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Our Lady in the Moonlight
Our Lady of the Rockies – Butte, Montana


By Charlie Johnston

It has been a challenging week. Last Sunday I had one of my periodic neurological episodes. When it happens, my mind gets fuzzy, my head gets sweaty, the pain spikes terribly, and I get nauseous. Not pleasant, but I was about two months overdue – and I kind of look forward to it, for if I stay quiet, it seems to reset me to renewed vigor within a week. Beyond that, the news of the last week kept me poised between baffled wonder and furious anger. Best to get a little perspective when such fundamental things are taking place and being revealed.

We seem poised at the edge of a fulcrum. For all my seasoned analytical acuity I remain, at heart, a somewhat naïve optimist. That is why the events of the last week shocked me to my core.

I was not surprised at what the Nunes Memo – and then the less-redacted Graham-Grassley criminal referral revealed about devastatingly serious and criminal misconduct at the highest levels of government. The evidence had already compellingly shown that top levels of the justice and intelligence communities had conspired to rig the 2016 presidential election for Hillary Clinton. Then, failing that, the criminal conspiracy morphed into the only serious coup attempt in American history. It didn’t start as a coup attempt. It began as an effort by smug elites in the deep state to ensure that Donald Trump did not become president. Once it failed, the conspirators realized they had committed a myriad of felonies they never expected to be exposed – and could go to prison if it came out. So they mounted a coup attempt, with a phony “Russian collusion” investigation against Trump. They probably got the idea to use that as the spear point because that is precisely what Democrats and Clinton had actually done: colluded with Russian agents to try to guarantee Trump would lose. None of this surprised me. The evidence started pointing in that direction last March. It had been slowly being confirmed more tightly every month since – and the very efforts of the FBI and Justice Dept. to stonewall Congressional inquiries solidified that theory’s credibility. In the last few weeks, the documentary evidence has made it indisputable fact. What shocked me was the reaction among Democrats, the legacy media, leftists, and Never-Trumpers to the mountain of evidence.

I came of age in the Nixon years, working for the Republican Congressman, Robert McClory, who wrote the Third Article of Impeachment against Nixon. I am no stranger to partisan wrangling, but I was proud that, on fundamental issues, we are Americans first and partisans second. It made me a little misty that, when the choice was between honor at the cost of sure losses in power for a time, my then-party chose honor despite the cost. The long-term health of the republic required it…and they stood up for America. Not a single Democrat of any prominence has stood up for America in this hideous scandal, a scandal multiple orders of magnitudes greater than Watergate ever approached. It horrifies me that there are no honorable men, no patriots, left in the Democratic Party. But that is all I can conclude. Astonishingly, they argue that corrupting the courts, using slimy political opposition research to open investigations, making up lies and smears, perverting government offices and using raw official power to harass and take down opponents is no big deal – a ‘nothingburger’ – at least, I presume, if the opponents are conservatives.

They lie and manipulate in astonishingly brazen fashion. Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking minority member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence routinely tells lies that he knows will be revealed as lies within days – and when they are exposed, he just glibly jumps on to the next lie, trusting that a compliant legacy media will not hold him to account today for what he just said yesterday. His trust is not ill-founded. He is not alone: the entire Democratic caucus lied that Trump’s tax plan would raise almost everyone’s taxes – when they knew it would lower the taxes of over 80% – and that that truth would be revealed within a month. But they told the lie anyway. I guess they were hoping their histrionics might tank the bill and then they could posture as the saviors of the people. But it passed – and more evidence, bonuses and raises showered out like candy at Christmas, showed them to be rank liars. Even in their lies, they set up methods of manipulation. For example, they falsely claimed that the Nunes Memo would endanger national security by revealing intelligence sources and methods. The carefully vetted Nunes Memo did no such thing, as was proven when it was released. The Democrats voted unanimously to keep it from being released. After it was released anyway, they set about writing their own memo. The Republicans voted unanimously to approve releasing it – under the same strict vetting process the Nunes Memo went through. The Democrats cried that the Republicans were trying to suppress their memo – because they insisted it go through the same vetting. Even more perniciously, the Democrats have reportedly embedded actual intelligence sources and methods info in their memo, not because (presumably) they actually want to disclose such things, but to force Pres. Trump to redact those passages, which will allow them to claim he censored them. Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said that you can tell what the Democrats are doing because it is always what they accuse Republicans of. That has been right in almost every particular. It is cynical and dishonorable – but this last week has shown the Democrats have nothing left but the raw will to power. They get away with it because the compliant legacy media has abandoned any pretense of journalism to aggressively support the progressive agenda, facts and truth be damned.

The legacy media has spent the last few weeks eagerly trying to suppress the documentary evidence revealing this coup attempt – and the evidence that the collusion narrative they have so eagerly plied for over a year is a complete fraud. Meantime, the media has spun relentlessly, trying to make it no big deal when they can’t fully suppress the documentary evidence. I understand the impetus: these revelations reveal the media to be comprised of fools and clowns rather than superior (or even marginally competent) intellects. This is a consequence of having chosen, back in 2008, that they would no longer be content to try to be accurate chroniclers, but instead fully partisan activists. Such are the consequences when the weak and the stupid try to impose their will. Yet even with the hideous embarrassment involved, one would think there would be some vestigial sense of honor and decency among at least some in the legacy media. One would be wrong – and this one is shocked that there are no vestiges of honor and decency left in the establishment portion of the Fourth Estate.

In their will to power, the Democrats and the legacy media abandoned all respect for facts, evidence and logic. What they did well is sell themselves as the ‘cool kids’ of modern culture. It takes actual work and dedication to actually be smart and informed. It takes nothing but attitude to suck up to – and believe yourself to be – one of the ‘cool kids.’ A whole swath of the population now bathes itself in unearned self-esteem, sneering at those who actually do the work to be well-informed and smart. As the revelations have piled up, I have seen a multitude of commenters on websites and social media, lacking an argument, sneer at someone, “You should watch something besides Fox (or Faux) News.” In my private daily briefing, I survey information from a multitude of sources, including conservative sites such as National Review, Townhall, The Federalist, The America Spectator and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. I also survey information from the legacy media, including all the alphabet networks, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. You know what the difference between Fox News and the Legacy Media is? When checked against documentary evidence, about 85% of Fox’s contentious assertions prove accurate. The legacy media’s most contentious assertions mostly turn out to be an amalgam of malicious rumors, intentional ignorance, raw suppression of hard facts that contradict their narrative, and bald-faced lies. It is as if, after giving an erudite talk on astronomy based on hard science, the ‘cool kids’ sneered, “You rube…why don’t you try the astrology page of the National Enquirer to get some REAL information on astronomy.” I agree with the best quote Peggy Noonan ever came up with: I am sick to death of being condescended to by my inferiors. The problem for the ‘cool kids’ is that, this time, the evidence is so mountainous and compelling that they are going to be exposed for the malicious and empty vessels they are. They don’t have to remain that way. They can lose the attitude and actually become well-informed. But it will take a lot more work than just sucking up to their favorite late-night comedian or snarky low-information anchor.

Then there are the Never-Trumpers, ostensible ‘conservatives’ who are so offended by Trump’s style that no evidence of conservative accomplishment will stop their fiery hatred for him. I am not talking about the ‘conservatives’ at legacy media outlets. A hard and fast rule is that any nation whose name begins with, “The People’s Republic of…” is NOT a republic at all. So it is with such ‘conservatives’ at legacy media outlets: they are just stealth leftists trying to bamboozle actual rank-and-file conservatives. I am not even talking about Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard and leader of the Never-Trump movement: I knew fully a decade ago that if it ever got to a real, principled fight, Kristol would be the first ‘conservative’ out the door and collaborating with the left. He has always been a Vichy conservative. But it has disheartened me to see such serious, intellectual conservatives as Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson become so unhinged by their white-hot hatred for Trump that they can barely speak of anything else and will not credit him for anything. Those two, a few years ago, were among my four or five must-read columnists. Now, I check in every couple of weeks to see if the fever has abated. Sadly, it has not. And they have become utterly dishonorable in their opposition, trying to spin any accomplishment into a failure. They have become unreadable. The occasional forays to check to see if they have anything to say other than how very much they hate Trump are painful and embarrassing. It has reinforced in me the certainty that you must not give in to raw hatred, for it will consume you and destroy the good you once did, while eating away your honor.

The odd thing is that Trump is not the most volatile or provocative president by a long shot. He is a much milder iteration of Andrew Jackson, a president rated by most historians as near-great, despite his volcanic temperament. Lefties often sneeringly ask how religious conservatives can possibly support a man with a past as occasionally sleazy as Trump’s. That is an easy one: confronted with a sleazy progressive like Clinton who overtly wanted to destroy religious liberty, force nuns to provide contraception and abortion coverage; punish bakers, florists and other small businesses for refusing to participate in same-sex ‘marriages;’ and destroy conscience rights for doctors and other medical professionals and a man with a dicey past who promises to protect those fundamental liberties, I am under no obligation to support those who want to destroy me to avoid hypocrisy. Period. Beyond that, I think Trump is undergoing a transformative deepening of faith. I saw some evidence of that, personally, before the election. I think Melania has had a good influence on him. I know, personally, that he really prefers the quality of serious evangelical Protestants and orthodox Catholics around him. He’s still Trump – all bold colors and no pale pastels – but I think his respect for American tradition has become reverence. I have come to admire him even when I don’t admire his most volcanic eruptions. I think he is a flawed, but good, man, finding his way – and that we are all better for it.

Many people are unnerved about the convulsions in the stock market this last week. I have been expecting a serious correction. I hope this one does not degenerate into a silly panic. The reality is that the stock market has been propped up by paper clips and rubber bands for almost a decade – mainly by accounting tricks to keep it looking good. In the process, it became seriously over-valued. During the Obama years I was much more concerned by the erosion of the fundamentals in the economy than the performance of the stock market. Unemployment rivalled that of the Great Depression – and counting tricks were used to mask that. To call productivity anemic in those years would be to profoundly overate it. Real gains in the stock market must roughly mirror national productivity. The more-than-doubling of the national debt created massive fundamental pressure on the economy. Fortunately, real unemployment is tumbling and real productivity is booming. Those fundamentals may help us weather some serious headwinds in the economy that we will have to face. Obamanomics put us in a box canyon. To continue to keep interest rates and inflation low would keep the economy stagnant and unemployment extremely high. But to actually give the economy fuel for growth had serious perils of its own. Right now, fully an eighth of federal revenues are required merely to service the interest on the debt. Even small increases in interest rates could cause that to skyrocket. Meantime, China is the biggest holder of paper on the American debt. If China quit buying or called the debt, we would be in deep trouble. To have given our most serious geo-political adversary such control over our financial health is horrific. While America is finally experiencing real growth rather than accounting acrobatics, if we are to avoid a deadly serious setback, we MUST dramatically cut back government spending. I am far less concerned about the volatility of the stock market this last week than I am about the massive increases in spending incorporated in the budget deal. If even Republican officials do not know how perilous the massive debt is, we will not avoid a major economic collapse.

Then there is the Vatican. In a year of many disheartening moments, this last month was the most disheartening of all. The Vatican’s effort to get Chinese Bishops who have endured 70 years of persecution and oppression, jail and chains, to step aside in favor of ‘bishops’ appointed by the atheist communist party, is a betrayal of Judas-level magnitude. The Pope is not infallible in matters of diplomacy or administration – and boy, the Vatican seems determined to prove it with this one. When the head of several pontifical academies declares that “…right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese,” as Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo did last week, I cannot help but wonder whether it is pure malice or sheer ignorance. The Church I signed up to does not include forced abortions, vivisection of religious dissidents, selling their organs for profit, and jailing political opponents, just to name a few common Chinese atrocities, as part of its social doctrine. The dispute over the child-abuse enabling Bishop appointed in Chile is too ugly for me to talk about right now.  

My daughter, after a long period of addictive substance abuse, has been sober for a year. She is happy and grateful to have left that darkness behind her. A few months ago, in the course of a conversation in light of her dawning re-awareness of the world around her, she suddenly asked me what in heaven’s name is going on with the Church. I chuckled and told her that nothing has changed from the things I taught her as a girl: right is still right, wrong is still wrong, and this will pass. Keep doing what she is doing. She sighed with relief and said, “I thought so, but I figured I better check.”

Everything is coming to a head. God would have spared Sodom for as few as 10 righteous men. In Judges 7, Gideon was preparing to face the vastly superior Midianites with 32,000 men. But God wanted to demonstrate His supreme power, so 22,000 of the men were given leave to quit the field. God thought that even 10,000 were too many for the decisive show of His sovereignty He intended. So a test was set up that left only 300 men on Gideon’s side. With those 300 men under Gideon’s command, God routed the Midianites completely. God intended that there be no room for the Israelites to think they had delivered themselves, lest they become as proud, haughty and impious as the Midianites themselves.

Everything is coming to a head. The battle is in God’s hands. Let us all endeavor to be counted among His 300.

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  1. Thank you so much, Charlie, for the comprehensive, expansive view. There are heart-piercing gems for meditation, such as: “…you must not give in to raw hatred, for it will consume you and destroy the good you once did, while eating away your honor.” AND “It takes actual work and dedication to actually be smart and informed.” AND “…right is still right, wrong is still wrong, and this will pass.” And THIS: “The battle is in God’s hands. Let us all endeavor to be counted among His 300.”

    Via cupped hands, lapping water with gusto under the gaze of Our Lady of the Rockies!

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      1. Me too…LOVED the picture!!!😄😎, loved the reminder to PRAY🙏🏼, the command NOT to give in to hate, etc…..okok…pretty much ALL of it…
        My salty dog Chief is telling us to stay calm, and be happy for HIM!!!! Thanks Charlie!! And all here …aloha and God bless

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    1. How many times have we read or listened to Paul tell the Romans;
      “If God is for us, who can be against us?” And here, the next words of encouragement, “He who did not spare his own Son but handed him over for us all, how will he not also give us everything else along with him?”
      In these days of such unfortunate goings on, those words of Paul popped out at me like they never have before. Encouragement, indeed.
      I don’t know about you, but I feel so odd these days. Almost as if I am being “beefed up”, mentally. I am learning patience and humility fast and furious. The exercise is exhausting!
      Keep posting. Keep commenting. An anchor for me and those who visit this site

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    2. Has anybody noticed these…or are thay old news in this group. Chilling, nonetheless.
      The Clinton’s practice in the occult, so out in the open. God help us!


      this is the vilest action: decorating a Christmas tree like this….sic, sic, sick!


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      1. Sadly, Jo, not at all surprised at these articles and I strongly believe what has been exposed in these pieces has been part of life in the White House for too long. For many years I have assisted and collaborated in ministry with a local priest. In 1991, he became a member of the Marian Movement of Priests, a private association without visible headquarters which was founded by Fr. Stefano Gobbi in 1972.

        My local priest then formed 94 Marian Movement of Priests prayer cenacles which, at that time, included the lay faithful as part of the association. In addition to gathering weekly to pray the Rosary and additional prayers, we read aloud one of Fr. Gobbi’s locutions from Our Lady. Having read the entire volume of interior locutions given to Fr. Gobbi, we came to realize how often Our Lady forewarned of coming dangers due to the work of Freemasonry, infiltrating everywhere in a hidden way… even into the hierarchy of the Church. Freemasonry is saturated with occult rituals with the “highest” – actually height of blasphemy – offense being Black Masses.

        What I see in the articles you have shared is this: what was formerly hidden is now blatantly practiced – our Mother’s adversary strutting, spewing, and spitting filth. It may sometimes seem that evil has won but we know that is a lie. Impossible. And one of my favorite teachings received along the spiritual journey is knowledge that every Praise of the Lord is an anti-dote to evil. The Flame of Love prayers BLIND the evil one. Every Promise of God is true, such as: “Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound!” God bless us one and all.

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        1. Beckita, you have the most interesting life- all of these things you’ve done and learned are just amazing! I’m really glad you share this with us! 📚!

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          1. Snowy, I agree, Beckita does have the most interesting life. She has shared many of her experiences with us and we are all grateful indeed. Her intelligence and advanced age have allowed her to accomplish some amazing things. 😉

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          2. Snowy, you’re so kind, fun, funny and overflowing with inspiration to boot! And, BD, you irrepressibly evoke laughter! Many the gifts. Many the works. One in the Lord are we.

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        2. I read that Melinia Trump brought in an exorist to the W.H. With the transformations i see, and that Charlie mentioned, i can believe it. Oh and Charlie, the part about trump being bold colors instead of pastels, was an accurate chuckle!!!! Thanks, i need those images. Now i see hot pink a d limr flourescent colors around the yellow headed president😳😳⛱🏖🤙🏻

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          1. Fr. Gobbi’s work, in conjunction with the work of those who were touched by the locutions, alerted many to the seriousness of our times and generated so much prayer from places all around the world.

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    3. Charlie, feeling like one of the 300 is spot on for me this week. You see, I am a doctor. I live in Ohio, where the Opioid epidemic is raging. Really…this week, I felt like an exhausted Union soldier on the front line of the Civil war!

      Last week, I saw a 25 year old young man whose lungs were filled with pockets of pus that got there because of his heroin addiction. He has a child, the mother of that child is not his wife, she is also a heroin addict. She prostitutes herself to earn money for more heroin (which is relatively cheap).

      His heroin addition led to a bacterial infection in the right side of his heart. The bacteria has chewed up his tricuspid valve. This infection of his tricuspid valve throws seeds of bacteria into his lungs that form small little infections throughout his lung tissue and will leave his heart and his lungs(if he survives) in a poorly functional state which will require intensive ongoing therapy in order for him to have a possibility for survival. He will likely never be able to have a job and support his family. His child is basically without parents…

      His mother was in the room when I was evaluating him. I wanted to know how he “got hooked”. He said that his neighbor was where he got his start. He grew up in a middle class suburban family. Mom was present during my interview. She is beating herself up because she describes herself as an “enabler”. She reported to me that she has two children. She also has two grandchildren. Both of her children are addicted to heroin. Both of her grandchildren are being raised by addicts. She cried. I cannot get her story out of my head.

      I retreat to my house after work. I have three kids (17, 15 and 12). They know that they have flawed but loving parents. But in this world they understand nothing but snapchat, instagram, college sports and want nothing to do with faith or anything to do with prayer. They cannot relate to the profound problems that we face as a nation. They think I am a little nutty because I make them “pee in a cup” randomly as the only concrete step I can come up with to deter them from “just trying it”!

      We are definitely “AT WAR!” I am calling on all of us to join the ranks and pray. Pray and ask guardian angels and the communion of saints to pray with us. It is all we have left. Public officials, Hollywood and the elite media are confederate “spies” wanting to promote a lifestyle and a belief system that leads to slavery…slavery to sin and licentiousness. They appear to be winning.

      Perhaps they are winning many battles. But they will not win the war!

      St. Joan of Arc, St. Pedro Poveda, St. Maxmillian Kolbe, St. Pope John Paul the Great….Guardian Angels, Holy Souls in Heaven and Purgatory, Holy Martyrs….. intercede for us. Awaken the warriors within us. Our Celestial Mama, Queen of Heaven and earth, hear us!

      Viva Cristo Rey!!!

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      1. Thank you for your faith – and for your work on the front lines. When you get out there, you see things that break your heart. But you also see things that occasionally renew your faith. When you do those little things you can, you begin to see a little with the eyes of God, with all the sorrow – and the joys that bring. Minister to His people and you minister to yourself. Thank you.

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      2. It’s been going on for a while. Back in the early 90’s, I responded to an unconcious person lying in the sidewalk. He had been there for a while. The call came in only after the neighbors noticed he wasn’t moving as it poured rain… and after noticing his mouth filling with water.

        In the late 90’s the muslim terrorists approached the Cartels to ‘tarnish’ the drug supply in America. Their request was denied due to no profitablility, perhaps now we are witnessing it in effect. The quantity of ‘young’ people dying from overdoses is significant.

        About fifteen years ago (post 9/11), I attended a drug intervention class regarding Ecstasy. The narco investigators recommendation to all those who had teenagers: encourage them to drink beer. Don’t let ’em get near ectasy or synthetic drugs.

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      3. Dr. Lucy, it’s fortunate that this poor young couple came in to see you, and a bit surprising they were so forthcoming about their situation. They are clearly in trustworthy and caring hands. I am praying for them.

        As in other parts of the country, our big problem in Rapid City is meth, which can apparently now be cooked up in a coke can in the back seat of a car and then sold immediately. Human trafficking is another big problem. Of course, being so close to Colorado, very powerful marijuana is coming in, and we are seeing in EDs those severe side-effects including uncontrollable vomiting from heavy pot smoking. And as always, alcoholism among the Sioux and other tribes is epidemic and the suicide rate is staggering.

        I just started clinical rotations last week at the local VA clinic. Haven’t seen anything too severe by any means. But it is clear there are many, many people out there who are suffering very much. There is no shortage of patients in need.

        (Please pray for me and success in NP school. I turn 50 next week and learning what I need to at this age is proving to be a rather big challenge. The devil also continues to attack me that I’m a fraud and have no business working as a provider. But I place my trust in Jesus and Mary….God’s will be done.)

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        1. Patrick,

          You will be fine! The key to being successful in the practice of medicine is remembering the basics. Remember to listen. Listening to a person’s history is a dying art. Try your best to ignore the computer before you take your own independent history. Electronic records are inundated with “cut and paste” information (many errors are perpetuated that way). Always take a face to face history and always listen to what the patient tells you.

          Then learn how to examine somebody…..believe it or not, this is another dying art. Learn how to do a traditional medical exam. If you can master the history and physical exam, you will be a star! That advice was given to me when I first started my training 25 years ago. It has served me very well.

          Thanks for all of the responses I got to my post. I’m not big into social media so it is unusual for me to post anything. From the responses I read, it confirms how this crisis touches so many.

          May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus TRIUMPH!

          Wishing a blessed Lent to all!


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          1. Great advice that I will keep, Dr. Lucy. Alas, the cursed/blessed computer: the VA docs all sit facing the computer when they take the history. The fellow I’m shadowing turns frequently to make eye contact, but most of the time his eyes are on the screen – charting and cut-n-pasting as he goes because it’s expedient. His physical exam is also very cursory. I will observe him, but take my own path in practice. Thank you again!


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        2. Praying for you, Patrick. I was 50 when I decided to NOT go on, but stay where I was to be & do the best I could. (PsychRN) I’m glad i did. Praying you find the satisfaction that tells you you’ve made the right choice. Praying for your protection: All holy Saints and Angels, pray for us! And remember your Guardian Angel and pray for his strength to protect you from assault. God bless this endeavor!
          katey in OR

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      4. Lucy,
        My parents moved us out of the neighborhood we lived in once marijuana started to show up.
        That was back in 1972!
        We moved to a small rural county of 25,000 and started from scratch.
        Must of the “druggies” in our school were frowned upon and my family grew up without any drug addictions.
        Once I had children of my own, the only way to keep the world at bay was to home school them. Even the Catholic school had its demons so I had to bring my first 3 home after trying to keep my children pure.
        Now that my 7 kids are married with children most of them have kept the faith beautifully but a few are still “learning” life’s lessons.
        As parents we need to do what we believe is right. This is our duty as well as our right and as Charlie said, we will be judged either way.
        I always said no matter how hard it was on my kids to correct, discipline and protect them it wouldn’t be as hard on them if they ended up in hell for eternity because I didn’t.
        That usually stops any argument.

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        1. Phillip – My wife and I homeschool our children as well. We pulled my oldest out of 2nd grade due to her not getting a good education because her teacher had too many personal problems to take care of. This has been the best decision we have made for her and her now 5 younger brothers. My oldest is now taking dual credit credit classes at the local community college as a High School Senior. She will graduate Highschool with almost 40 College hours completed with straight A’s.

          But the stories she tells me of her community college experience are horrendous including the way her professors are bringing in the far leftist politics into their teaching, The responses that her classmates make fully buying into this garbage. The full level of immorality and sexual confusion that her classmates exhibit. Her English I professor was pushing socialized medicine by having them watch a video to take up class time. Through this we have confirmation that we have raised her right.. She has the morals to be able to identify the wrongs of this. She understands that many times the full truth is left out of stories in order to push the agenda intended. I was completely shocked as to how rampant the political agenda is even in a very conservative Republican area or Texas.

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  2. There are many videos that have been produced to tell the story of the Our Lady of the Rockies. It began with an ordinary man making a spiritual promise. Here’s one recounting of how it transpired:

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    1. A series of ordinary, unexpected miracles… NOTHING is impossible for God. Our Lady knows this through and through. The man with the bullhorn said it best: “We’ve got the skill but She’s gotta help us.” With the track record of Our Lord and Our Lady, there is such HOPE in the face of this current darkness.

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      1. Nice to meet you here, Karmytrumpateer. I’ve made many a trip for various reasons, over the years, either to or through the Bitterroot Valley from my home in Missoula. And it’s very possible we may have met at some time. I know Fr. Wang has subbed a lot over the years down in the Bitterroot and, if I may say so, he’s now blessed to have a Mother Superior under his roof. Perhaps you may know, he offers a noon Mass, daily, at the chapel in the Foundation Offices for the Catholic Schools. We begin with Rosary at 11:30. Please join us any time you can.

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        1. Bekita just saw your response. I believe Fr. Wang subbed at St. Mary’s in Stevi a few times. Thank you for the invitation! I went to Missoula when Our Lady of Fatima statue was there. Can’t remember the name of the church, St. Joseph? I know it was not St. Francis. But that church is very strange as there are no kneelers. It threw us off as we visited there for Palm Sunday last year as our Priest had an injury and was not going to say Mass. We decided to explore and were surprised at that.

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          1. Hi Karmy. Indeed, Fr. W has a long history of subbing, frequently, down in the Bitterroot. Not so much as he’s aged. I’m the Mother Superior in residence with him now, providing care – as needed, as well as assistance and collaboration in all manner of ministry. St. Anthony’s is the church which hosted the international pilgrim statue. Those of us who prefer to kneel simply do so on the ground. The Church is definitely in a passion time with the fulfillment of Our Lady of Akita’s words upon us: cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop, etc.

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            1. Wow, I didn’t expect you to be the Mother Superior! Yes, you are so right about Our Lady of Akita’s words. I am horrified at what I see our Pope doing and saying. I pray for him in my daily Rosary.

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    2. Beckita, thank you for sharing this video on Our Lady of the Rockies. This was one of the most inspiring stories I have heard!!! It shows how much Our Lord and Our Lady love to use us “nobody’s” to do amazing things.

      Charlie, thank you for your reliable “spot on analysis” of our nation’s current milieu. I should not be surprised, but I am, at how blind so many are to what is actually going on. All we can do is stand up for truth, pray and put it all in God’s hands.

      God bless you both for all the encouragement you are giving us “Gideonites”!!!

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    3. Loved how the movie was made up of just the men. Also loved how they showed their old, wrinkled hands, the hands that created something beautiful for the Lady. Wonderful story, one we’ve heard time and time again. I have to take a trip to Montana.

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  3. WOW, that’s a good summary…

    It’s kind of sad having to rely on Infowars & Drudge Report for news, but it seemed all the traditional news agencies we’re bought out by the globalists & spreading fake news, even those outside America.

    What is happening at Vatican? I sometimes wonder if Pope Francis is aware there’s globalist threat out there…

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    1. Al,
      I also get my news from Drudge. I would suggest you also check out Trunews.com The host is an evangelical pastor named Rick Wiles but it is another good source of credible news and information in a world where nothing seems to make sense anymore

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      1. I’ll add it my list of news sites. It’s nice to have credible alternatives, that you don’t have to wondering if the topic is being distorted.

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        1. The trunews.com topic on Trumpocalypse I believe hit the nail right on the head. No one person in recent history has ever has as much opposition towards them as Trump has, and he still moves forward. People should wake up and see God is helping Trump even though he’s imperfect, he’s willing to put his life on the line & fight for Christianity.

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      2. Another really good site is The Conservative Treehouse. Excellent analysis of the day’s issues as well as a faith filled site with Christians. The comment section is excellent. I’ve learned a lot from the comments others post.

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  4. Very dear Charlie, Beckita, team, and all others in A Sign of Hope community ~

    Thank you for this thoughtful post, Charlie. Keeping you in my heart-prayers during your latest suffering.

    A bit off topic, I’m writing to let you-all know that I’m currently on an unexpected turn of trail in The Great Pilgrimage. The adventure includes using the trusty if inelegant left-handed hunt-n-peck method of typistry. (; Hence, I’m not easily able to post replies to replies.

    On Thursday, January 25, my sweet Trucklet and I were in a head-on collision (other driver cited for being in my lane) on a notorious curve (now renamed “Wounded Bear Curve” by locals) in our road through the forest, just a few miles from home. I was driving about 20 mph in light overnight snow; the other driver, probably 30 or so. But physics is physics.

    And God is God. It is clear to me that He saved me and the other driver/passenger from serious injury. He saved us for a purpose to be partly revealed over time. I suffered a concussion, a broken right lower arm, a broken right big toe, a lightly skinned left shin, and minor bruises. Sweet Trucklet, alas, was totaled. We’ve had an adventurous 33 years together since I bought him new in December 1984.

    My main persistent memory after the accident was of the light shining through the cracked windshield; the lowered sun visor in front of that; and ~ most prominently ~ clipped to the visor a medal made for that purpose, which Mom had given me 31 years ago. She had bought it at The Grotto gift shop in Portland when I became Catholic. Mom appreciated the Catholic concept of the Communion of Saints interceding for us, symbolically represented by holy objects. She had told me to keep the visor clip in Trucklet at all times, which I did ~ adding a couple of items to the clip over the years.

    So there they were, interceding: Jesus Christ on the cross; Mary in the Miraculous Medal; Saint Christopher (Christ-bearer), patron saint of travelers; an attached small medal of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove; and a holy card of Saint Ann teaching her young daughter, the Virgin Mary. Mom’s middle name was Ann and so is my twin’s; this holy card also reminds me of them.

    I had other brief memories before arriving in the emergency room 40 miles away via ambulance, including that of the jaws of life extracting me from dear Trucklet ~ whose steel cab frame had helped protect me. And always, prominently, the sun visor medals.

    Friends and neighbors happened along the lightly traveled road, pitched in to help in various ways, and have offered their care not only to me but also to those in the other vehicle. The rural mail carrier called 911. The state patrol deputy responded promptly and fairly. The medical and other staff in the ambulance, ER, hospital (overnight), and surgery center have been excellent. Insurance people have been kind and prompt. My family members have been a great blessing with, among other things, their silly, clever, fun senses of humor.

    On January 31 (Feast of Saint John Bosco), after swelling had diminished sufficiently, a well-regarded orthopedic surgeon shored up my broken lower right arm by placing metal structures inside.

    My family decided and kindly made it possible to fly me and my twin on February 1 (Feast of Saint Brigid of Kildare) from Central Oregon and then to Portland, so that I can stay with my twin and family in Salem (an hour south of Portland) until I can manage better on my own. I fit easily into their regular daily life, while it would be more complicated for those in my home community in the forest to keep the wood stove stoked and handle 24/7 needs. Here, too, are dear friends who help to keep things fun.

    Gratitude, gratitude.

    I am noticing (the Prayer of Noticing) some of the many ways that God is using this occurrence: “All things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). I am also appreciating very much the Catholic understanding of “offering it up,” as Saint Paul notes in Colossians 1:24.

    In short, while I did not expect this way of moving into the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I accept it as God’s way for me just now. Let the adventure roll on!

    I hope to keep up with you-all on this blog, although probably not with many posts for a while.

    God bless and keep you, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. Oh dear, you know how we love you here, Sr. Bear. We will be praying for you…and hoping you are back to the wilderness soon. My stars, this is a trial…but I know you won’t waste your suffering. Offer a little of it for me, if you would.

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    2. Oh My Goodness, Sr. Bear! So empathetically sorry and SO grateful for God’s Providence in all that has transpired. Tucking you into prayer for this part of your journey. Charlie’s right: we love you and will root for a swift and complete recovery for you. ♥️😘🤗

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    3. Sister Bear, I am praying for your speedy recovery. Just this morning I was thinking that you’ve been strangely quite for some time. Praise God, you and all involved survived the accident. Godspeed! ❤

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    4. Dear Sister Bear, praying for your complete recovery! Also, I hope that during your sojourn there in Salem that you will have the opportunity to visit Mt. Angel Abbey over in Mt. Angel – no so very far from Salem! We are having spring-like weather for now, so perhaps your healing will be aided by a little extra sunshine. Oops! Forgot, we’re not supposed to say we have sun in Oregon, are we? Rains all the time..except when it’s not. Oh, do feel better every day! And be sure to drive through Silverton, the city time forgot and the decades cannot improve. (Thank-you Garrison Keilor for that).
      Prayers for you and blessings on your twin’s family. 🙏🏼💟✝🌹

      Ongoing prayers for all here,
      katey in OR

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    5. Oh Sr. Bear– praying for you! Keep us posted on your recovery. I know your sufferings are put to fruitful use! God bless you.
      Charlie– thanks for sharing your impeccable insights! You are doing a lot of hard work for us– sifting through all this info and distilling it into workable pieces for us to digest. Talk about wacko times. I’m just trying to “hold on to my hat!” God bless!

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    6. Can’t help but think that you must be needed in Salem, but ouch – poor Trucklet ! God bless and heal your poor wounds, and the mission(?) you have been given.

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    7. Dear Sister Bear,
      I have read and re-read your message for the last 3 days. I am in awe of your reaction and attitude towards your accident. You inspire me. On Dec. 2nd, I, too, was involved in a car accident. My friend was driving. Like you, we were on a back road but, unlike you, there was no “light shining through the cracked windshield”. It was shortly after 6, but very, very dark. A Santa Claus parade was about to begin in town, so we took a back road to avoid it. The float that was to carry Santa and his sled had stopped on this back road, and a small Town truck was stopped right in front of it. Apparently, the driver of the float had asked the man to check his rig for some reason. As we approached, my friend judged the distance between the rig and the gutter and kept on driving. At this very moment, the man took a step back and my friend hit him. It was too dark for her to see him. I didn’t see any of this coming as I was looking elsewhere. It was like going into a war zone. I won’t describe it all, but as I got out of the car, in shock, everything seemed to go in slow motion. The man had shattered the windshield and landed on the hood of the car. I was the only one there. The few people around, including my friend, all in shock were busy talking together a few feet away. I just stared at this motionless man. He had lost one shoe in the impact and was barefoot. I can’t describe the feeling looking at his bare foot as I was looking around for his shoe. I felt like a mother wanting to protect her child in a way. He was obviously dead, but somehow, seemed so vulnerable with his foot bare. I touched his leg and said something like, “Lord have mercy”. The rest was surreal, sitting in an ambulance to keep warm, giving a testimony to the police, etc., etc. I thought I was in a horror movie and would wake up.
      As I said earlier, Sister Bear, you inspire me to “offer it up”…and be grateful. Romans 8:28 is one of my favourite scriptures. Right now, it’s hard for me to fathom how this will all work together for good. A 57 yr. old man died instantly, leaving his wife in the truck on the scene. Thank God she didn’t see anything. I have faith and know without a doubt that God is the only healer. At the moment, I just feel extremely sad and dealing with post traumatic stress. I am in therapy.
      I’m sorry you were hurt. We were spared any physical trauma. If the Holy Spirit moves you, please keep me in your prayers…as I will keep you in mine.
      Continued prayers for all of us who struggle through the darkness, so grateful to have a personal relationship with the One True Light.

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      1. Oh, my, AGENTJ9. Some tragic mysteries are beyond our comprehension. I am humbled and grateful to be able to add you and all involved to my heart-prayers. ❤
        Sister Bear
        PS Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers We are one body.

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        1. Thank you so much, Sister Bear. Your words are very soothing to my soul. It takes the focus off myself and redirects it to our crucified Lord and the mysteries of His kingdom. Yes, we are one body…the body of Christ. Lots of wisdom to ponder….

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    8. Sister Bear, I’m a few days behind in reading comments; so I’ve just now read about your accident. I’m so sorry that you were hurt and that Trucklet was totalled, but I’m so glad that you and the other driver are going to be OK. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for both of you.

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  5. I’ve always wanted to comment to thank you for your writings. I’m a mother of 8 (number 8 being due in a couple of weeks) and I don’t pretend to be of great intellect or very well informed of what’s going on in the world. I listen to what my husband tells me and what I read on a very few semi reliable news sources. Unlike some, I’ve never read your work and taken your words to be preachy. I’ve always read them and felt heartened. Felt encouraged that there are other people who feel as serious about the Catholic faith as we do and I love reading your words for that purpose. We are in a small town in Ontario Canada and I have to tell you I don’t personally know many faithful Catholics who believe something big is on the horizon. Really I don’t know many faithful orthodox Catholics at all. While at a dinner with some people I believed to be quite serious about the faith the wife said “I never understood why people pray to saints or Mary”. She’s a cradle Catholic. Anyways, to conclude I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to read your updates on our world and our faith and everything in between. I have many times thought to write you to ask you a few personal questions (not regarding your life but my own as a Catholic woman) would you be up to that? My husband and I don’t have many people to mentor us as a Catholic couple or as individuals. Wow that’s sounds ominous!!! Lol. Thanks Charlie!

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    1. I wish I could edit my comment. The part where I said “some find your words to be preachy” I was actually wanting to refer to your visions and how people rely on them as something to guide their life by. I’ve always taken them as a beautiful connection to the spiritual world and as hints of the possibilities in the future. Not that I don’t believe you, but because I think God allows people to see things so they may tell others and that we may have hope that there is a plan. Not as an exact description of what’s to come. Or something along those lines anyways. I would never stop following you because there was a discrepancy. I’m assuming we could never imagine the awesomeness of what you see and expecting you to analyze it as a human and relate it to us with exactness would be impossible. Anyways that’s what I should’ve said. Thanks again.

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      1. Thank you and welcome to commenting, Erin.I pray for a healthy delivery of your 8th baby…may God bless you and your family. Please let us know when the baby is born.

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      2. Hi, Erin! I live in the States, but we have some dear friends who live in a small town in Ontario. They have told us that the “Catholic scene” there leaves much to be desired (which is probably true lots of places). Anyhow, the wife is an author and has penned some very good books–mostly fiction. In case you’re interested in checking out her website, here’s the link:


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    2. I live in Ontario too, most people in Canada are still asleep to the dangers of globalism, they watch the 6pm news thinking it’s all 100% true. Canadian news has become fake news, it hasn’t been reliable since the 2nd gulf war in Iraq.

      Those of us who know what’s going on keep our mouths shut unless you want to get labeled nuts. We stopped being a Democracy and became Hypocracy when Trudeau took over the country, he serves globalist interests, not Canadians, he goes around the world teaching fake morality. Trudeau’s claim of Canadian values are Soros values, that’s the guy responsible for the Muslim invasion of Europe. Right now I’m trying figure out a way to wake up Ontarians to the dangers of the Wynne Liberals, if she isn’t defeated in the next election in a few months from now, it’s probably the end of Ontario as we know it, she’s destroying the province at a alarming rate both socially & economically. I wish there was better news on this side of the border, as far a I know, we got no one like Charlie up here…

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      1. Al,
        You do have a wonderful Canadian Catholic evangelizer in Mark Mallett. He exposes the evils of society and speaks the Truth upheld by the Popes [yes, Popes] and Magisterium of the Church.
        I am praying his 2016 Lenten Retreat now – and will start it again on Ash Wednesday [just getting a running head start. Didn’t realize how much I needed it]. Look for it on the side bar on his blog http://www.markmallett.com under “Prayer retreat”. Also, his writings titled “The Petals” in mid-2000s were sounding the alarm of the spiritual and social “storm” that we have definitely entered. I reread some of them recently and thought, “Oh boy, its all right here”.

        But, the path of Light, the encouragement are there, too – just like Charlie. Go to Jesus and Mary in heartfelt Prayer, daily Mass as one can, Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, daily Holy Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy and any other devotions as one is led to pray. Remember we have a cloud of heavenly witnesses and the souls in purgatory, and all the heavenly hosts ready and eager to help us. Mark pointed out an interesting insight in one of the writings [think it was in The Petals], that the apostles fell asleep in the garden out of grief and fatigue [anybody presently feeling that]. Jesus tells them, “Stay awake and pray”. I need to put that reminder on my mirror.

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      2. Hey Al. I agree we are losing are freedom here by leaps and bounds. It’s sad and scary. The bishop in London thankfully has just recently taken a positive stand against this government who is denying our religious freedoms all the time. But I haven’t heard much from any other diocese and most Catholics around our parts seemed rather put out to even talk about the issues. Anyways I suppose complaining about it doesn’t do anything. All we have left is prayer and may God help us all!

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        1. We have to all communicate, be supportive, and work together if we are to make it through this crisis of evil in our part of history.

          Our current step is to take down the Wynne Liberals in Ontario by getting in touch with as many people as possible & open their eyes, and praying won’t hurt either… Let’s not hand her another term in office, there’s lots of people who don’t vote who need to get out there and do it…

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    3. Erin, you may be surprised by how many Canadians DO think as you do. We just are more careful of “putting it out there.” In Alberta, I have met many like minded, faithfilled, practising Catholics through volunteering at church, however, my youngest is now 20 unlike your situation. Church Militant -http://churchmilitant.com – costs $10 a month and is a fabulous source of sanity, information, and formation for authentic catholicism, and if you take a peek at “Shower of Roses,” this Mom has many wonderful traditions to teach, and live our faith, specifically as she too has 8 children. Most of all, pray the Rosary, by yourself and well with your children, wear your miraculous medal and consecrate yourself to our most loving Mother – is what I would do as a young mother with children.
      As a busy Mom, maybe you can listen as you work to this great talk (two parts), by a young religious sister who is part of a missionary order. About 90 minutes total and I guarantee you won’t regret it. This is EVERYTHING that we are about as mothers who love our Lord and wish to save the souls of our babes — Fatima, the rosary, consecration, St. Therese! God Bless you and your hubby as you form the next generation of catholics.

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      1. Thanks Jo! I’m going to watch those videos today! Our church doesn’t have many young families but we have an excellent priest so I thank God for that often. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! And to CDNSTORMWATCHER I’m going to look into this. It sounds amazing! I was a part of a moms group for a little while (6 of us ladies) but I still felt careful of what I should say. If I was being too catholic. You know?! Anyways I’m not the only one and I know I’m the least of the faithful. It’s just sometimes overwhelming to think of our time and then to think of what our children are growing up into. Thanks all!

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        1. There’s such hope, Erin, in knowing that God’s Plan *is* unfolding and the tide is changing so that holding on in the most difficult part of the Storm will take us to a New World for our children and grandchildren. Maranatha!

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        2. Hey, Erin, just wanted to give a shout out to a fellow Catholic who feels a little outnumbered these days. I live in NY. It’s a social desert for Catholics here. My best friend is my sister in law and the only other young Catholic moms I know live an hour away. I homeschool my little ones, ages 6 and 9, and it’s kind of a lonely existence. I miss my strong Catholic friends and culture from my college days. However, it’s also given me a chance, I hope, of showcasing to others what it means to be a Catholic and be a witness for those Catholics who have never had the chance to learn our faith more deeply. I want to show that organized religion does not produce neurotic unfriendly people who are afraid of science and can’t dress normally. I want to show that my Catholic faith has more depth than many assume and that this faith and things in life that make you step back and say “wow!” are actually, truly, connected. And I also don’t have to annoy people by uncomfortably bringing up Jesus every time I open my mouth, that being ‘religious’ is not an obsession, it’s an orientation of being. I can’t think of a better way to be part of God’s army than being called to be a witness like that in an area where it’s nearly totally post-Christian. God Bless you and your family!

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          1. Katherine. I feel for you friend. we tried homeschooling but it was too difficult on our own with the little ones here. I was worried I wasn’t giving them the best education. We just enrolled them in a private Christian school which was the last of any money in our budget but our “catholic” school was taching yoga and mindful meditation and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Anyways being Catholic these days is similar to being the first christans back in the old days. People look at you with bewilderment at the mention of Jesus. Lol. And who knows what they will do in the near future. Our government is pushing through laws without us even knowing until it’s done. They are talking about making it a criminal offence here to teach your children there are only two genders or marriage is for one man and one woman only. So for speaking truth you could be fined or jailed. Did you hear our new Gender neutral anthem? and we are forcing doctors to euthanize or lose their jobs. We want to move to the US so badly but the process is crazy.
            God bless
            Thanks Beckita! I am excited and scared for the unfolding of what’s to come. I know I can trust in Him!

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            1. Love your spirit, Erin. Excited and scared are real and, I would imagine, pervasive among those who realize what’s at stake in this current transition. What you describe about living in Canada – its own kind of intense suffering – will make the suffering of what’s to come so worth it: a beautiful, God-centered future for our children and grandchildren! I have every confidence we will all have ample grace to navigate whatever God allows for each of us or directs each one to do. Amen to trusting in Him!

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        1. Lynne, I couldn’t find more videos in the “Sister Talk” segment on You Tube but I did notice the talks were uploaded by Sensus Fidelium which has nearly 3,000 videos there. Fr. Chad Ripperger’s material, uploaded by Sensus Fidelium, is excellent. I also noticed a note to go to this site for more: http://catholicism.org/ When there, I put “Sister Talk” in the search function and discovered the name, Brother Andre Marie, tagged on the Sister Talk vids. Here’s a link for more from Brother: http://catholicism.org/?s=Brother+Andre+Marie


    4. Hi Erin,

      I am located in the Toronto area. If you are close enough to travel to the GTA, my friend hosts an annual women’s conference. This year Mark Mallet is coming! Come and join us. Meet some great ladies who love the Catholic faith.

      You can contact me at cdnstormwatcher@gmail.com to get further info if you are interested.

      God bless 😀

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  6. Excellent essay! You said “It horrifies me that there are no honorable men, no patriots, left in the Democratic Party.” Sadly, there are not many honorable men among the Republicans either. They stand with the Democrats and make excuses ala Marco Rubio, Richard Burr, and the rest of the Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It is shameful.

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    1. Oh, there are a lot of Republicans I don’t like…and very few I trust, but they have not completely banished honor and decency. It was a minority of Republicans who called Nixon to account, but it was an honorable minority. I see no sign of it any longer in the Democratic caucus. I admired Democrats like Alan Dixon, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Scoop Jackson, Adlai Stevenson and more, even as I often disagreed with them…but they are long gone. I can’t believe that any of those I mentioned would be gyrating on this fundamental issue and trying to spin it.

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    2. It’s like that for all Liberals in the world I’m afraid… They all bow down and worship the globalist elite. Trudeau has shown himself to be a globalist pawn undermining Trump’s every move…

      I hate to believe it, but I think we may have to accept we’re on a fixed time schedule, we have to endure, pray, & hold the line until we reach the moment in time for God’s next move…

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  7. Charlie, you’ve always put things into perspective for me, but the pit of my gut is rolling right now. Keeping hope is not always an easy thing for this lowly human.

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  8. I hope you see this. The last time I tried to post a message it did not appear. I probably goofed , since I am so computer illiterate. Anyway, I just want to say how much I appreciate your postings. In this age of confusion that we are in , we need someone to clearly articulate your thoughts and our thoughts in understanding what is the truth. Thankyou Charlie for staying with us. With your experience in the political world and knowledge , you are a wonderful source for us all.

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  9. I hope you’re feeling a bit better, Charlie, even though those episodes are expected, I can imagine they’re not much welcomed!

    For some reason the political stuff doesn’t bother me as much as the church stuff. I have been keeping my head down and just praying, but to be honest, it’s troubling and I wish we could make heads or tails of what was happening.

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    1. Briana E., I was thinking the same. We have been spoiled by John Paul the Great and Papa Benedict. My heart hurts for the Church. Pray, pray, pray.

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  10. “Everything is coming to a head.” I think this year, 2018, is going to be very difficult for true Christians and faithful Catholics. My soul is sad.

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    1. To the contrary, I think this is going to be one of the most glorious years in history for the faithful. But God is going to see who will step up as His hands and feet – as the 300 under Gideon did – and who just sulks that God has given them real challenges. Those who step up, who acknowledge God, take the next right step, and act as a sign of hope will carry us through this sea of ugliness to a land flowing with milk and honey.

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      1. 300 or 7000? God told Elijah that he had 7000 who had not bent the knee to Baal 1 King Chapter 19, Vs 18. So if we can be in either of these groups we should be OK.

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  11. When I saw the number 300 and saw “Everything is coming to a head. The battle is in God’s hands. Let us all endeavor to be counted among His 300.” I thought of the Spartans…hmm.

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  12. In your last piece, Charlie, I was struck by the juxtaposition of the title and the picture of a solar eclipse. I remembered when the much-anticipated 2017 solar eclipse happened and was televised live, how the gathered crowds would cheer when the sun was covered and the darkness began. The 3rd chapter of John’s Gospel ran through my mind, “…the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light…” In my mind, it was clear the world was in deep darkness. But there is something about deep darkness that is amazing. The stars shine all the brighter! This fact was not lost on me, a stargazer born in light-polluted Houston who had to drive 200 miles out of the city to see the Milky Way. The night of 9/23/17, I watched in awe and wonder as the stars and planets over south, central PA lined up perfectly and Rev 12 was displayed in breathtaking beauty.

    Your title now reminds me of the intuition, perhaps inspiration, that I had just before the dawn of the New Year. I had thought, after such celestial signs, what lies in store for us? Just a color and one word: the color red and the word “Passion.” In Holy Scripture, when questioned by Pilate, Christ says that He had come to testify to the truth. Then Pilate asks, “What is truth?” Jesus does not respond in grandiose words nor tries to duplicate His great last words at the Last Supper. But He SHOWS the world what is truth. He closes His mouth and teaches the greatest lesson in truth. His Passion is the truth. God’s love for us is so great that great works of darkness do not overcome it.

    Now, reading about your personal sufferings, Sister Bear’s sufferings and the severe trials so many others here are facing, I think we should concentrate on the reemergence of the light of the Son after so much darkness. One of my dearest friends in Houston lost her battle with cancer on Jan. 27th. I miss her but feel confident that her Passion has ended in victory. I pray that, if the economic collapse does occur, we will concentrate on each painful step forward, cling to hope and let it shine for others. May Our Lady find her mantle adorned with so many shining stars such that those who have become accustomed to the darkness can finally see the beauty and grace of the Standing Mother and the truth of the cross of Christ the Son.

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    1. So lovely, Marisa. Thank you. Your beautiful words with exhortation to dwell on Christ’s Light, draw me to a favored Marian hymn in the Divine Office:

      Mary the dawn, Christ the Perfect Day;
      Mary the gate, Christ the Heavenly Way!
      Mary the root, Christ the Mystic Vine;
      Mary the grape, Christ the Sacred Wine!
      Mary the wheat, Christ the Living Bread;
      Mary the stem, Christ the Rose blood-red!
      Mary the font, Christ the Cleansing Flood;
      Mary the cup, Christ the Saving Blood!
      Mary the temple, Christ the temple’s Lord;
      Mary the shrine, Christ the God adored!
      Mary the beacon, Christ the Haven’s Rest;
      Mary the mirror, Christ the Vision Blest!
      Mary the mother, Christ the mother’s Son
      By all things blest while endless ages run. Amen.

      May the Inseparable Hearts of Jesus and Mary be our North Star in this current darkness, for where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more! Love and Prayers with the Fire of the Holy Spirit imbued in each of us! ❤️🙏🔥

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  13. Before I followed you, Charlie I was anxious and worried. I got very excited about your journey. I anxiously awaited all that was suggested. Then it seemed that it wasn’t to be. Note that I said, “seemed”. I think that much of what you shared is coming about but in hidden ways. I see all the secret sins and lies of men and women being exposed. I see our President and the First Lady making strides in their spiritual journey for their own benefit as well as ours. I read that Melania had the White House Exorcised before moving in. Good thinking. That made me smile. Exactly what I would have done if I was in her place. Shockingly they are more openly faithful than any Presidential couple in years. I couldn’t be happier. Not since Reagan have I been so hopeful. I know that the battle rages on. But I am grateful that God allowed this victory. I pray for our President and his family. I’m ready for the battle. I feel encouraged and empowered to stand up for the faith. My daughter feels the same way. The culture wars are crazy. The liberal family members are blind and deceived. We home school. I taught my kids in the 90’s and my daughter is teaching her 5 boys now. While I am Catholic my daughter married a non-denominational christian (former Mennonite). My daughter tells me she feels Catholic in her heart but is raising the boys christian for the sake of family cohesiveness. To avoid the loss of faith that happens when mixed faith couples fail to instill strong faith because of division. (She is very annoyed with Pope Francis whom she initially liked. His antics make the Catholic faith a harder sell to her evangelical husband). I live with the family so the little boys steal my Rosary beads. We have a Divine Mercy in the foyer. A crucifix in my bedroom, a holy water font in my room also. The boys love all the special Catholic elements in my space. All is well. I pray. ❤

    ❤ Prayers for all… especially Sister Bear and Charlie.. ❤

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    1. I’m tickled by little boys who steal Rosary beads. When my son was little, he started collecting all the Rosaries (mainly plastic ones he got from school), holy cards and other religious items he could find. I was getting a little worried, because he was turning his bed into a shrine, and it seemed a peculiar religious mania for a child that young. Then one day, with a big grin, he pointed out all the holy items surrounding his bed and said, with great cheer, “Look, Dad…no vampire would DARE get me now.” I chuckled in some relief and said I reckoned not.

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      1. So Charlie, how could you let your son develop such a silly superstition? Besides, I’ve found garlic soaked in Holy Water works much better. 😉

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      2. That reminds me of a year ago when I put some Divine Mercy cards above the beds of my two oldest grandchildren, age 8 and 4, after they went to sleep. The oldest came downstairs the next morning telling us about what she found above her bed and how she didn’t know where it came from. I told her I had placed the card there after she had gone to sleep. Her response was, “Oh darn! I thought it was a miracle!”. I still chuckle at that.

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  14. Hi Charlie

    I noticed cnn and media are not covering the explosive story that foxnews is doing. Even bbc and every unbiased media organization are not doing it. However they are covering goerge bush talk in saudi arabia “russia colluded with the elections”. And the supposed praising of ex aide rob porter for domestic abuse (surely is not good if true) but the timing is questionable? Throw in a bit of olympic coverage and some cool spacex mission heading towards mars 🙂

    Meanwhile everyone had a laugh at adam schiff
    https://youtu.be/m3Rut64GDgA and sen warners texts and sidney coolmenthol and cody shearer names and deals.

    But everyone doesnt care as they just dislike trump because the left and media were so successful in portraying him negstively for so long or they have vested interest.

    While i would like to see many indictments and obama/clintons imprisoned (and who knows if bush family is also in it? ) . I think this would start a civil war that will spread globally.

    What if this is the promised rescue God is uncovering causes God to ultimately enforce it ultimately via the illumination of conscience?

    What gives me confidence is they have thrown everything at trump but he won. They all colluded to get him down but he beat them to it. He is the only person who could have handled the media and all of this like Ann coulter said and i dont doubt he was chosen by God.

    By the way i was eager to join the trump team but i cant mostly because my manager is a russian as well as few switched on IT guys. The leftist would say you just cant help yourself Mr Trump always employing all these people who collude with the russians 🙂

    God Bless!

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    1. “Even bbc and every unbiased media organization are not doing it.”

      Unfortunately, Josh, I certainly would not put the BBC in the category of “unbiased”. Not for a very long time. It’s right in the swamp with the rest of them. In Britain, among conservatives, it’s variously referred to as the “Biased Broadcasting Corporation”, “Brezhnev Broadcasting Corporation”, “Al-Beeb”, ” Pravda” and many other uncomplimentary (if, sadly, accurate) sobriquets.

      That said, I listen a lot to their excellent classical radio programme, BBC 3. I wake up to it every morning. However, I still remember how in 2016, at both the Brexit result and the election of Pres Trump, the tone of the newscasters was positively funereal.

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      1. Growing up as a young kid just exposed to cable we did have bbc and cnn and it did seem more neutral compared to cnn. Now it definately seems they lost the act.

        In fact i remember this time in fort collins we had a priest who used to serve in the intelligence before joining the priesthood explained how the inteligence used such ‘wag the dog’ tactics to stir up the people via one sided msm outlets.

        He tried his best to rally his views during the build up to the iraq war but many of my catholic friends strongly protested with his political views and said he shouldnt be mixing it with the sermon.

        What if everyone was so complacent as not to care until it reached this tipping point?

        Many of my catholic friends stoped talking to me when they found out i supported trump. It all started out by them sending petitions to sign against his temporary ban and they were 100% sure he would be impeached once his tax affairs were made public. Rachael meadow proved to be a debacle for them then it was muller. Its now 1 year nothing but even though they started it they couldnt even digest the view lets trust God and give him time.

        With the non christians while hanging on to their own beliefs strongly its just unacceptable to support trump for whatever reasons be Christians.

        As a follower of Christ I would like to see trump do more for Christians who are persecuted and have weak representation as opposed to being bullied into submission by the left.

        I was often pressed by my catholic friends that as members of Christ we are meant to show love and mercy and hence trump can never be part of Gods plan. I do not have all the answers and rely on God to enlighten all hopefully everyone will be on the same page soon.

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  15. Charlie, after reading your post to my husband (total news junkie) he said you should have your own show on Fox News- in between Tucker and Hannity, and that someone who has a twitter account should send a Link to your post to President Trump.
    And we both wish Trey Gowdy could be appointed Atty.General because the swamp would not only be drained but filled and turned into beautiful productive wheat fields 🌾🌾flowing in the wind! 🤗

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  16. Great article and great commentary.
    I would appreciate some prayers. I have long standing pain issues also that have ramped up. I also will begin
    training today to be part of our dioceses Unbound team.

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  17. Good article Charley, it puts things into perspective..Our president Donald Trump, seems to have had quiet a conversion.. I am sure Melania, with not wanting to step a foot into the White House, until they had Priest and ministers exorcise it, had a lot to do with it.. There were many bad things inside the White house….It is only by the Grace of God that Donald Trump is still standing… The far left have been relentless in trying to end his presidency. Most people say, they have never seen anything like this in the history of this Great Country.
    As far as Pope Francis, I personally think the way he was elected was politicized and that should never be. We are choosing the Vicar of Christ on Earth, and all Cardinals are to be praying and to be led by the Holy Spirit. This is not what took place. That famous line. who am I to judge, has in many Catholics minds, justified immoral behavior, that for centuries was against church teachings.

    Jesus said, Be not Afraid, and Pope John Paul II, reiterated that many times… We are in a Battle but the fires of Hell shall not prevail against us.. We have Hope in the Lord.

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  18. I can lap water like a dog … count me in as part of the 300! I have no idea what I am agreeing to (i.e. – what i will need to say and do) but I am willing to say and do what He asks of me. i KNOW he is right beside me and will NOT leave … Loving, Guiding, Teaching, Encouraging, Protecting, Smiling.

    (Trust Do Love) — Love to All.

    “For I know well the plans i have in mind for you — plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope. When you call on me, and come and pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me …” Jer 29:11-14

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  19. Excellent article, Charlie, thank you. I would add two thoughts for everyone to keep in mind.

    First: Like others, I reacted somewhat badly to Trump at the beginning of his run for the presidency. Quickly, though, I began to sense a deeper strategy. Since then I have seen many reasons (from others and from my own observations) to know that Trump himself is very different and much more sober and strategic than is the public persona he deliberately created, which we all know as “The Donald.” All I will say from this is that virtually everything he does or says or tweets is planned and considered, even when it sounds wild. In anything you react to of his, keep that in mind and look for the underlying reason he published or said it. Much of what we react to is deliberate distraction meant to confuse the people who are trying to take the US and the world down. These remarks sound weird and crazy, but they are actually strategic deception not meant for you. The recent State of the Union speech is far more reflective of the private, strategic Trump and should be seen as such.

    Second: The economy and markets really are still fragile, as Charlie describes. When Trump says how strong everything is and brags about the market or tax reform and so on, keep in mind that he knows things are still fragile. When it comes to equity and bond markets and the economy which underpins them over the long term, confidence isn’t just part of the mix. It’s *everything*. His remarks aren’t about our true condition in the present moment. They are designed to create the confidence that will in turn create the longer term reality of a strong economy and decent markets. If we can get through the next year or two without imploding, and Trump continues to proceed as he is, the economy and markets *will* respond very favorably. An immense amount of change is coming. Whole sectors of our economy and society are being and will continue to be absolutely upended and remade. If so, then five years from now will see a vastly different and far healthier economic and societal landscape. God is truly helping us with this, and prayer is vital, in fact is the key, to this transformation.

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    1. Thank you so much, Steve. Insightful, important and wise thoughts are these. In your words, here again, we find Charlie’s emphasis made in past writing at TNRS: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

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    2. Amen! When I discovered that the Anons from the chan boards were sharing their de-coding of the POTUS encoding tweets as part of the operations in action behind the scenes, I was intrigued. I have to say the encoded message uncovered in this November 18, 2018 tweet, really caught my attention.

      The storm is upon us.

      Pray, pray, pray ❤

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      1. Love it, Jen… And so the Storm is upon us as we make our Way on this Via Dolorosa… And so it shall one day end as each of us rises to co-create with Christ a New Beginning…

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      2. JLYNNBYRD. Q is so cryptic but as I look back many of his/her/their disclosures have come to pass or at the very least a much clearer focus regarding the swamp creatures.

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          1. Here’s a link to get you to the Twitter feed of Q, Snowy. This communication began last October when President Trump had gathered the military chiefs and their wives for a dinner at the WH. Trump, with a wide grin, declared how great it was to be surrounded by strong military leaders. (Think, perhaps, counter-coup to soft coup forged beginning with the campaign and continuing to this day.) There’s a lot of chatter, some BS, a lot of prayers and a lot of solid information in the feed. I like to begin with the top news when I check in each day and then I wrap up by clicking on “Latest” in the menu bar. It’s very eye-opening concerning the behind the scenes activity of what has been in process for a long time. The FISA memo truly is the tip of the iceberg, a strand which will provide a mighty unraveling, and God-willing, the beginning of the end of pervasive corruption, deception and crimes against humanity for far too long. Still, if the goal is to simply unmask and merrily move on with the rot cleansed from the inner workings of our government and worldwide cultural, political and socio-economic concerns, so many have missed the import of these days. I know we at TNRS know the ultimate goal, for Charlie has ever proclaimed that God wants ALL His kids back in the safety of His Fold to be converted and saved.

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            1. Beckita, I must correct you on this link. Q doesn’t post on Twitter. This thread is other people quoting Q posts that appear elsewhere and adding their own commentary to the post. They are often insightful, but also can be wrong in their own comments.

              Q’s actual posts only appear on 8Chan. His own thread is here:
              Only he can post here.

              His replies to 8Chan players appear in their threads, which are here:
              Do not try to post on this board. Just lurk.

              All of Q’s posts, both his original posts and his replies are summarized here:
              They are sequentially numbered, with the oldest way down in the lower right corner and the most recent in the top left corner.

              Q uses the Socratic method to get people on 8Chan to dig down and figure out what’s really going on. I find myself perhaps overly fascinated with the whole process. Much is happening. The reality is far worse than any of us can possibly imagine, but amazingly, the Light is shining in.

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              1. Thank you SteveBC! The source on Twitter that I’ve come to rely on for Q interpretations, known as B, was attacked overnight last night. All of her tweets numbering in the thousands and their corresponding replies were deleted one by one. The account profile on her original and backup accounts were wiped out/scrubbed from Twitter. 😦

                There is a Book of Q that explains the Q phenomenon.

                NOTE – the abbreviations Q uses has a legend that can be found on the very last page of the book and would be best to have on hand when reading. ***Subject matter is dark and disturbing


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                1. jlynnbyrd writes, “***Subject matter is dark and disturbing”. I agree totally with this analysis.

                  “Yes and we are witnessing the exposure of the dark and disturbing underbelly of the American Elite, known as the Deep State. History making exposures are coming soon”. Exclaimed the mysterious one known as BD.

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              2. Thanks, Beckita, SteveBC, Jen and almost BD who would have said verbatim what Beckita said.. 🤔nah, I was expecting -it’s the letter between P&R from you! 😋
                I got it figured out now! It’s like a whole other world. It’s very shocking.

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  20. “…no one can excuse himself, saying: ‘ I do not rebel against the holy Church, but only against the sins of evil pastors.’ Such a man, lifting his mind against his leader and blinded by self-love, does not see the truth, though indeed he really sees it well enough, but pretends not to, in order to deaden the sting of conscience. For he sees that, in truth, he is persecuting the Blood, and not Its servants. The insult is done to Me, just as the reverence was My due.” To whom did He leave the keys of this Blood? To the glorious Apostle Peter, and to all his successors who are or shall be till the Day of Judgment, all of them having the same authority which Peter had, which is not diminished by any defect of their own.” —St. Catherine of Siena

    We must tred carefully as to our lack of understanding to what the Holy Spirit is allowing His Vicar to do in the church these days.
    Just like what our political landscape is going through right now, the church is also going through….a great revealing.
    And through this a revealing to us of our OWN thoughts and desires, loathes and loves, cares and crosses, vice and virtues.
    The line is drawn and the lambs are being separated from the goats.
    Make sure your next right step is the right one.
    “Where will we go? You have the words of eternal life”. (John 6:68)

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    1. It is a very serious consideration, Phillip…and one I take very seriously. As you know, I don’t go for any anti-Pope apostasy or such nonsense here. But the question is, where is the line we have to walk?

      Did St. Paul err when he publicly rebuked St. Peter? Of course, we know that even the greatest saints rarely live impeccable lives and are sometimes mistaken or in error – and sin. Was Paul’s rebuke counted against him as a sin? Perhaps more to the point, has everyone who has honestly reported a sexual attack by a Priest sinned in doing so? Are those who prosecute such offenders or those who write about it guilty of sin? Were the four Dubia Cardinals sinners for questioning the Pope? If not, is everyone who has publicly agreed with them sinning by doing so? There is a line between those who disrespectfully malign the person of authority and those who enable bad behavior by those in authority. If someone does see bad behavior and does not report it, are they guilty of sin in enabling more bad behavior?

      I honestly am not sure exactly where the line is…and I think we must walk it with real fear and trembling, knowing that we will be held to account by God for it. I completely agree with you that there are too many who are too ready, even eager, to engage in casual defamation of spiritual leaders. I work hard not to be counted among them. Yet if that commitment requires that I remain silent and docile as faithful Bishops who have endured real persecution and jail for defending the faith are abandoned and tossed aside by the spiritual leaders they should be able to count on, I can’t do it. I pray that the Vatican will re-think this, but I cannot describe it as anything but a rank betrayal – of those Bishops and of the faith. I say that in full awareness that I am accountable to God for what I say – and for what I don’t say.

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      1. The line is important Charlie and we must discern and keep what is good. But is the line really ours to know? We are responsible for OUR line of thinking, acting, preaching and feeding the body of Christ wherever that line is drawn for us as individuals. But this “line” has a sourse- the Church and its founder.
        Jesus I trust in You is just that…to trust.
        He established His church and guarantees its success. His grace and power then keep us “filthy rags” on course through these “crooked lines” of His fallen, failing family, His Body. I do not pretend to have or know the answer. But the church, as a whole does. We must follow Magesterial teaching and always connect the dots and never disconnect them from this source.
        The warning for us is when we somehow think we “know better” than the church. The line of Grace is handed down from above from the Trinity to Mary to the prelates and priests to us. We cannot presume to break this line of grace for even a sinful priest has the power to administer it.
        Jesus I Tust in You, even when this line is sinful, confused and tenuous.
        How many times has a fall been the remedy for a sinner?
        How many times has confusion and doubt led to real clarity?
        How many times has heresy led to a synod to once and for all confirm a truth?
        I’m looking forward to the “swamp” being drained as any other person should. This swamp is in all of us and in every institution, even the church, in some way or another and its draining will effect us in every way. But like you told us before, I do not want to step into their abandoned shoes as just a different incarnation of the same problem.
        St Catherine’s warning is for those who may fall into the trap of presumption.
        My mother always told me to pray for priest and to not judge them. She recognised this authorative hierarchy and the significance of it.
        Charlie, you have a unique vocation and as the Lords “dirt devil” He uses you to spin up important, albeit controversial, talking points and I do not even want to imagine being in your shoes for as it is said ” to whom much is given much is expected” and I do not presume to preach to you. But for those here who do not have your vocation, this message from St Catherine is most appropriate for how to discern our place in line.

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        1. As always, a gracious, thoughtful comment, Phillip. I always appreciate your perspective – even when I don’t completely share it. I’m not special in this regard. We all have to find our way as best we can, giving faithful witness to the truth while living with fidelity our obedience to the Church.

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          1. So true, Charlie, that we all must find our way in this. I have worked and interacted with priests all my life for a variety of reasons. For me, what has ever worked best is to say it true concerning whatever the issue may be. Sometimes, it’s resulted in a downright doozy of an argument, yet, in the end, I have remained friends with every priest I have ever challenged or who has challenged me.

            Phillip, I, too, appreciate your contributions and insights. I did check into the context of the quote from St. Catherine of Sienna and noticed the introduction to the chapter of her Dialogue in which it is found is entitled: “How God considers persecutions directed against His holy Church or her ministers as directed against Himself; and how this sin is graver than any other.” That says a lot to me. A respectful and sincere challenge or correction offered to a clergy member can rise from a prompting by the Holy Spirit and become a duty to speak truth. On the other hand, to do so in a way which “persecutes” him is, indeed, a completely different and grave matter.

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        2. Phillip,
          I had intended on replying earlier to your first comment but held back but I see you have recommenced on your verbal attack on our (yours, mine, theirs) Priests. As I read, it appears you are angry and upset over something. May I suggest “just letting it go”?

          For me, confession has had a great influence on my attitude toward life. We are all sinners, in our thoughts, works and deeds. Personnally, I attend commence my day in prayer about an hour before attending daily mass and completing four mysteries of the Rosary. Interspersed throughout the day is readings of the Liturgy of the Hours. Probably about 4-5 hours of prayer per day. It may sound a lot but isn’t. Once the routine is installed, I look forward to Evening and Morning prayer as great reflection opportunities. Of course, it leads me to confession, usually weekly.

          Preists, the Church and the state of affairs of our Community is what got me back into attending mass. Ata time, when people were shunning the Catholic church noting the scandals. I chose to come back thinking; in order to change it you have to be within it. Suffice to say, we are all sinners and God loves us. God forgives us as we humble ourselves before him.

          As my Pastor states, Jesus forgives completely. Jesus (through the Priest) forgives ALL of your sins, those declared and those your have forgotten. As long as you declared to the best of your ability all your sins, you are forgiven. As we approach this Ash Wednesday, I am thankful for our Priests especially not too long ago on a Saturday following getting Ashes I stated “Bless me Father, my last confession was twenty to twenty-five years ago…”


          (Prayer for Priests)

          Keep them, I pray Thee, dearest Lord. Keep them, for they are Thine

          Thy priests whose lives burn out before Thy consecrated shrine.

          Keep them, for they are in the world, though from the world apart;

          When earthy pleasures tempt, allure, — shelter them in Thy heart.

          Keep them, and comfort them in hours of loneliness and pain.

          When all their life of sacrifice for souls seem but in vain, keep them, and O remember, Lord, they have no one but Thee.

          Yet they have only human hearts, with human frailty.

          Keep them as spotless as the Host, that daily they caress;

          Their every thought and word and deed, deign, dearest Lord, to bless.

          Queen and Mother of all Priests, pray for your beloved ones!

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          1. Opps. A lot of typos, notably an unintentional error :”Jesus (through the Priest)” should be [The Priest through Jesus] sorry… Oh, and a lot of Souls purified from Purgatory.

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            1. Sean,
              I can’t let it go, I never had it!
              I tend to write based on the prompting of the Holy Spirit when I read certain things then read other things and feel a connection to truth between them.
              So I write!
              I am actually a very neutral guy. (Not luke warm thought).
              Hope this helps.

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        3. There may of been some weak willed priests that should of chose another vocation instead of the priesthood.

          The real problem was sabotage, the enemies of the Church knew they could turn many souls away from God by creating scandals. Freemasonry was one such adversary. Many of people became easy pickings for the rise of atheism after leaving the Church. There’s often more happening behind the scenes than what most people want to know.

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      2. I too, am looking for that line. I struggle immensely, trying to be respectful to the Vicar of Christ yet stand up for the integrity of the Church. Fr. Pablo Straub once said, “ in matters of personal insult, sit down and shut up. In matters of eternal truth ( being compromised) stand up and shout”. I’m dangerously close to shouting at the top of my lungs.

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    2. Phillip when it comes to the Pope, I agree with you and also I’m biased because of St Catherine 🙂 when I was younger, this is what Jesus gave me and this where my heart has been ever since when it comes to the Pope!.. BUT I also understand the concerns of others, their confusion and how they are approaching this.
      I am only speaking for myself here- I don’t see what good it will do if I start pointing what, in my opinion, I see as errors with what the Pope is doing… especially online. People online are mad about everything! Anyway, I don’t even believe this is my place and was not called to this in this way! I don’t have the knowledge to do so either.
      As for you, Charlie and Beckita, you are called to do this, to hearten the faithful, so I think it is important that you meet people where they are at with this (and you both have so much knowledge) Many very good people are truly scandalized and upset, and without the support, understanding and help they receive from you, some may have fallen into the hatred and anger you spoke of!
      I don’t understand what the Holy Father is doing with the Church in China because I don’t truly understand their government, but I am praying for him and all the people there. I don’t know why God is allowing this, and I don’t know what the Holy Father knows.
      I am trusting in Jesus when He said the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church and I trust He will help His Vicar, His Church and all of His people there! That said, I guess I don’t know where am I going wrong in my thinking on this? It’s painful for me..that I will say, because however I treat the Holy Vicar of Christ is how I treat Jesus Himself, at least in my way of thinking!

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      1. Snowy,
        I see a similar theme in the Vatican’s handling of China as what happened during WWll when the Nazi’s held the Christian world by the throat and Pope Pius Xll was persecuted by the world for NOT standing up to the regime. He knew of the possible repercussions of coming out against their atrocities and that it might lead to total genocide of the Christian people under him, so he seemed to copitulate. But history shows us something different.
        I hope to see this “difference” when all is said and done and history shows Pope Francis to be exonerated.
        When Jesus was with the apostles, they constantly questioned and doubted His motives. Yet, everything turned out just the way He arranged it to. The mystery was it didn’t look ANYTHING like what it became while they lived through it, not until it was all said and done.
        As His Vicar, are we surprised that the prelates, press and us do the same things to the sitting pope? Yet, 2000+ years later, His church is still here, 2 billion strong and growing!
        Not that we should put our guard down, as His hands and feet we are responsible for our own little corner of the church and need to speak the truth as we know it.
        History shows Jesus has managed to manage the menagerie quit well so I believe it is in good hands and we should not loose our perspective, especially in regards to things that are still playing out.
        So, as always, Jesus I Trust in You.

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        1. I certainly hope you are right about Pope Francis’ acts with China, Phillip, but your history is WAY wrong. During World War II and afterwards, Pope Pius XII was admired for his courage and his defense of Jews. It wasn’t until a 1963 play by an anti-Catholic smeared him that the media started to call him “Hitler’s Pope.” Both Golda Meir and Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog called him a “righteous Gentile” for his efforts to save Jews. Before becoming Pope, Eugenio Pacelli had been second only to Winston Churchill at warning of the danger of Hitler. Once the war came and the Vatican was surrounded by Nazis, Pius entered into a concordat – an agreement of non-interference to protect the Vatican from the Nazis. It is this concordat that was the flimsy basis for the “Hitler’s Pope” smear. Meantime, Pope Pius XII secretly sheltered thousands of Jews at Castel Gandolfo and tacitly ordered some of his top people to forge Baptismal Papers to get Jews out of Germany and protect them in occupied lands. The actual Jews of WWII would be astonished at the smear that grew up around a man they admired for defending them when so few others did. In fact, the chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, converted to Catholicism after the war in admiration for Pius XII’s heroic efforts. He even took the name, “Eugenio.” Of course, even with Nazis occupying all the territory around the Vatican, Pope Pius XII did not remove actual Catholic German Bishops so they could be replaced by Nazis.

          The smear of Pope Pius XII, a man who all people of goodwill admired throughout and after the war, including the Jews, is one of the great blood libels of all time – and it is a hideous spot on the honor of Jewish organizations that, beginning in the 90’s, they have largely participated in this smear, proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished. I do share your hope that there is some secret, admirably virtuous plan behind Pope Francis’ actions on China – but I cannot sit idly by as a great and honorable Pope is smeared on this Catholic site in order to support that hope.

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          1. I apologize Charlie.
            I think my point of potential hidden virtues in what is happening in China was made even though my time line was not accurate.
            I’m not sure how I smeared Pope Pius Xll in my comment, I believe I quickly said he was exonerated by the truth, as you demonstrably entailed, by the Jews he helped and others. But most people did not know what was happening until after the fact, (as you said it was a secret) which is my point with our current pope.
            And it is a hope and not a conclusion so again, only history will show.
            I know you like the facts more than my fubar, but that’s just me. I saw what happened once and a similar theme jumped in my head. The “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” kind of action when dealing with a clear and present danger.
            I must be slipping as this is the second time I have been admonished here.
            I admit I don’t know if I’m doing something right or something wrong here so I will have to pray about my comments but I can’t promise you I won’t end “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition!”

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            1. I’m sorry, too, Phillip. You did NOT smear Pope Pius XII. Rather, you repeated a fairly common misconception that he was assailed during his lifetime for some mythic anti-Semitism. He was universally respected – and the smears began after his lifetime with some overtly anti-Catholic revisionist historians. It is one of those sensitive points with me. About 20 years ago I got into a huge public debate on that matter with an atheist pseudo-intellectual. (Well, actually, the fellow was pretty smart – but he just took the party line on this one). The battle raged for a time. Finally he conceded to the evidence, noting that he just doesn’t like religious leaders of any sort. Ha! He was a lefty, but a relatively intellectually honest lefty…so he would probably be treated as a right-wing nut by today’s lefties. On the larger level, your point that all is not always as it seems is a worthy one.

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            2. Also, please don’t start filtering yourself. Your comments are always thoughtful – and the day that the only comments here are those I completely concur with will be the day this site loses its value. You are a wise and thoughtful man…and that is as true when we are in some disagreement as when we are in complete agreement. I don’t mean to be so crabby sometimes, and yet I am. Forgive me and let us soldier on.

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        2. Thanks Phillip,
          I just recently saw a movie on EWTN (presented as a mini-series) titled ‘Pope Pius XII-Under The Roman Sky’, based on Vatican documents and personal testimonies. It is very good and shows what he actually did outwardly and behind the scenes for the Jewish people. It was very good and he was simply amazing in how he handled this! Watch it if you get a chance!
          I pray, hope and will to believe that Pope Francis, being entrusted with the Church by God Himself, is acting with China and other confusing (well, at least to me) painful issues in a similar way! The crosses and responsibilities Pope Francis has on his shoulders are beyond anything I can imagine. God chose him for our times! I too am willing with all of my heart to trust, wait and pray for him, trusting completely that God will care for His people and His Church!

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        3. We surely do have the promise of Christ that the gates of hell will not prevail over the Church (Matthew 16:17-19), Snowy and Phillip. Both in and out of the Church, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) The Padre here continues to say: we simply won’t fully understand what is transpiring now until we have hindsight.

          There is such a long and complicated history of how the Church in China evolved into separate factions. (Here’s a small window into the history of Pope St. John Paul II’s ministry to China which also includes a wee bit of Church history in this great land.) And the communist government has been more than pleased to not only use the wedge between the underground and the Patriotic Church, but also foster the division for their own purposes, including a greater sense of power over the Catholic Church in this country. That said, the accusations against the intentions of those who remain in the Patriotic Church – and those who support them -from those in the underground – and those who who support them – have been harsh and, often, outright inaccurate, such as spreading the false notion that the sacraments celebrated in the Patriotic Church are invalid. Not so. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve looked into the eyes of priests from the Patriotic Church who have conveyed their conscience led them to function in this segment of the Church because they are deeply for their flocks. “Who,” they ask, “will bring Jesus to my people if I go in hiding?” They mainly speak to the need of the flock for the ordained clergy to bring encounters with Christ via the sacraments.

          In recent years, I basically rewrote the papers of a Chinese priest who was studying in this country and had conversational English language skills far and above his ability to express in writing. The professors were delighted that the priest had such backup as it made their job easier. This priest with a prominent role was in a diocese with fierce division. He made his way to a visit with Cardinal Zen and begged Cardinal Zen to soften, not in his beliefs, but in becoming less inflammatory. I’m not saying who’s right. I’m simply sharing to express how painful this is for each and every Catholic in China to decide within his/her conscience concerning the “right” choices to be made. I can’t even imagine the full import of the feelings of those underground Catholics who have, literally, given blood, sweat and tears to live out their conscience choices by being jailed, beaten, and otherwise tortured – while knowing their families out of jail were also suffering retaliation because of the loved one behind bars, so to speak. I do understand their sense of abandonment and betrayal by Pope Francis’ recent decision.

          Most of those in the Patriotic Church have been suffering above ground, emotionally and spiritually, as the government officials make their presence known and the priests and faithful suffer persecution in non-physical ways. Most likely, a small minority of those in the Patriotic Church buy into that which the government attempts to force on these suffering people. And who can truly fathom the temptations of our Mother’s adversary to lead these people – both Patriotic Church affiliated and underground Catholics – into despair, to further schism, to leave the Church, to hate, to resentments, to all the life-sucking emotions that are a dead end to flowering faith?

          Here’s an article which makes mention of how the Church already engages with another communist country with an unique-to-the-Holy-See process of selecting Bishops. Similar to this, there is a long history in Spain of various concordats with the Vatican.

          A great outpouring of reconciliation came through the papacy of Pope St. John Paul II as we embarked on a new millennium. An international theological commission produced the document, MEMORY AND RECONCILIATION:THE CHURCH AND THE FAULTS OF THE PAST. Sunday, March 12th in the year 2000 was proclaimed by Pope John Paul as the Day for Pardon. I’m quite sure we can all remember this time when Pope John Paul asked forgiveness, in the name of all Christians, for any hurt we had caused. With this latest turn of events with the Church in China, I think of his message left at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I believe it is very likely that one day, there will be a message placed at the Great Wall, seeking forgiveness for those times we have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the suffering of Chinese Catholics.

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          1. Thank you so much for this Beckita, it is so good to have a little light shed on the situation of the Church in China. You have greater first hand knowledge of this than anyone I know ( or read) and you have allayed my fears about the wisdom of the Holy Fathers action in the matter. Thank you for the post/comment.

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            1. Oh Gosh, Carmel. My own concerns about the situation with this latest move by the Holy Father remain. I’m not thoroughly convinced he has made the right decision to move forward in the ways he is doing. That said, perhaps there’s plenty that has occurred behind the scenes that very few really know and understand, at this point. Who really knows but God and those involved? That said, after reading Bergoglio’s List I was amazed at the actions of our Holy Father when he, heroically, put his own life at risk, again and again, to save believers and non-believers in the face of the hard and monstrous evil of the Argentinan junta back in the day.

              From the moment Pope Francis stepped onto the loggia on March 13, 2013, I noticed in my own locale, in the Catholic blogoshpere and in the more conservative Catholic media, the attacks against him began, such as he was not to be trusted because he was Jesuit – and so many in the Jesuit order today need to reclaim the spirit of their founder – because he failed to wear the red shoes and because he only wears the simpler pallium. So many of his comments were taken out of context and placed in worldwide amplification. Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick. But then I clearly see some of those he has chosen and/or appointed for roles of greater leadership and can only shake my head. Just last week this news:

              “Amoris Laetitia is “nothing short of revolutionary,” a “hermeneutical shift,” and is “[forcing] a paradigm shift” in Catholic practice, Cardinal Blase Cupich said today. Cupich told this to the Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry at Cambridge University today and made additional brief comments about it to the dissident National Catholic Reporter. Pope Francis’ letter to Argentine bishops approving their interpretation of Amoris Laetitia “offered a pathway forward” in regards to unrepentant adulterers being given Holy Communion, Cupich said.”

              I look with great concern at the declarations from the Bishops conferences, for example the Argentinian, Maltese, German and Belgium Bishops with their interpretation of allowing “one’s conscience” to guide the couple in an irregular marriage. This is not so different from all the many times I have heard such couples counseled by individual priests to exert “internal forum” in an abused fashioned, at least in the many cases of which I personally know, for these priests failed to encourage the couples to exert a conscience formed by Mother Church. I have defended what I believe was Pope Francis’ good, original intent in AL. We can only pray for and dream of priests with a missionary spirit, right in their own parishes, reaching out to couples with a compelling message of how God loves them, as the priest works in tandem with the couple to bring them back to the sacraments in a way that upholds the integrity of unchangeable doctrine, for Jesus said to his disciples: “If you love me, you will do as I command.” I know that Pope Francis inherited the current mess, for right in the face of the elegant and strong teaching of Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict, so many bishops and priests had, for so long, not been telling people true: to keep God’s commands. Nevertheless, I know that ONLY Pope Francis has the legitimate authority to correct the bishops conferences in their various declarations concerning errant interpretation and application of AL. It is clearly wrong, then, for him to remain silent. We need his strong voice in such instances in this current sea of confusion and chaos. And how often, Pope Francis has urged dialogue and has beautifully engaged in reaching out beyond the Church, demonstrating that God is already at work in a process of fashioning us as one flock under one shepherd. But I am stupefied when our dear Holy Father refuses to dialogue within his own collegial body of bishops. Refuses. And while I love and pray for him, I do not think it healthy to look with a blind eye at these things. I can only imagine the humble yet impassioned words that must have risen from St. Catherine of Sienna’s heart and fell from her lips to Pope Gregory Xi’s ears – for many accounts speak of his resistance – when she exhorted him to get back to Rome where he belonged:

              “The popes had lived in France for 67 years, all of Catherine of Siena’s life and then some, when she decided to visit Pope Gregory XI (r. 1370–1378) in the summer of 1376. Catherine spent three months in Avignon tirelessly working to realize her dream of the pope’s returning to Rome. Gregory resisted and demurred, but she persisted, and even startled him by telling him that she knew about the private vow Gregory had made before God that if elected pope he would return the papal residence to Rome. Finally, the humble yet firm saint from Siena convinced him to fulfill his vow, and Gregory made plans to travel to Rome.”

              We, too, must remain humble while clearly seeing and speaking the truth of what is before us. Caritas in Verite, often, involves spicy words and expressions to gain attention in the face of clerical responses such as demonstrated by Pope Gregory XI who “resisted and demurred.”

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          2. Thank you, Beckita. This matches what little I know about the hidden Vatican loyalists within the Patriotic Church as well as the heroic suffering of those in the underground church. The Pope has had men on the ground there for decades. Some clergy friends of mine visited there two decades ago to receive briefings and tours from one of these men on the ground. God is on the move in China.

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            1. Yes, Sr. Bear! The Holy Spirit has ignited a mighty Flame of Faith which burns ardently in the hearts of both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians all over that sleeping giant of a land named China. On a trip made in 1995, when I became Godmother to the entire Wang Clan in a village in northeastern China, I met several bishops – now deceased – who revealed they had secretly smuggled word to the current Pope of their loyalty to Rome. These were brave men who had been marched through towns and villages with dunce caps on their heads as they were beaten in parades mocking everyone and everything of religious or cultural value. No cowards were they to have made a decision to function in the Patriotic Church rather than go underground. I’m a believer that aiming our prayers at the healing of division within the Church in China is of great importance.

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    1. ANNE, Yikes! What did I say now? 🤭🙄 Your comment is way down here and I am not sure what you mean… and I’m not sure I wanna know?!? 😬

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        1. Anne, No worries, I usually deserve it 😍!
          I’m not sure if I can explain this, but what I am seeing is God’s Spirit, the Flame of Love, sweeping across the world revealing everything that was hidden and needs healing or forgiving and cleaning up! It’s beautiful and yes, very painful, but to me it’s all about His LOVE for each of us, His world and His desire to save us and bring us safely home to Heaven- well, after we finish doing what we are called to do, that is!
          It is scary at times, but God is very loving, kind, patient and protective of those who trust and love Him!
          And yes, I get accused of living in a bubble…all the time! Probably i do, but that’s how I view this…and I like my bubble! 🤗💗

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        2. ANNE, did you see Mary’s message for February? It’s beautiful!
          Our Lady’s message to Mirjana Soldo of February 2nd, 2018
          Dear children, you whom my Son loves, you whom I love with an immeasurable motherly love, do not permit for selfishness, for self love, to rule the world. Do not permit for love and goodness to be hidden. You who are loved, who have come to know the love of my Son, remember that to be loved means to love.
          My children, have faith. When you have faith you are happy and are spreading peace; your soul trembles with joy. My Son is in such a soul. When you are giving yourself for the faith, when you are giving yourself for love, when you are doing good to your neighbor, my Son smiles in your soul.
          Apostles of my love, I am turning to you as a mother. I am gathering you around myself and I desire to lead you on the way of love and faith, on the way which leads to the light of the world.
          I am here for the sake of love, for the sake of faith, because with my motherly blessing I desire to give you hope and strength on your way – because the way which leads to my Son is not easy. It is full of renunciation, giving, sacrifice, forgiveness and much, much love. But this way leads to peace and happiness.
          My children, do not believe lying voices which speak to you about false things, false glitter. You, my children, return to the Scripture. I am looking at you with immeasurable love, and through God’s grace am making myself evident to you. My children, set out with me. May your soul tremble with joy. Thank you.”
          ✝ 💕🌹💗🔥

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          1. Yes Snowy…… Wow. Reminds of June Message. Apostles of Love.
            In vol 2 very early in book of Heaven. ……. A whole section on Faith. Jesus says Faith is God Himself!!! Read it Snowy.

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  21. A good article and make no mistake!! The people/”Media” who are trying to undermine Trump and The Republic are the very same who wish Christendom be gone ……. and, sadly, they have infiltrated the Vatican and probably most Diocesan Offices in the Western World ;-(:

    “Our Radicalized Media: A Clear And Present Danger” – Peggy Ryan



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      1. Thank you for that comment Beckita because I am so grateful to be able to listen to him! I have learnt more by listening to him in 1 month than in the last several years. I am just a baby beginner and he is very clear and patient. Amazing really.

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  22. Dear Friends,

    “What I see around me would drive me insane, if I did not know that no matter what happens, God will have the last word” – St Paisios

    I posted this on the prayer requests a couple of days ago, but because I became quite desperate last night, I am posting this here.

    I have hesitated to ask for prayers because

    what I am going to ask for is accompaniment on a long journey…that of Frodo and Sam making their way through Mordor.
    I am slowly weaning myself off a drug which I have been on for over 34 years.
    It is a benzodiazepine, clonopin.
    Here is a brief article to give you some idea of the horrific nature of this process:


    I am able to sleep only a few hours a week.
    There is a sparkler in my head that is constantly flashing.
    Constant dizziness that gets worse with lying down.
    I spend many nights in the bathtub.

    I offer up all my suffering… for many months now.
    But I am worn out.
    Jesus is my strength.
    And I need the strength of friends who will lift me up before the throne of God.

    My doctor says I should have a five year plan for coming off this drug.
    It has already been over a year of torment.

    Thank you, dear Friends!

    God has given me JRRTolkien to give me relief on this journey.

    My journey is a story of witches, demons, fairies, exorcism, ufos, shamans, terrors and horrors and most of all God,s abiding LOVE, His POWER, His Mysterious WAYS.

    Blessed Be God Forever!

    “Though He
    Slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Job 13:15

    Did you know J.R.R. Tolkien was a daily communicant and believed that “The Lord of the Rings” was “given” to him?
    I have listened to the audiobook twice and am about to begin again. (All these long nights!)

    As far as medical help, my dear friend, a psychiatrist at Duke University said,” there is no Doctor,
    No medicine that can help you through this. You are going to have to walk through this…I am so sorry.”

    And here is another quote from St. Paisios that made me think about how we are to face these awfully confusing times.


    Holding you all in my heart.

    Arwen Evenstar

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    1. As far as medical help, my dear friend, a psychiatrist at Duke University said, “there is no Doctor,
      No medicine that can help you through this. You are going to have to walk through this…I am so sorry.”
      Let us go to the Merciful Doctor and say “If you want to, you can cure Arwen”.
      We hear so many terrible things about some prescribed drugs these days and they are trialed for several years in some cases but do they test for the effects of “coming off” them?
      So sorry you are going through this long withdrawal Arwen but glad you have made it through it for one whole year already. Are there similar sufferers nearby where you can support each other?
      Dearest Jesus, we place Arwen, who is worn out, in your arms for strength and healing – we trust in You.

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    2. Arwen, know without doubt that I and others here are praying for you. Know that Our Lord knows, and He will not foresake you. With you in strength and support.

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    3. Arwen, you will be in my prayers. The Divine Healer is, of course, always “on call.” But here are some resources that have helped others I’ve known, if you’d like a little “earthly” help along the way.

      Don Killian has a personal fascinating story. He tells it, and offers encouraging help for those in withdrawal through his videos. He has taken the time to record over 160 videos, all free to watch. Start with #1 video: http://merryjoyousfree.com/video-room

      Benzo Buddies: An online community forum to help you get through (and celebrate) being free of benzodiazepines.  This is the link to the page on “withdrawal support” however there are many threads.

      Dr. Heather Ashton: This is “the manual” that helps many people withdraw properly, written by a professor from the United Kingdom.  http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/

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    4. I too will pray for you Arwen. God can do what no doctor can to in the healing realm, including withdrawals, unless you are being called to “Offer it up” as my mom used to say. I so hated hearing about the “poor souls” sometimes as I was so often feeling miserable when she mentioned them!!

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    5. Keeping you in prayer, Arwen, for your needs, your strength of spirit and body and your courage to fight the good fight. Jesus and Mary, we love you, please heal Arwen. Amen.

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    6. Arwen, I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I wish there were something tangible that I could do to help. However, please be assured that you will be included in my daily prayers as I pray for all here. Also, when I pray my Rosary and Chaplet tonight, I will mention you specifically in my intentions.

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  23. Oh Charlie, why can’t everyone see it the way you do?! It’s just logic, reasonable and obvious.

    Trying to catch up everywhere as I just returned from my coast to coast trip. Mom passed away the end of January and there was so much to do by myself (no siblings living). I am totally at peace because she can now be at rest after suffering. Two of our grown children were able to be with me. Please pray for the repose of her soul, and thank you for the prayers previously. I know they helped b/c the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary so annointed my entire time; amazing miracle after miracle every day. I will continue to ask the Lord for strength b/c there is still much to do, but God is good!

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  24. This morning I attended a Latin mass at the designated church for Latin masses in the diocese. The guest Bishop Athanasius Schneider Of Kazakhstan.. He and his fellow bishops did send a letter to Pope Francis concerning Amoris Laetitia. He stated the confusion being caused cannot be questioned.
    He also states that the necessary attitude towards a Pope by Bishops when there is serious disagreement, you must be collegial, fraternal and supernaturally respectful. One has to continue to profess Immutable faith, and pray still more for the Pope. Then only God can intervene..
    There is much on line to read about this subject..
    He spoke about Our Lady of Lourdes, since this is her feast day… I am older, but it amazed me, that the church was filled with young families with 5 6 and 7 children.. The young seem to be drawn to the Latin Mass.. The choir was just heavenly.
    Every Sunday after the mass, they bring food, and they share, and the Priest gives a talk on the teaching of the Church.. Very active church..
    The young are concerned about the state of our Secular society and they do not want it to infiltrate the church..

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  25. Wow, what an article and input from contributors. God is turning the wheels in many heads these days. Fortunately, much of what he is revealing is here and is being shared appropriately. I’m thankful I’m able to read and understand what is being written at this site even though reading multiple times is necessary on occasion. We (including our ancestors) got ourselves into this mess in the world and God is guiding us out of it. As has been written by many it is a horrorific storm. I believe Rescue is in progress and we are part of the crew needed to reach out to others. As our hand is extended we must say, Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus will place a life jacket in our hand to give to another. Oh yes, please keep wearing your own life jacket to stay afloat during the storm.

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  26. As usual, Charlie, I enjoy your messages and insights. From my point of view, discerning the actions, opinions or decisions of a print, bishop or even the Pope is NOT an attack against them. It is merely an observation and NOT a judgment. Only God can judge. Each of us is accountable for what we say and do. Our job is to pray for the clergy and the Pope as we do for our own families. We all know there’s a lot of anti-God stuff going on in every corner of the world. The devil’s “smoke” is causing division everywhere. Our Blessed Mother is working very hard in trying to get our attention with her many apparitions. Her latest “Flame of Love Devotion” given to Elizabeth Kindelman is meant to “blind satan.” We must take these messages seriously. Remember, Our Blessed Mother promised us the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart at Fatima. Pray the rosary every day. Let’s look forward to the rescue. God bless you, Charlie. You and I are on the same page.

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  27. Prayers please for my 6 year old granddaughter, Taytum. Last week she had a cold, that activated her asthma and yesterday diagnosed with pneumonia. Also please pray for all the sick children in the world. Thank you and God bless.

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    1. Surely praying, Bob, especially for those Chinese Catholics who feel abandoned and betrayed that they hold on to Christ in deeper trust. To that end, praying to the Angels and, especially, St. Michael via the special prayer to him in this critical battle. Sending up Flame of Love Aves that the evil one be blinded and that Catholics be strengthened, able to refuse our Mother’s adversary’s torments of temptation

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    1. Al, do you mean the Like star? You just click on it if you like the comment 🙂 Or do you mean emojis or are you just seeing stars? 😉 🌟🌞⭐🌟 I’m hoping it’s option #3- that’s the fun one!

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  28. It is always refreshing and reassuring to read your posts regarding the current climate of corruption, deceit, lies related to America’s intelligence, justice, premier law enforcement, etc agencies as well as almost all of the national and even world media. You bring both a temporal and spiritual description of what is happening. Without the spiritual and hope embedded in your posts, it can easily cause one to lose hope. But being aware that this is all part of God’s plan to bring his children back to Him, is a critical awareness needed for one to not lose faith or hope in today’s world.

    The absolute chaos that exists in every aspect of life, is unbearable. And, of course, chaos is one of satan’s calling cards. In creating chaos, satan, the master of manipulator, drags in those that are good and the righteous as they try to fight against the lies and deceit etc. by proclaiming the truth. I cling to our Mother Mary and at times hide behind her cloak to protect me. After being refreshed and reassured I head back out to the real world and try to be a sign of hope to those God wants me to touch. The TNRS warriors help to keep me focused and aimed in the right direction.

    Keep on writing Charlie.

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  29. I have a somewhat different view, Charlie. Rather than this being a battle between the political right and the left, I see it as a worldwide war between globalists and those who want to maintain national integrity and decision making.

    The globalists exist on both sides of the political spectrum and they control all of the main stream media. They have been plotting and scheming to create a form of global governance for many decades now. When seen in this light, it’s easier to understand the seeming treachery and irrational hate of President Trump by some on the right, such as Bill Kristol and the other Republicans that so disappointed you, Charlie.

    The globalist forces had their greatest US stooge to date for 8 years under the leadership of President Obama. Even I had to keep reminding myself why it was that simply every foreign policy decision seemed designed to destroy the influence of our country as the foremost global power. And then they believed that they had his successor bought and paid for until the American voters told them otherwise.

    Such is their power and arrogance nowadays that they no longer see the need to keep their plans totally in the dark. Take David Rockefeller for example, a Republican and a man who openly admitted to his involvement in the war with such quotes as follows;

    “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the
    best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    –David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    —David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

    —David Rockefeller

    “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing a more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

    —David Rockefeller, statement about Mao Tse-tung in The New York Times, August 10, 1973

    Charlie, that last quote in particular fits in very nicely with the statement that you included about some in the Vatican who think the Chinese system to be the best aligned with the Church’s social policy. Scary stuff ….


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    1. I actually largely agree with you Dr. Dave. The thing is, I think globalism is a product of leftism – which is the product of the noxious conviction that man is supreme and God does not exist. That latter point gives birth to leftism, which gives birth to globalism.

      I think of the time when England sought to destroy France entirely and make its territory a province of England…and God raised up St. Joan of Arc to preserve France. One aspect of that I have often contemplated is that it pleases God to have an abundant variety of flowers – nations – in His garden. So yes, I DO think God is a nationalist…which is one of the reasons why so many in the anti-God movement gravitate to globalism. Ha! They all dream they will be rulers, which shows their ignorance. Achieve a coercive utopian dream and the second group wiped out are many of the useful idiots among the ‘fellow travelers.’ Most of those who support globalism now would be among the ruled or the dead, not the rulers, if they actually succeeded in their feverish ambitions. So I also contemplate the irony that when I advocate for liberty and simplicity, I am actually advocating for many among the ignorant who oppose it.

      Whatever difference we have on this, I think, is rhetorical, not actual.

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      1. Yes, we are together on this, Charlie. Thanks for your reply – you’re correct, if there’s any hope of maintaining our independence, it’s on the right of the political spectrum, not on the atheistic left.

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