The Magma is Among Us

By Charlie Johnston I am working on a rather meaty column. On the road, it is hard to get the uninterrupted time for contemplation I need to get this done. It is consequential. My thoughts turned to a column I wrote on December 27, 2014. That column was prompted by a vision I had a […]

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Random Thoughts on the Road

By Charlie Johnston Watching tapes of the Democrat debates, I was startled that none of the candidates was asked any questions about the border crisis…or about Israel…or about how candidates’ utopian plans were going to work out differently for the entire country than they have for those cities which have been under Democratic control for […]

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The Big Picture

(I first published this post two years ago today. While some of the details are dated, it seems as fresh to me as when I first wrote it. It is well worth a re-read, I think. I am in the heart of New England right now, in a spot in New Hampshire that you can’t […]

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Grace Notes

By Charlie Johnston I figured I would share a few pictures and notes from my travels today. Right now, I am in Manchester, New Hampshire, preparing to head out to the Albany area, where I will speak tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 19) at 6:30 p.m. at the Knight’s Hall in Queensbury. For info contact Sean […]

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Ubi Est Mea: Rx for Misery

By Charlie Johnston All right, while I am on the road I am going to have give up on the posts that take me 15-25 hours worth of effort and, instead, just give little updates on a catch as catch can basis. My dear friend, Sr. Mary Clare, and Sr. Charista Maria, gained canonical status […]

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Running With the Wind

By Charlie Johnston I have been going full speed ahead. Makes it a little tricky to get time to do full posts. The good news is that I have a full day free both Sunday and Monday, so I will look to get something serious up after Mass on Sunday. I thought you might enjoy […]

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