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(I was just finishing a piece I had worked on over the weekend when I must have hit a combination of buttons on Microsoft Word that wiped it out. I will re-write tomorrow. Hate that. Meantime, I am reprinting a piece I wrote on January 11, over a year ago, when the news of the phony dossier was first coming out. Though the ultimate details were far uglier than I then imagined, I am glad to see my instincts were on target. Meantime, it was hours after I posted “What is Truth” on Friday when the Democrats did what I said they would – accuse Donald Trump of censoring them when he returned their memo insisting they remove the ‘intelligence sources and methods’ they had embedded to force him to reject it. Trump even offered to have the FBI and Justice Dept. show them what specifically needed to be redacted for publication. Then, on Saturday, the Wall Street Journal did a much more erudite piece than my comments on the stock market in that same article, but with near identical conclusions.-CJ)

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Fake News on Stilts – Jan. 11, 2017

By Charlie Johnston

The media and political world today are all atwitter over a report from CNN and Buzzfeed that Donald Trump is a Russian agent – and includes salacious details of perverted sex parties Trump supposedly participated in. The establishment media has practically wet itself with enthusiasm over this lurid tale. The only problem is that the story started falling apart almost immediately.

Supposedly, the “information” came from a foreign intelligence agent. As John Podhoretz skeptically noted in the New York Post today, this bore less resemblance to an actual intelligence agent’s report than Dan Rather’s forged memo slurring George Bush. The report also listed specific places that Trump and associates had been – information that can be verified. Some of the most salacious stuff does not pass the first hurdle of verification.  The memo states that in late August Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, secretly met with Kremlin officials in the Czech Republic. As National Review’s Jim Geraghty notes, there is proof that not only was Cohen not there for that date, his passport never shows a trip to the Czech Republic anytime. And at the time he was supposedly cavorting with Kremlin agents, officials at the University of Southern California confirm he and his son were on a visit to the campus.

The smoking gun, though, is that the memo is identical to a fictional account several members of 4chan, a social media platform, wrote for their own amusement in late October. 4chan allows users to post pictures and any story they want – actual, fictional or fake satire. The authors sent the report to anti-Trump GOP consultant Rick Wilson hoping they could troll him. Wilson, in turn, gave it to the CIA which pounced like a hungry trout on a juicy fly and included it in their official CIA classified report. Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden lays out the full narrative. It is not possible that a couple of guys could have concocted a fictional story several months ago that is identical to the document included in the formal report just issued – unless the fictional account is the basis of that report. (And please spare me any speculation about a million monkeys with a million typewriters).

I used to warn my political clients that our opponents could only wound us, but friends could kill us. I would explain that we reflexively fully vet opponents’ statements – but our friends tell us what we want to hear. If we don’t fully vet them, too, it can lead to a fatal blunder spouting false information. I was as rigorous in vetting “facts” given by friends as those put out by foes (a characteristic readers of this site undoubtedly recognize). It kept us from running with some juicy stuff – but also protected us from fatal errors. The political and media establishment have shown us very clearly what they want to believe.

When I was a newspaper editor, there was a big story I wanted to break as we screamed into deadline. I had reserved the front page for it. Problem was, my rule on stories on which I did not have ironclad documentary evidence, such as a police report, would not run unless I had three independent and credible sources. Unfortunately, I only had two when we hit deadline. An entirely different backup story I had prepared ran on the front page. It is absurd that my standards on a county newspaper group were more demanding than those of today’s national establishment media. It is downright scary that my standards were more demanding than those of the modern CIA.

Both the media and the CIA have utterly beclowned themselves – but we don’t have to. There will undoubtedly be more of this sort of thing. The typical reaction of the beclowned media when they epically fail is to double down in hot rage on the very things that caused the failure in the first place. These things must come. The satan is more brilliant than anyone on earth, but he has a major weakness: his restless and eager malice. The satan strikes at any hint of vulnerability without any effort at discernment whether it is real or only perceived vulnerability. He thought he had won with the crucifixion, only to discover a few days later he had only helped facilitate Christ’s triumph. He does that sort of thing a lot, if not so dramatically, and never learns from it. Do not let malice and accusation get hold of your heart: it will surely lead you to grief. Vet everything whether it is congenial to you or not – and you will secure your reputation for credibility and probity.

The establishment media used to put ugly slants on stories to deceive the gullible. Now they are the gullible. Let us not count ourselves among their ranks. You may, however, take a little enjoyment as pieces of this story fall away like rotted flesh from a shuffling zombie. I know I will.

(Current note: I should have trademarked the idea of this story being the ‘Zombie Shuffle,’ for that is what it has been for over a year.)


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  1. Oh yes, Charlie. Fake News continues to reecho with each round revealing an ever greater intensity of desperation on the part those who perpetrate the mounting pile of lies. Praying…

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  2. These are the bitter, bitter fruits of Marxism. Who else wishes they could go back in time and burn all of Karl Marx’s books before they made it to the publishers?

    And also maybe punch Marx in the face?

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  3. Dear Charlie,
    Afriend of mine taught me another prayer (in addition to St Anthony) for retrieving the lost:
    Jesus,…lost…and found….,pray for us.
    (I hope with the help of God and your son, you are able to refind your work)

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    1. Mark Mallett has probably written well over 30 books. Like to draw attention to Marks financial need at the moment. What a giving family they are and I do believe support from readers would be appreciated. Just something small from the majority would all add up.

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      1. I recall Charlie bringing up the same need for Mark’s family last year at this time. Being one of 8 children, I completely understand the amount of funds it takes to keep everyone fed and clothed!

        I very much enjoy Mark’s writing, and learn a great deal from all of it.

        I did send them a very generous check, and personal note last year. I had found their personal address through the website, I believe. The check was cashed but never acknowledged, so I hope the funds actually went to them.

        I would do it differently next time.

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        1. I, too, donated last year to Mark Mallett and he did respond (albeit 6 months later or so). He was apologetic about his lateness but also very grateful for the donation. 🙂

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  4. “You may, however, take a little enjoyment as pieces of this story fall away like rotted flesh from a shuffling zombie.”

    First, EEWWW, zombies (shudder). I hated them when Michael Jackson first made them part of pop culture with his “Thriller” video. I hate them even more now that they are generally accepted as an icon by our youth; they all can rattle off tales of the undead and the zombie apolcalypse to come. Yet, it seems so obscene, even blasphemous, that, in this popular narrative, humans crave the flesh of other humans but sneer and scoff at eating the True Flesh and Blood of Our Lord.

    Having said that, I can think of no better metaphor for this terrible tale of lies and misdirection and cover-up and deceit than rotting flesh falling off a zombie. I am enjoying watching this media zombie fall apart, piece by piece. I am trying to remain prayerful and not enjoy it too much as the truth comes out and true patriots exact our pound of flesh.

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  5. I heard an idea recently that might actually be worth trying. We could offer up devotions & masses for the purpose of binding the evil one all the other evil spirits from interfering here on earth.

    We’re entering into the season Lent, should we not ask for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a renewal of the Church, or something big?

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    1. Absolutely, Al. I know so many people who have been praying in a variety of ways for this very intention you name. Just think of all the apparitions of Our Lady wherein She expressed the power of the Rosary for these times… the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with the messages from Jesus for our times… the constant exhortations from Our Lord and Our Lady on the power of Eucharistic Adoration and frequent reception. Charlie conveyed to us that the length of the Storm has already been mitigated due to prayer and conversion of those who have responded to Heaven’s calls. Most at TNRS would comments, from time to time, concerning their various spiritual practices offered for the sake of conversion and salvation of souls. To your expressed intention, Heaven has granted a powerful tool. Here’s link to prayers given by Our Lord and Our Lady in apparitions approved by the Church with the promised efficacy of blinding satan. Many a TNRSer has commented they are praying these prayers.

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  6. Wish every one would listen to this instead of believing the media This would make China very unsettled. Compared to this what did Obama do? Also why did Obama betray Israel in the dying moments of his term let alone remove sanctions on Iran.


  7. Today we lost power here for about 4 hours. Thankfully, I still have a landline and I called the Electric Co. to make sure it was an outage for the area and not just us, and the automated message said it was our area and that the power would be back on at 6:15 PM. So…🤔 I’m suspicious. How did they know that it would be back on at that exact time? At 6:15 the power came back on and then went back off for another half hour.
    Everything came to complete stand still here. No heat, no water, no lights, no TV or internet..nada. It was about 10° outside and it gets dark pretty early here in the winter. Within about 30 minutes the temp in here started dropping. I got some blankets and candles out, wrapped up and used those hours to pray for every one and everything I could think to pray for, and even invented a few more just in case prayers! I lit the candles 🕯 and enjoyed the quiet… it was so quiet. I thought alot about how people used to live this way, and though their lives were harder in many ways, I bet it was a lot more peaceful and less hectic than life is these days!
    If something ever happens and we end up having to live this way for a time, it would surely be quite an adjustment… but I wonder how it would change people?!

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    1. I’m going to say the following to get it out of my head:

      It’s strange how the human race spent most of it’s existence living without technology. Only in the past 100 years during the reign of evil did technology boom, and inventors & theorists claiming the ideas & thoughts came to them via special mental exercises (like Nicola Tesla).

      Without technology, globalism wouldn’t be possible or at least very hard to achieve in a short period of time. This tech age is our modern day Tower of Babel, and don’t be surprised when technology has no part in the coming era of peace.

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      1. But, Al, without technology we would not be able to communicate as we are right now on this site. With technology, there have been: advancements in medical procedures which are saving lives, wondrous evangelization materials and messages abound, opportunities to readily communicate with my friends from all over my country and the world. In this house, Skype has been a phenomenal tool for evangelization in places you wouldn’t think possible.

        To my way of thinking, the core problem with technology is in the human heart: do we choose God and utilize His gift of technology for Good OR do we abuse the gift and turn to life-shattering sins such as pornography and the secret, and not-so-secret, evil of experimentation with embryos and human cells.

        And, too, the great gift of technology is how we are now uncovering the depths of corruption in this government due to all the retrieved emails, texts and other communication. Without this, such communication would remain as so many deeds locked in darkness. Further, in reading the Q stuff, it has occurred to me that WITH the aid of technology, we are seeing the unmasking of the depths of years and years and years of evil in governments, businesses, organizations and corporations – think about the exposé of Planned Parenthood via videos and internet news and we can note the great numbers of those involved child sex trafficking who are being busted. Via technology, we are witnessing the revelation of depravity and perversion the likes of which will make the hairs of any person with a conscience, stand on end.

        God has allowed the advancements in technology for good. St. Maximilian Kolbe and Pope St. John Paul II are two saints who urged us to use every modern means to spread the Gospel. One of my spiritual mothers, the Servant of God Maria Esperanza, often spoke of a time of Great Light. She foretold an era when Romans 14:11 would be fulfilled: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'” At that time God, will abundantly bless the marriage of science and medicine and we shall see untold ordinary miracles of cures and healings. Maranatha!

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        1. I fully agree. Technology is power, and power in the hands of the corrupt does terrible things. What we are doing with technology is commendable in that we’re using the enemy’s weapon against them.

          Technology going bye bye, is just the impression I get from all materials I’ve read over the years; I could be wrong, only time will tell…

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          1. Al, if what I’ve heard and read about modern advanced technology is true, the tech that has be suppressed and coveted by the *powers that be* due to their absolute control over patents in US since the 1950’s, we will see technology used for purposes above and beyond our imagination, such as free energy, cures for diseases, anti-gravity vehicles and much more, God-willing. ❤

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            1. We’ll see what happens… I’ve read that genetic modification(s) could constitute a unforgivable sin of altering the “image of God”, a form of “beast marking” that prevents the Holy Spirit from working it’s saving graces on the genetically modified individual. Some technologies are dangerous, as some technologies are a form of playing God.

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        2. Yup. That damn Bronze Age, that’s when all our problems started. (Although, personally, I think that “fire” thing needs a second look).

          With lots of humour, I hasten to add!!

          Or “humor”, as you guys might say. He humourously added.

          O.k., I’ll leave now…


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      2. Al, I have to agree with Beckita on this and we can always choose to live without most of it we don’t like it. I think things in and of themselves are just that- things. It’s how we use them. BUT it’s also how “THEY” are using it to spy on everyone and control people… and the world could certainly live without facebook and google imo. Those two should at least be put in their place by being torn into itty-bitty pieces! I wrote Google and gave them a good tongue lashing for their privacy intrusions..can’t STAND them! Now I’m suddenly having all sorts of issues while online… I go to a site and it disappears POOF! and I have only a white screen to look at- over and over.. is it evil googly eyes? I don’t know, but the timing..Hmm! Hopefully with everything being revealed they will get their comeuppance! God save us!

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        1. I think it’s called “tolerance”, Snowy. Y’know, the thing our “liberal” brethern/sistern/ transgendern/flavour-of-the monthrn are forever screeching about. Don’t yah just lurve it!

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      3. Al, I can definitely relate to your post but allow me to offer this for your Lenten pondering. Technology has been with us since shortly after the Garden of Eden. If you recall, the Babylonians discovered that firing the clay and shaping it into bricks allowed them to build a high tower, from which they wished to pool all their intelligence and make a name for themselves. I often ponder if our firstparents had not sinned and the human race would have multiplied as God had desired, we would by now have used technology only for good and found a way to expand our human race to other habitable planets. There would have been no need for medical technology since there would be no disease or illness. And why use Skype when a person might be able to bi-locate easily, as many great saints have been known to do. Interesting to think about…

        But coulda, shoulda, woulda. God confused our languages and scattered us because we were self-seeking, not God-seeking. Hope was not lost. God sent His Son, Who lived and died for us and when He rose, He sent the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost, God gave the power of language back to His people, helping all to understand the Good News. Maybe He’s still doing it, as Beckita pointed out, gathering us back under one structure but this time, not a tower of fire-baked bricks but a wooden cross – the Tree of Life restored.

        May the Holy Spirit inspire us creatures of dust and Ash and bring us back to seeking solely to do His holy will.

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      4. Sounds true. I once read a theory that the Beast of revelation is the World Wide Web whose letters www correspind to 666. Thought that was interesting.

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      1. BD the Grouse was way high up in the Aspen trees this morning, preening his astonishingly handsome little self in the sun and eating the buds! 😍😅 The red squirrels were watching him- making sure he stayed up there. He’s a bully with them hahaha! I love that little guy he’s very entertaining!

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          1. Yeah, I wonder if he could talk if would be as goofy? 😋
            My favorites are the red squirrels- they are so scrappy with the other animals they even beat up the grey squirrels which are about 3 times the size!
            BD the Grouse does this odd little dance…like a hip-hop thing with his wings spread out to try and scare the squirrels and sometimes even the deer… he likes his seed! I think they don’t know what to think of him so they give him his space haha. It is so much fun to watch!
            The wolves are down here from way up North too.. I love going out and having howling sessions with them 🐺 Ahhh WOOOoooooo! And they howl back too!

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      1. Beckita, it was only four hours and it was so peaceful! Now it’s working again and it’s noisy again! I should go flip the breaker for a few hours a day! The fridge, furnace, woodstove fan, water pump etc..these appliance all make SO much noise!

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  8. On Bekita’s and Al’s comments above, wanted to pass along a challenge that our priest, Fr. Eric, gave to the entire parish…. spend 1 hour in adoration a week for lent… that’s 7 hours total. After the mass, Adoration is just an amazing way to be with Jesus…. well, this morning during the normal hour in the morning, I have to say attendance was up almost double! Love to see it! I feel this Lent is going to be the most important of our lives to date…. so blessed to have our priest step up and challenge everyone. We need so much more of that! God bless everyone! Have a blessed Ash Wednesday and Lent!

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    1. Bill, from things you’ve said in past comments, I had a pretty good idea of which parish you attend. Now I know for certain. Beautiful church… I was there a couple of years ago when the son of some dear friends make his First Holy Communion, and the wife of the family does a weekly hour of Adoration there. I’d bet you know them, it being such a close-knit community. 🙂

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      1. Very possible I may know them (or at least my wife does! I am blessed to have “married into” this close community). Yes, St. Mary’s is an amazing parish and am blessed to have had God lead me to it!

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  9. As someone who works with Catholic youth, my heart is just broken today for the lives lost in Florida. More importantly, there are souls at stake, including the shooter’s. I am hoping we will all pray for the youth throughout this Lent. Put our grief into action and reach out to at least one young person outside our families. If you cannot, please pray for youth catechists, ministry coordinators and priests who have a heart for teenagers.

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      1. Yes, may that hope be the inspiration of our Holy Saviour. Our youth deserve a reset after such a terrible century of violence. We, who transition from one century to the next, need refreshment, too. Marana tha!

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    1. Praying for all who died in the Florida school shooting (including the football coach who placed himself between the shooter and a group of students), their families, and the shooter. May God have mercy on them all.

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  10. I have a question that I thought I would post to the collective wisdom of this group: I am sure I am not the only one who has friends and family who continue to be absolutely unhinged about President Trump and his policies, totally buying into the “hateful“ president rhetoric that the left continues to spin. With family especially being so aggressive about their position on this, I have decided to take a step back in the name of silence and sanity—even my husband and I can’t really discuss certain topics, as we have formed different opinions based on different news sources. We’ve agreed to disagree on certain things and know that our marriage is more important, but it’s pretty uncomfortable and feels ingenuine to try and exist at such a shallow level with loved ones. Sometimes I wonder how much, if at all, I should engage? It is the kind of thing that is clearly ripping families apart…I guess this is just one of the battlefields on which this storm is occurring. By the way, most of these “unhinged” folks are now Catholic in name only, and have settled for solutions of the world over God‘s law, no need to expand on that, I’m sure you know what I mean! It’s just hard – when I think, say, that National Review generally has clear and accurate things to say, and others are still following CNN, etc. Yesterday I literally had an in law accuse any Trump voters (like me) of being responsible in part for the deaths of the 17 folks in FL because a vote for Trump was a vote for “hate.” Sigh. But it does get to me sometimes. Trying to keep my peace, reading and contemplating The Power of Silence, and praying for the darkness on all levels to be dispelled. It’s occurred to me, though, that those who have chosen to live in a state of willful disobedience to the Church, or just living lukewarmly, seem to be blinded to the realities that are currently unfolding. It’s breathtaking sometimes. Mother Mary, please keep us safe under your mantle. Thanks for any advice for this faithful friend in the CA nut house.

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    1. mommacarmella, I hope you don’t mind me saying- but it seems to me you are already doing it! Loving, praying and keeping silent when words can’t be heard! Amen!💕

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    2. I know what you mean. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to talk to some people. The level of anger, etc. has reached a boiling point. This has come into my heart in recent weeks…. that Mary pondered things. Sometimes, we need to just “ponder” and other times, if the Holy Spirit leads us, we need to speak up. I am currently reading a book that has been mentioned here, but I would like to encourage everyone to read. It is called “In Sinu Jesu” and is written by a Benedictine monk . Starting in 2007, he has received messages from Jesus and Mary in his heart. The book has received the imprimatur. Jesus has revealed to him that he wants priests (and of course the laity) to spend time in Adoration. There he will heal, teach, encourage and renew us. He waits for us in Adoration. He wants to renew priests. Here is a quote from the book, “Time spent in My Presence is not lost time. It is the multiplication of time and the magnification of your limited strength into an energy that comes from Me, an energy by which I will do great things through you.” God loves each and every one of us so much, but many people do not realize this. He waits for us to come to him and spend time with him.

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    3. Oh Gosh yes, Momma. It’s real and it’s raw and, thank God, it will not last forever. You express great wisdom in naming what is and acting as you do. You are a sign of hope in the face of insanity. Praying for continued strength, courage and consolation for you. Often, like you,the best thing I do when in situations as you describe is to keep silence… and I internally pray: Jesus I surrender myself to You; take care of everything.

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      1. Thank you for the prayers. I’m not sure if this happens to you or anyone else, but often for me the effect has been the desire to distance myself from these people. Not from my husband–we’re in it for the long haul, of course!–but from other particularly irate and hostile family members. But then I think, no, division isn’t the spirit of God…but I need to protect my heart and mind as well. And it’s hard to accept that there seems to be a sifting going on, I guess, too. People have to ultimately decide for themselves, but it’s hard to watch folks be either prey to misinformation and deception, or fall due to their willful disobedience. It’s so tough, as while I care for their souls (which is why this is so upsetting!) I’m also just trying to keep riding out the rapids with grace. My instinct is often to avoid these folks to preserve my sanity and live my vocation (having baby #6 in about a month–please pray!), but then I also consider that furthering division may be participation in the “problem.” And it’s family, so it’s just weird to exist at such a superficial and tenuous level. Anyway, just venting…it’s tricky for sure!

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    4. Momma, you should do what your conscience instructs you to do while at the same time dutifully informing your conscience. Emotional types, like those who spew hate towards Trump while condemning HIS hate are – there’s no better word for it – hypocrites. Jesus used the metaphor of “white-washed sepulchres” when referring to the true nature of hypocrisy. As Charlie has mentioned before, Jesus was no push-over.
      It’s not in my nature to let things like you mention go unchallenged. Raised by a Marine, I guess I’m a natural fighter and I use that for the task of winning souls away from the Enemy. God will judge me if I have been too harsh or not harsh enough when battling for precious souls. But i never want the Accuser to have that against me, that I let him mislead and confuse God’s children without opposition.
      This poor child in Florida said that demons coerced him into his terrible actions. How can we children of God claim that it was only a mental health issue when we know how active the Enemy is during these days?
      So, if it’s not in your nature to fight back, don’t try to use gifts God hasn’t given you. But do ask Him to increase grace in your soul to the perfection of your nature. Catholics have been given great gifts at Baptism and Confirmation and very often we leave those gifts unopened. Be a warrior for the warriors God has deployed and offer a rosary for your priests, Bishops and lay workers. Or spend an hour in adoration. There’s no better field training than contemplation of the goodness of God.
      One side note – whether or not my friends agree with me, they all agree that I am passionate about my beliefs. The root of the word “passion” means “to suffer with.” I suffer with all who suffer and I pray I do not overreach in my attempts to alleviate their suffering. I am all in with the belief that Jesus alone can heal us.

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      1. Thank you all, sound advice and consolation–I have been considering the balance between “heart pondering” and what Fr. Richard Heilman pointed out in his meditation today:

        “For Pope Leo XIII, to be a prophet means we are “born for combat”: “To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe. The only ones who win when Christians stay quiet” he says, “are the enemies of truth. The silence of Catholics is particularly disturbing because frequently a few bold words would have vanquished the false ideas.” “Christians are,” Leo continues, “born for combat.” It is part of their nature to follow Christ by espousing unpopular ideas and by defending the truth at great cost to themselves.”

        Praying that if/when I do feel called to respond, I will be able to do so with charity. For this I will ask for an increase of grace, to be sure! Because like you, Marisa, I want to fight the good fight for Christ, but also never want the accuser to use me for his ugly purposes. We need to cover ourselves in so much prayer!

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  11. Mark Mallett made the assertion that the restraining hand of God has been lifted, not by His doing but by our abandonment of His precepts. Once God stops restraining us from the chaos our fallen nature has led us to, we will spiral out of control as it is from God that “all good things come”.
    “…the supportive culture of “Christendom” has virtually disappeared… Christian life today has to be lived deeply, or else it may not be possible to live it at all.” (Dr. Ralph Martin).
    “They must either be holy—which means sanctified—or they will disappear. The only Catholic families that will remain alive and thriving in the twenty-first century are the families of martyrs. —Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.”
    The school shootings in our country are a by product of our youth being raised by and then living with the”unrestrained” ideals of the modern age. This ideal contains no hope, no love, no connection and no future.
    It has led to the unrestrained fulfillment of every desire which here on earth has an end unlike the eternal God whom our true desire is for.
    When relativism reaches its zenith a great nothingness is experienced creating the condition for depression, suicide, mental illness, anger, retaliation and for a rare few- mass murder.

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  12. Hi everyone

    After being glued to theconservativetreehouse i can conclude they are 2 steps ahead as there seems to be a lag with the few outets covering the story.

    Now the consensus is the game is over with testimonies of the inteligence officials who have caved in but because the msm is not reporting it they have to drip feed it.

    No wonder muller delayed sentencing of framed flynn and i wonder whether he will have the guts to continue with the bogus investigation.

    Meanwhile prestident trump demonstated what a lion he was by allowing the meeting with the us chambre of commerse to be broadcasted showing his command over the mattre and the reservations or intentions of the representatives in bringing jobs back to america.

    Cudos to Nunes and Gowdy for doing such a remarkable job in this investigation.

    Charlie have you thought maybe a CME blast from the sun could cause the scenario of temporary malfunctioning of electronics?

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    1. Amazing, isn’t it, Josh? I’m with you on admiration for people like Nunes and Gowdy. I continue to ponder, too, that amidst the Conservative Treehouse and Q stuff and all that remains yet hidden, a greater Plan over-arches everything in which we are mired. So, what does or does not come to pass, what is accurate and what is fake, what endures and what changes, God is intimately here with us in the current darkness, whispering in a plethora of ways to each one, inviting us, day by day via step by blessed step, to BE His Light in prayer and deeds as He guides us, real participants in His Great Plan to bring GOOD from this big fat worldwide mess we’ve made. Blessed be His Holy Name!

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  13. Hi Beckita

    I always wondered what would muller do with the damaging revelations from fox news. As some fox panelists said the evidence lf the coup is overwhelming unless of course they really believed in the collusion story.

    Maybe the people down the chain really beleived it like the public and the guillible adam schiff:) but people up the chain knew what they were doing. Also notice presidents bush speech in middle east few weeks prior reciting the same thing “russia meddled with the elections”.

    I read the core story and was like lets go past the headlines of 13 and 3 etc this is absurd?

    I would say if they are trying to prove influence and that constitutes meddling then, most of the people worldwide were against trump. There were stories of americans tbreatnening to move to canada if he was elected:) the internet and media was filled with contempt for trump by european and other world leaders. So does this constitute meddling as well?

    I wont be suprised if they get few of these guys to plead guilty and voila thats their get out of jail card. They might say ok somethings were by the book but because of this evidence and other sources we really believed it. The strategy is now cover our backs:)

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