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On this page, readers are invited to send in their prayer requests. I will leave requests up for nine days. All readers are invited to pray for those who ask for it and any who want to offer a word of comfort are invited to do so, as well. May we work together to mutually build each other up and support each other in times of trial.

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  1. Dear all, know that I’ve been silently praying for all intentions here. I’d like to request prayers for an old friend of ours. He has an aggressive cancer. He is a former Catholic who is hostile to the Faith, actually an agnostic if not atheist. Please pray for him and his conversion. Thank you. xo


  2. HI Beckita, Charlie, Mick, Jlynnbyrd, kristenkreh, audramarie2014, stevebc…and all who pray here so loyally…I call ya’ll the “Big guns🙇🙏”… anyhow..globe trotting Tommy & Liz are off again to Iceland, tomorrow Aug 12th for 3 weeks in between nursing assignments..I guess they rented an suv and their tent will be up on the suvs…Charlie, you would like to travel like that I bet…hahaha…but the last trip I didn’t ask for prayers and a boulder hit their truck in alberta, Canada and they got stranded with wild game all around them..yikes..this nice couple took them to a gas station way far away and even waited for them until they were up and running again. It really shook them up. No wild game in Iceland but thank you all for your prayers for their safety. .I sent Charlie a pic of tommy feeding a squirrel at their last hike on Washington state…hmmmmmmm….tHanks again. .love ya all

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  3. I want to thank everyone for praying for Joe and Julie. They have reconciled. Their baby is due within the week, so I am happy for them and the little one.

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    1. I forgot to post this: Joe and Julie welcomed little miss Emma Rose on 8/18 and everyone is so happy for them. They really seem to have taken to loving this little gift.

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  4. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone here for your prayers to help me finish school. I officially receive a Master of Science in Advanced Practice Nursing on Aug23. All praise to God! I can now sit for the board exam.

    I’d like to request continued prayers from my friends here. For the next 2 months, I will prepare for the certification exam which requires covering a lot of material. I need help staying focused, motivated, and efficient with my time in order to be successful. (A failure means waiting 6 months to retake the test — not an option). Thank you!

    I will also be visiting my grandmother, Honey, at the end of the month. Her name is Josephine and she turns 100 today! My aunt is flying me out to WNY because I was worried my truck wouldn’t make the trip. Haven’t been to Buffalo in 10 years, so it will be nice to see family and my ol’ stopping grounds. I also plan to visit my father’s gravesite in Eden, NY. I wasn’t present for the burial.

    Say, any squirrels in the WNY area that want to meet for lunch, let me know.


    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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    1. Patrick, I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your good news and updates. Continued prayers for you and your loved ones. Enjoy your adventures in Buffalo, my dear fathers birthplace. 100 years old! That is a impressive milestone. Please give Honey a birthday hug from me. ❤

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  5. I’m asking for prayers for my grandson who just turned five. He is a very personable little guy who is super polite, hold doors for everybody, prays heartwarming prayers and is wise beyond his years. He also is very impulsive. He will purposely run into people, knock over toys and hit. This behavior is worsening as his daddy’s cancer progresses. Daddy and son are inseparable. Today he got kicked out of preschool for hitting a teacher. He said he is angry because no one will play with him. No one will play with him, because of his behavior. This little guy has quite the spiritual side to him. He would see angels when he was real little. Now he complains of what he calls orbs
    ( where did he get word?!) in his bedroom at night. I gave him some Holy Water to use when he sees this and there is a rosary and scapular tied to his bed. My daughter is exhausted trying to deal with all this plus a two year old, full time work and her own chronic health problems.
    Yes, our grandson is in therapy and swimming to try to direct some of this energy. Something has to change and soon! Thanks to all for your help.

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    1. And just that quickly, we have an answer. My daughter figured out that the accelerated negative behavior can be traced back to when our grandson was started on an allergy medication. Side effects include depression, aggression, nightmares and headaches.
      God is good! Beckita, you can delete my entire prayer request if you want as I feel it has already been answered. Thanks.

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      1. Kris, I went ahead and cleared both of your comments; it’s encouraging to all of us to see your prayer for your dear grandson answered, and it’s a reminder to continue praying for your son-in-law (Jerry, is it?) and his/your family.

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  6. I always feel a bit sheepish about such personal prayer requests but I did surrender it to the Lord’s Will. We’ve had quite a grueling day but I feel Our Dear Lord taught us a lot today. Once again His faithfulness is proven. What seemed insurmountable is now a mere hiccup. Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. This is quite the Community! God Bless all here!

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  7. Up from the ashes … ta saye “hello” and ask for prayer.

    This week, I’ll be flying across the country for a job interview. The company has already prepaid my flight and hotel, and it looks like a wonderful opportunity. Am hoping for prayers for safe travel there and back again.

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    1. Praying that all your connections be on time, Phoenix, so you arrive cool, calm and collected; and may you be filled with wisdom and knowledge for the interview.

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    2. Hi, Phoenix! Great to hear from you; you’ve been on my mind lately, and I’ve been wondering how you’ve been I’ll will certainly pray for your intentions. Please let us know how it goes. 🙂

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  8. Once again we are in need of some immediate prayer. Son in law Jerry is on his was to the hospital with breathing difficulty. They will take fluid off his lungs. This is happening more and more frequently and is helping less and less. No need for details, you know the need. Thank you to all!!


  9. I’d like to request prayers today. I sense that I’m in a defining transition stage — a spiritual one — but not sure what more to add. I will share two words that Jesus put on my heart just a few days ago:

    “It’s time.”

    I understand what He means. Perhaps this means something to you too.

    SO…I’m shuffling off to Buffalo tomorrow. Apparently I’m far more apprehensive than I realized. Aside from the hassles of flying, this will be an intense trip. I will finally see Honey again after ten years. I will also see family I haven’t seen since then, with a huge party for Uncle Wayne’s 80th on Sunday. There will be many new spouses and kiddos to meet too.

    Then, finally, I will make my way down to my home town in Eden to see my father’s grave. I was not present when he was laid to rest because of problems with my immediate family. In fact, I was the only family member not in attendance. So I will spend time with Joe alone. I’ll have my Navy cap on. I will bring a lawn chair and stay a good while, praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Rosary, asking for his prayers, and talking about life in general.

    Thank you for your prayers.
    God bless you,

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  10. OK, guys: This is super embarrassing, but that’s OK cuz something good happened because of my stupidity.

    I missed my 6:54 flight. Took off without me and, in fact, I think I watched it become airborne heading east thinking: “Ah, the miracle of heavier-than-air flight.” Unbeknownst to me, I was watching my plane fly away with my luggage. Yes, yes, I got to the Rapid City airport with plenty of time, but I misread my gate number due to my eyesight and confusing display of info on my phone. I also had noise cancelling headphones on so missed the overhead page. Imagine my anger at this mistake! 😡 I don’t cuss or punch walls too often, but I decided to make an exception in this case.

    But I told myself to stop the corrosive anger — the error was already made and could not be changed. So I prayed and held on to the thought that this happened for a some unknown reason. After changing tickets to an afternoon flight, I headed back home, grabbed a bagel and stiff Blood Mary with a double of Tito’s, napped with Mimi, then went back to the airport. The first visit, I joked, was a dry run — now I was ready.

    Well, while waiting now for my new flight I just overheard a couple talking about a man on hospice. I went to them and asked about this person. It was the woman’s father who, after a bout with pneumonia, was now in decline (“failure to thrive”). I told her about the Spiritual Hospice ministry, and she was grateful to have us pray for her father. She was tearful but joyful.

    ✝️ Please pray for Lou in Chicago. He’s an 88 yo Italian who lives with his wife, married for 62 years. He is back at home after medical treatment and is receiving hospice care. Thank you.

    🐥 And thank you, Holy Spirit, for bringing us this opportunity to pray for Lou!

    (OK, we are boarding shortly. I should get to Bflo at midnight, about 9 hours late. What a day. Uffda!)

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        1. Hope all is well by now and you’ve regained your composure. ORD, before the Patriot Act was enforced and TSA arrived on the scene was where I would go at times just to hang out. I’d walk,check out silly stuff at the gift shops and catch a bite to eat and simply people watch. It is a joy to see folks greeting family and friends at arrivals and the airport had a lovely Chapel too. ❤

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    1. Praying for Lou and his family.

      Your story sort of reminds me of all the ones about people who were late to their NYC jobs on 9/11. One guy broke a shoe lace that morning and had to stop at a store on his way to work. Another person got off the subway, stepped off a curb wrong, twisted an ankle, and was late because of having to slowly limp to work. Another guy had stayed up late watching Monday Night Football and slept through his alarm. All of these people worked in one of the Towers and probably would have died had they not been late.

      Sorry about the inconvenience, but I’m glad you were in the right place at the right time. 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Micki. All in all, a 20-hour day, although I crossed some time zones in my favor, so about 18 hours. Had some good conversation with strangers, though, and good food in Chicago.

        The thought had briefly crossed my mind that perhaps I may have avoided a tragedy by missing that flight. You remember our conversation about Flight 93, your husband, and my brother. So, I prayed in case something bad were to happen to those on the flights I missed, BUT I also realized that perhaps God wanted me to be on a doomed flight instead! Never know when we’ll be called!

        So I consoled myself with mathematics: the probability was high that everyone on airplanes in the U.S. would be perfectly safe that day.

        Sometimes out of arrogance, I think God will protect me for many years to come because — here’s the key — I BELIEVE that he has certain works and tasks for me to complete before I die. Why would he put on my heart that he’s got work for me to do, and then snuff me out before completing my (I mean, HIS! 🙂) mission?! Cuz he’s God!

        (Ok, this is WAY too serious, Mick….I’m on vacation! 😎)

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        1. Yeah, Patrick, vacation. So (try to) relax, have fun, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. There’ll be more than enough time to ponder serious stuff after you go back home. 🙂

          Still keeping you and your family and Lou in my prayers.

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    1. Thanks, Kristen!
      All is well now. It’s so great to be in WNY again. I forgot how friendly Buffalonians are. And all the beautiful trees, too. Just spent some time at the marina on Lake Erie with a jet ski. Oh, and the delis are amazing. Tonight we’re going to get my favorite local dish: “Buffalo Beef on Weck” and eventually to the Anchor Bar for the original Buffalo Wings. Yum!

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  11. I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter Sarah who is going through a contentious divorce and is in massive debt. I’m retired but will have to bail her out or her debt will turn into a wildfire and she’ll probably have a nervous breakdown and lose her job. She’s already having panic attacks. Her four-year-old daughter is not baptized and her estranged husband is putting language into the settlement that she not be baptized until she can make up her own mind. Meanwhile, my wife takes her to church every other week which she seems to enjoy. My daughter rejects all of my advice (like getting rid of her new boyfriend who, like her first husband, is 12 years older than her) but, of course, she will accept the very large sum of money I will give her. I feel like I’m giving money to a junkie because she’s unwilling to change her ways. Please pray that the Lord opens her eyes and heart and give her peace of mind and a sense of reality. Thanks.

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    1. Frank, I am keeping you daughter and grandchild close to my heart and all involved in her ordeal in prayer. ❤

      The family courts are complicit in further damaging broken homes/families. The more I am learning, the more I undoubtedly understand how corrupt the system is. The orders, mediations, and settlements seemingly have no power. They serve only as a mechanism to have to continually return to the system in never ending attempts to enforce the "language" used in such worthless documents. Job security for the multi-layers of family court jesters at the expense of those they take an oath to serve.

      I learned first-hand that no one claims to have proper *jurisdiction* to see that orders are carried out by legitimate authority. I pray that you all may breathe a sigh of relief and feel somewhat emboldened not to be made to feel intimidated by this process. Take a stand, is my humble suggestion. Separation/divorce is not easy, but does not have to so dreadful either. Remember the legal team and courts work for us, the clients.

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    2. Frank, I will keep you and yours in my prayers tonight, but I have to say that your words lead me to say that it isn’t just your daughter who needs to open her eyes. Perhaps you do, too. Just how much does it help her for you to bail her out yet again, when she pays no attention to your advice and will not change? I don’t know your situation, so I could be trespassing where I should not. If so, I will apologize. However, this is what comes to me on reading your comment.

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      1. Echoing Steve’s reply. A friend was in a similar predicament with her adult daughter also going through a divorce. After talking to debt counselor decided best solution was for her to file for b. (not sure if it was chapter 7 or 13). She and her two young children moved back home for a while till she could get back on her own feet. Pops decided to help with the grandkids parochial school tuition instead of paying off her debt so future suitors wouldn’t think there was a revolving line of credit they could latch onto. There was undoubtedly wailing and gnashing of teeth but they got through it. Every situation is unique -praying for you and your family.

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      2. Thanks for your prayers, Steve. Believe me, my eyes are completely open. I work in the field with SVDP and also with the incarcerated and a part of both these populations are con-artists. I often hear witnesses in jail that go like this: “I’ve been in jail a number of times but I never learned my lesson. This time I’ve really learned my lesson and I will never be back here again.” And yet some wind up coming back within a few months and, over time, the recidivism rate is higher.

        My eyes are open but I acknowledge that I’m probably doing the wrong thing with my daughter by bailing her out. Thank you for your observation.



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        1. Frank, thank you for your explanation. I know you’re in a tough position and am not sure I would do differently if it were me in your shoes. I will pray for you and your daughter to figure out the right path here. 🙂

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        2. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Frank. I had a younger brother who went wild in his early teens. Several times he stole our Mom’s car to go joy-riding in, on a few occasions he stole mine. I often went with my Dad when we would try to sort out these messes. By the time this brother was in his mid-teens, he had run off and started working the Carny circuit. He is a good, solid man, well-respected in his community now…but it was a decades long and often brutal ride to get there. My daughter has serious substance-abuse problems. She sometimes has extended periods of calm, but more often is as undisciplined and wild as a tornado tearing through.

          For those of us who have to deal with these things routinely, there is no good answer. When you don’t bail them out, you fear that this time might be the time when they are lost or killed because you didn’t rescue them. When you do help, you fear you are enabling the bad behavior and thus, making it more likely that they will ultimately be lost or killed. Every approach is a field of landmines, whichever way you go. You can only do the best you can each time and pray that the God of the gaps will cover your many errors and lapses in judgment.

          Some years ago, I was in Alabama visiting family. At the time, my daughter was somewhere near Birmingham, though I did not know exactly where. I was chatting with my Dad and youngest brother when I said that, well, I was going to go off and see if I couldn’t find my daughter. My brother, then childless, started into a rant about how if he had a daughter who acted that way he would have nothing to do with her. My Dad gently, but firmly, shut him down before he got well started, telling him that “when it is your kid, you have to make the effort” – and that my brother should not talk so glibly about sorrows he knew so little about. Then Dad turned to me and said with deep compassion, “Go find your daughter. I hope you have a little bit of a visit.” It was one of the most consoling things Dad ever did – and he has done a lot over the years.

          God bless and guide you, Frank – and know that my prayers are with both you and your daughter.

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          1. “For those of us who have to deal with these things routinely, there is no good answer. When you don’t bail them out, you fear that this time might be the time when they are lost or killed because you didn’t rescue them. When you do help, you fear you are enabling the bad behavior and thus, making it more likely that they will ultimately be lost or killed. Every approach is a field of landmines, whichever way you go. You can only do the best you can each time and pray that the God of the gaps will cover your many errors and lapses in judgment.”

            Charlie, your second paragraph sounds a bit like my confession today. Only your words are much more eloquent. I believe I used the words uncharitable versus doormat as the two extremes I find myself in dealing with troubled loved ones. The words, “Lord, You, not me” have been on my heart and mind lately. I ponder, Lord, I’ve given them and the related suffering to you, now what??!! Do I just sit here doing nothing? Following Jesus’ example, of course many times, he did just sit or stand in silence and endure the pain. And then after my confession and reflection, I read Phillips great words of wisdom.

            “That punch can come in many forms;
            Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Staff,
            David’s sling, Samson’s jawbone of an ass, Gideons lamps and horns, Joshua’s Jerico march, Judith’s Beauty. They all ended up defeating thier enemies not just by sheer force of thier own but by the power of God through thier faith. The events are amazing in thier methods and miraculous in thier outcomes. The unorthodox method was so God could prove to His people that He Is who Is (I Am who Am).”

            Phillip, today your words helped to remind me that doing nothing is in fact doing something very crucial and that is waiting and trusting in the Lord with a stiff upper lip. Thank you Phillip and Charlie for the joy that you brought to my heart today.

            Of course my confessor, In persona Christi, has suggested Al-anon several times. Perhaps I ought to check them out, again, only this time with an open mind and a willing spirit. Sigh. ❤

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            1. Dear Jen, I will say that, back in the day more than 39 yrs ago, when I began the journey through sorting, healing and discovery concerning growing up in a very dysfunctional home, I was advised – by the psychologist (thank God there were many in the field back then who were actually sane and mine was an Episcopalian man who honored me by basing many pieces of work in my sessions on Scriptural passages) to check out ACA (adult children of alcoholics) groups.

              The further counsel was to try out several of them before choosing the right fit. Sure enough. There were groups that seemed stuck on the problems. There were groups that spoke of this nebulous power of God called “the universe.” The one in which I chose to participate was comprised of people who spoke of God as a Person – not a magical fix-it Guy, but One Who had power to heal and Who invited us to co-create a new beginning. These people didn’t sugar coat the abuse but chose to dwell on rising out of victimhood.

              I have seen, again and again, that God not only yearns to bring us His Healing into our wounds, He wants to transform them so that they become the source of some of our greatest strengths and gifts.. very much like Joseph with the coat of many colors when the brothers wicked work of casting him into the cistern became an event wherein God used it for good.

              God bless you, Jen, and your brave heart as you set out on this leg of your healing journey. You have given so much to this community via your work on the TNRS team, your intercessory prayer support to anyone in need and all the nuggets of hope, wisdom and encouragement ever embedded in your stories and thoughts shared in this sacred space. Tucking you into ongoing prayer, Dear Jen. And I especially pray that you, Frank, Kris and all who bring their toughest and most tender petitions before us for prayer are blessed with the grace of unshakeable peace… no matter the gnarled circumstances, may Christ imbue you anew, each and every day, with His Peace.

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  12. Hello All…
    Jerry needs your help again. Fluid built up quickly and they can’t tap the lung until tomorrow. ( He doesn’t have the permanent drainage tube yet) My daughter has put out the call for prayer that he can get through the night as his breathing is labored. Thanks again ( and again and again) for your prayers.


  13. Thanks to all. Jerry ended up in the ER where they took another two liters of fluid off. His pulse was too high and his oxygen is too low but that too is his new normal. He is exhausted but says he feels so much better. May they all sleep tonight!

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  14. Me again🙄. The current need:
    Jerry needs to be able to work at least another month to be able to receive the benefits of some classes he took this past summer. He is trying to set his family up as best he can. Jerry has a permanent drainage tube now. Thanks for your prayers.


  15. Sigh. The Lord places people in my life that have, on so many occasions, died within a couple years or even just a few months of meeting. Like Angie in Cincinnati (9 mos after we met), and young Robin who died of a drug OD in Sturgis 2 years after we met, coworker Royce the nurse aide who died 3 years after we met, dear Fr Pete, pastor of Deadwood who died in a small plane crash less than a year of our meeting, and 50 yo Grace who just died in a MVA almost 5 years after we met. This doesn’t include the hospice patients I’ve had….these folks were personal friends, all quite young. (I hear you, my Lord).

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Doug, a 68 yo I met in 2017 at a Thanksgiving dinner. He just passed away quickly from cancer after a lonely life of substance abuse. He was Catholic, and struggled with his temptations to the end.

    May Doug rest in peace.

    Thank you all.

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    1. Praying for you Patrick Daniel-(South Dakota’s Mother Teresa). You are truly blessed that the Good Lord is using you to help so many souls transition to the other side of the veil
      Being at the bedside of just a few souls on their way was such a sacred moment. They were a gift. (Not that I would like to go through any of those experiences for a long time.)

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    2. Oh, Patrick, I feel that you will be the guest of honor when you see them all again in the Presence of the Lord Jesus. You are the one He sent to invite them to His banquet. You are the faithful servant sent to guide them on their journey home to the Father. Then may your sorrow be turned into pure joy.

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  16. I just received this request through Spiritual Hospice. Her name is Elizabeth, and I assume she is dying although the letter doesn’t say specifically:

    💌 “Elizabeth is my aunt and Godmother. She was raised Roman Catholic along with my father. However, for whatever reason, she has been a “cultural” Catholic, unlike my dad who is devout. She has all but abandoned the faith as have her 4 children, my first cousins. She greatly celebrated her youngest daughter’s marriage to a then-married, doctor from India. Aunt Liz is 89 now. Her family are now estranged from us, for no apparent reason and from one another for various petty reasons. Aunt Liz and I have always been close but she no longer wants to see me. I believe her youngest daughter may have had something to do with this.

    My intention is that she return to the sacraments, have true complete conversion and repentance.
    Thank you for your prayers!”

    ✝️ And I thank you folks at A Sign of Hope also.
    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!
    Spiritual Hospice


  17. Pray for Andrew Cuomo.

    I read he split from his girlfriend, Sandra Lee. I am asking everyone to pray Andrew seeks reconciliation (confession) from a Catholic Priest, does his penance, seeks to obtain a Plenary Indulgence for himself or a Holy Soul in Purgatory then receive the Eucharist.

    I have prayed he will visitthe Cathadral in Albany as they have confession available prior to each daily mass. I also prayed someone there would guidehim thru the Stations of the cross to receive the Plenary Indulgence… then stay for mass and receive the Most Holy of Holy’s: The Eucharist.


  18. I am praying for all the intentions on this page and will include them in my rosary before mass today.

    I do have one request for prayer – my wife’s mammogram came back with questions by the doctor so she needs a follow up. Just ask for prayers all will be fine after the follow up. Thanks! Bill

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  19. Last night I had dinner at our parish volunteer appreciation picnic and sat & chatted with Fr. John on his 52nd birthday! He took a break from grilling with his fellow clergy and the Knights of Columbus. He said he had a funeral to preside over today. Oddly, at lunchtime from my kitchen table, I saw the funeral hearse pass by our side street with only one car in the procession. Please said a prayer for Fr. John, all our shepherds, and for the deceased. Thank you! ❤

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  20. Thank you very much to Beckita, AudieMarie2014, Maggie, Mick, KristenReh, …
    … and all who prayed for my safe travels across country to a job interview.

    The interview was in, of all places, Silicon Valley in California. It was for a high-tech writing job. While I ended up not getting the position, the company was very good to me through the whole process and paid my expenses for the interview including air fare, hotel, meals, and cab. I’m left wondering why the Good Lord had me fly all the way out to California for something like this.

    Meanwhile, I’m currently working on yet another temporary contract assignment and am already looking for either a new, more permanent position, and/or freelance work.

    As for anyone here who has mentioned they’ve been wondering how I’ve been doing, some of you have both my e-mail address and my phone number since we had a wonderfully memorable meeting once upon a time at a pancake house (or you can have my contact info relayed to you if it’s gotten lost), and you are most welcome to keep in touch! 🙂

    Praying for all here at ASOH,

    ~~ the phoenix

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    1. Phoenix, If nothing else, each interview is good experience for the next one and general networking. My son had to interview several places around the country before he landed an eng. position. Will keep praying for St. Joseph to intercede in your job search.

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      1. Love your perspective, Maggie! Good to hear about your son, his travels, and his success … sounds mighty adventurous! I hope he loves the part of the country he’s now in. (And as a (tech) writer, I think engineers are cool people! They’re the type I hung around with in college.) Thank you very much for your continuing prayers to St. Joseph, and please know that you are in my prayers as well for your intentions.

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  21. I am co-directing a prison retreat this weekend. Please pray that the 20 men who signed up actually show up and that we will also get a few more applications tomorrow. Pray that these men encounter Jesus in an intimate way during the course of this weekend and that they come to know His love, mercy, peace, and healing. Thank you and God bless the ASOH prayer community.

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  22. Several of my prayer partners and/or friends have at least one request from the list above. Here is the other: Miranda and her 3 girls for more faith and love–Madison, Meredith, Madeline; salvation for their father. Isaac and Bret would fully surrender to Jesus and get baptized. Savannah and Isiah would get baptized. All my Christian friends would have deeper faith and my non-Christian friends would fully surrender to Jesus. I have a rash on my back that is not going away. God would be merciful me and heal it. Salvation for my mother. James, Tracey, Jim, Rob, and Jack would have a deeper love for Jesus. Wisdom in all thing in all areas of life for love of Jesus. God would bless all the students. Thanks

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  23. Dear family, please pray for a little boy named Isaac who has been in the ICU for over a week because of some sort of infection. He has taken a turn for the worse, and yesterday he was vomiting blood and convulsing. His parents are, of course, beside themselves; so please pray for them, too. Thank you.

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    1. Reading about Isaac’s symptoms again, it seems to me that he might have the mosquito-borne virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). So now I’ve said a whole Rosary for Isaac (and for a man I met walking along a nature trail this past weekend who I think can really use some prayer). Here’s hoping that everyone who has said a prayer so far for Isaac will now say another one, ASAP!


      1. Phoenix, thanks for the rosary for Isaac. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of EEE; but there have been 9 people in Michigan who have died from EEE since I think August. I’ll mention this to my friend who told me about Isaac. She is friend’s with Isaac’s mom, so maybe she can pass this along for the doctors’ considerations. Thanks a bunch.

        Also, I’ll be praying for the gentleman that you met last weekend.

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  24. Dear friends, please pray for the repose of Virginia’s soul. She was my mother-in-law. She was not in good health, but in good spirits, and died after a fall in the nursing home this morning. Please keep my husband, Jeff, his family, and especially his father, Don, in your prayers. Thank you.


    1. So sorry to hear this news, audiemarie. Praying for the repose of the soul of your father-in-law, Don, and for your husband, Jeff, and the whole family and all who love Don.


    2. Dear AudieMarie2014,

      Please accept my condolences and prayers on the loss of your mother-in-law.

      Eternal rest grant unto Virginia, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

      Liked by 2 people

  25. Two requests just came in from a hospice volunteer:
    ✝️ Please pray for Alex.
    ✝️ Please also pray for Rick.
    Both men are dying of pancreatic cancer. Thank you very much.

    St Joseph, Patron of the Dying,
    pray for Alex, Rick, and all who will leave this world today.

    Spiritual Hospice


  26. I only have a moment to bring to you the same request: please pray for Jerry and for Devon. Neither are doing well in their fight against cancer. As a reminder, Devon is a single mom raising a blind daughter and I’m quite sure you all remember Jerry is my son-in- law. We are in a critical juncture for both. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you to all for your prayers. 10 hours in the ER for Jerry today, possibly hospitalization tomorrow. Devon is in the hospital in extreme pain and denial. We aren’t giving up but are definitely in need of some support beams.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. PD, I will pray for Dan, and this probably comes too late for him, but since sepsis is becoming much more common, I want to pass it on to everyone.

      Sepsis kills about 40% of those who get it, but the following article (and others) provides a new protocol that drops the death rate to 8% (and that rate is because of the underlying problem, not the sepsis). It also is much more likely to prevent the often-significant disabilities in those who survive. It’s a very simple technique outlined here by Mercola:

      Given the issue of clotting, you might also benefit by adding Nattokinase capsules to this protocol or instead if you have no Vitamin C. Nattokinase directly dissolves clots (probably 2,000 units 3x/day would do it).

      Sepsis could become a very serious issue in a collapse scenario, so I urge everyone to check out this protocol.

      Another systemic assault that can hit people, particularly younger people with strong immune systems, is called a cytokine storm. Many of the people who died from the Spanish Flu in 1918 did not die from the flu but from their immune system panicking and creating a cytokine storm that wrecks the body. Some Ebola victims die from this kind of storm rather than the Ebola itself.

      I have nothing but theory here, but treating a cytokine storm with this protocol and a couple changes would probably help. One addition is sugar. Sugar turns down the immune system for several hours by about 50%. I suspect it would in a way tranquilize the panicked immune system and slow down or even stop the storm. So using this protocol of thiamine and Vitamin C with a generous helping of sugar every few hours for a day or two, with an herbal anti-inflammatory like white willow bark or astaxanthin or curcumin would calm the immune system to more normal response levels and allow the body to recover without damage.

      Anyone have comments on my suggestions here?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, Dan passed very quickly, less than 24 hours after I was notified by a nurse practitioner.

        I understand the pathophys of sepsis, but fortunately it’s outside my scope. I do know that maintaining blood glucose at a certain level is important in management; some patients may need continuous insulin at 1-4 U/hr. So it’s a bit surprising to see PO sugar in the mix with your protocol suggestions. Non-intuitive, but it actually makes sense: although glucose impedes the immune system from healing the infection, it can prevent that same response from getting out of hand — where sepsis can quickly descend into shock.

        NSAID’s is also something we’ve apparently overlooked in treating sepsis until recently. Is there any reason for an herbal anti-inflammatory as opposed to a traditional NSAID, or is that just this doc’s personal preference? Aspirin should do fine.


        1. PD, thanks for the reply. I’m no doctor, just putting out my thoughts. I do want to clarify something here. I am distinguishing sepsis from cytokine storms. The first is generally bacterial, as I understand it, while cytokine storms are usually due to viral infections. So they seem very different to me.

          Sepsis appears to involve as an additional important factor a derangement of clotting processes which is essentially cured by the Vitamin C and Thiamine. Since the addition of NSAIDs (which can in turn affect clotting in unknown ways) is not needed by the protocol, I just figured leaving them out was best. Anti-inflammatories will tamp down discomfort somewhat and calm the body without affecting the clotting process unduly or even at all. However, if the pain the patient is experiencing is acute, pain management with NSAIDs or stronger meds could certainly be used, I would think.

          I am *not* recommending sugar for sepsis. It appears that the Marik protocol also does not pay much attention to glucose or use insulin, so I’m not sure why insulin would be needed for this sepsis protocol of his. However, since insulin is how the body moves Vitamin C into cells, I suspect some extra insulin might be useful. I suspect intra-cellular Vitamin C is not that important in treating sepsis, while inter-cellular Vitamin C is crucial, but nonetheless, getting Vitamin C into cells with a little extra insulin as well seems like a good idea, though Marik’s protocol doesn’t call for it. Note that Marik’s protocol, simple though it is, appears to cure 100% of sepsis cases, because the remaining 8% who die don’t die from sepsis but from the underlying condition that led to the sepsis. I suspect adding together Marik’s protocol and specific treatment for the underlying condition is the best way to go, and any additional “ingredients” should not be introduced unless truly needed for other reasons.

          My recommendation for using sugar applies *only*only*only* to cytokine storms caused by viral infections, which are a very different situation. The body is responding properly to the viral infection and will succeed eventually, but the response is so panicked and severe that severe physical damage or death occurs first. The object for using the sugar is just to calm the immune system so that it continues to respond appropriately to the viral infection but at a *strength* no more than half that of its storm-level response. Such a decrease in response strength would be a *huge* advantage in reducing peripheral damage in the short term without derailing the immune system’s appropriate responses, provided if the strategy actually works. I don’t know if this strategy would work, but I think it could help quite a lot and would be worth experimenting with – I mean, what would you have to lose? It likely won’t make the problem worse and it tastes good!

          Adding in Vitamin C, thiamine, and nutrition to treat such storms would also help a huge amount. IV Vitamin C in the tens of grams would be great. And very importantly, at the earliest possible moment, add high-dose selenium (up to 800-1600 micrograms a day for 2-3 days), because selenium is known to reduce the replication rate of any virus by a significant amount. Reducing that replication rate (especially preemptively) helps the body catch up and also reduce its tendency to panic. I have heard some say that any significant viral infection is likely to be a solid indicator that the person actually is selenium-deficient. A burst of high-dose selenium would not be toxic and would build stores quickly. Once the situation is stable, the dose would be reduced to 200-400 micrograms per day until the patient is fully recovered.

          Note again that I’m not a doctor and have never had or seen a cytokine storm or a case of sepsis, so take my comments here as theoretical in nature when they go beyond simply recommending the Marik protocol for sepsis. I’m figuring with the Storm finally settling in for the world, passing along the Marik protocol and my own theories now might help people in our community be a little better able to respond in caring for others if standard doctor and hospital care is unavailable for a while. And it has also given Mick (and possibly others) a chance to add their ideas.

          I haven’t read Mick’s recommended text, but her info looks well worthwhile for adding into the more traditional approaches to these two conditions. I saved it for future use. I already had purchased on her recommendation a couple years ago the book she recommends here below.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I’m definitely not a physician either, Steve. It sounds like you have a very good grasp of the topic. Impressive if you can follow this:


            Primarily bacteria cause sepsis, and rarely fungi or viruses, and then sepsis can descend into a cytokine storm: TNF-alpha, Interleukins, etc, (which we’ve established : ). I don’t know anything about the viral versus bacterial comparisons to a subsequent cytokine storm, though, but bacterial sepsis does lead to a cytokine storm. Perhaps we’re crossing terms. The article I listed focuses on cytokine storms associated with viruses. Frankly, because of the mind-boggling complexity of this molecular process, I dare say no one really fully understands it.

            I checked the references on the link you provided, but couldn’t find the research to support Dr. Marik’s treatment. Can you direct me to a peer-reviewed publication that I can sink my teeth into?

            Just curious, Steve, you have such a keen interest in this topic. Have you been personally touched by sepsis or cytokine storm we’re discussing?


            Liked by 2 people

            1. PD, if I were to study that article you linked to, I would probably be able to figure out a reasonable portion of it, but it would take me a long time and a lot of effort. I’ve heard of many of the elements discussed in the article, but I am no expert, far from it. A well-read layman can’t possibly rise to the level of expertise of these authors. However, that doesn’t mean a well-read layman can’t draw some simple conclusions that could hold, particularly out in the field with the grid down.

              First, the Mercola article states that there are no double-blind or peer-reviewed papers on the Marik method at this time. His work doesn’t qualify (yet, although it appears a few have begun).

              (My concern when a healthcare professional asks me for peer-reviewed articles on something like this is that when I say there aren’t any, they will conclude the method isn’t *real* and dismiss it out of hand. I *know* this occurs in at least one case of illness, that of tetanus, where anecdotal evidence was dismissed by the medical community rather than being used as a goad for use and for quality research to be done, and also for experimental application in the meantime. Thousands of third-world people are dying of tetanus because of this dismissal, an act of fatal professional arrogance. Other instances exist, such as niacin for mental illnesses and Down’s syndrome. Our professional healthcare system is fatally flawed in this manner, among others.)

              However, the lack of peer reviewed papers doesn’t mean Marik’s work isn’t good, and his results certainly justify applying the protocol in one’s own situation, because, well, what else is there? I can’t tell you how many times I have cured myself or helped someone else by taking results like Marik’s and applying it to me, especially when there is no true or easy alternative and no downside. Marik’s method qualifies on both counts as something all of us should be ready to use when grid-down, or even when in hospital. Again, when the standard method has a 40% death rate, making oneself a guinea pig for the Marik protocol is a no-brainer, whether peer-reviewed or not.

              Second, I agree that bacterial and viral assaults (and other assaults) can result in the same kind of storm, but with such different causes, it seems easier to me to keep them separate in my mind and in my recommendations, at least at the margin.

              For example, bacterial infections often involve bacteria that produce toxins (perhaps always do). I don’t believe that viruses do that, although I could be wrong, and I think viruses cause damage not through toxins but through overload and cell damage they themselves cause through replication in huge numbers. So, *technically*, it makes sense to start by assuming these two types of sepsis are different enough that, at least at the margins, you would do additional things slightly differently.

              The fact that the Marik protocol appears to work so well for bacterial sepsis is – I will absolutely bet – partly because Vitamin C is a universal anti-toxin. Flooding the body with C doesn’t just aid the clotting issue but also mops up huge amounts of active toxins, helping greatly in preventing further damage. In fact, I think Marik is way too conservative in his C dosing and should give constant IV C of anywhere from at least 25 grams a day to 100 grams. Regardless, his protocol appears to work just as it is. There is no need for sugar, so why do more than what he recommends? In my case I would prefer herbal anti-inflammatories to steroids, but that’s just me. And in preparing for a grid down period, having oral C powder available is the key prep. When in good health, taking 25 grams of oral C powder is pretty much impossible. However, when you’re ill enough to be septic, proper oral dosing can easily rise to 25-50 grams a day or more (I know this because I’ve done it successfully to myself). And there is a huge wealth of information about using C to prevent and treat disease, almost all anecdotal because C can’t be patented.

              The main takeaway I would give for the viral type of storm is that Marik’s method will almost certainly work for that one, too, but for different reasons. The C goes directly at the virus itself and helps the immune system focus itself on the virus while at the same time preventing some or all of the septic/clotting issues associated with a storm in general. However, in this case (of viral infection), you can help the immune system indirectly by taking the selenium level I recommended in order to directly reduce viral reproduction rates, and at the same time reducing an active storm by feeding the person a lot of sugar to tranquilize the immune system to some helpful degree without turning off the mechanisms the body is already using to fight the viral attack itself. There is even some reason to believe Ebola patients benefit from large amounts of C and selenium before entering the Ebola storm and might also benefit from sugar when the Ebola storm hits. Anyone exposed to Ebola could/should take selenium and lots of C for prevention purposes, and I’m sure that would help a huge range of other illnesses, especially when grid-down.

              Remember, we’re looking for easy yet powerful ways to treat what would otherwise be very serious illnesses in a grid down situation. Anything with as many anecdotal proofs of concept as C is worth trying. Marik’s protocol is simply another such source of anecdotal proof of C, slightly variant at the margin with the thiamine. The benefit/cost ratio is very large and proof can be easily obtained by using those methods on oneself when the chips are down.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Thanks, Steve. I see better where you are coming from: grid down scenarios. I overlooked that big point.

                I’m glad you touched on the present lack of research. I had initially addressed this in my reply but deleted it. Granted, it’s difficult to perform solid RCT’s with a serious and life-threatening illness; can’t withhold something that is clearly working from the control group. Glad to hear though, that researchers see this opportunity and are jumping on it. I certainly would. I also welcome Trump’s efforts to expedite the FDA approval process and to allow those who are dying to try experimental treatments.

                I also deleted that most ICU’s won’t, can’t, and perhaps shouldn’t institute new protocols without that good old statistically significant data, regardless of anecdotes, for better or worse. The down side is definitely lives lost because of delays in quantitative research. I personally don’t reject something out-of-hand because of missing empirical support, but it helps me to evaluate efficacy.

                (Impressive how you read between the lines. Is my thinking that obvious? : )

                Know that the article I put wasn’t to pull a one-up. I honestly thought it was up your ally because you so articulately described the topic. For a “layman” as you call yourself to theorize about the treatment of cytokine storms in his spare time is, well, frankly, a bit unique. : ) At my end, after 15+ years of genetics, immunology, cell biology, histology, biochem, and pathophys, I could easily follow the article, but nonetheless it is well above my genuine understanding because of its complexity.

                As an RN, I welcome alternative and homeopathic treatments. I’m currently getting acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems, with success so far. Naturally, I love the medical model, but why go to a manufactured pharmaceutical when willow bark works just as well, I say. My friend with MS is following studies with high dose thiamine and niacin. When I feel the old head cold coming on (95% of the time viral), I megadose vitamin C, ~2000% of RDA. Wham! My body uses what it needs and sends the rest on out. Taking selenium is also a good idea with viral infections.

                Hmmm….now my wheels are turning, Steve. Frankly, Mick is the resident expert here on natural and unconventional treatments. Perhaps we should compile info into a small booklet with anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, preventative, and emergency treatments to distribute to ASOH groups……

                Liked by 2 people

                1. Patrick, I have come to realize that both Mick and Steve have depth of knowledge in alternative therapies and treatments. I’ve personally been helped by Steve’s input on several occasions after I had received a serious diagnosis. We are blessed.

                  Liked by 3 people

                2. Ha, PD! The stuff that SteveBC knows about alternative medicine, and that I don’t, would fill a tome that would make my head spin. One of my very favorite alternative-medicine books I bought at his recommendation. It’s called “Primal Panacea,” and the author is Thomas E. Levy, MD., JD. I found it so compelling that I bought the companion book, “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins.” I strongly encourage anybody with $13 (shipping included) to spare to pick up a used copy of these two books on; they explain how to use plain old vitamin C to prevent, treat, or even cure various ailments ranging from cholera to polio to TB to tetanus to poisoning to rabies to even AIDS. The second book is especially well footnoted for medical pros (like you, yay!) who might want to dig deeper. Vitamin C powder (in the form of sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid) could be a super simple, incredibly inexpensive lifesaver in a grid-down situation… or even in a grid-up situation (is that a thing?).

                  Liked by 4 people

                  1. So the two of you together could compile an encyclopedia!

                    Well, I was thinking of just the very, very basics, with materials and plants that are common and easily accessible, the “must-haves.” Just thinking out loud. Perhaps it’s too massive a topic to condense into a booklet. There’s also the diversity of regions in the U.S. where not all plants are available. It’s just that you guys have this knowledge — and a printed form might come in handy *when* the lines are down. For some reason, I was unaware Steve was so well versed in alternative treatments, but I know now. Great to know!

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Ha, Patrick! SteveBC can write the encyclopedia; I’ll watch in awe. 🙂

                      Yeah, it’s a massive topic; and all plants are not available everywhere. However, dandelion grows pretty much everywhere in the country except the desert; and the leaves, stem latex, or root can be used to treat at least 15 distinct conditions ranging from eczema to rheumatism to allergies to UTIs. Thyme, the culinary spice, can be grown pretty much everywhere, even in a pot (seeds available here: Although it can’t be used medicinally during pregnancy, it can treat nearly 30 conditions ranging from headaches to pertussis to colds/flu to gastroenteritis. It can also be used as an antiseptic for cuts and wounds. Someone with access to these two plants and to a large bottle of Vitamin C powder (and a couple of good books) would be in a position to help a lot of people in a grid-down situation.

                      Liked by 1 person

                3. 😬 Ooof, yikes! My apologies to you, Steve — my last paragraph was super poorly worded and came out left-handed. (Well, I am a south-paw). I meant to say *I should defer to Mick* who has far more expertise *than me*. Not to imply you aren’t as knowledgeable as she is, which is clearly not the case. (a triple negative?) Your potentially life-saving approach to some serious viral infections is well worth my consideration, and I am taking notes!

                  Viruses like HIV, for example, do overload body with copies of themselves, using the genetic components of CD4 T-cells. T-cells that normally fight viruses die, while the viral load eventually overwhelms the host’s system. Here’s an old, oversimplified, and probably outdated video about HIV that gives an idea of this process. It’s frightening: I believe the consensus is that viruses are not alive but are made up of remnants from living cells, yet they seem to act with intelligence. It would also behoove us to find treatments for a potential Ebola outbreak in the U.S. since we’ve already imported people with the disease to our country, and more may be on the way.

                  Liked by 1 person

                4. PD, now I think we’re fully on the same page. I would not expect ICUs to try just anything, but personally we have the freedom to do so. As I believe I have said here before, I treated my own case of tetanus with C and an antibiotic, saving myself weeks of difficulty in a dark hospital room and $250,000 or more that I didn’t have. I surely don’t want to get tetanus ever again, but it no longer scares me. Neither does shingles, because I have a protocol that shuts it down in 2 days. I always look for ways to treat myself before placing my fate in the hands of the standard of care of our modern system, but I also know there are times when it is the best type of care available. I just wish when I tell my stories to healthcare professionals, they didn’t just nod their heads most of the time and move on to something else. The lack of curiosity in most of our doctors stuns me sometimes. Most lack the gene for being intrigued with the odd, I guess. I treasure my endocrinologist because she has been willing to stretch herself when I challenge her with some weird off the wall idea I’d like to try. But such gems in standard care operations are too rare, alas.

                  Nurses, on the other hand, are often some of the best healers around. Be that, PD! 🙂

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. Will do, my friend!
                    Shingles? Tetanus?! Needless to say I have many, many questions for you. We need to talk in much more depth, Steve.

                    Your endocrinologist sounds amazing — that is one of the toughest fields in medicine. Sounds like you are blessed to have her!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Well, PD, perhaps at some point our physical paths will cross and we can delight each other with a conversation of healing techniques we can share. I look forward to it. 🙂

                      And yes, my endocrinologist is a blessing. Doctors who are also healers are a great blessing to all whom they touch.

                      Liked by 2 people

      2. SteveBC, I have no comments on your suggestions, but I do have additional thoughts. Stephen Harrod Buhner, on p. 45 of his book “Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition,” has a chart which details herbs that can be used for the treatment of sepsis. His book “Herbal Antivirals” at pages 29-39 has a thorough discussion of cytokine cascades and storms. Those with an herbalist bent might want to take a look at these two books.

        Homeopathically, there are two remedies which immediately come to mind for sepsis: Pyrogenium and Gunpowder.

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  27. Please pray for 6 wk. old Dempsey who is in hospice. He was born with lung and heart abnormalities that cannot be repaired. His Baptism is Sunday. A miracle would give glory to God and great joy to his
    devastated family. Joyfulhope20
    Thank you for all your prayers for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Dempsey died on October 22, the second day after his Baptism. The family has a beloved intercessor in heaven, but are grieving their loss. I pray for their joy in the eternal family reunion.


  28. I just called my dear friend Fernanda. She has a sister-in-law named Lourdes. Lourdes has a brother named Joseph Luis. The family is Portuguese.

    Joseph is a fallen-away Catholic. Years ago he abandoned his wife and children for another woman and moved to Canada. He has since had several marriages. Today, Joseph is dying of lung cancer and is quickly approaching his final hour. Unfortunately, he adamantly refuses to allow a priest to visit him.

    ✝️ Please pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Joseph Luis, for both his conversion and a peaceful death.

    Fernanda also commented on the increase of suicides in our country. She heard of four very recently, including a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old. In my neighborhood, Father Bill has been working at Ellsworth AFB to try to address the rash of suicides among members of our military. Also, among the Lakota people, suicide is prevalent even among middle schoolers.

    ✝️ Please pray for those who are tempted to commit suicide and for those who are able to follow through with this tragic act.

    Thank you.
    Spiritual Hospice

    ❤️ Saint Joseph, Patron of the Dying, pray for us.


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