Wisdom is its Own Justification


By Charlie Johnston

Over the last few weeks several people whose counsel I value deeply have pointed out to me that these last few months I have often revisited old prophecies – and all too often with an unsavory tone of self-justification. They are right.

When I made a couple of significant errors, I said that I would step back from public prophecy. I must keep my word.

When people privately ask me about any new visitations, I usually say that all that needs to be said about such things has already been said; that now we are in a time when we need to act to hone the habits of faith, mind and resolve to handle whatever happens rather than restlessly worrying about the details of what is going to happen. I sometimes get visibly annoyed when people try to find the “answer key” of inside information instead of simply surrendering to Christ, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around them. God forbid that I should be contributing to that sort of fruitless speculation.

That is not to say we don’t acknowledge and seek to grapple effectively with the realities around us, the rising storm that is taking the form of a civil war fought on cultural lines. Most of my life has been spent analyzing and prognosticating about social, political, cultural and religious matters – either for public figures or in print and broadcast media. But the great majority of that has been spent without reference to any mysticism.

All too often we seek to bolster the credibility of our own thoughts by attributing them to God. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not – but implicit in it is often an effort to evade our own full responsibility for what we say. Though it has not been my intent, I have sometimes been guilty of that.

Wisdom is its own justification. What we say here must and will rise or fall on its own merits. We will continue to discuss the signs of the times, extrapolate future consequences from the trajectory of current events and, most of all, work to develop the habits of faith, mind and action that will help us weather whatever may come, trusting firmly that, however things may seem, Christ is in full command of all storms.

You may, of course, reference approved prophecies from others, such as Fatima, Lourdes and even non-condemned prophecies such as the messages from Medjugorje. For me, I will stick to ordinary analysis from the perspective of what Christ calls us to from Scripture and the Magisterium – emphasizing how to lift each other up in tumultuous times.

Wisdom is its own justification.

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  1. I LOVE this focus: “We will continue to discuss the signs of the times, extrapolate future consequences from the trajectory of current events and, most of all, work to develop the habits of faith, mind and action that will help us weather whatever may come, trusting firmly that, however things may seem, Christ is in full command of all storms.”

    How we need to review and continue to develop “the habits of faith, mind and action that will help us weather whatever may come.”

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  2. It was in the back of my mind that you were kind of doing this, but I didn’t care! That being said, this is a very humble post and humility is incredibly attractive. God bless you, Charlie!

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    1. Thanks, HTTP. You know, sometimes – not always – when I first visit the site, my very first “like” takes three tries before it works and the succeeding “likes” apply like a breeze. Ah WordPress… go figure.

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  3. Charlie, I always got the most out of your life experience and how you can point out political details from an insiders perspective. I truly value the wisdom of your age and down to earth thinking. I can trust it because you are a Catholic Christian. We need more outgoing Christian men to be brave, speak up, and call a spade a spade. There is no more time for fear or despair, no more time for wishy-washy thinking. Tick tock….. We must chose this day who we will serve, get to confession, pray more and prepare our families, friends and neighbors if possible. People will know we belong to Jesus by our love, but it doesn’t mean we are door mats and won’t be prepared to protect our loved ones from the worst. St. Joan of Arc, pray for us and me.

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  4. Well for one of the shortest posts, this is pretty meaty, with lots to chew!
    I’m guilty of trying “to find the “answer key” of inside information instead of simply surrendering to Christ”, it’s probably what got me to this site originally. But it’s definitely not what’s kept me coming back. In fact here is where I’ve learned how fruitless it is to want to try make a plan based on a future you can’t know. It’s here that I’ve been learning “to hone the habits of faith, mind and resolve” with real honesty both in the posts and in the comments with a greater appreciation of the church and all that it gives us and greater trust in God.

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  5. Crisp, and to the point. We are each here responsible for our own journey, and need to do that fully accepting what happens, making the best of it for self and others, in complete acceptance of God’s purpose and will. Again to say, a crisp and refreshing note. Thank you Charlie..

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  6. Always a post or two behind because I like to seriously give a thread/theme its due. That said, I thought I’d jump in here as comment #2, right behind B, but no such luck.

    I’m absolutely, 100% convinced that God speaks to all of us, but acknowledge that the vast majority of us are poor listeners, hard of hearing, even deaf in some cases. Crunching along through the dust I sometimes come across other boot prints heading in the same general direction. It’s not important to me how fresh or how old the boot prints, just that some other fella/gal has preceded me. What’s just up ahead? Don’t know, but someone does, and there’s the boot prints that say so.

    Spiritually speaking, CJ, I sometimes come upon your distinct boot prints, and that’s enough for me. Light a fire and get some coffee going. I’ll be slogging along slow, but steady. Good news is I’m bringing the pie.

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            1. 🙂 Linda, thinking about this beautiful pie gives a tangible taste of that spiritual yearning called Hope!

              (Oops….I see you said Salivation, not Salvation! I thought you meant: “I just died and went to Heaven looking at that pie!” 😀)

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      1. My dad was a Key Lime guy, but he’s already gone up trail ahead of me AND you. Only fair to warn you that I leave the Pecan pie out on the counter for days, until it’s almost the consistency of a candy bar. Wrapped up in a ziplock bag and nestled next two my drinking water in my pack, it keeps wonderfully on the desert trail and will be a slice of Heaven.

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        1. Oh MP! A pecan pie would never last on our counter for even hours. What willpower you have. Curing a pecan pie. What a cool idea!

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        2. Pecan pie is MY favorite!
          Never much got into lemon flavored things (accept in my tea), not sure exactly why? I’ve got a sensitive palate (not so much now that I’m older) the citric acid may be the reason (I’m not a fan of oranges either) but you know how it is when something disagrees with you once, you get an aversion to it from then on!
          My brother-in-law grew key limes in his yard and being a shef, made darn sure to make authentic Key Lime pie! The key limes have a much softer flavor than regular lime/lemons and this made it a bit more pleasurable to eat, for me.

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          1. MP really does have the gift of descriptive language. He can capture the wild outdoors with words and bring the reader with him on his adventures. You can almost feel the gritty heat of the desert. If he sounds as rugged as he looks and did a podcast, he could be like a Western Ludlow Porch or Jean Shepherd. 🌵

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            1. Oh, that’s a nice way of saying “the gift of…’ gab. Guilty online, but I’m really very quiet, unless I’m gabbing to the critters and empty desert.

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        1. No, actually, I think tarte au citron is more like a lemon meringue pie (although the tarte is much more delicate with a richer, more distinct flavor).

          Key Lime pie is more like a pale lime, very smooth cheesecake – but not quite. I don’t know of anything else quite like it. It originated in the Florida Keys. An authentic Key Lime Pie uses canned milk and key limes – a variety from the keys that is actually a pale, yellowish green. If it is authentic, it would be yellow, but it is generally given a little green food color, as that is what is commonly expected.

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  7. Most of the time, Charlie, I’d say you’ve stuck to just giving your analysis of politics, the Church, and current events, which is always very timely and astute. I think that you reference past prophecies minimally and appropriately.

    The difficulty is, while your prophesies caught our attention because they described future world-changing events, they were also accompanied by your advice about how we can prepare spiritually for those days ahead. It’s hard to completely separate the prophesies from the counsel you give because the are closely related; and I personally don’t feel that you must be held to avoiding them entirely. Remember, neither were your prophesies condemned after rigorous archdiocesan scrutiny! Many of us here believe both your Divine prophesies and your continued counsel are precious, heavenly gifts for us….for the whole world, actually.

    (er, sorry…I didn’t mean a Gollum-type of “precious.” “Please, Mr. Gandalf, sir, don’t hurt me. Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural!” 🐓 )

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    1. Thanks, Patrick, but after the errors, the Archdiocese DID counsel me to take care not to be re-interpreting the errors. It is hard to re-visit them without doing so, so I think this is the best “next right step.”

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      1. Actually I’ve come to the point that I don’t even CARE what is coming next because I’m moving slower and getting more confused and just trying My very best at every moment to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope for those around me….I’m not kidding. .it is all my poor pea brain can handle…🤗😇😘

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          1. Mick. I don’t even have little kids at home..u must really be in the next right step mode 24/7…lol…I find the greatest consolations not having little ones around are the Mass, prayer, reconciliation for fuel and adoration time…God bless you, Mick…to see all those beautiful little people you care for so well must be like a little bit of heaven right where u are…🤗😇😘 Your kids are blessed to have you too😇

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            1. Thank you, Linda, for your kind words. I look forward to the time when I’ll be able to get to daily Mass and weekly Adoration, and when I can pray without outside interruptions. But right now, my next right step is to do the best I can in this “blessed chaos” which makes up my daily life–and enjoying the ride along the way. 🙂

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              1. I was there once too and believe me…when they’re all grown and God…that’s when ya need the Sacraments because ya miss the blessed chaos so bad🤗😇😘enjoy those angels Mick


                1. I know what you mean, Linda; I am SO not looking forward to being an empty-nester someday. Hopefully my kids will live close by so that I can see them and the grandkids. 🙂

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        1. Me too, Linda. Our family is so badly buffeted by the storm that it’s all I can do to just hang on…my prayer life often reduced to 8 words: “Hail Mary” and “Lord, make haste to help us”!

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          1. Lin-
            This morning I read Psalm 94. It is a great comfort in this time. These “times” sure have been around for a LLLOOONNNNGGGG time! How long ago were the Psalms written.
            Half of the time, I feel like I am on the verge of tears for this humanity. My heart aches for all of these poor souls. I have been reading about Marie Julie Jahenny. (Spelling?) Wow, what a soul!
            Prayed for Epstein last night at mass and will say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy today. Those who have sinned greatly and repent will have great mercy shown to them. I pray he asked for mercy in his dying moments. I am so comforted knowing that God has no time and our prayers prayed now can be used for souls who died in the past. It boggles the mind. Lord, have mercy.

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            1. Thank you, HTTP! I took a look at Psalm 94 on your suggestion. Favorite verses: 18-19 ” When I thought, ‘My foot slips,’ your mercy, O Lord, held me up. When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Thanks for sharing!

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  8. (We’ve been missing our friend Desmond due to some issues with WordPress that he’s working on. He asked me to leave his comment for Charlie’s piece.) (Correction: Obviously the comment is to Charlie… not to his article. Oh boy. I might need an early bedtime.)

    Well done.

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      1. The Conference went well. We had over two hundred and fifty people attend. It is such a blessing to be with people sharing their hearts with one another. Even when things may seem to not go as planned, they are going as God planned. It is amazing to watch our good Lord at work in the lives of people. God is good, all the time.🙂

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    1. Prayers for much freedom for you, Sheralyn, and all who attend. I love Unbound and have been involved here in Ireland the last couple of years.

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      1. I love pecan pie! I’m so glad you and Mike were able to attend. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit with you. It was quite the busy weekend. I just got home from a day for individual Unbound Prayer, ready to relax.🙂

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  9. Charlie My earliest comment regarding my valuing of your inputs was the greatness and accuracy of your political and spiritual evaluations. There were already many prophesies about future events to draw on. I had been lead early on to see prophesy in general terms and the pointing toward direction. In looking at the history of prophesies both scriptural and through private revelation, it was clear to me that interpretation was the most important factor since too often things did not turn out as one might expect and I alluded to the fact that God seems to delight in challenging us mere humans with mystery. He wants us to TRUST in Him and to follow in the direction He indicates without being too focused on needing to know the details of what and when. We are given enough information to be prepared in general both physically and spiritually to in your words to acknowledge who God really is in totality and to take the next best step and be a sign of hope to those around us. As I have said before, we can only deal directly with and respond to the imminent and the now in our final movements. Your insights as to the meaning of what is really going on and where it is leading to are invaluable and give us all comfort and assurances that God is in charge and we are to focus on what God is calling each of us to do to help advance the process of the Rescue that we are going through even now. May God continue to inspire us all, to guide and protect us, to bless all here. jas

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  10. Mike and I are going through a major work based storm…all is being revealed..lol…last night we couldn’t sleep and together we meditated on this quote you taught us, Charlie:

    Lord, lead us in a straight path. Lead us not to the left out of anger nor to the right out of fear, but lead us in a plain path, Oh Lord!

    How comforing that quote is in this storm.

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  11. I actually like re -reading your older posts, Charlie. They are timeless to this minor chastisement ….many I have printed out and most are downloaded on my here smart phone somewhere…bottom line always, Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope for those around you 😃

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    1. Wow. Not surprised either, Christopher. Praying for two things now: 1. For the repose of the soul of this poor, poor man. Yes, he chose to do massive, depraved and horrific evil, still, we are ever called to forgive. It is the oft repeated dictum in the Gospel and in the Our Father which we daily pray. 2. That God, in ways only He can develop, will reveal whatever HE deems necessary through whatever means He decides are best.

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      1. Thank you so much, Beckita! Yes please Lord have mercy on His soul. It is so human to think he deserves eternal punishment but praying that he made it to purgatory through a miracle of mercy. . Begging God for mercy and that Jesus be glorified by His immense mercy for the worst sins and sinners. Hoping he said yes to one of Jesus’ three requests for mercy.

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      2. One news commentator described Epstein as possibly, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”; and then his guest, a retired law enforcement officer, suggested that perhaps he was actually “The Man Who Knew Too Many”–ie, his death may have been related to his knowledge of so many others involved in the trafficking to various degrees. So I am praying for all those who fear having their identities exposed in connection with Epstein’s activities, that this will be their moment of Illumination, and for God’s heavy hand of conviction to fall upon them, giving them NO PEACE until they reach out to Him in Repentance.

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      1. But take heart, Judith. The FBI is opening an investigation. I’m sure they will get to the bottom of this in no time because as we know, they would never think of protecting the Klinton Krime Family.

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    2. Where do people who have no faith have to go when their whole world proves to be totally false and everything crumbles under their feet but to go to join the real basis of their dedication, a sad thing that we grieve. May God have mercy on Jeffery Epstein’s soul. “Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the powers of hell and let all souls enter heaven especially those in most need of your mercy.”

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      1. I offered the following prayers for Jeffrey Epstein:
        -Chaplet of Divine Mercy
        -A Plenary Indulgence after praying the Stations of the cross and
        -just prior to receiving the Most Holy Blood, I said to myself for Jeffrey Epatein.

        Let’s pray he asked for God’s mercy.

        I felt guilty offering the above prayers for a guy whose life supposedly harmed children and young adults. Yet, I am counting on God’s mercy and hoping he asked. If he did, it is breathtaking to participate in his souls salvation. If these prayers were directed to him (they all go through Mother Mary) it is awe inspiring (knowing) he is in Heaven.

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        1. If he has refused God’s Mercy – and I pray that he didn’t – all your prayers are not wasted, for they are in the Treasury of Grace ready for distribution where needed and wanted.

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  12. Eucharistic Miracle in Paraguay yesterday Aug. 8th! Interesting it came just days after horrific announcement that “many” do not believe in the real presence of God. God is very patient with us. Go to Spirit Daily for more info.
    Thank you Jesus. All for the Glory of God.

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  13. A little epilogue to my earlier gabbing… uh, thoughts.

    Had to seriously trim up a large, towering Palo Verde up on the hill this morning. I waited ’til today so it could have one more glorious golden bloom this season. And what a bloom it was!

    Funny thing happened along the way. One, then two, then many more sparrows came to sit in that tree as I was working. Struck me that they probably knew that tree… appreciated it in so far as little sparrows may appreciate something. Oh, they calmly chirped away the entire time. Didn’t strike me as mad or sad chirping, so much as a little conversation amongst themselves… maybe sharing certain remembrances of what that last glorious bloom meant to them. Who knows what, but I’ve never experienced the like. For a moment there, thought a little fella was even going to sit on my shoulder. That’s how calm they were; how special it was.

    As the last large shoot gave way to the chainsaw (I did leave the main trunk and some core branches), a hummingbird lit on the top most branch. Then two more joined her.

    Made me think of CJ and ASOH… trees and sparrows, and how prolific these things despite some seasonal pruning.

    BTW, that beautiful tree wouldn’t have made it through the next monsoon without some strategic trimming.

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    1. Not to burst your existential bubble former Michael Patrick but the sparrows were attracted to the imperceptibly small arthropods you were kicking up by your activity. Here in Florida and around farm fields many different types of birds gather during discing, burning or harvesting periods because of this. In South Florida they burn the cane fields before they harvest and this drives out a host of critters in droves. This is when the locals, cane poles at the ready, wait by the side of the road to harvest a key ingredient in hausefeffer….rabbits!

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      1. Oh, no worries, PF. It’s a perfectly valid take on the habits of sparrows. Shoot, I’ve pruned and trimmed more trees over the years than I can count, with ample opportunities to observe the habits of birds during the work. They can indeed be enthusiastic, voracious little eaters.

        On occasion, Charlie has referenced being caught up the in the whirlwind, wherein he had the opportunity to see creation in a new light. I’ll admit that I would have been delighted if he had put that experience into words in great detail, but understand his reluctance –– maybe better to say inability –– to do so. It truly sounds to me like a secret encounter… maybe something that could only be expressed in secret words.

        What I do appreciate is him even mentioning it at all. An invitation, of sorts, to ponder and endeavor to ‘see’ these things in a better light.

        Took my tired old bones and muscles out there this morning to finish the job early. As can be expected, the birds were waiting. Sat on a rock for a bit before getting started, due to said old body and summer heat already firing up for the day. Even thought, briefly, about what a buzzkill fatigue is, until I noticed the smallest of hummingbirds light on a twig just two feet from my face. Who knows, maybe it was attracted to the sweet cigar smoke, but I smiled nonetheless, truly grateful for secret places and Our God who is not stingy in the least.

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        1. When a particularly intense and memorable mystical experience is had, there simply are no words which can convey all that happened and, often, as the receiver contemplates its meaning, new understandings and insights come years later as the graces continue to unfold from such as this. So agree with you, MP, that the salient message in CJ sharing the whirlwind experience and in his hundreds of exhortations over these years is to enter the Sacred Silence and contemplate God and what He is doing and saying in our own lives and in the world around us.

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          1. Oh, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Perhaps I do share too much and will be the first to acknowledge that my thoughts are of little to no consequence. That said, I find that making those into something insipid is much more wearying than old bones, tired muscles and desert heat, as I’m sure Charlie knows. Not that I ever compare myself to Charlie or anyone else for that matter.

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            1. In my opinion, you don’t share too much at all, MP. Blessed are your offerings and, therefore, blessed are we by you. So great to be walking shoulder to shoulder up the mountain of holiness with all our brothers and sisters here… while making our way, in solidarity, through these trying times.

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      1. No man should snuff his inner being. Even a fallen soul has value to someone (even the pagans do this. (Matt 5:47). It is important to remember that you are either for Him or against Him (Matt 12:30). There is no neutrality in our words, works, etc.
        If you possess virtue, all your actions become a prayer/good works as an instrument of God. It can be no other way.
        It should be a joy to know this. How happy must the sand have been when Jesus, it’s master and creator, trod upon it or when He used it to write the sins of those who would stone the woman caught in adultery. How was the joy of the water that baptised Him or held Him up as he walked upon the sea? When the stones would cry out His name if we would not, or split upon His death or roll away at his command, were they not embodying something emotionally wonderful?
        We, being “wonderfully made”, share in the good fortune of the created. But unlike it, we can sin. So our nature was made to praise God. Our will is to act with it (nature) for or against Him but the nature itself is sinless just our impetus is what may fall.
        “Lord, cast your yolk upon me for this dust is slow and want to do Your will.” Amen.

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  14. Charlie, I’m new to your postings and find we all need to stick together in times such as these. You are an instrument of hope that this too shall pass in due time; we can’t dispair as the devil would like.

    I started being active in the 2008 election and even though “Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing” had been going on for some time, it became more apparent then because of Obama. Today a 98 year old woman I took Communion to said she wanted to share with others the Dvd from EWTN; I promised her I would give it to someone needing to see it. I keep others informed and we will continue to be active, not passive! Thank s to all here!

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  15. Blessings to all ~ I have been quiet, but have been present and have been praying for us all daily.
    Next week we drive to Colorado (instead of flying! Thanks be to God!) and will arrive in Grand Junction on Friday. Our destination is Lakewood for the arrival of a new grandson. THANKS BE TO GOD! I sincerely appreciate the prayers of this group. Thank-you for praying always.
    Charley, we have a deep appreciation of your political analysis so please do continue. Thank-you so much.
    Beckitia, I greatly appreciate your comments and your prayers! Thank-you!

    and God bless us, every one 🌹 ✝🙏🏼
    katey in Oregon

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    1. Great to hear from you, Katey. Travel mercies be yours with God’s Blessings on your time with family. A new grandson is coming! Congratulations to all. Thank you so much for your prayers for us all.

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  16. Thank you, Charlie! Will write more later. With much gratitude for you bring a true spiritual father to us all- really protecting us and being a servant to us all.

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  17. Well Charlie,

    I sure do appreciate your wisdom. It really helps me to understand the happenings of this Storm.

    What is scary, and I don’t understand the implications at all, is your true comment about suburban women who are persistent in the left ideologies.

    I am living in this environment and I feel like I am a minority. I truly think that some are compassionate and caring people but have such strong conviction and are mis-directed

    As you say we will all have to make a choice. I pray we all choose God and His will.

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  18. I just saw the report by Judicial Watch about ballot harvesting in Cal. [HOW HORRIBLE for 20 years] San Diego might have 1 million non citizens voting, 1 half million in Kentucky, Texas is now recounting and it will be a lot, Maryland has a lot. What a great service they are doing making sure the exposure will come about. The lawyer said Obama did everything to encourage non-citizens to vote.

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    1. Mary Anne, I didn’t see that and am horrified since I’m in So Cal. However, I guess I have to say that I’m not totally surprised. No wonder the politics of the area, and the whole state, have changed in 50 years! Many of the “good guys” have pointed this out for years (illegal aliens voting), but no one seems to be able to do a thing about it. What a subversion of our democracy, to violate such a privilege of ours. “Power corrupts…….” Of course Obama, the Alinskyite, would have done so. I know Lord, it’s in your hands.

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  19. I finished sending angels for Desmond this week and will send angels for Doug next week. As I said some weeks ago here, it is my intent to send angels for key players in this time of evolving Rescue and started with the obvious. Over the more than 25 years I have been doing this devotion, there has never been a lack of candidates but I hesitate to be presumptuous that the Holy Spirit will always inspire me. I freely admit that I don’t actually know who the key players are. I consider all here deserving of angels and some are in great need but to satisfy that need by me alone would take far beyond the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart to complete. I am open to suggestions from some here, especially those who know my e-mail address. These are indeed exciting times we are blessed to be living in. May God continue to bless and guide us, lead us to love, holiness, and TRUTH. In the Love of Christ, jas

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    1. JAS-Without knowing who you have sent angels to, it is difficult to help you.
      Have you sent them to all of the foreign leaders who play a huge role in determining how people live?
      School starts soon for me and can’t partake in daily mass so, it takes a long time to get a set a angels sent. This is such a needed ministry. Thank you for posting about this.

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      1. HTP It is too difficult to list all who have been sent angels. I appreciate your suggestion and I will keep it in mind. I already see candidates among your suggestion. May God continue to bless and guide us as we strive to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be prepared to be a sign of hope to those around us. In the love of Christ, jas

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  20. We still have “Fighters” on the Front Lines:



    I added to a list, from Free Republic Blog, of “Reasons” that future historians may speak to in a tome named: “The Rise and Fall of The American Republic”. I’m sure others here could add to the “List” ;-(
    * No God in School or the Public Square
    * No FATHERS in the home
    * The total devaluation of LIFE …. abortion & assisted suicide and especially that of young people in gang/crime/drug infested areas
    * “Mainstream & Social” Media dominated by Radical Left
    * Public “Education” System dominated by Radical Left
    * Love of God, Country and Tradition demonized by the above
    * Parents, teachers, cops and social workers hobbled by Liberal PC Laws, Policies & Mindset that thwart from getting people, especially young, the help they need
    * Political and Cultural Divide not seen since 1860 …. with a host of factors that might well create a greatly more horrific outcome

    I also fear that Civil War II will play out on Cultural and Racial lines!







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  21. “taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to others”, I wrote earlier about how I have called to have a “Need Prayer?” booth at farmers markets and events in our small community. So far have taken it out 5 times with varying levels of response from folks. Saturday went to a larger event in a small town in the next county over. Prayed for 6 specific requests with folks, ranging from health to faith to addictions to autism to birth defects to the future of USA. Was absolutely thrilled that three people specifically walked over to the booth and said they wanted prayer, haven’t had that happen before, usually I engage them in conversation and bring it up or offer prayer.

    The best part of the day: a young couple and their two little kids came up, we were visiting and I said “hey you’re in front of the prayer booth, want prayer for anything?” and they hemmed and hawed and he finally said “Health?” By then I knew they had a fencing business with employees, so started praying for their health, protection, prosperity, safety, etc then a huge wave of God’s love and pride and joy in them hit me (i could hardly stand up) so I told them how much God loved them, how proud He was of them, how they were such good parents, how He took such joy in them. It was awesome.

    Another gal wanted prayer for her adult daughter with alcoholism issues and two autistic kids. We wended up talked about generational curses and her family tree, she got all teared up because she is adopted and had been pondering doing the Ancestry.com tests to find her birth family. I explained spiritual warfare and how she could stand in the gap for the her family and pray to break off alcoholism and trauma from her family tree, even if she doesn’t know all the names, God does! She was pretty stoked when I explained how to put on the armor of God every day and be fully prayed up and confessed sins prior to entering big prayer work like that.

    I also had a couple visit with me for some time that were extremely impressed that I, as a Catholic, was bold and brave in my faith to be witnessing publicly and on my Facebook page. They just hadn’t experienced that with other Catholic friends. I told them how Jesus had called me personally 20 years ago and how shocked/impressed I had been that He knew me BY NAME, and that I’d been on-fire and Spirit-filled ever since.

    I always tell the folks I will continue to pray for them for at least a week. I also take these prayer requests to Mass with me for the next few weeks. Givin’ it all I’ve got!

    My non-believer husband noted that I when I come home from doing the prayer booth, I am super happy, so I should keep doing it!

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    1. Hopenjoy, If you wouldn’t mind, I thought you had said previously that you had partner prayer warriors who prayed for you and with you as you were praying at your booth–they are your support but from a distance. I would like to join them. Perhaps if I know when you will be praying, I could also be praying for you and with you (strength in numbers).
      I wish I could hear: “when I explained how to put on the armor of God every day and be fully prayed up and confessed sins prior to entering big prayer work like that.” I don’t know if I have been praying in intercession with all the best and right tools. Regardless, I admire you for manifesting God’s love to all who see you.

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      1. Joyfulhope20, thank you! I would sincerely appreciate that. Prayer cover is vitally important. Admin, any way you can share my email address with Joyfulhope20 so we can be in touch? I have a Facebook message group that I use to keep “my crew” up-to-date as well as sometimes emailing and/or texting folks. In terms of intercessory prayer “with all the best and right tools”, I have read numerous books both by Catholic and Protestant authors to get ideas/suggestions on how to approach intercessory prayer and prayer booths, and how to be protected spiritually. I always go to Confession prior to doing a prayer booth event, daily Mass prior if possible, and am fasting that morning. I’ve put on the Armor of God daily since being “born again” in my Catholic faith July 1999.

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        1. Hopenjoy, this was a generous offer from Joyfulhope. (Love how your screen names connect.) Please feel free, Hopenjoy, to alert us at the site, in a comment, when you’re headed out to do ministry and we can join in the prayer support for you. (Joyful, just say but the word and I’ll connect you and Hopenjoy via shared email addresses.)

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          1. Beckita, please do connect me with Hopenjoy. Unfortunately, I don’t have fb but I’m sure I can get around that. I just feel the need for a lot of prayer and that is what I can do. My consecration to the Immaculate Heart will be renewed on Aug. 22–the anniversary of my baptism.
            I am ready and resolute. Our Lady is my commander and I trust in her and her Divine Son.

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              1. Beckita, Thank you for connecting us. I see us as God’s bookends in many ways.
                As for my Consecration, thank you also. I don’t know if it’s just me, but God’s “timeline” seems to have sped up more in the last few months. This reminds me of Francis Thompson’s poem The Hound of Heaven:

                I fled Him down the nights and down the days
                I fled Him down the arches of the years
                I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways
                Of my own mind, and in the midst of tears….
                From those strong feet that followed, followed after
                But with unhurrying chase and unperturbed pace,
                Deliberate speed, majestic instancy,
                They beat, and a Voice beat,
                More instant than the feet:
                All things betray thee who betrayest me.

                Now there is no time to waste–literally. I have to turn around and let Him catch me!

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  22. Hello TNRS community in Wisconsin. My husband and I are travelling from the “belly of the beast” (SF) to WI on Sept. 3rd to Sept. 12th, visiting The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health in New Franken; St. Mary’s at Pine Bluff and the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse. Never been there before. We’ll also have 2 nights in Madison. Any tips?

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    1. Hi SanSan,

      I don’t know if I have any tips. I live in the Milwaukee area. But I have been to both shrines you mention and Fr. Heilmann’s parish of St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff. You are making quite a trip across WI. If you had more time, another shrine is Our Lady Help of Christians, more commonly known as Holy Hill (www.holyhill.com). It is closer to Milwaukee, but depending on your route between Our Lady of Good Help, which is near Green Bay, WI, to Madison, it wouldn’t be that far off (it is about 1 hour, 20 min) from Madison, itself. But if driving from the Green Bay Area, it could be a side trip.

      I would definitely plan to spend a full day at Our Lady Of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, it is so beautiful. I just love it there. I was there last year with friends. Our Lady Help of Christians is much smaller and I half a day is sufficient. I haven’t been there in a while, so who knows, there may be much more there now.

      I wish you a very blessed pilgrimage. Our Lady will surely be with you as you visit her special places in Wisconsin.

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    2. Hi Sansan! I was going to suggest that you should go to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin….but I think you’re already heading that way! It’s the only Marian apparition site approved in the U.S… Holy Hill in Hubertus, Wisconsin is another awesome place! Sounds like you’re going to have a great trip! Will pray for your safe travels!

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      1. thank you Diane. YES, I am so happy to be able to get to the National Shrine. We’ll have a couple of days there. God bless. and thank you!

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  23. Habits of Faith, Mind, Action, Resolve

    Today’s readings:

    Responsorial Psalm PS 33:1, 12, 18-19, 20-22

    R. (12b) Blessed the people the Lord has chosen to be his own.B

    Exult, you just, in the LORD;
    praise from the upright is fitting.
    Blessed the nation whose God is the LORD,
    the people he has chosen for his own inheritance.

    See, the eyes of the LORD are upon those who fear him,
    upon those who hope for his kindness,
    To deliver them from death
    and preserve them in spite of famine.

    Reading 2 HEB 11:1-2, 8-19

    Brothers and sisters:

    Faith is the realization of what is hoped for
    and evidence of things not seen.
    Because of it the ancients were well attested.

    By faith he sojourned in the promised land as in a foreign country,
    dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, heirs of the same promise;
    for he was looking forward to the city with foundations,
    whose architect and maker is God.

    All these died in faith.
    They did not receive what had been promised
    but saw it and greeted it from afar
    and acknowledged themselves to be strangers and aliens on earth,
    for those who speak thus show that they are seeking a homeland.

    Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God,
    for he has prepared a city for them.

    Gospel LK 12:32-48

    Jesus said to his disciples:
    “Do not be afraid any longer, little flock,
    for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom.

    “Gird your loins and light your lamps
    and be like servants who await their master’s return from a wedding,
    ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks.
    Blessed are those servants
    whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival.

    You also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect,
    the Son of Man will come.”

    Then Peter said,
    “Lord, is this parable meant for us or for everyone?”
    And the Lord replied,

    Blessed is that servant whom his master on arrival finds doing so.
    Truly, I say to you, the master will put the servant
    in charge of all his property.

    Today’s readings are all about Habits of Faith, Mind, Action and Resolve. That is to say it is a guidebook on how to live in an acceptable way. Living Righteously. Living Peace. “My Peace I give you my Peace I leave you.”

    Faith and Peace go together like love and marriage, horse and carriage, you can’t have one without the other.

    We find ourselves in the middle of a fierce, chaotic, swirling, dark and scary Storm in our day. Peace seems elusive. This is a rapid and radical change in state of mind and well being in a single generation. There is no Peace. No calmness, no humility, no confidence, no joy, no happiness. It has been replaced by a pervasive state of anxiety, fear, worry and growing incipient despair.

    Why is there no Peace in our hearts, families, communities and the Nation today?

    Faith is the key. Faith is eroding and fading. This new Pew Study is nothing short of horrifying:


    If this study is accurate that means about 15 million of a total of 21 million Catholics in America have no clue what the Church teaches. Appalling. Frightening.

    I have opined here that we are reverting to the Galilee of the Gentiles. People of Faith in the minority surrounded by unbelief, skepticism and opposition and spiritual darkness. Into which a Great Light appeared in the First Century.

    How do we increase Faith to increase Peace? Apparently, this is an increasingly urgent question for the Catholic Church.

    “Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival ….. Blessed is that servant whom his master on arrival finds doing so. …. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”

    Want Peace? Live Peace. Pursue Peace in your life. Start by pursuing Faith like it was the greatest treasure on Earth. That goes for you, me, our local communities and our Nation.

    Blessed the nation whose God is the LORD,

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  24. You have wise friends and you are humble enough to surrender. I’ve been feeling and saying and thinking the same for a number of months. I’ve even removed myself from fb. Not that others could convert but I’ve experienced that those who have will grow and those who haven’t will hear it from another source, I pray. Thank you for your blog.

    Lisa V-Sent from my iPhone “Let us be wary of the heresy of activism.” Cardinal Sarah


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    1. I’m still on FB however I unfriended everyone. I post public, and if anyone is curious as to my posts they can come look. Eliminates my posts or their’s from showing up on each others feed. This way I can still visit pages of interest.

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  25. The events of the “near future” are too much for us insignificant humans to deal with on our own, Christ’s worlds are the only hope of dealing with these events, as we don’t even know if we’ll survive these events big or small.

    All we know is there’s a storm of problems in the world, and these don’t show any signs of going away, but only signs of intensifying.

    I too have realized that our individual efforts (without God) are meaningless & worthless.

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  26. The whole purpose, meaning, & intent behind “Heaven’s prophecies & messages” is to declare how much we NEED God. If we think we can navigate life on our own (without God), we put ourselves in great danger & suffering here on earth & in the afterlife. We do not know when death will come for us like a thief in the night, as only God knows which hour in our lifetime we will die in.

    I like Charlie’s explanation of prophecies as signposts, the only wise & sensible things to do is to act on Christ’s words.

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  27. Voris is correct on this! Catholics/Protestants/Jews of FAITH must choose … Good or Evil ,,, the choice is starkly clear NOW. Spineless “Moderates” will get vomited out!
    Not News to anyone here but “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark” (Vatican & DC) ;-( Cdl. Raymond Burke seems to be one of the few Good-Guys! ;-( The fact that there seems to be so few should be a grave SIGN of the times and of what is to come!?

    CATHOLIC AND DEMOCRAT? -Not possible.

    Tension Between Unity and Truth

    Likewise on Political & Cultural Issues …. Good vs Evil vs Truth


    I’m slightly younger than Billary and as I reflect over those years .. untimely/early deaths … I’ve lost three friends to aircraft crashes, one to a snowmobile accident, one each to cancer, heart attack and drugs/alcohol, one HS friend in a tractor roll-over, a young Alert Force Airman and a cousin to suicide. I’m sure I may have missed someone along the line but I’ve served in a bunch of units, organizations and places and I simply can’t recall any other untimely deaths and none that involved suspicious circumstances.
    This list is not new to most here I expect but if Epstein & Friends manage to evade Exposure/Justice and the Perps that orchestrated the Election Rig and Follow-On likewise escape …… and Trump caves to some Phony Gun Control (let’s disarm Red State Crackers) Legislation… it’s FINIS USA ;-(


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    1. CrewDog, I saw that Gateway Pundit article this morning. I thought about putting up a link but didn’t get around to it. Thanks for posting it; it’s important information.

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  28. OFF Topic… just a little:
    Movie “The Great McGinty”
    Plot: Voter Fraud
    era: 1940

    This movie was produced in 1940 starring Brian Dunleavy touching on Voter Fraud. It is an enlightening portrayal of something once ‘winked’ at yet thoroughly disturbing now as we live the consequences.

    The movie is entertaining, humorous and stimulating. I think everyone should set their dvr’s or watch. This movie is broadcast on Spectrum Cable TV but should be available to all TCM viewers. Show times are below.

    Movie: The Great McGinty
    Broadcast: TCM
    Channel 58
    Day: Tuesday
    Date: August 13
    Time: 8 PM

    Slogan: “Hello Bill”

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