Elvis and the Rosary

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Charlie Johnston

Though I am back home and recuperating, I still have not gotten back into my routine. I am visiting at Mark and Mary Lapchak’s for a few days, then will be at the St. Thomas Aquinas Conference in Colorado Springs over the weekend (I won’t be there until Friday). Then next week I hope to get back into a relaxing routine for five weeks, before heading out west. If you are interested in hosting a visit, contact Mary Lapchak at lapchakma@gmail.com. Best to move quickly, though, as when I drive, it is much harder to shoehorn visits in after the trip has begun.

During the period when I get to go back to my routine, I hope to get a slew of meaty posts up and am working on developing the organizational framework for a national pro-life consortium of effective outlets to facilitate more effective coordination of pro-life efforts as Planned Parenthood and abortionists are quietly being hollowed out.


Last night I watched CBS Evening News. It was unusual, for I rarely watch network news shows except for clips. The routine malice, incompetence, and errors of modern journalism often send me into a frothing rage. The experience re-confirmed my commitment to stay away from the ignorant trash modern “journalism” has become.

One segment was about a young man who frequently had “psychotic episodes.” Seems this young man had stripped naked in the Carolinas and clambered aboard a semi-truck as it was leaving a gas station. The truck driver spotted the fellow, pulled over and called police. When the police arrived, they called paramedics. EMTs examined and interviewed the fellow, could not find any evidence of drugs involved, and asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital (while also giving him some pants to wear). The now subdued young man did not want to go to the hospital or to jail. When he was turned back over to the police, the cop (obviously deciding the man was more nuisance than menace) promised not to take him to jail, drove him a few blocks, and dropped him off at a well-lit, but closed, gas station. Five hours later, the young man was killed when he ran out onto the expressway in front of a car.

The segment started with the grieving parents. The Mother expressed her conviction that the EMT’s “killed” her son by not forcibly committing him. While I sympathize with her grief, that grief does NOT give her license to smear the very people who were forced to deal with what she and her husband had already refused to deal with. Why didn’t she blame herself for not forcibly committing him? They showed clips of the EMT’s and the officer dealing with the young man. Some of the EMT’s were sarcastic at times. Of course, these blue-collar public safety workers have to deal all shift long with problems their “betters” ignore and foist onto them. Then those who have foisted these problems on others have the temerity to condemn any deficiencies in the EMT’s behavior, while pretending to moral superiority – while not even trying to deal with such problems. Then there was tape of a state senator calling for further investigation of the police and EMT’s and piously proclaiming that these workers need to be more sensitive in such situations.

Of course, if the police and EMT’s had done what the parents and the state refused to do, which is forcibly commit a man who was obviously a danger to himself and others, there could have been a TV segment done in that case, too. It would have had the parents shaking with rage at the workers who had denied their son his freedom, when he had clearly asked coherently to just be let go. The state senator could have given the exact same interview, calling on the workers to have more sensitivity.

Of course, the network smeared the workers who actually tried to grapple with the problem and lionized the people who refused to lift a finger to even recognize there was a serious problem. Disgusting.

Then, in a brief political segment, a field reporter spoke about response to Donald Trump’s “racist” tweets. Not tweets that some characterized as racist, but matter of fact characterizing them as racist. The tweets in question involved factual information about serious problems with no reference to race, whatsoever. But, of course, any statement contrary to the leftist narrative of the establishment media and Democratic Party is racist, even if it is entirely factual and makes no reference to race. Bloody hell!

Man, is it ever humiliating to acknowledge that I was once a journalist! No, I did not do it like this, but it is humiliating nonetheless, for this is all many young people know about the profession: Screeching harpies pitching a narrative; facts, evidence, logic, fairness be damned. How did America become so dystopian and casually dishonest so quickly?

Here’s some advice: avoid network news. If you are not informed, it will only make you misinformed. If you are informed, it will only throw you into a frothing rage. An entire generation of reporters and journalists have become incompetent, but preening, hacks. Fake news, indeed.


Perhaps I am just cranky, but I am so worn out with all the manufactured crises that are, supposedly, America’s fault. Do you know which country in the west produces the fewest carbon emissions, per capita? That would be the United States. Oh, the charts usually cleverly narrowly define such emissions to find areas where the U.S. is higher – but even there it comes in middling. And it is just stupid to define carbon dioxide – the gas which sustains vigorous plant life – as a pollutant in the first place. Just about as stupid as it would be to declare water, itself, a pollutant. The only reason the leftists don’t do the latter, I suspect, is because even the dullest of the folksies would figure that scam out pretty quick. Strangely, the Paris Accords on “climate change” put the most onerous requirements on the U.S., which is the least problematic while largely exempting the European, African and Asian countries that are the most problematic. It was a globalist shakedown of the U.S., not an attempt to grapple with any actual problem. Just Manny “Boom Boom” Macron sidling up to say, “Nice little country you have there, wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt,” before telling what the protection will cost us. Thank God Donald Trump refused to let us become the marks.

Then there is the problem of plastics dumped in the ocean – a real problem, unlike supposed man-made climate change. On the left coast, states that are legalizing drugs and paraphernalia associated with them, are banning plastic straws. I’m waiting for the cop show that has a scene where the cops ignore open drug deals while, guns drawn, tell a fellow sipping a slurpy through a straw to put his drink down and get his hands on his head. We have gone beyond satire. It would probably surprise you to know that 90 percent (that is not a misprint) of all the plastic in the ocean comes from rivers in Asia and Africa. China, alone, is responsible for well over 50 percent of the debris. American systems are far more efficient than the rest of the world. In fact, America’s part in the problem does not even amount to a rounding error in China’s production of plastic waste in the oceans, alone.

As it turns out, the countries that are most economically developed with the freest political systems produce the least pollution of all types. So what do the crackerjack intellects on the left and in the media want? To decimate advanced economies and adopt authoritarian political systems. Wow. Just wow.

Meantime, for Catholics in America, we can count on our Pope to blame America for all problems, even when its offenses do not even constitute a rounding error in systems he lauds, like the Chinese. This piece by Fr. George Rutler from last fall illustrates the matter. I know it is a great challenge to many of us to know that our Pope would fit right in on the debate stage of the Democratic candidates for President.

I am weary of demagogues manufacturing crises, ignoring facts, evidence and logic, attacking those who already do the most to solve the problem, while demanding that we all adopt policies that have always inflamed the problems. Throughout our history, people at the fringes have often come up with weirdly laughable “solutions” that are completely bonkers – but never before have so many in the lunatic fringe held power and, perhaps worse, been taken seriously by ordinary people that, in sane times, would laugh such hacks off the stage.

We’ve got a lot of wood to chop.


Okay, now the segment for which the clickbait title of this article is about. First, a hat tip to reader David Taube for this incredible find.

Turns out that nearly 50 years ago, Elvis Presley recorded and published a song entitled, “The Miracle of the Rosary.” It was written by Lee Denson, an early rockabilly artist who helped teach Elvis to play the guitar.

Just about two minutes long, it is now one of my favorite songs. Elvis does a beautiful job. Enjoy.

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    1. Well, actually Linda, thinking that Beckita might be very occupied with her family after the tragedy of unexpectedly losing her brother to this world, I published this myself rather than trouble her. I will wait to hear from her when things have steadied out. Please add Beckita and her family to your Holy Hour.

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      1. Yes..actually that was very insensitive of me and my senior mind forgot about that in my second of beating her “like”.. I’m truly sorry again, Beckita….praying for ya’ll for sure…our faith is strong, but these blows hurt real bad when we lose loved ones.

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        1. Oh Sweet Linda, not at all insensitive. I giggled at your comment. 🤪 I really did. It’s just a natural for me to comment right away after I proofread Charlie’s dynamic writing. You are great and I love your lighthearted humor! 😘

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        2. Linda, you need to know how much I appreciate your comments. Your personality fits the name I use for commenting so much better than my personality does. You make me smile. God bless you for that. 🙂

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          1. Joyful hope 20 thank you so so much..I woke up to ur heartening comment and you made me smile…I love your comments too dear joyful..God bless you always on this first Friday🤗😇😘

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        1. May the Divine Assistance remain always with us and
          May the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen


  1. Charlie, I just simply want to let you know I agreed with all you wrote. Myself, I stopped watching network tv news years ago for two reasons. First, they are ignorant of basic economics, and law, and so present “news” that distorts the facts which are often complicated to understand,ant not suited to a few seconds or minutes of coverage. The other reason was the incessant distortion of reality to created leftist propaganda. Fox cable is not immune either, as Chris Wallace also states as fact that President Trump is a racist, to include Pres Trump’s recent comments on House Rep Cummings, Baltimore, and the “squad” as racist; Shepard Smith reliably lines up guests who are anti- Pres Trump who also state their biased opinions as unchallenged fact. The mass media (networks and print magazines and newspapers) have largely become word garbage outlets.

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      1. Yes… we were just watching Tucker…can’t handle mainstream anymore…blah blah blah…what an agenda they have…
        Listened to Patrick Madrid this am (Monday relavant radio ) he thinks only God can fix this mess with a miraculous event at this time. Very interesting show… bingo bango

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  2. Hi Charlie, So glad to hear from you and that you are feeling better. I share a head shake for the state of journalism in our country. Sometimes I just want to know the facts in a particular matter, but it is hard to know where to turn. Lots of opinions, but the facts are in shorter supply.
    Meanwhile, our life on the Left Coast gets more interesting. Apparently, the group in Sacramento passed a resolution that LGBT suicides are caused by people of faith. This is not yet a law, but a resolution. But it may be on the path to law, as the article points out at the end. This assertion is patently without proof and unscientific, but it is another step toward the attack of people of faith and conscience. Just like America is responsible for all of the bad things in the world and environment, religious people are responsible for all of the unhappiness and despair. Wow, are we upside down, backwards, and through the looking glass in sunny California. This reminds me of Our Lady’s call to “Pray, pray, pray.” God’s blessings to all of you here.

    If anyone is interested in the headline of the article from Christian Headlines or the link, it is included below:

    California Lawmakers Pass Resolution Blaming Religious People for High Suicide Rates in the LGBT Community


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  3. The evil one has provided a ‘dog-whistle’ construct for the left, in order relieve themselves the responsibility of reasoning, and it seems to be working remarkably well.

    {a dog owner blows a whistle which only the dog can hear and understand, leaving those around him unaware. In this case, only those ‘in the know’ understand the true meaning or Trumps tweets}

    First they told themselves that those on the right are racist, homophobic…
    Trump tweets, what else could the hidden dog-whistle message be but racism and bigotry.
    Third, the imagined messages constitute Proof that we are indeed racist bigots…

    Its interesting to note that the left does actually understand that the words themselves don’t constitute racism, but they still are convinced that racism and bigotry is the understood message.
    They believe that ‘Make America Great Again’ is a call to white male supremacy, slavery, and loss of womans rights to vote/abortion/career or work.

    Finally, no protestation will avail, as everything we say will be ‘a lie’ because they already ‘know’ what we are, the science is settled, and a time will come where we must be dealt with.

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  4. Charlie, fabulous song, thanks for sharing! The straw thing is kind of a joke around my house… my 16yo daughter wants to save all the animals by using paper and the rest of us just really prefer the efficiency of plastic! Ha!

    You know Charlie et al, as I was walking to mass today I was thinking how I used to almost be upset that no one ever shared with me in my 45 years here on earth (well, that is until about 10 years ago, so let’s say for my first 35 years then) that we were in such dire straights and we better seek God with more gusto…. then as I read and learned more from you and people like Susan Skinner… I realized that the message has been there all along. The message started with God’s creation of creation…. I was just way too preoccupied with the world’s matters and what was in it for me – and just checking the box in terms of faith…. thank you so much for staying firm in our faith and being the sign of hope you are for us. That goes for everyone on this blog and other numerous faithfully Christian blogs (too numerous to list off here). I now pray non-stop for anyone and everyone that we can all turn our hearts to Jesus!

    My condolences Beckita and prayers for you, your brother, and your family.

    God bless,

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  5. Very appropriate post for me today Charlie. I am heading into the mountains for the next month or two and your post reminded me how much I want to detach myself from this corrupt and evil world. No phone, tv or internet.

    Good luck and God Bless you All. See you all on the other side of my adventure

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    1. As fast as things are moving, your two-month absence could seem like Rip van Winkle’s 20-year sleep. If everything has gone dark when you get back, I will still be working, whether from a cubby hole, a cave, or the next life to try to herald the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. My grandchildren are going to know God and joy – not the misery and chains the left is trying to forge for us.

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      1. I can’t say that thought hadn’t occurred to me Charlie. I pray for “Our Lady’s” protection and may Her Mantle of Protection cover us all. Amen

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      2. Could that mean that I shouldn’t worry so much that my husband doesn’t have a job..? I recall a past post where you said that people will try to function like normal but won’t be able to do so.

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        1. Little One, no one, not a single person, knows exactly what will happen as God continues to unfold His Plan. Each of us continues to live our ordinary lives and keep our eyes on what develops. Praying for your husband to find a job if that’s what your family needs.

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          1. Whatever happens, we will need each other’s support.  We are not meant to travel this journey alone.  If not already doing so, I encourage to participate in an storm dinner gathering.  I think many of us feel alone and isolated (I’m raising my hand).  If we can participate in a regular gathering with those of like mind and faith, it will help build you up and also others in the process.  God bless you Littleone!Sent from Doug’s mobile

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      3. Yes, Charlie, things are moving fast. A group of folks here in Memphis are having Alveda King speak at an inner city, predominantly black Catholic church next month. A dear priest friend is the pastor there at St. Augustine’s. He is from Nigeria. He has received many terrible threats toward him and the Church because he is hosting Ms. King. I’ve been told many are coming from his own parishioners. This is because she is a pro-life Trump supporter. The organizers want to change the venue because of fear of the threats of violence. I’m sick about this, as this is allowing liberal crazies to bully us. I believe we need to stand up and go forward with plans in spite of threats. All the bowing to these kinds of threats has contributed to the condition that our culture is in now. We are going to have to stand up and fight. Ms. King is speaking against abortion. Pray for us.

        P. S. I didn’t get this last post in my emails. Any thoughts on why? Do I need to rejoin somehow? Thanks. Also, happy to see Elvis’ song mentioned…since I’m in Memphis…..❤ of course he’s special to us!

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      4. I stumbled across a website named after the warning to 2038. I was wondering about who writes this website and Charlie’s viewpoint on it. Thanks

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        1. Hi Shane. Welcome to the site. I visited the website to which you refer, looked at the chapters of the book Bruce Cyr wrote – he owns and maintains the website – and perused some of his writing. It sure looks like he’s interjected his own and his favored interpretations on most prophecies. Here’s a guest post at this site from a renown eschatologist which is important. At times like this, I wish we still had the TNRS site up. In SO many pieces there, Charlie instructed us on the pitfalls in the Herculean task of interpreting prophecy.

          No one knows exactly what will happen in God’s Plan. Even Charlie – with a lifetime of mystical revelations in myriad forms infused in his head, heart, soul and memory – has said there will come a time when he will only be able to take the next right step in front of him. Honestly, Shane, the very best way to get more of a sense of where we are – while acknowledging we all don’t know what exactly is coming – is to scroll through this site, A Sign of Hope, back to the initial post and work your way through the material here. Some pieces you may well choose to skip over but I think you’ll really have a much better grip on where we are and what we can do by reading here. Some of the posts are gems from the TNRS site with articles re-posted. God bless you!

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  6. No Charlie you are not cranky or tired to react this way, or maybe I am too! I have pretty much given up watching any of the national news networks, except Fox, which at least is mostly honest. I came to the conclusion a while back that even the local news but for the weather and traffic is still giving a biased opinion rather than a balanced account of an event. this is most egregious when reporting national news. The second epiphany I had came while listening to some of the democratic pols running for president. This is the culmination of decades of indoctrination to deceit. Much of what they stand for is based on lies. I am in my seventies so I remember back to the original arguments about abortion. The lie that this was just a clump of cells, not really a person, was pushed and promulgated over and over til it was accepted as truth. It was a big lie that has been proven to be that by all scientific study. but the damage was done. Now even those who should know better cannot admit it. Why? Look at the homosexual agenda, the transgender movement, all the nonsense about climate change, racism. Those who now control the narrative not only cannot admit the truth, they cannot recognize the truth, and seem to be offended when somehow they are exposed to the truth. Again, why? The only answer I can come up with is that it is the father of lies himself who has so deceived and enthralled them that they are incensed at the possibility that they are wrong. Pride? I feel very sorry for them, and pray for them because soon enough there will be a reckoning. The mask will be pulled away, the real puppet master will be revealed, and those who have been duped will finally have to come to the realization of what has been done to them and to the world. The evil one is trying harder than ever to eliminate, God Who is Truth itself, wherever he can and those souls who will not see this until its too late are a sad sad lot indeed. It hurts my heart to realized how many young people are being deceived and sucked into this trap. And I pray and plead for them every day. God bless, keep up the good work.

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  7. As for the man with the Mental health issues it shows how our nation has become unbalanced quite literally. It used to be that if someone didn’t like their old aunt Mable they could call her crazy and have her locked up for years and her protests that she was really sane would be taken too often as that she lacked insight into her condition and was in denial and needed more treatment. Since the 70s with the era of “Community Mental health” in which MH issues were supposed to be treated in the community unless a person was proven to be “dangerous to themselves or to others”, far too many in need of geniune help are left to wander the streets while MH treatment is not being adequately funded in the community. As a social worker retired I experienced this several times in the past when the only way to have a blantly psychotic person admitted was with a 48 hour hold for observation, after which they could be released if they didn’t attempt suicide or become assaultive. Just another way in which our country has become unbalanced and is failing to address real issues appropriately. I suppose they WILL address the inbalance when we Christians are seen as crazy for our rigid opinions!!

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    1. Just like the old Soviet Union. It is a real problem with no easy answer. Sadly, we lurch from one extreme to the other…from locking up people for little or no reason to refusing to do observational holds for situations that cry out for it. We had 36 red flags on the Parkland School shooter and did nothing. A man who climbs naked onto a moving semi truck cries out for intervention. It doesn’t have an easy answer, but that does not mean there are no effective approaches.

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      1. The mental heath issue is multifaceted for sure. Having family who council in this field along with a few family members who are medicated for this condition, I’ve come to know it through and through.
        One of the difficulties in treating those with mental illness is, unlike diabetes or heart problems where a reasonable person can be instructed on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the brain is the effected organ. This then leads to a difficulty in reasoning for the effected. Although diet, drug use, fatigue and physical and mental trauma are causes of mental illness so are living a fast lifestyle and many are injured through this as well.
        Once the brain is “damaged” care must be taken to relieve one of further stress and medications taken to replace or suppress hormonal imbalances the organ (brain) has stopped producing or is overproducing.
        One of the difficulties is the addictive nature of psychotropic drugs and all the nasty side effects they have including deadly withdrawls if one stops taking them cold turkey.
        Another difficulty is the sence of empowerment some mentally ill persons feel from thier condition. Mental health professionals and friends and family of mentally ill persons are sometimes at a loss to help when the person has a “delusions of grandeur ” complex. There are some interesting benefits to being insane! One is, during a manic period, persons can memorize vast amounts of information and recall it accurately. They can go days with little sleep and function at a very high level. If creative, they can do some fantastically astonishing things during this period.
        Problem is…it’s not honest.
        What they overlook during these times is the damage they can do to themselves, thier loved ones and to thier life, both financially and physically. They also loose thier sence of propriety as pride sets in and they can become attached to the perceived superpowers they have during these periods. This can lead them to believe that the “system” is trying to hold them down and they may reduce or stop taking thier meds and avoid those whom just want to help them. If the person continues too long in this state, the brain is overwhelmed and a psychotic episode will commence leading to all types of crazy behavior including, commonly, running around naked in public!
        With today’s epidemic of recreational drug use, overmedicating and mental illness, professionals have a hard time decerning which is which in the field. Since medical records are private it’s hard for a police officer or medic to pull up a chart to see what a patient could be suffering from (which could be one or all of the above)! Granted, laxed behavior on the professionals part is not acceptable, but the sheer volume of the problem just leads to complacency or what we have been discussing here as a “normalcy bias” of it all. As a medical driver, I get to hear stories of folks with some of these conditions. Many will tell you they have just accepted it as thier lot in life with little or no hope of changing themselves for the better. And many still live the same lifstyle which got them on the medications in the first place.
        One of the worst side effects of the medication is it will cause a chemical replacement effect in the brain. The brain will stop producing the natural hormones and just use the drug instead. This causes a dire dependency that becomes practically irreplaceable.
        Unfortunately, the public system actually enables a lot of this. The pharmaceutical companies are getting fat on pushing pills which the medical community is taught in medical school to administer. Almost every single person in prison these days is put on a psychotropic. This has become the new normal…medicate!
        Can you imagine what will happen during a TSHTF event when all those criminals and persons outside loose thier access to these pills and have to deal with the contending withdrawals! The naked guy on the street will become just one among many thousands!

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        1. So true, Phil. I, too, have family members who’ve been on such meds for a long time, altering their brain chemistry. We have a broken health care system, including big pharma’s role in political lobbying as they create drugs based on research that is sometimes questionable while their drug reps have been taught to parrot what good the drugs will do as they visit MD offices to tell docs all about it and leave samples while docs say they have no time to personally investigate further. But there are some MD voices that are rising to challenges the lies in the system. Some psychiatrists and psychologists are making the connection between gut and brain… and understand food as medicine – or poison – for the brain. The idea that the brain has neuroplasticity is becoming more well known. There is hope.

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          1. Great advances in nutrition are being revealed. The Keto,Carnivore and fasting diets show real promise to end many diseases and chronic mental instability. Many “leaders” on this are on YouTube. Plus new documentary “The FAT Documentary” on iTunes and Amazon Prime. I’ve been Carnivore now for almost 60 days. Just amazing changes in mental clarity, sleep and body composition.

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            1. Indeed, San San. I will say, there are a lot of people, in good faith, teaching their understandings of various ways of eating, like Keto, who don’t have in-depth background knowledge that is available from scientists and doctors who have dug deeply into the impact and pitfalls of changing their eating lifestyle. So choosing wisely on who to follow is important. There’s a lineup of excellent speakers for an online Keto Summit which begins Monday. Anyone interested can sign up here and listen in.

              I have been Keto eating again – started early last year and went off the trail due to illness – to address an autoimmune diagnosis which I was given at the beginning of the year and the prescribed meds were causing major side effect discomfort. In June, I consulted with a “wellness expert” – as many call themselves after studying and researching alternative ways to regain health – and along with some supplements which promote healing of my issues, I shifted to the Carnivore WOE and have been having good results. So grateful to God. Even in traditional medicine, more and more practitioners are acknowledging that each body is different and what works well for one person may not be suited to another.

              Praying for all here who may be figuring out ways to address health conditions.

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              1. Years ago I found a Suzanne Somers book that was marked a clearance item. It was a diet book and I bought it because it was inexpensive. (I have always had trouble losing weight.) I read book #1 and decided it made sense. I bought the other books. I ate well and ate everything except sugars and refined carbohydrates. I exercised by walking and swimming. I was about 44 years old. I was hardly ever hungry and I ate quite a lot for a person on a diet….certainly not like my mother dieted, by reducing her calories. She kept telling me that I could not eat so much and expect to lose weight. But I lost about 17 to 20 pounds that summer and it was almost painless. Best diet I ever followed. And the recipes tasted very good!

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              2. My father had a vegetable garden. We grew our own vegetables which were either canned or frozen. I always ate fruit, fresh vegetables, and not much junk food. I still developed auto-immune problems. I now have 3. Chronic hives and angioedema (awful, unbelievable condition that I still have to this day), Hashimoto’s and MS since about 15 years ago. I also have arthritis which the anti-inflammatory meds mask a bit. Once a person has one autoimmune problem, usually there are others that follow….It is true that I have had a lot of stress in my life. But I ate well, exercised, never took drugs, or drank. I changed my diet many times. Nothing but medicines work for me and they are life savers.

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              3. so happy that you have found Carnivore WOE. Many with autoimmune problems have had wonderful success. Amazing too, is the ease I have to be able to fast now, which is wonderful for my spiritual life. I hope and pray that you continue to have good results Beckita.

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              4. One more thing…ALL my medications are class 3 (or 4?)…which ever is the mostly costly. I simply cannot retire if I expect to be the least bit useful because I have tried to reduce or get off them and it is impossible. I would be in bed most of the time, have a foggy brain, and develop increasing symptoms I am almost certain. In addition, even with the medications I am limited. I cannot take heat, cannot do house work for more than an hour even in air conditioning (anything that heats up my body makes me tired and I start to lose my balance and my strength. I fell several times this summer while trying to get the house ready for my son.) MS is progressive….. Medicare does not cover the medications and even the best supplemental insurance would leave me with medication bills of $7,000 to $10,000. Of course, this does not include doctor’s visits or trips to the hospital or tests. And the way things are going, it is all going to get more expensive each year. Nothing will go down in price. I am sure many people are in this situation because a lot of people are working into their 70s. Right now I am still able to work, but I come home dead tired and head for the sofa or the bed many days as soon as I arrive home. But this is a cross God seems to want me to carry. I do it as well as I can.

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                    1. Hi Missy–I’m interested, too. Just sent you a friend request on fb. Hope that’s ok. Thanks!


              5. All I know is I eat a lot of eggs, meat and very little carbs…just had dr appt…cholesterol went way down and 3 month diabetes screening as I was headed that way and that too came within normal range…the diet really stinks…bit it works…a.k.a. if it tastes good, spit it out and offer it all up to God for our own sins and sins of the whole world😆

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                  1. My recipe flew away..lol..baby portabella mushoots (bunch of them) and a little ground sirloin with spices, garlic etc…just a pinch of mozz cheese and it was mmmm mmmm good😋

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    2. Perhaps the young man’s mental condition was in part a symptom of preternatural activity. I was watching Abp Fulton Sheen’s conference on the demonic and he said that there are three things that can indicate diabolic activity. The first is nudity; the second is violence; and the the third is chaos/disorder. Perhaps the EMTs and paramedics would do well to arm themselves with both Miraculous Medals and St. Benedict’s Medals as well as holy water and blessed salt. I am not being sarcastic.

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  8. I’m with you about the network news. I just finished reading Justice on Trial about the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation and want a new place to get accurate information. Does such a place exist?

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  9. Great article.
    As we found out that AOC’s director didn’t even believe in the green policy that he came up with.
    It was just to incite panic among the public to insist something be done about it, therefore giving more control to the government.
    Same way with the term “rascist”. They don’t believe it themselves, but if you keep repeating it,
    here again, it succeeds in the minds of the general public who only believe what the media says
    entirely falls for the lies.
    Also the impeachment, even Palosi knows the president doesn’t qualify, but the democrats poceed
    with it so the general public believes he did something impeachable.
    Whew! St Michael, Defend us in battle…

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Reminds me of the program our Parish school would put on for Veteran’s Day…they did the same thing as part of the program and I loved singing along.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. I’m reading a,series of books by Dean Koontz..”Odd Thomas” who eventually becomes “Saint Thomas” elvis was in one of his books…lol..odd had to help him go to heaven/purgatory. ..lol

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No I didnt…haha…how clever of Dean..I’m on odd appocolapse…I actually wrote Mr Koontz and told him he should get ahold of Charlie for a future era of peace and thought Nick Nolte should play him…amazing likeness the two have and same cool raspy voice and mannerisms…hehehe couldnt you see it MP? Hey..can u tell me what virtues are called upon per book in series?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I can’t recall now, having listened to him talk about this during an ETWN interview many moons ago. Maybe you can figure it out since the series is fresh in your mind, and it’s so much more gratifying to figure stuff out than to have some ole’ fella like me just hand it to you. I love this quote from “Odd Apocalypse,” page 23: “We love a series hero, but a series villain quickly becomes silly as he strives so obviously to shock us. Virtue is imaginative, evil repetitive.”

            I can see a bit of CJ in the young Odd (fry cook and all), but Nick Nolte may be a stretch.

            Quotes from Odd to prove my point:

            “Perseverance is impossible if we don’t permit ourselves to hope.”
            “You won’t find the truth of life in morbidity, only in hope.”
            “The joys of life can be found anywhere. Far places only offer exotic ways to suffer.”
            “I see dead people. But, then by God, I do something about it!”
            “Don’t ever call me adorable again. Puppies are adorable.”

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  10. I see BD is just heading out as I’m getting back from the wilderness. It was arguably the most difficult trek of my adult life, but the most rewarding. Wouldn’t you know that I almost got spooked running into “Duty Bound” at the very end of the trail. A stone’s throw from the truck no less. Made me immediately think you needed some serious prayers, ‘course maybe that was just a nod that I had benefited from some of your prayin’. Whatever the case, I was a dusty, smelly mess… but at peace. Glad you’re getting off the road for a break, CJ. Prayers for you brother, B. Will catch up when I’ve got my thoughts straight. In the meantime, here’s a pic of that ‘ole warhorse, three socks and all, at the end of the trail:

    BTW, Elvis’ Gospel Collection is a standard in my collection. Never heard this one though. Thx.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Here is a Mounted story. What is the best, safest manner to escort a perpetrator?


      The reaction by the Galveston Police Department is less than heartening as they cave to critisism.
      “We became aware today of an arrest Saturday involving two mounted patrol officers and how the arrested individual was transported.

      A transportation unit was not immediately available at the time of the arrest and a man was handcuffed and escorted beside two police officers on horses. While this technique of using mounted horses to transport a person during an arrest is considered a best practice in certain scenarios, such as during crowd control, the practice was not used correctly in this instance.”

      In my opinion, the leash controls the subject better than by his collar. It alleviates the horse stepping on the arrestee. If escorting dismouted, the officer has to contend with two leashes, one significantly stronger than the other.

      Mounting the perpetrator on the horse behind/front of the officer is not safe either.

      People need to get a grip…

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Beckita so sorry I beat you to the “like” button…I was mad at myself the second it sent but was too late…I will offer My first friday and Saturday for you and ur bro…Again, my condolences Beckita…gosh…just so sorry🤗😇😘

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yeah, Linda! You beat me to it fair and square. Thank you so very much for your precious prayers. All is well so, please, no more guilt. Onward with your joy and beauty! 😇🤩🥳

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Beckita I was in a rush and when I pushe’d the send button I inhaled so hard I almost swallowed my tongue 😲😲😲 lol…anyhow, I’ll be offering up my Mass for you, ur bro and all ur loved ones today and tomorrow …We will all be with you spiritually …all of us tnrsteppers…here here🤗😇😘 We got ur back…keep ur eyes our for little furry varmits…aka squirrels 🐿

        Liked by 2 people

                1. Thank you, Dear Kim, for your prayers. I have these: Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking, Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite Recipes Made Low-Carb and Healthy, Keto Restaurant Favorites and Easy Dairy-Free Ketogenic Recipes. (I went dairy and nut free at the end of June to promote gut healing. Hopefully, it’s temporary. I do love the dopamine hit via cheese. 😉 ) Every recipe I’ve tried is wonderful and Father, who’s not a keto eater, thinks so too.

                  There are a lotta people blogging and teaching about Keto but not everyone bases their ideas on good science… so, before ordering the cookbooks, I purchased the Emmerich’s Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans. It’s just 13.68 at Abe’s right now with free shipping. Well worth it for a beginner or anyone who didn’t take the time to study the science before jumping into keto. And, if you like podcasts, there’s a free Keto Summit happening right now. Day 2’s link is here.

                  Liked by 1 person

  12. Hard to believe that Elvis has been gone for 42 years!! I was TDY to an AF School when he died and my Sis, one of Elvis’ most ardent fans was upset that I didn’t call to commiserate. ;-(
    RIP, Elvis and as the line from the old Righteous Bros’ song goes: “If you believe in Forever than Life is just a One Night Stand”!

    You would think that the “good” Archbishop would be smart enough to mind his own affairs and keep his own counsel! However he, like the Congressional “Safe-Seat District” Democrats and their corrupt pals in the Urban ****Holes within those districts, seem to think that Playing the Race Card is still an effective political tool to silence the opposition and protect them from personal/professional scrutiny.
    I’m guessing that Them Days are history and the aforementioned Bishop and his Democrat Pals could NOT withstand 10% of the three year personal/professional “anal exam” that Trump, Family & Friends have undergone. Fireworks be happenin’ before Election 20!! …. in The Church, Catholic & Protestant, too ;-(

    Washington Archbishop Slams President Trump for ‘Racism’

    Ben Carson blasts Baltimore church’s ‘animosity’ for forcing him to change venue

    JPII Institute VP Says School’s Identity is ‘Seriously Threatened’

    No Parish for Real Men

    Here’s What Texan Pro-Lifers Have to Say About Their ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’

    Liberal Harvard Law Journal Comes to Shocking Conclusion on Unborn Life

    President Trump Shatters Left-Wing Myths–Rabbi Aryeh Spero


    Liked by 8 people

    1. Salient stories, CD. The erudite professors at the JPII Institute were dumped at a time when it’s virtually impossible to seek a new position so close to the fall semester’s beginning and the students at JPII are threatening to bolt out of the school due to the firings and elimination of courses. Msgrs. Sequeri and Paglia have surely followed the advice to “make a mess.”

      Liked by 4 people

    2. I took the time to read the article by Rabbi Spero. Trump is certainly not a perfect man, but I think he was chosen for the times to do some of the important stuff. Pro-life, not afraid to tackle those who constantly fabricate things. It is amazing how much energy he has and how he can take the punches. Of course, he always responds to those punches, sometimes well, and sometimes not so well. He is mercurial, but can you imagine the stress of taking all the false narrative day after day?

      Liked by 5 people

    1. I noticed that this morning, gk. If I were a Bishop, my lips would remain closed on a subject until I was able to seek out info via original sources… and get to it right away if compelled to comment on a topic. The Bishop of Covington blew it royally earlier this year by not waiting and gathering accurate info.

      Liked by 6 people

  13. Witnessed a man get hit by a car while I was filling up mine. I ran over to help. The man was alive, but unconscious. The Police came. The man came to, but was quite dazed and confused. He refused to go to the hospital or file any kind of report against the person who hit him and the policeman let him walk away. I was surprised and astounded, but apparently it was within his right. I was not sure what to make of it, but I guess it makes sense if he was not a danger to anyone or himself which could easily be debated given his dazed condition.

    Liked by 5 people

  14. Latest Medjugorje Message, August 2, 2019 – Apparitions to Mirjana

    “Dear children! Great is the love of my Son. If you were to come to know the greatness of His love, you would never cease to adore and thank Him. He is always alive with you in the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is His Heart. The Eucharist is the heart of faith. He has never left you. Even when you tried to go away from Him, He has not [left] you. That is why my motherly heart is happy when I watch how you-filled with love-return to Him, when I see that you are coming to Him by the way of reconciliation, love, and hope.

    My motherly heart knows that when you set out on the way of faith, you are shoots-buds. But along with prayer and fasting you will be fruits, my flowers, apostles of my love; you will be carriers of light and will illuminate all those around you with love and wisdom.

    My children, as a mother I am imploring you: pray, think, and contemplate. Everything beautiful, painful and joyful that happens to you-all of this makes you grow spiritually, so that my Son may grow in you. My children, surrender yourselves to Him, believe Him, trust in His love, let Him lead you. Let the Eucharist be the place where you will feed your souls, and afterwards, will spread love and truth-will bear witness to my Son. Thank you. ”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. “…because the Eucharist is His Heart” reminds me of the Eucharist miracle where the bleeding Host was examined and found to be heart muscle! Was it the Lanciano miracle maybe?
      Prayers for your family, Beckita, and hope you are feeling great, Charlie. God bless all of you!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. You are correct, Annie, about one of the discoveries concerning the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano. I so appreciate the additional amazing results of tests on samples from multiple Eucharistic miracles done by Doctor Ricardo Castanon Gomez. Here’s one report.

        Thanks very much for your prayers, Annie.

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  15. I haven’t read this com thread top to bottom yet so maybe I’m late to the party but…

    Take heart re the crappy corporate fake news. Viewership is to the point where in one recent prime time sweep The Home Shopping Network had more viewers than CNN.


    Liked by 7 people

    1. It’s still a little disconcerting when one reads an article that some were torn whether to watch the debate the other night bc it conflicted with the Bachelorette finale !?!
      Thanks, Charlie, for the Elvis link, truly lovely.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I have never watched the Bachelorette, and I can say with certainly that I will never watch the Bachelorette. What a foolish and shallow show. I find the concept appalling. In fact most reality TV is just as bad. I cannot believe that anyone watches this stuff. I never watch any of it. It has nothing to do with reality.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. I suppose that is good and bad. I think some people are addicted to HSN. Those sales people can make you think that you need something that never even occurred to you!

      Liked by 2 people

  16. I SEND SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO OUR BELOVED BECKITA…..Charlie, I love the Elvis song as well! And far as the TV news, I no longer watch it. It is all full of emotion and not like the days of Walter Cronkite when they keep the emotion out of it. It just upsets me as well….I am so busy here getting ready for my son to move in with me. Lots of problems to be fixed. Some problems in the basement (sump pump need to be installed), new heating system to be installed, cleaning out the house and filling dumpster, doing things that have not been done in years…although my pace is slow (due to MS, I get overheated and tired; sometimes take 3 baths a day to cool down), but my son is energetic with the very big stuff and he has become Mr. Fix it. He seems to be able to tackle almost anything. However, I will leave the sump pump to experts. ….. Oh, well, back to work. 🙂

    Liked by 9 people

        1. I am hang’n out with the grand kids in CA basking in almost 100 degree heat. I like building forts in the house with chairs blankets and the couch. The girls invited me in to sip make believe hot coacoa and tea and chat a spell. That night, they camped in the fort. The blankets moved around and they got scared. So the blankets and the kids disappeared to mommy’s and daddy’s room where snuggling together in bed was all very secure. Yup. It’s good to be secure in Daddy’s arms. How secure are we when we rest in our heavenly Daddy’s arms. Yup. As times get worse, we need to take our blankets and snuggle in Daddy’s arms. Best place to be!

          Liked by 6 people

            1. Yes! They are great Kim. I had fun making them as a kid too! I just officially passed the trade to two generations down. Some things are worth passing on. 😎

              Liked by 3 people

    1. SanSan, I am praying along with you, for the innocent wounded and murdered and their loved ones, for the conversions of the perpetrators of violence and of those who endorse the culture of death, at any cost. Lord have mercy. Hear our prayers for an end to the madness, I pray.

      Liked by 7 people

    2. On social media, in between the rants, lies and hate, I wrote ” A Godless society is doomed to continued depravity and evil. We must get on our knees and beg for His mercy”. Also, “A Godless society produces broken families, fatherless children, aborted babies and a civilization in ruins”. Also, “Without God, EVIL reins”.
      I noted that we need to help turn the rhetoric back to God in every conversation. Most responded well.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Amen! ❤

        SanSan, I've shared similar thoughts and have noticed that many decent politicians are as well. In the last couple of days, to my surprise, the *culture of death* is properly being called out for fueling the fires of our societal horrors.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Prayers for yet more victims of senseless violence. Lord, I hope they were all prepared.

    Prayers, even, for the evil-doers, miscreants and deceived who need it more than anyone. No sense even commenting on the left’s predictable response on news outlets this morn’… nothing but more sick, bald-faced, political expedients. And God hates expedients.

    On that note, my message is the same as always to the evil-doers, miscreants and deceived: you CANNOT have our country. Not gonna happen. In the moment of your apparent victory, you will lose it all. Even your support –– the satan –– will leave you abandoned, because he can only flee in the presence of God’s radiant perfection. Woe, three times woe, if you despair and flee from God’s presence.

    Back to climbing.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Woe, indeed, MP. Fire and brimstone!

      You know I carry concealed everywhere. I also scan for exits when entering most establishments. Sometimes when out-and-about I mentally practice scenarios of using my weapon to protect innocent lives. Nothing heroic, just a matter-of-fact response to the threat. But the situations would have to be a “perfect storm” where the assailant is in range and can be neutralized without harming innocent persons accidentally. Such an opportunity to use my weapon defensively in a crowded venue is astronomically small.

      Now the idea of a gunman appearing at the end of an aisle shooting down its length like he’s bowling is terrifying. There is little to no cover. Best I keep it holstered and help people flee away from the gunfire to safety. No one would fault such a decision.

      And, no, they can’t have our country! After the initial shock, all their shootings do is bring communities together in mourning, prayer, and mutual support. We see how frail and precious life is, and we unite.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. My daily prayer intentions for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy: for everyone who is going to die today, for the conversion of sinners, for all the holy souls in purgatory and for grace to bestow upon all those who suffer.


        Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility. Knowing when to shoot and when not to, is a bigger responsibility and should never be taken lightly. If a target presents itself, take it. The shooting in Dayton lasted a minite. The police actively engaged and stopped the violence.

        These active shooter killers are cowards. They view themselves as shooting fish in a bucket and they train for it. Case in point The El Paso shooting. Once threatened, it goes against their shooting program and they scramble. Most cases…

        Read “On Killing” by Dave Grossman (ret- US Army) outstanding scholarship

        I don’t carry anymore. The gun belt (with accessories) is ready to go and can be slapped on at a moments notice. I find the responsibility a bit too much as I am no longer sworn… besides, my concealed firearm holster has changed direction from vertical to… horizontal. I need to lose a few inches…about ten.


        A “what if” ? senario to contemplate: a challenge by a Uniformed Police Officer.
        What would you do? How will you react?
        Where is your concealed pistol permit located on your person?
        How will you present this certificate while holding your firearm?
        Are you argumentative or will you submit to authority (under dire stress) ?

        Answer: (For me) The Uniform is in charge. I submit to his/her authority.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Horizontal. Oh dear, that’s funny Sean!

          It IS a daunting responsibility to carry. Legal ramifications aside, a gun is a wickedly powerful device that can send a 230 grain pellet a distance of 3 NFL football fields in 1 second!

          You gave great questions to ponder. Sitting here sober, the answers are easy. But in a chaotic situation with shouting, recovering from a heavy adrenaline dump, disorientation to place and time, perhaps wounded persons on the ground, and police officers with weapons drawn, Hmmm…..not so easy. But yes, submit to authority. Obey their orders.

          In Arizona, I got pulled over though I had committed no violation. As the officer approached my car, I dropped all 4 windows down so he could see the interior and I had both hands visibly gripping the steering wheel. I didn’t move, but greeted him pleasantly. After a brief exchange, I told the officer that I had a sidearm. He asked where. I said on my right hip. And that was that. It’s a requirement in AZ to inform an officer of a weapon in such a situation. (PS: having vet tags also helps when interacting with police officers 😉)

          Another time I was driving back from a hike in Tucson and stopped to help a stranded motorist. I flagged down a passing cop. I was open-carrying a 1911 (I must have been quite a sight with my Keens, Tilly hat, and a huge pistol on my hip like an American Crocodile Dundee.) The officer circled his cruiser wide and stopped a surprisingly far distance from me. As soon as he stepped out of the cruiser, he unsnapped his pistol and zeroed in on me. (Whoa! I thought, didn’t expect to see him make any move toward his pistol like that! Arizona is an open carry state!) Noticing his readied, squared-off approach at me, I made no fast moves and kept hands visible at my side. Probably had a stupid, disarming smile on my face too. When he reached me, I said this lady needed help. His first question was, “Are you law enforcement?” I simply said, “No,” and that was that. We proceeded to help the motorist.

          Salute to you law enforcement guys and gals. It’s a tough and often thankless job, and I hope more citizens will do what they can to make your job a little less stressful.

          Hug a cop today!

          Liked by 7 people

      2. Hey, Pat.

        I should be clear who I’m referring to as “evil-doers, miscreants and deceived.” Not so much the sick, murderous characters with mere guns. I’m talking about the really guilty. The ones whose lust for dust drives them to flood minds and senses with torrents of lies. The ones who treat this like some sort of big game.

        Not like me to comment in that manner this morning, but if I didn’t say it the rocks would have. I also found it helpful to sing God’s praises all morning. the satan can’t stand that.

        Liked by 7 people

      3. As I read these comments and the story about the young man(22) who saved several children’s lives I couldn’t help but think of Charlies’ writings about panicking. This young man, who had served in the armed forces, had his wits about him. He did have his sidearm with him and ran towards the gunfire. He didn’t use it but he grabbed several children in the playground in harms way and ran to safety. He tried to get others to help. Only one stopped and helped get children to safety. He did exactly what Charlie has been teaching us to do. Panic will cause losses.

        On a spiritual level, that is how we are supposed to behave with our wits about us I believe. We are in the spiritual gun battle right now. Pat, your description of scanning your surroundings, etc. to always be on the ready is so appropriate. It seem the satan is becoming more bold. The description of people out on a sunny day school shopping or a night on the town and suddenly all hell breaks lose is not surprising. I can’t help but think how it correlates to the serene peaceful setting around the abortion clinic here in my city. Then all hell breaks lose for the unborn. This exact situation has been going on for decades for the unborn but way to many people think that is ok. Why does any of this catch people off guard? It is on a macro level instead of a micro level now.

        Liked by 9 people

  18. Ok everyone, please add this to your prayers.
    I hit the send button to send the 54 day novena for the nation to several eastern Montana churches to put in their bulletins. And, this year sent it to the diocesan newsletter. Hopefully, more people will sign up to pray the novena and participate in the Rosary coast-to-coast.
    Consider sending info to your area churches. We need lots of prayers for our country. Thank you.

    Liked by 9 people

  19. YES, WE NEED PRAYERS FOR ALL IN OUR COUNTRY! God protect and be with the police and metics who try to protect us all! We all need to be willing to work to keep President Trump as our president through 2024 so God can heal all who believe and bring more into the fold.

    MP, your horse is beautiful and really likes to pose;what a faithful companion.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Mary Ann, he does look like he posing, doesn’t he. I do tend to think of Duty Bound and the others in the desert as my horses, but those are wild mustangs. I’ve attached that one, Duty Bound, to Charlie, as I’ve attached all the others I’ve encountered to other folks. Hundreds, at this point. I’ve come to treat it as a prayer prompt any time I cross paths with one. As i mentioned, I was nearly back to the truck, having returned from a 40-mile, end-of-summer desert pilgrimage. He almost spooked me because I had encountered almost no critters for days… little more than lizards and a young coyote. It was dark so he almost spooked me, but he was a sight for sore eyes. I called his name, right before snapping that shot. He turned and nickered gently, struck up that confident stance, then trotted through the thick scrub and disappeared into a wash. Not so much a pose, as I think he was just happy that I was a familiar, friendly face.

      Liked by 5 people

  20. OT: Regarding China and that nation’s long reach into America Pastor Bob Fu’s observations at Epoch Times are keen. He suggests more prayers and vigilance/awareness for their censorship tactics in our country. I understand better why the security costs for the Taiwanese delegation to our state were prohibitive. I wish we’d found a way to pay for them to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUdJTk65vk

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  21. “Of course, if the police and EMT’s had done what the parents and the state refused to do, which is forcibly commit a man who was obviously a danger to himself and others, there could have been a TV segment done in that case, too.”

    Couldn’t mental institutionalization be considered a modern-day form of slavery?

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Wowsers. Anything wrong with this phraseology (from paragraph 8 Letter of His Holiness on the 160th Anniversary of the Death of St. John Vianney): “Let us not grow discouraged! The Lord is purifying his Bride and converting all of us to himself. He is letting us be put to the test in order to make us realize that without him we are simply dust. He is rescuing us from hypocrisy, from the spirituality of appearances. He is breathing forth his Spirit in order to restore the beauty of his Bride, caught in adultery.” (emphasis mine) Really?! In Italian the words are even more explicit: sorpresa in flagrante adulterio

    Did he say that The Bride of Christ is like unto a whore (cf Whore of Babylon)? Of course the letter is not ex cathedra. It’s a pep talk for encouragement. But sheesh. Who proof reads his letters? Jack Chick?


    (This specific quotation was taken from his March 7, 2019 Meeting with the Priests of the Diocese of Rome.)

    Extra prayers and sacrifices heading to Our Lady so she can make them beautiful by getting me out of the way before what ever good is left in them ascends to the throne of God. Jeepers.


  23. MP, Duty Bound looks like a well cared for horse. I remember the place in Southern Utah where so many wild horses fell to their death at the canyon edge and heard the story while I was hiking there. Do they do any roundups and catch some young ones to train?

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Hey Charlie, ur fb page said u put up a live video??? Can’t find it so maybe it was their bad…but that’s a cool idea really..mi love Fr Frank Pavone’s live feeds…

    Liked by 1 person

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