Immaculate Conception, Pray For Us

Immaculate Conception – Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

By Charlie Johnston

Every year, one of the most precious and anticipated times for me is with our overlapping Novenas – to the Immaculate Conception and to Our Lady of Tepeyac (commonly called Guadalupe). The beginning of the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac begins on the fifth day – or center – of the Novena to the Immaculate Conception. And the Novena to the Immaculate Conception ends on the fifth day – the center – of the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac. These are profound and profoundly intertwined. 

This year, we have the additional sign this month of a Christmas Star that will make its appearance on December 21, the Winter Solstice and shortest day of the year. I will have more to say about that in a future item. 

I have been pondering the Ascension a lot lately. A little over a month before that glorious event, all the Apostles had been scattered in terror and confusion, thinking it was the end of all their hopes. I imagine that some, as they witnessed the Ascension, must have marveled with indescribable joy that what they had thought was the end was actually the beginning.

And so we find ourselves much like the Disciples while Jesus lay in the tomb – scattered and confused. We have much blood, sweat, toil and tears to come in the days and months ahead, but this is the beginning, not the end. Hold fast through all the trials and you will live unfathomable joy as your children, your family, and your friends are called back to the very Author of Joy.

Immaculate Conception, on this your Feast Day, pray for us!

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    Lady of all nations, humanity has been entrusted to you.
    Christ wanting to be our brother gave you to us as our mother.
    Before you we place our prayers, our anguish and sorrow, our hope and joy.
    Grant us the grace of soul and body which you are permitted to give to us all, no matter who or what we are.
    Hear our prayers and and be our Advocated.



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  2. Charlie,

    I believe that traditional Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle used to be celebrated in December 21. Doubting Thomas…..hmmm. I could be grasping at “coincidences” which wouldn’t be the first time.

    God Bless and thank you all for your prayers!

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  3. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. 😉

    Sadly, Pew Peons are going to have to choose real soon!
    We have been Warned from times long ago till present of a Remnant Church to come but with the wish that some future Generation would have to deal with it …….. we be that Generation I’m thinking!?
    As for me, JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

    Historian Warns: Mexican Persecution Could Happen Here

    Even this Ol’ Razorback must admit that the Aggies have a great band!
    Fantastic Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band First Halftime Drill


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    1. That halftime drill was unbelievable! How do those kids DO that? I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Thanks for sharing that, CrewDog!

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  4. “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Sm 16:7).

    And Mary’s heart was fully disposed to the fulfillment of the divine will. This is why the Blessed Virgin is the model of Christian expectation and hope… In her heart there is no shade of selfishness: she desires nothing for herself except God’s glory and human salvation. For her, the very privilege of being preserved from original sin is not a reason to boast, but one for total service to her Son’s redemptive mission.” St. JP2

    Happy Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception!

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  5. Good evening and blessed solemnity of the Immaculate Conception! And in further news:
    “With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from today, 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021.” To me this is very good news. God blessed our day with holy mass this morning and has blessed it again! God is so good. St. Joseph, pray for us!
    Katey in OR

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  6. Nice Charlie. Just got word our son scheduled a sex change operation for February. Lambzie and I feel like we have just been punched in the gut. It hurts. This encourages us.

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    1. I’m praying for you and your family Doug. You have become part of my spiritual family. I don’t know which saint would be the patron saint for this but I’m hunting. Just as I typed that last sentence, St. Joseph popped into my mind. So, I asking St. Joseph’s intercession for your son. Lord have mercy.

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      1. Thank you HTTP !  St.  Joseph is a model of purity and I believe what true manhood is about.  I think he is a good earthly representation of the heavenly father.  Good choice of saints!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    2. Doug, I’m praying for you and Lambzie. Praying that your son has a change of heart instead of the operation. God bless you all.

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      1. Thanks Anne!!!  Lambzie and I met with our priest today for one and a half hours.  He was very affirming to us.  Family is also against us for not supporting him through this.  We see it as trying to keep him from jumping off a cliff.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    3. You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us.

      O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You! (Repeat three times)
      Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.
      Prayed on 10 small beads of each decade

      For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

      Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion — inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.

      O Greatly Merciful God, Infinite Goodness, today all mankind calls out from the abyss of its misery to Your mercy — to Your compassion, O God; and it is with its mighty voice of misery that it cries out. Gracious God, do not reject the prayer of this earth’s exiles! O Lord, Goodness beyond our understanding, Who are acquainted with our misery through and through, and know that by our own power we cannot ascend to You, we implore You: anticipate us with Your grace and keep on increasing Your mercy in us, that we may faithfully do Your holy will all through our life and at death’s hour. Let the omnipotence of Your mercy shield us from the darts of our salvation’s enemies, that we may with confidence, as Your children, await Your [Son’s] final coming — that day known to You alone. And we expect to obtain everything promised us by Jesus in spite of all our wretchedness. For Jesus is our Hope: through His merciful Heart, as through an open gate, we pass through to heaven (Diary, 1570).

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    4. Doug, such pain. I know you’ll get all kinds of prayer advice, but Father Z recommends something I did today and got an answer right away. He says to ask St. Joseph for something specific, REALLY specific. You will think of what to say. God bless and strengthen you both!

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    5. Doug and Lambzie,


      I’ll say that’s a gut punch! Praying for a change of heart for your precious son.

      Considering there is a plague going on let’s hope elective surgeries of this kind are cancelled!

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      1. Amen Littleone!  It is a scourge on our society.  Doctors can lose their license for prescribing Hydroxachloraquin off label, but to give hormones off label and surgery that will shorten life span is ok and increase chances of suicide.  How hypocritical.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    6. Oh Doug and lambzie!!! I’m soooo sooo sorry and I thought I was going through crazy stuff!!! Jiminy Christmas I’ll pray really really hard for you guys and your son!!! I promise!!! Hang in there you guys!!! Love to you both!!!🤗🙏❤️

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        1. We will pray for each other!!! Hang in there kiddo!!! My consolation is what Charlie told me one time in Jackson…I hang onto it with every ounce of strength so often for my own past blunders and blunders of my loved ones: “God draws great good out of past (or future) evils!” Mercy is HIS name🤗

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          1. Thank you grandma Linda!  It’s hard enough with faith.  I can’t imagine the pain of those who do not have hope through our blessed faith.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    7. Oh how I understand “gut punches” from our children. We love the anyways with the unconditional love of God. I will pray for your family. Please pray for mine. I truly think the evil one is using them to attack us. But in the end- Jesus wins! God Bless you.

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    8. Doug and Lambzie, my heart is heavy just thinking about your sad news. Lifting you, your son and family in prayer to the Holy Family for healing. Will pray that your son may be healed body, mind, soul, and spirit, and that you continue to have courage and strength during this trying time.

      As I was curious to learn more about transgenderism and your tough situation I came across this article. I pray that it will become a little sign of hope for you. Hang in there you two.

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      1. Thank you Juls!  Great article.  Lifesite is a great web site.  I passed the article along to Lambzie and will send it to others I know dealing with this.  Trust, trust, trust……  God bless you!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  7. Charlie,

    it is no coincidence that the lawsuit Texas filed, State of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan and State of Wisconsin was filed on the vigil of the Immaculate Conception. This is one of those lawsuits that I use to call a sniper’s death shot when I was a litigator. Short of revealing that we have a corrupt majority on the Federal supreme Court, I do think this will have the intended result that Paxton is looking for. The lawsuit completely out maneuvers/hits in the flanks the liberals/progressives. And, the liberals/progressives are so far suffering from victory disease/over confidence that they will soon find themselves trapped like the German 6th army at Stalingrad. Or, if you want a more American analogy, the shock when Banastre Tarleton’s men were hit by Dan Morgan’s counterattack at Cowpens. Whether you choose Stalingrad or Cowpens, we have hit the turning point, so keep the prayers up, everybody! Immaculate Conception pray for us!

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        1. For what it is worth, they had a total of nine states engaged last night. I am not basing this on news reports, which have been unreliable, but from a principle involved in it. Three more are considering joining the case this morning.

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          1. Up to 17 now, per CTH.

            1/3 if the states is not a trifle.

            Dear Lord, if it be your will, please let this be the peaceful start of a legitimate, God fearing politics/Republic

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        2. So they will hear arguments in the case, but that does not mean that the case will proceed to trial. They will then decide if the case goes to trial after hearing arguments….Since several more states have signed on to the Texas case, I would think this one might be hard to ignore, but nothing is unexpected these days.

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          1. There is only the oral/brief argument under Article III, Section 2, where the Supremes. have jurisdiction. It is not a matter for a Federal District Court to have a trial. It is a case about Article I, Section 4. The gist is, who decides federal election law? Per the Federal Constitution, each state LEGISLATURE has the authority. But the long night of judicial activism through creeping incrementalism has lead to the judiciary in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in the state of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia usurping the proper roll of the legislature. So, pray, as this case has the opportunity to undermine decades of judicial activism, such as what has happened to David Daleiden.

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    1. Great to hear from you, James. Indeed, praying. Keenly aware that it’s all so precarious. We must pray and fight for truth, yet, even with a decision that declares something like an invalid election, there will be a major violent pushback from those who have and will work overtime to steal it. The heat is on. Praying, too, that those who have been immersed in the propaganda of the MSM will awaken to truth.

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      1. Beckita,

        Work is busy and that is an understatement. I read the brief early Tuesday morning and it made my day. I read Pennsylvania’s arrogant condescending response. I read the amicus brief and brought it up to the Lord at adoration tonight.

        As you and Charlie know, there will be a fight, but it is necessary to remove the necrotic tissue.

        Even after Midway and Cowpens, there was some fierce fights, Santa Cruz, Guadacanal and Guilford Courthouse with the race to the Dan. But, the tide had already turned even if the other side did not realize it.

        Of course, if the Supreme Court rules against Texas, then the institution is totally rotten and will fall. But like Sam seeing the star in the sky when in Mordor with Frodo, there is still good out there, there is still hope and I am praying for victory.

        This really is the most important case for the future of our nation.

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        1. Amen, James.

          Speaking of LotR, my 11-year-old and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring a couple of nights ago. We started The Two Towers last night. Hoping to start The Return of the King on Friday.

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          1. Well, Beks, the Supremes denied leave to file on grounds of standing. So, game over. As far as I am concerned, the Republic as we knew it is finished. So instead of being what it should have been, it now is beginning of a long journey. We will ha r keep praying and trust the Lord. On the bright side. It really forces us to trust the Lord, and not Trump, as many were doing.

            I disagree with the Supremes, but I do not think it will be fruitful at the moment to speculate about their motives. That, too will be revealed in time.

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            1. I saw that news, James. Surrendering to God’d Plan is the only way to sanity. He simply sees what we cannot and is always working even when we can’t see it.

              I like your insight of how this will prompt people to rely more completely on God.

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            2. Be careful, JIM. The SCOTUS appears to have tossed the case because the filers asked if they could file rather than just filing their claim. Further, Sidney Powell is filing in all four states with something very similar, and I believe she will be seen as having standing. Again further, I don’t think Trump really cares about the legal actions going on. He’s playing a bigger game even than that. Lots should be happening before Jan 20 and possibly before the end of this year. We will see. Meanwhile, I am continuing to apply the third part of Charlie’s teaching – which if you will remember is to (1) acknowledge God, (2) take the next right step and (very much not to be forgotten 3) be a beacon of hope to all around me. We are not near the end of the end of this. The third act is only at the stage where the curtain is rising.

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    2. LET US PRAY!!

      Trump most likely got 80+ Million Votes delivered by a voter base that is probably the most Fired-Up in USA History.
      Trump, MAGA Movement with that voter base is not going away even if The Steal occurs.
      BY 20 January we will know, precisely, who The Enemy is.
      The absolute corruption of our three branches of Gubermint will be revealed for all who care to see.
      The absolute corruption of The Media will be revealed for all who care to see.
      The absolute corruption of the Election, Lobby and Funding “Systems” will be revealed for all who care to see.
      Christendom, in 2021, will see a similar unfolding”.
      Submit or Fight are the only options. No fences to sit upon These-Days!


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    3. This is the way I envision it James.

      Goal line stand that will shock a lot of people. Victory grabbed from the Jaws of Defeat. Defeat grabbed from the Jaws of Victory. Depending on your point of view.

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  8. I’ve always loved Our Lady’s Magnificat. The one line I particularly ponder is “My soul magnifies the Lord”. Contemplating its meaning in light of all that The Church teaches us about who Our Lady and her effect on the church I can see how this line is so rich in meaning. Just saying the Marion Litany gives us a small taste of the titles she bears and the ways she has “magnified” Our Lord!
    One of today’s readings was how Adam and Eve hid from God because they were “naked”. Seems to me this means that they were not naked before, although as an allegory it has another meaning.
    But what if it isn’t just an allegory and they suddenly became “unclothed” after their sin? Some posit that Adam and Eve were clothed in “light” before the fall and this light was lost when they sinned.
    Two points:
    Point 1.
    Jesus’ transfiguration has been considered by some to be a secession of the miracle hiding this aspect of His nature from our view and in His true form is He is “clothed” in light. This isn’t the only time the apostles saw Jesus like this and there are other descriptions of this in scripture, especially in the Apocalypse.
    Point 2.
    A sculptor interviewed Sr Lucia from Fatima about how Our Lady looked when she appeared to her. Lucia discribed her skin as ” skin colored light clothed in light.” Since we are taught that Our Lady was assumed into heaven, body and soul, we know she appears to us in the “flesh” although glorified flesh.
    Since we were created “just a little lower than the angels” who are pure spirit and in Genesis are the “light separated from the darkness”, it is reasonable to consider that we were created to be beings of light too but the fall reduced us to creatures of flesh only, like the beasts, and we lost part of our nature and our “light became darkness”.
    If Jesus is “light from light, true God from true God” it stands to reason Our Lady then magnifies this light both in her reflection of His holiness and in her brilliance as Queen of heaven and earth.

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    1. I have always seen the words “because we were naked” to mean that in their complete innocence prior to the fall, without any tendency to or knowledge of concupiscence, they had no more need to be clothed than the animals. It was in the gaining of the knowledge of both good and evil, that they then had a need to be clothed. jas

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      1. I would like to also add to my earlier comments. I see and like to share the simple truths. In my busy life with its demands and need to maintain my property, I don’t have time to think things through at the moment and share through my laborious typing but while working, remember and go over the complete passage in my mind. I saw that God responded, “Who told you you were naked? You have eaten of the forbidden fruit.” Enough said, I leave the rest to you. jas

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        1. Since Scripture was written to include several interpretation types Jas, I feel we can both be right on our different takes.
          I understand that Adam and Eve were created with all wisdom and knowledge necessary to their state. That said, their innocence did not necessarily mean they were ignorant of sin and it’s consequences. In order for a mortal sin to be mortal, one has to “know” it is a mortal sin and be fully open to commiting the sin regardless of this. Adam and Eve would have been the most aware of any human being to this reality. This is evident in the high degree this original sin has effected humanity with the main effect being concupicence on every human being ever since (accept Jesus and Mary ).
          I think a key word to this passage is “shame”. They were ashamed of their sin which “is ever before me”. The allegory of “nakedness” can mean “fully revealed” and thus ashamed. Knowing the great effect this sin caused in them and it’s reverberating effect on humanity in the future caused great shame in Adam and Eve so they hid in shame (nakedness) from God.
          Gods response was not a discovery of this but a confirmation of and a teaching moment for us (and them).
          Since God is omniscient, He knew what they had done from time immemorial and what He would say and do about it.
          So His statements and questions are to teach and show us these things-our weaknesses, shortcomings, etc. But more importantly His desire to save us, forgive us and share Himself with us even though we betray Him time and time again.

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          1. Phillip I totally disagree that being naked without concupiscence is a sin, especially mortal. Does it make sense that God created man in sin? Sin and its consequences came into mankind’s world because and after the fall. Your arguments seem aimed at trying to prove a pre-conceived point while sidestepping the simple truth. Obviously God was not seeking answers in asking “Who told you you were naked?” He was responding in their human terms that they could readily follow and understand. Apparent eruditeness does not support an argument in and of itself. Just a seeker of truth jas.


  9. Beautiful.. Mass today was amazing.. Such joy!!!
    I pray every day for Our Lady to take care of my living situation, if it be God’s will, to live around/with other faithful Christians.

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  10. I couldn’t find this on WordPress yesterday! Lol. But anyways I’m really interested in tepyac novena!!! I didn’t know about it??? Is it on the internet???

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    1. Hey Linda, most of my Novenas are not from a formal text. Rather, they are things that I am devoted to and I devise my own method of praying the Novena. So I have no clue whether there is a formal one out there or not.

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      1. Thanks Charlie! Boy I sure would like to join you in that novena…if you ever decide to share it here with us that would be great!🤗. If not, that’s ok too as you may have your reasons to keep it solo!🤗 btw are you back In Colorado yet?

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          1. Beckita our parish (under normal conditions) has this really great Mexican community! Every year (this year may be different) they proceed in great number and have this beautiful drum and dance up the center isle to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lord!!! It is just amazing their great love and devotion to OUr Lady of Guadalupe!!! I think one time they even processed from Toledo??? I may need to fact-check that but it’s in my memory??? Here’s a nice link to what we used to experience just last year!!! They also do a reenactment of the crucifixion on Good Friday!!! Mexicans are soooo deep in their love for God!!!


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        1. Linda, a lot of people are having difficulty liking comments on WordPress these days. Several times a day when I I return to the site, on my first attempt to like a comment, I persistently press like anywhere from 5-8 times and it finally kicks in so that I’m able to like comments with one click thereafter.

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          1. Oh that’s good to hear Beckita. Yes I’ve been worrying about that! Well let it be known from this moment on…if anyone posts anything and my like button isn’t lit up…I tell you it is in my ❤️ heart!!! Lol like like like😂

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    2. Linda, I copied this from somewhere and pray every day for 9 days:

      Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, Queen of the Angels and Mother of the Americas.
      We fly to you today as your beloved children. We ask you to intercede for us with your Son, as you did at the wedding in Cana.
      Pray for us, loving Mother, and gain for our nation and world, and for all our families and loved ones, the protection of your holy angels, that we may be spared the worst of this illness.
      For those already afflicted, we ask you to obtain the grace of healing and deliverance. Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful, wipe away their tears and help them to trust. In this time of trial and testing, teach all of us in the Church to love one another and to be patient and kind. Help us to bring the peace of Jesus to our land and to our hearts. We come to you with confidence, knowing that you truly are our compassionate Mother, health of the sick and cause of our joy. Shelter us under the mantle of your protection, keep us in the embrace of your arms, help us always to know the love of your Son, Jesus. Amen.


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      1. Ahhh thanks Katie!!! Yeah I think Charlie’s novena might be a private one that if I remember correctly leads up to something special??? Just can’t even imagine! Today is feast day of St Jaun Diego!!! Another big big day!!! Oh the things of heaven! St Jean Diego, pray for us! 🙏🙏🙏

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  11. YouTube is dead to me.

    YT announced they will be deleting all platforms that show evidence or even discuss vote fraud. I will literally never go to that site again and why would I? All my favorite content producers have migrated to:
    Bit Chute

    The old guard (un)social media titans are wobbling and hopefully will fall one day.
    I haven’t created a Parler account yet but I will.

    Hey Charlie;
    It was great to see you on the R-7 Zoom meeting last week. Even for just those few minutes. You have the knack for bolstering hope. It got me thinking, how about doing just a 2 or 3 minute video message every other day or so and post to your Parler. Nothing necessarily fancy or meaty – just a little thought or commentary of the day with a quick mention of CORAC and where to find us for anyone who may swerve into you there.

    Just an idea.

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    1. Go to Parler and Rumble and Revolver and Gateway Pundit. America’s Voice is excellent and also OANN. Church Militant has been doing outstanding work making sense of the nonsensical craziness out there.

      Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are Anti American and controlled by the Elite and CCP

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  12. Regarding the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, forming a “Christmas Star”. I thought it would be interesting to look at what significance the Hebrews attached to those planets. What I found was that Jupiter was known “The Lord’s Planet”, a traditional name which meant “Justice”. And Saturn was known as “Rest”. So this conjunction is a bright sign possibly signaling the start of a process of “Justice and Rest” on the darkest day of the year.

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  13. On a side note,

    Build back better…
    Never let a crisis go to waste. This is the new Communist phrase for hope & change… actually now the slogan is adapt and change. A green new deal. Cessation of a Capitalist society.

    “Build, back better” is a continuation of the nonsense spouted for the past fifty years.

    Search the internet for the above and see how many are compliant.

    This 7 minute video packs a punch. I appreciate the Professor getting directly to the point. Usually, these youtube videos you have to wade thru a fee feet of horse manure to get to the point.

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  14. Word on the street. Not sure if it’s true:

    “ JUST IN – Vatican enters into a “global alliance” with Rothschild, Rockefeller & Ford Foundation, Mastercard, BoA, and others through the new “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” to create a “more inclusive, sustainable and trusted economic system.”

    Distract with the announcement of the year of St. Joseph?

    Whirlwind of suspense! That is what where times are!

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    1. God help us! What in the Lord’s name is wrong with PF! And I just read Mallett’s latest email, The Caduceus Key, and it is chilling. We need you Mother Mary; ask your spouse to come rescue us, please! We need to pray more and more.

      I am still praying in union with the Guardian Angel of the U.S. as we were advised to do, and of course the Immaculate Conception, for election truth. When I read what Timothy wrote about 17 states joining the lawsuit, I cried tears of joy. Please God!

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  15. I checked the Vatican website. It does not anything about this Council on Inclusive Capitalism, but the news reports say that Francis is backing the Council with his moral authority….The Vatican News also issued an announcement re the possibility of a plenary indulgence on Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.Unfortunately, one of the conditions is to pray for the intentions of the pope. I do not think I can do that at this time. December’s intentions are stated as “a life of prayer” and that it may change us and our hearts. But I do not know. I think the intentions of Francis are not clear.

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    1. Judith, the website I posted in a reply to Little One shows Pope Francis and other clergy pictured with some of the leadership for the Inclusive Capitalism movement. You can see it here.

      On the praying for the Pope’s intentions which is a requirement for a plenary indulgence, be at peace. When one fulfills this, it is not the personal intentions of the Pope for which you pray. In an excerpt from this site ( you see how the intentions are chosen:

      How are these prayer intentions chosen?
      The faithful from around the world suggest papal prayer intentions in each country to their national office, which selects some of them and sends those to the international office of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network in Vatican City. Through prayerful discernment the international office selects a large number of them and submits them to the Pope to help his discernment. After his prayer and discernment he entrusts to the International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network the official set of monthly prayer intentions, which are then translated into the major world languages and published in print and digital formats.

      And these are the intentions for which one prays when gaining a plenary indulgence.

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      1. Since praying for the pope’s intentions is something that well pre-dates the concept of the modern “monthly prayer intentions”, what were people a century or more ago praying for? Here is your answer:

        “Prümmer says that the intentions of the Holy Father for which we are to pray have a tradition of five basic categories which were fixed:

        1. Exaltatio S. Matris Ecclesiae (Triumph/elevation/stablity/growth of Holy Mother Church)
        2. Extirpatio haeresum (Extirpation/rooting out of heresies),
        3. Propagatio fidei (Propagation/expansion/spreading of the Faith)
        4. Conversio peccatorum (Conversion of sinners),
        5. Pax inter principes christianos (Peace between christian rulers).”

        These were considered by the pre-conciliar manualists, of whom Prummer was a great example, to be the intentions of the pope. Thus I would suggest praying for these.

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        1. I used to have the same problem as your husband SanSan until I learned what Beckita shared.  I learned it a few years ago what his intentions actually mean.  Kinda shows that we should do diligence to seek clarity.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  16. The Ascension is, from the perspective of physics, an impossibility. Nothing within this universe can escape this universe. It would take more energy than the universe has to accomplish such an outcome. However, Jesus “ate fish” showing he had a real body – in some way a physical reality. The astounding reality of the Ascension is only a testimony to the power of God – one that we can barely now even appreciate – much less understand. That Our Lord doesn’t blast evil to smithereens is a mercy – since any sin is evil. While we acknowledge God’s infinite power, he asks us to implement His plan – day by day in repentance, gratitude and forgiveness. Prayer is one of those things that escape this universe and reach to Heaven.

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  17. One of my favorite resources for solid orthodox teaching is the Institute for Catholic Culture (ICC). The ICC began in my neck of the woods meeting and discussing theological stuff in church basements of whatever parish would give them the facility. Being located in the national capitol area there are a lot of good speakers available. Started with just a few volunteers. The work grew over the years and
    the ICC developed an extensive audio and digital outreach program that now reaches around the world. In addition they devoted themselves to a particular apostolate for nuns in training in novitiates not easily accessible to large university academic resources. And for nuns serving in remote locations in the U.S. and around the world.

    This is a grassroots operation. Hobbits. Ballad of the ordinary man stuff.

    They don’t have a lot of money. But they have a big outreach. Traditional orthodox.

    They are in the midst of their christmas fundraising effort. If you have a few extra bucks you might want to help them out. I’ll tell you every dollar is well spent by this volunteer group. Costs nothing to join and there are no membership fees. Nobody ever harasses you for money.

    The ICC maintains a large archive of audio/visual material that is available free. Everything is free. All you have to do is give them your email address. From time to time you will receive an email announcing some course or seminar or live stream lecture. To join one of their free live streams you have to log in using your registered email account.

    They sent me an email this week concerning their annual Christmas fundraiser along with an invitation to watch free this lecture from the archives by Msg Charles Pope entitled

    Born Without Sin:
    A Study of The Immaculate Conception

    Got to register to view it. Msg Pope is a terrific speaker. In this 1 hr lecture Msg Pope teaches us about the scriptural basis for the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception along with a deeper appreciation of the theological role of Mary. It is a very entertaining as well as educational experience.

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    1. SEd, Fr. Hezekias wife’s parents are LiamXOXO’s godparents and our Dear Friends. Talk about 7 degrees of separation. That dear, dear family are incredible and long-suffering warriors. Please pray for them all.


  18. Thank you, Charlie!

    (…And the Novena to the Immaculate Conception ends on the fifth day – the center – of the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac. These are profound and profoundly intertwined.” Thank you for highlighting this important insight of yours! It gives us much to ponder and as does this whole writing of yours.
    Looking forward to what you have further to say about the Christmas Star appearing on the 21st of December! Wonder and Awe!

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  19. They sang this on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
    It is so beautiful.

    My soul is filled with joy
    as I sing to God my savior:
    you have looked upon your servant,
    you have visited your people.

    And holy is your name through all generations!
    Everlasting is your mercy to the people you have chosen,
    and holy is your name.

    I am lowly as a child,
    but I know from this day forward

    that my name will be remembered,
    for all will call me blessed.

    I proclaim the pow’r of God,
    you do marvels for your servants;
    though you scatter the proud hearted
    and destroy the might of princes.

    To the hungry you give food,
    send the rich away empty.
    In your mercy you are mindful
    of the people you have chosen.

    In your love you now fulfill
    what you promised to your people.
    I will praise you, Lord, my savior,
    everlasting is your mercy.

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