Back to the Future

By Charlie Johnston

Fr. Babyface sent me copies of two letters I had sent him 22 years ago that were striking (Fr. B peruses the archives from time to time – kind of his hobby). Even editing out the prophetic elements, they are very striking now. So…here you go.

The first was written on August 29, 2000 when St. John Paul was Pope and offered some thoughts on obedience:

“If ever you should have a superior unworthy of his office give thanks to God for reminding you that it is by God’s power and not yours that the kingdom is established. Sanctify a superior’s unworthiness by your obedience. Give thanks to God who, in each age, raises up what is necessary to fulfill his plan of salvation. When, in an evil age, priests and religious who are faithful to their vows of obedience, cannot dissent from what may lawfully be dissented from, give thanks for a faithful laity. Give thanks for a lay apostolate. Give thanks for the faithful priests and religious who are the means by which the Church will withstand the assault from without. Give thanks for the members and co-operators of Opus Dei who are (one of the) means by which the Church will withstand the assault from within. Above all, give thanks to God who has given his bride the means to weather the terrible storm intact and unblemished…”

The second letter came a few months later, on November 10, 2000:

“As always, Father, we see only the outlines of things to come, as through a glass darkly. You know how cautious I am about mixing what I have (merely) supposed with what I have been shown. Let me tell you a bit about what I suppose. I see coming a global effort to suppress Christians – a war against us. Not all Christians – just those who take it seriously: what is already marginalized as the “Religious Right” in this country. Hate crimes legislation, anti-discrimination laws and diversity regulations are part of the tools being gathered together in this country to ultimately outlaw authentic Christianity. Somewhere along the line a horrible twist will come leading to an overt all-out global civil war…”

And while we are looking back, here is the post from October 16, 2016 that Beckita referenced in the comments a few days ago. I think it a worthy Lenten reflection. It is entitled, “I Killed Christ – and so Did You.” Again, all overtly prophetic references have been edited out:

By Charlie Johnston 

I confess to Almighty God,

And to you, my brothers and sisters,

That I have greatly sinned,

In my thoughts and in my words,

In what I have done,

And in what I have failed to do…

(Public Penitential Act)

I am often publicly impatient with Catholics who promote the idea that angels will lead all the faithful to refuges, safe havens to weather the full fury of the Storm. While that may be figuratively true, it is not literally true. It is just a Catholic version of the Protestant doctrine of the Rapture that has sprung up over the last 200 years. (The idea of Rapture was first proposed by John Darby of the Brethren Movement in 1830). Both ideas posit that God is going to mystically take the good folks to a place of complete safety while all the rest on earth suffer through a terrible chastisement. Everybody who posits such things assumes that they are included in the cohort of good little boys and girls who are going to be taken to safety – and sometimes are at pains to hide an unseemly glee at the idea of all the rest of those poor slobs out there getting smacked down.

I am also unsettled when people speak of being part of “The Remnant,” once again all the good little boys and girls who have kept faith – and again with the unwarranted triumphal assumption that the speaker IS part of that anointed tribe, not like those dirty, unwashed heathens who so abound out there.

This troubles me for two major reasons. First, many otherwise decent people are liable to go into despair that they are not among the chosen when no angel comes to lead them to safety or that they are left behind with the rest of us when the final crash comes. Second, few who hold to such things are likely to consider that they have misread God’s call to action in troubled times for a promise of immunity – when it does not happen as they expect. We are each called to be refuge to our neighbors and to leave the old worldliness behind, so that we can act as God’s hands and feet during crisis.

Second, it presumes some facts that are very much not in evidence to quietly support a smug complacency. We are taught, Magisterially, that we cannot know with certainty that we are in a state of grace. How then can we be so certain that we are the elect, the remnant? Is it just because we have not violated the laws? If so, we are unprofitable servants, indeed. As Christians, we are called to go forth, not just to sit tight. I doubt that many people here have actively participated in the ongoing assault on faith and culture that is rapidly reaching its climax. But as the Penitential Act I quoted above so pointedly says, we are not just responsible for sin in what we have done, but in what we have failed to do. Could we really have reached this pass had there not been a massive failure in what we, as Christians, are called to?

A few examples of what we have failed to do…

Several decades ago, a black mayor of a majority black city in my area had a breakfast meeting with me. To my astonishment, he told me he was considering switching to the Republican Party. I told him we would be glad to have him – except that he would never get elected in his city again – so what had brought this on? He told me he was sick of Democrats treating him and his city as if they were all thugs and bums. He said the only legislation they would help with is things decriminalizing drugs, easing off on the punishment of crime, and expanding welfare: that that was all they thought “black legislation” consisted of. He added that when he wanted something to help the law-abiding majority in his town to strengthen their families, to help them with work or with real infrastructure improvements, he always had to go to the Republicans anyway. We talked for a while. He was deeply offended – and more than a bit bitter at the casual unconscious slur he consistently got from Democratic legislators. I told him we would continue to be his allies, but he and I both knew if he made the switch it would end his career. I suggested he stay where he was, we would continue to lead on the serious legislation his city needed – and ask that if we had a close one where he could quietly help, he do so. That worked for us all. But I never forgot that conversation – and I never forgot the vehemence with which he spat the line, “We are not all thugs and bums and I am sick of the Democrats treating us as if we are.”

The anti-God progressive left has succeeded where the Ku Klux Klan failed. It has atomized the black family, particularly in inner cities. In many of our cities there are hellholes of dysfunction and despair – and almost every city where this exists, the government has been led by anti-God progressives for at least two generations. While the dysfunction plays out on largely racial lines in America, that is not the root cause. In England, you have the same type of hellholes, mainly populated with impoverished whites. The result is the same. When you treat people like helpless animals, completely dependent on your largesse, many start to behave in animalistic faction. Both our government – and too many elements in our Churches – treat the poor with paternalistic disdain and preening self-regard. It is a form of animal husbandry, not brotherhood. The anti-God progressives have created a permanently dependent underclass in order to harvest their votes and use them as enforcers in mob actions to enhance the power of the progressives. This is racist to its core. The Black Lives Matter movement has led to increasing murder rates – and most of the newly murdered are black, killed by other blacks. Most of the businesses and homes destroyed in rioting are owned by blacks. So why does the progressive left not care about that? For the same reason they don’t care about the huge rate of black-on-black crime: because it is just black folks being killed and does not advance the narrative they prefer to seize more power. It is hideously racist. Yet we Christians and conservatives are busy defending ourselves against the charge of racism from the most successfully racist enterprise in American history: the progressive left – instead of holding them to account for their bigotry.

So where were we when the progressives were making pockets of inner cities into hellholes? Most of us considered it not our affair. The progressives, in true Animal Farm fashion, replaced the old white exploiters with new, black exploiters. Then they screamed, “Racist,” if anyone seriously tried to stop exploitation. What did most of us do? Figured it was none of our business and retreated to the safety of ignoring it rather than submit ourselves to the calumny and vitriol we would be hit with if we tried to defend our brothers. Where were we when the progressives made many city school districts into support systems for progressive activists, students be damned? Just in the last week, the NAACP, which once advocated for black people, issued a call for restricting Charter Schools, which have been one of the few ways out of the ghetto for many minorities. In Chicago, the City averted a teachers strike by cutting back on Charter Schools. Both hideously racist propositions, designed to enhance the stranglehold of progressive activists at the expense of children’s needs and best interests. We sat by and let neighborhoods and schools be destroyed in the name of empowering progressive activists – and did it so people wouldn’t talk ugly about us. And we think we are the faithful remnant? We are moral cowards and sinners, glad to opine against the dead carcass of institutional racism that largely expired by the 80’s, but unwilling to challenge the new, more virulent racism visited by the progressive left.

Let’s go back to first things. Man is made in God’s own image – all of us. As such, we hold a share in His divine dignity. If this is true (and the Bible says it is) we participate in a subordinate way in His fundamental nature. His fundamental nature is, through the procession of love between the Three Person of the Trinity, to create. He is the Creator. And since we are made in His image, we share most fully in His dignity when we love and act as subordinate creators. But that is what modern “philanthropists” will not hear of. They reserve to themselves the dignity of dispensing largesse and acting as creators, treating those they “help” as children of lesser gods, who must never be given the dignity or joy of creating anything by the work of their own hands. Though it plays out on largely racial lines because of the ghettos of despair we allowed to be created, it is the classic master-subject relationship that has always been at the heart of tyrannical aspirations.

I love St. John Paul’s frequent discussion of the concept of solidarity. It is the foundation of my belief in the concept of the Family of God. We are not to treat each other as greater and lesser, but as fellow workers in the Lord’s vineyard, as brothers and sisters. We are not called to simply dispense largesse to the poor and congratulate ourselves on our nobility. We are to accompany our brothers so that all may find the joy and dignity of acting as creators. We are not merely called to be philanthropists, but to help all to become philanthropists. What kind of brother would you be if you let your brother’s neighborhood be destroyed by dysfunction without fighting for him? What kind of brother would you be if you allowed activists to take over your family’s schools for their benefit instead of the children’s? Yet that is what we have done. We deride affirmative action – and usually rightly so – but what did we do to see that our brothers were not robbed of their right to an education? Not robbed of their right to real opportunity based on building their character through family and faith? We did not want any trouble. Now we have reaped a bitter harvest because of what we failed to do. And we dare to think God should take us to a place of safety while everyone else gets it? We should be crying mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa instead of patting ourselves on the back for our fidelity.

Then there is the matter of abortion. Over 60 million killed in America since 1973. (Remember – this was published in 2016. We are now nearing 65 million dead) Thanks be to God, many have worked to stop it – and people of several faiths have come to respect each other’s faith for their mutual efforts. But we have certainly been ineffective against this ongoing holocaust. Thankfully, many clerics have found a newfound boldness in speaking and acting out against the Culture of Death St. John Paul spoke of. But how many times, particularly in the 70’s and 80’s, but even today, have you heard clerics say that poverty or unemployment is equally as bad as abortion? None of those clerics have solved poverty or unemployment with their pious pronouncements – and have often enabled those who made it worse – but they have given effective cover to the aggressors in this Culture of Death. And because of their assistance, we are now dealing with active euthanasia and the destruction of the health care system. How often have we, Catholics and Evangelicals, justified our vote for someone who was fundamentally an aggressor in the Culture of Death on the basis that some ancillary issue was equally important?

When I was a teenager, there was an old man, Mr. Valentin, who lived in a house in back of us. He was a wonderful old man, full of lively stories and always with some cookies or cake to offer. I liked to visit with him. He was a German expatriate who had come to America after the war. Once we were talking about the war and what it was like to live in Germany then. He said, in passing, that he did not agree with how Hitler treated the Jews, but that he had been very good for the German economy – and that he thought Hitler was largely given a bad rap. I was stunned and horrified. I was polite, but I never visited him again, though I was pleasant when I saw him in passing. It has always been a part of my pondering how otherwise decent people can tolerate great evil when it is the norm in their cultural milieu. It troubles me a lot that, since then, I have seen us become a nation full of Mr. Valentins.

Then there are the Churches. I hate the sterile, bloodless bureaucratic model that our whole culture has adopted in just about everything. I particularly loathe it in our Churches. Once, in private conversation with a Bishop, he surprised me when he mournfully said that when a Priest dies, he is quickly forgotten. I asked why he thought that. He said they have no families – and a Priest’s flock just moves on to the next to fill their needs. It struck a deep chord in me.

I met a former Anglican Priest in Billings, Montana. A common theme I have is how poorly we treat Priests, and how terribly isolating it must be for them. We treat Priests like any other service person, consulting them when a problem arises, lining up to receive the Sacraments from them, but almost never acknowledging their humanity or treating them with the easy affection we would a friend or family member. This Priest has five children at home – and agreed it was a terrible problem. He said his family regularly has picnics and family events to which he invites Priests in the area, so they can participate in an active family life, to share in affection and joy as well as benediction – and it helps a lot.

We should always treat our Priests and Pastors with the respect due to them as spiritual fathers. But we should also treat them with the affection and intimacy we would a beloved Uncle. Yet most of us treat them like an appliance repairman: fix my problem and move on. And we think we are the faithful remnant?

Yet many Priests and Pastors have bought into the bureaucratic model, as well. Too often they see parishioners as cogs in the Sacramental assembly line. I see Dioceses where they talk of being open to life, but the tuition for a high school student at a Catholic School is $12,000. How is a normal family that is open to life supposed to cope with that? Are our deeds matching our words? When they don’t, our actions give the lie to our pious words.

We are called to be the Family of God. We have failed miserably. We are not the faithful remnant. If God was going to take the good little boys and girls to safety during this Storm, I don’t know anyone who would qualify. Oh, I don’t mix with many people who have actively assaulted our culture…but I don’t know many who have effectively defended it or acted as if they really mean to treat all their brothers and sisters as the Family of God.

The good news is that, while there is no blameless faithful remnant, God is giving us the chance to audition for the role in this Storm. You be the refuge. You do it by being a participant in the Rescue that has already begun, unseen by the world. You do it by recognizing all the things you have failed to do – then set your jaw like flint and resolve to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. There will be no passive spectators taken to safety because of how good they have been, only active participants who choose to become a place of safety to all they encounter.

If you do this, if you acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you, you will become a participant in the Rescue and truly earn a place among the faithful remnant. If we all do this, the Son of Man will find faith on earth when He comes again. But we should be thankful it is not now, for the best of us are not nearly as good as we think we are.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

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140 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Love this piece, Charlie. The images too! Is that MP snoozing in the back of the old rig lounging in the desert dust?

    Thanks, Forever Young Fr. Babyface, for pulling those amazing pieces out of the archives. I’ll let you read the archives to which I have access, if you’ll let me read yours. (You know I’m kidding.)

    Oh that squirrel!!!

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    1. Ha, fat chance I’d be burning perfectly good daylight in Monument Valley. The day starts in the wee hours and winks out around midnight. Odd thing, I did see a well-worn DeLorean just a day ago and haven’t seen one for a very long time. No flux capacitor though.

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        1. As an ex-IT guy (25 years experience), I’m sorry to inform you that Flux Capacitors are way outside our bailiwick. I could forward your request to the nice folks up in Engineering & Development, Charlie, but from prior experience, I’m sure they’re going to require a Permit from those chaps in Public Works.

          Frankly, whilst you’re waiting on that Permit, your best option might be to look at this spiffy Flux Capacitor sign that on sale at Amazon for $9.99. Best of luck, Charlie;

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    1. And here it is again from Life Site News. Lengthy, but a must read for those who have been quick with the derogatory name-calling of Vladimir Putin:

      A couple of snip-its from Archbishop Vigano’s observations:

      “It is easy to understand how the Russian Federation considers the possibility of Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons as a threat and demands Kyiv’s adherence to the non-proliferation pact.”

      “Here one may wonder why, in a situation of blatant violation of human rights by neo-Nazi military forces and paramilitary apparatuses (who fly flags bearing swastikas and display the effigy of Aldolf Hitler) against the Russian-speaking population of the independent republics, the international community feels obliged to consider the intervention of the Russian Federation worthy of condemnation, and indeed to blame Putin for the violence. Where is the much-vaunted right of the people to self-determination, which was held valid on August 24, 1991 for the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence and recognized by the international community? And why are we scandalized today by a Russian intervention in Ukraine, when NATO carried out the same sort of thing in Yugoslavia (1991), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011), without anyone raising any objections? Not to mention that in the last ten years Israel has repeatedly hit military targets in Syria, Iran and Lebanon to prevent the creation of a hostile armed front on its northern border, and yet no nation has proposed imposing sanctions on Tel Aviv.”

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      1. The claim the Putin is anti-globalist is suspect, he is deeply involved in the globalist system and always has been. Putin is a long time associate of numerous globalists. His friendship with New World Order Henry Kissinger started decades ago and they continue to meet for regular lunches as Kissinger acts as an adviser to multiple branches of the Kremlin. Putin has also maintained a steady relationship to the WEF and Russia even joined Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Network just last year.

        The globalists are playing BOTH SIDES of the Ukraine conflict and you can see it from many evidences, here a few:
        – Putins oligargs are the same globalist cabal as rest of the world elites.
        – Russian WEF connections Kirill Dmitriev of Russian Direct Investment Fund, Herman Gref of Sberbank & others.
        – central bank bis connections
        Russian covid protocols and passports are the same as in western world, no alternative medications allowed.
        – Russia heavily participated WEFs “cyber polygon” rehearsal for the coming cyberpandemic. (The cyber polygon pages have been removed from WEF site. Does that tell you something?)

        Cyberpandemic next, stock market crash and food rationing.. Russia & Ukraine produce 33 % of the worlds wheat harvest and 33 % of the worlds fertilizer manufactring.

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        1. Indeed, the globalists are embedded in what is happening between Russia and Ukraine… and in places and activities all over this weary, fear-stoked, heartbroken world. And I WILL be surprised if a cyber attack doesn’t come, blamed on whichever country suits the globalists best as they march on promoting division, chaos and violence through any manufactured crises they choose to put forward.

          And we remain steady as she goes in this barque of Peter, ever following the peace-filling, fortitude-building, hope-promoting counsel of Stella Maris: “Do whatever He tells you to do.”

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      1. And then who will they root for when China invades Russia? Seems I remember Charlie saying something about that years ago, now here is Luz de Maria reporting it, from Jesus. “Pray children, pray, China will rise up against Russia to the astonishment of the world.”

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  2. You know Charlie, I sometimes wonder if the ralture/refuge ideology is just a temptation from the Devil to lure people into doing nothing in these times where people need to be doing something God approves of…

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  3. Always good, Charlie.

    On the way to mass yesterday my family was blessed to see an Albino squirrel! It was awesome! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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  4. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Cdl Cupich’s Special Friend … In-Action!

    ESG … The next godless Global Re-Set Offensive!

    Ya might be interested in this 43 min Video from a Smart $$$ Guy. Net-Search:
    Principles for Dealing with the Changing World, by Ray Dalio YouTube

    Just Eat Cake, Serfs!


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  5. I wanted to share three ideas.

    (1) For the democrat mayor, an idea I would consider is have them speak up about how he is about results for the people above party, and though he likes his party because of x, he finds that people in his party are missing opportunities on delivering to the people, and the other party has been serious in doing x with him. He could then say, “I don’t wish to say this. I wish to say that our party is trouncing the other party in delivering results for the people. So, I hope my party can come back to this so we don’t surrender it to the other side and give them free points (maybe insert a relevant basketball analogy here).”

    (2) For the idea of not treating priests like family enough, I think two things that can help are (a) realizing that there is value in both selfishness and selflessness. For selfishness, you can’t expect people to take care of you as well as you can take care of yourself. (b) Use the tools from the good of the best parts of the secular world, such as communication coaches, to better pursue goals. The tricky part is how do you know you are in the best parts there? With these tools, one can be 10 or 100 times more effective.

    Ok, I was actually joking with the numbers. I was understating them.

    (3) There is a theory out there I have heard that we are basically leaving the storm, at least the worst parts of it. I say that as I have seen a few signs that point to this, such as multiple weird things with Biden, one of which is being on a stage set at one or a few points in time. I will say do be prepared for the worse case. I am saying it may be possible the storm won’t be quite as bad (although it may still get quite a bit worse compared to now, but not as much as it could have been).

    One reason for bringing this up is that the nature of the work will change depending on which case is true. The better case may revolve more around spreading the message, understanding, and explaining how we may be living in a Truman Show. One can of course prepare for both.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Matthew. We are surely continuing to prepare for whatever comes next by virtue of living the core message embedded in Charlie’s writing since he initiated the TNRS blog and which he continues here at ASOH. Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around us is a timeless way to enter into each day. I appreciate that Charlie not only has mystical lights guiding him and his work, but he has also seriously studied history and societies that have collapsed, hence, the birth of CORAC in July of 2020. Thanks to Charlie, and Deo Gratias!, because the level of widespread evil that I observe makes me think that our Mother’s adversary is having his hour right now. Of course, evil exhausts itself and anything built on lies cannot be sustained, but I sense the enemy of our souls is furious that his gig with undue power is about up and, as ever, he wants to destroy – as much as he possibly can – God’s creatures and His creation. However, our hope is not diminished for we know God has a Plan.

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  6. Thanks so much Charlie! Your words are encouraging and bracing at the same time. I can’t tell you how often the Holy Spirit highlights a word or phrase for me that helps steady my spirit. On a lighter note, here is a photo I took while waiting for a light on “back to the future day”. the only thing it tells me is that #1 I could have never planned it, and God was saying “Yup! that’s right Chris- and the same with everything else in your life. But I am with you if you are with Me.”

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  7. Hey I posted this yesterday but then a new piece came out right afterwards so I thought I’d post it again today. It’s an interview between Drew Mariani and Dr mark miravalle on the spiritual aspects of what’s going on with Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 in regards to the Triumph of the Immaculate heart of Mary! I thought it quite a sign of hope! He also spoke of these other apparitions in Ukraine 🇺🇦 back in the 80s??? (Need to check the date again) where 500,000 people in Ukraine saw the Blessed mother. Very interesting interview. Just start from the beginning if you wish to hear it. It starts pretty close the beginning 🥰✝️🙏📿

    Audio from Relevant Radio: Marian Consecration

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      1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it Maggie and that it helped you to fill in the pieces for you🥰 I felt the same way when I listened to it thus I felt so strongly to share it with you all and so many📿.

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)
    …… Any aware person, anywhere, NOW must know that something Very Wrong occurred during the past two years of ChinaPlague Hysteria.
    The “Elite” Global Re-Set Crimes Against Humanity Perps are also aware that THEIR Campaign was less than successful….. too many PureBlood Resisters/Control Group.
    THEY Fear an International Crime Tribunal. THEY will do anything to avoid prosecution!
    I don’t know what to believe These-Days but I believe the below …. & Jesus, I Trust (& Believe) in You!!

    I used to Write-Off Natural News as news hysteria.

    If Ya haven’t felt the need to prepare …. Bless Your Heart ;-(


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  9. FAKE VIDEOS of war in Ukrane?!?

    I suppose it’s possible given the fake narrative we’ve lived with in past few years. Can anyone verify that Globalists & Fake News Media are fudging the video footage with fakes to make the war in Ukrane look worse? This type of thing isn’t my area of expertise…

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    1. Al, Charlie verifies everything for which he provides links. With research and writing, he spends as much as 27+ hours preparing a piece. You can bet he’s particularly cautious in these days AND he always clearly corrects any error he’s made. Even without that, we already know that the establishment media has been misrepresenting, twisting and lying in their coverage for a long while now. Look at the lies the media perpetuated in your own country – and around the world – concerning covid and the tyrannical laws and regulations governments brought forth to “keep us safe.”

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      1. For sure Beckita. I just found it strange that fake video footage is needed at all, what do they hope to gain? I’m sure the real video footage is bad enough.

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    I missed this before …. has anyone else seen this letter?

    Yeah! I can relate ;-(

    New York’s Democrat ****Holes are overrun by the Criminal Class and Social Justice Pols/DAs so let’s Tax and Infringe Upon the Producer Class!

    Lil’ Fidel & the Reichsführer unroll The Mark of the Beast! ;-(


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  11. This week’s podcast is just good stuff. It’s wonderful to get Mounds, Lol. “It’s turtles all the way down!” yes indeed.

    Are there plans to record the meetings? Those were also great to watch.

    God bless us, Everyone.

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      1. <B

        Boy, o-boy, missing Jen. I've really come to appreciate her "<B" of quiet, steady, strong, encouragement for the community here.

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  12. The following substack written by Dr. Robert Malone today talks about the bioweapons labs that the USA has placed in Ukraine along the border of Russia. Dr. Malone asks the very pertinent question how we would feel if Russia used Mexico as a satellite nation in placing bioweapon labs along our southern border? Wouldn’t the USA want to stop this by invading Mexico and destroying the bioweapon labs? Would this make the USA the good guys or the bad guys in this scenario? A thought-provoking article worth the read…

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    1. Texas I heard mention of this in AB Vigano’s recent letter.

      It is very good that this is rising up for all to see. God Bless our champions and freedom fighters, like Robert Malone, who use their platforms for good. And of course, God bless us, everyone. See if He blesses those causing us the greatest pain then they would become His hands and feet and that would be a balm. I could use some of that now, ;-D

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    2. I’d first be asking what biological research the labs are conducting and what biological material they contain, and I’m not defending either interest. A verify information/get the facts posture, wary of potential propaganda and the pitfalls of contributing to the propaganda machines.

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      1. Always a good point, and a worthy reminder.

        Another thought: it just might not be possible to get to the truth, for a while. So hold it all loosely. Anyways, tnrs is always in style, custom-made for this kind of conundrum.

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        1. You can bet I was only asking hypothetically, LL. Wouldn’t have the foggiest what to do with that information if I had it, and it would just get in the way of swinging the ax at my woodpile.

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    3. thanks for posting Texas. My goodness our corrupt govt continues to harm humanity with gain of function “research”. May the Lord have mercy!

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Beyond Belief! in a State named for the BVM. Democrats are OBSESSED with KILLING BABIES!!

    The DNC & ABCNNBCBS-NPR have declared this Fake-News. Nothing to see here! … Move Along!!!!

    It will NEVER happen. THEY don’t apologize for ANYTHING. THEY just Memory Hole and deflect to the next real or False Flagged “Crisis”

    Florida lawmakers pass ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

    Not to Worry!! The Big Guy is getting his 10% ;-(


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  14. Charlie . . . There are details of your Aug 29, 2000 letter (which I will not enumerate) that had me instantly thinking of St John of the Cross. All in all, your words and message in this letter exude humility (and recommend the same). And I LOVE it!!! Such a beautiful message. Thank you.

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  15. An article in my local paper reports this morning: “Democratic leaders abruptly abandoned plans for a fresh infusion of $15.6 billion for battling COVID pandemic on Wednesday, clearing the way for the house debate and passage of a vast government spending bill that is anchored by aid for Ukraine and European allies.”

    Can you see the connection? The globalists have abandoned the efforts to extinguish our freedoms and destroy our countries via COVID as their platform of lies and now turn to using the sorrows in Ukraine as their new platform for promoting the destruction of lives via tyranny.

    And this is not the end of the story. God has a Plan and we’re chosen for whatever He wants us to do.

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    1. Beckita, please will you re-post the gold-glitter foot (next-right-step) jpeg? I need to burn that sucker in my mind, Hah. +Team-Heaven, plz, church militant needs ya! All hands on deck!+ Mighty will be the graces flowing in the needed moment, TYG.

      God bless us, Everyone!

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        1. That’s so beautiful Beckita!🥰. I comment often to my loved ones that I don’t believe the Saints in heaven or that Jesus or Mary wear shoes up there! Every painting, photo or statue I’ve ever seen shows bare feet or little toes popping out🥰. I think that’s sort of fun to meditate on. Probably sounds stupid to most people but that’s how my simple mind works😂 🦶

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Time for St Joseph to go in to his Terror of Demons and their Useful Idiots Mode & Team=Up wit St Micael to Git ‘er Done!! AMEN!


    About Time!! & Just a beginning of the PushBack I Trust!!

    The Biden Inflation Octopus–VICTOR DAVIS HANSON
    Clown Kerry Show ….. Keep it up, John … along with all the other unseriious DC Swamp Creatures!

    Cali is so Crime Free that Cops have nothing better to do? ;-(

    C’mon! This is Old News …. and besides it’s Trump/Deplorables and NOW we have other things to worry about like Russians and Climate Change! ….See!!??


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    1. CD says:

      “Time for St Joseph to go in to his Terror of Demons and their Useful Idiots Mode & Team=Up wit St Micael to Git ‘er Done!! AMEN!”

      Alright, I was drinking water and I almost spit/choked, LOL and such!

      I love that short prayer and devotion to St. Joseph: +St Joseph, Terror of Demons, Savior of Our Savior, build a doorway for us!+ The Marians of the Immaculate who run the National Shrine of Divine Mercy published that prayer several years ago.

      It all reminds me of this picture of St. Joseph (link below), which I cherish. Loooookie at the sparkle in St. Joseph’s eyes as he’s effortlessly a’slayin’ said “Demons and their Useful Idiots” Hah.

      Thank you CD for this delightful contemplation!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    A Phony Show of Common Sense just in time for Election 22?

    What is a war crime, and could Putin be prosecuted over


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  18. Charlie,
    The letter on obedience strikes me. That’s something that comes up over and over. There’s a new book called The World of Marian Apparitions by Wincenty Laszewski. In it is spoken of the little known 7th apparition of Fatima in 1921- when Mary appeared to Sr. Lucia. The message for Lucia was simple, “Go, follow the path which the Bishop wants you to take, this is the will of God.”
    Lucia didn’t want to do what the Bishop was asking.
    It seems to be a call to obedience. A call to obey church authority, even if you don’t like it.
    It was said that for Sr Lucia she often repeated “I have to be obedient. That’s what our lady of Fatima wants of me.”. Sr Lucia later wrote that we are living in the end times, we must be obedient often going against ourselves, and against our judgment- and follow what the church says.

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    1. Amen, Veronica. That’s why I will watch and listen carefully to AB Vigano, Cdl Burke, Cdl Sarah, Bishop Strickland, etc etc.
      We need to discern, it seems these days, which Church Authorities are of God.

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      1. The hard part is being obedient to the ones who aren’t seemingly of God as long as they don’t compel you to sin. Saint Pio was obedient to a very sinful Bishop. Jesus Christ was obedient to very sinful authorities, unto death.

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        1. I just don’t understand “obedience” to the forked tongues.

          Can anyone help me with this? I understand the concept- Obedient unto death. If it is God’s Will that I follow a Cdl Cupich, I will do that. But “how” will I know?

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          1. I pray that I’m never put to the “test”. I’m the type that stays true to the magisterium of the Catholic Church–black and white. I stay within the lines. I will lay down my life, but not for confusion and lies.

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          2. Jesus was obedient to the fork tongues. He stood before Caiphas who condemned him. It looks like not sinning but allowing yourself to be persecuted with no retribution in your heart. It lets vengeance belong to God and rises above enmity willing the good of the other for their own sake wanting for their salvation no matter how bad they have been. It looks like Christ on the Cross.
            A Cardinal can take the Eucharist from you.
            He cannot make you profane it.
            Keep asking the Holy Spirit to pour over you so you discern the right decisions.

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          3. The entire Gospel is mercy, though folks may see some of the harsher dialogs through a smudged lens. Seems to me Our Lord’s harshest words were not prompted simply by sinners sinning, they were prompted by hypocritical accusers showing no mercy. And we all struggle with that to some degree or another.

            Why obedience? Maybe we should first be asking “why judge?” Because, really, humanity doesn’t seem all that good at it Sure, there’s some psychology behind it, but perhaps it’s often because holding on to opinions and judging is just so much easier than showing mercy.

            Certainly the Apostles all struggled with that as well.

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  19. I think the remnant exists. Only God knows who his true servants are. They are humble, flawed people (as we all are) and have given their ‘yes’ to the Lord. No single person or even group of people can fix all the complicated ills of the world, and no single person is responsible for all of these ills. (Oh, yes, I know that sin contributes to unholy situations.) However, there have to be faith-filled people in this generation whom God will use as his hand and feet to do His will.

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    1. Hey Judith, my point is that a potential remnant exists. But until you have been tested and proved it, none of us are that. God is giving us a great audition right now. But we are not that remnant until we have actually lived fidelity in good times and in terrifying times. Most of the people who have said to me that they are the remnant have seemed to me to be assuming facts not in evidence yet. And if the remnant was as faithful as some think, we would not have inner-city hellholes, the destruction of public education, and the destruction of so many families – because we would have actively fought it rather than cowering and hoping not to be called racist, sexist or whatever by the people who have visited this terrible disorder on us. I take very seriously the sin of “what we have failed to do.” We will see as the darkness grows around us. Right now, those who proclaim themselves to be the remnant have largely seemed, to me, to be far too timid and self-congratulatory to have yet earned that status.

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      1. Amen Charlie. The true test of our faith is upon us or at least right around the next corner. Never give in, never give up. Swim against the current with all your strength. It’s hard, very hard, but I believe this is our call.

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      2. As I said, I think that only God know who belongs to His remnant. However, let face it. Even Peter denied Christ 3 times though Peter witnessed His great miracles and signs! God knows our weaknesses. Just like the apostles, we fall asleep when we should be wide awake. We all have weaknesses and so will the people in this remnant. There will never be perfection and, yes, there will be those who fail the unexpected tests. Maybe they will get up again and be stronger. 🙂 I assume that I have many weakness and I prefer not to be put to the test, as Jesus suggested. I also know that Christ is faithful and will likely send us the Holy Spirit to us in a big way when one least expects it.(I have seen it this very week, though I am not deserving of anything.) After all, He is the vine and we are but the branches. With Him even the seemingly weakest branch can do great things, though we should never assume. God always surprises.

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  20. I just now noticed that silly squirrel with the longhorns picture in your column. Did I ever share this video clip with the bull from last year? From almost a year ago today, meet Gran Carlos (Big Chuck):

    Get fresh air and sunshine, folks.

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    1. MP – Chuck?!? As in steak or roast? LOL!
      Fresh air we have in abundance these days – sunshine seems to be in short supply here in rainy Oregon. Perhaps I should go visit Sister Bear.
      Thanks, have missed your videos.
      katey in OR

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        1. No! Yeesh. “The rain falls on the just and unjust…” Here, if it’s clear it will be below freezing, warmer and it pours a deluge. On the other hand, better than a drought. I’ll be glad when the wind has blown itself out. Hope you are doing OK.

          God bless us all, katey in OR ⛈


  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    If this Bum “Gets-Off, we will know that the Vatican is as corrupt as our worst fears!!

    HullyGee! I’m sure that ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WashPo and DOJ/Civil Rights Division will be on this 24/7! …. Right!!?? …. Hello!!!!–politics/a-recession-unlike-any-other?post=347083

    Yep!! Flood de USA with Illegal Undocumented (Disease, Criminal Record or Skills) Democrats and by 2050 the USA will be an amalgam of the “best” Mexico, Haiti and Somalia has to offer!


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  22. Even God is laughing.
    and MP, I don’t think the trees would have worked all that well. You have a wonderful Guardian Angel.

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  23. I love these two paragraphs!🥰🙏✝️📿

    “We are called to be the Family of God. We have failed miserably. We are not the faithful remnant. If God was going to take the good little boys and girls to safety during this Storm, I don’t know anyone who would qualify. Oh, I don’t mix with many people who have actively assaulted our culture…but I don’t know many who have effectively defended it or acted as if they really mean to treat all their brothers and sisters as the Family of God.

    The good news is that, while there is no blameless faithful remnant, God is giving us the chance to audition for the role in this Storm. You be the refuge. You do it by being a participant in the Rescue that has already begun, unseen by the world. You do it by recognizing all the things you have failed to do – then set your jaw like flint and resolve to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. There will be no passive spectators taken to safety because of how good they have been, only active participants who choose to become a place of safety to all they encounter.”

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  24. Jen reporting in weekly on the 7’s with an added hour of daylight to boot! Ash Wednesday – was for me a full fast from electronics and it was refreshing. Caught up on some reading, returned mask-less to Mass at my home parish and joyfully ran into old friends. Same day my DH accepted a new job offer. Later in the week, I have returned freely to the sacraments and first week devotions after two years away.

    The suppression of people of good will working through the fog of the war is real and confounding. On the first Monday of Lent I find – Martin Geddes, a long-time mutual online ‘pal’ from London, who is a talented photographer and a sound voice of reason has been working through the struggle. I was struck by his post (copied below):

    Personally, I find solace in being a witness to others openly facing challenges justly with passion and determination, come what may. Processing is a constant, there is no one and done state of being. Evolving and growing through the lessons of life are our only saving grace.

    Further down on Marty’s timeline was a copy of a newspaper column that had an invitation for people of good will to bravely fight in an article titled, “A Spiritual Conspiracy.” I reached out to the writer of the piece with interest which immediately led to a thread of comms for the next few hours with an owner/editor of a printed community newspaper that could be from anywhere in the world. By the grace of God, she happens to live and operate her work in the counties I was born and now live in, Cook & Will. She has welcomed me to join her team. She too has been put on the fringe in her vocation as her signature line remark reveals: “Different thinkers are often ostracized. If you don’t go along with the crowd, you are shunned or chosen as a scapegoat if one is needed. For many people, that would be a fate worse than death. Therefore…the herd mentality is the easier choice.”

    She and I are the same age and are both bodyworkers/therapists too! God is so good and surprising when we get out of His way and trust in Him with abandon. Hang in there as we know we fighting for the winning team as we seek to define and execute the winning plays. I am praying for each of you and your hearts desires. Please pray for me too! ❤

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Who Knows!

    “Bright-Blub” ChinaJoe .. In-Action!


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    1. Occasionally, such as the Grace Force videos, I clear videos that are longer than 30 minutes, Linda. Even though many follow Fr. Rippiger, the one you’re sharing is longer than 30 minutes, so let’s send people to You Tube who want to view what you are recommending. They can search with the words: “Book Review: Dominion: The Nature of Diabolic Warfare w/ Fr. Ripperger” and find it.

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          1. I figure we could all use a little spiritual warfare help about now since probably all of hell has been unleashed 😂✝️🙏 glad you liked it littlelight 🥰

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    1. Excellent piece, Rick! I appreciate the Russian history as I appreciate the insight into how whole countries develop mindsets due to their history. Not but a few lines into the second theory, I thought: “Hey! This is also at work in the world.” And, sure enough, it is.

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    2. I heard Jason on USGF podcast. He also mentioned the (scary-bad) philosopher that Putin studied. Very sobering, all of it. TY for the link.

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Time for ALL Red State Guvs to “Grow a Pair” and CONFRONT FERAL GUBERMINT OVEREACH!
    Time to bring The 10th AMENDMENT back in a BIG WAY!
    Red States should ALL establish a Civil Rights Commission/Office to investigate & prosecute tyrannical Feral Gubermint Officialdom within their Sovereign States!

    From the Hapless Hack who is supposed to be Guarding Our Border from marauding Criminals, Drug/Human Traffickers, Enemy Agents and Terrorists!
    If THEY continue to get away with this ****, going to Church will make YOU an Enemy of the State …. sound familiar, Blue Staters!?.
    THEY thought ChinaPlague Hysteria & LokDowns would Do the Trick for AGENDA Advancement & CITIZEN CONTROL but THEY failed in Red Regions!

    What’s ChinaJoe gonna do about this? .. Yeah! … It’s Trump’s Fault.


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    1. Anyone who wants to be informed about what our “government” is up to, should read the article about the fishing expedition! Lord help us, what will they do next!

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  27. (link removed ~ BH)

    Rebuttal to Vigano’s letter by Ukrainian Priest Fr. Charron with Matt Fradd. What is the truth? This video is 2hrs long, but important bc we must try to discern what the real history is and not just what social media and MSM proclaim.

    My take is all govt entities are corrupt.

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    1. We can still get people where they need to be when someone is sharing a video that beyond 30 minutes. For your suggestion, San San, folks can go to You Tube and search with these words: “Responding to Archbishop Viganò & What’s Going on in Ukraine w/ Fr Jason Charron.” I plan to have a listen.

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      1. Well, I’ve listened to the first 25 minutes of Fr. Jason Charron and I am disagreeing with him on many fronts.First of all, he proclaims that one cannot look at what’s happening in Ukraine with Russia through the lens of the American culture wars. Oh yes we can view the culture war in the conflict. Why? Because it’s not particular to America… we’re all contending with the worldwide civil war being fought on cultural lines.

        Father goes on to say that the conflict has been millennia long in its duration. Indeed it has. That still doesn’t prevent the globalists from using the situation as their platform for more tyranny. And no one HAS to be in Ukraine to see the suffering. It’s very believable even without setting foot on Ukrainian soil. God bless Father, but, really?

        And so what if Archbishop Vigano had a ghost writer? Many leaders have writers who make their points in language which is more effective than their own way of expressing. Frankly, I think Vigano has conveyed the challenges more accurately than the first 25 minutes of Fr. Jason’s presentation. Father actually contradicts himself when he states that there are world actors who want the agenda of WEF, but that’s not what the Russia-Ukrainian conflict is about. Oh yes it IS part of that conflict. I believe the Globalists behind the WEF want a third world war and are using Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as their starting point – jumping all over the longstanding friction between Russia and Ukraine as the mega spark to ignite a worldwide conflagration of destruction via war.

        God bless Fr. Jason and his suffering Ukrainian people. He well knows the history of his people and their challenges with Russia, but in this case, it’s the ONLY lens from which he is viewing and analyzing all the forces at play in Ukraine. (And he’s not the only Churchman who think Archbishop Vigano is chasing after conspiracy theories.) From what I have listened to, it seems Fr. Jason lacks erudite knowledge of the current WORLD scene and, thus, fails to view these events from a wider scope, which also encompasses prophecy about our times.

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        1. Thank you for this review, Beckita.

          About the “ghostwriting”: Archbishop Viganò probably wrote it in Italian, his first language, and then someone translated it into English. Having watched videos of Archbishop Viganò speaking, I can tell that his spoken English is very, very good and that he is deeply knowledgeable about the subjects. However, it’s still easier to write in one’s first language.

          From his many decades of service both in Church dicasteries and in diplomatic positions, he would have extensive on-the-ground connections and knowledge.

          God bless and keep him.

          Sister Bear

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          1. Yes, Sr. Bear. Having served as papal nuncio in the US, it seems likely that Archbishop Vigano’s English would have greatly improved during that time, but of course, you make a sound point that it is always easier to write in one’s own native tongue. Well said on your final point too.

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                1. Wooh-wee, but I feel verily bad for the person (?MP) editing it, there was so much to edit, due to us not thinking from that perspective in the moment, argh. They did a really nice job.


        2. Good analysis Beckita, I agree. Archbishop Vigano has a good grasp of world events & it’s actors, the term “conspiracy theotist” is mainly used as a smear to discourge others from listening to what that person has to say.

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  28. Thank you Charlie. Very good and completely describes my own broken state!

    I miss you brother!


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  29. Prayer request for my youngest daughter Jennifer and her family.
    After a challenging year of serious health issues with her husband Keith and then a neurological issue with herself they just lost their house do to fire last night! Right now they and their 5 children,have moved in with me and we are busy getting them the normal things in life like clothes and shoes, etc as they only have the clothes they were wearing left. Even their vehicles are inoperable right now as the car keys were in the house too!
    The Storm is strong down here right now!

    I’ve attached a Crowd Funding link my brother set up for them since Keith is unable to work right now as he has a work at home buisness.

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    1. So sorry for the fire, Phillip; but so thankful that your daughter and her family are safe and with you. Praying for you all.

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    2. PF, I’m so sorry.

      I’m praying the misery will be transformed to unexpected blessings and joy. Courage, hope and bounty instead of fear, anxiety and deprivation.

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    3. Surely praying for your daughter and her family… and all of you, Phillip. May Our Lady Undoer of Knots tend to every need and detail of recovery, both in body and in setting up a new place to live.

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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Pshaw!! Democrats & DC Deep Swamp RINOs, like Bill Barr, have assured US that Election Fraud 20 is Fake News … Move Along!!!

    THEY are STILL pushing ChinaPlague Hysteria!
    Do you think that BO coming down with ChinaPlague is a coincidence? Do you believe he actually got the Jabs?
    NOW 4th Jab is necessary …. Really!!??
    In recent years, it’s been normal for Democrats to garner 43% of The Vote no matter what! I’m praying that that % is much less NOW!!


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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    THEY will attempt to Shove-Thru ALL THEIR AGENDA before Election 22 …. with the help of RINOs ….then till Jan 25 fend off any repeals by WH Veto ;-(

    Does anyone here doubt that Planet Earth is under satanic attacks?
    Anyone else thinking that The Global Left is, at best, satan’s Useful Idiots?
    …… and getting real tired of Democrats/Media describing vicious criminals as Homeless, Teens and Disadvantaged!?

    What to expect when Democrats destroy value of $$$ by massive printing of Fiat Money …. and shutting down Producer Class USA …. and promoting Open Borders and Welfare Class! ;-(


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  32. I just read about this movie and will find a way to see it! This is really cool, a true story, out of Providence Journal (RI). It’s really Heartening to see something Great come out of my beloved New England. And it’s being released on St. Patrick’s Day!!! That’s a special day for me 🙂 Another special, is in my house, when our kiddos were young, my husband used to say all the time: “Dog is God spelled backwards” 🙂

    Enjoy. The link followed by a quote:

    Here’s the link for A Story for Even Non-Animal Lovers |


    A Godwink is a coincidence that isn’t a coincidence at all. It’s a person-to-person message from God. Another word for a Godwink is answered prayer. So, what is a Dogwink? It’s a Godwink story with a dog right at the center of it. SQuire and Louise propose that sometimes God communicates messages (without the use of spoken word) to people through our canine creatures.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    THEY have divided US in more ways than we can count!
    At least 50%+ of the USA is seething in Cold Anger in a dissolving Nation.
    It ain’t gonna end well ;-(

    So! Who is the Chief PuppetMaster?

    If I had to guess …. China moves on Taiwan while USA still distracted by Europe and before new Congress is seated (Election 22) ….. with, perhaps, another nasty strain of ChinaPlague released into the Mix?


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