Inviting Fire From Heaven

By Charlie Johnston

Today, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Pope Francis has dramatically restricted celebration of the Latin Mass. So, now it is right and proper to have an offering to a pagan goddess on the altar of Christ (Pachamama) but the celebration of the venerable form of Mass promulgated at the Council of Trent nearly 500 years ago is too divisive and must be banned? Those dissident Priests who teach that Christ and the Apostles were wrong about the acceptability of homosexuality and that God has no right to determine a person’s gender are encouraged by this Pope to go forward in their “ministry” while orthodox Priests the world over are being canceled by their faithless Bishops?

This Pope says that the traditional Latin Mass has been used to undermine confidence in Vatican II, so this form of the Mass must be restricted to ultimately wither and die.

Vatican II was not a breach with the past. At the very beginning of it, Pope St. John XXIII emphasized that the Bishops were not gathered to cancel or even set aside any defined Church teaching, but to understand those teachings more profoundly and promulgate them more effectively. Neither did the solemn Council promulgate any new teaching or condemn any common current error. It was, fundamentally, a pastoral council. Alas, the devil set his minions to work almost immediately, co-opting the true spirit of Vatican II, which was to proclaim the Gospel to the whole world by means that were accessible to all, and replacing it with heretical teachings that were, in fact, a break with the revealed truth of the ages and was actually contrary to the actual spirit of Vatican II.

The knowing placement of an offering to the pagan goddess, Pachamama, on the altar of Christ and its acceptance by Pope Francis was a fundamental breach with Magisterial Church teaching. I regarded it, at the time, as the “abomination which makes desolate” (Matthew 24:15-16). The Amazon Synod, at which this desecration occurred, closed at the end of October 2019. Within six months, Christian altars throughout the world were, indeed, made desolate when the Covid panic arose. Bishops throughout the world rendered unto Caesar that which was not Caesar’s, but was God’s. Thankfully, many of those Bishops have come to regard it as a mistake, a mistake borne of panic. They are no more irredeemable than those Apostles who fled in panic at Caesar’s first coordinated attack against the nascent Church at the passion of Christ. Now they get to choose whether to return to the fold and act as true shepherds and evangelists – as all but one of those first Apostles did – or to join with the Pharisees inside the faith who cheered on the assault on Christ and His followers. I fear we have more Judases this time around than we had at the beginning.

I regarded the Pachamama debacle as the moment when Pope Francis excommunicated himself from the Church Triumphant, yet remained as Pope here in the Church Militant. From that moment, I would have been supportive if the Cardinals of the world moved to declare Pope Francis excommunicant here and, thus, the see of Peter vacant. But that unprecedented move was theirs to make, not mine. Certainly, some Doctors of the Church, including the great St. Robert Bellarmine, anticipated such a possibility and laid the foundation for how the Cardinals of the Church could address it. But it is the College of Cardinals who must address it, not just any organization, lay or clerical, which has a dispute with a sitting Pope. Those organizations (other than the College of Cardinals) which maintain they have the authority to judge the matter for themselves (rather than just stating an opinion), are themselves heretical. Their thundering pronouncements are a proverbial case of the blind leading the blind.

There is a common misconception that the Holy Spirit chooses the Pope. No, the College of Cardinals chooses the Pope. The Holy Spirit makes Himself available to any Cardinal who has the wit to ask, but God does not revoke the free will even of Cardinals on such an occasion. The catch is that, whatever man does, God uses it to advance His will. I think Pope Francis has done a magnificent, if unwitting, job of encouraging the enemies of Christ within the Church to reveal themselves publicly, so the separation of the sheep from the goats could be completed in God’s good time. They came out because they thought – and think – they are winning.

In 1205, St. Francis of Assisi responded to God’s call to “rebuild my Church.”  At the time, the Church was rife with dissension, corruption, and a worldly attitude that sought power and influence rather than fidelity to God. In the midst of the time when hand sanitizer replaced holy water in our Churches, I could not help but think often of the story of how, when St. Francis came upon a leper while riding his horse, he stopped and gave the leper the kiss of peace. The baleful irony of a Pope who focuses on political enthusiasms while encouraging those clerics who attack and seek to sunder Magisterial teaching and deny the Gospel proclamations of Christ and the Apostles taking the name, Francis, is not lost on me. If truth in advertising laws prevailed, he would have taken the name, Saul, after the persecutor of Christians or the King who persecuted David. Of course, the persecutor of early Christians became St. Paul, the Apostle and Missionary to the Gentiles. The King of the same name abandoned hope in God, consulted with the witches of Endor and died in battle the next day. David was anointed King and proceeded to mourn for King Saul, who had mercilessly persecuted him. I sometimes privately think of our Pope as Pope Saul, nurturing both the hope that he will find his Damascus and the conviction that, if he does not, he will suffer the ignominious end of the king of the same name.

Now that Pope Francis has deeply constrained the use of a worshipful form of Mass promulgated by a solemn council of the whole Church almost 500 years ago, it IS a breach with Salvation History. It IS a breach with Pope Benedict’s motu proprio of 14 years ago which recognized both the Ordinary (Novus Ordo) and Extraordinary (Latin) Masses as complementary and guaranteeing freedom to the faithful to celebrate either. Cdl. Robert Sarah has been tweeting the last few days that Pope Benedict’s reform is irreversible. I don’t know whether that is accurate or not, but I do know that Pope Francis has made a fundamental breach with his predecessor and with the Council of Trent.

For myself, though I personally prefer the Novus Ordo Mass, I will now endeavor to attend at least one traditional Latin Mass each month and really learn it well. I will obey those orders this Pope gives that do not obviously contradict Scripture and the Magisterium and are not outside the scope of his authority, even as I loudly denounce his abuses and offenses, even though I believe him to be a heretic and, perhaps even, an anti-Catholic bigot. I do so for the same reasons David was deferential to King Saul even as Saul plotted against him. And I pray that God lift this scourge from His people.

Right now, the devil is feeling his oats. Throughout the world, anti-Christian bigotry, persecution and even martyrdom is growing. In most nations, including America, petty tyrants whose names will be forgotten to history a minute after they leave power, exult in their ability to tell the faithful when, how, and if they can worship. Faithful Priests are confronted with obstacles put up by secular rulers who seek to shut them down – and sometimes even by their own Bishops. In Canada, terrorists are burning Christian Churches while Canadian officials give a wink and a nod to the terrorists. The presence of cemeteries near Churches is absurdly cited as evidence of mass graves and of genocide. Individual burial plots are not “mass graves.”

Leftist governments throughout the west, what was once unironically known as the free world, are taking political prisoners and boldly maintaining that unelected bureaucrats have more power over the poor plebes than the divine right of kings of olden times. They wage an ever more furious war against Christianity and orthodox Judaism because they know that their most dangerous rival is not to be found in a political party, but among those who believe that God is One.

It is a trap – for them. But it can be one for us, as well. The great majority of people act as if they believe there is not really a God, or that if there is, He has no power. Those who openly attack the faith (and they are legion) act with no fear of even the possibility of divine retribution. Many on our side are tempted to adopt the scabrous tactics of those who wage war openly on the faith as if God is in danger of being toppled if they don’t. We must fight hard, but our tactics must always be calibrated to, first, call our tormentors to repentance and, second, to defend our faith, our families, and our freedoms. I don’t rule out very hard action: remember, my most noted patron saint is St. Joan of Arc. Passion is a useful, but dangerous, tool. In affairs of the heart, passion brings warmth and life when ensconced in the framework of marriage. When disordered, it degenerates into raw and serial sensuality that brings sorrow and decay. So it is with matters of faith. When confined within respect for the dignity of the human person, it is an effective means of making our stand. When it degenerates into bitterness and wrath, we turn our face from Christ and begin to sink beneath the waves. Oh, how I long to be able to express with power and effectiveness the knife’s edge we must walk in these times – neither to shrink from the battle nor to descend into nihilistic rage.

The Book of Revelation is important to me. I do not primarily interpret it through either a literal or a linear lens (though there is a pinch of both there). I regard it as, primarily, a series of templates, of types of challenges we must face – that we might recognize them and act appropriately when they are upon us. Revelation 20 describes, at one point, all the armies of the world gathering for battle around the saints. “And they marched up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but fire came down from heaven and consumed them…” (Revelation 20:9). Despair is rampant among the faithful. Many believe it is the end. I hear from them every day. Soon, almost everyone will so believe, as offense is mounted upon offense. But it is also written that “he who endures to the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13). That does not just – or even primarily –  mean those who physically endure, but those who endure in their supernatural faith, hope and love.

Early last fall I started meditating deeply on the Agony in the Garden. I had long thought that, once great troubles came, everyone would convert. Though I had suspected it for years, I realized with certainty last year that many will never convert – and so will be lost. I think a huge part of the Agony in the Garden was Jesus’ sorrow that, despite the magnitude of His sacrifice, many would reject Him – and life – anyway. I got a far deeper understanding of that sorrow last year. Many among even those who proclaim themselves Christians and Christian ministers do not believe at all. How to address this? I do not discount the witness of our words, but it is the witness of our lives that will bring the most back to Him before the fire falls from the heavens. I am angered by the assaults of the enemies of the faith, but mostly I pity them, for they doom themselves. What I fear most is failing to give effective witness to one who might hear it because I was wallowing in anger. Lord, lead me in a plain path, turning neither to the left in anger nor to the right in fear. Lord, lead me in a plain path.  

So we go forth, purifying ourselves with a clean heart before God before going into battle, offering first mercy and wisdom before the clash begins – as St. Joan of Arc always did, trusting that though it is ours to fight the battle, it is God’s to grant the victory.

I think things will speed up hideously now. The battle lines have been drawn. You can’t casually pile offense upon offense without calling forth God’s intervention. At the decisive moment in Revelation, all seemed lost. The enemies of the faith were filled with hubris that nothing could stop them from wiping out all vestiges of the faithful from the earth. When the fire from heaven comes forth, I do not want to be found neglecting the work of my own hands in God’s service, presuming that I needed to do nothing but wait for Him to sort it out. Neither do I want to be found trusting in the work of my own hands, as if that could turn the tide of an unwinnable battle.

We cannot prevail. We can only stand, fearlessly and boldly trusting to God to vindicate Himself and us, His followers, while we continue to proclaim His Kingdom even as so many of those around us seek to destroy us, while calling their own viciousness tolerance and their malice love. I will fight and not hate. But as an offering for this latest offense, a lot of my praying will be in Latin now.

How long, O Lord?

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  1. A hero, an example of the Good Shepherd and hopefully, soon, a saint, is coming home:
    I know that this is a 44 min video and it is too long for some, but it is a commentary and a story about Servant of God Emil Kapaun:
    To me, he is a new intercessor for the Church in the US.

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  2. Hey Charlie,

    Just a couple of distinctions:

    The Council of Trent wasn’t involved in the promulgation of what came to be called the ‘Tridentine Mass’ – which is the one I grew up with as a boy.

    It was instituted by Pope Pius V in 1570 A.D., in his Papal Bull, ‘Quo Primum’. That Bull’s authority wasn’t universal – but was strictly limited to,
    1. those in the Latin Rite,
    2. whose local or religious institution’s liturgy of the Eucharist was less than 200 years old.

    As a historical fact, a number of the religious orders who had their own liturgy of the Eucharist which was more than 200 years old – they opted out from the Tridentine Mass.

    There were entire Dioceses who had a 200 year old liturgy – or older – who opted out. The most famous was the Diocese of Milan, Italy. Its liturgy was know as the Milanese Rite – which traced its development all the way back to when St. Ambrose was Bishop there.

    I first became aware of this in 1969 when first married. Jean and I began attending daily mass at the University of Washington’s closest parish, Blessed Sacrament. IT WAS A PARISH OF THE DOMINICAN ORDER. One weekday, the pastor before the 5:00 pm mass asked if there was a man present who could serve mass for him. I stood up and volunteered.

    When I came up and to the foot of the altar, the priest stood still – looking somewhat bewildered. Finally he asked again, “Do you know how to serve a Dominican mass? I said ‘I guess I don’t’. [It even started completely differently than the Tridentine Mass.]

    Another man came up and I followed him throughout the mass. Embarrassing in the extreme – but I learned a valuable lesson about the variations in Liturgies of the Eucharist available even then in the Latin Church – WHILE THE TRIDENTINE MASS WAS STILL THE LARGEST LITURGY IN THE LATIN RITE.

    Another country: I have wondered about the orthodoxy of many Jesuits during my adult years. Francis is no exception. But if I were to charge in where angels fear to tread and call him a heretic – I would make it abundantly clear that I was only saying that I thought he was a Material heretic – not a Formal one. A Material heretic is someone who holds a view different than the Catholic Church on matters of faith or morals but is ignorant of that fact. A Formal heretic is someone who knows that something he or she believes in is in conflict with the Church’s Dogmatic Teaching on matters of faith and morals.

    Someone who simply ACTS in a manner in conflict with the Church’s teaching on faith or morals– such a person demonstrates he is a sinner. A SINFUL ACT DOES NOT MAKE SOMEONE A HERETIC. It makes them either a material or a formal sinner.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. Thanks, Dez, for that refinement. It is the knowing and willing acceptance of the Pachamama idol on the altar of Christ that is what convinced me he is in material heresy. It was a hideous offense.

      Of course, a Pope does have disciplinary authority over the form of Mass. This was an intentional thumb in the eye of many faithful Catholics, drawn because some of those drawn to the TLM do not accept the teaching of the Church vis-a-vis Vatican II. Yet he ignores far greater divisive things that contradict the Magisterial teaching of the Church – and of Scripture. Enough already. BUT, I do want to maintain a commitment to precision here, so I should have gotten it right on that score from the start.

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      1. Hey Charlie, Pehaps I should have figured out from the layout that there was something coming up in that Dominican Mass which would be different – [in which case I wouldn’t have known what to do]. But I didn’t – so I don’t 5th quarterback myself. 🙂 I also am obedient to the Holy Father – but that doesn’t mean I’m a great fan of a number of the actions which have come out of his papacy. [Before I make the following statement – allow me to say I have a number of faithful Jesuit friends.]
        I am seldom never shocked over the last 55 years at virtually anything some Jesuit does. All but a handful of the ones I’ve met ‘APPEAR’ assume everyone they meet is less sharp than they are – unless they have met is a fellow Jesuit.

        Our bishop had the moral courage to publicly lift the Catholic standing of our local ‘Jesuit’ University.

        All my love in Christ


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  3. I am not familiar with the distinctions of Formal vs Material Heretic. But the Pope’s action to bully and block a valid form of worship is just plain mean. It made me very, very sad for Jesus. I imagine His human heart as so wounded by this. I am not a TLM attendee, but why is the Pope so nasty to Catholics trying to worship God in the best way they can in one statement and affirming wrong teaching on LGBT issues in another? There is no way to put a good spin on this. The prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper – “that they may be one” – is not helped by this at all. Prayers for the Pope’s conversion back to the heart of Christ.

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    1. I very occasionally attend a TLM – not because I don’t like it but because of the distance involved to attend. We also live within a Diocese wherein the priesthood is rather unusual these days: they are on average quite young, and almost no exceptions quite faithful/orthodox. Our local parish has two full time priests. The pastor is 37 and the parochial vicar is 29. They have been gradually reintroducing Latin Prayers back into the Mass. They are both gifted homilists.

      We have no complaints. That being said, I neither like nor agree with the Pope’s recent dismissal of his predecessor’s document which stated that any priest who wished to do so could say the Extroardinary Form of the Mass and needed no one’s permission to do so. I was not at all surprised when this disciplinary document of Benedict’s granting this sacerdotal privilege to all Latin Rite priests was reversed. I too am hoping and praying for a change in this regard – as soon as possible.

      All my love in Christ


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      1. I have been wondering– was the TLM forbidden after Vatican II? Is that why Pope Benedict had to say that it was permitted?


        1. No it wasn’t Kim, yet, with the introduction of the Novus Ordo, liturgy wars ensued. Here’s but one author’s reflection on why Pope Benedict wrote the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum:

          This video about the peaceful and beautiful co-existence of both the NO and TLM in a parish, I think, shows what was meant to flourish via Summorum Pontificum:

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      2. Aquinas41: How could PF, the Vicar of Christ possibly not know the inconsistencies of Pachamama in light of the BVM? Plus I saw the banners of the native indigenous Brazilian woman nursing (not a baby)(Pachamama) hung in one of the Roman churches online. I couldn’t help think of all those orders of nuns who taught me and lived in the model of the modesty of the BVM. What would I have done if asked to hang it? I would have tripped into a pair of scissors.

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    2. The difference between them is easy: 1) in the case of a material heretic, he or she is unaware that some position they have take or belief they have promulgated IS HERETICAL IN THE EYES OF THE CHURCH. 2) But the FORMAL HERETIC KNOWS THAT BELIEF OR POSITION IS AT ODDS WITH THE DOGMATIC TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH – and he or she continues to promulgate that false belief or position.

      I also am praying and hoping for a change in course for this Papacy on the issue of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass – just as quickly as possible!

      All my love in Christ


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      1. Thanks for this, Dez. And, I believe, there are pretenders who play the public game of innocence while fully knowing that what they promote is NOT Magisterial Teaching. That said, not a single human can possibly know for certain that such a secret exists. God Alone knows what’s in each human heart. Either way, charity calls for prayer and fasting, offered in true love – not disdain – for those who have lost their way from the straight and narrow path.

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      2. Joyful hope: I know of Father Kapaun. Have his picture and prayer pasted in my address book. Thanks for the links.


  4. Charlie, yes the pachamama thing set the stage for fire to be called down. Ditto the Latin Mass. Lastly, the Pontifical Academy of Life held a press conference where the statement “vaccination is life” was made. Not Jesus. Vaccines. This is idolatry of science. Science should be directed towards God not replace Him. This caused another spiritual tsunami in heaven. I told you that I felt the death of my parents would mark a shift towards hurricane winds in this storm. Dad died on the Feast of Mount Carmel and the Pope restricted Latin Mass… Good God have mercy on us now…
    Hold fast to what you were taught and keep praying!

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    1. Eternal Rest for your sweet father Susan. Thank you for your continued prayerful insight. May God continue to keep and bless you and your family.

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    2. I, too, offer condolences to you, Susan, on the passing of your father. Praying for the repose of his soul, for you, and for all who love him. My own father died on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 38 years ago. May your dad be a great intercessor for us as we continue on this journey to the full Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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    I’m betting on further division ;-(

    Not far from the Truth Methinks!

    … & ChinaJoe will order FBI to find that lab leak under Trump’s bed … along with those elusive Russians and White Supremacists!

    HullyGee!! Ya mean PuppetPrez’s Jab Task Force is NOT giving de Jab to ALL those Undocumented Democrats that THEY are busing & fllying ALL over the USA!?
    I’ve read that even the US Air Force has been “Tasked” in this Airlift ;-(

    Tabloid BS? ….. I’m guessing NOT!


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  6. 2 hour Video
    titled “What’s really happening in South Africa”
    July 17, 2021
    by Winston, a native born South African living in the USA, recently from China.

    Winston provides an insightful dialogue of living in SA & China. He highly praises Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu stating out of all the players, Tutu was the only Holy one who united the Country.

    minute mark 38: & 1:40: are poignant points regarding life in South Africa.

    (Video link removed; we’re limiting videos posted to 30 minutes or under. Anyone interested can use the info to search You Tube for the video ~BH)

    1:44:00 – Critical race theory.

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    Global Re-Set Plans? Did they really just appear ’cause of ChinaPlague or was CP just part of the Plans?
    From six years ago:
    Rich Computer Nerd & Jab Promoter doing what? Exactly?


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  8. Charlie describes a very complex situation we now find ourselves in.

    I am struck these days at how the development of the problems in the Church track closely with developments in political and secular society. It’s amazing to me how similar the dynamic in both places is working itself out. The end game is not yet to be seen.

    In many ways it reminds of the dynamic recounted in the book Silence by the Japanese novelist Shusako Endo. It is a novel about apostasy. Specifically, about a hard kind of apostasy forced upon some 300,000 Japanese Catholics in the 17th Century. Apostatize or die a cruel torturous death. Many, feeling abandoned by the Church, apostatized. Others went to a cruel death.

    Hard Apostasy.

    Today, ir seems, we are all being called to a different kind of Apostasy. A Soft Apostasy. An easy Apostasy. A comfortable Apostasy. Many continue to face Hard Apostasy as witnessed in China and many Muslim countries. But doesn’t it seem that Christianity is actually flourishing under that Hard Apostasy while Christianity is being slowly choked out under the effects of Soft Apostasy?

    Soft Apostasy calls us away from the beliefs and values of our youth. We see it playing out in both the Church and in our Secular Society. Change some call it. Progress some call it. Wokeness is the de rigueur word. Wokeness requires us to apostatize our former spiritual beliefs and attitudes while adopting new ways of thinking in both the Church and in Society. A kind of revolution against Western Civilization. The penalty for failing to embrace the Woke Soft Apostasy is Hard or Soft pain of one sort or another. Cruel Death or Cancel Culture.

    Hard Apostasy is applied with sticks. Soft Apostasy is encouraged by carrots. The end or objective is the same in either case. Loss of faith. Abandonment of Truth. Either a formal renunciation and turning away such as that pressed upon the 17th Century Japanese Catholics or a shrugging, slinking unspoken conformity to modern corruption and the new American Secular Religion or what is being termed Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. A call to NONEness. A new view of the nature of God.

    One Evangelical analysis put it this way:

    “Under the banner of being “woke,” the church is now being “de-formed” rather than reformed. Two thousand years of ecclesial teaching is now being dumbed down and redefined, and those charged to be the guardians of orthodoxy now appear to be the very ones who have unlocked the door to rampant heresy. Today’s Evangelical leaders are no longer known for imparting the good news of the euangelion but rather for being hell-bent on selling-out the Gospel and its creeds all for the sake of the thin gruel of political popularity and being culturally in vogue.”

    Same process or dynamic is operational in civic society.

    All this occurring in the continuing Silence of God. Where is God? What is God thinking, planning, cooking up to address this dynamic at play in the Church and the World? Is God mad at us? Is God going to call down thunder and lightning and calamity and fire upon mankind for its transgressions? Is God finally going to break His Silence and ACT?

    Well, it could be.

    Where is Satan in all this damage to mankind? What dynamic is at play on the Spiritual plane and the dynamic relationship which exists between God and Satan?

    My own personal leaning is that if God is truly angry with anyone it is with Satan not with His stumbling, bumbling nitwit adopted children floundering around in ongoing and deepening sin and disastrous decision making. .

    For some reason God allows Satan to plague humanity. To tempt humanity to sin. To lead humanity to self destruction and eternal damnation. To exercise free will in devastatingly bad choices. Satan has a warrant to pursue that kind of attack on individuals and mankind in general. But it is not an unlimited license to destroy man. And, it seems to me that while I have no proof or special knowledge about this, , Satan has exceeded his license by God to attack mankind.

    Men must face the consequences for exercising free will in disastrous ways. As it has been said here
    many times: It is time to choose. We are faced with the free will choice of God or Not God. A shrugging, slinking away from God as a matter of free will in Soft Apostasy bears consequences. Perhaps involving fire from the sky one day for mankind. Exceeding a license to attack mankind by being in violation of the terms of engagement permitted or tolerated by God also must have consequences. But, like any good parent, Enough is Enough don’t you think. There is a line. And Satan has crossed it and there’s consequences for that, too.

    Perhaps Satan is in a lot more trouble than poor humanity.

    Well, it could be.

    Meanwhile, what is the best course of action for each of us in this complex situation we are living that Charlie so often so eloquently describes? How do we resist the Hard Apostasy should it come to us as it has to Christians across the world; or, to the Soft Apostasy that is changing our Church and our Country here in America as we speak?

    Hard to argue with the simple message of this place and the CORAC community: Acknowledge God; Take The Next Right Step in the daily situations that confront us; and, Be A Sign of Hope for those around us. Play our position. Persevere to the end.

    It is not ours but God’s to win the victory. It is ours to rally to The Truth no matter the cost.

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    1. StormTRackerEd,

      So well said. I appreciate your contemplation. The daily readings at mass, I feel, gives insight to possible situations/interactions that could happen.

      I know I’m grumbling with God about how long is this craziness going continue? But I also know that justice will take our breath away. Today, especially, I feel so War torn and weary. I fear for all the children. More masks in the fall? Forced vaccinations?

      The priest focused on St. Joseph today. Please St. Joseph intercede for us!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    2. Ed.
      We must remember that in order for sin to be “mortal” one has to “know” it is a mortal sin.
      Normalizing sin makes life miserable but this too can have the side effect of decreasing its severity on individual “ignorant” souls that don’t know any better.
      We should be living the “abundant life” but the devil has replaced it with the “mammon” life, leading to misery.
      But where “sin abounds, grace abounds further”. We must never give up the Hope that all men “can” be saved. Intimately, they choose one way or the other.
      “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Interestingly these days they perish because of “too much” knowledge! (And the dragon issued a torrent of water (secret/false knowledge) from its mouth in order to carry the Woman (the church) away: Rev 12:15 ) And now too much “freedom” to decide for their own.
      Lucifer and “the third” and Adam and Eve were full of knowledge but somehow, dispite it, they chose “not to serve”. Lucky for Adam and Eve, they could repent.
      It has been predicted that during the Warning we will see ourselves as we truly are in the Divine Light. Right now, we are seeing ourselves in a similar but dimmer light of freedom to choose how we want to live with no restrictions, like what the Israelites felt at the base of Mt Horeb when they were freed from the Egyptians (sin) and felt their oats and built the golden calf (a false heaven on earth) of their own making. Those that sinned were slain (hell) but the rest had to wander for 40 years (purgatory) before reaching the promised land (heaven).
      Seems many of us are choosing not to serve He who is Truth during this systems overload. May we hear His truth among the pangs of this life. “Those who are of the Truth, hear my voice”.
      (John 18:37).

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    WH Spokeshumaniod Miz Psak-o-lies ……………

    ChinaJoe & Puppet Master Soft on China!? Come Now! … Perish the Thought!!

    When I get RNC Begging for $$$ Mail, I reply not with a Check but with a large felt red pen note: “PURGE THE RINOs! MAGA”


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    1. The artist creates and all are magnetized with amazement as our eyes feast on details and our hearts are moved in musical rhythms, anticipating the new season of talkabouts. Thanks for the blessings in your works of wonder, MP. With confidence in speaking for the community: We love you, Man.

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      1. Beckita, you’re right: we love us some MP. But I can’t help but giggle at your “We love you, Man,” because it immediately made me think of this TV commercial from back in the day:

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    THEY are promoting and inciting EVERY Radical Fringe Cog that comprises the Democrat Party/Global Left!
    THEY are slandering, marginalizing and suppressing EVERY person/entity that objects to THEIR Agendas. It ain’t gonna end well! ;-(

    Will we ever get the Truth about Mitch’s Chinese Connections … or any of the DC Swamp Creatures!??
    … like Fauci and CDC/WHO Pals!


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    1. From CD”s overload:
      Prayers needed for Paul Hodgkins, 38,
      …”Hodgkins, who lives in a working-class neighborhood in Tampa, took a bus alone from his home in central Florida to Washington, D.C. to attend Donald Trump’s January 6 speech. After the speech, he walked to Capitol Hill. He later said he had no intention of going inside the building but got caught up in the moment.
      Like many pro-Trump protesters, Hodgkins did not bring a weapon. He did not assault a police officer or damage any property. He was inside the building for roughly 22 minutes, entered the Senate chamber, hoisted a “Trump 2020” flag, took some selfies, and left.” ,,,
      …”The former Eagle Scout then explained to Judge Moss what would happen if he were sent to prison. (Defense lawyer asked for probation; the government asked for 18 months.) “The felony conviction will cost me several of my civil rights. I will lose the job I love.” Hodgkins said he’s in an apprenticeship at work and hoped to be promoted to mechanic but his employer won’t be able to keep him on while he’s in jail. “I will lose the house I rent and have to find a place for my two cats.”…

      “Moss, however, showed no mercy.
      …The circumstances of the Capitol breach are so beyond the pale, Moss claimed, that there is no equal—including the weeks-long protests against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, which Patrick Leduc raised in court. “There is no existing benchmark. This case defies comparison to other obstruction cases.” (None of the more than 200 activists arrested during the Kavanaugh protests was charged with obstruction of an official proceeding.)”

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  11. I am watching things on Bit Chute. I go to Michael Jaco, Juan O’Savin, Mel K.,David Steel or Gene Decode. I believe what I read from the earlier navy seal, CIA spy and others. I am spreading the word!

    I am hoping our trip to Glacier N. P. in August can happen since we did not go last year.

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    1. Praying you can make it to Glacier, Mary Anne. I imagine you’re reading and following not only the new need for a ticket to drive the Going to the Sun Road, but also the impact of the fires. It’s been an ash and smoke fest around here. My lungs are fine, but my nose runs unceasingly; eyes burn and stream tears; throat is sore. Pumping up the water to cleanse and soothe.

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      1. Growing up in Eastern Montana before NAAFTA and we had a logging industry, I don’t recall ever having our summers filled with smoke. Is my memory correct? What say you?

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      2. Beckita, sorry to hear about the dire situation, praying for it to end soon! Hope you have a hepa air filter in the house for Fr. and you.

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  12. We will be staying 20 min. from the West entrance using a gravel road and going the end of Aug.. Are you close to that area? My son got tickets a month ago. Thanks for the information.

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    1. I’m not near to where you’ll be staying, Mary Anne, but it sounds like you’ll have some fun and see a lot of beauty.

      I deleted your references to Juan O’Savin because he’s a Q Anon and pizza gate promoter, in addition to saying other unproven things, such as predicting – early this year – that by April 1st all would know that Trump is President. As we’ve been reading Charlie and listening to his visit videos brimming with facts from his research on both of these issues, AND his potent and excellent insights – Charlie has continually forewarned us about the danger of chasing after anything without fully vetting it to discover things that are false. Yes, there are child abuse and sex trafficking problems to go after, but the pizza gate stuff was set before us to fool us and make us look gullible and unreliable for believing everything we read and view. We’ve just got to be so careful.

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  13. Update from the front lines in the Vax Wars

    I started clinicals today at a huge LTC ( long term care) facility where 95% of the residents are vaxed.

    1 vaxxed client came in from the hospital, tested positive for Wuhan, Flu, and the whole wing ( of vaxxed residents) had to be locked down. Isolation/droplet precautions.

    The supervisor who gave us orientation said that if a patient tells us that they want to die, we are immediately to report it because they are now actively committing suicide from loneliness and depression.

    Lord, have mercy on us.

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  14. Also hearing reports of ERs being overwhelmed with 40 patients and a 20 patient ER, with 4 nurses.

    Nurses triaging and maintaining patients outside because halls are full.

    What are they going to do when the nurses refuse to get vaccinated and the hospital mandates it?

    Take care of yourselves, people. Know basic first aid. Have a plan if you aren’t allowed into see a Dr ( my daughters were denied strep tests by their Dr because they were unvaxxed) or you can’t get into a hospital.

    Maintain the best health you are able to.

    Lord, have mercy.

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      1. Amen. Indirectly I am attempting to lift spirits by offering to rent my office/therapy room (when not in use) hourly as a respite for rest, work, study, prayer and/or to take in the nature in the gardens surrounding the house as an outlet from seclusion that leads to despairing. I pray it will be a safe haven and offer peaceful moments in the lives of others in the community. I’ve seen that folks just really desire to be seen and heard, outside of the daily grind and now added tyranny, even in the smallest of ways.

        I already have a long-term request from a local district teacher who is now a student looking to see babies/toddlers and a parent as clients in an unpaid speech pathology internship 3 – 5 hours weekly until January 2022. We are getting together for a showing next week. ❤

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            1. Off topic. Mick can you direct me to a recipe for HQL? Isn’t it Lime rings and grapefruit rinds?


              1. Littleone, I have heard of people using grapefruit rinds; but I don’t know how to do it.

                Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic derivative of quinine, which is abundant in Cinchona bark. What I have done for myself is that I bought some cut-and-sifted Cinchona bark, and I plan on making an herbal tincture of it and using that, if need be. I am not advising anybody else to do this, but that is what I am doing for myself. 🙂

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    1. Briana, thank you for this on-the-ground report. What an awful situation.

      For clarification, are the ERs full of possible COVID patients, or are they full for other reasons?

      Keeping you and all in my heart-prayers.

      Sister Bear

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      1. Full of other people. Hospitals do not have many C+ patients at this time.

        But Drs are turning away unvaxxed patients ( which happened to me) and many go to the ER, on top of trauma needs.

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    Pastor Dana today:

    Yep! THEY need ScapeGoats!

    I believe that THEY are getting very nervous … godless Global Re-Set International THEY too!
    THEY are losing control of the ChinaPlague, Election Audits, Jan 6 Capitol Riot, Border Invasion, BumblingBiden and Dark Economy Narrative/News!
    THEY have failed to stifle The Truth …. and that makes THEM very dangerous!
    Be Aware & Be Ready!!


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  16. A heavyweight voice speaks… Cardinal Raymond Burke

    “15. But can the Roman Pontiff juridically abrogate the UA? The fullness of power (plenitudo potestatis) of the Roman Pontiff is the power necessary to defend and promote the doctrine and discipline of the Church. It is not “absolute power” which would include the power to change doctrine or to eradicate a liturgical discipline which has been alive in the Church since the time of Pope Gregory the Great and even earlier. The correct interpretation of Article 1 cannot be the denial that the UA is an ever-vital expression of “the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.” Our Lord Who gave the wonderful gift of the UA will not permit it to be eradicated from the life of the Church.”

    And more…

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        1. Ikr?!?! I can’t wait to see it… St Mary Magdalene was the apostles apostle! Ha! Love it🥰 heard about all this on relavant radio throughout her feast day btw

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      1. What I’ll be watching for, Linda, is EWTN’s own broadcast of this. Some years ago, I started watching their Saturday evening showings of films about various saints. Tonight – because today is his feast day – Charbel is on.

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        1. Do you know what time?? Mike and I have been YouTubeing Saints and they’re all so interesting! Loved watching St Bridget of Sweden last night! She was quite a gal! Charlie she beat your mom and had first of 8 kids at 14!!! Ha! I LOVE St Charbel! Let me know what time B🥰😘🐿

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          1. You’re an hour ahead of me, Linda. The films are shown in mountain time at 6pm. You can search for EWTN TV Schedule to be sure you’ve got the correct time

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        2. Thanks for the reminder, Beckita.
          On a related note, a few years ago when I attended the traveling exposition of sacred relics, his reliquary seem to have a lot of people around it, n the host had to remind people to keep the line moving.
          (I had strange experience when I entered the hall with all the relics -my eyes just welled up with tears and I couldn’t stop crying I had to keep blowing my nose I have never experienced anything like it -was overwhelmed with emotion for about 7 minutes then finally calmed down.)

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    ANY information or Opinions that object or present facts contrary to The Agenda or Democrat Talking Points of The Day are MISINFORMATION!

    Tucker on CNN Pushing Jab Mandates:


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  18. St.John Henry Newman : “Why should an aggressive and insolent faction be allowed to make the hearts of the just to mourn whom the Lord hath not made sorrowful? Why can’t we be let alone when we have pursued peace and thought no evil?”

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  19. Beckita this was in my fb memory from 3 years ago…I’d like to reread it and print it out (we finally have a new working printer😂😂😂)

    Do you remember what piece this is? Don’t go to too much trouble for me if you don’t remember….

    We have entered into the time of choosing. Do not be deceived by the sound and the fury surrounding you. Though there is more to be revealed, all that is necessary to be revealed to make your informed choice has been revealed. The only path to safety is to humbly choose to serve the Lord. It is horrifying and disheartening to see so many choose destruction – and to see them so jubilant at their choice. For you, though, when assault comes from without, acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. When you stumble of your own fault, acknowledge God. When betrayal comes from the midst of those you love, shake it off and take the next right step. When it is too much for you and you can’t go on, go to a quiet place and rest a spell, then be a sign of hope to those around you. You choose whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15) by what you do. Choose the Lord. – Charlie Johnston

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    1. I was just telling Mike about this part the other night because we’re both getting a bit weary as I’m sure you all are too🤪

      “When it is too much for you and you can’t go on, go to a quiet place and rest a spell, “

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        1. “Neither be surprised that the satan attacks you at your weakest point. Were you expecting him to attack you at your stronghold? He is evil, not stupid. It even pleases God to let you lose a battle or two, that you remember it is not by your wit or might that the battle is won, but by your fidelity to the Master and by your cry, “Have mercy on me, a poor sinner.”

          Very clever the way you found it jlynnbyrd!!!

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      1. Drats! I usually post the whole thing with a paragraph from it…but alas I didn’t do it that time😩

        Anyways your right…Charlie s been saying sort of the same thing for many years with a little twist so we are well prepared 🛡🙏✝️🥷🥰

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          1. Yes! She’s a clever one! I just tried it too and it came up “under siege,” just as jlynnbyrd said. Good to know for future curiosities ! So glad we’re all squirrels 🐿 😂

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  20. A coupla’ quick videos because I had mentioned ‘flash floods’ recently, and we’ve got them going on right now. First, this little nugget on the way home last night. Knee barometer kicked in early and a sniff of the wind had me out the door to pick up my youngest, just as the fury of the monsoon hit. A study in extremes… since we’ve been sweltering in a bone-dry summer furnace, and choking on the dust and forest fire smoke to boot. No problem, the Arizona weather extremes are simply mirroring what’s going on in our society. Daughter was worried as we had to pull over a couple of times due to zero visibility… dodging downing trees as we went. Me… I like the idea of going home, especially since it was the higher ground, so drove home. Sure, I’ve experienced a lot out here in 4 decades, some much worse. Crank up the volume for the full experience:

    Today, thunderstorms are still going on with flooding out back and some teeth-shattering, voluminous thunder the likes of which I have never experienced in my lifetime. Something new. More importantly, I spied this lone bird in the yard, holding on calmly, come what may. Couldn’t help but think that he (or maybe a she), simple as can be, takes Jesus at His word.

    Yes, all fairly straightforward and obvious: the devil’s thundering lies and blather are no match for a simple little whisper from God.

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    1. MP, the bird riding the storm out speaks volumes!

      Yearly, I harvest seeds from my plants and seed them indoors then move them out to plots or pots so I may nurture and contain them according to their needs. In the fall of 2020 Mother Nature planted a few fallen sunflower seeds that survived the long, cold, dark R7 Breadbasket winter. My hubby spotted these two outside of the planter in the ground and shared the surprise with me. They started to get taller and I moved some things around and gave them ample room to thrive. We cut some tomato cages and carefully enveloped them for added support at their start.

      They survived our village’s Father’s day tornado, that did lightly hit us, and here they are today, with a little TLC. Steady, strong and firm and reaching heights no one expected.
      Love is a many splendid thing!

      ***It is a six foot ladder with two wooden yard sticks overlaying each other for a total of five additional feet, and it is still growing. I am waiting with great anticipation for the flowers to bloom. The yellow finch feast off of the seeds after the flowers fade. It is the gift that keeps on giving, truly. With and sometimes, as was the case here, without my knowledge. ❤

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    The Never Ending Scandal & Cover-Up ;-(

    Another never ending scandal where Justice will be elusive! ;;-(

    I’m guessing that this silly woman is gonna get Big Blowback!
    Pastor Coverstone gave her a “Shout-Out” today and like him I want to KNOW the sources used to reach her conclusion!!??!!
    Was it from Dr Death Fauci, the purveyors of Truth-n-Transparency @ CDC/WHO or NIH …. or WH SpokesBabe Miz Psak-o-Lies?

    Nothing to see here! ……. Move along!!


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    1. CD, I noticed yesterday, your new title: Miz Psak-O-Lies, so true! Very clever of you. How can these people live with themselves?!

      I’m feeling these days as though something heavy is hanging over us. Even with all the prayer, it’s hard to shake.

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  22. The lockdowns and mask mandates have resulted in the lowering of other contagious illnesses but have had the unfortunate side effect of creating weak immune responses in future outbreaks setting up a potentially explosive cold and flu season in the winter of 2021/2022 which will in itself overwhelm our already stressed medical facilities.

    “I haven’t seen anything like this in 20 years of working as a virologist,” said Dr. Huang. “There’s usually a degree of pre-existing immunity due to the previous winter. When you don’t have that kind of protection, it’s a bit like a wildfire. The fire can just continue, and the chain of transmission keeps going.”

    And this link to a paper published in 2020 predicting the current event of “summertime illness peak” and the 2021\2022 surge of colds and flu for any of you techies.

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    1. young mothers I know swear that lockdowns and masks kept their kiddos from getting sick all winter compared to years before masks and lockdowns — issue is, maybe so, but your kiddos did not build up any immunity either. living in a bubble is not the answer.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    NPR? Now there’s a Font of Truth for Ya. I’m already betting on the awful Variant Zulu peaking on Election Day 22! It’s all THEY got now it seems! ;-(

    Say Wat!!!!

    RIP Victims! Can nothing be done to stop these Amish White Supreamacists?
    AP like the rest of LeftStream media would never “think’ to blame the decades of corrupt Democrat Politicians/their FringeLeft Policies for ANY of the Urban “Problems”!

    IT is all by EVIL Design! ;-(

    Of Course!! ….. Silly US to imagine that ChinaJoe & His Dept. of Just-Us would do otherwise! ;-( No Blue State Granny Killers held to account! 2-Tiered Just-Us!


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  24. The NJ DOJ is refusing to press charges against Murphy for the nursing home deaths.

    I have spoken on zoom commissioner’s meetings before about what I witnessed, but now I’ve been asked to speak at a live meeting because of the DOJs refusal. I am not afraid of speaking in public, just asking for prayers that I speak the words God wants me to.

    Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.

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    1. I read that this morning, Briana, and felt the anger rise. Absolutely praying for you. May Holy Spirit descend upon you for every inspiration as you speak.

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    2. Goodness! Who do you think removes your fear?☺️ The great I Am will indeed give u the words to speak. You got this! And my prayers, too.
      Lord have mercy on all of us. These times are indeed causing me angst.

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  25. I had to go to Wally World this morning for some supplies and could not believe how empty the shelves are. We have a lot of tourist go through here so expect some of those kinds of things gone but no, it’s laundry supplies, baking soda, luggage, toys, tooth paste, shampoo, iodized salt, shoe-goo and bedding. Down lots of aisles there would be one of the item sitting on the shelf and nothing behind it. There were only 3 twin size mattress pads available and I needed two.

    A friend who lives in Billings(biggest city in Montana) reported the same thing. Almost the entire luggage section was empty as well as paint, and most of the items I listed already. I asked the checker and she said yeah, and doesn’t know what big thing is coming down the pike.

    If we hadn’t lived through this past year I would think, oh, we will get through this. Nope, not anymore. People’s patience and good will are gone.

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    1. I’ve noticed sparse supplies for much of this year, HTTP. Don’t go often, but every drive through fast food place around has a sign announcing that they’re hiring. My granddaughters were hungry for KFC and when we pulled up to the order station, no one spoke. We said, “Hello?” No response. then, a young kid came out of the building and said they just had the whole team walk out on management, so they were closing for the day. That’s a first time experience for me.

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      1. That’s why I keep yelling at the TV, Jen, fear mongering! Maybe Steve and Charlie can enlighten us, but it seems that they make the “new” mutation sound horrible and scary to get us to take the vax (those who haven’t, that is). I originally heard it said that the “delta” spread more easily, but was not as dangerous. I don’t trust any of them! As M. Brown said at Spiritdaily, the Holy Spirit must be the one to guide us!

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        1. Amen, Annie. Even the language “variant” rather than the usual term “mutation” sounds like this virus is unique in its action when it’s just mutating as viruses inevitably do.

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    1. For the sake of…I’m watching this video now and it’s amazing! It answers my question above about the mutations, etc. This doctor should be heard! He is extremely well qualified. Thank you for the link.

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  26. seems “cycling” for non vaxx’d people higher (38-45) than for vaxx’d people (28). why is that?

    Oh and Gates and Soros will have new testing for us soon, since CDC is dropping current testing..

    And oh, all the big Pharma companies are working on a mRNA vaxx for our flu shots now.

    and oh, why are they so hell bent on everyone getting mRNA into every one?

    and why is CDC pulling the plug on current covid tests by Dec 2021? BECAUSE, they don’t differentiate covid from seasonal flu. hmmm? is that why the FLU disappeared off the face of the planet?

    WATSON: Very interesting, eh?

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  27. At the rural/ popular farm produce stand the proprietor , a woman, was disclising that “the govt” was buying out farms* then giving them to illegals via lians which are later forgiven.
    Somebody asked, “why would they do that?” and I pipedup, “because they hate us and divide and conquer is one of their strategems”

    An elderly old school democrat lady scoffed at the suggestion and a year ago , before the covid operation was unleashed on us, I would had paiD attention to her.

    Anyhoo….when discussion of BlackRock subversion is a topic at the rural produce stand, it is one mire signpost along this path.

    I am curious what country Our Lord has chosen to be the spark that kicks off this global civil war if Christendom vs globohomo.

    *aparently, saying “no” to a big wad of currency is to much for some people.

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    1. “I am curious what country Our Lord has chosen to be the spark that kicks off this global civil war if Christendom vs globohomo.” From what I can see, it’s already been underway, Timothy. Among a slew of injustices and corruption, major institutions have failed people in countries all over the world.

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      1. I agree that their war against us is there to see for any who have eyes to see; our people, however, are still operating within the old civic boundaries.

        Absent The Lord intervening, I expect that to end, creating a preference cascade for open counter revolution.

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        1. Right there with you, Timothy. At some point, someone will cry: “Let’s push back hard because we’re sick of being pushed around.” I also have a sense that the Lord will come in the midst of the greater mess with some mighty counter moves. 🙏⚔️🔥♥️⚜️

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          1. Hi Becks

            The Lord will raise His leaders. Trump is a precursor,a reminder of who we are.

            I have given up counting on prophecy for the particulars. The broad outlines are now clear and globohomo cannot walk this back.

            When that lady at the produce stand publicly pooh poohed the produce stand owner (a woman, btw, the farmers wife) I thought of Tolstoys War and Peace and the characters that form a novel’s power. That lady will be a character in the coming literatures that are penned.

            Whatever the Lord chooses to do, I hope it kills the Modernism that infests Christendom such that the Modernists themselves become the most vocal and profound of that Sum of all Heresies’ deserved death.

            It is a spiritual war; the accuser has had its day, now we, the faithful must , and we assuradly will, lay siege.

            My 2 pence, anyways

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            1. Amen, Timothy. As I’ve often written, I’ve learned to hold prophecy loosely in my hands, for God knows what He’s doing. May no one be an obstacle to His designs. And, as Charlie has written, repeatedly, interpretation of prophecy is most often incorrect if only approached through a literal lens.

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