Is Covid a Miracle Cure?

By Charlie Johnston

Back in May, I said that the raw numbers for excess deaths this year would ultimately tell us what the real deal with Covid was. Well, Mirabile Dictu! According to Johns Hopkins last month, there have been none. Death rates are the same as usual. Of course, a whole host of deaths have been attributed to Covid. Amazingly, though, deaths from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia have plummeted from previous years.

I can only think of two possible reasons for this. The first is that Covid is a miracle cure for just about every other cause of death there is. Scientists and doctors should get right on this. Assuming Covid actually is a miracle cure for everything else, if we could just put together a treatment regimen that would make the survival rate for getting Covid higher than the current 99.97 percent, the death rate throughout the world would plummet and we would all lead longer, happier, healthier lives. This may be the biggest breakthrough in medical history!

Alas, the other possible reason is that this has been the most over-hyped “pandemic” in history. If the death rates for all other ailments have been consistent with prior years, then deaths attributed to Covid have been inflated by, at least, an order of magnitude. That would mean that this year has seen the greatest case of mass medical malpractice in the history of the world – in which governments and health professionals colluded to lock down the healthy, ignore the vulnerable and let them die, and trample on Constitutional liberty to expand their own power and influence.

Johns Hopkins pulled the study shortly after it was released – not because of any flaws in methodology or error, but because it contradicted the establishment narrative. So you make the call. Is it more likely that Covid is the greatest miracle cure for every other ailment in history or the biggest hysterical case of mass medical malpractice in history?


In CORAC, we are dividing things up into national committees to cover various potential needs. Each committee will have its national working members, with at least one representative from each region to coordinate local efforts and communication. One of those committees is the medical committee. If things get rough enough, doctors won’t be able to call Pfizer, Abbott or Baxter to get the medicines they need to treat people. I want ordinary people and doctors to prepare to have the resources they need for healing and care of the sick.

I have been shocked this year at how many medical professionals I know clearly read nothing but press releases – and rarely examine data for themselves. All can recite what CDC officials say to the press: few have any clue what is actually on the CDC website. I am not interested in drawing doctors or nurses who don’t do the research – but just take public officials’ word on life and death issues. When I say, “follow the science,” I don’t just mean follow the narrative, whatever the facts and data say. At the same time, I am not amused by those who tout alternative medicines that quickly degenerate into superstition and crackpottery. I like approaches that are not limited in a hidebound fashion to bureaucratic narratives but are also firmly grounded in science and best practices. I had a dear friend who was a prominent doctor in northeastern Illinois, drawing patients from three big counties. He is my ideal on this. He started his career as a research doctor, then gravitated into patient practice – but never lost his love for research. He would test new approaches and, if it worked well, didn’t care what others thought of it. He was focused on healing and prevention rather than showing anyone his (substantial) credentials or being a maverick. He knew more than any doctor I have ever met – but never thought he knew enough. If you asked him about a treatment regimen, he NEVER told you because he was the doctor or because that is what the university taught. He would tell you what the treatment should do and how and why it should work – along with any contra-indications and how to watch for them.

So if you are focused on crystals and magnets, you will not be a good fit for the team. But if all you know is that you have a degree and I don’t and everybody should just do what you say, you will not be a good fit for the team. But if you are focused on actual healing and care and (if a professional) do not reflexively reject non-traditional methods or (if a layman) who works with alternative methods, wants them firmly grounded in solid science and best practices, then you are who we need.

If you would be willing or would like to help with this committee and have some real expertise, professional or otherwise, please contact Micki, who heads the committee, at


I have never been put in Facebook jail – and I don’t use Twitter at all. But as time goes on, I have no illusions about my vulnerability. When these entities refuse to even look at facts that contradict their preferred narratives – and have the temerity to ignorantly declare things that are proven with a mountain of documentation to be false – I know that telling the truth with facts and evidence is openly subversive. The first time I am put in Facebook jail will also be the last. I won’t eliminate my account, but it will all just be archives. I will add nothing new. I hope it never happens. But I think the social media titans are headed full speed ahead into a giant wall. I’m not going with them. If suddenly there is nothing new from me on Facebook, just stick with the raw site or find me at Parler or MeWe.


We are not the first to live in what are increasingly dark times. I love this story of the young Karol Wojtyla, better known to us as St. John Paul the Great. At a time when he risked summary execution by the Nazis for attending the secret seminary in Poland, he did not neglect being a sign of hope – and help – to others, even putting his own life at greater risk. This is what acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope looks like in practice. It is particularly meaningful to me in the midst of my Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac, the great patroness of neglected and abused children. Would any of the smug grandees who are now taking potshots from the Vatican at St. John Paul’s work entail such a risk on behalf of another? It tells you all you need to know to discern who is a servant of the Lord and who are servants of their own vanity.

St. John Paul the Great, pray for us.

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  1. I have been trying to find on the CDC website the raw data that the John Hopkins researchers used so that I can try to recreate their results, but other than for COVID the most recent mortality numbers for any other disease are from 2018. Anyone know where I can find more recent numbers?

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  2. Hi Charlie, just a heads up on Facebook. I was never put into Facebook jail. Instead they just closed my account & said that it was for security reasons. They asked for an photo id for it to be reinstated which I supplied. They also said that due to Covid, they were short-staffed & wouldn’t be able to get to it for awhile. That was over 3 months ago. I researched it a bit & found out that this has happened to many people over the years and it was quite devastating as many lost photos & even their businesses. It was no great loss for me so I’m very thankful. It was simple enough to start up a new account with a new email which I pretty much don’t even bother with lol.

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  3. feast of Our Lady of Loreto
    “It is very significant that Cardinal St. John Henry Newman is associating the house of Loreto with “simple faith”. In the messages that Our Lady is giving to us in Medjugorje we encounter the spirit which animates the Holy House of Loreto. Thus, in a message of 1984 Mary said: If you want to be very happy, lead a simple, humble life, pray very much, and do not sink into problems. Let God resolve them. Then, on 25 September 1997 she told us: Today I call you to comprehend that without love you cannot comprehend that God needs to be in the first place in your life. That is why, little children, I call you all to love, not with a human but with God’s love. In this way, your life will be more beautiful and without an interest. You will comprehend that God gives Himself to you in the simplest way out of love. Little children, so that you may comprehend my words which I give you out of love, pray, pray, pray and you will be able to accept others with love and to forgive all who have done evil to you. Respond with prayer; prayer is a fruit of love towards God the Creator. On 25 October 2002 Our Lady told us: Also today I call you to prayer. Little children, believe that by simple prayer miracles can be worked. Through your prayer you open your heart to God and He works miracles in your life. Whilst on 2 September 2007 she said: Give me your simple hearts, purified by fasting and prayer. Only in the simplicity of your hearts is your salvation. I will be with you and will lead you.

    If our homes are filled with prayer, fasting, humble life, loving with God’s love, accept others with love and forgive those who hurt us will not our homes become a living replica of the Holy House of Loreto too?

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  4. Hey Charlie

    I’m guessing our wonderful President rues the day he got snookered into this COVID farce….

    Greatest hoax since global warming…and they need to keep it going just a little bit longer to get thru the election season, then let it slowly die down. I’ve heard several times how major companies all say they won’t be back in their offices until next summer. Seems they all know the timetable, or maybe they’re all virologists able to gauge the lifespan of virus threats. I remember hearing that Obama reacted to one of the SARS viruses during his term by telling the authorities to just shut down the testing and forget about it and it would go away. And he was right! Now the left demands testing, testing, testing, 24/7.

    Philly locked down all the restaurants again. Amazing what closing restaurants does to a city. It’s deader than dead. No point in going out because you can’t meet anyone anywhere. An economy destroyer. Which I think is what’s really going on. In order for the “new world order” to come about, they need to destroy the old world order first. Soften up the rubes, so their rescue plan might have some appeal.

    Meanwhile, walking or driving around in Philly, 90+% of people are wearing masks. On a beautiful day, glorious weather. All masked up. Talk about sheep! Of course, the downtown of a major city like this is dem central, so I’m not surprised. all taking their marching orders from MSM.

    And all of it was necessary to justify mail in voting. I remember Pelosi starting the mail in voting theology last spring. Get that, and then just steal the damn election. they knew they had no shot otherwise and were damned if they were going to sit out another 4 years. I still don’t believe they are going to succeed, but they sure gave it the college try!

    Breathtaking (actually demonic) the level of destruction they are willing to visit on their constituents to regain power.

    If I sound pissed off it’s because I am!

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  5. I’d like to propose the idea that 2020 has been one of the greatest years ever. Don’t we all begin each New Year with the same joyful greeting…”Happy New Year!”? What do we mean when we say that? What makes a year “happy”? What makes a year “good”? By what criteria do we judge it? Material prosperity? Paying your bills and staying out of trouble? A championship for your favorite sportsball team? We ought to judge each year the same way God judges each life. Life is made of nothing but years. If at the end of the year we are more patient, kind, joyful, forgiving, humble, prayerful, charitable…if we are holier than we were in the beginning of the year…then hasn’t that been a very good year? 2020 has offered us a lot of opportunities for a deeper knowledge and love of God. I’m actually grateful for this hardship, because it has ‘prepared the way of the Lord’ in a lot of hearts. Mine is one of them. If hard times come, but these same hardships make us closer friends with Christ, would we really want it any other way? …didn’t think so. 🙂

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    1. I love that! *Happy* has taken on new meanings that are distant from much that is holy. So in the words of Father Heilman, and others, *Let’s Make America Holy Again* and I will add let’s make happy, holy again. 😉

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      1. That reminds me of a story a good friend of mine, choir director, used to tell about the mis-translation of the Latin adjective “beatus” (“blessed”) in the Liturgy as “happy” – now thankfully rectified. An old Dominican traditionalist, reacting to it when it first appeared, snorted: “When I’m relaxing with a vintage brandy and a good cigar I may very well be happy, but I am most likely not blessed”.

        Actually a true story, among his many about the formidable Dominicans of yore.

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    2. Wow!!!! Really great spiritual advice Father!!! Thank you!!! My husband has told me lately I’m getting better and I told him the same as well! Funny it takes suffering to make it happen in small ways!

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          1. Hehehehe Charlie I get so many emails and my brain is so scattered it’s been a regular way for Mick (Micki) 😂 and I to communicate for quite awhile!!!😂😂😂


    3. Victura98 I shared this all over the place!!! What a profound proposal and deep spiritual advice!!! Thank you for being a great sign of hope to us all!!!🤗🙏❤️🥰😇🇺🇸🎅🤠

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  6. Remember that aid and healing could include medical supplies (gauze, wound care etc).

    I might have a sizeable stash of such left from Hospice and caretaking. Am still unpacking but will check; and probably some of you could too!

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  7. Charlie, both parents, 90, have covid starting about 7 or 8 days ago. Both only ok but they are not in bed. We did not know they were sick until they started getting very weak. We thought they were just very tired. They were in good health prior to, out walking every day, etc. Consequently, they went through their daily routines albeit being pushed to do so. It appears they are somewhat on the mend. Would appreciate prayers for them. Also, husband has major surgery today. Prayers for him today please. Thank you.

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    1. Praying for your parents, Patricia. 92 year old Fr. Wang made it through covid and was then diagnosed with pneumonia 2 weeks after recovery from covid and he’s nearly 100% back to his normal state. Praying for your husband to have a successful surgery with a swift and complete recovery.

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    2. Hi Patricia,

      Joining you in prayer for the good health and complete healing of your parents, as well as for your husband’s successful surgery and recovery!

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        1. That sounds good, Linda! I’m planning on going to Mass at 9:30 AM at a nearby parish. Looking forward to talking with you at some point afterwards! 🙂

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  8. Thank you, Charlie! A National medical committee will be such an essential part of CORAC’s charity. Thank you, Micki, for leading! Hoping at some point we can organize a committee on education too. Finding authentic education for our youth is getting more and more difficult these days. The onslaught of indoctrination is endless. Parents, grandparents and children need to be educated on the indoctrination techniques and ways to combat these diabolical tactics.

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  9. Another Jericho march to send our g. angels to: Dan Lynch Apostolates posts, ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe image will be processed 7 times around the United States Capitol (tomorrow), as the Israelites processed 7 times around the walls of Jericho which then came tumbling down. We will pray that the walls of our Culture of Death will soon come tumbling down with a legal and just presidential election.’

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  10. The article right at the bottom of this by charlieJ373 the dates have not happened yet. so he could not have done the walk?


    1. I think you missed something, Grace. My pilgrimage took place between Feb. 11, 2011 and Aug. 21, 2012. That was nine and eight years ago. I suspect you might have looked at the dates while missing the years involved – but unless you are in a time warp, they are firmly in the past. Glad to have you here.

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      1. 😂 time warp!!! I wouldn’t be surprised!!! Didn’t padre pio do that on occasion!!! And who had the flying squirrel 🐿 abilities??? Lol


    2. Moderator, please delete the above POST and replace it with this one. Thank you:

      I have a friend being treated for non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma who visited two physicians recently. He is a very intelligent man who knows how to read research AND present a sound argument. Out of curiosity and to get their opinion on the subject, he brought up encouraging research on the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 virus that was conducted by a reputable medical school. It supported the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an effective treatment.

      But what was startling was how both of these men — quite literally — exploded in anger at my friend. These doctors fumed with rage at the idea of using HCQ. Now, if HCQ is not effective or there are better treatments available, they’d have maintained professionalism and simply corrected him…calmly. So why the red-faced anger? He approached them with specifics about the research but was met with immediate hostility. Why would these physicians, trained in evidence-based medicine, ignore ANY research at this early stage of the game regarding a novel pathogen?


      Prior to 2017, I stockpiled medical supplies (bandages, splints, wraps, electrolytes, vitamins, ointments like antifungals, alcohol, etc) and OTC medications (ibuprofen, celecoxib, acetaminophen, antidiarrheals, aspirin), plus some opioid analgesics.

      But of all the drugs that I imagine would be most critical to have on hand are ANTIBIOTICS. These can literally save lives.

      During a clinical rotation, the clinic had a variety of antibiotics from a patient in a bag that they were going to dispose. I asked to keep them for my emergency kit and, a bit skeptical, they agreed. (I’ve also collected opened vials of lidocaine in case someone needs stitches). I once asked a doctor of osteopathic medicine what one antibiotic he would want if the *SCHUMER HITS THE FAN* and pharmaceutical production is interrupted. He said Z-paks (azithromycin), and he mentioned another one that I’ve since forgotten.

      How would I acquire antibiotics to keep on hand? Periodically write prescriptions to myself for them? — perhaps this is not entirely ethical, but no red flag would be raised as these aren’t controlled substances, and the benefits to someone potentially great.

      How would I store them to optimize longevity?

      What would be other good ABX choices to cover the spectrum? PNC, doxy, a cepholasporin, metronidazole, clinda?

      * By the way, veterinarians use many of the same antibiotics on their animals that are used with humans, so in a pinch they might be a source.

      Another medication that concerns me is insulin. With a limited shelf life, what will diabetics do?

      Anticipating a shortage of basic medications, we may have little or no choice but to reach for herbals and other alternatives. Those in primary care should definitely work closely with Mick and Steve. PA’s and docs have the knowledge to make the diagnoses, but the alternative med folks would know the best treatment options when the drug stores are cleaned out.


      P.S. To paraphrase the Oregon physician, Steven LaTulippe, who lost his medical license because his staff did not wear masks during the plandemic: “Using masks to protect from this virus is like using a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.” He urged people to stop wearing masks, and I have been doing the same. If your bishop recommends you wear a mask at church, remember its just a recommendation and politely decline. Take a stand. Yes, expect dirty looks or comments, but I feel we need to fight for our freedoms now, today… for if we concede on this one and wear masks to “be polite” or “as a courtesy” or to avoid personal discomfort, then there is little chance of stopping the next forms of control that are headed our way.

      By the way, you cannot find the video of Dr LaTulippe’s speech anymore.

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      1. Patrick, I have not investigated it but apparently “preppers” often purchase fish antibiotics for their emergency medical supplies. One book that has information on this (and is on my wish list) is Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman’s Guide to Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings by Dr and RN Alton.

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        1. Excellent! “Austere settings”. I love that. I’ll look into it, HopenJoy. Thanks!

          I’m also getting a crash course in homeopathy and herbal alternatives from Micki. Got a lot of reading to do.

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  11. i am also sceptical of the covid craziness, but here are is cdc data comparing 2019 / 2020 and tehre are 20% increases in march /april/ may of 2020 when compared to 2019

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    1. Hi DianeBelvs,

      Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life provided some awesome answers to your question tonight during his broadcast “LIVE Prayer for the President with Father Frank Pavone and the RSBN Team 12/11/20” on Right Side Broadcasting Network. All the prayer videos are good, tonight’s especially so.

      Not sure if I can post the video itself because it’s just over a half hour long, but here’s a link to the YouTube channel where RSBN posts all its videos:

      These live, online prayer rallies for President Trump and America usually take place on weeknights Monday through Friday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Thousands of people join in each night, all of us praying together at the same time.

      Footnote: Years ago, I saw Father Frank Pavone in person at the March for Life rally in Washington, DC, right at the start to lead the march. If there’s anyone who acknowledges God, takes the next right step, and is a sign of hope to others, I highly recommend this priest. 🙂

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    2. Diane, the Texas case was a surprise this week that gained a lot of attention. It might have been a quick fix for election cheating, but the Supreme Court discerned that Texas and the other states didn’t have “standing” according to Article III of the Constitution.

      However, there are many other things going on that get to the heart of the matter: election cheating on a grand scale with strong evidence of foreign interference. This is a matter of national security. In some ways, I think that exposing this reality and all of the players, and carrying out justice, is the real game plan.

      Our Lady of Tepeyac, pray for us.

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  12. From what I am reading and listening to ..(Mike Adams ..Jeffrey Prather)among many ..President Trump and his men have already been planning for this . The evidence Sidney Powell has is beyond overwhelming..from what I understand the insurrection act and martial law is not far off to save the country.Please LORD I beg you help us in this spiritual battle..just heard on Tucker John Kerry is going to be the head of climate crisis..he will bring on the great reset very quickly..Charlie GOD is my life yet we have to live here we have a chance to win this battle with these demonic monsters or is hell on earth coming? Forgive me I am strong believe’s just quite frightening

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    1. Robin, it is a frightening time. You are not alone. If we were perfect saints, perhaps we would all being smiling right now, but I can tell you that I am not smiling.

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    2. Yes, Robin, it is a frightening time. However, I do know we can ask our Lord and our Lady for the grace of peace and serenity while we partner with each of Them. They will absolutely answer this prayer. THEY want our peace and equilibrium more than do we. Too, we play a part in this as we choose to dwell on trust – so that we’re anchored interiorly in each of Them. Then, whatever changes happen on the exterior – and there will be a flux of constant change and uncertainty, which has already begun – we can have interior freedom to the extent that we may feel passing fear, sorrow, or whatever difficult emotion there may be, but it cannot take hold within us as we live and move and have our being in Christ. I do know, for sure and certain, that God only allows things to happen and acts in all His Ways from a stance of Pure Love. Even as we desire, pray and work that the electoral corruption (and all corruption) is revealed and reversed, we must hold this loosely in our hands as we receive what God IS doing. And if He deems that Trump not continue as President at this juncture, it means God has a better way through this Storm. Praying for you, Robin, and for us all as we can only look at these things through a glass darkly while relying completely on God’s Providence.

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      1. Great points Beckita.
        It is good to remember that God gives us all the GRACE necessary in these times.
        “Where sin abounds, grace abounds further”. (Romans 5:20).
        Trusting in this passage takes an act of the will. When we are discouraged we lack that faith and hope in His Word. But His word is trustworthy.
        That is scriptural too. It is we who, as Charlie says time and again, try to divine the mind of God ourselves and seek to remedy that which God had already accomplished before the foundation of the world.
        He’s got this.
        Always has
        Always will.
        We just need to “look up” and see our salvation at work and focus on that and not the disorder the world has always been in. This will give us the “peace the world cannot give” because peace does not come from below but only from above.
        “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”(John 16:33).

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    3. Hello again, Robin I used to think that I was strong. But life can beat you down very badly and one finds out that human strength is not enough. This has happened many times in my life. I also know that God often gives us grace at the last minute, and not in the way that is expected. Of course, we have to carry our crosses in order to reach the kingdom. There is no victory without the cross…. Nonetheless…after my healthy 6-year old grandson died in his bed, and we found his lifeless, discolored, cold, somewhat stiff body the day before Easter, I know that my strength has waned greatly…..I prayed for him that night. And yet God allowed the unforgiving knife of anguish, sorrow, and shock to pierce my heart and soul. I never knew what it meant to “wail”. But I did not simply cry that day before Easter 2020, I wailed. And I still cry because there are memories in my house everywhere, and I find them when I clean, as I did yesterday. … And this is just one of my sorrows and concerns…even thought I know that the Sacred Heart of Mary will triumph in the end through the will of God …..There are severe trials before us as Charlie and all the mystics have told us. Many of us are already feeling them,and I am not talking about the falsehoods of the election and the threat to our Republic, but that is definitely weighing upon us now….I am sure that Our Blessed Mother did not have a smile when she heard the prophecy of Simeon. I am sure there are many times she was simply silent and just contemplated the prophecy of sorrow…..We human beings experience anxiety, fear and sorrow when shocking, evil, or inexplicable events occur. Even Jesus felt extreme grief when he saw that Lazarus had died…so much so that He raised up Lazarus. It does not mean that we do not know that there will be triumph. It is simply the human condition…..It is not saint-like to admit these emotions. I was shocked when I read some of the diary of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She had a long dark night of the soul. I believe that she even admitted doubt, but she kept on doing the work of Christ. I could not understand why pieces of the diary were published. However, I do realize now that this was necessary to show us all that the Way can be incredibly challenging and that even our faith will be challenged when our heart and spirits are broken with weariness and sorrow. I would say that you should not deny what you feel. We cannot put on masks and pretend that we are feeling fine. I think that Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a good example. But there are other saints who had a Dark Night of the Soul. I expect, if Charlie is correct, we will all experience this going forward…… I wish you all the peace and heavenly joy of the Christmas season. At this point in my life, I am also contemplating the glories of His Resurrection. If we are to get through all of this, we have to keep our eye on the joy and peace that is to come, as I am sure that Christ did when thinking about each of us as he endured His passion. We must think about the time when all tears and sorrow will be wiped away, which is an unfathomable blessing offered to the faithful. Wishing you a Happy Christmas.

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      1. The real point is that one cannot deny what one is feeling. Jesus already knows….And many saints have been tested over and over again.

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  13. The from John Hopkins was apparently flawed? Not sure how, but they did take it down. Fact check did not like it, and:

    More importantly, though, data from the CDC contradicts the claim, with an estimated 299,028 excess deaths through October 3, including 198,081 (66 percent) attributed to COVID-19.

    So why the OTHER 100K increase?

    This is per Newsweek.

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  14. Death count no higher? I can think of a third explanation. Because most sick people were aware of how consumed with Covid most doctors and hospitals were (consumed toward saving lives in the Covid category), they stayed away from doctors and hospitals. And so, lo and behold, they toughed it out, and by staying away from those, more of them lived than if they had submitted to the usual form of health “care”.

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  15. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and the Unborn, please intercede for our nation to have a pro-life president. Here’s a short documentary of her miraculous image.

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. 😉

    A friend sent me a video this morn of an Intel Christmas Drone Light Show that was pretty & spectacular …… but it did trigger a sense of dread whilst watching it.
    Of course, coming from godless Silicon Valley, CA there was nothing of JMJ, Angels, Stars or Wise Men ….. but what really hit me was the thought of what we are up against in the coming Great Unpleasantness (Re-Set).
    The CA Silicon Valley Types are ALL Multinational …..think full of Bad Guys (Chinamen) who despise the USA and the Faith, Traditions and Civic Visions of Our Founders.
    The Silicon Valley Types = Intel, FaceBook, Twitter, Microsoft, Hollywood, AT&T, Apple, Verizon……. and have infiltrated every aspect of our modern life …. and in many sinister ways….. Politics, “Education”, “Entertainment”, Communications, Media, Supply Chains …. you fill in de blank!
    Visions of Good-Guys being hunted down by swarms of killer drones is no longer just the stuff of fevered nightmares.
    St John’s Visions in Revelation are making a bunch more sense … These-Days!


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  17. After reviewing the short statement from the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas case I was left with a number of conflicting emotions and thoughts. To a historian by nature and an attorney by profession, the decision raised more questions than it answers.

    This time has the feeling of being a “hinge of history”. That is a time when the actions of people, leaders and countries will have a profound effect on the how things will progress into the future. There are at least several ways the Court’s decision in this matter may play out over time. The three that come immediately to mind are illustrated in some prominent prior cases;

    Brown v. the Board of Education 347 US 483 (1954) which was the beginning of the end of the legal regime of segregation and legalized racism. The decision is widely hailed as an advance of justice and equality for all citizens.

    The Dred Scott Case 60 US (19 How) 393 (1857) which declared descendants of all who were brought here as slaves from Africa to be perpetual non-citizens without rights. Many historians view this case as the proverbial last straw that made the Civil War inevitable.

    Or, the Texas case could be a reenactment of West Coast Hotel v. Parris 300 US 379 (1937). After years of striking down Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal economic programs, the Court was faced with actual proposed legislation in Congress to “pack the court” by adding new justices who would presumably be more sympathetic to the president’s programs. In this case one of the justices (Owen Roberts) who had been steadfastly against the president’s economic plans unexplainedly switched sides and became the one vote needed to uphold the president’s policies. Many historians have surmised that he made this change of heart to prevent the Court from being subject forever after to the political whims of the president and Congress. However, while preserving the immediate integrity of the Court in one sense, the case revealed the truth that even Justices with life long tenure can be subjected to political pressure that will influence their decisions.

    My own thought about the Texas decision is that it is most likely in the nature of West Coast Hotel. The justices looked at the growing division in the country. They did not want to write decisions supporting one side or the other. This was particularly relevant in the face of actual present threats of the Democrats to “pack the court” if they gain control of Congress and the Presidency.

    My fear, especially after watching forty states take one side or the other over the past few days, is that this decision may, over time, come to be seen as the Second Dred Scott case. By not facing the present issues head on the Court may have opened the door to further division and strife. I pray this is not so, but I have trouble believing that things are going to just settle down to normal with everyone falling in line behind a new administration.

    The only spiritual sense I have at the moment is that God is making a very loud statement that our safety and future is not in men, politicians, or even in the courts. Our protection is in God and God alone.


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    1. Once it is clear that our rights are being taken away, I think there will be civil unrest or worse (from people who have been standing by watching and hoping for justice to be applied evenly). There are already families out there being affected by the decisions of D governors who can barely feed their families because they are not allowed to work. There are people losing businesses who worked very hard to build them. I have been reading of suicides and depression. This is anger and feelings of defeat directed inward. Soon these feeling will be directed outward. I think anything can and will happen. And if Biden tries to take away arms, then it may happen sooner than later.

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  18. Since there’s hardly anything on the tube to watch, I was delighted to see that the latest episode of Q&A with CJ is out.

    Season 1 of the “Talkabout” series continues with “The Path Forward” where Charlie discusses the hot topics of the day, practical advice on how to navigate these treacherous times, and the simple path forward –– back to the Manger!

    (Note: this session was recorded on 12/10/20, the day before the Supreme Court rejected the Texas case.)

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  19. A Blessed and Wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! May She, also known as Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion, in these times, intercede for each of us and our families to deepen our conversion as we are filled with the grace of TRUST in God and His Plan for these times. It’s a special day to go into our interior room to be with Him, relying on Him and telling Him what is so hard for us and acknowledging our gratefulness for ALL He has, is and will do for us.

    A reminder, too, that Our Lady has left us a love song on the Tilma. People who have quieted themselves and listened to this music have experienced interior miracles. I pray we all remain open to receive the graces our Medatrix procures for each of her beloved children, each and every one of us.

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    1. Beckita and my brothers and sisters on TNRS. This morning on this blessed day of Our Lady, I received a message from someone who I’ve helped for many years out of love and concern.. The message was a confession that all that I was told and believed were lies. My goodness was used. Confession and repentance are the next steps that this person said they were going to do. Thanks be to God. I forgave the person immediately–such a huge burden on their soul. but……

      I need prayers, so that the immense hurt doesn’t overtake me. That I don’t release the person’s identity and confession to anyone that was also duped. That I continue to pray for this person.

      I’ve been hurt many times in my life and I have always been able to forgive–such a grace. But the pain is immense right now. I know it will subside in time. Just please pray for me now so that I can feel the peace of grace. Thank you.

      p.s. I’m so glad that I have someplace to share my burden.

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        1. Praying San San.

          Sometimes the pain of such a hurt intensified our prayers. The Lord is close-by to give you rest and a hug.

          The antidote to anger is empathy. What state of mind would lead someone to be so false? What bondage and lack of peace likely was tormenting them.

          Be thankful that they left the camp of the father of lies! And prepare spiritually bc the liar will try to place thoughts of discord in your mind.

          St. Joseph terror of demons protect us!

          Peace be with you!

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        1. It helps me to remember people do not know the ill Biden brings nor the good Trump has done; because the news won’t tell them.

          The fact that they don’t look elsewhere is harder to swallow.

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      1. Praying for you SanSan.

        So I have been meditating on this idea Fr Ciszek has put in my head about trusting God. That is
        to say we are to trust in the Providence of God and his Constancy. That gets us through the tough times.

        The Providence of God are the circumstances dealt out to you in your lifetime. Good times. Bad times. Joyful times. Sorrowful times. All circumstances are to be looked at as from the hands of God
        appointed to your salvation.

        Constancy is the love of God. God loves us in all circumstances. Even when we turn our back on Him. He is the Prodigal Father. Prodigal in his mercy and love. Got to trust that too.

        Sometimes its hard. Sometimes it seems cruel even. But these are the circumstances that fall to us in our time.

        Here is how St Paul expressed that to the Thesselonians in Sunday’s Second Reading:

        “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.
        In all circumstances give thanks,
        for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

        God never promises us a rose garden. Just the grace to deal.

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      2. SanSan, I think you know that you and I are connected through a particular ministry near your home. I am now a volunteer from afar, and I still keep in touch.

        The moments of truth in this ministry were absolutely essential ~ though hard to handle for all concerned. Your present pain might be separate from the ministry, but the principles apply. As painful as it is for you to deal with the confession you have heard recently, I see it as a graced moment ~ one of the crucial steps in the 12 Steps. That step requires rigorous honesty with those whom one has offended. It is a huge step in recovery.

        Years ago, I puzzled over the concept of “detachment” as a spiritual practice. Does that mean we’re not supposed to care? I learned that that’s not what detachment means. We care, of course, and we do what we’re called to do in ministry or friendship. But we recognize each person’s free will, for better or for worse. One aspect of detachment is the attitude of not becoming invested in other people’s choices over which you have no real control. Care, yes; control, no. It is a hard and endless lesson. Even Jesus could/would not MAKE people accept and follow Him.

        God bless and keep you, friend from afar.

        Sister Bear

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      3. Dear SanSan,

        Amidst the completely understandable pain and anger you feel, maybe one day you’ll see the good that you’ve done by practicing charity for the sake of God, even though the person you were directing your help towards was unworthy … and in fact taking advantage of your generosity.

        Your situation reminds me of something that happened among my older relatives that I witnessed as a child growing up. My grandma, who had been helping a certain person, finally got wind of what was really happening, had enough of her kindness being taken advantage of, and confronted this person … and yes, this is the grandma who had “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” played at her funeral.

        Apparently, the confrontation turned this person’s whole life around.

        No matter how the person who betrayed you ends up, God has seen the good that you have done, and He will reward you for it, for God is not outdone in generosity.

        Praying for you because yes, a situation like this is heartbreaking when you have been victimized by someone you trusted, and in fact one of the closest people to you.

        “Then the King will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; 35 for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ 37 Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see thee hungry and feed thee, or thirsty and give thee drink? 38 And when did we see thee a stranger and welcome thee, or naked and clothe thee? 39 And when did we see thee sick or in prison and visit thee?’ 40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’ ”
        — Matthew 25:34-40

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    2. Charlie,
      “Johns Hopkins pulled the study shortly after it was released – not because of any flaws in methodology or error, but because it contradicted the establishment narrative. ”
      Do you still stand by that statement?


      1. Yes, I do, Jerry. I have had some serious people who know the field and are excellent researchers informing me of some things. Now the media has been in full-on “debunk” mode of this study – and it has taken them a while to get traction. So you think you know the “real” story. You don’t – though you do know the real establishment narrative. Yet when the establishment, for years now, has been telling you the “real” story and it keeps turning out to be later proved errant, why in heavens name would you believe the credentialed class of authoritative sources on anything right now? The problem is not to get caught up in pure hokum (some of which the credentialed classes are tacitly throwing out there in hopes of discrediting their critics – or at least creating enough chaos that people don’t know what to believe).

        I don’t know that the Hopkins study was authoritative – it certainly was not the final word on the matter. But WHEN the University pulled it, it was NOT because of methodological errors they identified, but because it contradicted the establishment narrative. It was kind of like stopping the counting of votes on election night. The credentialed class recognized a significant problem, stopped its dissemination to give themselves time to manufacture what they want to re-establish the narrative.

        What the folks researching the issue right now are bemoaning to me is that the data needed is often unavailable, often obviously bowdlerized, and often separate formerly trusted sources are now contradicting each other. I talked with a fellow working on it this morning who told me that some raw data he is using suggests that the death rate has actually gone down this year, while others suggest it has gone up and still others that it is stable. His complaint is that he can’t know with any confidence yet.

        Now if you want to go by the authoritative pronouncements of people who assured you that A) there was never any spying on the Trump campaign – and when proved false said it was justified; B) that Trump absolutely colluded with Russians – until it was proven he did not; C) that masks are ineffective – until they decided they were vital – and pay no attention to the fact that the lowest death rates are coming from the states that are least restrictive; D) that hydroxychloroquine (HXQ) will kill you until, mirabile dictu!, on the day the electoral college met, suddenly HXQ is the new miracle drug for Covid…I could go on and on. I do not accept the word of authoritative sources in the credentialed class anymore because they are incompetent, politicized, and pathological liars. But if you want to stake your claim on your certainty that they have got it right this time, go for it.

        Five years from now, when things have hopefully settled down, I will have been wrong about a few things. But I will certainly have a MUCH better track record than the credentialed classes you want to cite.

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      2. Well gee, Jerry. Charlie is a man of his word, one for whom his “yes” means “yes” and his “no” means “no.” He spends hours and hours in research before he publishes his work, going to primary sources. He is meticulously careful, prudent and deliberate in preparing writing and speeces. Now, he’s not afraid to admit errors… and not in a mealy-mouthed way, but in a straightforward admittance and correction which is upfront and center for all to easily see. He’s been consistent in such integrity from the get go of writing and speaking publicly about the Storm. You must not have read much of Charlie to ask this kind of question. Please, give more background as to where you’re coming from in posing such a query. God’s Blessings.

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        1. I am grateful to Charlie for such a full definitive and prompt reply. I leave it to the readers to follow Charlie’s advice and look at the response of John Hopkins University for themselves.

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  20. I found Dr Steven LaTulippe’s speech, short and sweet. His Oregon license revoked because he chose to swim against the torrent.

    “Take off the mask of shame.”
    “It’s a common cold virus.”
    “You’ve been duped.”

    Hear, hear!

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  21. Thank you everyone for your prayers. he, who shall not be named, must have been furious I asked for prayers. . Had to call 911 shortly thereafter. We will lose him given his age but I hope not to this virus. Thank you again.

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  22. SANSAN I had this happen to me when I was young..someone I was engaged to had been cheating on me the entire time..when he finally owned up I couldn’t understand how he could have lied about everything. He told me “I told you what you wanted to hear”,it was devastating. My mom and dad taught me to respect others ,to trust those in authority and always be honest and tell the truth.. I cannot stand a liar or those without backbones..very devastating to see so much of our culture have these traits.In all honesty I am having great difficulty actually realizing what has happened is real it’s like a bad nightmare that’s not going away.I am so grateful for my faith about clinging to “The Rock”

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    1. Robin,

      What you said exactly!

      In my case, similar to yours, I actually married the guy all the while he was in a relationship with his co-worker. Hindsight 2020- his sister tried to get him to confess it before we got married. Why didn’t I see?! Maybe I didn’t want to see? Or the grief of recently losing my mother to cancer clouded my ability to see him clearly?

      We did divorce and I got an annulment, thank God! I did forgive him and his girlfriend, a mutual friend, and those who aided in their hiding of their relationship from me.

      When I think of this time period it is painful but I feel sorry for him and sad. I know God wants better for him. I still pray for him because he left the faith and he can’t be at peace or truly happy.

      Our battle is between principalities and powers. God wants all souls to be with Him.

      Still, I am sorry for your pain, that of San San and all those hurt by betrayal.
      God’s peace be with all here.

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  23. Loved reading all the “love notes” friends. Much to ponder. Thank you for sharing with me.

    The word “betrayal” seems to be the “disorder” of our times, isn’t it? Just as it was during Jesus’ time.

    Such betrayal everywhere. People walking away from God and Holy Mother Church. The betrayal of Our Shepherds, leaving us alone amongst the wolves. People we trusted in our lives, betraying us. Babies in the womb, betrayed by it’s parents selfishness. And just look at all the traitors and back stabbers in “leadership” positions in our country trying to take down our Republic.

    Now more than ever, I feel the closest I’ve ever felt to Jesus’ and His suffering. I am so grateful to have my faith. I pray that I never become angry, nor jaded, but continue to serve God whenever and wherever I can. TNRS. Peace to all.

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