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PS Charlie has recovered from illness and is feeling well but is currently involved in some big projects which are completely occupying him. ~BH)

Dear All,

Read, by accessing the link below, the interview of Fr. Ignacio Maria Doñoro, a younger priest who has served as a missionary in the Upper Amazon – in Peruvian territory for the last 10 years. He states the obvious. The greatest horror of what happened with the Pachamama incidents at the Amazon Synod had to do with one thing: Those pagan carved idols were taken into the very presence of the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ — right into proximity with His Eucharist. That was the greatest horror.

Are there other general horrors out in the world, outside of those two Catholic churches, which were desecrated by the presence of those pagan idols? Certainly! But how could any horror of idolatry be worse than that of the Pachamama next to the Lord? … Or even match that?

There are many horrors of idolatry I must deal with every day right here in the USA. Every day I usually have to handle US $1.00 bills – which are tainted by the presence of the Masonic All-Seeing Eye printed on them. The great mercy may be that so few Americans know this about their country’s currency. It is a symbol of evil, ultimately demonic.

Yet I have not been tempted to try to go into a U.S. mint and take the plates for those idolatrous images. Nor have I thought of or been tempted to deal with the monstrous entity at the Federal Reserve which is and has always been responsible for this evil travesty on U.S. currency.

So why do I think if I had been there in Rome when those two young Catholic men went into the parish Church and removed the carved pagan idols from it and threw them into the Tiber – that I would have been strongly tempted to ask to help them in any way I could? It is because there is an immense difference between that and the maze of pagan images with which our world is polluted today.

What is the difference? Pagan idols and idolatry exist in most of the large cities in the West. They are travesties. But they pale into insignificance compared with the desecration of a Catholic church which houses the Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ.

That having been said, I strongly encourage you to read the column below at the link to Life Site News which republished the interview with Fr. Ignacio Maria Doñoro.

There you will read this seasoned priest of the Amazon region who [among numerous others] states that the things said in presenting the Pachamama as being just a symbol of fertility, plenty, etc., are not the truth. And he adds that the event was used as a tool to attack the Catholic faith. Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

“I can affirm that I saw these idols for the first time in the images that came to us from Rome. I

wept when I saw them in the physical heart of our Holy Mother Church, above the holy remains

of St. Peter and St. Paul. I was scandalized and, like me, the event scandalized millions of

Catholics all over the world.”

“I think that somehow, the indigenous people of the Amazon Forest were utilized to attack the

Catholic faith. The last of the earth, the smallest, the weakest, were used to show, moreover, a

different reality from the one we experience here. I repeat that I have not seen the Pachamama or

these other idols here and I have been here for 10 years now.”

Here is the link to the interview with Fr Ignacio Maria Doñoro:


  1. Oh gosh Beckita I want to cry thinking of OUR Charlie sick again..michael and I wrapping up work/play vacay and how we had such a beautiful day and spoke a lot about Our Charlie…praying for you, Charlie!!!🤗😘😇

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      1. Thanks Beckita whew we get nervous when we think Charlie not well…I must not have read it correctly .. thanks for prayers my beautiful Beckita we leave Friday ready to get back…yikes… so many canucks here in Hollywood..feel so bad for their pile up in Montreal . Crazy times🤗😘😘💕

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  2. Superb, Desmond. Thank you.

    Beckita, time is short. The Father, our Lord, the Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception keep moving me, preparing me, showing me. A few things I can say, quickly, and so as to prevent from being misunderstood.

    Purity and purification.
    The true renewal that Vatican II called for, of religious orders, such as the Jesuits, but especially of the seraphic order, the Franciscans.
    The dogma of the absolute primacy of Christ after which will follow Mary as Mediatrix of all graces. With this the Churches shall unite.
    The Holy Spirit renewing all.
    The warning will be especially hard on the Franciscans as they should be heralds of it, as Christ appeared on Mt Alvernia to Francis with the light of grace shining from every wound, so shall it be at the warning.

    Love and hugs!

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    1. Great to hear from you, James. Actually, I think an Illumination of Conscience – if indeed God chooses to fulfill this prophecy in the way many expect, for we know He is not subject to any prophecy – will be difficult for any stubborn, arrogant one, from the greatest to the least. And while I continue to believe there will be a discrete event, I just lay down at the Father’s Throne all that I think will happen and open my mind and heart to what He actually is doing, eager to be on board with every next right step. Take good care!

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      1. Recently, a priest gave a heavy sermon on parishioners not standing up against the “culture of death”, and I thought to myself: other’s & I did make that stand and people just ignored or defiantly went against our efforts…

        We need God to put his foot down and show the people of the world how foolish their attempts to deny God’s existence really is. Be it a illumination of conscience or some other warning that may be too late to convert for some people. We need God to do something that isn’t in the realm of they ordinary, because the ordinary will never stop the culture of death. It took Our Lady of Guadalupe to stop human sacrifices in Mexico.

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        1. The difference between the Myans and us is that we WANT to live without God while they hated and feared their pagan god and wanted a savior.
          The Myan people hated sacrificing people to their god
          Quetzalcoatl. They worshiped it out of fear not love. A prophecy foretold that a new religion would come “on the clouds” and destroy Quetzalcoatl’s bind on the people. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico the people thought that their giant sails were clouds and believed them to be the bringer of the new faith that would end Quetzalcoatl. Of course they did bring the true faith but the enemy instilled greed in the Spanish for the gold the Myans had which then created mistrust so the conversion took a long time and a special intercession by Our Lady.

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      2. He is doing a consolidation; much to our suprise.

        We are seeing each other anew in His light, His way of seeing us.

        The Storm is a happy time; a time of unification, of recognition.

        Think of the Cross; Jesus suprised mankind.

        Think of the Storm; Jesus surprises mankind.

        This is what I see happening now.
        Blessings to all

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  3. And the above article gets straight to the point:
    “In the interview, Fr. Doñoro is very clear about what the Amazon needs: dedicated, celibate priests who have totally given their lives to God and who are “sanctifiers of the people.” “After God, priests are everything,” he told Infovaticana, quoting Saint Jean-Marie Vianney.”

    I originally found the link to this article from
    which has 100s of important newly linked articles and a page 2 also.

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  4. Let me add this, Beckita. This site introduced me to Marie Valtorta and the Poem of the Man God. I wondered what all the fuss was about. I downloaded it this week, and , well, I cannot say enough good about it. I am reading it every spare second I get. So, thank you, everyone!

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    1. Hi James!

      As one who was touched profoundly by these Heavenly sent writings some years ago, I am with you in your not being able to say enough good about the Poem.

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  5. Hope you get better soon Charlie.

    When I’m sick with the flu or anything, I often consider offering up the suffering for the intentions of God for my own spiritual imprisonment or as a general sacrifice. I figure it doesn’t hurt to offer up suffering to further God’s will on earth, though we may not understand the logistics on how that all works…

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    1. It’s “improvement” not imprisonment. These handheld devices are horrible for proofreading & editing, then again I’d probably never read nor post replies most of the time if I had to use a computer…

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  6. Desmond what a great great piece and starched article by Fr.Donoro!!! Can’t even imagine what it’s like living in the Amazon among these people that are so hungry for God!!! I’m sure it’s very rewarding work for God but scary too!!! Let us pray so hard for Fr Donoro and for many more young holy men ..priests of God to join him! Wow

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  7. Good article at Lifesite! I say this every now and then. There is no shortage of priests. There is a shortage of those chosen men answering the call.

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    1. Doug,

      Don’t forget there are those called to be deacons and subdeacons. Not anyone can do these. I was called to serve as a subdeacon, We serve the deacon and the priest. We oversee those below us, folowing the angelic hierarchy of pseudo dionysius.

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      1. Yes indeed James!   I guess a better way to think about it is we are ALL called to a vocation to serve God.  For some, this means priesthood, for others, it is some form of ordination or religious life.  For others, it is marriage and for others, it is single life.  We all have a role to play and are given the talents for our role.  When we live up to our calling, it is a spiritual symphony.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  8. I would add, Bekita, those brave and manly “men whom God is calling to the priesthood, hear and answer His call” and come ‘out of the closet’ soon for the sake of His wolf-battered sheep.

    What follows is a snippet from a repost at Bp Gracida’s blog regarding the brutal assaults on the psyche of so called ‘conservative’ or, better yet, ‘arch conservative’ Catholic priests. Perhaps Fr. Ignacio Donoro has his own similar stories:
    “In 1984, as a new seminary recruit, I attended a day of recollection at a retreat house in the Midwest. Over beverages and snacks that evening, the conversation turned to the hot theological topics of the day. I boldly weighed in on the questions of celibacy and the ordination of women, supporting Church teaching. But I unwittingly violated a taboo and paid the price.

    The vocations secretary breezily dismissed me with, “Jerry, you’re so conservative.” I responded with good cheer. “You flatter me.” But the rest of the evening, I found myself excluded from the conversation by seminarians who likely feared guilt by association. It was an early encounter with the soft tyranny of institutional theological dissent. In those days, many counted on the “spirit of Vatican II” (not the texts) to change the Church. Dismayed and isolated, I returned to the dormitory room and retired.

    By and by, there was a gentle knock on the door; it was a young seminarian. He introduced himself and asked: “Doesn’t it bother you that they think of you as conservative? So am I, but I haven’t told them!”

    In time, I moved on to happier ecclesial hunting grounds and lost track of the young Nicodemus, who always kept his distance, publicly at any rate. In recent years, he was consecrated a bishop. Maybe he has come out of the closet.

    The “conservative” label may be distracting and an invitation for controversy. But preaching the truth and acting on it is a Catholic thing – and the cause for hope.”

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    I’m guessing, if unpleasant trends are not reversed soon, that the younger folks on this forum will live to see the day that People of Faith &/or Conservatives will be labeled as unfit to live and subject to “Euthanasia” by The State.


    Most School “educators” are also Left of Bolshevik Bernie ;-( ….. and why Time is Short to save The Republic & Christendom!

    The Flight of the Producer Class:


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      1. @Maggie: And with the way AG Bill Barr is being harassed, I’ve been adding him to my intentions as well. There was an interesting note made about the bi-partisan effort on the recent petition that was launched by former DOJ members insisting that AG Barr be impeached. The observation was that the bad guys on both sides must be panicking like they did when Ronald Reagan appointed Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. The elites do not want the light shone on the Department of INjustice.

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  10. Feeling so blessed to be going on pilgrimage to Fatima during Holy Week. Praying always for the conversion of souls and their salvation. God bless all here.

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    1. Thank you SanSan, your comment inspired me to share… just arrived on a Pilgrimage to Fatima with my husband. A last minute opportunity came up. What a blessing to be here!! I promise to add all of you from ASOH to my prayers! With Love and blessings to Charlie, Beckita and ALL in this family!

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    1. Bob, it’s an excellent article. There are a number of books by former Masons, and as with this article, they reveal the truth about this evil.

      Beckita, Father’s article that you post is so eye-opening. I saw the link somewhere else also. Isn’t it amazing how his opinion about what is needed is so far from all the official “gobbledegook” we heard about! (I think that’s a real word.) 🙂

      So many reasons to pray, more every day! For our President and his family too of course. The creatures come out from under their rocks all the time to attack him. Crew Dog, your links touch on so much great information about that and many subjects!!

      God bless you all!! 💖

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    2. Good article Bob. I just recently read Pope Leo’s encyclical on Freemasonry and was astounded at how much it has infiltrated our culture today without folks realizing it.

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    1. Father’s point is a good one, Sorrowful. Something many faithful priests have noted when seeing the hits of the enemy on enticing brother priests to give up on their vocation.

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  11. Also off topic, but since it’s a milestone anniversary, thought some history enthusiasts might find this real life example of Navajo code talk somewhat fascinating.

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