Border Skirmishes


By Charlie Johnston

A Terrible Resolve

After watching large segments of Donald Trump’s massive rallies in Minneapolis and Lake Charles the last two nights, I am now persuaded that Democrats have made a HUGE mistake in their attempt to impeach him. They are once again playing Wile E. Coyote.

It is not the size of his crowds: Trump can fill a football stadium on two days notice. Nor is it the spine of the Republicans in Congress; you still need a magnifying glass to find that. Rather, it is the shift in Trump’s tone. The President loves to jawbone in negotiations, to take wildly extravagant positions. The fact is, though, his instinct is to deal magnanimously, to let bygones be bygones once even a tentative basis for agreement is in view. I have come to suspect some of his more dramatic histrionics are a way he compensates for a surprisingly charitable temperament.

That Democrats and the media launched this effort after so badly failing and smearing him for three years is astonishing. All they have accomplished is to release “Unconditional Surrender” Trump. They have convinced him that they are pure malice and there is no dealing with them. There is no good faith on their part and the only viable option is to completely defeat and then salt the earth behind them.

There is no “whistle-blower.” A president must be able to speak in confidence to his foreign counterparts. This CIA agent who worked for Joe Biden spied on Trump and then leaked a false narrative about what happened. With even a moment’s thought, it is clear to anyone that the Democrats panicked assertions that they have more “whistle-blowers” coming is specious nonsense: Trump released the full transcript of the call. You can read it for yourself. The Democrats are now asking Groucho Marx’ old question: who are you going to believe, us or your own eyes? There is nothing there.

This is a seditious spy and leaker of classified information – and the sort of information that has been classified throughout our history in order to facilitate efficient conduct of foreign affairs. This is treason. To call it “whistle-blowing” is just a pathetic attempt to slap lipstick on this seditious pig. And it is an insult to actual brave whistle-blowers who have exposed actual corruption in their own departments.

For anyone who studies the facts and evidence, there can no longer be any doubt that the Democrats are concerned only with power, not at all with justice. I think they did not believe Trump would release the transcript – and so could just peddle their own malicious spin on it to an even more malignant establishment press. Look at the tactics of both sides. Trump is being transparent, releasing and de-classifying documents so people can judge for themselves. Democrats are trying to keep everything secret except their own spin – and are desperate to deny Congressional Republicans rights to call witnesses or run anything even vaguely resembling an open and fair hearing. This is just an effort to prolong the ongoing three-year coup attempt.

For this, there should be treason trials. No, I do not call for any death penalties or such. I do, however, call for life imprisonment with no possibility for parole for those people who have knowingly used their position to manufacture false accusations for purely political purposes. If a future president wants to commute some of their sentences, that’s fine. But that is the only way the coup plotters should ever see the outside of a prison cell again. That will make future partisan hacks think long and hard before weaponizing government power to target their mere political opponents. A slap on the wrist will merely encourage future coup attempts – and if we do not crack down hard on this now, one of those future coup attempts will succeed.

Trump knows what he faces now and is all in. You will see some of the timid Republicans start to find courage as public opinion shifts. Keep in mind those who stood strong in these, the early days of this new battle in the ongoing coup attempt. Those are the only ones you can count on to defend your freedom.


Vatican Follies

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that, “The Amazon Synod seems primed to replace ancient Christian faith with a formal resurgence of pagan tribalism.” Even so, I was astonished to see the Synod open with an actual pagan religious ceremony. They are not even trying to put a fig leaf over their malign intentions.

Meantime, atheist Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari claims that, in an interview, Pope Francis revealed he believes Jesus was just a man, not God. This has agitated many of the faithful. I’m not buying it. Though I am not a fan of Pope Francis, this does not sound at all credible to me. I was good friends with the late Rob Sherman, who was, for a time, the national spokesman for the American Atheists. Sherman frequently completely misunderstood even obvious points of doctrine, not out of malice, but because the framework of Christian theology was so alien to him. To his credit, Sherman pressed me to get what I was telling him right and to understand my claims from my perspective. Scalfari just seems dishonestly determined to spin whatever Francis tells him to try to paint the Pope as a closet atheist. I suspect the Pope said something along the lines that Jesus was truly Man (as the faith maintains, Jesus is True Man and True God) and Scalfari’s mind translated that to “just a man.” The Pope would be well-advised to quit giving interviews to Scalfari.

Finally, some have leapt on Cardinal Robert Sarah’s recent statement that to oppose the Pope is to be outside the Church to mean that it is wrong to disagree with or criticize the Pope. Cdl. Sarah is known for speaking with great precision. I will just reprint what I said to one commenter on the matter yesterday:

“Note carefully what Cdl. Sarah actually said. Contrary to the inartful conclusion of this article, Sarah did NOT say that to criticize the Pope is to be outside the Church, but rather that to oppose the Pope is to be outside the Church. To criticize the Pope when he veers from Scripture and the Magisterium is to support him in defending the faith. Obviously, if Sarah meant that to criticize the Pope would put one outside the Church, this would mean that Sarah was outside the Church, for he does criticize and disagree with the Pope’s statements frequently. So the only two things this can mean is that either Cdl. Sarah has left the Church or that to criticize error in a brother is not to oppose him, but to fraternally support him. The latter interpretation is the only one that makes sense. Cdl. Sarah has long parsed his words very precisely.”


No Magic Fairy Dust

The United States succeeded and prospered for so long because, from the beginning, we put a premium on carefully crafted, prudent policy decisions. Some on the left think we were just lucky – and so they craft all manner of crackpot schemes thinking that American success is not the result of prudent policy, but just because we are lucky, sprinkled perhaps with magic fairy dust.

Back in the 90’s, I warned frequently on my radio show that California’s absurdly restrictive new forestry policies would ultimately lead to truly catastrophic fires. The state’s no harvest or clearing policies simply meant that there would be heavy fuel-loading for when fires naturally broke out. Combined with the state’s refusal to build substantial reservoirs or desalinization plants meant that, inevitably, as the fuel-loading grew over time – and particularly in drought conditions the state refused to prepare for, fires would become more and more damaging and catastrophic. You didn’t need to be a genius to see this coming, merely prudently grounded in facts and evidence. But facts and evidence are to leftists what a Crucifix and daylight are to a vampire.

Now because of the frequency of catastrophic fires these last few years, California is enacting forced brownouts and blackouts in major areas of the state – in order to prevent catastrophic fires from breaking out. It is probably necessary, but it would not have been had the state stuck with prudent, carefully crafted policies of rational forestry and building sufficient reservoirs to maintain stability in periods of plenty and of drought. Instead, screaming leftists who don’t bother to actually learn anything carried the day – and all Californians are paying for it.

In a way, I take some satisfaction. I have mentioned before how affluent suburbanites have become vapid virtue-signalers, convinced that they will never pay the price for bad policy. After all, they believe, their prosperity is not because of prudent policy, but because of the magic fairy dust they have been sprinkled with. Now they are badly inconvenienced and, like the pampered children they are, they scream about it. Better they should make a re-commitment to sound policy. California is just about out of magic fairy dust. And so is the rest of the country.


Well Earned Honor

I learned a couple of days ago that my assistant who arranges all my travel, Mary Lapchak, and her husband Mark, will be awarded the “Outstanding Small Acreage Manager” for this year by the Double El Conservation District in central Colorado.

When I first met them a few years ago, they were lifelong city people. I have never lived on a farm, but many in my family have. When city people try to become rural farm people, they almost always fail within a year or two. In the city, start a project and when you finish, it is done. On a farm, when you finish a project you have a huge on-going maintenance project. A city project is like buying a car: a country project is like having a kid. I did not expect them to last more than a few years.

They have put together the most amazing small farm effort I have ever seen…and have done it with a fortitude and grace I rarely see in established small farms. They have cattle, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks…and whatever other domesticated animals Mary gets a hankering for. They also have the lowest loss rates I have ever seen. Mary takes it personally every time a predator gets a chicken or one gets sick. If you don’t have adequate health care, just hope to get some Marycare and you’ll be fine. Mark, a retired engineer, is constantly putting up buildings and sheds…maybe a new pond…and set up a well-engineered solar system to power everything.

Who knows, the time may come when a lot more of us will have to manage small acres. If so, it’s nice to know that friends of mine have blazed a trail so well that even the old, established country groups have taken notice.



447 thoughts on “Border Skirmishes

  1. Brilliant, Charlie! Magnificent fact finding and sharing on all topics. Thank you so much for plowing through the mania and chaos to lay out this analysis.

    I especially appreciate the distinction you’ve made between criticizing ideas (and actions) and opposing the Pope.

    Yeah, Mark and Mary!!! Mighty Congratulations on your award!

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  2. Brilliant as always, Charlie. I’m going to send to my kids the first part, especially, the political analysis. They are already “believers”, but this will enlighten them further. It is so beautiful to read what Mary and her husband have done. i have so much admiration for farmers and ranchers, especially those family operations rather than big, subsidized “businesses”.

    You really hit the nail on the head about the fires here in CA and the water, or lack of it. Thank you envirowackos! As soon as the fires threaten, I start praying for family, some of whom are in dangerous locales.

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    1. I have in fact had the pleasure of meeting Mark, a few years back when he was in Michigan buying a rare breed of cattle (not from us… we’re sheep and goat people). Mark is awesome. And I’ve spoken with Mary on the phone a bunch of times; and she’s my kind of girl, math geek and all. Congratulations, Mary and Mark! Got any pointers that my family could use on our small farm? 🙂

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      1. Hey Mick — It is YOU who should be giving the pointers — You have been doing this forever! Anyone who digs a new garden by hand has my admiration for life! 😎❤️

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    2. Thank you Madkat! The award was truly a surprise to both Mark and myself. I am hoping you will be able to make it this way soon. ❤️

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  3. Well said, and fully agree: ” Brilliant, Charlie! Magnificent fact finding and sharing on all topics. Thank you so much for plowing through the mania and chaos to lay out this analysis. “

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    1. Ha, Jack! When I read your comment, I at first thought you had written, “plowing through the malaria….” And I thought, “Yeah, as a metaphor, that’s about right.” 🙂

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  4. Charlie, just wondering what your thoughts are on the deteriorating situation in Syria. The Aid to the Church in Need email today writes: “The beginning of the end for Christians in Syria.” and another headline “Military leader of Kurds tell the U.S. ‘you are leaving us to be slaughtered.’ What is the course of action you would recommend?

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    1. I honestly don’t know, Maggie. I lean towards keeping troops there, as I fear that abandoning an ally poses real dangers to our credibility in the long run. But I am also a firm believer that we should not be involved in such wars unless there really is a definable interest for the USA involved – My basic approach to foreign policy is national interest. If all act in that manner, it becomes predictable and you can make honest bargains. On the other hand, I would not want my son over there risking his life where there is no discernable significant national interest. That being the case, I find it hard to make the case that other parents should risk their sons and daughters there. The decisive factor for me is probably the presence of Russia there. For all the hoopla about them these days, Russia runs a brutally tight ship – and so I don’t really see much danger of the conflict exploding far outside Syria’s borders. But I have no argument with any honest person’s opinion on this, whether they agree or disagree.

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      1. I hope Trump recalls as many troops now as possible so we won’t be spread too thin when things go south with NK, China, et al. Trump leans toward isolationism, but I suspect when push comes to shove he’ll be downright hawkish. The man puts his money where his mouth is.

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      2. If you get the time an inclination, I am interested in your reasoning for labeling Russia, a fellow nation in Christendom, an enemy,

        In my circles she is a felliw flawed warrior against the globalist darkness.

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        1. Where have I ever labelled Russia an enemy? To the contrary, what criticism I get on that country is that I am too soft on it. I would like Russia to be free – and she is a geo-political competitor, just as our more normal allies are. I have stated repeatedly that I think one of the most critical geo-political dynamics is the need for America and Russia to become close allies. So you are reading something into what I said that just isn’t there.

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          1. You are correct. I was reading “The decisive factor for me is probably the presence of Russia …” and hearing the godless neocons banging the war drums yelling Russia!, Russia !, Putin!

            My apologies and thank you for clarifying.

            Russans lived through the same demonic communism that is asserting itself today throughout Christendom. We are living through a mere whiff of what attacked them, Il fully support, against all neocons and anti Christian forces, her retaking of Constantinople and the restoration of Mass at the Hagia Sophia.

            grace and peace

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          2. Yes I agree, charlie…Russia, according to relavant radio is showing signs of conversion..spread it’s error to us and many but if they can come around. .why not us???


      3. The President’s decision to withdraw our troops from their support role in Syria is a mistake. However, in the shorter range, death and damage to the Kurds are not the major reason that I oppose removing our troops, Russia’s presence in Syria has as its goal more than keeping Assad afloat and in power in Syria. Let me have a shot at describing the developing situation.

        1. Russia is the major natural gas exporter to the EU. Their export pipelines run through the Ukraine, which explains much about their continuing battle to both partially control and destabilize the remainder of the country. in 2017, 39% of the EU’s natural gas was purchased from Russia. These exports are a vital, irreplaceable source of foreign currency for Russia. Until recently, there appeared to be no potential competitors that might threaten their market share. That is until …..

        2. Over the last decade, Israel has discovered huge amounts of natural gas in massive fields not far off-shore from their coast under the Mediterranean. They have already made agreements with Cyprus and Greece to build an underwater pipeline to supply both countries. The pipeline to Cyprus was due to be completed this year, 2019.

        3. Israel, Greece, Cyprus and the EU have now signed another agreement to build a pipeline between Cyprus and Italy (an EU member). Once in Italy, the gas will then join existing pipelines that supply the entire EU, all 28 countries. Please see the following 2018 Times of Israel article for more details;

        As a result of the above, Israel now stands as a future competitor to Russia to supply the EU’s ever increasing natural gas imports. Now, does the presence of Russian forces, no more than perhaps 150 miles from the Golan Heights, make more long term sense? Their mere location makes them a potential leverage asset should Israel attempt to cut into Russia’s share of those EU imports.

        Furthermore, the prophet Ezekiel in chapters 36 and 37 describes what could be easily interpreted as the May 14th, 1948 resurrection of the State of Israel. If one continues onto chapters 38 and 39, you’ll read about the plans of several nations to combine, attack, invade and plunder Israel. Those nations include; Iran (Persia), Libya (Put), parts of Turkey, Sudan (Ethiopia), along with a mysterious and mighty nation to the far North of Israel, named Gog and Magog. If you look at a map, and draw a line due North from Israel, that line runs into and through Russia.

        In Jesus’ Precious Name …. Dave

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        1. Interesting about the gas supply, Doctor D. Russia does actually have alternative supply routes, via the Baltic, as in the Nordstream pipelines, which are currently causing some upsets, even to a challenge against the recent amendment to the EU “Gas Directive”, as it’s colloquially referred to.

          But your strategic explanation is very interesting.

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          1. Yes jaykay you are correct about Nordstream. I’m personally glad we’re moving out of Syria because we should never have been there in the first place. Russia will however benefit from our withdrawal, but we just don’t need confrontation on top of confrontation. It’s madness.

            Interestingly however, I was just told that oil production is about to explode by many multiples in the US by a contact that I know. He’s usually spot on with his insight and would not tell me the reason for this to happen. He laughed when I said oil production was slowing down right now, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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            1. Interesting about the oil, BD. Similarly, the UK was all set to access massive shale-gas deposits in their NW, but the eco-religionists got that stopped because of the dreaded f-word, inter alia. GB now also has no coal-fired generation, so given they’re 50+% dependent on gas imports, in the event of any interruption in that supply they’ll be in a not so good place. So will we in Ireland, of course…☹️

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              1. Ha jaykay, coal you say? Well we had a former president (I forget his name now) that tried to destroy the US coal industry. We have massive coal reserves here and now many coal fired generation plants are sitting idle because of the wackos. I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy going on here.

                On a more serious note, I hear you have some great pubs in Ireland, is that true? 🙂

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                1. Guess what else about coal? I have a friend who is a chemist and is developing a means to extract rare earth minerals from… drum roll: coal ashes. China has been dominating in hoarding these rare earth elements.


                  1. Wow Beckita, that’s interesting. My first job when I was in grade school was to walk over to my aunt’s house in the winter at lunch time and shovel more coal into her coal furnace before I went back to school. She was the only person I knew that had one because everyone else had natural gas. Her house was always so warm. I also worked one summer as an engineer’s helper at a coal fired power plant. I’m a “coal Man” for sure.

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                    1. I grew up in a house with a coal furnace. Remember it very well. Just a small boy at the time. The coal truck would come and set up a chute system from the truck down the side of the house to a window to the basement. The coal would come down the chute and fill up the coal bin. Shoveled into the furnace. Truck serviced the whole street at the same time. It was a can’t miss show for all the kids to watch. We moved from house to house watching the coal show and vying to collect the odd bit of coal that popped out of the chute. Exciting to watch the coal pouring down that chute. Can’t ever remember being cold in that house.

                      We moved to a new house. That house was converted from coal to oil. Oil heating is still pretty big in New England. The coal truck was replaced with an oil truck. There was a big oil tank installed in the old coal bin of that house. Not exciting at all.

                      I don’t think the oil fired furnace was any cheaper than the coal fired furnace. In fact I’m thinking it was way more expensive than the coal fired one.

                      So why were there so many conversions from coal to oil? Convenience. It was that shoveling bit. Once in the morning. Once in the evening. Not a lot of shoveling. But dad had to go down to the basement and do a bit of managing of the system. Oil was automatic and controlled by the thermostat. Just got a bill from the Oil Co. Not interesting at all to watch. Truck is parked on the street. Driver hops out and unwinds a long hose down the side of the house to a valve leading to a pipe leading to the oil tank sitting in what used to be a coal bin. Fill her up in about 10 minutes. Put the cap back on. Rewind the hose and on to the next one. Boring. I suppose these days they give you a penny a gallon break on the oil if you pump it from the truck yourself.

                      I don’t ever recall having a smoke problem or a coal pollution problem in our town at all. No ecological concerns either with coal or oil. The thought to that generation would be laughable. Ridiculous. “Say what are you talking about? What do you want us to do burn all the trees to stay warm?”

                      Today it is natural gas or electric. Nuclear power generating the most expensive electricity and heat for your house ever produced. Replacing coal fired electric plants. Most new homes are being built for natural gas these days.

                      Solar? Wind? More inconvenient and unreliable than the old coal fired furnaces I’d say. And more expensive and intrusive into the environment. Visual pollution.

                      We have a place in West Virginia. Near where the coal trains run. For many years we would see an odd coal train or two running long lines of coal cars down to Baltimore and back to WV empty. Today we hear that lonely whistle blowing all night long. Seeing a lot more coal moving comes under the heading of “believe your lyin’ eyes.” Where is it all going? Not clear if it is generating more electricity in America. Japan is a big consumer of coal. Gets shipped down to Baltimore and put on Canal boats and shipped back to Japan. Where they bury it in the ground as a part of their strategic national supply of energy. Go figure.

                      No coal? No oil (God Forbid!)? No nuclear? No fracking? No natural gas pipelines?

                      “Say what are you talking about? What do you want us to do burn all the trees to stay warm? Or cover the landscape with inefficient solar panels and ugly wind mills?” Laughable. Ridiculous. Unless you get some corrupt kickback from Solyndra or the other lesser known taxpayer scams.

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            2. BD, I would love to hear more about the word you got on oil production about to rise sharply. I’ve been watching the shale producers build up a lot of debt and was wondering if they were in a Red Queen situation. That would mean you would be correct that our oil production would start to lag. I can see our *energy* production going up by large amounts if an economic way to mine methane clathrates is close to ready or if the rumored free energy tech is about to open up, but those possibilities are not oil.

              To have oil production explode upward would be quite unexpected if from a new source, but perhaps the oil folks have found a new basin that’s easy to tap. Even production of stranded oil from old wells would take some time to ramp up, but if a new technique for that is coming up for use and is easy, we could double (or more) our oil reserves and ramp oil production almost overnight.

              This is a fascinating and very hopeful rumor, BD, so please keep us posted if you hear more or see it starting. Thanks!


              1. Hi Steve. Yes, that’s what I was told by an individual that is rarely wrong about things of this nature. I agree with your assessment, oil production appears to be tanking, (kind of a pun). This individual provided no other details and was possibly sorry for letting this tidbit slip, but he stands firm that this was coming. No time frame was offered so we shall have to wait and see. I’ll post if I learn more, but in my mind something big would have to occur in order for this to come to pass.


      1. Very interesting analysis and commentary at CT. Thanks for linking.

        We have to remember two things about Trump …. A.) He is a real estate developer; and, B.) he is a chess player.

        Reading the CT analysis of what is going on in Syria all I could think of is that Trump is playing like a chess master in that region. He is moving his pieces around to gain a strategic geopolitical advantage for the US five moves ahead. It is a multiplayer chess board with pieces and interests moving in real time. Obama’s play in all this is quite chilling. He left the Middle East chessboard a mess for Donald Trump and America. Trump is working brilliantly to shore up the board while checking the other players. Especially, it would seem, the feckless EU which has been given a free ride for years.

        Secondly, regarding Trump’s bluster and blab and outrageous language and tweets and so forth. Pure real estate developer MO. They all do it. Part of the game. Part of how you negotiate real estate deals. Understanding leverage. Employing leverage. Putting the squeeze on the “stakeholders”. Threaten to blow the whole deal up over 10 basis points. Offer – Counter offer. Yell and scream and call the guy on the other side of the table all kinds of unspeakable names. An idiot to boot. Get the best deal you can get. May take months or years of this kind of outrageous SHOWMANSHIP. As Trump famously put it in his Art of the Deal book : Sometimes you have to know when to walk away from the deal.

        Finally, Trump is brutally pragmatic. The key word to understanding how Trump operates is this word: Relationships. Trump is a man who keenly understands Relationships and how to manage them to achieve the objectives of one Donald Trump. Trump maintains a spectrum of Relationships. Everybody in the world falls somewhere along that spectrum. Broadly speaking the Spectrum resembles something like the following:

        Nonentity …..> Acquaintance ….> Employee….> Customer….> Friend…> Family….> Partner …..> Ally ….> Competitor….> Adversary…..> Enemy

        Trump manages people, companies, politicians, media, and foreign nations along this Spectrum of Relationships in order to achieve his ends in sometimes brutal ways. Thing is that people, politicians and nations can flip flop on a minute’s notice from Friend to Enemy and back again before you can blink an eye. See Sarah Palin. See Steve Bannon. See Michael Cohen. See Jeff Sessions. See the Kurds. See the Rocket Man.

        Classic Donald Trump statement: “We have a great Relationship.”

        Yup, but as they say in the NFL ….. Not For Long. So if you wake up one day and find yourself flipped along the Trump Spectrum of Relationships from say Friend to Adversary don’t overly obsess about it. Tomorrow you might flip from Adversary back to Friend or maybe a sudden Partner of sorts.

        The key to understanding this man is that all his “Relationships” are temporary. Fluid is a good word to describe it.

        All the tweets? Donald being Donald.

        Thing to consider here is that Donald Trump has no permanent Friends and no permanent Enemies.

        That bothers some. Like Lindsey Graham with respect to the Kurds. And the Neo-Cons with respect to permanent war in the Middle East. The EU? NATO?

        We ought to be grateful that Donald Trump, the ultimate pragmatist, is controlling America’s chessboard on the world stage at this time in history. One thing he is not and that is reckless. He knows exactly what he is doing.

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        1. Hah! Right on cue!

          “Turkish President Recep Erdogan sees himself as the modern leader of political Islam using the Brotherhood to recreate the Ottoman Empire.

          …….Obama’s U.S. foreign policy supported Muslim Brotherhood replacements like Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. However, Obama failed in the effort to remove Bashir Assad in Syria; as a result all extremist factions of the Brotherhood gathered to form ISIS.

          Factions like al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and ISIS all fall under the umbrella of The Muslim Brotherhood ….
          The exiled Brotherhood leaders ….. ultimately given safe-harbor in Turkey, by Recep Erdogan.

          President Obama embraced President Erdogan because ideologically the Obama administration and Erdogan both supported political Islam, The Muslim Brotherhood.

          Regarding the Northern Syria border with Turkey, many of our U.S. politicians want the U.S. military to continue the role of zookeepers to keep political Islam in check. In essence the Lindsey Graham position is for the U.S. military to remain in Syria to keep the big cat cages closed. Graham’s policy viewpoint means no exit from the middle-east, ever.

          However, Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan wants to be the biggest cat in the zoo.

          Ultimately the largest stakeholder in this dynamic is Europe, because they stand the greatest risk if Erdogan is successful and then turns his assembly toward Europe. Remember, Erdogan as President of Turkey is now the gatekeeper; and Erdogan is also a member of NATO.

          Unfortunately Europe will not defend itself; will not kick Erdogan out of NATO; will not take their own ISIS fighters back for trial and punishment; and instead, just like Lindsey Graham, the EU demands the U.S. remain as perpetual zookeepers.

          Ultimately President Trump is highlighting the reason why the U.S. should withdraw from NATO by spotlighting the insufferable weakness of the assembly. NATO won’t even vote to defend their own interests, so why should the U.S. be their crutch?

          With Europe refusing to stand-up to defend their own interests, President Trump is removing U.S. forces from the untenable position of guarding all the big cat cages, ad infinitum, to keep the zoo status intact.

          Check the international news. Syria and Russia have made a deal with the Kurds and will be protecting them and Syrian territory against Turkey.”


          This is a brilliant diplomatic and strategic geopolitical move by Trump completely missed by the media and the knowledgable knowing ones on cable TV expert panels.

          Headlines in the Washington Post:

          Sudden U.S. Exit Stirs Syria Chaos
          Troops at Risk in Hasty Withdrawal
          Pullout Order Follows Days of Agitation by President
          Deal Lets Assad’s Forces Back into Kurdish Areas

          Headlines in the Washington Times

          Trump Pulls 1,000 U.S. Forces Amid Growing Danger in Turkish Assault


          Instead of young American boys and girls dying to counter and track down ISIS and keep the new Big Cat Islamist Brotherhood Caliph leader wannabe Erdogan and Turkey caged up inside Turkey’s border where they can do no harm — Trump has arranged it for Russian boys and girls and Syrian boys and girls to do the job. To boot, he has arranged some kind of coalition with Russia, Syria and the Kurds to keep Turkey bottled up. All while remaining “ALLIED” with NATO member Turkey. Think Incerlik Air Base.

          How did this political and geopolitical jujitsu taking America off the zookeeper expensive and draining hotseat with no end in sight come about?

          Because Trump correctly assessed Assad’s and Syria’s interest in keeping the Turks out of Syria; Putin and Russia’s interest in keeping Turkey under their thumb and no threat to unleash the Muslim Brotherhood on THEM; and the Kurds interest to be shielded from annihilation by Turkey. The Kurds come out ok in this deal. They are at the least no worse off than they were before. They will continue to play off their RELATIONSHIP with the U.S. against the other Big Cats in the zoo.

          These interests intersect.

          And America’s interest? Keep all the Big Cats in the zoo glaring and hissing at each other through their own bars preventing them from achieving their objective of killing everybody.

          The EU’s interest? Ah, there’s the big prize. The EU will not defend itself against Radical Islamic Terrorism and expects the U.S. to foot the bill in treasure and the lives of its young boys and girls FOREVER. Now they have 3 million Muslims ready to be unleashed on them by Erdogan because having nothing else to do after being stymied in its Syria dreams they have nothing else to do. Those EU boys have some thinkin’ to do. They are going to have to pony up to defend themselves.

          This all has the makings for a Big Deal. And Trump has astonishingly pulled it off!

          Welcome Home Boys and Girls!

          I once had an old and experienced boss who taught me the Monkey Principle of Management.

          What is the Monkey Principle?

          Never let the other guy put his monkey on your back.

          We’ve had the rest of the world’s Middle East Monkey on our back at least since 9/11. It has been a costly experience manifestly with no end in sight. Trump is trying to get that Radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood jihad Monkey off America’s back and put it where it rightly belongs.

          The Big Cats and the Monkey. Been there and done that zoo.

          I’m glad Trump is on our side. Imagine what he might achieve for America and Americans if only he had just the bare minimum of cooperation from the Democrats and the Republicans.

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          1. StormTracker: I agree with your observations in general but think it incautious to try to discriminate some kind of “Radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood” from the tenets and practice of Islam itself which is found precisely in the example of the perfect man: Muhammad.

            I suspect that you know that Islam is Islam with no modifiers. To be clear, while Muslims may have descriptors according to their individual practices, Islam is what it spells out in black and white that it is. I think it not merely a matter of semantics but a gravely and eternally important point that islam is Islam and can never be anything else.

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            1. I agree with Charlie’s description of Islam as a Satanic Deception. Allah is not God. I object to the false equivalence proposed that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three monotheistic religions with different approaches to the same One God. Not so.

              And I agree that the ultimate demand of Islam upon unbelievers is submit or die.

              Given that, the practical problem we Infidels face is not with the masses of muslims who either are powerless to organize armies of jihad or who are not interested in undertaking or joining a crusade to snuff out Judaism and Christianity and all its adherents. Our problem is with Political Islam whose leaders are largely represented by the Radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and all its branches. Those leaders, for the moment, are constrained to using terrorist methods to advance their objective of world domination. For the moment. In the not too distant future they, like the Rocket Man, are likely to have nuclear weapons to enforce their demands on the world especially through the Mullahs in Iran. Thank you Barack Obama.

              Big Cats in the zoo. How do we keep them in their cages? More to the point ….. WHO keeps them in their cages? Answer: Those whose interests are most directly and immediately threatened by Political Islam’s terrorist hordes and theological propaganda. Those interests are regional in the ME, Europe and Russia. Those traditional Nation states have the most to lose. They need to defend themselves.

              Zookeeper? Not a role the United States should undertake on a Forever basis.

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              1. STED only thing I would differ on is “Radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood”.  I don’t think this is radical Islam.  It just plain is Islam.  In a sense, all of Islam is radical from our perspective.   The ones not organized are like liberal Catholics not living their faith.  They, in essence, are not living their Islamic faith.  The more a Muslim lives his faith, the more violent he will become.  My two cents…..Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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              2. @StormTracker: I too agree with Charlie and while I agree with your “Big Cats” analogy, I may differ with you in your estimation that the real threat in the West is not as you seem to suggest the Lesser Jihad and its Muslim Brotherhood adherents but rather the Greater Jihad–Stealth Jihad.

                The Greater Jihad is much like the Left’s Long March Through the Institutions and uses not bloodshed and beheading so much as lawfare, demographics, and da’wah to gain its goal: the minds and hearts of the infidel whose welcoming, tolerant, Judeo-Christian cultures create unwary and easily misled kufar.

                This is especially evident when the USCCB follows Nostra Atatae and Abu Dhabi sourced false-ecumenical-type rhetoric and focuses on InterFaith Prayer Services without full transparency about the anti-Christ non-Abrahamic texts and tenets of Islam itself. My former and present bishops, for example, have invited the local Imam to speak from the ambo of the Cathedral, an indication to most that Islam is a friend to if not an out right equal of Catholicism.

                Robert Spencer has a new book that speaks exactly to your point about Zookeepers specifically regarding the Israel/Palestine never-ending conflict.

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      2. Thanks for the article, Timothy-interesting perspective; praying the Holy Spirit gives Trump and his Cabinet the necessary wisdom and knowledge in these perilous times.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your insights on the skirmishes. When a rat dropped out of the White House ceiling onto a reporter recently, I couldn’t help wondering what Angel was charged with delivering that message.

    Caught some rare Fox News the other night featuring a Hannity segment where he mapped out all the impeachment timeline beginning the second day of Trump’s presidency. Date after date after date flashed the screen, opposition screech after opposition screech making a case for impeachment. Struck me that it would have started even earlier –– during the election –– but arrogance kept them blinded to the possibility of him actually winning.

    Sad to say, but the more arrogance that dominates on the left, the bigger the wallop coming from the next blind side. Not sure what, but… oh, it’s coming.

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    1. I’m going to drill deeper later on both the impeachment nonsense and on the Amazon Synod. I was planning to yesterday, but I was pretty exhausted and just took a down day instead, so I put this together in a bit of a rush with the bare bones of some themes to be explored. The other shoe hasn’t dropped just yet, but you can see its growing shadow and hear the whistling as it gets closer.

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      1. I think the next big shoe drop may be from Project Veritas…regarding the motives of CNN. It looks as if it could really be BIG! People are beginning to be awakened (notice that I did not say *woke.*

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        1. Years ago, Charlie mentioned that the youth of today would be instrumental at this time. For me, David Daleiden and James O’Keefe III come to mind. Their work is monumental. I keep these brave and courageous Catholic lads and their teams in my prayers. Thanks be to God, they’ve got each others backs too!

          James O’Keefe gets an EXCLUSIVE update on David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt

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        2. Just read the explosive article on Fox, Kati. It’s Project Veritas alright, fabulous! I hope all of you read the article and the quotes from the undercover recordings. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving evil institution.

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            1. Oh the media hordes are frightful;
              But the show is so delightful.
              Since there’s so much left to know,
              Let it show, let it show, let it show!

              (Sorry, Beckita; I couldn’t help myself.) 🙂

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              1. “It doesn’t show signs of stopping,
                And the lefties’ brains are popping,
                Their level is so way down low,
                Let it show, let it show, let it show!”.

                (Hopefully between us, Mick, we’ve rescued a few Souls with this awfulness, since anyone reading it will have to offer up something 🙃)

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                1. Hahahaha! Yeah, Jaykay, we’re pretty bad. But hey, let’s offer it up for the souls who have no one to pray for them (I bet we’ve sprung a whole bunch). 🙂

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                  1. @Mick and Jaykay: I’m the one with the sleigh bells in the percussion section. Nicely done, you two. (Three including Bekita who started it.)

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                2. Ok. I sent this to my friend Pete and he finished the song.

                  Here goes:
                  Oh, the lefties out there are frightful
                  And Mr Trump is so delightful
                  And since they’ve got no place to go
                  Let them crow, let them crow, let them crow

                  Man the left’s showing signs of harping
                  And the debates, they are not stopping
                  The logic’s turned way down low
                  Let them crow, let them crow, let them crow

                  When they finally sink their boat tonight
                  Their lack of logic is now the norm
                  And if you really think they’re not so bright
                  Just watch and you’ll see them swarm

                  And the party is slowly dying
                  And, the right, we’re still good-bye-ing
                  But as long as they’re caving so
                  Let them crow, let them crow, let them crow

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      2. You get well first Charlie and just rest….chicken soup out there anyone???

        Btw heard on relavant radio yesterday during a news piece in between shows that Kim jung ung or whatever his name is, was spotted riding a white horse atop their highest mountain. ..I guess the symbolism to this is that Kim is making some big decision and that he’s VERY angry at our President regarding sanctions.

        In North Korea, I guess they ride a white horse on top of highest mountain to make big decisions…..hmmmmmmm


    1. I have not seen it – and don’t plan to. The reviews I have seen paint as deeply violent and depraved. A few faithful reviewers have remarked that it is a gritty portrayal of what this world does to people these days…and so I may watch it when it comes out on video, but I just don’t have time right now and it does not appeal to me, so I’m not going to make time. There have been more than a few compliments about what an artistic achievement it is – and I do respect even dark movies that have genuine artistic merit. But from what I have read, I would NOT take my 15-year-old to see it.

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      1. I picked up and started to read The Communist Manifesto today. It was one of my father-in-law’s books. He was a well educated, well read man. With all the socialism push these days I thought maybe I should read it to see exactly what it is that they are so excited about revisiting.
        A few pages in, I stopped. A thought came to me that I shouldn’t be reading about what this type of mindset is but reading from writings that are NOT of this type of mindset. You see, if I have the truth I am more easily able to see the lies so I don’t need to know what they think.
        Reading sophistries pretending to be truth is, for me, disturbing.
        Satan placed a thought in Judas’s heart and he took it as his own. I’m not interested in hearing/reading the enemies ideas.
        Same with movies.
        I like adventure, fantasy and even a few horror movies. Not real up on psychological thrillers that preen demented persons into some sort of misunderstood good guy. That seems to be the norm these days. Make wack-jobs of the heros as having some disorder and normalize any disordered characters as, well…..normal.
        Everyone needs Prozac in thier world view- “aren’t we all just a little bit ‘off’ mentally, emotionally?”
        “No one should be thinking anybody is better than anyone else”- even if your name is Superman (or Jesus).
        They are trying to bring down that which is good and wholesome about mankind and even brand that as just another type of “disorder” if one even WANTS to be good or wholesome.
        IMO, the movie the Joker is on the cutting edge of this agenda and I do not wish to indulge the enemy here.
        Rather, I should:
        “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”
        (Philippians 4:8 )
        And so I shall.

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        1. Phillip. I have read the communist manifesto and for me it wasn’t an easy read , to me it is boring and uninspiring obviously , but I do recommend reading the ten planks of communism contained in it .

          It is pretty interesting as all 10 planks are partially or totally in place in our country . And none of them are compatible with our bill of rights or constitution . Another interesting thing to think about when reading them is that they were implemented by republicans and democrats ,
          For example I’m sure most are familiar with the belief in our country that all children are entitled to a free public education ,yet nowhere in our constitution does it say that , but the 10th plank of the communist manifesto says “all children should be provided with a free public education “
          Their reasoning is obvious and we have seen the results

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          1. I’ve read the 10 planks elsewhere Soda, so I’m familiar with them and thier oft edited look-alikes.
            These kinds of writings just unnerved me. I’m not a prude but inside me I feel a certain dread when I start to read such as these. I’m not sensitive to much, but this stuff and abortion are my Achilles heel.

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        2. Totally agree Phillip. I would add ‘heroes with special powers’ to that list. I’m tired of seeing immature teens with special, magical powers, throwing around bad-guys that are 10 times their size. It leads to grown-up politicians thinking they have special impechment powers and abilities to bend their own truth. 🙂

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        3. I appreciate your comment on this Phillip.

          “A few pages in, I stopped. A thought came to me that I shouldn’t be reading about what this type of mindset is but reading from writings that are NOT of this type of mindset. You see, if I have the truth I am more easily able to see the lies so I don’t need to know what they think.”

          I, too, have developed this attitude over the past couple of years. I used to be an avid consumer of news and open to viewing and listening to and reading all different sources of media. I had a kind of backed in belief that people were being honest in their intentions and analysis. That is all completely shattered now. I distrust it all.

          Mindset? I have virtually stopped reading the Washington Post or any other newspaper. I don’t watch the news shows anymore. I used to watch the Sunday morning shows. Haven’t bothered to do that in years. Used to watch Today before going to work. Never watch any kind of morning show now. I used to read the news magazines. Remember news magazines like Time and Newsweek? Haven’t picked up a news magazine in years. I doubt they even exist anymore.

          I find the “mindset” of mass publication of any kind mostly just a source of irritation, frustration leading to anger. I am angry at what is going down in our country and how it is being transformed in front of our eyes.

          Anger is NOT good. There will be NO ANGRY MEN OR WOMEN in Heaven. You can’t haul anger to Heaven. No anger in Heaven. I had a priest in confession tell me that anger is a form of Pride. Pride is the primordial sin. The sin of the angels. It’s a form of trying to control God. The angels, led by Lucifer, got angry with God for his creation of man as His sons and daughters. They wouldn’t accept being subservient to the human mud dolls. They wouldn’t serve. They revolted.

          We get angry with people — and God — when they don’t do what we want them to do or think like we want them to think. Anger can morph quickly into hate. And hate is a VERY BAD THING.

          Irritation —–> Frustration ——-> Anger ——> Hate

          A bad progression. Easily triggered in my case and many others it seems. A very slippery slope.

          This is the Alinsky method now adopted by and peddled to the public by all media and both political parties. And all politicians. Every.Single.One.Of.Them. Why? Because it works from a political perspective. It divides and polarizes the “Base”. It works. Seems you can’t ascend to power without employing the technique.

          So, anger is bad. So, it becomes evident that driving anger and stirring up anger in human society is a key tactic in Satan’s plan to destroy humanity. A propaganda of anger leading to hate leading to a soul in deep deep trouble. The media, politics, and politicians thus become human minions of Evil whose object is the destruction of souls. As many souls as possible. The beauty of it from Satan’s perspective is that the useful idiots of the media and political parties and politicians not to mention academia and Hollywood —— DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! Unwitting, or even witting, human minions of Evil.

          TheTruth. The Truth is there is a lot of anger and hate in our society. Seems like to an extent we have never seen before although I may be wrong on that. It is at least in my time.

          So, my response like yours is to distance myself from the ignition sources of anger which are the media, politicians, and political parties. The idea being to avoid the irritation and frustration and anger that threatens our souls. Detach is a word that pretty much sums it up.

          I find myself detaching more. I am not sure this is entirely a good thing.

          I believe it is prudent to “know your enemy”. To be able to understand WHO your enemy is, what his objectives are, and what are his weapons and tactics and what his forces both spiritual and natural are composed of. I feel you have to study the enemy and observe him closely. Otherwise you become a sitting duck vulnerable to his methods, weapons, forces and tactics.

          There’s another word to describe this: Engagement.

          Fear: Detachment Courage: Engagement

          This is a tricky combination to manage. Requires a cool head. Requires an educated head. Requires a determined heart. Prudence? Balance?

          The tricky course is the one I am trying to traverse now. To cooly appreciate the enemy trying to destroy me and the rest of humanity including every single one of us here at ASOH. The enemy especially seems to hate the United States of America and all who live within it.

          I have never read Marx and Engels. Just snippets. If I had the time I might dive into the Communist Manifesto to learn more how Satan works. To defend myself.

          Detachment is not a bad thing. Engagement is not a bad thing. We need both in our lives.

          Working out our Salvation is a hard thing that each of us has got to learn to manage for ourselves the best we can. It is on us.

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          1. Time used to be edited by a devout Christian…lthe Pumpkin patch spy who brought down Alger Hiss.

            We will have have such again as we return to Christ.

            Whitacker Chambers! is the name. On his book, he recounts a beautiful story of meeting God as a boy. He crawlef through a hedge, beheld golden finches being Golden finches and blurted out “God!!”

            This is prior to his atheism and communism and his rediscovery of God.


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          2. Storm Tracker, I think your comments are spot on and reflect what I’ve felt called to for years…to stop watching and reading the garbage they throw at us to wear down our defenses and incite us, and again recently reminded of via an ephiphany.
            Be still before the Lord;
            wait for him.
            Do not be provoked by the prosperous,
            nor by malicious schemers.

            Refrain from anger; abandon wrath;
            do not be provoked; it brings only harm.
            (Psalm 37:7-8)

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        4. I’ve pondered this for decades and share your attitude, PF. Also have come to share some of CJ’s attitude on the matter. I don’t know that I’d ever lunch with a Stephen King either, but the guy does remind a dull world that evil exists. Never had an interest in reading the Manifesto or anything in that vein, but do see some value. If not read simply to satisfy idle curiosities, it could be leveraged to pry listless souls out of the mud as a warning of the consequences of being a dull and listless soul.

          Paul ends that exhortation, beginning in Philippians 3 for the larger context, on that beautiful note in Philippians 4:8. What does it speak to me? Oh, volumes, among which is the reminder that there is the true Homeland of Heaven to focus on, and we had better get at the business of learning the language and culture there above all others, lest we’r’e completely out of sync when we’re called to account.

          Mentioned having reread some St. John of the Cross the other night, wherein he was discussing those things that keep a soul from rising in progressions. i suppose it would be o.k. to be fuzzy little lights in Heaven, but if we’re not aiming to be resplendent lights there (as I’m sure St. John is), motivated out of nothing but love for God, then maybe we need to take a good hard look at how we spend our time and what we’re really focused on.

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          1. I read voraciously and extensively, including some very ugly material. Way back in college, as I was reading “The Communist Manifesto” at lunch, some kid saw the title and grunted, “Ugh, silly communists.” It amused me that someone accidentally thought I was one of those. My first spiritual director, the brilliant canonist who was advisor to many Bishops, after he had known me for a few months, encouraged me to read whatever I wanted, including heretical material – and in fact, sometimes asked me to read some heretical material and give him my take. I want to know my opponent on his own terms so that, like St. Thomas Aquinas, I can refute him on his own terms. This is not for everybody, but if when I write, I only write knowing my own and friendly arguments, I can only be a cheerleader, not an analyst. There are only two books that my directors ever asked me not to read for a while – and both books by saints. When the request was lifted on one, I saw exactly why the Priest had asked me to hold off – and it was a wise reason. On the other, my Priest said he thought it would be unsuitably distracting for my particular mind. Amusingly, after he lifted the restriction, I went and bought a copy. Because of a weird printing error, all the pages were jumbled and a big part was missing altogether. I regarded it as God’s confirmation that this much-heralded book was not for me.

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            1. Yes, I hope you know I have a decent understanding and appreciation for your calling, CJ. That you are a gifted analyst, among other things, is obvious. And that it sometimes takes you into territory that others find repugnant is understandable, as you stay true to your calling.

              Just so we all understand that we’re all not called to that, and that St. Paul’s advice is truly great advice for most.

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              1. Absolutely, MP. I WISH I did not know as much about abortion as I do, for example. Sometimes things I learn about that make me literally sick for a while. For people whose calling it is not, there is some material that is best to stay away from. AND there is some material that after 20-30 pages, I toss into the trash and get rid of immediately. Some material out there is seductively evil and some other material is just plain evil.

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            2. Charlie I don’t know how the process works in the church…but I for one little one over here where I am nominate you for the next dr of the church…😃 do I hear a “here here!”😆

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                  1. Oooo…I had some homemade Key Lime Pie at our volunteer dinner in Oxnard, California tonight. It was fabulous. And my sister got me hooked on Outshine Creamy Coconut bars – (kind of like a popsicle, if a popsicle were creamy and twenty times more delicious). So I guess I am getting my Rx nicely!

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      1. Maggie, that is great! The USCCB website used to have a movie review section with an ethics rating that I’d check when the children were young. My daughter was so frustrated that I would not let her see “The Titanic” in junior high school with all of her friends. One she told her brother when he inquired about going to a movie, “Mom will have to check with the pope first!!” I was glad to have the resource. It is now run by The Catholic News Agency – The Dove Foundation is another good one, Bishop Barron surprisingly impresses upon me a more mindful approach to movies that I would normally not give a second thought to as well in his thoughtful reviews. ❤

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      2. Thanks for all the comments. As I said, I don’t go to cinemas much these days. If I do, it would be for a cartoon children’s movie.
        I never watch horror/violent movies either.
        However, because of all the negative reviews from the media and the positive from the viewers I took a double take. I figured that if the media tells me that something is bad, it is probably good and if it tells me something is good it is probably bad. My son is gifted, above average in intelligence and maturity and who likes psychology and philisophie which is why I was debating going to see it.

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        1. October 28 there will be the movie of St Faustina and Jesus entitled Love & Mercy , I believe, nationwide. .just for that one day…it will be playing in Sandusky and I am already working on getting michael and I there…lol…not easy for a hard working foundry man. ..but ohhhhh…how I want to see it..everyone Google it to see if it’s in ur area too😄

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    2. Hi Itaca. If you’re looking for something scary and exciting and R-rated, you two could go see ”The Terminator: Dark Fate” which comes out at about the same time. Joker probably will be like nothing we’ve seen before, but you only need to look around you in the world to see crazy mental illness and violence.

      BUT, I would take my kid to see a movie about a time when America was united in fighting a real Evil Empire. MIDWAY. Release date is November 8, Veterans Day weekend. In this film, you will see actual historical events, including:

      🇺🇸 The attack on Pearl Harbor, which stunned our country and united it.

      🇺🇸 The heroic action of Aviation Machinist Mate 3rd Class Bruno Gaido, who courageously jumped into a parked aircraft on the deck of the carrier USS Enterprise and used it’s tail gun to bring down a Japanese Betty bomber. The plane he was in was sawed in half by the plummeting bomber but Gaido survived. His action saved ship and crew.

      🇺🇸 The Tokyo Raid led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle. Medium bombers launched from the carrier USS Hornet on a one-way trip to let the Japanese know that America was coming. These 16 pilots had never taken off from an aircraft carrier before. Although they only got a bloody nose, the psychological blow to the Japanese was profound.

      🇺🇸 The Battle of Midway, the event that swung the momentum in the Pacific theatre in favor of the U.S. Japan would never recover from this devastating American victory. This event changed the course of history.

      PREVIEW 1 (very well done)
      PREVIEW 2

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        1. I agree with your thoughts, PD, such as your second paragraph. Hubby and I don’t go to movies, but check out videos from the library. We recently watched “The Great Raid” about rescuing (against all odds) 500 POWs from a Japanese camp in the Philippines. They were the ones who survived the “death march”. I often remark to my husband that those are the movies our young people should see to appreciate the sacrifices made by previous generations! Their education is sorely lacking these days. I’ve known wonderful teachers after raising 4 children and helping with 2 grandchildren, but it’s the “powers that be” that have a horrible agenda.

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          1. My 21 year old daughter calls today “Indiginous People Day”. She says look it up.I say keep looking! They stop when they see what they want and decide that this is the only viewpoint. Oh Lord, please come to my aid before I do damage!!,

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        2. Patrick, thank you. I’d never even heard of this movie. I was in tears just watching the trailers.

          I never watch war movies, but I’m determined to see Midway. I believe that, although I know that I’m going to sob my way through the movie, it will strengthen my resolve to TNRS in these times. Also, my husband’s grandfather was at Pearl Harbor when the bombs dropped; when I see the movie, I will think of Grandpa and the other warriors of the Greatest Generation.

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          1. Oh, Mick, strange as this may sound, I’m so glad you were touched by these previews. I’ve been dreaming of making a movie about this very event. Like the one made in 1976 titled “Midway”, this one also has an all-star cast. I really hope this new film does it justice.

            My great-grandmother’s son, Franklin (my great uncle), flew in a B-17 over Europe. He was on one mission that pounded the French/German city of Stundweiler. This was her hometown until 1910 when she boarded the Kaiser Wilhelm and set sail for America. In fact, three of her four boys served in WW2 against Nazi Germany.

            The Greatest Generation indeed.

            Woody is portraying Admiral Chester Nimitz.

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            1. Patrick,

              God bless you great-grandmother and your great-uncles. Did all three return safely from the War? I bet their mother wore out her rosary beads praying for them.

              I never thought I’d want to see a movie with Woody Harrelson in it; guess there’s a first time for everything.

              My husband and children love to watch the History Channel (although they refer to it as the Hitler Channel because of all the Hitler stuff shown). They can’t understand why I won’t watch the shows with them. I have told them countless times that I don’t like seeing footage of real people being killed or injured (it’s different with, say, a Diehard movie because it’s fiction). They always ask, “Well, will you watch a show with us if it’s just the Americans bombing the Nazis or the Japanese?” To which I always answer, “Every Nazi or Japanese killed was somebody’s son, or brother, or father, or sweetheart.” I’m not a pacifist by any means, and I am so thankful for and in awe of the US military and what all of you do or have done for the sake of freedom. But I can’t shake the knowledge that even the enemies killed were loved by somebody who spent the rest of their lives grieving for them, and that makes me sad.

              That said, I’m still going to see Midway.

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              1. They all came back safely. In fact, Uncle Frank flew on one mission with Clark Gable. I think he was posted as nose gunner as that is one of the safest positions in a B-17 (?). In the 1970’s, he showed me a paper with the crew’s signatures and, at the top and larger than the rest, was Clark Gable’s signature! No idea where that paper is today.


                My dear Grossmutter, Mary Wollenschaeger, prayed many, many, many Rosaries. She was deeply spiritual and in close communion with Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady.

                Gegrüßet seist du Maria, voll der Gnade.
                Der Herr ist mit Dir.
                Du bist gebenedeit unter den Frauen
                und gebenedeit ist die Frucht Deines Leibes Jesu.
                Heilige Maria, Mutter Gottes,
                bitte für uns Sünder
                jetzt und in der Stunde unseres Todes.

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                1. You speak German? How cool! My sister-in-law is from Germany, and she taught me just enough German to talk to their dog and their kids when they (the kids) were little (they spoke German before they spoke English). Thanks for the Hail Mary in German. I’m going to print it off and put it with my collection of the Hail Mary in different languages. 🙂

                  PS: So glad all your great-uncles got home OK.

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                    1. Yikes, Patrick; you scared me there! I was thinking, “Whoops… I hope that’s not what I said.” 🙂

                      It reminds me of the time when I was 25 and visiting my sister-in-law’s family in Germany. I accidentally propositioned some guy in a club when I was trying to tell him that I was too warm (it was summer, hot, crowded, and we were all dancing). My sister-in-law’s brother grabbed my arm and dragged me out of there so fast! After the tongue-lashing that he gave me in perfectly fluent and very angry English, I resolved to attempt speaking no more German during that trip.

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                    2. I made the same mistake at about the same age, saying to a woman, “Ich bin heiß.” but she gave me a look that said, “Uh….no you’re not.”

                      And another time with a group in the military, we went to a cookout at a German family’s house. I made the mistake of saying to the hostess, “Danke, meine Frau.” thinking I was saying Thank you, ma’am or my lady. Instead, I said, “Thanks, wife.” The husband was furious and scowled at me the rest of the day. Ooops. 😬 Lighten up, Dude!

                      Oh well, live and learn….I guess.

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                2. My Grandmother had four of her children serve in WWII. She was in the paper because of that. Praise the Lord, everyone came home. One uncle was an officer on the ship that the Emperor boarded to give up. Wow.

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                    1. My wife’s father worked as a welder assisting in the construction of the USS Missouri.

                      My mother was born in England, and during WWII she used to commute to work via train into London. On one day’s commute, her train was strafed by an ME-109! As per my Mum, everyone threw themselves onto the floor of the train until the plane had flown past. Can you imagine?

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                    2. I can’t imagine living during those time, Dr. Dave, despite all the stories and footage I’ve seen. Boy, those Brits were tough. I’m baffled that Hitler thought they would just give up. “We will never surrender!” Thanks for sharing — amazing all the connections many of us have to that era, yet so many in this century have forgot those days. We may indeed be destined to repeat them.

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                    3. I can’t even begin to imagine, Doctor Dave. On the other side, my sister-in-law from Germany has told me about the experiences of her mother, who was a little girl of about 4 when her town was repeatedly bombed by the Allies. She remembers having to go down into the dark, windowless bomb shelters and fearing for her life. To this day, being in a windowless room of any sort causes her to go into a panic.

                      As Patrick said somewhere in this thread, war is hell.

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                  1. Nance, we just lost the last WWII vet in my family: my father’s uncle, who died this past spring. We also a couple years ago lost a very close family friend, a 97-year-old WWII vet that was like a grandfather to us.

                    My dad’s father-in-law is still living, although his health is rapidly declining. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and ended up a POW at the age of 19. I have sat for hours listening to his stories of his time in the War. It is an honor to be even tangentially related to him.

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                    1. You might’ve seen this one before, Pat. Nonetheless, it’s still stirring to hear WWII heroes speak about their real life experiences. Plus plenty of shots of the USS Missouri, inside and out (47 minute documentary);


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                  1. That’s cool, Joan! I learned to say, “Gutter hund” to the dog and “Ich liebe dich, mein Shatz” to the babies. And that is about the extent of my German. 🙂

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                    1. I’m a total fraud. I had 4 years of German back in high school about 20 years before the discovery of dirt. I can still remember small snippets but the conversation but it had better be about introducing somebody or going to the library!!!!

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                    2. Just noticed that I neglected to capitalize the “H” on “Hund.” Do we get to claim bings for words that we spell incorrectly in a foreign language? 🙂

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                  2. Ironically traced fraternal roots to Bavaria as far back as 1780. The family emigrated in 1852 to upstate Pa, aka Pennsylvania Dutch Country.


              2. P.S. Yeah, never thought I’d see a Woody movie either.

                P.S.S. War is indeed hell and it’s tough and incomprehensible to watch. I read about the crew of the German battleship Bismarck against the H.M.S. Hood, the flagship and pride of the British Navy. The Hood was hit by a shell, started spewing fire like a Roman candle, buckled, then exploded in a massive fireball and broke in two — startling both the Germans and the crew of the H.M.S. Prince of Wales. The Hood sank in an incredible 3 minutes. Only 3 of 1,415 men survived. At first, a loud cheer arose from the German crew for their victory in battle, but it was quickly replaced by a sickened silence as the Hood slipped beneath the waves and the men realized the horror of what happened. Young men, just like themselves, had their lives snuffed out in an instant. I’ve heard similar accounts by Japanese and American sailors and pilots in such situations…the heart becomes heavy and the hats come off for their fallen enemy. War is hell.

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              3. I wonder if anyone prays for them. Are there some in purgatory that are forgotten and have no one to pray for them? Since there is the eternal present in God, will Divine Mercy Chaplets suffice for all those fighting and dying in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam…?
                Every now and then, the bones of some are recovered and returned to their families for proper burial.
                Recently, this was in the news:
                Then we have names and faces. Perhaps the Lord is entrusting them to us.

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                1. To answer your question, Joyful: our prayers absolutely span time… past, present and future. Isn’t our God generous and glorious?! PS Praying from the heart for those souls who are forgotten is a constant in our chapel.

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                2. Joyful, what an excellent point: that God has entrusted the forgotten souls to us.

                  We have a couple of traditions in our family. One is that whenever we drive past a cemetery, we pray, “May the souls of everyone buried in that cemetery and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.” We then pray St. Gertrude’s prayer for the Holy Souls. The other tradition that we have is that when we pray the Rosary together, two of the intentions are always for those who have no one to pray for them and for the Holy Souls.

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                  1. Love these traditions. I have prayed for the deceased around my husband’s grave but never thought of everyone else in the cemetery. Need to think bigger! 🙂 Thank you.

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                  2. Mick: how good! There’s a very similar tradition here in Ireland to make the sign of the Cross when passing a cemetery, and say a prayer for those within. (Also, to make the sign of the Cross when passing a Church). All this was taught to us by parents, and at school. No longer taught, I fear, at least not in schools, and probably not by most parents. But it’s still common enough to see people doing it, usually older.

                    Praying for the forgotten Souls is so important. Let’s face it – in recent decades their numbers must have increased hugely, since the basics are no longer being taught and the “everyone’s in Heaven” nonsense is so widespread. It’s truly horrifying, the amount of those who have no one to pray for them, so one of the most charitable things we can do is to offer Masses and prayers, particularly the Rosary. Susan Tassone is one well-known person who has great online resources about this, but there are many others easily available. And in turn the Holy Souls will intercede for us!

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                    1. Hi, Jaykay! Susan Tassone is amazing. I got to hear her speak at a local parish some years ago, and she made a real impression on me.

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                    2. It’s so nice to see my daughter,19, and her friends making the sign of the cross on Dublinbus when we pass churches or an ambulance. Otherwise, it is just a few old people you see doing it.

                      As an aside, the kids and I are going to see Unplanned tomorrow on the last day of the 2 week showing here in Dublin.

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                    3. I also make the sign of the cross when I go through yellow lights.  I pray for the cops.I did get pulled over for a right turn on red without a full stop.  I was with my son in law.  The officer said “with a license plate like yours, I can’t give you a ticket”.  The plate is PROV3-5, “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”.  After, my son in law said he needed to get one of those license plates….Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                3. One of my oh-so-many-greats was hanged as a witch in Boston. I pray for her lots. I bet no one else is praying for her. Her family was Puritan – no praying for the dead, and her son-in-law fingered her to get his wife’s inheritance early. They wouldn’t pray for her. “Hey, she was a witch,” the townsfolk would say. “She got what she deserved.” .

                  Mary told the children at Fatima, that some people NEVER leave Purgatory, and some of the other visionaries say many are there for a long, long time, because they have no one to pray for them.

                  Also, in one of the alleged apparitions, Jesus said the most common folks in Purgatory are there because everyone thinks they went straight to Heaven, and so do not need prayers.

                  And if WE do not pray for the souls of our Protetand friends and family, their friends and family don’t believe in praying for the dead, so our prayers may be the only ones ever said. As the Church Militant, we really have our work given to us.

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                  1. When I was glancing through our local newspaper’s obit page recently, the thought came to me to say a pray for all the souls listed each day.

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                    1. Smiling, Maggie, as I’ve been doing this for years, especially tending to those who request no funeral service. It’s a kind, quiet ministry, so easy to accomplish. 🙏❤️🔥


            2. Good Heavens, Patrick Daniel, you are making me realize how really old I am. Re: “Great Uncles and Great Grandmother’s”- It was my father’s & mother’s and their sisters, brothers and friends that served in WWII. My mother was secretary to an army general, my dad taught aeronautic to pilots, uncles were in tanks at the Battle of the Buldge and on bombing runs out of England and father in law in a sub in the Pacific. Read a recent article on the Trump exit from Syria which gave new understanding of the facts of that Syrian, Turkey, Kurd dispute with the USA in the middle. At first I thought Trump made a blunder but after reading the article I conclude the President did the right thing. Now let’s pray that VP Pence will be effective with Turkey. It’s time to start Rosary novena after novena for the USA. Truth after truth is being revealed of our sorry state as a nation. N. Pelosi’s acts case in point.

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              1. As far as Jesus is concerned, Joann, you and I are just toddlers.

                I love what Trump is doing. Once again he’s making the Dems do things contrary to their quote-unquote beliefs: They protested against Vietnam and the Iraq conflicts, but suddenly they’re hawks about Turkey and Syria? HA! They keep stepping in their own doo-doo and don’t seem to notice.

                Bring our troops home. Give our bases back to the Germans, Dutch, and Belgians so we can prepare for war in Asia and to defend Israel in the Middle East. Enough is enough. WWII is over. WWIII is next, and only God knows when and where.

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      1. I like watching uplifting movies or historical. I’ m not searching for a scary movie… They stay in my mind. It is the disparity between the media rating and public calling it a master peice for our time, that caused me to take a double take. My son was happy to debate and check politics and that fake news. I think it annoyed some people here ( friend, teachers, ect). I’m in Spain and now he has completely backed off. His nonchalant attitude is concerning. I think I’ll just read the reviews and wait for it to come out.

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        1. Ha, Itaca…when a teenager has a nonchalant attitude rather than a defiant one, that suggests that particular teen is a fairly noble soul. Give thanks and be glad for your son’s attitude!

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    3. Hi I won’t be seeing it. It is extremely violent. I was a nurse in the third largest ER/trauma unit and lived the violence and the effects of violence on real people. There is no disconnect for me when I watch gratuitous violence even though I know they are all actors who stand up and walk away at the end of the shot (pun intended).

      However, Hollywood has made years and years and years worth of crazy violence and rarely ever (basically never) does the main stream media issue warnings…. so why for this movie? It has been COMPLETELY bashed by every possible media outlet. Quite the turn since desensitizing the masses has been the name of the game for so long.

      The movie actually points out that mass media is what has created this man into the monster. It is a truly HARSH finger pointed right at them. And of course we cannot allow the awakening of the masses to the manipulation they have been playing. has an article that explains in-depth all the facets of the movie but especially why mass media doesn’t want you to see it.

      I must warn you though, VigilantCitizen is quite the worm hole, red pill site. It’s focus is on pointing out all the occult/satanic/masonic symbolism found in main stream media. It also has many in-depth articles on the history, origin and meaning of these things. Once your eyes are open and you learn, you cannot ever go back and the symbols are everywhere- my kids have even found them is standard fare cartoons…. all to desensitize and normalize the masses. After I initially read every article, I now only check in with that website every few months as I have to keep up and be aware of the newest attacks. It is a good place to start and there is so much that not even this site keeps up with it all- but once you have the knowledge and discernment you can recognize it right away.

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      1. Hey Wild Rose. Patrick RN here. Thanks for your work in trauma — I take my hat off to you.

        I remember hearing of a teenager who got shot in a foolish fire fight. And his reaction was surprise that getting hit with a bullet hurt so much. Unlike reality, it doesn’t hurt when you watch violence on the screen.

        Just wanted to say how right you are: Once the eyes are open to the occult messages and symbols, we see it everywhere. Satanism can no longer hide from the likes of us. I swallowed the red pill long ago and see the darkness too, even in the most innocuous places, like kids programs and even commercials. Certainly pop music videos.

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      2. My mom would sympathise with you Rose.
        She grew up in a port town in Mississippi and a lot of undesirables came through there. She often told me she was never interested in scary movies because she had lived through similar experiences growing up. One time a man tried to take her sleeping sister out of their bedroom window in the middle of the night. Another time a thief stole her father’s pants and flashlight then beat their neighbor unconscious several times trying to get her to tell him where she hid her money.
        She went blind from the beatings. After he was captured, he tried to act insane but when that didn’t work he admitted his guilt and said he was from a group that trained them how to not get caught and how to try and get out of it if they where.
        He was sentenced to death and my Granfather tied the noose and my grandmother made the black hood he wore.
        There are more stories like these but you can see why my mother was never interested in movie hype of this kind. She had enough fright to last her a lifetime having lived through the real thing.

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    4. Since somebody mentioned movies, I can’t resist jumping in with a little anecdote from last night. My wife isn’t from ‘these parts’ and was watching teevee. A promo for Jaws came on and was to start in about 10 minutes. She asked me if I had ever seen it (her innocent naivete is charming, no?) 🙂 I told her yes, I and a few others are familiar with it. The movie started and as time went on I could hear gasps and other vocal sounds of startled fright from the other room. At one point I heard a hearty laugh and she said “Wow, people were smoking in the hospital!!!” Ah, the good old days [sigh]. I didn’t sit through the whole thing with her because I was intently interested in something I was reading online but I would pass through occasionally and stand there and watch for a few minutes. During every commercial break she would come in and ask me what happens next; do all 3 guys on the boat survive and stuff like that. I told her she would have to watch and find out. She was pleading(!) with me to tell her how it ends and I kept refusing. 🙂 I think I enjoyed that game more than she enjoyed the movie. 🙂

      So there’s my completely pointless contribution to this thread.

      Thanks for your efforts, Charlie. Another great piece here.

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      1. The Babylon Bee did a hilarious piece about a man who tried to explain during his wife’s 432 questions about the movie they were watching that if she would just pipe down and pay patient attention, the movie itself would answer her questions. I laughed hard, for almost every woman I know (and a few men) do the same thing. Drives me batty.

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      2. I think Robert Shaw made that movie what it is. I’m not much of a Richard Dreyfus fan, but it was nice to see that process of bonding between those two disparate characters as the movie progressed.

        The questions game used to drive me nuts until I figured out a solution one night, turning the tables on my beloved wife as she was trying to watch a show she liked. We just watch quietly now.

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        1. My wife picked up on the progression of the Quint/Hooper dynamic too. She normally doesn’t comment on those elements of a movie. Btw, I’ll try the question game on her sometime. She’ll instantly know I’m just trolling her and probably laugh it off.

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          1. Yes, the best battle plans can go awry. It helps to serve up a barrage of ridiculous questions and comments in the most deadpan manner possible. Even so, she’s suddenly taken to busting out in show tunes, off key and at the most inappropriate of times. Oh, she’s clever one… knowing full well how much I hate show tunes. She won’t be fooled at all if it becomes yet another game of dueling banjos. I was thinking since she’s a cat person, maybe I should go get a couple of new pups. Or better yet, get her another cat and tell her that I love her… just to let her know what she’s up against.

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          1. Having been in a independent movie company I can’t help but narrate back-story at times.
            My wife absolutely HATES it!
            The older I get, the more gabby it get. I guess after having lived the glory days all one can do is relive the glory days.
            Oh well…..

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    5. I listened to a priest this morning that said it was really dark and that we all should avoid such movies. He lamented and wondered about those who watched the show and didn’t have Jesus to sit before and give it to.

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  6. Hey Charlie-

    Always good to get your thoughts on the passing scene…I highly value your take on things

    Regarding Pope Francis, you are very generous with him, and probably right….my reaction to that news was to believe the reporter. I’m just so worn out with Francis.

    It seems like the entire world has come unglued. We’re used to seeing craziness in politics, but this current iteration, which has been going on for several years now, is beyond crazy.

    Reading news of shenanigans in California, which is like a Petri dish of what’s coming to our state soon, never stops amazing.

    Even the leadership of Holy Mother Church has gone round the bend.

    Seems to me the prime culprit is distancing from a faith life. If we don’t get the vertical right, we go horizontal, where anything and everything is possible.

    We need something to happen to shock us back into reality. I follow the messages of Garabandal closely, and am hoping and praying the “Warning” comes soon. Unfortunately, I’m afraid He is going to let things get much deeper before He brings this about.

    For those not familiar, my understanding of the Warning is that it will be like a mini Particular Judgement, where all the world will stop for some period of time and we will all, simultaneously, have a mini particular judgement with Jesus. We’ll be able to see our sins, maybe even our souls, as He does, and also be able to see the effects our sins have had on others.

    It’ll be scary, I suspect, even for those of us practicing the faith. For those who are not, it will likely be devastating. A wake up call like no other.

    Then the world snaps back to normal, except we all now have this supernatural info about Jesus, ourselves, and the world. Then we get to decide, with corrected consciences, how we want to live.

    Outside of that, or some other massive tragedy, I don’t see how the insanity stops. We need something to drive us all towards Him. Then we can start to make sense out of life, and stop trying to destroy each other.

    Good news is, Our Lady has lots of us on her side. Catholic and non-Catholic. That seems to be what Medjugorje has been all about. She’s been manning up for almost 40 years now.

    Anyway Charlie, you are one smart hombre and it’s a privilege to get your take on things.

    Best, Paul

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    1. My thoughts on Pope Francis . Why if in instances like this if He is being misquoted or his remarks taken out of context about such important issues will he not come out with clear and concise corrections and statements ? And related I think – He is in the chair of the “rock “ the church was founded on . Jesus said he was the “ way, the truth , and the life . Pope Francis is supposed to be his man here on earth . When Jesus told Peter he was the rock , I don’t think he meant Peter was supposed to give vague evasive answers to questions that deserve a clear concise answer. Yes is yes and no is no .
      I pray i am wrong . I realize I may not have a clue , but I do know as a Catholic I should do my best to adhere to the truths of the Catholic Church and defend the church . I expect priests ,bishops, and cardinals to also . Pope Francis’s actions and words have often only lead to doubt , and confusion . Not the way, the truth, and the life. It seems to me .

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      1. @SodaKReancher: A little in line with your expectation that priests, bishops, and cardinals should do their “best to adhere to the truths of the Catholic Church and defend the church” I had a brief conversation with a fellow “pew sitter” at a friend’s 90th birthday party. He opined that the most important thing a bishop should be is “good with people”. I answered that I thought the most important quality of a bishop should be that he is Catholic. The gentleman laughed because he thought I was joking. I was serious.

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    2. Thanks for this Paul. Really thought provoking.

      The Warning and the Rescue are something a lot of us wonder about. What will it consist of and what will it be like?

      Illumination. What would an Illumination look like?

      “… a mini Particular Judgement, where all the world will stop for some period of time and we will all, simultaneously, have a mini particular judgement with Jesus. We’ll be able to see our sins, maybe even our souls, as He does, and also be able to see the effects our sins have had on others.”

      Frankly, I’m not sure even this would accomplish what you have expressed with passion:

      “We need something to drive us all towards Him. Then we can start to make sense out of life, and stop trying to destroy each other.”

      We have the story of Lazarus. Luke 16 27-31

      27 He said, ‘Then I beg you, father, send him to my father’s house,
      28 for I have five brothers, so that he may warn them, lest they too come to this place of torment.’
      29 But Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the prophets. Let them listen to them.’
      30* He said, ‘Oh no, father Abraham, but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’
      31 Then Abraham said, ‘If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be
      persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.’”

      These are the words of Jesus. Sobering. As relevant today to us as it was to those who heard Jesus teach this parable. We won’t be persuaded even if someone (Jesus) Illuminates them by rising from the dead they will not repent.

      On a more hopeful note, we have the Illumination of St Thomas the Apostle.

      John 20 24-29

      24 Thomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came.
      25 So the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the
      mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nailmarks and put my hand into his side, I
      will not believe.”o
      26 Now a week later his disciples were again inside and Thomas was with them. Jesus came, although
      the doors were locked, and stood in their midst and said, “Peace be with you.”p
      27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands, and bring your hand and put it
      into my side, and do not be unbelieving, but believe.”
      28 Thomas answered and said to him, “My Lord and my God!”
      29 Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me?r Blessed are those
      who have not seen and have believed.”

      The Apostles experienced a lot of illuminations from Cana to the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. Even before that there was the Baptism at the Jordan where the only recorded presence of all three persons of the Trinity were present and manifested at the same time. Quite an Illumination.

      One of the things that I find curious in the New Testament is all the times Jesus told his Apostles to not tell others of what they had seen. To keep the Illuminations quiet and among themselves. Why? I believe the answer gets to this point that you make quite well:

      “Then the world snaps back to normal, except we all now have this supernatural info about Jesus, ourselves, and the world. Then we get to decide, with corrected consciences, how we want to live.”

      It’s the “except we all now have this supernatural info about Jesus …. THEN WE GET TO DECIDE” bit.

      Jesus knew the THEN WE GET TO DECIDE bit was a decision that the people were not yet prepared to make. All the evidence to inform that fateful, critical and eternity determining decision was not yet on the table. Making the decision prior to his crucifixion and rising from the dead would mitigate toward a bad WRONG decision about Him. After those days ALL the evidence they required to formulate a correct decision was available to them.

      Thomas. Thomas had to touch the wounds and see the wounds in a most wondrous Illumination for his benefit. Because he wasn’t there. He didn’t see it. He didn’t believe it. Nobody rises from the dead. Jesus loved him so much that he Illuminated him big time.

      Just my spidey sense but that is the kind of Illumination I would expect would be required to snap people out of it and bring them to their senses. Thing is ….. Jesus loves each and every one of us just as much as He loves Thomas. I’m thinking Jesus would do the same for each of us. Would only take a nano second to snap me out of it. Thomas fell to his knees. “My Lord and My God!”.

      On the other hand we have Fatima. The three peasant children ages 10, 9 and 7 were given a different kind of Illumination. They were given “a glimpse” of Hell and all those going there by the Blessed Virgin Mary. That, too, was quite an Illumination. Changed the trajectory of their lives. They became different people. Almost frantic in their efforts to save souls at such a tender age.

      Will the Illumination to come be a carrot like St. Thomas’ or a stick like the Fatima Children’s?

      Time WILL tell.


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      1. I’m one who believes there will be the discrete event: the Illumination of Conscience – as told by Our Lady at Garabandal and intimated by additional mystics such as Servant of God Maria Esperanza – and I believe there will be a great harvest of souls returning to the Lord because of it. Unfortunately, not all will repent.

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        1. Oh, Beckita, I pray it will be so. So many souls are in danger of perishing and I think this would cause many to turn back. But I do know that God calculates everything so that the most souls that can be called back to him will be.

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          1. I hope so too Becks. Lambzie and I pray faithfully every day for our children to return. Hearing this gives me so much hope. I have read about Garabandal and believe this along with hearing from other mystics. As I understand, we will go through some trials first, but worth it to bring many souls back.

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          2. Interestingly, the “illumination of conscious” was how the Angels were tested too. God “enlightened them” to His plans for mankind and the incarnation through Mary, a mere creature and “because of the jealousy of the devil” a third of the Angels “fell” after this illumination. I recognise that if angels, creatures of pure intellect and will, can turn from God in a decisive, exacting manner, we too can expect to see many reject Him even after such an illumination.
            For myself, I can’t wait to experience it as a qualifying of my faith in the “unseen” but also as a correction to ‘my’ views on all things I believe are true. I expect my lame self to be handed back to me and admonished but good, for I deserve it. But I’m excited to see the remedy for myself as a fallen man and to be shown the righteous man I hope to become which I understand is to be part of the experience.
            I have no illusions that I may be among those who reject God in this hour- after all, if angels can, so can I. But in my heart I feel a great joy and excitement for that day since I know this day of judgment will happen one day, either on the day of the Warning or upon my death and I look forward to union with my God then when all things are revealed.

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          3. Right with you, Charlie, in your line of knowing and thinking. Always ready to drop what seems to be the interpretation of a heavenly message for the actual meaning of what God intended, knowing His Ways and Thinking are so far above and beyond our own. So ready for a great harvest via whatever it will be that will draw as many as possible back to Him.

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      2. @StormTracker: You say rightly that “after those days ALL the evidence they required to formulate a correct decision was available to them”. I would add that He went/goes even further. His love is deep and individually adapted to each child’s needs so much so that He remained with the not-yet-sprouted Church for forty days and then watered the barely perceptible seedling with the fire of the Holy Spirit and then cared for it with the maternal nurturing of Our Blessed Mother until her Assumption. Even now He keeps His promise to be with us all times just as intimately as we will allow Him to be.

        I wonder if He doesn’t derive great pleasure out of creating each individual plan He has for reaching each of us just the way that is intimately and uniquely our own surprise illumination. A surprise for us but never to Him.

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      3. ST Ed. Jesus was right. Even someone from the dead merely giving a message like Moses will not have a sufficient effect. However when we are subjected to an Illumination of Conscience in which Jesus wants us to really understand the evil of our bad choices and actions, I’m sure we will not be able to not get the message loud and clear nor be able to ignore it. Still there will be some who cannot be able to repent anymore than the brightest angel in heaven could not overcome his overwhelming pride and rejected God and Heaven.
        May God continue to guide and bless all here. jas

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    3. My prayers are heavy with petitions for illumination of the hearts and minds of my loved ones. I always pray, “Lord, whatever it takes to bring so-in-so home to You”.

      Well, my son in law got cancer and I thought, this is it! This illness will illuminate his heart and mind and his family members too! It was scary what he went through for an entire year. But I had prayer warriors praying day and night for his recovery and conversion. Well he recovered and is cancer free! That’s the good news. The bad news is that neither he nor his family were moved to pray or call out to Jesus during the entire ordeal. Fingers crossed, is all they ever said. The obstinacy of these souls scares me to death.

      I shouldn’t be surprised, Jesus knew that many would reject Him, no matter what He did for them–like dying on the Cross. Mea Culpa Dear Lord!

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      1. SanSan, just thinking….in the quiet of their hearts, they may in fact have called out to Our Lord for help; it could be they that they are not comfortable letting others know that they asked for Divine assistance. Never fear, though, through your prayers, he was healed…and I believe that the powerful reality of his healing is slowly, but surely, wearing away at all the walls keeping him from giving his heart to God. It may take some time, even years…but your prayers and the good health he now enjoys are steadily testifying to him of the Lord’s care and compassion, and the effect of these is ongoing…watch and see what God will do! I will add a prayer of my own for him today.

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      2. Morning San San

        Like Lin, I too have faith that Our Lord and Our Lady will reward our efforts in praying for our loved ones, but maybe not on our schedule.

        I was away from the Church for almost 40 years, and it took what it took to get me to finally look at Her (Holy Mother Church). I believe The Lord was working on me the whole time, and when circumstances were right, met me where I was. I also believe many people were praying for me.

        I don’t believe Our Lady and Our Lord would call us to pray for all these souls knowing the effort would be fruitless, and I’ve also been told that all a soul needs to do to be saved is to turn to Our Lord even in the slightest way before death, and he will do the rest.

        We may never see evidence here of the conversion of many of the souls for whom we intercede. In the next life, however, we’ll be rewarded by being able to see the fruits of our feeble efforts.

        We need to carry on, and Trust that Our Lady and Our Lord know what they are doing in insisting that we pray all those Rosaries.

        Hang in there San San…we really are doing His work…Especially when it doesn’t seem like it!

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      3. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Every family has them. We all have them.
        Knuckleheads. Partly their fault. Partly the fault of relentless assault by Evil. Dullled to the supernatural. Seduced by the environment and their own ability to think things through.

        Think Adam and Eve. What happened to Adam and Eve? They too were Knuckleheads. God loved them into creation. My guess? God welcomed them home. Perhaps through the Knucklehead Gate.

        Here’s the thing …. We are all Knuckleheads to one extent or another. We all have some kind of stupid blind spot. Some areas where “Father, that Knucklehead right there doesn’t know what he/she is doing.” That’s us.

        Pray, hope and don’t be afraid. Trust in the Mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

        Personally, I believe the Blessed Virgin Mary is the holder of the keys to the Knucklehead Gate. She loves us like our mother. Because she is our Mother in Heaven. We will all have recourse to her intercession and advocating for us with her Son Jesus.

        It’s going to be a long line at the Knucklehead Gate.


  7. That’s great news about Mary and Mark. It would be nice to hear more about their perspectives on farming and any suggestions they have toward resources, such as books, that could help others who may find ourselves trying to support our communities with animal husbandry and tilling the soil.

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  8. Matt Drudge has been my generic go-to news source for years now. But he’s completely lost credibility with me. He recently posted only the BS news about impeachment, all the wild, unfounded claims and lies from Leftist news sites, yet posted none of the stories that counter the Left’s ridiculous impeachment gibberish.

    Now Drudge has egg on his face. What was he trying to pull? I suspect he dislikes Trump. Well, whatever… I spend less time on his site: unreliable.

    He did post that Vatican story too, but pulled it down fairly quickly.


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    1. I rarely hit Drudge any more…maybe three or four times a week instead of five or more a day. I found a site I do visit now almost as much as I did Drudge. It is Citizen Free Press. It is not as comprehensive as Drudge was when it was good, but it does not have the errant ugly trash Drudge now highlights.

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      1. Fox News isn’t conservative, other than a handful of opinion hosts like Laura Ingraham, Tammy Bruce, Steve Hilton and Mark Levin. Fox’s top-of-the-hour radio news leans slightly left, and their internet news is moderate or left also. Apparently this is news to them, just from TODAY:

        * Bella Thorne receives Pornhub award for directing X-rated flick

        * Jeremy Renner claims sex-obsessed ex-wife shared nude photos of him

        * Salma Hayek posts nude snap to celebrate Instagram milestone

        * Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson says she and billionaire philanthropist Donald ‘DJ’ Friese are ‘definitely not’ dating

        * Jana’s topless scandal pain

        * Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke’s kid Maya Hawke nearly bares all as she reveals what fame is like in Instagram video

        Yeah, yeah, it’s all about the money….sex sells, except we here are not buying. I don’t have too much use for Fox either — too liberal.

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    2. Patrick

      I agree…Drudge sounds like a never trumper lately…giving him a rest…suspect with his current spin on things he’s going to lose traffic…probably at this point he’s wealthy enough and doesn’t care

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    3. Also checked out Charlie’s suggestion below…Citizen Free Press….pretty good!

      Nice to be able to follow an aggregator so can get a quick update on news of the day

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      1. I like CFP too. Nice to have choices. Matt may be rich and have a fair amount of political power, but he cannot stop this freight train called Donald Trump. If Matt fights Trump, Matt will lose.

        I love Trump’s new tone. He’s hitting Dems even harder, having a blast mocking them theatrically. His judicious use of expletives is also a BRILLIANT stroke because now people must tune in to hear what wild thing he’s gonna say next. Nancy Pelosi feigns outrage of his comment about Biden kissing Obama’s you-know-what, but she’s once again unwittingly carrying the water for him. And now I don’t ever want to miss his rallies — they’re a wonder to behold! Unifying, inspiring, and patriotic.

        As time passes, I love this guy more and more. Sincerely, that God for Donald Trump.

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        1. Oops, BING. “THANK God for Donald Trump.”

          P.S. I went to confession yesterday with a Jesuit priest. Before starting, I asked him about his formula for absolution, which is different than all other priests. After the Act of Contrition, he says: “By the power of God, I absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father…..” (Power of God? What happened to Jesus’ sacrifice and the Holy Spirit?)

          Father said, “Yeah, there are so many out there….” And I added gently, “And this is the one you like.” “Yes.” he said, smiling.

          Then confession started, and I asked about cussing, whether or not it is a sin. I said I never use the Lord’s name in vain, not even “second tier” variations (like Dag-nabbit).

          And he said cryptically, “And don’t use Donald Trump’s name in vain.”

          I said, “What?” And he repeated the sentence.

          So I said, “I won’t, Father” Then I added, “You know, he is the most pro-life president our country has ever seen.” And father said, “Yes.” Still smiling.

          Good grief.

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            1. Really? Did I misread him? He is a super nice priest, works at the Veterans Hospital here, known him for years. Astounding memory, too. I guess the last place I expected to hear about politics was in the confessional, and that liberals are usually more anxious to bring up the subject, like my family.

              Perhaps I did misread his comment. I figured his mentioning Trump, lenient penances, abbreviated absolution, and potentially the biggest strike: Jesuit. (kidding with that last one, though I’ve met many radicals). Well, scratch my “good grief.” I’m so quick to judge people negatively sometimes, Charlie.

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              1. These are strange times, Patrick, and some folks who are normally worldly are waking up about how far it is all going. Earlier this year, while on the road, I went to confession with a Priest I didn’t know. When he gave me my penance, he casually told me to offer it up for the conversion of the Pope. When he realized what he had said, his eyes went wide with panic. “not to worry,” I told him, “it’s a good intention.” Boy, was he relieved!

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                1. Hi Charlie. Our priests are on retreat this week, so Father Bill was kind enough to offer Mass this morning. I’ve only been to one Mass before with him, a brief noon service at the VA about 7 years ago.

                  He is such a gentle soul. He carefully and slowly articulated every word from beginning to end (and I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. WORD). This brought us to really focus on the Mass. And, his homily was heart-felt.

                  I’m writing because the theme for today regards judgment of others (Romans 2). What Father Bill or anyone else believes is not for me to know or be concerned with. I must resist this temptation to judge and argue with people. I must be aware of my own sinfulness and blind errors in thinking, and to make allowances for others, remaining mindful only of my own affairs and serving our Lord.

                  Just wanted to wrap-up this thread.

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          1. As soon as you mentioned the Sacrament of Reconciliation, I had an image of the healer (newly minted and credentialed) and The Healer in that intimate setting. As a matter of trust, it’s good to be most attentive to Our Lord.

            I simply see a Priest there who was focused on healing. Not indulgent, nor lambasting. Just healing. Most importantly, what did Jesus say to your spirit?

            Nothing necessarily cryptic or even political in the Trump comment. Meaning of “in vain:” without success or result.

            Oh, to see Our Jesus smiling. That’s Healing!

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            1. Thanks, MP. Newly minted at 51.7 revolutions around Sol.

              My spirit felt absolutely nothing untoward about Father Bill’s comment — it was actually my brain that stepped in with a knee-jerk reaction and yelled: “Alert! Alert! Liberal priest in close proximity!” That’s why I put a quick pro-Trump comment out there assuming he was anti-Trump. Gosh, I’m quick to challenge someone, even in the confessional.

              I do believe now that it’s likely that Father Bill meant exactly what he said. Usually I assume the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Other times I can be downright suspicious of everything and everyone. I think here I put 2 and 2 and 2 together and got the square root of -1. 🙂

              Really, this little bit has me reexamining how judgmentally I can perceive others. Sure, we all assess people to try to understand where they are coming from — I just sometimes bang the gavel too quickly.

              Certification comes on December 5th, 2019. I’m studying like a madman, and enjoying it! 🤓

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              1. Praying for your certification, Patrick.

                Also, I really liked you pun! I don’t usually get jokes unless they involve Math because I looked at most things so literally. So thanks for the giggle. 🙂

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                  1. Thanks, PD for that equation, found it on a shirt and will gift it to my eng. son. I won’t be surprised if he gives me the one that says ‘5 out of 4 people struggle with math’ 🙂

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              2. I remember bishop, young duck (I forgot how he spelled it) said that he told his priests not to council in the confessional but to just hear their sins and give them absolution.
                He was relating how too much familiarity in the confessional with a hurting repentant woman could cause her to become overly attached to them and counciling was more appropriate for councilors than priests in the congressional.
                Now in your case Patrick, I see the OPPOSITE has happened!
                Bishop YD would be a scoldin!

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                    1. Yes.  I would think some counseling would be involved with what was revealed.  Ok.  Your soul is read.  What do you do with that information?  I honestly don’t have a simple answer, but I have to imagine there is more than just revealing.  If I were the priest, I would ask questions to steer the direction and hopefully the penitent would naturally come to the right conclusion.  Of course, everyone is different….Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    2. I remember his conscern for the scandals in the church and his desire to protect his priests by his mandate for them to not council in the confessional.
                      I remember his taste for some kind of spicy pizza and …was it Kung fu?
                      I remember our conversation about the fallen angels and his lengthy post of references to them from St Aquinas.
                      I know he lamented about not having the time to properly answer questions here and seemed torn between our community and his duties.
                      That is why I think he moved on.

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                  1. We can discern and trust for a good Confessor, but above all, Ss. Padre Pio and John Vianny would remind us of the the encounter between the soul and Christ in the confessional, and the abundant Grace available to us therein. To trust, and to be attentive to Christ, who speaks to us at all times. And then to listen. The soul, to the degree she trusts, is open to Mercy and Redemptive Healing. Soo, too, the degree to which we have peace corresponds to the degree that we love. Christ is Peace and Love. Where else are we going to find that?

                    I miss Yong Duk,, especially since he lamented towards the end that he felt folks don’t want to learn and be challenged by him here. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but that was my honest takeaway.

                    He was one of the most challenging people in this family, and challenging people with a large capacity to love are rare jewels.

                    All the more reason that we need to be attentive to Christ more than ever.

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                    1. Yong Duk was a treasure and I, too, miss his presence when he challenged us to dig more deeply into the treasures of faith. Truth be told, he also has yuuuuuuuuge responsibilities which demand a lot of attention from a prelate. To everything there is a season.

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                    2. I still think of him often, along certain stretches of the river, and send up prayers for him. Summer has lingered as usual in these parts, but it’s finally the changing of the season here too.


                    3. I was just thinking of Yong Duk a few minutes ago….and wish I could remember all he wrote. I, too, miss his presence here.


    4. I noticed that too! I just couldn’t understand what was going on!?!?
      Completely off the deep end.

      Thanks Charlie- I will abandon Drudge and head over to CFP!

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  9. Thump plus Secular & Religious White Hats are still in The Fight and that’s today’s Good-News! 😉

    When The Left’s Tactics of Smear, Intimidation and Fraud fail them… What’s Next?? …. It ain’t gonna be pretty! ;-(


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  10. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, nor did I vote for Hillary. In fact, I didn’t vote for president at all, just for local and state candidates. I was truly disgusted with our picks and the political atmosphere.

    If Trump is not impeached, I will vote for the man. I am still not a fan of how he conducts his life, or how he speaks. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the Democrats want to seize power totally at any cost. There is talk now of impeaching VP Pence as well to clear the way for Nancy Pelosi to be President. A Dem presidential candidate proposed taking away tax exemptions for religions who are against same sex marriage if he is elected.

    My one big concern, however, is that whoever is elected president after Trump ends his presidency may very well be a leftist who will weaponize the state to go after Trump supporters, conservatives, and religious people in retribution. It is not a matter of if, but when for me. I really hope I am wrong.

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    1. Welcome to the Trump Train Rich. If for no other reason, you must vote for Life. Trump is defending LIFE.
      And it’s pure hogwash about impeaching the VP etc etc…….have faith!

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  11. Yay for Mary and Mark!!! So well deserved. I have seen the hard work they push around that farm.
    And their turkeys can talk back. I have proof.

    Charlie, thank you for making the distinction between criticizing and opposing the Pope.
    I am biased, so I can say that Cardinal Sarah would never stray from taking the next right step about the Holy Father, or the Church. God bless and protect this particular Prince of the church.

    The third book in his trilogy, The Day is Now Far Spent, is now available from Ignatius Press.

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    1. Thank you Josephine! As my sister said after visiting the farm … “It is definitely a labor of love.” When we first moved here I couldn’t understand why people who were raised on a farm didn’t want to live on a farm after high school/college. Why would they want to move away??? After my “pink cloud” evaporated, I realized the level of work is a whole new ball game of hard work when it is one’s only means of income.
      We love the peace, the silence, the animals and their antics, the “figuring things out”, “using what you have” and the elegant simplicity of country life and people… down to earth values. Everybody knows everyones business but after I thought about it — I figured that was a good thing … Isn’t that like a family ? — where one knows your business but also is right there to help when help is needed?

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  12. Hey big shout out and congratulations to M & M Lapchak!!! That is just soooooo beautiful. .God bless ya’ll and keep on keeping on 🤗😇😘🤗😇😘

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  13. Please pray for Fr. Wang who will have another eye surgery. It was the end of the day when we were playing with the schedule maker. Unfolded all the pre-op papers when we got home and realized she played right back.

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      1. Giggling, Mick, and thank you so much for the prayers. Thing is, the nurse set me in a corner with my back to her and focused on addressing Father. A respectful way to treat a patient… except wouldn’t it cross your mind that when a pair come in together there’s probably support going on? She said the first few sentences of her presentation and Father simply pointed to me and asked the nurse to please tell me the information. That’s when I quipped about how this priest needs a mother superior. 🙂

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    1. My son has been pushing for me to do, like three times a week, a video podcast called, “Your Dad’s News.” It would just be me sitting there giving the news and trenchant analysis for about 20 minutes…and he encourages all my quirks, shuffling through papers, making sarcastic comments, whatever. So basically, he just wants me to be Charlie Johnston. Again, I have played that role before – and as I said a few days ago, I nail it every time. He thinks it would be a hit with millennials. If we ever get the time down, I’m going to do it.

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      1. Oh I think that would be wonderful!  The Charlie Johnston news hour broken into three 20 minute segments on 3 different days.  Chaz is right.  Just being yourself would be the best and most entertaining part.Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      2. This would be awesome! How can your son “tack” you down long enough to get this done?
        I know for me, I’m always trying to get to where you will be speaking–an usually something else comes up. A podcast would be great and we could share with many more people who need to hear you.

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      3. Just as our (gr)parents listened to Roosevelt’s addresses on the Zenith radio; it’d be neat to have a couple generations ‘tuning’ into Charlie’s Fireside Chats!” 🙂

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      4. Yes!!!!! So I feel called (hunted actually 😒) to do outreach to millennials. As I’m very sloowwwly creating my approach (read four small kids and fear of millennials which God is transforming to love), I keep thinking gosh I’ll have to link Charlie on this point or that…but worried the website is too overwhelming. I contemplated how could I link your highlights or better yet soundbites. No kidding! Awesome idea.

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      5. A new YouTube star is in our presence, perhaps even a budding “Social Media Influencer”? I had to ask my wife, then look it up on DuckDuckGo to make sure that I had the name correct, ie. Social Media Influencer. Hey, we certainly could use another Dennis Prager, Charlie. The problem is finding the time to do it along with squeezing in everything else, isn’t it? You really need a person familiar with video editing (or the desire to learn) to help construct each video for publication.

        Seriously, Charlie, I do think that you do have the charisma, the leadership skills along with the personality to do well on YT. Dennis Prager has been so successful in spreading our message that Google has “shadow banned”, or just plain banned, many of his videos, purely based on his worldview.

        For awhile, the idea has been in my mind to start a YT series on Genesis. However, I haven’t heard anything from the Holy Spirit about going ahead, plus there’s no apparent time in my week. So there it sits, ruminating away. Without Him giving the OK, there it will remain, firmly in a box in my mind.

        Here’s one of Dennis Prager’s numerous 5-minute videos – towards the foot of the page.

        “If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong”


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  14. Yes, we have been in Syria long enough; the Middle East will always have fighting. I remember geo-political George Friedman said Turkey would end up being the strongest in that area of the world.

    I want to go to see Trump on Thursday when he is in Dallas.

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    1. Yes.  A true study of Islam will reveal why peace in the middle East is unlikely to occur naturally.   Islam is at permanent war until the whole world is subdued by it.Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. Ah, but even then, Doug, after “subduing the world for Allah”, one is never a perfect enough follower of Muhammad to not be labeled apostate in some other Islamic follower’s book. That is why my gratitude spills over knowing that Christ is The Way and not Muhammad.

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  15. More from my “global warming alarmist nephew (age 54)– He and his brother are setting up to “save” themselves and family from the upcoming deluge of rising seas etc. because of global warming. I told him that I appreciate the offer, but will put my Trust in God.

    p.s. I don’t think “Global Warming” will be as big an issue as say out grid going down (China); or a coup takeover of our liberty by a communist/socialist govt./ Time will tell. BUT, I still will rely on God! Until then, God Bless America and our President.

    God bless all of you. Aunt Sandy

    Dear Aunt Sandra
    I received your message and will respect your wishes.
    That being said the journey I have taken discovering things that I I’ve never known has been one of the most interesting journeys of my life.
    Fun stuff for me even though the ending may be a rough one.
    Also we are not laying down and are in full action mode. We currently have about 5 years of food stored at a property up north for say 10 people and growing. It has water, which is the most important aspect regarding sustaining life, flowing through it 365 days a year & including ways to defend it including night vision both binoculars and scopes on “Boundary tools”.
    This whole adventure is just a lot of fun for me because it’s in my Wheelhouse…
    That being said if what we think’s going to happen comes down we don’t want to be in any major city including right where you and I live. To survive the first wave would be our goal first and what happens from there we will see but we are buying seeds and have arable land.
    Again I have the means as a Building Electrical Contractor to get things done that most other people can’t imagine.
    Besides the property that were already prepping at we’re also scoping out properties a little bit closer that we can use as a vacation property. Brother Steve went up yesterday and looked at some within our range.
    We are looking for dual purpose ranches which are about a hundred acres in size and go for about 600k.
    The one Steve looked at yesterday it’s on the Eel River and is extremely remote meaning hard to get to, which falls in our criteria, and has salmon spawning up a Creek in walking distance from the property.
    Again we are completely overthinking this and having a complete ball at it…
    Nephew William.
    p.s. Extremely remote means that you have to walk over a 1,400 pass to get to it. People are going to be taking easy roads they will not venture up a mountain, which is anything over 1,000 feet, unless they know they can get something on the other side or have a connection there.

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    1. Oh, I love it SanSan. Your nephew must have a good spirit, for though he is preparing for the wrong thing, God has inspired him to prepare in a way that will be quite useful for the right thing. His respectful and affectionate way of addressing you tells me he has a great heart and that, when events show him the reality, he could be a real champion. Shoot, Saul was fighting for the wrong thing – but God noted his steadfast spirit and made fabulous use of that spirit in fighting for the right thing as Paul. I like your nephew.

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      1. Hm. And again, hm. The man practices what he preaches, seeing ASOH where we sometimes see only the challenge. I’ll have to work on that, as frank assessments sometimes still dominate my thinking.

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      2. Your reply has helped me to look at this nephew in a different “light”. I always exclaim that those around me would behave differently if they walked in the light of Christ. I need to be reminded that even those who walk in darkness, still have Jesus within them–just not yet illuminated. I pray for them and I try, given opportunities, to witness to them. This Nephew was awed recently when I proclaimed that I do not fear death. A seed was planted. Hopefully, he will want the peace that I have, instead of the constant fear and worry that surrounds his soul.

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    2. 1,000 days at sea is a blog i used to peruse daily. Reid Stowe spent over a thousand days at sea without observing land. He lived the first year with his young female friend and as such she disembarked near Australia due to pregnancy.

      Here is their after 1000 days at sea and lessons learned. I read “sprouts” are a key ingredient.

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    3. He really thinks global warming will cause that much pandemonium?  Hmmm.  My guess is the Lord is getting him ready and he unwittingly does not know the real reason.  God can be sneaky sometimes to plant an idea in us.  I love it too!Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. Your reply Doug and Charlie’s really unsettles me. My nephew believes that the end of life as we know it is upon us because of global warming. He has sent me talk after talk online of people who declare as much. He is trying to get me “onboard” that the end is near. I KNOW the end is near, because death can come like a thief in the night. Preparing our soul is first and foremost. That being said, he’s not holding a place for us because I said that I will put my Trust in God. I’m good with that.

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        1. The end of these times is also near – with a New Beginning on the horizon – and what your nephew, and many others, think of as “the end” will be corrected in due time. Our Lady at Fatima said that too many poor souls go to hell because people are not praying for them. Well we, here, surely do continually pray for our loved ones to come to Jesus. Too, I think you’ve expressed that you follow Anne a lay apostle, San San. One of the promises for participating in those spiritual exercises which Jesus asks people to do in order to be a member of the apostolate is the promise that HE will see to the conversion of our loved ones in these times. I trust Him, trust Him, trust Him and have engaged in the work of, even now, building a New Tomorrow with a real freedom from worry about the conversion of all in my family who are currently not on the Narrow Way. I simply pray each day with greater confidence as I stand on Christ’s promise.

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          1. Ofcourse, Beckita, I pray everyday for my family, all who are away from the faith and from God. I hope my posts didn’t seem otherwise.

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            1. No, San San. I didn’t mean at all to imply you don’t pray for your clan. I simply added that I continue to pray for my kin even as I claim Jesus’ promise – conveyed through Anne a lay apostle – to see to their conversions. How great is our God!

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              1. Yes, yes Becks. This is one of the things I am unpacking from our recent Medjugorje trip. It is a pain or ache that God has for all his lost children. I am feeling this ache more than ever. San San, you have always had that in you.

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                1. Yes Doug, sometimes the pain of my lost family members is excruciating. But I keep reminding myself of all the promises from Our Father and Mother and I trust that all will be well in God’s time. Your comment about my faith being like a stubborn bull–yep, you’ve got my number! One day I hope to learn that it’s in God’s time, not mine. 😉
                  TNRS TNRS TNRS TNRS

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                  1. Oh the pain is excruciating
                    San San! I can imagine how much the blessed Mother hurts over her lost children. I am so glad she is interceding before the throne of God! I too can only trust God will bring them back in the due course of time. I am so tempted to take control sometimes, but in so doing, I tend to make matters worse.

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            2. San San, my perception is your faith is like a stubborn bull dog. It is strong, frarless and you an’ t gonna give it up easy. I marvel at this.

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            1. Sitting at an airport gate, Anne. Please visit the DFOT site. I do recall the exercises for becoming a member of the apostolate are on the back side of the morning offering card.


        2. Hi San San, I kinda see God at work in your brother, but he does not realize it.  I happen to believe we are going to experience a collapse at some point soon (year or two at most) and that we will need refuges like what your brother is preparing.  It could be the illumination of conscience or some other type of event God will use to change his heart to the faith and then what he is doing will take on a whole new meaning.  In spite of your brother’s motivations, consider it a blessing that he is doing what he is doing.  God may bring him around in time.  You are fortunate.  I think your prayers are causing this and God will use this to take care of you when the time comes.  I am actually very excited for you.  Be patient and keep praying.  God bless you for your faith San San.  You are an example and an inspiration!….Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    4. SANSAN, I’m a contractor too so
      I understand your nephew. Being a contractor he has that “project” mindset when it comes to the whole picture. Contractors have a wonderful outlook on things from the inception to the completion and the challenge he feels to protect his “family” by planning and then accomplishing these goals gives him the energy and excitement to go about it with the “fun stuff” and having a “complete ball at it…”
      Charlie makes a good point that “God draws straight with crooked lines” and that everything under heaven is purposed towards His ends.
      Let’s hope your nephew finds this out soon.
      Mention it to him and plant another seed.

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  16. I have to thank Charlie for the link to Citizen Free Press. I’ve found the Drudge Report to be a font of needless anxiety in recent months. I can’t pinpoint what changed with them, or even when, but it’s not nearly as informative as it once was.

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  17. I love these catch up days where I can put current events into perspective with the ideas and insights of so many humble, like minded and faithful Catholics. Charlie you should for sure do the father-son collab videos! Mother Superior Beckita – Praying for Father W!… and for the Warning as it seems the only thing that will turn hearts, minds and souls around.

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  18. So glad for your perspective Charlie.
    I can’t see what’s happening clearly.Your words help!

    What astounds me is that no one seems to talk about the coup attempt. Most frequently I hear slander about Trump.

    It’s like a core people only listen to the main stream media and don’t read anything. I guess that is what the great awakening is about but some folks aren’t waking up.

    I often fear that I’m not awake enough. I have strong recourse to normalcy bias.

    How long can this go on?

    Thanks for listening. I get so frustrated with all the injustice.

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  19. Charlie … thank you for your kind words. I realize this may sound arrogant … but when Mark and I moved here, we both knew there was no turning back and we would do whatever it took to make it work. It takes a lot of “team work” and give and take. I have learned many things about life in our short stay here … Before Mark and I were married, I was a very independent person with a career, always making my own decisions and acting on them. I answered to no one but myself… this naturally carried over into our marriage. How does one surrender their “independence?”
    Moving to the country and realizing we have to work together to make this work opened my eyes to the wisdom, value and desire to “obedience” of the God-given head of a family … my husband. I cannot describe to you the joy and peace it brings. It is like “getting out of the way” and letting God work. Thank you for all your articles on that subject! God Bless.

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    1. I have a big spot in my heart for farmers. Since God’s admonition in Genesis 3, they seem to keep working it out in the dirt out of obedience. Both my granny and ma were farm girls. Small, family run farming used to be the norm til after the War. It would be great if things returned to that norm. A more honest and beneficial way of things.

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      1. I agree MP! It would be great if we returned to small family run farming — at least more than what there is now. So many good things about it. A friend who we met here, was born and raised on a cattle ranch, and still lives on the family ranch raising her children. We hired her son (15) part time this summer to help out on the farm. His first project was to set some posts and run some fencing. My husband thought to himself … “I wonder if this is going to be easier if I do it …. will I have to tell him each step of the way and watch him all day long to make sure he does it right?” To his (and my) surprise, this young man jumped right in, grabbed the posts, set them, ran the wire lickity split without any help. He worked hard and asked questions if he wasn’t sure what we were asking him to do, earning every penny he worked for. He came in for lunch the first day, took off his boots, tucked in his shirt, took off his cap and said something like “Yes, mam.” He was always respectful and didn’t complain. I spoke to his mother about him and she said she was raising him to be a man, to be someone’s husband, to realize a man has a lot of responsibility.
        Her and her husband were trying to teach him that life is not always easy .. i.e. if you have football practice after school — you still have to come home and do your chores.
        This seems very typical with these young men and women here in the country. Honest, hard working, respectful…. not looking for a handout.
        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a whole country/world like these young men and women.

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        1. Mary, our experience in our neck of the woods is similar to yours: For the most part, the country boys are being raised to be men who are honest, respectful, and hardworking; and the country girls are being raised to acquire the knowledge and skills that will someday help them to be wonderful wives and mothers. It is a beautiful thing

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      2. Does turtle farming and tile work count MP?
        For 4 months I dig up over 1000 turtle eggs out of the “dirt’ and with tile I set 1000’s of s/f a year with a product we affectionately call “mud” which is made up of sand and cement, both mined out of the ground.
        I do these tasks on my knees too so they are both rather penitential as you so evoked in the Genesis 3 admonition.

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  20. My daily reflection for the day. Serta cool, it occurred to me today that probably one of the greatest things that I’ve learned from Charlie is that when someone asks you to pray for them, I don’t pray for them anymore, but I use the prayer of trust and I invoke so many different Saints that I never even knew existed. It just really struck me today. The person that asked me to pray today my son-in-law, has his dog was getting some surgery done. Of course immediately who came to my mind? Saint Francis of Assisi. Then I got to my job, and their state Francis of Assisi on their calendar. Thank you Charlie, for teaching us this great value of praying to the Saints for their favors!!! 🤗😇😘

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    1. Linda, I read a long, long time ago from Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions/writings, that a saint is most powerful on his or her feast day! I try to check my Catholic calendar each day to find out the feast day and pray! (She is the one upon whom Mel Gibson relied for the story of “The Passion of the Christ”.)

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  21. Speaking of prayer. Having major colon surgery tomorrow. Suspect it will be life changing. BUT, big blessing yesterday. As I received 3 Sacraments, I related to the priest that I recognized that I was resenting the lose of control of caring for myself. I have a feeling this understand is God’s mercy coming through praying the Surrender Prayer.
    So, asking you good people to pray for my healing AND all in God”s Will. Yes offering it up for souls and some very specific people.
    Not keeping up very well with all the comments but I do follow Charlie’s posts.
    God bless you all

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      1. An update on my surgery that did not happen! God be praised!!! What was planned was a colon resection for stricture with probable foreign body. Nothing abnormal found – straightened out a few ‘kinks’, no incision since done by laparoscopy. Recovered from anesthesia and sent home.
        Totally unexpected! A big blessing from our God of Surprises. My question of Him is what do you ask of me besides TNRS and to do what He asks in the book of Micha. I could hardly sleep last night for all the words of praise and thanksgiving that kept coming to mind.
        Will still have to resolve mesh [foreign body] in another part of body.

        Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes. Stay strong in the Lord. He is ever faithful and Mother Mary is carrying us, too. [world is getting squirrelly, sorry, squirrels. ]

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        1. You have been Blessed Judith! How wonderful! Please keep me in your prayers as I will have major surgery on my bladder on Monday, October 28th in Milwaukee. I am trusting in our Lord for everything and praying for God’s healing grace as I heal from it all. God Bless You and all here.


            1. Thank you dear Beckita, for your prayers. I am struggling with WordPress today, just had to change my PW., etc….hopefully I can stay in or get back in when I go out. Always something! 🙂


          1. I know I have said it before Diane, but special prayers for you tomorrow for your surgery to go well.  You will also be united with our Rosary group tomorrow.  God bless you!…Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            1. Thank you Doug. My surgery went well and now I am struggling with the healing process and how to live my life in a new way. I sobbed for about an hour yesterday as I try to get used to a new way of living, which is very frustrating for me right now. Please keep your prayers coming…I am not normally a depressed person but I am going thru tough times right now. Thank you so much for caring. God Bless You.

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              1. Hi Diane, bitter sweet.  It is good that you made it through ok.  Like Simon of Sirene, you have been pressed into service to carry a cross against your will.  As I understand, this moment changed his life.  Names are not usually recorded in the New Testament unless there was a conversion.  I offered prayers for you with Lambzie as we prayed our Rosary.  It is but a small gesture for a big cross.  As you know, Lambzie has been through life altering surgeries as well and we have had to adapt.  We are years into it now.  Last night, she needed a change twice after getting into bed after a long day.  No fun and frustrating at times…..  However, God has a plan through all this and he has a plan for you as well.  There is great dignity in suffering when it is aligned with Jesus suffering.  There is great redemption as a result.  God is with you through your pain as he was with Jesus through his pain.  This is a great mystery that will not be fully understood unroll we get to the other side.  We pray you find your consolation through your faith and Jesus consoles you.  Our home is not here and this is a clear reminder.  Your salvation is being worked out.  Hang in there.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I trust in you.Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                1. Doug you are so wise. Thank you for such a comforting and uplifting reply. I thank you and Lamzie for all your prayers. When I am getting low I will reread your response and know you are right. Thank you again dear friends.

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                  1. Thank you for your kind response Diane.  Our Lord loves us so dearly and knows what is best for our souls.  This life will pass quicker than we can ever imagine.  You have actually been given a grace or opportunity.  The Lord knows every detail where you are at and is with you every step of the way.  God bless you!Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    1. Will offer with Lambzie tonight during our Rosary Judith. Lambzie has had hers removed. We can relate to major surgery there. God bless you!

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    2. Adding my prayers to those of all the good people here, Judith! Commending you and your surgeons to the intercession of St. Joseph Moscati, who was himself a physician.

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    1. PS: I awoke early this morn, all too common with oldsters ;-(…. my mind was wandering all over the place… as usual…. and I thought about AB Chaput retiring and wondering how long before all the Good-Guys had vanished? I try to “attend” The St Michael’s Chaplet on EWTN @ 0600. I was in the kitchen making a cuppa before the ‘show” but had on my headphones listening to a “filler’ clip that talked about Catholic men being not only good family men of Faith but physical warriors if needs be. It struck me as strange that I’ve never really heard such a message from a Catholic media source or sermon…. only in historical “Knights of Old” stories. The clip mentions the battle of Malta but is speaking to the here & now.
      We here have discussed the possibility of serious unpleasantness to come but I’m guessing many, deep down, think it’s only a distant possibility …. not in Our USA … Surely!?
      I found the clip and I’m taking it as a SIGN for “These-Days”!


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      1. Thanks for sharing the clip, Crew Dog! We love Doug Barry ’round these parts! My husband was able to attend a local men’s conference this year where Doug was one of the speakers!:-)

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      2. CD, Doug is co-host with Fr. Richard Heilman for the US Grace Force pod casts. He’s great and all-in when it comes to standing up for the faith (verbally and physically!)…. great share, thanks!

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      3. @CrewDog: Thank you for this Battle Ready Minute clip and for this article that you linked to yesterday:

        I wouldn’t have thought that MSN would allow for such a fact-filled presentation, but they have and it explains much through its concise details that I suspicioned but for which I hadn’t facts.

        Perhaps Abp Chaput can do more for Christ’s Bride now that he is retired. I hope you enjoyed your morning cuppa.

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      4. CrewDog, I believe it is a distinct possibility (even a probability) in the not-too-distant future. In fact, my husband and I had a conversation along these lines this morning. Our college-sophomore son is about to take a gun safety course, and his two older siblings are about to take the CPL (Concealed Pistol License) course. I pray that it not come to this; but I told my husband, “If things go seriously south around the 2020 election, it wouldn’t hurt to have five trained firearms users in the house.” He agreed.

        Thank you for being such a faithful watchman.

        May God help and Mary keep us all.

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  22. Thanks Charlie for sharing the Citizen Free Press link – many good articles on there. Unfortunately, I clicked on the link that was labeled “Worth a Chuckle…” and it was the latest Antifa recruitment video. I am sad to say that it was too persuasive and I now feel compelled to leave this site and go to Portland to join my comrades!

    LOL… just kidding – many good links! Thanks for sharing! God bless everyone!

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    1. Laughing my head off, Billbad! 🙂

      So, how did things go on Sunday at the Rosary rally? We weren’t able to make it to your prayer shindig because they had one in my hometown on the same day. Sorry that I once again missed an opportunity to meet you and your crew.

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      1. Things went well Mick! More than a handful showed up, which is always good! Glad you had one nearby you so you didn’t have to travel so far! God bless!


      1. It’s all good. The segment pertinent to the trial was posted on lifenews or lifesitenews. Basically Phelim is treated rudely, his questions remain unanswered, and he is accused of harassing one PP’s witnesses–nothing earthshaking or unexpected.

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    1. Start at about 21:30 in the above link to hear how capitalism was explained by a concrete example to college students.
      Then continue listening to when they were interviewing protesters of the pipe line, and how it started
      to get worrisome to the point of calling for police protection.

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      1. I’m glad the link, although long, was posted and I’m glad you made note of Madga and Phelim’s recent experience in North Dakota–of all places! Coupled with the “Resist Extinction”, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa insanity, the civil war appears to have moved from cold to hot.

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      1. Hi Mick!! I was thinking the apocalyptic symbolism of the horse and Charlie saying height of Storm ushered in by NK. (Yes I know this isn’t the actual apocalypse, but…felt ominous)

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  23. Trump is at this moment explaining his strategy in Syria during a joint presser with the Italian President.

    It tracks the geopolitical strategy I outlined above. Almost word for word. He describes it as ” frankly, brilliant.” I think so too.

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  24. Trump just said that he got elected, (not on the basis of the Wall) on his promise to bring the troops home from the ME. “My political sense”.

    He has laid out the strategy so well. He may have just gotten himself re-elected.

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  25. I have posted lately the need to “believe your own lyin’ eyes” and not the spin of the media and the politicians.

    I urge everybody to look and listen to what Trump did today with the Italian President here in DC to celebrate Columbus Day.

    Wow. “Just remember this. We are the Boss.”

    I can’t wait to see and hear what the Get Trump does to spin this. It won’t resemble at all what my lyin’ eyes and ears saw and heard on TV today.

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      1. that is because now I have to change it every time I post and I lost the ability to “like” everyone 😦
        Oh well, maybe they will give it back if I wait long enough.

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        1. I have been having a difficult time doing it as well Nancy… I thought it was my browser somehow… hmmm. I am thinking now maybe someone is intentionally interrupting our ability to communicate and collaborate perhaps?? Saying a quick prayer for all of our technical difficulties to pass so we can all grow together in faith here!

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          1. I’m having trouble with WordPress, too, Billbad. It seems that I have been kicked out of their system, and it’s not letting me sign back in. The only way I’m able to comment is to “backdoor” it by going into the comment-moderation section and finding the comment to which I want to reply.

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          2. I am thinking that WordPress changed something and it threw a flag. They didn’t like my name in December and so I changed it. I suppose if I change it again they will eventually not like that either.
            Now I have to practice a little patience. 🙂 Joyfulhope20


              1. Now I’m sorry about the duplicate posts above. There used to be what I had posted and that it was waiting to be cleared. That went away. I am now frustration personified. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be fine.


    1. Everyone who is having problems with WordPress:

      My connection was stable for some weeks but a few days ago went back to nightly breaks, so I have to log in once each day. I haven’t had to delete my WordPress cookie (which is done in your browser preferences). Try this when you find yourself logged out, no screen name, no ability to “Like”:

      1) Go to any post and scroll down to the Comment section.
      2) Find any comment and look for a Reply button.
      3) Click on the Reply button and get the comment entry area to unfold.
      4) Look under the comment entry field and see if you see three blank entry fields and a small blue WordPress “W” icon.
      5) If you see those items, then you can know you are not logged into WordPress.
      Correspondingly, you should not see a black ribbon across the top of your browser window.

      6) Click on the “W” icon once.
      If a pop-up window appears and disappears, you should now see your name under the comment entry field and not see the three little entry fields.
      If a pop-up window appears and stays open, enter your WordPress username and password and click the Login button, at which point you should see your name below the comment entry area.

      7) No matter which option in (6) occurs, you MUST RELOAD the browser page now. Once you reload the page, you should see the black ribbon across the top of the browser page *and* be able to Like comments and so on.

      If your screen name (your “Public Display Name”) isn’t correct, then look up at the right end of the black bar at the top of your browser page. On the far right you will see a bell icon. If you look just to the left of that bell icon, you should see your avatar in a little white circle. Click *once* on that avatar. A new page will open with a blue ribbon across the browser page. If you look down a bit on the page, you should see a field where you can enter your “Public Display Name”. If it is not correct, make it correct and then be sure to Save your change. Then hit the Back button to return to the ASoH page you had been on, and from then on, you should see your correct screen name when you enter a comment.

      I hope this helps, folks. It’s my best shot at the moment. Just remember that you always need to see a black ribbon across the top of your browser page when you are on the ASoH web page or you will not be able to Like anything or be logged in.

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          1. HI SteveBC! Yes, that’s what I meant. I still have trouble, but this morning is better. Also having other computer problems. My son says I need a new computer cuz this one is “old”…eight years. sigh. Thanks for your help!!

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            1. Wow, AudieMarie, an eight-year-old computer. I’m trying to think if that is the equivalent of a Model A or a Model T Ford. I’m not surprised you’re having other problems.

              One thing that has happened in our household is a rash of equipment failures over the past few years. I have figured that was just God’s way to get us new equipment when it is readily available and inexpensive. When the chaos hits, nobody will be making and selling appliances for a while. So maybe you should pay attention to your son! 😀

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              1. SteveBC. I have a new computer that arrived yesterday. My son will help me set it up today. I was thinking God was telling me to get off my devices, but I’m isolated where we live, so it makes sense what you said about appliances. Hope to stay connected. 😊


      1. SteveBC, I’ve got the three blank entry fields after hitting the “reply” button. But there’s no WordPress “W” icon, and there IS a black ribbon across the top of the browser window. Sounds like this is a special kind of messed up. 🙂

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      2. Thank you, Steve. 🙂 Now everything is working the way it was before. I really appreciate you and your ability to fix software things that just frustrate me. Bless you for being part of the family.

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  26. I caught the end of a phone town hall from my Senator Ben Sasse. Topic was about an attack on freedom of speech: “the Chinese government will increasingly punish free speech outside China’s borders. The most common method is to threaten access to the growing Chinese domestic market for any international company or organization that criticizes, or allows its employees to criticize, Chinese government policies. If not resisted, this pressure could result in American and multinational companies making employment conditional on silence regarding topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese Communist Party. This is an outcome that Americans reject…”
    I admit I hadn’t given this situation a lot of thought till today but I am beginning to understand.

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  27. All,

    Robert Cardinal sarah’s new book: “The day is NowSpent” is excellent!

    Comments about the Amazon Synod are excellent! A good read so far.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Sr. Bear. We discussed this speech at our Storm lunch earlier today. God bless the Attorney General.


  28. What to say to hubby who watches MSM and never heard of coup???

    He thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist.

    Went through RCIA with ex nun as one of the teachers. Tried Togo to current RCIA and is forced into sub job as he has been laid off/fired from career jobs.

    Jam struggling to say the least and to afford Catholic School for our son. Husband has even indicated he wants to leave us.

    Jam ready to say just go!


    1. “Let go and let God” was a printed on a small note I carried with me at a most difficult span of time in my life. Reading, speaking, pondering and praying over these word were a blessing, for me. I have that 12 year old note tucked into the frame of an old mirror as a reminder of God love, mercy and grace. I am praying for you and yours littleoneinpa. ❤

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    2. Ugh! Avoid entertaing leaving or the “D” word if you can. A guy losing his career job is like a sucker punch to the gut. He is probably hurting inside. If he is not doing anything harmful to you guys, just listen to him and pray for him. Dont try and fix him.
      Now is not the time to convince him of what is really going on. He will naturally discover this in due time when events occur. God is in control Littleone!

      My heart and prayers for you little one! Be patient.

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    3. Little one, I am praying for you and your husband. I am asking for the intercession of two great saints and their parents:
      1) Pope saint John Paul II and his parents, Karol Sr and Emilia Wojtyla and
      2) St Therese and her parents, Saints Louis and Zelie Martin
      Please don’t give up


  29. Little One, may the peace of the Lord be on your family. Keeping you and family in prayer. God bless.


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