How Long, O Lord?

By Charlie Johnston

Church Militant’s interview with Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Chairman, Trey Trainor, is not just good; it’s consequential. Those Bishops and other religious leaders who have relied on purported fears of losing their tax exempt status to justify turning a blind eye to depredations on the left and attacking the right with impunity just had one of their biggest excuses swept out from under them.

It has long troubled me that we had a Pope like St. John Paul II who literally risked summary execution to be a seminarian in Nazi-occupied Poland while much of the modern hierarchy would not risk their tax exempt status to defend children against mass massacre, much less defend the other teachings of Christ. Now that excuse is emphatically gone. If the reprobates in robes are going to continue to turn a blind eye to attacks on the faith, while punishing any in their ranks who defend the faith, it will become increasingly clear it is because they are faithless, not because of any “prudence.” I was particularly galled to see a Catholic healthcare worker was fired from a Catholic clinic in Oregon for refusing to perform procedures that are contrary to Catholic doctrine – including referring patients for abortion.

I have been wondering lately if I would have become Catholic if the time of decision was now rather than 30 years ago. My intense examination convinced me that the Catholic Church is the safe repository in which the fullness of Christ’s revelation is entrusted. The historian in me had already known that the Catholic Church is the only Church founded by Christ, Himself. Helping me along the way were the rich spiritual treasures of the Church Fathers, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and even the documents of Vatican II (which are NOT to be confused with the pernicious lies called the “spirit” of Vatican II. The truth of Vatican II is inspiring; what is usually termed the “spirit” of it is unclean.) None of that is changed. Yet, if I were starting from zero knowledge, the outward appearance is so feckless, corrupt, and contrary to the Gospels, that I have doubts I would ever have begun the examination of what the Church actually formally teaches that revealed these treasures. The truth is that the modern hierarchy, at the very least, matches the corruption of the pre-Reformation Church that cried out to heaven for reform, but probably actually exceeds its depredations. It sure makes the Reformation a lot more understandable as a cry of anguish against self-righteous and hypocritical corruption. And it shows those who stayed and ultimately achieved that reform to be all the more courageous, heroic and saintly. May they pray for us now.

How long, O Lord?


A few months ago, a friend of mine who I have been involved in a long-term research project with, told me in astonishment, “Charlie, I’m beginning to think that when the history of this era is written, we will find we have been primarily governed for decades by satanic pedophiles.” My friend is not an alarmist, but a cool sober analyst and researcher. But on this project, every time we think we have hit bottom, we find an opening to a whole new chamber of horrors.

I have come to think that, if the left does not actually hate children (and that is no sure thing), it regards them only as objects to be exploited for their amusement, pleasure and political advantage. There is the holocaust of abortion, of course. But the exploitation doesn’t stop with the mass serial executions of unborn children. More and more producers and people from Hollywood are weighing in with horrific tales of how children are sexually exploited in the entertainment industry – and as quick as they get out, the social media titans and arbiters of modern “morality” shut them down. The left is now shamelessly physically and violently attacking even young children who have the temerity to be at a Republican rally or have a MAGA hat. Now, only the thinnest fig leaf of pretense of concern for the welfare of children is left with the Netflix release of the French film, “Cuties,” which features 11-year-old girls performing in horrifically sexually aggressive ways.

When I first read about it, I got a two-minute clip. The truth is that we do have a little bit of a puritan streak on our side. Sometimes things that have been described as horrific, when I turn them on, are edgy, but nowhere near horrific. Some were describing this as blatant child porn. Thirty seconds into the clip, I shut it off, genuinely horrified. I went back and watched the whole two minutes – and was more horrified. Four 11-year-old girls are part of a dance troupe in skimpy outfits that does routines best kept to the strip clubs. At about the thirty second mark, a couple of the girls lay back, spread their legs wide and start stroking their crotches. I am not making this up. The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes and most of the rest of the establishment media has defended this vigorously, calling criticism of it as only coming from right-wing rubes and conspiracy theorists. The film is designed to reveal the horrors of child sexual abuse, they say. Right. And “snuff” films are just made to show how terrible murder is.

This is what, in the 70’s, was properly called soft pornography. But this features 11-year-olds. And the establishment elites consider it visionary and enlightened. That tells you all you need to know about the establishment elites and the rest of what they tell you rubes.

I have not linked to a clip of the film. If you must see it to make sure I am not exaggerating, you can find it yourself. But don’t save it to your computer. You could be arrested for having that sort of garbage. The slugs who constitute our elite classes no longer feel confined to the space beneath the rocks in the garden. This is an effort to normalize pedophilia, period.

How long, O Lord?


Many of those defending Netflix latest entry of commercial child porn are attacking defenders of children as being “QAnon conspiracists,” as that group has posited that there is substantial organized pedophilia and pederasty among our elite classes. Regular readers know that I am not a big fan of QAnon, but I find nothing at all disreputable of being a follower of the group. I am a little angered at many conservatives denouncing it to show they are not conspiracy-minded. Frankly, if you took a person who followed only QAnon and another who only followed CNN and MSNBC, the former would be better and more accurately informed. The latter outlets denounced any who thought that Obama’s White House spied on Donald Trump or that the FBI and other alphabet agencies conspired to depose him as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet these, and other such things inconvenient to the leftist narrative have been shown to be proven facts. When conspiracy theories keep turning out to be true – and even worse than originally thought, being called a conspiracy theorist is not an effective insult. The “arbiters of truth” in our elite classes are engaged in a conspiracy to shut down all Christian and conservative expression – and hiss like vampires in sunlight whenever they are exposed.

How long, O Lord?


Youtube has censored a video of Dr. Scott Atlas at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University. His crime? He did not support the media’s preferred narrative on Covid and how best to deal with it. So now the grand, high, exalted mystic poohbahs of social media are censoring actual scientists discussing actual science at one of the most prestigious universities in the world…and doing it in the name of science?!?!

The scientific and philosophical illiterates at social media are deciding which prestigious scientists to censor – in the name of protecting public health! No, they are protecting their preferred narrative, science be damned.

How long, O Lord?


I laughed out loud at this piece about how climate change stalks the globe but only makes landfall in places with disastrously incompetent forestry management policies. It is a subject near and dear to me because, in the early 90’s, when California went all in on these reckless policies, I frequently and loudly proclaimed that the result of them would be catastrophically large and destructive forest fires. We are here.

In my early 20’s, I was a committed environmentalist. I still am. I started drifting away from the formal movement as my studies increasingly showed they did not know what they were talking about. Further research revealed that most policies the professional environmentalists advocate for are objectively bad for the environment. They are ignorant, willful people who do not take the time to learn how the environment works, but just want a soothing pad from which to launch their noxious political enthusiasms.

How long, O Lord?


Here is the final installment in the series of interviews on CORAC. In it we discuss squirrels, the vital importance of acknowledging God and the critical role of Mary.

Meantime, we now have a CORAC store up, chock full of shirts, flight jackets, hats and coffee mugs. WE should have it up publicly in about a week.

Coming soon, O Lord!

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324 thoughts on “How Long, O Lord?

  1. Sorry to post this question in the wrong thread. We are battling what I suspect is C (coding to avoid overzealous tracers. 😉). I’m using as much of Steve’s protocol as I have on hand plus Rife machine and bioplasma salts. Our dr has been adamant to avoid ibuprophin/Motrin. This goes against my instinct to push anti inflammatory herbs and agents like curcumin etc. Steve, are you advocating anti inflammatory things at the end of the disease to prevent cytokine storm or throughout which is my gut instinct? Thank you in advance for any input.

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    1. Well, Irish7, I was soon going to let people know I have a website now and have written a much more focused version of my own protocol that is up on that site. However, your request here leads me to release it now. The website is here:

      and the protocol is introduced here:

      I stripped out most of the “whys and wherefores” and just focus on what to do, since now there are many people online who are covering the “w”s. So perhaps this shorter version will give a quicker helping hand fo things people can do.

      As for the delay in taking anti-inflammatories, this is something recommended by Dr Paul Marik, and I believe the reason for delaying the use of anti-inflammations is due to the normal need to *allow* inflammation early on in order to fight the disease.

      We can see several phases for a Covid infection. An asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic phase when the virus has infected the throat etc, then perhaps a brief pause and then the phase where the virus in the throat drops down into the lungs (and GI tract) and into the bloodstream. During the first phase you want the immune system to be able to mount its first efforts, and much of what the immune system does to fight an infection involves creating inflammation. That inflammation is what actually kills the virus or an infected cell. If you take a lot of anti-inflammatories during that phase, you can actually make it more difficult to mount the inflammatory responses the immune system needs to make to fight the impending infection. In the latter phase, though, inflammation is spiraling out of control, so the body needs lots of help to reduce that inflammation.

      Everyone at risk in a family needs to get their Vitamin D3 serum level up over 40 (100 in European readings) as soon as possible. If you know your serum D3 level already, you can gauge how much D3 you need to take. If you don’t know that level and are directly at risk or feel the initial symptoms, I would personally take 50,000 IUs per day (spread over the day) for 5 days and then 30K IUs until well. I would need to take the Vitamin K2, magnesium and N-Acetyl-Cysteine supplements to maximize the effectiveness of my D3 supplement. Also I would take “22mgs of Vitamin C per pound of body weight” to get the benefit of this. The rest of the protocol can be used, but those are the keys.

      Prayers for you and your family, Irish7.

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  2. This ~30 clip was sent me by a Protestant friend. I think this guy might be a closet squirrel.
    President Trump’s Golden Key & The Day Of Atonement | Lance Wallnau I pray people’s eyes are opened about our most Christian/Jewish friendly president.

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    1. I just viewed the video, HttP. In it, Lance is a little eccentric for me but I perceive his good heart. I watched the Tucker Carlson clip when he delivered it live. So many are saying that the fighting will ramp up on election day and thereafter. I look at the way social media erupted in rage last evening over the timing of the appointment of a new justice and I see we’re in the rage zone NOW. The ugliness is stirring up deeper and rougher waters in this Storm.

      Here’s a major turning point noted by Dez today in his newest FB post:




      For some months, I have been watching for what is called, a ‘Political Benchmark Event’. It is a step in all Leftist attempts at a revolution within a country. In this case it relates to the current obvious churning up of violence on the streets of major cities in the USA, the goal of which is to change the USA from a Constitutional Republic to a virtual Socialist Dictatorship.

      LEFTISTS ARE BEGINNING TO ATTACK OR ‘CANCEL’ [remove from the scene or tarnish the image of] SOME HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL LEFTISTS. We will see a current example immediately below. I’m using that example to demonstrate what is happening in that regard and it’s important we understand the WHY of this as a step in the Leftist process. It is one which always occurs, at some point, in their attempts take over a country or civilization.

      The current example is the case of the Scottish philosopher, David Hume, which happened last week. At that time, this 18th century Enlightenment philosopher was officially ‘drummed out of the corps’ at the Scottish ‘University of Edinburgh’. What is so startling about this is the fact that he has been a darling of the Uber Left wannabe intelligentsia for over two centuries. This recent public humiliation of his image made headlines all over Europe.


      The first is to make clear that no deviation from the current Politically Correct (PC) view goes unpunished.
      Since the PC view changes from year to year, month to month, and, often, day to day, not even the Leftists themselves can now feel secure or safe from falling into PC disgrace and punishment.

      Since, in the beginning, such punishment is intermittent – it can and does set fear into the hearts of both the Right and the Left if and when their strength does not come from their religious tradition and faith.

      With the immediately above in place, it fulfills the stratagem of Uber Leftism that the fear/terror they establish must be indiscriminate. If their humiliation and punishing of people was always logical or predictable, then those who walk the line of PC could feel secure, safe. But the Left, historically, always institutes what they call ‘indiscriminate fear/terror’. Purpose: to get everyone to live in fear of their political masters — to turn everyone into completely obedient slaves.

      So, with that understanding – we shall now look at this new current example.

      The Scottish philosopher, Hume, is best known today for his highly influential philosophical system of empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism. In lay terms, Hume stated that nothing outside of physical nature and the measurement of it is meaningful. That position he states in tandem with his public attack on the idea or concept of God. He stated, openly, that only ignorant and stupid people could believe in a God. Why? Well, physical science cannot measure God. So, therefore, [according to Hume] God cannot be real.

      I’M NOT EXAGGERATING THIS ANALYSIS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUME IN THE LEAST. He even publicly attacked philosophers who believed in or taught the philosophical subject of Metaphysics [that which is above and/or outside of nature alone].

      In doing that last thing – he implied that the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, was some kind of stupid marginal type of thinker – akin to the proverbial ‘village idiot’. That, of course, also then levels the same charge against Socrates, the teacher of Plato, and, if properly understood, even attacks Plato. It proceeds to attempt to disrespect the intellect of anyone throughout history who has believed in God – including [to name a couple] intellectual giants such as Sts. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. [Aquinas, a great philosopher in his own right, calls Aristotle, ‘The Philosopher’.]

      What was behind all of these attacks of Hume? It was Hume’s hatred of even the idea of God. The metaphysical philosophy of Aristotle delivered the very first ‘proofs’ from natural reason alone of the existence of God. Aristotle’s five ‘proofs’ for the existence of God cause difficulty for all die-hard non-believers in God. That, of course, includes Hume. That is why he and others like him make such a loud noise in their attacks upon Metaphysics.



      Last week, members of the Uber Left Intelligentsia set out to publicly trash the image of the philosopher, Hume. They even ordered that his name be taken off the facade of one of the major buildings on the campus of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. His crime is now that centuries ago, Hume observed that, from science and historical observation, he could state that the human being in general is a genius and that the various human races were ‘species’ of man – some more valuable than others. He wrote that the ‘White Race’ was the only one capable of building a civilization. Obviously, anyone who said that is ACTING like an Idiot. No Question.


      [DB Note: The Left has known this about Hume and many other Enlightenment philosophers for centuries. But those rationalist, naturalistic philosophers’ rationalism, naturalism and empiricism were useful for long time. It is obvious that the Left no longer considers at least Hume to be useful. ;-)]

      OK, so what is going on here? It’s very important that we know and understand this process! That process is going to be quite important to a large number of even Leftist Activists. But most of them won’t recognize it, or believe it, till it is too late for them!!! They never do. Why? Because they don’t understand that in the minds of those at the very top of the Uber Leftist Movement, they — the wannabe leftist leaders who aren’t at the top of the ‘insider’ heap — are classified as ‘Useful Idiots’.

      What exactly does that term, ‘useful idiot’, mean? Here is the definition as found in Webster’s Dictionary: “a naive or credulous person who can be manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agenda”. I strongly suggest that all readers memorize that definition if they have not already done so.


      The expression ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ was first coined by Lenin, the first communist dictator of Soviet Russia. When the Leftists think they have total power and believe one of their ‘Useful Idiots’ has outlived his or her usefulness, the Uber Leftist Insiders always cannibalize these ‘Useful Idiots’.

      HISTORICAL INSTANCES – During the French Revolution and its aftermath, many key persons who had been in the apparent forefront of the revolution were thrown to the wolves. That kind then shared the mechanism with which they had murdered so many Catholic priests and nuns. They went to the same guillotine and were shortened by a head.

      During the Communist Revolution in Russia, key men in the success of the 1917 Revolution were later condemned and hunted down like animals. Leon Trotsky served brilliantly as head of the Red Army which defeated the Anti-Communist armed forces in Russia. Later, because he did not agree with some of the policies of Lenin and then Joseph Stalin, Stalin put out an order for Trotsky’s assassination. Trotsky had to flee Russia for his life. An assassin sent by Stalin found Trosky hiding in Mexico and brutally murdered him there. Many others outlived their usefulness just like Trotsky.

      During the communist dictatorship of Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia, between 1934 and 1939, he instituted a program called, ‘The Great Purge”, during which he imprisoned over a million people and outright executed at least 700,000. This, by the way, included an estimated 2/3 of the top senior officers of the Red Army who had made the success of the Russian Communist Revolution possible. Their purging would cost Russian lives dearly when Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, just two years after the purge ended, because a majority of the cream of their army’s battle hardened senior officers had been murdered by Stalin.

      During the rise of Adolf Hitler, a number of his key lieutenants, during the takeover of Germany by the ‘Socialist German Workers [NAZI] Party’, were subsequently hunted down and suffered the same fate.

      IN COMMUNIST CHINA, under Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the ‘Cultural Revolution’ was instituted in 1966 and lasted to 1971. Special targets often were individuals in the Chinese Communist Party who were viewed as no longer useful – since they didn’t agree with Chairman Mao on everything. A large number of them were ‘deprived of existence’ [murdered]. And, of course, as is usual in Leftist revolutions, individuals in the educated class of Chinese citizens were described as an ‘Enemy of the Revolution’. Deaths attributed to The Cultural Revolution are estimated at up to twenty million people.

      BTW, it would be well to remember that Chairman Mao empowered the very young teenagers and others in their twenties to create revolutionary chaos on the streets of the big cities. [Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin anybody? Does that parallel of events light any bulbs of any readers?]

      I could give you dozens of other examples of the elimination, removal, and murder of ‘Useful Idiots’ in various Leftist revolutions over the last century. But the ones I’ve given should establish the point. Again, I have been watching for the first signs of the Leftist Cannibalizing process to begin in the current attempt at a Socialist/Marxist takeover throughout the West.


      A MUSING: If I were Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris as my running mate, I might become very careful about any travel plans, etc. Why? Because it well might look to many Leftist Insiders as if he may have outlived his usefulness. [I could write quite an extensive list of names of others who might be outliving their appearance as being ‘Useful’. As one example, you never know how many face lifts one woman is good for.]

      We should pray hard for all such folks!

      All my love in Christ,

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      1. Ty for posting this, as I am not on fb. Wow. Please can you continue to post these here?

        I first learned about “useful idiots” from Yuri Besmenov. For any interested readers, Yuri’s videos are an excellent watch to describe in detail the process of communist destabilization and take over. Yuri says exactly what Desmond said above: the useful idiots (who where instrumental in starting the terrible process) are the first to be rounded up and eliminated, once the new commies take over. Yuri also says the masses never wake up until the tanks are at their doors.

        To get to the kernel of what Desmond discerned, I see these 3 points:
        1. Political Benchmarch Event
        2. Leftist Cannibalizing Process/useful idiots (I love this! Genius! So clear!)
        3.But the Left, historically, always institutes what they call ‘indiscriminate fear/terror’. Purpose: to get everyone to live in fear of their political masters — to turn everyone into completely obedient slaves.

        Serious questions I have, does anyone know/have an idea, who are these new political masters? Who are in the inner circle?

        Second serious question. In my state (CT). the gov. and the police are at odds. Yet the gov says the police will be enforcing his new draconian fines for not masking and social gatherings. On Oct 1st in CT the war against the police can begin. It feels to me the police in my state are being set up for this process. Yet, I wouldn’t say they have been any friend of the govs. It bothers me greatly, and answers like “the gov is just doing what he believes is good for his constituents” ring hollow/untrue. It makes me wonder who will be brought in to re-establish order? Is this happening elsewhere, in other states? We don’t have much rioting in our cities here as we are advanced sheeples. So I ponder/wonder and have no satisfactory answers.

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        1. This was a stand alone piece. I’m working right now on collecting all the old and new pieces in Dez’s current series to put up as a single document with a link to it in the MENU bar. That will be a few weeks forthcoming. Please remember, we can access Desmond’s FB page even if not signed up for FB. The link is here.

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          1. Today I ordered Desmond’s opus magnum: “Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist.” People, even in this mountain hamlet, are thinking and talking about such things these days. It will be good to have an excellent reference.

            God bless you, squirrels ~
            Sister Bear

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            1. I’ve heard much of you from Charlie and Beckie, Sister. Perhaps someday I’ll get a chance to make your acquaintance prior to [if I’m a very good boy] the beatific vision. 🙂

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        2. Littlelight, the bad actors are all around us and already operative… some we can clearly see and many who are under the radar of being pinpointed, yet, very active indeed. Have a listen to this Tucker Carlson interview with Darren Beattie. Even if you don’t have or watch TV, you can catch Carlson’s opening monologues and interviews via You Tube… for now. On another night, the guest pointed to the activation of lawyers all over this land, who are Democrats, as they will spearhead legal proceedings in an attempt to accomplish a coup when Trump is elected. (Yes, I believe he will be legitimately elected. I believe there will also be major efforts to fraudulently steal votes. I can even imagine an effort to pull the plug on the free internet and other communications media… with a takeover to pump propaganda to the masses. Anything goes when your god is grabbing for power.) Beattie began to speak to the twisted legal assault before Tucker said they’re out of time.

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          1. Ty Beckita. We watch Tucker when we can. I can’t wait to watch this one.

            I’ve come to the same conclusions as you about this election. Did you see Trump’s interview last night on Fox? (I can’t remember the man who conducted it but he was not a journalist). It was good.

            The trying to figure out the end-game in my state is on my heart. I was thinking that perhaps, maybe, the situation could be the same as the purge of the red army. Maybe, just guessing. I call residents of this state advanced sheeples because everyone rushes to do whatever is dictated with enthusiasm and no questioning. It’s as if we’ve been long domesticated, with any wild survival instincts lobotomized out of our brains. That sounds overstated, but living here all my life, I assure you it is not.

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            1. Well, the awesome part of the current world scenario is that God has a Plan that supersedes all nefarious human plans and even if we knew all wickedness planned, state by state, country by country, we are on God’s side and we are His children. I’m so grateful, Littlelight, that Charlie has prepared us as he has. With each passing day, the core message we embrace and foster here continues to bring consolation and inspiration while it heartens and uplifts as I just put one step right in front of the other to do the little good I can, day by day. We’ll soon be celebrating one of the patrons of this site as St. Therese’s feast day is October 1st. May she continue to intercede for us that our trust in God deepens and strengthens.

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              1. Oh yes! I am grateful, too. It was no accident that tnrs came into my life when it did.

                I didn’t realize The Little Flower was a patron of this site. That would make sense since her little way is much like tnrs. Our oldest was baptized on St. Therese’s feast day. Do you remember the story of the glass end table and hurricane lamp and how St. Therese woke my husband up in a dream? She warned him about the baby about to fall on all that glass. She has been and is a powerful influence in my life.

                I did get to watch that clip, and it was good. One thought that I’ve been able to flesh-out in response to Desmond’s excellent piece I’d like to share. The difference between all the tyrannical take-overs of the past and what we are currently living is today there is no clear opponent, no single human Despot. No Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, etc. Nancy P. is just high-profile middle management. The leftie shark lawyer (referred to in the clip above) is probably just as influential as Nancy.

                Yep, trns, and keep on squirrelin’ on. Thank God we don’t know all the details. I have a sinking feeling that wouldn’t help, LOL.

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                1. Littlelight– I love the Little Flower, too. I inherited a first class relic of hers from my godfather who was a priest. And, my parish is Little Flower!❤🌹

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                2. Little light, Hi. The difference today is that the enemy is on a global scale, not national. That can create the appearance that there is no clear enemy. In the French Revolution, the Stalinist Era, with Chairman Mao, Nazi Germany, etc., the enemy has clear Nationally known leadership. Yes, the Socialists were somewhat interconnected around the globe. But their directorate in each case was heavily National in nature.

                  But today, there is not even the appearance of any National independence. The Socialist leadership is clearly International at this point. Example, the connection between the National Soclalistic leadership in the USA is integrally tied to defending the cabal running Communist Mainland China. [To call it The Republic of China is a farce. There is nothing ‘republican’ about the governmental structure of Communist China. It is an oligarchical group which holds total power over the people.]

                  The Socialist’s at all levels in the USA publicly stretch themselves to the maximum to defend the interests of Communist China. Biden, Pelosi Schumer, Soros, etc., etc. And most of them [dullard Joe a possible exception] probably know that Communist China’s oft repeated, stated goal,is to bring down the USA, with its republican [not democatic] form of government and its still partially free market economy.

                  All my love in Christ


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                  1. Ty so much! Yes I see that, too. Your explanation clarifies it all for me. There must be a lot of in-fighting among the international commie group, I’m thinking. I look forward to reading Trial and Tribulations, and this new endeavor. I will need to read and re-read to hopefully understand it, LOL. This is so needed today. A heartfelt thank you for all you do.

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              2. I agree with you, so much, Beckita. Please keep me in your prayers as I will become Professed as a member of the Secular Franciscan Order on October 8th. May I do what I can to continue to take the next right step and be a sign of hope as these days go on. God Bless everyone here…you are all in my prayers.

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                1. Diane, I will keep you in my prayers, and an early congratulations on your upcoming profession! Please also pray for me because on October 7, I am making my temporary profession as a Third Order Dominican.

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                  1. Oh Mick, that is so wonderful. You will definitely be in my prayers on October 7th as you make your temporary confession as a Third Order Dominican. So awesome!


                2. Congratulations on your upcoming profession as a Franciscan Tertiary, Diane! Praying for you and your local order as you live out the charism of Franciscan spirituality. ♥️

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      2. So brilliant, Desmond. Some of your points re-directed my mind to things I have noticed lately. But first, I will mention that in the 60’s we often heard the term “useful idiots” in regard to those who “helped” Communism. That was when those things were spoken of and not hidden. (I learned so much from my father who went on to earn a masters in International Relations while he was a senior military officer.)

        As far as those outliving their usefulness, there was a comment with a picture of AOC standing with a Democratic leader, instead of Pelosi, as though her more extreme views are what the Dems align with now. Could Pelosi be on her way out?

        Then I suppose everyone saw the Harris “slip” when she said “Harris-Biden” presidency!

        Another example that might fit your criteria was Obama’s purge of so many senior military officers. They were good men, and not useful idiots, but it was a purge nevertheless. Being a military daughter and wife, I’m very interested in, and aware of, military events. I noticed what Obama was doing and knew instantly what it was about. A conservative writer just recently brought it up in an essay. These are the good men who would be supporting Trump and the Constitution now.
        God bless!

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        1. HI, ANNIE. Yes, I learned the term ‘Useful Idiots’ in the 1960’s. I had become a conservative during my University years. While my father was definitely a Socialist, because he was very Catholic [as far as he understood it], but he was virulently anti-Communist. So, in the 1960’s, I changed from being a sort-of socialist Anticommunist to a conservative one. My father was of course horrified.

          I’ve already receiving numerous requests that I turn this series on the relationship between Philosophy and Politics, between bad philosophy and the contemporary political, cultural, economic, social, etc., crisis and chaos in the West. So you folks and those on my FB page [and several other venues] are and will be sort of my sounding board as I proceed. Of course the end product on this series of articles will have to be gone over organizationally and editorially [rewrites aplenty I fear]. But it is this series of article which has precipitated the requests to turn it into a book.

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  3. I have been following this blog for many years. You have been a sign of hope for me. I have been going through a personal storm for a very long time. I know I am not the only one who Is. Reading Charlie’s posts and all the comments have been a godsend to me. Just wanted you to know that.

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    1. Hi GFO, welcome to commenting. So good to hear from you. Love to know we have friends in all of these places. Keep commenting. The worlds seems more friendly when we “know” people in all kinds of places.

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    2. Praying, Ginny. Praying that you feel and experience the fruit of what you have carried for so many who are benefiting from your faithfulness.

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  4. Stevebc do you have a preferred vitimin source e.g. Swanson? I haven’t seen it or missed it in your covid book which is just amazing!!! Thanks Steve! Linda


        1. Yeah, this is a pretty roundabout route to my short paper. Try this. Go to and find the Healing Matters menu and the Healing Protocols submenu. Then look for the Covid file in that submenu and click through to its PDF. Then you can read the eight pages of that file and find the information you need.

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    1. This is an old petition, Joanne… unless it’s a new one that I’ve missed. The link didn’t work but I’ll replace it for you if you send a working one in a comment. Since this petition drive, the Bishop has already met with Fr. Altman and insisted that the livestreaming of Father’s homilies cease. Father respected the BIshop’s directive and then recorded a talk, not a homily, reiterating his points. It can be found here.

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  5. Not good:
    National Catholic Register:

    In terms of the presidential election, the poll — taken from Aug. 27 to Sept. 1 and completed before the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg — found that Catholic likely voters overall prefer former Vice President Joe Biden to President Donald Trump. Biden has led Trump among overall Catholic voters in each of the previous EWTN News/RealClear polls. Trump also continues to enjoy majority support from Catholics in certain subgroups, such as those who set aside time to pray each day or attend Mass more than once a week.

    Pray rosaries!

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    1. Little one– I think that supports the statement by Pope Benedict that we will be a remnant group. I think we already are, really. So few Catholics follow the teachings of the Church. So many don’t even believe in the True Presence. CINO.

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    1. Sobering words and words of truth spoken/written. Not saying you, San San, or Michael Voris, have sinned. Simply noting that great care must be taken when viewing/reading such as this, lest we revel in the knowledge that RBG could have most likely rejected Christ when she met her Just Judge, for in any such reveling or gloating that I am pro-life there is a sobering problem in our own spiritual life. Our Lady of Fatima said too many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. I personally know many who have prayed for leaders such as RBG to have a change of heart, reject evil and choose Christ. We know for certain that God’s Grace is sufficient to save anyone who repents and chooses Him. We have stories of faith in which we hear about God engaging with a dying soul on even a bit of chosen goodness exerted in their lives as He shows that dying one the damage done and the seriousness of their sins. Two powerful testimonies to this can be found in the conversion of story of Gloria Polo and in the story about the encounter between St. John Vianney and a widow of an official during the French Revolution who took his own life in despair. Too, I hold dear Jesus words to St. Faustina: The greater the sin, the greater right that sinner has to My Mercy. That, coupled with all these above mentioned dimensions of considering how God bends over backwards to encourage a sinner to repent – the Good Shepherd looks day and night, night and day for each and every lost one – and, adding to these things, the knowledge that Our Lady never gives up on any of Her children can find us embracing the attitude of continuing to pray for the most vile of persons from the Far Left committing heinous crimes.

      Heavy stuff this is. I realize there are those who do, indeed, freely turn their backs on God… even when meeting Perfect Love, Face to face. But what none of us knows is exactly who will repent and return to the Lord. They deserve our love poured out in prayer, for Christ loves them as if each one was the only one for whom He gave His all, His very Life.

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      1. Lovely and so true. I do believe God asks this of us so much so more for ourselves and not as much for the other(s) as in doing so we embrace and are examples of love and on the flip side we become the very thing that leads us to reject and detest. Light and dark. ❤

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      2. Agree, Beckita. No one knows!!! what happens between a soul and God when that soul is transitioning from life to death. I would lay down my life to save one soul from hell. I believe many fall into hell, but we can’t presume to know who goes where. Our tiny intellects cannot fathom the mercy of Our Lord.

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      3. Beckita, Michael Voris continually says “no one knows for sure–only God knows” — but I think the damage that people have done during their lives — unrepentant damage — especially by those called to “lead/protect” His children here on earth — can and should be called out, so that the rest of us will take heed and change our ways. It is not a sin to judge a persons actions while they were alive.

        RBG, was a Supreme Court Justice for 27 years, who supported the killing of millions of babies (among other godless issues). She was in a “seat of power” that could have turned the tide on even that one issue. She did not. Hitler could of had a change of heart before he died — did he? We don’t know. We only know about the atrocities that he commanded.

        We do know that “many” souls are lost and that “few” find the narrow way.

        I pray that every soul converts to the love & mercy of God before they die. I pray that I am found worthy when I stand before the Lord. When I think how we are all so interconnected while here on earth, I tremble.

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