A Mighty Wind Gathers Force

By Charlie Johnston

As I promised earlier in the week, we have announced our line-up of speakers at the CORAC Conference to be held in the Black Hills from June 25-27. On the dais will be:

David Daleiden: Founder of the Center for Medical Progress – and the single most driven, successful pro-life activist of my lifetime. He is the man who did the undercover video recordings of abortion doctors and activists – revealing the illegal trafficking of fetal body parts and major abuses. For his work, he has been relentlessly persecuted by the denizens of the culture of death – but he persists joyfully in doing God’s work. The evidence is forcing even some establishment media to take notice. Many of you saw Daleiden’s appearance on Tucker Carlson last week – and now this week Newsweek has published an op-ed from him on the University of Pittsburgh’s grotesque fetal experiments and shadowy ties to Planned Parenthood. David will speak on enduring under intense hostile persecution.

Desmond Birch: Author of Trial, Tribulation and Triumph – and perhaps the foremost living eschatologist in the world. Eschatology can be simply described as the study of final things. There is a ton of misinformation out there. Yes, these are the End Times – but many confuse that eschatological term to mean the end of the world. End Times is a specific eschatological term to describe the world since the Resurrection of Christ – NOT the end of time. Birch will speak on what the Church teaches from the perspective of Augustinian eschatology. I have asked him to have a supply of his books available.

Chris Godfrey: The founder of Life Athletes, Godfrey is a passionate advocate for Christian and traditional marriage and family values. His advocacy not only promotes these values as right and true – but as the most effective way to live a joyful and fruitful life, with practical counsel on how to build and sustain healthy families in these times of strife. Godfrey was the starting right guard for the 1987 Superbowl Champion New York Giants. Rumor has it that he will have his Superbowl ring with him.

Jim Graham: President of Texas Right-to-Life, the single strongest right-to-life group in the country. TRTL advocates for life from conception until natural death. It trains and places college students as pro-life coordinators on campuses throughout the state – and is one of the most influential advocacy groups of any type during legislative sessions in Texas. It has just had a very successful session, encouraging the legislature to pass and the governor to sign the Texas Heartbeat Act, banning all elective abortions after a pre-born child’s heartbeat is detected. Graham will talk about how to fight and prevail in a pagan culture.

U.S. Grace Force Podcast: The U.S. Grace Force, founded by Fr. Richard Heilman, is the very archetype of muscular Christianity – living the prayer of doing. I love it! Its popular weekly podcast, hosted by Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry will be taped from the Conference with monitors set up so attendees can watch the taping. While Fr. Heilman will be at his Parish in Wisconsin and Barry will likely be in Texas (though he is trying to re-arrange things so he can physically be in South Dakota with us), the podcast will be focused on CORAC and our speakers.

A fabulous team of volunteers, led by Mary Lapchak, Kris Rehfeld and Sue Domen, has been hard at work for months to put this all together. I look forward to seeing you in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota at the end of June. Register now to reserve your spot!


Last night I watched the Lifetime movie, Christmas a la Mode. It’s a Hallmark-style Christmas movie and I have confessed before that those are one of my sentimental weaknesses. But I have been wanting to watch this one for months because one of our CORAC members, Kathy Harum, plays the mother in this movie. Harum has done some other Hallmark-style movies and had a role in the mainstream Mark Wahlberg vehicle, Patriots Day.

I chuckled because, early on in the movie, Harum is portrayed as someone who always wants to give plenty of leftovers for guests to take home with them. At a presentation I gave in southeast Massachusetts, she gave me a big red tote bag to carry the leftovers the hosts had for me. The bag is so handy, I have been using it since for all sorts of things – and had it sitting beside me as I watched the movie. Life imitates art.

We have a lot of artists, including some actors, who are members and supporters of CORAC and this website. Unfortunately, I hear from more and more of them how “cancel culture” is making opportunities for them increasingly sparse. Mainstream Hollywood actors who are Christian mainly keep their heads low these days. Those involved in non-traditional venues, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and various captive movie channels, are increasingly being frozen out if they make their faith obvious. Thankfully, there are rumblings from places like the Daily Wire (which has set up a film division) and crowdfunding operations such as The Chosen, which will provide some new opportunities for faithful actors. But these are just in embryonic stages – and are not enough to effectively counter the McCarthy-style blacklisting and purging of Christians in the arts and film industries. With all the things going on in the world, righting this ugly wrong is not a priority for me – but opportunistically, if I find ways to help ameliorate it or to help Christians in the professional arts to band together effectively, I will.


One of my favorite artists, the gifted young singer and songwriter, Kay Clarity, has been working hard on “Cassia and Myrhh,” a library of Catholic music designed to help “fumigate” the world, to help lay the foundations of real peace again. There is no charge for the download. She is putting it together in four ‘chapters,’ the first being the Gregorian Chapter – and is currently working on the Hymn Chapter. If you find this a worthy project to support, go here. Regardless, enjoy the music as it is made available. Never underestimate the power of the arts to transform our world. As we each give our little fish to Christ, he multiplies and prepares a banquet for those who love Him!


We have gotten off to an excellent start to our conference fundraising drive. I have only had one complaint come through on the new donation portal – and am convinced that was a browser compatibility issue. Everything else is flowing through swimmingly, and the security protocols are successfully defanging attack efforts thus far.

Thank you for standing with us for faith, family and freedom. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the last lines from Bette Midler’s song, The Rose. It could really be the theme song for my attitude in these ugly times. So many see decay and collapse proceeding with vigor around us. I do, too. But what I see most clearly are the early signs of renewal and rebirth – and sometimes, I tear up with joy contemplating God’s tender mercies for us, when we have earned nothing but rebuke. I’ll just end with those lines that keep running through my head (with the edit of one word):

“Just remember, in the winter,

Far beneath the bitter snows,

Lies the seed that, with the Son’s love,

In the spring, becomes the rose.”

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155 thoughts on “A Mighty Wind Gathers Force

  1. What a heartening post! Beautiful things are happening such that the dunghill is noticed, but not the center of attention. Hope abounds on the Horizon of a New Dawn. Maranatha!

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  2. This is soooo beautiful, Charlie!!!

    “I have been thinking a lot lately about the last lines from Bette Midler’s song, The Rose. It could really be the theme song for my attitude in these ugly times. So many see decay and collapse proceeding with vigor around us. I do, too. But what I see most clearly are the early signs of renewal and rebirth – and sometimes, I tear up with joy contemplating God’s tender mercies for us, when we have earned nothing but rebuke. I’ll just end with those lines that keep running through my head (with the edit of one word):”

    It brought tears to my eyes too!!!

    Lots of little signs today which inspires me to think…yes…God is working miracles of mercy in all of our lives!🥰

    Firstly, my sailor brother and his wife are in some pretty heavy air! He sent a picture of the radar all around them in the Atlantic and they were/are in a ring of fire of bright red storms. Hopefully they are out of it currently! They have St Brendan blessed medallion in their galley (blessed by Fr Francis) and I always ask Stella Maris to be with them too!!!

    This piece of Charlie’s has a sailboat ⛵️ with the title, “A mighty wind gathers force!”

    Secondly, my bro’s sojourn made me think of Kay Clarity’s beautiful vocal piece, Stella Maris aka star of the sea!!! I couldn’t remember her last name and voila…there she is! (Of course Charlie made clear to me her last name in the comment earlier today 😀

    Thirdly, My son Frankie has been sending me pics all day of his new backyard with lots and lots of knock out roses 🌹!!! Ha!!! And Charlie’s piece ends with beautiful red roses 🌹 and signs of hope!!!

    I dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️ coincidental?!??

    I think not.

    I agree with Charlie! I believe “God’s tender mercies,” are beginning to bud! Signs!!! Just imagine what more she has coming! Oh the joy of watching God reveal Himself to our poor bleeding world! What joy it is to be a herald and a witness to the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary! Ave Maria Stella Maris 🥰🌹✝️⛵️🇺🇸📿🙏🌊🐿🐶

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      1. Ha, Linda! I just assumed that the “she” was referring to Our Lady, Stella Maris. 🙂

        Prayers for your brother and sister-in-law, and for your little unborn grandbabies. See you at the Zoom in a few hours?

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    1. Linda: when you said that you always pray to the Stella Maris for your brother on his ship, that reminded me of the passage in the life of the Blessed Virgin by Mary of Agreda (private revelation) where she describes the journey of Mary with St. John to Ephesus by sea:

      “With the compassion of a most loving Mother for those who trusted their lives to the indomitable
      fury of the sea in navigating over its waves, She most fervently besought the Almighty to protect from its dangers all who should call upon her name and ask for her intercession. The Lord immediately granted this petition and promised to favor whoever upon the sea should carry some image of Her and should sincerely look upon this Star of the sea, most blessed Mary, for help in its perils”.

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      1. Oh jaykay that is soooo beautiful 🥰 my brother and wife are soooo appreciative of all our prayers and they are aware of you guys praying for them too. I thank God they are safely moored in Sandy Hook, NJ!

        Thank you for sharing the description of the journey of Mary of Agreda with St John to Ephesus by sea!!! That is just splendid!!!

        I shared with them last night Kay clarity’s song, “Star of the sea!” There is just something so mysterious about the power of the ocean. Even Lake Erie can be dangerous in gale force winds. One race we were in when I was a kid, two grown men lost their lives when there sailboat ⛵️ capsized! We were out there at times when we had no business to be out there but weather can kick up whenever it wants!😂 long races. No cell phones back then.

        Always better to simply pray to Our Mother Ave Maria Stella Maris 🥰🥰🥰

        Thanks for sharing jaykay

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      2. Jaykay do you know how far and long this journey by sea it was for Our Blessed Mother and St John to Ephesus? This is all very 🧐 interesting

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        1. Linda, good question! The account in the book isn’t really all that specific but it says they started from the port of Joppa, now Jaffa, which is on the Mediterranean coast of present-day Israel and Ephesus is/was in present-day Turkey on the coast facing Greece, south of modern Izmir. So that’s a journey of some hundreds of miles. Given that the small ships of those days always tried to follow the coast where possible (no compasses & navigating by the stars and landmarks) it would have taken probably a couple of months, as they had to depend on favourable winds and would have called at many ports along the way, for supplies, trading etc.

          The actual remains of Our Lady’s house are preserved outside ancient Ephesus, and they were found owing to a 19th century French missionary Priest following the very clear description of another visionary, Bl. Catherine Emmerich, which is a fascinating story in itself:

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          1. Jaykay that is truly fascinating!!! It’s just amazing to think of the journey at sea that our Lady took!!! That puts a whole new meaning on Stella Maris Star of the sea!!! Thank you for all the hard work you did in sharing this info with me!!! Just amazing!!! God bless you!🥰⛵️🌹🙏✝️

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  3. Love the Rose – a great song for the Rescue. I had it played at my wedding – because my husband and I had been through a lot before we were married and I thought it was appropriate.

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  4. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉



    The below piece I found interesting. It’s a Point-Out from a site I frequent. I think it’s essentially correct on what we are seeing unfold the past few years.







    Nothing To See Here!! …. Move Along!!

    NOT TO WORRY! Disarming Legal/Producer Class Citizens will prevent unnecessary bloodshed …& loss of Democrat Voters … See!!???




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  5. Daniel O’Connor has an amazing post (ebook) that everyone should read and re-read. 33 Truths that will never change and will help all to wade through the muck today and in the future.

    Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap; or, Keeping Your Head Screwed-On Straight
    by Daniel O’Connor

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    1. Indeed, Daniel rocks. He’s been a long time friend here AND was featured as a guest columnist back at TNRS. One of my favorite pieces which he wrote was fittingly entitled: “Remnant Faithful: We Need the Chastisements Also.”

      As Charlie noted about Daniel’s most recent release: “…this piece is absolutely breathtaking in its scope and originality of thought, while staying fully grounded in logic and evidence.” Praying that Daniel continues to be overshadowed by Holy Spirit.

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        1. I did that earlier today, Beckita, after linking to his writing from Spiritdaily. I admire his integrity, honesty, logic, etc. etc.

          “…..see decay and collapse proceeding…” around us, yay! I was just telling my husband about this, God exposing the darkness as part of the “cleanup”. As others have noted, Gates has been knocked from his pedestal by all the negative things written about him since the divorce was announced. Happy to see now that more and more is being exposed about Fauci’s evil plans. It’s pretty much out now that he was involved with funding “the lab”, and was behind “change of function” research. Maybe it was Gateway Pundit that said he, Fauci, is responsible for many deaths. I would strongly agree, but we’ll leave that to God to sort out!

          So come on, Lord, keep exposing the evil one and all who help him! Come Holy Spirit!!

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      1. I would say it’s essential reading for everyone! It’s brimming with material which fosters a healthy mindset for the roughest patches yet to come.

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  6. Hahahaha Charlie!!! I watched the trailer for Christmas ala mode!!! It looks wonderful!!!! I like the guys name is Charlie and he likes ice cream too!!! Ha!!! Mike n I have GOT to see that one!! 😂 🍦


  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉







    Something BIG is going on with the entire ChinaPlague Fiasco. I’m hoping/praying that Great Global Re-Set Conspiracy will be exposed!









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    1. Btw mike and I were watching either Tucker or newsmax last week (we were switching back and forth) so I can’t remember which one it was on, but the Chinese man that often comes on says China is now working on a new virus that will infect all people but NOT Asian people! 😫 I’ll keep looking for the link.


      1. We’ve known the Storm will get mightily tough and that lots of changes are coming. Jesus, we trust in You as we remain steady, each one manning the post marked out for us.

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            1. PGS. I might be able to remember the order that way🤔 I remember when we used to race sailboats ⛵️ as a kid, I couldn’t remember which was port and which was starboard to save my life!🤣 finally I resolved it in my head that port and starboard when looking towards the bow where exactly the same as P.S. aka post script! From then on, when looking towards the Bow I knew which side was port and which side was starboard 🥳 whatever side the sails were on was the side you were on. This was important on races for the boats on starboard had the right of way. So if another sailboat was coming at you on port, they had to steer away from you. In the beginning of any race it was always desirable to go over the starting line on starboard. Sailboat racing was always very strategic! My dad was amazing on race starts! Desmond you know all this stuff too 🤣

              So circling back…PGS … “pg” is a good movie rating🤣 and then tack on the “s!” Lol

              I’m such a weirdo 🤣😂🥳🎉

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            2. Beckita I think I’m remembering incorrectly about right of way. I think if your sail is on the port side you have right of way. The air comes across your starboard side.

              Rule 1: When you are on the same tack as the other boat, the leeward boat has the right-of-way. Rule 2: When you are on opposite tacks, the starboard tack boat has the right-of-way. Rule 3: If you are overtaking the other boat, or it is overtaking you, the boat ahead (the overtaken boat) has the right-of-way.

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              1. This is in Desmond’s area of expertise, Linda. I’m the wild Peace Corps Volunteer who boarded a Danish logging ship, ready to earn my passage by working in the kitchen where no one spoke English, only to be refused entry into the galley – conveyed in an English-Danish-sign language way – as there had been a mutiny the day before with disgusted sailors tossing their plates as frisbies at the cook. I still laugh about my tugboat on the Atlantic which was caught in mighty waves and chugged along while we chased our soup bowls sliding all over the table on which we were eating. Gearing up for another wild ride through an even mightier Storm. 🙂

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                1. Oh Beckita that is a beaut of a seaworthy story!!! Hilarious about the sailors mutiny!!! You should really write a memoir about your life’s experiences!!! 😂⛵️📿🐿

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                    1. I don’t expect to have much time for anything other than ASOH, CORAC and the many and varied duties that accompany being a Nana active in the lives of her grandchildren as well as a Mother Superior offering the care needed by the good Padre here. Before I pick up the pen, I’ll first need a nice long nap after Our Lady launches her promised Era of Peace. 😉

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                    2. Oh what a glorious day that will be!!! I often think about “Anne, the lay apostles,” vision of heaven when she saw St Clare talking to a group of people who followed her closely and I can’t help thinking of Charlie talking to all of us someday in a CoRaC abode!!! Lots of squirrels 🐿 would be there too I 🤔 think 🤔😂🙏✝️📿🐶 and maybe puppies and Charlie’s angel 😇 of course!

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        1. Inspiring picture and quote, Beckita. It reminded me of Queen Esther;

          “And Mordecai told them to answer Esther: “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews. For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

          Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai: “Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!”.


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  8. Your Prayers needed desperately!
    Thank you for this post, Charlie. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes too, but for a different reason than most. I have spent that last six days in a hospital in Santa Rosa CA, to be with my fiancee, Phyllis, who was involved in a terrible accident last Sunday. We had decided to get married only two weeks ago. Phyllis has been living with friends in Lake County, Ca, where the accident occurred.

    She was involved in a head-on, collision with a small truck and was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. No one knew where she was until that afternoon when I finally called the CHP after not hearing anything from her. The ICU nurse gave me a list of her injuries, which included a fractured pelvis, broken ribs, broken jaw, broken clavicle and scapula, facial fracture and some bleeding and a bruise on her brain. She also had a blood clot in her leg. Her breathing is being assisted by a ventilator until she regains consciousness.

    They operated on her pelvis on Wednesday, which took about three hours, but appears to have been successful. They also inserted a little filter in her vein to make sure the blood clot did not get up to her lungs. I was able to talk to the neurologist today and he said the two CAT scans they have done show that the bleeding in her head is getting better.

    She has been unconscious since they brought her in, but she did open her eyes just a little this morning. They say being unconscious is normal for such a trauma, as the brain has to go through a kind of reset, but she has been unconscious now for six days and they are worried that it could possibly be a permanent condition. We saw the car yesterday and it is so mangled, especially on the drivers side, that it is a miracle she lived at all. Her brain probably had a severe jolt from such an impact. They are doing an MRI today to see if they can determine the cause of her unconsciousness. We are getting the results tomorrow (Saturday).

    So, please, please, all who read this, pray for healing for Phyllis. She has had a lot of ups and downs in her life, as have I. I lost my wife five years ago so we both saw our wedding as a wonderful way to get older together with a little peace (she is 75 and I am 78). She is a wonderful, caring woman, with a big heart and not an ounce of guile in her. This is a picture I sent her the Sunday she was injured, and which she never saw. It is of the first roses to appear in my garden this year, and the reason the song had such an impact on me. It gave me a good reason to express in tears the tremendous ache in my heart.
    Thank you for all your prayers.

    God bless,
    Robert Johnson

    “Hi, Philly, these are my first roses from my new garden, just for you! Love, Bobsie”

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    1. So sorry to hear of Phyllis’ terrible accident. I will pray hard for God’s healing hand to touch her and heal her of all of the many conditions afflicting her. God bless you both. I send you both much love and prayers. Dolordee

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    2. Robert, Keeping your Phyllis and you in prayer. Praying a PMT and asking Our Lady to send you angels to strengthen and console you both. 🙏🔥♥️

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    3. Robert, I am praying for Phyllis to health and recover in haste. Bless your heart for your sweet call to prayer for your dear one! May you and all who love and care for her be consoled. ❤

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    4. Dear Robert, I am so so sorry to hear this sad news. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering where your emails went. Now I know. I wish you peace during this difficult time. I am praying a special Chaplet for Phyllis this morning. I pray the MRI will give more answers. Dear Jesus and Mother Mary, please bring Phyllis back to full recovery so that she and Bob can finish out their final years together. God’s Will be done.

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    5. Robertjohnson6211 I will be praying for your Phyllis and for you too like crazy!!! I am so so so sorry to hear of this😫 Funny how Charlie’s 🌹 roses had such a deeper meaning for me and my son too! My son has been sending me pics of his new backyard and knock out roses 🌹 all day! (My son has been through a lot this past year and I took it as a sign all will be well) I’m going to pray to St Raphael inin Charlie’s prayer of miraculous trust! God bless you Robert!!! I pray beautiful Phyllis will be 100% healed🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️🌹🌹🌹

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    6. Robert, I’m joining all in prayer for God to heal Phyllis. May He also give you strength during this time.

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    7. Praying for Phyllis and for you Robert !

      Praying for a beautiful miracle of healing for Phyllis.

      Including you both in my Rosary.

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    8. Praying for your beloved Phyllis, Robert! May her healing be swift and complete, and may the tender angels of God keep you in His perfect peace.

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  9. THE PRODUCT of Western education, from the mouths of babes.

    The mother’s reactions are priceless.
    Her daughter’s words are deeply disturbing.

    We need to build up Christian home schooling more than ever while, at the same time, we tear down the entire public education system.

    Please forgive us, Lord Jesus.

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      At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying,
      “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
      And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said,
      “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,
      you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
      Whoever humbles himself like this child,
      he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
      Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me;
      but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
      it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck
      and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt 18:1-6)

      Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray.
      The disciples rebuked the people;
      but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them;
      for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
      And he laid his hands on them and went away. (Mt 19:13-15)

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      1. Thinking of homeschooling and raising kids in these perilous times reminds me to thank you.

        Patrick of SD, you were instrumental in getting me to pick up the 7 Hail Marys in honor of Our Lady’s seven sorrows again. The devotion has been an additional source of Peace an hope in some trying times. I thank you!

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉








    …. & the Problem, like HERE, is NOT “White Supremacists”!



    …… besides driving US further into National Banckruptcy…
    …. and the USA run by godless Communists using The Cloward–Piven Strategy plus Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” ;-(


    Will Israel sign their own Death Warrant by ignoring this?


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  11. Linda, good question! The account in the book isn’t really all that specific but it says they started from the port of Joppa, now Jaffa, which is on the Mediterranean coast of present-day Israel and Ephesus is/was in present-day Turkey on the coast facing Greece, south of modern Izmir. So that’s a journey of some hundreds of miles. Given that the small ships of those days always tried to follow the coast where possible (no compasses & navigating by the stars and landmarks) it would have taken probably a couple of months, as they had to depend on favourable winds and would have called at many ports along the way, for supplies, trading etc.

    The actual remains of Our Lady’s house are preserved outside ancient Ephesus, and they were found owing to a 19th century French missionary Priest following the very clear description of another visionary, Bl. Catherine Emmerich, which is a fascinating story in itself:

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  12. Hey Charlie! Just wanted to tell you that I’m glad your back home and resting up and to tell you thank you for traveling 🧳 all around the country for us all from last November until when you returned home!!! That was mightily generous of you to help hearten us all!!! God bless you dear friend of God!🥰🐿🐶👏😇

    I think you deserve an 👏 applause and gratitude too!

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  13. Regarding better movies etc, pro-life Randall Terry and his family of 5 sons are finishing a first class movie to find a distributor. I’ve contributed to and critiqued the film over these last few years — called Time Boys, I believe. Plus they’re building studios to make more; as discerned in prayer. ( they’re the ones featured in news last year appearing at political rallies and singing a full length song titled —heh, “CNN sucks”. On that note — Maranatha!

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  14. Holy God We Praise Thy Name (also frequently sung on Trinity Sunday)
    Holy God, we praise Thy Name;
    Lord of all, we bow before Thee!
    All on earth Thy scepter claim,
    All in Heaven above adore Thee;
    Infinite Thy vast domain,
    Everlasting is Thy reign.

    Hark! the loud celestial hymn
    Angel choirs above are raising,
    Cherubim and seraphim,
    In unceasing chorus praising;
    Fill the heavens with sweet accord:
    Holy, holy, holy, Lord.

    Spare Thy people, Lord, we pray,
    By a thousand snares surrounded:
    Keep us without sin today,
    Never let us be confounded.
    Lo, I put my faith in Thee;
    Never, Lord, abandon me.

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    1. This song is one of my favorites and never ceases to fill me with wonder and joy! The choir sang it at mass today. Just lovely.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉



    I have NO DOUBT that ChinaPlague was/is a Chinese BioWeapon! … and Dr Death Fauci & his NIH/CDC/WHO Pals were complicit in it’s design!

    I’m’ calling the entire BlueState ChinaPlague Shutdowns what they are:
    Domestic Terrorism and Criminal Conspiracy “Under the Color of Law”!



    The ChinaJoe Administration be hidin’ ALL kinds of Negative Republic Destroying Policies/Personnel/News!





    Let US Pray! …. that the Democrat/Media/Dominion Scandal is Blown Wide Open!! THEY are Rich, Powerful & Evil. Get Ready for Fireworks!



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    1. I haven’t been on for a while, trying to catch up again, but I am still praying for all here, you and your intentions are in my prayers often.
      Update on my husband, he didn’t get the second jab. Here is the miracle:
      He had every intention on getting the second one even though the first one advanced his muscle disease. He is still in intense pain from the first one.
      The morning of his appointment I prayed a 20 decade Rosary, went to Confession and Mass and offered it up for him.
      When I came home he was still intending on going, no matter the videos we showed him from doctors giving evidence that this wasn’t good. His mental health hasn’t been the best lately, either, so that has made matters a little more challenging.
      My last chance was talking about the shedding that this jab does, and how it can affects others, especially our daughter. Didn’t work. He left anyway. I was unusually calm and had faith and trust that God’s will would be done in this but my daughter’s anxiety was in high gear. Looking for some last minute advice I shot off a text to our sweet Kris Rehfeld. She suggested a PMT and to plead the Precious Blood of Jesus over him. So Chels and I each prayed a PMT and the prayer of The Precious Blood of Jesus, (we were praying it at the time his appointment was supposed to start), and about 15 minutes later he called and said he was sitting in the parking lot and hadn’t gotten it! Thank you Lord!
      He had gone in to his appointment and talked to the nurse and asked her about some of the things I had showed him, and she confirmed they were true! She proceeded to suggest that since his muscle disease hadn’t calmed down and that the jab raises blood pressure in diabetics, that he not get the shot yet, and he listened! None of the four doctors that he had seen between the first jab and the appt for the second would confirm that his muscle disease advancement was the result of the jab.
      The miracles? I believe it was the Lord sending the right spiritual advice and putting the right nurse in place. So I guess we got a twofer. This doesn’t mean he isn’t planning on getting it in the future, because he is, but for now, I’ll take this little step and leave the future in the hands of the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary.
      Thank you all for your prayers. You are my blessings.

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      1. I forgot to give Ya a report on my Medicare “Wellness” Check a couple of weeks ago.
        The nurse asked me, along with a bunch of other questions, if I got De Jab and I said: No! … and I had no intention of ever getting it. She just smiled and nodded.
        Likewise the Doc had nothing to say either.
        I got the feeling that neither of them were De Jab Fans but had to be careful about what they said.

        The News, EVERYDAY, reinforces my belief that something VERY SINISTER is going on here and elsewhere.
        THEY are becoming very agitated that RESISTANCE is building, their goal of near 100% Compliance fading and evidence of malfeasance growing faster than THEY can Cover-It-Up.


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉 Happy Memorial Day!






    HullyGee!!! … Where’s ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WashPo!!??

    PC/WOKE Madness will not end well!










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  17. In honor of all our soldiers and Our Blessed Mother on the feast of the Visitation.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    Known But to God










    I picked up a used book at The Friends of the Library Store called “The Matarese Countdown” (1997) by Rbt. Ludlum. I’m sure I read the 1st Matarese book years ago… Anyway!…. The Matarese of Ludlum’s imagination, 25+ years ago, sound frighteningly similar to the evil Global “Elite” Great Reset Gang of today.
    I just hope/pray there are Good-Guys to counter them for our “Book’s” happy ending!


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  19. Adding to CD’s and Phillip Frank’s posts: (https://rumble.com/vhp8e1-massive-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html )
    from another expert:
    —Bridle concluded:
    “We made a big mistake; we didn’t realize it until now. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen. We never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people, we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin. Some people, this gets into circulation, and when that happens, in some people, they can cause damage, especially to the cardiovascular system.”

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    1. Thanks for posting this Sorrowful. There is so much “new” information coming out now and I’m sure there will be more as our brother and sisters who took the jab get sick.
      The big question: do we share this with those who have taken the jab? It’s like living with a timebomb inside you. The “high concentration found in ovaries” really caught my eye, since I believe that this jab was a way to control population from the start.

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      1. As for me, I wouldn’t share it after the fact. Most likely, a wall would go up because of the fear evoked. Rather, I would share before when possible and be at the ready to advise one who has had it to turn to God seeking His Mercy and Healing.

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      2. I agree with Beckita, SanSan. Been troubled by this as well. Beloved family members, including one daughter, have succumbed to the pressure. I am printing articles to educate my husband who is considering the inoculation. Sigh and cry…. Today, in frustration I asked myself, “what can we do to mitigate the possible side affects of this?” I’m sick and tired of the dread! Tell me something good!
        I broke down and cried…. at work….. after reading another article. I was then reminded that I was asking the wrong person-namely me-for relief. A voice whispered to my heart, “cut to the end of this article”. I did, and was a bit heartened. We can give them things to do….things not to do….and hope they listen.
        Dr. Mercola is my go to, and this is another article I printed out for my beloved husband and best friend to read. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/05/30/covid-19-vaccines-causing-damage.aspx
        I hope it will help.

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    2. Thank you, FortheSakeof… I keep collecting these links, etc. and adding to my collection! Three of the four kids have not been “jabbed”, one had to for work (J and J), and the 2 grandkids had to for college! I agree with what Beckita said below; I won’t share fearful things with anyone who has already been “vaxxed”. I just keep praying that the Precious Blood of Christ purifies them!

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      1. Awesome!!! Thanks Beckita!!! I’m practicing so I can post pics of our first two grandkids coming any day!!! They were both miracles from you, Beckita and everyone here that prayed along!!! Ha!!! God is amazing…we all only prayed for one… but He through the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal…doubled the request!!!😂🥰🙏✝️🐿📿🐶🌹♥️

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          1. Amen Beckita!!! Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jaxon was born on Corpus Christi Sunday?!?! Soooo exiting!!! Actually First Friday would be good too or First Saturday for Our Lady!!! 🤔 🥰🙏✝️🌹🐿🐶♥️📿

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    We know that God will always supply enough Good-Guys to win the War but there will be many battles and setbacks before that Day of Victory so…
    As we would say in the Ol’ AF: Suck It Up & Press On!


    SCOTUS Weigh Critical Religious-Rights Case


    The U.S. Military’s Love of America



    Nothing to see here! Move Along!!




    How’s that Police Demonization & De-Funding working for Ya!??
    Not to Worry! That “Civilian” National Security Force that BO dreamed about will come to your rescue!




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  21. So many signs of roses throughout this post that St. Therese of Lisieux must be involved. Thank you all for sharing such wonderful insights. They ALL hearten my faith.
    As for the song, “The Rose,” as a young girl, I was asked to sing that as a solo at Mass after Communion and I received a lot of accolades. For so long, that memory had bothered me because I thought the movie was so profane that the song did not deserve to be a part of our beautiful liturgy. Charlie’s and all your reflections have allowed me to heal and be proud of that moment in my young life instead of ashamed.
    All your intentions are mine throughout the novena to the Sacred Heart, those you have mentioned and those that you hold close to your heart in silence. Peace be to all here.

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    1. Just think of Charlie’s edit of the one word- “with the Son’s love” , in the spring, becomes the rose.

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    2. Ah, I am glad this helped you to look back at it differently, Marisa. I am always on the lookout for beauty and truth among otherwise profane things. I sometimes ponder the fact that the apparition at Lourdes occurred at what was a local garbage dump was a hint to us to see beuty where it is – and let it baptize the ugliness that sometimes surrounds us.


  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    A bit late …. by several decades …. irreparable damage done!
    When Marxist Perverts infiltrate Church HQs ;-(

    Damage like below:

    I’d Bet the Farm the guy below is essentially correct! Thanks to Trump we had four more years and THEY in their frenzy to depose him exposed themselves whole rotten Global/DC/Media/BigTech Re-Set Cabal.

    One Day before Flag Day!


    THEY must keep the ChinaPlague Hysteria at a fever pitch, attempt to deflect or hide any negative info/stats and stifle/destroy those seeking Truth/Justice!



    Let’s Pray that none here find ourselves “In the Gravest Extreme”. However!!
    We used to be safe in our beds because Rough Men stood ready in the night to visit harm upon evil doers.
    Those Rough Men, LEO & Military, have been hamstrung, vilified and demoralized by 60 years of PC-BS, the godless Left and their “Culture of Woke”.
    YOU may be that Rough Man/Woman Standing Ready!





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      1. Yesterday Beckita, I read a request reportedly from St. Michael to Luz de Maria On May 27, 2017 – https://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/english.htm


        FOR JUNE 15.

        I bless you; do not be afraid, be one. Take action; do not be afraid, convert.

        In the unity of the Sacred Hearts,…” <3<3

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        1. Thanks, Jen. I realize that many are following this alleged seer. I think of many things in discerning these alleged messages.

          I think of Desmond’s caution… paraphrasing now: When the Bishop of someone who publicly posts messages remains silent, that carries supreme weight compared to a Bishop from outside that alleged seer’s Diocese weighing in on authenticity. Why? Because the way the Church works is that it is the Bishop of a seer’s Diocese who has the sole authority and responsibility to set up an official investigation and make a decision concerning authenticity. We can all have opinions of discernment, including clerics. But the SOLE responsibility for a declaration belongs to the local ordinary.

          I also think of Daniel O’Connor’s wisdom in his newly released piece – filled with the marriage of faith and reason in its teachings and counsel. A major point of caution made is to treat no alleged or even an authentic seer as an oracle.

          It’s essential to pray for the conversion of souls. My Goodness! I’d wager the majority of those who are in our community have prayed for this intention for years and years now. We had a global event of praying for souls a mere few weeks ago when we celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday. Even if ALL of Luz’s messages are not authentic, this is a good initiative to pray in a concerted way for conversion of souls. I wonder however it will be accomplished on a global scale? (BTW, Daniel also pointed out that the idea of blessing grapes on which to survive if a famine emerges – which is also in Luz’s alleged messages – originally comes from a condemned series of messages.) But it is also wisdom to keep in mind these cautions which have been expressed in this community, along with the more than 80 pieces which Charlie wrote back at TNRS concerning interpreting prophetic utterances.

          Ever united in prayer with those praying for conversion. For those who may have missed Daniel’s latest: https://dsdoconnor.com/

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          1. Thank you for that important caution to us all, Beckita. I was shared the source you inquired about as I saw it too and I read Luz’s and others messages with a grain of salt. I trust God, I observe man. 😉

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          2. I agree with everything Daniel O’Connor said about “seers”. I have prayerful discernment over everything I read. But when I saw “Global Prayer for Conversions on June 15th” – what’s not to love about that? I shared it with friends and they share it with friends – it was a statement with no link to where it came from. You opened that envelope Beckita.
            We may not get “global”, but so what – more people in prayer – that’s a good thing. My goodness, must everything be so “grave” and “dangerous”.


            1. Of course prayer is always good, San San. No quibbles there. 🙂 But for those weak in understanding prophecy, the thinking can go that since the call for prayer is good, all of this messenger bearer’s words are good. As Daniel noted: Blessed Grapes” are from a strongly condemned apparition(San Damiano), a condemnation which remains in force(it is a full-blown “constat de non,” not a mere “non constat”), and promoting this apparition’s messages is an act of disobedience.”

              And: ” Fixation upon food purity and medicine purity can be a serious distraction and a trap, and you do not at all need to start an organic farm, or have a pantry stocked full of medicinal plants or essential oils, to be ready for the Chastisements. Although Luz has received Imprimaturs, Imprimaturs only assert that the text they apply to is free of heresy (I am not accusing her of any); not that it is of supernatural origin or that it has no errors of other sorts. Mystical phenomena must be carefully scrutinized by the Church; and even when valid, do not themselves indicate that 100% of a seer’s messages are 100% supernatural.”

              So Daniel’s opening and closing line is a serious concern, just as it has been here and at TNRS. And it’s why I shared the link again.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉



    The people we are dealing with today in the radicalized Democrat Party (EU Equivalent) are the very same type who staged the Paris Commune, Bolshevik Russian Revolution and all their Commie/Nazi spawn that killed 100 MILLION+ people in the 20th Century.
    We may learn in the next 10 years that THEY have “pulled-off” the greatest Human Mass Extinction Event in History with the ChinaPlague Op! ;-(



    We better be working on Our Spiritual Aspect for what’s coming! Sadly I don’t see much Faith in God factored-in with most of The Good Guys I follow ;-(



    I lived in Rochester, 53-56, when it was a nice place. I remember going to Mass in a big beautiful Pre-Vatican II Church. Gone With The Wind I’d expect ;-(



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    1. Thanks always, CD! I used to subscribe to the Wanderer print version years ago; glad to see it online. Great article on Dunkirk, and the movie about the event was so powerful and moving.

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    1. Thanks, Patricia! One of the ways we killed the ability of trolls and bots to attack was to put pre-defined donation portals – which are harder for malicious actors to manipulate. It is part of a host of new security, hardening the portal…but it treats everything like a “sale.” Not to worry, if you get any merchandise from us, you don’t have to return it. 😉


  24. Hi Y’all,
    Fr Cedric hits this one out of the ball park!!!
    Starts at 9:30 minute mark

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    …. and why there is CORAC, guys like Archbishop Vigano & Pastor Coverstone plus many other Grassroots movements Out-There attempting to Man the Wall, Watch & Warn. The Remnant that was foretold ….. Ya Ready!??



    YUP! BO’s Nightmare of a Transformed USA into a Third World BigTech Fiefdom.



    I’d guess that the Economist knows that HyperInflation is part of The Agenda to Transform America … & Europe …. Great Re-Set …. Ya Know ;-(


    Power Grid Next!? De Feral Gubermint was, seriously, warned near 20 years ago about EMP and other threats to The Grid. NO Substantial FIX done!!





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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉







    A forgotten part of US History is the fact that we had Troops in Russia (1918-19) fighting with White Russians and WWI Allies. Sadly, it was not well planned or supported back home.
    I’d still like to know why England/France didn’t declare war on Soviet Russia in 1939 since THEY invaded Poland too. Of course I know the reason, the Reds had already infiltrated the Gubermints and Academia of the West to include the USA and Vatican ;-( THE REDS are more entrenched NOW … as we can plainly see on a daily basis. ;-(


    We are fixing to find out if THEY can keep a “Lid on It” to please their China Masters? This could be the Trigger for serious Unpleasantness! Get Ready!






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  27. I’m sitting here with Jesus at adoration…prayed for you all 😂 but there’s a Bible here now (no masks!!! Yay) I opened up to Ezekiel and that strange beast in the sky . Does anyone know here how that ties into today’s times?


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