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After spending yesterday afternoon getting a couple of critical pieces taken care of in the mountain of things I have on my plate right currently, I have hit the wall – just worn out. Not to worry…it is common when you are fantastically pressed (and I think that may be my permanent condition until the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart). When it happens, I just veg out for a couple of days to regroup – and then get hard back at it. I apologize to all who are awaiting responses to emails from me (285 is this morning’s count – up from the 153 I had it knocked down to on Thursday). I will be hard back at it on Monday – and will put the written version of my talk, entitled, “One of the Family,” up then. Meantime, there is no reason not to put the video of it up now. Sorry for the dicey quality of it. There will be a professional videographer at the National Meeting in mid-September so you will get high quality then. Here then, the video:

One of the Family

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  1. If hitting the wall is exhausting you it is probably good for you and for us. I share your exhaustion right now. You are the Sherpa and we your faithful flock!

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  2. Thanks Charlie!!! Get some rest now!!! Hey btw the words getting out…mike n I went to buy some corn 🌽 from our local farmer and we were telling him about Triumph of immaculate heart ❤️ of Mary coming and era of peace and he replied, “Oh I know…someone just told me in Bellevue last week!” Ha!!! Rest up Charlie!!!🤗🤗😉🌽💕

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  3. Charlie, your plethora of emails reminded me of: When asked how she cheerfully tolerated her picture being taken so often, Mother Teresa replied, “God and I have a contract with each other. Every time someone takes my picture, he lets another soul out of Purgatory.” With one email =one soul, a multitude of holy souls might be leaving purgatory.

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    1. Oooooooh Maggie!!! I hope Charlie and God contract that into TNRS ASOH CoRaC!!! I put in a comment somewhere yesterday that Charlie and St MotherTeresa remind me of each other for certain reasons!!! Hahahahaha!!! Ever since, I’ve been hearing people speak of St Mother Teresa!!! I think she’s on board with Charlie and us all!!! Great 💡 idea Maggie!!!

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    2. p.s. In retrospect, prob. overstepped my boundaries; instead should take my own advice by cleaning out the slew of stuff in my basement and would have scores of souls released for each item I toss or give away. Heigh ho heigh ho….

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      1. I’m laughing, Maggie. Your comment could have been made by any one of us and it was a natural and sweetly intended comment. What immediately came to mind as others piled on in advising Charlie how to pray and make this a positive thing is that he’s already a force of prayer to behold in heaven, in purgatory and on earth. And those numbers of emails he’s shared, well, this isn’t the first phase in which he’s been bombarded by emails and an overflowing plate of so much to tend to… and, as he’s acknowledged, he’s on a roll now that’s not backin’ off til Our Lady rescues us in the full Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. I’m just grateful Charlie knows when it’s time to take a break. (I still need some fine tuning on paying attention thusly. My body usually caves and then I get the point, like yesterday’s migraine which forced me to rest all afternoon and evening. Ha! How fitting that I got hit in the head to drop and rest a bit.) Also grateful Charlie’s got a team to back him up but for those things he simply must take care of himself… and that’s an awful lot… yet there’s no need to pity him, for he was made for all he’s doing, just as each of us was made for the call on our lives. No victims. Just hard workers. May we all be aware and wise enough to know when to take a mini vacay veg out time for refreshment!

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        1. Oh Beckita so sorry to hear of your migraine!!! I’ve been plagued all my life by them too! Found one drug that keeps it in check on those rare occasions…it’s called fioricet! Works right away. No side affects for me! I get them now maybe twice per year

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        2. Sorry to hear of the migraine-they are NO fun. Beckita, your comment about having to be knocked in the head….gave me a chuckle. That is my standard operating procedure 😉

          Okay, this may seem really weird but when I was getting a migraine at school, the secretary told me to take a can(like a can of corn) and roll your foot over it. Do it on the side you are getting a migraine. Keep doing it until wherever it hurts on your foot loosens up. Bizarre, I know but I tried it and it worked. Don’t really want another migraine to see if it works again. So if someone out there in CoRaClandia wants to try it next time give a shout out to whether or not it worked for you.

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  4. I really enjoyed watching the presentation. Maggie has a wonderful idea, Charlie, do it! One soul per email. Then you can ask them to intercede ceaselessly for Corac. It’s a win/win 🙂

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  5. When life hands you Limons, make videos! 🙂

    About email, Charlie … I was going to send you one because there’s something I neglected to mention previously, but will now pray about when would be the best time to send it to you. It’s not something I’d like to post publicly, simply because to verify credentials, I’d be sending you a website link that contains my real name on the website (though I’m not the star of the show on the website … but someone else who used to hang out at The Next Right Step is, and with whom I am still in contact with as a long-distance friend and ally, and very grateful to have met because of you …)

    Prayed for all here at Mass this afternoon and praying for all here in my Daily Rosary.

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    1. The Phoenix!!! My inquiring mind surely wants to know!!! Lol!!! I always have wondered if maybe someday Jim Caviezel or someone else super famous and super religious would find their way here!!! 🤔

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      1. Oh, I think we’d all be surprised to discover the “famous” people who are silent members of this community. But, of course, in the work we’re now engaged, all are equal partners, just as the Gospel teaches. It’s wonderful when those with a public persona use their influence to affect others for the good, yet, in the end, each of us is an ordinary man or woman – yes, even our beloved Charlie – with each one doing his/her part to more fully bring the Kingdom to earth in these times.

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        1. Isn’t it fun Beckita?!?! Such mysterious work these days!!! Lol. I remember saying to God yesterday…God, I’m just olé little me..please let me be a useful tool in your majestic powers! 🤗

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        2. In fact, Charlie is a very ordinary guy with a well-balanced understanding of what community truly is.

          It’s the adversary who wanted to be worshipped and subsequently inverted community to a sort of sickening starstruck tribalism that dominates and insists, rather than serve and invite to what is best.

          I quietly observed this ordinariness upon meeting in the desert, and when we eventually spoke over a community table of bounty, we simply spoke about potato salad. Granted, it was no ordinary potato salad –– what with its extensive list of secret spices and against-all-odds journey enroute to that communal gathering –– but some stuff is better left a mystery lest it detract from what is most important.

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          1. Thank you, MP. I learned long ago to advise political officials not to object too hard when people were a little extravagant in their praise…for the people were so joyful that someone was speaking boldly for them that it disheartened them a bit if you pushed back much. But my stars, some have gotten way over the top extravagant here lately in praising me. Please dial it back. Mine is a very blue-collar mentality. The praise and gooshy stuff make me nervous. I am happy when we stay focused on the work. Do the work well and leave the results to God – and any glory will come from your fidelity and fortitude in the work after all is accomplished. So if I am named in a prayer, please let it be a prayer FOR me. Please don’t canonize me – for I am just a guy trying to do a peculiar job as best I can. Ha! A priest once talked to me about the possibility of such if I lived my work well until death. I laughed and said if they ever opened such a cause, Devil’s Advocates would rejoice, figuring it would be their “full employment” act for a few decades.

            So thanks, MP. Potato salad, chicken-fried steak, baseball, kids, grandkids the battles before us, these are all subjects which I enjoy engaging on. My great patron is St. Joan of Arc. She did not waste time on the battlefield in conversation about what a great leader she was; she was too busy leading the charge – and let the results speak for her. May we be the same.

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            1. I understand Charlie, the prayer was just an idea. It was never meant to canonize you and I didn’t realize that it came across that way. The reason I put your name and the other things in parenthesis was because I thought others might get creative and think of something better. Please forgive me for overstepping. Opened mouth, inserted foot. ~juls

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              1. Not a big deal, Juls. It is just that lately I have cringed more when reading the comments than I like. I love it that people here get enthusiastic and I am loathe to do anything to quench that enthusiasm. I just want to keep it focused on our God and the common project we are doing together. No harm, no foul.

                In my last six or seven years doing statewide politics in Illinois I had a similar problem: activists around the state would often gush embarrassingly about me to the candidates I would bring into town. Then, just as now, I preferred they gush about the boss (only now it is about the Boss – and you are free to gush about His Mom, too.)

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            2. Hi Charlie! I hope you are feeling better today than you did a few days ago! I have been praying for you as I’m sure we all have been here!

              If in one of my posts, I gushed over you a bit, I wanted to explain myself.

              On one of my recent posts, I likened you to St. Mother Teresa. Im not sure you were talking about me there of how you get “nervous on the praise and gooshy stuff,” or how some praises make you “cringe,” but if that was one of the things you didn’t like, I’d like to explain a little further for I think it will help you and all of us as a lesson I learned in following you and St. Mother Teresa.

              St. Mother Teresa was not afraid to get her hands dirty or work with maggot infected people dieing of aides on the streets of Calcutta! I’m sad to say…if I had not seen her example of caring for those who society deems worthless, I too and probably still do, judge the person as unworthy, and walk on by!

              Similarly, Your talk in Limon made me think of St. Mother Teresa when you mentioned in your talk that there was a transvestite working circles around your other workers, and that they were worried maybe the transvestite was a spy! Your reply was, “Well if he’s a spy, get me 6 more like him! I’ll either convert him or scare the hades out of him!”

              You see…there again…if I see a transvestite, I am more prone to judge him than to pray for him or try to convert him! I’m sorry…but that what you and St. Mother Teresa show us is more like what Jesus would do, than what the ordinary man would do! It’s holiness of which someday I aspire to acquire for the sake of the Kingdom and not for vainglory.

              So anyhow…I really wanted to explain myself and what I meant! Do I still think you’re unusually awesome? You bet I do! But I know you got there not on your own, but because of the training you’ve had from the Master; Himself!

              I also see this unique quality in Beckita! But I tell you, in my circle…these insights are very rare!

              Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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              1. Linda, you love to affirm people and that springs from the goodness of your heart. Thing is, while Charlie is our leader and we’re grateful for what God has called him to be and do, Charlie is very much a leader who is equally a brother, walking, working, discussing and praying in solidarity with us all. A way to think of affirming him might be to liken it to gift-giving time. When it’s someone’s birthday, we usually look for a gift which pleases the person for whom we’re selecting it. So it is with expressing our appreciation for Charlie. His own words speak best the comfortable way for him: But my stars, some have gotten way over the top extravagant here lately in praising me. Please dial it back. Mine is a very blue-collar mentality. The praise and gooshy stuff make me nervous. I am happy when we stay focused on the work. Do the work well and leave the results to God – and any glory will come from your fidelity and fortitude in the work after all is accomplished.

                Too, while Charlie leads, imagine how sterile that would be without all the people in this community who have gathered here from wherever they are in their own locales to work, play and discuss together these times and that to which God is calling us. (It’s always amazing for me to consider how many people are on board who choose not to come into the comment section of the site. And, yet, the silent readers are just as dedicated and grateful to be part of this community.) Imagine the fullness of diversity in all our personalities! I’ve heard in many a homily how we should *want* to become saints. I once heard Mother Angelica, with her sometimes feisty spirit, chuckle about how God is forming all kinds of saints. The danger is to hyper-focus on such as this and lose sight of all the wood there is to chop. We love you, Linda, your personality and your heart of gold!

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                1. Awwww Beckita that was just beautiful to read and helped me to understand a little bit better too!!! Thank you for taking the time to explain this new gift we can give to Charlie! 🎁 I just love you too Beckita and everyone else here too!!!🤗❤️😘🙏📿

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      2. Hi Linda,

        No, not a Hollywood movie celebrity. Thank God.

        But since you’re interested in that kind of thing, I can tell you about a friend of mine who once gave me what she said was the direct, private email address of Michael Jackson in case she had a health emergency, so I could contact MJ on her behalf. This friend lived out of state and we’d been Star Trek pen pals until her health deteriorated, then we became “phone pals.” Apparently, she knew Michael Jackson because she’d been born with a serious heart defect, she was a Jehovah’s Witness, Michael Jackson was at one time a Jehovah’s Witness so she had easy access to him, and my friend was not shy about contacting celebrities (she was well known to Star Trek actors) to help raise money for heart surgery for herself. Based on what she told me about Michael Jackson, I told her that I did not envy his life or his fame, and preferred my own life. I ended up tearing up the e-mail address which I had scribbled down on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it. Michael Jackson ended up dying on my birthday. I regret that I did not pray for him more often and hope that if I pray for him now it can be applied to his soul.

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        1. Oh what a fantastic blessing the Phoenix!!! I loved the way michael Jackson danced!!! He had such hard life I believe! Fame and fortune they can have it! Lol. But I’ve always heard that God is not controlled by our time and that we can pray for people today, for people that died long ago since He’s outside of our time! Isn’t that so cool?!?! So I’m guessing your prayers for him today counted for MJ b4 he died🤔

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  6. From “Anne a lay apostle,” aka Kathryn these days, a wonderfully inspirational challenge to self-monitor via a brief presentation: Do you Trust God’s Providence?

    May the Mediatrix of Graces infuse in us a deeper trust in God.

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    1. Beckita thanks for posting that of Anne!!! Also, it’s like you read my mind…I was trying to post that pic up of our Beautiful Lady, Star ⭐️ of the Sea yesterday and I couldn’t figure out how to do it with my iPhone!!! I wanted to share it with y’all soooo bad!!! Then I just needed to hear over and over Kay Clarity’s “Star of the Sea,” over and over!!!! All just soooooo beautiful!!!

      I had a cool experience after Mass yesterday! I would say about 20 people came to first Saturday at St. Paul’s yesterday 8 am,,,,Monsignor Ken had Mass! There’s no music played that early but Mr schumn leads the rosary 📿 at 730 which I didn’t make because only one eye 👁 was open yet…but upon entrance Msgr asked us to sing by ❤️ Heart first verse of immaculate Mary! Of course we all knew that one! After Mass Msgr asked us to sing second verse of immaculate Mary…and he recited the words for us…but what really struck me was at the end, we sang …”Ave ave Ave Maria 🎶 Ave Ave Maria! 🎵 SO LOUD IT WAS LIKE WE WERE BEGGING BLESSED MOM TO HEAR 👂 OUR CRY TO HER!!! It was so beautiful and I thought quite unusual! Of course, on first Saturday’s they always have this beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima at the altar!

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      1. It IS a beautiful image of Stella Maris, Linda. Anne has been pumping out some tremendously wonderful short talks to build people up in these days. I may well be re-posting this one at a time when it’ll get more exposure. This is a time to continue building up our own selves in Trust and all those around us, the better to serve in CORAC and in every way the Lord is calling us to do.

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      2. Hi Linda, I am so glad that you are having Mass and that you can sing. Many counties in CA are no longer having Masses due to the untick in COVID cases, and all across the state we are NOT ALLOWED TO SING. God please protect us from government out of control.

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      1. Anne’s Apostolate is a gold mine of treasure for these days, Sorrowful. I’m currently taking the online maiden course of adult formation with them. SO worth it. A major component is the sharing of a model for contemplation with nurturing of folks in making this a daily practice.

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      1. What I love, Kim (Sorry, Blessed I Am, of course I was replying to you 🙂 )are the ways the Apostolate has not only shared the messages initially, but how they’re working to develop and support people in personal growth – integrating human development and spirituality – that they become agents of change for the rebuilding of Church and culture.

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      1. As you read Volume 8, HttP, this video on Trust is uber important, for it focuses people on what kind of thoughts on which to dwell and on encouraging self and others with thoughts that keep us built up to love and serve. While you’re on the Direction for our Times site, check out the link to the Backpack Program. As I’ve commented previously, I was part of the maiden voyage through the adult formation in faith course – one of the three backpack courses offered – which integrates spirituality and human development a.k.a. developing habits of the mind which serve one well in any life storm. I’m planning to sign up for their Mothers of the Church offering.

        Bottom line for me, this Apsotolate not only was and is a vehicle for disseminating the messages in the Volumes which prepared people for what is unfolding now, the guides and facilitators from the Apostolate are very much about the work of rebuilding the Church and culture by supporting people in spiritual development, the better to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. Great stuff!

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  7. With the ever-changing mask mandate, just when I’d gotten really comfortable driving to the next diocese over for Mass, that option is not as ideal as it had been. So today after prayer and discernment, I tried another parish closer to home.

    While driving there, I was thinking, “I hope I can find a parish where I can breathe …” … and then I turned on the Christian radio station and heard, “You are the air I breathe, oh Lord …”

    So I looked up the video on YouTube when I got home, and find it really comforting for these times, and appropriate, also referring to “peace in the midst of the storm”.

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    1. Love it, Phoenix! Both the melody and the lyrics. Music is such a tremendous way to lift the spirit and how we need to actively seek what lifts us up. We’re surely in the process of UNITY as one flock under one shepherd and so many of our Christian brothers and sisters bring a great main course, to the pot luck table, comprised of praise and worship music. Thanks for sharing this wonderful way of waking up in praise of God!

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      1. Phoenix and Everyone, the praise and worship song following The Air I Breath is another powerful one: You are here, moving in our midst… You are waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, My God! That is Who You are. A great reminder of the essence of Charlie’s oft’ repeated expression: God never leaves us bereft.

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        1. Thank you for posting this video. Sometimes I wake up in the morning singing it in my head after watching Ablaze. Now I can play it loud 🙂

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      2. Intriguing, Beckita,

        How within individual Christians the Lord speaks so differently to us, geared toward how He made us.

        Because I have two non-denominational Christian friends, a husband and wife, who possibly consider me a “baby Christian” because I told them I listen to Christian Moody Radio songs. Here I thought I was sharing something we may have in common, but they got this strange expression on their faces so I asked, “Well, what kind of religious music do you listen to?” They responded that they listened to Classical music.

        So who knows? They might be listening to the Old Masters, the great Catholic composers of centuries ago steeped in long and ancient and rich tradition, and here I am listening to pop rock with modern catchy tunes and lyrical references to God in it. Maybe they’re right and I’m a baby Christian in some ways! 🙂

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    2. Oh my gosh the Phoenix that was a great sign of love, peace and encouragement to you from God!!! Thanks for sharing! I’m gonna send that song to my little bro, Hank!!! Ha!!!

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      1. Hi Timothy,

        Thanks for thinking of me with this humorous yet politically charged video. 🙂

        I just wish I could share simple camaraderie with a local casual friend of mine. Yes, this person is older and has risk factors regarding the virus. That said, my last phone conversation with them devolved into being accused of not believing the Chinese virus was real with the mainstream media reporting the death counts going up, and then I was actually screamed at hysterically that Herman Cain had just died. What this person did not know is that I had in fact just gotten through praying a Rosary for the repose of Herman Cain’s soul.

        This person also demanded proof of some of the things I was saying, (and I mean DEMANDED !!!) like we couldn’t just have a civil and courteous conversation where we gave each other the benefit of the doubt with friendly respect. It was like we were political enemies … and here I had thought we shared many deep beliefs in common … being Catholic, praying the Rosary, being pro-life, voting for the most pro-life candidate.

        So I’ve sent e-mails with links to articles about statues of the Blessed Mother being vandalized, and how COVID numbers are being manipulated for money, and how people are testing positive who have never even been tested.

        I do pray for this person.

        It would be so nice to meet people near me like the lady in the video. Or even people with whom I may not see everything eye to eye, but we could still be friends without needing to walk on eggshells.

        Meanwhile, there’s someone who lives far away that would be happy to hear from me …

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        1. The Phoenix, these are strange and difficult times. Those whom we might assume (and hope) to be with us in this informational civil war can end up being on opposite sides. That is painful. On the other hand, we find surprising allies. It is a balance: Don’t unnecessarily alienate our expected (but not yet actual) allies who believe in their information sources. Rejoice in the unexpected allies. It is not easy. We carry this tension at the foot of the Cross.

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        2. The Pheonix

          I know hoe you feel, I too have been othered by someone dear to me because of my outlook.
          Although the person snarled, yes, snarled, “it is science!” at me, it is abundantly clear that contrary facts will not be heard by her.

          I wasca bit hurt and suprised at first, but so be it, it is the natyre of the reality we live in. A gkobal civil war fought aling cultural lines has a line between the masked faces and the smiling faces.

          I sufferred long and hard for my smile abd I will keep it, thank you very much +:

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        3. Phoenix,
          Sadly this type of response is a lot more common than you think it would be. I not only have my adult son to deal with, but other family members as well. My experience is that they cannot be converted to even listening. Prayer is the only answer and to turn them over to God.

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      1. had a problem getting back on wordpress. I emptied all the “cookies” and “history” on my computer. LOL. Left me adrift for awhile. All’s well now.

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  8. Anybidy else ever hear from God via ordinary extraordinary circumstances?

    Mark Mallet has a vid of a priest who got confirmation from meteors, Whitaker Chambers from a bunch of birds being birds..that sort of thing.

    My latest was Taco Bell tacos(: I wanted four, the store offers only three in the combo,, and God gave me five.!)

    The message was not the tacos, but my Lord teaching/telling me something. I know that it is His answer to career/business/family/money issues He and I have been tussling over for over five years now. My life while arduous, has been small; I have lived bigger than I am and it has puzzled me why God has left me here. I have conjectured why…purification, big things coming and this as as good as it is going to get, prepping me for harder times, reparation for my many grievious sins, etc.

    “You wanted four, they offerred three, I gave you five” is the message; it has given me great hope and expectations.

    It was wonderful; the proximate actor was the harried young employee who felt bad for me waiting so long for the tacos; I hadn’t been waiting long at all, but as a lad, I had been like him and understood his big heart abd was very thankful for that spirit in him. It made zero sense to protest because that would only add to the teams workload, so I kept quiet and prayed for the kid, asking God to bless my project to provide Christendom with a bew model of education.

    The tacos were delicious, abd while I enjoy scarfing tacos and ruining perfectly good t shirts as the next guy, the big marvel was the unmistajeable message.:

    “You wanted four, they offerred three, I gave you five”


    Grace and peace

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      1. Oops! “Timothy.” Don’t know why I thought Christopher J. had written that comment. Anyhow, another soul gets sprung from Purgatory while I get another lesson in attention to detail. 🙂

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  9. More confirmation of the already existing herd immunity to Covid-19. The study shows that 90% of the population show immunity to the at least 3 of the most common cold coronaviruses and this seems to correlate with the testing of blood samples from donors dating back before covid-19 existed in the population. Because covid-19 is a coronavirus, 50% of the blood samples had some immune responce to Covid-19.
    “These early reports demonstrate that substantial T cell reactivity exists in many unexposed people (samples taken in 2015-2017); nevertheless, data have not yet demonstrated the source of the T cells or whether they are memory T cells. It has been speculated that the SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells in unexposed individuals might originate from memory T cells derived from exposure to ‘common cold’ coronaviruses (CCCs), such as HCoV-OC43, HCoV-HKU1, HCoV-NL63 and HCoV-229E, which widely circulate in the human population and are responsible for mild self-limiting respiratory symptoms.
    More than 90% of the human population is seropositive for at least three of these Common colds.”
    [Alessandro Sette & Shane Crotty. Nature Reviews Immunology ].

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  10. Interestingly, the previous article I posted mentions that the 50% herd immunity already existing may throw off vaccine expectations during trials. If the U.S. regulators require a coronavirus vaccine to be 50% effective, and this is not taken into consideration when the tests are applied to already immune persons, a false positive may result in its effectiveness, especially if half of the people sampled are already immune!
    “U.S. regulators will require a coronavirus vaccine to be 50% effective, and if a shot just barely clears that bar, public education will be required to help communicate how many people need to receive it to establish herd immunity – a threshold at which enough of the population is immune to stop the spread, when the virus is truly tamed.”

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      1. The other interesting revelation in these articles is how testing can show a person to be positive for a coronavirus but may not descern WHICH coronavirus they are testing positive for!
        If 90% of the worlds population has antibodies for 3 types of coronavirus and a test shows simeone is positive for ANY coronavirus, then 90% of those tested this way will test positive!
        This shows a huge potential for fraud/error.

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  11. Charlie talks about the persecution of Christians on his video.

    On July 31, 2020, Breitbart reported on the censorship of Tim Tebow’s twitter post, here’s the link…

    On Monday, Twitter placed a “sensitive content” warning on a religious-based motivational video posted by Tim Tebow. On his own post, Tebow stated the following…

    “This could be your time. That breakthrough could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. But, you have the opportunity to turn however you’re being tested into a testimony. So many heroes were wounded deeply before they were used greatly!”

    Tebow then added a video where he talked of the heroes in the Bible who were “wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly.” Tebow went on the say that you may not know what victories God is preparing you for, but you should persevere so that you don’t miss out on the possible great moments in your life…

    Tebow continues…

    “Bible believers, when we look at the Bible, and we see a lot of the heroes, a lot of times they truly were wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly,” Tebow said in the video. “So maybe you’re going through a time in your life where you feel like you’ve just been wounded greatly. It hasn’t been your year, hasn’t been your day — you just don’t feel like this is your time.”

    Tebow went on to urge people to rely on God’s providence.

    “You never know what God is doing with your life. You never know what he is preparing you for. So many times in the Bible,” he said, “when we look at the heroes, there were times in their life where — if they stopped, if they quit, if they said, ‘No, God, I’ve had enough’ — then they would have missed out on the most impactful, most influential times of their life.

    “Maybe that is the next step for you. Maybe that is tomorrow. Maybe that is next week, maybe that is next year. But when we quit, we will never know what we missed out on. We will never know what’s in store for us,” he continued.

    “We get to trust an unknown future to a known God, because we know how much he loves us,” he said. “We know what he did for us in sending his son. He gave his best for us.

    “Right where you’re at, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re going through, he loves you,” the minor leaguer concluded. “You were enough for his son to die on the cross, that’s how much you’re loved. Hold onto that in your time of need.”

    Later, “Twitter later told The Blaze that the censorship was an error and that the situation had been corrected.” Now there is no “sensitive content” warning on his post. The storm is raging

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    1. This is borderline cut-off for length of video, but since it may not need to be vetted considering familiarity with Christine Watkins about The Warning…

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    1. I am sorry, Victor. It is a glitchy thing. I have signed on vvith a company that does large batches of emails. I have a conference vvith them on VVednesday and then vvill use thee data vve have gathered from thee site and other sources to send direct group emails to all – and to respond. This is a pain, but I am getting it fixed.

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  12. The quality of the video is really bad. Not meaning the content for sure, but only the image and the sound. I simply couldn’t watch it 😦 . I think setting up at least 3 smartphones of random people would do the trick…

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  13. I live in an Inner urban area with lots of needs. Did you know Uncle Sam has free food for the asking? He gave us a refrigerator truck’s worth of 30,000 pounds of fresh produce already packaged in 25# boxes. We split the shipment with a local parish. We distributed 16,000 pounds on a street corner in a few hours a week ago Saturday. The church distributed 14,000#. Our neighbors got giddy again with generosity, delivering food to those without transportation. This was our second food distribution. This time we had so many offers of help that we had to ask some folks to pray for the operation and limit shifts. Folks thought up new ways to help us. We prayed and the forecasted very sunny humid 95degree day with storms too, waited till we ran out of food and packed up our canopies and signs way early. It was cloudy 82 degrees while we worked. Afterwards the forecast came true. We will ask for for another truck in August. It was fascinating watching two engineers figuring out the most efficient way to distribute the food, and how we and neighbors just enjoyed being a bit inefficient and joyful. Too much efficiency seems like it could take the heart out of things.

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  14. BYW. Has it struck anyone else that after each mass we “deep clean” the church? I think a prayer for deep cleaning the Church could become a devotion.

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    1. Thanks as always, CREWDOG, for your links. I have another interesting article, 8-4-2020, from Sundance, The Last Refuge. He highlights a former securities trader’s comment in which she shares her knowledge of why there has been all out illegal spying via the NSA on many people in our country. Insider trading. Pay offs. Blackmail. These are the buzzwords.

      The ELITES (Democrats, Republicans, Uniparty, UN, Vatican, Soros, etc.) didn’t/don’t want their gravy train disrupted. Who disrupted it? Trump. That is why there has been an all out assault on him since he became the presumptive nominee.

      Very interesting read…

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      1. Wow. Here’s another link from Sundsnce, 8-4-2020. The video of General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell is awesome. She’s a heroine of magnanimous proportions. She describes the enormous illegal spying by the NSA on many people, going back as far as 2014 during the Obama administration. She says that she hopes people will wake up to these government intrusions into our private lives in a supposedly free society, and this includes the contact tracing that they are trying to implement.

        Must watch video, 8 minutes,…

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        1. Texas, if we knew it all our heads would probably explode! It reminds me of a video Spiritdaily had a couple of weeks ago called, The Global Elite. The thing is, it’s easy to believe because we already know bits and pieces, such as your references here. All we can do is pray, and hope the Triumph is not far away! I’m afraid it is not as soon as we would all hope.

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            1. Amen, Texas and Annie. And it’s happening all over the world. I’m sure you noticed that there were a *lot* of virtual choirs with offerings during the time of lock downs. This may be cheesy to some, but I’ve always loved this song since discovering it in 8th grade when The Sound of Music was first released in theaters, 55 years ago. This rendition was made with 300 people from 15 countries.

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  15. Fellow TNRS’s. This is too rich in beauty not to share. Take heart, if God is with us, who can be against us?

    Today I was contemplating Anne A Lay Apostle’s Vol 7 and happened upon St. Damien words. Just yesterday I was discussing the AOC/St. Damien battle with a Prayer Warrior who prefers quiet prayer to keeping up with headlines. Please contrast what St. Damien said to Judie Brown’s most excellent post on the subject. It will give you absolute chills:

    Click to access English_Volume-7.pdf

    St. Damien:
    Children of God, it will become clear that souls are choosing sides in that souls following the enemy will persecute God’s followers and delight in doing so. It has never been God’s way to extract revenge for the sake of revenge, or to allow His children to do so. You will be called upon to answer in love. There are a great many readers pausing, I see. This is difficult, I know. I had my share of enemies on earth and this was difficult for me, particularly when I was being castigated for doing good in a time when few were willing to assist me. Their response was to slander me. I tell you this so you know that I understand what I am saying to you and I understand that it will be a great Christian challenge. But we, the saints, lived for these challenges and so must you. Do not fear that you will not serve. You will make mistakes, as I did, but generally Jesus will use you successfully to further His will. Love your enemy. That is the message and that has always been His message. I will help you

    Judie Brown:

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    1. In these dangerous times the rosary is a good way to show love. Let’s try to offer up prayers for all our political oppressors and those who vex us. St. Damien will help us beg God to bless them. Gulp, I have a long list, heh. Onward, squrriels!

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  16. Beckita and friends,

    Where can I find the best info. On the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

    Thank you!


    1. Little One, I don’t believe there is one best source. So much has been written on this topic. The Apostolate of the Blue Army was founded expressly to promote the Fatima messages from where we first heard of Our Lady’s Triumph. You can find the Apostolate online here. I also love the site The Mother of All Peoples for looking at the Fatima Message in light of additionally approved apparitions and messages. The Fatima page on that site is here. Also at this site is a page with links to articles about the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, found here. Happy Reading! 🙂

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      1. I too, would recommend The Mother of All Peoples. Today their latest email came and has a video about Garabandal, over an hour, but lovely. Of course they almost always begin the newsletter with the messages of The Lady of All Nations. Mark Miravalle works so hard promoting this.

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  17. Rest is good, get it when we can, because who knows how long these events will stretch out for…

    Most of us desire these hardships to be over tomorrow, but I can’t see in any way how that can happen without society & the world hitting rock bottom first, whatever it is…

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    1. …when you embrace Me, you are as well embracing My Cross; come closer to Me and have some share in My sufferings; bearing My Cross is a blessing; you and others do not seem to understand fully that this is the symbol that I, God, am resting on you; see what a privilege? the Godhead resting on his creatures? remain in the fiery embrace of your Creator and Bridegroom and set aside all your worries, temptations, failures and ailments, pains and anxieties and fall into bliss and forgetfulness, fall in the quiet and focus on Me, your God and All; I am All; in My embrace your soul will experience My hidden mysteries;

      I delight in your nothingness, I delight in children; remain in Me and never let go;…

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    2. Yes Al, hearts are so hardened and people are so blind, that I feel it will take “something big” to move our brothers and sisters back toward God. I believe He has a plan and I pray everyday for the Illumination of hearts and minds and the conversion of sinners. I pray that I too am “ready” and found worthy to serve Him when the time comes.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Yes, Gang … I always look for Good-News … but … These Days … ;-(

    Vatican II was hijacked by the same Lavender Marxists taht are major players in Democrat Party USA and EU Left I would expect!

    Pray for those trapped in Urban HellHoles!

    Mail-In Votes, violent street mobs, China Plague Hysteria and keeping CreepyJoe in the basement are the key strategies for Democrat Victory in November
    …. and DNC Media destorting, lying and Not reporting facts that don’t reflect well on Democrat Party/Global Left Agendas!

    A neighborhood friend sent me an interesting video interview with a former atheist Marxist turned Christian. & Rise & Fall Civilization expert. It looks like the site has a bunch of other videos many of which, may be?, Far-Out. I say “May-Be?”, ’cause what I might have thought to be Far-Out six months ago is happening before our Eyes/Ears .. Every Day NOW! Even Alex Jones and “The National Enquirer” gets it right on occasion.
    Anyway, Ya might want to check out the below ’cause it lays out the how, why & where we are in the USA. …. & a Spiritual Revival is our Only Hope … NOT Far-Out.
    “Civilization Expert – Fred Markert …… ”


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  19. The person in this video is a faculty member at Harvard Business School. His reputation is sterling on all fronts.
    The video is stunningly short and simple and, yet, the message is profound.

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  20. OPRAH hosts bizarre session on ‘white guilt’–This is so sad and continues the “race baiting” in my opinion. We cannot change the color of our skin. We can change our “character defects” and we all have many. Only followers of God can change hearts and minds, so that we all realize that we are all children of God–brothers and sisters each one of us.

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  21. Oprah is a leftist, and she’s doing what leftists do. It’s sad, but typical: another black gazillionaire bashes America and says that black folk can’t get a fair shake here because of Whitie.

    It’s beyond sad; it’s a lie, and it’s disgusting.

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