The Barren Lands – Short Takes

Barren Lands

By Charlie Johnston

“Great ones of the world, will your hearts always be hardened? Your Life has come down from heaven: will you not now at last rise with him and live? But how can you rise if you are in high places and your clamour reaches heaven? Come down from those heights, for then you may climb and, this time, climb to God. To climb against him was your fall.” – Confessions, St. Augustine, Book IV, Chapter 12


As the nature of God is, through the love that processes through the Trinity, to create, so the opposite nature of the satan is to attempt to negate what God has created. With our sexual nature, mankind is privileged to participate with God in the very act of creation – of a human with a soul. This enflames the satan with jealousy, for he is barren and loathes it. It is, in part, why he loves to enflame disordered sexual lusts in man – to make a mockery of our creative potency and to demonstrate that we are unworthy of the dignity which God has bequeathed us; to mutilate and hideously disfigure that dignity.

So the first three questions I ask myself when trying to discern primary demonic influence in the midst of ordinary disorder are: Is it barren of its very nature? Does it actively attack the very idea, the conception, of creation, itself? Does it involve sexual disorder? There are subordinate questions I consider – but if at least two of the three big ones are affirmative, I presume I am dealing with a minion of the satan.


Many current commentators note the irony that the atheist left is, by far, the most bigoted section of modern society. Certainly, there is an irony in the contrast between their words and their actions, but they are remarkably consistent. A hundred years ago the left sought power by dividing people up along racial and religious lines. At that time, the para-military arm of the Democratic Party was the Ku Klux Klan. Now, they are still seeking power by dividing people up along racial and religious lines – while adding various categories of sexual disorder to the mix. Now Antifa is their para-military arm. Same tactics, different victims. Clever (in a low, cunning sort of way) to call their serial depredations, “tolerance.”

This is because the left is constantly playing a zero sum game. It cannot imagine a scenario in which all can be at peace with each other. There must be oppressors and oppressed, victims and victimizers. They are like psychotic firemen – constantly setting ablaze our society and our peace in hopes of heroically rescuing us. It is always, in the end, about them. They cannot imagine something as mundane as building a house or offering a kind, encouraging word to all. Like the satan, himself, they have to add a lot of pyrotechnics to their virtue-signaling to hide their utter incapacity to create anything of worth.

This is why their economics, while promising so much, always ends in misery and poverty for all who embrace it. They are utterly incapable of even imagining how to create prosperity. They can’t create anything themselves, so they certainly can’t show or encourage anyone else how to do so. Like a band of thieves, all they are capable of is dividing the spoils of what they have looted from their betters. Their ultimate attack is on creation, itself; their rage is reserved for those who create and, most particularly, those who would help others learn to create. The atheist left denies the better nature of mankind, wallows in the basest instincts, and demands the right to apportion the misery that is the only thing they are capable of “creating.” Do you see why I get so very agitated in speaking of them? I always get agitated when witnessing the demonic disfigurement of the human person.


The atheist establishment media is trying to make the scandals in the Church into a mere partisan, ideological battle. They unintentionally highlight a salient fact: The abusers almost exclusively come from those who have tried to deny and pervert the teaching of Christ and the Gospels, from those who have abandoned the faith to use the Church to promote their political preferences. It is almost exclusively the orthodox men of the cloth who have spoken foursquare against child-rape, molestation of adults, and covering it up. It is the orthodox clergy who are at the forefront of demanding full investigation and accounting. The press is chock full of anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bigots. Small wonder they should make common cause with the anti-Catholic bigots who have infiltrated the clergy. In one of the most hideously Weinsteinesque moments so far, Chicago’s Cardinal Blasé Cupich said we should not worry about child-rape or rampant active homosexuality in the clergy; we have important things like climate change and immigration to worry about. Then he helpfully declared all critics of Pope Francis to be “racists.”

Early next week, I am going to write up a list of Bishops in America I trust. Some may surprise you. I take into account the difficulties they have to deal with. While I agree with most on most things, there are some with whom I have sharp disagreements. Honor and trustworthiness are not exclusive to any partisan divide (though I am adamant that they must uphold the teaching of Christ, the Scriptures and the Magisterium.) These are all Bishops whose work (if not whose person) I am familiar with. Not included on the list will be Cardinal Donald Wuerl or ANY of the “McCarrick Mafia,” (those Bishops elevated at the behest of disgraced Archbishop Theodore McCarrick). These include Cardinal Blasé Cupich, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Bishop Robert McElroy, and Cardinal Kevin Farrell. As far as I’m concerned, these men should be de-frocked and sent to attack the teachings of Christ on their own time and their own dime. Even so, with daily revelations hitting, it is good to contemplate and speak of those noble prelates who are keeping faith and working for actual reform – and to make common cause with them.


Hollywood has a new movie coming out about the first landing on the moon. Being Hollywood, they have sought to erase the “American” part of the American effort in this quintessentially American achievement – even omitting the iconic scene of Astronaut Neil Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon. They also have tried to remake Armstrong as a girly-man social justice warrior (SJW). This has not amused Armstrong’s old friend, General Chuck Yeager, who says the Armstrong Hollywood portrays is not the Armstrong he knew.

Just more Hollywood barrenness. It turns out that so-called “toxic” masculinity is a helpful, even indispensable, ingredient in a lot of big endeavors. Since the atheist left has such a paucity of such men, it insists on imputing achievements to their guys that don’t actually exist – and posthumously imputing girly-man status to actual macho heroes who accomplished something real.

I am so sick of all the TV shows and movies where you can easily predict that the villain will be the preacher, the businessman, or the normal family; while the day will be saved by the large-spirited Jihadist, the transgender activist, or the hooker with the heart of gold. If you actually used these criteria in your normal life to make threat assessments, you would not survive long. And trust me, neither do the Hollywood executives who peddle this pap actually use it in making threat assessments in their private lives.


I think the Catholic hierarchy has another two to three weeks to address the crisis before us with direct and vigorous resolve. Nobody cares about (or believes) the Catholic Press Releases from PR Central. In older political days I used to hang around busy coffee shops to get a sense of how people were really thinking. It served me better than most polls. The coffee-shop take on these scandals is entirely fed up. The hierarchy is on a far shorter leash right now than almost any of them know.

I am very glad that a growing number of Bishops are stepping up to the plate to demand investigations and accountability – and to demand that the investigations be led by lay figures. But there is still a lot of smoke and obfuscation coming from the usual suspects. If Catholics are not assured that this will NOT be swept under the rug – and that right soon – attendance will begin to plummet precipitously. I have largely accepted that many people are going to go away for a while. The Church will be purified in a brutally ugly and combative process. In the process, we will all be purified. There came several times in ancient Israel where the hierarchy had become corrupt. The 34th Chapter of Ezekiel is a long lament over such corruption:

“Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel,
in these words prophesy to them to the shepherds:
Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the shepherds of Israel
who have been pasturing themselves!
Should not shepherds, rather, pasture sheep?
You have fed off their milk, worn their wool,
and slaughtered the fatlings,
but the sheep you have not pastured.
You did not strengthen the weak nor heal the sick
nor bind up the injured.
You did not bring back the strayed nor seek the lost,
but you lorded it over them harshly and brutally.
So they were scattered for the lack of a shepherd,
and became food for all the wild beasts.
My sheep were scattered
and wandered over all the mountains and high hills;
my sheep were scattered over the whole earth,
with no one to look after them or to search for them.”

God ever renews His Church. This is the first stage of the latest renewal. Lift up your heads, for our redemption is truly at hand. I respect those who actively defend the men accused. But for those who argue that we should never criticize a cleric, no matter how egregious the offense or compelling the evidence, I say begone. You have done enough damage in enabling this toxic environment at the expense of those clerics who have tried to keep faith with the Lord and with His people.

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  1. Scott Hahn posted a link for men to sign a Letter to Pope Francis and the Bishops of theUnited States. It begins:

    Dear Holy Father and Bishops of the United States:

    As Catholic laymen, we are faithful husbands, fathers, business leaders, lawyers, tradesmen, medical doctors, professors, teachers, artists, and leaders of Catholic lay apostolates. But most fundamentally, we are men in love with Christ and His Church, and it is for this reason that we beseech you to purge the corruption which has so grotesquely disfigured the face of Christ’s Bride. The present scandals have placed our wives, sisters, brothers, and children in danger. Therefore, echoing the words St. Catherine of Siena addressed to Pope Gregory XI, we beseech you to “sleep no longer, and raise the standard [of Christ] courageously.” The Church needs purification, and by virtue of your offices as our shepherds, no one is more qualified to bring about this purification than yourselves. We beg you to do so without a moment’s delay.

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  2. WOW Charlie; that’s quite some historical insights, major revelations…

    The pyramid stucture is something like this: braindead liberal zombies at the bottom —> political left —> globalists —> secret societies —> principalities & powers —> the devil

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  3. A beautiful and poignant story of clergy and laity speaking truth:

    In my view, the exchange bespeaks a yearning and desire to work for the fulfillment of the TRUE spirit of Vatican II. Time to brush the dust off my copies of the council’s documents and brush up on what Magisterial teaching is concerning the role of the laity. The volumes are all online, such as Lumen Gentium, found here.

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  4. The following reflection comes via Steve Ray, a former Baptist. Perhaps many here have seen him on EWTN. He came into the Church at a time when many a Protestant pastor or active lay person in their faith of birth, no doubt led by the Holy Spirit, answered the spiritual nudging to seek the fullness of Truth which led these people Home to Rome. Many of the pastors sacrificed their very livelihood to follow Christ into the Church He founded, trusting that the Lord would make a way for them to support themselves and their families. Such great people as Steve were blessed that doors opened for them to evangelize their Catholic faith while earning the means to maintain their necessities of living. I have discovered, over time, that many of the leading lay evangelists in our country are well connected with each other, supporting and praying for all the ministries God has raised up to feed and shepherd His sheep.

    I have acknowledged that there have been both clergy and laity who began vehemently criticizing Pope Francis the moment he was elected Pope. Many in this camp are, in my view, moving forward with unceasingly vicious attacks with the kind of rage of which Charlie, echoing the Gospel, has often forewarned us to avoid. On the other hand, Steve and his peers and colleagues in the great work of evangelization are speaking of the current crisis from their perspective of how the current impasse affects their good works. Their voices are important, I think. So I share this post from Steve’s website in hope that it reveals, in honesty, the heartache that’s out there… and in hope that it inspires greater fervor in prayer and sacrifices for our Church, especially for our Holy Father at this time. He did, after all, inherit most of what is now on his plate. May Our Lady, who Pope Francis loves and continually venerates, wrap him in Her Mantle as she invokes her Spouse to overshadow him in all his work.

    A friend and well-known commentator everyone knows, Al Kresta, President of Ave Maria Radio, sent me this today. I said it captured a lot of Catholic’s sentiment and asked if I could share it. He said YES! I think his comments reflect the heart of all of us good Catholics in America struggling to understand the situation.
    Let’s be very clear Al and I are good friends and we love the Catholic Church. We are not discouraged or disheartened and we are ready to fight.
    Holy Father, we have been silent,
    We have been team players.
    We have been in prayer and fasting.
    We trusted our shepherds.
    We have been mild. We have not been noisy.
    We have been docile and open to the Holy Spirit and most reluctant to do anything to cast a shadow upon the Catholic Church because we have had the extraordinary privilege of leading many into full communion with her. We love her and our love is not less because we lack ministerial ordination. Our whole posture has been to defend that which we have asked others to join.

    When we had no evidence of wrongdoing on your part we didn’t imagine there was a problem.
    When the evidence was ambiguous we gave you and our bishops the benefit of the doubt.
    When the evidence pointed your way, we asked for you to explain.

    But you ignored the bleating of the sheep.
    You ignored that we have all along been praying and can maintain a discipline of silence as well as most of the ordained.
    You ignored that we were all along team players and reluctant to publicly complain.
    You ignored that we have been all along giving the benefit of the doubt through:

    the scandal of the mid 80s,
    early 90s,
    2002 and
    even now with McCarrick and Viganó’s revelations

    We asked for an investigation, not a rebellion. We have for almost all of our Catholic lives stretched our moral imaginations to think the best, not the worst of you and our bishops.
    Your response has been to stonewall rather than to pastor. You asked us to ignore the evidence of our senses and the conclusions of our reason.
    In short, you have asked us to divide ourselves, to split our conscience from our devotion. This is not the counsel of Jesus, who comes to make us whole.
    The devil works hard tempting us to be doubleminded and to split our head and our hearts, our beliefs from our behavior, our knowledge of painful realities from our determination to avoid denial and get on with healthy problem-solving.
    You, like the Devil, are asking us to sit on our hands in a shit storm and to think we are pious souls for doing so.
    From where I sit that is not Catholic spirituality and I am still trying to imagine that your advice is due to ignorance of our plight rather than motivated by something baser.

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    1. Noticed there’s been an explosion of knowledge & inventions in the past 100 years that outstrips the accomplishments since humanity’s creation. These extra knowledge (including ideas & philosophies) & inventions that seem to serve as a distraction from all things of God.

      The pioneers of our current knowledge (like Nicola Tesla) used to say stuff like the knowledge was inspired in them after performing certain mental exercises.

      Could the principalities & powers given/tempted us with modern knowledge & technology in hopes that we forget or loose interest in God, making less time/effort for God? Father Gobbi & some of the saints would seem to lean towards “yes” as a answer…

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        1. I’m not so sure nor sold on technology being a gift from God.

          It’s highly suspicious that the boom in technology happened during 100 year reign of evil…


          1. But Al, God destroyed the earth by flood before there was any technology. The Ancients held great knowledge from the beginning before they sinned. Adam and Eve where inbued with it and they passed this great wisdom on. But some abused it so God stuck down the Great ones (men of renown) with the flood and kept the humble and lowly Noah for His designs for the future.(He hath put down the mighty from their seat: and hath exalted the humble and meek. The Magnificate). There have been mystical pronouncments that the world is more evil now than the deluvian era but Jesus also claimed greater evil in His day and said that Sodom and Gomorrah would fare better on judgement day…why?
            Because knowledge has increased. Isn’t that one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit? Did He not infer that because this increase in knowledge of the Kingdom through His entering the world that the Jews (and subsequently us) now are not as ignorant of things as those who perished in their sins in the fire of retribution in Sodom? Did Jesus not infer that now that He had upped the game by entering the world and revealing the “fullness of truth” that the consequences of grace and sin had increased?
            If we moderns have access to greater and greater spiritual gifts by the lives of the saints, new devotions, like the Fatima promises, Lourds, Divine Mercy, etc, but also the technology (that demons cannot create but only manipulate and destroy as is their nature) that we can use to access this truth with, that this is in direct relation to the maturing of Christianity and mankind and thereby an increase in knowledge? And do you thing it is only in retaliation to sin? “Where sin abounds, grace abounds further”.
            So grace is always a step ahead of sin.
            Satan asked the Lord for “more power over those who would give themselves to him”. This vision of Pope Leo XIII prompted him to form the St Micheal prayer of protection apparently BEFORE this power was given to satan since many contend this period started with the Fatima visions and not in 1886 when Pope Leo XIII first heard it.
            If God is always one step behind the enemy what purpose are his prophecies?
            Again, God the Creator can create. The demon the destroyer can only destroy.
            Man can do both dependant on who’s side he chooses.

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            1. Yes & no. There’s a difference between the simple technologies like shovel, wheel, & cookware vs the technologies that arose in the past 100 years that modify God’s good creation for exploitation & abuse as you would expect of abominations. Chapter 13 of Revelations explains the great signs the beasts work, but these principalities & powers have no real power to produce miracles, so they pervert God’s creation through technological inventions to achieve their evil ends. Secret societies since the time of Tower of Babel always promised knowledge, to their members.

              Let’s not make excuses for our cushy and gluttonous modern lifestyle, but let us follow the trail of these inventions to their sources to see what inspired those… A rotten only produces rotten fruit…

              Only what God creates is good, a mosquito, a shark, a mouse still serves a purpose even if we don’t see it. Nuclear weapons, abortion, genetic modifications can produce no good, as these are abominations used to destroy humanity and are inspired by the devil. Even TV & social media are tools to brainwash & mind control the public with political leftist ideologies (hint hint…) The is a link between leftists ideologies & inventions that the principalities & powers inspired…

              Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, our modern living is the furthest thing from poor both physically & mentally…

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              1. I understand your frustration, Al, but as an historian I know that technology always gets complaints. After the printing press was invented, many elites complained of the frivolity of the more common availability of books. All things made by man have their primary author in God, who told us to be fruitful and multiply. But everything we create is a tool – and any tool can be used for good or evil, properly ordered or disordered. I do not pray for the elimination of technology any more than I pray that those character traits of mine which sometimes have bad effects be rooted out entirely. Rather, I pray that both be properly ordered to serve God well.

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                1. If God’s will was that we loose a level of sophistication in our daily living, it really wouldn’t bother me.

                  All theses crazy leftists on social media TV are driving me nuts with the crazy demands. It’s like everyone who isn’t part of the left doesn’t matter and should be treated as criminals. Life seemed to be better before the internet.

                  I often wonder if there’s some groupings of technology that fall into forbidden category…

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                  1. Al, Charlie and Phillip have it right in regards to technology. To add to that from a mystical point of view, Maria Esparanza, an approved Marian apparition visionary, was told of magnificent technological inventions yet to come. I sometimes think of the millions of slaughtered babies through abortion and wonder, “did we kill the person who would discover a cure for cancer? Did we kill the person who would discover a revolutionary form of harvesting energy that would make interstellar space travel normal and solve the need to use fossil fuel as we will run out some day?” I honestly believe that every new discovery is a gift for many reasons. 1. Man was given a command from God to subdue the earth and this ironically fits in with that. 2. These new technologies provide new markets and are God’s way of providing a means of living for increasing world population. Many on the left fret that our earth will be iver populated and famine will reign and destroy many. Technology is God’s way of providing as we expand. For example, hydroponic farming provides a high yield of food in a small area. We are taming the desert with improvements in irrigation.
                    3. Think of this blog. Technology provides this forum as an alternative to what the left has to offer. We are glad you are here!

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              2. Al, you are putting the cart before the horse.
                God leads, the satan follows.
                The enemy apes God but his nature is perverse so it is a perverse copy.
                Sex is one of the pinacles of man as through it an eternal being is co-created. But sex is also the main sin (of the flesh) that causes people to go to hell. So through it we are the best and worst we can be. Any great work has great consequences.
                The simple technologies you mention can be used for evil too; One can kill someone with a shovel, wheel them to a large cooking pot, boil them into an unidentifiable form and then bury the evidence.
                One can use technology to look at topographical pictures taken from space for a hole that was dug and filled from the time before and after a crime. One can use DNA sampling run through a supercomputer to identify the evidence. One can use a lie detector test to question the suspects. One can use a forensic lab to analyze more evidence, find fingerprints and other such items from the perpetrator, etc.
                Is this an indication of an abomination?
                All good comes through God. Can good come out of an abomination?
                Is microsurgery in the womb to save the life of a fetus an abomination?
                This past Sunday the Gospel reading was about being defiled.
                Jesus said that this sin comes from within, not without. He claimed that those who taught different perverted the law and were hippocrites as they taught mere human precepts as divine law.
                A human invention is not evil it is merely created matter created by God and it is good by its nature. It can never sin as its nature is pure.
                Our nature is fallen and we can use creation to sin with but the creation is never sinful in itself because it’s nature cannot be changed.
                You mentioned a mosquito. They can be a pestilence but it was because of the sin of man that mosquitos lost thier proper place in the order of things and have become so. They are thus disordered but not sinful in their nature.
                If a man creates a weapon to kill with, the weapon is still pure in its nature, but its nature has been disordered to kill by man.
                But does the weapon kill or the man? Can the weapon sin or just the man wielding it?
                Sin has to be known and then acted out. Can nature know and act outside its nature to sin?

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                1. Time will be our teacher as events develop in the present.

                  It seems to be quite a touchy subject that most people do
                  don’t want to consider…

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                  1. We are all life-long apprentices of trial and err, imho. 😉

                    T & E has been my mentor for some time now. God knows our minds and hearts. You cannot good wrong loving ~ willing the good of another in the process. ❤


                    1. I know this much for certain, there’s NO star trekking past our solar system for humanity before Armageddon & final judgement are done. So humanity better focus it’s attention here on earth, lest we set ourselves up for a great alien deception by the principalities & powers in the future.

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        1. Yes; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; technology is a form of power.

          Looks like the devil is trying to temp humanity with the original sin of knowledge will make us like gods.

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    2. What Mr. Kresta so eloquently describes as “splitting our head and our hearts etc..” I simply call trying to turn myself into a pretzel while at the same time trying not to explode with saying, “But the Emperor has no clothes!”.

      Why should the documents of Vatican II have to be interpreted in “light of tradition”? Why can I not simply read them for what they say? Doesn’t seem to be a problem with Leo XIII’s or Pius IX. X. XII, or XII’s encyclicals–they resound with Catholic-ese.

      As I’ve commented here before, Nostra Aetate’s claim that Islam calls for worship of the the same God as Catholics is not only an “ecumenical” stumbling block it is a flat out lie. I know it’s only my “sheep in the pew” opinion but those documents only add to the “diabolical disorientation” that Sr. Lucia spoke of. They are not necessary to be Catholic.

      It was a pastoral council not a doctrinal council.

      By the grace of God we are witnessing the results of the “true Spirit of Vatican II” because that true spirit was what God allowed namely a man-centered, temporal-oriented, takeover from within. As Father Linus Clovis stated in 2017 while reiterating what JPII said earlier in 1976 the Church and the anti-church coexist in the same space. And Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart WILL still triumph! Whoo hoo!

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      1. I always think III, that many a Muslim intends to worship the same God as do we. It is the incorrect Image of Who God IS that trips them up. That said, even Christians hold some incorrect beliefs about Who I AM really IS. We pray.

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        1. That would be the great hope, Bekita, that all men made in His image and likeness have the traditional Catholic understanding of Who I AM really IS. Nonetheless, that hope that I also hold–as true as its is–sidesteps the black and white facts of what is written in Nostra Aetate and Gaudium et Spes. Again, we are not called to judge motivation of hearts, that is God’s business alone; however, especially as regards Islam–the texts, the history, and the actions of some–we are absolutely called to judge. Those specific Vatican II documents as well as many of those in authority–both secular and religious–leave the sheep in dangerous ignorance.

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  5. Quantifying our existence… The earth is at least around 600o years old at our most conservative estimate if we take the Bible literally, and when we compare that timespan to a human lifetime, our lives are just a moment of human history, and yet that moment has seemingly infinite ways to condemn ourselves with sin?

    We look at Genesis’ fourth day, did God create just our galaxy or the entire universe on the fourth day? The creation of stars would seem to indicate our galaxy, as creating the entire universe seem a little overkill placing our little planet as the centre of the universe.

    When we look at matter, we are composed of particles that take up a lot of space, and those particles are made of even smaller particles that take up space. If we were compressed to our actual physical size of actual substance we would be much smaller than a spec of dust…

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  6. I am curious to see where you will place Cardinal O’Malley, who, for the most part, has escaped the spotlight this time, but who had no trouble condemning Bishop Finn on national TV.


    1. I did not list him. I would have…I certainly don’t fear he will cover for scandalous actions. With him, rather, I don’t trust that he will not persecute innocents in his zeal to show how passionate he is on the issue. Despite my misgivings, I do hold him in good regard with the noted reservation.

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  7. Beckita, Steve Rays plea is all well and good; but if our Holy Father is a Peronest admirer and acts like a CEO or politician, Mr Rays words will fall on deaf ears.

    Go figure, the Holy Fathers own Cardinals put in place through the power of the Holy Spirit can’t get through to him unless they share his politics. How on earth can anyone else no matter how academically qualified or influential in business or commerce.

    Apostasy reigns in the Vatican.

    Only George Soros and his ilk can get through the fog that surrounds our poor Holy Father.

    We have no choice but to beg Our Lord Jesus to intervene, if we hope for all this nightmare to end.

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    1. The plea is written by Al Kresta, Julia. I don’t believe apostasy “reigns” at the Vatican. It may look as though evil has won. We know it never ever will. I do believe there is a mighty battle between powers and principalities in which we find ourselves and, as it’s being played out on earth, each one of us is called to “Choose or perish.” Indeed, we need Divine Intervention *and* WE are the human instruments through which God works His Plan now unfolding. Next right step all the way, every day.

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  8. Very comforting to know we are safe. Sorry, I should have said Al Kresta’s plea.

    I hope you don’t mind if I post a link to Father Palka’s news bulleting about Archbishop Vigano. It is so well written. And ends with so much encouragement for all of us to battle on.
    If the link opens at the start of the Church Bulletin, just scroll down and get ready for another gem.

    Click to access september_2.pdf

    Next right step all the way..me2

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