The Fuse Burns Down

By Charlie Johnston

Over the next week and a half, we are doing a matching fundraising drive for CORAC. In just under five months, we have put together a national organization with Coordinators acting in every Region of the Continental United States (See the interactive map on the website). Our people have put on several events involving public prayer and demonstrations of support for police. We have people working to put together tutorials on how to store, gather and prepare food in case of emergency, along with other skills to help support and defend each other in the case of significant social disruption. I will get on the road next month to meet with allied groups and potential allies – and to work directly with and get a sense of what leaders and volunteers are focusing on in each region. I have set a goal of $15,000 for this drive. It is important that we get as much as possible before and immediately after the election, for this is when we are most vulnerable to those who would disrupt the social fabric. If you can help, please give here. If not this time, please pray for our battered country, world, and Church.


I have had a lot of people write or call privately after my last piece, including some in authority. Some have disagreed with my specific analysis, suggesting other scenarios. I heard from a few folks who think the election of Pope Francis was so flawed that it is invalid and Benedict is still Pope. Others still think the Pope is being misquoted (for seven straight years without corrections). One suggested to me that the Pope just doesn’t have the intellectual depth to understand the consequences of what he is doing. Quite candidly, I am not wed to any particular scenario. The thing is we are in the deep – and going deeper. There will be a lot of surprises for all of us, including me. I think the sooner people quit trying to figure out what will happen exactly and focus on holding God’s hand so we can respond well to whatever happens, the sooner we will be prepared for the fullness of the trials before us. We are launched at sea and have a lot ahead.

Now the Vatican intends to support UN resolutions to seek financial “remediation” from targeted nations to clean up the environment. You can guess who the target will be. Strange thinking. Do you know what the best indicator for environmental health is for a nation? Economic development. Do you know which nation has reduced carbon emissions these last four years? It is not a signatory to any UN schemes – it is the United States. Did you know that almost 90% of the plastics in the ocean come from 10 rivers in Asia and Africa – most from China? Did you know that the United States contributes significantly less than 8 percent of the plastics in the ocean (Last I looked, it was three percent). If the US completely eliminated all American sources, it would barely make a dent in the problem. But, of course, while continually decrying America, Vatican officials maintain that China best represents Catholic social doctrine. Frankly, the Vatican’s betrayal of Chinese Catholics and collaboration with atheist communists there would be one of the greatest scandals in the history of the Church, if this Vatican had not become such an efficient assembly line for scandal. So the Vatican’s prescription for the environment is to decry the country that does the best job and force every nation to become like those which are the worst polluters?! And they wonder why I say they are not serious people.

And now the Vatican plans to take the lead in reworking the world’s economic system – to build the “economy of Francesco.” What a joke!

The day will come when the hierarchy will be humbled, will see its ignorance and incompetence in political affairs, and will come humbly back to preaching Christ and Him crucified When they do, like so many Church officials in the past, their temporal advice will often be well worth heeding. When they are humble about their role, they are often insightful. When they are triumphal in their temporal ambitions, they are useless and dangerous. The day will come when they recollect their duty and live it once more. But that day is not now. And where they lead on political and temporal matters, I will not follow.


People across the political spectrum are preparing for intense civil disturbances following the election, however it comes out. The unhinged left is following a very old playbook: get the camel’s nose under the tent, then kill the camel and take over everything. The best chance we have of thwarting this violent takeover attempt with minimal loss of life is an absolute Trump landslide.

But while we are pre-occupied with American disputes, Europe is rapidly approaching its hour of downfall. French President Emmanuel Macron declared that France is at war because of the recent violent attacks by Jihadists. So what does France do? After November 2nd, all religious services in France are banned. Jihadists around the world have erupted in rioting against France – and because there is nothing they love so much as a good riot. Get out and massacre innocents and rape children – that will surely show Allah how devoted they are to him. Meantime, what do our good allies, the British do? Well, they are planning to crack down on people who gather in private homes for family Christmas celebrations. When elites are incompetent at staving off wolves, they join them in attacking the sheep. When they are incompetent at grappling with big, serious problems, they magnify mere annoyances and focus on them to look heroic. Most of our exalted global leaders are busy pretending to be in a pitched life or death battle with a fluffy bunny, while a weyr of dragons draws nigh. I have thought for some time that Islam will make its final stand in Europe – and for the third time in barely over a century the feckless European governments will have to be liberated by others. (I personally think that Russia will be the lead among the liberators, invading Europe to subdue the Jihadists…and make a few satellites, in the process.)

We think the US is on the verge of crack-up because we do not fully understand the depth of the crisis. The whole world is on the verge of a crack-up like we have never seen before in history. Even if, miraculously, the US suddenly became the America many of us knew and loved for so long, it will not prevent the collapse of Europe or the predatory ambitions of China or the hierarchy of the Church gone rogue against Scripture and the Magisterium. In fact, that is why such panic has risen over trifling things. Incompetent leaders want to make you think they are boldly fighting against great scourges while taking few risks and exercising maximum arbitrary power. Insightful people think the “leaders” are, themselves, the scourge. The truly wise know that the “leaders” are just smug dupes of the scourge that awaits its hour, which draws perilously near. This IS a spiritual battle. European governments think they can resolve it by banning Christian worship and practice. American authorities are not far behind, using Covid to run test bans of Christian worship and practice. The Vatican conspires with China to ban the vestiges of Christianity out of Christian worship – and replace it with neo-pagan and neo-pantheistic sentimentality. But God is not mocked. When God cannot rely on the courage, clarity and wisdom of existing leaders, He turns to those He can rely on – and so we approach the hour of the hobbits. Do not be shaken by the great crises to come. God has not abandoned us: He is empowering the faithful to take the place of the failed leaders (Psalm 109:8). Do not think He is going to destroy governments or the hierarchy. Rather, He is going to cast down the decadent that have occupied positions of leadership and replace them with faithful hobbits. We live in heroic times – but every hero must traverse many fiery trials that he may be proven.


David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress released another video yesterday, showing that the story told by Planned Parenthood officials is dramatically different when they are under oath than when they are talking to the press. They lie all the time when they are not facing the peril of being under oath. And our fact-free media gleefully reports the lies and ignores the sworn testimony. Planned Parenthood has made a motion in the civil rights case Daleiden filed against them to get a permanent injunction against all the videos, labeling them dangerous. Yep, they are dangerous to Planned Parenthood, as they reveal all the lies they tell all the time. Daleiden also published an article in Breitbart Wednesday chronicling the efforts by Kamala Harris to weaponize her office to protect Planned Parenthood and destroy him.

I have not read Rod Dreher’s new book, “Live Not by Lies,” but I love the title. This election is going to determine whether the American people will succumb to lies or not. The marvelous Rabbi Dov Fischer has a penetrating article up on the American Spectator which chronicles the role of a corrupted press in fostering tyranny historically. It is well worth the read – and worth sending on to your rational, good-hearted friends who just get all their news from the MSNBCNNABCBS complex.


Texas Right to Life (TRTL) has its fabulous annual gala dinner on Saturday, Nov. 14, at the Hilton of the Americas in downtown Houston. Tickets are $100 each, but TRTL has offered comp tickets for all members of CORAC who request them. All you need to do is sign up at the CORAC website, then send me an email at to request the tickets. Please note that it is – not Do it this weekend, though, for I am going to give them a final count on Monday.

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  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. Again and again Amen, Charlie.

    Sing it again, Sam, as Gideon’s Army rises to the beauty of the Ballad of the Ordinary Man. And, as Joyful wrote this morning, we are “determined.”

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    1. Beckita, I was reminded of your post of the past with Gandalf replying to Frodo’s lament ~ “I wish it need not have happened in my time..” But Gandalf responds that we must do what we can in the time given us.
      God bless us all as we strive to take the next right step in the time given us.
      Katey in OR 🙏🏽

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  2. Riots in France, Spain and Italy. Lockdowns in Ireland, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. We know who the Globalist are. UK is clamping down on family gatherings. Police to go door to door.
    Very dire that our Pope is feeding the wolves.

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    1. Cindi et al, the October 30 two-part interview of Archbishop Viganò on Bards of War’s podcast page is quite work hearing:

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      It is good to hear his voice. What an intelligent, experienced, faithful, and humble priest he is!

      Of note, it was a little more than two years ago that Archbishop Viganò went public with his concerns for the Church and the world. At that time, he went into hiding for safety reasons. He has continued to write now and then, but apparently this is the first voice or visual interview he’s given since then. The interviewer, Scott Kesterson, was very respectful and appreciative. Also, Scott thanked Joseph Flynn and his brother, General Michael Flynn, for helping to arrange this interview.

      Saint Michael the Archangel . . . .

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        1. Sr. Bear, a humble and hearty TY for bringing this to our attention. As I type this I have a St. Michael stone in my possession. How wonderful is Team Heaven!!! GO TEAM HEAVEN!!!

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      1. I want to give credit to Dr. Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican, whose e-letters I receive. He has been meeting with the great Archbishop regularly and has now written a book, “Finding Vigano”. The Archbishop has trusted Moynihan enough to meet with him, and the latter has been getting the Archbishop’s messages out. How heartbreaking that a hero, such as this holy man, has to be in hiding from the enemy. This latest letter to our President spells out what many of us have seen hinted at, but oh boy, there it is in black and white. How interesting that the Flynns were involved in bringing this interview to fruition.

        May all the prayers yesterday and continuing, have helped in protecting the President and others from the curses, spells, etc. that were at work on Halloween. Witches are harmless, yea, right!

        May we stay in the Ark of the New Covenant, Our Mama, and be comforted and protected by Her!

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  3. Excerpt from article cited by Charlie: “Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, praised the Communist state as “extraordinary”, saying: “You do not have shantytowns, you do not have drugs, young people do not take drugs”. Instead, there is a “positive national conscience”…………HOW COULD ANY CATHOLIC SAY THIS??!!! BABIES ARE ROUTINELY ABORTED. CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED. CHINESE POLITICIANS ARE REPLACING IMAGES OF JESUS IN CHURCHES. M A D N E S S ! ! ! !

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      1. The smoke of the satan has entered the Vatican. They are aligned with those powerful lay people who want One World Order and control of each and every person. That would also mean one world religion / no religion based on Christ as Savior. It would be the state as savior. Archbishop Vigano has explained the plan of The Reset. ……You know this virus is real, but it has been exaggerated and used to set this dark plan in motion. You can be sure that, if successful, they will find very effective ways to reduce the population. That is a goal these planners consider necessary to “save” the planet. It will be very much like Hitler did. First isolate undesirables. But doing that and cutting off property rights, savings accounts, pensions and jobs, they will be looking for eventual death for those who will not cooperate, are inconvenient due to illness, and the elderly would be a prime target because they are considered a drain on resources. The plan is communist, draconian, and anti-god with no freedoms.

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    1. Crewdog, thank-you for your diligent reporting.
      This morning I watched a YouTube of Fr. Mark Goring reporting on the Time Magazine article on the “Great Reset.” Short and alarming. It is not hidden, although the enemy is…
      God bless your diligence,
      Katey in OR

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  4. The Kingdom of France will rise at the appointed hour to restore Christendom, but all of Europe must first fall including the abomination that is Paris. The Church too must follow to the cross, but the betrayal by the hidden Judas within the ranks has not yet occurred nor has the escaping pontiff seen in a vision by a saintly pontiff yet taken to the throne of St. Peter. It is said the Antichrist Minor is a descendant of Iscariot much as he himself is a descendant of Cain. I surmise that Antichrist Minor is already among the human race preparing to strike, although only time will tell. Regardless it is clear that God Himself will need to be the one to cleanse this world for humanity is truly unable. Prayer & sacrifice are the order of the day as is filial trust & obedience to God. It is by these that God will work His miracle, the resurrection of His Church. To see & do through earthly means will only strengthen the forces of Hell & needlessly lengthen the times in which we are presently in. Those who believe in their own plans or arguments to assess & resolve the many trials ahead will surely be disappointed as God is not bound by humanity nor by any human thought. I myself pray for this world to be set fully ablaze through this purification not for ill toward anyone rather so that it may be on Earth as it is in Heaven. Anger, rage, cynicism, & conspiracy have no place within the Kingdom of God. Satan is like a good boxing promoter, he chooses both contenders for the fight & then instigates the hostilities among the supporters of each contender. Hecklers abound both in the political world as well as in the Church itself to incite anger, rage, cynicism, & conspiracy to trample humanity under the tail of Satan. We must not fall to this. The affairs of the Church is beyond any of our control, let God do as He must. As for your nation which is also beyond your control, (that is aside from that which you are afforded by your constitutional rights) may each of you be as saints toward your rivals and not as they. Your nation once fought a civil war, may it not happen again.

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    1. Thank-you, R.Séy, for joining us in our prayers for no civil war. Praying also for France and Spain and all who join us in prayers for victory over the evil plan and the conversion of the “planners.”
      Katey in Oregon

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    2. So to clarify, the affairs of the Church –– of which we are a part –– are beyond us? Hm. Let me take a second to sift through the enigmatic stuff to make sure I’m getting the gist of it. O.K. Yes to trust and obedience, but are you disengaging “prayer and sacrifice” from doing (and the particular manner of doing inspired by the Holy Spirit in each willing soul)? Sorry, but its not apparently clear, and I’m starting to weary of anything that smacks of one-size-fits-all approaches, especially from Catholics.

      Yes, love God above all, and certainly this or that cleric who bestows the blessing. Careful not to tread so far as to correct the one hammering steel at the forge, or the one tasked with trumpeting the charge. How ’bout the stablehands who steady the steeds while the riders mount? The flag bearer? Many of the townsfolk from all walks who took up the cause on the field? Oh, look at the wee farm girl who took the lead!

      You know, it took a very long time for me to consider that my multi-faceted approach might not be as multi-faceted as I thought. Not because of any stubbornness on my part, rather that I’ve never really lacked any confidence in my thinking once a matter seemed settled, and rather than hand wring, a fella has to run with what he’s got at the time. But, oh, just have another look at that T.N.R.S. thing. Depending on how you look at it, it bespeaks something so simple as to be painfully apparent, yet sometimes so cleverly concealed that we completely miss it.

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    3. “…The affairs of the Church is beyond any of our control, let God do as He must…”

      I disagree. We get our act together first. Reconcile ourselves with God, offer alms, Fast and obtain Plenary Indulgences, for ourselves and those in Purgatory. Next evangelize those who are around us. Including Priests and Church administrators n error.

      A Priest in the upper midwest has produced a conference on Fatima and the Apocalypse. He presents historical facts between Catholic and main stream sources proving obstruction of the message Our Lady of Fatima implored. Here is the link:

      Think about it: the greatest Miracle in out modern era, a hundred years ago, comparable to the parting of the Red Sea: no one knows about it nor talks. It was a huge event, circumference of 32 miles, witnessed by 70,000 people, many Secular- Atheist who converted on the spot…on their knees admitting their sins out loud and asking God forgiveness. The event was published international secular newspapers.

      The French Revolution occurred 100 years to the day after the King was requested to consecrate the Country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Now, it is over a 100 years since Our Lady of Fatima requested reparation to HER Immaculate Heart.

      Woe, Woe, Woe screamed the Eagle…

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  5. Thank you Charlie, another great post!!!
    Not only what our Pope does, but also doesn’t do is worrysome to me…
    But I’m still confident that God will some sort of good through him. Even if it is simply to give confidence to the corrupted priests and bishops to stand up and therefore reveal themselves so they can be more easily “pruned”.
    Dr. Tim Gray does have a good point or 2 in this video release, but I’m now thinking that he still has his blinders on…
    I wish someone would contact him and point out what he is not noticing!!!
    Blessings, -kevin-

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  6. Perhaps everyone else has read Cardinal Vigano’s Oct. 25th, 2020 open letter to President Trump?Or has it been suppressed by the media? Whatever the answer, tonight was the first time that I heard of its contents. Personally, I think it to be absolutely on the Mark (no pun intended – see #1 below). The information about the 1st qtr 2021 timing, and the offer of Universal Income plus Debt Forgiveness are news to me. Our valiant Cardinal must have some contact with access within the WEF globalist organization about their plans. Please read this critically timed letter that opens some doors on what’s going on within the enemy’s camp;

    These potential rewards for signing up for your “Health Passport and Digital Id” reminded me of an exchange that was discussed 2,000 years ago;

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mark 8:36-37


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    1. Apologies, Charlie, for not remarking on your prescience.

      I was so shocked by the contents of the Archbishop’s letter that I omitted to state that it’s a confirmation of your above post. How could anyone now deny that we’re at the point where “The Fuse Burns Down”?

      In addition, Archbishop Vigano restates and confirms the concerns in your prior post concerning Pope Francis. He says,

      “Around you are gathered with faith and courage those who consider you the final garrison against the world dictatorship. The alternative is to vote for a person who is manipulated by the deep state, gravely compromised by scandals and corruption, who will do to the United States what Jorge Mario Bergoglio is doing to the Church, Prime Minister Conte to Italy, President Macron to France, Prime Minster Sanchez to Spain, and so on. The blackmailable nature of Joe Biden – just like that of the prelates of the Vatican’s “magic circle” – will expose him to be used unscrupulously, allowing illegitimate powers to interfere in both domestic politics as well as international balances. It is obvious that those who manipulate him already have someone worse than him ready, with whom they will replace him as soon as the opportunity arises.”

      Furthermore, could the formation of CORAC ever have been more timely? As the Archbishop concludes in his letter;

      “And yet, in the midst of this bleak picture, this apparently unstoppable advance of the “Invisible Enemy,” an element of hope emerges. The adversary does not know how to love, and it does not understand that it is not enough to assure a universal income or to cancel mortgages in order to subjugate the masses and convince them to be branded like cattle. This people, which for too long has endured the abuses of a hateful and tyrannical power, is rediscovering that it has a soul; it is understanding that it is not willing to exchange its freedom for the homogenization and cancellation of its identity; it is beginning to understand the value of familial and social ties, of the bonds of faith and culture that unite honest people. This Great Reset is destined to fail because those who planned it do not understand that there are still people ready to take to the streets to defend their rights, to protect their loved ones, to give a future to their children and grandchildren. The leveling inhumanity of the globalist project will shatter miserably in the face of the firm and courageous opposition of the children of Light. The enemy has Satan on its side, He who only knows how to hate. But on our side, we have the Lord Almighty, the God of armies arrayed for battle, and the Most Holy Virgin, who will crush the head of the ancient Serpent. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8:31).”

      “Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”” Matthew 19:26

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  7. Charlie

    I second the words of Beckita. And by the way that was a really beautiful song. Both consoling and encouraging.

    It is great to see CORAC continue to take steps in creating a firm foundation for actions needed now and in the maybe not so distant future. I also think the election will provide those that want tear down America and society with what they will view as a good reason to do so. These thugs are either idiots, conspirators, or both.

    The more I read about Francis, the more I have to hold back my anger. But more so because of the betrayal to his flock, and those in the world that consider him as the ultimate and infallible spiritual leader of all topics. The damage being done by the pope and the many cardinals, bishops and priests supporting him is staggering. And yet I envision more evil plans and their inevitable execution are yet to be revealed. I do not see anything in which humanity itself can change things either. I tell my family to focus not so much on the history of the lies, but to focus on the here and now so as not to be distracted and consumed by things one cannot control. In this spiritual battle, our personal soul is at stake. Prayers for ourselves, loved ones and for God to protect us and the world. And also, as Our Lord said, to pray for our enemies. I have to tell ya, without God telling us this, it is really a contradiction of human nature.

    Charlie, as you know more than anyone, David Daleiden, is a great hero to the unborn children and millions of people of good will towards the right to life. I am awed by his tireless effort to expose the absolute corruption of the entire abortion industry and the politicians and others that cover for it. May God continue to bless him and the mission he has been assigned to do from God. Our prayers are always with him.

    Abortion is my number one trigger issue. Science and facts are ignored as well as the devastation to the women that commit to one and collapse of society as a whole. I am sure we all pray that with our newest supreme court pro-life judge, we maybe able to revert the death penalty law for babies. I read somewhere that we are turning a mother’s womb into a grave yard. A horrifying thought, but one that has no rebuttal. Even If we were to finally throw Roe v Wade into the fames where it came from, we must be sure to continue to pray for the hearts of women to change, since that is where real acceptance and belief must be rooted. While maybe I am missing this message from the pulpit or sources, I think it just as important. An obvious example is that Roe v Wade, although the law, had no effect on the hearts of those that believed in the gift of life.

    The environmental issues blaming America as a rogue nation that wash their hands on helping to reduce Co2 emissions is similar to the position Trump has been in since he took office. Which is, that there is absolutely nothing good that Trump has ever done, ever, during his presidency. America, like Trump are just bad seeds.
    God Bless America, and all people of good will.

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    1. Oneill ~ I agree with your statement and say “Amen!”
      We must pray and pray as best we can for the situation will become more dire as time passes.
      Prayers for all here and for those who read and do not comment but are joining us in prayer.

      God bless our efforts, no matter how small. 🙏🏽
      Katey in Oregon

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    1. Hello, Muzzy. Welcome to commenting. The worldwide civil war being fought on cultural lines is well underway. Even with knowing that there are many more difficulties to come, the abortion casualties alone amount to a stunning number.

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  8. I’ve been telling family and friends, I just want to get to the end of the book…. In my 20s, I often read the beginning of a book and then jumped to the end. Afterwards, I would scan the middle…
    I already just want to get to the end, because I know the end.

    Before the first election of Trump, you had a vision/prophecy that there were not going to be 3 Christmases. I wonder if that prophecy/word was more for now… It doesn’t look like there will be Christmas this year…..

    I do tell people that things are going to get worse, to which they reply, don’t be sooo pesimistic. I simply said, there is no rational way that Spain can continue. About 30% of the population was working during the lock down. Spain is the 1 tourist destination. Rationally, the numbers can’t allow things to continue. There are no more festivals, we now have a curfew. I now scan the newspapers to see when they start announcing cutbacks as that will be a clue the economy is starting to collapse. A few weeks ago on the front page there was a headline about a slight increase in salary for government workers AND a headline about the difficult economy and high unemployment in my region. I saw that and laughed and said… ‘How does this add up?’

    I’m actually glad and looking joyfully to God rescuing us.
    Evil is being exposed. It hurts but we can’t clean up unless we see the dirt. These Church scandals, don’t shake my faith, I just see it as it must happen. I am a horrible warrior and don’ t pray as I should but in this sea of disbelief will stand to simply say that God exist and I pray that all may encounter Him and acknowledge and serve Him.

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    1. The cure should not be worse then the disease! The lockdowns are killing businesses and entire economies. Livelihoods are being destroyed. How can one live without a job? Is that the plan? To force us all into servitude and dependence on a stipend from a socialist, tyrannical state? Yes, the virus is real. We also know who are most vulnerable. We need to protect the most vulnerable. I am sure most of the least vulnerable will be willing and even glad to work….with every protection available. Please read the letter issued by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano either yesterday or today!

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  9. Charlie – Admins – Whomever;

    I went to convergepay to make a CC donation and got a message that said (paraphrasing): This information will be sent over an unsecured connection and may be read by a third party.
    I’m not seeing anybody else in the comments so far expressing reluctance. Am I being hyper-squeamish? Any alternatives? If not, I’ll chance it.

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    1. Edit to add:

      Just checked my email and got a notice that my “payment has been approved”. Apparently it went through despite clicking ‘cancel’ after receiving the unsecured connection notice. Not complaining, I’m ok with it but thought I’d throw this out there in case others see the same thing. I’ll watch my VISA account to confirm the donation indeed happened.

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      1. What puzzled me was the billing entry and then a shipping entry. What does the latter mean? No, Christopher, you’re not the only squeamish one 🙂 I almost never do CC on the ‘net for this reason.

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    2. That is strange, because we got the security protocols and certificate issued. I’ll check with the deputy director and the tech guy who handle it. I haven’t heard that from anyone else.

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      1. Probably a stray callout for http: in the code somewhere. Forwarded to IT to inspect, but folks can be assured that’s a secure payment portal.

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  10. Great piece per usual Charlie!!! Thank you very much!!! I hope you get to make your way to Jackson again!!! We just have the best zoom group!!!

    This is the paragraph that gave me personally much peace and calm! Lord knows we need peace and calm these days! Lol

    “Do not be shaken by the great crises to come. God has not abandoned us: He is empowering the faithful to take the place of the failed leaders (Psalm 109:8). Do not think He is going to destroy governments or the hierarchy. Rather, He is going to cast down the decadent that have occupied positions of leadership and replace them with faithful hobbits. We live in heroic times – but every hero must traverse many fiery trials that he may be proven.” CJ

    What a wonderful time to be alive!!!

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  11. Speaking of indicators that might be predictive of Tuesday’s anticipated outcome…

    Why would brick & mortar retailers from Midtown to Portland to L.A. be doing this if they thought Biden was a lock? Some pretty apocalyptic imagery. And why would Macy’s board up their windows? AOC told me the peaceful protesters are just going after bread. In previous peaceful protests I saw lots of people running out of stores with shoe box-shaped bread. Who knew there was such a thing?

    Useless factoid (yet to be factoid checked): Facetious is the only word in English where all the vowels appear in order.

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    1. Ooh, Christopher… now I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for other English words and the order of the vowels. And what about “y” when used as a vowel? Is “Facetiousy” a world?

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  12. Just saw this news story about China re writing the Bible particularly the New Testament. After reading Charlie’s link above of the Vatican praising China’s system I almost fainted. What’s coming is not for the feint of heart. Here’s the link on China re writing the Bible. BTW it was news as far back as story links to December, 2019. I can’t believe what the Vatican has become.
    By this they are also claiming Jesus committed sin.

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  13. Thanks, Charlie~
    Striving to be a faithful Hobbit, just doing my job: be a sign of hope and take the next right step.
    You DO hearten the faithful. Thank-you.
    God bless all your efforts to keep us going.
    Katey in OR

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  14. This time it’s different. From time to time, someone reprints news from our early history, and we see that it was rough then too, perhaps even more extreme. But it has gotten worse. The network news, all of them, were reporting that the Hunter matter was definitely Russian disinformation, as certified by 50 former intel seniors and Adam Schiff– but they have to know that calling the Hunter matter phony makes them all phony. So, we have the news networks, the tech cos (Twitter, Facebook and Google), all conspiring to get Joe elected even while knowing he is a crook who put family grifting above US economic health and military security.

    We have our major Dem Party now allied with Communists and anarchists. To make bad worse, we also have the Pope attempting to lead the formation of one world government employing a claim for equal status of all religions, global warming with environmental salvation, elimination of poverty, and acceptance of deviant sex as his mantra.

    As Charlie also observed, European countries are in a self-destruct mode over the Covid threat, even while the death rate from it has shrunk to less than from the flu because of better hospital treatment with therapies. China continues to expand, and build a modern military capability with nuc war as a threat from hypersonic bomb delivery. 

    The one glimmer is indeed a massive Trump win, with his opening the country for business as usual (providing a healthy model for Europe and Australia), and further curtailment of Chinese expansion.
    How the RCC frees itself of a heretical Pope is now pure mystery.

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  15. Our household has two dogs. Most of the time they live in happy co-existence. In fact they depend on one another and get worried when they are separated from each other. On occasion, however, the younger dog, a terrier, suddenly launches on the older dog. Dog owners know what this phenomenon is: dog reactive behavior. Also known as aggression transfer. It can get quite violent and very disturbing to witness. What causes it? Here is a good explanation:

    “They “react” to the excitement and environment around them and often one dog barks and lunges at another, while the opposite dog then chooses to bark and lunge at the first.

    We call this being “reactive”.

    And, many dogs are reactive to other dogs in dog parks, regular parks, and places like doggy day cares.

    Some dogs can also so this kind of excited “reactivity” to cars, scooters, kids on bikes, or anything else on wheels or moving quickly. (interestingly our terrier reacts to squirrels in this manner often to old boy’s chagrin. Something to think about as CoRaC gets traction going forward.)

    Instead of consciously thinking anything through, the dog simply reacts to movement and the possible noise of others.

    And, if you are not careful the dog can react aggressively or redirect the aggression they are feeling at what they are looking at and instead bite you or someone else.

    So a friend that I worked with was actively working with a reactive little dog, trying to get her calmly outside so that she could play.

    She (the dog) has many friends.

    But she also gets over excited and reacts without thinking, lunging toward anything she can get near.

    So as she lunged forward toward another dog’s kennel and my friend reached down toward her (only to grab her leash closer she is always on an easy walk harness) the dog bit her in the hand and arm.

    The bite wasn’t terrible. No need for shots or stiches, but let’s face it that no one really wants to be bitten. It’s just not fun and it definitely broke the skin!

    And some dogs can be much more serious when biting in these situations, latching on or thrashing.

    The bite almost helps the dog to defuse and release the excitement and anxiety!

    They don’t think they are biting the “person” often they think they are biting the dog, or toy (or squirrel) or whatever has worked them up.

    This dog is a normal happy, go lucky, playful girl.

    But when dogs get over excited and feed off of their environment or react to things going on around them, a bite can often happen.”

    Make sense? Sure it does. Seems a bit silly and primitive animal instinct. But can it happen in people? All the time. Here is a pretty good explanation of how it happens in people. And as sure as any dog owner who takes the pup to any dog park in America has experienced this phenomenon we can all recollect the human version in our own daily experiences.

    Anger: How We Transfer Feelings of Guilt, Hurt, and Fear
    Projecting vulnerable feelings onto others causes more problems than it solves.

    ” ….. prevarication is certainly not one of our more endearing traits. It’s hardly exemplary behavior to try to escape blame or criticism by “passing the buck.” And projecting our mistakes, or misdeeds, onto others represents a psychological defense that, while it may protect our ego, typically creates far more problems than it solves.

    A good deal of our anger is motivated by a desire not to experience guilt—and beyond this, the distressing emotions of hurt and fear. It’s by now generally agreed upon that anger is almost never a primary emotion. Underlying it (as PT blogger Steven Stosny pointed out) are such core hurts as feeling disregarded, unimportant, accused, guilty, untrustworthy, devalued, rejected, powerless, and unlovable. And these feelings are capable of engendering considerable emotional pain. It’s therefore understandable that so many of us might go to great lengths to find ways of distancing ourselves from them.

    In fact, those of us who routinely use anger as a “cover-up” to keep our more vulnerable feelings at bay, generally become so adept at doing so that we have little to no awareness of the dynamic driving our behavior. Anger is the emotion of invulnerability. Even though the self-empowerment (adrenaline rush) it immediately offers is bogus, it can yet be extremely tempting to get “attached” or even “addicted” to it if we frequently experience another as threatening the way we need to see ourselves (as important, trustworthy, lovable).”

    Like dogs we transfer our aggression — we are people reactive — onto those we love.

    I believe this psychological reaction is a big part of what we are seeing in politics and in the Church today. And I think we are being deliberately led into this state of “arousal and excitement” — frustrated and anxious — which builds up inside us and leads us to transfer our aggression onto others by lashing out at the most convenient unsuspecting person who happens to be around, including our spouse and children. Alinsky politics is all about stirring up fear and anxiety and unleashing a violent reaction in people — grab the pitchforks and torches and head for the monster’s castle. Burn it down. See Ferguson, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Philadelphia and soon to a community very near you and perhaps your very own neighborhood one day.

    It seems we are experiencing the same kind of fear and anxiety in the Church today. The Church is not immune to psychological instincts and negative results. Can a Parish, Diocese, Church Divided stand for long?

    Fear, Anger, Hate, Violence. Dots that connect. In public life. In religious life. In private life.

    The Fuse is burning for sure. Can we defuse it? Or, is all that is left to us a rescue or ambulance operation to pick up the pieces when the violent explosion detonates all over our world?

    Me? i am going to try real hard not to bite anybody today. It almost never works out.

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    1. STE,

      I love reading your comments they’re always so enriching and informative.

      My mother always warned me that anger only hurts yourself. It was this lesson that led me to forgive my abusive father and gain peace.

      Also, keep in mind that depression is often anger turned inward on oneself. This is destructive! I’ve lived it! Pray, stay in a state of Grace, receive the Sacraments and take action to live orhers. But most importantly chat with God, tell Him and give it to Him😀🙏🏻🙏🏻 God is good!

      Praise God!

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  16. Dear Charlie ,

    Thank you for asignofhope ……it’s good to be encouraged in well doing . However regarding your
    comments re the British response above , with all due respect sir , its not right . The lockdown announced
    today has as one of its aims , the hope that we will all be able to celebrate Christmas with family
    and friends . Police in the U.K. are slightly different from those of the US I believe . Having a very large
    “ rave “of thousands , take place at the edge of our small ( 90,000 ) historic city of Bath during the pandemic ,
    I can assure you the police watched on with great moderation . As they did in the city of Bristol when
    race problems arose after US police murdered a coloured man in the line of duty . That event caused
    riots all over the world . Bristol police decided to let the angry crowd vent their anger by pulling down
    historic statues of slave traders , without intervening . Could that happen in the USA ? Some crowds have needed to be dispersed more recently having gathered after public houses started to close earlier than normal . I feel rather disappointed on behalf of our government and feel the need to defend them on this.
    Boris Johnson had only just led us out of the EU with much work to be done to establish
    trading partners for the future , when Coronavirus descended upon us , about which nobody knew
    anything . They have worked tirelessly throughout this year dealing with the epidemic , the economy
    and the EU , trying to keep people in their jobs via the furlough scheme , paying 80% of their wages
    when everything closed down . Charlie , I know we cannot all agree on everything , but after
    listening to the Prime Minister explain what is going to happen from Thursday , until 2 December , to
    try and halt the growth of the virus and offer us a bit of hope to celebrate our Christmases together , I
    had planned to write and thank them for everything they are trying to do . The last thing the Prime
    Minister wanted to do was shut down again and he has done it with great empathy and regret

    I hope you do not mind me sending a different perspective .

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    1. I appreciate it, Lynne. I have never been there. However, while England once set the standard for effective, honest policing, I have lost almost all respect for British police. In the horrible scandal of underage girls being groomed and raped by Muslim gangs in Rotherham, the police were glad to arrest those who complained of it while protecting the grooming gangs so as to be politically correct while covering their own rear ends. Meantime, the courts punished those who tried to tell the story instead of those who committed the crimes against children. There is a never ending series of stories of British police monitoring the social media posts of English citizens and going to bully them if it does not match the trendy narrative of the day. Easier than chasing after the wolves that roam the streets – and ordinary citizens don’t bite back as much as the wolves. Your ever-present cameras led to the six-month jail sentencing of a man who gave a camera the finger as he went by – even though he wasn’t violating any traffic rules. I will note that in the story I linked, the British police official was worried about the consequences of cracking down on family Christmas celebrations and did not seem to think it was a good idea. Oppressors always talk about the good results they intend to bring out of the oppression you must suffer now. Most times, you get the oppression while the good results rarely show up. It saddens me that while I was once a bit of an Anglophile, I now do not regard England as even mostly free.

      I think, though I hope I am wrong, that British citizens don’t much care about being free or independent anymore – just want to be taken care of by the nanny government. A people that once was an inspirational lion looks, to me, like a timid mouse these days. And I ardently pray that Americans will never become so supine…though I worry that we are right on the verge of becoming so. I know the English citizens of two or three generations ago would NOT have put up with even the milder draconian rules we in America have adopted to swat this virus.

      I appreciate hearing from you as one right on the scene. But while I once regarded England as a bulwark of liberty, I largely regard it as a conquered land now and am now dubious that it can muster the courage to fight effectively if a great battle should arise. Of course, just before the war with Hitler, the Oxford debating society resolved that it would not fight for king and country. But when push came to shove, the British people became the indispensable bulwark against Hitler. There is a strange, but robust, resilience in the British people. They allow themselves to be pushed around and cowed in ways that baffle me – and then come roaring back when push comes to shove. I pray it has yet another roar left.

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      1. Right on, Charlie. My dad was in London for quite a while during the war and later in Belgium. He came back with an admiration of the British people like you wouldn’t believe. He would talk about it every chance he got for the rest of his life. He’d be saddened to see what Brits tolerate today.

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      2. Charlie– you said “I ardently pray that Americans will never become so supine…though I worry that we are right on the verge of becoming so”. That thought is on my mind a lot. I am confused by the apparent willingness of so many to act like sheeple. Just praying that when push comes to shove they will resist.

        Looking forward to participating in a Trump caravan tomorrow. Hope there is a BIG turnout!

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        1. Aye, Kim, Charlie, others, that quote puts into words my worst fears. I am fearful that New Englanders have become very supine. I’m not certain there’s even a mouse-squeak left here. I hope I am wrong. I hope it’s just the stiff-upper-lip-and-yankee-fierce-independence-thing that is keeping the real patriots silent.

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        2. Kim, you would love the Twitter post I saw today (though I don’t use Tw), sent by Trump. It was in Texas, a Trump truck/vehicle caravan with oodles of flags and signs, flying down the highway past a Biden bus. The Dems were so afraid, they called 911! What a sight, brought tears of happiness to my eyes!

          Great writing, Charlie; has there ever been a bad post? 🙂 So much to digest, pray about, especially with the great Archbishop’s letter to the President coming out. A lot is happening at once, and I’m holding my breath about next week! I too hope for a landslide to remove all doubt.

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          1. I saw that video of the caravan in Texas, Annie. It was great! I rode in a Trump caravan today. It was so exciting to see so many people in support of Trump. There were about 150 vehicles.
            Vigano’s letter was sobering and amazing. Who’d have ever thought we’d see an archbishop writing an open letter to an American presidential candidate? Never imagined I’d see the things I’m seeing.

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    2. Hi Lynne,

      What are the chances you know the Cassidy Family in Bath? Out of 90,000 not likely…

      My friend Joanne Cassidy is from Bath England but lives in PA.

      Small world anyway😀

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  17. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has written an open letter to President Trump. It was issued today or yesterday. A very strong statement.

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  18. Joanne,
    I clicked on your link and it went to the site, but I got a 404 error, page not found. Just to let you know. Do you have any info regarding this issue?


  19. Hi Charlie and everyone. I’m here with you, but can’t use my iPads on this site, just phone which is small and difficult for me. So dittos and likes to you all!

    I’m in Rapid having left MT staying on a friend’s isolated property (would make an excellent refuge though she had a vision that it’s a “way-station” for migrants passing through).

    On Friday I signed a contract with a health care company to be a traveling NP throughout South Dakota. I officially start Dec 14. May move to the center of the state, Pierre, the capital right on the mighty Missouri. (Part of me does hope to catch a glimpse of Kristi — hubba-hubba). So yes, you can call me “Patrick of South Dakota” once again! 😀

    2,000 pictures from my Marian pilgrimage are uploaded and now have to be whittled and processed. Several providential things occurred on the trip around the Midwest, encouraging me to work harder for the Apostolate for the Dying – the parent of Spiritual Hospice and origin of the Holy Hour Devotion booklet.

    Ignoring whether it’s “too late” to begin, with chaos seemingly imminent, I’m going to move forward with traveling to parishes to talk about the Apostolate. I meet someone this week about getting a better website up.

    Chills went down my spine reading Cdl. Vigano’s second open letter to our President. As excited as I am for what I believe will be a decisive victory for DJT and us, it will mark the beginning of much more madness. Here we go – moving gradually into the most furious part of the Storm. So glad I’m here with ASOH and CORAC.

    Patrick of SD.

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    1. Great to hear from you, Patrick! Praying for all the details involved in your transition. How wonderful to be able to speak for your apostolate as you travel for work!

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    2. Patrick of SD: GO TEAM HEAVEN!!!! Haha.

      I thank you heartily for carrying my prayers with you on your recent pilgrimage. And though they have not yet been fully answered, I sense an unleashing of powerful graces in our lives, and I just know this happened from your efforts. A humble and hearty TY!

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    3. Yay! Patrick is”of SD” again! 🙂

      I have to snail-mail something to you. Can you e-mail me an address that will work until you move to Pierre or wherever? Oh… and if you’re still thinking about an HF radio, one of my radio buddies has one for sale CHEAP. If you’re interested, please let me know ASAP so that I can ask him not to sell it to anybody else. 🙂

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      1. So, I get a bing for missing a space and having my quotation marks backward. Ah well… it IS the month of the Holy Souls, after all. 🙂

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      2. (psst, Mick, if Patrick passes on the radio, my hubby might be interested; I sent an email address to the tnrs contact email posted.)


      3. Let me get you an address.

        And I am thinking I do want to pick up that radio but may not have the scratch until end of Dec after I start working. I imagine central SD would be an excellent location to broadcast from. I’ll give you a call soon, Mick.

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  20. Beckita I’m going to print this one out!!! Oh my goodness!!!

    November Monthly Message

    “My apostles will be known by their love. It has always been this way. Look for those who treat others gently and you will see my hand at work. If you begin to follow me, you will be gentle and loving to other people. Dear apostles, during this time I send you great graces. Everything you need comes from me. Do not hesitate to answer my call because you feel you are not holy enough. You are called to holiness, it is true, but all genuine holiness comes from me. If you ask me, I will send it to you in great abundance. I notice that many people fear a commitment to me because they see only their own flaws and weaknesses. At this time I want you to stop thinking about yourself in those human terms. It is your humanity that delights me, my friend. It is your humanity which gives me glory. Souls in Heaven give me praise, it is true. And I return their love. But when a person on Earth, acting from faith, makes even the smallest gesture of love or fidelity to me, I am given great glory and the family of God is given power. Yes, each time a person on Earth steps out for God in any way, the kingdom grows. Do not put a limit on the importance of each little act and each little prayer. If you rose each day and pledged your allegiance to Heaven with an honest desire to serve, and then went out and committed sins all of that day, you would still be considered a friend to the savior. Now I know that you will not do this because when you pledge your allegiance to me, you are wrapped in great graces. These graces assist you in each moment and illuminate my will for you so that you can more easily make heavenly decisions. But I am making a point so that you will understand that if you try to please me in even the smallest way, you will change the world. Each prayer, however small and imperfect, fuels this renewal. Will you answer my call? I am relying on my apostles on Earth to spread my words and to allow my light and love to flow back into this world. It is only a difficult job if you rely on yourself. If you rely on me, you will see the greatest things happen in the shortest time. You will be filled with my love for others. Ask me for this. When you do not feel my love, remind me of this promise and I will ratify it by sending you great love for others. This prayer always reflects my will and it is always answered. If you see people through my eyes, you will love them. Be at peace in each moment because you are surrounded by Heaven. There is nothing to fear. Let love direct your actions and you will be a part of my team.”

    Learn more:

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      1. Yes I like that too !!! I’ve been having trouble concentrating in prayer with everything going on and feel like I’m letting them down so it was a really great message for these crazy times!!! Miami boat show cancelled and we just started going back to indoor Mass (went outside all summer) and mike said it’s really coming home now how horrible this thing is!!! Hardly anyone at Mass and everyone is all 😷 masked up!!! So much fear in God’s house!!! No one wants to talk afterwards (of course we are not masked most of the mass and DEFINITELY NOT outside!!! Mike works in big foundry with 4 other employees so they’ve socially distanced for 30 plus years!!! Hahahahaha He just didn’t realize the depths of this thing until past 2 Sunday’s!!! Acknowledge God, take the next right step and try to be a sign of hope for those whom God puts in your path!!! God is preparing us for unbelievable agony I 🤔 think??? We must die with the church and rise again!🤗❤️🙏📿🐿

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  21. Dear Charlie and TRNS CORAC team. God’s peace and grace to you all! Charlie, thank you for your steady calm insights during these dangerous times, ALWAYS leading to Christ. You are a strong voice and leader!

    Also, as part of the team (a very long time follower of 6 years and member of CORAC) i want to let all know Carole and I had a small role for Christ in this unfolding saga. Skipping a long back story we delivered last Sunday a 3 foot Crucifix (A Celtic Trinity St Benedict Crucifix with exorcism salts embedded and a St Benedict metal with a Miraculous Metal hidden underneath.) Also included is a letter with a short prayer for POTUS to consecrate and seal the USA all of its districts, territories, citizens and visitors in the most Precious blood of Jesus. Father Scott Francis Binet (an exorcist in the Diocese of Charleston SC who advises the man who built the Cross) believes it to be a very powerful prayer of protection that could help us all turn back to God in humble contrition.

    Mercy Schlapp is to deliver the Crucifix and prayer to POTUS tomorrow. Praise God!

    All family here, please consider joining in prayer with many others around the world that the Crucifix makes it to POTUS tomorrow and he pray the prayer of Consecration immediately.

    with love and affection, yours in Christ…r

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    1. A humble, hearty, TY! Go Team Heaven!! (Haha, Corac, Men of Good will = Team Heaven! This makes me smile)

      I don’t know how to pray—the needs personally and in the greater world are very overwhelming, like whack-a-mole on steroids. As these same needs increase, my physical strength seems to wane, Haha, God indeed has a sense of humor! I hear Him say: “Be still and KNOW that I AM GOD!” Okay, seems the “being still” part is less and less of a choice, TYG.

      What I’ve settled on is to ask Our Lady Untier of Knots to take every instance of every moment of ALL of our lives and surrender these to Jesus to take care of it (our lives) as only She knows how to truly surrender stuff to her Son. Then I put blinders on and do another load of dishes, or laundry, or

      Our hearts and prayers are with you! Again, TY!!!

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      1. Wow, the brackets are written into code, Haha, I discovered a programming thingie, how exciting 😀

        The part that’s missing from the above is:
        (insert boring absolutely menial jobs here)

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    1. Crewdog, I had to laugh at Archbishop Aquila’s video. I always bring up the serious conversations. I was never one for small talk.

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      1. You know, at the same time, I can be very funny….If you “get” my humor. I have had students who think I am “hysterical”. My best friend, Linda, and I can always find something to laugh about…even when things look bleak. I am blonde and she is a red-head. Last night we were taking and she asked, “who is Lucy and who is Ethel? We decided that I am Lucy (though not a red-head) and she is Ethel. I unintentionally do the silliest things. ie, When my beloved grandson, Gabriel, was still with me, I had just brought him home from a therapy session. I got him out of the car seat first and wanted to get him in into the house out of the cold because a storm was brewing. (Linda lived with me then) Two days later after the storm had stopped, Linda went outside to warm up her car. She heard something. She came in and said, “Judy, I think you car is running” So, in my haste to get Gabriel into the house I had let the car run for two days. But my Prius did not let me down! …Yes, am definitely Lucy. Please pray for Linda. She is in a lot of pain right now and is ready to give up. But she prays.

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  22. I have been attempting to get into the forum on the CoRaC site and can’t. It says I have an invalid email. I have attempted to reset my password but it doesn’t show up in my inbox. Can someone help me?

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      1. I was stuck in an endless CAPTCHA loop just trying to sign in yesterday. I left it and came back in with a new browser, a short time later and had no problem. So I’ll offer to try, try again and write if you are still experiencing difficulties. ❤

        Godspeed. We'll leave the light on for you! 😉

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        1. Coupla things so the support team can help you and others with these issues….

          Make sure to always email, since this is NOT the support area over here and CORAC support is not likely to always see a comment, and even if they (I) did, they wouldn’t know what email to look for in your user account based on your screen name here.

          The first troubleshoot I always check as a user not getting emails, is to check the settings in my email platform. Outlook for example, is notoriously high strung when it comes to filters, so folks filtering for the word “password” for example, are guaranteed not to get password reset emails. Really depends on your email provider, but it’s amazing how many of these issues can be resolved for many, many sites, simply by reviewing and updating all your settings.

          Also, google search results produce amazing results for virtually any challenge you’re having such as this that can walk you right through a resolution. I know it’s frustrating, but also know from experience that over 90% of these issues ultimately have to get resolved from the user’s side.

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    1. Make sure you’re actually registered on the CORAC site as the login credentials for the old TNRS forum will not work. That’s another platform that is phased out.

      Make sure you enter your actual username and password. Not sure what email and username you used, so can’t check.

      Any time I login something for the first time, I make sure my computer remembers the login so I never have to again. Or, I cut and paste to a data file for easy reference.

      I’m really not sure why folks are having a problem logging in. I’ve never had a problem logging into the CORAC site or any other WP site.

      I have reset people’s passwords a number of times after which they got right in, so I suspect it’s mostly a case of not entering valid login credentials.

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  23. God bless all here.
    Want to give all a heads up concerning the development of C-v19 vaccine. Came across an excellent article at website titled, “Operation Warp Speed – A Technocratic Chess Piece?” The author, Whitney Webb, did important digging into our government’s involvement in fast tracking the effort (think CIA and secret Pentagon programs).

    The original article is at https.// but I started going blind reading all of it. I found the last section, MESS HALL, most telling.

    Two things struck me (other than my heart sinking as I read it). The vaccines are not intended to prevent infection, only to reduce or limit symptoms (I knew that), and, this program smacks of secret military operations aimed at us and, I suspect, all humanity and it is not to protect our health.

    Lord,have mercy. Lord, protect us.
    Hold tight to the Lord, for God is with us.

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  24. I am thinking of buying a short wave or ham radio. I remember Charlie once had a post on that. Can you put a link to it again.


    1. Can’t exactly recall the piece in which the reference to ham radios was included, Bob. Unless, someone else has a memory about this, together, we can take a look around by going to the MENU bar in the top right corner and using the search bar to perhaps locate possibilities.

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      1. I will check it out. I remember during the prophetic days Charlies had a listing about short wave in case communication became impaired but will look.

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        1. Bob, please send me a note over at TNRS Answers so that I can fill you in on what CORAC’s take is on shortwave radios and ham radios.


  25. As important as re-electing our President is keeping or increasing in the senate ,and hopefully regaining the house . President Trump needs help

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  26. Dos anyone here listen or follow Michael J. Matt? He has has some great videos on YouTube and at I love him almost as much as i love Charlie.


  27. Gee I don’t know what happened with the spelling in what I just typed>> “dos” is wrong, should read ” does”. Oh well, the very least of my problems is spelling that comes up wrong! Tuesday is at our front door. Please God and Heavenly Mother, make this a sweep with the Red Wave and dear God help us all!!

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  28. I hope Charlie will get a chance to read the complete article.
    “From Archbishop ViganoExcellent article. Long.But definitely worth reading.Explains some of Bergoglio’s andhis henchmen’s plans for the NewWorld Catholic Church they are planning.That is the, anti-church, the false catholicchurch.
    Before the article here are some other information from the Alta Vendita.And messages from Our Lady to Father Gobbi.Both fit into what Archbishop Vigano’s article is about.”

    It starts way down from the top with
    “Catholic Identity Conference
    October 24th, 2020SCAPEGOATING FRANCIS
    How the Revolution of Vatican II serves the New World OrderArchbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio ”
    …” the democratization of the Church began with Lumen Gentium and today it is realized in the Bergoglian synodal path;– the creation and accumulation of organs of power has been achieved by delegating decision-making roles to Episcopal Conferences, Synods of Bishops, Commissions, Pastoral Councils, etc.;– the Church’s past and glorious traditions are judged according to the modern mentality and condemned in order to curry favor with the modern world;
    …”an inordinate preoccupation with the temporal needs of the poor, so typical of the left, has transformed the Church into a sort of welfare association, limiting her activity to the mere material sphere, almost to the point of abandoning the spiritual;…

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