Lazarus, Come Forth!

By Charlie Johnston

In the weeks before Napoleon’s invasion of Moscow, the aristocratic and military grandees of Russia both shined and stank like the proverbial rotten mackerel in the moonlight. Ambitious young grandees and lieutenants schemed against their superiors (and betters) hoping to usurp their authority by sliming them. Self-absorbed, arrogant little snots either did not understand the peril the country was in or did not care – so long as their influence was augmented. Then the invasion came and all the petty schemers scattered like so many cockroaches at the flick of a light switch. It was the ordinary people of Moscow – and the great general in chief of the armies, Mikhail Kutuzov, who rescued Mother Russia and repelled the French invader. Kutuzov invented the original “rope-a-dope” strategy, avoiding engaging the stronger French forces in direct battle, but drawing it further and deeper into the country with winter coming on. The sudden turn in French forces from the greatest fighting force in the world to a rabble in frantic retreat became one of the greatest military disasters in history. Only one in five of the original French invaders made it back alive to France. When the dust cleared, a generation of Russian petty social climbers saw their ambitions permanently crushed while serious men firmly took the helm of state for nearly another century.

Right now, communist activists have completely taken over the once-proud Democratic Party and are trying to impose their will on the rest of the country. Like Napoleon before Moscow, they look invincibly powerful to many. Certainly, the day does not go by without new outrages coming from the walled city that was once the Capitol of the Free World. But as is frequently the case, looks can be deceiving. Napoleon actually expected that once he took Moscow he would be welcomed by Russians as their liberator. He was stunned to find the city and country united in opposing him as the grand usurper. He delayed his retreat for over a month, waiting for the hosannah’s and celebrations that were never to come.

I believe that Joe Biden and whoever is pulling his strings is in the same situation as Napoleon was upon his entry to Moscow. He is issuing a showy and frothy wave of edicts, piling absurdity upon absurdity, attempting even to erect a police state to protect his political allies and criminalize his political opponents. I have maintained from the start that this rickety contrivance is not going to get very far before collapsing in on itself.

Our actual Constitution confines the federal government to very few powers that are strictly limited, while giving the states many powers that are very broad. For over a century, the federal government (with the collaboration of the courts) has been usurping powers that are not enumerated to it but are reserved to the states. Enacting a permanent federal income tax was a godsend to the federal government – and just the food needed to grow an efficient small bureaucracy into a bloated monstrosity. It allowed the feds to bribe states with their own citizens’ money into ceding implicit power to the feds. The federal government has become fat on powers it does not formally have while the states have become emaciated, their vigor atrophied by effectively ceding away powers they actually do formally have. Like an alcoholic, a government that starts voraciously consuming what it is not entitled to is never satiated, no matter how soused it becomes.

Now Joe Biden, the beneficiary of massive fraud that the courts, state legislators and all the other powers that be refuse to do an investigation of, has started ruling by unilateral edicts that would make the old autocratic Czars of Russia blush. On Thursday he issued his decision on new gun control measures without benefit of legislative input or votes. He assures us they are not unconstitutional. Ha! The very fact that he issued the decrees rather than pushing for legislation is, itself, unconstitutional – never mind the toxic substance of his “plans.” The pagan left’s plan for controlling gun violence is always to disarm potential victims while releasing actual criminals from jail. It is all become a parody of American government and history that, if submitted as fiction in the 60’s or 70’s would have been dismissed as absurdly implausible.

In 2 Kings, the High Priest Hilkiah discovered the books of Jewish Law that had been lost for over six decades while the people worshipped pagan idols. It led to a renewal of the Jewish people, who discovered there was a better way than wallowing in idol worship and blood sacrifice. Now state governors around the country are discovering that the Constitution actually makes their states vigorous and powerful while keeping the federal government on a tight leash and narrowly drawn.

I said back in January that nullification was going to become a big issue this year. It has begun. This week, the Arizona legislature enacted a law instructing its law enforcement officers that they must NOT cooperate with any federal laws, rules, or executive edicts against American’s Constitutional gun rights. Even before Biden’s edict, Texas and Oklahoma had begun to take steps to do the same. Watch a raft of states follow. Florida, Georgia and Texas have ordered that there be no mandatory Covid Vaccine passports in their states, no matter what the feds say. Even as you read this, more states are preparing to do the same.

I said in January that it would take until the end of March for people to really begin to wrap their minds around what has happened to the country. We now know that there was a mostly peaceful protest in Washington on Jan. 6, but full-scale rioting and insurrection in many of our cities last year. The pagan left, including the Democrats and establishment media, supported the rioters and want to make political prisoners of any who protest for a conservative or Christian cause. Of the five people who died on Jan 6 in Washington out of the one and a half million there, the coroner has determined decisively that three died of natural causes while only one was killed – a Trump supporter by Capitol Police. The fifth, officer Brian Sicknick, probably died of a stroke (at least that’s what his family thinks) but the idiot media told a flat-out false rumor early on that he had been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher – until the coroner reported there was NO blunt force trauma. About the worst thing police were able to come up with from the “armed insurrection” was a collapsible cane used by an old man. The Justice Dept. and the FBI are too busy replacing the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee to bother tracking down real criminals. Once again, they knew in advance about the shooter in Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago – but were apparently too busy tracking down potential political prisoners to be bothered with him.  At first, the media was enamored with the story, hoping and praying it would be the elusive white nationalist they so hope for. The story died as soon as it was clear it was a Muslim from Syria who killed 10 white people – just as the story about the black nationalist who rammed the barricades in Washington died as soon as the corrupt media found it was a black nationalist rather than a Trump supporter. For the first time in America, we have a national pogrom going on based on people’s political beliefs. The big issue now is permanent chemical castration of kids and transgender surgery – which the left supports. Let me tell you something: no matter how good your cosmetic surgery, you cannot change a single strand of DNA from male to female or vice versa. Some of our doctors have gone mad with hubris. A clever engineer could take the body of a Corvette and put it onto the chassis and drive-train of a Kia – but the result would most assuredly NOT be a Corvette.

The Covid narrative is in rapid collapse as the despicable Dr. Fauci has more contradictory stories than the children’s section at Barnes and Noble – and as people can see that the states with the lightest touch and the least restrictions are getting better results than the power-mad lockdown lunatics. Gas is up almost a dollar a gallon since the inauguration of the pretender-in-chief. Many teachers’ unions are doing us all a favor as they refuse to teach while demanding we keep sending them a paycheck. CBS did us a great favor by launching the clumsiest phony smear attempt in recent memory against Ron DeSantis, perhaps the most successful, competent governor in America, while ignoring huge scandals in states led by Democratic yahoos. Even Democrats turned in disgust from CBS’ transparent smear. They did us a favor by showing low-information normal people who they really are – and the worst thing that can happen to authoritarians is for ordinary people to say, “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not right.”

Yes, the left is playing for all the marbles, desperately hoping that they can make tyranny stick because they have finally figured out that Hillary Clinton was right when she said if we lose, we will all ultimately hang. (vulgarity alert with that last link). What is really happening every time the pagan left overlords commit another outrage – and they’re coming in a daily deluge – is that power and influence is shifting away from Washington altogether and coalescing in those states where even some weenie Republicans are figuring out that it doesn’t matter how moderate and conciliatory their actions; the left will scream they are racists and domestic terrorists anyway. While most of these GOP gimps and wimps could not be bothered when they thought it was just we voters who were under attack, when it is their own tushes on the line, they find motivation to stand for some actual defensive principles. So while most see massive suppression coming down, I see power shifting back to those states which will take it, however messy the process. Nullification is going to get bigger in the next few months. The louder Biden and company speak, the more their power drains away.

Already Antifa and BLM are sending out notice of their planned summer riots, hoping for a repeat of the chaos last year. Unfortunately for them, normal people are not going to take it quietly this year, hoping that Donald Trump will ultimately calm things down. We have a summer of confrontation ahead of us – and I fear it will be very ugly. If the usurpers and knaves in Washington get a reality check from it and dial the daily madness WAY down, we could see some semblance of a return to normalcy in the fall. But the miserable, godless goons who have seized power have a rule-or-ruin mentality, always thinking that if they just ratchet up the pressure and violence just a little more, everyone will finally shut up and obey. I suspect by September talk of secession will be rampant and real. Please do not give me your faux-thoughtful but actually superficial lessons from the American Civil War to tell me how that never works out. If you demonstrate familiarity with all the successful and unsuccessful national divisions in Europe, Russia and Asia over the last hundred years, I will figure you are competent enough to speak knowledgably on the matter. Otherwise, crack the books before giving me the benefit of your vast store of knowledge.

In this case, we would not be trying to crack up the country. The pagan left IS trying to destroy the country – and their incompetence and hubris will summon catastrophic collapse – and that right soon. What we would be attempting is to establish a national panic room – places where faith, family and freedom can be preserved so that all of us don’t have to collapse with the nitwit revolutionaries – and will have a base to help one country, under God, to rise again from the ashes the left is summoning.

If there is to be a resurrection of liberty on the American continent, it will be we who must win it.  (That last is, perhaps, the most important link in this piece.) Yes, they are attacking us now and will attack us further. When has it ever been different when tyrants seek to rule? If you will only defend liberty for yourself and your children if there are no serious consequences or blowback, your children will live in chains and in slavery to the woke mob. While real domestic terrorists on the left plan their summer riots and mayhem – and while real militias plan for vengeance this year, (NOT the gentle Proud Boys or Oath Keepers) we must come together to show people there is a third way, a Triune Way, if you will – not submitting to tyranny, not failing to defend the innocent from depredations with force and vigor, and not going in for mindless vengeance. We were a nation united, under God and with liberty for all for most of our history (with some notable failures – but that ideal was our lodestar from which we grew together). Let us be the people who call it together again, showing people that there is a better way of life, love and laughter together with neither submission nor supremacy. One nation, under God.

That is what CORAC is about. Many of us are intensely working to build it to bring communities together to help each other and to minister to the orphans from the storm, those poor souls who figure out that this madness is the way of death and look humbly to find their way back to the way of life that Christ gave them as their birthright. Please join us as we work to organize to preserve faith, family and freedom as this new dark age humbles and topples the institutions we once relied on. Mark your calendar for the last weekend in June, when we will hold a national working conference of all who want to preserve what was best about this land in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We are looking for volunteers to help with the committees. Please email Mary Lapchak at if you can help.

Our Lord is standing and calling, “Lazarus, come forth!” Toss off the shroud of dead faith that has degenerated into smug complacency. Come out from the tomb of dead works of self-actualization and preening ambition. Come forth and live together, laugh together, love together under the dominion of the Lord of Hosts. Come forth and live again, that your children and your children’s children may call you blessed, the generation that stood in the breach when faith and liberty were under the greatest assault ever. Come forth and live.


I thank, once again, all of you who have donated to keep our fledgling organization going. We had some significant problems because of a week-long attack by Chinese bots trying to shut down our donation link. We have largely fixed the problem, but there are still some sporadic issues. If you are having trouble and want to help, you can send a check to:

Corps of Renewal and Charity

13940 W. 26th Ave.

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177 thoughts on “Lazarus, Come Forth!

  1. Love the analysis, Charlie, especially the comparisons to Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. The dizzying swirl of these rapids is insane, which is good news because it bespeaks the sure and certain downfall of the corrupt order. Such evil cannot be sustained.

    Excited to see CORAC grow and to know that our influence and deeds will be sweet relief and become invitation for others to join in the work in solidarity of purpose as signs of hope spring up all over this land.

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    1. Beckita, A while back you (I think it was you) posted a picture of the Assumption of the BVM. The picture has her laying on a cloth or carpet with angels holding the ends of it escorting her into heaven. I love that picture and here and there have tried to find it through the internet of pictures on the Assumption (hundreds of them). Could you post it again if you remember it? I want to copy it and put it in my home. Thanks.

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  2. “About the worst thing police were able to come up with from the “armed insurrection” was a collapsible cane used by an old man. The Justice Dept. and the FBI are too busy replacing the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee to bother tracking down real criminals.”

    Waiting for a nuclear bomb, tsunami of the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the world. Waiting for the Holy Mary to crush (even stronger now!) satan’s head again, as promised by God the Father after the fall of Adam and Eve. Waiting for Jesus to rule over the hearts of all the nations. Maranatha Our God! In the meantime attack with calling evil evil and calling good good. And pray and trust that God Himself will hasten the renewal of the Earth and that we will witness this renewal in our lifetime.

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      1. Yes Beckita, it is also time for us to press “ATTACK MODE” button, in a merciful however not so woke way. Let’s start with our friends and family. For example in my case, my woke family ( not wife, but sisters, brother ) thinks of my negatively as of somebody ultra conservative for just being ( more ) Christian, ok I was lenient on that, but now it is time for me to tell them: ” I love you so much, however, I am deeply concerned by your extremism”.REVERSE STANCE ON. They will likely respond “Whoa! Us?!!”, – “yes my brother even if you are trying to pose to be middle normal decent guy you are an extremist for me because you rebel against Christian values, you do not defend the unborn, etc. That’s extreme extremism to me “.
        The other way to fight for God is to let’s say stay on fakebook but post just normal obvious statements like : ” I saw today a mother, a father and their children playing in the park. What a beautiful sight.” , or ” I love rainbows – all seven colors compose a great healthy whole” (just a note: a Biblical rainbow consists of 7 colors vs. homosexual 6 colors”, etc. Attack by affirming simple truths! But be more decisive with our families. ATTACK BUTTON ON! In Jesus and with Jesus! Holy Spirit come and guide us! Amen

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        1. I like to pause and listen for God’s whispers, lest the attack that I devise on my own puts up a wall rather than a bridge that would invite someone to make a return. This is why I’m so excited about CORAC. I can see that the collective inspiration and sharing will provide ways to make a difference that we may not even think of on our own.

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  3. Charlie, that penultimate para. must be among the most inspiring things you’ve written! Thank you.

    As for this: “the worst thing that can happen to authoritarians is for ordinary people to say, “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not right”.

    I can only speak from a European perspective but the chances of the plebs actually doing that seem to be receding farther and farther, as we willingly surrender more and more of our freedoms (hard-won just a century ago in the case of Ireland) to the new supra-national ruling class. And our – deliberately – Godless “European constitution” (if I could, I’d make the quotes even sneerier) is a far cry from your model, in that people actually still believe in the US one, and justifiably so, whereas ours is just a cobbled-together product foisted on us by the “betters”, and one that few have ever even bothered to read.

    They babble on about the EU being a great force that has preserved peace since 1945. This is historically illiterate rubbish. Of course, it was the substantial US forces in Europe that preserved peace from the all too real threat of massive communist aggression, and the possibility of, say, Germany or France (the biggest disruptors of peace in Europe historically) launching another war after 1945 was laughable – that is, for anyone educated in actual history. But this semi-literate smokescreen is still trotted out to justify the existence of the “Union”. And the fact that they have to roll out taurine waste such as this shows what a sham the whole thing is.

    As ever over the past century, it seems that only example from your great country, when you successfully oppose and roll back the attempted tyrannical coup (and I believe you will), will awaken us over here from the death-sleep. Meanwhile, those of us who haven’t been deceived struggle on – now entering our fourth month without Mass or Holy Communion. Blessings to all, J.

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      1. Since I wrote the above the news came through of the death of H.R.H. Prince Philip. R.I.P. I was browsing the material on the BBC (yeah, I know!) site and this para. from their Royal correspondent’s coverage struck home as being at the heart of Charlie’s post:

        “And at Gordonstoun (his boarding school) was born one of the great contradictions of Philip’s fascinating life. The importance of the individual was what in Kurt Hahn’s eyes (the founder of the school, who had fled Nazi Germany) differentiated Britain and liberal democracies from the kind of totalitarian dictatorship that he had fled. Philip put that centrality of the individual, and individual agency – the ability we have as humans to make our own moral and ethical decisions – at the heart of his philosophy”.

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      1. Closer to three centuries for the height of the repression really, Joanne. But it’s a valid parallel, and one from which we in this era, clergy and faithful, don’t come out well. Yet, the major difference is that in those days the clergy didn’t actively cooperate with the oppressor. There’s not much point in going to your local Mass-rock (there’s one about a mile from me!) or equivalent if there’s no priest – or if your priest is likely to report you.

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        1. Thanks JayKay. As soon as I hit the send button, I thought I was at least a century off. My grandmother was born in Ireland in 1891, one of 8 of tenant farmers in Tuam, I greatly admired her spirit, her grit and Catholicism. She is the Ireland I know. I grew up listening to her stories repeatedly but never tired of them. I’m so living in the past. A recent video of a Mass being stopped by police closing it down from the altar was chilling. Our AB here has been wonderful. After the initial closedown in our archdiocese, something changed back in May. Our diocese includes 5 counties. I’m in a FaceTime rosary group once a week with gals that live 2 counties away from me. We talk. Some wouldn’t leave their house, others like me after 2 weeks went out everyday. None of us have contracted Covid. A year later we are all vaccinated. The diocese never stopped Mass. They did comply with CDC guidelines. I just figured, if Walmart was packed and it was, why was I not going to Mass and receiving Communion? The change at my parish was gradual, first only Mass on line, then attendance was allowed with masks and every other pew row taped off and distancing in open pews, then the extraordinary-the announcement that took down the tape and we were told masks and distancing was voluntary but that the pews would be disinfected between Masses, so we went back to the usual 6 Masses from the one done on video for the lockdown. Makes sense- more Mass the more social distancing possible. By the way, everyone wears masks at Mass but at least we are now equal to Walmart. On April 20, I will be considered fully immune but …

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    1. Praying that you in Ireland may soon be allowed to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments, Jaykay.

      P.S. “Sneerier” is now my new favorite word, and “taurine waste” is now my new favorite catch phrase.

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  4. Excited, Charlie, to be a very small part. Your rally call stirs my heart to greater prayer and charity.
    Sadly we will not be able to attend in SD as we have other commitments. I will continue to support our local food bank and our parish and Abbey.
    We were heartened to see so many people at mass and praying that our faithful will shrug off fear and come back.
    On a sad note, a long time friend, after receiving the “vaccine” is in ICU with blood clots in his brain. Please pray for Ted, he has ever been faithful. Thank-you!
    Ongoing prayers for all here ~
    God bless all our endeavors, katey in Oregon
    🙏🏽💕🎶✝️🌿 HE IS RISEN, INDEED! 🌿💕

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    1. Thanks to you all for your prayers for Ted. He is out of surgery but they were only able to remove half the largest clot and none of the smaller ones. He can understand spoken speech but cannot speak. His R side is paralyzed but seems to be coming back. Cannot swallow. I think this has hit me harder than most we pray for on our prayer chain because I have known Ted and Sheila for 40 years. So thank-you and thank-you all for your prayers. I am continually heartened by you all. Praying for you all, for your families and friends and prayer requests.
      Thank-you so much,
      Katey in OR 🙏🏽✝️🌿

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  5. If we were to talk of these current events 20 years ago, maybe not even that far back, people would of labelled us raving mad out of the nut house. I wonder how much longer the world has to spend in wonderland before everyone realizes they fell down a rabbit hole…

    It’s easier to fool people than convince people that they’ve been fooled…

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!! .. 😉

    …. and REALIZE that what we see unfolding in our USA, Canada & EU TODAY is
    eerily similar to the 20th Rise of Totalitarian Socialism under names like Nazi, Communist, Fascist, …. Progressive!

    We should celebrate the demise of “Big Government” Metropolitan Control. That’s pretty much what The Remnant, Faithful, Church is all about!! … Eh!??

    Pastor Coverstone Thursday ….. Pray for our Church Leaders & Pastors … they are Human too … Ya Know!

    The ChinaPlague/Great Re-Set Conspiracy may well have started 5+ years ago…. after Left Hysteria over Trump/Deplorables ascendancy. Considering the corruption of the Media & entire Feral Alphabet Agencies … including CDC/NIH … we alive today may never know The Truth!! Gen Mike Flynn has called for investigation of these “Studies” and the cast of characters behind them.

    Yup! … and the 2nd Amendment was about Weapons of War ’cause our learned Founders knew that the Day would come when Patriots would once again have to Water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Tyrants as Thomas Jefferson so aptly wrote!

    HullyGee! How did they come to that conclusion?


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    1. Crewdog- I sure appreciate you posting all that you do.
      You have posted Pastor Dana a few times. Have you ever thought about reaching out to him and inviting him here or to CoRaC?
      Just a thought that came to me.

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      1. Hi HTTP,

        I’d bet that Pastor Dana already belongs to the Assembly of God equivalent of CORAC. He/they may well have been ahead of us?
        We Catholics and other Denominations tend to put other People of Faith Out of Mind but it’s good to know they are Out-There….. and doing their best to do The Lord’s Work.
        I’ve lived most of my life in the Bible Belt &/or Military where I had to befriend/deal with all kinds of folks of different denominations and backgrounds. That’s a very good thing.
        I’m guessing that when the time comes to man my “foxhole/life raft” it will be full of just plain Ol’ People of Faith. …… If I own the foxhole/life raft, ya best have some Faith in the Almighty, or better get it fast! 😉

        Merry Spring & GOD SAVE ALL HERE!

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        1. I have a feeling that people of good faith, no matter what umbrella they are under, will unite like never before to usher in the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. ❤
          Well, it is not only my sensing, we do have that promise on Good Authority and from good authorities. 😉

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  7. God Bless, Charlie!


    PS Haven’t yet read this or caught up on comments (on the to-do list), but curious – what did you all think of Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Chosen if you’ve watched it??

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    1. I thought it was great. I especially enjoyed the apostles table/meal scene consensus vote on planning and having an agenda and the consequences of the rebels response (about 1 hour and 10 minutes into the video). Our Lord, handled that matter perfectly and the scene was a reminder of why, Father knows best. The Chosen series, all of Season 1 and the premiere of Season #2 are heartwarming and relatable. I added the link to Season #2, E1 on the CORAC Community Forum – General Discussion Board. ❤
      If you've watched it, what did you think, Becky?

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      1. And I thought that the telling of The Good Samaritan Story in Episode 1 Season 2 of the Chosen was really well done. Also the scene at the end when Jesus was reading from the scroll and John shed tears!!! I did too!

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          1. I just watched Season 2, Episode 1 and the other surprise yesterday. All I can say is, ‘Wow, so good!’ I loved the campfire scene, and especially the ending. My heart melted. (Don’t want to give more away).

            I’m kind of feeling like the apostles during this time we are going through. Don’t know what I am doing or what my role is moving forward, but just know I am supposed to be here. Anyone else feeling that way?

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  8. Here’s an update to a prayer request which Mick brought to us in the Prayer Request section of this blog. Please join us in praying for Fr. Mathias…

    This evening, April 8, Father Mathias Thelen, Pastor of Saint Patrick in Brighton, issued the following update on his health situation to his parishioners. It reads as follows:

    Dear parishioners,
    Given the messages that have gone out asking for prayer, I thought I’d offer a personal update. On March 26th I underwent a routine outpatient procedure to remove a couple of kidney stones. Unfortunately, I had to go to the hospital on March 28th due to complications including but not limited to severe bleeding and pain. I have been under the care of excellent nurses and physicians here at the U of M Hospital, but given the nature of the problem, there’s not a simple solution at hand. It’s kind of a waiting game that is filled with uncertainty and pain. At times I’ve received blood transfusions to maintain my blood counts and at other times had to endure the most unbearable experiences of pain I’ve ever had in my life. While no visitors are allowed with me in the hospital, I am grateful that Fr. Lew Eberhart, the U of M Hospital Chaplain, has given me access to Confession, Holy Communion and the Anointing of the Sick. Just a couple of days ago the doctors were speaking letting me go home. But then I had a kind of a relapse of serious bleeding and pain. Currently my condition is stable but there is no specific timetable on my recovery or even my discharge.

    This has been without question one the most difficult trials of my life. Who would have known that a little routine surgery would put me in a position like this? Life and health are gifts from God and we should never take anything for granted. I know I am infinitely loved by my Father, I know he is with me. Because of his love for me in Jesus, I have chosen to offer all of the pain up to the Father in union with Jesus on the Cross for the parishioners of St Patrick Catholic Parish. I trust the Lord is bringing good out of this already as this is how he’s revealed himself. Just look at the sadness and evil of the Cross which is transformed into the joy and glory of Jesus Risen from the Dead!

    I’m deeply touched by all of the prayers and little things people have done to reach out. My simple request is that you pray that my internal bleeding stops and that God gives his wisdom to my doctors. As Jesus transforms my heart to be like his in this mystery of suffering, know that I miss you all more than ever.

    God bless,
    Fr Mathias

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    1. What a beautiful heart your Fr. Mathias has and such a humble servant. Will keep him in prayer. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me of the prayer section of this blog. I keep forgetting about it (I know that must sound terrible), but know my prayers are with everyone here. ~juls

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  9. Great piece per usual Charlie!!! I really love this part:

    “Our Lord is standing and calling, “Lazarus, come forth!” Toss off the shroud of dead faith that has degenerated into smug complacency. Come out from the tomb of dead works of self-actualization and preening ambition. Come forth and live together, laugh together, love together under the dominion of the Lord of Hosts. Come forth and live again, that your children and your children’s children may call you blessed, the generation that stood in the breach when faith and liberty were under the greatest assault ever. Come forth and live.”

    Just what an extraordinary time in which we live!!! I personally am so thankful and grateful to God that I am right here in the midst of this cleansing storm with all you fellow squirrels 🐿! God is so good!

    Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!!!


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    1. Judith, I removed the link to the video. Without the ability to fully vet and positively verify who is speaking (along with his background which would give credence as to why he is a reliable source for speaking in this manner), from where he’s speaking and from where he received his information AND then be able to find sources which report consonant information, it’d be irresponsible to clear the video. I do believe there are people planning evil things but we’ve just got to be careful and sure of the verifiable truth of what we share.

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  10. I try to remain positive that the evil Godless left will fall before totally destroying our republic, but two things make it difficult to maintain my equilibrium. First, there’s the simple fact that the media and big tech are sycophantic arms of the left, outwardly lying to the public, ignoring and censoring truths. Far, far too many are completely unaware of what’s actually happening due to this. Secondly, our children have been indoctrinated for the last decade at least to believe we are an intrinsically evil, racial nation which needs to be completely transformed. I would deeply appreciate Charlie’s view on how to overcome these two factors in time. Thank you Charlie for all you do!

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    1. First of all, praying for you and your family, Tricia. Secondly, the people in this community and beyond understand what you’re feeling and what you’re going through. We all are facing these issues together and it’s a tough reality.

      Charlie has written and spoken very much already about what your concerns are. His counsel in his writing and in the talks he’s been giving throughout the country is sound and constant. If you haven’t had a chance to listen in, please join CORAC ( ) and you can have access to all the recorded talks from this journey he is now making throughout the eastern part of our country. I know you’ll find great solace and comfort in them. He stresses points such as how the left is imploding, how people ARE waking up all over this land as the far left presses on in their madness, how we’ve got to let go of fighting evil because evil is exhausting itself before our eyes… and more. DO view the videos; I believe you’ll receive the heartening you desire.

      The overcoming part is found in participating in CORAC. By so doing, in solidarity with people all over this land, we make a stand with and for God and the traditional values inherent in Faith, Family and Freedom. For too long, we have been silent. No more. We shall rise and defend the faith, defend the faithful and hearten the faithful via our participation in the events of the very locale in which we live, giving the little we each have and allowing God to multiply and magnify our efforts as He wills. As Charlie also stresses, we m.u.s.t. not forget the prayer of doing, lest we expect God to do our work for us. The Lord grants us a mighty blessing by waiting on us to partner with Him. His Peace be yours!

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    2. Seeding the truth is important to me too, Pawel. Sowing the seeds nonchalantly is rather fun and is easy as pie when it is second nature and guided by the Holy Spirit. I will suggest dropping Fakebook, especially when there are good alternatives available. Online advocacy perpetrated by the powers of good is powerful stuff. Maybe you are/have been the answer the another loving brethren’s family member, unaware. I would wager, yes and more than you know!
      I have lost ALL hard data from numerous devices over the years and thankfully, I can appreciate a clean slate and do over, after the initial shock which is minimized each time I’ve faced that outcome. That is freeing! ❤

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  11. Charlie, so many good lines and phrases in this one. I’ll contribute a couple more.

    I’ve been calling the Biden (Harris) Administration the Potemkin Presidency. Someone else online calls it the Biden Pretendency. Maybe we should combine the two and simply call it the Potemkin Pretendency. Ha!

    I saw a video filmed by someone driving through the streets of DC at 7-8 am, which should have been rush hour. There were less than five cars on the big broad street. Astounding. Someone else has said that garbage isn’t being picked up. I can’t tell what’s what in DC, but perhaps those here who live in DC or work there could tell us if the District seems to be operating as it always has or whether the systems of the City are indeed failing. Anyone see differences recently compared to last Fall?

    Whatever we call it, I agree it will slowly fail. However, I agree with you that the summer will be crazy.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS ..PM .. 😉

    YUP!! All part of de Plan! Demonize, Demoralize and Drive-Out local LEOs so that the Civilian National Security Force that BO envisioned in 08 can Take-Over! ;-(

    The below article from 01/21 does a good job of explaining that BO’s Agenda of 09-16 is in afterburner today.

    …….. with Media, Big Tech, Democrat Party & Global Companies in Lock-Step ;-(
    “Bill Gates, George Soros Team Up To Form Organization Tasked with Policing with Disinformation”

    Am I the only one who remembers the BO years when economic indicators were almost always “unexpectedly” worse than predicted? Same-same his 3rd Term ;-(


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  13. Interestingly, Resident Biden ( actually those who pull the strings behind this Alzheimer struck man lost in the hallways of the White House) is mulling mandatory vaccine passports while Pope Francis is calling for acceleration of vaccination and global governance… The quality of this presidency and papacy reflects the moral condition of our generation.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!! .. 😉

    ChinaJoe on Bill of Rights.

    Not to Worry! The coming National Civilian Security Force will protect you!
    Oh! .. Make sure and pretend that you don’t notice that the New Security Force looks a lot like BLM/ANTIFA.

    In an age of universal deceit, truth telling becomes a revolutionary act.

    Yep! In BO’s 3rd Term the “Prime Directive” of the US Military is to purge ALL Deplorables …. of the Conservative bent …. that is!


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  15. David Limbaugh:

    “Losing Rush has been tough. Until a few very long weeks ago, he was always in my life. Like other siblings growing up in the same home, we shared experiences that were exclusive to us. Our parents instilled in us — and we thoroughly absorbed — their Christian values: their love of God; their unconditional love for each other and for us; their belief in moral absolutes, of truth, of right and wrong; the paramount importance of family; the critical necessity of personal character and integrity; the value of human life; and the uncompromising duty to treat others with respect and compassion. No one perfectly succeeds in living out these godly values, but our parents equipped us, lovingly disciplined us and guided us.”

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      1. You’re welcome Jen. Sigh — I do miss Rush, and am so grateful for what he did to help me “see the light” of conservatism. And David’s words are simply excellent, especially emphasizing their upbringing and their faith. It certainly is no surprise to learn that Rush and David both love God.

        And I like your picture. It’s nice seeing faces that go with the names of folks I’ve been chatting with for years!

        You hinted in a recent zoom meeting that you had medical training. Did I hear that right?

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        1. I loved Rush’s no-nonsense approach to logical and his voice of reason and miss him too. Of course the fact that he was a God-fearing man was a bonus.

          I’ve basic medical training for my L.M.T. and then local F.E.M.A. C.E.R.T. certification.

          Miss seeing you here and on the Community Forum. Have you been keeping busy in S.D. in your N.P. role? ❤

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          1. I miss everyone too. I’m traveling extensively across SD. 1,300 miles this past week and full time clinic work. Last weekend involved driving across the state to shadow our Chief Medical Officer, and, well, he’s gung ho about the vax. Curiously he never once asked me my opinion about anything related to covid, but I gently slipped in a couple of questioning points. This is surreal. Nice fella, but he is behaving and speaking as irresponsibly as Fauci et al. When will this bad dream end, Jen?

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            1. In God’s perfect time, Patrick, which is no doubt beyond our understanding! Trust, Do and Love through it and all will be well. Thanks for checking in and for keeping us apprised of you endeavors. 😉

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                  1. Yes, Beckita, Oregon halted the J & J vaccine yesterday, April 13th.
                    So far I have resisted being vaccinated by anything. Some of my family has been shot, some of us not. We’re all being really nice about it. 😌
                    K 🙏🏽💕✝️🌿🌷

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS ..PM .. 😉

    Well … we know that Election 20 was fraudulent but if a corrupt Department of Just-Us & State/Feral Courts refuse to “see” evidence …. What!!??


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  17. I have a new neighbor. He has been here for a year or so but I have had too much going on personally to speak with him much. He is originally from N.J. We talked about a lot of things and I was surprised at how much we agreed on re the way the world is heading. I told him that I have been feeling that I have been transported to another planet. He said, “You know I was just thinking/saying the same thing.” The madness is spinning faster and faster around us. I have been feeling light headed and dizzy lately. Both literally (probably new meds) and figuratively. It seems to me there was a song like that in the ’60s by Tommy Roe. I thought of it now as I write this post. 🙂

    I’m so dizzy, my head is spinnin’
    Like a whirlpool, it never ends
    And it’s you, … makin’ it spin
    You’re makin’ me dizzy.

    I will have to start humming it. Make me laugh to myself and laughter helps. Real laughs take me away from things for a while. It is God’s medicine. And I know that He has a sense of humor as well.

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      1. I do not know about you, but I am a the age of a grandmother. Everything I used to listen to as a young adult is an oldie. I am, indeed, considered an Oldie. 🙂

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!! .. Happy Feast of Divine Mercy 😉–jesuss-greatest-hits-n2587670?

    I’m in good company 😉

    Surely you jest, Joe? ….. Joe! …. Hello!!??

    I just have troubling imagining that a large % of any population will continue to allow itself to be demonized, suppressed and dispossessed ………. especially a population with more “stuff” like $$$, guns and education ……. but, sadly, the Left Agenda of dividing & destroying American Faith, Morals & Wealth, over these past 50 years, appears well on it’s way to succeed ;-(

    Biden is just mouthing what he’s told.
    I’m guessing Odds Makers are taking bets on how long it will be before ChinaJoe is dumped & BO in Drag is installed.
    I’m sure a “reasonable time” for the sake of deniability was already etched in stone by The Usual Suspects before the Election. All part of The Grand Delusion ;-(

    Surely you jest, Joe? ….. Joe! …. Hello!!??


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  19. Can you women here imagine yourself Mary as she realizes she holds God in her hands?

    I am trying to learn Music from its beginnings to now and ran across Dufay and I am assuming/hoping that the above vid is of that Dufay.

    The pic accompanying the vid, Dufay is why I comment.

    I love that pic of Our Lady holding our Lord because it is just like my fellow working class people.

    The beauty of her stepping into Her Motherhood from her motherhood with her son , as infant, en route to becoming Her Son.

    She is one of us.

    Frankly, She is most beautiful, to me, in that pic.

    Grace and peace

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    1. What I love is how she humbly prayed for the mother of the Redeemer and God fulfilled the answer to her prayer in her!!!

      Too, when people who see her convey how extraordinarily beautiful she is, I can only think of how she is full of grace. In this she is so far and above any woman ever created, but she would never ever Lord it over us. She’s simply the highest honor of our race and being full of grace means she loved without any selfishness or self-centeredness. That beauty which she radiates is LOVE for each and every one of us. She loves each one AS MUCH AS she loves her Son! A-mazing Mother of God, pray for us and with us! ♥️🙏🔥

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  20. Hi Beck’s

    Our Lord is a happy baby and His mother, our Mother, has …..I mean this reverently…just wiped our Lord’s butt and now He is raring to go! (A clean baby butt us a happy baby’s butt!).

    To you, Becks..

    We see differently, yet see the same thing.

    Totaly cool, no?

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  21. Charlie, if I may suggest, I think CORAC+asignofhope379 could create a database for its members tracking adverse reactions and God forbid deaths among the members’ families. Kept confidential no real names of family members needed. For example, in my family out of so far 4 members who took an experimental vaccine 1 had serious side effects after second Pfizer shot resulting in enlarged lymph nodes and some sort of lumps over the body – a female, dentist, age 51. 3 out of 4 received mRNA vaccines. … My point is over the time this would be a sizeable sample and would give us some insight into what is going on and some scientist alarm the morbid consequences of these experimental vaccines will take place in the coming months/years… As for my family, there were no serious Covid issues before taking experimental vaccines and all were healthy working people in their 50’s or 40’s. And of course, SteveBC would beat a great mastermind for this project 🙂

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    1. Our focus both here and at CORAC, Pawel, is working to get CORAC fully up and running in all regions of the country. What you propose would be very time-consuming, albeit interesting.

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    2. Pawel,

      I’m interested in that info. too.

      I am keeping track of my family members and others.

      So far, my neighbor’s mom died 2 days after Pfizer first shot from s heart attack. 86 no previous heart problems/treatment.

      My SIL father, who had COVID and was so weak he had to go to physical therapy for a week to build up strength, got 1 mrna shot and could not walk at all the next day. His doctor told him not to get the 2nd shot. He is 75 and has diabetes.

      My aunt got her first shot and seems fine. She is 76.

      A cousin in law has heart condition and got the first shot seems fine. He’s 54. He is due soon for the 2nd shot.

      Cousin who is 65 and breast cancer survivor got her first shot and had a terrible reaction. As if ants were crawling all over her intensely. Not sure if she got the 2nd shot.

      Many co- workers and friends got J&J they seem ok. Interestingly, many of them got the flu shot previously also.

      I’ll keep you posted.

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      1. littleoneinpa, by the grace of God I was granted a life-time Health Freedom Summit scholarship which allows recipients free access to all their videos, updates and special content.

        I received a bitter sweet newsletter today. One the founders grandmother died this month, three weeks after her second shot. In the correspondence there were several resources given to their readership for the reporting of vaccine adverse effects and deaths to FDA/CDC, along with a form of talking points and a list of credible references and links to have the discussion with others we love and care about.

        I have requested permission to copy the information here and on the Community Forum and will do that if/when they approve.

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          1. It’s true. I just learned last night that my only sister, older and a nurse, got the shots early in the year despite my urging her not to. Now her health is failing. The good news if that we trust in God and that finally, after just watching day one of the 2021 HFS that I have shared with her, she has admittedly shut off the television and MSM! Good things are happening in the mess we’ve created. Praise God. ❤

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            1. Oh, that’s got to be hard, JLynn. so sorry to hear it. Several members of my family have gotten the vaccine but so far, they are doing OK. Praying.

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        1. With the HFS expressed written permission, I share with you a link to their newsletter dated April 12, and titled, “Behind the stream of articles, posts, and films, many leading advocates carry hidden burdens.”


          Key Excerpts:

          Report vaccine adverse effects and deaths to FDA/CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The VAERS toll-free number is 1-800-822-7967 or report online to

          Print this form to facilitate effective communication and due diligence planning in your family, written to help ensure adverse event (or death) risks are understood and planned for.

          See and share the manufacturer’s fact sheet [aka package inserts] for the Covid-19 injections, which state these injections are not FDA-approved and risks are unknown:

          • Moderna:
          • Pfizer:
          • Johnson & Johnson:
          • AstraZeneca:


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  22. That makes sense Beckita, perhaps once the structures of CORAC are fully settled such ideas could be implemented as long as they are not distraction from more important goals… God bless your initiative!

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    1. God bless you too, Pawel. I hope you’ve joined CORAC. From what I’ve read in your comments over time, I believe you’re in an area which is flourishing in membership right now, but always, there’s strength in numbers. Too, when you join at the website, you have access to all of Charlie’s talks that have been recorded.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS ..PM .. 😉

    It’s gonna be a Long Hot Summer; especially in Democrat Controlled & Police Defunded Urban Areas …. ALL part of the Great Deception, Distraction & Re-Set! ;-(

    I’m betting this guy is correct on all 18 Reasons!

    Up the Resistance!

    100 Corporations support Voter Fraud … World Turned Upside Down! ;-(


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    1. Reading the “pathways less taken” link above should put a smile on your face.
      St. Andre Bessette , pray for Fr Mathias and all who are suffering. Amen

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  24. Speaking of side-effects…my friend Sheila reports that Ted is now walking in PT. He still cannot talk or swallow, but everyone has high hopes.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 She thanks everyone for your continued prayers.
    * I thank everyone for your continued prayers! *
    Thank-you Dearest Savior, for hearing our prayers!

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  25. Another update from Fr. Mathias who continues to need prayer:

    My Condition and Continued Prayers

    Not much of my condition has changed since my last note. My condition is precarious, but stable. It seems that every moment the doctors start talking about releasing me, I invariably experience a significant setback. The mystery of my interior bleeding continues to challenge the doctors and my peace, to be honest. Because I don’t have a high blood count, I don’t have much energy and find myself sleeping a lot. The cross of Jesus is never far from any of us, but when we choose to carry it with faith, the cross strips you of everything you depended on outside of him. Please don’t take the little things for granted in life. Everything is a gift, and so praise him in everything! If accepted in love and united to Jesus, even suffering can lead to fruitfulness and the glory of God.

    My fear has been that I’m going to be here forever. Two weeks in the hospital is nothing to shake a stick at. However, I am blessed by some of the best doctors, PAs and nurses who are so good to me. The main doctor overseeing my care reassured me today that he has a plan and that I will recover. So while I hesitate to say I’ll be home this week one way or another, that is pretty likely. But that doesn’t mean I’m out of the woods. One plan to get me home involves less pain and risk than the other. Please continue to pray for my complete healing. Continue to pray for the doctors and all who are caring for me, for divine wisdom for them.

    I miss being at the parish. I miss celebrating the sacraments. I simply miss being your pastor and serving you. Yet what comforts me is that I know that my spiritual fatherhood as a pastor cannot be reduced to physical service or even physical presence. I believe in the profound truth that through the many spiritual sacrifices and love I am offering up for you in this difficult time, God is indeed providing grace for the parish in mysterious and powerful ways. While I can’t be your pastor in the green pastures right now, I can be your pastor on the Cross interceding for you. Either way, our Good Father provides. Because he is so good, I can’t wait to see what happens with our parish. 🙂

    I will continue to offer up my pain and suffering for the parish as well as an additional intention which is so dear to Jesus’ heart: the conversion of sinners.

    Your servant in the Merciful Heart of Jesus,

    Fr. Mathias

    More here:

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  26. More on the “God Shaped Hole” problem America faces.

    Political movements like BLM and The Climate Crisis emerging as New Religion and forcing their way into American politics and political power. Pushing Marxism with the veil of social justice and moral certitude.

    The mixture of religion and politics threatens destructive division in America. It is changing society
    in ways that may be irreversible.

    It seems quite amazing that this ominous trend for the future of Christianity and the Catholic Church
    appears to have caught the hierarchy completely flat footed.

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!! .. 😉

    Our Lady of Revelation

    There is some doubt as to who actually wrote this but apt nonetheless.
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” —Cicero 42 BC

    … Oh!! … she wants YOU to be disarmed too!!


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  28. Hey Charlie when you were in our neck of the woods you told us 4 sources of news that you trust and use…I tried my best to remember them but I simply couldn’t recall them again. Would you mind repeating them here in this comment or anyone else too? Thank you very much🐿✝️😀

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  29. Off topic but I need some input. I have asthma and spend $700 a month on lung medication (my insurance has a very high deductible) so I actually have a medical excuse to NOT wear a mask. Even so, I have tried to wear one at Mass for 9 months, because our priest is sort of a germophobe, but have to take it off my mouth frequently to take in a big gulp of air. I have now seen all research about how worthless the masks are, so I just quit wearing a mask a few weeks ago.

    I take my dad (who is 92) to daily Mass twice a week, and we sit in the front row so our priest can give him communion while he is sitting down and so he doesn’t have to go through the communion line. I had expected our priest to pull me aside and talk to me about me not wearing a mask if he had an issue with it. He didn’t say anything for several weeks.

    Today, after he started Mass, he called me out, from the altar and in front of everyone and demanded that I put on a mask. I hadn’t worn one in weeks. No one said anything. Then this morning, out of the blue, he actually stopped Mass and called me out from the altar in front of the whole church. I told him I couldn’t wear one anymore. He demanded again, but I said a bit louder that I couldn’t wear one. He said he wanted to talk to me after Mass, but continued with Mass and gave me communion.

    After Mass, I went to talk with him and I first apologized that I hadn’t come and talked to him before I just quit wearing a mask. Then I explained that I have asthma and take $700 worth of lung medication a month and the mask makes it worse, and THEY DON’T WORK! I had been trying to wear one for 8 months, but I was constantly pulling it down and gasping for air, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. And for me to wear one is a lie because I know they don’t work.

    He said “then you and I are going to have a problem, because I will get calls and letters.” He asked if I could wear a shield or one of those masks that are separated from your face (so they clearly do not work). I told him that, just to make his life easier, if I come back, I would try to find something to put on my face. He said “please do so.” And walked away.

    Again, I expected that if he had a problem with me not wearing a mask he would pull me aside after Mass and ask why. I think calling me out in front of everyone was sort of cowardly. He also supports Biden and is very liberal. I have found such people to be cowardly in general and not very nice human beings. Anyway, I didn’t put one on and will likely find another church. There are several around here that do not make such a big deal out of the masks.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I being unreasonable or stubborn? I am Irish after all and can get a little scrappy, but I don’t think I am being that way now. I was very courteous with Father.

    And this afternoon, the scrappy part of me won over a bit and I ordered a 5-pack of these…

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    1. Joe, you must be a better person than I am because I would’ve been hard pressed not to give the priest an earful after Mass (I may be only 1/16 Irish, but I certainly inherited an Irish temper). You are most assuredly not being unreasonable. Father was rude, uncharitable, insufferable, and completely out of line. Did I happen to mention that he was rude? Kudos on being a bigger man than he is, and on having been a better example to his flock than he was.

      I hope that you and your father find a church with a priest who treats his parishioners with respect, rather than acting like a “mean girl” teenager with no manners or impulse control.

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    2. Joe! You are in the right, and I hope your priest has an opportunity to reflect on what he is focusing on… “I’ll get complaints” isn’t the right answer…

      As for the mask, I have a mesh mask like that (though it isn’t quite as see through) for times when I either can’t avoid their use (not most places thankfully yet in Michigan), or I am not up for the fight… I found it on Etsy and it cost a little bit, but worth it to breath!

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    3. Joe,

      I’d love to send a letter to your priest!

      I’m writing one to the TX priest that called the cops on a pregnant mom holding a baby after receiving the Eucharist!

      I’m sorry this happened to you! I commend you for trying. I can’t even fathom having asthma and wearing a mask!!

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    4. Joe, what a mess. I’ve mostly kept my mask off, since I live in Florida. However, masks are required at my mother’s care facility and at church service on Sunday when I take my mother to church.

      In all cases I always wear the upper edge of the mask along my upper lip so that I can breathe freely through my nose. I *never* breathe in through my mask.

      I have not had to go on a plane where masks are required, and I suspect that wearing the upper edge below my nose would not be allowed.

      I’m considering getting two masks, placing one down on the table, and then building a plastic snorkel that would face downward when I have the mask on. Then I would put the second mask over the snorkel. The snorkel would be very wide left to right, with a large space in front of the mouth and nose, so that air would go down on outflow and come up on inflow without going through any portion of the mask.

      The second mask would largely be cut out but would be sealed to the top, left and right edges of the first mask so that people looking in from the side or above would not see the snorkel between the two masks.

      It would take some time to build such a thing and make it work, get it to sit properly across the face, and I would have to be careful to take it off or put it down without showing the inner surface. I think it would give good airflow, though, if done right, and would not be obviously a fake to the eyes of others.

      Or I’ll just drive instead of fly. 😀 😀 😀

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    5. I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. He is trying to actually endanger your health to preserve his status, How pathetic! Go somewhere else. I am a firm believer that Mass should be a time of worship that renews your spirit. If you are abused by haughty, worldly men – even wearing robes – go somewhere where you will find that worship and renewal.

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  30. For those of you who have been keeping my great-granddaughter in your prayers, our prayers have been answered, and Sweet Aria’s smiles are now raining down on us from Heaven. Thank you everyone for your many many prayers. there are tears in our eyes, but much love in our hearts. Thank you for your prayers, and Thank you, Father, for our 10 months with Aria.

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    1. My deepest condolences to you, Nance, in the passing of your precious Aria. Praying for you and the whole family. May Aria intercede for us all as we make our way to the Triumph of Our Lady’s Heart.

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    2. Nance, please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family. May God comfort each of you. The image of your “Sweet Aria’s smiles are now raining down on us from Heaven” is beautiful and I also imagine her interceding for us all here. God bless you.

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  31. Charlie, in “The Hard Road” by Morton, he states “To disrupt the Left’s march to an authoritarian oligarchy, traditional America, via their grassroots political movements, should leverage the 10th Amendment and advocate a process called nullification.” Honestly, this piece got me pumped… he is right… but I am unsure on how to apply it because even though I believe that nullification can fit within the mission of Taking the Next Right step, I wonder how it fits the right way… Additionally, I am unsure that this process almost seems to be more offensive than reactionary (which is good in most cases), but could lead to altercations being instigated by us for our actions.

    You state, “If you will only defend liberty for yourself and your children if there are no serious consequences or blowback, your children will live in chains and in slavery to the woke mob.” This line struck me hard, as this is what I can say is mostly what I’ve been doing and focusing on. I know it is a responsibility as a husband and father to do this, and almost think this is the lowest level of defense for our efforts, right? We move up from that base level and into supporting others and then into grass roots efforts? The “Triune Way” is the way to go, and for us to “be the people who call it together again, showing people that there is a better way of life, love and laughter together with neither submission nor supremacy. One nation, under God.” is how I understand CORAC will proceed…

    I guess I wonder if you could elaborate on how we might toe both lines, with progressing the Triune Way and TNRS way AND best serving for the reunification of our nation under God through the participation in grass roots efforts…. How do we sort that out, or is that where CORAC is going to take us next? I pray that I am ready and willing when the time comes, and I trust that we as CORAC will focus on TNRS, so this is why I ask.

    Thanks and God bless!

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    1. Bill, you may find some answers on the YouTube Grace Force interview with Charlie that just happened this evening. Doug Barry addresses what a man’s responsibility is it light of Charlie’s call to CoRaC. I found it helpful. Perhaps you will, too.
      These times are confusing.
      Ongoing prayers, katey in Oregon 🙏🏽✝️🌿

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      1. You know, I thought the same thing as I was listening to the podcast last night. I actually realize that we are all praying by doing as we are involved in CORAC and the USGF! I guess my real feeling is that I just don’t feel like I’m doing enough. I think there were some great ideas shared on the podcast last night and so many opportunities to just support one another.

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        1. It was a wonderful talk! As Charlie noted, our very state of life is filled with prayer as we fulfill our duties inherent in whatever that role entails. I think the desire to do more is yet another prayer. 🙂 The best of the spirituality of Living in the Divine Will is to begin the day with the intent of doing all in God’s Divine Will so that even our heartbeats, breaths and sleep can be offered as prayer.

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  32. Dr. Richard Fleming, physicist-nuclear cardiologist, issued a warning that experimental covid vaccines are not effective, but could cause Mad Cow disease.

    “In the animal model, they develop spongiform and Mad Cow disease,” Fleming said. “We also know 2 weeks afterwards they develop…what causes Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders.”

    Fleming warned the effects could take a year and half to show in humans.

    Fleming, who in the 1990s discovered inflammation causes cardiovascular disease, said man-made spike proteins in the vaccines also cause inflammation. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was pulled for its link to blood clots in women.

    The vaccines have “no statistically significant benefit,” Fleming said, but cause “inflammation and blood clotting, Lewy bodies [associated with dementia], Mad Cow disease, and nothing to benefit.”

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  33. Hi Charlie – Thank you, and I agree with your observations. If succession comes, I think it will likely be more extensive than you think, if Virginia is any indication. Some counties are putting things in place to join West Virginia if things do not change here. Hopefully it will not come to that. But that is up to us and whether we stand as God has directed us against evil. That doesn’t mean violence, but rather saying no, this is wrong, and we’re not going to comply.

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  34. Checking in with the techies . . . .

    I’m trying to log in to the Corac site. The message keeps coming up that the Captcha token is missing. I usually don’t have any problem getting in and am wondering if the site, itself, is having a problem at the moment.

    Many thanks, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. I ran into the same issue today, Sr. Bear, and got myself locked out for trying too many times to get back on. My bad for ignoring the messages. I did write support but I also know the techs have been working on securing the site from the Chinese bots which have been a recent plague. It’s gotta be a glitch that the Captcha message continues to appear… it did for me too. I’d say we’ve gotta be patient as all is being ironed out. That said I appreciate your feedback here because now I know it’s not just me who’s having an issue with signing in. (On another note, I’ve sent you a couple of emails recently, but I see your address here is different from the one with which we previously communicated. I’ll try this one now. 😉)

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      1. Beckita, Sr. Bear, and… you are in good company. Here is what I responded to another inquiry I received via email earlier:

        “I was locked out too. Brent C. – I.T./Tech Support has taken measures to tighten security. As a rule, I use Brave and Gab’s Dissenter browsers. By happenstance, I learned this morning that Dissenter is now more vulnerable and is incompatible with the stricter measures. We knew the time would come when the media monopolies would and will continue to create havoc. These matters will most likely remain an obstacle for those of us without extensive computer knowledge and software that we will have to work around.

        I will point you to who is the *go to* for technical difficulties…”

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    2. Sister Bear, I was just watching Charlie on the Grace Force Podcast tonight and said a little prayer hoping we would be able to sign onto CORAC without the Captcha problem we had earlier. I didn’t have any problems signing in this time. Hope you can to. God Bless!

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  35. From CREWDOG’S April 13 “overload”
    This video is worth every second. He says exactly what Charlie says and like Charlie is fearless about speaking out. He even speaks about the obviously stolen election, also the spinning of Jan 6, and the cowardice of SCOTUS.

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  36. Martin Geddes is , like the pickup artist roosh, and the flamboyant gay milo*, a man God is hunting down and a man in my prayers.

    The impetus of this comment is our Lord’s sense of humor.

    “The Great Reset” is the latest sell from hell’s public relations minions;.

    Now, read Martin’s (Q related) post on the great reset:

    A man teetering on the edge of heaven , indeed.

    Then consider the obvious flip; The Great Reset is OUr Lord’s Great Reset.

    Charlie had mentioned how God humiliates the satan ; we may be seing that here.

    *milo has since, consecrated his life? himself? to St. Joseph . In my morning prayers I ask Mighty St. Joe** to tend to Milo and Roosh.

    **Mighty Saumint Joe is a Drum and Bugle Corp; I once chatted with their director in the mens room somewhere abd I am quite fond if their work.

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  37. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!! .. 😉 PM

    Yep!! The Usual Suspects are “milking” ChinaPlague for every evil venture they can think of!

    Fear Mongering through Election 2022 and Great Global Re-Set is EXACTLY what this is about.
    Fauci is just another LeftWing Sockpuppet reading the Latest Party Line of the Day:

    The Thomas More legal team is defending David Daleiden from The Usual Suspects that hate him …. & US! … Worth Supporting!!

    The Militant Arm of Democrat Party USA is “marching” to battle … whilst DOJ does their Three Wise Monkey Routine …. Invasion of Suburbs soon???

    Nothing to see here …. Move Along!!!


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  38. A “sign of hope”….I work for the state land grant university in Extension, stationed in a small rural county in Oregon. My focus is positive youth development and healthy living. Since our county remains low in C19 cases, we are in a “green”/lower risk category so happily I’ve been able to do some limited youth day camps and afterschool programming since August 2020. Everything has to be approved at several levels by our supervisors and the university. Youth programming had the greatest demand across the state, so a lot of pressure was on to get things going. But not much is happening with adult classes.

    This week, I bravely put in a request to teach my usual (since 2015) spring class series “Growing Your Own Groceries” (which obviously wasn’t held last spring). Three classes, done in popular education style (where everyone shares their experience/knowledge), covering vegetable gardening, perennials and fruit, and raising chickens for meat and eggs.

    Thanks be to God, it got approved both by my Regional Director and the Program Director on campus! So will be holding these classes the end of April-first part of May. A sneaky way of trying to encourage people to develop self-reliance with some home food production. Ha, ha, a state specialist on the 4-H youth side contacted me the other day and wanted me on a team to add homesteading/pioneer type skills to the state fair/county fair contests, as she knows I love teaching outdoor cooking to kids AND she realizes I teach this for emergency preparedness purposes, too!

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  39. Mark Mallet was written a great article on how Bill Gates has great control over the “Reset”. My heart is sad that Francis has embraced it all. I recommend his latest article.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I think we all knew, but the summary was good, the doctors and researchers cited were good, and it brought a lot of facts together in one place in a rather long but good article.

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