A Change of Venue

I will have a piece up later tonight, but in the meantime, Los Angeles area readers need to know that the venue for tomorrow’s talk has changed. The talk will begin at 1 p.m. Pacific time. We will be at:

Grace Lutheran Church

4427 Overland Ave.

Culver City, California 90230

If you are in the LA area, I hope to see you there.

14 thoughts on “A Change of Venue

  1. I hope things are working out much better at your end.

    The epicly stupid Canadian federal election will be over in 4 days, and everything is being said & tried to keep a globalist Liberal in power. The same kind of cheating Clinton tried…

    We’re praying & fighting back, will it be enough…? This is no ordinary election, the Principalities & Powers are definitely messing with us.

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      1. He should be in more trouble than he is!
        If we had honest and unbias journalism, he’d have no chance. Our Canadian MSM seems to answer to the same leftwing authority as American MSM.

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        1. Jean Chretien (retired PM) is visiting our area these days (New Brunswick) to try to pick up votes for the liberal party!!! The libs are getting a little nervous…maybe.
          Election day is tomorrow. God help us!!! We appreciate your prayers.

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  2. Not sure what to think in the aftermath of the election…

    A corrupt politician who loves importing terrorists especially ISIS is still in power.

    My advice, don’t let your guards down, the devil & his servants still have plenty of power & influence. Things are going to get tougher here on in, I suspect everyone’s faith & endurance is going to get tested to it’s limit & beyond…


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