Inviting Fire From Heaven

By Charlie Johnston

Today, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Pope Francis has dramatically restricted celebration of the Latin Mass. So, now it is right and proper to have an offering to a pagan goddess on the altar of Christ (Pachamama) but the celebration of the venerable form of Mass promulgated at the Council of Trent nearly 500 years ago is too divisive and must be banned? Those dissident Priests who teach that Christ and the Apostles were wrong about the acceptability of homosexuality and that God has no right to determine a person’s gender are encouraged by this Pope to go forward in their “ministry” while orthodox Priests the world over are being canceled by their faithless Bishops?

This Pope says that the traditional Latin Mass has been used to undermine confidence in Vatican II, so this form of the Mass must be restricted to ultimately wither and die.

Vatican II was not a breach with the past. At the very beginning of it, Pope St. John XXIII emphasized that the Bishops were not gathered to cancel or even set aside any defined Church teaching, but to understand those teachings more profoundly and promulgate them more effectively. Neither did the solemn Council promulgate any new teaching or condemn any common current error. It was, fundamentally, a pastoral council. Alas, the devil set his minions to work almost immediately, co-opting the true spirit of Vatican II, which was to proclaim the Gospel to the whole world by means that were accessible to all, and replacing it with heretical teachings that were, in fact, a break with the revealed truth of the ages and was actually contrary to the actual spirit of Vatican II.

The knowing placement of an offering to the pagan goddess, Pachamama, on the altar of Christ and its acceptance by Pope Francis was a fundamental breach with Magisterial Church teaching. I regarded it, at the time, as the “abomination which makes desolate” (Matthew 24:15-16). The Amazon Synod, at which this desecration occurred, closed at the end of October 2019. Within six months, Christian altars throughout the world were, indeed, made desolate when the Covid panic arose. Bishops throughout the world rendered unto Caesar that which was not Caesar’s, but was God’s. Thankfully, many of those Bishops have come to regard it as a mistake, a mistake borne of panic. They are no more irredeemable than those Apostles who fled in panic at Caesar’s first coordinated attack against the nascent Church at the passion of Christ. Now they get to choose whether to return to the fold and act as true shepherds and evangelists – as all but one of those first Apostles did – or to join with the Pharisees inside the faith who cheered on the assault on Christ and His followers. I fear we have more Judases this time around than we had at the beginning.

I regarded the Pachamama debacle as the moment when Pope Francis excommunicated himself from the Church Triumphant, yet remained as Pope here in the Church Militant. From that moment, I would have been supportive if the Cardinals of the world moved to declare Pope Francis excommunicant here and, thus, the see of Peter vacant. But that unprecedented move was theirs to make, not mine. Certainly, some Doctors of the Church, including the great St. Robert Bellarmine, anticipated such a possibility and laid the foundation for how the Cardinals of the Church could address it. But it is the College of Cardinals who must address it, not just any organization, lay or clerical, which has a dispute with a sitting Pope. Those organizations (other than the College of Cardinals) which maintain they have the authority to judge the matter for themselves (rather than just stating an opinion), are themselves heretical. Their thundering pronouncements are a proverbial case of the blind leading the blind.

There is a common misconception that the Holy Spirit chooses the Pope. No, the College of Cardinals chooses the Pope. The Holy Spirit makes Himself available to any Cardinal who has the wit to ask, but God does not revoke the free will even of Cardinals on such an occasion. The catch is that, whatever man does, God uses it to advance His will. I think Pope Francis has done a magnificent, if unwitting, job of encouraging the enemies of Christ within the Church to reveal themselves publicly, so the separation of the sheep from the goats could be completed in God’s good time. They came out because they thought – and think – they are winning.

In 1205, St. Francis of Assisi responded to God’s call to “rebuild my Church.”  At the time, the Church was rife with dissension, corruption, and a worldly attitude that sought power and influence rather than fidelity to God. In the midst of the time when hand sanitizer replaced holy water in our Churches, I could not help but think often of the story of how, when St. Francis came upon a leper while riding his horse, he stopped and gave the leper the kiss of peace. The baleful irony of a Pope who focuses on political enthusiasms while encouraging those clerics who attack and seek to sunder Magisterial teaching and deny the Gospel proclamations of Christ and the Apostles taking the name, Francis, is not lost on me. If truth in advertising laws prevailed, he would have taken the name, Saul, after the persecutor of Christians or the King who persecuted David. Of course, the persecutor of early Christians became St. Paul, the Apostle and Missionary to the Gentiles. The King of the same name abandoned hope in God, consulted with the witches of Endor and died in battle the next day. David was anointed King and proceeded to mourn for King Saul, who had mercilessly persecuted him. I sometimes privately think of our Pope as Pope Saul, nurturing both the hope that he will find his Damascus and the conviction that, if he does not, he will suffer the ignominious end of the king of the same name.

Now that Pope Francis has deeply constrained the use of a worshipful form of Mass promulgated by a solemn council of the whole Church almost 500 years ago, it IS a breach with Salvation History. It IS a breach with Pope Benedict’s motu proprio of 14 years ago which recognized both the Ordinary (Novus Ordo) and Extraordinary (Latin) Masses as complementary and guaranteeing freedom to the faithful to celebrate either. Cdl. Robert Sarah has been tweeting the last few days that Pope Benedict’s reform is irreversible. I don’t know whether that is accurate or not, but I do know that Pope Francis has made a fundamental breach with his predecessor and with the Council of Trent.

For myself, though I personally prefer the Novus Ordo Mass, I will now endeavor to attend at least one traditional Latin Mass each month and really learn it well. I will obey those orders this Pope gives that do not obviously contradict Scripture and the Magisterium and are not outside the scope of his authority, even as I loudly denounce his abuses and offenses, even though I believe him to be a heretic and, perhaps even, an anti-Catholic bigot. I do so for the same reasons David was deferential to King Saul even as Saul plotted against him. And I pray that God lift this scourge from His people.

Right now, the devil is feeling his oats. Throughout the world, anti-Christian bigotry, persecution and even martyrdom is growing. In most nations, including America, petty tyrants whose names will be forgotten to history a minute after they leave power, exult in their ability to tell the faithful when, how, and if they can worship. Faithful Priests are confronted with obstacles put up by secular rulers who seek to shut them down – and sometimes even by their own Bishops. In Canada, terrorists are burning Christian Churches while Canadian officials give a wink and a nod to the terrorists. The presence of cemeteries near Churches is absurdly cited as evidence of mass graves and of genocide. Individual burial plots are not “mass graves.”

Leftist governments throughout the west, what was once unironically known as the free world, are taking political prisoners and boldly maintaining that unelected bureaucrats have more power over the poor plebes than the divine right of kings of olden times. They wage an ever more furious war against Christianity and orthodox Judaism because they know that their most dangerous rival is not to be found in a political party, but among those who believe that God is One.

It is a trap – for them. But it can be one for us, as well. The great majority of people act as if they believe there is not really a God, or that if there is, He has no power. Those who openly attack the faith (and they are legion) act with no fear of even the possibility of divine retribution. Many on our side are tempted to adopt the scabrous tactics of those who wage war openly on the faith as if God is in danger of being toppled if they don’t. We must fight hard, but our tactics must always be calibrated to, first, call our tormentors to repentance and, second, to defend our faith, our families, and our freedoms. I don’t rule out very hard action: remember, my most noted patron saint is St. Joan of Arc. Passion is a useful, but dangerous, tool. In affairs of the heart, passion brings warmth and life when ensconced in the framework of marriage. When disordered, it degenerates into raw and serial sensuality that brings sorrow and decay. So it is with matters of faith. When confined within respect for the dignity of the human person, it is an effective means of making our stand. When it degenerates into bitterness and wrath, we turn our face from Christ and begin to sink beneath the waves. Oh, how I long to be able to express with power and effectiveness the knife’s edge we must walk in these times – neither to shrink from the battle nor to descend into nihilistic rage.

The Book of Revelation is important to me. I do not primarily interpret it through either a literal or a linear lens (though there is a pinch of both there). I regard it as, primarily, a series of templates, of types of challenges we must face – that we might recognize them and act appropriately when they are upon us. Revelation 20 describes, at one point, all the armies of the world gathering for battle around the saints. “And they marched up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but fire came down from heaven and consumed them…” (Revelation 20:9). Despair is rampant among the faithful. Many believe it is the end. I hear from them every day. Soon, almost everyone will so believe, as offense is mounted upon offense. But it is also written that “he who endures to the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13). That does not just – or even primarily –  mean those who physically endure, but those who endure in their supernatural faith, hope and love.

Early last fall I started meditating deeply on the Agony in the Garden. I had long thought that, once great troubles came, everyone would convert. Though I had suspected it for years, I realized with certainty last year that many will never convert – and so will be lost. I think a huge part of the Agony in the Garden was Jesus’ sorrow that, despite the magnitude of His sacrifice, many would reject Him – and life – anyway. I got a far deeper understanding of that sorrow last year. Many among even those who proclaim themselves Christians and Christian ministers do not believe at all. How to address this? I do not discount the witness of our words, but it is the witness of our lives that will bring the most back to Him before the fire falls from the heavens. I am angered by the assaults of the enemies of the faith, but mostly I pity them, for they doom themselves. What I fear most is failing to give effective witness to one who might hear it because I was wallowing in anger. Lord, lead me in a plain path, turning neither to the left in anger nor to the right in fear. Lord, lead me in a plain path.  

So we go forth, purifying ourselves with a clean heart before God before going into battle, offering first mercy and wisdom before the clash begins – as St. Joan of Arc always did, trusting that though it is ours to fight the battle, it is God’s to grant the victory.

I think things will speed up hideously now. The battle lines have been drawn. You can’t casually pile offense upon offense without calling forth God’s intervention. At the decisive moment in Revelation, all seemed lost. The enemies of the faith were filled with hubris that nothing could stop them from wiping out all vestiges of the faithful from the earth. When the fire from heaven comes forth, I do not want to be found neglecting the work of my own hands in God’s service, presuming that I needed to do nothing but wait for Him to sort it out. Neither do I want to be found trusting in the work of my own hands, as if that could turn the tide of an unwinnable battle.

We cannot prevail. We can only stand, fearlessly and boldly trusting to God to vindicate Himself and us, His followers, while we continue to proclaim His Kingdom even as so many of those around us seek to destroy us, while calling their own viciousness tolerance and their malice love. I will fight and not hate. But as an offering for this latest offense, a lot of my praying will be in Latin now.

How long, O Lord?

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356 thoughts on “Inviting Fire From Heaven

  1. “Oh, how I long to be able to express with power and effectiveness the knife’s edge we must walk in these times – neither to shrink from the battle nor to descend into nihilistic rage.” Been praying for this since back at TNRS when this topic first was raised and discussed over time.

    “When the fire from heaven comes forth, I do not want to be found neglecting the work of my own hands in God’s service, presuming that I needed to do nothing but wait for Him to sort it out. Neither do I want to be found trusting in the work of my own hands, as if that could turn the tide of an unwinnable battle.” Amen. Amen. Amen.

    With this development and your piece now published, Charlie, that haunting rendition of the Ave Maria which was arranged by our own Patrick and his colleague, Amber, and sung as communion meditation Sunday morning at the conference comes to memory. It was a haunting Ave, reflecting, to me, the deep sorrow of Our Lady for the foolishness and depravity of her children with the consequences of the choices being made. Everyone, when the Mass is uploaded from the collection of conference videos, you’ll hear this Ave Maria.

    It’s time, Friends, to proclaim Psalm 51, while beating breasts, in sackcloth and ashes, however those look in a contemporary way for each of us in these days. Fasting and praying in reparation is the call of the moment.

    Charlie’s exactly right: we cannot prevail… certainly not alone. But then again, were we ever capable of doing anything alone? Never. Every iota of goodness we have been able to bring to this world is ever and always rooted in the Fountain of Infinite Goodness Himself: the Living God.

    PSALM 51:

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    1. ‘Miserere mei, Deus’ Original Latin Lyrics

      Miserere mei, Deus: secundum magnam misericordiam tuam.
      Et secundum multitudinem miserationum tuarum, dele iniquitatem meam.
      Amplius lava me ab iniquitate mea: et a peccato meo munda me.
      Quoniam iniquitatem meam ego cognosco: et peccatum meum contra me est semper.
      Tibi soli peccavi, et malum coram te feci: ut justificeris in sermonibus tuis, et vincas cum judicaris.
      Ecce enim in iniquitatibus conceptus sum: et in peccatis concepit me mater mea.
      Ecce enim veritatem dilexisti: incerta et occulta sapientiae tuae manifestasti mihi.
      Asperges me hysopo, et mundabor: lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor.
      Auditui meo dabis gaudium et laetitiam: et exsultabunt ossa humiliata.
      Averte faciem tuam a peccatis meis: et omnes iniquitates meas dele.
      Cor mundum crea in me, Deus: et spiritum rectum innova in visceribus meis.
      Ne proiicias me a facie tua: et spiritum sanctum tuum ne auferas a me.
      Redde mihi laetitiam salutaris tui: et spiritu principali confirma me.
      Docebo iniquos vias tuas: et impii ad te convertentur.
      Libera me de sanguinibus, Deus, Deus salutis meae: et exsultabit lingua mea justitiam tuam.
      Domine, labia mea aperies: et os meum annuntiabit laudem tuam.
      Quoniam si voluisses sacrificium, dedissem utique: holocaustis non delectaberis.
      Sacrificium Deo spiritus contribulatus: cor contritum, et humiliatum, Deus, non despicies.
      Benigne fac, Domine, in bona voluntate tua Sion: ut aedificentur muri Ierusalem.
      Tunc acceptabis sacrificium justitiae, oblationes, et holocausta: tunc imponent super altare tuum vitulos.

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      1. ‘Miserere mei, Deus’ English Translation

        Have mercy on me, O God, according to Thy great mercy.
        According unto the multitude of Thy tender mercies remove my transgressions.
        Wash me thoroughly from my iniquities, and cleanse me from my sin.

        I knowingly confess my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.
        Against Thee only have I sinned, and done evil before Thee: that they may be justified in Thy sayings, and might they overcome when I am judged.

        But behold, I was formed in iniquity: and in sin did my mother conceive me.
        Behold, Thou desirest truth in my innermost being: and shalt make me to understand wisdom secretly.

        Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, make me whiter than snow.
        Open my ears and make me hear of joy and gladness: and my bones that have been humbled shall rejoice.

        Turn away Thy face from my sins: and remember not all my misdeeds.
        Create in me a clean heart, O God: and make anew a righteous spirit within my body.
        Do not cast me away from Thy presence: and take not Thy holy spirit from me.

        Restore unto me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.
        I will teach those that are unjust Thy ways: and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.
        Deliver me from blood, O God, the God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing of Thy righteousness.

        O Lord, open my lips: and my mouth shall spring forth Thy praise.
        For Thou desirest no sacrifice, where others would: with burnt offerings Thou wilt not be delighted.
        Sacrifices of God are broken spirits: dejected and contrite hearts, O God, Thou wilt not despise.
        Deal favorably, O Lord, in Thy good pleasure unto Zion: build Thou the walls of Jerusalem.
        Then shalt Thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness, with small and large burnt offerings: then shall they lay calves upon your altar.

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      2. Psalm 50 in the Douai-Reims version. Recommended before Confession, as the commentary (Challoner version) says: “The repentance and confession of David… after he had sinned with Bethsabee” (Bathsheba), having been rebuked by the Prophet Nathan”. When shall Prophets again call our “Sovereigns” to repentance? Yeah, I know we don’t do Prophets much these days. Hello, Rome, is anyone taking the call? O.k., sorry I asked. Yes, I know you’re busy. Sorry again, have a nice eternity. Byeee…

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    2. Beckita ever since I heard this message, I’ve been trying to fast a lot and pray the sorrowful mysteries daily (although I find it very hard to stay focused – but I do try)

      I took this message as a dire warning to mankind 😩

      “This is the message that Sister Agnes received on October 6, 2019, “Cover in ashes and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day. You [Sister Agnes] become like a child and every day please give sacrifice.”

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      1. I remember that one, Linda. In the Diary of Luisa Piccarreta, Jesus stresses the importance of reparation.

        The ashes and sackcloth look much different in our time, yet, are a powerful addition to prayer.

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        1. Thanks http!!! I’ll try it…only trouble is I recite flame of love sorrowful daily. Sometimes I listen to Chuck Webster FOL rosary 📿 on YouTube and it’s quite beautiful but my mind still races 😩

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          1. Linda, I fined that this rosary is very anointed and I rarely have to push myself to stay concentrated. Sorrowful Mysteries in Divine Will and the Flame of Love

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            1. Thanks Kati!!! I’ll check sorrowful mysteries in divine will out! I do say daily sorrowful flame of love mysteries but my mind wanders terribly 😩 I’m always fretting over someone!!! Need to confess worries again😂

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    3. Found this in the comments from YouTube:
      4 months ago
      This piece was regarded by the Vatican as one of the most “holy”, or rather most “useful”, musical pieces they possessed in their library. So much so that centuries they guarded the piece and did not allow anyone to copy the manuscript. They where not prepared, however, for a special visit in 1770 from a 14 year old named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard, who, on a trip to Rome with his father, heard the piece twice and transcribed it faithfully from memory thus creating the first known unauthorised copy!
      Fools Redemption
      3 months ago
      @Богдан Захарчук its not a myth, its true but theres more to it, he went to st peters to hear it again to compare his forst draft to the original and the second piece was probably the perfect one

      and this comment too:
      P Rich
      5 months ago (edited)
      My husband was run over & killed crossing the road. He never made it to Hospital…he died lying on the road with wonderful strangers around, trying to console him as they waited for the Ambulance & the Police. I couldn’t sleep, I was so stressed, grieving, disbelief, empty, helpless…this music kept my Sanity – I played it on my Computer in a Loop at night to try & switch my brain off… & wonderful Tallis Choir helped me too – thank you 💖

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    4. I am not myself a member of the RCC. However, beginning with the times that I enthusiastically watched Fulton Sheen in his TV series on CBS, despite having been born NYC Jewish, he always made sense to me. Over my now long life, from study and research I have no doubt that there is God, and Jesus was His Son, so I am a Christian. Also starting from the time I listened to Sheen, I hoped that the RCC would help lead our world to adhere to Christ’s teachings. Unfortunately, as Charlie here so brilliantly reasons about current events, laments, but continues to hope for better times, I do too.

      Given the miserable conduct of the current Pope and his supportive Church bureaucracy, and too with our own American self-hating Biden Administration leading the country to Hell on Earth, I fear that the any serious improvements in our culture will not come in my remaining time here, but only after I have passed back to Home.

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      1. I agree with Charlie that things will move along at a faster pace, though the current pace can hardly be described as moderate. Charlie has captured the times eloquently in this piece. Unfortunately, the lows keep getting lower. Francis continues to decisively crush any hope of a turn around in church leadership based on actual teachings of the R C Church. He is very comfortable and even eager for central leftist control, the Great Reset, and every leftist economic, social, and political agenda (which is often described as scientific). He also seems to put all religions/belief systems on par with the teachings of Christ and, thus, diminishes Christ’s Passion and Great Sacrifice for all……. I have long sensed that Francis would make more and more statements that would lead many Catholics down a very, very dark and heretical path. Unfortunately, I suspect many of our cardinals are right there with him. This has been in the planning for a long time and the earthly chess pieces have been positioned to try to fundamentally change and essentially destroy the R C Church, as well as Judeo-Christians. We are dealing with the powers and principalities who have been beguiling and maneuvering over decades. May Christ have mercy on us as the months unfold!

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      2. My late father loved Archbishop Fulton Sheen. This holy man prayed a holy hour every day of his priesthood. To attend daily Mass and receive his body and blood, to be set free in monthly Confession, nothing sweeter than the Sacraments. Please become a Catholic! John 6.

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  2. Sobering find:

    Quo primum, the great document of Pope SAINT Pius V, issued on 14 July, ARSH 1570, said of the Tridentine Rite:

    “We grant in perpetuity that this Missal is hereafter freely and lawfully to be used, without any scruple of conscience or fear of incurring any penalty or censure…

    No one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should anyone dare to contravene it, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.”

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    1. Yipes, Beckita! Well that sure plainly spells it out! My pastor shepherds 2 churches in our diocese. The Latin Mass is celebrated at one church every Sunday and at the other church 3 times during the week. I am like Charlie in that I prefer the Mass in English, ad orientem, which is the way he says the Novus Ordo Mass, but I have grown to appreciate those daily Masses in Latin. Our pastor immediately sent us a letter today regarding the Pope’s action on the Latin Mass, calling us to prayer and saying that, for the moment, our Bishop has given permission for him to continue on as he has been. I’m glad you’re going to attend some Latin Masses, Charlie. Kinda like supporting Chic-fil-A when the left attacked them.

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  3. I had heard this about Pope Francis earlier today and I don’t know a lot of things, but I sort of got the feeling this was a big big boo boo on his part?!???? I was hoping maybe he was knee jerking on post operative opioid pain relieving meds?!?! Dear God! Please save us all!

    Charlie, this quote:

    “Early last fall I started meditating deeply on the Agony in the Garden. I had long thought that, once great troubles came, everyone would convert. Though I had suspected it for years, I realized with certainty last year that many will never convert – and so will be lost. I think a huge part of the Agony in the Garden was Jesus’ sorrow that, despite the magnitude of His sacrifice, many would reject Him – and life – anyway.”

    This quote worries me too. The world is so Godless right now. I wonder if there were great signs in the sky would the “world,” even notice?!?!

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa😩

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    1. Linda, I know that you are making a serious point, because this is a serious issue that we are discussing. But when I read, “I was hoping maybe he was knee jerking on post operative opioid pain relieving meds?!?!” all I could do was bust out laughing. 🙂

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      1. Yeah know Mick….it is a good possibility?!?!😂😂😂 I’ve only had minor surgeries c sections etc with no opioid meds, but I’ve seen people on major post opioid pain meds and these people (through no fault of their own) are truly “out there!” Pope Francis was in the hospital for 10 days! Yikes 😳 I hope he knew what he was doing?!?! 😬 or do we have a shadow Pope??? Lol. Is that possible??? 🤔

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        1. Linda, when you observe Pope Francis’ comments over time, you can note his bias against this form of the Mass. Just one example that immediately comes to mind: his expressed concern that young people who attend the TLM may be too rigid.

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          1. If there was a proper translation of the Mass from Latin to English (or whatever language a country uses), then there should be no significant difference between saying the Mass in any language. However, I suspect that the translation may not have been exact. I have heard some older priests translate certain statements they say are from the Latin Mass, and they are certainly not found in the English Mass. However, there have been other changes, too. (ie, The prayer to St Michael seems to be routinely omitted, though I guess it was never really an official part of the Mass.) ….. As a young girl, I had no idea what was being said at the Latin Mass. My parents never studied Latin so I am sure they did not understand either. I do not think that it makes any sense to attend a Mass where one does not know what is being said……Having said this, I am certainly not against the Latin Mass for those who wish to attend. However, knowing Latin is more of a rarity today than a regularity….I agree that Francis has dealt another blow to the faithful, but I totally lost faith in him after the Pachamamma event. To my mind this is simply another step on the treacherous path he has chosen to take and all his latest moves do not surprise me in the least. I expect more and more of the same.

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            1. I attend the TLM mass. I was surprised when my parents gave me their old missals that they were only in English. The TLM mass missals available today have both English and Latin side by side so it makes it very easy to follow what the priest is saying. However you do not have to fully know what is being said as many times I just offer my prayers to the lord and read scripture during mass. The priest is praying the mass, the altar boys are providing the responses for the people and the people should remain in a prayerful state. I see it as a very beautiful, reverent mass

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              1. My missal from before Vatican II had English on the left and Latin on the right side of each page. It was very easy to follow. And it was easy to switch to the new mass.

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          2. The pendulum swings. Charlie has stated about walking on a razor edge being careful to be centered and not flying off either side. This is kind of like that- jellyfish to rigid-neither one is good especially in the clergy-only my opinion.

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            1. As far as being “rigid”…. I would only point out that there are eternal truths which Christ worked to teach us. If those who run the R C Church begin to sow doubt re the basic tenets of the Church, then there is need for prayerful discernment, fortitude and courage in order to speak, proclaim and live the truths that Christ taught. So I do not really understand what “rigid” can mean in the current situation. I believe that there are certain lines that one cannot cross without offending Our Lord and Savior…..For example, I expect that there were many who considered St. Thomas Moore as being “rigid”. I expect this is true of many other saints. If one is cooperative for the sake of not being proclaimed “rigid”, then what we have is continual political correctness which is the popular modus operandi of the modern day. And, of course, that leads us to a situation where everything is OK and nothing is considered a sinful offense.

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  4. Pope Benedict generously and respectfully gave the traditionalists latitude in his Motu Proprio hoping it would foster unity with The Magisterium, as did Pope Francis when during the Jubilee year allowed the SSPX schismatic to administer licitly Confession and Communion but since these concessions were granted those who reject Vatican ll and the “living” Magisterium abused these concessions by widening the schism.

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    1. Well Sharon, the Motu Proprio was NOT a bone Pope Benedict tossed to traditionalists in hope they would quiet down. It was a right for all Catholics that he guaranteed. The Holy Mass is not a bone to be granted or withheld depending on whether or not particular groups are being good little boys and girls. I have decried the danger of those who would reject the decisions of a solemn council such as Vatican II many times and go to try to set up shop for themselves. I have also decried the dangers of all the hideous abuses which have been justified under the rubric of “spirit of Vatican II” – which are more dangerous to the spiritual life of the Church. But I have never and will never seek to have the Novus Ordo banished because all of the great abusers of the latter sort come from that branch.

      Be careful. Historically, people who think they can halt schism or dissent by cracking down harder on licit things almost always starkly trigger the very thing they say they are trying to stop. I now see on the horizon the possibility of a real and sustained schism that will not end until the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart – and the Pope is the primary driver of such a potential schism. Go figure…it took Pope Francis to make me into a Latin Mass Catholic.

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      1. The is most definitely division within the church ranks and if that is how we define
        “schism”, then we already have it, though there has been no formal declaration of separation.

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    2. Sharon: so many strawmen in your post, do you even realise that? Whenever were “traditionalists” (and I dislike that term, because Catholics are by nature adherent to Holy Tradition, whether you know that or not), not in unity with the Magisterium? Don’t even attempt to reply, because you can’t. Iam satis. That’s Latin, official language of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

      Charlie, so many nuggets from this post, I usually try to hinge on one to reply but there are so many that choosing one in particular would be difficult. I am an “adherent” of the TLM, in which I was brought up, in its varyingly “reformed” forms (and there were many, for those who remember the 60s, so that by 1969 it was all in English and usually versus populum) but by default must attend the N.O., introduced in my country in February 1970. I don’t complain about that. It is The Mass. End of. Do I wish it had been different, so that we would still have the rite of 1965 (much more vernacular, particularly the Epistle and Gospel)? Yes, I do. It was the rite in which I received my First Communion. There were still High Masses on the great feasts, usually with Benediction afterwards. It was tremendously impressive for us kids – many of our friends or acquaintance were serving and were all well drilled in reverence. We all were, it was in the genes, so to speak.

      But, to the point: I regard this as an ill-thought-out, graceless (especially in its insult to Benedict XVI) promulgation of a dysfunctional bureaucracy, more or less expected since 2013. Will I promptly run to my local SSPX Church? No. There isn’t one anyway. Is my hair on fire? No. I haven’t much anyway. Will I pray for the Pope and the Hierarchy that they be guided by the Holy Spirit? Yes. Will I continue to support my local Archbishop and Priests? Yes. Will I try to conceal my deep disappointment from those who know my love for the E.F., and never look despairing or let bitterness and uncharity pass my lips, but go forward with confidence? O God, I hope so!!

      Tempora mutantur et nos in illis mutamur. All this will pass, and His Will shall be done. Look at it this way: who would ever have thought, in 1977, that 30 years later we should have had something like Summorum Pontificum? In 2047, when I’ll be 87, who knows what might be? Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi.

      Blessings to all here. J.

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  5. Before I even read your post Charlie, I was thinking I need to learn some Latin. I don’t like the Latin mass just because I don’t understand it. Since it is the official language I should at least know some Latin prayers. At first it was a knee-jerk response to his decision. But then realized it is my next right step. I need to be thankful for the pope nudging me on to learn. The prayers at adoration are in Latin and I don’t know what is being prayed.

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      You may find learning the Rosary in Latin a nice intro to the language.
      If you say it daily, you get to learn and practice Latin Daily.
      The Ave Maria is the easiest and most repetitive, so its a nice intro.

      Ewtn has some

      I have been doing this for some months now and gradually added the Pater Noster, Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Salve Regina and am now working on the Apostles Creed*

      As you recite the prayers, patterns become apparent and subtle differences in the endings of words start bleeding over into the wrong prayer. I keep my tablet available with the prayers handy for those times.

      It is a nice, “no pressure” way to learn AND it keeps me naturally interested in a way that should last a lifetime.

      Grace and Peace

      * I just realized Iwill need to learn the Latin Names for these prayers too!

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      1. Timothy, that is a great point. Before the advent of the internet (you know, back in the Stone Age, when the most advanced form of portable audio was CDs), the way I learned the basic prayers in Latin was by listening to this CD:

        Pope St. John Paul the Great had the most beautiful, resonant, soothing voice. It was a pleasure to learn the prayers by listening to him. I still have the copy of the CD that I bought over 25 years ago, and I still pop it into the CD player once in a while.

        May St. JPII intercede for us as we navigate the increasingly treacherous waters in which we find ourselves in these times.

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        1. I listened to that cd a lot mick when the churches were closed down! I went daily just to pray alone in the church (many times char was there too) and I’d come home and jam with Saint JP 2!!! Be not afraid!!!🥰


      2. I loved working with my boys with Latin seton homeschool! I thought it was so beautiful a language and would love to continue studies in it but I have no time!!!😩

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        1. The Ave Maria is easy-peasy and Mary does not mind if we mix our languages when we pray the Rosary. Like a good Mother, she doesn’t mind when we mess it up!
          So, you can begin enjoying Latin again at a VERY relaxed pace as you say your daily Rosary.

          I started by reading it as I prayed it and within an hour had it memorized.

          Anyoo, ask God/Mary if it is a good idea for you.

          God bless

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          1. I really loved learning the Latin language a lot! The cool thing about homeschooling is that you repeat each year with the younger children (I only had two unfortunately) but what I didn’t memorize with the older child, I had again the next year with second son so I was able to rely grasp it. Unfortunately I’m sort of old now and my weak points are my lungs and my brain so I don’t think it’ll stick anymore 😂 but ya never know 🤔 Ave Maria …. This is indeed so beautiful 🥰

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      1. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
        I will have to ask my priest what they are praying at the beginning of adoration, or it is a standard prayer? And at the end of adoration. I really need them side by side or one above the other so i know what the words mean.
        Thank you

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          1. I ordered the variety pack with the 10 most common prayers(English/Latin) and I order the variety pack of the phonetic pronunciations. I’m excited to learn this. Can you believe it? I have a hard enough time with English. I silently groan when I hear Latin because I haven’t a clue what is being said.

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        1. It seems you’re naming the opening and closing hymns for adoration. The standards are O Salutaris Hostia and Tantum Ergo Sacramentum. Just look in the back of your hymnal on Sunday and ask Fr. Kevin if you can borrow one to have the page printed.

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          1. I picked up some Latin Marian hymns by listening to Kitty Cleveland’s CD “Hail Holy Queen” while I drive.
            That’s a good way to learn them and now I can sing them at the end of Sunday Mass after the St. Michael prayer. I think I heard somewhere that the satan and his cronies hate prayers in Latin. Can you imagine how much they would hate you singing Latin hymns to Mother Mary all day?

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            1. Love it joyful. I bet the Pope has no idea he just increased the number of people learning Latin. When I worked as a teacher-librarian any time someone would challenge a book it was sure to increase the number of people reading it. Most parents know if you want your kid to do something tell them they can’t-usually.

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              1. Hah! That’s called the Streisand effect.
                “The Streisand effect is a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the Internet.”
                Perhaps this is the will of God. Turn more people to Latin which the devil hates.

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          2. I have an ap on my phone called imass. It has the Latin Mass of the day with English next to it. I can’t remember the cost, but it was minimal.

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    1. HTTP, you might find an old Missal in a used book store. I still have mine from childhood. The Latin and English are side by side. We prayed in Latin and always knew what we were praying b/c the English is right there.

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  6. Just…unbelieveable.

    May we be unified through this, and not further torn apart. He can only cause schism if we let him. Let’s not let him.

    I was biding my time before I went to the Byzantine Rite, but I can visit TLM parishes in support in the meantime.

    (As an aside, Hackensack Hospital and Meridian Health are mandating that 35k healthcare professionals get the vax or be fired. It’s a huge healthcare network in NJ. At work, we are still holding out on refusing. If these huge healthcare conglomerates follow through (my school is also waiting until the vax is out of emergency use and then will be mandating it) healthcare will be in worse crisis. People need to plan accordingly. I haven’t been able to be a part of the CORAC healthcare team as much as I would like because school is demanding but thank you for having it there, because we are going to need it.)

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    1. Good grief, Briana! There have been at least 5 people I know who have recently contracted covid, most with a serious case– two are very ill and in the hospital. All got the gene therapy jab. I hadn’t heard of anyone getting covid for a good while until all these just popped up.

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          1. My prayers for them, Kim, I hear and see that a lot, that people are never quite themselves after it. Lots of GI problems, getting sick more often… and then my elderly patients dying. Even my grandmother. She never recovered from hers and died last week.

            Lots of work to be done. Prayers forvall of us as we tend to what God has given us to do.

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            1. Briana– so sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing! Praying for you all. As a health care professional you must see so much on the front lines.


  7. I marvel at the irony of a document entitled “Traditiones Custodes” (Guardians of Tradition) that is used to bludgeon one of our most ancient traditions. Reminds me of the how the most repressive totalitarian dictatorships in history always took the greatest pains to style themselves as democracies (German Democratic Republic, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea). I offer the Extraordinary Form Mass once per month in my parish–as an act of devotion and of respect for our traditions. It’s the most popular Mass of the month. I suspect that those who wish to suppress this Mass realize how beloved it has become, and somehow feel their power is threatened by the power of the Church’s tradition. Funny thing about tradition…it can’t be killed. It can be suppressed, but never denied. It always returns. I believe in good time this action of the Pope will produce the diametric opposite of its intended effect.

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    1. Ha! Victura, I had to laugh at the title of it, too. I remember the rule of thumb when I was young: any country that began by calling itself, “The People’s Republic of…” wasn’t.

      I disagree with you on one point only: I think this action will have the diametric opposite of its intended effect in record time.

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    2. I have read several of Gabriel Amorth’s books on being an exorcist. I am quite sure that he stated that some ancient prayers said in Latin are extremely powerful. I always thought that this was very interesting.

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      1. True, StJ. Above is a comment about translations over the years, and it was a correct comment that the translations have seldom been sufficient and are watered down language. I have followed Father Z for many years and read much elsewhere also about translations (the former ICEL, for ex.) What is seldom explained by those who have no interest in Latin, is that there is power in words, supernatural power, and yes, the evil one hates Latin, as Father Amorth said. We lost a spiritual weapon when powerful words were abandoned. God bless!

        BTW, one of my heroes, the late, great, Dietrich von Hildebrand, would have plenty to say about this whole issue today! Pope Pius XII called him the 20th century Doctor of the Church. (His brilliant wife, Alice, used to be on Mother Angelica’s show periodically.) The Devastated Vineyard, and Trojan Horse in the City of God are 2 of von Hildebrand’s books that I have and recommend.

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        1. I am 99.9 per cent sure that Gabriel Amorth did say that the Latin words are often very powerful in exorcism. I am glad that you have said the same thing and probably have read it as well. ( I still have all the books and will probably look up exactly what he said when I get the chance.) At the same time we have to realize that Jesus spoke Aramaic and probably knew some Greek and Hebrew. The Bible itself has been translated into many languages…..Translation is both scholarly and an art. It can be extremely difficult to translate exact meaning and the translators selected much have great knowledge of all the languages involved (and even the cultures) , as well as honest and earnest intent on getting things correct. We would not have spread the Word of God without these translations. So I think that translation of the Mass into other languages was and is probably necessary, especially in the modern day. One the other hand, if I know what Gabriel Amorth said about the power of Latin words in exorcism, then I would think that Francis is probably aware of it as well. So…. to make the Latin Mass less accessible seems extremely foolish. It is possible that the Latin Mass is especially powerful ….though I believe that all Masses which are attended with reverence and love are powerful. Thanks for the tips re the books. I shall put them on my list of things I wish to read.


      1. Would that be a gingersnap cookie, with red and black pepper by any chance? Sure puts the snap in them. Had some yesterday with coffee!

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        1. Ha, HttP… absolutely! When we were at my dad’s on Sunday, we were talking about the new Motu Proprio and how it is prompting more people to learn our prayers in Latin. I mentioned you; but since my dad doesn’t know your name, I asked him, “Do you remember my friend who sent the gingersnap cookies that I brought over here a few months ago?” My dad and his wife (who, unbeknownst to me, had just walked into the room) simultaneously responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” 🙂


  8. Great post, Charlie. It is rational and measured, but I hear the righteous indignation/anger. We must remember that there is such a thing as righteous anger. It can propel us to some good action if we use it properly. I don’t have the privilege of attending the Latin Mass, but would be there always if I could. It’s what I grew up with all the way through the early years of my marriage. This day causes me such sadness.

    Dr. Moynihan’s email on Wednesday of this week has a letter/article from Peter Kwasniewski which is a wonderful presentation. I would highly recommend it to anyone to read. It is also found at Rorate Caeli. Dr. M’s writing is also excellent.

    I am concerned; don’t want to say afraid. Everything is speeding up and intensifying. (See California this week.) Would love to have been with all of you at the conference.

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    1. Briana, you might try this website:

      One good way to search on this site is to click on “United States,” then enter your city and state in the search bar, and search within 200 miles. Then do the same thing, except enter the city where the cathedral of your diocese is. I was pleasantly shocked to discover how many churches offer the TLM every Sunday within 50 miles of my home. In fact, I discovered that all 7 of the dioceses in my state have at least 2 locations where the TLM is offered every Sunday.

      I learned late last night that at least two of the diocese here (my diocese and the Archdiocese of Detroit) have announced that the TLM will continue as before until the bishop and Archbishop can study how to implement the new dictates. I hope they go full-metal bureaucratic and study it for the next couple of decades without doing anything.

      I agree with those who have said that this heavy-handed action will do nothing but increase the number of those attending the TLM. My family hadn’t been planning to attend the TLM this weekend; now we are. And my husband and I are resolved that we’re going to attend at least once per month for the foreseeable future.

      And HttP, I am super inspired by your efforts to learn the prayers in Latin; thank you for your example. You have inspired me to teach my two youngest kids the basic Latin prayers (the older kids learned them when they took Latin in high school). And my youngest son will probably throw a hissy fit, but I’ve now made up my mind that he will be studying Latin when he starts high school a little over a year from now.

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        1. That’s great to hear. The Sunday before last, we went to Mass in the Grand Rapids diocese, at St. Isidore. Have you ever been there? It’s pretty awesome… in many respects, it reminds me a lot of your parish.


      1. Mick, remind your son that learning Latin is also reported to aid in higher PSAT scores, which could
        help in a scholarship if he decides on college. (Over a decade ago, another parent and I convinced our local C. h.s. to tutor a few interested students in Latin for a year. Although, these days, prob less weight is given to test scores)
        In our neck of the woods, this morning our young pastor said the Latin mass will continue without disruption 🙂

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        1. Maggie: son had 3 years of Latin in high school. He had 7 subjects and gym was not one of them in his school. He took 3rd year Latin in the summer aka Latin Free BUT Latin trained his brain BIG TIME. University was easier than high school. While the whole family had lived through the Latin experience it was worth it in the end.

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      2. “I hope they go full-metal bureaucratic and study it for the next couple of decades without doing anything.”

        AAAargh, I love this! You crack me up!

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  9. Indeed, Beckita. And “Adoremus in aeternum”, of which there are many glorious settings, but the plainchant is best, i.m.h.o. When in the choir as a kid (Rosary and Benediction on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, Fridays also in May and October) we used to add the “Laudate Dominum omnes gentes” in plainchant, and then repeat the “Adoremus”. As kids, we loved the plainchant, the younger boys up to voice-breaking age would do the treble, up to “omnes populi” and then the older lads would come in with the full-throated “Gloria Patri”, then we’d finish with “Adoremus in aeternum” together. Tremendously effective, in a darkening church with the many candles around the Monstrance and the incense permeating everywhere.

    Ahh, memories…

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    1. Never sang it until we got here, Jaykay, and had a short adoration once a week for the miraculous medal consecration to Mary ( I think that’s what it was for). Haven’t had it since lockdown. My kids want to go to the TLM at St. Kevin’s. They’ve been wanting to go even before all this.
      God bless.

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      1. Definitely encourage the kids, Missy, even thought I think they just do three Low Masses on Sundays now, without choir, to cater for the lower numbers “allowed” to attend (oh, dear God!!). I could be wrong, as I haven’t had the opportunity to go recently, it being some distance from me. “Back in the day” for special occasions they would have the Lassus Scholars singing – an excellent choir, and it added so much to the occasion.


        1. I don’t have to encourage them much, fortunately, they are very devout – much moreso than I was at that age (21&18).
          A lot of the homeschooling kids we know are in the kid’s choir there and altar serve- very active (we homeschooled until they just grew up on me this summer. I guess I’m retired.).
          God bless!

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  10. Linda also refers to this quote: …”I think a huge part of the Agony in the Garden was Jesus’ sorrow that, despite the magnitude of His sacrifice, many would reject Him – and life – anyway.
    from the Hours of the Passion: (Especially the last hour 11:00pm)
    “My child, do you want to know what it is that torments Me more than the very executioners? Rather, those are nothing compared to this! It is the Eternal Love, which, wanting primacy in everything, is making Me suffer, all at once and in the most intimate parts, what the executioners will make Me suffer little by little. Ah, my child, it is Love which prevails in everything, over Me and within Me. Love is nail for Me, Love is scourge, Love is crown of thorns – Love is everything for Me. Love is my perennial passion, while that of men is in time. Ah, my child, enter into my Heart, come to be dissolved in my love, and only in my love will you comprehend how much I suffered and how much I loved you, and you will learn to love Me and to suffer only out of love.”
    ‘You continue to agonize, not for what the Jews will make You suffer, but for the pain which all the offenses of creatures cause You.
    In these hours You want to give primacy to love, the second place to all sins, for which You expiate, repair, glorify the Father, and placate the Divine Justice; and the third to the Jews. In this way You show that the passion which the Jews will make You suffer will be nothing but the representation of the double, most bitter passion which love and sin make You suffer. And this is why I see, all concentrated in your Heart: the lance of love, the lance of sin; and you wait for the third one, the lance of the Jews. Your Heart, suffocated by love, suffers violent movements, impatient rushes of love, desires which consume You, and burning heartbeats, which would want to give life to every heart. And it is exactly here, in your Heart, that You feel all the pain that creatures cause You, who, with their evil desires, disordered affections, profaned heartbeats, instead of wanting your love, look for other loves.”
    “But, ah, it seems to me that You say, O daughter, how many souls flee Me by force and fall into eternal ruin! So how can my sorrow be soothed—if I love a single soul as much as I love all souls together?”

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    1. For the sake, this is exactly what came to my mind when I read this from Charlie. I know also that when he was undergoing the scourging, the pieces of flesh torn from him represent all the souls who were going to perdition. From the 16th hour: “They now cut the ropes, and You, almost dead, fall into your own Blood. And in seeing the shreds
      of your flesh, You feel like dying of grief, because in those detached pieces of flesh You see the
      reprobate souls. And your sorrow is such, that You gasp in your own Blood.”

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  11. Thank you Charlie, I waited to hear these words all day and by God’s good Grace you did not disappoint us. I love the meditation on not heading into fear or hate, but stand and do as He has willed us to do. I like many headed to the Latin Mass last year because of Eucharistic reverence, ( TLM was the only place we could receive on the tongue while kneeling) it was not my favorite at first, but over time I came to love it. And the more I go the deeper the love grows. We must continue to pray and take up the crosses we are given and follow Our King to glory. Viva Cristo Rey

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  12. I came to appreciate the Latin Mass when I was traveling. No matter where I was in the world, if it was a Latin Mass, I could follow it. I clicked into a deeper determination today, to do whatever it takes to fight the good fight. The line has been crossed. It takes quite a bit for me to reach this level of determined action. I prefer to work quietly in my corner, unnoticed. No longer. Today I came out of my corner throwing spiritual punches. I pray through the intercession of St. Joan of Arch to stay the course and fight the good fight, come what may.

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      1. Thanks , Beckita.
        A bit of irony, tomorrow I profess as a secular Franciscan. I believe St. Francis, who was called to rebuild the church, would not be happy that a Pope with his name is tearing it apart.

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          1. This is my final and perpetual profession. I will be Kris, OFS. From gospel to life and from life to gospel. Being a Franciscan allows me to be both Mary and Martha, to be contemplative and a servant. I love that!

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    THEY are in a massive Cover-Up of ChinaPlague, Election Audits, Biden Crime Family, China Infiltration of the USA and God only knows what else!
    THEY are Rich, Powerful & EVIL … & intent on destroying the USA & Christendom!!!
    …….& THEY must Silence Citizens like Thee & Me!
    ….. & like Tucker @ FOX

    …. & like
    …. & like
    …. & like

    Resistance …. Even in CA!???


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  14. My Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco said “The Mass is a miracle in any form: Christ comes to us in the flesh under the appearance of Bread and Wine. Unity under Christ is what matters. Therefore the Traditional Latin Mass will continue to be available here in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and provided in response to the legitimate needs and desires of the faithful”.

    Whew! So grateful and thankful that he came out right away to dispel any fears. I love the TLM. I was raised with the TLM.

    My husband and I travel 1 hr each way to attend the TLM at Star of the Sea in SF. After witnessing different parishes in our area and being sadden by what we saw and heard (games of “name that tune” during the homily; a parish that insists you wear name tags “so that everyone knows your name” i.e. Cheers bar; no pro life ministry support; priest declaring at end of Mass “what are we doing here? Let’s get out of here!; priests who will not distribute Jesus on the tongue; ushers that go from row to row to roust out everyone for communion — those prepared and unprepared; priests that sit during Holy Communion and let Extraordinary Ministers distribute Jesus; priests that would not mention “grave sin” because someone’s feelings might get hurt; the focus on singers at the Mass — they are front and center — Never, ever in my 72yrs has any of this happened at the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. All hearts and minds are on Jesus and Him alone — as it should be. All knees will bend. All praise and worship for Him alone. It’s about Him — not us. I love to veil myself and enter the miracle of the Mass of Ages. May it be so, until the end of time. All Glory and Praise to God.

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  15. Thank you, Charlie, for this posting. Things are moving faster and faster in both the secular world and the church. It is tempting to become angry and to want to lash out at the lies, twisting of the truth and the reckless refusal to deal in reality, that is being promulgated by our political and religious leaders. You are absolutely correct in saying that we must not give in to these emotions. Our response has to be truthful, rational and based in Jesus’s love for and desire to save all people.
    In trying to think of ways to assist my brothers and sisters, for whom the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is a central part of their lives in the church, I came up with several thoughts. I will make an effort to attend the local FSSP parish on a regular basis, (while remaining a member of my Novus Ordo parish). I will begin to support the FSSP parish financially. I will speak out to anyone who will listen, and maybe even to a few who do not want to listen, about the spiritual injustice of severely limiting the availability of the Latin Mass.
    My first speaking out is to write a letter to our bishop (a copy of which I attach below). My family and I are fortunate to live in the Diocese of Providence where Bishop Thomas Tobin (some of us call him the “good Tobin”) is a faithful and orthodox upholder of the teachings and principals of the Church. In recent years he has invited the FSSP to come and open an apostolate in a parish within the diocese and he has not stopped a number of priests from offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in our local parishes. I am sure that Pope Francis’ changes will put great pressure on our Bishop as well as on the priests and faithful devoted to the traditional Mass. We need to support our faithful bishops and priests who are also coming under great stress as a result of the imposition of these changes.


    My letter:
    July 16, 2021
    Bishop Thomas Tobin
    Chancery Office
    One Cathedral Square
    Providence, Rhode Island 02903

    Dear Bishop Tobin:
    I apologize for not sending the first part of this letter sooner.
    I want to thank you for your words about the candidates and the election and for your renewed warnings about pride month activities.
    We are very fortunate and blessed to have you as our shepherd in Providence during these chaotic and troubled times. Thank you for proclaiming the faith and being an example to us and to the society around us.
    I also want to exhort you, in consideration of the changes to Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum that Pope Francis promulgated today, to continue to allow the FSSP to offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at St. Mary’s on Broadway and to allow the Latin Mass to continue to be offered in the parishes where it presently exists in the diocese.
    I am not a “Trad”, that is a hardcore traditionalist. I belong to St. Jude’s Parish in Lincoln. I am spiritually uplifted and happy with the reverently celebrated Masses conducted there by our pastor and the priests who come to assist him. I love the straight forward simplicity and focus on the Consecration that can be found in the Novus Ordo. At the same time. I have attended Mass at St. Mary’s and found it to be worshipful, inspiring and beautiful. The older form is not only a critically important part of our legacy and history, it also serves a deep spiritual need of many faithful Catholics at present. There is room for and a need for both forms to continue.
    I suspect that Pope Francis’ actions today will elicit all types of reactions. I know that you carry the heavy responsibility for leading the people of Providence through these difficult times where everything is questioned and nothing seems certain. I know that you must make decisions in the best interests of all the members of our diocese. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you in your efforts on our behalf.
    I pray for you every day.
    Yours truly;

    John T. Walsh, Jr.

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    1. Wow, JT, what a coincidence. I believe you may be referring to St. Mary’s in Newport. I went to that school in grade school when my Dad was stationed in Newport. I’ll never forget Purgatory Rock near where we lived. 🙂

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      1. Oh Annie! I’m giggling aplenty. I’m quite sure you meant Plymouth Rock. And now the Holy sounds get a special prayer because autocorrect named the rock after them! 🤣🤗🙏🔥♥️

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        1. Annie: Actually, the Saint Mary’s I was referring to is in Providence. But there is a Saint Mary’s in Newport and I think it might also be on Broadway, but Broadway, Newport. I am familiar with St. Mary’s in Newport and it is a beautiful old church. The presence of the Navy is much smaller now so we don’t have the same contact with service people and their families from all over the country. I hope you have fond memories of Rhode Island. For all of its crazy politics and other issues it is very beautiful and most of the folks here are still very family orientated down to earth people.

          Beckita: I have to give a geography lesson. While Rhode Island, and Newport are only thirty some miles from Plymouth, Massachusetts and the famous rock, there is a large rock formation, near the ocean in Newport which is called Purgatory Rock by some of the locals. There is also a state forest just over the line in Massachusetts called Purgatory Chasm due to the mounds of huge boulders left piled in seemingly impossible positions after being dumped there by the last glacier. Both are very popular places for rock climbing.

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          1. Thank you, JT! How cool that you know Purgatory Rock, and “my” St. Mary’s. I do have fond memories of Rhode Island. We lived in a big old house that looked like it could have been a farm house in the past. I could ride my bike to the beach and see tide pools, imagining that they were bottomless! It was Kane Ave. in Middletown (2nd and 3rd grade :). Won’t say how many decades ago that was 🙂

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    YEP! Ol’ PF has got a bunch of Folks Riled-Up and that is a Good Thing!
    Too bad Folks didn’t get Riled-Up c.1969 when it became obvious that Lavender Marxists were Hi-Jacking Vatican II, gutting our beautiful churches and turning seminaries into Gay Bordellos.
    To be fair! Our entire USA was being upended in 1969 by Lavender Marxists, Hippies, Dopers and the entire Vietnam Fiasco ;-(
    Satan was doing a “great” job of infiltrating Everywhere! …. Folks were distracted, confused and lookin’ for Love in all the wrong places ….& NOW? The Finale, Denouement &/or Deluge?
    The Lord is Runnin’ de Show! The Good Guys & Bad Guys have been outed and are forming up!
    Pope Francis and Donald Trump have “Forced the Hand”.
    Praise The Lord & Pass the Ammo!

    THEY that push De Jab and Covid Deception be the same THEY that push Abortion and turn a blind eye to Border/Urban Crime!!
    Mass Murder, Maiming and Lives Destroyed with no accountability ;-(


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  17. I am going to go to the TLM on occasion and in support as a matter of principal but it is taking all that’s in me to do so because of amped up NO bashing I am reading out there. Would they support the NO if it got shut down? I highly doubt it.

    I don’t like people much right now. Definitely staying off social media.

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    1. Sorry that happens, Briana. I have to say in their defense that though many young people are attracted to the beauty and reverence of the TLM, many are my age who lived through a terrible ripping out of their hearts when this Mass was taken from them. I remember that time clearly and it felt so strange. So we can pray for those who are negative; I believe they are in the minority, but just get too much of the attention.


  18. Regarding this last imprudence on Pope francis part I remember St. Pio who, when he was silenced accepted it with obedience. I Plan to start there but pray for guidence for us and for the church to know how to respond. If he was concerned about division over both forms of the Mass he could have issued a pastoral letter admonishing folks to cease divisions and return to unity in attitude as well as intent, without action to create more tension and division.

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    1. I agree, Bob. But I get the impression that for Pope Francis, the increased tension and division may be a feature and not a bug.


  19. Today’s Divine Mercy Meditation from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception: It is found in the Diary of St. Faustina:

    The Lord to St. Faustina:

    Listen, My daughter, although all the works that come into being by My will are exposed to great sufferings, consider whether any of them has been subject to greater difficulties than that work which is directly Mine — the work of Redemption. You should not worry too much about adversities. The world is not as powerful as it seems to be; its strength is strictly limited (Diary, 1643).

    Very helpful!

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  20. I watched a video yesterday that reported on the motu proprio issued by Pope Francis which severely limits the Traditional Latin Mass. What a gut punch! I immediately thought, “rise of the underground Church”, as has happened in the past. I quickly rushed to ASOH for a balanced response, thank you, Charlie, et al. I have similar thoughts as many who post here that it is likely to backfire on TPTB at the Vatican.
    I have just rushed to subscribe to praybenedictus, Three subs; not sure who the other two are for, but
    they will come to light.
    We walk by Faith.

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  21. Ok as per MP’s comment of “being a fool for Christ”, I set up my “Need Prayer?” booth today at our local farmers market….just outside the building where the local health department was giving out the jab for free, no appointment necessary. Our small rural county in Oregon has its two county commissioners and one county judge happily promoting the jab, and giving out money from the state as $2700 prize drawings for 10 locals who take the shot. I prayer-walked the building, discreetly sprinkling holy water and praying a hedge of protection keeping people OUT and SAFE, that nobody would drop in for the jab, and that anyone coming near would either feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or get distracted and move on to the market booths. I’ve had some friends praying along these lines for the past few days, so “good prayer cover”! Ole sparky didn’t like it, I cut my ear while setting up my booth (on the metal supports), super weird, never happened before. So I had to go in and have one of the nurses check my ear, ha ha. They didn’t ask if I was interested in the shot.

    The market went from 10am-1pm. I saw one older lady hobble up to the building, pause, then move toward the booths. A strong Christian man in his early 30s came and chatted with me, he plays worship music once a month in the county, it is a new ministry and well-received especially among young families, praise God. He asked what was going on in the building, I said a vaccine clinic and what do you think about that? He said he hadn’t gotten it yet but was thinking about going in, as his employer is making big hints about it being required. I talked to him briefly about please pray more about this, do some reading on all sides of the issue, and reminded him that his body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and he shouldn’t contaminate the temple. He earnestly said he felt everything was fine about the vaccine and there was nothing sinister about it. So I have been praying for him to receive wisdom and discernment to not take it for worldly reason. I watched and he did NOT enter the building and get the jab.

    I was chatting with a wealthy farmer in his 60s. He mentioned his adult children, their lives, and that they were all vaccinated. My new response? “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” He looked shocked but kindly asked me why I said that, so I briefly explained some of the issues about the experimental gene therapy shot. He asked me why I didn’t take it, and I explained how I really value my health, avoid things that hurt my health, stay active, and eat a super healthy diet. He laughed and said “Well, it must be working since you look great”.

    When the market ended, I chatted with one of the nurses as she packed up….”Get any takers?” “No” she said sadly, but they’ve be available if folks change their minds. I said “Well, I’m not interested” and headed out, REJOICING IN MY HEART. I immediately texted my praying friends and we are celebrating a brief reprieve in the damage to folks in our community.

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    1. Excellent work, hopenjoy! I am inspired by your courage, fortitude and witness. ❤

      I am thinning out my gardens and today had my yearly summertime plant giveaway. A lovely woman, M, stopped by and we chatted, took a stroll around the corner lot to tour the gardens on the premise. She is a fellow Catholic, dx w/ MS over 10 years ago and not working. My homes structure, our shared stories. and my love for our Catholic faith, represented in my garden decor, moved her to tears at least a handful of times as she was reminiscing. We exchanged info and M is now a new found sister in Christ, a friend, and a potential massage therapy client and CORAC member, along with her sister, also a local (who was not present but alerted M to my online ad for free flowers). I prayed that my offering would bring joy to fellow nature lovers.

      Please say a prayer for this sweet woman, who took a step back after announcing she was jabbed when exiting her car and I added in haste that I was not, initially. I explained that I believe I had the virus in January of 2020 before it became well-known and carry the antibodies.

      P.S. – We embraced each other before she headed back home. God is good!

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    2. Love it! There’s a certain power in authentic, first-hand stories given as witness. Especially in a world drowning in opinions and vapid commentary. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  22. Charlie,

    It took hours for me to read this because it is so profound. Each sentence I read I was filled with awesome dread. I’m so thankful for your spiritual training over these many years. TNRS & ASOH. Trust Do Love.

    I actually physically react to the reality of your words. It takes my breath away.

    We each have our mission in this life. I am so grateful for this community. It has kept my sanity during all these events through these years.

    Thank you.

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    1. Ha! I was working on a piece on a different subject…but a similar theme on secular lines. For whatever reason, I couldn’t finish it Thursday – then I woke up to all this. It just flowed…and I only had a small amendment to the title.

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      1. Oh Charlie– when I heard about this I knew you would have a lot to say, and soon. Sure was pleased and surprised to see it out that quickly!


  23. One has to wonder what the World Economic Forum (WEF) is up to now. In case you weren’t aware of this, these are the guys with the 666 “hidden” in their logo/icon.

    About 6 to 8 weeks before the Covid-19 virus was released in Wuhan, China, they were cosponsoring a simulation, named “Event 201”, of an identical pandemic. In other words, they were performing a practice run of a scenario almost identical to the one that was to strike the world before the end of 2019. Event 201 was conducted on October 18th, 2019, around two months before the virus infected the general public in China.

    Some of us might consider the timing of this simulation conference a mere coincidence. If so, please take a look at this 11 minute summary of Event 201’s highlights, always bearing in mind that all of this was concluded well over 3 to 4 months before the world had ever heard the name “Covid-19”;

    Thus, with the predictive ability of the WEF now hopefully well established in our minds, we must look at another warning that they have issued. The following video was uploaded to Youtube on January 18th, 2021, almost exactly 6 months ago. In it, the WEF warns us of the risks associated with a worldwide cyber-attack; no internet, no phone systems, potentially no essential services. This video runs for just under 2 minutes;

    Please note that this isn’t a prophetic word. God hasn’t told me that the scenario pictured in the WEF’s above video is about to occur. However, it would be wrong of me to fail in bringing this information to your attention. Might we be facing a total blackout at some time in the future? A massive cyber-attack that might last a few weeks? God quite definitely knows, and it’s possible that key figures within the WEF have some ideas about it too.

    It’s wonderful to know that CORAC is in existence. If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d highly recommend that you consider doing so now. Regardless of whether or not we face a future disabling domestic attack, it’s always been wise to store a backup supply of water, enough to last your family for at least 30 days. Standard recommendation is for a 1 gallon supply per day per person. 1/2 gallon for drinking, 1/4 gallon for cooking, and 1/4 gallon for cleaning yourself.


    Above all, we must put the following in our hearts and in our minds. Jesus is the Name above all names, at which every knee shall bow. From Matthew 10;

    𝗝𝗲𝘀𝘂𝘀 𝗧𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝗚𝗼𝗱

    “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

    𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗕𝗲𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗠𝗲𝗻

    “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

    𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗗𝗶𝘃𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻

    “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’ He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.

    Matthew 10:27-39

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  24. To recap the post in a concise manner, John Paul 2 seemed to be made of gold, Benedict XVI seemed to be made of silver and Pope Francis seems to be made of toilet paper with a possibility of an upgrade. Toilet paper is very useful though, perhaps more than gold or silver…

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  25. Great article Charlies…but …that is your norm!!!!! I find it ironic that I missed this in my mailbox, from a few days ago…and wouldn’t you know it, you are talking about pachimama….which I had along believed was the reason for CCP Virus, then low and behold,…st. George flyod was hit by lightning destroying the mirral!  Well God, that seemed like a direct hit in more ways than one!Keep up the great articles Charlie,…you da man!

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  26. As for eliminating Latin masses, I understand that Latin as a foreign language in seminaries might be eliminated too in the process, I guess with seminarians perhaps learning Chinese… Once I listened an interview with an exorcist, he said that when an exorcism is said in Latin, it infuriates demons even more.

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    1. As I was listening to the sorrowful mysteries in Latin, I recalled reading somewhere control of people’s language is one of the first casualties. There are quite a few good Latin Prayers on Youtube.

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  27. By sheer “coincidence” I attended the Latin Mass at the historic Immaculate Conception Church in Rapid City last Sunday. This is where, on December 12, 2017, I solemnly renewed my consecration to Our Lady of Tepeyac and became a member of the Militia Immaculatae. On this past Sunday, we gained a new member to CORAC, a
    devout young physician and his family, who I met after Mass.

    I can’t make it down to mass today, but I’m curious what the young priest at ICC has to say about this situation. I do suspect attendance will increase, although the old church is already packed full. Now I intend to drive the 2 and a half hours to go to mass there on a regular basis.

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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Hey Gang,

    Early on in this ChinaPlague Business a question came to mind that I have never been able to answer with confidence. That question is:
    Why do THEY… Big Tech, Global Elite, Media, Democrats, Hollywood Types ….. Why are THEY soooo… concerned, to the point of hysteria now, about my health and me getting The Jab? ….. Eh!!??
    These Humanoids despise me, the State I live in and hate EVERYTHING I hold dear and Stand for! … Why? …. WE gotsta get near 100% Jabbed!!! ….. Why?
    Oh! THEY Love the Children and Humanity? … Give me a %&^#* Break!!!
    If that were the case, THEY would have abolished Abortion.
    They would have eliminated Corruption, Crime and Illiteracy in Urban Areas.
    They would have enforced Border Control thus limiting Drugs, Gangs and Human Trafficking. …… It Ain’t Happened!

    Yes! THEY Politicized ChinaPlague to Lie, Cheat and Steal Election 2020 and Get Trump and his Deplorables Outta Swamp DC.

    Yes! THEY ignored and disparaged the efficacy of, cheap & readily available, Chloroquine, Zinc and Vitamin treatments.

    Yes! THEY murdered thousands by packing Old Folks Homes and denying Citizens the right and ability to use simple and readily available cures. THEY never/barely used the Hospital Ships and temp Hospitals set up by Trump

    Yes! THEY turned the entire Medical Industry into Accessories to Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy and Grand Theft by accepting Fed $$$ for ANY case deemed to be ChinaPlague…. but! … Flu Disappeared. Thank You, Jesus! … Really?
    Likewise States became Criminal Accessories by accepting The King’s Shilling!

    Yes! THEY lined the pockets of Big Pharma and Global Big Box Stores whilst shutting down Ma & Pa Middle Class Business and turning millions into Wards of de Gubermint living on hand-outs and becoming probable Democrat Voters.

    Yes! THEY Shut-Down entire States, Churches and Industry just for the sake of Power & Control and to see How Far THEY could go! …. Especially Deep Blue States.

    Yes! THEIR Shut-Downs have caused untold & uncounted collateral damage to Our Nation.
    How many lives lost to drugs, alcohol and despair?
    How many businesses, livelihoods dreams and futures destroyed?

    Yes! It appears that THEY will Steam Roller US all through Election 22 using the same Play Book!

    Yes! THEY discovered that We the People have become We the Sheeple!

    ….. BUT!!! …. I have STILL have not answered my old question!?
    WHY are THEY so hysterical about Me gettin’ de Jab along with near 100% of The USA …… and Planet Earth too? …….. WHY!!??
    Even considering ALL of the above and all that THEY are attempting Cover-Up THEIR Crimes and continuance of THEIR godless Global Re-Set endeavors ….. Something? … It does not add up!??

    In the wee hours of this morn, a more awful and sinister possibility came to mind. As BAD as the above is and has been most here have figured out that worse is coming……. Even putting Biblical Prophecy, Seers and Divine Apparitions aside….. Any thinking and aware person must know …. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Being a Grumpy Ol’ Cold War CrewDog, I have always assumed that ChinaPlague came from a Bioweapon Lab either by accident or design.
    The more I see; the more I believe it was by design.

    There have been more than a few learned folks thinking that this whole “business” is nothing more than a mass extinction event to Save Mother Earth with just “The Right Kind of People” surviving to rule over what’s left.
    Some of the Learned believe that mRNA “Protein Spike” drugs are just a Set-Up!
    Have not The Usual Suspects been Hootin’ & Hollerin’ about Population Control, Abortion, Birth Control and Doom’s Day for 60 years.
    The Chinese, after all, have become Masters of Population Control and some Bioweapon Experts are wondering if these ChinaPlague Variants have been calibrated to “Take-Out” certain Ethnic Groups?

    WHY near 100% Jabbed? It may well be elementary, My Dear Watson!
    If near 100% of Planet Earth gets Jabbed then there will be plausible deniability when the second deadly wave …. BY DESIGN ….. comes and wipes out countless millions.
    THEY can easily claim it was an Act of God… nasty old fellow that He is.
    THEY can then wail, with Crocodile Tears in THEIR eyes, that THEY did their “Best” and THEY meant well ….. BUT!!!??? …….

    If only 50-60% Get Jabbed ….. and if in the aftermath of Wave Two it is learned that the survival rate among the NOT Jabbed is Far Greater than the Jabbed Population …… The Usual Suspects will have some Serious Explaining to do!
    ……. and those surviving God and AR15 Clinging Types along with their much fewer surviving Jabbed Friends & Kin ain’t gonna be happy.

    Could it really be THAT EVIL!?? …. Methinks … YES!!


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    1. Depending on who’s behind it and involved to whatever degree, I think you’d get myriad answers to your questions. though easily parsed.

      God offers us real freedom. From all worldly cares. And as Creator, He’s always fresh and new.

      Quite the opposite, His adversary. Isn’t it always about fear, coercion and control!? How incredibly boring and uninspired… always stale and old like moldy bread. Only tragically worse.

      How my heart goes out for folks who are torn and/or complying on this issue. How much they remind me of folks standing at the tables to get their papers, toting what valuables they could carry and hoping things would settle down… return to normal.

      I’m going with “always fresh and new.”

      Wait… was this a rhetorical question?

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    2. Crewdog: one thing about the whole population reduction scenario that always, since I first became aware of its possibility, struck me was: when “they’ve” reduced the global population to the supposed gaia-friendly “norm” and all the free people are gone, or coralled, – who is going to keep them in their nirvana of easy life? Slaves don’t produce anything new, and eventually they can’t even keep the old level going. O.k., it might stutter on until even they, having consumed everything produced by better (free) people, realise that their future is – sewage. And is not going to get better.

      History has so many examples of slave societies consuming themselves, and then collapsing in the face of more vibrant, productive, incomers. Usually, that first produced a LOT of misery before improvement came. Underpinned by Christianity, since 33 A.D. There were “vibrant”societies before then, of course, but all was in waiting for the Redemption. But, if the “vibrant” newcomers have been eliminated from the equation, (as they have), along with Christianity (o.k., we know it’ll never disappear) but if its corollary of free will and acknowledgement of the Creator is supressed so that there’s no creative influx, then… ?

      Misery. Oh, what a surprise – for those who know history. But these creatures don’t. It’s all a spiral of unending “progress” that just somehow, y’know, “happens”. Yeah, as long as there are actual producers, with a stake in a better future. And who just “happen” to have believed in Truth. But, our new lords have never actually got their hands dirty in real, tangible, production, nor even thought they needed to. It all just “happened”, man. Or person. Or xzwytzk, depending on the fad du jour.

      All theory – as they used to criticise us believers: “pie in the sky”. Lenin, horrible person that he was, realised that his satanic ideology had utterly failed in 1922 or so, when famine was devastating the new peoples’ paradise, but… umm.. “left the scene” shortly thereafter – to be stuffed and put on display in “Red” Square even unto today. And then a worse satan took over, as was warned at Fatima. And the “paradise” degenerated into an even worse… sewage-tank, to put it politely. Our friend here, Pawel, has direct experience, I believe.

      Now, in our “free” world – satan has been willingly invited in again, to complete our destruction. And they don’t realise it. Stupid, selfish, spoiled sheep, bleating willingly down the path to the eternal slaughterhouse. And our “rulers”, actually on the same path, laugh, because they don’t believe. Satan believes in God, he has to, but hates, and encourages them. They’ll realise that too late. Well, may it not be too late for them. We have to pray for that.

      This is a meandering, and apologies, and I’m sure it’s probably “hate speech” as currently defined, and I know I’m speaking to the converted, but… oy! TNRS, and so on. All we can do.

      And there is still Guinness. Yes. 😎

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      1. “TNRS, and so on. All we can do'” Indeed. History can be a good teacher, if we let it! ❤

        The presider at this Sunday's Mass gave a lighthearted, yet wise homily as guidance for our times that I will do my best to summarize and share here. In the chaos and confusion, or hustle and bustle as father called it in a busy city the noise is overwhelming. A man was walking with a friend in the midst of the noise and the Indian chief friend asked, “Do you hear that?” His city dwelling friend was perplexed. The chief put his hand in a planter and pulled out a cricket. His buddy said how did you even hear that amidst the racket? The chief replied, what you experience depends on what you make your focus/concern. He added watch this and pulled some change out of his pocket and dropped it on to the sidewalk which was bustling with people. Within a small radius several of them stopped to see if the money had been dropped from their pocket despite the clamor that surrounded them. It’s about what you make matter to you.
        The priest concluded that he once visited a friend convalescing at home. She asked, "Father can you help me with this puzzle?” He inquired, “What is it supposed to look like when it is done?" She replied, “Like the rooster on the box!” He sighed and took her hand and told her that the puzzle will never look like the rooster and instructed her to help him put the Frosted Flakes back in the box and put the cereal back on the shelf.
        I thought, my oh my, how appropriate for our times. I pondered with caution that I/we stay focused and not go off the deep end with mindless distractions and attachments. Let’s keep our eye on the prize, our own next right step(s) and the salvation of souls entrusted to our care. ❤

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        1. Beautiful, Jen. I love the ways of Brother Lawrence described in his book: The Practice of the Presence of God. We CAN train ourselves to silently unite with God at any moment of the day or night no matter what is going on around us. In what lies ahead – and beyond – may we each find refreshment and strength in practicing the Presence of God.

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          1. HTTP – that made me giggle. I thought I might feel I was alone in that pondering. From this moment forward I am affectionately using the term “Frosted Flakes” as codes words for clueless. 😛

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  29. Right now I’m waiting to read from different sources the arguments for or against Traditionis Custodes before I consider it bad or good. After all, they reacted the same when the Novus Ordo was first introduced by St Pope Paul Vl !
    I have spoken to those that have decided the Novus Ordo form is “invalid”. I think they confuse corruptions that have entered these services as “invalidation” but others outright reject the NO reform in its entirety. With the growth in popularity of the TLM, two situations have emerged:
    1. A distaste for the NO form by some and an emergent prejudice towards its validity.
    ( “In many places the prescriptions of the new Missal are not observed in celebration, but indeed come to be interpreted as an authorization for or even a requirement of creativity, which leads to almost unbearable distortions.” Pope Benedict; Summorum Pontificum )
    2. A greater reverence and connection to the TLM by those who seek a closer unity within the old form practiced by its adherents because of its solemn beauty.
    (“I ask you to be vigilant in ensuring that every liturgy be celebrated with decorum and fidelity to the liturgical books promulgated after Vatican Council II, without the eccentricities that can easily degenerate into abuses”. Pope Francis; TC).

    Below I post two quotes from articles for and against TLM. Both have valid points in their observations.

    In the Catholic Herald, Peter Wolfgang said:
    “By liberating the TLM, Benedict reoriented the renewal of the Church in the post-conciliar era. It was the biggest blow in favor of Vatican II’s intended “Ressourcement” that has yet been struck. The future of authentic reform in the Church runs through that one act. Which is why the proponents of false reform hate it so much.”

    The Pope observed, in his letter to the bishops, that some Catholics associated with traditionalist communities deny the validity of the Novus Ordo and/or the teachings of Vatican II. While there are undeniably some traditionalists who take that extreme approach, the Pope perceives it as a *characteristic of the entire traditionalist movement*, and laments “the close connection between the choice of celebrations according to the liturgical books prior to Vatican Council II and the rejection of the Church and her institutions in the name of what is called the ‘true Church.” He further argues in Traditionis Custodes that the permission to use the TLM “was exploited to widen the gaps, reinforce the divergences, and encourage disagreements that injure the Church, block her path, and expose her to the peril of division.” (Catholic Culture).

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    1. Consider that you may be contemplating “straw man” argunents. That the issues argued pro and con are not the issue at all.

      Rippergers’ latest on “buzzwords” may help provide a broader vista than those two opinions provide

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  30. Crazy! Did all of you see the mass readings today?!!!

    About shepherds : Jer 23: 1-6

    Woe to the shepherds
    who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture,
    says the LORD.
    Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel,
    against the shepherds who shepherd my people:
    You have scattered my sheep and driven them away.
    You have not cared for them,
    but I will take care to punish your evil deeds.
    I myself will gather the remnant of my flock
    from all the lands to which I have driven them
    and bring them back to their meadow;
    there they shall increase and multiply.
    I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them
    so that they need no longer fear and tremble;
    and none shall be missing, says the LORD.

    Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD,
    when I will raise up a righteous shoot to David;
    as king he shall reign and govern wisely,
    he shall do what is just and right in the land.
    In his days Judah shall be saved,
    Israel shall dwell in security.
    This is the name they give him:
    “The LORD our justice.”

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  31. Over at The Catholic Thing, “Our Lady Goes to War” by Taynia-Renee Laframboise was published today.

    “A final matter on sin: Fatima underscores for us that sin has not only permanent consequences in eternity but real ramifications in this life as well. The Virgin warns that if people do not convert a worse war will break out.

    That is perhaps something to spend time praying over. What do our daily choices bring upon the world? Conversely, what do our prayers and sacrifices accomplish?

    In a time in which so many feel powerless against the powers-that-be, against the corruption, against the agendas set in motion and the long-plotted evils underway, Mary comes to gather an army. She comes to tell us that we, in our insignificance­, make the difference in this Great Battle. Christ’s remnant flock, clinging to their pious devotions and the Ancient Truths of the Faith. Interceding for the world. Reconciling it to God.

    Evil cannot stand against such humility and sacrifice. Call on the angels encamped around you! The Virgin never loses. She gives weapons fit for children in this spiritual battle. Penance, the Eucharist, Confession, and the Rosary. They cannot backfire. They harm no one. Then pick them up and lay siege.”

    (PS The Virgo Potens image above was with us at the CORAC Conference. A 24″x36″ poster of it is on sale right now at Full of Grace: What a Mama! Throughout her life, she lived the TNRS phrase which Charlie coined for our times. )

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    Yep! We be dealing with a really nice class of “People” ;-(

    Meanwhile in The Great White North.

    Joe Dan always adds humor to What’s Happin’ Now 😉


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  33. It’s been interesting to observe the statements from the individual Bishops concerning each one’s decision about moving forward in light of the new motu propio. In reading an updated report from Catholic News Agency, this passage caught my attention:

    “The new document sets out the responsibilities of bishops whose dioceses already have one or more groups that offer Mass in the extraordinary form, mandating that bishops determine that these groups do not deny the validity of Vatican II and the Magisterium.”

    Particularly, the direction to Bishops that they determine that groups praying the Mass in its extraordinary form not deny the Magisterium, at first, had me shaking my head. Oh yes, there are some folks on the far right who are so pious that they know better than the Magisterium, but the vast majority of TLM Mass goers would give their life’s blood to uphold the Teaching Magisterium; they are orthodox and fully embrace those teachings. It’s what’s been called “the new paradigm” or “Francis’ Magisterium” which has caused so many to take pause and rise up to defend Christ’s actual teachings which no one owns, not even a Pope, for every Pope is entrusted the responsibility to defend and promote it.

    All this is to say, I won’t be surprised if this is just the beginning of more dangerous territory up ahead which we must navigate. I expect the introduction of innovative ideas; ideas presented in the spirit of Vatican II, rather than rooted in the Lord’s teachings. I’d be delighted to discover such as this never materializes. I’m not frightened, not promoting outrage and overheated criticism. Simply pondering anew the awesome trifecta commission entrusted to Charlie which we, too, can live: defend the faith, hearten the faithful and defend the faithful.

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    1. Beckita, something just hit me when I read the article to which you linked: If I understand this correctly (and please correct me if I’m wrong), Pope Francis’ motu proprio has the effect of forbidding all bishops in the world to ever again invite the FSSP into their dioceses, since the FSSP parishes are “personal parishes.”

      Grrrr, and hmmm….

      I wonder whether, in response to this (apparent) reality, good bishops will invite Dominicans into their dioceses, set up personal parishes for them, and ask them to celebrate the Holy Mass in the Dominican Rite’s Extraordinary Form. This would comply with the letter of Pope Francis’ motu proprio, while allowing for the expansion of access to the Holy Mass celebrated in Latin.


        1. Ah… brilliant! I love it when a legal beagle uses his brain and his (episcopal) brawn for the good of Holy Mother Church!


      1. Mick, you’ve given a good example of something I think could well happen.

        First, here’s one article which focuses on their FSSP’s response to the motu proprio (MP).

        You can read in the closing of this piece that Bishop Paprocki is among those bishops who will dispense certain parishes from the MP’s mandate that traditional Masses not be offered at parochial churches. As far as never being allowed to invite the FSSP into the diocese, I wonder how many bishops will buck that via consultation with canon lawyers. I noticed the tenuous language of the MP quoted in this piece: “‘We hope to be able to count on the understanding of the bishops, whose authority we have always respected, and with whom we have always collaborated loyally,’ said the order.”

        I think we can count on faithful bishops to read, study and consult before they make their moves. I can imagine that would be particularly so with those bishops who k.n.o.w. the fruitfulness in bringing the Kingdom more fully to earth in those parishes and groups where the TLM is currently happening. I have no legal training, but I think about building a case to declare this based on the fact that the MT rises from the false premise that the TLM is divisive. This is a generalization and is totally false in the vast majority of places where those who love this form of the Mass worship. Granted the Pope has supreme authority in these things. However, it would be the perfect time to ask this Pope for encounter, dialogue, collegiality, and collaboration in further discussions. And I know that won’t happen… but I think some sort of quiet rebellion will. And, here again, I recall the discussions at TNRS about the times when we would be making decisions based on options we would have never considered were we not living in extremis times.

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  34. Outstanding analysis here:

    As hard and hypocritically as this motu propio has come down, we can take heart, for God has His eye on the sparrow and, in Matthew, Jesus said… and still says:
    “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. …”

    (Resurrected Jesus, thank You for filling us with Your Resurrection Power and for reviving our joy, even in the midst of turmoil.)

    Freedom IS coming… for us all, but my goodness, let’s continue to pray for our South African brothers and sisters who are being hit hard right now.

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    1. Well!
      Considering Swamp DC, The Vatican and any number of other places of corruption, confusion, distraction, division …..& EVIL ……… I guess we must resort to:


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