Pressing on in Truth and Charity


(So grateful in these times for the wisdom of Msgr. Charles Pope who has given me permission to re-post his pieces when I acknowledge that it is I who approached him and his work shared here does not mean he endorses the prophetic elements of this site. Prayers for Msgr. Pope and all our clergy. ~Beckita)


“This Is All I Can Do Now” – Applying a Practice of St. Catherine of Siena to Our Current Crisis

Msgr. Charles Pope – September 24, 2018

Many Catholics have struggled to find a voice that has been nearly washed out of us by our training. We remember a time when it was unthinkable to criticize a priest; those who did were quickly rebuked, with little opportunity for explanation. Bishops and especially the Pope were not to be questioned let alone criticized. We have now seen the sometimes-horrifying toll of unhealthy deference, of setting a class of men apart from critique or accountability.

Respect surely has its place; we should not correct with unneeded harshness, personal attacks, or demeaning words. However, we must regain a healthy sense of the need to hold our clergy accountable and to insist on what is right. Canon law states the right, duty, and modality of this among God’s Faithful.

According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons (Canon 212.3).

God’s faithful are struggling to find their voice, long suppressed. We must find this voice, even regarding the Pope. He has said some alarming things, hurtful things, and has shown little concern for serious charges against Church officials at the highest levels. Even in this case we must find our voice. We must respectful but firm and clear that we expect a full investigation of the charges so that this does not happen again.

All of this feels awkward. It touches some of our oldest training against criticizing popes, bishops, and clergy.

In times like these, we need a Catherine Benincasa.

We know her as St. Catherine of Siena. Though renowned for her love, generosity, and humility, as well as her power to heal, console, and cast out demons, she was no shrinking violet. If she saw something in your soul that was unholy, you were going to hear about it, no matter who you were.

St. Catherine would meet with anyone, from the poorest beggars to kings, governors, bishops, and popes. None of them were denied her love and encouragement. Neither were they spared the hard truths that God gave her to say. Only God was to be pleased, not man. Spiritual truths were to be extolled over every temporal matter (e.g., safety, comfort, pleasing worldly powers).

She loved the Church but remained gravely concerned with the condition of the beloved Bride of Christ. Particularly egregious to her was the condition of so many clergy, right on up the ranks. Even the popes of her time, whom she acknowledged as the sweet Vicars of Christ, and her beloved father could not escape her expressions of grave disappointment and her calls to conversion.

Of special significance for us today is her exchange of letters with Pope Gregory XI. Though he led an exemplary life in many respects, he was a weak, shy, even cowardly man. He was deeply compromised by his temporal ties to power, wealth, and protection, without which he feared that he and the papacy could not survive. Nepotism was also a terrible problem; his own family members kept him wound around their fingers.

Most of the early popes died as martyrs, but by the time of the Avignon Papacy, popes had become very tied to the world and had “too much to lose.” They had fled to Avignon and had been in residence there for decades, living behind fortified walls, protected by armies, and compromised by alliances with secular rulers. It had to stop.

Gregory XI was the last of the Avignon popes. He only returned to Rome at the prodding of this young woman, not yet thirty, who told him, in effect, to go back to Rome or risk Hell. In 1377, after much delay and fretting, Pope Gregory left for Rome.

Below are some excerpts from a letter she wrote to Gregory XI, just prior to 1377. I think her words speak loudly to the clergy of today. The specific issues that beset clergy today are somewhat different but not that different. The Church no longer commands extensive temporal power or rule, but too many clergy are still unwilling to maintain holy discipline or enforce canonical penalties on malefactors.

I have already said too much; I will let Saint Catherine speak for herself. (If you think my blogs are long, try reading St. Catherine’s letters!) I present here only excerpts of a much longer letter to Pope Gregory; she wrote several others as well. The translation I am using here is from Letters of Catherine Benincasa.

In the name of Jesus Christ crucified and of gentle Mary, mother of God’s Son.

Very loved and reverend father in Christ Jesus,

I Caterina, servant and slave of the servants of Jesus Christ and your poor wretched unworthy daughter, am writing to you in his precious blood. I long to see you the sort of true gentle shepherd who takes an example from the shepherd Christ, whose place you hold. He laid down his life for his little sheep in spite of our ingratitude …

You know that the devil is not cast out by the devil, but by virtue. [Mt. 12, 26-27] … You hold the keys, and to whomever you open it is opened, and to whomever you close it is closed. This is what the good gentle Jesus said to Peter …

So take a lesson from the true Father and Shepherd. For you see that now is the time to give your life for the little sheep who have left the flock. You must seek and win them back by using patience and war—by war I mean by raising the standard of the sweet blazing cross and setting out against the unbelievers. So, you must sleep no longer, but wake up and raise that standard courageously. I am confident that by God’s measureless goodness you will win back the unbelievers and [at the same time] correct the wrongdoing of Christians, because everyone will come running to the fragrance of the cross …

By the fragrance of their virtue they would help eliminate the vice and sin, the pride and filth that are rampant among the Christian people—especially among the prelates, pastors, and administrators of holy Church who have turned to eating and devouring souls, not converting them but devouring them! And it all comes from their selfish love for themselves, from which pride is born, and greed and avarice and spiritual and bodily impurity. They see the infernal wolves carrying off their flock and it seems they don’t care. Their care has been absorbed in piling up worldly pleasures and enjoyment, approval and praise. And all this comes from their selfish love for themselves. For if they loved themselves for God instead of selfishly, they would be concerned only about God’s honor and not their own, for their neighbors’ good and not their own self-indulgence.

Ah, my dear Babbo (Father), see that you attend to these things! Look for good virtuous men and put them in charge of the little sheep. …

Up, father! Put into effect the resolution you have made concerning your return and this crusade. You can see that the unbelievers are challenging you to this by coming as close as they can to take what is yours. Up, to give your life for Christ! Isn’t our body the only thing we have? Why not give your life a thousand times, if necessary, for God’s honor and the salvation of his creatures? That is what he did, and you, his vicar, ought to be carrying on his work. It is to be expected that as long as you are his vicar you will follow your Lord’s ways and example.

So come, come! Delay no longer … Take courage, take courage, father! Stay away from the bitterness that cripples but take hold of the bitterness that strengthens—bitterness at seeing God’s name insulted, and strength in the trust that God will provide for your needs. I’ll say no more, for if I followed my inclination I wouldn’t stop as long as I had life in my body!

Forgive my presumption. Let my love and grief for God’s honor and the advancement of holy Church be my excuse in the presence of your kindness.

This is all I can do now. Have pity on the sweet loving desires being offered for you and holy Church in continual tears and prayers. Please don’t treat them with indifference, but act on them vigorously, for it seems that spring is ready to burst into bloom, and soon the fruit will come, because the flowers are beginning to blossom. … As for whatever I can do, I would gladly give my life if necessary for God’s honor and the salvation of souls. Gentle Jesus! Jesus!

(St. Catherine of Siena, Letter 74 to Gregory XI at Avignon)

Such words still ring true today! We must exhort Pope Francis to hear our cries for investigation and reform. We must speak in love and with respect, but we must also speak insistently and with clarity. The very credibility and fruitfulness of the Church is at stake. We have a duty and a right to speak to him in this way—so do our bishops. In Catherine’s words, “This is all I can do now.” The Pope must decide whether to hear our heartfelt cry or ignore it, but we cannot stop. All we can do now is to cry out insistently for justice and for a purification of the Church.

Thank you, Mother Catherine. May you, who converted the heart of Pope Gregory XI and summoned him to courageous manhood, now imbue us, the clergy and people of today, with that same fortitude and determination to call for what really heals, even if the honesty hurts.

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  1. Well there you have it! Monsignor Pope is always remarkable and forthcoming. This, Beckita, is very beautiful and done in such a way to give us a clear answer when we are searching for what can be done. The history of our beautiful and blessed Church is peppered with such dedicated determined faithful souls who know that Christ is speaking to them, has a decisive message, must deliver that message, and continue on. How wonderful! So we, in this time can go back, from this gather fortitude and understanding, and move upward and onward. Thank you.

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  2. Sin is addictive, and like any other addiction, there’s usually a complex system of denial used to justify its continued dysfunction. Sin, especially “pride” is the denial & rejection of God as creator of all (especially of life).

    It usually takes hitting bottom for a addict to admit they have a problem, but for non-Christians it looks like they would rather die watching the world burn rather than accepting the creator of all… (that is their bottom)

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  3. Thank you Beckita for posting this article from Msgr Pope.

    I have found this blessed Priest most informative and encouraging in every aspect of our Faith. What a blessing God sends us through Msgr Charles Pope. He always speaks the Truth with charity and clarity, and respect at all times. God bless him, and may God continue to bless us with access to writings by this awesome shepherd.

    I already sent a letter to my Bishop based on the advice of Msgr Pope in one of his articles. Written with love and respect, and bringing to the Bishops attention the three main causes of my concerns.
    1 Safeguarding for children and youth, with background checks up to and including the Bishop himself.

    2 Safeguarding for young men and women who enter formation for the religious life. Ensuring protection from sexual predators or bullying in those institutions.

    3 Establish a network of support for all Priests in the diocese providing fatherly care not intimidation; but support in their difficulties.

    Please God we can get through this crisis, and come out the other side more united in our struggles with our human failings whether we have chosen Holy Orders or Matrimony, or singular chastity.

    When you think about it, we are still suffering from the same sin Adam and Eve committed in the garden. Maybe not all of us; but it seems to be the big stumbling block in our sophisticated times.

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  4. Love Saint Catherine! She is one of my goto saints. One thing in her dialog that struck me that resonates with me personally is “love must be tested”. Essentially, we will not know how true love is until the tough times come. This testing actually builds love more. If everything came too easy, would that really be love? Our love of the church is being severely tested now. Will we pass the test and will our love for the church grow?

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  5. Thank-you, Beckita, for sending this out. I haven’t figured out how to sign up for his writings, so thank-you!
    And thank-you for you and your service to us ~ God bless you today and every day.
    Katey in OR ~

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    1. Courage, dear friends! The Blessed Sacrament is our great hope! And it appears the tide is turning …..

      A few hours ago word broke that two men have come forward to the Judiciary Committee identifying themselves as Ms Blasey Ford’s attackers, not Brett Kavanaugh. The Holy Spirit is working and truth is winning. Whoever before has heard of a like situation where conscience drove the true offenders to voluntarily step up and take the heat for their own misdeeds, in so public and politically toxic a situation? Praise be to God honest hearts and minds when we each ponder our own guilt. So many people to pray for in our current American discourse.

      Also, for the 2nd day in a row, President Trump’s has spoken some plain reality to the UN. Wow!

      I can hardly wait to see the miracles continue to unfold in this momentous week. Sunday was the feast day of St Padre Pio, Monday was Our Lady of Walsingham and Our Lady of Ransom, and the week will conclude with St Michael and the Archangels. We are almost to the Oct 7 anniversary of Lepanto, Our Lady of the Rosary, and soon the completion of the 100th year of Fatima on October 13. It appears that we are living in an hour of full blown exorcism where sin is now to be everywhere exposed to truth. Let’s redouble our prayers for mercy in our novenas for deliverance. These are apocalyptic hours, D-Day is here! Our Lady is triumphant.

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  6. Beckita or whoever is monitoring, if this is inappropriate, just delete it and I totally understand. No problem at all. I just had to do something!

    How about e-mailing these people below to support Judge Kavanaugh? I guess now anybody can make up stuff about any good person, without any real proof, and it becomes true no matter what?

    Did you see the people screaming at Ted Cruz and his Wife when they were merely trying to eat out? Do we want good men and women to go through these outrageous ridiculous persecutions? We are losing our country! I know God will help us, but we have to stand up too!

    Lisa Murkowski

    Bob Corker

    Jeff Flake

    Susan Collins

    Contact | Senator Susan Collins

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    1. Connie, I hate to be the ant at the picnic but nothing or extremely little will come out of your email campaign. All of the contact links you provided require the sender to submit an address. Staffers will trash can anything coming from out of the respective state for each of these senators. Of everybody here that happens to live in one of these states, the number of emails sent would have little or no impact. Furthermore, if I may interject my own opinion, emailing these people presupposes that these people give a rat’s rear end what we think. If anything has become obvious over the last couple of years, it is that people in The Big Club don’t listen to us not do they believe they should. To wit: Charlie’s recent post about the insultingly dismissive form letter he got from one of his *representatives*. If anybody thinks I’ve become too cynical, please chime in. I’m all ears.

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        1. p.s. My husband said he heard Brett Baier from FOX News say he “spends a lot of time outside of Washington”. And that the “normal folks out in the states are not liking what is going on against Judge Kavanaugh”. So I think the more noise we make – no more even if it is just a staffer reading it – the better! 🙂

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      1. Christopher, before we had a cyber black hole, in the *olden days* we’d send such correspondences to the circular bin. I believe with all of my heart that all communications are necessary.
        The evil one(s) would want that we’d give up, sulk, just go away. In the end, we will be judged for what was in our hearts when we acted with charity versus how our actions were received those determined to be uncharitable, imho.
        For our peace, on the other hand, we should have no expectations of outcomes as a result of our efforts. Pray, hope and don’t worry. God has a plan, unfolding.

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        1. I’m sorry to have to disagree, but I believe with all of my heart that more words will fall short and that we MUST meet the roaring of the waves with holiness. I say this with 30+ years of communications expertise (i.e. – influencing and moving the consumer masses). The adversary’s effort (when it comes to making noise and headlines), with legions of deluded/willing folks at his disposal, has us outgunned. We simply can’t wade into this vicious gun fight with a knife, or worse, little more than spitballs.

          Holiness. I’ll never tire of saying it.

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          1. Holiness IS critical… the very foundation of life. At the same time, if someone, in acknowledging God, is called to speak in a certain moment or venue, it, too, becomes a Christian duty.

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            1. You know that I agree with that part to a healthy, balanced degree, B, but we’re losing the war of words. I say speak, yes, but ‘speak’ more efficaciously with holiness. I know there’s a zest for truth here. Jesus is The Truth. More looking to Jesus, less getting ambushed.

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          2. I do not disagree with your experience either MP. I am firm believer that one-size does not fit all and variety is the spice of life. I suggest we do all we can, and every bit, big or small matters when done charitably in the grand scheme of things.

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            1. Of course we don’t disagree on your latter points, Jen, and the irony of me expending even more words so my point is understood is not lost on me.

              We’re all called to holiness and are fully capable. At all times. Mother Theresa and John Paul II come to mind.

              Charlie commented that it would take 500 years to understand the depths of the inspired works from John Paul II. I agree. In fact, I think it might take the Church 500 years to recover from these times.

              Mother Theresa went out into the street and personally tended to Christ in her brethren. Most don’t need much more than a few moments to understand that.

              It’s not difficult to look at the data today. Imbalances everywhere, too much noise, too many words, unprecedented access to information… and to what avail? Has it made us holier?

              Communicating, compiling data, parsing, analyzing, interpreting…. sorry, just old habits of mine.

              I’d rather be out on the trail.

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  7. Just to piggy-back on this, (I’m taking a mile now, Beckita 😊) — Johnathan Cahn sends these “short takes” out below. I think this is what Ted Cruz was doing when those people were shouting at him when he and his Wife were out eating — when he said to the jeerers – “God Bless you!) God has to love those who follow his words so much!

    “Once, when my niece Nicole was three years old, she started yelling and screaming. My father in an effort to get her to stop wanted to say, “When you act like that Nicole, your face is no longer pretty, it becomes ugly.” But it came out, “You’re ugly.” Before my father could correct himself, Nicole without missing a beat, shouted back in a counter-reply, at the top of her lungs, “You’re handsome!” It didn’t fit. And yet with two words, Nicole completely disabled my father and every other adult in the room. What Nicole did was biblical. Messiah told us to bless those who curse us. It doesn’t fit or make sense, but that’s what He said. And that applies not just to those who curse us with words, but with anyone who’s ever done something to hurt us. The normal response is to curse them back or respond in like manner. But Messiah says, “Do good to those who hurt you.” Overcome evil with good. It doesn’t fit or make sense. But it will confound the situation, and it will disable your problem. It works. Just ask Nicole. ”
    From Message #550 – The Third Way
    Scripture: Luke 6:28

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    1. ConnieB, Thanks for doing the legwork for the senators’ contact info; will follow through.
      Beckita, So appreciative of this post as I wasn’t familiar with Msgr. Charles Pope’s writings. It’s
      very edifying, as are all of Charlie’s and your posts.
      On a side note, Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), points out the absurdity of the spending bill that
      funds PP, but not the wall…

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      1. You are welcome. Here are some more I read were “on the fence”. Not sure if that’s true, but I’m e-mailing them too! You can type up something and copy and paste it in each for ease! Go get em! :0

        Bill Cassidy
        Michael Enzi Enzi

        John Kennedy Kennedy

        James Landford

        Jerry Moran

        Ben Sasse

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  8. Prayers asked for our oldest daughter who is leaving today to go on “The Pilgrimage for Restoration” (60 mile (or so) pilgrimage) from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament at Lake George Village, NY to the Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs of New France at Auriesville, NY.

    From there she will be traveling out to the “Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” convent in Still Water MA, to discern entering the religious life.

    We are very proud of our daughter for taking this direction in her life.
    John and Sarah

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    1. One day (year), I’ll participate. (i live in the adjoining town) I have always wanted to follow in St. Issac Joques footsteps, if you will. This is a beautiful, inspiring event. Walking from the location where St. Issac made a birch bark canoe to Auriesville, his Martyrdom.

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      1. I walked the pilgrimage in 2005 and 2006 in the St. Issac Joque brigade. I was 30 and it was brutal 🙂 but a great spiritual exercise.

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  9. We are in “A Gun Fight” in both Church & Nation (EU Nations too). For 50+ years we have allowed The Usual Suspects, in both arenas, to call the shots, set the agendas and Spin-n-Smear us with near impunity/immunity. I have NO DOUBT a Civil War of Good vs. Evil has started and Evil, at the moment, has their “Guns” loaded and the Good Guys are still cleaning the Cosmoline off theirs …. or, still, dithering like Chicken Littles. It does not take much imagination, NOW, to figure out who “The Wolves” were that PB16 was concerned about or what PP6 was alluding to with his “Smoke of Satan” quote and St JP and his “Final Confrontation” prediction. As each “layer of the onion” is removed the ever increasing stench of inner corruption is apparent:

    I’ve said before that Voris often rubs me the wrong way but it’s past time to become Militant!

    Likewise I’ve decided to spend more time researching/supporting outfits like “The Roman Catholic Faithful”

    There was very good reasons that the Church organized The Military Orders some thousand years ago! The Dangers “Out-There” NOW are more manifest and on many fronts.


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    1. CD, I was delighted a while back to see that RCF is back in business. They fought so hard years ago to expose corruption, and were not listened to properly. Poor Father Kuntz, who was murdered, was working with them. There is such evil that still needs to be exposed. We need fortitude and strength from the Holy Spirit to each know what our part is, of course praying first.

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    2. As always, CrewDog, thank you for being on the front lines of the news we can use. I greatly appreciate your effort to find and share the heartening pieces too. Surely I believe, without a doubt, there is much more good than bad to behold and celebrate.

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    3. Hey CD, since you mentioned Church Militant, have you seen the latest Vortex? It’s an interview with Fr. Kalchik (from an undisclosed location for fear of ‘the enforcers’). I watched this in stunned disbelief. And trust me, it takes a LOT to stun me these days. Here is a priest who was threatened to be hauled away for psych eval because he stood his ground against the homosexual mafia (and let’s face it folks, it’s Chicago we’re talking about here. Calling it a mafia is not hyperbole). The good Fr. Kalchik is now literally in hiding for fear of his life and freedom. I was watching and wondering how I could materially support him. GoFundMe would never accept such a cause and I’m afraid direct financial donations would be intercepted before reaching him. It was truly, truly heartbreaking to watch but SO very instructive. I hope everybody sees where this is headed. First *they* wanted tolerance. They got it. Then they wanted ratification. They got it (marriage). Now they are demanding participation. Refusal gets you fired-fined-sued-commited for psych evaluation.

      Watch this and weep. Seriously!

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      1. Still considering this event, Christopher. Immediately, the thought arose that Fr. Kalchik may have been better off simply, quietly accomplishing the burning and exorcism prayers. Of course, Cardinal Cupich responded poorly.
        There’s a piece by Fr. Z which speaks to abuse of some Bishops towards their clergy: Read and weep: Soviet style “psych” tactics used against priests by bishops. And there’s the reality of danger concerning taking the risk of being a whistle blower.

        Back to this particular scenario with Fr. Kalchik, Fr. Dwight Longenecker does a great analysis:

        The Curious Case of Fr Kalchik

        For those who are watching the meltdown of liberal American Catholicism, the drama has a new episode every day. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more frightening and bizarre…

        It does, and Chicago seems to be one of the flash points. You thought two Chicago priests caught having oral sex in Florida in broad daylight was bad? Then you learn about the famous Cardinal Bernardin and the seamy death of Fr. Montalbano and the dark side of Casa Jesus and you see just how deep the gay mafia runs in Chicago.

        Now we learn about Cardinal Cupich’s grotesque handling of the case of Fr Paul Kalchik.

        Church Militant has the story here, but I’ll give you the short version:

        Fr Kalchik is himself the victim of sexual abuse. He was raped as a boy and then as a young man of 19 he was attacked by a gay priest.

        Fr Kalchik was the pastor of the parish of the Resurrection in Chicago. This parish was established by Cardinal Bernardin as the “gay friendly” parish in Chicago. At the dedication a big rainbow banner infused with a cross decorated the sanctuary. By Fr Kalchik’s time the banner had been removed, but parishioners angry with the gay sex abuse scandal in the church decided to burn the banner in a public ceremony on church grounds. Fr Kalchik was warned by Cardinal Cupich not to proceed with the ceremony. Fr Kalchik held back, but the people went ahead with the banner burning.

        Cardinal Cupich ordered Kalchik to leave. He refused. Then Cardinal Cupich sends two of his senior clergy to tell the dissident priest to pack his bags because he needs to go to a notorious pastoral center for a psychiatric evaluation. They hint at his death. They pressure him to leave and threaten police action to remove him from the rectory. So Fr Kalchick does pack his bags, but he slips out the back door and disappears.


        OK. This is the version that is being presented, and its pretty dramatic. In fact, it would make a great movie. But let’s stop and draw a breath.

        First of all, Church Militant are notoriously inflammatory. They’re sensationalist and it is right to take what they say with a pinch of salt. We don’t know all the background. We don’t know all the facts and we should remember that most situations are far more complicated than they appear in news reports. There is always another side to the story. It is possible that there is a long history of rebellious behavior from Fr Kalchik, and it is possible that he has a history of emotional or psychiatric issues. It is possible that the parish have been fomenting rebellion and division for some time. There is a lot we do not know.

        However, Fr Kalchik was smart, when the two representatives from the diocese turned up on his doorstep, to insist that his parishioners should be present for the meeting. If this happened, then their testimony as recorded by Michael Voris, weighs pretty heavily–even if they are biased in favor of their pastor.

        But let’s step back from the sensational and try to take the very best possible view of this incident. Let’s give Cardinal Cupich and the Chicago diocesan authorities every possible benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume the Fr Kalchik does have a history of unstable behavior. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that he is some sort of wild eyed conservative homophobic radical who needs taming. Let’s also assume that Cardinal Cupich is a good and caring pastor for his clergy. Let’s assume what he did was a last resort after a long process of dialogue and listening, and that he decided for the best interests of everyone that Fr Kalchik needed a time of rest and re-evaluation. Let’s assume that Michael Voris is throwing gas on the fire, that the parishioners are exaggerating the foul nature of the event and that Fr Kalchik is not on the lam, but has simply agreed to leave and take a vacation while things blow over.

        Even if we give it the best possible gloss this is still an unbelievably monstrous way for Cardinal Cupich to behave. Here’s why:

        Fr Kalchik is a victim of homosexual abuse. Raped as a child and assaulted by a priest as a young man, it is understandable that he feels traumatized by gay behavior. As a priest it is understandable that he finds a gay mafia in his diocese to be hugely offensive and threatening. Was there appropriate pastoral care for this victim of clergy gay sex abuse? I thought we were all about caring for the victims? If you would like to read Fr Kalchik’s first hand account you can read the heart felt letter he wrote to Pope Francis here.
        Let’s assume that Fr Kalchik has emotional and psychiatric issues and that he may be suffering from post traumatic stress. Is this how you administer proper pastoral care for a vulnerable priest? Call the cops?
        Fr Kalchik has a right to dissent from church authority if that authority contradicts church teachings. Consider how New Ways Ministry–which has been formally condemned by the highest church authority– is treated compared to Fr Kalchik. New Ways Ministry and Fr Martin SJ are feted and supported for their open dissent, but Fr Kalchik does not have the right to express his views?
        The two priests Cardinal Cupich sent to punish Fr Kalchik both have links to the Chicago gay mafia. Fr Kalchik writes here in his letter to Pope Francis about his knowledge of the gay sex abusers in Chicago. If the Cardinal knew about Fr Kalchik’s history of being a victim of gay sex abuse, how could he have sent two priests who have themselves been under a cloud to deal with him? How dumb is that?
        What a PR fiasco! Was there no awareness that this whole affair would hit the headlines? Did the Cardinal really threaten to bring in the police to evict Fr Kalchik? It would seem that Cardinal Cupich has learned absolutely nothing about public relations after his crazy TV interview saying homosexual abuse was no big deal and the pope has other more important things to deal with like the environment and plastic water bottles. The level of incompetence in the handling of this from a public relations point of view is mind boggling.
        Is Cardinal Cupich so completely unaware that he and the rest of the red robes are perceived as sixteenth century prelates–living in their palaces, jet setting off to Rome and mouthing pious words about immigrants and climate change while in fact an increasing number of the faithful regard them as corrupt, devious, Machiavellian Renaissance cardinals desperate to defend themselves and deflect all blame no matter what? Did he think threatening a faithful priest would help?
        We’re all about building bridges and listening aren’t we? So you build bridges and listen by threatening police action and eviction?
        The threat of police action was bad enough, but what about the threat of “removal to a pastoral center for psychiatric evaluation”? This is the stuff of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the re-education camps of the Gulag. Is this what will happen to anyone who dissents from the gay agenda? That’s what it feels like.
        This disaster contributes to the impression that the whole hierarchy from the Pope downward are intent on continuing to cover for gay sex abusers, and they will take every measure possible to shut down dissent from their disastrous decisions.
        Will we see a humble apology from Cardinal Cupich to Fr Kalchik and his people? Will we see an attempt at reconciliation and repentance? Don’t bet on it.

        The only possible bright side of this horrible affair is that Cardinal Cupich and the rest of his liberal cronies are being revealed for what they really are.

        This is the face of their “mercy”.

        So we have a priest who has been traumatized by gay sex abuse and who dissents from being steamrollered by the rainbow brigade?

        Fire him. Kick him out. Send him to the looney bin. Write him off. Throw him under the bus. Call the police.

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        1. Beckita, the entry today from Father Z is even more revealing. It’s more info about St. Luke’s where they send these poor priests, the place Father Kalchik is trying to avoid. No wonder it sounds like the “gulag” if Bella Dodd and others used Communist tactics by infiltrating the Church. I just pray that all of these things being revealed will wipe out the evil. C. Cupich must go.

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      2. Hi CJ,
        I did see this and it occurred to me later…… It’s probably past time for investigators to take a long-n-hard look at this Psych Facility that the Cardinal’s “Agents” were attempting to drag Fr Kalchik off to!!!
        We are not a Stalinist/Maoist/NorK State … YET!?! ….. Priests, like the rest of US, have Civil Rights too.
        Let’s PRAY that “The Dominoes” fall quickly ….. but be READY for extremely unpleasant revelations!!!


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        1. PS: Well, WELL!! I’m happy that I’m not the only one “uncomfortable” with this Psych Facility “Business”. Sadly, I’m afraid that when the “Onion gets Peeled” we will find out that The Usual Suspects have used these “Facilities” as a means to fly cover for pervert clergy, issue “Clean Bills of Health” and give perps assignments to unsuspecting parishes, schools & ;-(


          GOD SAVE ALL HERE!!

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        2. This is a similar tactic that my ex (now annulled by the grace of God) used to separate me from my home and children in a diabolical divorce. He was aided by corrupt family/friends in the Chicago Police Department and a more crooked Cook County Family Court System. Subsequent to my ordeal, I learned, first-hand, that this was more common in divorces/separations than I could ever imagine. First pick a fight, then file a false order of protection and a false police report behind the scenes, then days later claim the *wife* is disturbed/combative and in need of a 72 hour psych eval. While she is hauled off, the hubby cleans house, literally and figuratively and has a built-in *mark(s)* on record for the custody to boot.
          Reading about the egregious abuse of power hits very close to home for me. Sadly our children have been hurt tremendously too and to this day are largely estranged from me. Their father has rarely spoken to me for almost 10 years. Please pray for us.

          Just more weapons in the arsenal of evil, abuse of power, division, control, love of self which have aided in leading us to where we are now, imho.

          Pray, pray, pray and be a sign of hope as we pave the way back to living as grateful and loving children of God. ❤

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          1. Dear sweet Jen, God bless you! At the Father Z post I tried to include above (more about St. Luke’s), there is a long comment by “the Masked Chicken” expounding on the relationship “psychology” has to law enforcement. It certainly sounds like what you describe. God will reward you!

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            1. By the way, the APA has been hijacked by extreme left LGBTQ. Thus, things like homosexuality is acceptable and transgender (gender dysphoria) needs to be affirmed and push these poor folks towards sex change operations. I have little faith in today’s certified APA psychologists. This does not mean that there are not good psychologists out there, but the profession as a whole has trended towards Godless values.


              1. Doug, I recently read a good article on this subject from a health care industry whistleblower that I respect. It is titled Psychiatry and the great fraud, written by Jon Rappoport, on May 3, 2018 and can be found on his blog. Sadly, I do not think the students going into the field know that they are being *had*. When you are being taught, up is down and down is up… does this make an unsuspecting and trusting student turned practitioner *bad*?
                Surely I have made the connection between false or erroneous teaching in many vocations, including the priesthood.

                These things too shall pass, God-willing.

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              This is the link I tried to include earlier, including the ties between law enforcement and “psychology” (when you read the comment by “the Masked Chicken” who obviously knows a lot about this field)

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              1. Thank you. I skimmed over it and will look back at it in more detail at a later time. By the grace of God, I was spared the admit to a psych unit for eval, but did not escape the false OOP, criminal charges reported to the CPD which resulted in a warrant for my arrest and a indication to the Children and Family Services.

                The judge threw out the request to have the OOP extended beyond the 30 days and told us to *work it out* 🙂
                I had two criminal court dates set on Fridays, both of which were cancelled because the courts were shut down both days due to acts of God, one electrical and the other inclement weather and then the statute of limitations ran out in this rat race. 0:)
                And the appeal hearing with my pro-bono attorney (one of my angels, I believe) was reversed. The hearing could not have gone better. The Holy Spirit spoke for me, I have no doubt. 🙂

                For now, I am off to church. I will bring you and all our ASOH family with me in prayer to our The 177 Project this evening being offered in this year of the Eucharist for our whole diocese.


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                1. So sorry, Jen, to learn of all these tribulations. Your steadfastness during adversity is a testament to your faith. Continued prayers for you.

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            3. Thank you dear Annie W! I was truly blessed in the process. God was with me each step of the way and put not only great people, but angels on earth to carry me through the darkest hour in which I found myself in. Praise be to God!

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  10. I have posted here a couple of times about what I call The Attack. What I am referring to is a diabolical attack.

    Believers should agree that all of humanity is under diabolical attack as part of Satan’s objective to separate man from God. It is part of the struggle for souls. All souls face some kind of Attack during their lives for the purpose of separating them from God.

    Some folks won’t have a clue what I am talking about. They haven’t been attacked (or so they think); haven’t seen an attack; haven’t felt an attack; haven’t been the subject of an attack. The idea that they personally or their loved ones could be personally targeted for a customized diabolical attack on them is a downright unthinkable and ridiculous proposition. Superstitious. Irrational. Symptom of psychiatric illness. Perhaps hallucinatory.

    The Devil is coming after ME personally? Attacking ME personally? Has been observing and tracking and planning an attack designed to separate ME from God and capture MY soul?

    The hoots and howls of derision and laughter. Ridicule. Humiliation.

    Other folks will know exactly what I am talking about. Some, like me, out of personal experience of being the target of and surviving The Attack. Others by observing or reflecting upon the Attack that others, perhaps in their own family, have suffered through and have survived or not survived.

    One curious thing I have noticed in my lifetime is that the Christian families I have known all seem to have one kind of stinky, rotten problem or another to contend with. Some of those families survive and some, sadly, succumb to the Attack. Some form of Attack, whether in weak form or in seemingly monstrously strong and vicious form, seems to go with being a Christian. Somehow it comes with the territory.

    There is almost nothing you can say to those individuals who deny the possibility of a personalized, customized attack plan designed to separate them from God. In those cases it might be reasonably argued that the Devil has been successful to a large extent in camouflaging or disguising or hiding the intention and the attack itself aimed at them. The Devil is not interested in the fireworks he is interested in the outcome. Mission accomplished, at least for a time.

    However, for the Christian who has been subject to The Attack and has survived the experience it becomes easier to spot the occurrence of the Attack as it progresses and reoccurs in other forms in their own lives and in the lives of others. Recall what Justice Stewart Potter had to say about pornography:

    “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [hard-core pornography]; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”

    Like Justice Potter survivors know it when we see it.

    I would submit to you that the intensity of The Attack targeted on an individual is directly related to the good that person is doing in the world to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth. Mild attacks, which can be successfully and easily camouflaged or hidden are for the lukewarm. Who are the lukewarm? See Justice Stewart above. We know it when we see it.

    I would also submit that those individuals who sincerely feel they have never suffered any kind of attack at all, ever, are in a lot of trouble.

    Huge, vicious, monstrous, potentially lethal attacks are for those who are making a big difference in the world for Christ. For those who are moving the ball forward. For those who are leading men and women to Christ. For those who are making a difference in God’s favor and who from the Devil’s perspective must be stopped in their tracks because … well … souls are at stake. Who are those who are making a difference in the world? See Justice Stewart above. We know them when we see them.

    I would submit that Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing The Attack at this very moment. It is a high end, high order, vicious and lethal assault on not only the Judge but his whole family. This Attack is bad. About as bad as I have ever seen.

    One unusual characteristic of this ALL OUT ATTACK of the Devil on a Christian is that it is PUBLIC. The hounds of hell both spiritual demons and human minions of the Devil have been unleashed in a desperate attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh before he can act as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice to continue the good he is doing in the world. Kavanaugh has got to be stopped in his tracks even at the cost of going public with The Attack that will reveal its nature and its origin to even the most skeptical observer. In this case the Devil is risking the fireworks to get to his desired outcome.

    I have been thinking about the Hearing that is to be held in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow. If it occurs, it will be a spectacle of demonic attack. High end. Vicious. Perhaps lethal. As Public as it gets.

    I am thinking of all those who are now participants in the unfolding Attack right before our eyes. The spectacle of a last ditch attempt to kill the life of Brett Kavanaugh. I am thinking of those who are going to put their hand up and make an oath to tell the Truth. Before God. And who are then going to lie. Should she do that I fear for the soul of Mrs Ford. She needs our prayers to stop short of taking that fateful step that the minions are undoubtedly urging her to take.

    I fear for the Senators who are aiding an abetting this Demonic Attack on a good man trying to do the right thing. Those who vote to kill this nomination and with it the reputation and life of Brett Kavanaugh and his family are at the very least accessories to the Crime and the Sin. Even if they refuse to acknowledge that fact.

    I fear for those perhaps MILLIONS of average Americans concurring with, advocating for, and cheering on this Attack in progress.

    Forgive them Father for they don’t know what they are doing. In some cases.

    Then I am thinking about Brett Kavanaugh. Who is Brett Kavanaugh? We know it when we see it.

    I don’t believe Judge Kavanaugh will take that oath and give untruthful testimony at risk of his soul.

    I do believe that Jesus will be sitting right next to him at that table.

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    1. Amen, Ed. Have been and continue to pray the Precious Blood over Brett Kavanaugh, his family and our land. The demons were shrieking on the first day of his hearing on September 4th and they have only intensified the manifestation of their presence.

      “And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” (Job 1:7)

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    2. Today, at the Hour of Mercy, a little after 3 PM I offerred the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for all involved with the Brett Kavanaugh issue, pro or against. Specifically, Alyssa Milano. I think it is crucial to offer our prayers and indulgences requesting those Holy Souls to pray for conversion and healing.

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    3. Dear ASOH and TNRS family may I suggest we fast tomorrow for Judge Kavanaugh and pray the St. Michael the Arkangel Chaplet for him. This may be the one where the Lord said fasting is the only way to get rid of this type of demon. Lord have mercy.

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    4. STEd, I know *exactly* what you are talking about and honor you for coming through your Attack. You are spot-on about the Kavanaugh situation. And I venture to add that a resolution tomorrow in his favor and a vote to recommend on Friday will not stop this Attack, although it may cause it to morph into something else. I expect the Attack to ratchet up and spread to many others around our country.

      However, one very good result of all this is that many people who are currently clueless or who are even supportive of this Attack at first will be awakened and will have their first real, conscious chance to Choose rightly. The illness involves a difficult fever, but the fever is in a real sense part of the cure.

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      1. Nothing new under the sun with the slimy, desperate Dems. Frankly, the more women they bring out to smear Mr. Kavanaugh with lies, the worse their useless, shady political party looks. People will eventually see through the evil unless they choose to remain blind.

        The Dum Dems are playing their second-to-last hand. In fact, they are over-playing it. So what, then, is their last hand?

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      2. Steve, I agree… I can’t see the Attack ending, no matter which way it goes. And yes, it is forcing people to choose. I have been watching the news all evening and there is plenty of righteous anger on behalf of Kavanaugh supporters. Most are sick of the game. Period. For the sake of Truth, Mother Mary, take over. May Truth prevail.

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    5. Ed. I just came across your post after watching the second part of an interview done at Church Militant with the Priest who is on the run from Cardinal Capuch diocese, and forced internment.

      And it was remarkable how similar the attack described in your post is, when you hear this poor Priest describe what he has been through.

      And I have never in my life felt the pain an abuse victim goes through like this Priest describes.

      I noticed Judge Kavanagh’s wife looking so distraught yet so dignified in an interview. God protect this decent young couple and their family in this demonic circus, compliments of the demonic party. The days of Christians being thrown to the loins are back.

      Fight on Judge Kavanagh, the bruises will heal and make you stronger for the future. And scars are the marks of royalty in the Kingdom of God.

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  11. When you might have the time, here’s a link to a webinar which was held this morning hosted by Teresa Tomeo with guests Msgr. Pope and Al Kresta.

    The topic: Co-Workers in the Kingdom: The Laity and the Abuse Crisis: Where Do We Go from Here? Part II

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  12. I just got home from youth group tonight and I read them the letter not giving the name of the author. Our lesson involved our director, our parochial vicar and me trying to help them make sense of the scandal raging in our church. At the end the climactic moment was the reveal of the name, St. Catherine of Sienna. That is the name of our parish. Coincidence is God being anonymous.

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  13. “Just a fool’s hope”

    I was thinking this thought yesterday and today after a trip to Oregon to see our son and to enjoy God’s countryside mostly off the grid. Things do seem so dark especially with the Kavanaugh accusations and all. Our human attempts to improve our country and our world so often seem to come to nothing, not much anyway! Apart from God and from Divine assistance our efforts are mostly “fool’s hopes”. But let us, especially me, pray and trust that we do have help we haven’t fully realized yet!

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  14. Sadly, there’s a part of me that WANTS to meet them in the streets, but I know that it would be as useless a gesture as Peter’s sword in the garden. The larger, vigorous part has doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on prayers. A simple dialog. Sometimes nothing more than gazing and longing.

    Let them exhaust themselves. All the easier to wade in after for the real work.

    For those who are easily perturbed, please avoid as much news as possible in the next couple of weeks.

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      1. I don’t think anybody posted this from Roman Catholic Man/Holy League about the Novena that leads up to the Coast-to-Coast Rosary that Charlie said is so important. I promise to be quiet now.

        Subject: Special Forces Prayer Warriors! This Our Time! This is Our D-Day!

        Dear Special Forces Prayer Warriors,

        I spoke with David Daleiden last week. David would, very much, appreciate our prayers during our last novena of our 54-Day Rosary Novena for our Nation. Here’s why.

        We all recall when, in 2015, David Daleiden released videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing fees for human fetal tissue and organs. These videos dealt a severe blow to Planned Parenthood, and went a long way in turning our country away from a culture of death to a culture of life. I consider David a great hero in our times, and I have likened his battle against Planned Parenthood as that of David and Goliath.

        Now we are seeing laws instituted, one after another, to snuff out the life of the Goliath that is Planned Parenthood. The most recent was HHS terminating a contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) for “fresh” aborted fetal organs and tissues. (See Trump administration pro-life “wins” HERE)
        Add to this that polling is now showing nationwide sentiment in favor of significant abortion restrictions.

        These investigative videos were so damaging to the Abortion industry that the culture of death began to throw everything in their arsenal against David Daleiden, and to do all they could to keep these videos from being seen:
        Planned Parenthood and their political cronies are waging an all-out, meritless legal assault against CMP, our citizen journalists, and ultimately against the First Amendment. They have sued us for almost everything, except, conspicuously, for defamation, slander, or libel-because the video camera doesn’t lie.
        David Daleiden informed me that, on October 3rd, he and his legal team will face a critical court date. This court date “happens” to fall squarely in the middle of the last novena (Sept. 29 – Oct. 7) of six we have prayed in the 54 Day Rosary “Novena for Our Nation.”

        Add to this that it looks like the Senate vote on the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanough to the Supreme Court will also occur some time during this “last novena.” Again, we all know that another constitutional judge greatly threatens the culture of death.

        Warriors, now is the time for all of us to say, “I’m Going In!” We know this is a spiritual war against Satan and his army of angels. We must, first, “BELIEVE!” And, in belief, we must call upon St. Michael and his army of angels to rise and deal the last blow to Satan’s culture of death.

        President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke these words in the moments before D-Day, June 6, 1944. I believe they apply to this great spiritual D-Day we are about to embark upon:
        You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months.

        The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.

        Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely …

        I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty, and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory.

        Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

        As I stated earlier, in these last nine days, I am asking all Special Forces Prayer Warriors to add the mighty Chaplet of St. Michael. This powerful chaplet is designed to call upon St. Michael and all nine choirs of angels to engage battle with you (You can read about it HERE). To learn how to pray the St. Michael Chaplet, go HERE.

        To order your own St. Michael Combat Chaplet, go HERE.

        As you pray this St. Michael Chaplet, during these last nine days (Sept. 29 – Oct. 7), please add these two intentions:

        “Lord, through the intercession of Mary, St. Michael and his army of angels, please help Justice Kavanough to be selected as a Supreme Court Justice.”

        “Lord, through the intercession of Mary, St. Michael and his army of angels, please help David Daleiden to be victorious over Satan and his culture of death.”

        Holy League, PO Box 1266, La Crosse, WI 54602

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        1. Thank you, Connie. As a FB friend of Fr. Rick, this came into my FB feed and it’s another piece I would like to put up for those readers who don’t usually read comments.

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        2. ConnieB, as you report, Fr Heilman said there “Warriors, now is the time for all of us to say, “I’m Going In!” We know this is a spiritual war against Satan and his army of angels. We must, first, “BELIEVE!” And, in belief, we must call upon St. Michael and his army of angels to rise and deal the last blow to Satan’s culture of death.”

          It seems Archbishop Vigano’s motto is “I know whom I have believed.” —2 Timothy 1:12

          From his latest statement dated this coming Feast of St Michael the Archangel:

          Click to access SCIO_CUI_CREDIDI_-_E.pdf

          The image of The Calming of the Storm and Archbishop’s comment are very poignant!

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    1. Bob, interesting how similarly the deacon and Charlie (next writing) leave us with their concluding words:

      St Michael is rising!

      Aslan is on the move.

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        1. Thank you Mother for your lesson in humility! Oh Beckita, I just lost my whole post when I went to look for a link to go with it!!

          Basically, I was responding to the image you posted with a witness to a couple of incidents relating to Archangel Gabriel which I have posted before on TNRS. OK, I won’t bore everyone again.

          This is the culprit link:

          Many years ago, under inspiration, I wrote a song about Mother and her Archangels based loosely on the 4 Rosary Mysteries. I loved the song in the link back in the 70’s – Conquistodor by Procol Harum – the dramatic music, not so much the gloomy lyrics – and decided to counter it with a rousing Battle Song, again based loosely on that same melody.

          Conquistadora winning souls for all eternity
          Your Battle Plan revealed in full – the Holy Rosary
          O that weapon so refined – recalls each mystery to mind
          Captures hearts and bids us sing – Alleluia, praise the King!

          Verse 1
          In the beginning, Gabr’el sought your Fiat
          The Father gained it, the Battle did start
          Now the world reels, watching your power
          With your raised heel, conq’ring the Hour

          Verse 2
          You call us Mother, into your Ark
          There Light o’ Christ shines, melting the dark
          In Consecration, full battle array
          Your children gather, for Mercy we pray

          Verse 3 (tempo change, as per 70’s song)
          And as we hoped for something to find
          The peace we craved for – heavenly kind
          The Cross we mounted, our standard above
          You help us Mother, with Raphael’s love

          Verse 4
          With sword of Truth raised, branding the land
          The Queen delivers with Michael at hand
          Spirit and Bride say “Lord Jesus Come”
          Receive your Glory – the Father’s Kingdom.

          Happy Feast Day Holy Archangels and praise and thanks to our God for such goodness and mercy to place us in your mighty and wondrous care!

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  15. In my Net Surfing today I ran across an article about Sam Adams, AKA: Father of the American Revolution…. and well known Patriot Firebrand. In it was a quote:

    In a letter written to James Warren, 1779, warning:
    “A general dissolution of the principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.”

    This quote triggered a memory of a similar/more famous quote from his cousin John Adams the famous Patriot and 2nd USA Prez.

    John Adams from a letter to the MA Militia, 1798:
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Considering the USA Going-Ons of the past 20 years in general, Election 16, unending Anti-Trump Coup and the current Kavanah Lefty Hit-Job ….. not to mention unending Church Scandals ;-(
    I truly believe that we are at that tipping point where amoral and irreligious people are very close to destroying our Republic …. and Church. We need Christian Patriots as of old …. NOW!!! …….. it will be entirely TOO LATE in 10 short years!!

    Oh!!! Many pardons for allowing that awful word “Militia” to slip into my post … but … It’s Historical .. Ya Know!!?? ….. and considering the scandals/malfeasance of our Federal/State/Church Governments … like 1775 …. I’m hoping that local Militias will become commonplace once again!! …. Please God!!


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  16. CTH commenting on current events and The Cold Anger that I hope is spreading exponentially …. I pray … an exponential spread that is necessary to counter the increasing vile, violent and unhinged behavior of The Usual Suspects.
    This is another article that could easily be re-written to reflect the current stage of the Church Scandals ;-(

    “Kavanaugh, Cold Anger and The Reckoning….”


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  17. Asking for prayers.
    My niece Hanna who is 13 years old has been diagnosed with leukemia.
    Thank you all for your prayers as we offer up yet another cross to the Lord for the souls of our world so deeply troubled in so many ways.

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  18. Yes, exactly so. A profession that has, I think, usurped the role of the priest confessor, who alone can bestow Christ’s complete healing power through true absolution. Where there have been too few humble priests, psychology has filled the vacuum with the poisoned air of self esteem and “tolerance.” Bitter fruits, sweet on the outside, a modern way of eating from the forbidden tree. I have personally benefitted greatly from the help of psychology, but only after sifting it’s tenets through the strainer of Truth, especially the treasure of the Saints, Fathers, and Magisterium.

    Many Saints and Fathers were brilliant in understanding the human mind and heart. Their deposit of wisdom, revealed Truth and objective reason were the province of the Church faithful until the 1960s spewed out the nonsense of “freedom” to create your own reality, which just turned out to be another version of hell. It’s been a “bad trip” ever since.

    But truth wins in the end.

    I pray for the reunion of psychological treatment with objective truth. Thanks to all the loving psychology professionals who daily endure the war of our current zeitgeist against the healing power of Sacraments and the sacredness of life from conception to natural death. I look forward to the day when psychologists can, everywhere, freely work with dedicated priests for complete and true healing of their clients.

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