The Barren Lands – Short Takes

Barren Lands

By Charlie Johnston

“Great ones of the world, will your hearts always be hardened? Your Life has come down from heaven: will you not now at last rise with him and live? But how can you rise if you are in high places and your clamour reaches heaven? Come down from those heights, for then you may climb and, this time, climb to God. To climb against him was your fall.” – Confessions, St. Augustine, Book IV, Chapter 12


As the nature of God is, through the love that processes through the Trinity, to create, so the opposite nature of the satan is to attempt to negate what God has created. With our sexual nature, mankind is privileged to participate with God in the very act of creation – of a human with a soul. This enflames the satan with jealousy, for he is barren and loathes it. It is, in part, why he loves to enflame disordered sexual lusts in man – to make a mockery of our creative potency and to demonstrate that we are unworthy of the dignity which God has bequeathed us; to mutilate and hideously disfigure that dignity.

So the first three questions I ask myself when trying to discern primary demonic influence in the midst of ordinary disorder are: Is it barren of its very nature? Does it actively attack the very idea, the conception, of creation, itself? Does it involve sexual disorder? There are subordinate questions I consider – but if at least two of the three big ones are affirmative, I presume I am dealing with a minion of the satan.


Many current commentators note the irony that the atheist left is, by far, the most bigoted section of modern society. Certainly, there is an irony in the contrast between their words and their actions, but they are remarkably consistent. A hundred years ago the left sought power by dividing people up along racial and religious lines. At that time, the para-military arm of the Democratic Party was the Ku Klux Klan. Now, they are still seeking power by dividing people up along racial and religious lines – while adding various categories of sexual disorder to the mix. Now Antifa is their para-military arm. Same tactics, different victims. Clever (in a low, cunning sort of way) to call their serial depredations, “tolerance.”

This is because the left is constantly playing a zero sum game. It cannot imagine a scenario in which all can be at peace with each other. There must be oppressors and oppressed, victims and victimizers. They are like psychotic firemen – constantly setting ablaze our society and our peace in hopes of heroically rescuing us. It is always, in the end, about them. They cannot imagine something as mundane as building a house or offering a kind, encouraging word to all. Like the satan, himself, they have to add a lot of pyrotechnics to their virtue-signaling to hide their utter incapacity to create anything of worth.

This is why their economics, while promising so much, always ends in misery and poverty for all who embrace it. They are utterly incapable of even imagining how to create prosperity. They can’t create anything themselves, so they certainly can’t show or encourage anyone else how to do so. Like a band of thieves, all they are capable of is dividing the spoils of what they have looted from their betters. Their ultimate attack is on creation, itself; their rage is reserved for those who create and, most particularly, those who would help others learn to create. The atheist left denies the better nature of mankind, wallows in the basest instincts, and demands the right to apportion the misery that is the only thing they are capable of “creating.” Do you see why I get so very agitated in speaking of them? I always get agitated when witnessing the demonic disfigurement of the human person.


The atheist establishment media is trying to make the scandals in the Church into a mere partisan, ideological battle. They unintentionally highlight a salient fact: The abusers almost exclusively come from those who have tried to deny and pervert the teaching of Christ and the Gospels, from those who have abandoned the faith to use the Church to promote their political preferences. It is almost exclusively the orthodox men of the cloth who have spoken foursquare against child-rape, molestation of adults, and covering it up. It is the orthodox clergy who are at the forefront of demanding full investigation and accounting. The press is chock full of anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bigots. Small wonder they should make common cause with the anti-Catholic bigots who have infiltrated the clergy. In one of the most hideously Weinsteinesque moments so far, Chicago’s Cardinal Blasé Cupich said we should not worry about child-rape or rampant active homosexuality in the clergy; we have important things like climate change and immigration to worry about. Then he helpfully declared all critics of Pope Francis to be “racists.”

Early next week, I am going to write up a list of Bishops in America I trust. Some may surprise you. I take into account the difficulties they have to deal with. While I agree with most on most things, there are some with whom I have sharp disagreements. Honor and trustworthiness are not exclusive to any partisan divide (though I am adamant that they must uphold the teaching of Christ, the Scriptures and the Magisterium.) These are all Bishops whose work (if not whose person) I am familiar with. Not included on the list will be Cardinal Donald Wuerl or ANY of the “McCarrick Mafia,” (those Bishops elevated at the behest of disgraced Archbishop Theodore McCarrick). These include Cardinal Blasé Cupich, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Bishop Robert McElroy, and Cardinal Kevin Farrell. As far as I’m concerned, these men should be de-frocked and sent to attack the teachings of Christ on their own time and their own dime. Even so, with daily revelations hitting, it is good to contemplate and speak of those noble prelates who are keeping faith and working for actual reform – and to make common cause with them.


Hollywood has a new movie coming out about the first landing on the moon. Being Hollywood, they have sought to erase the “American” part of the American effort in this quintessentially American achievement – even omitting the iconic scene of Astronaut Neil Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon. They also have tried to remake Armstrong as a girly-man social justice warrior (SJW). This has not amused Armstrong’s old friend, General Chuck Yeager, who says the Armstrong Hollywood portrays is not the Armstrong he knew.

Just more Hollywood barrenness. It turns out that so-called “toxic” masculinity is a helpful, even indispensable, ingredient in a lot of big endeavors. Since the atheist left has such a paucity of such men, it insists on imputing achievements to their guys that don’t actually exist – and posthumously imputing girly-man status to actual macho heroes who accomplished something real.

I am so sick of all the TV shows and movies where you can easily predict that the villain will be the preacher, the businessman, or the normal family; while the day will be saved by the large-spirited Jihadist, the transgender activist, or the hooker with the heart of gold. If you actually used these criteria in your normal life to make threat assessments, you would not survive long. And trust me, neither do the Hollywood executives who peddle this pap actually use it in making threat assessments in their private lives.


I think the Catholic hierarchy has another two to three weeks to address the crisis before us with direct and vigorous resolve. Nobody cares about (or believes) the Catholic Press Releases from PR Central. In older political days I used to hang around busy coffee shops to get a sense of how people were really thinking. It served me better than most polls. The coffee-shop take on these scandals is entirely fed up. The hierarchy is on a far shorter leash right now than almost any of them know.

I am very glad that a growing number of Bishops are stepping up to the plate to demand investigations and accountability – and to demand that the investigations be led by lay figures. But there is still a lot of smoke and obfuscation coming from the usual suspects. If Catholics are not assured that this will NOT be swept under the rug – and that right soon – attendance will begin to plummet precipitously. I have largely accepted that many people are going to go away for a while. The Church will be purified in a brutally ugly and combative process. In the process, we will all be purified. There came several times in ancient Israel where the hierarchy had become corrupt. The 34th Chapter of Ezekiel is a long lament over such corruption:

“Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel,
in these words prophesy to them to the shepherds:
Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the shepherds of Israel
who have been pasturing themselves!
Should not shepherds, rather, pasture sheep?
You have fed off their milk, worn their wool,
and slaughtered the fatlings,
but the sheep you have not pastured.
You did not strengthen the weak nor heal the sick
nor bind up the injured.
You did not bring back the strayed nor seek the lost,
but you lorded it over them harshly and brutally.
So they were scattered for the lack of a shepherd,
and became food for all the wild beasts.
My sheep were scattered
and wandered over all the mountains and high hills;
my sheep were scattered over the whole earth,
with no one to look after them or to search for them.”

God ever renews His Church. This is the first stage of the latest renewal. Lift up your heads, for our redemption is truly at hand. I respect those who actively defend the men accused. But for those who argue that we should never criticize a cleric, no matter how egregious the offense or compelling the evidence, I say begone. You have done enough damage in enabling this toxic environment at the expense of those clerics who have tried to keep faith with the Lord and with His people.

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  1. Well said, Charlie. I only add that we pray the Lord work a miracle: That Catholics do not leave but rather that more return/join the Catholic Church inspite of this latest debacle.

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  2. I have been wanting to share this for a while. I don’t know if this is the best place but I will do my best. Some are called to celibacy and some have it thrust upon them in the sense that even though they want to get married, they are having difficulty finding a suitable marriage partner, Some, though being married, cannot have sex due to physical or other problems of their own or their spouse. Examples could go on. No matter the state in life, we are all called to chastity. Other people have physical limitations they are saddled with, etc. Why? Only God knows. But we do know that we are never allowed to use illicit means to overcome those limitations. We must learn to make the best of the situation and offer our sufferings up to God. We are not guaranteed to be able to have sex just because we desire it. Sex was primarily created by God for the creation of offspring, for fulfilling the command to “go and multiply, fill the earth.” We are not allowed to have sex outside of lawful marriage. Whether homosexuality is inborn or learned or developed is of little matter. It is never okay to act it out. It is a challenge given them to struggle with in maintaining their chastity as are all those others with conditions that do not allow them to morally satisfy their desire for sexual satisfaction. To act it out is to further endanger others. As with all our struggles in life, we are called to seek God’s help, through His grace, our own prayers, the reception of the holy sacraments, and the help He gives us through the intercession and prayers of our friends, the saints and angels of heaven and earth and the holy souls in purgatory.

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    1. It’s a fine place to reflect on the Magisterial teaching, JAS, that each and every one of us is called to chastity and that our exile from the Garden involves trials. No one is immune from the Cross. Thank you for reflecting and reminding us of these pillars of our faith.

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    2. Excellent, JaS! How I wish I could have heard what you say, in the way you say it, from the pulpit.

      Not holding my breath on that score, however… 🤨

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  3. “But for those who argue that we should never criticize a cleric, no matter how egregious the offense or compelling the evidence, I say begone”.
    Charlie – can you name any good man or woman who has expressed such an opinion? If such a person exists I agree they should go.


    1. At least I can still laugh at myself -what a silly question – if any man or woman held that opinion then they could not be good. As soon as I asked it I saw the contradiction within. I wonder how many holy souls are released for asking stupid questions!

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      1. Joe, in heaven I bet there’s an entire suburb populated by Holy Souls sprung because of the stupid questions I’ve asked in my lifetime.

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  4. Amen, Charlie! This is the most balanced and bracing summary yet about our Church in crisis.

    The foxes can no longer run the henhouse. I believe the faithful will require Justice and Mercy, so the addicts must be permanently removed from

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  5. ….removed from their supply. The guilty priests and bishops, both the sexual perpetrators and those who enabled or covered up their crimes, must resign or face removal recommended as a result of lay-led investigations. Offenders do not easily seek repentance. So we fast and pray for them, and assume that they may need professional help and juridical intervention. Experience teaches this. We must especially pray for their souls, for contrition and the honesty to openly face the moral and legal ramifications of crimes against their children (we are all children of these spiritual fathers). And pray that they willingly give their lives up to prayer and penance for their victims and for the Church.

    No mother, anywhere, can stomach her child being consumed for the lust

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  6. ….the lust of any perpetrator. Our Church is a good mother, the best of all mothers, under the mantle of our Blessed Virgin.

    Perhaps the bishops have two weeks. But maybe it’s time that we mothers put on our walking shoes and march, praying Rosaries as we go, to every chancery, cathedral, Bishop and Archbishop who must be held to account.

    Hail Mary, full of grace. May we mothers not rest until we demand purity of our shepherds.

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    1. Wise words, Francesca. And I think not only the sexual addicts need to be removed, but also the addicts who abused their power by quietly covering up via a so called “rehabilitating” of the perpetrator clerics in a foolish and dangerous kind of misguided mercy. I love the way you have expressed the Justice of needed accountability by way of the removal of the errant ones with the authentic Mercy of continuing to pray and fast for the sick men who have sullied their high office of living in persona Christi. The hard and sad truth is that the vast majority of adults who sexually abuse children were victims of such abuse as children themselves. In true Christian charity they *deserve* our prayers and sacrifices for their souls and lives.

      I would also note, there are some folks who only bemoan that young children are destroyed by clerical sexual abuse but I have read many an account of innocent teenage boys whose families had nurtured their call to the priesthood only to have that very young man sexually abused in the seminary because of the tremendous “power over” intentionally exerted by a cleric… that is, the abused power as both a perpetrator cleric and superior. MANY an account is being told of an abused young man, ashamed due to the sexual violation and continually preyed upon by a spiritual father, so that the victim carries his conflict into acting out in either homosexual or heterosexual ways…. and sometimes both.

      I bring this to the fore because young seminarians are as vulnerable and in need of our protection as the younger children. The former seminarians or men now priests have struggled a lifetime via depression, anxiety, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse, and all manner of self-destructive behaviors which are a form of self-medicating to extinguish the pain while actually creating new problems to be resolved.

      And these thoughts are what pain me the most in regards to the need to fully investigate some of the decisions of Pope Francis who has surrounded himself with some clerical wolves in sheep’s clothing. From what I have read and pondered, at this juncture, evidence is emerging that he is exerting a kind of mercy with clerical abusers of sex and power that ignores the justice born of the wisdom of which you speak, Francesca, for it seems he has, of his own volition, “rehabilitated” at least one predatory prelate – which makes me wonder about how many more – while publicly pronouncing zero tolerance, such as demanding the resignation of all Chilean bishops. And while trying to be merciful to those men who are active homosexuals and/or homosexual activists, he bears responsibility in placing potential victims at risk in a cascade of abuse which starts from the highest prelates rippling down the clerical line affecting seminaries, schools and parishes.

      This is not an easy reality to consider. I do not relish saying these things yet tough truths must be spoken – without smearing the whole person of anyone – and the commensurate prayers, fasting and sacrifices must continue.

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      1. “young seminarians are as vulnerable and in need of our protection as the younger children.”

        Well put, Beckita. I would hate any sort of excuse that says: “they’re adults, they should be able to deal with it/ stand up for themselves ” etc.
        etc. In fact, they’re often just as vulnerable as children, having entrusted their hopes, vocations, for their entire futures, and so desperate not to see those hopes ruined that this very vulnerability, desperateness, is itself used as the key by predators for their own filthy ends. Young men in late teens, early 20s can often be quite insecure (I believe the brain isn’t fully developed until early 20s?). I should know – I used to be one! These predator scum are drawn to weakness like sharks to blood in the water.

        So yes, I think Our Lord had any category of vulnerable person in mind, not just children, when he referred to His “little ones”. And woe indeed to him that scandaliseth them.

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        1. You’re absolutely on target, jaykay and beautifully said in your closing thought. Some of the latest studies report the full development for women’s brains occurs around the age of 21 and it’s around the age of 25 for males. (No wisecracks about the better gender, Anyone, please. We’re all in this together, just as God created each of us to be in the awesome wonder of His Plan with our complementary gender difference radiating nothing but His Glory when we live in a culture of life.) There are personal accounts out there of seminarians whose most intimate interior life shared with a seminary formator or in the confessional was used as blackmail that the young man would submit to the powers that be. Such a grievous, bitter betrayal of sacred trust! Such a father wound from one’s spiritual father leads to distrust in God the Father Himself.

          What a wonderful time to be alive and be Catholic! We have so much work to do but we know we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and remain around us with bated breath, just waiting for us to call upon them. St. Joan of Arc was known for her great love and compassion for soldiers. Dear St. Joan, shower your love and compassion upon us, be with us, pray for us, procure graces for us that we may soldier on, co-creating with God a New Tomorrow.

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          1. Thank you, Beckita, for your uplifting prayer. We do have a lot of work to do.
            When I went to confession a couple of weeks back and brought up my anger about this mess, the priest was spitting mad about it. We have to always keep in mind these dear souls who not involved in these awful things are being dragged through the barnyard wastes. I felt so bad for him. My feelings won’t do squat if I don’t storm heaven for these awaiting graces for our beloved Church/priests.

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          2. Amen again! We must only call upon our family of saints in heaven, who eagerly await our prayerful pleas. Heaven’s generosity is infinite, so we had better get busy asking for wisdom, strength, and courage to fight for those who need intercession. Our Lady will not turn us away!

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      2. I have a 15 yo grandson who has expressed interest in being a priest. If it is God’s will for him I pray that it comes to pass. He’s an athletic, handsome, smart and rambunctious boy who is also very spiritual. Seems he would make a fantastic priest. I guarantee, if one thing inappropriate ever happened to him we’d address it and the world would know! Talk about turning over tables….

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        1. Love it, Kim. May we women and men continue turning tables for our own and for all young men being called to the priesthood as we exert our spiritual maternity and paternity in the life of the Church. Several initiatives come to mind…

          A petition specifically from women to our Holy Father, noting his beautiful words when he said he seeks, “a more incisive female presence in the Church,” and that “women are capable of seeing things with a different angle from [men], with a different eye. Women are able to pose questions that we men are not able to understand.”

          For us all: Sackcloth and Ashes (the title says it all):
          And: The Sienna Project (provides support for letter writing in response to the crisis):

          Cannot say enough about the good work of Joseph Sciambra. Follow his blog and you’ll be apprised of people and places within the Catholic Church who are promoting ideas against Church teaching in regards to human sexuality. Joseph simply describes the problem and gives contact info so people may follow up on the issue by writing to those responsible for allowing the culture of death to be promoted at Catholic venues.

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      3. Dear Beckita,
        All that you say is true. At one point in my career as a psych RN I worked in the sex offender treatment program at Oregon State Hospital. (About 20yrs ago) I worked there until the program was closed down by the prison (their dime) because…it does not work. In place of the program they built a special prison in Eastern OR to house offenders. By all reports, it’s a pretty nice place except they are locked in and cannot leave. I do not know much more about it because my role in the program was finished.
        Sexual addiction, as far as any of us could tell, is not curable. Truthfully, many of the men would have done almost anything to be “cured,” and some requested to be never released when their time was up. And like you said, Beckita, some of the their stories were heartbreaking. Some had been abused since they were in diapers. 😢
        If anyone would take my suggestion, there should be no statute of limitations on sexual abuse and sentences should be consecutive and not concurrent.
        And, yes, we need very much to pray for the abusers as well as the abused. Not every abused person becomes an abuser, so we must pray for all the abused, for strength to overcome and to forgive. One very important point: always begin with a victim by saying that what happened was WRONG and that IT WAS NOT THEIR FAULT. This goes a long way in beginning the healing process. 💟

        As always, I am praying daily for everyone here and I thank you all for your prayers for me.

        Thank-you Charlie for your well-considered words for us and I’m looking forward to your “list.” I fully expect that our Archbishop of Portland, Alexander K. Sample will be prominent.

        God bless us in all our endeavors,
        💕 katey in OR 💙🌹💙🙏🏼✝️💟

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        1. Thank you, katey, for sharing your knowledge and for this witness to the hard difficulties of sexual addiction. Surely God’s Grace will pour forth abundantly as we are purified… at least so the crosses can be more ardently carried in peace… and at most that those so afflicted can overcome the difficulties of remaining chaste… the Lady of All Nations said True Peace can be had not by just carrying but by embracing our crosses… And she said when the Fifth Marian Dogma is proclaimed, she will open floodgates of graces to descend upon the earth… how wonderful to think of graces being infused into our next right steps, allowing us to better surrender to what God wills for each of us in our lives for the building up of His Kingdom on earth… Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

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        2. God can heal sexual addiction. Trouble with the secular programs is God is usually completely discounted which is why rehab is so abysmal. It is depressing.

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      4. I am in complete agreement, and thank you, Beckita, for also being willing to speak the hard truth.

        The “mercy” of soft-headed but heard hearted bishops who ignored the ghastly, soul wrenching harm of these sexual perpetrators is, in reality, poison. Every victim, whether child or adult, wears and bears the pain and shame of knowing that the priest, who should have been willing to lay his life down for each and every spiritual child, made a choice to harm him or her instead. Leaving lifelong scars in soul, mind, body and heart. There is no damage that goes deeper….when the divinely appointed protector of the children uses them instead, for whatever narcissistic appetite, the image of God is irreparably harmed. Healing is possible, but this form of abuse is so soul crushing that it requires divine healing. In my experience it cannot be eradicated by therapy, medication, and strong personal will. The effects are like a cancer

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  7. Thank you Charlie, you never fail to articulate our current crisis with charity and truthfulness.

    I came across what seemed like another very good well rounded article on this topic and hope the administrators here will allow me to post the link.

    Jesus stood by us for the last two thousand years, why would we ever consider deserting Him, when He is under such brazen assault, the worst enemies in His own household. We’re in for the long haul with Charlie.

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  8. Charlie, well written. TY.

    Your thoughts on weekly offerings. Of course we still tithe but I believe we should find other Catholic faith based organizations to support for a while. My lovely holy wife feels differently, believing that our parish depends on our money to ‘pay the light bill’. We belong to the Cathedral parish in the Pittsburgh diocese. Our diocese has active homosexuality and it wont be rooted out if the money keeps flowing. Thoughts?

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    1. That’s a tough one, Rich. Dan Lynch, whose opinion I highly value, is opposed to reducing financial support. I am more with you on the matter. I think maybe the best course would be to wait a few weeks and see whether they are going to take vigorous, timely action. If not, then perhaps reduce your support – sending the balance out to other Catholic entities that you trust. I agree with you that if there is no cost, the predators will continue to think they can do whatever they want. (Whatever you do, don’t get in dutch with your wife about it. A good wife is such a joy – and where it is a matter of strongly felt judgment rather than a disagreement on morality, I would defer to my wife’s strong feelings and find another way to show my anger. Perhaps the two of you can find a suitable compromise.)

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    2. Rich, perhaps you and your wife might consider making parish contributions with which you indicate in writing your desired purpose for contributing: for utilities, hosts and altar wine as well as parish staff salaries. Then, perhaps, write to your bishop expressing that you will contribute to tending to the poor via other ways until the diocese works in an earnest, transparent way to clean up the homosexual problems.

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      1. I worked as a parish bookkeeper many years. Each church has dedicated accounts which restrict the spending of funds for a specific purpose. Ask your parish for a list of their dedicated accounts and choose one of those for your contributions. I had more then one parishioner use this technique as a subtle boycott.

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  9. Thanks for your take, Charlie. I have three points to make (I have to number them or else I’ll lose my train of thought):

    (1) I really look forward to reading your list of bishops that you trust.

    (2) Your paragraph about movies and TV shows that demonize “normals” and idolize lefty “heroes” is right on the money. I pretty much never watch TV or go to see a movie. But I did go and see “Skyscraper” several weeks ago. I liked it so much that I paid to see it twice in a 3-day period. It’s about an ex-military, wounded-warrior, happily married businessman who goes against impossible odds to save his wife and kids from some terrorists. In the process, he also saves a good-guy multibillionaire targeted by the bad guys. The professional critics mostly panned the movie (47% at Rotten Tomatoes), but the average Joe and Josephine really liked it (75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 90% of Google users). Within less than a week of its release, it was being called a box-office flop by the press; it was clear that the lefty powers-that-be were trying to engineer box-office failure for the movie. But because normal people went to see it anyway, its box-office take of nearly $300 million has been more than double its production budget. Go figure, right?

    (3) From my high-school days, I vaguely remember something about “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” That I kind of understand. I don’t really understand your statement about the “equal and opposite nature” of the satan. I get that his nature (all-evil, hateful, destructive) is opposite that of God (all-good, loving, creative). But I don’t see how the satan’s nature can be said to be equal to that of God. Am I missing something?

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    1. Oooo, Mick…I am going to change that in part. He is in no way “equal” to God. The point I wanted to make while God creates, the satan can only negate; while God loves, the satan can only hate. While fruit bursts forth from God, the satan is entirely barren. I liked your other two points…well, actually, all of your points…but the first two don’t require me to actually do anything. Though maybe I will go and see Skyscraper.

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      1. Ha, Charlie! As I was typing my spiel about “Skyscraper,” I was thinking, “Charlie would really like this movie.” I hope you do have an opportunity to see it. It comes out on video in a few weeks. I’m thinking of buying it so that my husband, older kids, and I can watch it once in a while for inspiration.

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          1. Ha, Kim… same taste in flicks, indeed! By the way, I found “The Green Years” on YouTube in 16 parts. As soon as I saw that it was based on an A. J. Cronin novel, I knew it would be good. I loved it! I started bawling about 3 nanoseconds into the First Communion scene. I found the book and its sequel in one volume for under $4 (including shipping) at, and it’s on its way to my house. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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            1. That is awesome, Mick. I’m going to order those books now! The First Communion scene IS so beautiful. And that his non Catholic granddad would celebrate with him!❤

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      1. When did you see it, Doug? I’m so glad you and Lambzie liked it. When I saw it, I even cried in a couple of spots (seriously, who cries at a movie like that?). 🙂

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  10. What occurred to me, and I don’t see any reporters or bloggers bringing it up.

    What if the actions of Archbishop Vigaro are doing the Holy Father a huge favour. If Holy Father is caught in a powerful internal gay network; which by all accounts are not above exterminating the life of anyone who dares get in their way.

    Holy Father might not feel he can clean house any better than the two Popes who preceded him. What if he has decided to let events develop; with investigations and the exposure of the evil that has plagued his predecessors. Sad that it would take secular justice to clean Gods house.

    I am sure most of us have encountered bullies in the workplace, and it must be a nightmare for someone in authority to live with corruption. And still forge ahead with the job in hand. The old saying, if you can’t lick em, join em, could be one way for Holy Father Francis to allow the corruption to fester to the surface and be dealt with.

    Just a thought. Or is that a conspiracy theory.

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    1. You know, Julia, I’ve considered these thoughts such as yours and have heard others raise them in discussions. I realize “Gay Mafia, Velvet Mafia, Lavender Mafia” are terms which bespeak the dangers – even a matter of death and life – inherent in going against the evil power exerted in these people so entrenched in evil deeds. As you say, Julia, “… it must be a nightmare for someone in authority to live with corruption. And still forge ahead with the job in hand.”

      But you know what? I continue to come back to the reality that all popes who were elevated to the papacy were cardinals first. The color red has been precisely chosen: “One of the most distinctive customs of the sacred College of Cardinals is that its members wear scarlet. The tradition began formally in 1245, when Pope Innocent IV first bestowed the famed red hat upon the cardinals. The scarlet is intended to remind the cardinals that they must be willing to give of themselves for the Church, even to the point of shedding their blood.” Just maybe martyrdom is what happened to Pope John Paul I when he decided to investigate the Vatican Bank.

      In the end, everything must be investigated, with transparency upheld, so the guilty are held to account and truthful answers to so many questions are brought to light.

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      1. Beckita, I was thinking along the same lines. I just read on social media about the scarlet/red color. Then there are God’s words – John 15:13 King James Bible
        Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

        How many of us have pondered and perhaps even accepted that we may loose our own lives in this battle? On the flip side, our ways are not God’s ways and the Holy Father is guided by the Holy Spirit. We do not know how this ends, as this is a chastisement in progress. 😉

        Matthew 19:26 King James Bible
        But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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        1. So true, Jen, that we could lose our lives. One way may be as Our Lady of Akita told us on October 13, 1973: “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful….” Indeed, Jen, who knows what will become of each one of us as we traverse the toughest of the days of purification. We DO know we have n.o.t.h.i.n.g. to fear, whether living on earth or living in Heaven – that is if we’ll be making our Final Journey Home in this Storm – we’re each ALL IN and life never ends so our next right steps will be as important from a heavenly place as they would be from our place on earth.

          As for the truth of the Holy Spirit guiding the Vicar of Christ, it is also true that whoever the man is who agrees to accept election results which bring him the offer of the papacy, he remains capable of missteps… even while the Holy Spirit remains with him. The possibility of missteps in this crisis are possible and some, with integrity, claim knowledge of said missteps, therefore, we are in dire need of a thorough investigation at every level of the hierarchy.

          Called Pollyanna more than a few times in my lifetime, I remain undaunted in hope while praying, fasting and sacrificing in solidarity with our family here and with thousands all over the world that those in the episcopacy who need to repent will do so and make a return to the Lord. Indeed, Jen, nothing is impossible with God. And if any of the guilty ones refuses repentance and the just canonical penalties which the Church, in her wisdom, already has available to apply with judicial prudence, we can stand with Our Lady who never gives up on any of her children til the moment when that child chooses to reject a life of eternity with God. Crushed at that thought, I take great heart from the words of Jesus to the mystic from Mexico, a Venerable Conchita: María Concepción Cabrera de Armida in which Jesus told her (paraphrase) He leaves no stone unturned in seeking the conversion and salvation of each lamb entrusted to His Care. May every saint, angel and holy soul, join with all the prayers of those of us on earth to bring all the lost Home, that together…

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  11. Most people believe Viganó to be trustworthy and credible and yet the Pope is publicly speaking only about climate change. It is time to shake the dead wood from the tree. The roots are strong but the green branches need the oxygen, not the rotting.
    Marana tha!

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  12. Thank you Charlie!!

    When you post a list of Bishops I am going to personally handbwrite notes of encouragement to them!

    Is Bishop Gainer of Harrisburg a good one? My discernment is not as well formed as yours. Plus, Im in a state of not trusting.

    Thank you!!!

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  13. Thank you Charlie. Interesting how different this feels from the last round of major disclosures in the early 2000’s. Back then, the world (led by the MSM) had their teeth bared … they had “had enough”. Where are they now? Actually defending the Church hierarchy from the “haters”. This time it’s we who have had enough! Pray for the solid Cardinals (especially Burke and Chaput in this Country), Bishops and Priests who are leading the way.

    BTW, has Cardinal Sarah been heard from recently? He is close to ground zero, and so solid.

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    1. So true about the press, Randall. My take: they’re silent as they would have to contend with the devastating, heart-breaking, life-sucking ravages of unbridled homosexual acts. Too, they have abused comments of Pope Francis, which have been expressed with sincere mercy, by taking them our of context to promote the culture of death. Their lust to destroy the Church is now focused ONLY on the child victims while excluding the violated young men.

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      1. Yes, they’ve invested far too much into trying to be players, pushing the action, having been seduced by power, instead of what they’re actually supposed to be. It’s the po-faced hypocrisy of their pretending still to be objective that is so sickening. Their rage when one tries to point this out to them is quite telling, although there are, sadly, quite a few who are so far gone that they honestly don’t see any conflict.

        Like the young lady “journalist” who asked my friend, Chairman of our County Pro-Life organisation, for comment at the counting centre on that black day last May when our country spat in God’s face. When he calmly, if sadly, replied that it was a sad day for Ireland she immediately interrupted, saying that “as a woman she felt insulted”, blah, blah. Well, she didn’t get very far into the blah, because he there and then gave her a very strong verbal reminder of what her job was supposed to be. Exit one chastised overgrown brat, hopefully having learned (a) a bit about her job and (b) don’t mess with the father of 4 grown kids – when you’re little more than a kid yourself!

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    2. Randall, I was thinking the same. My father watches the news all day long and he knew almost nothing about this latest mess. How telling!

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  14. Thank you Charlie. Solid commentary. Chuck Yeager had another great ‘tweet’ why he got into Aviation. So true!

    The Aviators I knew always had a stunning woman on their arm… don’t tell my Aunt as her head is already too big:) Our family was just reminiscing on one Aviator… always had a beautiful blonde on his arm.

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  15. Pope Benedict XVI predicted a diminishing of the Church to a smalker, more faithful, less politically influential one…by holy.
    Our Lady of Fatima prophesied to the three children 100 years ago that a division would be felt by the errors started in Russia that “she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. ”
    If part of this effort by Russia was to infiltrate the Catholic Church with saboteurs, than it has succeeded in spiritually martyring potential good seminarians and causing several of our popes to suffer with this inherited mess. As many of the seminarians had to come through the fire of corrupt, gay seminaries but still remained chaste and faithful, it was the effort of the Holy Spirit and their faith in the Catholic church and its true teachings that got them through. But the scandals felt by the lavender mafia’s presence left its scars on them which we see in secular society too with its crippling effects felt by everyone and everything.
    I contend that the church was doing the best it could under these circumstances but that it wasn’t good enough is rightfully under scrutiny right now. I don’t know the back story of the why’s to it all and I can imagine it’s amazingly complicated and that more martyrs will be made through the tumult but as the rot and gloat are removed a smaller, heathier, holier church will remain.
    “In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph”.
    So be it, dear Lady.

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  16. Someone quoted St. Catherine of Sienna on another blog concerning being silent. She said: We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see the world is rotten because of silence. I didn’t research the quote to see if it is accurate, but I like it and believe it.

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    1. Good thinking, Maria. See, this is our faith: so many truths are a matter of both/and. No way have we the right to be sinful in criticizing certain acts of clerics. Neither should we enable such acts by keeping silent.

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  17. 1. Thank you for the reminder to revisit St. Augustine’s Confessions.

    2. Concupiscence. Typically, I see all three questions answered affirmative when I’m under attack to such sin. I’ve been given grace to always see it coming, but still need grace to pray to overcome it. Thank you for this perspective on satan regarding his pathetic barrenness. He is a eunuch, and these can be the fiercest, most hate-driven of warriors. It’s helpful to know his ugly nature.

    3. Space. Since I was 9, I’ve been obsessed with the space program, starting with the first test flights of the space shuttle Enterprise. On my bedroom wall, I had a poster of Columbia’s (STS-1) first lift-off…the only poster I had. I knew every scheduled flight and would get ready for school as fast as possible and sit before the TV hoping to catch a launch before I had to leave. Time after time, I’d sadly hear: “We have a hold at T-minus 10 minutes…” or worse yet, “The launch has been scrubbed.”

    When I saw the “First Man” preview, I was SO impressed. The detail, story, and effects looked great. Finally, they made a movie about this unprecedented historical event, and it looked like a good one…

    But now I’m very ”annoyed” that they consciously omitted our flag. I will not give the liberals nor the Canadian star my money. At the time, we fulfilled an American president’s dream to land a man on the moon. We were in fierce competition with the only other power on earth, the evil Soviet Empire. But it was the United States and only the United States who won the race hands down. The French Canadians did not go to the moon, nor the British, nor any European nation, nor the Japanese, nor the Chinese. We AMERICANS did, and OUR FLAG was planted in the soil of another planet (yes, earth-moon are more a dual-planet system).

    This “First Man” movie is therefore the equivalent of space junk. May it burn up in the atmosphere as it crashes back to earth.

    The happiest day of my short Air Force career:
    STS-67. March 18, 1995, Edwards AFB, California.

    Needless to say, I volunteered to be on the medical recovery team for the landing of the space shuttle Endeavor. Alternate landing sites around the globe will prepare in case the orbiter cannot make it back to Florida for some reason. On this day, there were thunderstorms and high winds at Cape Canaveral, so the green light went to Edwards.

    Communications with Mission Control were broadcast base-wide. “Endeavor, Houston. We are over Honolulu traveling at about Mach 23….should hit the coast of California in about five minutes.” Then radio silence as they hit the atmosphere. Shortly after, we heard an ominous double sonic boon fill the sky as we saw the orbiter drop nearly straight down from 75,000+ feet. It reminded me of a white pointer arrow on a computer screen, slowly moving back and forth as it descended.

    If you look closely at the picture to the right of our white truck is Endeavor. We are 1500 feet away. Once we got the all-clear signal, our truck and Fire Chief 1 in front of us advanced to 750 feet! My job (should I choose to accept it) was to administer to any astronauts that needed to quickly egress the vehicle out a hatch. We had full SCBA gear for protection. We would check for hydrazine contamination, put the astronaut in the bed of the truck and take him or her to a waiting helicopter. There were multiple running helicopters standing by in a row, one for each astronaut.

    Happiest day of my life. I separated from the Air Force a three weeks later.

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    1. My advice is to skip “First Man” and rewatch “The Right Stuff” and “Hidden Figures” on a quiet night at home. That’s my plan.

      When I was a kid, I announced to my Ma in a prophetic tone that I was going to the moon some day. I meant it then, but seems like I’m running out of time now. No worries, though, since Doug and I will most definitely touch down at Neil’s landing sight on the first stop of the little red wagon tour. Just goes to show how tricky it is uttering a prophetic word.

      Was out sweating on the grinder at RTC in Florida with my company when I was surprised by a distant pre-sunrise launch of the shuttle. Spectacular! One can only wonder what the Fatima children felt and experienced at the sight of St. Michael with his flaming sword.

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      1. I never saw a launch. It must shake onlookers to their core. 7.8 million pounds of thrust, equivalent to over 30 modern 747’s at full throttle. When researching the Challenger disaster, I recall reading: “The space shuttle main engines are at the brink of or beyond modern-day rocket technology.” It’s difficult to fathom just how quickly she accelerates straight up off the pad and breaks the sound barrier. That moment is visible in the footage.

        After we die, MP, I imagine the moon will come to us in amazing detail with our new eyes! I’m looking forward to a grand tour of the universe with my guardian angel.

        I just sent Universal Studios a quick note:

        “I (and a dozen others) will not watch “First Man”….ever. You seriously miscalculated. 🇺🇸“

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        1. I don’t know why it’s increasingly difficult for some folks to celebrate and applaud human achievement where it’s obviously earned. Jealousy, maybe. That same mentality where everyone has to get a trophy. Nothing but a foolhardy celebration of mediocre sameness. I’ll proudly hoist my American flag on Labor Day, and you better believe the Irish flag (with the Leprechaun of the Fighting Irish) was up on Saturday. Today, The Cross in my Church said it all. Everything in fact.

          I expect that some Saints in Heaven will shine with the Light of a thousand suns, while others may appear to be fuzzy little lights (and everything in between). No jealousy there, though. Just endless Love and the Glory of God… nothing but Light!

          I haven’t uttered a word about this recent crisis in the Priesthood, but can’t help but notice that it is clearly a crisis in manhood as well.

          Enough already. We’re just going to have to put off the moon landing because CJ says we have to go out and round up some wild horses. Can do, but I have to admit that I both grin and wince at the same time because it is a ton of work.

          Odd timing, but in the same vein, my boys and I are involved in a project with the Mustang Heritage Foundation to pair up military veterans with wild mustangs untouched by human hands. Over a six week period, the vets are going to learn the skills necessary to transform those wild horses into gentled mounts suitable for riding and adoption. Each vet will choose the mustang they’re going to work with. Maybe the most interesting and heartwarming part of the program will be the healing and transformation that takes place in the vets. Something to think about in light of CJ’s wild horse talk.

          BTW, I’ve had that shuttle launch video bookmarked as a favorite on my iPad for quite a while. Kudos to the talented guys and gals that made that happen on every level!

          Time for everyone to embrace what they’re here for and give it their best. And if it happens to be pie making, then by golly I happen to know a fella who loves pie more than just about anything else.

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            1. I went out looking for them twice to no avail, then once more after all the monsoons. Thought I’d ride out deep into Yavapai land to see how the other bands are faring. Turns out all is well for now in these parts, but they haven’t fared so well elsewhere (such as on the Navajo Nation where drought claimed too many).

              I was happy to encounter most of the familiar faces, plus many new foals. I was a bit disappointed not to come across “Old Gold,” but his offspring are abundant. Here’s one of his daughters and a grandson in this pic (bringing up the rear):

              You can see how things really greened up from the monsoons. The water is a bit muddy yet, but flowing abundantly. All God’s doing.

              For folks who are interested in this sort of topic, I was deeply impressed by a documentary entitled “Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story.” Lek Challert and Ashley Bell are some amazing, gritty gals.

              The restorative work — encompassing all aspects of life — has to be done across the board and around the planet. Otherwise, as in the case of large animals of all variety, there won’t be any to be seen in just decades if nothing is done. Same for Catholics!

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          1. Thanks for your work with our vets, MP…and our mustangs.

            Space has always been a wonderful distraction for me, a prisoner of gravity. But yeah, space must wait. If we had our act together down here, then the moon would be internationally colonized already, humans would be on the way to planets beyond Mars, and you and Doug would be hopping around Neil’s landing site like a couple of kids.

            But, alas! There are too many troubles on earth and many wild souls out there still that we need to corral back home. Call me selfish, but by focusing on the Lord’s work I hope to be the brightest star I can possibly be in heaven.

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            1. You got it, Patrick. And Our Good Lord has been reminding us lately of how very, very much we each owe HIm, in addition to how very, very much He loves us. I owe him everything, after running wild/amok for such a long stretch in younger days.

              A part of me is o.k. with being a fuzzy little light, but I don’t want to rob Him of anything either. After all, that bright light we should attain to is His Glory alone!

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          2. Loved your post and having a blast make jam using the French method(without pectin and letting it sit for a time). No pie however…maybe another day.

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              1. Gladly. Combine fruit, sugar, lemon juice…let sit for hours…boil around 20 minutes…hot water bath ten minutes…Waalaaa. Super tasty jam. No Pectin!

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                  1. Do I predict some jam in your near future? ;-o
                    It sits at room temperature. It varies for whatever fruit you are working with. Have you started fermenting other foods? Kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut? Thinking and researching about how people processed food before electricity is fascinating. I also started carding and spinning wool. The shepherds at the nativity probably spun wool. The shepherds would often do that kind of stuff. I feel ancient history flow through my hands as I card, spin or felt wool. I am in awe of how the Good Lord provided sheep for mankind. You can get material for clothing, housing, and food from the lowly sheep.

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                    1. HttP, I’m not going to be making jam this year; but I was curious because what you were describing sounded a bit like some of the recipes I’ve seen in this book:


                      I have a previous edition of that book, and it is my favorite source of recipes and information on how to preserve food the way our ancestors did. Over the years, we have used many of the recipes in the book–including making a no-cook lactofermented tomato sauce that is really tasty (it’s really tangy, so we always add some honey or apple butter when we cook with it). We have also used several of the lactofermentation recipes from Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions”; our favorites are the soaked-flour flatbread (my three older kids practically live on this, and they make their own every morning or evening), fruit butter (we made it with dried apricots once… yum!), kimchi, beet kvass, and mayonnaise (SO much better than anything you can get at the store, and easy-peasy to make).

                      So you spin, eh? Neat! Spindle, or with a wheel? I spindle spin; and I bought a wheel last November, but I haven’t had time to figure out how to use it yet. 🙂

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                    2. The jams and jellies are basically fruit sugar and maybe lemon juice. The taste is divine. Making them is a form of worship.
                      I took a class on spin and did the spindle thing-takes forever and gave me tennis elbow. I bought a spinning wheel(Ashford) they have good youtube videos on how to do it. I am having such a visceral connection with spinners throughout history. I know one is supposed to spin or felt something but I am overjoyed just to card the wool and make clouds. Goofy me 🙂

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                    3. HttP, my wheel is also an Ashford! How cool that we have wheels by the same manufacturer!

                      I’ve watched all the YouTube videos on the Ashford wheel. My problem is that I need a live human being to actually walk me through the set-up and use. Maybe when we have the sheep shorn and I take the fleeces to the fiber mill in November, I’ll take my wheel with me and have the mill owner show me how to use it. I bought it from her last November, so I know that she knows how to use it. 🙂

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        2. Patrick Daniel, I saw a shuttle launch in 1984 from the journalist area right next to the Vehicle Assembly Building and launch control area.

          The first thing you see is a lot of smoke pouring down and away. Then the shuttle is let go, the solids light up, and the entire assembly comes almost leaping off the pad, brilliant light from the motors. No noise, though – the vehicle and launch pad are three miles away. Sound takes 15 seconds to get to you. So this vast energy release does not disturb the quiet of the journalist stand for several seconds. About 5-7 seconds into the launch, the first physical manifestation of the power comes as the journalist stand begins to shake. The very earth trembles like a small earthquake, and finally you *feel* it in your bones and flesh. At the 15 second mark, with the shuttle climbing well past the tower and heading up and out to sea, engines blazing, only now are you struck by a building roar of noise that comes like thunder, almost pressing on your chest with its strength.

          And then the ground stills and the noise fades away as if it had never been. Quiet reigns again, and the shuttle is far downrange, heading for orbit at the tip of a huge, up-and-out, curving arrow of smoke.

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          1. Wow. I’m grinning like a little kid reading your account, SteveBC. Back in ‘84, launches were still a big deal. What a thrill that must have been.

            [You know this tidbit, Steve, but for those that don’t: Moments before launch, 300,000 gallons of water flood the launch pad to reduce damage to the shuttle system from reflected sound pressure…it’s THAT loud! Some of the rolling white clouds you see during launch are that water being vaporized. If you go back up to the video, you can see this water cascading down just before ignition, right when the guy says the word “15”]


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            1. Actually, PD, I had forgotten that fact, but you are right. The acoustic energy near the engines is incredibly powerful.

              In my mind the most beautiful rocket ever built was the Saturn V. It came off the pad oh-so-slowly because it had 7.5M pounds of thrust and weighed 7M pounds. It had to burn a lot of fuel just to get over the launch tower. It’s strange to think, but without that oh-so-slow early rise through that first few hundred feet, it would not have been able to get to orbit.

              When I watched the shuttle launch, I knew it would come up faster but was still surprised by how fast it rose. At 7.5M pounds thrust and 4.5M pounds weight, when the solids lit, that vehicle was up above the launch tower in mere moments.

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          1. I think I’m starting to understand about the Red Wagon, Doug. And as spectacular as God’s “little” Universe and all it’s wonders are, have been, and will be, it’ll be but a magnificent shadow compared to heaven! Can’t wait.

            Do you think one of these would be better suited for the trip than a wagon?

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    2. Speaking of space Patrick – this time last year I was so excitedly looking forward to the occurrence of the Heavenly Sign from Rev 12. What a year is has been! We love you Blessed Mother for giving us hope and keeping us true to Jesus through thick and thin. Sorry – a bit of indulgent reminiscence! Onward Christian Soldiers – airmen and all.

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    3. Patrick once again simpatico! Watched it all on a black and white TV. Later sent my son to Space Camp Orlando, visited NASA Orlando several times and Houston once. But the best was the USS Hornet in Alameda CA (picked up the space capsules from the Pacific). There’s a story about one of the astronauts and Christianity on the moon. I have to look it up.

      PS I am frightened by the Pope’s reaction to Vigaro’s statement. Ignoring it seems like the blinders are on but he got the South Americans to resign but what of the US?

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      1. Space Camp! A couple of those kids ended up going all the way to become astronauts.

        Praying for poor Papa Francis. I don’t know much about how to handle such a major scandal and global firestorm, but I’m pretty sure “I don’t want to talk about it” isn’t exactly the best approach.

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        1. The Pope said that? Where?

          I see a call to silence, however brief or prolonged, as a call to let God speak to us in place of our frenzied impatience. What need for chastisements from Heaven when men are doing such an outstanding job of judging one another?

          Trust the ‘cats to get the scorpions’ (i.e.- people actually in a position to do so). The Silence will tell us how to become holy and act.

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          1. Well, silence can be golden *and* silence is exactly the environment in which this crisis came to be, festering and growing tentacles vast and vicious.

            Come Holy Spirit! Without You, we can do nothing good! Descend anew upon your people, guiding us, each one. Spirit of God, inflame in us a rekindling of ALL the gifts infused in us at Baptism and Confirmation that we may walk humbly, justly, and mercifully with You. Especially strengthen us in wisdom and prudence, never fearing to speak truth with charity.

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            1. I agree in so far as saying let the ones prompted by God to speak, speak. The problem is not a lack of words, it’s a lack of holiness. And the demon is threatening to sweep all away with the torrent issuing from his mouth.

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              1. Yes, MP. What you say is truth that cannot be ignored. As I observe, it’s a both-and scenario. Our Mother’s adversary has long suceeded in destruction via humans raging with unmeasured words and no doubt he is active at fever pitch now, hellbent on taking down as many souls as possible in this crisis. *And* it is in sincere and reverent trepidation born of faithfulness to promptings – yes, the precursor of being prompted by God, as you say, is critical – that measured words of truth must be expressed.

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                1. If I’m not impatient, and I’m generally not, I can take the time to ponder your meaning of “both-and.”

                  Is it possible to be prompted by God to speak… AND to remain silent at the same time? Here, one need only consider that silence can be broken by the use of verbal or written words, but not necessarily by speaking. For example. the familiar express: “Actions speak louder than words.” Prayer is active… an action. So sure, one can be called to silence and ‘speak’ with prayer or any other number of fruitful actions.

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                  1. Amen, MP. I was thinking along the lines of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and, therefore, discernment is needed to know when one is being prompted to speak and when one is being prompted to remain silent.

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                    1. I get it, Beckita and MP. There are many times I feel compelled to say something, when immediately I intuit, now is not the proper place and/or time. Then I await for an open window of opportunity to speak out if/when the time is right/better without giving it a second thought. ❤

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                    2. Jen, I once heard Hugh Hewitt say that he tries to apply this basic filter before he says something on air:

                      1. Does it need to be said?
                      2. Does it need to be said now?
                      3. Does it need to be said by me?

                      Sounds good, but since I hear him often on nationally syndicated radio, I wonder how that filter is holding up. Trail TIp #143: Always pack some duck tape for emergencies.

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            2. True, MP, this is an issue of a criminal lack of holiness.

              What is speaking very loudly to the entire world, unfortunately, is the *appearance* that this Pope, who has been talking incessantly for years about everything especially stuff well outside his jurisdiction, suddenly falls silent on a most critical matter directly within his jurisdiction. In a temporal sense, he’s the boss. However legitimate and thoughtful his reasons, this awkward and seemingly obstinate silence looks very, very bad…for him and for all the faithful.

              That said, I do accept whatever he thinks is best. I certainly don’t envy him his job.

              Personally, the more I talk, the more I “step in it.” The less I say, generally, the better. (I hope this comment isn’t such an example! 🙄) Silence is a beautiful way to pray and to live.

              “A word to the wise is enough, and many words won’t fill a bushel.”


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              1. See, I don’t have the benefit of experiencing, firsthand, all the other queues as you ‘say’ the word “appearance,” thus I’m left discerning and/or reading between the lines.

                I do know what the Gospel has to say, from front to back, about appearances. Also know how the demon baits and spouts about appearances.

                How defeated Our Lord must have looked to the mob on The Cross — and we ALL put Him there.

                That’s how I wade into these treacherous waters, and there’s no keeping our footing without balance.

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                1. I trust we’re on the same page, MP, and hope my comments don’t appear to be “piling-on” the Pontiff. Naturally, I don’t have the foggiest idea what the best move is for him — were still in the “allegations” phase. I just realized that the Pope has the right to silence like anybody else, and silence may be the wisest course of action. This scandal is still fresh and a lot of smoke must settle before we see more clearly what the devil is going on (or went on). I frankly pointed out his abrupt and seemingly defensive change in behavior with an odd bit of disinterest overlaying my disappointment at the situation ♠️, but certainly without malice or judgment of him ♥️. I pray this is clear to all.

                  There is no doubt that the entire situation fits God’s Great Plan and is a critical piece of the purifying Storm.

                  You are, of course, also right about not keeping our footing without balance. Like my bishop out here said, we are called to sacrifice and prayer during this time, a most powerful counterbalance to the wiles of the evil one. This certainly helps keep me focused on Our Blessed Lord.

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                2. I think it all comes down to vocations, charisms, etc MP.
                  You alluded to this already but I’m just staying it right out- different minds saying the same general thing in different ways because, well, their different! Some of us can’t keep our mouths shut and some of us never say enough but that may just be who we are and that’s ok.
                  There are thousands of saints that sanctified themselves in a thousand different ways but they all became saints dispite doing so in their own way. God is so unlimited He needs an unlimited amount of things to reflect this and the myriad ways He sanctifies is part of this reflection since no one thing can alone contain or reflect His magnanimity. Actually, ALL things cannot either, but the totality of creation does a fairly good job for us limited beings anyway!

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                  1. Of course, Phil. I’ve shared the same thoughts about individual uniqueness, charisms and all, over the years here. As a matter of balance. And of course we’re always a part of something bigger, be it a friendship, a marriage, family, Church group, blog, company, fishing party… whatever. The Body of Christ in the largest and most blessed sense.

                    I think it’s extremely vital that we’re not only aware of our charisms in these times, but really make them count for something. How tragic the lives that end with, “…so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground.” (Matt, parable of the talents). Also, I think it vital that we become one, as Jesus intends, since it’s clear that we cannot overcome the issues we face (e.g.- this damnable abuse crisis) alone.

                    Understand that I, and others here, often use that method of appearing to address only one or two conspicuous characters, when in fact it is for all. YD was fond of singling out Doug, but spoke to all. It’s simply method. Sorry if I’m typically singling out a coupla’ of the boys like you, Pat, Scooter and Bisquits (yeah, I include B because she was raised with many bros, taught, etc. and knows the drill too). Keep what’s good, ditch the rest.

                    Now… someone pass that can of worms.

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                    1. Honored to be included, MP, and welcome it. You nailed it again. We need unity more than ever especially now with this abuse crisis.

                      Hugh Hewitt’s cool. Golly, if I follow his 3 criteria before speaking — which are truly wise — I’d say about 90% of my posts are unnecessary. Often they are extraneous to the topics at hand anyway. As a great example: Charlie says “moon” so I write a book about the space shuttle program. 🙂

                      Well, I trust the readers here to filter me out. With patients, fortunately, my words are minimal, focused and cautious, but when I’m hanging out with the squirrels and I’m sleepy or hungry? (which is most all of the time)….look out! I’ve got something I’d like to say about that:

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                    2. I’m happy to be the fall guy if it brings out the best in others. You see, it is almost fall and the best colors come out in New England. So…. I’m the fall guy!

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  18. A couple of thoughts that came to mind as I read your piece.
    Your picture is spot on. It is exactly how I feel. It is the visual representation of the silent treatment given to us wandering sheep. My husband and I have been married for 35 years. The silent treatment is a killer to relationships. Two more weeks is already too late for my dear husband. He has written to our bishop and notifed him there will be no more money until the house is cleaned out. We thought the clean up had been started years ago and then to have another explosion. Nope. Being a mother and a teacher that is not acceptable.

    On the left…D’Nesh DeSousa(spelling?) has done a good job in his various movies of delving into the lefts past of their association to the KKK, nazism, and Margaret Sanger(planned parenthood).

    Oh, and one last thing on a lighter side and to escape this terrible reality. My husband and I rarely watch regular TV. Granted these might be on hard left platforms but have been really enjoying shows like Poldark(Masterpiece Theathre) written in the 50’s by Winston Graham, The Crown-had no idea how close Great Britian was to being overthrown by Hitler, and Fr. Brown written by G. K. Chesterton. We have found many of the British shows have wonderful acting and the dads aren’t a bunch of ditzes.

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    1. Handtotheplow: Escaping to the 1950’s/60’s TV after reading, reading so much on our church. Been watching Perry Mason, Canon, 77 Sunset Strip, Hogan’s Heros, Hazel, Matlock, Andy Griffith….Actually all good story writing and safe to watch. Ditto to the PBS Materpieces mentioned above.

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      1. We are doing the same thing. We have some series on DVD. Oh, Monk, is in there too. Then we set them aside for 6 months or so to see if it is long enough to rewatch them. If you can remember everything-back on the shelf they go for a few more months. There is something to be said about forgetfulness. 😉

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      2. Joanne, at my house we’ve been watching a lot of Hogan’s Heroes and Adam 12 lately. Television was just so much better back in the day.

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          1. One of my sisters-in-law is from Germany. She hates “Hogan’s Heroes” with passion, so we make sure to watch it when she’s not around.

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  19. Jesus Christ cleared the temple like a man. His Mother will clean Her Son’s Church like a woman. Not a speck of dust will be left in the corners when She is done.

    -Paraphrased from Fr. Robert Altier’s homily on August 19. (link posted in previous thread)

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  20. I have seen some comments on other blogs mentioning the advent of married priests due to this new awakening of clerical abuse. When are they going to realize that this is not a celibacy issue? Does that mean that we will approve gay marriage? Because around 80-90% of the abuse is homosexual.
    I can attest through personal experience that celibacy is liberating. In the Catholic faith we learn that sexual intimacy is for validly married persons. If this is not the case in particular then celibacy is the only way. And- you don’t have to think about it. It is the rule of the morally just and there’s no gray area. It is a freedom that speaks to the soul of purity. Whether chosen or thrust upon one it is a lightness of the heart to know that one consequence of concupiscence is no longer a question mark. God is good. He leaves us open to holiness even if we don’t want it! 😉

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    1. They’ll always come with the married priests thing, which by now is such an old, worn-out, record that the scratches are becoming painful – at least, to anyone with any basic knowledge.

      They always get so confused when one points out to them that, firstly, the Catholic Church does have married priests, both in its Roman and Orthodox branches united with Rome, and secondly, that a married clergy hasn’t exactly infused the non-united Orthodox and the Protestants with a thriving life. But generally, the whole concept of joyous, liberating, celibacy seems so alien to them that it’s really very hard to communicate. They do seem to be so centered on sexuality, or on all the wrong aspects of it. I’ve also found that such people have little idea of the truth behind Church teaching on contraception (very often badly confused about abortion too) since everything seems to be just reduced to basic mechanics for them.

      And then they accuse us of being narrow-minded! Breathtaking, really.

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      1. All good points, j, and since the idea of ditching celibacy as an antidote to sexual abuse, it’s also true that the statistics for this problem in the general population is NOT improved by being sexually active with adults be it in chastity or in sin.

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    2. StJoanMusings: I just had this exact conversation via email with 5 male friends, one of which, proposed priestly marriage. All I could think was that he had no depth of understanding of the full problem as related by Vigaro. So I sent them all the 11 page Vigaro statement, pointed out that 80% of the acts were homosexual and asked him if he (my friend) was calling for marriage for homosexual priests. He also proposed marriage for nuns (shows so little understanding of convent life). I have wondered if the homosexual trajectory continued/s in the CC, along with gay marriage, would the church soon be dropping the image of the Holy Family. How does gay marriage fit the image of the Holy Family? It is so contrary to all that the CC is built on as in the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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      1. Thing to do is ask the celibate priests if they are happy. What is their opinion? Priest hood is a calling and not a right or a career.

        Think of the Holy family as our example. They were married and remained chaste for their entire lives. What an example and a gift!

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  21. Earlier tonight I listened to Relevant Radio’s account of two Marian events pertaining to the scandal. One was La Soulette (sp) where she called it cesspools of impurity. Another was Akita, and yet another Our Lady of Good Success, better translated of Good Event (with Purification). They alluded to the Cardinal against Cardinal, and impurity. The common factor in the remedy included the Rosary. And endurance and offering of everyday small and big sufferings.

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  22. A great piece and enjoyed every word. Thank you, Charlie. I am only weighing in to ask everyone to further research a statement made myself a couple of blogs ago, “that we have not hit the bottom, yet”. And so alluded to the third secret of Fatima. (NOT because I have extra insight…) I came across this article yesterday, actually this link is only part of his complete speech on this, however, it does bring out the most critical idea, Our Blessed Mother’s request and now he expanded on why it was never carried out. by Chris Ferrera. Not long, but concise and adds dimension to the Vatican issue playing out right now. Plz read! I always wondered why the third secret was never revealed, and who in their right mind would defy our Blessed Mother. I take the words of our Blessed Mother seriously seems they have total contempt . Seems we are as die hard Catholic as some of these prelates are die hard atheists/heretics . But, hey! The jig is up and the more ‘spin’ they put on this, just reveals their actual intentions from the beginning: DIVIDE/DESTROY. I used to think, Pope Francis was going to come around…wake up, stop the intentional confusion, ridiculous catechesis, thought maybe this was his way to get rid of the bad hanger- ons. And the more I listened and observed, the more I realized, ‘no my gut instinct was right.’ What ya see is what ya get. He was pinned on that plane flight back from Ireland, and could not undo that ridiculous statement he made. He had no place to run …no place to hide. I am sure there are still people scratching their heads over that one. Our goal is to not fall into traps that are coming up here. I believe we reaching the point where “the rubber meets the road.” A great discerning point in every life. It will be very difficult, this is not intended to come easy. It will be profound. Stay focused, cry if you want, but turn your heart inward and upward! Good people, have a blessed Sunday.

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    1. I appreciate your faith and piety, robill – and most of your comment here. But a couple of things about Fatima…

      First, the Third Secret WAS revealed in 2000 at the instruction of Pope St. John Paul. I know some people argue that it was not – because the actual text of the secret did not match up with what their fevered imaginations had made it out to be. St. John Paul and Pope Benedict both said the full text of the secret was revealed, as Sr. Lucia confirmed. I believe them. Now, some have suggested there is a Fourth Secret. I doubt it, but that is possible. At least it does NOT require me and the faithful to believe that St. John Paul, Pope Benedict, and Sr. Lucia are all a pack of liars, as this business about a fuller text to the Third Secret requires.

      Now let me put this together in a way that illustrates why trying to find a magic pill in Fatima to make things all better is a dry hole – noting up front that I am a serious devotee of Fatima. At that apparition, Our Lady warned that if we did not consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, it would succumb to grave errors and spread them throughout the world. To me, that was akin to urgently telling us to shut the barn door lest all the wild horses get loose. Well, the officials of that time did not do it – so all the wild horses got loose and started spreading destruction around the world. Recognizing the error, St. John Paul did the closest thing he could consistent with the diplomatic commitments the Vatican had already made – in 1984 he consecrated the whole world, including Russia, to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. I know some say he should have ignored those diplomatic commitments. I think that would have been a sin – God never calls you to violate your solemn word when given in good faith, except on something sinful of its very nature. It was not the way Our Lady had originally instructed, but the horses had already gotten loose. I was never impressed with the arguments of those who, in legitimate anger at what had been omitted when it should have been done, thought the solution was to shut the barn door AFTER the horses had already spread their destruction. St. John Paul’s action signified a significant change of heart – and Sr. Lucia said it HAD been accepted by heaven.

      I do not think we are going to get any shortcut or any technicality that is going to let us out of our duty. We are called to be holy as our Heavenly Father is holy – to fully re-commit to and live holiness. In short, we are called to gather the horses up and get them back in the barn. Part of our duty is to hold our leaders accountable. On that we, the laity, have utterly failed our duty. Some prelates have been absolutely demonic in their lusts…the smoke of satan truly did enter the Church. These have not merely failed; they have defied God and made common cause with the satan. Many of our otherwise good clerics have failed because they were not vigorous enough in sounding the alarm…but we laity had so failed our duty that those clerics who did sound the alarm were punished by the predators who had taken power. I see a vast litany of failure by people all across the board…people like me and like you and like our leaders. It is not what “they” did that has defiled our Holy Church, but what “we” all did – and what we failed to do. Now God calls us to clean up our mess in fidelity to Him.

      So I do not think God is going to be satisfied until each of us takes up the mantle of our responsibility, truly works to live holiness, and goes forth to gather the horses back into the barn. When that happens – and ONLY when we have done the hard work to make it happen, we will show how our hearts have changed by doing a new consecration exactly as Our Lady had asked us, having returned things to the state which they were in WHEN she asked us.

      Above all, I think we need to avoid searching for some simple way or some technicality that lets us off the hook. We have a lot of wood to chop. Best to get chopping a piece at a time rather than waiting for someone to do it for us or to find others to blame for why it is not already chopped.

      Let me re-iterate: I am almost entirely in agreement with your comments except for the piece on Fatima…and I thank you for bringing it up, for it gave me the opportunity to address an issue that I think many will gravitate to, but that will be a distraction from the work we are actually called to do now.

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      1. Very sorry, Did not mean to change directions, yours or mine or anyones. . This is an article by Gabrielle Amorth about the 3rd secret of Fatima, and it’s indications. I had read this on as well as the reference here on 1PeterFive. I agree with you 100%, the horses are out of the corral. I thank you for setting me straight, and hope I did not mislead anyone to thinking this all hinges on the 3rd secret…or 4th. Either revealed or unrevealed. You are most correct, it is an individual effort. Thank you and God Bless you Charlie, for all you do!

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        1. Oh, most of your comment was marvelous, robill. And I was grateful to get the opportunity to address that particular issue. Please don’t be sorry. I pray that this is a safe place (to use the snowflake’s words) where we can come and talk to each other about the things that are genuinely on our hearts.

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          1. Robill,
            The article you posted does not really give a thorough point that the consecration was not accepted, just not correct. Fr Amorth was right, It wasn’t correct because Russia had already spread her errors as Charlie and others have said.
            Lucia, the person who let the world know about the secrets in the first place, said the second consecration performed by PJPll WAS accepted! It doesn’t seem right or fitting to ask Fr Amorth or even St Pio if it was acceptable or not since they do not have more authority or insight over this vision than the visionary herself.
            If one trusts the message from Lucia in the first place then doubts her word in the second thier argument looses credibility to a double standard.
            Our Lady told Lucia that the consecration was accepted-period. What more needs to be implied?
            If Russia, as Our Lady said, spread her errors because the consecration was done too late to stop them (and it wasn’t and they did), it only goes to reason that when Our Lady continued with: “In the end, Russia will be consecrated to my immaculate heart and there will be peace.” that it was properly consecrated and the period of peace is at hand according to the same visionary that gave us the secret in the first place.
            But when?
            Lucia said it’s an “ongoing process”so, it’s ongoing, (not the consecration but the promised peace.)
            But just like any sickness it is easier to avoid it than treat it and there are long term effects and recovery from a deadly disease even after the remedy has been applied.
            So according to the Fatima visionary that gave us the messages in the first place, the consecration which included the whole world by then caught in the grips of communistic errors was accepted and the period of peace forthcoming.

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          2. Seems so, However, we are in critical times. Rereading the secret and some other comments by various Prelates, Raztinger, it seems to be on the minds of most who are involved with this issue and the ‘play-out’ being watched by all before our very eyes. Certainly wondering if this is IT. The leading up to Rome scene. We know we are on careful standby in America, and the left’s issue of pushing on and hard. No letting up, mean people and certainly no conscience filled with hateful speech, bombastic acts and not permitting lives to continue on fulfilling normal course. God has given us more time, more than we deserve ; however, this is not how it should go. This time should be spent with family, preparation, and prayer. It is a fight every step. Yet, no one said it was going to be easy, still no one said we had to rethink every moment to be able to live in a somewhat stable climate. Amazing how 15, even 5 years ago, my life was very busy, mixed with family and work and church. Now, it is absorbed with Church, in every way -good and bad, and then rounding up 4 teens, to getting them to realize they are living in a bubble. It’s all going to burst, soon. We must be ready to be ready. Thank you, all for your words of love and encouragement. Thank you, Charlie!

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            1. “Amazing how 15, even 5 years ago, my life was very busy, mixed with family and work and church. Now, it is absorbed with Church, in every way – good and bad, and then rounding up 4 teens, to getting them to realize they are living in a bubble.”

              In that, you are so like my good friend of 50+ years, Robill. He is now so heavily involved with the Church/Pro-Life etc. that it makes me ashamed! I think what may make it easier for him is that his 4 are now all practically raised. He would never otherwise be able to devote the time he does – and he never, ever neglected his family duty in the past, I stress. Although, I think he’d be the first to admit that his 4 are still in the bubble, to varying degrees. That said, I have never detected the slightest bit of sneering from them (as kids/young people are good at doing) at their Dad’s wholesale commitment.

              Love your avatar, b.t.w. So looking forward to the joys of dog ownership when I retire! And yes, I do recognise that there it’s not all joy, of course 🙂

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              1. I retired 16years ago and my springer spaniel was one of the best things i ever did,his back legs are going now and he cant walk as far nor as fast as he used but yhen niether can I . Christus Vinci

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                1. As it happens, AScot, I have been thinking along Springer lines! 👍 I do love them, and they’d be ideal for me – not too big but active (I’m pretty outdoorsy) and friendly. If not, then a Beagle. But a rescue dog from the local home is also a possibility.

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          3. Sigh…. Charlie, if you want to talk like a true snowflake and enlightened liberal of superior intelligence and virtue, you need to say “safe SPACE,” not “safe place.” Up your game, bro. 🙂

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              1. Billbad: I know, right? Kids these days…. 🙂

                By the way, my two oldest kids are still going to the youth group that meets at the Ark. They could use some more people, since a third of the group just went back to college. Know any 18+ kids that might be interested?

                Looking forward to St. Mary’s on October 7. It’s 4:00 pm, right?

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                  1. Ah… the mother-in-law communication network in your neck of the woods is legendary, Billbad; I’ve seen it at work, and it is a wonder to behold. 🙂

                    If you come up with any takers for the youth group, Father Eric can put you in touch with the young lady who runs it. They definitely have a good time at the meetings; but they also do Adoration, read the Catechism, pray a portion of the Liturgy of the Hours, and watch videos of talks by good priests.

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        2. Robill, what I’ve gleaned from this blog and Charlie’s lessons about differentiating between the DESCRIPTION of a vision and the trickiness of its INTERPRETATION may apply to the Third Secret and what some have referred to as the Fourth Secret. I will try to summarize the explanation.

          In October of 1943, Sr. Lucia was given an order by her bishop to write down the Third Secret. She could not bring herself to obey this order until January 3,1944 when, under the instruction of Our Lady, Sr. Lucia wrote down the vision–the DESCRIPTION–but not the explanation–the INTERPRETATION. The exact words that were published by The Vatican in 2002 are Sr Lucia’s DESCRIPTION of the vision that she wrote down on January 3rd. This is all clearly recorded and substantiated here:

          However, unlike the First Part of the secret, OUR LADY’s INTERPRETATION of the First Part (which is referred to as the Second Part) is NOT the explanation that follows Sr. Lucia’s DESCRIPTION that was published. Rather, as can be seen at the link, the one credited with the explanation of the fully published DESCRIPTION of the Third Part of the Secret is Cardinal Sodano. Where is Our Lady’s explanation? Surely just has she has explained (INTERPRETED) the First Part she would also explain the Third Part.

          On January 9, 1944, Sr. Lucia wrote to her bishop and said that she had NOW finished the task he had given her in October because at sometime AFTER January 3rd on a separate sheet of paper, she had written down Our Lady’s explanation of the vision. These words have yet to be published by The Vatican. All of this supposed speculation is well documented by others much more educated and respected than I. In fact two of the Cardinals named in Archbishop Vigano’s recent testimony played major roles in distracting from the existence of the separate sheet of paper that was in a separate envelope but included with the text of the DESCRIPTION of the Third Secret. These are Cardinals Sodano and Bertone.

          Maybe having Our Lady’s interpretation doesn’t really matter any more because by the grace of God, we have been chosen to live out her words.

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  23. After what was essentially a controlled free-fall, this was the touchdown I witnessed. The haziness you see is sand and dust. It was very windy at Edwards that day but OK enough to land the shuttle. Prior to landing, a NASA aircraft flown by previous shuttle pilots made multiple close passes over the runway. Their jet was designed to simulate the shuttle’s aerodynamic responses and then relay wind and other data to Endeavor’s computers to assist in landing.

    God bless America. We’re really awesome!

    And it’s called a sonic BOOM, not boon. 😇 The shuttle has two leading edges, nose and tail, thus the double “boom-boom.” It sounded and reverberated as if a giant quickly rapped his hairy knuckles on the oak doors of an enormous cathedral.

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  24. Latest Medjugorje message

    Latest Medjugorje Message, September 2, 2018 – Apparitions to Mirjana
    “Dear children, my words are simple but are filled with motherly love and care. My children, all the more the shadows of darkness and deception are being cast over you, and I am calling you to the light and truth—I am calling you to my Son. Only He can transform despair and suffering into peace and clarity; only He can give hope in the deepest pain.

    My Son is the life of the world. The more that you come to know Him—the more that you come close to Him—all the more you will love Him, because my Son is love. Love changes everything; it makes most beautiful also that which, without love, seems insignificant to you. That is why, anew, I am saying to you that you must love a lot if you desire to grow spiritually.

    I know, apostles of my love, that it is not always easy, but, my children, also the painful paths are paths which lead to spiritual growth, to faith, and to my Son. My children, pray—think of my Son. In all the moments of the day, raise your soul to Him, and I will gather your prayers as flowers from the most beautiful garden and give them as a gift to my Son. Be true apostles of my love; spread the love of my Son to everyone. Be gardens of the most beautiful flowers. With your prayers help your shepherds that they may be spiritual fathers filled with love for all people. Thank you. ”

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  25. In 2007, we’re told by a new book, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother began to speak to the heart of a Benedictine monk — a priest — who at the time was greatly in need of their intervention.

    The priest, in an Irish monastery, was “prompted” to write down what he heard — words of knowledge and insight and encouragement meant not only for him but, it seems, for us all.

    The priest, who received much of it during Adoration — and whose revelations pertain in large part precisely to Adoration — suffered his share of doubts over the authenticity of what he was “hearing.” Not to worry for long: his spiritual director, closely following the events, identified what was occurring as gratia gratis data (real Grace), and his book, In Sinu Jesu: The Journal of a Priest At Prayer, includes an imprimatur from a bishop, Michael Smith, in Meath Mullingar, Ireland along with a Nihil Obstat.

    From Jesus:
    “I am about to renew the priesthood of My Church in holiness,” Jesus presumably infused into the monk’s mind on Maundy Thursday night, March 20, 2008.

    “I am very close to cleansing My priests of the impurities that defile them. Soon, very soon, I will pour out graces of spiritual healing upon all My priests. I will separate those who will accept the gift of My Divine friendship from those who will harden their hearts against Me. To the first I will give radiant holiness like that of John and of My apostles in the beginning. From the others I will take away even what they think they have. It must be so. I want the priests of My Church clean in heart and faithful in responding to to the immense love with which I have loved each one of them and chosen each one for Myself and for the realization of the designs of My Heart.”

    “A chastened priesthood will shine with chastity in the face of a world darkened by every fleshly vice and sinful excess,” said a revelation on June 18, 2009. “A meek and humble priesthood will astonish a world obsessed with power, and influence and exploitation of the poor. An obedient priesthood will stand in contradiction to a world that, following its master, says, ‘I will not serve.'”

    On January 27, 2012:

    “Who among My priests will survive the tribulation that is coming. Only those who will have listened to My plea for priest adorers, for priest reparators, for priests who will allow Me to befriend them, and who will give Me their time, their minds, and their hearts in the essential work of Adoration.

    “I call this work essential because the right order of things has been subverted and because a great disorder and confusion has overtaken the hearts and minds of My beloved priests.

    “Adoration will be for them and for you the restoration of the only right order: the order of Divine love poured into the hearts of men by the Holy Spirit Who is Love.”

    What a glory, ASOH Friends, to be able to join Jesus in this holy venture of restoring the priesthood via our own times of adoring Him in His Eucharistic Presence!

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    1. Oh, Beckita, I have to share with you. Today I got the chance to hand my letter to our Bishop regarding the hot topic on this thread….Church crisis. I wrote it in a non aggressive polite way.

      But, I gave him a book as a gift. In Sinu Jesu. He said, oh! I already have that book. So I said to him would you like to take it anyway and pass it on to someone else, to which he replied with great joy. “Yes, indeed I will.”

      I am so happy. The In Sinu Jesu book is spreading like wildfire. Praise God.

      Just a thought. If some Catholics are trying to find a worth cause to contribute, while the Bishops and or Cardinals get their act together. Why not order as many In Sinu Jesu books as your funds permit, and give them to Priests and other devout souls who might like to use them as reading material during Eucharistic Adoration as well as home reading. I have already passed on 20 or 30 so far. I think our town is covered, by that I mean every Priest in our town has one LOL, and a few besides.

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    2. That reminds me, Bishop Robert Reed-

      Bishop to do 24 hours of public penance for crisis in the Church
      Bishop Robert Reed YouTube
      BOSTON, Massachusetts, August 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Next month, an American bishop will do 24 hours of public penance in reparation for the crisis in the Church.

      Robert Reed, 59, an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston since 2016, placed his intentions in the bulletin of the parish where he is pastor, Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Wayland, MA. The bulletin is dated Sunday, August 26. (Bishop Reed’s full statement is posted below.)

      Reed stated that he is “deeply disturbed by what is happening in the Church” and wondered what he could do. His only answer was that he could fast and pray.

      “To that end,” he wrote, “and as your pastor, I commit myself to a full day and night of public penance.”

      On Monday, September 24, Bishop Reed will celebrate his usual 9:00 a.m. Mass and then pray and fast before the Blessed Sacrament until 9:00 a.m. the next day, when he will again say Mass.

      He invited his parishioners to join him during his long vigil, for a few minutes or a full hour.

      The notice was spotted by Catholic author Leah Libresco, who posted it on Twitter.

      Full text of Bishop Reed’s announcement:


      September 24, 2018

      A couple years ago, on a Monday morning, I was informed that I had been named a bishop. When I accepted, I was conscious of the fact that, I also would have to accept whatever the future held with a complete openness to God’s will; much like in a marriage, or when I was ordained a priest.

      These days, I find myself deeply disturbed by what is happening in the Church. I know the bishops must act decisively and that the action needs to be thorough, transparent, professional and in cooperation with competent laypeople. But still, I ask the question: what can I do?

      All I know is that I can pray and do penance. To that end, and as your pastor, I commit myself to a full day and night of public penance.

      On Monday, September 24, 2018, I will celebrate the 9 o’clock Mass in Saint Ann Church as I usually do. Following that Mass I will expose the Blessed Sacrament and remain there in prayer and fasting until the next morning, concluding this period of prayer and penance with the celebration of the 9:00 am Mass on Tuesday.

      All throughout this period, the church will remain open. You are most welcome to join me in prayer for a few minutes or for a full hour. In fact, I would welcome your presence as I do the only things I know to do in the face of evil; prayer and penance.

      Most sincerely,

      Bishop Reed

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      1. Thanks for bringing this news to us, LTTV. When I first read about this plan of Bishop Reed, tears welled. After Julia’s suggestion of sharing the In Sinu Jesu book, I’m thinking it would be powerful to gather a small group who could be about the business of approaching some laity who are financially comfortable and seeking their aid to purchase a a copy of the In Sinu Jesu book for every priest in one’s diocese.

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    3. I have that book on my Kindle. It is wonderful. The Monastery is Silverstream Priory – not all that far from where I live as it happens, although I still haven’t managed to make time to get there and spend some time . I had ideas of going there on foot (which I could do) and staying in a local B&B, as thankfully they are full up at the monastery and just don’t have room – a great sign in itself, DG! It hasn’t happened yet. God willing, it will soon.

      They have a very good website, with an excellent blog, which I recommend:

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  26. I’m bringing a prayer petition to this thread because it’s a crisis situation for a dear friend and I know more folks will see this here. Thank you so much.

    Please pray for someone who is close to me who has been threatened with termination just before retiring with benefits. This person has had many years of solid reviews and works very hard. The person is emotionally devastated. Thank you.

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    1. The prayer of miraculous trust gone up for you dear friend, may the Lord exert His powerful influence to change the hearts of those who have threatened termination so close to retirement, and allow this employee a chance to finish their work term to retirement.

      Also, trusting Jesus to pass on the blessing I got from my Bishop today. He particularly prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus to bless me. Blessing donated to your dear friend.

      I just asked Jesus if He would transfer that special blessing to your friend, all the way from the UK. Distance no object to Our Sweet and loving Lord Jesus.

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    2. Oh, Beckita, how horrible. To try to undercut someone’s future security like that. Know that I will pray tonight and continue for this dear soul, that the evil not happen.
      Lord, you see this potential evil. Please protect this person from such unfair treatment. I ask in Your Blessed Name.

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    3. Beckita, I will keep your friend in my prayers. I will also pray for his/her loved ones, because this situation must be hard on them, too.

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    4. I am so sorry, Beckita. Will go pray to St Joseph right now. He has come through both times regarding a difficult situation regarding my husband’s job. Love and prayers, sweet Beckita!

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  27. Might it be possible that the Pope is unwilling to say anything about Cardinal McCarrick because Cardinal McCarrick went to confession to the Pope. Just scratching my head trying to make sense of this all.

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    1. Prashant, could’a be, still does not make up for the fact, that the Pope assigned him to Rome; disregarded the conditions set by Benedict, and his knowledge of this coverup. Excluding Confessional privilege. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I am sure there is more to come. This is the quiet before the storm. Pope Francis has too many other items on his plate right now. He is waiting for the deep state to make a move that they are predicting – hope will happen… then this will all come back around, but it won’t make a ripple. (my thoughts). Unless, the deep state doesn’t get their agenda met. Then he will be forced to act, one way or another. I feel like I am reading a thriller, only my soul and life are in one of the chapters. I just keep praying. And give all the credit to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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  28. Oh Beckita, so sorry to hear but, rest assured, this will and is added to my prayers! Life sometimes gets us, and forgive us, we don’t want to be the ones forgotten! Thankful for the prayers here, and for the ever loving that I have realized here on this site. So much reminds me of a book I am now reading and almost finished with The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Please if you have not read it, do so. I am almost finished with it and I have to say….It speaks volumes, without ever being there! I love this site and so may times speak or type wrongly because I myself have a hard time with explaining or making myself known. I don’t have what Crewdog has nor many of the better wordly commentators have, But however, I am here and understand…..Pray for me as I =ray for you too!

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  29. …effects are like an invisibly growing cancer which only the chemo of the Holy Spirit can ultimately cure. The wounds are the ultimate poison of the serpent, because it takes away the will to live, and the dignity of the divine image imprinted by God. I believe this is a specific kind of spiritual warfare, the carnage left by real demons, which can only be cast out through fasting and prayer as our Jesus taught us.

    Every single one of us who can ought to fast and pray, as we are able, for the lives and full healing of each victim. That not one buckles under the weight of shame, but that each soul can stand before the Divine Judge and hand back the shame of their abuse to the priest or Bishop who laid it upon them, all the while praying for mercy for their perpetrator. For the wounded we pray that(from the Canticle of Zechariah) “deliver us from the hand of our enemies, free to worship him without fear all the days of our life.”

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  30. Beckita you said ,
    “young seminarians are as vulnerable and in need of our protection as the younger children.”

    In my time at seminary I was approached by young terrified seminarians who were being sexually harassed by older ones. They were on the point of leaving the seminary. There were no locks on the bedrooms and they were afraid to go to bed. “Little messages” were left on the pillows – calling cards so to speak – to let them know a visitor had been. Disgusting.

    The seminary was rife with homosexuality and other sexual crimes whose perpetrators also included the spiritual director, the vocations director and the head student. I reported it all to the rector and was told not to empower the crime by talking about it. I gathered evidence from victims and went over his head and reported it to others of influence and higher authority. Shortly thereafter there was a complete change of staff.

    So I totally agree that young seminarians are in dire need of protection. They are the future of Our Church.


    In the other hand the average age of a seminarian is 32. No matter how difficult their situation, in the end they can speak up for themselves or report the abuse. Children do not have this option.

    It is very clear that Jesus was referring to little children in the gospels when he said those who caused them to stumble would have been better to have killed themselves. While it is a pious and pc thought to include other vulnerable parties in this exhortation HE DID NOT. He was shining the spotlight on children.

    When AIDS was at its peak in the UK financial support rocketed when the homosexual lobby convinced the public that heterosexuals were just as vulnerable as homosexuals despite the figures that showed the vast majority of sufferers were homosexual. I lived opposite the London Lighthouse – a luxury public hospital that specialised in AIDS treatment and which enjoyed frequent visits from Princess Diana. I think the average amount spent on each AIDS patient was £250,000 during their stay at that hospital and there were many of them.

    The money for the media lies in their ability to hide the link between homosexual child abuse and homosexual adult abuse. I for one will not play into their hands. In the case of McCarrick they leave the public with the impression that most of his victims were children. The pink press has already convinced the public that child abuse is nothing to do with homosexuality so by presenting McCarrick as a child abuser they exhonerate his homosexual crimes and corruption. While purporting to protect children they are really protecting gay rights and reputations. Once again children are the innocent victims.

    Let us play our part in keeping the waters clear. To say that grown men are as defenceless as little children is simply not true no matter how it is spun, no matter how sweet and solicitous it sounds. Newspapers make money by supporting the gay lobby – a lobby which our Holy Father explicitly opposes.

    Homosexual aggression corrupts our church. I wish I could retrieve the post VatII document that refers to the exhorbitant malice that lies just beneath its skin and that is exposed with the lightest of scratching. McCarrick is a prime example of this exhorbitant malice.

    While we have a duty to protect our seminarians they have a choice which children do not. They can turn to their brothers in formation even if the authorities do nothing but the abused child has no one to take his back.

    So Jaykay and Beckita considerate and correct as your words sound, for me they do not hold water.

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    1. “While it is a pious and pc thought to include other vulnerable parties in this exhortation”

      I don’t agree, Joe. But please, may I clarify first: I most certainly am NOT in the PC brigade. Please take time to consider what you are writing, because the impression given, and taken, is perhaps not always what you intend to convey. And I do enjoy what you write. Anyway, His actual words were:

      “And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them, [3] And said: Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. [4] Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven. [5] And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.

      [6] But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

      So in my view, He clearly refers to all those who have, by humbling themselves, “become as little children” as his “little ones”, not just children per se. He is using the child as an example but does not confine it to children only.

      Whatever the age of seminarians – and this of course varies from country to country – I maintain that they are still exceptionally vulnerable, precisely because of the type of relationship they have to their superiors and the fact that they know it could cost them everything they have “invested”, if they go against them in any way. There isn’t really any parallel in the ordinary working situation that I can think of – and I once had considerable experience in labour relations, and a qualification in labour law, with many appearances in tribunals, courts etc., a lot of such instances being due to bullying, victimisation etc. Our employees at least had a legal recourse, and trade unions to back them. Seminarians don’t, and it would take great courage on their part to speak out. We saw this only a few short years ago in our national seminary when those who attempted to “whistleblow” (all young men in early 20s) were treated abominably. Therefore I say their situation is “exceptional”, and parallel to that of young children precisely because, when it comes down to it, they have so little recourse.

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      1. Surely agree with you, Joe, about the unique vulnerability of children whose lives are ruined by abuse as wee ones… yet, not all have ruined lives, for some do heal by God’s Grace. This is a great mystery we teachers often discussed when huddled together, collaborating on best ways, both in the school setting and via networking with services outside the school, to support a child and his/her family in their time of need. Invariably, there were some who struggled long after they became adults while others developed resiliency which was partly instrumental in their healing.

        Agree with you as well, J, on your exegesis of this passage. I also pulled out Scott Hahn’s commentary in his Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Hahn’s notes include that Christ is not only literally speaking of small children but also speaking of anyone who has childlike simplicity, anyone who is totally dependent upon God. Further, Hahn notes the millstone is meant for anyone who causes religious scandal, bringing the weak in faith to abandon the Lord.

        And, I maintain, after actually reading personal accounts of the former seminarians, now adult priests or single or married men – and remember, much of the abuse occurred in the years when the average age of seminarians was early twenties rather than what it is in this era – the impact of experiencing a ruined life was as real for them as it was in the abuse impact on a wee one who had turned to the same sorts of behaviors, in their adult lives, to drown the pain: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, over-working, etc.

        In the end, I have discovered, pain is pain. To compare my pain with another’s pain is mostly a futile exercise, in my view. When people hurt, they hurt and simply wish to be validated in their struggle as they look for comfort, hope and a path to recovery as they turn to someone(s) for help. As an adult who was raised in a very abusive home, I sought assistance via therapy – both solo and in groups – the Sacrament of the Sick – many times, being prayed over from lay people and priests through whom Christ brought healing and I found great healing in the nuclear power radiating from the Blessed Sacrament as I just sat in the Silence and received His Love. Amazingly, from these experiences in my own healing, now many a soul continues to find their way to me in order to crack open their stories, seeking counsel and prayer, and I simply focus on their desire for healing and listen within, intent on blessing whatever it is the Lord wishes to bring to the one in need. HE is the Healer of our every ill. Incredibly, He chooses to use human instruments for HIS work. And I remain convinced that a key dimension in rebuilding a culture of life, as the Storm rages on, involves the personal healing of so many lost and wounded souls.

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        1. Indeed, Beckita. The Church fathers, Chrystostom, Origen, Hilary, have also commented on that passage, with the same conclusion.

          Blessings to all, J.

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          1. Interesting, J. Of course, all of this exegesis talk is not to discount the tragedy and horror of what the wee ones endured in an era when many parents slapped and beat them for ever saying such things. Who can fathom the complete abandonment by those who were to be the ones the children should have been able to trust? Maranatha!

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      2. Francesca
        Your comment is well considered and expressed but I tend to keep it a little more simple. I treat many wee ones in my clinic and I am on my way back to New Zealand after having a great time with grand nieces and nephews.

        I have not the slightest doubt which would incite the stronger instinct to defend – an attack on a grown seminarian (as I said, the average age is 32) or one of my wee ones.

        The more innocent and defenceless the target the greater the evil. I accept you are referring to very young seminarians, and few as these may be in the west, they still urgently warrant protection.

        It was very young seminarians who approached me for help all those years ago. But my point is that they did make the approach and they did ask for help. Abused children are muzzled by fear. That is why we have to be their voice and deal to every pervert who came into their lives.

        No reason why we should not be as determined to help the older males, and practically speaking, our efforts will be as strong for one as the other. In the end it is God who rebukes those evil spirits who work through evil men. But for me the greater evil will always be that occasioned on children.

        That really was my main point. The other point was that the media labels issues according to how that label can increase income and hides the truth to the extent that it threatens to reduce income. It’s up to God but down to us – and we can only go so far. Then Jesus and Mary step in, thank God.

        For the media it is very important to report on “assisted dying” rather than euthanasia and the “right to choose” rather than killing your unborn child etc. Just so they refuse to report on the homosexual nature of child abuse between an adult male and male child. The pink brigade has become too powerful and the pink dollar too valuable and sexual expression is unbridled.

        And there we have it the age old family of perdition – money, sex and power. How Satan has fun with these, combining them in limitless variety for his amusement and our destruction. Apart from Jesus we can indeed do nothing. Just as well He promised to be with us to the end of time.

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      3. Firstly my apology to you for my pc comment. Please forgive me. I thought you were being more BC than pc and Becks and I gave had strong disagreements off line usually about the use of words. (Beckitally correct). Once again I had not agreed with her opinion and you got caught in the crossfire. Sorry.

        I had been aware of the other interpretations of the millstone scripture and in fact the words that suggests you (as opposed to the school teacher 🧐 😈) may be correct are the words “little ones THAT BELIEVE IN ME”.

        We know that children are undeveloped in their faith and such lack of maturity and formation can extend well into adulthood. This makes them vulnerable. But I still say children are more vulnerable than adults and I still say the Jesus was primarily talking about children.

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        1. Well, Joe, people – approaching discussions with good will toward one another – have always been allowed and encouraged to express their views here, including disagreeing ones. I have to say, though, there’s really no need to poke at any person’s particular style of expressing or profession when disagreeing with that one. Frankly, from what I see, jaykay was not caught in any crossfire at all. Of his own volition, he simply joined in agreement with my position and did so in his own words and style with his particular background knowledge of the topic being discussed. And so it is. There will be disagreements in our lives on site and off site.

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    2. There are, perhaps, deeper and more diabolical kinds of predation than that upon a child, who is obviously helpless for self defense on a physical and emotional level. Sexual abuse of a child is such a cowardly act even prison inmates will retaliate in disgust against a pedophile. It’s so clearly a wretched, subhuman act even criminals so hardened that society has confined them to prison agree and understand.

      But predation upon very young men discerning or pursuing holy orders is profoundly evil at a deeper level which goes beyond the obvious fact that a seminarian could physically defend himself while a child cannot. I would posit that what has gone on in our seminaries is more like a three dimensional game of chess, pitting hell against souls who are giving themselves wholly, seeking to be submissive in every way to the will of God. Their identity, as well as “vocation” is dependent upon this. So, possibly, does being true to conscience and the prompting of the
      Holy Spirit. This “game” must be part of the foretold smoke from the abyss. The seminarian ends up doubting his sanity and his soul, and against this he has no more defense than the helpless child victim of a sexual perpetrator. Compared to the cunning and malice of hell we humans are all like small children facing a lion, or rather, the dragon. Of the children of God, only Our Mother treads upon him. But Mary,our Mother Protector, has been removed
      from the seminary along with every other orthodox belief.

      The trap set for the young vocationer, baring his naked soul before God in the process of discernment, is set in steel because it is forged through diabolical misuse and control of the confessional’s secrecy. As more and more compromised prelates rose in the ranks, the honest priests and seminarians probably became uncertain over time about what they could “report” and to whom without violating canon and true conscience. Perpetrators could openly operate under the secrecy of “absolution” from other priest accomplices. Presumably, honest bishops and rectors, like most Christans of good will, would find abuse rumors or reports that did filter up to the top incredulous. Because the innocent heart cannot even imagine such foulness, it is loathe to believe the report without clear evidence. And so the temptations for the seminarians multiply, more and more priests are compromised, and probably bound to secrecy by direction given in the confessional.

      This last fact, the spiritual compromise of the confessional, is why the whole network of priests and bishops who will not espouse and publicly preach the full Catholic teaching about the sinfulness of homosexual practice must reign or be removed. Furthermore, they ought to be prohibited from hearing confession, except upon the emergency of the deathbed.

      Much of the work of the laity in this direction hour of the Church needs to be making certain that these basic steps be taken, the resignation or removal (to a solitary life of penance and reparation) of every offender priest and bishop, as well as prohibition if all implicated clergy from hearing confession until their case has been tried in canonical court. I think every seminary rector, bishop and archbishop should establish a 40 day period of penance
      for all clergy in their charge, and appoint trusted confessors who, temporarily, minister to their clergy for those 40 days, along with dedicated Masses for repentance and reconciliation.

      I believe this must happen now. Every day that passes allows the hardened offenders to burrow deeper into their protective fortresses, thus further damaging souls and damning their own. They must be called to contrition, but like all addicts, whether to alcohol, sex or power, have to be removed from their “drug supply” in order to have a chance to break through narcissism into sanity and salvation. If they cannot walk away, they ought to be forcibly removed for the safety of those in their charge. Nothing less is mercy to them and to physical or spiritual victims in their power. Otherwise, at least some will retaliate and use revenge to cause as much damage as possible until they stop or die.

      Offenders do not just stop when they are caught. They hide. They act, and some are so brilliantly narcissistic that they can deceive everyone except God.

      I cannot overemphasize the subhuman degree of the sex offenders moral descent. Mothers everywhere can instinctively understand this. Even animal mothers don’t hesitate a moment to defend their offspring from a predator, even at the cost of death. The mothers of the Church demand no less for our children, babes to seminarians. And we will work and fast and pray and march, demand and oversee, doing everything in our
      power until the Church is wholly rid of this hellish onslaught. We are women made in the image of God, who will lay our bodies in the breach where priests and bishops ought, in order to save our children from attack. We are charged by our Maker with the solemn privilege of bringing the souls of each of our children to heaven…that charge never ends while our child lives and we still breathe in old age. This is an integral part of spiritual motherhood, and we have Mary as our model and guide.

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    3. One quibble, Joe…too bad you weren’t around to correct both St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine on their more broad interpretations of who the little ones were. They considered them to be all the faithful.

      Look, Joe, I appreciate your faith, but your determination that your ever literal – and often simplistic – interpretations are the only possibly correct interpretation is offensive and contradicts a lot of great saints. And yes, I am being a bit sarcastic when things that were not entirely clear and carved in stone for several great Doctors of the Church have been definitively divined by you. I really just don’t think so – and I wish you could make your case with a little more humility and tolerance to others.

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        1. Actually Charlie
          If I have said or done something wrong please point it out without recourse to sarcasm. I do not insist on my versions and I respect the right of others to hold theirs but I hold to my duty to express the truth as it has been shown to me. That will not be watered down or altered unless conscience or good witness dictates. I did not contradict the witness of Augustus or Aquinas. I simply stated that in my view adults are not as vulnerable as children and that priority of considerstion should be for the child. I also correctly mentioned the fact that Jesus drew children to him before making his comment about the millstone. I admire your lotalty to Beckita but get your facts right. I am always open to correction if it is appropriate. Lets not waste more time on this.


          1. I am writing this in transit from Seoul to Auckland in a bit of a rush so my last comment was not clear. I meant to say I do not insist that I have any right to deny others their opinion. I do insist on my right to hold mine because it is comes from the mouths of ones infinitely greater than myself – Jesus and Mary. I was totally aware of the interpretations of Augustine and Aquinas and appreciate the merit in them but I am convinced that they too would come to the rescue of a child before an adult. I also believe they would see through the tactics of the media and pink army probably in a far clearer way than me. They would see that children are being used as a human shield to protect the gat agenda.


    1. I have offered a prayer for Randy too, Tim. It appears the victims of these horrific abuses are naming names. I pray too for healing and swift justice for all victims. I pray that the abusers and their enablers are revealed and held into account to the fullest extent of the law and I pray for the innocent caught in the middle, for their fortitude to stand up to false accusations unscathed. ❤

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  31. Today is the last day of my visit with my old mother. Tonight I must say goodbye. She is 90. Chances are I will not see her alive again.

    Today is the feast of Pope St Gregory The Great. Gregory is my middle name and was my father’s middle name. Our Nigerian priest ended his homily with the words of Jesus “Do not be afraid, take courage, be of good heart”. The gospel story tells of how Jesus escaped from his enemies:

    Let us pray that Pope Francis escapes from the hands of his enemies. “My life like a bird has escaped from the snare of the fowler.” Jesus did not run away from his enemies but slipped through their very midst.

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    1. Thanking God for your good pilgrimage with your time in Garabandal and with your family, Joe. May you be blessed with travel mercies on your way back to NZ and a beautiful visit to the Shrine of the Lady of All Nations as you journey home.

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      1. Teddy, I edited your comment for no one may judge the status of another’s soul. To attempt to do so does not meet the criteria of the comment policy here. Indeed, may Mary protect our Holy Father. (I apologize to our readers for first clearing the comment without editing it.)

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        1. apologies. This stuff has me hyper and thirsting for revenge. When I think about those kids…and those vipers..well, I will shut up,now. You’re right of course, it is not for me to judge. Especially the Holy Father, God Bless him.

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          1. Oh Teddy, thank you for the apology but DO I get the slip. I think anyone who has read even a part of the grand jury report must surely have had a TON of intense emotion rising. I read just enough to be horrified and to realize the diabolic nature of it all and had to put it away, nearly speechless. We’re definitely in the tough stuff zone right now. Christ’s Peace, Teddy, to you and to all who pass this way.

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          2. Something about Jesus saying that those who scandalize children “It would be better that a great millstone was tied about their head and they were thrown into the sea.” It is better for us, at this time, that Francis recently stated church opposition to the death penalty. The temptation for anger and revenge is great “Lurking at the door” but we can, by grace resist.

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  32. It would appear that the satan is up to his usual and successful tricks of leading people to complacency. I saw too many postings of those this morning claiming that the crisis is ended and no longer valid. People just want it to go away and therefore claim it has. No concern for resolution, repair and restoration. We laity must hold fast and not allow another attempt to sweep it all under the rug and pretend it never happened until it rises up again to bite us even worse. PERSEVERE.

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  33. Charlie, I have had personal and long understood, that those with sexual deviant cannot and should not be able to be left alone, they are to be watched ALWAYS.There is little chance of recovery from sins of a sexual nature. It is like a worm in the brain that cannot be removed. These priests / Bishops / must be removed for any renewal to begin . Please also… of those abused ( by those representing the Church ),must be helped in time to FORGIVE or we will have failed them and God . They need the Love of God back in their Life.
    I don’t know what my life would have looked like, without my forgiving my abusers.
    Faithful to God and Church,

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  34. Friends – please go to the American Conservative website and read/listen to Dreher’s commentary on the priest Fr. Gavancho. He was an assistant pastor at a church in Santa Barbara and was abruptly dismissed for the sermon he gave on the scandal – which by the way was applauded by the congregation. He was immediately dismissed and ordered out of the rectory for telling the truth. That should be our demand, our rallying point, our constant unchangeable motto: TELL US THE TRUTH. We must not abandon our faith, our church to evasions, deceit and lies. TELL US THE TRUTH

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    1. I have gotten this link to the article. I am pleased to see that Dreher is re-examining in the latest piece – noting that he has heard that it is NOT because of this homily that Fr. Gavancho was dismissed. I was shocked, because I have several very close mutual friends with Los Angeles Abp. Gomez – and I have known personally from the beginning of his appointment to LA that he has had to – and has – fought the lavender mafia tooth and nail. His is the worst infestation I have seen in any Diocese I have been in in the country: he truly is up to his neck in alligators. This would be contrary to everything I have seen from him on the subject for the seven years he has been there and I KNOW he has made it his primary job to re-stock the LA Priesthood with men who are faithful to the Gospels and Magisterium, at times giving short shrift to other needs because the problem is so great.

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      1. Charlie – please look at the link again. This really isn’t about the priest or the bishop. It is about telling the truth and being honest about it. I expect there will be more situations like this where unpleasant, possibly questionable, decisions will be made. I would hope those in responsible positions would be open and truthful – brings to mind a saying which I may not quote exactly: all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to say nothing. I do appreciate your telling the truth about Archbishop Gomez – There is so much confusion and evil swirling about. We as laity do not make parochial decisions but we must insist on the truth and not accept evasions or deceit. There has been too much of that already. God help us all as we stagger through this miasma.

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  35. Speaking of Space and Neil Armstrong. One of those moments you always remember. Like where you were when Kennedy was assassinated. Or what you were doing on the morning of 9/11.

    July of 1969. I was working the 11-7 shift at the plastic bottle factory making yellow French’s mustard bottles and Clorox bottles. Hot work. I returned home to find my dad sitting in front of the TV watching the lunar landing. I sat down with him and together we watched transfixed by the whole spectacle.

    Here is a chilling recollection of the dangers and the courage exhibited by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin that day.

    I recall the tenseness of the descent. You could hear it in both the astronauts and the Houston control as the LM lander ran into trouble with its computer system as it raced over the lunar mountain landscape toward an anticipated soft landing in the Sea of Tranquility.

    Best laid plans.

    I recall my dad observing “Those boys are in a bit of trouble.” I have a recollection of a communication from Armstrong announcing he was assuming manual control. In effect he ditched the computer assisted guidance system and grabbed the joy stick himself.

    What a sense of relief and pride and patriotic amazement when Armstrong announced to a tense, awaiting WORLD those famous words: “Houston, Tranquility Base here … the Eagle has landed.”

    One of those moments you always remember.

    It was an American moment. Nobody who lived that moment glued to the TV will ever be persuaded of anything else.

    “Apollo 11 was four minutes into its landing sequence when the terse words of its commander, Neil Armstrong, came from the speaker in Mission Control:

    “Program alarm.”

    …… An unwelcoming view glared at Armstrong. Where the orbital maps indicated a smooth plain, there was instead a vast crater field and collections of truck-sized boulders. Flying manually and low on fuel, Armstrong leveled off and searched for a smooth spot.

    “I was looking at my trajectory plot,” Charlie Duke remembers, “[and] Neil leveled off at about 400 feet [122 meters] and was whizzing across the surface … It was far from what we had trained for and seen in the simulations. So I started getting a little nervous, and they weren’t telling us what was wrong. It was just that they were flying this strange trajectory.”

    In fact, they were flying for their lives.”

    “Those boys are in a bit of trouble.” The right stuff. American stuff. Can’t sweep that under a leftist anti-American Hollywood ideological attempt to rewrite History.

    “What America will dare, America will do.”
    Gene Kranz … Apollo 11 Flight Director

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  36. A few points before letting this go and letting God do the deciding.
    First, in transparency, let me acknowledge that I am not a fan of Bishop Barron but I will accept his words as being sincere,
    Second, in my parish there would be considerable angst among the laity, pastor and this priest because of the meat he preaches. You catch more flies with honey but I believe the evil one is the beekeeper.
    Third, the Church of Nice is now being turned back over to the Church of Christ and the birth pangs will reverberate to eternity. Trust, love, do.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, George. Fr. Altier’s homily has been posted more than a few times in audio form here. It’s great to have the transcribed version now. Thank you.

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