forgive me for the many bonds and many attachments of the creatures, which have increased the ropes and chains around Your Most Holy Neck.
    Most Holy Shoulders –
    Forgive me for the many illicit satisfactions; forgiveness for the many sins committed with the five senses of our body.
    Most Holy Breast –
    Forgive me for all the coldness, indifference, lukewarmness and horrendous ingratitude.
    Most Sacred Hands –
    I ask Your Forgiveness for all the evil and indifferent works; for many acts rendered malicious by love of self and self-esteem.
    Most Sacred Feet –
    Forgive me for the many steps, the many paths covered without righteous intentions; and for the times I move away from You and go in search of the pleasures of the earth.

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  21. There is some topics I’ve come across that looked crazy at first, but we’re living in crazy times, and it’s not a far stretch if you keep tabs on the revelations, prophecies, predictions of the Catholic mystics & saints.

    I’ve been coming across: “Russia fights the antichrist” and similar headlines.
    THEORETICALLY: A WW3 antichrist has a small “a” in it making him like a Hitler, and the end-times antichrist is sopposed to have some kind of link to world government, Europe, and leads a war. So who is this new Hitler? It has to be either the one leading the war in Ukrane OR someone hidden in Europe or NATO forcing Ukrane to fight this war.

    So if anyone starts seeing these headlines, it’s NOT the big “A” Antichrist involed in Gog & Magog war which are BOTH reserved for the End of the World/Time.


    1. I seen the news last night on our fake news network with Zelensky asking the world for combat vechles for his just war against Russia. Zelensky doesn’t want peace, as his attempts were all fake, he wants to escalate the war with Russia and bring in enough countries in the world into this conflict that Russia will have no choice but to resort to it’s final option of Nuclear Weapons.

      Our Lady of Akita said the world would burn and become so desolate that the living would envy the dead. There’s been other similar warnings.

      Zelensky is a charismtic and manipulative like Hitler (a antichrist of the last world war), if Putin were evil incarnate, he would of nuked the world already with Russia’s nuclear weapons.

      Don’t be fooled by looks of the situation, the devil loves to maskerade as a angel of light and portray his evils as moral good.

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      1. I agree with this: “Don’t be fooled by looks of the situation…” and I’ll exhort everyone again to stay nimble.

        Pretty much all the conspicuous global leaders are choking on confusion while they’re being batted around by the devil like a cat plays with a hank of yarn.

        The real power players –– on both sides of the spiritual battle –– are more or less hidden from the world, their prying eyes and banal analysis.

        Seems like that’s always been the case.

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        1. How’s your tomato & potato crops coming along MP? We got racoons & chipmunks that damage gardens up here.

          I believe the Zelensky threat (dead horse) got beated enough already. I ended up saying more than initially wanted to after seeing him on the news trying to escalate the whole situation, he shouldn’t be underestimated.


    2. I think at this point it’s pretty clear that Satan is more or less in charge of the major world powers. Our media narrative loves the Us vs. Them, Good vs. Evil simplifications because it fits in with the Batman vs Joker idea that Westerners enjoy. None of these players are good guys. The U.S. is led by corrupt neocons and progressives faking at democracy while suppressing dissent, causing chaos in other countries, exporting impurity and abortion by the truckload, and worshiping the dollar. The E.U. has been captured by radical secular globalists whose official position is rejection of Christianity and refusal to even admit its role in forming Western civilization. Russia is led by war-lovers who favor a State church over the true one, a church that blesses missiles and is led by KGB agents. China is led by official atheists that suppress religion of any kind, force abortions, favor total control of thought and enforce Covid lockdowns that cause actual starvation right in the middle of major cities. For their part, Ukraine is a stunningly corrupt country led by radical nationalists (funded and trained by the US). Zalenskyy is no hero, he’s an actor hired by oligarchs (and probably Joe Biden) to execute this press tour and draw his people into a war of attrition against Russia that they can’t win.

      While I don’t know who the actual Antichrist will be, it seems clear this present conflict is a contest between lots of little antichrists, not a simple good vs evil situation. These countries and leaders all require conversion, or the inevitable result is widening destruction with no short-term winners. Good news is that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in the end, but we are choosing not to do is the easy way.

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      1. You make some good points USNLT76YAHOOCOM, we’re definately surrounded by evil.

        The Next Right Step for the world is to deny Zelensky the resources & help for escalating their conflict into a nuclear war. We’re still going to have a Globalist & China problem that will need to be dealt with seperately.

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. Have a GOOD, Good Friday. 😉

    12 Reasons Jesus’ Trial Was Illegal–Part 1&2

    Transgendered in Kindergarten?

    Yep! We be headed to a Bloody Sucker Game ;-(


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