Our New Advent

The Nativity – Greg Olsen

By Charlie Johnston

The first Advent occupied hundreds of years as a groaning world awaited the appearance of the Messiah. When He came in a manger, few noticed it at all. When He began His ministry, the ruling class rejected Him as a dangerous fraud. Even those who believed in Him were slow to realize that God had not just sent a man on a white horse: He had come, Himself. When it comes to the startling things of God, we are always slow on the uptake – and make fools of ourselves because we use our ignorance to both be entranced by frauds and to declare the real things to be frauds. It is another reason I always counsel being deliberate. One of the first things you learn about God when interacting with Him seriously is that He is one tricky fellow – but tricky like an affectionate parent who delights both in our comical misunderstandings and in seeing the light go on in our heads as we learn. The bottom line, though, is that for all those years, though most did not know it, the people of the world were looking forward to the manger. Now, in our new Advent, wise men among us look back to the manger – and the wisest seek to show us the way.

Almost everyone senses we have reached some great pivotal point. Bets are placed on which way we will fall. If one were notably clever, instead of placing a bet on which direction we will fall, he would instead bet that we will fall into battle – for that is a sure thing. All that is really uncertain is who will be on offense and who on defense – and how each will be equipped for the battle.

We have replaced the rule of love with the rule of raw power. Because of our fallen humanity – and the need to form functioning communities, there is always a competition for power even under the rule of love in the temporal sphere. But when the lust for power, like a cancer, metastasizes it leaves no room for love at all. People no longer have friends and neighbors, only co-conspirators and fellow refugees. Everything becomes artificial, gray and gloomy. During the height of the Jim Crow era, the Klan did not as brazenly stalk the land as BLM and Antifa have this last year (though, to be fair, much of BLM consists of angry young and middle-aged white women who have never had real trials rather than actual black folks). Turns out lynching is still horrifying even when run by the descendants of victims. And, once again, the tools of government are still maliciously deployed against innocents by sympathetic and corrupt officials.

Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. This is Wisdom. Abraham Lincoln extrapolated that statement by Christ to mean that, in order to survive, the house in question must become all one thing or all the other. We find ourselves at the edge of a great battle in which an uncertain majority is determined to hold fast to the traditional values of faith, family and freedom – to leave each man to his own conscience without compulsion – and a determined minority which is determined to impose an alien pagan sensibility on all from above. The majority is uncertain because it mainly just wants to be left alone, content to let others live their pathologies unmolested. It struggles to understand why, when it is willing to tolerate others’ disorders so long as it does not impede their own freedom, why the others are so unwilling to extend them the same consideration. The minority is typical of utopian schemers through all of history. They are incapable of living and letting live, because they are convinced they have found the millennial formula for enlightened existence – and must impose it on all for it to work. They are unaware that they are doing nothing at all new – just the same, old, ever-narrowing authoritarianism marked by the bread and circuses of deep sexual disorder. Ultimately, to impose their vision, they must be willing to riot, loot, burn and murder. It becomes a frenzy fueling itself. The determined minority is also unaware of two critical things: first, with every new outrage they perpetrate, they alienate another segment of those they seek to rule. Their activism never adds to their capital of goodwill with people, but only depletes it. The second is that the vast majority of revolutionaries dream that they will be counted among the rulers – when they are simply the useful idiots who will become the drones, impelled by the ever narrowing class of rulers. After the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin spoke of the dictatorship of the working class. Within a couple of years, several of his cohorts wryly remarked that the dictatorship of the proletariat had quickly become the dictatorship of one man – Lenin. It is ever so. By the time Stalin took power, the most dangerous position to be in was to be a friend or colleague of the dictator – for their life expectancy was exceptionally short.

No one can say with certainty why it is, but any experienced exorcist will tell you that authentic demonic activity is almost always accompanied by serious sexual depravity and disorder. I personally think it is because it infuriates the satan that God gave man the power to cooperate with Him in the creation and formation of human souls. It speaks to the unique dignity God endowed mankind with – and it enrages the impotent demons. They love to make a mockery of the dignity of this power, to futilely try to prove in the ugliest ways that God erred when He entrusted this majestic power to man. The demons are all eunuchs – and it delights them that they have made it fashionable among progressive pagans to be eunuchs, too. It is one of the signs by which I consider the madness that has gripped the pagan left to be diabolically inspired.

This is all enabled when people focus all their attention inward rather than outward. Whenever it is all about “me” misery shortly follows – and if the person afflicted with such disorder does not turn away from self, it becomes progressively more disordered until simple happiness and joy is no longer possible. One of the favored bumper sticker slogans of the sexually deviant class is, “What’s wrong with love?” In this simple formulation, they redefine and trivialize the definition of love, itself. Aristotle defined love as “willing the good of another.” The new sexual deviants define it as getting their preferred mode of sexual stimulation. What an impoverished definition of love! Love is no longer about what you will do for the beloved, but exclusively on what pleasure you get out of it. The devil chortles with malicious mirth.

The pagan left is gripped entirely by its appetites and lusts – lust for power, lust for sensual pleasure, lust for money, lust for notoriety. They are lost, but now aggressively seek to make all say that their obvious degeneracy is actually superiority. It is simultaneously horrifying and pitiable. All they have to do to find their path back to joy is to humbly look outside of themselves and reach out to those around them. But many have lost that capacity entirely. Oh, they couch their appetites in noble language: they want to feed the hungry, care for the poor, dignify the dying. Yet they don’t care that their programs are always disastrous for those they say they want to serve. It is because they simply want to see themselves as philanthropists, to attribute to themselves Homeric virtue without actually having to do any work or make any sacrifice for it. Their noble sentiments are the fig leaf over their unbridled lust. It is all about self-actualization. Alas, there is no satisfaction there. They are become like serious alcoholics. For the pagan left, even a pittance of power is too much while Stalinesque totalitarianism is not enough. Nothing will calm their frantic appetites. When they lose they are furious – and even murderous. When they prevail they are disappointed and immediately seek MORE. They think others can give them what they can only obtain through a clean heart. They hate us for the misery they have imposed on themselves. Even our cheery comfortable laughter among friends is an intolerable affront to them.

We are entered now into a great battle.  Advent is a time of waiting with confident hope. The pagan left hopes to take complete power over all – and if they succeed they will only succeed in spreading their misery to all without relieving their pain a whit. Yet they dream that if they can just fill this hole they have carved in their souls, all will be well. They look forward to seizing complete power with confident hope. Normal people look forward with hope for deliverance from the madness that now stalks the world. They dream of living their faith and conscience without compulsion, in fellowship with their family and friends. They dream that, in the words of Lincoln, their “…nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.” The ends of these two factions are incompatible; one must prevail, the other must perish. Soon, either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be seated in the highest political office in the land. Whichever is seated, it will not change the fact that this is a house divided against itself – and that is the great battle of our age.

The ancients lived their Advent in expectation of the coming of a great temporal king and warrior. But He came as a babe in a manger – and so few noticed Him, for their expectations were all wrong. But His coming made possible the progressive growth of actual liberty instead of endless warfare, of intrinsic human dignity for all instead of a caste system of rulers and ruled – in addition to the weightier matters of redemption and salvation. So while they looked forward to what turned out to be a child in a manger (which is stark repudiation of the term, “product of conception”), we are called, in our new Advent, to journey back to the manger.

In spite of all the troubles, turmoil and toil, your confident hope of deliverance is well founded. It will not be at the hands of a man on a white horse, but at the chubby little fist of a Child in the manger. So I say let us get on with our journey into our New Advent. Onward! Back to the Manger!

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  1. Another gem of a piece has gone forth, Charlie, and in its truth and beauty, it’s brimming with heartening strength, sobering pause and unwavering resolve to partner with God come what may. Too, it’s filled with royal nuggets, easy to miss and/or forget which deserve lots of contemplation. Thank you so much, for your writing is mighty powerful.

    The following is loooooong, yet, so worth taking the time to read and ponder. Perhaps not all at once. Chunk it into perfect morsels for times of savoring contemplation. Of course, it can be addressed to us all, “Sisters and Brothers.” It has been said that praying this poem before a Nativity set is a moving experience.

    A Poem by St. Therese of Lisieux

    An angel appears, bearing the Child Jesus in
    his arms; and he sings as follows:
    Sisters! I bring to you the Adored,
    The Eternal God, so small, so weak;
    I plead for the Incarnate Word,
    Because as yet He cannot speak.
    To Jesus, exiled from His home,
    The cruel world no shelter grants;
    And so to Carmel’s shade I come,
    To find the shelter that He wants.
    Ever your praise, your tenderness,
    Your welcome sweet, your warm caress,
    Be for this Child!
    Oh, burn with love, for He loves you,
    This Child, who is your God and Lord.
    Pathetic mystery! He who begs, tonight, of you,
    Is the Eternal Word!
    Come then, my Sisters! without fear,
    Each in her turn, to Jesus’ feet,
    Offering your love to Him most dear,
    And you shall know His will so sweet,
    Yes, I will tell you the desires
    Of Jesus born amid the snow;
    For you are pure as angels are,
    And you can suffer too, you know!
    Ever your cares, your suffering,
    And all your joys so light of wing,
    Be for this Child!
    Oh, burn with love, for He loves you,
    This Babe, who is your God and Lord!
    Pathetic mystery! He who begs, tonight, of you,
    Is the Eternal Word!
    The angel, having placed the Child Jesus in the crib, offers to the Mother prioress, and then to all the Carmelites, a basket of little notes or envelopes. Each takes one, haphazard, and without opening it gives it to the angel, who then sings the petition therein contained, the gift which the Divine Child asks from each in turn.

    Jesus, Christ, your only treasure,
    Asks one special gift of you.
    No gold throne was in the stable,
    Yet such treasure is His due.
    Sinners’ souls are like the stable,
    Bare and cold in winter’s snow,
    Off’ring to Him no soft shelter,
    No bright fire’s cheerful glow.
    Souls of sinners, save them, Sister!
    That the throne our Lord desires;
    Seeks He, too, the royal welcome
    Of your pure heart’s holy fires.

    He Who feeds the souls predestined
    With His Essence all Divine,
    Makes Himself the Infant Jesus
    To be your delight, and mine.
    Up in heaven His joy is perfect;
    Here below, a beggar He
    Quickly fetch some milk, dear Sister;
    Baby Jesus thirsts, you see.
    Ah! our little Brother Jesus
    Smiles on you. Noel! Noel!
    Down from heaven to earth He cometh
    In your childlike heart to dwell.

    You, dearest Sister! long to know
    What you can do for Jesus’ sake,
    So joyfully I haste to tell
    How you His glorious smiles can wake.
    Go, catch for Him some charming birds,
    And in the stable let them sing,
    For they are types of children’s souls,
    So dear to this Child Christ their King.
    Their pretty hymns, their baby prayers,
    His sleep like joy bells gently break.
    Pray for them then; in heaven one day
    Those children’s souls your crown will make.

    A STAR.
    Sometimes, when all the skies are black
    With gloomy clouds, and no stars shine,
    Our little Jesus grieves alone,
    He craves your love, yes, yours and mine.
    Then give to Him the light He wants,
    Be like a bright and shining star;
    And let your virtues, like a lamp,
    Shed welcoming radiance near and far.
    So may your rays lead souls to heaven,
    The sinful souls for whom He died.
    This Child Divine, our Morning Star,
    Asks you to be His star, His bride.

    A LYRE
    MY little Sister,’ waiting there,
    Your gift for Bethlehem’s Babe to hear,
    Your heart for His melodious lyre
    Is what He asks in accents clear.
    In heaven’s high court swells up alway
    The angels’ song with incense sweet;
    And yet He loves, in Carmel’s shade,
    To hear your praises at His feet.
    So, dearest Sister! ’tis your heart,
    Whose melodies our Lord desires.
    By night, by day, consume away,
    With songs of love, in love’s sweet fires.

    Your soul, dear, is a lily sweet,
    Jesus and Mary love it well.
    Hear what the heavenly Bridegroom speaks
    Softly, yet clear as altar bell;
    Ah! if I love the lily white,
    Symbol of innocence like snow,
    Yet for the rose of penitence
    I also feel My heart aglow.
    Let your warm tears for sinners fall,
    What joy your love will give Me then!
    So can I gather at My Will
    Those roses dear, the hearts of men.

    As by the shining of the sun
    Nature is glorified and gay;
    As by its radiance field and vale
    Grow fair and strong and green alway;
    So doth our Jesus, Son divine,
    Approach you with His sweet caress,
    Shining at His own matin hour,
    Your loving heart to heal and bless.
    Lo! He is born on Christmas morn,
    Your exiled soul to find and cheer,
    To fill your days with His warm rays:
    So be His smiling valley, dear!

    Lo! here on earth, ‘neath other skies,
    In spite of storm and winter’s snow
    Already our dear Little One
    Hath found some harvests here below.
    But, ah! to gather them He needs
    Reapers on fire with quenchless love,
    And glad to suffer or to die
    For Him who reigns in Heaven above
    Noel Noel to Carmel’s shade
    I come, because His will is thine.
    Sister! form apostolic souls,
    To reap the harvest fields divine.
    The following was the stanza that was drawn by Sister Teresa of the Infant Jesus herself. Only three months later she heard the first call of the Divine Master invite her to leave earth for heaven.

    I want some sweet and cooling fruit,
    A bunch of grapes so smooth and fair,
    To moisten the small, thirsting lips
    Of this dear Babe within my care.
    Your lot, my Sister! oh, how blest,
    For those choice grapes He asks of you,
    Within His vineyard to be prest!
    The hearts of all men are His due.
    His tiny hand like snow flake white
    Upon your throbbing heart shall lie,
    And from all touch of earth’s delight
    Absorb it into His on high.

    Oh! we how with each morning’s light
    Jesus, the Child divinely fair,
    Into a little snow-white host
    Transforms Himself, that you may share
    His life; and yet with greater love,
    He longs to change you into Him.
    Your heart His precious treasure is,
    His happiness, His joy supreme.
    Noel! Noel! from heaven He comes,
    To fill your soul with glorious light;
    The Lamb of God to you descends,
    Now be His pure white host tonight!

    Ah! the wicked world despises
    Love that Jesus feels for men;
    And His heavenly eyes are moistened
    With hot bitter tears for them;
    And His little arms He stretches,
    Dearest Sister, unto you.
    Shall I tell you what the comfort
    That I think He seems to sue?
    See! His look is asking of you,
    And His sweet eyes seem to say:
    Smile on all! That smile suffices
    To wipe all My tears away.

    Would you like to be the plaything
    Of this Child so fair and sweet?
    Would you, dear one! like to please Him?
    Then lie humbly at His feet.
    If He chooses to caress you,
    If He lifts you to His breast,
    Yes, if He seems tired of you,
    Count yourself among the blest.
    Be His happy Christmas plaything,
    Seeking just to do His will;
    And in heaven with countless blessings
    He, your happy heart, will fill.

    Oft I see the Baby Jesus
    Wakeful in His manger bed.
    Would you know the reason? Dear ones,
    There’s no pillow for His head.
    Ah! I know your ardent longing
    To console Him night and day.
    Give your heart to be His pillow,
    That is what He wants alway;
    And be ever meek and humble,
    Then you will be greatly blest.
    You will hear Him softly saying:
    In your heart how sweet My rest!

    All the earth with snow is covered,
    Everywhere the white frosts reign;
    Winter and his gloomy courtiers
    Hold their court on earth again.
    But for you has bloomed the Flower
    0f the fields, Who comes to earth
    From the fatherland of heaven,
    Where eternal spring has birth.
    Near the Rose of Christmas, Sister!
    In the lowly grasses hide,
    And be like the humble flowerets,
    Of heaven’s King the lowly bride!

    Day by day, at morn and even,
    Still the holy words are said:
    O our Father up in Heaven!
    Give to us our daily bread,
    Yet your God, become your Brother,
    Suffers hunger as you do;
    And His childish voice is asking
    For a little bread from you.
    Ah! my Sister! Jesus wishes
    Just your love, how great your bliss!
    Let your soul be pure and spotless,
    For His daily bread is this.

    Children like to have you place them,
    Near a mirror clear and fair;
    Then they greet with childish rapture
    The bright face that they see there.
    Come, then, to the favored stable,
    Let your soul like crystal glow.
    Let the Word, become an Infant,
    In your heart His likeness know!
    Sister, be the living image,
    Of your Spouse, His mirror clear;
    All the beauty of your Jesus
    He would have in you appear.

    The great and noble of the earth,
    In palaces they proudly dwell;
    The poor and lonely find their home
    In hut, in cabin, and in cell.
    So in a humble cattle shed
    The Christ Child lies, this Christmas night;
    Leaving His palace in the skies,
    He veils His glory’s dazzling light.
    Your heart loves poverty, I know;
    You count yourself divinely blest;
    So Jesus finds a palace home
    Within your humble, happy breast.

    Sinners will crown with thorns, one day
    The holy, heavenly head of Christ.
    What pains and sorrows will be His,
    To gain us graces all unpriced.
    Now may your virginal sweet soul
    Make Him tonight His woes forget;
    And for His royal lily crown
    Your Sisters’ souls before Him set!
    Draw very near to Jesus’ throne,
    To charm His lovely tear dimmed eyes;
    Make of these virgin souls His crown
    Of snow white lilies beyond price!

    Sister dear, the little ones
    Like so much the sweet bonbons!
    Bring some then, and quickly fill
    Jesus’ small white hand tonight!
    By His smile He doth invite
    You to do His childish will.
    This wee King, so frail, so weak,
    Carmel’s candies He doth seek;
    What they are, you surely guess!
    Give Him your austerity
    And your holy poverty,
    He your gift will quickly bless.

    Little Jesus, dear, from you
    Nothing more doth softly sue
    Than a very sweet caress.
    Give Him all your love today,
    And your gift He will repay;
    With His love your soul will bless.
    If a Sister weep tonight,
    Sore at heart where all are bright,
    Ah! at once, with tenderness,
    Beg the little Holy Child
    That His small hand undefiled
    Dry her tears with its caress.

    Many hearts God’s favors want,
    Would have Jesus always grant
    Gifts and presents without end.
    If He seem awhile to sleep,
    Few their watch beside Him keep;
    Few remain His faithful friend.
    Get Him sleep that none may break;
    Though we know His Heart doth wake;
    Even in dreams our Jesus weeps.
    So His cradle, Sister, be!
    Guard the sweet Lamb tenderly,
    Smiling on Him while He sleeps.

    See the dear Child’s tiny hand
    Point to make you understand
    At the rough and rasping straw.
    Won’t you grant His wish tonight,
    And bring linens pure and white,
    O’er His manger bed to draw?
    Make excuses kind and true,
    Whatsoe’er your Sisters do,
    Loving all for Christ their King.
    Thus your ardent charity,
    And your true simplicity,
    Are the linens you can bring.

    Our sweet Jesus, Fire of love,
    Light and Warmth of heaven above,
    In the stable, cold is He!
    Yet, in the far, shining sky,
    Angels, living flames on high,
    Wait on Him in ecstasy.
    Here on earth ’tis you must light
    Blazing fires of love tonight,
    In your heart, all free from sin;
    Little shivering Jesus warm
    In the shelter of your arm,
    By the souls your prayers shall win!

    A CAKE
    Well we know that children small
    Eagerly for cakes will call!
    This dear Child will not disdain
    Even such a gift tonight!
    Offer it with great delight;
    You His happy smile will gain.
    Know you what to this Child King
    Real content will surely bring?
    ‘Tis obedience prompt and true.
    As He bowed to Mary’s will,
    So do you the rule fulfil,
    Such the cake He asks of you.

    In the pretty floweret’s cup,
    When the morning sun comes up,
    You can see the tiny bee,
    Flitting fast through summer hours,
    Visiting the woodland bowers,
    Gathering honey steadily.
    All of love your treasure make;
    And, each day, for Christ’s dear sake,
    To His holy cradle come.
    All the honey of your love
    Give, sweet bee! to this meek Dove;
    Make His Heart your hive and home!

    A LAMB
    Would you charm the Lamb of God?
    In the path that He hath trod
    Tread today with willing feet!
    Leaving all things here below,
    Seek alone His will to know;
    Do His will surpassing sweet!
    O my Sister! be His own;
    Seek for naught but God alone!
    He will give you perfect rest.
    Mary, leaning o’er His bed,
    Will see another childish head,
    Close to His, and oh! how blest.
    The Angel, taking again the Child Jesus in his arms, sings what follows:
    The dear Child Jesus thanks you all,
    For all your gifts, this Christmas night;
    And all your names His tiny hand
    Within His book of life will write.
    Since in this Carmel He hath found
    Such joy and peace,
    Rewards in heaven He’ll store for you,
    That shall not cease.
    And if you ever faithful are
    To all the vows you make tonight,
    Then love will give you wings to fly
    Unto a far sublimer height.
    One day, in heaven’s dear fatherland,
    Your exile o’er,
    Jesus and Mary you shall see

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      1. Joanne, I know many who are following these messages. My hesitancy with them is that I had previously read similar prophecies through other messages bearers before Luz de Maria began having her heightened mystical experiences in 1990, as described on the site. Could these things happen? Yes. However, I wonder how much of the mystical language is literal, metaphorical or allegorical. I can’t stress enough how cautious to be when reading and praying about any messages. It’s so easy to take the words literally, become overwhelmed at the prospect of what’s described or feel as if the script is written when nobody but nobody knows what exactly is going to happen. We are living, right inside, an epic story right now. I do believe we are going to see God act in mighty ways even as He awaits – and in a great mystery counts on us – to stand with Him and for His Truth as we partner with Him to tend to the people around us as we all fashion together a New Beginning. Because of this, I say be cautious when reading Luz de Maria’s messages or *any* messages. It is wisdom to hold them loosely in our hands which we keep wide open to receive God’s Plan, just as He wills it to unfold.

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        1. TY The 11/29 message just seemed to apply right now and the message spoke of communism, I think it’s really what we already see coming if Biden is inaugurated. I am having a problem with Catholic friends who voted for him knowing his support of abortion but also oblivious to his support of China. These people are old enough to know what it is but don’t or can’t see the forest for the trees. I just don’t understand them. Just Joe’s support of abortion alone questions his ability to reason clearly in Christ.

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          1. So true, Joanne. I see what you see and such Catholic folk are all around me… including Priests and Bishops. So mind-boggling it is. We’d all be lost without this Storm. Yes, all Glory to God for this Storm.

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  2. Charlie, that was an excellent article; And you said more with less! I like it. Stay safe in your travels.

    Fr. Dennis

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  3. Great piece per usual Charlie!!! I was sort of thinking this sort of simplicity at Mass this morning of which you write about here! You know, we are not allowed to have music at church now and no singing!!! Ha! But Fr Michael prayed a few prayers in song that we all know so well. It was so simple. It was beautiful. I think I actually prefer it to all the fanfare! We had Jesus in the Eucharist, all the heavenly court present yet unimaginable, we had each other…oh yes, they rolled over the peace sign so no one would touch another and yet we all quietly acknowledged each other masked up but with very gentle loving eyes! Honestly it was so simple that one watching from a great distance would barely know how deep those still waters run!!! On to the manger!!!

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      1. I knew this would be a fun video to re-visit, Charlie!!! Holy smokes you can say that again that “a whole lot of water has passed,” in 8 yrs!!! Goodness!!! Thanking God for the constant reminder of Acknowledging God, taking the next right step and trying to be a sign of hope!!! Endurance is the key if I remember correctly!🤗❤️🙏🐿🇺🇸

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  4. Charlie’ analysis here is surely insightful and accurate. Got me to wondering about the motivation of the players, such as the White women seen participating in Antifa and BLM rioting. The following is the result of my analysis.

    Classes of social revolutionaries and their Motivation:

    1. Pre-teen, teen, and immature late adolescents who imagine that their childish good-will, if adopted by the adults in charge, would lead to equal sharing of all wealth, and happiness for all. Some of these are now notable for their ignorant adoption of the Green Revolution.

    2. Schemers after power to control all others to their advantage. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Soros come to mind. Minor figures such as Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Warren, Biden, and Harris also come to mind.

    3. True Believers as defined by Eric Hoffer who intuited a motivation to submerge their feelings of self-hatred, of worthlessness (not living up to what parents or hero figures expect of them) by enlisting in any revolutionary cause as a means of submerging and blocking their pain by their feigned heroism for their cause. Bin Laden is likely a good example.

    Fortunately, most of the immature learn by life’s ordinary lessons that their idealism is impractical, and socialism leads ultimately to much more social harm than good. The schemers learn little except by either going to prison when caught in criminality, or by doubling down when they fail, such as the Democrat leadership who after losing with Hillary turned to massive election fraud. The True Believers are stuck, so they may switch between the extreme right (Nazi types), and far left (Communism and Socialism); they need therapy, and likely will get jail sentences before healing.

    Where do the White women in BLM and Antifa fit? As a guess, most are not revolutionaries, and so do not belong to any of these three groups; they are just frustrated with the harshness of life and lack any faith in God to sustain them through their difficulties and unhappiness.

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    1. The thing is that young and foolish revolutionaries think only of consumption – what they are going to get – rather than who will produce it and how you manage production. It is classic “me” thinking masquerading as compassion – and probably the primary reason why these schemes always degenerate so quickly into rank poverty. The left is weighed down with static thinkers, people who believe that you change a significant element of policy and no one’s behavior will change. Frankly, static thinking is why I think the left can constantly come up with their crackpot schemes and still imagine themselves to be serious intellects. They have no clue how inter-connected everything is and so never look for, much less anticipate, the negative consequences of their crackpot schemes. Socialism always focuses on distributing the supply in a pleasing way, with no acknowledgement of how to replenish the supply.

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      1. Margaret Thatcher nailed Socialism well saying, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

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    2. Excellent observations,Jack.

      I would not be surprised if a huge number of the white women in BLM and Antifa were to fall within your Category #3. I wonder how many of them feel worthless and hate themselves because they’ve had abortions, and thus are engaging in the protesting/rioting/revolution as an unconscious (subconscious?) attempt to bury the pain caused by what they did to their unborn children.

      BLM and Antifa need to be vanquished, but they also need our prayers. As Charlie said, they’re “both horrifying and pitiable.”

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      1. I’d tend to agree with you. Mick. In my (limited enough) experience, I’ve seen identical female types at our Pro-Life rallies here in Ireland. They are absolutely convulsed with hatred: screaming, spitting, carrying grotesquely insulting signs etc., and many of them are disfigured with piercings, weird hair styles/colours and unattractive clothes. They all seem so miserable and joyless, and it’s as if their behaviour is a projection of this inner dissatisfaction onto others. It could be that deep down they DO recognise the rightness of our cause but have so sold themselves to the anti-Life that their only escape is a frenzied doubling-down on the hatred?

        If so, those are lost souls who truly need prayers for conversion and despite their unattractiveness and in-yer-face aggression they do need to be pitied and loved. (Note to self: do try a bit harder in that direction, J!)

        If, on the other hand, they really do intend, from the depths of their beings, to embrace and act-out on their hatred then God have mercy on them because they are heading to a very dark place – where they will learn the true meaning of hate. And it will be practised on them.

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        1. They seem to love their “cause” more than their own children. I remember some Israeli politician, probably Gold Meir, saying the hate of Israel would stop when the Palestinians leadership loved their children more than they hated Jews. I would say that could have happened if the Palestinians were aloud by their leadership to stop hating. President Trump was on his way to establishing Middle East peace by realigning ME countries against Iran thereby forcing Iran into economic peace. I believe Jared Kushner is the brilliance behind the plan. But the idiots of the Obama state are crushing that plan with re appeasement of Iran. Actually makes me sick to see these idiots put their stupid plans back in place. But they will abandon the Hong Kong protestors too. Pray for all because they will be jailed and executed under Biden with nary a blink of recognition by the Dems. It’s sanctuary cities/defund the police/open borders policies closing a blind eye to the victims their policies create.

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          1. allowed by their politicians …. sounds the same, spelled differently – my high school Freshman English teacher, Mrs. Lamb is cringing right along with me. For those of you trying to wrap your head around the use of “aloud”, I apologize. Edit, edit, edit.

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      2. I’ve seen professional-type women with student debt from graduate degrees, big mortgages, etc. who have demanding, stressful careers and seem miserable. They probably belong to a separate category from the tattooed/pierced smashers and screamers.

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    3. This is a shrewd analysis Jack.

      It seems to me that the problem for the “revolutionaries” is that your triad is likely pyramidical in terms of numbers. Like a broad squat pyramid.

      1. Immature Starry Eyed. This is the broad “base” of the “revolution”. Useful idiots. Young and living in mom’s house and college dormitories. Really, really nice kids. Concerned about “fairness” above all. “It’s just not FAIR, mom!”. Power to the people fist salute is so cooool. Lasts right up to when they got to get a JOB degree. Then they take a shower, cut their hair and look for that old suit and tie mom bought for them years ago to see if it still fits. Thousands of them in America. Gotta pay some bills eventually. This is the broad base of the Revolution.

      2. Schemers. Yes. The world is full of them. Not just in politics. In every profession, business and activity. Scheming their way to the TOP! Got a lot of energy and ambition. Unlike the Starry Eyed concerned about fairness for others this group is concerned about how to make a buck for moi. There’s a lot of them and they are drivers and producers. The Clintons and the Obamas. Zuckerbergs and Dorseys. Michael Moores and Harvey Weinsteins. Rachel Maddows and Chris Matthews. And the list goes on. They are graduates of the Starry Eyes who found a way to make it pay. Do they have any fixed Revolutionary fundamental beliefs? Depends on the Revolution.

      3. True Believers. This is a much smaller group. The Intellectuals. They see themselves like the jockeys of the Revolution. The Communists see themselves in this role. The Vanguard. They love to think of themselves as the necessary Vanguard. The Party is the Vanguard. And the True Believers are its soul. They provide the LEADERSHIP FUNCTION of the Revolution. They shape what is politically correct. They issue the talking points. The True Believers also must execute the DOMINANCE FUNCTION of the Revolution. Dominance means dominance. Dominance is required to assure the permanency of the Revolution. See the definition of Jacobian zeal. Dominance demands a ruthless LIQUIDATION of opposition. Liquidation means liquidation. Of any and all opposition. By any means necessary. For real for real no fooling around. Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s 2:00 AM and we are friends from the Government and we have a few questions for you downtown. Grab your coat and let’s go. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hugo Chavez, The Mullahs.

      The Church had better take a care about that Dominance function. The Church inevitably will be one of the early targets of the New Reset Regime’s Jacobian zeal to execute Dominance over all potential sources of resistance to the New Order under the Marxist Democrat Party Vanguard, its True Believers; its Schemers; and, its Starry Eyed army of useful idiots.

      The Bishops, it seems to me, are like old deer in the middle of the New Road tranfixed by the headlights. Roadkill on the way to Socially Just Marxist Culturalism. By any means necessary. They can go easy or they can go hard. The Bishops’ choice.

      Very shrewd Jack.

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      1. It seems to me that level 1, the starry-eyed ignorant, extends further than the young and immature, it includes the full breadth of the ‘totally mis-informed-yet-fully committed’ of all ages who will not hear of any other viewpoint that might question or un-do their entire upside-down-world.

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  5. Thanks for this, Charlie Always illuminating.
    Our priest told us today that mass restrictions will be loosening and that we will not have to sign up for Sunday mass. An answer to prayers!
    Ongoing prayers for all here,
    Katey in OR

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    1. Glad for you, Katey! It must be a special kind of torture to live in a liberal area. God bless you– you will be a rare beacon to people who start waking up.

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      1. Kim, I pray that my love of the Faith and perseverance in it speaks to all those who need it. I, we cannot live without the holy mass. Although we live in a “liberal” state, not the whole state is blue. The whole of the eastern side is red. We are continuing to pray for the negotiations between our Archbishop Sample and Governor Brown. 🙏🏽
        Thanks, Kim!
        Ongoing prayers for all here, katey 🙏🏽✝️💜

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        1. Praying in solidarity with you, Katey, for Archbishop Sample and the continuation of Masses. You know, the Archbishop is a Montana native and has often joined in some Masses on special occasions at the Cathedral of St. Helena in Helena.

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    2. I’m so glad for you Katey! Thanks for the prayers and prayers for you too, and that they will continue to keep churches less restrictive.


  6. The trouble with socialism is that you always run out of other people’s money and resources. (M. Thatcher said it all in one sentence)

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! ..PM 😉


    Turnabout is fair play!
    It’s Past Time for ALL the Blatantly Biased (& worse) Politicians, Media, Judges, Lawyers, Alphabet Agency Hacks, Liars & Thieves to get the VERY SAME “Anal Exam” Treatment that Trump, his Family & Supporters have received these past five years. Time for CITIZENS to learn EXACTLY who/what these people are along with their nefarious family & friends!!






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  8. Another factor that comes into play is unacknowledged guilt. Collectively, as a nation, we have brutally slaughtered more than 40 MILLION innocent children in the womb. We will not allow ourselves to feel the grief nor admit the guilt for these crimes. All of that has to go somewhere. So we feel guilty for a faux systemic racism and hold up as guilty and attempt to ‘cancel’ those who remind us of our actual crimes.

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    1. Some pro-life scholars are surmising that Trump could issue an executive order recognizing unborn babies as persons, if even for the next 2 months…https://tinyurl.com/y4nwllns
      An end to the 3000 abortions per day in the US is no doubt one of many intentions for the St. Andrew novena which begins today.

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  9. Hi, long time no comment but I always read and pray for this community. Just busy with kids and cooking up another one (#7) due in Jan 🙂 Prayers appreciated!

    I’m sure I’m not alone in this but I’ve been so concerned for family and friends who have made (leftist) politics an idol and have essentially doubled down on the disorder of the day. I too have been pondering how no matter who ultimately prevails with this particular election, a battle is surely at hand. Knowing that folks whom I’ve formerly been in community with, including in-laws and close friends, would fall on the other “side” the way things currently stand is difficult. I’m glad you brought up the sexual disorder stuff because I’ve thought a lot about the importance of accepting the church’s teachings in this matter fully, and how that seems to have become a kind of line in the sand and of critical importance these days especially.

    I’ve come to see this covid time of more isolation as a mercy in a way because it has given some natural separation with folks I honestly would have a hard time sharing a meal with right now. I know we pray for unity, but irreconcilable differences have certainly been clarified in the past few years. I pray for God’s mercy for all and all eyes to be opened, especially my own. I want to be a good influence while standing my ground and also protecting my little flock here. It’s a tough row to hoe, let me know if anyone has any insights 🙂

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    1. Wow. Talk about the season of Advent. You have one for sure. Prayers for you and the one you are waiting on.

      Whether you realize it or not you are circling around the problem/issue of what are the Rules of Combat in this Great Battle for the soul of our Nation. Especially with those that we love.

      Stand your ground is harder to do than to say.

      Here are a few Rules of Combat we all might consider as we begin to slowly engage what lies ahead:


      1. If the enemy is in range, so are you.

      2. Incoming fire has the right of way.

      3. Don’t look conspicuous: it draws fire.

      4. The easy way is always mined.

      5. Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

      6. Professionals are predictable, it’s the amateurs that are dangerous.

      7. The enemy invariably attacks on one of two occasions:
      1. When you’re ready for them.
      2. When you’re not ready for them.

      8. Teamwork is essential; it gives the enemy someone else to shoot at.

      9. If you can’t remember, the claymore is pointed at you.

      10. If your attack is going well, you have walked into an ambush.

      11. Don’t draw fire, it irritates the people around you.

      12. The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire.

      13. When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.

      14. If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid.

      15. When in doubt empty the magazine.

      16. Never share a fox hole with anyone braver than you.

      17. Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing.

      18. Make it too tough for the enemy to get in and you can’t get out.

      19. Mines are equal opportunity weapons.

      20. A Purple Heart just proves that were you smart enough to think of a plan, stupid enough to try it,
      and lucky enough to survive.

      21. Don’t ever be the first, don’t ever be the last and don’t ever volunteer to do anything.

      22. The quartermaster has only two sizes: too large and too small.

      23. Five second fuses only last three seconds.

      24 It is generally inadvisable to eject over an area you have just bombed.

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  10. I have often contemplated the fact that the Star led the three wise men to Jerusalem first before it led them to Bethlehem. It was no accident that they herald the comming messiah to the Jewish people. Interestingly, it also created a rift in the jews understanding of God’s ways to their way of thinking about who the messiah was in their preconceived ideas. As you noted, He was not a man riding on a white horse.
    Herod, hoping to hold on to the throne, expected the Messiah to rise up through his line, or at least, through the same mechanism he had become king through and keep this line of power in its rightful place. It then becomes easier to understand why he chose to not allow this usurper king to live.
    He too must have believed the prophecy otherwise he would not have been so anxious to kill Jesus. But he obviously believed Jesus was his enemy because He did not come through the “proper channels” of his control.
    This “control freak” mentality is being taught in our society along side the “magical thinking” of a spoiled generation. It has produced super narcissists who, comically, are actually more easily controlled because the enemy uses what is most important to them to manipulate and capture them.
    Then, introducing the possibility of losing these things, a great fear rises in them if they loose this “control” and the savage, base people that they really are comes forth.
    Conversely, we who consider ourselves
    Conservatives may discover that we too are shallow and vicious when we loose what is close to us. Charlie has frequently reiterated this potential that we may fall into the same behavior if are not careful. I have prayed not to be put to the test because I recognize this in myselff. To “love my enemy and to do good to those who dispise and hate me” is a hard pill to swallow these days given the potential that we could loose everything and everyone we care for.
    Charlie talks about a “global conflict” but this is more importantly a personal one. Every soul filled with the Holy Spirit is a powerhouse of divine grace for the world.
    The leap of faith is to not cling too strongly to these things so the enemy cannot use them against us, but to hope and trust in He who is trustworthy, dispite come what may.
    This becomes the witness to those who dispise and hate us, and an act of love to not give evil for evil, but to plant the seed of hope in them by our act of faith, hope and charity (Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us) which goes forth from the Spirit in us and will not return void.
    This requires courage and faith to abandon our will to God’s will and to trust in Him.
    Jesus, I Trust In You.

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    1. I was going to comment on the symmetry between the Magi’s visit to the Manger and CJ’s walkabout.

      Herod was oblivious to the signs and Heavenly inspirations because he was so weighed down by sin due to the concerns of the world. In fact, it wasn’t even on his radar until the Magi showed up in Jerusalem.

      To me, the return to the Manger is not just a metaphor to help us focus. So much more real and sublime than worldly matters, it should have us setting out at once –– without delay, or the slightest cares and frights that are nothing more than the usual protestations of flesh and minds habitually soaked with distrust and fears.

      Shoot, let the ‘open road’ across mountains, deserts, forests and whatnot help cure us of our pride so there’s little left at the end if we are blessed to reach that destination. What gift for Him at that point? Humble trust devoid of pointless human concerns and calculations!

      “Courage and faith.” Exactly!

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        1. “…the return to the Manger is not just a metaphor to help us focus. So much more real and sublime than worldly matters”(MP).
          Ah, the veil!
          Your walkabout is a metaphor for a trip beyond the veil. To seek the “unknown, the “greener pastures”. To discover “new horizons”. To concentrate, elucidate, contemplate and be illuminated by the Divine Mystery.
          “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee” syndrome. Seeking and “watching” to “see” with the eyes only faith can show which focus us on things “so much more real” in a world hidden and muddled by worldly matters “like in a mirror dimly”.

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      1. The journey to the manger is important. It is then that we have time to ponder and prepare for the great meeting of the humble king. I set my manger scene up on my front porch and the walk past it every time makes me reflect. I never grew up as a Christian, but even then, there was always something about the manger scene that drew me in. Blessed Advent everyone!

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        1. In a way this entire year has been living in a manger scene. Quiet, secluded, away from the glitz and glamour of the secular world. Peaceful. Contemplative.
          Ok, am I allowed a pet peeve? Those gigantic blow up lawn ornaments.

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            1. Learned everything I needed to know by the age of 3 about Christmas decorations.That was the year “A Charlie Brown Christmas” first aired.

              Less is more. Apparently some folks didn’t get the memo.

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              1. Funny, Lambzie and I watched only one Christmas special so far this year and it was the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  We have it on DVD.  We have watched regular TV only about once in the last 3 weeks.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                1. It’s hard to keep track of all the names and characters here, but I definitely remember Lambzie, and I am happy to see Doug’s Back Pack (DBP) back on the boards. Biscuits is also an easy one to remember. That said, I’m still trying to figure out who the heck Michelle is.

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                    1. Does anyone remember Snowy Owl? I was running a week or so ago when I was thinking of Snowy. At that same moment an owl came out of the woods and flew right in front of me across the road!! I don’t know what kind of owl but it looked beige and white. Anyways, what is the likelihood? It filled me with joy and thought how we are all inter-connected in prayer and in our fiats to The Lord to TNRS

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                    2. It has been a while since Snowy has commented on here. I am thankful Charlie has set up the regions for people to gather via zoom to connect. With these crazy times it is too easy to get swept away into isolation.It is good to see so many new commenters. Welcome!

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                    3. Surely do remember Snowy and many others who have come and go as life carries on. I expect to see many who have left for their own reasons check in again and hop on board in the not too distant future. 🙂

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                  1. Ha, MP; true that (about keeping track of all the names and characters). 🙂

                    I’m cracking up over your quip that cats really must hate Christmas trees!

                    By the way, how is Br. Gideon?


                    1. Br. G is getting ordained as a Deacon in about a week, and then is heading off for four years of Theology and studies at Univ. of Notre Dame to become a Priest. First question out of my mouth was whether or not he planned to get season tickets for football. Of course he does!!!

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                2. Oh my gosh! We’ve watched Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Christmas vacation and I’m sure not lastly frosty the snowman!!! Michael is such an old fashioned squirrel 🐿!!! Lol he’s seen em a million times and acts like each time is his first! Gotta admire his simplicity 🤗

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              2. Haha, the huge Christmas Tigger wins first prize for tackiness. Why do people favor cartoon characters with Santa hats for Christmas decorations?

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                1. It must be some kind of neurosis, deep seated in childhood. Snoopy had to learn that lesson with the help of Woodstock and the rest of the gang.

                  Real dogs seem to get it instinctively, since I’ve observed the proper behavior in all my dogs. When the kids were young and they saw them clutching a favorite stuffed animal, they would never cross the line. They might eyeball it, but would always let it be. Now, if a mature kid or adult wanders near any of our dogs with some stuffed animal, they will instantly pounce and rip it from their mitts. They must see it as play time in that scenario, and therefore fair game.

                  And don’t even get me started on what our cats do to our modest Christmas tree on a daily basis. Cats must really hate Christmas trees!

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                  1. Yup.  Last year,  one of our cats thought the Christmas tree skirt around the base of the tree was a litter box.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


    2. Interesting reflection Phillip.

      There is the danger of vicious, instinctive, murderous reaction on both sides of the argument for hegemony over the society. Point well taken. Something we have to guard against in ourselves and be on the lookout for in those who don’t agree with us or even fear us.

      Herod the Great was an interesting character.

      Jesus came into his life only in the very last years. He was born in 72 BC and died somewhere between 4 BC and 1 AD. He had a terrible end to his life of power, riches and brutality.

      “Herod died in Jericho, after an excruciatingly painful, putrefying illness of uncertain cause, known to posterity as “Herod’s Evil”. Josephus states that the pain of his illness led Herod to attempt suicide by stabbing, and that the attempt was thwarted by his cousin.”

      So, it is a bit curious that he felt so paranoid about a little baby that he would unleash a murderous attack on anybody who MIGHT be this new Jewish King brought to his attention by the Three Wise Men from afar.

      Herod was a great administrator and builder. He built harbors and cities. He rebuilt the Temple. He built aqueducts to support the Temple and the Sadduccee business class that traded with the Romans and liked to live like the Romans. He ticked off the Sadducces when he fired their Temple priests and brought in carpetbaggers from Babylon and elsewhere. He built pagan temples in the non-Jewish areas of his kingdom. He He was a suck up to the Romans. He was an in-between kind of a guy. Not really Jewish and not really Roman. He fulfilled a useful role for Rome of keeping the Jews compliant to Roman rule at the lowest possible policing cost to Rome. He fulfilled a useful role to the Jews , especially the Temple priests, of keeping the Romans off their backs in terms of day to day life. In that sense he was a master politician who would be right at home in Washington DC today. In fact, DC is rife with a lot of would be Herod the Greats.

      Herod was considered a “half-Jew” because his father, Antipater the Idumean, had converted under the edict of the Hasmonean dynasty which had incorporated Edom, which was the land South of Judah, into the Jewish Kingdom. It was convert or get lost. His father Antipater, who was etnically Arab, converted rather than get lost. So while Herod was “born Jewish” his father was “of the people”. Let’s call it a clouded ancestry not leading back to David.

      Herod was clearly paranoid about his position and power. He liquidated anybody who he thought might be a threat to his power. He had a wife named Doris and a young son by her. But she wasn’t politically useful in his rise to power. So he dumped them. He married a Hasmonean Princess named Mariamme and had several sons. Eventually he had Mariamme and three of those sons murdered. Why? Because he was concerned that they were too friendly with his political enemies.

      It seems his paranoid and psychopathic tendencies got worse with age. He was planning on killing his remaining sons Archelaus, Antipas and Phillip when he died.

      So the new King of the Jews suddenly appears on his doorstep. His plans for the new King? Nothing personal. Nothing Religious. Just business. Liquidate anybody who MIGHT be a threat.


      But if you think Herod the Great was a piece of work it is only because he picked it up naturally from his father Antipater the Idumean. That guy was a backstabbing, Roman suck up, palace intrigue operator with a vicious streak in him. Antipater was the very first Procurator of Judea courtesy of a grateful Julius Caesar because he helped defeat Pompey in the Battle of Alexandria, Herod’s father installed him as the Governor of the Galilee Region where he cut his teeth in the business of liquidating his father’s and Rome’s potential opposition and collecting the taxes. Herod was was just putting into action all the lessons he learned from pops. I mean the history is just amazing. The link below is worth
      a perusal.


      Jesus had a short impersonal relationship with Herod The Great. His life directly collided with Herod’s three brutal sons: Herod Archelaus, Herod Antipas and Herod Phillip. The Romans divided their client King Herod’s kingdom into a tetrarchy under these three boys.

      Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt to escape the murderous Archelaus who was given Judea including Jerusalem and lands south and north up into Samaria. Phillip was given the regions north now including parts of Lebanon and Syria. Antipas was given Galilee.

      Antipas was the Herod that had John the Baptist beheaded and had similar murderous intentions for Jesus The Galilean. Antipas began building his capitol at Sepphoris in central Galilee. Lots of major construction going on in the middle of nowhere. This included a Roman theater whose remains are still visible. Sepphoris is located about 4 miles from Nazareth. It is logical to assume that Joseph and Jesus and the other Tektons — the builders and craftsmen — got a lot of work in Sepphoris. It was a cosmopolitan place with people and languages and commerce and trade and culture from abroad all coming together in a boomtown in the desert. Jesus probably learned his Latin and Greek there. Hypocrite is a Greek word meaning “actor”. Jesus and his friends who worked on the Theatre probably attended the Greek plays as well. Jesus knew his hypocrites and probably had his favorites.

      For some reason, Antipas abandoned Sepphoris and built himself another capitol he named Tiberius on the Western Shore of the Sea of Galilee. This is where Antipas operated from his palace as Jesus, now 30 years old, began his public ministry out of the lakeside city of Capernaum, where he recruited the Apostles. If you go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land at least part of your trip you will stay in a hotel in Tiberius.

      The distance between Capernaum on the lake and Tiberius on the lake is about 6 miles. When you go up to the Mount of Beatitudes and the place of the feeding of the 5,000 which is a couple of miles south of Capernaum towards Tiberius you visit a chapel and a gift store at the top of this hill (mount is an over exaggeration) and you can stand at the overlook and look down the lake and see the city of Tiberius on a clear day. Can you imagine the mindset of Antipas standing at the parapet of his palace at Tiberius and gazing up the lake wondering what that guy Jesus was up to just up the lake? And what was the mindset of Jesus looking down the lake at Antipas from his place of prayer on the Mt of Beatitudes?

      Antipas was getting reports of 15,000 people holding rallies on the lake to listen to this guy Jesus. And the people were making rumblings about making this guy a King. Jesus was concerned that his time had not yet come. His public ministry was not yet complete. He had work to do.

      Fascinating to contemplate the times, no?

      Jesus was informed that Antipas had spies keeping an eye on him from the capitol just down the road. Luke 13: 31-33

      Herod’s Desire to Kill Jesus.

      31 At that time some Pharisees came to him and said, “Go away, leave this area because Herod wants to kill you.”

      32 He replied, “Go and tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and I perform healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I accomplish my purpose.*

      33 Yet I must continue on my way today, tomorrow, and the following day, for it is impossible that a prophet should die outside of Jerusalem.’

      Just amazing.

      Antipater to Herod the Great to the Three Bad Boys. The Herodian Dynasty.

      Brutal, paranoid, psychopathic murderers. It ran in the genes. Nurture or nature? A matter of training and habit?

      The Herods in America today merit careful watch. And may we never succumb to the temptation to become Herods ourselves.

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  11. “much of BLM consists of angry young and middle-aged white women who have never had real trials”
    I have to take issue with this short remark, as I am a middle-aged white woman and I am angry. But I am not angry in ‘never having had real trials’. Indeed I am angry because I have had trials and because men have been emasculated and they don’t step up to the plate. That is a dire disappointment and leaves a long trail of despondency and despair. Fatherless children are not the result of women playing tag alone. Women don’t want abortions they want to be loved and cared for and that is where we are failing as a Church. Families who can should ‘adopt’ a single mother and help her out. She needs a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen, care and pitch in when necessary. Putting the blame back on our shoulders is a double-laced hurt. You can’t be pro-life and think there won’t be single mothers (and fathers). Pitch in; reduce the hurt.

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    1. Hey Schooter, I didn’t read Charlie as saying ALL young and middle-aged women were angry and without real trials. I see he addresses this subset in the BLM population. That said, your point is well taken about the need for us, every one of us, to pay attention to those around us so we can support single mothers, single fathers and anyone who is struggling no matter the issues. It’s the core message that’s fostered in acknowledging God, taking the next right step and becoming a sign of hope to those around us. Actually, as I’ve come to know Charlie over these years of collaborating with him on the team and as managing editor here, I’ve experienced him to be a man of strength with a tender heart for those in need. He’s both an adept leader and one who encourages leadership in others, a Papa Bear who builds people up and a Mother Hen who looks after her chicks with tender care. Praying a PMT for you Schooter and sending you Our Lady of Tepeyac to see to all your needs. God’s Blessings.

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      1. Ah, the disorder is massive…but I understand Schooter’s frustration. Back in the 90’s I walked by a TV when Oprah was on – and they had a promo asking for single mothers to call in to appear on an upcoming show about how hard it is for women. It set me off. I called, just to tell them it was pretty dadgum hard for single fathers, too (I was one at the time). I was aggravated at them trying to make this into a feminist problem instead of a human problem and just wanted to get it off my chest – but they asked me to be on the show. So I agreed. I was later astonished at how many people had seen me on there. I had no idea, at the time, how broad a reach Oprah’s show had. They put me in a file and called me again a year later to do another show. It was fun.

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        1. So, what did you conclude? It was just fun? Has anything changed? I wrote to a national column in our Catholic newspaper and that priest answered the next week. He found only two programs in the U.S. at Catholic parishes that are geared to single moms or dads. It’s kind of shameful.

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          1. I concluded that people are people – and most are concerned enough about their own problems to be overly concerned about mine. So I just said my piece and moved on trying to make my home a happy one for me and my kids.

            I am not big on seeing myself as a victim, even when I am being victimized. When I was a little kid, I noticed that people who were furiously angry about something for very long tended to become furiously angry about everything – and made themselves and everyone around them miserable. I did not want to become part of their clan…just didn’t see any future or grace in it. My general attitude is to treat everyone as a person of good will until they prove otherwise. I am not blind to demographic groupings of disorders at all. But too much of the attitude of “all men are…” or “all women are…” soon becomes “all blacks are…”, “all whites are…” or “all Jews are…” and you’re looking at the angry aggrieved mounting a holocaust.

            I do not consider it an affront that society does not provide enough help for people who have my problems. I speak a lot about my experiences in my writing, including my successes and my flubs. I rarely talk about my sorrows. As my son told me a few years ago, he is extremely grateful that I taught him, by example, to try to help others bear their cross while bearing mine so it imposes as little burden as possible on others.

            I have had some success in brightening a few people’s outlooks by telling them that the burden of their own cross is much lighter when they devote themselves to helping others bear their burden. It is a paradox, but if you resolutely give empathy rather than demanding that others give you empathy, suddenly you find many are empathetic to you.

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            1. All people have something in their lives, a cross to bear. Just because they don’t verbalize it doesn’t make it anymore bearable or any less real Sometimes you can help, sometimes the crisis is of their own doing and they can’t see the forest for the trees. The blame everyone except changing their approach. And Charlie is correct. Helping others is key to your mental health and soul health. You never know the fruit of the seeds you sow. Maybe the fruit will only be discovered in heaven. Have courage. As Joan of Arc said, “I was born for this!” , even as I flub my way through all my mistakes and crisises, either self imposed or life imposed.

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            2. And yet you haven’t spoken to the plight of the single mother or father. It is impossible to do both well. And what of the Church and its virtue-signaling? Gay men, much of our Church leadership, are not fatherly and as part of the left of our political culture, hate men who are fatherly. Thus, they hate President Trump. Over 52% of parents in America are single and the Church does nothing to help them, either to hook them up with healthy and safe married mentors or to help provide childcare while parents work. This is huge. Articles have been written concerning the sickness rearing its ugly head now as our society has become very fatherless. And yet those of you who consider yourselves to be good at that job stay back and hide. A woman cannot be a father. It is not possible to give what we don’t have. We cannot ignore this segment of our society. What you see in the streets rioting is people screaming for your love, honor, respect and help. It won’t end until that psycho-social need is met. And that will happen one person at a time. What are we doing to help single parents, to prevent further catastrophe in our streets?


              1. All right, Schooter…and my sister badgers me about the need for MS awareness…and others among my family and friends want me to fully understand and do something about their plights with addiction…and still others want me to decry the fight against abortion and get my priorities right and fight contraception first (one actually departed from here on that pretext). Even so, I am not going to leave my task and do what others want me to do, denounce me as they will from their armchairs. I try to light a candle where I can instead of cursing the darkness – and, frankly, I think you should, too. What are you doing about starving children in Third World countries? How about abused animals? We could go on forever. Our whole society is rife with dysfunction. We are awash in a sea of it. I don’t much care whether someone is doing my preferred task, only that they are doing some little something to right some of the problems as they can. When you are in a sea of dysfunction, getting furiously angry that nobody is cleaning up that patch of water over there does not help matters, it only adds to the dysfunction. Ask yourself seriously what camels you are swallowing while decrying others for swallowing camels of dysfunction – and then humbly set about to do a little something as you can. But no, I’m a bum because I did not forswear counseling the pro-life movement, helping to develop strategies to end abortion and other dysfunctions and devote myself entirely to dealing with the dysfunction that most concerns you.

                All right. Rant done. But have you ever thought of mounting a set of support groups yourself instead of complaining about what others are not doing? You might be surprised at how many groups – such as Rachel’s Vineyard and Alcoholics Anonymous – got started that way. Your furious denunciation of everyone for not dealing with the dysfunction that most concerns you does not help matters, however angry you might be. Do you know that I have to dull my senses against the horrors of abortion and its details or I could be ranting non-stop about it. But that would not accomplish much of anything except to alienate people. So I try to do the little I can. Good heavens, I never expected my little tale of my two appearances on Oprah discussing the matter would subject me to such a furious tirade. As mad as it makes you, it was still fun – and I accomplished a little in the process. If you are going to attack people who did a little for not doing more, that will not prod them to do more – but to do nothing so as to escape your ire. For heavens sake, do something yourself or get a grip.

                And actually, I HAVE spoken of the plight of the single mother and father. Often in my talks, I have spoken of my despair in the first year of my single fatherhood at being unable to balance work and family in a way that did justice to either. Finally, I gave up and entrusted my inadequecies to the God of the gaps…that I would do the best I could and trust God to take care of the rest and quit beating myself up. Amazingly, grace took up residence in our little home. It became the center of the neighborhood, with kids coming with us on various adventures – and even taking turns going to Mass with us. Both of my children have told me they want to make as joyful a home for their kids as I made for them. It is a story that seems to inspire people rather than putting them in a funk. I like it.

                Look, angry denunciation is a useful occasional tactic. But it is a disastrous ongoing strategy. If you are doing things to help and bringing great understanding to all in the issue, the shock value of an occasional rant can be a prod to particular results. But if all you have is angry denunciation, you drive people away. Light enough candles and you can safely curse the darkness from time to time. Now maybe you are doing something. You have gotten attacking me for not doing enough in the way you prefer out of your system. Perhaps you can inspire others by sharing what YOU have actually done to bridge the very real gap you decry.

                I have given you an angry answer. Was it more effective than a gentle one? Probably not. If you make a candid assessment, maybe you will try doing what is most effective instead of what gives you the most satisfying emotional zing. But no, I did not particularly enjoy treating you with the same withering condescension with which you treated me. But you rather insisted on it.

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                1. Charlie, your mentions of all of the problems out there, such as starving children (orphans in Brazil, Venezuela, India…), mistreatment of animals (such as factory raised chickens and dogs) does really bother me about this world– and that’s on top of the mass human atrocities such as the Holocaust past, and N Korea, China, and Venezuela human rights abuses currently ongoing.

                  But what’s the point of trying to blame Charlie for not becoming the universal dragon slayer of all the world’s ills? With limited human energy, we have to individually select a limited set of dragons, or just fissile out trying to do much too much.

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              2. Schoooter– I was a single mother of 4 children. It never occurred to me to be angry because there weren’t people or groups out there to help me. I sought out the support I needed. Feeling that you are a victim is devastatingly paralyzing. And as Charlie says– everyone has their own brand of problems and struggles, and as Charlie says, the best way to feel better is to stop thinking of yourself and help others.

                On another note–if women had used the power they have been given by our Almighty Creator according to His will, our world would be much better and we wouldn’t have many single parents. I think sex is one of, or THE most, powerful thing in our world. And women are in charge of it in my most humble opinion. Women need to civilize our wonderful cavemen by demanding respect and devotion, which can be accomplished by saving sex for marriage. Not saying that makes a perfect world, but it sure would improve it immensely. There was a time when families fiercely protected the virtue of their girls. I love this song:

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                1. “Women need to civilize our wonderful cavemen by demanding respect and devotion, which can be accomplished by saving sex for marriage. Not saying that makes a perfect world, but it sure would improve it immensely.”
                  When I was taking my Pre cana course before I was married, the instructor mentioned this topic in much detail.
                  Seems the strong sex urge of men is captured in celibacy to be redirected as a drive towards establishing himself to be worthy of a wife. By channeling his sexual energy before marriage into the virtues of hard work, study and economic success, a man makes a fitting husband, father and home for his wife and children.
                  The reward is a family, the product of the “two becoming one”. By practicing self discipline, a man directs his passions towards the spiritual benefits of a chaste heart proven and devoted to a cause greater than his libido. And by creating order in his home he establishes blessings upon himself and his family for seven generations and becomes, as Moses was, a bulwark, a strong refuge for his family.
                  “So [God] said he would destroy them—had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him to keep his wrath from destroying the people.” (psalm 106:23).

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              3. Schoooter: I’m a adopted mom. Back in the 80’s a group of us 40+ families started a meeting group attached to a Catholic Church within the NE region of Baltimore. We meet at church and sometime in each other’s home. We attended Mass there together. In my present parish a priest heads up a special ministry for young adults up to age 35. In stead of waiting to be serviced, start a service. DO THE WORK. Visit your pastor to discuss the need, use the bulletin to set up a meet, invite speakers of interest and see what happens. Form a support group.

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    2. This is a topic which goes back to the beginning when the ugly snake came between the man and the woman.
      A RE director once explained it that Adam was supposed to protect Eve. Long story short, he didn’t. And now, we are living the end of the story because of that fall.

      I grew up with an abusive alcoholic father. I had every “right” to be angry at him and it took a LOT of years to get past that and truly forgive him. I am also the mother of three sons and can’t stand how our culture has impacted them. If I remember correctly during the 90’s men/dads in tv shows, movies started to become the butt of jokes. My husband and I were appalled. The evil one has been slowly chipping away at removing dads from the picture, as well, as priests.
      Anyway we wondered how this would affect our boys. Only one is married to a dominating woman. We pray for her daily. We know that is unhealthy and will cause strife.
      There are so many factors affecting our world in this attack on men. I am to a point where I believe only God can fix this. I hope this helps.

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      1. Historically, we’ve NEVER got it right between the roles of the sexes.
        As you aptly point out HTP, even Adam and Eve dropped the ball on this.
        Eve should have deferred to her husband Adam in the conversation with the serpent as the “head” of the household and Adam should have taken the lead (protected her) when she didn’t.
        But even back then, Adam “emasculated” himself in deference to Eve’s taking the Apple and he ate it too.
        But as Charlie has so frequently put:
        “We don’t get heaven until we GO to heaven”.
        We sit here and discuss WHY this or that isn’t working, but I believe only the Holy Family ever got it right and although having lived as brother and sister, they still possesed a true spirit of married life with St Joseph as the head of the household and the future King of kings and the Queen of Heaven obediently following his lead!
        Life is a struggle from birth to death.
        None of us will come out unscathed, either by our sins or by others.
        God’s grace is sufficient to bring us to sanctity. We know this by the lives of the saints who have lived through every conceivable life and still can be called blessed.
        This we can do too. We first have to get over ourselves.
        Not that we don’t have to seek for righteousness and help Jesus place everything beneath His feet. But as individuals, we must seek peace within ourselves that “Gods ways are not our ways” and in the end, we win. This is our hope and goal. Our struggle is real but it should not define us.
        Scriptures tells us, in the end, it is only love that remains. When our lives are over, how much love in us will be left to remain? To build “treasure” in heaven is to build up that love here on earth. “Love your enemies” is the epitome of this love.
        These “enemies” can be our personal struggles and weaknesses too. To love these things is to recognise their expiatory value both for us and for those whom we pray for.
        “For God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)
        This is the agope love we are asked to practice. To die to ourselves and become His hands and feet which, if you recall, are marked by the nails our sins put there.

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        1. Great insight PF.
          Not having a healthy example of a good father it helped me immensely to read the book Consecration to St. Joseph. What a wonderful soothing example of a man and father. It felt/feels like a warm hug to learn about St. Joseph. I ask him for his intercession and for him to parent me.

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          1. Oh gosh, Doug, that is too funny. About spot on in too many relationships.
            Old joke. Husband and wife are arguing. Husband says well I’m going in the other room if you aren’t going to tell me what that matter is. Wife-Well, I’m going to continue this argument with or without you and you are going to lose!

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            1. Ha!  There are some days I feel like this.  Lambzie and I have gotten good at understanding our differences, but sometimes old habits slip in.  Sometimes I ask, “do you want me to listen or provide a solution?”.  It gets complicated when she says both.  Sometimes she tells me in advance, “I just want you to listen.”  Now here is the kicker.  As we age, the coin is flipping a little.  I will tell her, “I just want you to listen when she seems to be wanting to give me a solution.  I am an engineer and I solve problems for a living.  Maybe I do so much during the day, by the end of the day, I just want someone to listen.  🙂—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      2. Using that RE Director’s logic, I could say that God should have protected both Adam and Eve. Anyone that’s ever loved knows that no amount of bestowing the beloved with gifts (e.g. – protection) can stop them completely from exercising their free will poorly. We’ll be judged by God collectively and individually, but I don’t think the collective has a prayer if the individuals don’t each get their act together.

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    3. Schoooter: There are groups attending those needs of abandoned mothers to be pre birth, at birth and many years after the event. They provide physical, emotional and material support. Legacy of Life Foundation is one. These blessed women do the WORK that we are all called to do as Christians. If you look you will probably find one like Legacy in your community. Rachael’s Vineyard is a Catholic retreat for women who have had abortions and who are living with the revelation of the enormity of their act.

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      1. I would like to read (comprehensively?) of what ‘the great reset’ is really all about. What do the leftists truly have in mind and how long will it take them to initiate all of it? What can and needs to be done by any of us who care to resist it or hope to cause its prevention?

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        1. Schooter, you can search for weforum (world economic forum) and find lots to read about concerning the “Great Reset” plan. I think the best way to resist is through living the core message which is fostered here as well as becoming part of organizations such as Corps of Renewal and Charity, aka CORAC, found here: https://corac.co/ I’m a believer that whatever we focus on we get more of and I also believe that God will intervene, even as He looks to us to make a stand for Him and His Teachings. I pray He will find us doing just the kinds of things CORAC is preparing to launch soon. Romans 12:21 comes to mind: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

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        2. Schoooter, this is much you can find out about the Great Reset all over the inter-webz, but I would encourage you to do as Beckita suggests. Reading about it is looking into the face of raw evil. Love = God is truly the only antidote.

          It has been mentioned on this site many times, so forgive me if I am redundant and if you have already heard of this. I just wanted to give a shout-out to Direction for Our Times. There is a wealth of publications free online. The style, tone, etc of the messages are pure healing gold for me. I have also heard that others find them so.

          I’m not on social media, so I can’t share a link to December’s message. Maybe someone here will. It is pertinent to everything discussed above. Jesus speaks of love, how love is the only thing we can take with us when we die, etc. I found it healing, inspiring, hopeful, and how I feel I need to comport myself personally going forward. Anne a lay apostle once said she finds evil so boring. It is God and His love that is fascinating.

          God bless you, friend and keep on squirrelin’ on!!

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  12. YouTube video: “Sidney Powell Lawsuits Reaction & Kraken Analysis” by R&R Law Group
    Fascinating video for learn more about the ins and outs of the legal process surrounding the election fraud, from a conservative lawyer.
    It’s about 1.5 hours long, so I don’t know if the link can be posted or not, but here it is:

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    1. Hey Lin. The link came through just fine and presented the video in your first comment about it. Not sure why it’s not showing up on your end. Rather than posting it twice, I deleted it from this comment. 🙂


  13. Charlie:

    What a ton of issues and analysis of people, society and the dangers of following the me generation in their pursuit particularly for power or are on a lust/sexual high. It is hard to make a respond to all aspects of your post, so I am focusing on a few of my thoughts.

    Besides those striving for ever more power along with their voracious appetite, these forces of evil, have dragged down into a vast tar pit, some souls ending up there are blinded by promises of utopia, some out of liking to be ignorant thinking they have guilt and others with the full knowledge of what they were dealing with but did not care about God. Even some of good will that have been tricked by Satan. But I believe Satan’s biggest prize is his infiltration into the curia, God’s faithful servants of the clothe directing us to reach our Heavenly home. Are these souls not aware that in Satan’s plans they are nothing but disposal stepping stones?

    As we know a person is not saved by crying out by crying out “Lord when did I not feed the hungry”,etc.. Our Saviors’ mercy is open to all His children if that person turns their will up to God in complete repentance and desires to obey His laws. Christ promised to not leave us orphans. He will send him the Holy Spirit to save him from the inescapable black tar pit where they are given another chance to lead a Christocentric life.
    Forgive me Jesus, for I have sinned. Help all of us to let God be our strength through the most difficult battle we will ever fight.

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  14. “It is one of the signs by which I consider the madness that has gripped the pagan left to be diabolically inspired.”

    Indeed, sexual depravity does often accompany demonic activity. It’s like a fingerprint. Diabolical influence is so pervasive seen with all the sexual garbage that no examples are necessary. We simply can’t get away from it unless we hid in the desert. “Hostage to the Devil” certainly has several indications of this in descriptions of full-on possession that have a strong sexual component.

    Here’s a question: Are there things you consider heralding signs of marked diabolic influence that have gripped the *Catholic* left? (the Jewish left, the Christian left)

    We have bishops and priests who seem to choose to disobey the authority of the church, or is this mostly just a case of man’s fallen nature? How about that radical priest at Xavier U who concocted his own Eucharistic prayer or the one who questioned the supernatural incarnation of Christ in a homily? Certainly the corrupt teachings Fr J. Martin regard sexuality. In the case of Mr. Theodore McCarrick, sexual depravity clearly marked the influence of the satan on him and his fruits.

    Of course, we tragically have Pachamama and the Pope.

    But for people such as my family who cast their vote for pro-abortion Leftists or those who stop attending church, are there things that may indicate a notable “demonic fingerprint”?

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    1. There are many people who will not see that someone who directly and intentionally contradicts the teaching of Christ and His apostles are one of the legion of antiChrists among us. When it is one who bears the cloak of authority, I literally shudder at the end they will meet. But for people who are blind enough that they cannot see this simple connection, I fear they would not be able to see even if someone rose from the dead.

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      1. I omitted a sentence about those disobedient priests and bishops who choose to remain in place and to subvert the Magisterium and sow division and confusion in the Church. They are free to leave the church at any time yet they remain to do their evil work. There will be hell to pay, which is a terrifying notion.

        I’m sad when my Catholic loved-ones are blind to what are obvious contradictions to the faith. What’s troubling is it is a willful, voluntary blindness which “frees” them up to avoid the challenges to their thinking and their consciences. Burying heads in the sand, unfortunately, won’t make them less culpable when it comes time to be held to account.

        We here ever seek the truth, the Truth. It’s disturbing to see people who deliberately hide the truth from themselves and who’ve made themselves blind even to their own blindness.

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        1. Insightful, Patrick. Only God knows what’s truly in the hearts and minds of others – be it confusion or willful ignorance – but it IS mind-boggling to talk to people who have fallen – hook, line and sinker – for the lies of the Left.

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          1. “It’s disturbing to see people who deliberately hide the truth from themselves and who’ve made themselves blind even to their own blindness.”
            (Patrick of SD)
            Scripture has a lot to say about these very things Patrick:
            “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44).
            “For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” (John 18:37).
            Those who are NOT of the truth, do NOT listen to His voice. They are like blind men:
            “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”(Isiah 5:20);
            “For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.”
            (Romans 1:21).

            It is the product of rebellion to hide from the truth and remain in your sins.

            “You say you see, so your sin remains” (John 9:41).
            “And this is the judgment, that light is come into the world, and men have loved darkness rather than light; for their works were evil.” (John 3:19).

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            1. Wonderful,
              PF. It’s like you grabbed all the scripture verses most relevant to my post. I never tire of hearing the Word, and I couldn’t say it better myself! 😀

              I bet it’s possible to speak at all times using nothing but phrases and sentences from the Bible….

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            1. She singing my song! Aaaargh. I still can’t get over how easily we all rolled over for this lunacy. Even more mind boggling are those among us who still accept the narrative and the proposed solutions.

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              1. Yep! Along those lines, I would highly recommend to any who can get The Moynihan Report, to read it. I received the email yesterday “on the Great Reset”. It is another spectacular letter from the always awesome Abp. Vigano, a scathing truth telling!

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                  1. I look forward to reading this, Annie and Beckita.

                    Lately I’ve been thinking about the unusual situation we have of a loyal son of the Church, a retired Archbishop with love of God, vast experience, and obvious intellect, stepping forth from what could be a cozy retirement onto a world stage bristling with hostilities. He is doing this not only in service to his own lifelong calling from God; he is also doing this to hearten the faithful, many of whom feel lost without a shepherd.

                    Just as Archbishop Viganò has stepped forward to hearten us, it seems to be primarily the laity, Catholic and non-Catholic (including the President of the United States!), who are heartening him in turn, making it possible for him to have a voice on this world stage.

                    God bless and keep Archbishop Viganò and all the faithful.
                    Sister Bear

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        2. “…that in difficult moments, we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love & Mercy Itself”

          A fellow prayer warrior taught me to repeat this section of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy again as a reminder.

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    2. It’s good and just to love our family members first, hope for their salvation and do what we can to help Jesus in the process, just be careful not to over think your meager efforts or lack of apparent results. We have it on good, reliable authority that trust in Jesus is key.

      We all have blind spots and get deceived in ways we wouldn’t believe if we were told. Leave it to God to help you pick your battles AND battle satan for you, because I often suspect it’s the deceptive liar and his minions who are the impetus to look at all the evil folks in the world, and not in a terribly productive way. “Look at this and that evil person and the evil works they do, “says he. It’s nothing less than an invitation to frustration that leads to despair.

      “Look at this or that big fish swimming in the shallows or deep,” thinks the dauntless fisherman, What a prize that would be for my Master!

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      1. True, true, true MP!

        The implication was that I don’t suffer from my own delusions and blindness. Yes sir, I sure do. And I LOVE having my blindness pointed out to me — how else will I grow while here on earth? Perhaps that’s the difference: the desire for the Truth.

        At this point it seems all that can be done for the willful blind is pray, but continue to love them patiently and be ready to help them when their eyes are opened, and then we both can grow together as we strive for the truth.

        But in the meantime: pray, pray, pray.

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        1. Folks who think I just like to bust chops don’t know me at all. We’ve come to know something of one another, PD, lo these many years. Call me a mangy mutt with one blind eye, but I wouldn’t mind being compared to a dog at all. Never had a dog I didn’t like that didn’t get me out of at least one serious scrape, and they all challenged me –– in a productive and beneficial way –– to a dog! Now, if I could only figure out this cat thing, because I’ve got a pair of those as well. They’re excellent hunters ’round here, but only pay a mind to you at the most unusual and inconvenient of times.

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          1. We know each other quite well, bud. And true family is always straight-up with each other.

            So It’s not the same as hanging with Mimi-cat, but I am enjoying the company of my friend’s beautiful girl dog Shadow. Fine specimen. I’ve never seen any dog run with so much joy, random leaps in between sprints, switches to a cute trot, points for a second, then tears into the scrub oak. We walk and run around the twenty acres here couple times a day, through the pines, down into the washes, across the dry grass. I’d probably never own a dog because of the extra attention they require, but they are yet another beautiful creation I can really appreciate.

            And with my new job as a traveling provider, plus my weekends giving talks at churches for the Apostolate for the Dying, I actually asked my friend who is happily baby- …er, cat-sitting Mimi if she’d like to have her permanently. After 16 years together, I never ever thought I’d give her away, but this might be best for both little Mimi and my work. At least I know she’s in very loving hands.

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      2. Yes, to push through the light of God’s grace of “knowing the difference between good and evil” that those in darkness cannot see to the other side of judgementalism is, if course, what you speak of here, MP.
        Funny how, without grace, we become exactly like who we are accusing and become the Accusers minion! Scripture warns that we should not since we do the exact same things and will be judged in the same manner we judge!
        But as far as those blinded to truth, one more quote:
        “And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:3-5)

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  15. Speaking of Pachamama……

    Sunday, October 6, 2019. Around 3:30 am, the angel that appeared to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa 30 years ago in Akita appeared.

    First, the angel told Sr. Agnes a private message. After that the angel told her the message for everyone:

    “Put on ashes and pray the penitential Rosary every day. You must become like a child and make sacrifice every day.”

    Our Lady of Akita, pray for us!

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    1. I remember the Angel’s words given to Sr. Agnes last year, Patrick. It was posted and re-posted here, more than a few times.
      PS How’s the settling in process going with your return to SD?

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      1. ….and posted again! Just another little wink from Our Lady like that earthquake near Akita recently. Repetition of such messages is good, right?

        I’m actually staying with a friend on her refuge-like property north of Rapid City. I have been without a permanent residence or my cat Mimi for three months, with another one month remaining at least. I start work again Dec 14 in central South Dakota with three weeks of training and in-processing stuff. Staying in a B&B in the middle of nowhere, SD. During this training I should have a better idea where I’ll move to.

        Frankly, B, I just want to buy a small four-season travel trailer and be done with this renting thing. It also doesn’t make sense for me to buy property….I’m simply too nomadic.

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        1. Well, Dear Nomad, prayers rising for you to the Wise Men who followed the Star, that they remain with you, guiding you, protecting you and, even after all details are worked out, that they travel with you in your new position. 🙂

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        2. “Middle of nowhere, SD?” Sounds wonderful, like the kind of place I would love to retire! (The one drawback which springs to mind is rattlesnakes … that said, there’s much to love about South Dakota!) 🙂

          Hoping that your new job turns out to be an awesome blessing for you, Patrick of SD!

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          1. Thanks, Phoenix. Never seen a rattler out here, but there are plenty of other snakes that eat rattlers (as if that’s reassuring!) …so you’ll be perfectly safe as long as you don’t hike around in flip-flops!

            I actually would have specified what town the bed and breakfast is in, but quite literally someone so motivated could go immediately to that town and find me effortlessly. There is a Catholic church there fortunately, and perhaps I will ask the B&B owner if I could rent a month at a time for a few months before settling in….

            Anyway, thanks Phoenix. I start the job in ~10 days.

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            1. Good to know there are no rattlers in some parts of SD. Now I want to go back there even more! 🙂

              My travels took me to the Badlands, and there were rattlers everywhere out in nature. Talk about “snake in the grass” or on the nature trails or right alongside the parking lots … the only areas free from them were manicured suburban lawns.

              Your B&B extended stay idea sounds wonderful, moreso with the Catholic Church so close!


    Not to have, but to be had

    So the divine love is sacrificial love. Love does not mean to have and to own and to possess. It means to be had and to be owned and to be possessed. It is not a circle circumscribed by self; it is arms outstretched to embrace all humanity within its grasp. No other love is ever going to be a satisfying love. All that we ever get in this world anyway is just a fragment, a fraction of love. We can catch a spark; it is caught up from the great white flame of love which is God. That’s all we ever get. And if, to remind us of another love, the spark is so bright, then what must be the flame? It’s the cross; it’s self denial, it’s victimhood, for this is the gospel of Christ, and we cannot soften him. He is the one who gave his life, and that’s the way he measures his love. Greater love than this no man has. When we stay close to that love, day after day, hour after hour, others will begin to feel that love.

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  17. Regardijng truth and falsehood in this election I thought of Suzanna’s prayer asking for God to reveal truth in Daniel 13 vs. 43 and 44 when lies were being told against her. We could pray in a similar way for God to act to reveal the truth and falsehood.

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  18. The boys of ‘Pinicchios Island of Lost Boys’ worked their way in and eventually didn’t even know there was an exit.

    First, I consider the left to be under the influence of wormwood.
    Second, I have no idea what I’m talking about…

    But, how did I escape wormwoods influence? Why do others not?

    I’ve started thinking that abortion is a larger trigger than we suspected. A sort of door, that once you accept and open, you’re in, and the exit light is dimmed. Every other evil then comes a little easier to accept, and soon they can’t see their way out.

    It all makes sense within their world if killing a child is considered an act of love. They hate us because we are their condemnation.

    In a way it is a blessing that they hate us. Their vitriol both exposes them and wakens us to defend faith and family. Otherwise, evil might just be a silent black cloud advancing across the valley unnoticed.

    In any event, we must stand, and I doubt it will be easy.

    “If the Cross of our savior was a proof that there was something wrong in man that could only be righted by a sacrificial death, why should not this war be to me a proof that there is something wrong with the modern world that it can be righted only by my sacrificial life” Fulton Sheen.

    Why, yes, I do find that quote a bit unsettling?

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  19. “Most claims of fraud are very particularized to a particular set of circumstances or actors or conduct. They are not systemic allegations and. And those have been run down; they are being run down,” Barr said. “Some have been broad and potentially cover a few thousand votes. They have been followed up on.”


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    1. Here are the three Top-Notch FBI Agents assigned to “investigate” the Mountain of Voter Fraud Evidence …. Meet Moe, Curly & Larry:


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    2. SanSan, from what source is that quote? According to a twitter post by Catherine Herridge (whom I regard as a competent reporter), “From a DOJ spokesperson: ‘Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.'”

      I’d give it the 48-hour rule. There’s a lot going on that we don’t know about, and I think it’s too soon to make a judgement about AG Barr.

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  20. My wife and I have been discussing lately how so many people around us seem to be viewing the world through very distorted lenses. I have sensed this deeply for a long time. My wife has been more slowly coming to the realization. A few weeks age she received a sort of shock awakening as a longtime, dear, Catholic, friend, casually recounted how she cut a person out of her circle of friends because they voted for Trump. My wife, who has never hid her views, was so shocked she asked if she should get up and let herself out of the woman’s house. The woman replied, no I haven’t unfriended you. However, the potential for future exclusion was not taken off the table. My wife arrived home visibly shaken and questioning how someone we have known and loved for many years could get to such a place.

    About ten years ago I was having a discussion with a fellow Catholic. I don’t even remember the exact topic but it had to do with America and politics and why did it seem that chaos was increasing and reason and sanity decreasing. He attempted to somehow justify our nation and its workings. Without even thinking I was compelled to blurt out “We are soaked in the blood of fifty million innocents. Do you think that God honors that? What reparation will that require? We may be special to God but at this time we are soaked in our sins.”

    While I have understood the horror of abortion since my conversion, I had never previously formulated those thoughts even in my innermost self. Since then I have been unable to forget them and events often bring me back to them. These thoughts have come to mind many times in the past months.

    We are living in a sea of lies. The news media lies. The bankers lie. The politicians lie. The legal system lies. Clergy of the ilk of McCarrick lie. Even those who do not lie, stand silent and never challenge the lies. This sea of lies has become to us as water is to a fish. Most of us move in it and through it, surrounded by lies all the time, about all things. After a time, for many, the lies become the reality in which you move and you stop seeing them as lies. Unlike fresh water, this sea is dark and opaque. Moving in the sea of lies prevents you from seeing the truth.

    For our society, our times, I have come to believe the most profound lies are about abortion. It is not a baby, it is a choice. Once we have accepted that lie, the other lies become easy. Unfortunately, for what seems to be half the society, abortion has become no big deal. They have accepted the lie.

    I think Quietpathways is correct. Accepting the lie of abortion opens your way into the sea of lies. The deeper you go the more opaque and dark that sea becomes. Finally you cannot see the light at all but you may not even realize what has happened. At that point, as Charlie said, even someone rising from the dead would mean nothing to you.

    In some ways, we faithful are all Jeremiah. We see, we sense, what is coming. God and the Holy Spirit work to help us see through the lies. We attempt to speak, to warn. Almost no one listens. In fact we are ridiculed and pushed aside for defending the truth.

    For most of society, faith is replaced by social posturing. Law and justice by the quest for power. Charity by greed and cold heartedness. What God is saying and doing is no longer their concern.

    Even in this we must have hope. The Jews were defeated, conquered and carried off to Babylon. But in their homes, at night around the fires of the exiles, they taught their children. They continued to believe and cried out to God. The faith, the nation, was preserved to be restored at last. Restored from defeat, exile and slavery to be the gateway for the Christ. In our time we are so much more blessed that the power and love of Christ has been released in our world to combat this kingdom of lies.

    He shall overcome.


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        1. Http: I agree that the Babylon Bee article is gallows humor. However, I does make a very pointed comment on our present reality.
          To paraphrase the Catholic Commentator, Matt Walsh, in his response to folks saying that no one is so evil as to organize the stealing of an election: These people kill their own children as a matter of convenience, why would sending a senior citizen to an early reward give them any pause?

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          1. That is exactly what I say to my husband. If things continue or get worse I believe we older people will just be “offed” in some way or another. If they have no qualms about killing babies they have no moral base and will kill off anyone in their way. History repeats itself.

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          1. Speaking of the Holy Spirit, I just heard an astounding thing at the end of Rush’s radio show. There was a sub for Rush, sorry, forgot his name. This man ended the show talking about how he asks the Holy Spirit to be present when he talks to people, teaches, etc. and then he continued by asking for the Holy Spirit to be at work in all that’s going on now – paraphrasing. I’ve never heard such a glorious thing on radio or TV, on a program that wasn’t religious! Isn’t that awesome?!! Praise God!!

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        1. We do!  All I can think of are those flea bombs where you let them go and leave your house for a day.  Come back later and all the fleas are dead.  Are flea bombs still sold?—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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          1. In my mind’s eye, I see God sitting there chuckling, flea bomb-funny, nudges Jesus, aren’t these kids cute. Holy Spirit lets out a snort. (I hope no one thinks I am being irreverent.-I am thinking from a parent side watching the kids play.)

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    1. Can definitely relate to what you say, JT.

      And that’s probably about all I should post, or else I may need to go to Confession!
      Some people it’s best to love … and pray for … from a good safe distance.

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  21. Ha! Michael and I had a great fire drill today!!! No electricity from 8 am until 2 pm!!! Snow storm! Phoenix did u lose electricity? But it was sort of fun. We built a fire and like a couple of old gray squirrels 🐿 tried to figure out how to make a cup of Joe, keep fridge 🥶 cold and possibly cook a simple dinner! Luckily we have a generator and just kept plugging different things on all day! I think we need a bigger electric skillet! Can’t imagine this for 3 months or more though….yikes!!!! Common talks today were all about our ancestors and how they didn’t have running water, indoor washrooms and ample meat 🍖 in the freezer!!! They must’ve been really tough folksies!

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    1. Brava, Linda! You made it through the day. When we’re in the thick of the challenges, it’ll be very much like making it through, day by day, and even, moment by moment. “We can do all things in Him Who strengthens us.”

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      1. It was funny Beckita, mike was getting ready to go out front door to go get generator and I was behind him with something heavy that had to go out too so I asked him, “will you please turn the hall light on for me?” Hahahahaha!!! He did! But no lights of course 😂 he said I was very very Twickie! We got a good laugh out😂

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          1. Hehehehe!!! It was fun🤗

            Beckita isn’t this a beautiful message?!??

            “Dear children, you were each created by the Father. He takes the greatest joy in watching your progress as you learn how to love during your time in the world. You experience difficulties in this regard, but you overcome these difficulties and you grow and advance. This process of learning to love and rejecting all that is not love is the real point of your time on Earth. If you were told that you would be coming to Heaven soon, how would you treat the people around you? How would you view them differently if you knew that your time with them was limited? Well, little souls, I am reminding you today that your time with each of the people around you is finite. Time will pass and your time with that person will be over. If you love each person in your life, you will be at peace when your time together is finished. You will feel satisfaction because you will know that you tried to love them, despite any obstacles that arose to make this difficult. These difficulties or obstacles to love originate from two sources. One source of difficulty is your own failings, and the other source of difficulty is the failings of the other person. These difficulties, which are expected, must be overcome so that you can treat each other with the pure love that you will experience in Heaven. When you find another person unlovable, remember that you will be with that soul in Heaven and you will love each other perfectly there. It will greatly please and console the heavenly father if you begin treating others this way on Earth. If you had to do this alone, you would surely struggle and possibly find yourself without the forgiveness necessary to love each other as we love in Heaven. But you do not proceed alone. You proceed with all of Heaven and with me, Jesus Christ. I have given you many examples of how I loved during my time on Earth. Read about me in Scripture, dear apostles, and then be gentle as I was gentle. Be kind as I was kind. Be respectful as I was respectful. Be forgiving as I was forgiving. I am with you in each moment and you may ask me for the grace to love each person in your life. I will send you this grace and together, you and I will prepare you to love like a resident of Heaven. In this process, you will find great joy. This joy is only the very beginning of my reward to you. Be at peace. God created you to love and he will teach you how to do so.”

            – Jesus, Monthly Message, December 1, 2005.

            Learn more: directionforourtimes.org

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            1. It’s, as ever, a beauty, Linda. And I love the chosen ways the people at Direction for Our Times take their next right steps after contemplating all the many messages. I’ve got a few weeks left in the studies in their Mothers of the Church series which began in September. It’s been a wonderful journey to explore ways for women to exert their maternity, both in their families and in support of priests and laity… and I think it will serve many well as we continue to BE Christ’s Light in the darkness and renew, rebuild, rebirth a Civilization of Love. I’ve signed up to take a deeper dive into the contemplation model which DFOT has developed as Kathryn (aka Anne) presents a 3 day conference this weekend.

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              1. I saw that conference coming this weekend Beckita!!! I’d be so tempted except my kiddos will be home this weekend!!! I’ll be thinking of you Dear one!🤗❤️🙏🐿🇺🇸🎅🥰

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                1. Oh enjoy your kids, Linda! You’ve got your next right step priorities in order. I’ll be thinking of you too! 🙂 PS Have you seen the intro video for the contemplation model?

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                    1. On You Tube, go to the DFOT channel and search for: “Contemplative Prayer Guide.” Voila. Maggie, the wonderful social worker who presents all the healthy human development material walks you through a session of contemplation.

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    2. Hi Linda,

      Wow, sorry to hear you lost electricity too but thankful it’s back on for all of us! The way you describe using your generator reminds me of the old Green Acres episodes from Season 1! 🙂

      Power at my place was out for more than a day so I lost most of what was in the freezer … except for a final bowl of chocolate ice cream with berries … Priorities, doncha know, especially since cooking was not an option. (Would love to live in a good house in the country and be as self-sufficient as possible (even cooking over an open fire can be an amazing experience, have done it as a historical re-enactor) with mutually kindred friends and neighbors all bonding over a friendly game of Monopoly or just sitting around a campfire sharing tales of adventure, but alas, such is not my circumstances. Yes I believe in prepping … some of us do so in a more humble manner, working with what we’ve got as best we can, and have to figure out how to survive pretty much independently (and prayerfully of course!) … and that said, I’m definitely blessed with what the Lord HAS provided, in particular THIS year!)

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    3. … and P.S. Linda,

      Thank you very much for thinking of me, it’s a real day brightener to finally get power restored and see your friendly post! 🙂

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  22. Haha, and to continue with our theme of loving each other as Jesus does, and what exactly does this mean,etc, I found this in my inbox today. Actually it went into spam and I fished it out. How about that 🙂


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    1. That makes sense, For the Sake: Everybody likes to watch squirrels running around and being squirrelly, so Jesus naturally finds all ASOHers to be entertaining. 🙂

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      1. Oh my gosh, Mick, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Squirrel watching is quite entertaining unless they are driving my dogs nuts. Our backyard squirrel taunts and teases our poor vertically challenged basset hounds. It comes down the tree just out of their reach and chatters at them to the point we have to go out and chase it away. Boy, was the squirrel surprised when our son brought his dog, some kind of long legged springer. It climbed two branches up the maple to get that dang thing. If I could read our dogs’ minds they were probably saying-ha, serves you right dang squirrel.

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  23. A mandatory Gates DNA altering vaccine that no one will be able buy or sell, nor travel anywhere, not be optional to opt out of, for a virus that kills maybe 0.1 % of the population.

    Things are getting pretty serious & desperate, I don’t want think about dying not having to kill anyone, I hope we’re rescued soon…

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    1. Steve has an answer on his “My Front Porch” site. He answered a general question I had about the vaccines and it really makes sense. I highly recommend that all who are inclined go read it. I have it bookmarked, but I think you probably can find it by searching for the title I use in my first sentence above. See first my question about what happened in Italy, etc. which is followed by his answer.

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    2. Dear friend, the immortal words of Pope St. John Paul the Great keep coming to my mind: “Be not afraid!” Part of me says, “Say what?! Do you know what we’re up against?” And then I remember what he was up against: Lost his mother and baby sister when he was a little guy, lost his brother when he was a little older, lost his father when he was barely an adult, had his country taken over by the Nazis, had friends and neighbors jailed or murdered, attended seminary under penalty of imprisonment and death, worked as barely above a slave laborer, lived under Soviet occupation and control, nearly killed in an assassination attempt, suffered a long, agonizing debilitation and death from Parkinsons….

      Yeah, he knew. And yet he could say to us, “Be not afraid!” How could he say that? He could say that because he knew the God of the universe, and he knew the Blessed Mother. He could say that because he knew that Divine Providence will give us every grace to face every hardship that God allows us to experience; and that if we love and trust and serve Him, then we will be more than conquerors. And he could say that because, as one who had consecrated himself to the Blessed Virgin, he knew that she will always be with her children and will always intercede for them.

      We’re going to be scared sometimes. But we need to hold on to JPII’s words. We need to hold on to Jesus and to His Mother. And we need to hold on to this TNRS/ASOH/CORAC family. God has us in the palm of His hand, and we have each other. And if we persevere to the end, whether that “end” be the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart here or our triumphal entry into the hereafter, then the words of St. Julian of Norwich will be borne out: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

      God bless you, friend. 🙂

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      1. So true, Mick. And he was nearly killed during the war when he was returning home from his slave-labour in the quarry and was knocked down by a German truck and badly injured. But a woman and a German officer helped him, so he recovered. Think of the eternal repercussions of what that officer, an enemy, did. His God-inspired moment of humanity helped Humanity!

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        1. Jaykay, thanks for the reminder about when JPII was hit by the German truck. I didn’t know that a German officer helped him. May God eternally reward that officer and the woman for helping a stranger.


      2. Thanks Mick.  This really struck a chord with me today and was encouragement I needed.  It has been a rough week.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


  24. Just wondering how many saw Trump’s speech last night. Also wondering if anybody else noticed the obvious ‘green screen’ effect. I noticed it in the first few seconds. I would love to know where he was when they recorded that. Is he tucked safely away somewhere?

    [cue Twilight Zone intro theme]

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    1. The Canadian news is still pushing Trump lost the election and conceded defeat to Biden, and anything taken from Trump is taken out of context to promote that.

      It’s sad to say, but I had to go to Infowars – 79days.news to see that 45 minute speech, and anything else that approximates anything close to the truth of what’s going on in the world. When I first watched it, I thought it was some kind tabloid-comedy show…


  25. …”We live under snipers. They are everywhere, and they are gunning for us.

    Who are the snipers? Sexual revolutionaries who want to force us to accept their view of the human person. The unborn child is no more than a wad of tissue, and even if she is human, we can kill her. A boy can be a girl; if you disagree, we will get you fired from your job. You must accept the notion that gay is best, and gay can never be changed. If you disagree—canceled. The snipers occupy the heights of cultural, political, corporate, and even judicial power. It is like a new state religion, and we are the heretics”
    ..”There is also self-defeatism: the belief that we cannot win through our own efforts, so let’s not even try. Finally, there is distraction—spending time watching television, following sports, playing golf, shopping.”
    …”The proper response to this time and our mission is a joyful fighting spirit.”
    The article continues (it sounds like Charlie wrote it)

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    1. I basically don’t watch TV anymore, used to watch TV for news, but everything on TV nowadays is just mind control to keep everyone sleeping & ignorant to what is going on in the world. I just want to break the TV when liars come on to promote the new line of bull…

      Anything against God, Christ, and Christianity is deemed desirable & good and mustn’t be challenged, otherwise they’ll destroy you as society’s enemy & their demented definition of evil.

      Maybe the people in Middle Ages had the right idea of Crusades & burning heretics at the stake…


      1. Al, it’s refreshing to unplug from it all. It’s also refreshing to take counsel from Philippians 4:8: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Not to the tune of sticking our heads in the sand and denying that the darkness is all around us, but to build ourselves up as well as building up others… to contemplate on His promises to us, such as in Isaiah 40:31: But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint as well as the next line in the passage from Isaiah, “Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

        We have a Cloud of Witnesses who have gone before us carrying their crosses in their day and time.

        We can do this, make this contemporary Exodus into the new Promised Land – the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady – and the Saints and Angels are eager to assist us. Here’s a passage from the writing of Venerable Francis-Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận. Oh how I love him for his dare to never give up hoping and trusting in the Lord while he was detained by the communist government of Vietnam in a re-education camp for 13 years, nine in solitary confinement!

        On 15 August 1975, on the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, I was invited to the Palace of Independence, the President’s Palace in Saigon, only to be arrested. The motive was that Pope Paul VI had transferred me from my diocese in Nha Trang where I had been bishop for eight years, between 1967 and 1975, to Saigon, to become Archbishop Coadjutor.

        For the Communist Government this transfer, made one week before their arrival in Saigon, on 30 April 1975, was proof of a conspiracy between the Vatican and the “Imperialists”.

        From the very first moment of my arrest, the words of Bishop John Walsh, who had been imprisoned for 12 years in Communist China, came to my mind. On the day of his liberation Bishop Walsh said, “I have spent half my life waiting.”

        It is true. All prisoners, myself included, constantly wait to be let go. I decided then and there that my captivity would not be merely a time of resignation but a turning point in my life. I decided I would not wait. I would live the present moment and fill it with love. For if I wait, the things I wait for will never happen. The only thing that I can be sure of is that I am going to die.

        No, I will not spend time waiting. I will live the present moment and fill it with love.

        A straight line consists of millions of little points. Likewise, a lifetime consists of millions of seconds and minutes joined together. If every single point along the line is rightly set, the line will be straight. If every minute of a life is good, that life will be holy.

        Alone in my prison cell, I continued to be tormented by the fact that I was forty-eight years old, in the prime of my life, that I had worked for eight years as a bishop and gained so much pastoral experience and there I was isolated, inactive and far from my people.

        One night, from the depths of my heart I could hear a voice advising me: “Why torment yourself? You must discern between God and the works of God – everything you have done and desire to continue to do, pastoral visits, training seminarians, sisters and members of religious orders, building schools, evangelising non-Christians. All of that is excellent work, the work of God but it is not God! If God wants you to give it all up and put the work into his hands, do it and trust him. God will do the work infinitely better than you; he will entrust the work to others who are more able than you. You have only to choose God and not the works of God!” (There’s more here.)

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        1. Beckita, I was just thinking yesterday about how you said this Venerable found a way to use the bread he was given and someone smuggled him a tiny bit of wine? So he could celebrate mass in his cell. He wasn’t bereft. God found a way. I was thinking about this example in regards to how God always has provided for us and will do so if we leave it in His hands, no matter what.

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          1. Amen, Littlelight. Those in the Cloud of Witnesses who maintained Peace, as the trials of their own time ensued, c.h.o.s.e. to trust when they didn’t feel it. Our thinking definitely leads our feelings. Both positive and negative thinking change our brains (neuroplasticity). Not to ignore what is before us and what we are living, but to build resilience as we navigate these churning, wild waters, it’s good to recall that negative thinking keeps us in the pit of depression while gratitude, expressed aloud, builds trust, hope and faith in God’s Plan. 🙂

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        2. I deleted my Facebook, and deGoggling as much as possible. My WordPress app doesn’t work on my android phone anymore after I gutted the Google out of it.

          God can nudge in whatever direction he wants, I don’t know what to do anymore, Al can’t fix hopeless & can’t reason with the unreasonable…


  26. Hey globetrotting Tommy and Liz were gonna be home this weekend but just called to say they canceled flight because Covid is so high here in Ohio and then he proceeded to tell me & Mike they are PREGNANT!!! Baby will be delivered at Holy Cross In Maryland in June and specifically by name asked us to thank Charlie and fellow squirrels 🐿 for prayers!!! How about that!!!🤗❤️🙏😘🇺🇸🎅🐿 👶 🍼

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    1. All Glory to God! May Blessed Mother wrap Mom and Baby in Her Mantle for a beautiful pregnancy with healthy development and a safe delivery. Congrats to All, Linda! Your first grandchild, I do believe? You’ll fall in love again. 🙂

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      1. Yes and pretty close to the time you told me the story about praying to Our Lady of the miraculous medal!!! Ha!!!Thank you so much Beckita!!! They sent us video of baby 👶 and he/she had hiccups!!! So thankful for all of you prayer warriors here!!! Life is just sooooo precious and miraculous!!! Hard to believe Chuck Schumer was once a hiccuping fetus! Hahahahaha!!! Jesus please bring us all back to our beginning innocence!🙏🤗🥰🍼👶

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        1. Okay the Chuckie comment really cracked me up. Linda, I don’t know what I’d do without your comments, you bring joy here and into my life—and thanks to the inter-webz–worldwide 😀

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          1. 🥰 awwww littlelight!!! You made me smile tonight!!! Thank you! Yes I’m really quite a goofball mostly I accidentally tick people off but am very very happy you “get” me as I do you!!! Love you little big light!!!🤗🙏❤️🥰👶🍼🇺🇸🍕🐿😘🎅


      1. Ha!!! Never thought I’d get the privilege to be a “grandma!” Ha!!! Who knew?!?! All I can say is it happened right around the time Beckita prayed and many of you to Our Lady of the miraculous medal!!! Katherine Labour! 🤔 hmmmm

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        1. Lambzie and I love being Grandma and Grandpa.  It is everything it is cracked up to be.  It is a refuge of joy in the storm of life.  So excited for you Linda!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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          1. Thanks Doug!!! I’m happy for them all so much! You’re never the same after you have a baby that’s for sure! I look forward to being gramma/grandpa Mike! Happy timing too🤗🎅

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    2. Wow, Linda! What wonderful news! Huge congratulations to Tommy and Liz! Ya’ll are definitely in my prayers for a healthy mom and baby! 🙂

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          1. Actually two!!! Both my sons’ girls got pregnant at same time y’all prayed for them! Frankies is more confusing than globetrotting Tommy n Liz which I won’t go into here…lol…but let’s just say Our Lady of the miraculous medal is definitely working miracles in my boys’ lives! Wow!!! Head still spinning 🤗❤️🙏😂👶👶🍼🍼

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              1. Me too!!! Oh my goodness I saw both sonograms!!! Funny how these things can happen seemingly overnight! You guys and our Lady of the miraculous medal sure have some amazing prayers!!! Just mind blowing!!! Both of them had been trying for years to no avail!🙏❤️🤰🤰👶👶🍼🍼🥰🥰

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    3. Awwww, {{{Linda}}}, how wonderful!!!! A hearty congratulations! TYG! Huh, it was just yesterday when you asked for prayers—time is speeding and God is Good!

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    4. Wait, what?! Yippeeeee! So happy for globetrotting Tommy and Liz, and so happy for you and Mike! Thank you, God; and thank you, Queen of the Miraculous Medal! 🙂

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  27. Absolutely the best news! Congrats to You, your Liz and Tommy and their “baby globetrotter“… Our Lady sure knows how and when to intercede. The Miraculous Medal brought me to my reversion just over 20 years ago. God is Great ✝️💝

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