Prepare Ye the Way

By Beckita

There’s just no going back. And who would want to? Oh what a world in disarray with a Church hardly recognizable as its unholy disorder is all too real in too many places! From some comments here, and in listening to people around us, we hear expressions of fear, uneasiness and anxiety – some say “feeling overwhelmed” – as people worry about what is and what is to come.

Are you fretting about whether or not you’ll be able to get through what yet lies ahead? Wonder if you’ll actually remain true to the Lord in the trials and tests to come? If there is a discrete event, commonly known as the Illumination of Conscience or Warning, or if, to the surprise of many, God decides to visit each of us in a different fashion, are you frightened about such an encounter? Are there nights when you have a hard time settling into sleep, or do you awaken too soon with thoughts of what ifs?  Might you be disappearing into extra busyness to distract yourself from the looping thoughts which rile angst? Are you over-shopping? Do you find yourself having an extra glass of wine, beer or other spirits to calm down? Or perhaps, are you reaching for solace in sugar? These material solutions are incapable of bringing resolution and longstanding relief while, often, creating new problems.  

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.” (2 Cor 4:8-12)

SO many hearts ache for PEACE and yearn to TRUST, not only intellectually, but from deep down in our hearts and souls. What if I told you, you could order up a package of a special herb which, when brewed as tea and steeped for a good 20 minutes, followed by sipping it for another 20 minutes, would steady you in mind, heart, and emotional well-being as never before, infuse in you unshakeable TRUST in the Lord, cleanse and heal your sacred interior, then fortify your soul and spirit to meet any trial or test with a brave heart that has cultivated virtue in the sipping, and – above all – would lift you up in overflowing PEACE beyond all understanding, that PEACE which only Christ can give, a PEACE which changes not only you, but also the atmosphere and, therefore, the people around you… and ALL THIS as the rotted structures of the current age come tumbling down in what looks like the enemy with the upper hand, when we know, we KNOW – for sure and certain – that Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, already carried us, and these events as they are, to Calvary where He IS Victor over death… every kind of death.

I seriously have the herbal tea for you; it simply comes in a surprising package with equally surprising brewing, steeping and sipping instructions.  And, honestly, it’s a boon to resolving difficult feelings which may rise within you. If you’re willing to dedicate 40 minutes, (of course, more if you wish) each day for the next 40 days – and why not continue if this spiritual tea is changing you for the better? – you will be amazed at the metamorphosis God will co-create, with you, in your interior being. You will find yourself trekking through your days and resting through your nights with PEACE and with TRUST in the Lord which allows your whole being to be at REST in Him, both while active and while contemplating, meditating or praying.

I am pleased to share that the tea comes packaged in the work of a woman who joyfully calls herself the Bible Study Evangelista. I have tasted the goodness and been nourished with enriched faith, by steeping in the work presented by Sonja Corbitt and allowing it to brew in Sacred Silence as I contemplate and read Scripture. Then, I sip on journaling as I get with God to listen to HIS Wisdom, HIS solutions and HIS guidance. The home page at her site, along with some common themes she addresses, says it best (paraphrasing): All of us here, at ASOH, have faith… and we can ever deepen it. We all have been wounded in some fashion in our lifetimes, and, often, from unresolved wounds we sin. God yearns to forgive and heal us; and He seeks us to remove any barriers that keep us from deeper union with Him. Sonja does have a Bible and a healing charism. In a refreshing vulnerability, she shares stories from her own journey and, then, with the Breath of God, she wields the weapons of his Mercy to mentor people through processes which bring them to greater intimacy with Him. In authenticity and humility, she challenges us with Biblical truths. No shame or blame attached. Simply and sincerely, do we believe what we profess? Are we willing to take up an attitude of gentle curiosity about our interior being and engage in candor with The One who gave us life? If so, He will be able to have His Way with us and fortify us to Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.

I‘m a product of Catholic education, from kindergarten through my undergraduate degree, and blessed with much solid catechesis. While living in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, my home was near an Irish mission where I taught at the school. I delighted in the preaching of the Irish priests there. I’ve been on every continent, but Australia and Antarctica, making pilgrimages to holy shrines while listening to preachers from round the world. I’ve enjoyed all manner of further study of our faith and am especially grateful to Fr. Wang for the wealth of knowledge and understanding he’s imparted to me, particularly in his winter years as I’ve provided care for him. That noted, I have never heard, from anyone else, many of the heart-piercing Biblical insights which Sonja brings to her presentations!   

Moved by the Holy Spirit to reach out to His people in a common need in our times, Sonja’s current series provides teachings and tools to build us up so that the weary, fearful, anxious, and worried moments of our lives do not overwhelm us. Sonja brings to light that when these strong emotions do rise, they can be viewed as messages from Holy Spirit to engage with Him, allowing Him to soothe, correct, teach and uplift us, while healing us to boot… IF we give Him the time and attention to which He calls us and IF we are willing to do our part, rather than trying – without awareness – to manipulate God into accomplishing our healing in the ways we want it to happen. Oh how we want Him to swoosh an instant change, bringing interior healing in a rush of His mighty wind! He IS a God of miracles after all. Yet, God is LOVE and from Pure Love, He most often invites us to come home to ourselves by a different, a more excellent way.

Sonja’s new series, entitled, Freedom from Anxiety, can be found at her website: Bible Study Evangelista. (She is also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the app for iPhone and Android: Laudate.) But don’t be fooled into thinking that the series only fosters freedom from anxiety. You can fill in the blank for any area of your life wherein you seek Christ’s freedom… Freedom from ________: worry, negativity, depression, over-eating, over-thinking, over-shopping, over-drinking, any bad habit or troubling behavior. As of today, seven presentations have been released:  1. Anxiety Is Not from God   2. Fight the Right Battle   3. The Predictable Psychological Mechanisms of Anxiety   4. Thoughts at Rest, Dealing with Deprivation   5. The Power of the Tongue   6.  Emotions at Rest and 7. Transforming Emotions

I did not enter into the work of this series because I’m fraught with fear and anxiety. I just know so many who are and it’s not enough to encourage with kind words. It’s all well and good to remind others to Trust the Lord and find Peace in Him, but most folks are interested in HOW to do so. People, often, need strategies and keys to unlock the treasure God has for each of us. A spiritual problem deserves the time it takes to resolve it beautifully with a concrete process that can guide people into outgrowing the choice to cling to difficult emotions. Familiar as it may be, it’s a living hell for many.

In the seven episodes which have been released thus far, I have found a bounty of surprising additional gifts embedded in the teachings and commensurate inner work which one does with God. I have found new joy… a pervading, irremovable hum of pure joy, even as the darkness around us darkens the more. I sense new spiritual strength, have gained new insights into my own interior and new measures of freedom and healing have ensued. Through the work, I have drawn closer to the Living God and this impels me to share with you.

This particular series is connected to the release of Sonja’s newest book: JUST REST, Receiving God’s Renewing Presence in the Deserts of Your Life, A Study of the Exodus. Last week, I received my own copy and am excited to crack it open. The title alone resonates with me as I see that we’re on a major contemporary Exodus together. We’re leaving behind the rot and corrupted ways of this era and making the Journey to a New Beginning with the Lord, a beginning which Our Lady promised us at Fatima more than 100 years ago. Long have I prayed not to repeat the behavior of our ancestors at Meribah and Massah, behavior of which we are daily reminded in this house as we pray the Divine Office, behavior which grieves and insults God who is Love – that is, Love beyond all telling – and whose Providence has been with us from one generation to another.

My prayer is that you consider testing the waters of the processes described in Sonja’s presentations, thus quenching your thirst for greater Trust and Peace. When submitting oneself to the Holy Spirit and engaging in this type of co-creating, we are assured that He remains the Advocate and Guide through it all, Scripture comes alive in new ways, the union that Christ wants with us on THIS side of the veil is nurtured and, as one walks in a deeper PEACE and TRUST in God, s/he is better able to ever acknowledge Him, thus better equipped to take the next right step as God makes of us a sign of His Hope in the world, all the while being at REST in Him. Yes, fear will rise in what’s to come, but we CAN choose not to befriend it. Secure in this knowledge, we can better partner with God in a fearless manner, for “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Perhaps, the crowning glory of the series is the foundation it offers to render us more able to enter into the toughest of what’s to come, knowing – without doubt – that through, with and in the Lord, we a.l.w.a.y.s. have ALL we need.

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  1. <B <B <B {{{Beckita}}} I am grateful. I just ordered the book yesterday.

    As I was listening to her anxiety presentation released yesterday, I did it with her. Woah.

    God bless us Everyone!

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        1. Beckita, you are absolutely correct that this whole process is a savoring one, out of necessity done gently and slowly.

          Listening to it a second time I am amazed at how much I forgot! Oh boy I’m so scattered.
          I find myself so time-pressed by many responsibilities, this season of my life. I’m already dropping so many balls and life, the demands, keep on speeding up. It’s a question of what will get pushed off again yet today, urg.

          Do you know if there are cliff notes available to outline the processes she describes? I mean the questions she says we need to ask The Holy Spirit to find hidden areas of unforgiveness and one’s dominant sin? The ideal would be to sit quietly and listen, take notes, etc. But is there a book already written, with the key points?

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          1. Littlelight, after you select a particular episode you’re taken to a page with that podcast alone. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the words: “Click here for a transcript of this episode”. I suggest you get a 3 ring binder, copy off the transcript and put those pages in your binder followed by blank pages on which to journal. On Sonja’s FB page, when you scroll down her page to the month of June, you can copy and paste her posts into a document on your computer. The posts on FB teach more fully on how to discern your predominant fault… and other gems associated with succeeding episodes.

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            1. Ah-Hah! I did not know this! TY.

              A printed copy is genius and a highlighter is much easier. Back in the day, in nsg school (after university), I took really beautiful notes, excelled at it (many, many, many years ago, hah). It was like a game to me, to see how pretty and complete I could make my notes for each lecture. (memories 🙂

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  2. God chose this post for me although I know I’m not alone. I feel He wants to use me. I’ve been getting “signs”. The enemy is doing everything to control my emotions. Thank you for sharing this Beckita. I’m going to go there now.

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  3. Beckita, this website looks wonderful! I signed up for the podcasts on anxiety and forwarded the info to about eleventy-hundred people, all who are unnerved by the current state of affairs. I recognize Sonja Corbitt from meditations of hers carried occasionally in Magnificat.
    She has a real gift and I’m very much looking forward to beginning this series.
    Thank you and a big hug for providing us with the information!!

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    1. Hi Beckita,
      I loved the pictures, especially the opening one and the scene from Exodus at the end with the Tent of the Divine Presence surrounded by the tents of each family. A great image of the times we are in, and the pilgrimage from this sad world we are living in to the new Promised Land of the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and the Reign of the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Era of Peace.
      Thank you for sharing the information about Sonja also. Will check it out.
      God’s blessings to you and Father Wang, Deon

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      1. Deon, I too am wanting to send loving regards to dear Father Wang. If we lay people grieve over souls, imagine how it must weigh on the hearts of our holy retired priests? Satan is attacking them fiercely as they are the fire in the belly of the church. Tuesdays and Fridays, every week, Father Wang is continuously in my husband and my prayers.

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        1. Thank you – and your husband – so much for your continued prayers for Fr. Wang, Julie. He’s very much in a state of waiting in joyful hope for the time when it’s out with the old rot and in with the New Beginning.

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  4. Thank you, Beckita! Perfect timing too! I felt myself melting off my chair as I imagined sipping the “tea” you described. You had commented on Sonja’s series in the comment section in another post and a friend had given me some of her books a few years ago, but hadn’t followed up or read the books. I do have Laudette on my phone and found the Bible Study Evangelista. Am thinking this might be just what I need right now, and I’m rather excited about it! Thanks so much!

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  5. Hi Beckita
    Thank you for this touching and encouraging words filled with hope and joy and peace in this very troubled world. I am definitely going to sign up for Sonja Corbitt podcast and will order the book. This comes at a time when so many people are so filled with fear anxiety and overwhelmed with worry about the state of America and the world. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes and heart on Jesus and His Holy Word but find myself slipping into anxiety about my family members. So this to me is an answer to my prayers for myself my family and some of my friends who seem to be slipping into fear. God bless you and Father Wang.

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  6. Ah, Very nice Beckita! As I lay here with my broken leg, I’ve had a lot of time to meditate. Surrendering all to Jesus keeps me at peace. The 1st week was the hardest because my husband had to take over everything that he has avoided for 54yrs. And that’s not an easy thing for someone who has always been waited on. After his initial “deer in the headlights” things have slowly gotten better. He knows where most things are and is able to feed me and the dog and clean up after himself. He is on ice duty, so that the swelling in my leg is kept at bay. We’re in our 3rd week, and he no longer has to get out of bed at night to help me. I’m able to get around pretty good, even though I’m non-weight bearing and have to hop with a walker. Good days and bad days, but the only way through it all is straight ahead. My rough edges of my “patience” are being filed down, and my having to repeat myself 20 times to be understood is probably down to 3 or 4 times a day now. I had always worried that my husband would starve if something happened to me, but guess what–that’s no longer a worry. He can do all the household chores just fine. As the world crumbles all about us, we are limited to prayer and complete Trust in Jesus. Whatever is in store for us, it is in His hands. God bless everyone here.

    Oh, btw, I so enjoyed reading Desmond’s commentary on the “Middle coming” of Jesus. I remember reading it back in March 2019, but never had a chance to read “all” the comments too. A very nice refresher course. Doesn’t March 2019 seem like so many eons ago. So much has happened since then!

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    1. Sansan, I’m adding mine for your intentions and speedy healing.

      Oh, my, I know it isn’t funny but you truly had me lol at certain points of your update, aaargh. I bet in a strange way, maybe a silver lining, this relieved a few fears and perhaps is a chance to bring you and your beloved a bit closer.

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    2. SanSan, I will pray for the continued healing of your leg. I smiled when you said you worried your husband would starve to death if something happened to you. That has been a worry for me too, but now I feel better knowing they can survive!

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  7. Good morning Australia time

    Is there a free version of this material on line? I could only find books etc on sale.

    Thank you

    Best regards


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    1. Welcome, Mary. Here’s a link to the current podcasts with a shout out to Everyone that I failed to mention a wonderful resource. At the end of each podcast, you can find a transcript which is great for those who need the printed word for better intake and retention.

      For those who are interested in more of Sonja’s work, you can become a “Friend of the Show” and support her evangelization efforts. With that, you have access to the treasure of her archives.

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    IT get’s more SINISTER every &%^$#* Day!! THEY want Poison Jabs in YOU/YOURS!!!

    The below was an item in my Team America/AR Newsletter!
    Yes Comrades! You will only be allowed Health Supplements approved by the Ministry of Truth and controlled by “Benevolent” Gubermint Oversight ;-(
    “Be aware that the infrastructure bill has a provision that will go into law if the bill is passed that will not allow you access to supplements unless you get a prescription for them. This was attempted in 1994, and America won by getting passed a law allowing everyone access to supplements. It was the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
    Don’t let them take this away from you, start the push back on this Now!”

    There is always hope 😉


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    1. CrewDog, in your research could you possibly locate and confirm a rumor I heard from a very good source? A pharmaceutical firm is developing a killed-virus vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2. It appears they intend to release it in December. As with all vaccines, you don’t need it if you already have antibodies.

      Thanks so much for all you do and for the tenacity with which you do it!
      God bless, katey in OR (an AF brat)

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      1. Hi MOBY 😉

        I’ve read about a bunch of Folks developing cures ….. but ….. I’ve got this Really Bad Vibe that …. THEY are NOT interested in any cures because THEY want ChinaBioWeapon 4EVA for Control of Population Earth…. & godless Global Re-Set!! …. Satan Inspired ;-(
        I need no further evidence than THEIR continued attacks on simple &/or time tested cures like Vitamin C/D, Zinc/Magnesium, Ivermectin &……
        Not to mention the Vicious Attacks, Slander and BigTech Censure that assails any Medical Person or otherwise who dares speak of the above. Something Wicked This Way Comes!
        Go Air Force …. God Save All Here!!

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        1. You know Crew Dog I was recently thinking the same thing. Can’t help thinking of Solent Green and Logan’s Run. Time’s up get your shot!


  9. Beckita Sonja seems like just a wonderful evangelista!!! I checked out her fb page and she’s very special to be sure! Thanks again for sharing with us!🥰

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  10. Thank you Mz B !!! After being enticed with Tea to grow closer to God and remove distractions such as anxiety and such, I took a que from you and bookmarked as TEA with GOD !  I want that soothing taste of God’s comfort you described!  I can’t wait to GULP it down, in sipping fashion as recommended!  Gracias Beckita.Now onto tea time!…with God!!!

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  11. I am a guy. So for me, it’s coffee time. I get it though. My wife and her lady friends love to go to this one tea time B & B in New Hampshire and sip tea together. Their world melts into love and friendship when they do this. This past February, I surprised Lambzie and booked 2 nights at the tea time B & B. It was a special time for her and me. We enjoyed a nice lunch sipping exotic tea together discussing life and enjoying the quiet moments. We often look at each other and say, “it has been a good ride so far.” Lambzie is a 3 time survivor and lives in constant pain today with other chronic ailments. We can still say it has been a good ride because of the deep abiding faith we share. Death always beckons and this life will pass. What we take with us will be the love that we give. I am not perfect by any stretch and often need reminding what is important. I look forward to the great family reunion we will all share in heaven. For now, I pray and hope many find the path that leads there.

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    1. So beautiful, Doug, is your life with Jacki which magnifies the Lord! Amen to your prayer and hope.

      I never drink tea either! I love brewing my happy cup of coffee each morning. More than that, my tummy can’t take. I used the tea metaphor because we’ve all been so concerned about tending to our bodies in this covid madness time… and rightly so. I also know, in these times, it’s very easy to slip away from spending time with the Lord. Vocal prayer is dynamo and since Our Lady has reiterated the power of the Rosary in these times and it is a gem to pick up and pray, plus there are ample opportunities around most of us to do so in community. With knowledge of the centrality and pinnacle of prayer that the Eucharist is, who could pass up Mass – and its extension in Adoration times?

      But the time for contemplation and communication with God in the Sacred Silence is too easy to pass by… especially in a world so noisy with distractions, within and all around us. Silence with the Lord is a healing balm all its own and creates an opening to receive surprises of great joy and deep value in our walk with Him.

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              1. I grew up in London, England, Beckita. Spent the first 22 years of my life there. Lived in Golders Green for quite awhile, it’s on the Northern Line on the Underground (it’s the Black line on the map). Lived in several different North London locations after I moved out of my parent’s home. Also had a wonderful time for 3 months renting an apartment in North Wales, at Betws-y-Coed. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places to live in the world.

                I first came to the States as a long term visitor in ’73, and that was when I met my future wife, Maureen. I went back to London when my visa expired, and then she came to see me in London in 1974. We wound up getting married in the Spring of 1975, deciding to stay in the States (in NYC). We’ve been happily married ever since. I was born again in 1982 on a Zen Buddhist retreat – God literally spoke to me! My testimony of coming to know the Lord Jesus is on this link at Quora, a Q&A site. My user id there is “Dave Roberts”;


                God has only spoken to me distinctly, as if I were hearing another person speak, on two occasions. The second time was when he told me that He wanted us to move to Kansas. We moved in 1984 and we’ve lived happily here ever since.


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                1. What a journey, Dave! Thank you for sharing. God surely pursued you and your dear wife… and He pursues each of us in unique ways. I see that your hearts were so open for these encounters with Jesus, and how it was He Whom you were seeking all along, not realizing that HE is the way, the truth and the life. Just beautiful! And when I think of all the many and varied ways people continue to seek truth, happiness, fulfillment, etc. and how the Storm will peak in such a way that each one will know that God IS and that JESUS is Lord, I can see how you and Maureen are His refined tools to welcome people into His Kingdom via a relationship with Him, the fulfillment of all our desires. God bless you and your Maureen, Dave.

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                2. That is neat Dr. Dave!  I love the British accent too.  There is something about it that draws my attention.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                3. Doctor Dave: Don’t speak of this much but I had a locution from the BVM long ago in 1983 while saying the rosary. I had the habit of visualizing laying my head in her lap as I prayed. In any case my husband & I were not very long on a Catholic Charities Md list to adopt a 2nd baby. Huge event that adoption in that agency opened for a second child. Babies were scarce even back then because of abortion. In any case my hubby got work transferred out of state. I was apprehensive that our application would be dropped because of the transfer out of state hence my praying the Rosary. In the midst of saying it, in a room by myself, I heard two distinct words, “Call now”. I stopped mid Rosary and did exactly that. Today he is 37!

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        1. What a lovely image. Country garden, gorgeous views, birds chirping, soft breeze, smell of roses, gentle sunshine, tea for two, peace.

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      1. Come Holy Spirit, come by the means of the Flame of Love through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen.
        Prayer my Rosary group have added to the end of each decade. Then we sing the Ave Maria.

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      2. Well stated Beck’s .  Well stated.  There is something soothing about a bice quiet tea time or cup of coffee.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    2. Aw, that hit home. So lovely. God bless you guys! Yes, I myself long for the day “all tears are wiped away” and to be “in the Land Beyond Thunder,” I can hardly stand it. +Hasten the day, Dear Lord! In the meantime, please Lord give me/us your patience, courage and whatever else I/we need to serve You and walk in Your ways.+

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      1. Thank you little light.  We are all on the same journey here.  The crosses keep us humbled as you know first hand.  It will all make sense when we get to the other side.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. Well Sr. Bear, you inspire me here too.  So the good you reflect is poured through to others indirectly.  It hit me recently that my life good or bad does not just reflect on my kids and those I know.  It ripples down through generations I will never see.  It kinda scared me a bit with the responsibility we all bear (no pun intended).  Gotta make the most and best of it.  God bless you!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. That is so true, Doug. We might, looking back, see a LITTLE of how our small acts and decisions have affected lives and situations in one way or another. It’s hard to truly comprehend the ripple effect through the generations. God bless and keep you and your family. ❤

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          1. Sr. Bear, as an example, even though I had a rebellious streak in my younger days, my mom always drilled into me the importance of telling the truth (not lying).  When in my 30s, I wrote my maternal grandmom about that and she wrote back saying my mom’s grandad emphasized the importance of truth.  I never met my great grandad as he was deceased before I was born.  I just turned 60 this year.  Eek!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            1. Oh heck Doug my parents and even my parents-in-law still influence me and even my children. Their quips are repeated over and over. (i.e. Handsome is as handsome does, Hunger is the best sauce, They could fill libraries with what you don’t know) Their steadfastness and courage and love are still everywhere.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Let US Pray …. TODAY!!!

    The THEY Church Bigs USA/Vatican despise Sheen! …… & one of the major (& many) reasons I came to distrust Cdl Dolan after watching him obstruct the Sheen sainthood process.

    Guv is a Soup Sandwich RINO … Jihad Jabbers rule in Red States too ;-(

    News you will NOT see on ABCNNBCBS-PBS!


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        I was there for the last surgical abortion at 4600 Gulf Freeway. And it was NOT a baby-save.  sad face
        The nice-looking man left the PP parking lot. I waved him down and he stopped. “You have a woman in there? For an abortion? We have lots of help.”

        “It’s not what you think”, he said. “There was something wrong.”  

        So I tried to explain how much better it was to have the baby and love him his whole life – even if that was measured in only minutes or hours. I gave him a flyer from Jerome’s Hope, the Diocesan group for parents of troubling prenatal diagnoses and early childhood deaths.

        “I didn’t want to do this, but I don’t want her to die. The doctors said…Anyway, it’s too late.” He drove off.. When he came back, he stopped again. We talked about how miserable she was going to be; how bad suicide is after an abortion; how she may hate him. She was already all hormonal he admitted. And this was after seven miscarriages. I gave him an after-abortion bag, but nothing can give her her baby back. 

        If only doctors were willing to give hope instead of so easily suggesting abortion. It may solve the doc’s problem, but it can never solve the woman’s. Such a sad day. 

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        1. Praying, Nance, that this couple embraces the Mercy of God and that soon – oh so soon – abortion ceases. God bless you for your powerful ministry. You ARE a sign of hope.

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          1. Certainly NOT a sign of hope to my family and friends! Like so many on this site, they just think I am looney – like the tunes. But thank you, Beckita, anyway. And y’all all are my sign of hope.

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            1. Ah, but Nance, your steadfast resolve through thick and thin WILL be a sign of hope if all comes crashing down and all their assumptions prove flimsy. When I was young in local politics, I realized that sometimes you can persuade – and at others people are not ready to hear. In the latter times you are still obliged to stick with the truth as best you can see it. So I would grit my teeth and go forward, taking the whips and opprobrium with magnanimity, knowing that if I proved wrong, people would forgive me if I stuck to my guns with a light touch and without self-righteousness – and that I would be indispensable to them if I proved right. Ironically, I used to call this “playing the prophet” when people were not ready to hear but I spoke it plainly anyway.

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              1. “So I would grit my teeth and go forward, taking the whips and opprobrium with magnanimity, knowing that if I proved wrong, people would forgive me if I stuck to my guns with a light touch and without self-righteousness ”

                Such beauty, truth and pure gold. I pray for myself and us all to be able to do this. TY, Charlie.

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  13. Sorry to interrupt Tea Time with a request for advice, but something (wierd( impirtant happened today at the factory job.

    Everybody has been getting hearing tests, i figured it was one of those things they do like the shoe truck vendor ir eyeglass vendor offering free tests…

    I decided not to go. Turns out it is required.

    I said “no” because I will not submit to any medical procedures I do not want.

    Well, quite the hulabaloo!

    I had to explain myself to HR and he talked me into it by noting that I had previously taken them as part of the job’s OSHA compliance.

    I walked outside to the large truck where they were implementing the tests and several nen ahead of me went in and closed the door.

    I stopped outside the door and prayed and dug deep. “Next time it will be a box car that I ‘must’ get into”

    I turned around, went back to the office (with some attendant histronics from an hr staffer along the way) and said “no”

    Anyhoo, I have been offered a religious exemption form and I dont know what to answer.

    Here are the questions on it:

    Please specify the religious belief, practice or observance obligation that is the basis for your request for accommodation. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please specify the work requirement that conflicts with the religious belief, practice or observance obligation described above and explain the nature of the conflict. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please describe the specific accommodation that you are requesting at this time, including an explanation of how the requested accommodation will enable you to meet your religious obligations without impacting your ability to meet the required functions of your job. ____________________________________________________

    I am thinking

    1. my God given right to bodily integrity
    2. Any non requested medical procedure or treatment
    3. Exemption from a hearing test

    Any advise?

    Thx and God Bless

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    1. You can interrupt any old time, Timothy. I wouldn’t have expertise to give good advice here, but I can pray for you that all works out well. I’ll be curious to see the feedback for you.

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      1. thx Becs

        What is funny about this is that is the company that needs the religious excemption not me.

        America is inverted, it assumes that God is an excemption, not fundamental. And, , I value a rat’s behind more than any law or lawyer who dares to tell me otherwise.



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    2. Hi Timothy, I am catching up on the always sound advice from my dear fellow advocate, Peggy Hall. Here is a recent short segment in which she addresses this very issue. My guess is that her video platforms are filled with more useful information as well if you care to check more out. I strongly recommend it.



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    3. Funny Timothy.  My Dad was raised Christian Scientist.  They do not believe in doctors.  This always sounded crazy to me, but my Dad put it in perspective.  When that religious sect was started back in the 1800s by Mary Baker Eddy, a trip to the doctor met with very high death rate as microbes, bacteria, etc were not understood.  Mary Baker Eddy figured out your survival rate was better by not going to the doctor.  So now it does not sound so crazy.  Seems like history is repeating itself with covid and vaccines.  Anyway, my Dad rebelled against church in his teens.  I was never raised in a Church.  I am Catholic now.  I just had dinner tonight with my mom and Dad.  He has cancer and my mom is losing her memory.  My mom and dad are great parents and I made sure I told them tonight.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. I appreciate that Jen.  I was a rebellious little snot as a teenager and did not appreciate them as I should have.  It was when I was in my 40s I had an epiphany that I never tell my mom I love her.  I apologized for all the grief I caused her in my early years and every time I get a chance now I tell her I love her.My dad went to the urologist yesterday and has to have a catheter replaced.  My mom’s memory is failing her big time.  When we talked at dinner last night it was like she learned about my dad needing this for the first time.  She asked, “why does he need that?” And I replied, “so you don’t have to change Dad’s litter box as much.”  I have never seen my mom laugh so hard.  The fun part was I got to say the same thing 5 minutes later because she forgot.  It illicited the same hearty laugh all over again. Dad and I had just as much fun laughing.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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          1. I love that, Doug! ❤

            P.S. – I was the rebel middle child for my parents. My dear mother, God rest her soul, used to joke that I'd better behave or she'd come back as one of my own children to get even with me! At times, I've wondered. 😉

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            1. You? Rebel?  Hard to imagine Jen.  I am a middle child too.  Mist be something about the middle child being rebellious 😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                1. We should should have a rebel reunion group 😎.  I think this experience will help us as we traverse through the storm.  I think us rebels tend to have less fear due to our pride.  However, with a dash of humility (not easy for us) and complete trust in God  it wiil be a great advantage.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    4. Hi Timothy 😉

      I don’t know all your “facts” but if it is just a Hearing Test …. I’d say Take-it!
      It probably is a Safety Issue if you are around moving heavy equipment?
      In the AF, I had a “Physical” every year testing eyes, ears … and heart once I reached 35.
      Ya got to pick The Hill to Die On These-Days! ChinaBioWeapon is one thing … a Hearing Test????
      BTW …. I’m going deaf cause of Old Age, Genes, Jet Engines & Crappy AF Hearing Protection ;-(
      The VA & You Taxpayers owe me some good Hearing Aids …. One Day I’m gonna get them!! 😉


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      1. Hi CD

        Ya, intelectually I know that it is just a hearing test, but in me where I listen to His promptings, I knew it was important to draw this line now.

        There will be other lines and it stops with me now.

        God bless

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    5. Maybe…
      If you want, you could have the hearing test done at say costco and submit the results.
      Just a suggestion. It popped into my head as I was reading your post.

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      1. Thank you.

        I offered to do that, but this round of tests is for the factory’s OSHA compliance and for some reason they will not alliw it.

        My application for a relgous excemption has been sent to corporate.

        I have been praying to God to get me out of the factory into something that pays better. Maybe this is His way of fulfilling the ‘get me out of there’ portion, and I hope that is true. But, I also hope that God answers the second part of that in a nice way. Not my call, though, it is His

        Grace and peace

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        1. Good for you for having the courage to stick to your convictions. Good already has and will continue to come of it. God bless you!

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  14. Archbishop Vigano has made a speech (in Italian!) about where we are today, and how certain influential groups around the world have deliberately led us into this situation. Fortunately, LifeSite has published a translation of his talk in English. It was hard to decide which, if any, portion to excerpt as a teaser. I think that the conclusion would be best. Firstly, here’s a link to the whole speech, followed by the Archbishop’s ending comment – just mute the audio unless you’re fluent in Italian;


    Allow me to conclude this reflection with a brief spiritual thought. Everything that we know, discover, and understand about the global conspiracy currently unfolding shows us a tremendous reality that is also at the same time sharp and clearly-defined: there are two sides, the side of God and the side of Satan, the side of the children of Light and the side of the children of darkness. It is not possible to come to terms with the Enemy, nor is it possible to serve two masters (Mt 6:24). The words of Our Lord must be engraved in our minds: “Whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me scatters” (Mt 12:30).

    Hoping to build a world government in which the Divine Kingship of Jesus Christ is outlawed is insane and blasphemous, and no one who has such a plan will ever succeed. Where Christ reigns, peace, harmony and justice reign; where Christ does not reign, Satan is a tyrant. Let us consider this well, whenever we have to choose whether to make agreements with the adversary in the name of a false peaceful coexistence! And let those prelates and civil leaders who think that their complicity only affects economic or health issues, pretending not to know what is behind all this, also consider this well.

    Let us turn to Christ, Christ who is the King of hearts, of families, of societies, and of nations. Let us proclaim Him as Our King and Mary Most Holy as Our Queen. Only in this way can the wicked project of the New World Order be defeated. Only in this way can the Holy Church be purified of traitors and renegades. And may God listen to our prayer.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

    28 August 2021”

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  15. Ye did good. Briefly acknowledge some challenges. Ask some questions. Provide a pertinent passage from Scripture. Offer a real, actionable solution for folks to consider with plenty o’ details highlighting features, advantages and benefits. More of this, please.

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  16. Beckita!

    Excellent tea! I listen to the first podcast of the series by the bible evangelista. It was excellent!

    What she said was absolute truth that took me 2 decades to understand. It is proven true in my life the power of forgiveness. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Thank you for promoting it.

    I also love your idea of journaling. I think it’s a positive thing.

    Thank you!!

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    Yes! & THEY don’t care ’cause

    Sadly ;-( NO ONE will be held to account because The ChinaBioWeapon Conspiracy is VAST and very rich &/or powerful people/Entities are co-conspirators and these people have corrupted The Media, Gubermint, BigTech and Medical Establishment! The Agenda must advance at ALL costs!

    All part of ChinaBioWeapon Conspiracy!???
    Woke Capital Hastens America’s Demise by Backing China

    A Fairy Tale?

    ……. & how many Terrorists/Criminals have infiltrated our Border these past eight months? …Eh!!??


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  18. Beckita, in the highlander area I come from in Poland, they make a highlander tea, that is with addition of vodka. I am sure this is not the case here 🙂

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  19. Thanks for the links, Beckita. I will definitely find time to review. We are human and anxiety sets in. I suppose that means we are not yet great saints. 🙂

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    1. Yes, we ARE human, Judith, and situational anxiety that passes is much easier to manage than the longstanding version. In either situation Scripture is replete with passages that address this human problem and that’s why I introduced and highlighted Sonja Corbitt’s work. She’s not the only person raised up for our times, yet, she does an outstanding job of calling us to rely on the Lord through HIS WORD, the Bible.

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      1. Hi Beckita, I just wanted to let you know that I am several episodes in to the Bible Study Evangelista’s Freedom from Anxiety series. You were right, just the right “medicine” at the right time for soul and the psyche. I actually love tea. I have always had an aversion for coffee. So, this is a soothing balm of tea for me. I encourage anyone who hasn’t checked out Sonja Corbitt to do so.

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  20. To all my fellow Squirrels, please step back and take a good look at the big picture to answer the question of: “Where is God moving today? Where is He in this mess?”

    Beckita wrote this entire piece to point a spotlight on God moving in what can (erroneously) seem as a hopeless current situation. She has encouraged us all by pointing us to Sonja’s work.

    This recording was just released by Gary Roe today. Charlie and this site have always said that God is at hand to everyone of us, we just need to seek Him and do that work for ourselves. Charlie also insists the work at hand for The Lord is open to all men of goodwill. God is raising up an army now and all must work together.

    Those words struck me so clearly as I watched this recording. So many echos from Sonja, Anne, TNRS, etc. So many of His people, from many varied backgrounds, are responding to His call in as many ways as there are individuals. The net is being cast wide and the harvest will be great. It is an awesome, incredible, heartening sight to witness.

    This phenomena is so encouraging. Whether one or another of God’s workers appeals to you individually or not, matters not. The point is God’s provision and presence are perfect, as He is perfect. +TYG+

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