The Devil Went Down to Texas

Hellish landscape

Below, in its entirety, is an interview of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) President Jim Graham conducted by Church Militant. The article, by Christine Niles, contains additional material concerning Ft. Worth Bishop Michael Olson, who has been the leader in getting the Texas Bishops to support the state’s forced euthanasia law (Texas Advance Directives Act – or TADA). At the end, there is a link to material on how a witness accused Olson, in a court proceeding, of fantasizing about torturing and murdering a Priest. This is not hyperbole. I have been in possession of the court transcripts for about a month.

During the early stages over providing care for baby Tinslee Lewis, Olson publicly said he would gladly help transfer her to a Catholic hospital which would provide care. Several readers sent me notes with links to this saying there was at least one good Bishop in Texas. It sickened me, because I knew that even as he was saying this for public consumption, he was leading the charge to get the Bishops of Texas to file a brief encouraging the court to remove young Tinslee from life support, altogether. Sure enough, that is what they did. It may have been a fatal error for Olson, though, as I have had several credible reports that some Texas Bishops whose name appeared on the filing did not give their permission nor know it was coming. Combined with a canonical lawsuit with over 1,500 individual mandates demanding Olson’s removal from the Diocese because of abusive behavior, the end of his tenure may be in view. If so, that would be a boon to the pro-life movement and to the Catholics of Ft. Worth.

As I always note, I am an occasional consultant to TRTL and am close friends with the Grahams and many of the staff there. – CJ

Fort Worth Bishop Spearheaded Attacks on TX Right to Life

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by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  •  February 20, 2020    127 Comments

President Jim Graham says Bp. Michael Olson ringleader in anti-life measures


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FORT WORTH, Texas ( – Texas Bishop Michael Olson led the charge not only in attacking a prominent pro-life group but also supporting measures that would allow a “death panel” to determine if patients live or die.

“Michael Olson is really the person who drives their political agenda, the Texas Catholic Conference,” says Jim Graham, president of Texas Right to Life, in a recent interview with Church Militant. “It has become solely a political organization.”

Bishop Michael Olson allowed pro-abortion Democrat Marc Veasey  

to speak in one of his parishes in 2016 while banning TX Right to Life

The Texas bishops issued an advisory in 2018 essentially banning Texas Right to Life from holding events on diocesan property, criticizing its voters guide for counseling voters to reject any “faux pro-life” candidates who block authentically pro-life legislation while choosing to compromise with weaker measures.

“They’ve engaged heavily in politics,” Graham said of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, adding, “Bishop Olson is the person that’s driving it.”

While Olson supported the ban on Texas Right to Life, he had no problem allowing a pro-abortion Democrat to speak in his diocese.

In August 2016, Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey, U.S. representative for Texas’ 33rd district, spoke at All Saints Catholic Church in Fort Worth.

Veasey has been given a 100% rating by NARAL Pro-Choice America, and has consistently voted against pro-life measures, including the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have protected unborn children who feel pain from abortions. Veasey supports abortion through all nine months, and has attended rallies in support of Planned Parenthood.

(Click here and scroll down to watch the interview)
Olson has also led the vanguard in supporting the Texas Advanced Directives Act (TADA), “a deadly law,” according to Graham, “the worst in America.”

Bp. Michael Olson, Fort Worth, TX

“Prisoners who’ve been found guilty of heinous crimes by a jury of their peers have more due process and more right to life than a little baby does in Texas,” referring to Tinslee Lewis, a baby at the center of a legal battle between her family and the hospital, which wants to remove life-sustaining care, leading to her immediate death. Tinslee is in a hospital within Olson’s diocese.

While Texas Right to Life supplied attorneys to fight for Tinslee’s right to life, amazingly, the Texas bishops submitted an opposing brief arguing in favor of the hospital’s right to pull the plug based on the judgment of an ethics panel — what critics call a death panel — that determined her quality of life did not warrant further care. In Tinslee’s case, the care is a ventilator and feeding tube.

“I’ve sat in those committees; they are death panels,” Graham said. “In one case they actually said as the argument, ‘Well, this woman will never be able to balance a checkbook.’ And that was the argument for removing her life-sustaining care — not that she was dying, not that she was having systemic organ failure, but that her quality of life was too low.”

In one case they actually said as the argument, ‘Well, this woman will never be able to balance a checkbook.’Tweet

Once the hospital decides a patient’s quality of life no longer warrants life-sustaining care, the patient’s family has only 10 days to find another hospital willing to take him in — an unrealistic timeline.

“This is coming back to Michael Olson; he is the main person who has kept this law in place,” said Graham, a faithful Catholic. “Increasingly the general public is aghast at what’s going on, but Bp. Olson is making sure that that law is not changed, remains in place, and that his hospitals and the hospitals around the nation have the power over life and death.”

Bp. Olson Voting Democrat?

Graham has researched the voting records of Texas bishops, which has revealed disturbing results. Out of 15 bishops total, five of them have consistently voted in Democratic primaries in Texas. Another bishop has voted in nine straight Democratic primaries. Most others have a mixed record.

Bishop Olson has voted in three primaries total: Republican in 2016 and 2018, and Democratic in 2010. It’s unclear why he chose to vote in the Democratic primaries in 2010, a year when it was more important than ever to vote Republican, as that involved the Tea Party wave.

In Olson’s district in 2010, pro-abortion Republican Kay Granger was being challenged in the primary by fellow Republican Michael Brasovan, the pro-life, Tea Party candidate. Granger was the only GOP candidate who supported abortion. Olson had the opportunity to openly oppose her and send a strong pro-life message in that election, but instead chose to vote Democrat.

Olson also passed up the opportunity to support pro-life Gov. Rick Perry, who experienced a difficult primary fight against pro-abortion Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Instead, the bishop abandoned the Republican races and switched parties.

Olson has been the subject of 10 lawsuits, both canonical and civil, from both priests and laity. More than 1,500 mandates have been signed by Catholics and sent to Rome demanding the removal of Olson from his diocese over malfeasance and abusive speech and behavior. Recently aired testimony from a longtime confidant and friend reveals that Olson allegedly once wanted to torture and murder a priest, leading to questions about the bishop’s psychological fitness for office.

Watch the full interview here.


96 thoughts on “The Devil Went Down to Texas

  1. One word comes to mind in response to Bishop Olson’s non-Christian, inhumane maneuvers: Enough!

    Praying he is removed and that he turns away from the old man to reach for the Mercy that is his for the asking. Justice and Mercy.

    Thank you, Charlie, for bringing this to our awareness.

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  2. I read the original of this series in 2011 and actually threw out my printed-off copy three days ago but went back and pulled it out of the recycling. I am glad I did. Please, at least scan it (I know it is a long series but…well, it is a sign of hope from long ago that we need now.
    It starts: (I ran this series originally back in 2011.  I am rerunning it now, because the contemporary Church is greatly harmed by the unwillingness of so many clerics to confront evil forthrightly.  In this year of Mercy we must not forget the need to cry out for Justice, and that is precisely what the Lion of Munster did.)

    And here is the ending: Blessed Von Galen was a true German patriot and a true Catholic. It rended his heart to see his beloved Germany under the control of a group of anti-Christian gangsters calling themselves Nazis, but that sorrow did not deter him from standing firm, in the worst of circumstances, to the Church, the bearer across all the centuries of the love and hope of Christ. May we all be equally steadfast if the occasion calls for it.

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    1. Thank You JoyfulHope20 for the perfect timing of calling our attention to the 2016 reposting of the 2011 series by Donald R. McClarey. Perfect reading for Lent as the article suggests.
      “The need to cry out for Justice” continues.

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    2. Thanks for the links. Here’s another relating to Pope Pius XII. I read that the Vatican archives will be opened sometime this year relating it’s acts in WWII Germany. There was an major relationship with the German underground fighting the Nazis.
      Unfortunately the same elements have emerged here in the US in the Democrat party be it either Bloomberg (ironically) or Sanders. The target is the RC Church. Does anyone else see that the same holocaust that happened in Germany, Russia, Cambodia, China has already happened here. I am astonished at the absolute hypocrisy of it all.

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    3. What a contrast the Lion of Munster aka Von Galen is to Bishop M Olsen. Von Galen’s courage was extraordinary. I wonder when Saint JPII said “Be not afraid” if he had Von Galen on his mind.

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  3. Thank you for posting this information. I’m in TX and this is so disheartening. We’re in the process of getting a Guiding Star Center (true Women’s healthcare—well women exams, lab work, and so much more—but nothing anti-life) going in our city. It’s a huge endeavor that God is blessing and Bishops gong against life is so discouraging.
    Though I’m far from Ft. Worth, our Bishop came here from Dallas. I will be checking to see if he’s involved with this TADA law.

    On another note, though. I can’t speak to the Ft. Worth area, and I appreciate seeing the specific examples of races in the primaries in question. But I live in a heavily democratic area of the state. I am a registered Republican, but often vote in the Democratic primaries. If I don’t, I will have no vote in local races. Democrats are generally running unopposed by any Republican, so I vote in the primary to help choose the District Attorney and various Judges. I always leave the presidential candidate blank. I will be doing that this year, as well, as our DA race is very important. If someone were to condemn me and many other pro-life Christians in my city because of our voting in the Democratic primaries, it would be quite unfair. So, I think that *could* be a misleading fact about Bishop Olson and others.
    I will continue to pray for the purification of Christ’s church! 🙏

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  4. Just when I started to think Debbie Wasserman Schultz had faded into obscurity and I would never again experience the pain of seeing her face, there she is right behind the speaker in the ‘Pretty (disgusting) in Pink’ group.
    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    Thanks a lot, CM.

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  5. Charlie, thank you for posting this and highlighting this issue that we are dealing with in Texas. 5 years ago when this TADA became law , I wrote to my bishop (not Olsen), and personally asked my priest, “Why…just why…are the Texas bishops not supporting life? Why are they working against the Texas Right to Life in our parishes and our state?” All I get is, “Well, it’s complicated.”
    This is not an answer. (Let your “yes” mean “yes” and your “no” mean “no.”)

    Why no bishop in the state of Texas has broken ranks from the TCCB and denounced this horrific TADA law is beyond my comprehension. It makes me not want to contribute to my bishop’s annual appeal. After all, if he will not stand up against evil like this anti-life law, then why would I support any other cause no matter how noble? Instead, the money that I would have given to my bishop’s annual appeal will be given to Texas Right to Life Organization. Their “yes” does mean “yes.”

    Also I read this original Church Militant article about Bishop Olsen on their website. I went there to read the comments. I like to read the comments. And I came across not only several anti-Texas Right to Life comments, but also this one about Charlie…from
    Daniel (2 days ago)…
    “Texas Right to Life’s Graham is associated with false visionary Charlie Johnston. Johnston is an advisor to Graham and his wife. The archdiocese of Denver labeled Johnston’s prophecies false and banned him from speaking in the Denver area. I would not associate with any group that openly works with a false seer!!”

    Just wanted to give you a “heads up,” Charlie. And to let you know that your title leading into this post was right on. The devil is making himself at home here in Texas. Praying many rosaries for our Mother Church, our Texas, and our nation.

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    1. Thanks for telling me of the last, Tex. I am not a premium subscriber to CM so cannot see or make comments there. The Archdiocese of Denver did NOT label me false and did NOT ban me from speaking in the Denver area. It did restrict me from speaking on Church property in Denver so as not to be seen as endorsing me. It neither condemns nor approves of me. I remain under obedience to my Archbishop in his lawful authority over me and we remain in sporadic contact. I remain in good standing with the Archdiocese. Perhaps you or someone you know who is a premium subscriber could note that in their comments section.

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      1. Charlie and Tex,

        Just posted this response on Church Militant website:

        Hi Daniel,
        It’s important in this ferocious battle against evil to speak the truth in all things. To speak falsely about a person, as you know, is calumny. I assume your best intentions, therefore I will not call it slander, which implies malicious intent.
        In Charlie’s own words, 2/24/20
        “The Archdiocese of Denver did NOT label me false and did NOT ban me from speaking in the Denver area. It did restrict me from speaking on Church property in Denver so as not to be seen as endorsing me. It neither condemns nor approves of me. I remain under obedience to my Archbishop in his lawful authority over me and we remain in sporadic contact. I remain in good standing with the Archdiocese.”


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        1. Thanks, Arwen, for responding to Daniel’s comment on Church Militant website and defending Charlie. Your reply is spectacular! I was heading on over there to do the same when I read your reply. We do need to defend those that defend the faith, i.e. Charlie, Texas Right to Life, etc., from these malicious attacks.

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  6. Thank you for this, Charlie. I will pray for Bishop Olson, and that he may be removed. He has blood on his hands.

    On an unrelated tangent, I would like to suggest caution in signing any Non-disclosure agreements. When they are used to preserve proprietary trade secrets and procedures, I have no problem. However, as the abuse crisis and Harvey Weinstein situation have exposed, they have been used for years to cover up crimes and injustices. What sickens me, frustrates me and angers me is when so called Catholic Institutions routinely use these NDAs to cover up. it is also quite disillusioning when you find Catholic institutions conformed to the spirit of the world, instead of that of Christ. No, I am not naive, I know this gone on and has for years, but we expect our Catholic institutions and hierarchy to act in accord with the Gospel.

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  7. In one case they actually said as the argument, ‘Well, this woman will never be able to balance a checkbook.’Tweet

    Actually, I am pretty darn sure this is what happened to my mom at hospice in Ohio! “The powers that be…” that ironically aren’t on this side of the veil anymore decided it was time to not take liquids or food.

    Once this person found out she gulped down a full glass of water in the middle of the night, this person wouldn’t leave her side to make sure she got no more! It took them 11 days to starve my mom to death!

    The Pope calls this sleuth euthanasia. Mike walked in the room and said right away…”Linda, they are starving her to death!”

    She probably would have died on her own not long after but I heard Patrick Madrid say if it took your mom 11 days to die, your mom died from starvation! He said this to another fellow on the radio, not me! It seems if we are no longer useful from womb to the tomb, it’s time to go.

    God help us all!


    Great piece, Charlie!

    Good to know what’s going on in Texas too!

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    1. Just a Sojourner: just a note Bernie Sanders is by birth Jewish but is an announced atheist. Bloomberg too of course is Jewish but I do not know if he is an atheist or not. I do not know if he has said so or not. For me Bloomberg’s politics are reminiscent of George Soros’s politics. In any case, I was listening to talk radio 2 days ago and the show host made some remarkable comments about Bloomberg that I thought could not be possible. So I looked up the topic and there it was reported in two different NYC (one the NYTimes, the other linked below) publications about 18 years ago. The articles both were heaping praise on Bloomberg. Pay particular attention to paragraph #8 but especially paragraph #12. Keep in mind this was a “Christmas “ party that he arranged for his employees and other London social elites. I think it goes to define his innermost character.

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      1. Wow, just wow, Joanne! I’m speechless, but shouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point. So much is hidden about all these liberals. I pray that Trump’s people dig it up for the election. One example for Christians to be pleased, “Mayor Pete’s” brother in law said everything Pete says is anti-God. The BIL is a pastor! I mean pleased that the BIL spoke out. Then there’s Bernie and Castro……!
        Please God!


        1. I had a friend from years ago after weekday Mass tell a group of us that she prayed every day that Jesus would surround her husband with angels when he was at work. He was an executive for a major snack (chips, etc) corporation in NYC and the corporate culture was particularly anti family (polite way of describing it). But the Bloomberg “Christmas” party celebrating the seven deadly sins is a slap at Christianity but defines Bloomberg’s base character and his anti faith bias in all political positions. I keep thinking about how much corruption he sowed that night….

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  8. Listened to last Friday’s drew Mariani show with Peter Grandich on stock market crash. He said it’s not so much about virus but because of our world wide reliance on China who is shutting down… yikes!!! 🤭

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    1. I think it’s probably both-and, Linda. The virus is having its impact on those who personally suffer from and die from it while awareness of the worldwide economic impact is being realized by many. The Storm intensifies. SO grateful for the focus on next right steps.

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      1. Actually first part of drew Mariani had doctor on who said this thing could kill 170 million people I just posted it on my fb site but I guess we’ve all known this is all coming down the pipes for awhile now.. most I know are going off the rail ..time to get real serious and pray, fast, confess, adore Jesus We trust in you

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      2. Actually, both those factors have been known for quite some time. I suggest that what changed is that Bernie Sanders became the front-runner for the Democrats on Saturday and this was the first trading day where investors could register their alarm. Foreign investors who were bringing their money here for safe haven stopped doing that and even may have withdrawn some funds due to fear that we will all end up feeling the Bern. Once they realize that he can’t win, things related to *this* factor will straighten themselves up a bit. Also, the market was due for a pause anyway – it was just time. Investor psychology sets the stage for the general perception of the news, not the other way around. When a market is ready to decline, it will focus on a bad story, while when it is ready to rise, it will ignore that same bad story or spin it into a good story.

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  9. Truly a disquieting article, and tragic situation for all. From Retired Bishop Gracida:
    “If there is one characteristic that is common to the leadership of the Church since the Second Vatican Council is disregard for law, all law, divine law and canon law. Men who would be architects of the Church of the Future ignore the law of God and the law of His Church. That is why some cling to the outmoded concept of ‘universal acceptance’ of a man who obtained the Chair of Peter through the manipulations of many who by their immoral lives reveal their contempt for law, all law, including Divine Law.”
    -Bishop René Henry Gracida (on today – not for this article, but still fits!)

    This Blessed man has put it into a nut shell, naming the disregard for all of God’s Laws, and Teachings, which are becoming their (evil’s) stumbling stones…”Lest they dash their foot against the stone!” . ‘They’ are coming out of the wood work, (literally) now. We are very very close to seeing their true beings. Not to sound ominous, but Mike Adams from the Natural News wrote and did an amazing piece on this explaining his thoughts on what is happening, and who they are.can be seen on entitled: “Counter Think with Mike Adams Top ten revelations that prove Democrats are DEMON.” Interesting analysis for sure. Could be right. We are coming in too soft, I think. The other day, I was listening to a Catholic show…(not sure which one anymore) but the commentator said, this week end we twent he “46th” Right to Life walk, then he stopped and said “46th, can that be, and we still have not ridden the USA of this plague!” Or something like that… the idea being, too few are doing the work, too many are sitt’n back and wait’n! And OH, my goodness! Everytime, there is an opportunity, look what happens. A blizzard or a virus or a massive shooting; or a large earthquake; or an explosion; or a …..get the idea/distraction! It will get much worse before it becomes any better.
    I wrote the President a letter (actually several) telling him, yes telling him, this will never be a great country until abortion has been eradicated, and the Christian family has been placed back into the core of this nation. How’s that going for us!
    AVE MARIA! O’Blessed Mother.

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  10. Wow. I know a number of otherwise highly competent people who routinely don’t balance their checkbooks. Whoever allegedly said that was probably kidding (not funny), but it does oddly reflect the arbitrary standards for who is deemed worthy of care and who is not. Dangerous.

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    1. MarieUrsula, I think it would be a very interesting query to ask all the members of that particular board if all of them balance their own checkbooks successfully every month. I’m so used to clueless hypocrisy these days that I would be unsurprised if one or more board members do not balance their checkbook but leave it to others or leave it undone because it’s “beneath them” or they’re “too busy doing such good work” when in fact they can’t do it themselves.

      My mother has told me that when she was very young and had her first checking account, she went to her father and said proudly, “I balanced my checkbook! I’m only off by a penny!” to which he said, “Then you really didn’t balance your checkbook, did you?” Before I took over her accounting a number of years ago (she’s 95 now), I found she was putting in balance adjustments more often than not. Even I, brilliant and obsessive as I am (ha!), very occasionally find it hard to be precise to the penny every time.

      This member of that board probably subscribes to the Georgia Guidestone philosophy of radical depopulation, since so many people actually don’t always balance their checkbooks, no matter how hard they try, and many don’t try at all, and many more don’t even *have* checkbooks. I would estimate that several billion people would have to die to satisfy this board member’s criterion.

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I guess I’ll have to laugh so hard that tears come out of my eyes.

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            1. Yeah, in the triangle, as it were between 60, 45, and 22. It was a booming place back then. We had 180 guest rooms, a coffee shop, a formal dining room, a show lounge (live entertainment six nights a week) and banquets for about 800. (We always said for up to a thousand, but while we could handle conferences for a thousand, we could really only accommodate 750-800 for a sit-down dinner all at once). Good times!

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              1. I used to stay there when I visited our company headquarters.  We did training there too for customers. It was also the first place my brother stayed at when he first moved to the area.  The company was on Armor Blvd. in Mundelein.  It now resides off of Half Day Rd in Buffalo Grove.  The hotel had changed a lot since you described it.  Must have gone down hill when you left 😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


        1. It’s been a while for me too. That was a time when I thought differently about money. Now it’s more like paper trails and interest highway robbery. When I did however, it was to the penny, most times. Far less stress indeed. ❤

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        2. Oh heck Steve & Sean, I’m a tax accountant by trade but since doing on line baking the bank does it automatically for me. Even the IRS lets you round off!

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          1. Joanne, I’m not sure how the Death Committee will view people who find a bake, er, a bank to do the reconciliation for them automatically. Perhaps they’ll decide you’re just a rounding error, and they’ll leave you alone. :-))

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      1. You’re all doomed. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  11. Hey Charlie! Your comment that “all will be made known” has never left me. I have seen that revealed so many times since you spoke it. Lately, Vanier and now Bp Olson ( what a Judas!). And I recently read there are still pockets of abusers left in the Legionaries (How can a bad tree bear good fruit?). But there have been many others that I can’t remember right now over the last year or two. You sure were right on with that one. Take care Jacquie

    St Joseph pray for us.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  12. Thank you for this post. As a member of the Dallas Diocese I sincerely hope our Bishop Burns does not support Olsens views as he a strong supporter of the Catholic ProLife organization in Dallas. And I can’t imagine that he would support euthanasia. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    1. Sadly, no active Bishop in Texas has publicly challenged the forced euthanasia law (other than retired Bishop Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi – who, while very active, no longer runs a Diocese). Now, I am privy to a handful of Bishops there who are wrestling with doing so, thinking that living solidarity with Catholic Doctrine might be a better choice than living solidarity with the boys club of the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops. For some years, Bishop Olson has been the undisputed political leader of the Texas Conference – even while Houston’s Cardinal DiNardo was head of the USCCB. One of those who may break ranks is somewhat expected…but one, if he does, will create shock waves in the whole conference. It seems some are tired of the hypocrisy, but at least a few are deeply alarmed at the hubris of Olson in purporting to “speak” for them without even bothering to ask anymore. Appending the names of all the Bishops to the intervention saying they were okay with terminating Tinslee Lewis without informing those that Olson feared might object may well prove to be a fatal move by Olson. I would not comment on a particular Bishop even where I have knowledge, lest that tip off Olson and his cohorts who they need to target and harass. But I will say there is a stirring of conscience rising in Texas Bishops that I pray will soon become a flood of real renewal.

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      1. May our ASOH community go into intensified prayer and sacrifice in this season for the cause of turning the hearts of the Texas Bishops to move from a stirring of conscience to a breakthrough of holy boldness with the courage to say: “No more compromising. I will preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified til my dying days.” And may all of this, in turn, become the start of such a movement within the interior of all Bishops in this country and beyond. Some of those old liturgical folk songs had some great one-liners, such as, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

        Heavenly Father, send anew Your Holy Spirit into the hearts and minds of Bishops everywhere as we pray that You anoint Your Son’s Beloved Bride so that the spark of a New Beginning in Texas becomes a blaze of Prelate Faithfulness all over this world.

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            1. Amen, Beckita and Maggie! For the Bishops and all US Catholics! Our own Bishop pushes LGBT and has been mentioned nationally with Cupich as notorious. Lord, what has happened?! Cause your people to pray and repent!

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  13. Charlie, i was reminded of your prophecy about safe haven/ refuges and your desire to build one
    in a particular place when reading the prophecy of Fr Michel Rodrigue the other day. You both coincide very closely on the significance of spiritually protected places of safety during the chastisement period …. are/were you aware of Fr Rodrigue when you wrote about such sites?
    have you managed to do anything on getting that refuge constructed?


    1. There must be some confusion, BJ. I certainly applaud those folks who use the money they have now to prepare to help others later, I have never planned any such things myself. I am a bit leery of the refuge movement because much of it seems to think all the good little boys and girls will be spared any serious trouble while the rest of those poor sob’s get smited. I think that is exactly the wrong kind of triumphalist arrogance that will get its advocates rebuked hard by God. I am much more of a prepare in place kind of guy…and I know that the trials come to ALL. We are not called to sit it out and watch others get clobbered, but are called to be God’s hands and feet to help those around us and call them back to the only safety – which is in God. I have had several people direct me to Fr. Rodrigue, but he does not move me at all.

      Again, it is a bit of a balancing act: I think those who use the resources they have now to prepare to help others later make a worthy offering. I think those who think God is going to shepherd all the good little boys and girls to a place of safety where they can sit out the trials is not just wrong, but dangerously wrong – and wrong in a way that endangers souls.

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      1. I am a bit confused Charlie but Jlynn has just reminded me of your Mt Meeker
        intended construction. I wrongly remembered it seems that you saw this as a place where
        spiritual and physical refuge from fallout of chastisement times could be found.
        Is there any development on that hoped for construction. Fr Rodrigue does make some
        very startling prophecies which are not far removed from your expectations of imminent collapse
        a few years back. He was given Vatican approval to create a new order and build a seminary to prepare priests for whatever the near future has in store, and his expectation is for a collapse similar to
        what you foresaw/foresee. i am inclined to believe you were only incorrect on timing.

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        1. Hi BJ. I think you’re describing the yet to be constructed Shrine of Thanksgiving. However, our hearts and energies are set on the current work in which we’re immersed: this Storm that’s rockin’ our Church and culture.

          Fr. Rodrigue brings to mind all the many articles Charlie wrote about prophecy and the many ways and layers of interpreting prophecy. Remember that piece which was reprinted numerous times at TNRS: Through a Glass Darkly? It was the one which stressed keeping our eyes focused on God and the next right steps before us because that’s about all we can truly manage as the Storm reaches its crest of intensity.
          God bless you, BJ.

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        2. Actually, BJ, I expect the Shrine to commemorate the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It would be a place of celebration after that Triumph, not a place to hunker down in anticipation of it. May God bless and keep you.

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      1. yes, Mt Meeker Jlynn! i thought Charlie had said in the past this was to be
        a place of refuge in the chastisement and that he would survive the calamities to assist
        others at that time, in this place …. Fr Rodrigue is saying this and i was reminded of Charlie’s belief
        in impending calamity and subsequent trials for us all

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  14. Charlie, have you heard that one of the signers of The Declaration of Truths from May 31, 2019 has made the English-speaking news: Abp-Bishop Jan Pawel Lenga?

    Along with Bp. Athanasius Schneider, the other co-signers of the recent declaration were Cdl Burke, Cardinal Janis Pujats, Archbishop emeritus of Riga, and Tomash Peta, Archbishop of the archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana. Perhaps God would have them make similar news themselves.

    As one commenter elsewhere said, “The Overton Window has another crack, and now the light and Spirit of Truth has an opening powerfully powered by the grace of our Lenten sacrifices.”


      1. I am pretty sure that you misunderstood the praying for him part, Bekita. When Abp Lenga prays the Mass, he uses Pope Benedict’s name, not Francis’ in the Eucharistic Prayer. I suspect but do not know that Abp Lenga prays for Cdl Bergoglio just as I and many do–we pray for his conversion but not necessarily his intentions.

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        1. I would have banned him, as well. It is one thing to have an opinion, but another to try to unilaterally impose that opinion on a Diocese. It is the duty of the collective Council of Cardinals to make such decisions, not a single Bishop. I adamantly oppose it for the same reason I oppose letting the German Bishops or any other Bishop to defy the Church on matters of faith and morals – or for this Bishop to defy the Church. It disgusts me – and as irritated as I get with Pope Francis, this is exactly the sort of thing that discredits his opposition. I am not a law unto myself and neither is any Bishop.

          I pray this was not a sly way of trying to re-introduce the BiP controversy here.

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          1. Perhaps you have additional information or found something that I missed in the article at the link, Charlie. In all fairness because most of the information about the exact statements of Abp Lenga and the specifics about the distancing that the Polish Bishops’ Conference has employed and announced regarding him are primarily in Polish at this time, for myself I find it more prudent to reserve judgement. In the limited articles that I have found in English about Abp Lenga, the one from The Tablet is the only one that mentions “antichrist”. The others all say ‘heretic’. Being wary in general of the MSM and thus giving him the benefit of the doubt, could it be that the Abp may have been misquoted?

            To be sure, the other prelates in apparent opposition to Pope Francis who co-signed the May 2019 Declaration of Truths with Abp Lenga have indicated what is true (and by implication what is not true or perhaps even heretical) and have not gone so far as to label anyone in particular a heretic. They simply put forth what are unchanging and unchangeable Catholic teachings. It would appear that Abp Lenga has publicly gone further than the others and has been banned for doing so.

            As for unilateral impositions by bishops or small groups of bishops, as you know we’ve had Communion in the hand and other novelties underhandedly and unilaterally imposed on a whole nation by the will of Cdl Bernadine and his NCCB “Chicago Machine” under the guise of collective ‘collegiality’. Again, in the case of Abp Lenga, I don’t know the specifics of some kind of “unilateral imposition” that he was attempting to impose anywhere. Would you point me to that information, please? In fact what I’ve gathered is that he has been assisting the Church in Poland and has not been assigned his own diocese while there. ( According to the article at this link, he is in or near the Ukraine. (What is it about the Ukraine right now? Seriously.)

            I will stand corrected but from what I gather he publicly spoke of his own opinion and his own choice of action (naming Pope Benedict at the te igetur) in recent TV interviews–none of them in English. Again, I will stand corrected as more information comes to light. (As an aside, in doubtful times, doesn’t a priest have the right through his own office per Canon 40 to simply say “in union with The Holy Father” and not name anyone man specifically during the Canon of the Mass? Would Desmond or someone else give an opinion on Canon 40 in regard to this possible choice?)

            As for “a sly way of trying to introduce the BiP controversy here”, along with the fact that you and Bekita prudently moderate comments at ASOH, it can be seen from the date on the article that it is a current event that happens to be tracking the growing irritation that many, including yourself, express while at the same time tracking the growing and undeniable visible split in the Church.

            (Another aside for further clarification, please: Is not a Bishop ‘the law’–so to speak–in his own diocese? I mean as long as he stays within Scripture and Tradition, of course. I ask because when looking at Canon Law myself trying to figure out canonical grounds for Interfaith Prayer Services taking place at the ambo of the diocesan Cathedral, it seemed pretty clear to me that according to those canons whatever the Bishop determined to be doable was doable. Maybe even unilaterally doable?)

            You’ve explained to us that you’ve been tasked to “tell them true” and so you have and so you faithfully continue to do. It would seem that part of telling us true is keeping us informed with current events. By posting the current event that has only recently come to light in the English speaking world and expressing your disgust over what was presented in it, it seems to me that you have again been faithful to your task.

            I would hope that as more of the specifics are translated into English you would consider allowing those specifics to be brought to ASOH’s attention as well. Of course, it is up to you to tell us true as without a doubt you faithfully continue to do. This was not a “sly way of trying to reintroduce the BiP controversy here”.


            1. Ooops! On re-reading the article at novenanews, I understand that Abp Lenga was born in the Ukraine NOT that he is now living near or in it.


            2. Oh, I think we do a pretty good job here of covering the controversies in the Church. That is not so much the issue. Since I started this and the former website, I have had maybe a dozen times when a poster decided that they should decide what my focus should be and what everyone else on the site should (or even must) believe – and tried to hijack the site so that their priority was the major focus of my site. At various times I have had very persistent groups trying to force me to support Caritas in Birmingham (which I don’t), Holy Love in Cleveland (which I don’t), that I must make this website a relentlessly pro-Trump site (back in 2016 when I was NOT sure), and that I must support Pope Francis whatever he says about anything, whether or not it contradicts the Gospels or the Magisterium. Some have helpfully explained to me why I was headed straight to hell if I did not adopt their position and pretend it was my own. I thank you for not giving me that sort of helpful advice.

              I’m going to be a bit immodest here for a moment. I built this audience – and though the regular commenters are only a handful, we continue to get about 3,000 readers per day. It is the basics of human nature that people who cannot build a stable audience of their own think if they could just hijack my audience and get me to parrot their own ideas, then they would get a much wider following. To the contrary, there is no magic fairy dust that builds an audience. It is done by staying true to fundamental principles, open to competing interpretations, and using my best discernment and taking responsibility for it. Fail to do that and the audience would evaporate – as it should.

              Most of my friends are deeply disturbed by many of the things Pope Francis says and does – a disquiet I share. A few of my friends have come up with a prescription by which they think all things will be set to right, a prescription that I don’t buy at all. Some, in their frustration, have started saying that any who don’t buy that are not orthodox or not truly Catholic or whatever. I say any formula which dismisses such men as Cardinals Sarah, Mueller, Burke and Archbishop Schneider as insufficiently Catholic or orthodox needs to clean its own house before lecturing others. But I get that these sorts of things rise with the frustration of not being able to persuade others that a particular faction has found the one, inerrant way forward. Then I see people like Br. Alex Bugnolo rise within that particular faction. I immediately delete anything that comes in from him anymore because I regard him as the Adam Schiff of the BiP movement. If the evidence actually supports his point, he will make a good case. If it completely contradicts his point, he will dance on the head of a pin to try to convince people it proves his case. He reminds me of some of the more wacko man-made climate change activists. If it is unusually warm for a season, it proves their point. If it is unusually cold, it proves their point. If we have a hurricane, it proves their point. If we have no serious hurricanes in a season, it proves their point. No matter what happens, it proves their point. I used to fire researchers who, no matter what the evidence, twisted themselves in knots to show how it proved what they thought before they examined the evidence.

              So, I do not shut down such discussion altogether, but I will NOT let it become the focus of my site. If it is numbers of adherents that you want to tout, well, as loud as they are, the BiP crowd does not even constitute a rounding error. If it is the weight of their arguments, they ought to convince at least one or two active and orthodox Cardinals of the merit of those arguments before expecting large numbers of laymen to jump on board. Then again, almost all of the Sanhedrin rejected Jesus as an obvious fraud – so the mere fact that most people and top officials reject what they consider the sophistry of the BiP arguments does not mean it is necessarily so. Ultimately, each must choose and be prepared to justify their choice before God. I know some very good people who have chosen to go the BiP route who will be able to do so. I know many more who go the opposite route who will be able to do so. I know that all who choose to try to push their particular point of view by telling anyone who disagrees that they are deficient in the eyes of God jeopardize their own salvation and increase their time in purgatory – even if they turn out to be objectively right.

              I don’t quash discussion here except when it becomes obsessive, seeks to hijack the purpose of this site, or treats others abusively. I don’t think you are doing that at all right now – but you have done it in the past, so I am a little hyper-aware of when you start drawing it in that direction.

              Our purpose here is encapsulated in the dictum to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around us. I call on people to examine themselves, then to speak with candor, charity and boldness as we seek to help each other find the way forward. Every Pope, every leader, garners some serious critics. I happen to be a critic of this Pope. But I am under no illusions that my criticisms are decisive – or that everyone must share my particular vantage point. If we were to start amassing signs of a big movement from every time a critic pops up, we could indict every Pope or leader who has ever existed. Right now, there are only a handful of serious people advocating the BiP position. I will tell you frankly that I listened more carefully to their arguments before they started smearing the most orthodox Cardinals for not sharing their position.

              This may grow, though I don’t really think so. But whether it does or not, our focus here will be to stick to the little each of us can do by taking the next right step. Many would like a different focus for the site. I tell them to do the work to get their own audience – work that requires more than having a particular point of view. God will ultimately set things to right, using us as His hands and feet. AS much as I encourage people to live that, I do not think we can live it well by becoming zealous, one-trick ponies. So we will continue as we have, to the best of our ability.

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  15. Yikes are y’all getting Our good friend Desmond fb post on coronavirus??? Yikes.. but I guess we’ve known all this or something like this for quite awhile Went to confession today and Fr told me every now and then God sends supervirus to wake us up🙏🙏🙏

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      1. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

        You will recall that about two weeks ago, I wrote the following:
        “the Center for Disease Control[CDC] now is ‘scrambling’ to prepare Americans for the strong possibility that there is a high risk/probability Carona will now ‘establish a foothold in the USA’.”

        Just today the CDC announced that, “It’s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses.”

        Please understand I’m not just guessing about what I posted this morning — any more than I was guessing in what I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

        I will be posting more on this in the near future.

        All my love in Christ


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      2. Dear All,

        It gives me no joy to post this missive. I simply think I have a moral responsibility to do so – as so many people have been asking me in private what I think about the subject – people from almost every level, fellow parishioners, to old friends in the U.S., to others outside the country.

        I have recently been researching this subject fairly heavily – including with some people from the scientific community of my acquaintance.

        ARE YOU AWARE THAT?: …
        1. The Corona Virus [COVID 19] is already reaching dire levels even beyond the bounds of china.

        2. Its initial inbreak in Wuhan, China, has raised great speculation as to its cause, largely due to the fact that the Corona Virus broke out just a few miles from a Level 4 Bio-warfare Lab in that city.

        3. Whatever its specific geographic source and cause, there is no question that the initial official silence of the Chinese Govt. about its outbreak – and the continued underplaying of the advanced spread of its contagion in China, those two things have allowed it to spread so fast – at this point, worldwide.

        Various parts of the world outside of China are now experiencing the INITIAL WAVE of COVID19.

        4. If you are not aware of it, much of Northern Italy is now undergoing draconian steps on the part of the Govt. to try to curtail the spread of Corona Virus there – particularly in the Milano area. The area around Milano is the industrial and financial center and heartland of all of Italy. As a matter of fact, Milano has been the leading financial center of Western Europe since 2014.

        Here is a direct quote from yesterday’s L.A. Times on the seriousness of the COVID 19 outbreak in Italy:

        “The death toll rose to seven, and more than 220 people were infected and 50,000 forced into quarantine, as Italy, the European epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, tried to contain the damage to its economy.

        Just three cases had been reported in Italy until last week, before a surge in infections in the north, centering on 10 small towns in the Lombardy region and one in the neighboring Veneto region.

        On Monday, police roadblocks were set up around the towns, as businesses were ordered to close, with the exception of some food stores, and residents were told to stay home.”

        That’s the end of the quote from the L.A. Times. Were you previously aware of the size and rapidity of the spread of the Corona Virus in Italy?

        5. The Corona Virus will come in waves – at least two – quite likely three. In the first wave being experienced now, the death toll will be relatively low amongst those who become infected. In the second wave, the death toll will quite likely be much higher.

        So why am I telling [in some cases reminding] you of all this? It is to bring us clearly to the understanding that in all things, God is truly in charge. Those who are putting forth serious effort to respond well to His graces should have nothing to fear. It is a basic theological maxim that: everything which occurs in this world is something which God either allows or does.

        Most of my FB followers already realize that very large parts of our world are morally sick unto spiritual death. This has happened many times before in salvation history. For merely one example: Remember the warnings – including deadly plagues which God gave to Pharoah and Egypt to straighten up and let “His people go”?

        If you’ve read ‘Trial, Tribulation and Triumph’ you already were at some level or another aware of the prophecies from literally many dozens of Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable about warnings from God which would come in our time. You will probably specifically recall the prophecies of wars, civil wars, and plagues.

        What we are seeing is one of multitudinous warnings God has either sent to earth or simply allowed to develop – particularly in the last century.

        God is telling the world to repent and do serious penance. It may be only a coincidence that this threat of plague is coming more fully to light AT THE VERY ADVENT OF LENT – THE SEASON FOR SERIOUS PENANCE.

        All my love in Christ


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          1. My pleasure Maggie🤗 I’d get on fb just to be able to speak with Desmond…he’s just the most wonderful man (probably a SAint😇)) and he talks to us all and generally cares about us all.. yes I’d do it Maggie even if you only friend him and me of course🤣

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            1. That would be nice, however, the matter is out of my hands, b/c hubby’s company strongly advises their employees not to use FB. Will order Desmond’s book. Wish Trump would add Dr. Ben Carson to Pence’s team for the virus response commission.

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              1. That would be good in regards to dr Ben . Yes I don’t blame u if hubby company says no .. for some reason I think Mr Zuckinburg is having a conversion like pres trump??? He won’t let fake news people bully him n went to see Pope Francis


  16. Charlie, sending you a spiritual bouquet of chaplets, rosaries, etc. on your birthday which
    I hope this is the correct day. Thanking your parents for saying yes to life. The chipmunks
    had a previous engagement so am sending Boozle, a yellow-naped amazon to do the honors.

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    1. This is a meaty essay, Al; much to ponder and absorb to become better equipped in discussions with: i.e. relatives who are vegans due to unethical treatment of animals as in factory farms, but will still vote for a pro-choice candidate?!…arrgh, leaves me flabbergasted re their selective compassion.

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      1. To “End the Culture of Death” abortion, assisted suicide, attacks on God approved marriage, & destruction of families… We have destroy the source of the problem, the cancer of Liberalism…

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  17. I can’t believe it!!! I found a goodwill copy of Dean Koontz book from “81 about the spread of virus in 2020 from Wuhan!!! Ha!!! I told Dean Koontz via email long ago about Charlie … I hope someday he writes ur story Charlie😀

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      1. Hahahahahaha Yes!!!! I LOVE ODD THOMAS SERIES!!!! Good one MP but true…it was odd! Never read it just collect them cuz I knew he was special🤗


        1. I never once envied Odd’s ‘gifts’ which included seeing the ghosts of Sinatra, Elvis… dogs, etc., but would have liked a stint at being a short order cook in a greasy diner. Koontz is not only Catholic, he’s an interesting guy to boot. Understanding something about his past helps makes sense of his usual genre. Some may consider it horror, but I think that’s not it at all.

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          1. I just love his stuff …happened on him once and loved his novels and thought to myself …”self… when stuff hits the fan I’m gonna read his books!!!” Never guessing one of his books predicted coronavirus hahaha then I saw him on ewtn… hey can you tell me his background or should I look it up??? Cant wait to read his story on Charlie n the storm we r in…Ha!!! He’s probably on it and has been for years!🤔 I think Charlie has some of Odds gifts btw😉

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      2. “A wheel barrel will be more valuable than a dollar bill!!!” CJ love watching everything going bye bye so we can get off with the old and onto the new business of our True God to worship; namely, Christ Our 👑 King!!!” May God save all our souls Amen


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