Fireworks in Our Future

Fireworks in our Future

By Charlie Johnston

When a society abandons God, all that is left is a mad scrabble for power. For the modern left, power has become their god. As things are being progressively revealed, the time is coming when the only hope the left has of holding on to power, its god, is to instigate violent insurrection. Do you believe they won’t go that far?

I pose this question at most of my presentations – and have been privately asking it for several months of various officials and serious thinkers. I do not ask because I need an answer; I ask to focus the listener’s mind on what we face, to force them to look inward and do a little real-time analysis from facts they already know and can see with their own eyes.

A fellow I was speaking with told me he thought the 2020 election will be the trigger that unleashes violent revolt. I told him that is the outside limit of when it will occur. If Trump wins again (as I think he would quite handily) that would strip all illusions away that the radical left is the majority in this country. At that point, their last hope of attaining power (their god) is violent revolt. If the Democrat wins, the only hope left for normal people is to resist. The left would make war rather than leave people who do not think like them be. Normal people will accept war rather than forfeit their freedom and bend the knee to a tyrannical mob. Even so, I have always thought it a fool’s game to take wagers on which rock, when dislodged, will trigger the rockslide. A rockslide does not happen in a stable landscape because a rock got out of place; it starts because the conditions were right – suitably wobbly and turbulent. A rockslide does not always start when conditions are right, but when they are, any of a host of rocks, dislodged, could trigger the avalanche.

Now we have two mass shootings in a matter of a weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton, Ohio. The former was committed by a leftist xenophobe while the latter admitted to Antifa-style leftism. The best Republicans are chopping away at the branches of the problem, proposing such things as hardening vulnerable targets. Nothing wrong with that, except that it doesn’t touch the root of the problem. The worst conservatives are calling for a war on white nationalism. Good Lord, what a joke! Actual white nationalists do not even constitute a rounding error in a rounding error. The reality is that when you push “identity politics,” some white folks are going to join in and push their own “identity” rather than just sit back and take the abuse and scorn heaped on them by the left. Back in the late ‘60’s, mass murderer Charlie Manson sought to incite a race war in the belief it would somehow sweep him to power. Now leftist activists (and presidential candidates!) are trying to incite the same for largely the same reasons. At least in the late ‘60’s we had the sense to know that Manson was a dangerous lunatic. Now if someone called for a “war” on all identity politics, you could count me in on that. I am so sick of timid “conservatives” who are more interested in showing they are not “that kind” of conservative rather than working for real solutions. Go virtue signal on your own time. Meanwhile, Democrats are taking the same approach to the issue that they take to every issue: proposing to disarm victims and to impeach Donald Trump.

When you analyze any serious disorder in a previously healthy system, it is critical to look for what has changed. A century ago, even 50 years ago, guns were more easily accessible than they are now. In rural areas, there were often gun racks at the schools so that students could store the guns they brought with them. Access and availability were easier then than it is now in even the most gun-friendly regions. In fact, as gun regulations got stricter, gun violence concurrently started spiking up. Thus, access and availability of guns cannot be the catalyst for the rise in such shootings. While strict gun regulations lead to local spikes in gun violence (Chicago, Washington, Baltimore, etc.) I do not blame those for the larger rise in such violence either.

What really has changed dramatically since the time when such things were extremely rare? I identify four primary culprits:

  • The Assault on the Family – It has been wisely said that the family is the First Church. In a healthy family, we learn the fruitful roles of men and women in an hierarchical structure based on love and self-giving. It teaches structure and stability even as it nurtures its younger members. How can anyone wage war on the family, itself, and not expect a concomitant decline in the structure, stability, and mutual love in the larger society?
  • The Assault on Life – The rise of abortion begat the rise of legal suicide begat the rise of forced euthanasia. Children in families where the parents are pro-abortion can never believe they are loved for their very selves; they know they are merely random survivors of the brutal gauntlet the womb has become. Older people, as both their physical and mental faculties decline, begin to worry about being a burden to their families. And so, the once-natural love between members is often replaced by a utilitarian calculation. The “right” to die increasingly becomes the “duty” to die in this brutally materialistic formulation that recognizes no spiritual value of love or wisdom. Is it any wonder that life becomes cheap in all aspects of society under such an intellectual regime?
  • Tolerance of and Enabling of Disorder – Shame is a valuable tool that has been almost entirely lost. Though it can be abused, at its best it provides a disincentive to behavior that, although destructive to society, is not immediately destructive enough to be a matter of law. In a culture that does not discourage disorder, but actually encourages it while condemning as bigotry any effort to establish common behavioral norms, the boundaries continue to get pushed until there are none left. Define deviancy down long enough and eventually an entire culture is defined BY deviancy.
  • Denial of Transcendence – People are happiest when enmeshed in the work of their own hands. Man is, by nature, a subordinate creator, having been created in the Divine Image. Yet modern ideologies treat man as a mere consumer – a fancy animal. “Compassionately” give him subsistence levels of food, companionship and shelter, but heavily regulate his creative capacity and teach him not to hope for anything greater. Attack him should he dare to fantasize about a loving God (Gaia, crystals and astral projection are fine though – keeps him distracted from seeking any sort of eternal truth). In short, give him a life without meaning where any attempt to seriously seek out transcendent meaning is vigorously ridiculed and even punished. Why should anyone be surprised when some men then decide life IS meaningless – short, brutish and nasty? And then acts on that grisly conclusion?

I have a bit of a weakness for Nordic mystery novels and television shows (my son calls it my “huken-fluken” bent). I read and watch them with a certain horrified fascination. In these near Godless cultures, no matter how happy the characters sometimes seem, a fog-like pall of misery and meaninglessness hangs heavy over all. Elite classes here have adopted this relentless material secularity and call it sophistication. I call it what it is – cultural despair.

For decades, elite classes have taught that life has no meaning or value, God is for superstitious chumps, and this is all you get, so eat, drink and be merry. To liven things up, we add identity politics into the mix, setting up a sort of victimization Olympics (whoever is most victimized by white, male oppressors gets the most prizes!) and, surprise! – people on the margins become nihilists, sometimes violent nihilists.

Turns out that, in a culture truly devoted to Judeo-Christian principles; a culture dedicated to acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to each other; even abundant quantities of guns, knives and explosives can be safely entrusted to its members and almost never used for anything except hunting, food preparation, and building projects. In a culture that insists there is no meaning, no hope, no love, and no God, even though you restrict tools with potentially violent uses, the nihilists you breed in abundance will find a way to express their murderous rage and despair.

We are careening into explosive violence. Leftists want it, as they are convinced that is their path to unquestioned power. Christians and conservatives shrink from it as they, at least, have an idea of how fundamentally horrible it could become. But little is being done to put the brakes on this runaway train our culture is become. Unless police crack down hard on disorder with the full backing of the larger society; unless God, the family and life are restored to their proper places of honor and veneration, a moment of decisive catastrophic breakdown and violence will come.

When that moment comes, the flare-up could be as brief and transient (however showy) as the eruption of flame when lighter fluid is squirted onto a campfire. The left is very loud, but I don’t think its actual strength is even a tenth of what it thinks it is. The very volume of its shrieking is, I think, diminishing its strength even as it enhances its hubris. And yet, I did not foresee the collapse of the suburbs coming in the last election. I really thought the vicious rhetoric, casual violence, and despotic diktats of the left would cause rational people to recoil in repulsed horror. It tamped down the normal gains an opposition party makes during a mid-term election, but that is all. The reality is that when a real flashpoint comes, matters tend to take on an unpredictable mind of their own. You plan for as many contingencies as you can, but history shows that very rarely can you predict the actual course of events. Trying to do so can easily become a fool’s game. What you can do successfully is adopt the habits of heart, mind and action that will help you navigate your way through whatever comes. Our sure guide is Our Lady, who ever steers us toward the safe harbor of her Holy Son – if only we will listen. We are at sea, with a great storm well underway and rising with ever more speed and violence. I sign almost all my correspondence with, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris!” – Hail Mary, Star of the Sea. Ancient mariners used the star of the sea to navigate by. And so do I.

With western culture, societies throughout the globe, and the hierarchy of the Church straining mightily at the seams that hold it all together, it is not the great things we do that will lead us to the Safe Harbor I spoke of. It is the simple things; acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.

Yes, there are fireworks in our future. To expand on a critical (but largely ignored) prophecy I made, God is revealing all things and each of us must choose. Some folks who only see the disorder on their television think if they keep quiet, it will all pass them by. Not gonna happen. If you won’t choose, God will bring disorder to your door. Some otherwise faithful Bishops think if they just keep their heads low all the disorder and tumult will pass them by. Not gonna happen. Each man and woman must declare themselves openly, both by their words and by their actions. The time has come where we must choose or perish.

When we become a truly Godly culture again (not just a religious one, but one that lives the virtues), mass shootings will become even rarer than they were in our best days. But so long as we just tinker around the edges, so long as we try to leverage tragedy for political talking points, so long as we celebrate the cult of nihilism; all the zero tolerance policies, gun control, and hardening targets will avail us nothing.

Once when confronted with a man who wanted him to let the country be divided in the name of “peace,” Abraham Lincoln said that sometimes the path to a true and stable peace must first pass through war.

We are on the path to peace.

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  1. Bravo, Charlie! So great to read your insights embedded in the truth of what is and what is coming. It is a mega comfort to hear and speak truth in a time of great evil. Thank you for all the pieces you have ever written which have prepared us to focus on what we can do, as well as, accept that we don’t exactly know what is going to happen. It really IS a blessing not to know … the better to focus on trusting, being completely surrendered, totally relying on Him and ready to do what is needed at any given moment.

    Some mystics have been shown the souls in purgatory and the souls have been allowed to reveal that they do NOT want to come back to earth. They have seen the Lord and they wish to sin no more. With gratitude, they are about the work of repairing and setting their souls right to truly LOVE. I understand this in light of what we are now living. There’s no going back. We must move forward, repent, repair, and, please God, become a beacon of His Light, a sure and certain sign of hope, allowing His Mother and Her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to guide us in every next right step before us.

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  2. Cool! It’s been a while that I jumped on a post this early. I only see Beck’s comment right now. Anyway, the post makes sense. Kick God out of the culture and destroy the family and what else would there be but chaos? It only makes sense. But then…. making sense is logical and logic does not exist anymore because if one truly follows logic, it will lead to the truth and that will contradict the left. Nope. Can’t have truth. Lord, give them salve for their eyes so that they me see and turn from their wicked ways!

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  3. I am going to print and pass out copies of this writing ( with your permission, Charlie) as my open declaration of where I stand. It will be both word and action. I’m not a fan of fighting but don’t mess with my family and my faith. God will not be mocked.

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    1. Just to reiterate, Kris, people are given full permission to copy and pass out anything I write. It only needs to be attributed to me and not be distributed for profit. One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was in Portland, Oregon. A young man approached me on the street and gave me a pamphlet – of my writing – and told me I should go online and read this guy because he was right on! I suppose I should have told him I was the guy he was talking about, but I didn’t. I just thanked him and savored the moment while he moved on to the next.

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      1. However, on the other hand he would’ve had a tale to tell about the Godwink; maybe if he still reads your posts, he now knows the rest of the story. 🙂

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    1. “>.” Quite possibly the best comment of all time… greater than all that have preceded it. Or, maybe just a delightful and blessed “bing” to lift the spirits of the likes of DP and I.

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        1. Ha! I’m just getting “to the point”!

          I gotta say even with the storm raging, you can always get a lift or a smile with all the puns, bings & hearty comments here

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          1. Every once in a while when I’m thinking about meeting Our Maker, I have a brief fretful moment where I worry that He won’t think I’m so funny. Then it quickly passes. Besides, I can always blame it on Doug. Seriously, if I ever can’t enjoy a lighthearted moment… if I ever lose my sense of humor… put a fork in me. I’ll be done.

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            1. No worries MP. The worse that will happen is we will be in the purgatory of bad jokes and puns, listening over and over to bad jokes and waiting for bings. Back to one of my favorite movies, “Galaxy Quest”. One character was afraid, when the bad guys attacked, he said he was the first star who always died on the show. Tony Shalhoub (also star of Monk). Said “maybe you are the plucky comic relief”. That calmed him down. Great movie.

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  4. Renewing my consecration and saying this every day:
    Ave Maris Stella

    Hail bright star of ocean,
    God’s own Mother blest,
    Ever sinless Virgin,
    Gate of heavenly rest
    Taking that sweet Ave
    Which from Gabriel came,
    Peace confirm within us,
    Changing Eva’s name.
    Break the captives’ fetters,
    Light on blindness pour,
    All our ills expelling,
    Every bliss implore.
    Show thyself a Mother;
    May the Word Divine,
    Born for us thy Infant,
    Hear our prayers through thine
    Virgin all excelling,
    Mildest of the mild,
    Freed from guilt, preserve us,
    Pure and undefiled.
    Keep our life all spotless,
    Make our way secure,
    Till we find in Jesus
    Joy for evermore
    Through the highest heaven
    To the Almighty Three
    Father, Son, and Sprit
    One same glory be,


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      1. I’m confused… in the book, City of God, by Maria of Agreda, the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to her that her birthday is September 8th. Her Immaculate Conception was Dec. 8th. Will someone please help clarify because it’s baffling to me. Thank you!!

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        1. Private revelation is not fact. It may be true, it may have been truly told yet misunderstood, but it is not to be taken as settled fact. It may be comforting, it may be soothing, it may be helpful, but it is not to be confused with those factual things we get from the Gospels.

          I don’t even treat my own private revelation as fact. My angel told me at Midnight Mass at Christmas of 1997 that we had actually (though accidentally) gotten the equivalent date of Christ’s birth right, but we have the year wrong – it was three years earlier. It was a delight to me for him to tell me this. But I have never presented it as fact.

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          1. I was pondering this as well.

            August 5th is the Dedication of the Basilica of Mother Mary Major, whereupon the Council of Ephesus (431 AD) stated Mary is the Mother of God.

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          2. Charlie, this is a small diversion: I recall you were told by an angel that our theory of the Big Bang was essentially correct but that our guess of the age of the universe is off; that everything today was formed about 1/3 quicker than our estimate of 14 billion years. Am I close?

            Could you restate this tidbit? I have an accomplished physicist friend who is also an articulate agnostic. I’ve planted many spiritual seeds and engaged in solid debates with him. But I want to pose to him the possibility that the universe is a lot younger and see if he could come up with a theory why. A younger universe messes with a lot of scientific theories including evolution, and perhaps he can come up with new scientific insight – I’d also like to see him examine the Shroud (which CAN be explained by science) and the Tilma (which CANNOT be explained by science), too, because I believe his brilliant mind can only conclude that God does exist, or at least make him question all of his physical and spiritual suppositions.

            When I asked him if he believed God existed, he said frankly, “I don’t know.” He doesn’t say those words very often!

            He was a vibrant man just a few years ago, but a bunch of troubling signs are plaguing his health and he may have much less time on earth than he supposes.

            Thanks Charlie.

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            1. You are almost precisely correct, Patrick. It was in the fall of 1997, after I had given my final “yes” and lived a 40-day consecration to secure it. My angel took me on a tour of the universe – and showed me both the beginning and the end. My piece, “Into the Whirlwind,Into the Whirlwind,Into the Whirlwind,” was actually a proxy piece using Job to partially describe that encounter. My angel was very voluble on that tour – and he is always delighted when, despite our feebleness, we get something close to right. In showing me the beginning, he said that our “Big Bang” theory is substantially correct, but that it happened much faster than our scientists have figured. My sense was that it was several billion instead of tens of billions of years old. I want to convey to you his great delight…similar to the delight we might have if we found a dog who spoke in rudimentary sentences.

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                1. And “WOW” about you personally seeing the beginning and the end of the universe, the end of time! An experience that is impossible for us to imagine and probably nearly impossible for you to put into words. In addition to showing you the “big picture” and power and glory of God for your mission, it almost sounds as this was gifted to you as a “reward” or encouragement for making the consecration.

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                  1. It had a transforming effect on me. I saw that people who think their gigantic plans for change for the better are almost always mere delusions of grandeur that have either no impact or a bad impact in eternity. People caught up in this have succumbed to the satan’s temptation to be great among men. I saw that the great goods which register in heaven are the little things and the personal reaching out to each other. It is why I made this site, from the start, a community where we could talk with each other, both encouraging and in disagreement, but always keeping sight of each other’s humanity. I worry very little about the big things I miss – but I often fret about the little one-to-one opportunities I miss.

                    I think that, in a peculiar way, God only counts to one – and each soul is the one. So I try to imitate Him in this. Because of my human frailty, I fail more than I succeed, but it is always on my mind and I try. And it is a great joy to me that most everyone here tries the same. This is the mark of a Godly community – we work to lift each other up. We will all see, ultimately, the true effects in eternity of what we did here. The things we are most proud of here will barely have registered at all there…but the encouraging words we give at a moment of need, the acting against our petty self-interest to help each other, the soothing of a scared child…these will all shine forth in glorious golden hues. WE chase restlessly after what amounts to nothing but paper and paste here, while passing unconsciously over the gold that lays right before us in abundance. So I encourage all to go for the gold!

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              1. Charlie (and Steve), the latest cosmological research findings support your angel guide’s timing sense (my finding this now has got to be a case of synchronicity):

                “…a team of cosmologists calling themselves H0LiCOW had published their new measurement of the universe’s expansion rate. By the light of six distant quasars, H0LiCOW pegged H0 at 73.3 kilometers per second per megaparsec — significantly higher than Planck’s prediction [ of 67.4 kilometers per second per megaparsec ].” ( ).

                Thus, if the expansion rate is higher than previously set, the age of the universe is less than previously calculated. 73.3/67.4 = 1.088 higher rate. The currently estimated age of 14,4 billion years thus gets adjusted to 14.4/1.088 = 13.2 B years, or a billion years younger.

                No surprise here that angels know better than scientists can figure.

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            2. Patrick,

              I have recently been in email contact with one of the leading researchers on the Shroud, a good Jewish fellow, Barrie Schwortz, and after his many year of research he has come to the conclusion that it is authentic. The impression on the cloth appears to have been created by an energy burst, not by any human contrivance. I had been in touch with him concerning my research on the NDE in which I was able to authenticate its main features as consistent with principles from quantum mechanics and Relativity Theory. I have written a small book, Space, Time, and Consciousness, posted on NDERF available at no cost ( ) that may interest him as an agnostic physicist.

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              1. Thank you for sharing this impressive work, Dr. Hiller. The subject matter is tough, but you’re writing makes it accessible to lay readers such as myself. I just skimmed it so far, but I’m glad to see you addressed some of the surprisingly illogical ideas Hawking put forth. While the evidence is pointing toward God or at least some intelligent First Cause, Professor Hawking seemed to be putting his energy into finding (fabricating) hypotheses to argue against God, especially toward the end of his career.

                Well, we can be sure that Stephen is now very aware of God’s existence!

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                1. Patrick,

                  I had supposed that Hawking opposed the idea of a world created and ultimately managed by God, because of the possible inference that his affliction implied he was somehow disliked by any such God.
                  I forget where exactly where/when, but I heard him admit this prejudice against there being a God shortly before he passed. I expect that when he passed, he found instead that his affliction actually was a condition provided for intense spiritual learning, and not any special punishment. I believe now that afflictions provide enhanced opportunities for development, not available in blissful Heaven.

                  Yes, the text was written for intelligent lay readers, not technical specialists. A good place to start is the Overview which takes only a few minutes to read, and provides the roadmap.

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                  1. Dr. Hiller, Your work sounds intriguing. And I too am going to read it, I have downloaded it, however, will print this out, as it helps to read with print in hand. Why it caught my eye, I was listening to Stan Deyo the other evening on Hagmann and Hagmann, and he was speaking of his own NDE and trying to explain it – how we are all “here” now and how time/dimension works. I am not so sure I understood his concept, but it somehow was making sense, giving the time he gave to the explanation and my feeble mind. I am going to review his explanation again and read yours. As for Mr Hawking, I will pass on this.It is sad he disregarded God, and so I am sure he missed some critical points, but I won’t pretend to know any of his works. I do not, and actually did not give much thought to the NDE group, except to believe they were given an amazing opportunity to see and bring back to us what our Lord wanted them to share, until Stan Deyo shared his. So thank you, and I will get back to you when I finish reading it, and discuss it with my husband who is quiet an intelligent man. Ave Maria!

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                    1. robill, I too find that printing out is most helpful for comfortable reading, jotting notes or marks, and flipping pages for cross checking. I attempted to keep my conclusions pinned to authentic NDE reports (I rarely found any that might have been faked or mistakenly elaborated, but there were a few done for gain); part of my analysis was devoted to distinguishing between what was likely authentic according to basic experience characteristics, as explained in Chapter 10 about the nature of knowledge (Transcendental vs Mundane).

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                2. MP.
                  I’ve always accepted the idea that creation was made in 6 days. We, being finite and time based, cannot fathom an eternal, omnipresent Being like God.
                  But , surprisingly, Job, Charlie and St Paul were given a visit to this as a trip through creation in a (perceived) surprisingly brief moment outside of time and space.
                  Now the question arises; were they taken into the omnipresents of God to visit creation seeing, in a brief moment of perceived time, what we consider billions of years of created time? If God, uninhibited by time, can tour this period with a mere mortal like Job or Charlie, it stands to reason He can create within this context as well.
                  The idea that a literal “6 days” went by in real time is irrelevant except in it’s teaching us the symbolic meaning of the Truth of God for our edification, it is more realistic that He made creation in a “split second” of actual created time, it containing the past, present and future, all together although not in the same way we understand the past present and future to be.
                  The church calls a miracle an “acceleration of creation”. God miraculously accelerates creation by His creative power to create the miracle (again for our edification). This is His nature even if nature itself is fixed by the laws of nature, He is not. But he gives these miracles a “past history” as well. When Jesus healed the lepers, he made the new flesh age appropriate- it had a history to match the age of the one recieving it. When the woman with Lupus in Lourdes emerged from the miraculous spring with a new face where once was a gaping decaying hole, it was age appropriate- it had a history. When God creates it is complete.
                  So, what came first: the chicken or the egg?

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                  1. Beautiful, Phillip. What has come to mind for me in considering these things is this question: What really is time from Heaven’s perspective? I think God could not even begin to explain it to a mere mortal. “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day.” (2 Peter 3:8). There’s both/and once again. And I LOVE mystery with the depths of insight which come from contemplating while never fully understanding as God does. Still, “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich).

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                    1. The NDE reports tell us that they experienced an eternal now, no time running, with the past and present available to view concurrently; some also report glimpses of the future, such as being shown their children to born if they came back to Earth, or not born if they stayed, and existing children being neglected if they did not return to Earth. I got the impression from the reporting that there is a framework for the future, with details to be filled in. Thus, in my theorizing about time, I have conceptualized it as a 4th spatial dimension such that different locations correspond to different times. Now that idea was easy to write, but took countless hours of struggle to imagine. Later, I found two NDE relevant reports. In one, which I referenced in my book, the individual was directly told that time on the spiritual side (Heaven) operates as a 4th spatial dimension. In the other report, the individual sensed that for himself. God is of course outside of the time that He created, and thus not bound by any clock.

                      The NDE reports say that they fully understood all of creation when on the other side, but have their memories blocked to live life here on Earth.

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                    2. Beautiful and exciting, Jack! It has been revealed to mystics, the value of praying across transtemporal time. And even with the NDE reports, we have but a glimpse of the mysteries yet to be lived.
                      But, as it is written,

                      “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
                      nor the human heart conceived,
                      what God has prepared for those who love him”—
                      (Corinthians 2:9)

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                    3. First off, it was supposed to be PD not MP. I figure most know who I was addressing and will forgive me the error (esp souls in pugatory)!
                      Yes Beckita, I suspect God trying to explain time in His light would be like a grain of sand asking Einstein to talk plain about Relativity!
                      God created laws to govern creation who’s standards He is not held to. It is one way He proves Himself to us; “believe the works I do” (John 10:38).
                      The arguments stem off our rebellion. We do not wish to believe in the existence of God so we argue biblical truths with theoretical half answers that we perceive prove He cannot exist! By denying God His omnipotence, they diefy creation itself which, not surprisingly, reflect the Creators genius! So in effect, they still glorify Him in thier error just not in thier hearts.

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                    4. Not to worry, PF. I meant to use “PD” in an earlier post and instead used “DP” (also sometimes known as “PC” for pound cake). Fortunately, there is only one “B” onboard to my knowledge, so I never get that wrong. For some reason I alternate between “Charlie” and “CJ,” but can’t recognize any discernible pattern in that behavior. It’s kinda funny that the likes of you and I often use acronyms for usernames, presumably for brevity sake… then proceed with our usual, lengthy thoughts. Go figure. Where’s YD when you need him?

                      BTW, I the “MP” prompted me to give serious attention to your comment, and benefit mightily.

                      MP, the blogger formerly known as Michael Patrick.

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                  2. Hi PF. There is something wonderfully humbling about contemplating the universe and time, about the near futility of imaging God’s glory with our one-way cause-and-effect minds. We are impossibly small creatures and the gulf between us and our Creator is immeasurable.

                    To the question of the chicken and the egg, I checked scripture:

                    “So God created every [pregnant chicken] according to its kind,
                    And God saw that is was good.” (GEN 1:21) 🐔🥚🐓🍗

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                    1. Dr. Hiller, PF, and PD,

                      Wow, just wow on the 4th dimension… As Dr. Hiller states, “Now that idea was easy to write, but took countless hours of struggle to imagine.” I have to say that I thought a quick read of your 130+ pages on Frozen Time Theory and all of your research was what I’d have. Instead, after more than a few hours, I am on page 35 – certainly struggling to imagine… I am trying to digest the theory along with the Faith. It does make sense…. But I can’t help my mind wandering down Alice’s rabbit hole or whether or not I should take the Blue or Red pill like Neo in the Matrix…

                      Thank you so much for all of your research on this Dr. Hiller. To me, it strengthens my urge to seek Christ! Yet, as Charlie has stated (paraphrasing) before, even the smartest here on earth (in our current dimension) pale to everything in Heaven (as though a bumbling idiot)!

                      Thanks for this discussion – deep deep deep concept and one that has been toiled with since philosophy and physics began!

                      Ok, back to reading your work Dr. for me…. one paragraph at a time!

                      God bless everyone,

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                    2. billbad42, As I mentioned in the Introduction, I was a mindlessly accepting agnostic materialist “scientist” when I started my NDE research. The research helped greatly to lead me to faith in God and Christ. I remain totally unable to explain why the is God, and not simply nothing at all.

                      The simplest logical choices for reasoning about existence are two:
                      1) God emerged from nothingness. That defies human logic, and is a nonstarter.
                      2) God always existed. That too defies human logic, but must be the reason.
                      The NDE reports commonly state that God and His Creation all made perfect sense while on the other side, even if inexplicable here.

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                    3. Jack, in your list, your second point actually looks to me to be a time-based phrasing. “Always existing” implies Time is superior. God IS, “I AM” – there is no Time in *that* phrase. How does that work for you here in your comment?

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                    4. Funny, I just had an existential thought yesterday as I was out jogging and clearing my mind from work. We only exist in “the now” or this instant. The past exists only in our minds in this realm. Lambzie and opened up a sleeping bag last night and lay on the ground in our front yard watching the stars on a beautiful clear night in NH. I saw one shooting star. It was beautiful living our now moment. The Perseid meteor showers are supposed to peak on Monday and Tuesday. We find these to be a highlight of our summer as we make a wish when we see one. My wishes are almost always related to my kids coming back to their faith.

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                    5. Wishing and praying with you, Doug, for your kids, my kids and all kids to make a full and wholehearted return to the Lord. As to your pondering of time while we are in this realm… how amazing that we “live and move and have our being” in Christ Who is ONE with the Holy Spirit and the Great I AM… and our supernatural power, that is Jesus’ Power, which we receive by inheritance when we put on Christ at Baptism allows us to operate in trans-temporal time via prayer. We have the ability to touch, to make a difference in people who existed in this earthly realm centuries before we were born. And, in love with God and His people, we shall pray to draw His goodness and riches to all peoples for all generations to come.

                      I love communicating with Him in the varied ways to pray. It is exciting to awaken each day, seeking a deeper and more full understanding of how intimately we live through, with and in Him, ready to co-create a New Beginning, personally, in our families, with neighbors and friends while our Love ripples through all the world, so we do touch every person and event on this planet. I am so very grateful for the opportunities to receive new outpourings of Christ’s Power in receiving Him each day in His Eucharistic Presence – His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! I AM is, then, in each of us who receive Him! – opening wide my being to become more like Him and to better wield His Power for Good. The sisters, in this footage, capture the essence of all we need do to be of use to the Lord. Yes, Lord! Welcome here. Use each of us.

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                    6. Hi Becks,

                      I am reading this again for the second time. It is so beautifully articulated. I cannot add or take away, but just be grateful.

                      Yesterday, Jacki had a severe blockage which is not uncommon given her current medical state. I anointed her with blessed holy oil from Medjugorje and asked our Jesus to please help her and clear it up. We were just on the verge of leaving for the hospital when she started with some gurgling gas. This was actually music to our ears and it worked itself out over the course of the night.

                      As I lay in bed pondering and in my mind saying over and over, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…”, it dawned on me to start calling out to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Why? Well, How many times do our earthly fathers say no only for our earthly mothers to step in and say, “but honey, will you please do this just for me? Pleeeeeease, pretty please?”. How many times has the father capitulated due to the mother’s prompting? It dawned on me that this may actually be more efficacious. So then my quiet ponderings then became, “Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary. Please ask your son for me to help take care of my wife and get her through this”. By the time 3:00 AM rolled around, she was fast asleep and comfortable as the issue had almost completely subsided.

                      How grateful I am for both Jesus, who is the author of our great salvation and the Blessed Mother who so loves her children. They are both great gifts to us!


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                  3. Ok. I am going to take Adam and Eve as the model here as the parents coming before the first offspring. So I reason that the chicken came before the egg. When the time comes, I will pass out flyers describing the history of this when we take our red wagon trip around the Universe 😎

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              2. Dr, thanks you so much for this book! I downloaded it and am reading it now. I have always wondered about NDE and time in general…. so far your book does not disappoint. Sure I’ll have it done quickly.

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                1. SteveBC, We share in that meaning. The phrase, “always existing,” for me corresponds to “eternal, timeless, now,” and of course, “I AM,” perfectly well conveys this meaning. But, this idea just busts my mind as to how it’s possible– but must surely be true.

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        2. EEKLipps, I would add something to what Charlie said. Sometime back there was a churchman in the Vatican who was forced to deal with the fact that St. Brigit of Sweden and Venerable Mary of Agreda stated contradictory things. It was agreed that you could not rely on what private revelation said.

          On top of these two, you add in what Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich supposedly said. Then you have the traditions, sometimes garbled, handed down in the Eastern Churches. Since most of our dates come from the Eastern Churches, except for Christmas, which came from Rome, I generally stick with the Eastern traditions.

          To give you an idea, the date for the Annunciation was first articulated as March 25 in a sermon by St. Flavian of Constantinople in a Holy Thursday Homily St. Flavian of Constantinople gave on March 25, 449.

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          1. Mary of Agreda was given a caveat by God about the “errors” contained in some revelationl, that our human “facts” are pliable in the recesses of the immensity of Truth which is God.
            “Doubt serves as a stimulus to the understanding for the investigation of truth. Therefore controversies of the teachers fulfill a proper and holy end. They (controversy) are also permitted in order, to make it known, that real science dwells in my Church more than in the combined study of all the holy and perfect teachers, and that she can make them wise above the wisdom of the worldly wise; that there is above them One, who is the Prompter of the wise (Wis. 7, 15), namely, Myself; who alone knows all and comprehends all; who weighs and measures, without ever being measured or comprehended (Wis. 9, 13); that men, although they may search my judgments and testimonies ever so much, cannot attain them, unless I give the intelligence and light (Job 32, 8), who am the beginning and the Author of all wisdom and science. I desire that men, in acknowledging all this, give Me praise, exaltation, confession, supremity and glory forever.”
            (God to Mary of Agreda; City of God

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      2. I had a friend with an August 5th birthday so I favored pondering that date. Either way, Happy Birthday Blessed Mother ( either early or late greetings) 🥰

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  5. And yet again, the better part of big strapping humanity allows itself to get bullied by a 70 lb. weakling. WTHeck is the matter with people? Buckets of water on passive cops, sticks, stones, mayhem in the streets, bricks, mobs, burning cars, bombs raining down, millions of babies ripped from the womb, a lust for all things death… horrors upon horrors. I’m of a mind that the great mass of humanity will only snap out of it under the greatest trials and suffering. When the dust settles, hopefully the Catholic bashing will be over, since the Church will have reminded the world of the true value of suffering, like her Savior. Talk about evangelizing. Choose or perish. Yes, but there is a lot of practical and expressive dimension in the wise choosing and who can fathom it?

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  6. The photo at the top of this post depicts New Years Eve fireworks in my hometown.. Could I ask you, dear Charlie and dear readers, to pray for the political leaders of this state (NSW) to receive Divine Guidance as they debate, even at this very moment, a bill before the parliament permitting abortion right up to birth? Certain parliamentarians are determined to ram this through. Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us🙏

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  7. Excellent analysis.

    I don’t see how it could be any other way… The only way out of these troubled times is through it (it can’t be avoided), there’s no salvaging humanity’s flawed creation & concepts of “society & civilization”. Hard to say or imagine what the end result of the end of these events will look like, whatever comes, don’t be afraid.

    Shepherds & followers are praying & hoping for the cup of suffering to pass them by… (like the cup placed before Jesus in the garden)

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  8. My morning Memorae Prayer was asking Our Lady of Tepeyac to visit the USA through El Paso. Spend time within the White House, tour American cities notably for violence (nYc, Chicago, etc) and return through the El Paso ‘portal’ home to Mexico City.

    {Will She be confronted for Citizenship? El Paso Mayor noted his community has had a special ongoing arrangement over three hundred year. Our Lady of Tepeyac has been here, just under Five Hundred}

    She united two distinct cultures and faiths bringing Indian and Spanish together. Before She visited, neither side trusted; after her visit, all prayed and knelt together worshipping God.
    Our Lady of Tepeyac, pray for us.

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  9. I made a discovery that I’m so stoked about I have to share it. Most here have probably, at the very least, heard about the Scriptural Rosary. I suspect many of you regularly pray that form but for those who haven’t, PLEASE try it! Not trying to sound too much like a teevee ad here but…Have you ever found your mind wandering off-topic during a decade of the Most Holy Rosary? C’mon, you can admit it. Wander no more, my friends. Here’s the solution that worked for me.
    Backstory: I went to my usual hour of adoration last Sunday and a little book on the reading material shelf caught my eye. I had heard of the Scriptural Rosary but never tried it so I thought this would be a good opportunity. I had no idea! The most focused and contemplative rosary I’ve prayed in years and maybe ever. When I got home I went straight to the computer and searched for where I could find one. I ended up going straight to the publisher of the book I used that day.

    Note: You have to click on either of the two images to get to the order page.

    Hoping this helps somebody.

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      1. Indeed, Beckita. It sure worked for me. 🙂
        And while I’m here I should also make a provisional correction to my post. I wrote (implied) that the Christianica Center was the publisher of this book. I saw that name but can’t say for sure that was the actual publisher. I’ll verify that next time I’m at the adoration chapel or when mine arrives, whichever comes first. I do remember seeing an imprimatur though but don’t recall who gave it.

        I’ve posted too many errors here to let another potential one slide by. 🙂

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        1. Hello Christoper and All,
          I agree, the scriptural rosary has been my main way to pray the rosary since my husband died. I found it impossible to meditate in the months after his passing. I was graced to find a site on youtube that prays the scriptural rosary with you. It’s been 3+ years and it still helps so much especially when praying in the car. Here’s a link for the sorrowful mysteries.

          PS Recently when going through all the old stuff stored in the basement, I found the small blue book of the scriptural, so old it only has 3 mysteries! I now use it when I’m in adoration. Thanks for the link I need a new edition!

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    1. Christopher J, I’ve prayed the Scriptural Rosary in Marian conferences, or spiritual retreats. I did this for the first time alone in praying the Rosary last Saturday as part of my First Saturday devotion and loved it too! ❤

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    2. I’m usually driving while I pray mine as I don’t get too much “sit” time. I like driving and praying too because almost everyone is in a rage or almost hitting me and others head on or from behind because they drive while engaging in their smart phones….what the heck is wrong with us all😣

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      1. Linda, I pray also! I also wear a ring rosary on my little finger every time I drive to remind me to be like Christ when interacting with the other drivers more focused on earthly concerns (and their need to get someplace as quickly and dangerously as possible it seems!). I kinda like to think that Jesus would have driven a truck when he needed some wheels…. very versatile and useful for helping others… lol 😉

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    3. Christopher, I actually have this book. I haven’t used it in years, though; we pray the rosary as a family, and it’s so hard to hold and follow a book when you have little ones climbing all over you or trying to take your book or getting involved in squabbles that have to be settled in between the Hail Marys. However, you have inspired me to get out that little gem and try again. Thanks. 🙂

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  10. I get the impression that election of Trump was a mercy in response to the prayers of the past, and that God didn’t need events to play out a certain way.

    The left definitely wants conflict over their surrender, it seems the left is still hoping & manipulating events for a “clash of civilizations”, “race war”, or Jihad in order to consolidate power back in their favour. People are dependent & addicted on the left’s handouts & entitlements, people blinded by the illusion that everything is equal simply refuse to accept that it is illogical and doesn’t add up. (The greatest in Heaven shall be the servants & slaves…)

    Like a addiction, the comforts of modern living will probably be removed before people can recover from their addiction of Godlessness.

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  11. Charlie, My intuition is that what you termed Denial of Transcendence is the most powerful driver of the growing decadence, although it is enabled by assault and disintegration of a loving, supportive family.

    The key to the acting out displayed by these mass shooters may be found in Eric Hoffer’s classic analysis of the True Believer. The True Believer, as he defined the term, suffers from an emotionally painful lack of self worth. This is a sad and sorry soul who is driven to lose his identity in any cause, Right or Left, it matters not. By investing the ego fully in any cause, the hurt from self-disgust is suppressed and replaced by illusions of grandeur in being the hero of a cause, any cause. With no responsibility imposed by God, and no threat of punishment for possible evil behavior, the True Believer is freed, really empowered, to glorify himself as the champion of the Cause, whatever it may seem to be at any moment.

    What’s been lost in our culture is a firm belief in God, and a healthy family upbringing leading to earned self-worth and respect for all others as equally the children of God.

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    1. Great stuff, Jack and it got me thinking. Specifically, something I see and hear all the time. Talk to just about any secularist and make even the slightest reference to Jesus Christ or Scripture and you’ll inevitably see the subtle eye-roll that says “Oh, brother. Here we go again”. He/she may not say it to your face but you can bet that if that person later recounts the conversation the term ‘bible thumper’ will very likely be used. And here’s my point. Have you or anyone else here ever heard ‘Quran thumper’ or ‘Torah thumper’? I didn’t think so and neither have I.

      If somebody wants to explain to me how the war on Christianity is all imagined, I’m all ears.

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    2. Dr Hiller; It seems Mr. Hoffer may have hit it on the head. When man finally returns to God, he will find his self worth in the Holy Spirit which shares the love of Jesus Christ with His family, ergo…giving man the ‘self worth’ necessary to be fruitful and productive. What is being fed to those who do not know Christ, have no God and actually are afraid of this concept (it was never taught to them?), is a deep sinister hate for all that is good, creative, and spiritually beautiful, so much so, there are so many desperate persons who will cling to this hate and spread the evil. This spiritual emptiness is a serious void, which will be filled by a spirit dark and evil, what can fill it can be so deceiving and misleading; thereby propagating the problem and dragging more to the edge. I saw yesterday, somewhere there were over 500 rams and sheep that jumped to their death off a cliff in some country. First time something like this happened. Now you must wonder “what would cause an animal like this to do such a thing?!” I truly believe this was a huge (h-u-g-e) sign from our Lord and Blessed Mother to mankind. Shouting…”what are you doing!” These signs are getting larger and closer together. And yet, mankind is getting blinder and blinder. Take care good people, pray we will not be deceived or caught with our lamps half full. Ave Maria, oh Beautiful Mother pray for us.

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    3. Thank you for this summary, Jack. It I may, I will send it to those true believers who I love and who have set their hands to a left-leaning plow for the most altruistic of reasons. My husband was ruminating over some of the exact same points that Charlie made in this article: what has changed–not guns–but when I pointed out to him that I thought the root was the contraceptive mentality that avoids the transcendence of God and puts man in the driver’s seat of life, he couldn’t see it. Mr. Hoffer’s description of a True Believer goes hand in glove with Charlie’s presentation and will be a help to my husband while he wrestles with the “fireworks” that are upon us.

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    4. This is so true

      Additionally, volunteer organizations, coaches, boys clubs leaders, teachers, ministers and priests used to try to fill in this gap for fatherless boys/girls. This relief valve is under alot of pressure these days.

      I recently attended a Scout seminar on volunteerism, and the bottom line is that today’s generation is very difficult to engage. Their understanding of ‘helping out’ might be to write a check to an organization to fulfill their sense of obligation.

      Adding to the problem, some of these resources are demonized as a group (Priests and ministers come to mind) , and others maintain a wall of separation out of fear for their own safety. A coach/volunteer may not approach a troubled youth, which would be mis-construed as ‘grooming’.

      This leaves the fatherless child with no-where to turn.

      It will take an act of God to turn this ship around.

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      1. We can still reach out to fatherless children in need but due to the suspician, make sure your work is observed by trusted observers. Remember groomers try to lure their victims into secretive spaces where their deeds of darkness can be hidden.

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  12. “After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition while nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.” Reza Aslan on twitter.

    What more is there to say? They’re wanting to start it, we’re waiting to defend ourselves.

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    1. Briana: Per Christopher J’s comment upstream a little ways, Reza Aslan is a well-known Koran thumper who is well-liked by Leftist as well as Chrislamists like many bishops world-wide.

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  13. Charlie, it is refreshing and wonderful to hear Truth.

    Your insight helps to clarify things in a chaotic, virulent storm. Thank you!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!

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    1. My note had a typos referring to the “lie that God gave us to live”, I meant the “life ” that God gave us to live.

      My own note to Charlie stimulated a few good additional comments too.

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    1. Depending on how you choose to view the beginning & end of sequence of types of events will affect a person’s definition of “breaking point”.

      I see this period of the “cornered animals” (the left/liberals/socialists) as growling & being aggressive as soon coming to and end. The beginning of the next period will probably be the animals attacking…

      The 2020 American election will definitely be a time of turmoil, but will it be the breaking point? It’s hard to say because we cannot visualize events extending into 2024 and beyond when someone else has to run for president. Who will rise up to oppose the globalist new world order at that time?

      We all want these events to come to conclusion as soon as possible, and this is where we are blindsided.

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        1. We’re seeing an increased anti-Christian immigration blitz up here in Canada by our Liberals, before our 2019 fall election. Even our shepherds are weak & deceived into supporting the Liberal agenda.

          Lots of scary people on the streets… criminals, druggies, and anti-Christians of varying hatred & violence. It’s like being drafted & putting your life on the line to go fight in the most idiotic & pointless war in the history of world to date.

          It’s disturbing that it’s humanity’s stupidity, ignorance, & support of anti-God causes that’s creating suffering in the world. I pray that these days will be shortened for the elect, as things can get much worse like in the days of World War 2 (

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        2. We’re seeing an increased anti-Christian immigration blitz up here in Canada by our Liberals, before our 2019 fall election. Even our shepherds are weak & deceived into supporting the Liberal agenda.

          Lots of scary people on the streets… criminals, druggies, and anti-Christians of varying hatred & violence. It’s like being drafted & putting your life on the line to go fight in the most idiotic & pointless war in the history of world to date.

          It’s disturbing that it’s humanity’s stupidity, ignorance, & support of anti-God causes that’s creating suffering in the world. I pray that these days will be shortened for the elect, as I don’t know how we endure a WW2 Europe horror on worldwide scale.

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      1. Al, your analogy is spot on. 🐶

        🇻🇳The radicals are exposed bare and are on the defensive. They’ve exhausted all their best weapons and are relying on the antiquated and tired “racist” mantra. The Left — that is, nearly exclusively the HARD Left — is now being pressured into responding to the threats from the forces for Good. The tables have turned. Faced with more assertive actions by the Church and its faithful members, hard-working Donald Trump and Melania, the upswing of the ProLife Movement, many new judges, plus a steady conservative majority — the Democrats have become like cornered animals, tails against the wall.

        They’re fighting among themselves, elbowing and shoving, because of incompatible political ideologies. There is a thirst for power, and there is also Anger. Getting crowded together from all sides, they jostle each other. Disharmony abounds…..and maybe even some fear.

        They are degenerating into a malicious mob….with one name in common on their lips.

        Still, they are our American brethren 🇺🇸
        ✝️ And we love and pray for them. Truly.

        Alas, if only we could engage in any reasonable debate, to talk and discuss ideas, then perhaps, the violence could be averted……..

        Sigh. 😔

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        1. On your last point, people often miss the cues of a spiritual battle, Jesus did drive our “unclean spirits” out of people, so we should seriously consider the possibility that it’s the “Principalities & Powers” pulling the strings of the “Liberal zombie mobs”. I find when confronted with such individuals, that it is more effective not to confront the individual(s), say some silent prayers in your head (Our Father, some Hail Marys, St Michel, Gaurdian Angel…), and ask God to help you with that situation, I find this approach often diffuses the confrontational situation. I’m not sure the unreasonable & unrealistic can be reasoned with.

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          1. My go-to silent prayer for others is always the Hail Mary.

            I do not believe the Left can be reasoned with at this point. They’ve chosen to shut down all discourse. Thus my “sigh” at the end: Violence will not be averted.

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    2. Kim Seiver you are prob correct. I recently listened to the 6th interview by Isabella and Xavier on TradCatKnight, these people are the biographers for the late Blessed Maria Julia Jehenny, and they reported that Maria stated this time would be when “the summer will sizzle; the Autumn will be bloody; and the winter will freeze!” There is so much more stated however; that pretty much put it right on the mark for this year! Not to mention events around the world that are unbelievable and spoken about in many many apparitions. Russia’s surge in revolt all of a sudden. Hong Kong’s action against maintaining freedom from China; the issues with the middle east, England’s separation from EU; All this and much much more! We will look back and remember these moments where we will say…”if we only realized…” Jesus, I trust in you.

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        1. Linda, we have that scapular hanging up in our house, too. I also have several of the medals (of Our Lady of Good Guard) and the cross (Cross of Pardon) which were (allegedly) revealed to Marie-Julie. Several years ago, I bought a 300-page English translation of a 1977 book about her life and her prophesies. Unfortunately, the English translation has gone out of print.

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          1. Mick, sometimes Albries Maybe not the spelling) or Good Reads has many out of date/unpublished books people have traded in. What is the Title of that book? If you don’t mind sharing? I have now listened to prob 10 hours of the interviews of the biographer/relative of Maria Julia Jehenny and I was thinking the other day…”what would I ask her if I could ask her one question?” This lady was amazing, her heart did not stop beating when she passed, she was placed beside her family members in a family tomb, (I think she has now be moved). She was told she would be placed at the highest place in Heaven beside Catherine of Siena, an other “Bride” of Christ. And she was shown so much of the end of our world, I can’t begin to imagine the faith, and love for Christ in this magnitude. She had the stigmata in every point on her body, she was denied for 11 years the Blessed Eucharist from a Bishop who said refused to believe, however, during that time, the Blessed Holy Father Eternal Himself came each day and gave her His Body and Blood. Ohi, my Goodness! How can we ever dwell in such a place! If people are interested in her requested Sacramentals to have in your home, you can contact Isabelle SZCZEBUR’s website in France, where MJJ’s home is located sends Kathleen Loney the Sacramentals so Americans do not have to pay the postage or duty from Eu. This delightful lady is prompt and a dedicated source of MJJ and Isabelle’s and Christ our Lord. As is Bekita to Charlie! Isabelle’s interpreter in American is XAVIER AYRA and he lives in Florida. You can hear all the interviews on TradCatKnight going back to 2018. I asked Eric (TCK) this week, and he said Xavier will be on his show at the end of the month. And Isabelle/Xavier will be back again in September. This time (August interview) she is speaking about the prophecies and what is now happening in France. I’m sometimes so terrified at what is happening in this moment, and sometimes I am so excited that we were all chosen to be here now (now…think about this) when all the billions and billions who came before us were not! It is tuff to understand and yet, the gush of humility and love for Christ is so big. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Ave Maria Good People of Christ.

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            1. Thanks for your kind words, robill. Alibris IS a good source for used books as is Abe’s Books – which has many volumes available with free shipping. Studying the works of a certain mystic can be enlightening and give one encouragement to draw closer to the Lord and pray unceasingly – including the prayer of doing – for all His children. The only caution I have when delving into the life and, especially, the mystical messages of one person is that all authentic prophecy will harmonize to become a fuller picture of what God is doing. Too, all those prophecies which predict what will happen are subject to mitigation. God the Author of authentic prophecy is not bound, in the least, by any one of them and, as we see now, the landscape before us is fluid.

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            2. Robill, I don’t mind at all… the name of the book is Prophecies of La Fraudais; the author is Fr. Pierre Roberdel. 🙂

              Regarding Isabelle: I learned of her several years ago; and what I learned gave me much pause. I am not trying to bash her or anything, but I am very wary of her and urge caution. In May 2008, I had an e-mail exchange with her (in French), in which I posed two questions about information on the website of the Association des Amis de Marie-Julie Jahenny, which promotes Marie-Julie’s cause. I asked if she believes the Novus Ordo Mass to be invalid, and I asksed who are the “false popes” mentioned on their website. Her response about the Novus Ordo Mass didn’t make a lot of sense, but it is clear that she thinks it’s awful. Regarding “false popes,” she stated (and I quote, translated): “The false popes would start at John Paul I, that’s why he was murdered.” (Just so you know, I just retrieved the e-mail exchange from my e-mail archives, to make sure that I was not misremembering or mischaracterizing what Isabelle said.)

              As I mentioned earlier, I got my purple scapular, medals, and crosses from the traditional, faithful-to-Rome Catholics at (they also get their items straight from France). Steve is the name of the gentleman who runs that apostolate. I spoke to him on February 10, 2010 about the Association and some of the bizarre statements on their website. I never mentioned Isabelle. Here I will quote the notes that I took during our conversation: “[Steve said that] the Marquis [de la Franquerie] was the secretary of [the Association]; he retired; his granddaughter took over. Her name is Isabelle, and she’s a whack job. Marie-Julie prophesied that this would happen,and Isabelle is causing lots of problems…. Isabelle believes that [Pope] Paul VI is still alive and is being held captive in the Vatican.” The Marquis de la Franquerie, incidentally, was the sedevacantist who wrote the problematic book “Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Breton Stigmatist.”

              Given all of the above, I would be inclined to steer clear of Isabelle and of those associated with her; and I would be inclined to get the Marie-Julie-affiliated sacramentals from or Leaflet Missal (who has just the scapular).

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              1. Thank you for this information, Mick. The evil one has been trying to pull apart the Church from every possible angle. This story reminds me of a theme brought to light in Charlie’s writing: someone who is pious – a blessed virtue – can be drawn into doing great damage to the Church and doing it in the name of preserving piety! When praying for the Church, I often find myself singing a line from Ubi Caritas: Let all divisions cease.


  14. A thought from me: As scripture says “pride goes before destruction”, Proverbs Chapter 16, vs. 18. And sadly I believe that is true for societies as well as for individuals. God hates pride, and will allow us to fall into much disorder, I fear, until we learn again of our need for God and for His mercy.

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  15. An update on my prayer request. The Dr. thinks the cancer is contained in my prostate and let us pray it may remain there until it can be removed. Thanks, Bob

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    1. Bod, you will be in many prayers that our Lord Bless you and Keep you and send many angel’s to surround you to keep you safe. And deep devotion to the Blessed Mother so she will hold you close.
      Take care. Be safe!

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  16. “As things are being progressively revealed, the time is coming when the only hope the left has of holding on to power, its god, is to instigate violent insurrection.” It seems to me, at least, that there is no threat the power secularist leftism holds. Of course, I do not doubt that their ideology would fail to resort to violence in pursuit of its ends, but I can’t see where they will ever need to. Secularist leftism dominates the governments, academic institutions, media, and popular culture of nearly every western nation. It has become a virtual state religion to which submissive compliance is all but mandatory as a condition for participating in civil society. Secularist leftism seems to hold a position of strength, unchallenged and unparalleled. I would love to be proven wrong.

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    1. You are right, Victura. But it is weakening as we write and read together. Politically, it is very shaky, tottering, even. Colleges are quietly declining – losing both credibility and value as certain elites have made them into cash cow credentialing factories. Hollywood and media are tainted by what began with Weinstein. Media still looks very powerful, but it comes at the expense of serial severe blows to their credibility. The left is Humpty Dumpty and the cracks are already showing.

      This “racist” and “white supremacist” narrative is going to backfire just as the “Russian collusion” backfired. When the Weinstein revelations began just a few weeks after the Revelation 12 sign in the sky, I thought that now begins the revealing. The anti-God left is a huge and powerful beast, but it has been being hit and wounded ever since then – and even its attempts to smear others have done more damage to it than to the others it targets. It is not yet time to sound the trumpets and see the walls fall – but that time is much closer than many think…and then some serious battles commence, I think.

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      1. Charlie, it’s shocking how rapidly they are running headlong toward the cliff. I’m sure you saw this today: “Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro on Monday tweeted the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated the federal maximum to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Castro, whose district includes much of San Antonio, claimed the donors “are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’” Castro is the twin brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro and chairs his presidential campaign.”

        Last night they were outside of Mitch McConnell’s home calling for his murder.

        The left is running headlong into tyranny. Imagine them in power and the American people defenseless. They’d make it illegal to vote against them. It’s simply unreal how unhinged they have become. Diabolical Disorientation on display

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        1. You’re completely right, Tom. It is a grace that I am home for a few weeks now. We are VERY close to hard showtime. From here, I can focus hard on articles to help people get their minds and hearts right to deal with the insurrection ahead. Weird that it is public officials and the media who are fomenting the insurrection – inciting violence even as they convince themselves they are righteous people. But that is the serious diabolical element involved. It was facilitated by sparking the genuine flaws of many people, then the devil, like an aggressive infection, inflamed it all to where those who allowed the infection to spread in their souls are so feverish they have only a vague clue that they are the violent ones, giving themselves over to evil. I have stuff coming for both the spiritual AND the temporal habits of mind and action that are critical as we enter the fullness of the Storm. I thank you for the wonderful help you have given on preparing for temporal matters – and I have one other who has privately been putting some things together for us.

          To sustain some areas of stability, people are going to have to act with initiative and steady resolve locally. My first two journeys had that as a secondary purpose; the current one has had it as the primary purpose. I’m pretty proud of our people in the field around the country. I have seen the great resolve, simple courage, and loving faith rise in our people across this land. I pray for all to be strengthened. Though I know it is going to be very intense…and maybe for longer than I would like, I feel pretty good that the seeds are bearing great fruit that will ultimately bring this culture back together.

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  17. Wow, Charlie! I read these essays of yours and want to scream out to the world, “Why can’t you see this”! I know the Lord and Mother Mary led me here, how many years now? There is so much to learn here, but at the same time, I do get nervous if not fearful at times. It’s not for myself, but thinking of kids, and grandchildren (starting college and hearing God knows what!). It is certain in my mind, that the Lord molds us and prepares us to know what He wants us to know. I think of the last 30+ years with the Holy Spirit as my professor and I’m amazed at where the Lord has taken me. So much eye opening material, from Father Gobbi to Charlie and everyone in between! 🙂

    I was so blessed with the kind of parents you write about above, who gave ma a good Catholic education all the way through college at a sacrifice to themselves, because it was important to them. That was the foundation of the incredible gift of Faith that I have. May that Faith show me how to be a sign of hope and stay strong and unafraid! Reading Charlie helps, but so too do the comments, knowing we’re all in it together. God bless you all, heal those who are sick. and help us all in difficulties we’re going through, such as trying to sell our house, so stressful.
    Ave Maris, Stella Maris!

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    1. Oh, there are many fearful things out there, Annie. And yet, it is largely because of my children and grandchildren that I am so adamantly focused on these things. My children and grandchildren WILL live in freedom under God. I pray to give the last measure of devotion to see that those who would impoverish and put them in chains, denying them God, love and peace will NOT prevail. So when you feel that fear, let it be a goad to fuel even greater resolve BECAUSE it is the indispensable legacy you must bequeath those children. I am not much given to worrying about temporal honors – but I do pray that 50 years from now, my grandkids will speak with great pride of how, when Godless tyranny menaced the land, their “Poppy” lived real fortitude to see that they would live free under God.

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      1. Your children and grandchildren will also know their dear Poppy had personal help from the Blessed Mother who provides gifts like fortitude:

        “Mary has produced, together with the Holy Ghost, the greatest thing which has been or ever will be—a God-Man; and she will consequently produce the greatest saints that there will be in the end of time.”

        ― St Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary

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    1. Annie W: We’ll have to check with either Mick or Doug, but I think the Poor Souls get double “bings” when you catch and correct your own typos. ; )

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          1. I don’t know (bing), Mick. I might (bing) be (bing) the first one (bing) to take advantage (bing) of that rule (bing). (Is that six or twelve?) You all are such good sports to hang out with. Thank you!

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              1. P.S. Twelve, definitely. (Although the rule book doesn’t specify what happens when the original errors were intentional, we’re gonna take the win.) 🙂

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  18. In Christ, “all things in heaven and on earth were created…. Christ is before all things, and in him [all things hold together]….”St Paul.
    So without Him, all things collapse…..!
    We rebel, we collapse…period!
    Any questions?

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    1. Interesting Phillip.  I have always thought of this scripture as God or Christ holding the universe together from a scientific point of view which is true.  However,  this is a different take of which I have not considered.  Sent from Doug’s mobile

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      1. Doug,
        If the concept of “heaven” is a spiritual realm, it is then held together in a spiritual way.
        Since physical creation has a spiritual dynamic to it as well as a physical one, it stands to reason that spiritually the “earth” in the Scripture passage is held together spiritually too.
        If we in our createdness contains both body and soul, we then are held together, through Christ, both tangibly and intangibly- body and spirit; of those things seen and unseen.
        If by His binding we receive through Him “all good things come”(Rom 11:36) it stands to reason if we reject Him, we reject goodness and it’s ability to act in our lives as it can only come through Him.
        Now goodness may be passed on from the saintly, by acts of charity and prayers but as more and more people reject these, less and less of it is around to apply some goodness in our lives.
        Goodness is like rain or a river to the forest. If the rains slow or stop, then only those plants closest to the river are sustained, but if the river itself dries up, even they will soon perish.
        Charlie reminds us to remain connect to goodness, by our trust in it even as the rains slow or cease around us. We need to trust that, like St Bernadette, that springs of grace are to be found by our obedience to TNRS and by just scratching off a little bit of the dirt in our lives to reveal the wellsprings of grace laying just beneath the surface.

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  19. Make NO Mistake!!!
    Anyone who does NOT support the Left/Liberal/Socialist Agendas of Abortion, Perversion and Dismantling of ALL the Faith, Traditions, Civic Beliefs of Our Founders … Think Constitution/Bill of Rights (Except 5th Amendment) …. is Targeted.
    The Horrors of El Paso & Dayton …. not to mention the “Usual Daily Horrors” of every Urban Democrat ****Hole … is bad enough but …. I found it almost as disturbing that NO Armed Citizen … in the El Paso, TEXAS WalMart ….. engaged the Terrorist in the 20 minute attack … and why did The Cops take so long to respond …… 20 Years of Liberal PC ….. On Parade ;-(
    There was a young Ft Bliss Army Hero, unarmed, who went into Harm’s Way to pull children to safety.

    Representative Joaquin Castro “Redflags” Trump Supporters for Immediate Targeting…


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  20. Charlie, Very good – I would like to comment but it is too late for me to be articulate. Love you, buddy.

    Mick, looking forward to the arrival of the statue. Mine was consecrated this past Sunday.

    Beckita, for your enjoyment, the Lamantations for the Theotokos:

    Click to access Lamentations-for-Dormition.pdf

    My friend the Chancellor of the Melkite Catholic Eparchy, Father Theophan told me that this is an ancient devotion amongst the Melkites. It must be understood that these lamentations reflect the feelings of loss in the early Christian community when Mary died, something that most of us are oblivious to.

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    1. James, I will be ordering the statue in the next day or two. I’d have done it already, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it through PayPal. I’ll have have to call in the tech reinforcements (a.k.a. my husband). 🙂


  21. Thank you so much for this post, Charlie. It also made me think of your re-post on the Magma is Among Us, from the Dec 20, 2014, image of the demons spewing out of the volcano. “I saw demons erupting from a mountain and spreading across the whole earth – to sow DIABOLICAL CONFUSION, DISORIENTATION, and BITTER MALICE (Caps mine). The magma of those demons’ malevolence now covers the globe. We are living the results of that eruption.”

    The left and media personify the confusion, disorientation, and the bitter malice. We can’t even carry on polite or meaningful conversation. We are vilified with the names and the smears of the day. It makes me feel sad for them, and us, and our society and culture.

    Each of these violent events is a new opportunity to call for gun control and background checks. Some of these steps may be the right ones to take, but I haven’t heard anyone talking about whether any of these steps would have prevented the events in Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX, or Dayton, OH. From what I heard, at least initially, the guns were purchased legally, and the men would have passed the background checks, one of them with a sealed juvenile record. If each of these events is a new call for these controls, the implication is that it would prevent them. Everything I see seems just the opposite. New controls, but no prevention. Because this is not the cause. It doesn’t seem like we have any honest, rational examination of the issues or recommendations, just new opportunities to beat the drums and blame Trump, and the “basket of deplorables”.

    Pray, pray, pray. God’s blessings to all here.

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  22. Thank you, Charlie! An excellent article. Very sobering, but truthful. Much to contemplate on, on your article as well as all the comments!
    Our parish is running a Diocesan Campaign that will help our parish as well, greatly. We are a fairly poor parish, and have a high percentage of elderly; but have received quite a few Vietnamese, Phillipino, and Haitian new parishioners who have brought in devotion & vitality to our parish. This campaign has given our parish board the opportunity a chance to really get to know our parishioners, new & old alike. And a chance to learn of their needs, and for everyone to get to know each other in our little gatherings. Whether we meet our goals or not, we have gained much, especially a better caring community, which in the days ahead can be a great help to each other and perhaps, the wider community. Our new parish priest is now very hopeful.

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  23. Meaty post if a bit foreboding.

    Couple of things have come to mind from thinking about these things.

    Mark 2: 21-22

    No one sews a piece of unshrunken cloth on an old cloak. If he does, its fullness pulls away, the new from the old, and the tear gets worse.
    Likewise, no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the skins are ruined. Rather, new wine is poured into fresh wineskins.”

    This observation by Jesus was a result of the grilling Jesus was getting by the Pharisee citizens of Capernaum including the disciples of John the Baptist over the CHANGE in acceptable cultural behavior evident in Jesus’ followers and disciples. They weren’t conforming to the norms of acceptable behavior at the time. Jesus was rocking and threatening their world inluding the Torah and the Mishna. He was being perceived as a threat to the life of the people.

    The specific challenge to Jesus was this:

    The disciples of John and of the Pharisees were accustomed to fast. People came to him and objected, “Why do the disciples of John and the disciples of the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not fast?”

    Mind you the Pharisees were the “party of the people”. Average people. Day to day people. workers. They were concerned. The middle class. “Your boys don’t fast!” Change. Different. A challenge to society. Fearsome. Foreboding. Threatening to the culture of the day.

    Interesting response from Jesus don’t you think? “I am the change agent. You are the old cloak. You are the old wineskin. I am the new patch. I am the new unfermented wine. And this is going to tear you apart.”

    And so it did. It transformed the whole world.

    It seems to me that what is happening today is very similar. The new patch is Marxism. The old cloak is is Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. As the new patch shrinks in the wash the old cloak begins to shred and come apart. The new wine is humanism and modernism and liberation ideology of one sort or another. Unfermented and bubbling in the old wineskin of “normal behavior”. Pedophelia normalizing. Whoda thunk? Throw in globalization and the New World Order and you had better be looking for shredding and tearing and the spilling of wine all over the place. Plain as the nose on your face.

    Call it the Storm.

    The clash of hegemonic principles for organizing society is becoming more violent as noted and observed. Lincoln spoke of it in his famous second inaugural address:

    “On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil-war. All dreaded it — all sought to avert it. While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without war — seeking to dissolve the Union, and divide effects, by negotiation. Both parties deprecated war; but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came.”

    And the war came. Tearing and shredding. Pulling away. Spilling the wine all over the floor. Bloody. Brutal. Painful. Touching all. Every family. Trampling out the grapes of wrath.

    Here are the lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Here is what is coming our way anew:

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
    He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
    He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
    His truth is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps;
    They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps;
    I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps,
    His day is marching on.

    I have read His fiery gospel writ in rows of burnished steel!
    “As ye deal with my contemners, so with you My grace shall deal!
    Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,”
    Since God is marching on.

    He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
    He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat;
    Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him; be jubilant, my feet!
    Our God is marching on.

    In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
    With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me;
    As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free!
    While God is marching on.

    How does such a train of events resolve itself? Lincoln had an idea about that. Here is how he saw the struggle resolving:

    “With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan — to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

    Per Charlie above:

    “We are careening into explosive violence. Leftists want it, as they are convinced that is their path to unquestioned power. Christians and conservatives shrink from it as they, at least, have an idea of how fundamentally horrible it could become. But little is being done to put the brakes on this runaway train our culture is become. Unless police crack down hard on disorder with the full backing of the larger society; unless God, the family and life are restored to their proper places of honor and veneration, a moment of decisive catastrophic breakdown and violence will come.

    What you can do successfully is adopt the habits of heart, mind and action that will help you navigate your way through whatever comes. Our sure guide is Our Lady, who ever steers us toward the safe harbor of her Holy Son – if only we will listen. We are at sea, with a great storm well underway and rising with ever more speed and violence.

    With western culture, societies throughout the globe, and the hierarchy of the Church straining mightily at the seams that hold it all together, it is not the great things we do that will lead us to the Safe Harbor I spoke of. It is the simple things; acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.

    Some folks who only see the disorder on their television think if they keep quiet, it will all pass them by. Not gonna happen. If you won’t choose, God will bring disorder to your door. Some otherwise faithful Bishops think if they just keep their heads low all the disorder and tumult will pass them by. Not gonna happen. Each man and woman must declare themselves openly, both by their words and by their actions. The time has come where we must choose or perish.”

    Habits of heart, mind and action. Living Peace.

    John 14: 27
    Peace* I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

    Ambulance drivers. A sign of hope in a chaotic time.

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  24. Dear Charlie,

    I read over your article and there seems to be something missing. I do not want to come across as criticizing you or arguing with you. I want to discuss with you, talk with you.

    One of the assumptions that seems built in to your view of the renewal of society is the assumption that there are enough good people to take over and run the government in/after the war with the left. The problem here in New York and Pennsylvania is the fact that there are not enough good people left and government has become so corrupt that it is dysfunctional. Many of the basic functions of government are no longer working around here – ditching for roads is not done, road repairs are poorly done, public works projects get dragged out and are poorly done, storm water drains and grates not cleaned, misplaced priorities, failure to enforce laws, uneven enforcement of laws (Amish break all the laws we are expected to follow, for example), crimes not being punished, people not being held accountable, etc. Basic things to keep society together are no longer being maintained in rural areas, which are looking like inner cities – 20 years ago I was amazed going through Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina at how decayed many of the rural communities were. At that time, comparable communities up here were largely well maintained. Today, we look just as bad, if not worse.

    Unlike the great upheavals of the English Civil War era (1638-1660), the American Revolutionary era (1763-1803) and the American Civil War Era (1850-1877), we do not have a society that accepts the basic norms of morality.

    I live in a Republican majority area, but at times, it is more like the one party rule of the Communist party. They are corrupt and incompetent, just like Chicago. Third parties are routinely squashed and nobody wants to be associated with the Democrats.

    Society is regrettably post Christian and needs a renewal. Not one of my local Town or Village Board members belongs to a Church. The spiritual and moral degeneration amongst them is accelerating. The candidates that they have chosen for our County legislature are Republicans in name but leftists of the worse sort in ideology. In their spiritual blindness, the local Republican leaders viciously tear, rip, denigrate and malign others and then choose like minded people to succeed them. This, Charlie, is part of the reason for the switch in the suburbs, as I can observe it from here in Buffalo, Rochester and the smaller cities. The base became progressively spiritually blind and consequently became leftists of sorts.

    When people live in sin, they are not in their right mind, as Hieromonk Gregory has stated. Spiritual insanity eventually leads to a disordered view of society. In order to do, there must be a spiritual awakening that cause one to turn away from sin.

    The local Catholic parishes went through a purification – the Church’s were forcibly combined and people had to choose to be Catholic. Some went to other parishes, many left, but the net result was a stronger, healthier parish. But, until the Bishops renew their Dioceses, the problems will continue. Twittering away as some do is not helpful.

    The spiritual awakening I spoke of – that is your rescue. I pray for it to come everyday. But until then, I do what you suggest – do the little I can and take the next right step.

    I am in the process of becoming a trustee at our Local Byzantine Catholic Church. With less than 20 members it should close, but I have been told in prayer to wait and trust as someday it will be packed and overflowing. So, we keep it going.

    I have handed out St. Michael stones to many priest and three bishops.

    Love and hugs, my friend!

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    1. Ah James, but that assumes that no one is going to be changed by the fiery Storm we have entered. Your assumption on this matter is essentially static – that we are going to go through the maelstrom and no one will be fundamentally changed by the experience…that all the Godless and corrupt folks will maintain their corruption and secularity. Many will, but I maintain that a fundamental purpose of the storm is evangelical – people WILL be dramatically changed by it all. Some of those who are now corrupt will become zealots for righteousness. Many who seem corrupt are also merely disheartened, thinking what is the use – much like the French Army before the arrival of St. Joan of Arc. You and I both will see the explosive rise of a new hope and a new joy as all those who are merely disheartened and, so, going with the zeitgeist of a terrible time, see profound evidence that God IS and that life DOES have meaning and that God calls them to participate with Him in the renewal of this poor, broken world. It is why I say we will have many surprises – some we thought were solid who will fall away when their certainties are contradicted (they were just interested in the vanity) and many who we thought were lost or indifferent who will come roaring to new life as they see that God IS.

      God is always dynamic and transformative, never static. Working with the material He already has – much of which looks corrupt and lost – He will raise up a bumper crop of joyful saints.

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        1. Well, I should confess that James and I did a little Kabuki dance there. It was an actual conversation, but one we had privately. Then he generously teed it up in comments so I could hit it – and informed me that the comments we had discussed were now copied to the site. So I was looking for that specific comment, Beckita.

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            1. My thought exactly, B: —Awesome!

              Thank you J.I.M. for the nifty curve ⚾️
              and C.J. for smacking another one out of the park.

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      1. Charlie, Beckita and Doug,

        I did not mean to come across so negative, but I am glad I did for the answer Charlie gave me, Gandalf style. It is that hope, that allows me and priests I know to plug on in their parishes when all seems hopeless. I know of many good priests who are struggling with dwindling flocks.
        Charlie’s words are what I needed to hear, for they reminded me of the words of an old Ukrainian Catholic Bishop who told a priest friend of mine, Father Andriy, “Keep the churches open at all costs, for one day, the people will return and we will not have enough room!”

        The Bishop explained to Father Andriy that the explosive rebirth of the Greek Catholic Church from a tiny persecuted underground Church in the Ukraine was a foreshadowing of what will happen in the world to the Church at large.

        With that in mind, Doug, let us not buckle under but keep taking the next right step!

        Thank you all, Charlie, Beckita, and Doug!

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        1. Oh Gosh, James. I didn’t read you as negative. Rather, I read you as respectfully and honestly pondering aloud. That kind of honesty is valuable to all, for I’ll bet a lot of people, at times, have wondered about just what you asked and, like you, I love it when Charlie responds to those kinds of questions. I love Fr. Andriy’s thought! More than a few times, I’ve told Fr. Wang that soon enough he’s going to be like the “Curé d’Ars” who spent as much as sixteen – eighteen hours each day in the confessional during the last years of his life. I assure Fr. W that I’ll get in line three times a day to deliver his meals. 🙂

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        2. James, no worries!  We are all human and need a shot in the arm every now and then.  More and more recently, I believe the Lord is placing it on my heart that we are not to make this journey alone.  My pride oft stands in the way of asking for help or reaching out in my own need.  Alas, you inspire me with the depth of your understanding.  I am just a simpleton.Sent from Doug’s mobile

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          1. Thank you, Doug! I am impressed with your “TNRS” motorcycle plate. You are not a simpleton. I have enjoyed your comments for years.

            Doug, the only advice I could give to my fellow Catholics is what Father Z hammers home every week – “Go to Confession.” I have been given to understand that it is so critical to remain in a state of grace during these times.

            Once you acknowledge you have a problem with pride, you have begun to weaken its hold. Per Evagrius:
            Humility is like a fiery whip against the demon of pride.
            Remember the Dust of which we are made, per Job,
            And, recall when you needed someone to help you.

            The Demon of pride still bothers me. He often associates wiht the Demon of Vainglory. Boy, the thoughts they can put into our heads! Sometimes,Doug, when I sit back and think, the temptations in of themselves are truly ridiculous/stupid and what fools/suckers I/we must be to fall for them! That, too, is a dose of humility!

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            1. Reconciliatio/ Confession is spot on. For me, each day, I strive (and encourage all) to obtain a Plenary Indulgence for ourselves or a Holy Soul in Purgatory.

              Confession is to Mercy as an Indulgence is to God’s Justice.

              As my Pastor repeatedly points out, not every one is saved. Those who are saved and have not worked on their remmittance to God for their sins need our help and support.

              Catholic Study Bible

              Matthew 11:28-30

              28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

              29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

              30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

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        3. Jim, You wrote Charlie answered you “Gandalf style”. And that made me think (off topic again).

          To the ASOH squirrels, Charlie is like Gandalf the White in many ways.
          He has the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and counsel.
          He is dear friends with The Beautiful Lady who is always with him.
          He has been tested by sufferings to prepare for the battle ahead.
          He stays faithful and true to the ✝️ Good Path
          while guiding us along on our difficult journey.

          AND….as in the Lord of the Rings movie,
          Charlie was whisked through space and time
          and saw the miracles of our universe. That’s a neat parallel! 🙂

          “Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time,
          and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell.”

          “Naked I was sent back – for a brief time, until my task is done. And naked I lay upon the mountain-top. I was alone, forgotten, without escape upon the hard horn of the world. There I lay staring upward, while the stars wheeled over, and each day was as long as a life-age of the earth. Faint to my ears came the gathered rumour of all lands: the springing and the dying, the song and the weeping, and the slow everlasting groan of overburdened snow.”

          — The Two Towers, ch 5: The White Rider.

          Not to be melodramatic, just making a comparison with Tolkien’s iconic character. As far as we know, Charlie’s never smote a Balrog. Nor was he sent back to us naked. 😀

          (Sorry for being goofy….I’m giddy because I finally graduated! Woo hoo!)

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            1. Thanks, Steve bud!

              I’m so grateful for all the support over the past 4 years from you wonderful folks, starting with all the Next Right Step Squirrels. 🐿

              God bless each and every one of you for your prayers and love! ❤️

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          1. Way to hang in there for the degree, PD!

            Off topic-“…and the slow everlasting groan of overburdened snow.”…I’m guessing Tolkien was visiting Montreal when he was inspired to write thar line.

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          2. Glad you picked up on the Gandalf theme, Patrick . I remembered somebody bringing it up on the old site.

            I think we have to keep in mind that we are going to have to work with former enemies, but it is not a lack of trust in God’s power to say I am cynical about it.
            Many of these people have caused enormous harm. I remember on the old site Charlie having an article telling us to be prudentially charitable in dealing with them until the dust settled.

            Forgiveness will have to be extended as our heavenly Father does to us, but Charlie, if I recall correctly, said in 2016 to not allow them back in power, or otherwise we would return to our contemporary problems sooner and then the end would come. Charlie, you may want to address this again, as I probably garbled it.

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            1. Well said, James. Our faith calls us to forgive… even as people are held to account as we judge righteous judgement…

              From the piece, The Big Picture, posted at ASOH:
              First, we need to banish the myth of the milquetoast Christ. Jesus was not always gentle and sweet – and He most emphatically did NOT approve of everyone as they are. He was quite frequently harsh and condemning to those who, out of lust for power or self-congratulatory self-righteousness oppressed the faithful and the little ones. Read the Gospels. Many have abused the universality of Christianity – that no ethnic, racial, national or other external characteristics would be a bar to full Christianity to mean that even avowed enemies of the faith must be enabled in their assaults on the faith and the faithful. The blood of Christ has not gone anemic. He defended His own against such assaults – and we are to do the same.

              Even so, victory is not in our hands. Victory is in the hands of God and not dependent on our calculations. We are all called to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. When we take that next right step, we become like one of Gideon’s 300 chosen men (Judges 7), invulnerable against even a multitude. But God’s primary intention is the rescue of the souls of as many of His children as can be rescued. We will all be held to account for every depredation against the faithful that we could have stopped, but did not out of timidity. We will also be held to account for every soul we could have effectively evangelized, but did not out of anger. It is an impossible task that we will often fail in – but God’s grace will justify us so long as we keep our eyes on and our hearts in Him. We are called to be just, to judge righteous judgment with both charity and resolve.

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          3. Congratulations, Patrick! I’ve read your comments for some years now and have watched what you’ve gone through to get where you are. Very inspiring. Well done!! God bless you.

            Liked by 3 people

    2. Of course, Charlie will respond and, as ever, he will be inspiring and heartening. I simply say that I see, around me, around the country and the world, what you see, James. Humanly speaking, what is before us is impossible, yet, I recall that God has a Plan and, again and again, throughout salvation history, He used one, a few people and more to accomplish His Plan in previous times of critical juncture . Immediately comes to mind all the miraculous births… Sarah, Elizabeth, the Virgin Mary… Moses with the Ten Plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and Moses’ intercessory ways… Gideon’s 300 chosen men… and so so so much more. Too, I recall that at one point Charlie had conveyed that should the government in this country totally crumble, God may well have another way for us. Still, we know, for now, we must be resolved to give all we’ve got to preserve the goodness in our governmental system… IF that IS what God wants… and, it seems to me, until He directs someone in a different, pleasing to Him fashion, we press on with ever acknowledging Him that His Holy Spirit may enlighten us in all our ways.

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      1. Yup James. It’s hard to see when it is dark outside, but morning will come. I endeaver to hold true that the right saint will come at the right time and God will restore all things. I am convinced. I just hope I don’t buckle under what will come first during the darkness.

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  25. “We are on the path to peace.”

    Many modern mariners also call upon Our Lady, Star of the Sea.

    “Historian James Hennessey calls the Second World War a “rite of passage” for U.S. Catholics, suggesting that participation in the conflict gave them more of a stake in American culture than they had previously. Patriotism was strong, church leaders supplied much encouragement to its members. Archbishop Edward Mooney of Detroit wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in 1941 promising that “with a patriotism that is guided and sustained by the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity,” the bishops would “marshall the spiritual forces at our command to render secure our God-given blessings of freedom.” Archbishop Francis Spellman of New York told troops that “in serving your country in a just cause, you are also serving God.”

    “Catholics contributed mightily to the war. Estimates are that Catholics comprised 25% to 35% of the armed forces. Three-thousand and thirty-six chaplains served in the armed forces as well. In 1940 the U.S Catholic bishops formed the War Relief and Emergency Committee, and in 1942, War Relief Services of the National Catholic Welfare Conference was established to care for refugees, displaced persons, those impoverished by the war, merchant seamen, and Axis prisoners of war. This organization later became Catholic Relief Services, which still exists for many of the same purposes today.”

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  26. Just wanted to pop in and say thank you to all of you who prayed for the repose of my mother’s soul and for my healing. That meant so much to me. I’ve continued to read Charlie’s posts and the comments here, which are all so insightful and encouraging. God bless you all. Although the trials I’ve experienced recently were difficult, there were many graces! Some masks came off too, fortunately or unfortunately. But, I will share one thing with you that struck me about the timing of my mother’s passing and Charlie’s latest article. Mom had dementia for years. About 3-4 years ago, I prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for the intention that God take my mother before the Storm became too violent, that she be safe in His arms, and forgot about it. Mom could have gone on for, maybe, several more years in her state, but an accident in the nursing home caused her to have a severely broken neck that led to four days of Hospice before she passed. I immediately remembered the miraculous trust prayer I had prayed. And, I even made some comments to a few family members to watch for things to get much worse soon. There were some joyful days for Mom just a couple weeks before she passed and I had a very sacred time with her two days before she died with kind Hospice volunteers and minister praying over her, two priests praying over her, and I was there when she was given the Anointing of the Sick. Had alone time to tell her what I needed and wanted to say to her, and prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. That helped me so very much as I could not attend her funeral. Back to the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. I also gave the prayer to two people for their job situations. They were both answered in big ways, but one is now unhappy again. I believe this is a very powerful prayer. Thank you, Charlie, for giving this to us.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Thank you, Charlie for this! How are you feeling? Continued prayers and many thanks. Beckita and everyone here- thank you too. These are tough times most definitely. Glad to know that He is there every step of the way, even during my many missteps.

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    2. Audiemarie, God bless you! I can sooo identify with some things you relate. My Mom died about a yr and a half ago, and was in a care facility for a little less than 3 yrs. But here’s the miracle. I was making a trip across country as I had to do every time I went to see her, determined to get her into a facility as the dementia escalated. You will all know what a battle it is to get parents out of their home, bless them. My mother was furious if I brought it up. I begged St. Joseph to obtain a miracle. As I arrived back east, poor Mom fell at home and broke her hip. Because of all the legal documents I had, I could now authorize her to go to a wonderful place, after surgery and rehab. The amazing thing is that the night she fell, at the same time, I felt something cold (evil) I realized later that the evil one thought he was causing problems with the fall,, but it was the only way I could have gotten my mother out of her house without force and a horrible scene. Thus a true miracle and answered prayer as in Romans 8:28.

      I understand perfectly what you mean about the Lord bringing good out of evil and sparing our Moms from the worst of the Storm!

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  27. Whew….almost head on collision for me…two lane road at 5 pm n oncoming suv comes right at me…darn cell phones…thank ypu God that was so close😲be careful out there ya’ll

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  28. I’m very sorry about your Mom’s passing, audiemarie! I am so glad you had that special time with her and she was blessed to receive Anointing of the Sick from a priest. May she Rest In Peace! And now you are at peace that your prayer for her was answered!

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  29. When I woke up this morning, I Immediately thought of a number of sins that I have never confessed! It was like a light shining on them and it scared me to the bone! I hadn’t even thought of them in years, just evidently swept them under the rug. Now I pray that I can get through my cancer treatments and see a Confessor and confess these sins before I leave this world. Good Lord, thank you for opening my eyes to things I have totally put out of my mind. I have only 3 chemo treatments left but have been so ill this week, that my doctor has delayed the next one to give me a week to recuperate. Hope that helps. Praying for everybody here, my friends. Thank you for your post Charlie. Always so meaningful for me to read your words. Praying for great faith for all of us to rise up and do God’s will.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Diane, If you don’t live too far out, consider contacting your parish priest for a visit to bring you anointing of the sick, hearing your confession and maybe even communion; (and if you’re able, a small donation for his gas, etc.) His email should be on the bulletin/parish website. Praying for Saint Peregrine to intercede for your healing.

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      1. Great idea, Maggie. Please remember, Diane, your expression of contrition already brings you Christ’s forgiveness to you, for it is the initial step in the process of confession. He knows our hearts. Be at peace. Our Redeemer awaits you with open arms in the sacrament of His Mercy

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  30. As usual Charlie your post shows a lot of common sense. It is right on. I would like to add that the majority has de facto stopped acknowledging God. We can tell because it is now perfectly lawful to do many things which were considered evil or sinful just a few years ago. And many things considered good just a few years ago are considered irrelevant or even wrong. One example is accepting the gender that one was born with as coming from the hands of the Creator.

    Well after Adam and Eve turned from God, the next event was God’s edict “In the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread.”(Gen 17:19) In other words God said from now on you will have to work to eat. Well guess what? Having turned from God, the next wrong step is the feeling that somehow the things that maintain human life should be gotten free-without working. Socialism. Having rejected God(except maybe as an impersonal “force” as in the insanely popular, futuristic “Star Wars” movie series. After all, conveniently a “force” can’t command anything. The future is now) the next wrong step is to repeal God’s edict of working or making ends meet. Socialism seems just plain crazy in the light of the Venezuela fiasco except when you consider it is the next step after the rejection of God. Venezuela was one of the least religious or God-fearing nations in Latin America. Now that is changing.
    Let us pray that America will turn from the road she is traveling. Heart of Jesus burning with love for us,
    set our hearts on fire for love of You.

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  31. The Evil Genie has escaped de Bottle and Cassandra her Box. Anyone who harbors the concept that it can’t happen here in our USA had better Wake-Up!! …. and review, just, fairly recent history! About this time 80 years ago in Europe, people were convincing themselves, those that were even aware of current events, that “It Can’t Happen Here” … then along came Red Russia, East Europe, China, Korea, Cuba/SA, Cambodia, Uganda, Middle East, …. MILLIONS horribly dead……. and then there is Our Church and Old Christendom 😦 …… and our USA ….. dissolving ;-(… and BoobLand USA “Unaware” whilst “At the Mall or glued to some Made in China device.
    I just finished a book on The Swamp Fox (Gen Francis Marion). South Carolina during the British Southern Campaign, 1780 -1782, was a very unpleasant place with Bro vs Bro and Neighbor vs Neighbor with extreme violence and unpleasantness just as the Border States were durnig the Civil War. One can easily point out current unpleasantness in our USA that, sadly, reflects The Past.
    The below are some of Today’s Headlines. Get Ready!!

    Jesus, I Trust in You!


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    1. Crewdog, everytime I see your openings to your comments next to your avatar, I chuckle a little as I can hear Tas doing his funny sounds and spinning! Ha!

      Now, once I read your posts, the chuckle fads quick with their seriousness…. and than you for sharing what you do! I always read them!

      Just thought I’d share my little chuckle moment every time I see your avatar!

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  32. Hi to all. I have not been getting Charlie’s posts lately. My sister sent the link to me to day of Charlie’s aug 5th post. I hope that this response will put me back on list to receive emails of new postings. I was receiving them for years and this is not the time to get disconnected. I, like many believe we are entering the time of great reconning. Let us continue praying for Gods Mercy on our country and keep encouraging one another. Our Lady of Tepeyak, pray for us.

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    1. Hmmm, hopefully the link emails resume with Mick’s suggested link below… I don’t doubt some evil influence involved in blocking the emails though…. I noticed lately that my email provider just recently took it upon themselves to mark my USCCB Daily Readings email as SPAM! I don’t believe in coincidence, so my thoughts turn to foul play….

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  33. When history is written for future generations will it be said of August 2019 that the civil WarII/Revolutionary War II began?

    The shot heard around the world?

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    1. Little One, I think this civil war has been being waged for a looooong time now. Look at the nasty deeds of the activist judges which have torn the fabric of our culture by negating our Judeo-Christian values in an attempt to impose on us such unGodly ugliness as abortion and so called same sex marriage. Recently, Tucker Carlson has been covering examples of how it is now whipping up to highest ever fever pitch. Here, you can find segments from last night’s coverage. Surely there will be huge events which will be remembered as remarkably notable, but man, it’s already been a long, grinding civil war fought on cultural lines. Come, O Lord, inspire us to do whatever You wish us to do to set all the captives free!

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      1. Bekita and LittleOneInPA: The possible “shots” you discuss are like the rocks in Charlie’s landslide analogy: any one could be THE one. Mark Docherty has a repost from August of 2017 regarding the trajectory that we are on in large part due to what has occurred “in a post-Christian society…[with] a learned disregard for the human person, through a steady diet of fornication, contraception, abortion and pornography….Having been thus conditioned, now [the indoctrinated] finally have something they can feel part of, and they’ve emerged from their parents’ basements to wage war against sanity.”

        Like Crew Dog pointed out yesterday, “de Evil Genie has escaped de Bottle”. The influence of the Magma-like demons is visible but amazingly eyes and ears remain blinded and stopped by “the learned disregard for the human person, through a steady diet of fornication, contraception, abortion, and pornography.” Perhaps like Charlie suggests in his reply to James, the good will come out of the woodwork and out of their stupor once the flames and carnage of purification have settled.

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        1. When I think of praying for those who are lost, III, I think of St. Therese’s daring teaching on purgatory and the woman with the hemorrhage who made her way through the incredible crowd and was grateful to touch even the hem of Christ’s garment. Realizing that only a free will choice to repent and return to the Lord will save any of us and realizing that the more hardened we are in our sins, the more difficult that choice is to make, I am undaunted in praying, fasting and sacrificing for souls – even the hardest of heart – so that hope and love fuel an unshakeable faith that many will, indeed, turn back to the Lord. May it be, O Lord.

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          1. Thank you, Bekita. One such hopeful historical precedent is the moment-of-death conversion of Bl Augustine Marie’s mother. As you are likely aware, the Cure of Ars was involved in bringing the message of her conversion to her faithful son. It is an inspiring story indeed. Perhaps this video has already made the rounds here. It may be worth a repeat:

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  34. How close are we to the bloodshed? I’ve been wondering that for some time, and with Charlie’s post here preparing us, we know it’s sooner rather than later. I don’t watch the news, read little of the paper, don’t keep up with politics, and just mind my own vineyard, but I wanted to share something striking about how close we are because even that has been infected.

    I am a knitter. You might have heard the news about how the yarn art site Ravelry kicked out all Trump supporters. Things have been insane in this crafty part of the world, and now it’s gotten violent. SJW knitters have doxxed conservative knitting website, pattern, and store owners, putting them out of business, destroying their livelihood, and ruining their lives. And they are turning on their own.

    In 2004 there was a knitting book published that brought back the lost art of knitting, and from there yarn arts exploded. For a while, it was this quaint corner of the world where your political affiliation didn’t matter, we just sat and knit and made friends. Now, that is impossible. Now you dare not breathe a word online because if you say anything that is perceived as wrong to them, you will be attacked. This is not only the knitting world, this is the wool spinning world, the wool buying world–it’s a rapid infection.

    Recently a gay, male pattern designer and knitter wrote a sweet poem to the knitting community in an effort to get them to calm down. To stop ruining each other’s lives, to stop destroying stores and livelihoods, to stop attacking each other. Well, an angry woman went to his book signing and started to attack him, then went online to tell everyone how brave she was and was praised for doing so.

    Again, this is not a political rally. This is not an Antifa protest, or a college. These are KNITTERS.

    What if it doesn’t start really big–but small? Where they can and have been destroying successfully with ZERO oversight because who cares about knitters? Who cares that knitters are getting beaten up?

    (With China now refusing to buy any agriculture from the US, and the pressure put on our frail food system, I wonder if this will spread to gardeners?)

    Also something I’ve noted–in a chess like fashion, God has been moving all the members of my family home.

    Prayers for the TNRS family!

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    1. Amazing, Briana. Thanks for sharing your experiences and observations, reflective of what continues to intensify. I think there will be some big, standout and memorable events to come but I’ve been convinced for a long while it had already started some years ago, as you note, in small ways. And it has done nothing but snowball. Many a sound cultural, historical writer has been pointing this out since the last presidential election. People such as Charlie Johnston, Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager, Tucker Carlson and more.

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    2. Briana, Thanks for your thoughtful observations. In my old age now, I’ve come to think that every single thought and action may count (kind of a scary idea). A grain of sand on an unstable mound will trigger an avalanche. Our society now resembles such an unstable mound– actually our landscape is populated with many such mounds, such as the false issues the Democrat presidential candidates shout at a dishonest media that amplifies and agitates incivility and outright assault and battery on Pres Trump and his supporters. Charlie’s observations are prophetic.

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    3. Briana, I think you are making some excellent points. When I hear about this kind of thing, I try to let go of the present and its upset and focus instead on the new world to come. That world “out there in the future” is created in small locations and small online communities right now. How else would that world become our present reality? We build that world brick by brick now. Perhaps there are people out there in the knitting community who are starting to build that new kind of network. Find that and focus on building that community instead of on the attackers that upset you. Then when many of those now attacking get red-pilled and are looking for the kind of community you are helping to build, your community will welcome them. And then the new world *is*.

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  35. Linda, you can get the medal and the cross (and the purple scapular) from the good people at this website:

    I’ve spoken with them several times over the years, and they’re traditional Catholics in union with Rome (at least, that was their status the last time I spoke with them. I hope that the Francis papacy hasn’t caused them to bail out of the barque of Peter). Anyhow, the one caveat is that they carry I book that I would suggest avoiding. It’s called “Marie-Julie Jahenny the Breton Stigmatist.” I bought this book about 20 years ago and find it very problematic. First off, it was written by a sedevacantist who seems to have an ax to grind. Secondly, some of the translations of Marie-Julie’s prophecies do not appear to be accurate. Thirdly, the author often editorializes in a way that does not seem warranted based on what Marie-Julie actually said.

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    1. Rod Dreher wrote about this perversion this week as well. I think this sick ugliness is part of the evil one’s last hurrah. Most of the disorders that are perpetuated on a large scale are beyond our ability to directly impact them. However, living the faith with constancy, speaking truth in and out of season and sacrificial loving – right where we are – will ripple throughout the world and have a huge impact on routing evil.

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  36. For those interested: The Guadalupe Shrine (in WI), and Cardinal Burke Will Be Featured on The Story with Martha MacCallum (FoxNews) tonight – Thursday, August 8, at 6:00 p.m. CST
    “His Eminence discussed growing up in the La Crosse area, why he chose Our Lady of Guadalupe as the Patroness of the Shrine, the state of the Church, the importance of prayer, and what he hopes the Shrine will provide to the pilgrims who make their way to its doors.”

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    1. Maggie, do you live near the shrine in LaCrosse? I’m not very close, but a few friends and I try to get there at least once a year. It’s so beautiful and serene.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. In a neighboring state, but would love to travel there during autumn’s peak. We have made a pilgrimage though to Mexico City’s Guadalupe shrine years ago, which was beautiful and inspiring. One of our tour guides said, “Yes, we have poverty and big families, but every baby usually comes with a blessing and a sandwich.”

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  37. It was good to read the following in the latest issue of “The Spirit of Medjugorje” magazine (”:

    Terri Enright Smith of the MIR group reported in the June/July 2019 issue of “The Medjugorje Star” that on her recent pilgrimage, visionary Mirjana shared that two emissaries from the Pope recently visited her. They came to apologize for the Pope’s remarks on the plane in May of 2017 when he mocked Medjugorje and alluded to Our Lady as a postal director. The emissaries said the Pope had been given misinformation on the apparitions.”

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    1. CD, add this to the small victories category from Fr. Dwight (you gotta love Fr. Dwight):

      Count the good guys in this case as a bunch of real men who HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE with company execs/madison ave. bullying of decent consumers by preaching their dystopian nonsense. I say just stay focused on making a good, useful product and let the free market decide. In this case, the free market said here’s what I think about your ridiculous ad campaign to the tune of a $5,000,000,000 loss.

      For the record, I ditched high-priced razors a long time ago for Harry’s product line.

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      1. My older brother worked at Gillete when in college. He had an office in down town Boston in the Prudential center which was the 2nd highest building in the world at one time. I also have who was a good friend from college who graduated as a mechanical engineer and worked there. He designed the track II razor handle and give me a complimentary set. I used that razor untill it fell apart. Unfortunately, my friend committed suicide. My God give him pardon and may he rest in peace!

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  38. Beckita, priests are always saying masses for people, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have masses said for our priests? Considering things as they are and will be, they need help and grace as much as the rest of us. (pastors, confessors, friends who are priests, etc.)
    This came to mind when you mentioned that St. John Vianney spent long hours hearing confessions and that it will happen again. It seems as though they will be called to be the surgeons in the field hospital. They will need courage and strength.

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