The Whole Church Needs a Permanent Pentecost

Near the end of February, I needed the longest break I have ever taken from this site due to the health needs of Fr. Wang, now ninety, for whom I provide care. As one who dwells on the positive, he has taken good care of his personal temple with exercise, nutritious food, plenty of rest, living a vibrant faith and remaining at peace with God’s Will for his life. Father’s spirit soars as he tends to those God places on his path, all the while preaching truth and imparting wisdom and knowledge from the wellspring of his studies and research concerning the treasures of the faith. His ways of loving profess a bounty of virtues which bless those in his midst and, still, as with all aging people, his body bespeaks that we are heaven bound and, as we move through life, the body weakens. In the health challenges sphere, he’s been treated for hypertension for many years and was diagnosed with type II diabetes some years ago; both of these conditions have precipitated his chronic kidney disease. He’s had some TIAs, hyperlipidemia and was more recently diagnosed with AFib. I share this background of health issues that you better understand how serious this latest crisis was.

In early February, Fr. Wang began experiencing tightness across his chest and was scheduled for an evaluation in the cath lab with the suspicion that there may well be a blockage(s) in the arteries of his heart. Three days before the appointed time, his body crashed in a mighty storm. He experienced extreme difficulty in breathing so we dashed to the hospital, a five minute drive from home. The edema he had been battling during the month now brought swelling so great that his legs seemed elephant-sized and his tummy was as a Buddha. With the acute hypoxemic respiratory failure he also had a mild heart attack, precipitated by only partial blood flow to the heart, and the congestive heart disease with which he has been afflicted now became heart failure. He was swiftly tended to and the ER doc remarked that this event was a major hit to his kidneys. Our good friend, Fr. Cody, responded to my call and came to anoint Fr. Wang. Once Father was set up with IVs and a BiPAP, tests began and he was moved to ICU to be monitored closely while fluid was drained from his body throughout the night.

The next morning, testing continued with an echocardiogram and one of his cardio docs who was present shook his head at the images, acknowledging that there were some verrrry serious problems which would be best remedied via open heart surgery, but this is absolutely contraindicated in a 90 year old person. The next step, then, was departure for the cath lab where his primary cardiologist, Dr. Michael (who, as a young child, had served as altar boy for Father), would perform a procedure that would most likely take about an hour. I waited for more than two hours before this doctor came to speak with me. An outstanding heart interventionist, he had discovered “a mess” which required a very complicated procedure. Again, if Father had been around 50 years old… So, this gifted physician, in his own words: “did what he could” – in the words of his colleague: “spectacular work” – and while employing the Impella System (You can take a peek here at this incredible gift from God’s Goodness.), he placed stents in four of Father’s arteries and, he emphasized to me, that one was a major artery, a serious endeavor. I asked what to expect next and he replied that, particularly given Father’s age, we could have “very, very cautious optimism” and he proceeded to name more than a few complications for which Father would be monitored. Thus, he would remain in hospital for more than the usual 12-24 hours after an angioplasty and stenting procedure. When a completely exhausted and frail Fr. Wang was brought back to ICU, I laid hands on his heart and prayed in a fashion as we had discussed during the conference on healing – put on by the dedicated people from Encounter Ministries – which Father and I had attended last June. That night, I posted a request for prayer on FB (Thanks to TNRS-ASOH team member, Lisa, who posted it to her terrifically vast number of “friends” and “followers” there.), in email to our chapel family, in a comment here at ASOH (Thanks so very much to our own faithful intercessors!) and emailed my first Chinese godchild, Paul, Father’s nephew and our point man on Chinese soil for the evangelization work, so that prayers began rising in Fr. Wang’s land of birth. Still, he continued to have a restless and very difficult time throughout the night.

When I returned to his bedside in the morning, Father was nauseous, weak and exhausted. Meds were given and he tried to settle into napping. My mind went to Jesus’ commission and promises – the same yesterday, today and forever –  to His  disciples, then and now, such as in Mark 16:17-18:

“And these signs will accompany those who believe… they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

And John 14:12:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

Frankly, I had entered into a somewhat numb zone as we were headed to the ER which only deepened as I continued to absorb the reality of the odds and risks which Father faced as I accompanied him on his Via Dolorosa. Believing Jesus, I simply prayed – from the heart with all the faith this heart could hold – in the same ways the Lord had prayed when He walked the earth; I prayed in His Name as He commanded us to do when asking anything from our Father in heaven. Jesus laid hands on those whom He healed, so I laid my hand over Father’s hand – the very hand raised, innumerable times, to absolve me from my sins, the hand that, daily, holds the host he consecrates and, then, extends to feed me Our Lord and God – as he drifted off to sleep and I spoke to each person in the Trinity, thanking and glorifying Them for Their goodness to Father throughout his life and for the tremendous good They had accomplished in him as he gave his FIAT, his whole heart and soul for the Kingdom. I softly, gently sang songs of praise to Abba, to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit as Father slept on, unaware. I appealed to Our Lady’s intercession and then I hushed in the Sacred Silence before the Great I Am, with faith and trust as a little child before her Perfect Father. I recalled how Jesus often said to those He would pray over: “What is it that you ask of Me?” In response to that question, I prayed by gazing through our Heavenly Father’s Eyes as I looked upon this dear, old and holy priest. Knowing his current status pointed to the reality that this dear one was standing at the threshold, possibly to be born to Eternal Life, and, as I spoke from the depths of my heart, I mentally gathered in my prayers the many who also love Fr. Wang. I expressed to God the Father what He already knew, yet I said it again, for such as this is an act of humility, a way of saying that I know we need our Heavenly Father and from Him ALL Goodness flows: I acknowledged that Fr. Wang would be so very happy to enter His House and I proclaimed in whispers that if this was His Plan, at this juncture, why would we ever fight with Abba’s Love poured out in this way *and* I expressed that we would be most happy to have more years with His faithful servant, if only it pleased Him to give such a gift. Thanking Him for His Holy Word, I also recalled aloud to Abba his Son Jesus’ sweet and mighty teaching: “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” For three and a half hours, I remained immersed in prayer, basking in the Father’s Love, asking for more life *and* affirming that whatever He chose, I knew it would be perfect and it would come from Pure Love.

When Fr. Wang awakened, he was alert, feeling rested and renewed, with his usual facial coloring restored and the doctors who visited expressed amazement at this remarkable change in recovery status. All Glory to Jesus! To His Abba and ours! And to the Holy Spirit! No doubt that every prayer offered from every heart mattered. They did. And there were many praying for Father. There is also no doubt that the Lord had moved through Father’s body during those three and a half hours. Still, the doctors, in prudent caution, chose to monitor the patient just in case any surprising complication should arise. We spent the rest of Thursday giving thanks to God for His gift of healing and Fr. Wang was discharged the following day. Of course, Father will continue to need time to rebuild strength as he finds his new normal. Some days are tougher and some are better. Determined to continue serving the Lord, Father will accomplish his duties as an ever-aging man, carrying on in his winter years, preparing to go Home, sooner rather than later. Still, each day is a gift with gratitude that never ends. And as Fr. Wang’s body recuperates, his eyes are sparkling, dancing, as thoughts of advancing the agenda for the Chinese evangelization project fill his heart, mind, soul and speech. He thanks you so very much for your prayers offered for him and asks you to keep the evangelization work in your prayers as well. The newly inspired dream is to target specific regions of China, over the next two years, by distributing three of Fr. Wang’s small catechetical books: Spiritual Light on Human Life – written for intellectuals, Chinese Culture and Christianity – written specifically for the Chinese people, and, the “little red book” – the Biography of Jesus Christ. The distribution efforts are being accomplished in a manner which bespeaks the fulfilling of what Charlie was shown. The two leaders in this effort are a Catholic and a Protestant. May the Unity that God desires become a reality!

This personal story is a springboard to bring to your awareness the good works of Encounter Ministries. Because of my studies with their material, I was prepared to act in new ways in this crisis. And I see that the Lord has His Hand on this apostolate as the leaders and teachers work to equip people to walk through both personal storms and the great Storm of our times, closely connected to the Holy Spirit that we better respond to His promptings, given and spoken in myriad ways and whispers, and that we, God’s ambulances, become fearless in taking next right steps, invoking Holy Spirit’s power into every kind of care for the needs of those in our midst, while evangelizing the truth of God’s Love for each one.  Encounter Ministries – certainly not the only means, yet as certainly, a potent means for preparing people to evangelize well – exists to teach and encourage people to live the fullness of the Gospel with a special emphasis placed on invoking Jesus’ healing power because He commissioned us to do so as a vibrant sign that He IS alive and His Kingdom is here!

After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest…  Whenever you enter a town and its people welcome you, eat what is set before you; cure the sick who are there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” (Luke 10: 1-2 & 8-9)

Perhaps many of you are natural born evangelizers. Not I… but I y.e.a.r.n. for the fearlessness to proclaim Jesus in respectful, effective ways that touch people deeply, leaving them with an awareness that HE is the Answer to their needs and He Alone will satisfy their seemingly insatiable hunger. Dr. Mary Healy – Encounter School Curriculum Advisor (whose father, Nick Healy, reads our site and has participated in the Storm Dinners initiated by TNRS-ASOH team members, Doug and Lambzie) – is a beloved professor at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, was appointed to the Pontifical Biblical Commission and is an international speaker and writer who affirms, in a video clip here, that we have the compelling truth of Jesus’ teachings to proclaim, yet, what is missing in these times of desperation for too many is an accompanying demonstration of God’s Power, the Power of the Holy Spirit.

For us, who surrender to being formed, by our Mother and Her Spouse, to become more like Jesus, I ponder how each ordinary life brimming with Christ’s healing power would look. One may only be called to bring His healing to family members and neighbors. How beautiful! The mission for another may be more expanded. Again, how beautiful! Foremost in contemplating God’s healing power is the truth that we do not and could never ply the Hand of God, directing Him in what to do. No. Never. We listen to Him; we ask in humility; we allow Him to lead that we may follow, acting and praying in His Holy Name, only striving to bless and magnify Him in what He is doing in His Will for those to whom we minister.

Should Encounter Ministries come to your locale, I invite you to consider attending their presentations – the weekend conference schedule is ever expanding throughout the country – for their work is solidly grounded in Church Teaching. Fr. Mathias Thelen – Senior Leader of Encounter Ministries and pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Brighton, MI – along with Patrick Reis – Director of Encounter Ministries – have insisted that this be so. Equally stressed and fostered is an ever-deepening growth in our relationship with God, for the Lord is calling US back too. Each of us is in need of ongoing conversion and purification. And this work of evangelizing with God’s Word and Power is not about “being somebody.” Rather, it is a call for every ordinary person, with purity of heart, to live the fullness of Christ’s Gospel. Our desires must be rooted in Love for God and for His people; any self-adulation or self-glory-seeking would fiercely interfere with God’s Purpose in using us to bring the lost Home to Him.

Speakers at the big annual conference for Encounter Ministries have included national teachers and leaders, both clergy and lay people. Most inspiring, for me, has been becoming a “partner.” For whatever monthly contribution a person makes, that one becomes a “partner” who has access to the presentations which have been uploaded to the Encounter Ministries website found here.

From talks given at the 2019 conference, I learned that Blessed Elena Guerra, founder of the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Lucca, Italy at the end of the nineteenth century, urged Pope Leo XIII to lead the Church back to the Cenacle/Upper Room. From 1895 to 1903, Sr. Elena was led by the Holy Spirit to write twelve confidential letters to the Pope, requesting a renewed preaching on the Holy Spirit.

Kim Catherine-Marie Kollins writes more about this here and notes: In her many writings to the Pontiff, she exhorted him to invite the faithful to rediscover life lived according to the Holy Spirit. On the promptings of Sr. Elena, Pope Leo XIII issued several important documents concerning the Holy Spirit. First, in 1895, he wrote an apostolic letter, Provida Matris Caritate, which he ended by asking all the faithful to celebrate a solemn novena (nine days of prayer) to the Holy Spirit between the feasts of Ascension and Pentecost for the intention of the reunion of Christianity. A second document was an encyclical letter on the Holy Spirit in 1897, Divinum Illud Munus, again he ended by drawing the attention of the faithful to the solemn novena he had requested in 1895. He stated that the novena was not to be limited to a only one year but was to be a perpetual novena, done every year between the feasts of Ascension and Pentecost, again for the same intention of the reunion of Christianity.

Unfortunately, Pope Leo XIII’s writings and efforts fell on virtually deaf ears in the Catholic world but look what God did with Christians outside of the Catholic Church on the very day this Pope invoked the Holy Spirit in the name of the whole Church: Another important event, again at the request of Sr. Elena, took place on January 1, 1901. Pope Leo XIII invoked the Holy Spirit by singing the hymn “Veni Creator Spiritus,” in the name of the entire Church. Also on that very day, halfway around the world in Topeka, Kansas, at the Bethel College and Bible School, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurred which is generally accepted as the beginning of Pentecostalism. Then the Azusa Street revival of 1906 led by the Afro-American William J. Seymour propelled Pentecostalism across all continents within two years.

Struck with awe and wonder was I while considering the seeds of Unity already being planted by the Holy Spirit through Blessed Elena and the inspired response from Pope Leo XIII!

Most likely, Encounter Ministries brings to mind, for many of you, the Charismatic Renewal which the Catholic Church has acknowledged as a spiritual movement within the Church. Encounter Ministries does not claim to be Charismatic in spirituality. Rather, they simply say we NEED the Holy Spirit. We always have and we always will for, after all, He IS God. You can read in more detail, at the site, about the Vision and Mission of the apostolate. There is a mighty emphasis on the Eucharist and on Christian Unity. I encourage you to explore the site. You could actually sign up as a partner for one month or a few months in order to taste and see if the offerings provide you food which vivifies your evangelizing skill set.

Lord, Send Out Your Spirit and Renew the Face of the Earth!

86 thoughts on “The Whole Church Needs a Permanent Pentecost

  1. Beckita, thank you for sharing your experience of praying for your friend, Fr. Wang. What a wonderful healing outcome. Also appreciate hearing about Encounter Ministries. Feel very encouraged by their work. God bless you.

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  2. Wow fr Wang…what a performance! What some people will do to get attention! OK God the Father….please may
    You let him be strong enough to get on with more work that would be so dear to both of your heart
    Oh please….in the words of a song
    Oh won’t you stay ay ay just a little bit longer.
    Truthfully, I felt exhausted reading of the ordeal!
    Regarding Encounter Ministries, I “fell” upon the site awhile ago…read a fair bit about Fr Thelen and thought…this is full of Life!
    Met Dr Mary Healy several years ago across the other side of our continent,at CCR conference.wonderful teachings!
    Thank you you were not off on a relaxing holiday at all.I thought you’d snuck over to Hawaii.
    Perhaps another time!!thank you for such a meaty post.God bless both you and Fr Wang.

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  3. Dearest Beckita, Thank you for this awesome and inspiring piece of writing. And thank you for all that you did in enlisting the power of the Holy Trinity, to help bring Father Wang to the place he is today. May you continue to care for him for as long as the good Lord allows him to remain with us. Thank you for the good information on the Encounter Ministries too. God Bless You.

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  4. I know of Dr. Healy. She spoke in St Louis to our seminarians and to all who were interested. She was good and spoke of the storm in the church and of the need for us to trust in God’s power of healing and others in our church.

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  5. God bless you, Beckita, and Father Wang. What a blessing he is and continues to be. Yes Come Holy Spirit. Prayers that the new Pentecost is ushered in with this Pentecost.

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  6. This is a beautiful and hopeful writing, Beckita. Thank you. It is tremendously helpful. Praying for you and Fr. Wang. God Bless.

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  7. Thank you for sharing, Beckita. You write in a most elegant manner! God bless you and take care of yourself, too, caregiver!

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  8. Must add….. I think we all needed this post…. So refreshing with all the STUFF going on….. Especially here regarding Cardinal Pell. Please Holy Spirit come to this weary humanity… Heal, renew, refresh …. Pour out Your Gifts!

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  9. How recent did you hear her,Bob. A few years ago I heard her speak and she said we should be expectant of healings,miracles.The storm was not like now when I heard her.

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  10. Wonderful post, Beckita. Prayers of thanksgiving for Father Wang’s healing as well as for God’s continuing care of both Father and your good self

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  11. If nothing else, do yourself a favor & listen to the Encounter Radio shows. They are THE best!! We’ve been big fans of Dan DeMatte since being introduced to him on “God or the Girl” many years ago. Such a beautiful post, Beckhita, thank you. I’ve been reading alot about Luisa Piccaretta & the Gift of the Divine Will lately & came across this idea that the Old Testament times were focused on God, the Father, the New Testament is focused on Jesus, the Son, and our present times are focused on the Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit!!

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  12. What an ordeal! Just as gold is tested in fire…You sure were shined up on this one. And what a beauty you are! Thank you for writing about your experience.
    I identified with so many lines. Especially the one about not telling God what He needs to do. The impatience in me is getting burned out. Boy, does it sting.
    Praying for the continued healing of Fr. Wang and you.(You need healing as well being a caregiver.) Also for Fr.’s work in China. Blessed be God.

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  13. Continued healing and blessings for Fr. Wang. May Encounter Ministries thrive as God’s Will. Inspiring thoughts Beckita, Thank you.

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  14. Just awesome, Beckita. After that roller coaster, so much to give thanks for, and a glimpse into your prayer life/style-so edifying. Will check out Dr. Healy’s book and Encounter Ministries.

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  15. Yup! A permanent Pentecost and manifestation of The Holy Spirit so astounding that it would remove all doubt from believers minds and cause non-believers to seriously doubt their disbelief! 😉

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 10 March

    1 Peter 3:15
    In your hearts, set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    We are to be ready and able to tell folks about the hope that Jesus has brought to our lives! But when we share this hope, two things are important: our credibility — is Jesus really Lord of our hearts — and our character — do we show gentleness and respect in our approach. The goal is not to win arguments, but hearts to the God of character!

    Holy and Loving Father, thank you for speaking your grace in Jesus. I’m not sure I would have heard any other message. Give me the conviction I need to share my hope in Jesus, but in a way that reflects your grace. Through my Living Hope I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians
    The First Sunday of Lent 2019

    Pope, Latter-day Saints president meet for first time

    No matter what Trump sez or do …. the Usual Suspects will try to find fault or spin to cause damage/confusion to the Prfesident &/or his Deplorables! I thought that the treatment of Bush 1&2 was “beyond the pale” but the past three years ….. now we are back to Civil War II confirmation ;-(

    Holy Moly: Trump Triggered The MSM (Again). This Time It Involves Bibles.

    Trump signed Bibles. Heresy? Many religious leaders say no


    Truly Bad People

    Liz Cheney: Dems Are the Party of Antisemitism, Infanticide, Socialism

    Majority of Likely Voters Agree with Trump: ‘We Have People in Congress that Hate Our Country’

    Hawaii Democrats Want U.S. Congress to Consider Repeal of Second Amendment

    Fox, the NRA, and Liberal Repression of Dissent

    Zucker ought to know all about runnin’ a Propoganda Network as he has been runnin’ a Propoganda Network for the Democrat Party and their Global Left Masters for years!!

    CNN Chief Derides Fox News as ‘Propaganda Network’ for Trump

    Covington teenager planning to sue CNN for at least $250M, lawyer says

    House Ag Chairman: Requiring SNAP Recipients to Work Is ‘Not Going to Happen’

    Trump Peace Envoy Scolds Palestinians, U.N. Members for Enabling Payments to Terrorists

    Venezuela’s Guaido calls for massive protest as blackout drags on

    Meanwhile in former Christendom:

    Report: Merkel Govt May Have Let In Thousands of War Criminal Migrants

    Orban: No Place for Multiculturalism in Hungary

    Swedish Conservative Leader: Mass Migration Has Led to Insecurity for Women

    Over 1,500 Migrants Cleared From Bulldozed Italian Shanty Town

    The IDs of the Perps won’t be revealed but I’m bettin’ “migrants” from Finland.

    UK: Twenty Arrested for Child Sexual Exploitation in Wakefield, Yorkshire


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  16. The below was sent to me by a retired Army MP Buddy of mine. I have no doubt that what the Lady speaks of/to is what’s going-on ….. especially after watching the Jew Hatred and shenanigans in Congress this past week. In some of our once great, now Democrat Party controlled, Urban areas, we have No-Go Zones ….. and if you point this out you will be labeled a racist & Islamophobe. I noticed that the USA Bishops are one of the “church” groups that are sponsoring this Muslim Invasion …. no surprise to any here …. I expect!? ;-(

    Most people in our country (USA) know nothing about this.


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    1. The video is horrifying, CD, in that it confirms what we see with our own eyes! You should see San Diego!! I have heard many times that it’s part of the command in the Koran to populate the whole world to make it a Muslim world.

      Your post is awesome on many levels, Beckita. It seems to be a theme at this time that the Lord is asking us what we want Him to do in us. I must confess that i don’t have the answer yet, other than to remain in prayer. God bless you and Father!

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      1. Annie,

        “…I have heard many times that it’s part of the command in the Koran to populate the whole world to make it a Muslim world.”

        Muslim aka Islam views the world in two parts: The land of Peace and the land of war. Where Islam is preached, proclaimed and lived is a land of “peace”. Everywhere else is a land of WAR.

        To one and all, please read this publication. Read until, you have ingested enough to grasp the ideology Islam. I read about a quarter of it and had to put it down. Islam is built on lies and deception. It is not peace but of war. It is submission.

        Submission… Yours, mine and ours… every human alive. When all are submitted (forced to believe), then peace shall reign. {For a moment} Then, the divisions within Islam Shite-Sunni commence the battle. The winner suceeds only to battle the internal conflicts Left to the last man (woman) standing with no one to populate the earth..

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        1. Absolutely, Sean. Thanks be to God that Africa has gone from being a continent which is predominantly Muslim to becoming a Christian majority and many of those conversions came about due to a personal appearance from Jesus Christ while Our Lady of Gudalupe has appeared, so often, to the women.

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      1. Leslyek and All, when anyone clicks on the MENU icon in the top right hand of the Home page here, you’ll see a list of clickable links. One is entitled: Books/PDFs/FAQs. Here is where you’ll find another list which includes a link to the document for how to post a picture in a comment on a Word Press site. Here’s the link to that document.

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  17. Hearten alert! It is happening.
    Though they never gave a clue, when several of us attended the Sunday prayer at the AZ abortion clinic, present were a “ healing priest from Quebec” and several priests and Prelates loading incense and then formally praying long, gestured mainly Latin prayers; they sounded like excorcism prayers. Then we all processed around the clinic!!
    Followed by the full Rosary.
    We were so joyfully heartened.
    Be so!

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  18. Beckita, this was such a beautiful read! It’s so wonderful that you have shared all this with us and we will all pray for you and for FR. Wang. How wonderful that you have taken care of him all these years! You are blessed and so is he. God bless you both and I agree with you so very much…we need a new Pentecost! Maranatha TNRS ASOH xoxoxo

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  19. Here’s a repost of a comment for anyone who’s interested in this information:

    Since we received an email at the answering service requesting to know which volume of St. Bernard of Clairvaux was recommended by Desmond, I contacted him and, at his request, I’m passing along this suggestion. The actual text from which Desmond quoted comes from St. Bernard’s Sermon #5. (Here’s a link to the excerpt from Sermon 5 which can find can be found in the Roman Breviary, in “The Office of Readings,” for Wednesday in the First Week of Advent.) For anyone who wishes to read the quote within additional text, Desmond recommends ordering an English translation of the Sermons of St. Bernard. Thank you, Desmond!

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    1. You are quite welcome. Sermon 5, is from Bernard’s series of Sermons on the ‘Song of Songs’ in the Scriptures. Those Sermons are a treasure house of spiritual reading for the truly serious Catholic.

      I should have thought about mentioning the Breviary reference to this text about the ‘Middle Coming’ sooner. If someone had asked for it sooner, I’d probably have done it.

      Again, I recommend to everyone here on this list, the obtaining of a print edition of those Sermons of St. Bernard.

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  20. Beckita, I am deeply grateful, for very many of us and especially for you and Father Wang, that the Lord heard your beautiful, fervent prayers. Why He answers as He does is often a mystery. Watching and praying as the mystery unfolds.

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    1. Amen. SO mysterious are His Ways at times, Sr. Bear. Yet, I do know that if God had brought Father Home in this scenario, it, too, would have been rooted in Pure Love for each of us and all of us. And while great grieving and mourning would ensue, still, God really IS LOVE. (Kinda’ giggling after all the discussion about CAPS. As a moderator, I have ready access to bold and italics usage, but, somehow, CAPS are pretty cool for emphasis.)

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        1. Oh Mick! I am laughing wholeheartedly, out loud, with Father saying: “What?” I’ll be giggling on this throughout the day, I’m sure. 😉 And Hear Hear on Mick’s bold-in-the-best-of-ways personality!

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          1. Charlie, Beckita, and Doug, I can’t stop giggling about your comments! I cheerfully concede that for me, there are chasms between the theory and the practice of technical wizardry. I’ll leave boldness, redness, and italicsness to the pro’s like you guys (and SteveBC, MP, and Desmond), as I continue to poke fun at myself for my lack of gadget-y prowess. 🙂

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            1. Well, that may be, Mick, but you clearly have a way with words. “Italicsness” and “gadget-y” are simply verbal awesomeness incarnate. Keep this up and the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary will be twice its current size! 😀

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  21. This is an inspiring and outstanding article on the need for the faithful to walk always in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that this is the only way that evangelization will take place. Moreover, it is the key to bringing the whole Church to holiness and a personal relationship with Jesus. As you said, Beckita, humility and holiness are essential in order for the Lord to accomplish His will in us. Daily prayer against spiritual pride is a prudent habit to practice so we don’t sabotage the Spirit’s work.
    Encounter Ministries looks like a great blessing to the Church. Dr. Mary Healy is awesome — I watch her on “Formed” from the Augustine institute (another gift to the Church). There are many signs of hope even if we are sometimes tempted to let the darkness get us down. All praise to the Holy Trinity!

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  22. For quite some time, on Monday I think “Something Has Gotta Give” this week but …..!!!??
    We just seem to keep bumbling along …. Church, State & International …. realizing full well that “Matters” are Not-Right and Unsustainable ….. Keep Your Powder Dry! ……

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 11 March
    The Price of Catholic Unity–MARY SPENCER zen-book-catholic-church-relations-communist-china/

    We Have a Better Story

    Pope Francis’s Socialist Agenda


    Democrats Working for Trump’s Re-Election–Clarice Feldman


    Protesters ponder how to spoil Trump’s July Fourth bash as their naked hippie forebears did to Nixon

    Green New Deal: Sen. Barrasso Knocks ‘Chicken Little Sky-is-Falling Approach of the Socialist Democrats’

    Ocasio-Cortez blasts capitalism as an ‘irredeemable’ system


    Google Manager Said Company Must Stop ‘Fake News’ Because ‘That’s How Trump Won’

    Dual Loyalties Is the New Smear Tactic of Radical Democrats

    Nadler’s Letters are Proof of the Blood Sport in American Politics

    Watch Sarsour Explain How She Influenced Dem Leadership to Change Anti-Semitism Resolution


    Washington Post Editorial Board Gets It Wrong on Gun Control

    Activity at a SECOND North Korean missile site could mean the country is preparing for a potential launch following failed talks between Trump and Kim Jong-Un

    Nerves fray, tempers flare as Venezuela blackout hits fourth day


    The Catholic Church and the Holocaust. A former Catholic-Jewish commission co-chairman applauds Pope Francis’ decision to open the Vatican’s archives.

    No End in Sight to Venezuela’s Blackout, Experts Warn


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    1. Well Done CREWDOG, great work, impressive list of news links, I linked to Pope Francis’ Socialist Agenda, Crisis Magazine excerpt,
      ” A recent Church Militant article suggests that Cardinal McCarrick may have been “effectively a communist plant in the heart of the Church.”

      Fits McCarrick pefectly with EWTN shocking documentary, This Year’s Must See Film: EWTN’s ‘A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” a chilling look at the impact of Community Activist Saul Alinsky, whose “Rules for Radicals” still wields a huge influence on American culture – and the world AND the Catholic Church! If you missed the premiere of this blockbuster event, then tune in at 10:30 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. 1 for the encore, which EWTN is bringing back by popular demand! It left me with the feeling, WE’VE BEEN HAD!

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  23. Prayers for you and Father Wang, B, and thanks for sharing about the Holy Spirit! I went looking for Fr. Wang’s mustang, XĪWÀNG, on Sunday… but no such luck. Funny…. you may recall that quick blur of Espiritu (the wild Dun) I shared in video some time back. What an elusive mustang… so tricky to get anywhere near. Well, there she was this weekend, up close and personal. I said “she,” having thought her a stallion all this time, but she is indeed a mare… and a spirited one at that! Would that I had some time to assemble and share those remarkable clips today, but I did have a mo’ to share this quick, but special one for Father Wang. Sort of a “Get Well” that he might enjoy. God Bless.

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      1. Oh, a bing for “Deuce” typo. He’d get insulted if I called him Duece… too much like Dulce and he’s really not that sweet. Fr. Wang and all should know that this is not typical. It’s tough going, but I’m patiently working on the ornery ones. Had a couple of stallions come at me hard, split, then try to sandwich me from both flanks. Maybe you can imagine an old but surprisingly spry guy rocketing up a dead mesquite tree to the topmost branches. No mystical green kung fu blur or dreadlocks flowing… but the heart of a squirrel nonetheless. A story for another time maybe…

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          1. Well, I can show, seeding this amidst the talk of the Spirit and Evangelism. Charlie once mentioned getting the wild horses back in the barn… or at least a safe pasture. Sometimes, often, we’ll get rattled.

            Here’s a short clip of the aforementioned scramble up the mesquite. Naturally the focus was more on beating tracks and less on filming, but I did climb down for another go at that ornery mustang. Never quit, even if it means retreating to prayer for the big guns.

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            1. Hi Becks, what a great honor it must be to care for a saint of the church in Fr. Wang. I consider him part of the greatest generation.

              Of Mary Healy’s father, Nick, his is an amazing story as he came into the church as an adult. He is one of the founders of Ave Maria college. He is now helping to found a similar college in Northern Ireland called “Newman College”. This, he is doing in his eighties. He is a great gift and it is an honor that he participates in our storm dinners. Me, I feel like I won the lottery to know such great people.

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              1. I would count it a great honor if we had that piece of pie the next time you cut through my town. That’s the second time now and still no pie! Well, that’s what I like about you, DP. You’re always the big guy entering the room quietly (notwithstanding the occasional pun), taking the lowest seat at the kids table… really, not even a seat… just that old step stool that Our Ma pulled out of the closet to accommodate the overflow of kids.

                We’re amongst giants, and usually the teachers are to be found at the head of the table. And that ain’t (a well-placed “ain’t in lieu of CAPS for emphasis) us.

                A coupla’ things that I always find helpful:

                1. Be yourself.
                2. Respect whatever God respects.
                3. Be grateful for being so ordinary.
                4. Celebrate the kid’s table.

                Should the star-struck ever get called up to the head table, they’re in for a rude awakening. Thus I add:

                5. Never be starstruck. Just gets in the way of holy boldness when we’re prompted.

                I’ll never forget getting together with Charlie for the first time. Quietly watched him for about 10 minutes before saying boo. There were various folks from all walks there in the host’s living room, including a Priest, other hosts and whatnot. As I watched him interact/chat, couldn’t help but like his ordinariness instantly. That, and he seemed to have helpful tips 1-5 down pat… and then some.

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                1. Great words of wisdom MP. I really kept thinking about that piece of pie, but a little 3 year old and 7 year old won out over you. My stay in your local willowwacks was but a brief whisk of wind. I arrived at their house the same day. So much to learn from these wee ones. I knocked on my daughter’s door at 8:15 and she was not sure whether to get her shot gun or it was the neighbors. Good thing she gave in to the latter. Although, she does not have a shot gun. There were two stone faced adults trying to figure out what just happened and tow very excited kids bouncing with joy to see their grandpa. Nope. No early bed time for them. The energy did not run out even when going to bed at midnight. Oh, but how excited God must be to see us bouncing with endless joy over excitement for him. Some day, we will have that pie….

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  24. Beckita, this was a great read.

    One of the reasons I appreciated it so much is this: I’ve been directly involved in direct 2×2 door to door ministry for years. [Most Catholics mistakenly think only Jehovah’s Witnesses & Mormons – and some Protestants do this.] We also go into public squares and announce the Love of God for all men – and preach repentance and conversion.

    In both cases, we have a much higher rate of success than most Catholics expect.

    The key to it is 2 items, 1) announcement of the unconditional love of God for them (the people you are speaking to), and 2) Tell them, in concrete terms, of specific wonders Jesus has produced in your life – repeat – concrete terms. Generalities get the attention of no one.

    If either one of those items is missing, positive response is always severely diminished in your listeners.
    [As an aside, if someone does not have dramatic encounters such as this with God’s Divine Intervention in their life to share with people they wish to evangelize – the best course is to begin storming heaven with prayers for such an encounter.]

    All my love in Christ

    p.s. I anyone is wondering where this model comes from, it emanates from the Book of Acts – when Peter and the others emerge from the Upper Room – to announce the Good News to the Jews assembled below them.

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    1. Thanks, Desmond– this is Desmond, right? Whenever I am approached by jehovah’s witness folks or Mormons, etc, I start evangelizing back at ’em. They generally eventually turn tail and run. I’m going to employ your suggestions next time.

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    2. Desmond, thank you for zoning in on this wondrous business of evangelizing by sharing your experiences and giving wise counsel, then, pointing us to the Scriptures as a resource for deeper understanding.

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      1. Again – you’re welcome also. The New Evangelization is what JP II & Benedict XVI say it is all about at this point in Salvation History.

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  25. It seems that hiddenly and quietly we are being purified to live in a new era coming….. And it is to be like living the Acts of the Apostles where the Holy Spirit is fully alive in us. The baptised will live their baptism. The 3rd era….. The Era of the Holy Sppirit.

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    1. Amen! The faithful (including many in the clergy) need major catechesis on the Person of the Holy Spirit. I tell my middle-school CCD students as well as adults in faith formation that the Holy Spirit is a Person and not some cosmic energy like “the Force” in “Star Wars”. Moreover, I emphasize that he is not like some junior member of a law firm, but is a full-fledged “partner” in the Triune Godhead. I pray to the Holy Spirit every day and especially ask him to help me to fully participate in the Sacred Mysteries of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I ask him to help me understand the words which He inspired the authors of Sacred Scripture to write and to help me to take those word into my heart that I might bear His Fruit in my life. I have even taken the liberty to expand the “Divine Praises” to acknowledge that the Sprit, besides being the Paraclete, is also our Comforter and Sanctifier. Come Holy Sprit! Let the Fire fall!

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  26. Beckita, you’ve written an excellent piece (again). And thank you for the update on “our” dear Father Wang. You can count on our prayers.

    I’m in a rotation this week and next at a women’s health clinic. I did 5 PAPs and 1 breast exam today. I’m shadowing a knowledgeable, skilled, and energetic female provider. It’s a great experience so far.

    Ah, but the ugly nature of the beast — the current world in which we live — “necessarily” involves contraception. It is very routine in today’s healthcare. By the end of this rotation, I will likely witness the placement of a Mirena, an implantable intrauterine device (IUD). Today, there was a consultation about this type of long-term birth control with a young married woman who does not want to have any more children at this time. After the consult, she scheduled an appointment in 2 weeks to get a Mirena.

    This device releases small amounts of a progestin hormone called levonorgestrel into the uterus. However, the company that makes this product claims they do not know exactly how this product works to prevent pregnancy. The three possible mechanisms of action are:

    1. Preventing sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg,
    2. thickening the cervical mucus to impede sperm from entering the uterus, and
    3. thinning the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation.

    Instead of stating all of this, my preceptor said to the young patient that the Mirena thins the uterine lining so that “a fertilized egg can’t implant into the uterine wall.”

    We here know what that means: Abortion. (I’d make that word bold and red if I could, MP)

    There was an instantaneous reaction in my heart. 💔 A momentary flash of horror and nausea washed over me at her straightforward words. The sickened feeling passed as quickly as it arose. Curiously, I did not lament the implications of this conversation…I maintained absolute objectivity and calm. Still, my pro-life nature showed itself quite noticeably, deep in my heart. It felt like I was stabbed as I visualized the thought. This reaction probably falls under what is called “natural law”….that instinct where we know something is morally wrong without any outside guidance. (Mine is clearly still intact).

    As a student, I will observe such encounters with interest. In fact, I asked several patients today about their current birth control usage. I need to know. Needless to say, however, I will not engage in any discussions offering birth control options nor will I physically participate in the insertion of such devices. My hands will remain at my side.

    Sigh. Such is our sad world. It is plain to see that we have a long, long way to go before we will be able, as a society, to see things God’s way.

    Lord, have mercy on us.


    You folks should have seen this young mother’s little girl in the stroller….an absolutely beautiful child, which I emphasized more than once. I saw several little infants today, and I always fawn over them….just can’t help myself: children are beautiful. 😇

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    1. Patrick, Dear Patrick. Keeping you in prayer as you witness to Truth in your profession. Take heart for this current state of affairs in our culture and world will *not* last forever and you are like an angel at Christ’s birth as you strive to live the Gospel while working. This: “Needless to say, however, I will not engage in any discussions offering birth control options nor will I physically participate in the insertion of such devices. My hands will remain at my side.” says: “Glory to God in the Highest!” God bless you, Brother.

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      1. Thank you for your encouragement, Beckita. I take much solace from knowing that what is considered normal today — casual conversation about terminating human lives — will not always be. So far, my faith has not been truly tested yet as I’m still under the protection of being a student. The really hard trials to my faith, I feel quite certain, still lie ahead when I finally enter this curious profession.

        Lord, give us strength.

        God bless you, Sister B!

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    2. Hi Patrick, I am in California visiting my daughter. I just had a conversation with her and she asked me, “Dad, you know what the biggest cause of the destruction of the family is?”. I instinctively knew the answer, but I let her tell me. “What Jenn?” I replied. She replied “birth control”. She is 31, married with two children and one on the way. She has suffered five miscarriages. Darn, I could not be more proud of her. It was so great to come to CA to see a normal family. It was a breath of fresh air. To top it off, she, as a nurse, will be going through training to teach natural family planning.

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        1. That is wonderful Sheralyn! Congratulations! Jen is due in Sept too. She passed the critical 12 week Mark. So miscarriage odds go way down.

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    3. Ah, Patrick, there’s just no text editing tools sufficient to paint the word “abortion” the way it should be. When we say it, even if we trumpeted it clearly and accurately so as to rattle the walls, it falls on many a deaf ear. Some day, when most least expect it, St. Michael will follow through on the downstroke of his flaming sword, cutting that word (and others) into the thick, demonic miasma that is choking the entire world. And all the world will tremble.

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  27. Beckita, thank you for such wonderful and blessed care of our beloved Father Wang. Your story of his illness and recovery are so awe inspiring and wonderful. He is so loved by me and all the world around him. Keep up the beautiful ministry.

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    1. Welcome to ASOH, B.B. I hope you’ll have time to visit again, read Charlie’s pieces and enjoy the company of this community of believers who have gathered round to support each other as we make our way in this very troubled world. The overarching truth which keeps us here is that despite the darkness in our world at this time, God has a Plan. WE have, collectively, brought this current mess on ourselves and HE has sent His Mother to Rescue us. But They, as ever, invite us to participate in co-creating as we rebuild the culture. The very heart of what we strive to do is the little right in front of us and this doing is encapsulated in these words: Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of Hope to those around you. God bless you, B.B.

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  28. Thank you, Charlie, for sharing in such a beautiful and authentic way about the power of the Holy Spirit. I recently looked into “Encounter Ministries” before I read your article about it. I was so impressed with it. Is seems that many people are afraid of the Charismatic gifts. If we are living our Catholic life to the fullest, we are all called to have charismatic gifts in one way or another. Being able to evangelize is a charismatic gift. Speaking about the faith is a charismatic gift. I truly believe if we are rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith and we call upon the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God, She will keep us on the straight and narrow. She will help us to ride the waves of Grace rather than be tumbled underneath them. Charlie, I loved you sharing about your love for Fr. Wang and how you turned to the Lord with a humble heart and prayed for your beloved friend. Thank you for sharing your heart. This deeply moved me!

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