The Devil’s Last Stand Begins

By Charlie Johnston Shawnee, Kansas – Chatting With the Devil For over a decade I have used the Bing search engine. A few days ago, Microsoft introduced the “new” Bing. Astonishingly, it is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Instead of giving me a survey of options that could be related to my question, it just […]

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The Seven Stages of Renewal

By Charlie Johnston South Bend, Indiana – In the 19th Chapter of 1 Kings, the prophet, Elijah, goes up in the mountain in search of God. While there he is buffeted by ferocious winds, a big earthquake, and the outbreak of a terrible fire. But God was in none of these. When a still, small […]

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Bulletin – National Meeting Link

By Charlie Johnston Louisville, Kentucky – Tonight we will hold a general national meeting at 7 pm Eastern Time (6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, and 4 pm Pacific). We are using a new system that can hold a multitude. The system requires that you type in any questions you have. Our Executive Director, Michael Murray […]

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Let Us Build Each Other Up

By Charlie Johnston Nashville, Tennessee – Last week my ire over the public trashing of a Bishop I care about by a man he had been a friend to led me to sin in my casual comments about SSPX. Originally, I wrongly attributed sedevacantism to them. Though that is the case with a few of […]

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End of Empire

By Charlie Johnston (UPDATED TO REFLECT THAT SSPX AND SEDEVACANTISM ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS WHICH ARE, IN FACT, INCOMPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER – CJ Middletown, Delaware I watched the Super Bowl this year after ignoring it for six years. I certainly chose the right year to tune in, because the actual game was one […]

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Cast Off Temporal Provincialism

By Charlie Johnston Manassas, Virginia The titans of the big tech and media establishment have spent over a decade frantically drilling a hole in the boat we’re all in with the hope that we rubes would drown. Now massive layoffs are hitting big tech, social media, and corporate media – and the drillers are complaining […]

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A Walk Through the Valley of Death

By Charlie Johnston Greenwood, South Carolina – When I was in my early 30s a faction of “liberal” Republicans and Democrats on the County Board embarked on a lawfare campaign against landowners in Lake County, Illinois, the third-largest county in the state. It was also my home county. Their mouthpiece was a “Republican” who did […]

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By Charlie Johnston Huntsville, Alabama – If you have been paying attention to the news the last week you know that Atlanta has blown, Memphis is getting ready to blow, and another mass public shooting happened at a dance studio in Monterey Park, a suburb of Los Angeles. While describing all Antifa and BLM-led burning, […]

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Shedding Spiritual Ballast

By Charlie Johnston Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas – On about half of my daily intentions, I have taken to asking relatives and friends of mine who are deceased to pray for me and those intentions. Of course, that does not assume they are in heaven, because I can’t know with certainty. However, my understanding is that […]

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