Infallibility, The Magnificat, Revelation 12, and Mysticism

By Charlie Johnston

I have been working on a meaty piece. It’s not quite soup yet, though, so I figured I would review a few basic issues before getting it out. I have always figured that before walking into obvious decisive moments, it is good to review fundamentals. And we are heading straight into an obviously decisive moment.

But first, as promised, here is the link to Steve BC’s protocols for Covid and report on the mRNA shot.  This information has also been put into a permanent link under the menu on this site (2 Protocols for Covid).

Also, there was a problem with the email address for registering to come to the Houston Right to Life (TRTL) dinner on Sept. 18. If you want to come to this great event with complimentary tickets, please email Laura at You must be a CORAC member to participate (you can sign up for free here) and you are responsible for your own transportation and lodging – though TRTL will send you info on discounted rooms from their bloc. You will also have a pass to the VIP Brunch the day after and a CORAC meeting in the afternoon.

I am getting a lot of people sending me (sometimes nonsensical) material on Covid and other things assuring me the material has lots of data. When I say replicable data, that does not just mean it has lots of numbers and charts. It means I must be able to verify the numbers through independent sources. I don’t know why so many people are so eager to jump into exotic theories and become vested in them without knowing how to vet them. You get no gold star for solving the puzzle box. Reasonable people can judge whether the risk of an experimental therapy is justified given the mortality rate of Covid. Our commentator, Chris Deacutis, gave an excellent case for why rational people can choose the shot based on sound data in the comments section of the previous piece. My judgment is that the risks remain too great based on sound data. Thanks be to God, though, we are working from some reasonable – and replicable – data on the subject so you can make the best prudential judgment for your particular circumstances.

And now, to the meat of this piece…


When I was first considering coming into the Catholic Church, the doctrine of infallibility was a stumbling block for me. After studying rafts of formal Church documents, I realized that was because I did not understand what infallibility actually is. Very few Protestants know what the doctrine actually is. Unfortunately, very few Catholics do, either.

The first thing to know is how limited and rare the authority is. It only applies to general Church Councils or to when a Pope explicitly speaks from his Petrine authority on a matter of faith and morals binding the whole Church. The last time the latter happened was on November 1, 1950 concerning the Assumption of Mary. I was startled to find the power was so rare and limited that most Protestant assemblies I attended assigned their own pastor greater infallibility than formal Church teaching assigns the Pope. It does NOT mean the Pope doesn’t sin, that his every word is true, that even formal documents from him are infallible, or even that he is a good man.

Even with these limitations, it is fundamentally a negative power. It does not mean that the Pope will get everything right in the matter of faith and morals; only that in the rare circumstances upon which it applies, he will not get it wrong. When I was teaching RCIA, I invited catechumens to imagine, for a moment, that the Pope was infallible on mathematics. If that is so, given the formal definition of infallibility, how many mathematical questions on a test of 100 is he guaranteed to get right? Everyone always said a hundred – and were surprised when I said zero. It does not guarantee that he will get anything right, only that he will get nothing he chooses to formally answer wrong. He might not be able answer any at all.

When the Pope does speak in such a manner, his answer does not become right because he said so. Rather, he is given the gift of finding the objectively right response in the carefully prescribed circumstances. Rarely should he speak at all on such things until controversy makes it necessary. Carrying the analogy further, let us imagine we are primitive on the matter of mathematics. For centuries, we have all agreed that two plus two equals four. Now a dissident sect arises that maintains two plus two equals 22. As tumult rises, the Pope is called to speak. If, after careful consultation and contemplation, he invokes the power of infallibility and declares that two plus two equals four, it does not become so because he said so. It was always so – and God prevents him from using that authority to formally teach error.

It is a sorrow to me to see so many people assigning authority to clerics that they do not and have not ever had – while simultaneously denying the authority they actually do have. This confusion has been compounded by so many clerics neglecting their actual responsibility while simultaneously pretending to authority they don’t have. It has created chaos and undermines all authority. Yet God does have a plan to restore proper order out of the wild chaos that threatens to consume us. Come, Lord Jesus.

The Magnificat

Other than the Lord’s Prayer, my favorite Biblical Prayer, even from my Protestant days, is the Magnificat: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior; Because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaid; for behold, henceforth all generations shall call me blessed; Because He who is mighty has done great things for me, and Holy is His Name; And His mercy is from generation to generation on those who fear Him. He has shown might with His arm, He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and has exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty. He has given help to Israel, His servant, mindful of His mercy – Even as He spoke to our father – to Abraham and to his posterity forever.” – Luke 1:46-55

It was while contemplating the heart of the sanctity of St. Joan of Arc that I more fully realized the magnitude of this prayer. Saints come in a great variety. Some are pure, others are passionate; some are temporally docile, others are warriors; some are simple, others are geniuses; some are peasants, others are kings. Yet they all share this common trait: their souls magnify the Lord.

As I said, I realized this while contemplating St. Joan of Arc. She certainly had the gift of prophecy, but in the heat of battle, she made more than a few errant prophecies. She was burned at the stake, but she was technically not a martyr. It was in the midst of this contemplation while I was reading the Magnificat that a light bulb went off in my head. The citizens of France were completely demoralized, resigned to their country becoming a mere province of England after nearly five generations of existential war. When Joan came on the scene, it re-invigorated the despairing multitudes who had lost hope and filled them with new heart and new resolve – sufficient to save their nation and crown their king. Why? Her soul magnified the Lord – and ordinary people could feel His warmth through her.

Ah, but that magnification is a double-edged sword. It profoundly heartens those of good will who have lost hope, but enrages those witting and unwitting servants of the satan who have placed all their hope in the things of this world. The price Joan paid for being a willing vessel through which the Lord’s light could shine more intensely was to infuriate those whose only concern was power and temporal influence and make them committed enemies – of her, of the people she heartened and, ultimately, of the Lord, Himself. It was these who killed her.  These enemies were both outside of and inside of the Church. Joan’s passion revealed many hearts.

God always has the final word, though. Even as some Church authorities excommunicated Joan for sordid, temporal reasons from the Church Militant, she was ultimately rehabilitated – and her tormentors excommunicated themselves from the Church Triumphant for profaning what is sacred for temporal gain. The final irony? The ecclesiastic Nicholas Midi gave a length homily preceding Joan’s execution in which he declared her to be a “leprosy” upon the Church. The only way to be rid of such a leprosy, he declared, was to burn it out. Shortly after Joan’s execution, Midi contracted leprosy and died a lingering, horrible death. God always has the final word. Woe to those who have made a solemn oath to proclaim the Lord but use their position, borne of that oath, to accommodate the world and gain influence.

Revelation 12

My original spiritual director, the late Msgr. Bill Stetson, was a towering intellectual of equally towering integrity who was profoundly uncomfortable with mystical things. It was one of the main reasons I chose him to be the first to share mystical experiences with. It was not that he did not believe in the approved apparitions in the Church. He was deeply devoted to Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of Tepeyac (commonly Guadalupe). He just preferred that someone else deal with mystical matters.

It often made for uncomfortable encounters, for all the affection and delight we took in our relationship. In the fall of 1995, he greeted me at one of my visits by presenting me with a battered, old, blue prayer card and told me I should have this, that it would become very important to me. It looked more like a bookmark than a prayer card – and it had on it the “Woman cloaked with the sun…” passage from Revelation 12. I was puzzled and asked him what he had in mind in giving it to me. He just kept saying he was moved to give it to me and felt very strongly about it. Finally, my eyes went wide with astonishment and amusement and I asked, “Are you playing the prophet with me, now, Fr. Bill?” His face went crimson red. It was one of only two times I ever made him blush (on that score, he got me a lot more often). He dipped his head and repeated that he was just convinced that I needed it.

Of course, I believe that the Revelation 12 sign that appeared in the sky on Sept. 23, 2017, was both our entry into the fullness of the Storm and the beginning of the process of Rescue from it.

Over the last few years, I have come to have great regard for Fr. Richard Heilman’s contemplations on how certain temporal signs point to greater spiritual realities. Fr. Heilman is not a mystic. We have talked about it. But I think he has extraordinarily keen discernment on these matters – and his contemplations on such things have been a huge help to my own contemplations, both sharpening them and opening them up to new insights. Whenever he writes on such things, I pay close attention – and sometimes talk privately with him in greater detail.

Contemplation on Revelation 12, then, is important for all of us, for we are surely living much of it right now. A great place to start is with Fr. Heilman’s contemplation of it published at U.S. Grace Force a few days ago.


I think we have entered a time when, “your sons and daughters shall prophesy…and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17)

It has given me new insight into why God is so sparing in making such direct contact with people. I have met and known many people this last year who, I believe, have had authentic mystical experiences. Certainly, God sometimes uses this to console a person. On some occasions He will send someone from heaven to carry a specific message – verbatim and without interpretation. I have no experience with such a thing. When He sends someone on a specific mission, such as Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Isaiah, and others; it is usually a lifelong series of interactions, designed to expand their hearts and minds so that they can hear Him better to accomplish their mission. It involves a lot of missteps, false starts, misunderstandings, and forging real courage combined with humility and docility before the Lord. It allows no small measure of discretion to the one called, but heavy responsibility at each step. If you doubt it, look at the price Moses paid for striking the rock to bring water when he had not been given leave to do so. It is agonizingly heavy, for even the one called to such a mission remains such a frail vessel that he knows he will err – but is not allowed to just be silent for fear of error. He must do his best, using all his mind, heart and soul, and then take full responsibility for what he does, blaming none of it on God.

I have met a raft of people this year who have had supernatural experiences that seem plausibly authentic to me. Some are well humbled and awed. All too many, though, having been taught the spiritual equivalent that five plus five equals 10, suddenly fancy themselves spiritual quantum physicians and imagine they are now master of the secrets of the universe. If they have had an authentic mystical experience, their vanity is twisting it to their own destruction.

I won’t get into much detail on my approach to such things, except to offer a few prudent rules for discernment. First, if a heavenly being tells you you are exempt from some lawful decision of Church authorities, it is not a heavenly being, but a demon – no matter how consoling the message might otherwise be. If you tell me that you can always tell whether it is from God or not, I tell you your vanity has unhinged you. Do you believe yourself to be a greater saint than Padre Pio, St. Teresa of Avila, or St. John of the Cross, among others, who have confessed that the devil deceived them for a time? Do you not believe St. Paul when he says that the satan “…disguises himself as an angel of light.”? (2 Corinthians 11:14). Do you think that an angel would tell you to disobey the lawful authority of the Church which Christ founded? If you deny these fundamental truths because of what a spirit told you, your vanity is collaborating with the devil to your destruction. God does not speak to anyone so as to make that person a divine Teacher’s pet.

If the heavenly personage is only telling you what you already believe to be true, you are deceiving yourself so as to blame God for your errant vanity. When God is comfortable enough with you to start smacking you around a bit and disabusing you of your errors, it may be an actual heavenly being speaking to you. If you seek to control people by telling them that God told you to tell them what they must do, you have allowed the father of lies to seduce you into lying to yourself and to others. God does not revoke anyone’s free will. If you think that you are His instrument to do just that, you are almost hopelessly deceived. Take responsibility for what you say, whether you believe it to be divinely inspired or not. Give counsel where appropriate, understanding that you can be deceived or just plain wrong. Take responsibility for it, yourself, lest you blame God for your own errors. If it is prudent, it will be seen to be so – and all of real faith know that all good things come from God.

Know that, except for matters of pure consolation, any encounter with heavenly beings does not confer special status, but heavy responsibility. The authentic prophets of old were pushed to the limits of their endurance by their call – and often sought to escape it. Jonah’s attempt to evade his responsibility was why he was swallowed by the whale. Jeremiah’s anguished lament beginning at Jeremiah 20:7 is a profound commentary on the heavy burden the one who is authentically called bears. In all things, virtue is to be found by living your duty before God with docility and humility. If you think you have been visited from above and become puffed up with pride, remember what Jesus said to Thomas: “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe?” (John 20:29) Except for consolation, authentic apparitions, and guidance on a special mission, a visitation is less likely to be a reward for your belief than a palliative for your disbelief. So be not proud of any visions or visitations you might have, but of your simple fidelity to Scripture and the Magisterium and your obedience to the lawful authority of the Church Christ founded.

Acknowledge God, take the next right step – knowing humbly that sometimes it will be the wrong one despite your best efforts, and be a sign of hope to those around you – both heartening the faithful and defending the faithful as needed. These are the things that will lead us to the beatific vision.

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318 thoughts on “Infallibility, The Magnificat, Revelation 12, and Mysticism

  1. Thinking about your article and Revelation. Do you think we experienced the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ during the Covid shut down of our Holy Mass?

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    1. From what I see, Mark, Pachamama fits the description of of the “Abomination of Desolation,” for the Book of Daniel described the pagan sacrifices offered in the Jewish temple of his time.

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  2. It seems like just when I feel like I can breathe a little…more comes.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my husband’s cousin who died of CVD last night. I’m not sure how old he was exactly, but less than 35. He was obese and may have had other underlying ailments. Diabetes runs through on my husband’s paternal side. He leaves behind a wife (currently in the hospital with CVD) and 2 children.

    Please pray for my daughter, C, who is a first year history teacher in an elementary school being hit hard with CVD among the children. She’s trying to keep it together, and parents are panicking.

    Please pray for my son, P, who went back to CUA in DC today. He is unvaccinated. Pray for his safety from CVD. Pray he has the courage to stand up against those who may be unkind. He is currently looking into a religious exemption. If anyone can help direct us where he should go for help or steps to take, we’d appreciate it. I have sent him several forms already. He is 18, and we will not force him to make a decision. He pays his own tuition through scholarships and working and thus I believe has a right to decide for himself. We are guiding him through prayer and pros and cons along with medical information. I am currently unvaxxxed while my husband is vaxxxed. We see things very differently. I asked my son what he will do if CUA mandates the vaccine and he doesn’t get the exemption. He says the state of his soul is more important. If he has to, he will walk away. He said at this point he can’t get the shot in good conscience no matter what the Church has said. I told him I will support him whatever he chooses. Please pray that my husband will support him as well.

    Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!!!

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    1. Oh, Becky, so sorry about the passing of your husband’s cousin. Praying for the repose of his soul, for the recovery of his wife and for their children. Praying, too, for your children and the intentions close to your heart for them.

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  3. Presenting Dolordee to you, Friends, so we can all intercede for her. She has been a member of this community for a long while, including back to the days at TNRS, and has been ill for the last few years, quietly offering her prayers and sacrifices for our intentions and those of CORAC. Thanks be to God for tending to our Dolordee.

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        1. As someone has said before, I always stop and say a prayer for all the intentions, even if I don’t add a comment. My “like” click means I am praying for you, whoever it is. God bless all and Raphael please send your healing balm to Dolordee.

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      1. Yes Maggie.  She lingers in the background and offering prayers for us all; a great gift to this community.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    1. To all, especially Dolordee:
      ” You are infinitely precious because you are loved by God.” ~ Fulton Sheen
      Jesus Loves You.

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  4. ASOH Team,

    Please pray for a close associate of mine at work. He is a mid level career military officer who is a couple of years from retirement and very concerned he will be forced to leave the service prematurely if he does not agree to receiving the soon to be approved experimental gene therapy. He has family considerations that make this decision a very difficult one.

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  5. Lots of prayer requests here so I’ll chime in. Tanya and I are both experiencing lots of very peculiar bodily changes that all came on in a very compressed timeline. I hesitate to call the ‘health problems’ because that could imply serious issues. They’re not really serious but plenty obnoxious. Too many to mention here but one that I have, for example, is a very strange unbalanced sensation. Not dizziness per se, no spinning sensation but more like standing on the deck of a slightly rolling ship. Not constantly but pretty consistent. Tanya had one *very* irregular monthly thing but that seems to have settled down for now. After that though, she mentioned a dull but constant pain right about where I would suppose her ovaries are. That lasted for several weeks and it too has gotten a little better. As I mentioned above, these are just a couple of examples of the weird afflictions that all came on in the span of 2 months. Maybe less. I’m thinking the spike protein transfer from vaxxxed to unvaxxxed is real. The jury is still out but I keep going back to the Pfizer document that mentioned something about pregnant women coming in close proximity to freshly vaxxxed people or having skin contact with them. All, and I mean ALL of our oddities started in late March thru April coinciding perfectly with the huge rise in vaxxx uptake in our area.

    Attn SteveBC: What do you know about this phenom? Apologies if it’s already been discussed at some point. I admittedly didn’t scour this or the last couple of threads.

    Thanks to everybody here and I love you all. 🙏🏻

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        1. Yes, Nance. I read about the same newspaper report from another source yesterday. When you read Socci’s piece there are words used such as “if” and “rumors say” so while Pope Francis is advanced in age and has had a serious surgery with a portion of his colon removed, this is not an official announcement.

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    1. Anyone here following Michael Fallon’s analysis on all that is happening?
      Here is the playlist of his recent daily commentary he started Aug. 6.

      If that is too long to vet, just search up Sovereign Nations. He has been doing long form interviews and talks about the creep of Critical Race Theory into churches, schools, universities, and all over our country.
      His take today (Afganistan: the 9/11 project) on how the pull-out from Afganistan is part of the need to humiliate America and how those in power believe that it was just that they do it this way since we’ve had our day in the sun and others now must take our place, like the 1619 project in our schools and military.

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  6. Ok, so happy news….

    I’m going to be a grandmother!!!!!!!! My daughter-in-law and son just FaceTimed an hour ago!

    Hope!!! Thank you, God!!!

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    1. That’s wonderful, Becky! Congratulations to you and to the new parents! Praying for Mommy and Baby. 🙂


  7. We just received a note that our mass friends from the Abbey, Michael & Laurie, are both sick with something. Unconfirmed, possibly CoV -2. Prayers are appreciated.
    Thanks to everyone, ongoing prayers for all here, katey in OR

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  8. Sounds about right to me, Dave.
    I have ranted here & elsewhere for years that the same Lavender Marxists that took over the Democrat Party (EU Left) are the very same people who Hijacked Vatican II.
    The Democrats, since the 30s, have claimed to be champions of the Poor but their “welfare” policies here and abroad have killed The Golden Goose called The Republic of the USA and impoverished, $$$/body/mind/spirit, it’s Citizens.
    Likewise the Church with it’s never ending pervert & financial scandals plus support for godless Left Politics have driven out millions of Pew Peons……. and $$Billions that used to go to Churches, Schools & Missions have been squandered to pay-off lawyers and victims!
    Not to Worry!!
    The Great Global Re-Set Gang, Church & State, have set the stage for the emergence of that Great Man of Peace & Love … Ya Know!? …… that Anti-Christ Guy that we used to hear about in those archaic days before Vatican II …… when I was young! ;-(


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      1. Thank you so much, Nance, for this comment. My deepest apology to everyone for not vetting further into the video. In the beginning, the criticisms from Michael Matt toward Pope Francis are mostly delivered in sarcastic terms, often with exaggeration, but are accurate in their essence. Then Mr. Matt goes beyond his frustrations with Pope Francis with false claims, such as “Catholics are not allowed to question Vatican II” that this video becomes baloney. Even worse is the dark conspiracy story/charge about the Novus Ordo and Pope Paul VI’s dastardly deed in approving this legitimate form of worship. I stopped wasting my time in watching any further and deleted the comment. Again, thank you, Nance, for catching this.

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    1. Crewdog, are you hearing anything about Internment camps being readied by the Dems for the unvaccinated? My husband has been receiving videos about that. Says they’re going after people in the Red States first!

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      1. Hi Diane,

        I hear/read all sorts of stuff but I’d guess that it’s mostly Scare the Boobs into getting Jabbed now!
        I’d expect Ya would see “Camps” in Blue States first to test the waters?
        …. but Who Knows? THEY are getting very nervous and frantic and THEY may choose to do very stupid things! ….. Which, in the end, may be a good thing for US?
        As Captain Parker on Lexington Green in 1775 said:
        “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.”


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          1. Interesting, Kim. But just maybe, God will allow the winds of change to avert a widespread use of the camps with the whole world engaged in other business than internment of folks. The possibilities are endless. SO grateful He has a Plan.

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        1. CrewDog, thank you for that quote from Captain Parker. I’m going to write that down and tape it to my bathroom mirror, where I know I’ll see it often.



    Dr Doom gets “spanked” for daring to say that USA could have ChinaBioweapon under control in 2022, Covid 4Eva Hysteria Mandates & LockDowns is all the godless Democrats have to counter The Will of The People!

    Part of the Agenda Plan to force out Good Guys?

    Ya think this farfetched? …. I Don’t ;-(

    Dead Superpower Walking–Mark Steyn

    Trust or Choreographed Event?

    All part of The Agenda Plan!? ;-(

    Not to Worry! ChinaJoe & BOnDrag still want YOUR guns … for the Children ….See?!

    No Doubt setting up Time & Place for Midnight delivery of $$$/Bullion for hostage release. Eighty Five $$$$ BILLION of Military Gear is not enough. ;-(

    While Blantifa carnage is ignored!


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  10. Prayers for all these many concerns, troubles and pressing intentions. We trust in God, notwithstanding our near-cluelessness when it comes to His ways, including our measure of the ‘burdens’ He lovingly gifts us with.

    Whatever lurks ahead, of grievous abominations and disorder, He will see to it that we walk into it together like always.

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    1. For the one who needs it, The Word says:

      Ecclesiastes 3:1 | For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

      James 1:17 | Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

      Deuteronomy 31:6 | Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

      Malachi 3:6 | For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.

      Hebrews 13:8 | Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

      Philippians 4:6-7 | Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      Isaiah 43:19 | Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

      Jeremiah 29:11 | For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and hope.

      2 Corinthians 4:16-18 | So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

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  11. hopped over to computer to give Becky-TN a congratulations on great news of grandchild on the way! Hope you and your loved ones were spared the terrible floods. Just awful.

    Prayers and Love to Dolordee. Peace dear soul.

    Welcome back Jas, you were missed.

    Getting through my 2nd week of no weightbearing. Wow, wake up in the morning and realize, well this is it for another day. Offering it all up. Thank you all for kind words and prayers.

    I’m having way too much time keeping up on the insane world. I put my phone down and enjoyed daily meditations instead. Hard to fill a day when your use to doing so much and now can do nothing. Very humbling. I think this is exactly what God ordered for me. Also, my husband gets to cook, clean, care for the dog and me! This is also a wake-up call for him. 🙂 We’ll get through this too.

    If I had known I was going to have to lift myself so much, I would have taken off that extra ton 😉
    Bye now. God Bless all here.

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    Not to Worry! PF & Lackeys think Gettin’ de Jab is Social Justice … or Something?

    Surgeon General, AKA Doc of The Agenda sez:

    Yep! ChinaJoe just taking orders … like those guys we hung at Nuremberg… or the EU/Vatican or anywhere else the godless Re-Set Agenda “Gospel” is preached!

    Societal Collapse is EXACTLY what THEY want!! Cloward-Piven + Alinsky Rules + Great Re-Set =
    “.. then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science…….”
    Winston Churchill, Finest Hour Speech, 1940
    Perverted Science? What was Churchill thinking about in 1940? I’m thinking about ChinaBioweapon Hysteria 2021?!


    Yep! Two Tiered USA …. THEM vs US …. Civil War II ;-(


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    1. Some pretty sobering stories you’ve had the last couple of days, CD! It’s obvious that we all have to band together. Can we start a new state somewhere?! 🙂

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I hope this Bishop has good security? THEY will attack him!!

    Right-On Devout Catholic ChinaJoe!


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  14. Amazing discussion of Fauci early on recommending Remdesivir and it killed so many people through kidney failure. Used in NY where it killed many. One of the problems is the failed PCR test as a diagnostic tool, finding ordinary flu, etc. and not Covid. Very well informed Dr. Bryan Ardis. He describes his FIL’s death. Kidney failure allows fluid to cause lung edema, not pneumonia. Much more interesting info.

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      1. Oh, don’t put the links either, I guess. Thanks and sorry. Well, look up Dr. Bryan Ardis who was interviewed. It’s very revealing.


  15. Greetings from rural north central Oregon. I am in a private social media group of folks not wanting the jab. Just the past week, we are hearing and sharing stories about non-jabbed people being treated very poorly at local hospitals. Belitted by nurses, berated by doctors (“why should i give you any medical advice or care, you’re just going to ignore it anyway!”), minimal treatment (if any) and being sent home maybe with llitte or no meds. Just now reported from a friend’s dad:

    “No more beds available for unvaccinated people and if he was to have a heart attack he would be the last to treat From the infection. He pretty much said nobody will help him if he’s dying because he chose not to get vaccinated.”

    Last week, I visited in-person with a man on another local hospital board. They are getting ready to adopt a NOT allowed on-site policy for ANYONE who is not vaxxed…including delivery folks, lawn care, etc as well as all potential patients or visitors. How on earth? A hospital in Central Oregon has apparently already adopted this kind of policy.

    My “Magic 8 ball” is predicting (1) termination of health insurance for non-vax and (2) non-vax unable to fill prescriptions. Some things are already headed in that direction. I read on-line today that Delta Airlines is putting a $200 surcharge for health care costs for non-vax employees. Because of course, you know, it costs a lot of money for a hospitalized C patient….good grief, what about all the open-heart surgeries and diabetes amputations from people’s poor lifestyle choices?! Now I do have to admit, because I pledge to, and follow, some positive healthcare practices, I do currently receive a $17/month discount on my employer provided insurance, ha ha.

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    1. The war is real, Hopenjoy, isn’t it? In France today, un-vaxxed folks were denied entrance into a grocery store: Coming to a store near any one of us… and, potentially, along with a cold war turning kinetic. In my neck of the woods, the local paper was filled with local news of leaders who are chomping at the bit to break state laws concerning NO mask mandate as well as making it illegal to force employees to take the jab. Oh how the locals, liberal as heck, want to push the envelop and ignore the law, thus breaking it. (Truly, Jesus we trust in You.)

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    2. Hope I was just thinking about how all this could twist this way to prevent all of us from getting health care provided to us. I just hope that there are docs and nurses who will band together to work outside the system somehow, maybe go back to home visits 🙂

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      1. Yes, Dianne. AND to all: Please remember that the Health and Wellness section of CORAC is set up to offer support to meet the challenges of these times amidst the ever-changing landscape of medical care. Please, do visit the website:


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