the benedict option writ large

By Charlie Johnston

Joe Biden’s vaxx mandate, after his destruction of U.S. borders, triggering of aggressive new inflation, and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan in a manner that empowers terrorists and encourages aggressors throughout the world, was a pitiful effort to show that he is still the boss of you. Sorry, Joe, you never were, you still are not, and you never will be the “boss” of us.

Even so, serious people (or, at least, people who have influence) are arguing about the matter. I once lived in an America that would have collectively laughed this pathetic man off the stage – from the lowliest media hack to the biggest corporate head. It is a sign of our degeneration that we think his “order” requires serious and sustained argument.

The first time I really wondered whether our supposed “betters” were just stupid and willful was in 1975 when the Helsinki Accords were signed. It was an effort to smooth out relations between the free western world and the captive nations under the thumb of the Soviet Union. Diplomats opined as the signing took place that we recognized the truth of the Soviet’s assertion that the west granted people political rights while the east granted people economic rights. Besides the obvious reality that the only economic “rights” the captive world granted its citizens was the right to starve under its artificially enforced shortages and poverty was the massive misrepresentation of the American system. The only proper American response to that statement would have been to tell the tyrants, “Gentlemen, you misunderstand our system. We grant our citizens nothing. Ours is a free and sovereign people who grant some limited powers to the government to administer the blessings of liberty in an orderly fashion. Whether we handle those limited powers effectively and with vigorous defense of human liberty is our constant test of legitimacy.” But I was only 19, so, enraged as I was, I wondered whether perhaps I was missing something.

In 1976 I was named a surrogate speaker for Gerald Ford in northern Illinois. (My congressman told the campaign I was a prodigal – and wrote wowzer speeches for him. The appointment was solidified when he told them that a joke he had given Ford – that the president had used – was actually written by me). Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon was a major issue in the campaign between him and Jimmy Carter. The Carter people pounded away that there had been some corrupt deal involved. I was baffled as the president and his men stumbled and bumbled along trying to deal with the controversy. Everywhere I went, when the question came up, I simply said, “Look, I think President Ford is an honorable man so when he says there was no deal, I believe him. But, given the agony the country was going through, if a deal is what it would have taken to get Nixon out of the White House, I would have made that deal in a heartbeat – and with no apologies.” At that moment, everyone in EVERY audience paused, considered it, and then nodded agreement – and I could go on to other issues. Again, though, I was only 20 – so I wondered if there were other considerations that, in my youth and inexperience, I could not see that prevented the president’s men from speaking the ridiculously obvious.

In 1981, in the confusion immediately after President Reagan was shot, then Secretary of State Alexander Haig took to the podium in the White House press room and declared, “Constitutionally, I am in charge here.” I chuckled, thinking the initial panic had caused Haig to make a silly error. Administratively, he was in charge until the vice president was summoned, but constitutionally, the vice-president is in charge from the moment a president is incapacitated. But then all the talking heads in the media began looking for a copy of the Constitution to see if Haig’s assertion was correct. I thought, okay, they are just trying to get the proper citations. Then, astonishingly, various government officials and media folks started discussing in the most serious tones whether this was a correct interpretation or not. It was as absurd a discussion as whether oil or sand is the superior lubricant for an engine. And so, at the tender age of 25, I finally concluded that I wasn’t missing a thing; that much of the elite class in American society consisted of idiots and pompous goobers.

The elite classes that I came to regard with hidden contempt then look like world-class statesmen by comparison to today’s elite classes. We do not have a national government. We have a willful regime that, having usurped an election by the most flagrant and extensive fraud in American history, seeks to rule, lawlessly treating both the Constitution and statutory law with indifference and contempt. The courts refused to even consider any evidence of the fraud – dismissing all cases on manufactured procedural grounds. The legislatures, both nationally and in most states, refused to mount an investigation and instead just rubber stamped the fraud. Some states have begun actual forensic investigations. Preliminary findings show that it was far worse than even the most skeptical of us thought. My initial estimate, based on a cursory statistical analysis, was that Donald Trump won the popular election by 10.7 million votes and an electoral college landslide. I think I vastly underestimated the size of his stolen victory. This was the actual treasonous insurrection in our body politic in the last year.

The method of our garbage elite class has been to begin a mantra on every contested subject and, whatever you ask, just repeat the mantra. No matter what the questions or the evidence presented of massive fraud, the answer does not touch on facts and evidence, just the assertion that the election was secure and validated. On the gene therapy shot, you are assured they are safe and effective. Ask about the astronomical VAERS reports of problems and deaths, they don’t address it, just re-assert that it is “safe and effective.” Want to know data about the incidence of blood clots in the elderly, heart problems in young men, or infertility after the shot?  “Safe and effective,” is all they say. The modus operandus of leftist social rule has been to give orders then stick their fingers in their ears and shout, “I can’t hear you” to any questions or objections you have.

When you have an illegitimate regime giving orders that even a legitimate government has no power to give; when their only answer to all critical questions is, “Shut up, stupid (with an occasional substitution of racist, sexist, terrorist, insurrectionist, et al for the word ‘stupid’), when their response to any suggestion that all the serial disasters that have ensued since they stole power is to bully you harder, it’s time to make some changes.

No, I’m not talking about an actual insurrection. The only real insurrection committed in this country in the last year was fronted by leftist Democrats beginning November third of last year and continuing until the fraud was completed on January 20th. Why go to the trouble and danger of mounting an insurrection when the very left that mounted the last one is rapidly collapsing the society they captured? That would just be a distraction, at best, and a serious setback, at worst. One of my oldest immutable rules is that, when your opponent is blowing himself up, don’t rush in to speed the process along (lest you get blown up, too). Rather, step back and don’t interrupt him.

The injunction, “Live not by lies,” is not just sound counsel; it is a warning of what happens when societies succumb to the madness of trying to live by lies. They don’t survive long – and often the downfall can be blindingly quick. That downfall usually results in absolute chaos and deep terror for a few months to a few years, followed by the rise of a real dictator who restores order – but freedom is gone for a good, long time. What should really chill social justice “warriors” is that the madmen who caused the downfall and gleefully oppressed what they considered their inferiors usually rot in prisons or face firing squads even before the rise of the dictator.

Knowing well the cycle of willful madness, forced artificiality, chaos, terror, and dictatorship that characterize a catastrophic downfall, that was a primary reason I founded CORAC a year ago last July. Convinced that the cycle of chaos was already so advanced that it could not be checked until it had crashed and burned itself out, I wanted the infrastructure in place so people who were willing could collectively and cooperatively defend themselves against the terror to come and, succeeding in that, offer a viable alternative to the usually inevitable dictatorship that follows chaos and terror. Also knowing that when passions flare, ALL  contestants usually kick God to the curb, our core commitment is that the only things that consistently thrive and provide security are those that recognize God as the foundation of everything. (In complete candor, I have always regarded it as my particular calling to call people back to God and to act commensurate with both the commands and the liberty He grants His people.) Frankly, if God is not at the heart, everything is in the process of degeneration. I’m all about regeneration – and know it can’t be done without God.

Thus, I divided the country into 15 regions, appointed coordinators for each region, and gave them some basic principles to help them administer their regions, but largely left it up to them what they are most enthused about, so long as it is not inconsistent with the mission of CORAC – and so long as they have people who will cover the main focuses. A short synopsis of what our mission is can be found here.  We have four major national committees. Health and Wellness focuses on traditional and national medicines and healing techniques, without gainsaying the multitude of benefits modern medicine has brought to bear. But if we are headed to real strife, we need easy access to effective remedies. Communications focuses on how to keep in touch with our fellows if modern means of communications go down for a time. The main focus is on ham radios, but we also look to building communication trees where people can spread news and information by phone, bulletin boards and other means (we haven’t gotten into smoke signals…yet). Sustainability is geared towards giving people what they need to survive, and even thrive, right where they are if hard times come. Prayer Teams keep us grounded in our faith, provide a foundation for all our actions and provide an effective means for everyone to participate. I have wanted to establish a national committee on Education, as the educational establishment is already in catastrophic collapse, but thus far I have failed to find someone who will take the reins and become the driving force of that committee. Meanwhile, we have ad hoc committees dealing with such things as crisis scenarios.

The fact is when the cycle I described above begins in an otherwise healthy society, historically, almost everyone is completely caught off guard. At first, they can’t believe such disorder and tumult could happen in what has long been a peaceful culture. Then, when it becomes undeniable, they are frozen, unable to contemplate what they could do to help with a problem of such immense proportions. Frankly, once the cycle has gained a certain momentum, I know of no historical case where it has been checked. The system must crash and the madness burn itself out. What can be done is to assemble the ambulances, to care for those wounded – often by their own ignorance and hubris – and to put a structure in place to help rebuild quickly in a way that builds up rather than tears down – as a dictatorship almost invariably does.

Last weekend I attended and spoke at a CORAC event in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where the embryonic nature of this plan was demonstrated.  Held on the 20th anniversary of 9-11, we began with a patriotic Rosary, then heard a presentation on spiritual warfare by Deacon Dan Dullinger. It was an excellent presentation. Too often these things emphasize being a romantic, noble warrior without acknowledging the serious dangers involved and giving the appropriate cautions, while keeping people focused on the reality that all effective spiritual warfare is effective because it holds fast to Christ. Then there were demonstrations on communicating via ham radio, making natural and herbal medical tinctures and making sausage. The sausages made became the bratwursts we ate for lunch – and were the best brats I have ever had. The team spiced them just right. (I had been looking forward to the brats: I spent most of my life in the Midwest. While I love Colorado, folks there don’t know from nothing about brats!) Meantime, there was a gun range where attendees could practice their skills with pistol and rifle targets. All were impressed by the dear old lady who, with a pistol, hit her target every time. She was one granny you don’t want to mess with. They persuaded me to try a cannon of a pistol the next day. Pistols are a whole different ballgame than rifles – and a lot harder than TV and video games make them out to be. A few years ago my son, who was a uniformed cop, took me out to a range in Tallahassee and taught me a little about how to shoot a pistol. Embarrassingly, on the first five shots I did not hit the target at all. I was nervous with this cannon of a pistol, particularly since they were filming it and this was bigger and more powerful than anything I had ever shot. To my delight, I hit the target. Not wanting to tempt fate, I didn’t risk a second shot. In the afternoon, I gave a talk and then engaged in conversation with the crowd. There will be a video of it up on the CORAC site soon.

The point is that none of us can do everything to rescue our poor, bleeding culture. But each of us can do the little that we reasonably can right in front of us. That has been my constant refrain since I started writing here: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. This event and our National Conference back in June showed how much can be accomplished when people work together, each doing the little that they can. Real fellowship and joy permeate such gatherings as people realize and internalize that, working together in that way, we really can weather all storms, under God. During an informal dinner that evening, I told some of the organizers that, these days, my job is much like the guy in the Adam Sandler movies who would occasionally pop up to say, “You can do it!”

Every week I get several missives from people breathlessly explaining to me the system they have discovered that will change everything. Some of these ideas have merit, though often not for the reasons their advocates think they do. I am pretty quick to dismiss anything that begins with, “If everyone would just…” The reality is that everyone will NOT just, and I have little time to indulge fantasies. Even so, some of these have deep merit. The Constitutional Sheriff movement is one I have great regard for. Though I do not think it can stop our slide into collapse (though it may well have been able to a generation ago if more people had taken it seriously), it is focused on organizing people locally, right where they are, and that will be a huge asset going forward. Active, engaged people are very hard to subdue. There are also various movements for a Convention of States. I am both dubious and grateful for this movement. Dubious because it is absurd to think, in this lawless age when the most committed and comprehensive lawbreakers are government officials, themselves, that coming up with a new book of laws would solve anything, much less everything. Even so, it focuses things on the states, which is the best shot we have to preserve some of a once-successful culture which can also act as a base for a cultural resurrection. I have almost no interest in the federal government anymore. It is illegitmate, feckless, incompetent, and actually maliciously hostile to the Constitution and freedom.

Along the way this last year and a half, I have had several interests try to steer us away from basic principles. Some even told me that if we would drop the “God” stuff, they could support us. I simply told them they should form their own movement, for this one is not for them. Of late, I have heard some objections to the health and wellness committee because of its focus on homeopathy. Most of these are well-meaning people who confuse homeopathy with the various eastern mystical religious “remedies” that focus on crystals, magnetic bracelets and such. I appreciate their concerns, as I am adamantly opposed to any new age stuff filtering in. But homeopathy was the primary form of medical treatment in this country for over a century after its founding. It is NOT new age, unless it purposefully taints itself. Once I explain that, if they still can’t discern the difference between traditional medicine and new age fantasies, I simply tell them our group is probably not for them.

I have never been interested in convincing the recalcitrant, either in my political days or here. It squanders a lot of valuable time. I have always preferred to mount a coalition of the willing, knowing that if you put together a good cause that practices what it preaches, you will get a trickle of willing people who will soon grow to a flood as it provides an effective means of collaboration for good. The flood eventually reaches heights to where even the recalcitrant start reconsidering – and when they do, I didn’t waste much of any time having to convince them.

You can’t command freedom. You must encourage and nurture it, both philosophically and in how you run your organization. I bet that there were enough people who put a premium on faith, family, and freedom that, if we put together a system where that could be expressed collaboratively and in a way that prepares for the worst while hoping for the best; in a way that does not shirk our duties of self-defense, defense of liberty for all, and defense of our holy, magisterial faith; and with charity for all and malice towards none; people would joyfully join. Now we are testing our legs – and it is as joyful and inspiring as watching a beloved toddler take its first steps.

We cannot stop the collapse of coherence in all our institutions; we cannot restore legitimacy to a government that is murderously hostile to the American system; we cannot transplant spines into officials who know better but are too fearful to defend faith, family and freedom. The old saying, “If God is with us, who can stand against us?” is a misnomer. The only proper approach is to understand that if we stand with God, no one can stand against us. So we make our stand, firmly resolved to Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. It will not stop a fully corrupted culture from collapsing around us. But it will become the indestructible core of the resurrection of that culture.

All glory be to God, our Father; Jesus Christ, our Lord; and the Holy Spirit, Who guides us on our pilgrim way.

A couple of worthy affiliated upcoming events:

The Denver Marian Conference will be held from Friday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 3, at the Crowne Plaza Denver Convention Center.  I would be going to this one if I were not on the road. Several dear friends of mine have been among those working almost all year to put it together. They will continue to take registrations online through next Wednesday. If you miss that, you can still register at the door at the event, provided it has not filled up completely.

On the same weekend, but all day, Saturday, Oct. 2, Catholic Resiliency will host an all-day Faith, Freedom and America Conference in Houston, Minnesota (note that is MINNESOTA, not Texas), featuring Fr. James Altman, Doug Barry, Raymond DeSouza, Michael Voris and Jesse Romero. To reserve a spot, call (507) 896-5550. This is another one I would love to go to if I were in the area. These last few months, Fr. Altman has been doing tremendously solid work helping defend Priests who are under assault. He is building a network of Priests who will be available for the faithful in difficult times. 

Finally, I had some great pictures from the St. Cloud Conference, but I could not upload them to this WordPress account. No, it wasn’t anything sinister, just some technical issue with the type of camera used or something. I will check with our IT gurus and see if I can get it resolved.

Donate to CORAC!

18208 Preston Rd., Ste. D9-552

Dallas, Texas 75252

239 thoughts on “the benedict option writ large

    1. “I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”
      (Galatians 1:6-9)

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      1. From Medjugorje today via Mystic Post.

        September 18 2021 “The hour has come when the demon is authorized to act with all his force and power. The present hour is the hour of Satan.”

        And the only way out of it is through it.

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          1. Did a bit more digging, Jayman. Found that quoted message in a few google books online, but a date was never actually given, although one book was printed in 2014 and the other in 2001. This means, of course, that it’s not a new message. I did drop the publisher of Mystic Post a line, asking if he knows the date. We’ll see.

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            1. In the book Words from Heaven by a friend of Medjugorje, it was an early message only dated 1984-1985. It states, “Mirjana reported this message to a close friend, a religious.”

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            2. I thought Mirjana was the only visionary who was still receiving messages from Our Lady and even those stopped in March of 2020.


        1. I’m in the diocese of Moncton. I am shocked. Our pastor informed us of this decision yesterday without a trace of emotion. He said at the end of his announcement that there was still time for us to get vaccinated!!!! Lord have mercy!

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          1. How horrid!! I just found out that a friend of my niece’s has refused to mask at a Chicago parish and they won’t let her in the church for Mass! She told the Deacon she would pray outside and expected him to bring her Communion. Apparently it has been going on for weeks. She was finally able to get a listening device so she could hear Mass and someone does bring her Communion. Some have openly commended her, but no one has joined her.

            Daniel suggested kneeling and praying outside your church. May God strengthen you and others who will not comply with this evil.

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            1. And, I believe, this is not the end of such as this. It can be a brave and beautiful witness to do as Daniel suggests and as your friend has chosen. At the same time, the powers that be aren’t going to be moved by one person. On, such as your friend, may start strong in resistance and, then, become disheartened and, therefore, opt to go to another parish. Here we are, at that very place for which Charlie has prepared us: We are faced with decision-making amongst options we would never even consider in ordinary times, thus, we continue to respect the conscience of each other.

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      1. Daniel’s post was timely for me, as my husband is being forced to retire (or risk the possibility of losing all his accrued vacation and sick time). His advice to just “wait on the Lord” before making any drastic decisions gave me peace. It’s so hard to know sometimes what God’s will is, but “status quo” seems to be my answer right now. I’m so glad to see that some of you also follow Daniel’s posts.

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        1. Jewels, Daniel – a long time friend of this site – was a frequent commenter here and guest author before he became very busy with his own projects. Too, in some of his pieces, Charlie has pointed readers to Daniel’s recent writings.

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      2. Becky, Daniel’s words of encouragement brought tears to my eyes. He also said if you are trying to know and do God’s will, you are doing God’s will. That made me feel better. I would love to tell him the effect his words had on me.


        1. Oh Annie!

          I felt the same way. I actually burst into tears!

          God Bless!!

          Ps brought all of you here and at CORAC and your intentions with me to Adoration today!!

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    2. Such a contrast: The political party that has always been so concerned with over population of humans (and are especially vocal about how that overpopulation is killing the planet) is now concerned about how many people may die around the world. Of course, they also fund abortion everywhere at any stage of pregnancy with a complete disregard for innocent life. Any person with a small bit of common sense can see the absurdity of these conflicting positions…..I would venture to guess (and what I have read seems to confirm this) that majority of people of the opposing political party are the ones that most often reject getting to so-called vaxx. The whole thing is a tragicomedy. The saddest part is how the churches and the pope himself have become part of it all especially since the recent data suggests that the so-called vaxx has little efficacy and may cause more long term problems than protection. Of course, Charlie says it best of all but I had to add my sense of amazement at the situation.

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      1. SJWTB: as you referred to the majority of those not vaccinated being of the opposition party – this is a misnomer and a political lie of the Democrat party. Lots of republicans got vaccinated because of trust in DJT (before being aware of the deep state manipulation of him and its involvement in gain of function); many Dems didn’t because of Trumps support of it; many have not who already have had it Re: antibodies being 15x’s more effective against Covid and many reports of adverse effects of vaccines and antibodies interactions; a majority of the black population is not vaxed because of the history of government and medical experimentation on the black population most of whom are registered Democrats. Of course there are the libs whom have raised Fauci to sainthood and those who see only a little soul in glory of himself with a Napoleon complex. Who like Napoleon has caused the death of millions after fostering gain of function, and now promotes a “vaccine” which is not a vaccine but a gene therapy/ a gene correction, which has numerous tragic side effects and by which his name is on the associated patents. (Translated:$$$$). I took the Pfizer back in March for many personal reasons. One was the Pfizer CEO’s association with the Holocaust (he’s Jewish and he supplied Israel with it). I’ve had no side effects so far. Not so sure of getting the booster. Medically expecting some consequences down the road. Oh boy, back to the Surrender Novena.

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    3. So, the unvaccinated have become modern day lepers. The only good that I can see in this article is that if there was any doubt before, the faithful in that Archdiocese now know whether they have a shepherd or a wolf. I believe Charlie has said before that this is a time for the wheat and the chaff to be revealed (at least I hope I’m right that he said something like that).

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    4. I’m speechless, I expected things to get bad here in Canada, but I’m shocked. Will the government be appointing our bishops now too as in China ? (might not be necessary as they seem to have no trouble towing the line)

      Where are our church leaders? Don’t they believe that Jesus is the Christ?

      I laughed when Pawel wrote a couple of weeks ago in the comments here “Come to me all you are vaccinated and I will give you rest”. It sounded like a Babylon Bee story.

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    5. I live just down the road from this diocese, there are no words. Please pray for us.We were expecting some provisions but alas we are not even allowed in the building and no sacraments for us until we are double vaccinated!

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        1. JlynnB: love Father Goring. I send his videos to the priests on my email list which includes a former West Point chaplain and my parish priests.

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      1. Scripture this morning-Galatians 6:9…”do not give up”
        Much easier said than done. I’m praying for you and all.
        It is mind boggling. Jesus touched the leper and you can’t even go in the church building.

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        1. It IS amazing, HTTP. And, equally amazing is a wise saying that someone dear to us has often expressed: “God does not leave us bereft.” Jesus is intimately with us even when we’re denied access to churches.


      2. Praying Kathy!

        I tried calling and emailing your diocese but got a failed email. And the phone number switched to french on me when I tried to leave a message!

        Praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  1. Charlie, Kolbe Academy Homeschool in Napa CA is positioned well. They have been our curriculum provider for over 20 years now. (Yikes!)

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  2. I love “idiots and pompous goobers”, Charlie!
    Yes, Beckita, the Canadian bishop’s decree is appalling and horrifying!
    I’m always inspired by the Corac activities and endeavors, but puzzled by how to be involved. There seems to be no one near me geographically, and if there’s no communication at some point (internet or phone), what then? I figure if it comes to that, I’ll go find people in my neighborhood and hope we can band together. Many are liberals who had “No recall” signs!! 🙂 Maybe they’ll change their tune!

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    1. Annie, we’re in a similar situation and the persistent (happy) thought is one of how instantaneously God can work if it suits Him. Fret not. Just focus on your stuff. TNRS God will provide.

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  3. Thank-you, Charlie.
    Reminds me of:
    “He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
    He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat:
    Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet!
    Our God is marching on!”

    How I wish we could go to the TRTL dinner! But no, we cannot. God our Father has said, “Wait.” And wait we will.

    I would like to thank everyone here for your prayers for Michael & Laurie. We saw them at mass and they have turned the corner. Thanks be to God! Now for the long climb back to good health. 🙏🏽
    We are still well and I am particularly looking forward to the first meeting of the CoRaC Prayer group.

    Ongoing prayers for all here ~ I hold you in my heart 🙏🏽💕✝️
    Katey in OR 🙏🏽✝️💕

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    1. Intriguing, but enigmatic response. 1789 was the year George Washington took office as America’s first president after the Constitutional Congress supplanted the chaotic Articles of Confederation with our current Constitution.

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  4. Charlie, I know I’m in nursing school ( and listen to the heath team) but I was a home schooler for a few decades. I made almost all of the biggest mistakes and if I didn’t make a particular mistake I probably know someone else who did. I’d be glad to help out.

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  5. Charlie, Thanks for this brilliant insight into the demise of our politics. The public has been numbed by the Demorats about where our individual liberty originates, not from from corrupt government officials, such as Joe Biden, but from God.

    There is a nascent issue that concerns us all, and I do not see a good, timely resolution. Biden demonstrates every day, whether in public appearances or hiding in his basement, that he is no longer functional beyond perhaps eating and eliminating. In coming months, he is sure to become so mentally and physically weakened that he either resigns or is administratively replaced by Harris. So, we then get an intellectually and emotionally unfit replacement who will do anything that Pelosi, Schumer, and anyone with the power of money requests to see herself honored as the Commander in Chief. Thus we will; move from leadership by a corrupt idiot to the whims of a hollow soul who thrives on the fawning of the professionally corrupt.

    The only light I can imagine is an overwhelming defeat of the Demorat Party in the ’22 elections, so Harris would be unable to legislate new harms.

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    1. Re possibility of Moe put out to pasture soon, Dr. Jill doesn’t seem like the type to go gently into the night and hand over the reins sooner than she deems is necessary.
      Re mid-terms, what’s to stop their winning formula: voting+shenanigans=nefarious results; (unless a natural calamity (EMP) or financial crash thwarts any ‘normally held’ election.)
      All these rosy scenarios are leaving me grumpy, time for a PMT pronto.

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      1. Maggie: I agree and every time my husband says we’re going to win back the house in ‘22 i caution him on the evidence of the ‘20 election. The recent recall election in CA is case in point. I know for a fact that in LA county many who went to election sites to vote found out that they “already had voted by mail”. This from my friend’s son who lives in Burbank.


  6. My dear friends,
    May I ask you all for prayers. My son and my daughter in law are both hospitalized with Covid. Daughter-in-law is in ICU, my son is very sick, but better than she is. We are taking care of 4 grandchildren one who is a newborn.
    They both work for the Church – my son in full time ministry – my Juilliard trained daughter in law in music ministry.
    This is terrifying as we are now being attacked from family and friends for not taking the “jab”!!!
    Please. Pray for us!!!!

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    1. Praying for your family, Chris! For total and complete healing for those hospitalized and strength for those caring for the grandchildren.

      These are very difficult times……Kindly pray for a friend named George – also in ICU with Covid. He is seriously ill.

      I have resisted the vaxx so far, however the pressure from family and friends is tremendous…….Please pray for me friends, as I pray for all of you!

      Jesus, I Trust in You! 🙏🙏🙏


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      1. Welcome to commenting, Mary. We met in Toledo in early 2020 at the Encounter Conference – just as it was ending and you prayed over me – and I’m delighted to be in community with folks in, “The Anointed Life,” based in Chicago with Michael Sullivan, producer of the, “Fearless,” documentary at the helm. Praying a PMT, the “Prayer of Miraculous Trust,” for your friend, George, while entrusting him to the care of Archangel Raphael. (Here’s more about the PMT: Praying, too, for you and your wonderful ministry work around the country and the world, wherever the Lord is leading you, such as to my own western diocese in Montana in the not too distant future. God bless you! 🙂

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        1. Dear Beckita,

          I have been following Charlie and TNRS and ASOH since around 2014. I have been beyond blessed by this wonderful community – and have requested prayers throughout the years. Several times I have asked for prayers for my daughter Grace who suffers from severe food allergies/anaphylaxis. This community has given me much support through the years! Thank you!!! 😊
          I did just want to clarify that I think you are confusing me with someone else – who shares the same first/last name that I have.
          My “ministry” work is on a much smaller level – reaching out to my family and friends. I do have a new job, as a receptionist at a Catholic School. And I have decided to practice intentional evangelization – – I have prayer cards of Jesus, Divine Mercy on my desk – – and have been offering them to students and adults. Sharing my favorite little prayer, Jesus, I Trust in You. Even when I’m afraid or overwhelmed. I’ve had a tremendously positive response. I did the same thing in my previous school, when I worked with Kindergarten students.
          Thank you for praying for George.
          I truly hope that someday we shall all meet in person – – so that I can thank you and Charlie and all our wonderful friends here for your continued prayers and support. ❤️❤️❤️

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          1. Wonderful to meet you, Mary. So happy to hear this clarification of *your* beautiful works of ministry. I love how you describe your evangelization style. Blessed are the children, their families and your staff to have you in their midst. As a retired educator, I realize how you are the glue at the school in myriad ways. Meeting in person would be lovely. God bless you, your family and your school! 🙂

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        1. Indeed, Timothy. As you and everyone knows here, I am not a doctor. Nonetheless, the historical record and actual experience shows that all concerned should give these people Ivermectin, triple dose daily until they improve significantly. If it’s possible to get in to see these people, sneak the IVM in if the hospital refuses. Go to court to force administration. Whatever it takes. Move, move, move – Immediacy is Life! There are attorneys online who will help fight these people, so search for them and ask for help.

          Failing all that, perhaps the hospital has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and would be willing to feed them oxygen that way instead of intubation (or trick them into it). 1 session daily for 3-7 days, either 90 minutes at 2 atmospheres or 120 minutes at 1.5 atmospheres each session. That should cure them, each session being better each day until they are ready for discharge. Again, I’m not a doctor but have read the literature showing that it will work.

          Please note that it is not only my opinion but also the opinion of numerous doctors that denial of IVM or HBOT is essentially if not actually criminal in nature if not in fact. If the hospital will do neither and you can get IVM yourselves, force the hospital to discharge the patient(s) and take them home, giving them IVM as soon as you see them and every day thereafter until on the mend. This has no added risk compared to leaving them in such a hospital where they will almost certainly die of neglect or intent. Hire a homecare nurse to give saline and other care, including IV Vitamins C and D3 and also magnesium and whatever else can help. Maybe it’s just me and my outlandish opinions, but I don’t think anyone should ever leave their loved ones in the hands of idiots or criminals!

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          1. Just heard of a man here in Texas who had been given only a 5% chance of survival. from Covid. His Dad snuck in and gave him horse iver by mouth. Way too much, just smeared it around in his induced coma son’s mouth. Two days, he’s out of hospital and getting well! Don’t know why, even here in Texas, it is still hard to get Iver given to you.

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        1. Yes, Beckita. One of the significant causes of inflammation in Phase 2 covid is mast cell activation. Taking antihistamines that keep mast cells quiescent or that mop up histamines, as well as a low-histamine diet, can help. If I am remembering correctly, I also think that melatonin at night and B-vitamins (specifically Thiamine B1) during the day may also help regulate this. They cannot substitute for IVM, though.

          Also, it’s been a week since the original post, so if Chris has an update, I’m hoping to hear things are improving for that family.

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    2. Chris, if people are still after your family for not getting vaxxxed, here is a telling quote from the McCullough Report describing the September 17 report and presentations on the vaxxxes by the science advisors of the FDA:

      “The September 17, 2021, FDA meeting on Pfizer’s proposed COVID-19 booster, which is another injection of 30 mcg of mRNA coded for the extinct wild-type Spike protein, failed to approve the broad use of boosters. Presentations by Drs Jessica Rose, David Wiseman, Peter Doshi, and Paul Alexander collectively made the case that across the broad range of age groupings, that a vaccine recipient was more likely to die after the injection than taking the risk of contracting COVID-19 and dying of the infection.”

      McCullough’s article on America Out Loud is here:

      I have seen other reports that the vaccines are twice as deadly as the infection. One has to play the odds and take the consequences. In my book you made the right choice.


      1. Hey there, again, Steve,

        In regard to the oral and nasal therapy: the FLCCC also mentions the 1% solution of the providone iodine and mouthwash. My question to you: McCollough, Kory, Marek, and others suggest a nasal rinse. Could one also swab their inner nose (carefully) with a q-tip dipped in the 1% dilution for the nasal therapy?

        I already use mouthwash containing Cetylpyridinium chloride which is suggested by the FLCCC. Listerine is another mouthwash suggested.

        Thanks for your help!!!


        1. Becky, remember that these therapies are not for preventive use in general. I don’t know what long-term use of cetylpyridium will do to the biome in your mouth and throat. I do not nebulize H2O2-iodine into my sinuses, throat and upper lungs every day. In general, if you want to use the mouthwash every day, it should be for other purposes. The main use is when you feel a scratchy or irritated throat, at which point you hit it 2-4 times a day with treatments like this that get at those areas. Even hot water drunk 2-4 times a day will significantly degrade the population of viruses building up in these areas. So, yes, the mouthwash is a great idea when your throat feels irritated, but you should be cultivating your mouth microbiome and avoiding periodontal disease in a way that isn’t constantly whacking that biome every day, unless you have done the research and have determined that this mouthwash either does no harm to your mouth biome or even improves it with long-term use.

          Now I have heard that nebulizing H2O2 daily for a month or two *can* have very good effects in clearing sinuses that have not been clear for years, but then you would shift to only, say a weekly session to keep things clear.

          Same for povidone-iodine which is good if you feel yourself getting sick. I take iodine (Lugol’s) each day but by putting drops on my inner wrist. I would not want to expose myself to povidone-iodine daily and certainly not on my mucus membranes, as it can irritate the skin. I have to question why bother with the povidone in the first place when Lugol’s is readily available and pure?

          When doctors like this say “nasal” I believe they mean “sinuses”. I could be wrong. Sticking a swab up my nose every day sounds like a bad idea, because swabs themselves are often sterilized using ethylene oxide, a known carcinogen, and many swabs are made in China (trustworthy?). When cleaning your sinuses, you want absolute purity. If you use tap water, you can breathe in all the chemicals and even parasites that are in the water (no, tap water is not completely clean). So when I clean my sinuses, I nebulize with a flexible plastic mask over my nose and mouth, use a few mL of sterile saline, add a few drops of food-grade H2O2 (which has no additives or stabilizers in it) and a couple drops of Lugol’s iodine to the saline, and breathe that in through my nose. I don’t like neti pots and other sinus cleaning methods that require large amounts of water, because it’s very hard to gather a lot of sterile water each time. Even distilled water in bottles from the grocery store will have plastic molecules in it and possibly bacteria if it sits long enough.

          So I am *very* cautious about what I use to keep my nose, sinuses and throat clear. I am testing Xlear nasal spray, which has grapefruit seed extract in it to kill bacteria to keep it fresh, and I think it is helpful. Otherwise, I nebulize for sinus clearing and would gargle hot water (salty) or nebulize into my throat and upper lungs pretty much only if these areas start to feel irritated and possibly infected.

          I recommend that you don’t do too much of a good thing, unless you have thoroughly researched every ingredient for short- and long-term effects. You won’t be able to do that with the swabs because you have no real idea how they were produced and whether they are contaminated. Other items may be fine. But you need to *know*.


          1. Thank you, Steve!

            First, thank you for your patience with all my questions….and that goes for all here. Thank you all for your love, prayer and patience.

            I understand everything you have written. I keep all these supplies for those times, that quite honestly, I pray never come. God, in His goodness, has kept us well.

            Please pray for me to stay strong. Other than my sister, you all are the only ones who I can really talk to about these things. To my loved ones who got the shots…the shots are the only answer to ending the pandemic …supplements, IVM, etc. don’t work, no long term studies, etc. I will say they have never yelled at me, berated me, etc. When my husband comes home from the hospital, I ask how his day was. I’m not asking about CVD anymore. The conversation is too hard and usually ends up with me sobbing. I have given him to St. Joseph. Worrying, being fearful is so exhausting. I don’t want to do that anymore.

            Jesus, I trust in you!

            God Bless all here!

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            1. Becky, so many of us are surrounded by family and friends in situations similar to yours. This can’t go on forever. Praying for you and for us all as we continue making our way through what is. We are not alone. God is with us and we are with each other.

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    1. Lillian, head on over to the CORAC site ( ) where you can explore and discover all kinds of information. I just visited and see that you’re in Region 3. When I hovered over the USA regional map, I saw that you can communicate with your regional leader by writing to

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  7. Just wondering if this applies to the current situation and if it does, what stage we are at …

    The ten stages of genocide
    Genocide is a human phenomenon that can be analysed and understood, and consequently, may be prevented. According to academic and activist Gregory H. Stanton, genocide is a process that develops in ten stages, described here. The stages do not necessarily follow a linear progression and may coexist. Prevention measures may be implemented at any stage.

    1. Classification
    Groups in a position of power will categorize people according to ethnicity, race, religion or nationality employing an us versus them mentality.

    Prevention: Create universalistic institutions that foster social cohesion.

    2. Symbolisation
    People are identified as Jews, Roma or Tutsis, etc., and made to stand out from others with certain colours or symbolic articles of clothing.

    Prevention: Ban the symbols and hate speech and all clothing meant to discriminate against groups.

    3. Discrimination
    A dominant group uses laws, customs, and political power to deny the rights of other groups. The powerless group may not be granted full civil rights or even citizenship.

    Prevention: Ensure full political empowerment and citizenship rights for all groups in a society. Discrimination on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, race or religion should be outlawed.

    4. Dehumanisation
    The diminished value of the discriminated group is communicated through propaganda. Parallels are drawn with animals, insects or diseases.

    Prevention: Promptly denounce and punish perpetrators and make hate crimes and speech culturally unacceptable. Sanction all incitements to commit genocide.

    5. Organisation
    A state, its army or militia design genocidal killing plans.

    Prevention: Outlaw membership in these militias and sanction their leaders. Impose arms embargoes on the countries involved and create commissions of inquiry.

    6. Polarisation
    Propaganda is employed to amplify the differences between groups. Interactions between groups are prohibited, and the moderate members of the group in power are killed.

    Prevention: Protect these moderate members and human rights groups. Seize the assets of the oppressors and refuse their access to international travel.

    7. Preparation
    The victims are identified, separated and forced to wear symbols. Deportations, isolation and forcible starvation. Death lists are drawn up.

    Prevention: Humanitarian aid, armed international interventions or major support for the victims to ensure their ability to defend themselves.

    8. Persecution
    Victims are identified and isolated based on their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. In state sponsored genocides, members of victim groups may be forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is often expropriated.

    Prevention: Regional organisations and the international community must mobilise themselves to assist or help the victims.

    9. Extermination
    The massacres begin. The perpetrators see their actions as “extermination” since they do not consider their victims to be entirely human.

    Prevention: Only large-scale armed interventions can stop genocide. The international community must support the operations by providing air transport, equipment and financial support.

    10. Denial
    The perpetrators of the genocide deny having committed their crimes. Victims are often blamed. Evidence is hidden and witnesses are intimidated.

    Prevention: An international tribunal or national court must prosecute the criminals. Public education.

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    1. Insightful, Pawel. I think each stage is on a continuum and the initial points made about not unfolding in linear sequence and the stages co-existing is spot on. In my view, we’re already in every stage, including Stage 10.

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        1. We shared some of our platform with Texas Right to Life, which is under furious assault. Even so, I authorized MP to begin migrating the site elsewhere a week and a half ago. As the migration continues, there will be spot outages. It should be completed by midweek. I just went to the site and it is live.

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          1. Shouldn’t be any migration outages moving forward, since it’s on the new server and fully propagated. Now… don’t hold me to that on any other kind of outage as there is still plenty of mischief afoot.

            “Rise, let us go.”

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          2. I just went to the site also. My question is if we still have a list of people in our region. Quite a while back we did, maybe it was a list emailed to us by the leader at that time. That was how I saw that there was almost no one anywhere near me. Maybe it’s different now?

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    2. Well, I can certainly attest to the “lists” of the unvaxxed. In Denver, lists of those who are not vaxxed are being given to the chiefs and they are constantly being watched. Surprise “inspection” are being made by the chiefs to those firehouses with unvaxxed and the officers on shift are being told to keep an eye out for any infractions. The accommodations for those that received a religious exemption are constant mask (which is brutal as it is a 24-hour shift and they are being forced to wear it even while they sleep!) and PCR testing every five works days. Those in sub-divisions (who work an 8-hour day in offices) are suddenly finding themselves visited by Chiefs they would never see.

      That this evil agenda is being carried out by the vaxxed makes me want to cry. Satan has done his work well.

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  8. When I try to go to the link provided for corac to read our mission statement, I get a warning that says
    “This website may be impersonating to steal your personal or financial information. You should close this page.”
    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    1. Yah, Kris. I got the danger sign repeatedly this morning. However, I just tried right now and I’m in and navigating well internally… except for a personal problem I’m having as I have administrator status there and MP is aware and has been working on it. Shout out of gratitude to the tech guys whose problem-solving work keeps them hopping there.

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      1. I’ve been sharing the CORAC web site with others and they are experiencing the same problem. Keep us updated on the progress of IT solving the issue. I have a handful of people who are now very interested in CORAC with the state of things escalating. Jesus I Trust in You!

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    2. I was waiting for a low traffic time to finish migrating the site to the new server and had a little downtime to deal with something else. It’s propagated now, so refresh if necessary. Thanks.

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  9. What an amazing time in which we are living!!!

    We were born for these times for sure!

    “The only proper approach is to understand that if we stand with God, no one can stand against us. So we make our stand, firmly resolved to Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. It will not stop a fully corrupted culture from collapsing around us. But it will become the indestructible core of the resurrection of that culture.

    All glory be to God, our Father; Jesus Christ, our Lord; and the Holy Spirit, Who guides us on our pilgrim way.”

    Thanks for this piece, Charlie!

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    1. Just read this in my email, Linda, wow indeed! I know I should not wonder how much worse it will get before that time! May we all stick sooo close to Mama and Jesus (and all the Saints)!

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      1. Annie W one can only wonder right?!?? We are so very blessed to have Charlie, who helps us to know how to behave during this storm, Desmond who gives us the “timeline,” in TTT and Anne the lay apostle and all her little directions for these changing times.

        Oh I fret a lot like everyone else does, but just imagine those who don’t know what the heck is going on! Ha!

        We had some friends over for a dinner Saturday early evening! One of them was named, Paul. He had met Charlie when he was here in Norwalk last February and his big question of the night was, “Linda, how’d you find out about Charlie?” I’ve been asked this same question quite a few times! I always reply, “it was like a 9/11 moment!” Hahahahaha “I know exactly where I was and what I was doing! Although I’m a little sketchy on the year! 😂 I was cleaning a house and I heard Fr Mitch Pacwa on Catholic radio answering a woman who was asking him about the prophet, Charlie Johnston!” I knew right then and there I had to go home and find out more about this Charlie Johnston and the rest is history! Lol. Annie W how did you find out about Charlie? Lol. I do believe God is leading us all🥰🙏😇🐶

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        1. Linda, you’re a crack up and I always enjoy your comments! I remember reading about Charlie, may have been on Mallett’s site, about TNRS, and I agree it was meant to happen. Oh, I could write a volume about the last 30+ years after a conversion experience and a renewal of my childhood consecration to the BVM! I thought the exact same thing today – how much we know about, that the vast majority of people on earth know nothing about. We just have to use that knowledge and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!!! It’s scary at times.

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          1. I’m glad I could make you smile today!!! Ha!!! I aim to please🥰 I would’ve been in a looney bin years ago had it not been for Charlie and everyone here!!! Ha!!! I bet your conversion story is AWESOME!!! You should probably write it down?!?! God is sooooo good!!! Like Charlie says, He just wants all His kids back🥰 what a good Father He is🥰 Times are a scary Anne W that’s for sure! Most mornings I wake up and still can’t believe we were born for these tumultuous times! 😬 yikes!!! I really like the calming mantra acknowledge God, take The next right step and try to be a sign of hope!!! Not always easy to do but these days it’s a great moral compass 🧭 😘🎉🙏😇👍🪵

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    We need our Guardian Angels Big-Time! … These-Days!!

    THEY must Keep ChinaBioWeapon Hysteria going thru Election 22 …. and False Flags and anything to distract The USA from THEIR EPIC Failures!!

    Dr McCullough @ TX Senate

    Massive Wordwide Debt is another SIGN!


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  11. Holy Ashes!

    We began losing the reality of who we really are, concerning the dignity with which we are created, as we left God’s Ways, His Wisdom and Guidance in the Enlightenment Era and entered a vortex of inhumanity spiraling into the depravity which led to the horrors of the 20th Century. Such as what is reported here is just a natural next right step for those with no Godly framework structuring their lives.

    All I can pray is, “Welcome, God, into the Storm which our own human folly has spawned. Strengthen us for the oh-so-needed purification and disciplining which will correct our errant ways and save us from completely destroying ourselves, making of us more fitting tools in Your Hands. We surrender. Oh, purify our hearts, Lord!”

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  12. Amen Charlie!
    God is our Hope.
    I surrender ALL to him.
    I thank God for this time of adversity, for I know that I am being purified and made stronger in my Faith.
    As I enter my 5th week unable to walk, I have had many hours to pray, contemplate and empathize with the handicapped in our world. So much suffering in this world and so many who turn a blind eye to that suffering. I am grateful to offer up my puny limitations in union with all those who suffer–some during their entire lifetime–all for the greater good. This time on earth is but a blink. All this shall pass. But, our eternal life with the Father is our great Hope and Desire.
    Never give up. Never give in. For Thy Kingdom Comes! GOD’S WILL BE DONE!
    Love and blessings to all.

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    1. I see the connection by considering that the state of the world around St. Benedict of Nur­sia, whose work in co-creating a New Beginning back in his days, after the fall of Rome, is similar to what is all around us in spades, hence “writ large.” Via CORAC, we’re building communities – all over this land – committed to standing with God and the Gospel Values as they are the foundation of traditional values which impact Faith, Family and Freedom.

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    2. As I understand it, Ingeniero, English is not your native language. The Benedict Option is the withdrawal from society into small groups. It is a refusal to share with the disorders of the age, but is fundamentally defensive. The Benedict Option Writ Large is to withdraw from the offenses of the age in a manner that seeks to transcend those disorders and transform the world into a healthy society again. So, for CORAC, we are in the culture, but not of the culture, and work together, from within, to participate in the renewal of the world into a healthy, Godly culture once more.

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    1. Love it, Colette. Even if it doesn’t get much traction in calming and correcting the tyrannical powers that be, it’s great to see physicians speaking up in this manner.

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    1. Thank you, audiemarie. Sundance has been doing great work. I look at communities, such as his, which are developing in ways similar to what we’ve been about at TNRS, ASOH and now CORAC and think of how Charlie has shaped CORAC from its inception as a jewel encompassing all critical dimensions of life which continue to need attention as the current institutions crumble AND I ponder that the work will surge forward when we move into hyper-drive to rebuild . Thus, Charlie called forth the formation of the national committees which he names again in this very piece.

      This, at the heart of what Sundance writes, resonates with our hearts and work: ” For well over a year, CTH has been outlining the critical importance of fellowship. The importance of the human connection that seems to have been purposefully torn apart.”

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  13. I am so mad at myself. I was taken off guard this morning when my Physical therapist arrived to help me start “weight bearing” PT. She came from a county agency that Kaiser Hospital had ordered. She begins our session with “have you been vaccinated?”, I shook my head no. Then she says, “by law, you must wear a mask during our session so I don’t bring germs to other patients.”, I put on a mask. Then she whips out a huge folder with questions about my health directive, Power of Attorney, Living Will, personal habits, etc etc. FINALLY, I get my head on strait and tell her I will not be answering anymore personal questions and that I was upset that she even asked me about taking the vaxx. She tried to have me talk to her supervisor on the speaker phone, but I said I will not answer personal questions that have nothing to do with my broken leg. So the supervisor said, “then you will not receive Physical Therapy from our agency”. I said, that’s fine. Good bye.

    As soon as she asked if I was vaxxed I should have shone her the door.

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    1. There is a new rhetorical ploy that has entered this war. Purebloods vs the vaxxed

      It is excellent rhetoric for two reasons.

      1. It places the vaxxers in a ‘impure’ rhetorical frame, abd hence on the defensive.
      2. It places people like you and me in the ‘pure’ rhetorical frame. Lord knows we love purity.

      I fully expect this rhetoric to coalesce around the pure forces amvs the impure forces, as this mirrors the Spiritual reality.

      You may find it useful in the future.

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      1. No, Timothy, I find that rather useless and unworthy of true Christianity. Besides, categorizing people makes it all to easy for “us” and “them” mentality and that won’t help you win over souls. Frankly, it makes you just like the people you are seemingly pitting yourself against. I don’t pretend to know the mind of God but I honestly don’t think Jesus categorizes people who have been vaccinated as impure; I would not bet the farm that our Lord categorizes us at all, other than by sheep or goat. I suppose the argument could be that the vaccinated are goats? I sure know a lot of good people who have been vaccinated. Don’t poison your perspective on fellow human beings who are trying to do what they think is the “next right step” based on their circumstances. I’m sorry for being bitey about it but I admonish you to do better in truth and love.

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        1. You don’t sound bitey at all, CJoy. Thank you for these points which make good sense and uphold Charlie’s ethic, a Christian principle, that we respect the conscience of those who choose the vaxx even as we speak truth about its danger and the horrific efforts to mandate that people take it.

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  14. Was in DC area last weekend. We were at Fr. Scalia’s parish– St. James– in Falls Church, VA. Incredible experience. Huge church filled– many, many young families– many, many children. The Mass was so sacred. Lots of traditionally garbed altar boys. We were able to kneel at the Communion rail. Three priests were giving out Communion. AND– Clarence Thomas and his wife were in attendance. I asked him if I might shake his hand and gushed embarrassingly at him I must admit. I’m sure I was annoying….couldn’t seem to help myself. But the whole experience was an incredible sign of hope to me. There are definite pockets of amazing and faithful folks– even right outside Washington, DC!

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  15. There is another “Benedict Option” scenario now taking place quoted decades ago by another future Benedict. In his comments to a radio interviewer in 1969, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger created the phrase “Trial of the Sifting”about those who will be proofed in their faith and how they will be winnowed in this “separation of the wheat from the chaff. Cardinal Ratzinger was making the point then that in times to come the Church would shrink but become more authentic, casting off those who are angry, disobedient, sectarian, prideful, divisive, polarized, or subversive, while retaining those who “live from the pure fullness of their faith,” avoiding politics and “slogans of the day.”
    “It will not include all of the future Church, “those who accommodate themselves merely to the passing moment, or from those who criticize others and assume that they themselves are infallible measuring rods.” He also predicted the church will become smaller but holier and not be so politically involved but more evangelically effective. Now, in real time, we see his vision of the future “church” being realised day-by-day.
    Jesus, I Trust In You.

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    1. Nice insight, Phil. I like that you put “option” in quotes, because this Benedict connection is the fulfillment of his prophecy AND it’s a consequence of our own disorder. Thanks be to God, it’s not the end of the story, but an exciting New Beginning filled with all manner of opportunities to partner with God as His Church, and ours, rises in new splendor!

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      1. I was talking to my wife this morning about how it seems that we’re going through a bit of a mini-Warning or a type of Prelude to the Warning because what used to be restraining our moral, legal and ethical selves seems to have been lifted and people are coming out of the closet in multiple, surprising ways in how they think and how they act with some effectively taking on the Mark of the Beast which is a “Mark” on your head of how you think and a “Mark” on your hand of how you act.
        Pope Benedict called this time the “sifting” where people are shaken free and allowed to show who they really are.
        Right after our conversation I went on Spirit Daily and found this post on a similar subject.
        “And that is why we are going through a purification of the world.
        It involves a purification of human beings and institutions.
        And for this to be possible, God is lifting the veil so that we can progressively see reality better.
        We make a transition by adapting to the new things that God shows us.”

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Every day we read of more plus MORE ChinaBioWeapon lies, distortion & perfidity nevertheless the THEYs in State AND Church continue THEIR hysterical insistence that WE ignore OUR lying eyes/ears and comply … or else! …. Something Wicked be Here!!

    How nice ;-( … Oh! Congress Critters & Staff exempted too … plus WH Staff I’d guess? Being the skeptic I am … I wonder how many of those Liberal Politician/Celebrity we be gettin’ de Jab PhotoOps were with placebos!?

    Yup! The Usual Suspects in Gubermint/Media/BigTech are doing their “best” to malign protesting Citizens and suppress coverage thereof … Everywhere!.. Ya still thing there is NOT a godless Global Re-Set Conspiracy??!!


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  17. CD, I thought the same thing a while back! How do we know it was even a vaccine in all those photo ops?! I put nothing past these people!

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  18. I lasted less than five minutes into Project Veritas latest before I got to angry to continue.

    Watching that nurse declare Who she served come what may had me charging the Gates Of Mordor mode.

    Did anybody here watch the whole thing?
    .btw, I realize that Project Veritas was using cinematic techniquesvto create a mood, but so does CNN every dern day.

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    1. Yes, Timothy, I watched it all. Yes, it made me angry, but also sad, of course. The nurse was in tears over their coworker who died because “they coerced her into taking the vaxx”.

      Spiritdaily had a quote yesterday from “Forums of the Virgin Mary” about the lifting of the veil to expose evil. We have seen this happening gradually, now moreso perhaps. I have said for many months, as we saw evil revealed and no longer hidden, that God was doing this to wake people up. It is worth looking up on Spiritdaily: “The Truth of Things is Emerging”. So much happening these days!


  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Probably not a Sign but I awoke this morn thinking about the Titanic along with the old hymn, “Nearer My God to Thee”, playing in my head?

    However, Matthew 24 “SIGNS” be all over the News Today! ;-(

    Same place where big Union has been protesting Lock-Downs!


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  20. I am willing to help with CORAC – especially Health and Wellness areas (we have been using homeopathy with good success for the last 5+ years and have done some training) and Education (homeschooled for 6 years). As of yet, I haven’t even figured out how to access the forum, though. How do I get signed up?

    Charlie, I was at the St. Cloud meeting – what a perfect day in every way! Always appreciate your insight, in person, and on this blog!

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    1. Welcome, Dave. Just head on over to and hover over the word, “Community,” in the white ribbon on top. You’ll then see the drop down menu. In the first column you’ll see the word, “Register,” appear. After registering, you’ll be inside to explore. Mick is the chair of the Health and Wellness Committee. When you go into the Health and Wellness page, you can leave a comment for her, expressing your interest. 🙂

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      1. Mick, I would like more info about helping with CORAC in the same areas as Dave; could you send me an email as well? Thank you!


  21. I’m considering getting a CVD Antibody test to see if I’ve even had CVD before. My grocery Little Clinic offers the rapid or the send off. Does anyone have any experience or opinions of which test is best.

    God Bless and Thanks!


  22. There is a not so hidden yet often forgotten secret in boxing matches. A good promoter chooses both boxers in every match either directly or indirectly. If he is a man of decency he will keep it clean and respectable. However if he insidious he will not care who wins the match as long as it is violent and the spectators are up in arms and at each others throats. He does not always choose a straw man. En garde Charles, your opponent is a dragon, not a man.


        1. And it first happened in the heavens: And continued in the Garden of Eden, only to be repeated in cycles throughout salvation history, leading up to the Victory of all victories – for all time, even these times: “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine Providence; it is trial which the whole Church, and the Polish Church in particular, must take up. It is a trial of not only our nation and the Church, but, in a sense, a test of 2,000 years of culture and Christian civilization with all of its consequences for human dignity, individual rights, human rights and the rights of nations.” (Cardinal Karol Wojtyla speaking at the 41st International Eucharistic Conference held, that year, in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, in the summer of 1776, America’s bi-centennial.)

          Blessed be God as we make our stand through Him, with Him and in Him!


            1. Ah yes, the power of prayer combined with fasting is timeless. Sadly, some enemies have definitively cast their lot with our Mother’s adversary. That said, prayer for the conversion and salvation of souls continues.

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            2. I do believe this is true. I also sense that proper prayer and fasting is the prime mover for appropriate human engagement that will thwart nefarious forces. Sort of a both/and versus and either/or. 😉


  23. Jim Quinn at the burning platform site has an article up that should interest readers here.

    It’s a Fourth Turning, What Did You Expect?

    Over the years Jim has returned again and again to the “predictions” made by Strauss & Howe in their iconic work on recurring stages or cycles of human development always ending in a Fourth Turning.

    These Turning points are times of radical and seemingly always violent eruptions in society as one age of man evolves into the next stage of civil organization — for good or for ill.

    What is striking to me about Quinn’s article, whether he knows it or not, is that he is using themes almost identical to those discussed here — in a purely secular context.

    A few examples:

    “We are in the midst of a saecular winter that is guaranteed to become more violent and bitter, as the malevolent forces propelling this Crisis have decided to ramp up fear propaganda to implement their global reset, using authoritarian methods to compel the masses to comply.”

    “I’ve intellectually understood we would be faced with trials and tribulations that would threaten the continuation of our way of life and survival as a unified nation. The reality is proving to be far worse. The core elements of debt, civic decay, and global disorder are most certainly propelling this Crisis towards its bloody climax. I knew there was no way to sidestep or escape this Fourth Turning.”

    “Those trapped in their self-induced stupor of normalcy bias, with an ample helping of cognitive dissonance, do not or will not see the coming storm as it wipes out all vestiges of their modern techno-consumption society. Supply chains are imploding as we speak., creating shortages, soaring prices, and possibly empty food shelves in the near future.”

    “I find it both fascinating and disturbing to observe the level of madness engulfing our world, as the sociopath class of mind manipulators and propaganda specialists use their well-honed psychological techniques to scare the masses into subservience and implement their diabolical Great Reset plan ….”

    “The campaign of fear …. has created a nation of terrified sheep easily ruled by loathsome Machiavellian wolves.”

    “We are in the midst of a civil war, with only the bad guy’s waging battle against the Constitution, our freedoms, our liberties, and the societal norms which have formed the foundation of our country since 1776. Thus far, there has been little to no push back from the good guys. The outcome of this Fourth Turning hinges upon the willingness of a minority of like-minded, critical thinking, dissenting Americans to stand-up and stop these evil men from turning our country into tyrannical techno-gulag of oppression.”

    “It should be clear to any open-minded critical thinking individual this has never been about your health, but about their insatiable appetite for power and control over how our society functions, who benefits, and who reaps the financial rewards. Always follow the money.”

    “Their chosen medium to compel obedience is fear. It has proven to be tremendously effective in herding the sheep towards the slaughterhouse.”

    “These sociopaths believe their evil means justify ends which benefit themselves. Freedom, liberty, free speech, choice about medical treatments, and the rights granted under the Constitution are antiquated notions in the minds of these maniacal tyrants. This Fourth Turning hinges on the coming conflict between this sinister minority and a thus far silent, but heavily armed majority.”

    “This oligarch revolution heralds immense death and destruction, either through medicinal methods or violence in the streets. Widespread impoverishment of the masses is a certainty once the underpinnings of this financial system give way. If they succeed, the degeneration of our society into a dystopian nightmare is a distinct possibility.”

    “We are approaching a crucial point where we either bow down to the sinister minority or make our last stand. ….. I don’t know what happens next, but I do know the next few years will herald much pain, acrimony, bloodshed, and sacrifice on the part of many good people, if we are to retain any semblance of the nation we once celebrated.”

    “Our goal should be to act in a way that would make the Founding Fathers, who initiated our first Fourth Turning, proud of our deeds and actions. The enemy currently holds the high ground, but we are the many. The storm has arrived, and our very survival hangs in the balance. I hope there are enough of us willing to sacrifice our lives for the restoration of the Republic, given to us by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the Founders. Good luck and Godspeed.”

    Very similar themes, no?

    The Storm has arrived. It is brought to us by malevolent forces. It’s M.O. is fear and division. Evil is afoot in our land and in the world. Secular analysis — but hammering on themes very similar to those examined here at ASOH.

    What he can’t seem to bring himself to, at least in his public writing here in this article, is the reality that what underlies our current situation is that we are under direct attack by Satan and his minions in America. If he could it would add a lot of depth to his analysis.

    Many here will find common cause with Quinn’s deconstruction of the vaccine and its evil purposes. That also echoes themes advanced here at ASOH.

    All in all it is pretty good Jim Quinn stuff if you like what Jim Quinn does.

    God Bless all here.

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    1. Always enjoy your posts Ed!

      Thank you for bringing Quinn’s writing to our attention. Based on the excerpt I agree with you.


  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    WE need Exorcists…..Everywhere!! ;-(

    IT get’s more Sinister every day!


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    1. Awesome articles, Crew Dog. Thanks for posting links. The library article was appalling and I am embarrassed to say that I am a school librarian. I do use my public library quite a bit for their digital research databases and eBooks. My library has a “request a book” feature on both the traditional book catalog as well as the eBook system. I see it as my mission to request as many Catholic/Christian books as I can by filling out the form with specific titles and then checking the “notify me when added to the catalog” button. If more people requested religious books it would force them to add them to the collection. If anyone is in their library looking for religion books, if your library classifies using the Dewey Decimal System they would be under the 200’s and with the Library of Congress classification they can be found mainly under BR, BS & BX. If they’re going to add occult and other things, I’m going to make sure my neck of the woods has religion represented. Sometimes it’s fun to stir the pot.


    2. CD, the Idaho lab doctor’s info is beyond sad! I thought of my precious granddaughter and other young ladies and what the demonic jab is doing to them. I could cry, but keep praying for the cleansing by the Precious Blood of Christ. How long, dear Lord?!


  25. Please pray for my husband, who begins radiation next week, 5 days a week for 8 weeks! (Follow up to prostate cancer surgery) I am praying for healing as well as endurance and peace for him. It’s a grueling schedule; he’ll have to pretend he’s going to work each day 🙂 I will be trying to cheer him up and encourage him.

    On another note, one daughter wrote me that our precious granddaughter (and her friends!) did some research after having “monthly” problems, and oh guess what! We here know the answer. Our sweet 21 yr old is about to finish college, and they had to have the jab to come back to classes! As I’ve said before, I have prayed for years using the Precious Blood of Christ, and we all need it now more than ever. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph protect us with all your power!

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    Of Course!! It was/is ALL part of The Agenda. The Medical Industry, Big Tech/Business, Media, DC Swamp all in on the ChinaBioWeapon Criminal Conspiracy!

    No Borders = No Country ;-(

    Where is our vaunted FBI, DHS & DOD!? … Oh! …. I forgot! Out chasing Jan 6 Trespassers, Trump Russians and purging White Supremacists ;-(



  27. St. Benedict is one of my favorites, so was prompted by this piece to dig around for a couple of copies of his “Rule” to touch base again with his marvelously balanced habits. Instantly, makes a guy feel like his idea of discipline is so much straw.

    While digging, came across an old dogeared copy of “Imitation of Christ” (Kempis) which I thought was squirreled away in a special place, just for emergencies. Not having an emergency at present, but experience a serious nosedive about once every decade. In which case, “Imitation of Christ” is that break-glass-in-dire-emergency go-to to settle things down. Seriously, it’s impossible to read that work and not understand that all the most serious outrages can be pinpointed in self, and dealt with accordingly. Just started sifting through it again and realize how much work needs to be done… and how very, very much I owe Christ.

    Anyone else have such favorites?

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    1. The Imitation of Christ was the very first book if it’s kind I ever read. A very new way of believing and thinking entered my life when I first read it’s pages and I remember meditating on it during the long hours alone at work.
      Stories From The Catechist
      by Very Rev. Canon G.E. Howe, first published in 1898, it is one of my all time favorite books. It’s a cheat sheet of over 900 Catholic stories collected from multiple sources such
      as Chisholm, Josephus, Gaume and Hohenauer, etc. It’s set up in 41 chapters accounting different stories associated with each chapters title such as: the Apostles Creed, Faith, Hope and  Love, The Ten Commandments, etc.
      It is wonderful in its prescience in giving true accounts of the experiences of those who walk with God.

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    2. MP– you have inspired me to purchase both of those. I have read “Imitation of Christ” but want to read again. Have never read Benedict rule in toto. Looking forward to that. Thanks for the recommendations!

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    3. MP, you sent me to my bookcases to think about that question. Then I saw it! Without a doubt one of, maybe THE all time favorite, was St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary. It was life changing, and the time I refer to as another conversion experience, by renewing my childhood consecration to the BVM. I always remember something a deacon said: where the Blessed Mother is, the more the Holy Spirit, her Spouse, is there!

      A close runner up was the 2 volume work of Anne Catherine Emmerich’s life of visions. It taught me a lot, and one example was when the Lord took her to an extremely overgrown cemetery (or other place?) The physical work she did was a parallel to her spiritual work; at the time I was digging up some weeds that seemed to have roots like concrete! Terrible to pull up! But eventually it became a wonderful garden after all my work. Thanks for the reminiscing!

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    4. MP, thanks for reminding me of this. I haven’t taken the time to go deep ‘read’ diving in a while. There’s always so much to do and so little time anymore. If there ever was a time to go further into the deep, it’s now. Life is accelerating so fast I can hardly keep up anymore, so when I need a reset this book is where I go.

      Aside from my v-e-r-y loved Jerusalem Bible, my hands-down go-to is a very warn out and very marked up 1958 edition book by Clarence J. Enzler called, “My Other Self, in which Christ speaks to the soul on living His life.” It is presented in the mode by the author of the Imitation of Christ, and has both Nihil Obstat and Imptimatur.

      Part of the preface reads, “The reader will find Christ speaking to him in intimate conversations, seeking to make him fully aware of what it means to be a Christian, ‘another Christ,’ Christ’s ‘other self.’ My aim has been to unfold, as fully as I can, the meaning of union with our Lord and all that it involves both for the individual and for society. I have sought to show that the present moment is Christ’s moment, the time for each individual to identify himself with the Lord and to act as Christ.”
      -Clarence J. Enzler.

      Being another Christ seems a lot to live up to. Whenever I am lost or falling down, listening to Jesus through this book has always been a good way to re-evaluate myself and to get better on track at being another Christ, for Christ, and how to be more like our Mother Mary.

      My other favorite is “The Lamb’s Supper,” by Scott Hahn. It truly helped me to understand where all the parts of The Holy Mass came from, and how to go deeper in pray through it. I now see our Holy Mass in a whole different light.

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      1. Haven’t come across either of those titles, though I think the little voices find us when we need them. I do have a Jerusalem Bible (with the helpful annotations)… held together with duck tape at this point because I’m rather fond of it.

        Interesting random passage that came up on my app this morning is this: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” — Matt 5:48

        Who sees that one, at a glance, without thinking what a tall (maybe even an impossible) order it is? Of course He wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t possible and we’ll have to get there if we want to cross the threshold of Heaven.

        Yeah, the time crunch thing is echoed by virtually everyone right now and is a particular focus of mine. The adversary certainly wants us to sin, but I reckon he’ll settle for squandering our time. Come to think of it, I suppose that squandering our time is a sin, because we’re not valuing a gift from God and selfishly holding back.

        In this too, we can strive to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. How did Jesus (fully human too) get it done with His limited time on earth? I don’t think it’s any secret that He got it done by doing His Father’s will –– always –– which also included preparing others to carry on His work.

        We’re nothing alone. The more alone and self-reliant, the more easily spent.

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        1. You’re right MP. It does seem to be a tall order. Bible verses like that one really gives you a lot to chew on and work toward. “Be perfect…,” will be striving for until we get to Heaven.

          I have found that any time I make plans to get certain things done in a day or even in a week, God has other plans for me. Now that I have finally gotten the hint, I have been trying to learn to live in the moment and surrender it all to Him. It is very hard sometimes giving up my will to do His, but I am gratefully He is merciful and forgiving. He is the one who keeps me going, and keeps me sane.

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  28. You crack me up, but oh, so true. Those deep works terrify me on many levels.

    However, in kindness and gentleness by God I’ve come to the very same conclusions (TYG!) Just nose-ing about Sonja’s stuff that Beckita pointed us to has been a relief and helpful. Her latest book “Just Rest” sounds like a softer, yet just as sharp, jewel as the book you referenced, but I really dunno, not having read Kempis.

    If I might add, Sonja gives a specific formula to how to “take captive our thoughts”. This has proven to be efficacious to me. In hindsight, I can see I was using this formula in the past, whenever I enjoyed God’s succor. Before I had no understanding of the process or what I was doing, other than: “Oh God help!” There was a misery there. Thanks to this book, I now better understand and have a viable tool to use to help myself.

    Maybe I’m just kidding myself. Maybe all one really needs is “Oh, God, Help!” Hah.

    I can also attest to the fact that God loves each of us where we are at and meets us there. I was distressed that I am not, have never been or will never be a Bible Scholar. Part of the recipe to take captive your thoughts that Sonja teaches (S.T.O.P.: S = Sin not, T = In all candor tell God all about what you’re experiencing, O = Offer the right sacrifice, that is ask Him what that would be for this particular moment, P = Put your trust in God), involves using the bible to hear God ‘s advice, the need for scripture study, etc.

    So I was lamenting this fact to God when I felt drawn to the 23rd Psalm. Yep, that tired old one we all roll our eyes to, having heard it ad nauseam at every funeral, like ever, LOL. Turns out that one Psalm can supply me with enough meat to chew on for the entire rest of my days on this here planet. +TYG+

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉 Noon News OverLoad!

    Padre Pio … Pray for Us!:

    Cardinal Newman Society has lots of news/info on Catholic Education:

    Speaking of Crosses to bear ;-( …. PF using the Dem Playbook. Smear those who oppose your Agenda!

    With a corrupt DOJ/FBI and trending corrupt Judiciary, the THEYs are confident that THEY will never be held to account. THEYs don’t have to apologize, resign or submit to questioning ’cause we have a Two-Tiered System everywhere. Especially in DC/Blue States!


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