Faith on Fire

As we begin Lent, I’m extending an invitation, on behalf of Michael and Kelly Sullivan, who lead The Anointed Life Acceleration, to experience the community in an opportunity created especially for this season as we walk the Lenten Journey while praying, studying and continuing to develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit under the patronage of Our Lady.

My time with The Anointed Life has enriched my own spiritual growth in ways that have brought greater confidence in taking the next right steps to which I discern God is calling me, moment by moment, day by day.

You can read about the opportunity here. You have the option to make a free will offering or simply join without cost for the duration of Lent. Whether or not you choose this path on your Lenten Way, may God grant each one of us grace upon grace upon grace as we draw ever closer to Him in our Lenten practices, the better to love and serve Him and His people in these weighty days of the Storm.

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      1. Michael just replied, Kathy. When you fill out the form with your name and email address,you become registered. You are then taken to the private Facebook page in order to join there but you can ignore that option and simply close out the Facebook page.

        When you opt out of the FB opportunity, it just means you will get all the emails and be able to join the live calls… which is valuable. However, you will not be able to see the recordings or the units that are posted in the Facebook group, or connect directly with the other people through social media. No worries if this option works best for you. God bless you.

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          1. I understand, Kathy. There is still great benefit from going into the virtual room and engaging in Morning Prayer, the Healing Room and the prophetic sessions. God bless.


              1. I entitled this announcement, Faith on Fire, but the name of the community is The Anointed Life and they’re offering the Lenten experience for either a free will offering or at no cost. Please, Theresa, try clicking the link and registering again. If it doesn’t seem to work please write me in the answering service.


  1. Beckita and Charlie,

    I had a dream last night where Charlie, in his plaid shirt, was talking to me out on a sidewalk. It was warm and sunny, maybe late spring or early summer. Charlie kept saying “fires of faith, faith on fire.” That is all I remember. So, imagine my surprise when i saw Beckita’s posting! So, I will sign up, sans Facebook.

    No, Charlie has never been in a dream of mine before. There was also something about Our Lady of Walsingham, who has been much on my mind, lately.

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      1. It really did surprise me, Beckita, as having never met Charlie, he sounded exactly as he did in the old videos.

        Anyway, happy birthday to Charlie! May God grant you many blessed years in health and happiness!

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        1. Ha James! Back when I was in radio, one of the most peculiar things when I went out to give a public speech was how many people would come up to me afterwards and tell me, with wonder, “You sound just like you do on the radio.” I don’t know what they were expecting me to sound like…but it tickled me every time.

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          1. I thought that to myself too when I ran up to you in Jackson… I just couldn’t believe it was you and you were just like the you I saw on all the videos! 😃


          2. I could picture you in an old slapstick silent movie. Placards of ASOH and TNRS could be flashed after scenes of peril turn into rescue.
            But then, that would not do justice since no one would hear you.

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  2. Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy biiiiiirrrrrthday dear Uncle Chaaaaarlie, Happy Biiirthday toooooo yooooooou!

    May the Good Lord bless you! May the good Lord bless you! May the Gooooood Llllllooord bless Uncle Charlie! May the Good Lord bless you!

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  3. Happy Birthday Charlie! I suspect you are celebrating some anniversary of your 29th birthday like a lot of us do every year. 29 and holding. Amazing how long you can hold if you put your mind to it.

    So who’s afraid of the Wuhan coronavirus? I am. Why? Because I’m thinking we are not getting the problem. John Glenn, the astronaut, was once asked by a little boy whether he was ever afraid when sitting in the capsule atop the rocket just before blast off. He responded “If anybody says they are not afraid they don’t understand the problem.” Got that spidey sense that I don’t understand the problem. Maybe only well trained health professionals can possibly fully understand the problem. Maybe that’s why the world’s epidemiologists are so spooked these days.

    During President Trump’s press conference on the federal response to the Wuhan Virus my curiosity was piqued by something that Anthony Fauci of the NIH said. He remarked that it is going to take some time to develop a vaccine probably not in time for this year’s outbreak. But, he said, there is hope for development of therapeutic treatments in the short run. He mentioned one HIV therapeutic that was showing promise.

    HIV. Hmmmmmm.

    The thing about HIV is if left untreated it leads to AIDS HIV attacks the immune system. It weakens the body. At the AIDS stage the body is so weakened immunologically speaking that it succumbs to opportunistic diseases and infections like cancer and respiratory disease.

    It is incurable. Only treatable. It resides forever in the body. It takes a long while, many years, to do its work.

    Here is a pretty good primer on HIV and the progression to AIDS.

    What is so scary to me about the Wuhan Virus is the transmission mechanism. We have been conditioned and educated to understand that HIV/AIDS is transmitted by sexual intercourse and/or the sharing of needles. The Wuhan Virus is transmitted by sneezing and coughing. Like the common cold or the flue.

    I’m thinking the problem that we are facing is that we have a NEW AND DIFFERENT form of HIV/AIDS that is equally deadly in the long run … 9 or 10 years to fully develop … that is quite easily transmitted.

    That is a hell of a problem. And nobody is talking about it.

    The good news is there is hope of a vaccine. The world can be immunized against this disease. But it is going to take time to develop. One can only imagine the difficulty of providing this vaccine to the world’s entire population which is going to need it.

    A vaccine may come too late to prevent acquiring the disease.

    So, all in all, in my non-medical judgement it is wise to be afraid, very afraid, of contracting this disease especially if you are anyways immune system impaired at the moment or are over the age of 65 which seems to be the most at risk population. I fit both descriptions.

    Just don’t catch it. And get that vaccine whenever it becomes available. As soon as it becomes available.

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    1. I don’t have fear, Ed. I see the seriousness of the scenario before us in connection with the corona virus, but I don’t fear whatever is to come. Oh, I’ve just purchased masks and will get a supply of Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen some disposable gloves and extra disinfectant – not a hoarding’s worth – just more than usual so I can share it with others who will need these things for relief. I believe God – as He always does – will draw tremendous good from this virus. He certainly didn’t send this evil into our world, for He is the source of all Goodness. An antidote to fear for me is that we’ve been told things like this would come to pass. My continued prayer is that people will drop to their knees – figuratively, if not literally – unite in prayer and seek God… express repentance and seek His Mercy… seek to draw close to Him… seek His strategies for extinguishing the corona virus as well as seek the keys and strategies for rebuilding and birthing a renewed Church and culture in the ways HE wants us to proceed. More than ever, for me, acknowledging God and taking next right steps that He may make of us a sign of hope has become THE wisdom of these times.

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      1. Beckita, I hope you allow this to pass your inspection. My concern for all here especially including Charlie is the use of daily sugar and carbohydrates. Anyway, the lowering of carbs and implementing fasting into my daily schedule literally saved my young life 3 years ago and am now nearing 62 this year. Please watch and then hopefully allow this short video. This is my lightbulb moment and I had to introduce it in the wake of the (supposedly) Coronavirous outbreak or what we are told is an “outbreak”. God Bless all here. Daily rosary with all here included!

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        1. Like you, Mary, my body thrives on the keto/low carb WOE and, also like you, I took it up when my body needed healing. However, I know people whose bodies thrive on a more vegan lifestyle.

          Thanks for the video. I like Eric Berg’s offerings in the realm of health and I like the way he said up front that he’s giving his opinion… not the definitive word. And he acknowledges that we don’t yet know a tremendous amount about this virus. But I do think his advice is reasonable.

          What I see and hear – all around us- are a lot of “experts” who also don’t know a tremendous amount about the virus who are projecting worse case scenarios as if they’re based on verifiable facts. Time for some deep breathing because panic perpetuates more panic and it can be challenging to think and act clearly when in a chaotic state.

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    2. Hi ED, Beckita and NRS, I don’t “fear” the virus, however, I do fear being quarantined overseas. So I’ve canceled my pilgrimage to Medjugorje and Fatima that was to begin in a couple of weeks. There were connecting flights through all of Europe and who knows what each govt would do to travelers? My daughter was planning on Italy, but I’m trying to convince her to postpone. My cousin got sick on a ship (high fever/collapse) outside of Australia and has been hospitalized for over 10 days with pneumonia. Please pray for him and his wife (both in their 80’s) that they are well enough to come home. God bless all here. (miss Crewdog)

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      1. Not traveling internationally, if at all possible, sounds prudent in these events as they are, San San. Our plan was to return to China sometime this year. As you can imagine, we’re holding off on that for now. Praying for your cousin and his wife.

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    3. Ed, I don’t see how you can make the jump to the Corona virus behaving like aids and have some sort of 8-9 year affect. That sounds like pure unsubstantiated conjecture or hyperbole to me. Logically, how can you talk about 8-9 years when there is no evidence simply because it has only been known for a few months?

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      1. Good point Doug. I am no expert on HIV and the progression to full blown AIDS. Here’s a cut and paste
        on that issue:

        “What is the prognosis of an HIV infection?

        Without treatment, HIV infection progresses to AIDS in approximately 10 years, with death following within three years after onset of AIDS. With appropriate treatment, a 20-year-old with HIV infection can expect to live to reach 71 years of age. This dramatic increase in life expectancy emphasizes the need for early diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, with newer treatment regimens and guidelines, there is every reason to think that life expectancy will continue to increase in patients who are able to receive appropriate treatment. There are some factors that decrease life expectancy, including use of illicit drugs and the coexistence of other conditions like chronic hepatitis.”

        This is a long term process. Treatable. But incurable. Fortunately, treatments improve every year.

        The question in my mind that I don’t see anybody addressing is in simple terms:

        We average people are not overly concerned about the “Regular” Flu bugs that go around every year and which some of us get Flu shots to protect against. If we or our loved ones happen to contract the Flu during Flu season we suffer through it drink a lot of OJ and stay in bed maybe a couple of days. Then our immune system does its job and KILLS the nasty virus that invaded our bodies. We are done with it and go back to work. Finis.

        What is bothersome to me is the idea that this “New Thing” may not be the “Regular Flu” … that like the HIV virus your body’s immune system can’t KILL it. You can only treat it. Chronic. Wearing you down. Year after year. If you are a strong 20 year old with a healthy and robust immune system you can fight the New Thing to a draw. But you are going to have to take anti-viral medication of some sort for the rest of your life as the virus attacks your internal organs. I can’t imagine the effects on families and on the broader community over the long term. Not good. If you are old and already immune impaired you get to be like that old antelope the lion picks out for a quick meal on the savannah while the rest of the healthy herd keeps running. That would be me and a lot of people like me.

        What I am waiting for is for somebody to describe what this apparently bio-engineered “New Thing” is at the cellular level. Can the immune system kill it after a brief illness? Or is this a chronic incurable disease like HIV that will eventually wear our immune system down to the point that an opportunistic infection like pneumonia or the common cold or a cut on the thumb carries us away.

        It may not be HIV at all. HIV is treatable. Probably isn’t HIV. The question is : what the hell is this thing?

        Nobody is discussing this possibility as far as I can determine. Perhaps some of our medical practitioners experts here on ASOH can address this issue for us.

        Meanwhile, I am going to strive as mightily as I can not to contract this ill defined bad boy.

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        1. Yes.  There is so much more hype about this than other flu illnesses.  I don’t fully understand why.  Are the Chinese hiding something?  We could conjecture, but that’s all it will be; conjecture.  Anyway, why so much hype?  Is this the start of chaos predicted?  Is there a demonic undertone designed to cause panic and bring down the world economy?  This could be it, but only time will tell.  I’m with you.  Best to not get it to be safe.  I have heard that the Oil of good samaritan may help.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            1. Hey, Doug and Beckita, where did you learn about the Oil of the Good Samaritan? I was just a few days ago sent a link by a friend, in which link the Oil was mentioned. Intriguing.

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              1. Oh My Goodness! I actually thought Doug was using the term Oil of Good Samaratin as an expression for tending to others. With your question , Mick, I searched and see there is an actual product with this name. Wendy Cukierski used to sell something like that under the name “Thieves Oil.” I haven’t visited her site in years though.


                  1. I’m such a doofus! I meant to say I’ll HOP over there (although, strangely, “hope over there” almost works). Anyhow, bing!

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                  2. Wendy does have the oil which was called four theives and is now a sinus remedy oil. I have a few vials on hand and found this recipe @

                    OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN
                    5 Pure essential oils + 1 Base oil
                    Essential oils:

                    Cinnamon oil
                    Clove oil
                    Lemon oil
                    Rosemary oil
                    Eucalyptus oil
                    Base oil:
                    The base oil can be olive oil, almond oil or mineral oil. The ratio should be 1 measure of pure oil to 5 measures of base oil.
                    Mix all 5 pure essential oils (cinnamon + clove + lemon + rosemary +eucalyptus) with the base oil (olive oil or almond oil or mineral oil, choose one) Mix them with a wooden spoon until getting a homogeneous mixture.
                    Elaborate in a cool place, without exposing the oils to direct light.
                    Wear gloves and use a glass bowl.
                    Test the mix on your forearm, wait 25 minutes. If skin reddens, wash with plenty of water or lavender oil, and little by little the redness will disappear. When this effect happens, add more of the same base oil with which the mixture was prepared.
                    Do not expose the oils to the air for a long time; keep them in a tightly closed amber color glass container to prevent them from volatilizing and evaporating.
                    They should be kept out of the reach of children.
                    Dosage and application:
                    Before each use move the container softly so the oils get mixed. Apply and rub a few drops directly on the temples, throat, behind the ears, underarms, abdomen, joints, or full foot sole. To purify the air and remove viruses from the environment, home or office, use a diffuser, spray or pan of boiling water with a few drops.
                    Another way to use: in a piece of cloth, handkerchief, dust mask or cotton balls put 3 to 4 drops of oil and place over the mouth.


                    1. Thanks for hunting this up, Jen! I’m gonna have to make up a small batch of this, hopefully sometime soon.

                      I see that it contains Eucalyptus. Thus it shouldn’t be used on children under the age of 3, because Eucalyptus is contraindicated for children under that age. (If I had children of that age, I’d probably mix up a really small batch just for them and would substitute Tea Tree oil for the Eucalyptus.)

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                1. Ha, HttP! Wish I’d known that before I went out and bought the oils that I needed! (I had all of them except cinnamon and eucalyptus). Oh, well; now I can make a big batch and give some away to friends. Thanks for the heads-up, though. 🙂

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    4. I have had 3 serious cases of the flu and pneumonia another time. I coming to point of realization that if I get this I probably won’t make it. I’m ok with that but it is my kids I am concerned about. Working on leaving them in the Good Lord’s hands.

      It is the panic of others that is concerning. It reminds me of what Charlie said years ago about keeping a level head during times of crisis.

      I read this about the ripple affect starting to happen.

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  4. On an entirely different note I was a bit dismayed to read an article in the WSJ this morning by a young Italian journalist named Alessandra Bocchi. The subject was the Italian Church’s response, including the Pope’s, to the Wuhan Virus.

    Because it has such important ramifications for all of us … especially the continuing access to the sacraments especially the Eucharist and Confession I am going to cut and paste the entire article below.

    Italian Churches Go Into Quarantine
    Most of the clergy have failed to deliver much-needed spiritual leadership.
    By Alessandra Bocchi
    Feb. 27, 2020 6:46 pm ET


    When the coronavirus arrived in Italy, it also arrived in the heart of global Catholicism. Yet throughout the country the church’s response has been underwhelming, and the clergy are failing the faithful amid this crisis.

    The Northern Italian region of Lombardy is the center of the outbreak in Italy, with most cases emerging outside the regional capital, Milan. Of more than 650 cases of the virus reported in the country by Thursday evening, 305 are in Lombardy alone. Authorities are trying to slow the spread of the disease, but it may be too late.

    If Italy’s public-health outlook is precarious, so is its financial situation. The country has teetered near recession for the past year, with gross domestic product growing only 0.2% in 2019. The fragile Italian banking sector could collapse amid a coronavirus-induced slowdown, especially as a heavily divided coalition government struggles to mount a swift and coherent response. Even if the virus doesn’t lead to mass death, it could destroy countless livelihoods in an economy already suffering from nearly 10% unemployment.

    “We have to follow the rules provided by the governing authorities of the Lombardy region, since we’re first and foremost Italian citizens,” Father Carlo Faccendini, the parish priest at the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio—Milan’s most important church—told me. All masses in the city have been closed to the public to prevent the spread of the disease. But Italian state broadcaster Rai 3 will televise this Sunday’s mass at the basilica, where Archbishop Mario Delpini is expected to offer guidance on how to pray for those affected by the outbreak.

    In this way, Milan has struck a crucial balance. Church leaders are restricting public gatherings, but are also maintaining a compassionate public presence, showing how faith is central to persevering through the crisis. That approach would ideally be emulated throughout Italy, but instead leaders have lagged on both the practical and spiritual fronts.

    Pope Francis appears not to have prioritized the virus. On Feb. 23, as news of the coronavirus in Italy began receiving major coverage, the pope held a “peace summit” in Bari, where he criticized the “populist” leaders gaining power throughout Europe. Whatever one’s opinion of insurgent politicians, the comments offered nothing to address the fears of panicking Italians, who were donning face masks and emptying supermarkets. By Wednesday, the pope prayed for the disease’s victims and the medical personnel treating them, and Ash Wednesday celebrations were suspended or restricted in Italy.

    Compare the pope’s response to how Cardinal Federigo Borromeo of Milan handled the black plague when it struck his archdiocese in 1630. “Be prepared to abandon this mortal life,” he said in Alessandro Manzoni’s classic “The Betrothed” (1827). “Go towards the plague with love, like a prize, as if towards another life, if a soul can be saved for Jesus Christ.” (Although the cardinal’s words are from a work of historical fiction, they reflect the reality of the time.) He invited priests to continue to provide all the sacraments even at great risk. Many clergymen answered the call, remaining in their churches and celebrating the Holy Mass amid one of the most terrifying plagues in history. Many died as martyrs serving believers who found solace in the church.

    No one is urging the clergy to commit suicide-by-coronavirus. But “during the most serious time of this outbreak the pope decided to comment on the dangers of populism,” the Italian Catholic conservative writer Francesco Giubilei told me. “People of faith around the world today need spiritual direction and guidance on how to confront this crisis.”

    The coronavirus is less harmful than the black plague, which shows with even more clarity how much the church’s leadership role has changed. Once a firm source of strength against all adversity—with men of the church willing to die to keep the presence of Jesus Christ in the lives of believers—now churches across Italy have suspended all religious activities except weddings and funerals, which can be attended only by close relatives. Some confession schedules have been rolled back. Churches are obliged to follow these orders, which come from the president of the Lombardy region, according to a statement by the Archdiocese of Milan.

    From the pope to local parish priests, the church today is a far cry from Cardinal Borromeo’s during the black plague. The suspension of most religious activities the church is more cautious, which isn’t necessarily a bad development. But its absence isn’t being compensated by a strong spiritual presence, which Italians desperately need. The clergy may eventually develop a stronger spiritual response to this outbreak, but the fortitude of the 17th-century church described by Manzoni no longer exists.

    Ms. Bocchi is a writer in Rome.

    We were informed at 9:00 AM Mass on Ash Wednesday that our Bishop had ordered the suspension of the Sign of Peace exchange during Mass. Also, the Bishop directed those who feel sick to stay away from Mass.

    Looks like the Church in America has some decision making and planning to do. Let’s hope so.

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    1. Ed, at least there is one intelligent Bishop, yours, to suspend the sign of peace! When doctors have told us for years that those hands are one of the surest ways to pass germs, we should avoid shaking hands. The sign of peace often descends into a talk fest anyway, and I feel so sad for Jesus on the altar, ignored by all.

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  5. Pope Francis needs our prayers, as do all the sick and dying. He became ill 2 days ago and has canceled public appearances but continues working from his quarters. Upper respiratory symptoms are all that is reported. Brief comments on under ‘church’

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  6. Everyone, CrewDog has asked me to post the following for him.

    From CrewDog:

    Hey Gang,

    I’ve been unable, since Sunday, to do my Paul Harvey News & Commentary Routine. WordPress does not allow me to post links now for some inexplicable reason? And this morn I can’t post anything. It seems that a Queer Tron has entered my ancient Win 7 PC. Norton anti-virus upgraded itself on Sunday and that may have caused a conflict. SteveBC, kindly, has been trying to help me but … ;-(
    Anyway, I’m still around but have never been much for Net Chit-Chat but rest assured that the Ol’ CrewDog will be On-Patrol around the campfire 😉

    The Church/State turbulence and unpleasantness will continue apace with the addition of The China Flu Wild-Card. China Flu has already been weaponized and over hyped by The Usual Suspects to bash Trump/his Deplorables and talk down the economy …. anything to take-out Trump, win Election 20 and advance global godless socialism …… and it’s sordid agendas.
    At the moment, China Flu is no Black Death but the fear that it might be is already creating ripples in the economies of the EU, USA and elsewhere. We have foolishly allowed China to become our prime supplier of many (most?) of our everyday consumables, industrial goods and MEDICAL supplies.
    Any Flu has a habit of mutating. Let US Pray that it mutates into a case of the sniffles 😉

    It’s past Time to assume, as we used to say in the Ol’ AF, a heightened level of Situational Awareness. Time to keep your wits about you, your head on a swivel and your powder dry!


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      1. Timothy, thanks for your recommendations. I don’t believe Crewdog’s problem is a virus. He characterizes his computer as an ancient Win 7 PC using Office 2000 software and up to date NAV. My current guess is that he needs to reinstall everything because the problem might be a bad dll file or a mismatch between his updated NAV and old everything else. However, there is a good chance that even that won’t work and he simply needs to upgrade his computer, put on up-to-date software, and the problem will go away. Now if he chooses to go with Linux/Ubuntu, that process of upgrading his software might go well, but the old hardware is itself a possible issue. If it were me, I’d buy a new computer and start over, but I don’t know his circumstances. I will pass on your recommendation to shift operating systems, but I think he may prefer to stick with Windows. Thanks!

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  7. Of course Ed, we have the historical record of what happened to Europe after the Black plague devastated the populace and threw the whole region into social and spiritual disorder for years. We also know that the Black plague wasn’t “contagious” from person to person but from flea bites which is a different vector method than person to person.
    With these two histories available now prudence suggests we be more careful about how devastating this virus could become even if the “pastoral” conscern over those who may die is not emphasized because that number (right now) is not the greater conscern but the societal havoc that is/can be wrought by it’s interruption of the global order in travel, commerse, food distribution, etc, by fear which sometimes has a deadlier consequences than the contagion.

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    1. Phillip–
      So here is a link to a smart guy from Harvard who is doing research on this corona virus. Waaay over this layman’s head I can tell you. But through the fog of research babble if you pay close attention you can see him leaning toward the idea that this virus has been bio-engineered inside a lab.

      I think he believes that the starting point from which all the engineering took place is the Bat Sars virus.
      That virus has been what I would call “tampered with” by cutting and inserting biological material from other viruses into the Bat Sars template.

      Towards the end of this guy’s you tube he circles in on the HIV/AIDS virus linking mechanism to the corona flu virus. His thinking is that there are 2 biological engineering components to what he calls “this new thing”. One is human bio-engineering by some scientists and the other is a kind of autonomous natural bio-engineering mutation that occurred inside the lab and not outside in nature. These two elements have come together in an incredibly unlucky way to produce a very bad “new thing”. Perhaps to the scientists great surprise and chagrin??

      He calls it a “working hypothesis” because he has no cells of this “new thing” to actually evaluate in his cubicle at Harvard.

      Interesting is that one aspect of his working hypothesis is that the Wuhan virus appears designed to be latent in the human body. 24 day incubation period???

      What he doesn’t discuss is how this bio-engineering appears to have adapted elements of HIV/AIDS immunological attack on human cells into a much easier almost impossible to stop corona virus (common cold and flu) transmission mechanism.

      Sneezing and coughing and airborne virus molecules that can hang around for hours in the environment or maybe longer vs unprotected sex and needle sharing.

      I think the Chinese realized both the short term and the long term socio-economic and global implications you mention almost immediately and that explains why they came down with such rapid and draconian containment measures in Hubei province and elsewhere in China. Just my guess of course.

      The big bad bio-engineered cat is out of the bag.

      He, too, is piqued by the turn toward AIDS treatments being implemented by Chinese doctors. At the end of the video he reaches out to doctors and nurses who are front line clinical responders to contact him. He wants to know what treatments are working and what aren’t.

      Not being a scientist I think such speculation, educated guessing, professional training and intuition along this line of some kind of “new thing” HIV/AIDS like virus transmitting like the common cold or flu is worrisome. No need to panic at this point but SOMETHING is going on. I don’t think it is being well explained to the general public. Probably deliberately so as not to induce a real panic which nobody wants or needs. It is at this point simply a “working hypothesis” only. The thing about “working hypotheses” is that everybody’s got one.

      Bottom line to me is this is not just a regular type of flu. That the world is mobilizing in such a forceful way to come to grips with it ought to tell us that much.

      This video is 34 minutes long and will put you right to sleep. Try picking it up at the 18 minute point where this scientist begins to pull his analysis of working paper presentations by others in China into his own “working hypothesis” of what is going on. That is when the possible HIV/AIDS and Flu link up begins to take shape to the average viewer.

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      1. Pretty amazing hypothesis, Ed, and not a very comforting one. Starting later in the recording is a good idea, right where you suggested. Most of us are not scientists, but we can get the overall idea of what he’s saying. Thanks for the info; more reasons to pray!

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    1. Linda,

      I think the corona virus is manufactured as in bio warfare.

      I believe I read there is a patent on it. I would hope there is an antidote…

      My sister says to take preventative Measures- a lot Of vitamin C and 5000 iu of vitamin D3 per her doctor.

      This really is a war. Silent but deadly.

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      1. Actually my step daughter and hate that step part cuz there are no steps between us is a np: she claims this works very well

        Nurse Jackie’s RX to prevent flu

        1)Oil of Oregano capsules
        2)black elderberry syrup
        3)vita D3 5000 iu
        4)L lysine
        5)echinacea goldenseal

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        1. Linda, in my opinion, these look like good recommendations. Does your (step)daughter have suggestions for daily dosages, or for dosages for adults versus for children? Also, for these supplements does she have particular brands that she likes or recommends?

          I’d also like to add that although elderberry syrup can be expensive to buy, it is the easiest thing in the world to make, and the homemade stuff costs about 1/4 of the store-bought.

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          1. Mick this is from Jacqueline…

            I take 3 of the vitamin d. Like ya table spooon of elderberry 1 oregano 1 lysine 2 echinacea

            Then she says don’t give to children. These are adult supplements and she only does for like 4 or 5 days to boost metabolism. As far as brands, she recommends going to good health food store in Jackson and asking girls what they recommend..we have great one here in Sandusky but I’m assuming they are all over the place.. stay well dearest Mick and all ur beautiful family🤗❤️😘

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            1. Linda, my mom’s sister is named Jacqueline. I love that name. It’s funny… my mom and both her sisters have/had French names, although our family has no French ancestry.

              Thanks for getting the details for us. Regarding children, if I were going to modify these recommendations for my little kids, I’d probably do the following: (1) Essential oil of Oregano, 1 drop diluted in several drops of olive oil and rubbed on the soles of the feet once or twice per day, for perhaps one week on and then one week off; (2) 1 teaspoon of elderberry syrup twice per day for months on end (taking one day off every week); (3) half teaspoon of cod liver oil once or twice daily during cold/flu season until they can get out and play in the sunshine on a regular basis (cod liver oil is really high in vitamins A and D3… Sonne’s and Rosita are good brands); (4) I’d skip the L-Lysine; and (5) a few drops of a tincture of echinacea (with or without goldenseal) two or three times per day, perhaps two weeks on and then two weeks off during cold/flu season. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

              God bless you and your family; and y’all stay healthy, too!

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              1. You’re such a beautiful mother, Mick.. I’d make a bet Our Lord & Blessed Mother have a very warm and protective gaze upon you and your family🤗❤️🙏😘😇

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              2. Mick also there is this prophesy of some virus coming out when??? I don’t know…but the antidote was given out by here is the recipe… I’m sure you heard of the purple scapular associated with her. I heard about her from Fr Ripperger and Desmond in TTT


                1) Remedy for the BURNING PLAGUE

                One never before seen plague will be particularly deadly, a ‘Burning Plague’ will spread fast and will kill quickly. Only one remedy will be available, and must be taken as directed in time, or the victim still may not survive. This is one chastisement Brittany will not be spared for it will have forgotten it’s Faith.

                If anyone decides to take shelter in Brittany, be prepared for this plague.

                It will spread so fast there will not be time to prepare for death according to another of Marie-Julie’s prophecies. We will not have time to get a priest for the Last Rites, and indeed, if there are any priests left, they will be so busy, we may not get absolution. Heaven has prepared the CROSS OF PARDON in order to receive forgivenees of sin in this dire circumstance. (More about the Cross of Pardon, click here.)

                However, if you notice the symptoms in time, here is the remedy you must take:


                Ecstasy date August 5, 1880

                “There will be serious diseases that human art (skill) cannot alleviate. This malady will attack the heart first, then the mind, and at the same time, the tongue. It will be horrible. The heat that will accompany it will be a consuming fire, so strong that the affected parts of the body will be of an unbearable redness, (red blotches / patches).

                After seven days, this malady, like the seed sown in a field, will rise rapidly and make immense progress (i.e. take over the body quickly, or, spread through the population

                My children, this is the only remedy that can save you:

                You know the leaves of thorns that grow in almost any hedges (white hawthorn). The leaves of this thorn will stop the progress of the disease. You must pick the leaves, not the wood. Even dry, they will retain their effectiveness.

                Put them in boiling water and leave them there for 14 minutes, covering the container so that the steam remains. When the malady first attacks, you must use this remedy three times a day.

                My children, this disease will be very serious in Brittany. The thought of God there will be less great …(I.e. they will not think of God as much as before and therefore will be struck hardest with this malady.)

                The malady will produce a continual uprising of the heart, (blood pressure? Increased heart rate?) vomiting. If the remedy is taken too late, the affected parts will become black, and in this black, there will be yellowish pale streaks.”


                Marie-Julie Jahenny receved other warnings with descriptions of this plague and when it will strikes.

                Our Lord revealed unknown plagues will erupt first in Paris, then spread: (June 15, 1882) “There will pass, on France, countless deaths that the world has never seen and diseases that are unknown. Above all from the Centre (Paris) will this deadly mortality launch its plague. It will strike down just up over the parish which is yours, (Blain, Fraudais?) My children, but fear not, My Heart will be a shelter to protect you.”

                Marie-Julie gave details about this disease at an earlier ecstasy dated September 20, 1880, also hinting it will break out during a time of persecution: “From the time when the rage of the impious will stop for a short respite, (i.e. when the persecutions seem to stop for a bit betwen the First and Second crises periods of the French civil war) there will come a great disease, almost suddenly. This chastisement will leave its victims as those without life, they will still breathe with the ability to speak, the flesh raw like after a deep burn. This malady will be very contagious and nothing will stop it. It is a punishment from God to bring many (souls) back.”



                1. Yep, Linda, I’ve heard of the purple scapular. I have several, as well as a Cross of Pardon for each member of my family. I also had heard of the illness and remedy that you mention above. One thing to note is that there’s more than one plant called “white hawthorn.” One has the latin name Randia aculeata, which is native to Florida, the Carribbean, and Central and South America. It’s much more likely that Marie-Julie Jahenny was referring to plants of the Crataegus genus, which are common throughout England, France, and other locales in the northern hemisphere.

                  We happen to have hawthorn trees on our farm. But hawthorn leaves (usually mixed with the flowers) are available from various herb sellers like Mountain Rose herbs.

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                  1. Oh mick that is all so cool…you have studied well😉 Sort of cool.., I was pondering the Cross of Parden today and you already knew about it!!!


            1. HttP, to make 2 quarts of syrup, you need 8 ounces of dried elderberries (available from Vitacost, Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, and other places). Soak the elderberries in 2 quarts of cold water overnight, or for 7-8 hours. Cover the pan and bring to a boil, then simmer uncovered until the liquid is reduced by about 2/3. Cool, then strain the liquid and berries through a sieve; use a sturdy spoon to press as much juice out of the berries as possible. There should be about 2 1/2 cups of liquid; if less, then add enough water to get 2 1/2 cups. Then add 5 cups honey (raw, if possible; but if the syrup will be given to children under the age of 2 years, use pasteurized honey); heat the mixture while stirring and constantly checking the temperature so that it does not get hotter than bath water (the temperature is important for raw honey; but if the honey is already pasteurized, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t get hot enough to scorch). Once it is warm enough and all the honey is dissolved, pour into two 2-qt jars. Label and date it and store in the refrigerator. It should keep for at least 3 months; however, we’re just finishing off a batch that I made on June 23.

              If you have more than 2 1/2 cups of the juice, then just add twice as much honey as you have juice, and then proceed as described above. Also, some people like to add ginger, cinnamon, echinacea, or other herbs to their simmering berries.

              Hope this helps. 🙂

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              1. This is wonderful, Mick. Thank you. Have you ever canned it? Does it lose its potency? I’m thinking hot water bath due to the amount of sugar but, not sure for how long. I’m thinking of planting some black elderberry bushes this summer.


                1. HttP, I love the idea of planting elderberries. We have several plants on our farm. I’ve harvested leaves from them for tincture-making (Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book “Herbal Antivirals” talks about the use of elder leaves and stem bark as well the berries). But I buy dried berries because around here, the fresh berries are often infested with little wormies which, although they probably wouldn’t mess up my syrup, are pretty disgusting to have to fish out of my simmering juice.

                  As far as hot-water-bath canning the syrup, that would work if your honey has already been pasteurized. But if you’re using raw honey and don’t want the heat to denature it and kill all the enzymes, then the water bath would be too hot. However, the syrup can still be canned. Here are the directions from the book from which I got the recipe (“Making Plant Medicine,” by Richo Cech): “Heat the [juice/honey] mixture until [the honey] incorporates completely. The temperature of the honey should not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not simmer or boil. High temperatures will denature the honey. Remove the hot syrup from the heat and pour into sterilized canning jars. Cap tightly with sterilized lids, label appropriately, and store in a cool, dry place, out of the light. Syrup made in this manner has an expected shelf life of 1 year. Keep opened containers under refrigeration. The syrup must be discarded if mold appears on the surface.”

                  I’ve never canned our syrup because it has always kept just fine in the fridge until we use it up. But if I were to can it, I’d probably use pint jars, or maybe even half-pint jars (especially if refrigeration were an impossibility for some reason).

                  Hope this helps. 🙂

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                  1. Got my Burgess catalog.  Going to buy some elderberry bushes.  My Grandmom used to hand pick and make elderberry pie when I was a kid.  It was delicious!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


      2. LittleOne, I agree. Some said early on that this virus came from a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. I’m sure you’ve all read by now that Dean Koontz wrote one of his sci-fi novels some years back about just this exact thing, even naming the virus Wuhan!
        Trusting the blood of Christ and Mother Mary’s mantle to protect my family.

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  8. Linda,
    The virus is similar to the flu virus except in it’s “potential” (not corroborated yet) to be “airborne” unlike the flu which requires contact with the virus by touching a contaminated object/person. Right now the virus seems similar to the flu in its reactions but could “mutate” into a more dangerous form.
    As far as the potential for death:
    COVID-19: Approximately 84,119 cases worldwide; 62 cases in the U.S. as of Feb. 28, 2020.

    Flu: Estimated 1 billion cases worldwide; 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year.

    COVID-19: Approximately 2,871 deaths reported worldwide; 0 deaths in the U.S., as of Feb. 28, 2020.

    Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.

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  9. Regarding the corona virus hypothesis. According to the scientific papers I have reviewed: the HIV link was inserted to make the virus more “durable” and stealth. It was not exactly designed as a bio-weapon but to be used to develop a vaccine to be used for the Chinese Army. The virus is engineered to be target specific to the genome of Asians. Hence why it is so lethal in Whuhan.
    But according to all the smoking guns it is from a lab and not an escape from species jumping.


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    1. I LOVE Blessed Elena Guerra, Maggie. I actually mentioned her in my report about the Encounter Conference last month. There’s a problem with the link as it just takes us to the home page at the site. If you resubmit a link which takes us where you want us to listen/watch, I’ll replace this link with the new one.

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        1. Oh gosh, Maggie. My bad. I didn’t realize the opening page picture was the actually the video. So now we have two links to get it. Great old photos in that footage. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Little One, having read – at Life Site News when this story first broke – about these charges made by Natacha Jaitt, I removed the link because as reported by Life Site: “Despite making claims against Vera and Pope Francis, Jaitt could not offer any proof during an appearance on the popular “Lunch with Mirtha Legrand” talk-show in April 2018.” I also go back to the comment policy Charlie established at the inception of TNRS which remains here: “When making a factual claim that is not common knowledge, please provide a credible reference – preferably a link – to the source so people can assess it.” The link provided does not not offer proof; it only accuses by association. I have a friend who recently went through a tough spot which involved being arrested and charged with a crime. Of course, even while I continued to call him my friend and supported him through his difficulty, it didn’t make me guilty of anything but compassion.

      Many are they who are very concerned about Pope Francis. Even so, we remain responsible for expressing truth with charity. Another thing that bothers me about the Complicit Clergy site is the lack of transparency on the part of those who are posting the material there. Who are these individuals? There is a whole group of folks who began bashing and smearing Pope Francis from the day he was elected… never giving him a chance to show who he is by his words and deeds. And now that there is a large sector of people who are very concerned about SOME of his actions, we’re still called to speak carefully about the concerns – without rancor, false accusations or judgement of his heart and soul. It’s not easy when we read of so much corruption in the hierarchy… but we must continue striving to judge, with righteous judgement, the actions and words of individuals, not the heart of any person. God bless us all as we strive for this.

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      1. Thank you for re-stating this so clearly, Beckita. In Ephesians 4 we are charged with not letting our righteous anger cause us to sin. Let the verifiable record speak for itself. It would be a sin to defame even Adolf Hitler. His verifiable record speaks for itself. When we state things we do not have real evidence to be true in order to vent our anger at things we do, we lose our savor and degrade ourselves to a level of unreliability. Even when others defame us, it is vitally important to protect our credibility. For me, I always think, “Can I defend this before God, who is all truth?” If you see your audience as being God alone and you take care to be true to His dictums, you will not often let your anger get the better of you.

        (When my son was a little boy, he had a ferocious temper – and absolutely hated losing. When he was losing at a video game or whatever, he would progressively get more wild and undisciplined, losing even worse. I pushed him hard, constantly telling him to “use your anger, but never let it use you.” I explained to him that anger is a powerful tool we can use to intensify our focus – like fire in a furnace. Unbridled, it is like a fire in a forest which consumes everything in its path, including the one who started it. I would make him practice that, pushing him into situations in video games where he was losing – until he learned to use his anger to focus. I was never so happy as I was the first time, when I was intentionally prodding him, he got calm and steadier, with an intensity to his eyes, and came back and beat me instead of doubling down on frenzy. He told me once that it was the most important lesson I ever taught him and that it has been a hallmark in how he approaches his work.) Be just even when others are unjust. Don’t ever be a wimp, but be just.

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    1. Saw this also, Beckita. So beautiful. Let us pray that Her statue will be installed permanently there as She asked. May the bishops obey you Mother Mary, to transform out country and the world.

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  10. At Mass this morning the priest said the prayer for the Sign of Peace. But he did not invite the congregation to offer each other the sign of peace. So we didn’t. This is a pragmatic response. Also while he was standing at the door greeting parishioners on the way out he employed a pretty nifty elbow bump rather than the traditional shaking of hands.

    looks like we are all going to get some form of changing the way we interact with others. Less close contact.

    We got a super interesting bit of insight from our priest as well. From the First Reading from Genesis re: Adam and Eve and the Devil and Sin.

    “Now the serpent was the most cunning of all the animals
    that the LORD God had made.
    The serpent asked the woman,
    “Did God really tell you not to eat
    from any of the trees in the garden?”
    The woman answered the serpent:
    “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden;
    it is only about the fruit of the tree
    in the middle of the garden that God said,
    ‘You shall not eat it or even touch it, lest you die.’”
    But the serpent said to the woman:
    “You certainly will not die!
    No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it
    your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods
    who KNOW what is good and what is evil.”

    The priest zeroed in on the word KNOW in the last sentence of the excerpt above. Paraphrasing he said that most people understand this word KNOW in the context of “comprehension” or “understanding” good and evil and it is somehow related to Free Will. Inferring that Adam and Eve in the garden were somehow constrained in their knowledge of what is good and evil.

    That’s an incomplete understanding of the purpose of the word KNOW.

    What the Devil had in mind was the temptation he offered to Adam and Eve which might be better understood in the context of the word DETERMINE and the active sense of setting the rules of the moral game. …

    ” No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it
    your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods
    who DETERMINE what is good and what is evil.”

    The Devil entices Adam and Eve with the temptation of the power to establish what is good and what is evil. In other words a personalized morality. I have the power to DETERMINE or set what is good and what is evil for me i.e., To KNOW what is good and what is evil for me. If I call it good then it is good. If I call it evil then it is evil. A relativistic moral universe vs a God ordered objective morality independent of myself. You will be like gods. Only a god can set the rules of good and evil. You will be a god for yourselves.

    This temptation to power lead them to sin.

    I am still meditating this concept of this passage from Genesis.

    It seems to me that this is the sin of our time. If I say abortion is good then it is good for me. If I say abortion is bad then it is bad for me. It’s all relative. It all depends how I or you look at it. There can be no standard universal rules of morality because each man has the POWER to KNOW good and to know evil. Each man has the power to set his own rules.

    You can be your own god.

    The sin of our time.

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    1. Wow. I have never heard it interpreted that way. That is really enlightening if true, and indeed the sin of our time. You’ve inspired me to look into the meaning of “know” for myself. Thank you.


  11. Just spent the weekend in Miles City just for a much-needed break and change of scenery — although not literally, I just wanted to be in a more populated area with some decent restaurants and breweries. The scenery is pretty much the same.

    So on the way home on highway 59, I unexpectedly hit a bit of a traffic jam, quite a back-up, similar to the one I had in South Dakota with a bunch of bison.

    Montana traffic jam; life’s rough out here: 😀

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  12. Ed,
    When the fallen angels assented to Lucifer he became their master by proxy in that by giving into his suggestions they became, in a form, his slaves.
    Adam and Eve (as was the case with Judas who “took it as his own thought) accepted satans logic (Eve later called it a trick) and saw the fruit as ‘pleasing to the eyes’: (the glamour of evil); good for food :(consumption, comprehension) and gaining knowledge :(be like God, knowing..). Thus they (we) became a possession of sin
    and death in need of redemption, salvation and santification and must choose between good and evil daily.
    The determination of that condition then became a war with the spirit (we wrestle not against flesh and blood) as evil possesses us still in our “fallen” nature where the “id and ego”; the “yin and yang”; the “flesh and spirit” the concupicence of life on this side of the veil renders us a militant body.
    Mary of Agreda wrote that satan studied Adam and Eve, believing them to be the Christ and His mother they being so excellently perfect. This belief made him target Eve, she being a mere creature and therefore more easily defeated than the man-god. He discovered her weakness of pride and used this to deceive her to “eat the Apple” of knowledge that he had convinced her God was holding back from her.
    The three main characters to fall from the temptations of the devil in the bible are the angels, Adam and Eve and Judas Escariot. All three fell by the sin of pride to rebel against God in one main form- jealousy.
    The angels- jealousy of man.
    Adam and Eve- jealously of unobtained God-like knowledge.
    Judas- of Jesus’ pick of Peter over him. (Agreda writing Judas was exceptionally smart and capable compared to the other Apostles and thus considered himself the perfect choice to be Jesus’ second in command when He was made “King”).
    Man today is a slave to jealousy too; Minorities are jealous of whites, the poor are jealous of the rich, the have-nots of the haves, to “keep up with the Jones’s”, etc. The whole agenda is to be someone your not. The lure is our natural desire to seek for God; “our hearts do not rest until they rest in thee oh God”. But we have been decieved into believing it is in some other form that we can obtain (determine) on our own.

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    1. Re Judas in Phillip’s analysis:

      When on pilgrimage to the Holy Land our guide was a man whose nickname is Rock. He is an Orthodox Christian who was born in Bethlehem. In other words a West Bank citizen. He is from a quite large family. He began life as a teacher in a Christian school in Jerusalem. Pay not so hot. As his family grew he needed more money so he moved to Nazareth.

      So our group is standing in the Upper Room and staring at the roof and looking all around and he calls us all together and asks for two volunteers to help him with something. He pulled a 3ft long roll of paper out of a bag he was toting and asked the volunteers to unroll and hold up the paper so we all could see it.

      It was a pen and ink drawing of the Last Supper. Rock began by saying that the locals know exactly how the Last Supper was set up in Jesus’ time. He pointed to the paper and he began describing it for us. Low table which was formed in an open U shape. Figures reclining on their left elbow starting from the far left of the bottom of the horseshoe shape and ranging all around to the bottom of the right leg of the U.

      They rested or supported themselves on their left elbow and used their right hand for dipping the bread into the Mezza or humus and other stuff. So the natural lean is toward the person to the left of you all around the table.

      The first figure in the bottom left was the youngest. That would have been John the Beloved Disciple. The next or second figure would have been been the Father of the family which would be Jesus. The next figure would have been of high social rank followed by others in descending rank. The final figure all the way around at the far right end position usually is the Mother of the family who is there to act as the server to jump up and make sure the food is replenished and so forth. The servant’s position at table

      Rock said they know who was reclining next to Jesus. It was Judas. It stems from the New Testament account where Jesus announces that one of them would betray him that very night. All the Apostles are shocked and look around and say “Not I, Lord!. Who could it be?

      The person in the servant’s position on the far right leg of the U shaped table is Peter. The Upper Room is on the second floor. The first floor is where the washing of the feet occurred. Jesus instructs the Apostles to was each others feet as the servant would do. Peter is admonished … then wash my head and beard and everything else Lord. He goes straight for the servant’s position at the dinner table upstairs.

      So Rock describes the moments after Jesus’ big bomb shell announcement and the consternation it causes. Peter looks over at John and kind of winks at him and indicates to him with a nod of the head … Go on, ask him who it is. John who is already very close to Jesus’ chest leans up close to his face and asks who is it? Jesus replies to him probably in a whisper “It is the one who dips his hand in the dish with me.” Jesus reaches out to dip his piece of bread into the mezza and at the same time Judas who is stationed next to Jesus uses his right hand to dip into the same bowl of mezza. Bingo.

      Judas must have had a very high position in Jesus’ inner circle. He had the position right next to Jesus.

      So our little group of pilgrims are standing there looking at this rolled out rather large pen and ink drawing in black and white in the Upper Room with Rock. And we all have the same question on our minds. How does he know this? Rock reads our minds.

      He points at a little boy standing apart from the seated guests at the banquet in the picture. He says “You see that little boy there? That’s me.” He tells of how this drawing was of his own family during his days in Bethlehem. He says “we know this is how it was because this is how we eat the Passover feast today. This drawing was made of my family by an artist friend of the family many years ago.”

      Pretty stunning actually. A moment I will always remember from my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


  13. Beckita, Father Thelen from Encounter Ministries is doing a mission at my parish this week. It started Monday, March 2 and ends tonight, March 4. It is being live streamed and you can watch at When you enter the site the word livestream is highlighted in blue. Click on the word livestream and the Parish Mission 2020 page should come up. Scroll down a bit and you can watch Monday and Tuesday’s sessions as well. It starts at 6pm EST. The Monday night session was all about your identity. Tuesday night is about how to hear God speaking to you.

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    1. Exciting, Tina. I love the identity teaching which accompany these studies. I cannot get the link to work but I noticed that the presentations have been uploaded to the parish FB page. Go Canada! Receive the Fire and be renewed! Here‘s the FB link. I’m just returning home from Helena – where our diocesan Cathedral is located – after a full two days of laying to rest a beautiful, gentle, kid, and faithful old priest friend who preached the truth in charity, in and out of season. Fr. Stephen Joseph Tallman may Christ’s Perpetual Light shine upon you and we welcome your intercession as we make this transition of journeying to the full Triumph of our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.


        1. You know, Doug, I had yet another giggle fest when I discovered my bing. I edited immediately but none too soon for those who receive comments in their inboxes as they’re cleared. Did you think I had taken on another persona?

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          1. Well, it’s a side of you I have never seen. Your halo is so bright in my eyes and this appeared like a little tarnish spot.


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