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On this page, readers are invited to send in their prayer requests. I will leave requests up for nine days. All readers are invited to pray for those who ask for it and any who want to offer a word of comfort are invited to do so, as well. May we work together to mutually build each other up and support each other in times of trial.

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  1. Please pray for Ralph in New Jersey. He is on hospice and dying of an unknown cause, and several family members have requested our prayers.

    Thank you for your continued prayers for Joseph Luis who is getting closer to death as his kidneys are now failing.

    Spiritual Hospice


        1. Addendum: Fernanda just called to let me know that Joseph Luis passed away at 3 am. She also mentioned that a friend of hers was awakened at that same time, 3 am, with the feeling that someone was in need of the Divine Mercy. I was also awakened about 20 minutes before his passing — and as is my custom, I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well.

          Fernanda said that Jesus does not deny anyone who prays the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for a soul in need. She feels the timing of his passing is an indication to us remaining on earth that Joseph accepted Jesus’ offer of mercy (though only God truly knows this). She and I have seen this many times before with others who have passed with the help of our intercessory prayers. I believe it’s God’s little wink to us.

          To quote Fernanda, “Praise God!”

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      1. Thanks B and Mick. I was eating at the Millstone — Fish Fry Friday — and overheard a man who stopped by the adjacent table to let his friends know about Bud’s condition. I stopped him as he walked by and asked if I could offer prayers, so he gave me details about Bud. It was a “chance” encounter.

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  2. Do you folks remember praying for Cindy at the McDonald’s who has cancer? Well, I went through the drive through this morn and she was at the cash window, wearing a baseball cap on her bald head. She’s about 60 years old. She said there are multiple tumors in her liver, including a large one that did shrink in size. She restarts chemotherapy on Wednesday yet remains upbeat and cheerful. Cindy has asked for prayers for healing.

    Thank you.

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    1. Patrick, I will continue to keep Cindy in my prayers. Thanks be to God for the shrinking tumor and that she is still working. She is an inspiration to me. If/when you see her again, please let her know. ❤


      1. I will, Jen. I don’t care much for McD’s, so it was odd that I went at all. But I will visit her again soon for another 15-second interaction at the drive thru to let her know. She is an inspiration to me as well. Praying for kind Cindy!!

        St Camillus de Lellis, pray for us!
        St Mother Teresa, pray for us!

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          1. Saw Cindy today and passed the message of our prayers, that she was on your mind, Mick, and that she is an inspiration, Jen. She was very, very touched….

            ….and I got me a salty, greasy Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit. I offered it up! 😀

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    2. Patrick, thanks for the update on Cindy; I was thinking about her maybe a week ago and was wondering how she was doing. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

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  3. ✝️ Please pray for Jim Kent who is dying of cancer. His provider estimates he has about one month left to live.

    ✝️ Please also pray for Jackie Nero who had temptations of suicide. She is in need of many prayers.

    Thank you very much.
    SpiritualHospice .com
    ApostolateForTheDying .com

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  4. Please pray for my sweet sister who has stage 4 cancer which has spread to various organs. We’re also asking for Fr. John Hardon’s intercession as she and her husband helped with his ministry outreach and he officiated their wedding 30+ years ago.

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          1. In my rush to give hubby the envelope as he was late for work, I wasn’t able to ask Fr. how his eye surgery went,….? ‘Mother Superior’, he’s probably a congenial and co-operative patient ? 🙂

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            1. Thanks for asking, Maggie. Both cataract surgeries went very well. Praise God! We’ve postponed the additional surgery for next month because it’s not an emergency and because of the heart meds which cannot be interrupted for a long while after the health adventure from earlier this year. Ha! He’s a model patient.

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  5. Thomas and Charles

    ✝️ A request came in from Washington, D.C. to pray for Thomas who is dying of cancer.

    ✝️ Please also pray for death row inmate Charles Russel Rhines. He is a Rapid City man who committed first degree murder during a failed robber attempt in 1992. He will be executed sometime next week.

    Thank you.

    ❤️ St Joseph, Patron of the Dying, pray for us.
    🌹St Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us.


          1. Oh. How embarrassing that I don’t even know how this stuff works despite being computer-savvy. Something tells me I’m squandering opportunities to reach many more people…..hmmmm, this is good to know Jen….I think “it’s time” to expand my outreach with our prayer ministry for the dying……thx.

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  6. Emergency prayers for Jerry please. A quick update: Jerry is no longer able to work. Chemo and immuno therapy have been discontinued as they were not working. A final option is a NK cell transplant through infusion from Jerry’s brother. Today’s pulmonary function test revealed Jerry’s lungs are only functioning at 35%. We need 50% to do the procedure. The right lung can no longer be drained of fluid.
    ( another story) They will drain the left lung on Monday. If that doesn’t give us 50%, they will not do the procedure. Jesus I trust in you.


      1. I received a call tonight asking for urgent prayers for Devon, the young single mom with cancer. She is suffering terribly and very much alone. At this point we are praying for God’s mercy.
        Regarding Jerry, he did not meet the required 50% lung capacity but miraculously the requirements changed just days ago to to oxygen saturation levels. Under the new requirements he was able to qualify for the study. His cell transplant will be on the 15th.
        Blessings to all here!

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        1. Great news about Jerry, Kristen! Praying for him and for Devon.

          I’ve been wondering, what’s going to happen to Devon’s daughter? I hope and pray that there’s a loving family who will be able to take her in.

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          1. Hi Mick. The only family Devon has is one Aunt and an ex mother-in-law who will take in Devon’s daughter.
            I can’t imagine going through cancer alone like Devon is. Jerry is surrounded by dozens of friends, family and co-workers who love and support him.

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            1. Kris, I’m glad to hear that Devon’s daughter has somewhere to go. But is the ex-mother-in-law not supportive of Devon as she goes through her cancer? What about friends?

              Jerry is really blessed to have all of you who love, support, and pray for him.

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              1. Devon lives in Tennessee and her ex mother in law lives in California as does the aunt. The aunt will be coming to stay for a bit in Dec. In the mean time, Friends are trying to fill in the gap a few days at a time but most are coming from all over the States.

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  7. Prayers being said for all here, although I don’t always get to acknowledge with a reply. God bless you all. And, thank you to those who pray for us too.

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    1. Echoing Audiemarie’s sentiment and I hold my relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos as I pray for all intentions posted; inc. the latest from Patrick and Kris.

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      1. Thanks Mick…they are pretty far out in ole blue now…I’m watching constantly ..I grew up a racer/sailor but never liked ocean for the swells are too big and there are great white sharks instead of great white carps…yikes…Lake erie could be deadly too though…we were on a race once in vermillion ohio and 2 grown men drowned during race…waves were like 12 feet..they capsized and didn’t have life preservers on… Lil bro and I were below decks up chucking in a shared black plastick garbage bag…dad popped his head below and asked if we wanted to quit…lol..I think I was 12 and my Lil bro hank 10..we both said “No!!! Never!!!” Lol Post traumatized of course…nah…dad gave us courage


  8. Thanks Beckita and Maggie for praying for my big bro Bryan and sis in law Polly on their voyage out to Sea…

    I know it’s pressing on my “worry meter” and not yours because I guess God assigns us all different souls; namely, family. Hahaha

    But if anyone is bored or wants to follow their sojourn Polly gave the link at the bottom. They leave this afternoon.

    I was happy to find out 3 more people will be with them: Big Bob, his wife Beth and an ole salt of the sea, Jude Brown retired Merchant Marine and devout Catholic. Never married. God fearing man.

    Jude’s father just passed away this past year at like 97. He was the best sailor EVER and the most devout Catholic I ever knew. I asked him once did he see how Fr. Matt raised the Eucharist so devoutly and Mr Brown responded…I’m not worthy enough to look! I doubt he ever committed a mortal sin. Very humble man.

    So hopefully they got Mass guess is Jude did…I’ve heard he will not miss Mass.

    So here’s the info n link if anyone is interested. to you all!! TNRS ASOH XOXOXOXOXOXO

    Finishing activities for the Salty Dawg Rally. We are all set to leave the dock this afternoon; next stop – Antigua!!!!! ☀️🌴 You can track our progress using a Hot Link “Follow the Fleet” posted on the website. Look for SV Joli.

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  9. Please pray for Eileen, a devout Catholic woman in her 50s and member of the Spiritual Hospice prayer ministry. After a mysterious bout of severe back pain, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She started chemo in mid October for 4 months, followed by a stem cell transplant at Mayo. Thank you very much. – Patrick

    St. Camillus de Lellis, pray for us.
    St. Giuseppe Moscati, pray for us.
    St. Mother Teresa, pray for us.

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  10. Please pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Maria in Idaho. She is a 58-y.o. who is suffering from a newly diagnosed and aggressive brain tumor. Thank you.


    And thank you to all the new members who have joined our prayer ministry for the dying. We are at 69 members and counting!
    If you pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet every day and would like to add our intentions, contact me through and you can receive a text or email directly. God bless!

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  11. ✝️ Please pray for Karen in Maryland who is dying of cancer.

    ✝️ Please also pray for Clyde, a World War II veteran in South Dakota who is dying of Parkinson’s. He is currently on hospice care.

    And if you only have time for 1 Chaplet, that’s OK too! Will have a couple more requests tomorrow.

    Thank you for adding these folks to your prayers!


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  12. Please, I have an urgent request for prayers for my 4 month old nephew who is now being transferred to a major medical center from local ER with what they think is viral encephalitis.I have no other information but will follow up later. Also please pray for me as I am having a major health crisis now.

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  13. I just posted a prayer request that disappeared into nothingness 😬
    The much abridged version is, please pray for Devon, the single mom with cancer. Her needs are critical. Thank you.
    I’ll update on Jerry later. Your prayers are felt and appreciated.

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  14. Even though I don’t respond with a text post to prayer requests, I do often respond with a “like”. That means I am praying nonetheless. I have picked up another hour of adoration so I will take those for whom I am praying with me to visit Our Lord and Our Lady–a virtual visit, so to speak, where I go in their place.

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  15. Dear family, I am attaching a portion of an e-mail that I received from Texas Right to Life this evening. Please pray for this baby girl and her mother; and please contact the person listed. It is truly a matter of life and death for this little girl. Thanks:

    “Baby Tinslee Lewis is scheduled to die SUNDAY as Cook Children’s Fort Worth will pull the plug on the 9-month-old against her mother’s will.

    Contact Cook Children’s now, ask to speak to Stan Davis, then tell him to save Tinslee! 682-885-4000 or

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  16. Thank you also for your prayers for Maria in Idaho. She passed away last night. May God bless you all for your prayers for his children, and may his eternal light shine upon those who have gone before us.

    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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  17. Mick..Beckita..Charlie..all my family here, plz pray for globetrotting Tom n Liz for they are globetrotting back to CA from Ohio 3 am…hmmmmmmm. ..flight at 7 am..hmmmmmmm. ..icy, snowy, yucky here…thank you all so much..praying for Our Charlie too…also, Michael is sick now …so sad..darn winter bugs..TNRS ASOH XOXOXOXOXOXO 🤗😇😘

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      1. Thanks Mick..they are safe m warm again in Cali…next is…drummmmmm rolllllllll…
        FRANCE on Thanksgiving day…their room will face Notre-Dame Cathedral ..I told tommy about piece of crown of thorn they have there aND he got this far out look and said, “Mom, I remember I saw one at the Vatican too when I went there with the Legionaries of Christ!!!🤗” love ya Mick xoxoxoxoxoxo


  18. Please know I hold all prayer requests in my heart and pray daily for them.
    It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride for Jerry. A week of full work up prior to the NK cell transfer followed by a second week of chemo to take Jerry’s immune system down so he doesn’t reject his brother’s cells. Yesterday was his last prep day. He was scheduled to receive the infusion tomorrow morning. Last night his oxygen level dropped and his blood pressure bottomed out. A routine check showed this but the nurse didn’t believe it cuz Jerry looked ok. They brought in a new machine and checked again. The numbers were correct. Two epi pens later he was stable but he spiked a fever. Now they might remove him from the study. Everything for a reason but we sure could use a break and some good news.

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    1. Truly such a cross, Kris, for Jerry and all of you who love him. Continuing to pray that each of you is strengthened, filled with hope in all that transpires and with the Peace that only Christ can give as you make your way through this personal storm. I know I’ve spoken frequently about Fr. Spitzer’s book, The Light Shines on in the Darkness, and I mention it yet again because of the ways he heartens us with faith, hope and love in the Church’s teachings about suffering. Too, Fr. Spitzer shares his personal prayers which always, always, always draw down Christ’s Peace into whatever the challenge is before us. MAy Our Lady wrap each of you in her Mantle.

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      1. I need to get Fr. Spitzer’s book for sure! Jerry is an avid reader, I’m sure he’d be comforted by it.
        I just got an update from Holly, if Jerry meets two requirements today, they will infuse tomorrow. The blood draw from last night must show NO infection and his oxygen level must be 9o%. Otherwise, we are done, no study, no more treatment.
        Calling on all in heaven and on earth ( go big, right?) to pray for 90% or better oxygen level and NO infection. Thank be to God, His Will be done.

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  19. This is a personal request.

    ✝️ My uncle Gene in WNY was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis after kidney biopsy. Prognosis is poor. He is bloated but not in pain, very tired. My cousin said he looks like the Michelin man and rests in his recliner all day. On corticosteroids and 50mL fluid restriction. I ask for prayers for healing.

    He is my Godfather, present at my baptism on March 17, 1968. He’s Polish, a bowler, poker player, and an all-around wise-guy 🙂. Please pray for Gene. Thank you so much. P

    Glad I got to visit with him and Aunt Maryanne this summer.

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  20. From my daughter Holly just moments ago:
    Hi, it’s been another stressful morning but as of right now, we’ve been given the green light to move forward with the cell transplant! The blood cultures are still negative for infection, but there was some back and forth about Jerry’s o2 level (it kept dropping when he was coughing). We JUST got word that we can proceed provided everything stays stable between now and the transplant. We’re waiting on the cells to arrive, likely sometime between 5 and 6pm. In the meantime, Jerry will get a pic line put in (through which they will do the transplant) and more monitoring for vitals. Please don’t stop now with the prayers!

    God is oh so faithful!!

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  21. Good morning to all! I don’t want to treat this prayer chain like a CaringBridge but here is a quick Jerry update. The cell transplant too place last night. We are only now beginning to understand the depth of what took place. So many behind the scenes miracles that brought us to this point. It turns out that Jerry’s team is the best of the best and this is the latest and greatest study. Jerry is doing well except he is desperate for sleep! The next 29 days are critical. My feeble mind doesn’t grasp all the medical stuff but my understanding is that the cells need to stay alive, bond, multiply and then fight the cancer.
    Thank you God, for your goodness and mercy,

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  22. First, thank you all for your prayers: For me personally which I appreciate more than I can express (know I offer mine for you as well), prayers for my uncle Gene who is undergoing treatment, and for covering the numerous prayer requests for the dying which poured in lately. But I have a prayer request that is more urgent than my others — I put it in the category of 911:

    My aunt Judy who I visited this summer shared with me something that I said was the most disturbing thing I’d ever heard her tell me. When you hear it you will know the danger she is in:

    She and her husband are Catholic. Once a week and support pro-abortion Dems — so you get the picture.

    Over a year ago she said she went to see a medium…to communicate with her father, my grandfather, who died in 1987. She said the medium told her stuff about “Dad” (that was his nickname for the grandchildren) and that “he was there in the room with us and it was really him!” (paraphrase).

    I know plenty about these frauds and how they wittingly or unwittingly are involved in the occult. (Lived near Lily Dale, NY). So I explained many things to Judy, like how we are forbidden to invoke the dead like that, that it was not her father but either theatrics from the medium or an actual evil spirit, that Dad is either in purgatory or heaven and isn’t ABLE to visit, how she was playing with fire, that this was an affront to God and our faith, etc., etc., etc.

    She treated the whole thing casually, with fascination, like it wasn’t dangerous or wrong, but like it was just fun. But I could tell that she really, really believed it was our dear Dad reaching out to her.

    I shared an extensive amount of information from Johnnette Benkovic and other sources about the occult via email. Although we continued communicating, I never got a reply about that particular email. (I know her and likewise her sister, my mom….and that is their equivalent of a gentle middle finger. They always plug their ears to facts and truth, or challenges to their beliefs, and quietly ignore it).

    This past week, she shared the following exchange with me this, almost quietly like she was telling me a secret (or was it a little taunt because of my more pronounced faith? Or was someone else subtly at work through her?) Nonetheless, a red flag went up. I don’t know what motivated her, but I’m glad she did. Paraphrased:

    She started: “The other morning a dark figure appeared in my bedroom.”

    I responded, “Whoa……wow. (Needed a second to orient). What, like a shadow or a person?” I asked.

    “It was a person. I was frozen and couldn’t move.” (Classic sign).

    I said, “Um…..well, it was a spirit, either an incubus or succubus. Was it male or female?”

    She said, “It was a male. I think it was Dad.” (How was she able to perceive the gender with such certainty? Imagination?)

    I asked “Where was Wayne?” (Her husband, my uncle). “Sleeping next to me” she said.

    This is bizarre, I thought. I bet she hasn’t even told him about this. “Was it light or dark? Could you see any features?”

    “No, it was just a dark shadow. It pointed out the window. I really think it was Dad visiting me.” she said again hopefully.

    I said firmly, “No, it wasn’t Dad. Dad is in purgatory or heaven. This was an evil spirit, aunt Judy.”

    “But I wasn’t afraid at all.” she said

    “God never sends people back to earth to visit us except in the most rare circumstances, and then usually only the Saints. Did you speak to it?”

    “No, I couldn’t move, but I wasn’t scared at all.” She said.

    “I don’t care about your feelings!” I blurted out “This is deadly serious, Aunt Judy. You’re playing with fire. We don’t know what that thing was, but I can promise you it wasn’t Dad….please, this is out of my league. Talk to a priest as soon as you can.”

    “I’ll think about it.” She said. I asked if she ever had the house blessed and other stuff. I mentioned how demons can manifest like people we love and even try to emulate Jesus and Mary (so I’ve heard). Then I said again much more firmly, “Seriously, go see a priest about this, tell him everything….he can answer your questions and help you understand this.”

    “I’ll think about it,” she said. I challenged her, “That means you won’t go see a priest.”

    “No, no….I will seriously consider it.”

    PLEASE PRAY. I asked my guardian angel to stay in contact with her guardian angel and to help protect her from this demonic threat. Then, I asked that if he (my angel) thought it useful to get her to take action, to scare the daylights out of her by manifesting himself in a super-scary way! Don’t know if that was appropriate, but he’ll think of something clever.

    PLEASE PRAY that Judy will take the steps to eradicate this mortal threat to her soul. This opening she has created with her involvement in the occult must be closed and sealed. How dangerous it is! That crafty satan has convinced mankind that this is harmless, imaginary, pretend-stuff — but we know that this is a matter of life and death.

    Thank you,

    Advice welcome.


    1. Praying for Judy, Patrick. While such activity is dangerous to her soul – and not to minimize that danger – our world is filled with such as this right now. I have found that maintaining personal equilibrium and serenity is an important foundation in praying for such a situation. Kinda’ like the message flight attendants give at the beginning of the flight: “Be sure your own mask is secure before reaching out to assist someone else.” Too, I find that, often, it is someone outside the family who will somehow be listened to with more openness in scenarios such as this. That said, you did the right thing, I think, in naming the problem to Judy. Now comes the time for prayer and trust. John 14:13-14 rings true: ” And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” The prayers we offer for Judy are not only our desire for her spiritual health, God wants her in a state of grace even more than does anyone who loves her. Since we’re praying in His Perfect Will, please consider doing whatever you need to do to remain at peace as we join you in prayer with confidence that God answers us perfectly. Every time.

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      1. ❤️ Thank you for this reassuring advice, B. I immediately placed my calm trust in the Lord on the matter and asked Our Blessed Mother to provider her loving protection to Judy. I asked my angel and St. Joseph to send this dark bugger back into the shadows. I trust, trust, trust, and worry not about matters outside of my control, even a physical manifestation of evil. Ah, the power of the Cross! ✝️ Thank you, Beckita, and every one very much for your responding to my urgent prayers for Judy: This demon’s days are numbered. And I know Judy will consider carefully what I spoke to her….she’s a smart lady.

        Perhaps this modern-day manifestation of spirits has become more common with the Godless culture. I experienced one close-encounter that I know of and had several mysterious encounters in my work in hospice. Had a Christian classmate at UCCS describe a shadowy figure that immediately appeared in her darkened bedroom when she had just *entertained* the idea of making a request from the devil regarding her sick daughter. Terrified, she immediately prayed which shooed him away. In Cincinnati, a female next door neighbor described being immobilized and pressed down upon while in bed in what she perceived was a male spirit. She described a paralysis during these repeated encounters. Pretty terrifying stuff. Praying…..

        🌸 St Joseph, pray for us.

        ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: (phew!)
        Spoke to Jude and Wayne last night…they came back from seeing Gene. Though their relationship is strained, it was apparently a wonderful visit. Gene’s still bloated by about 40 pounds and takes 6 different meds. He’s at home and really just wishes he could go bowling — staying upbeat as ever! 🎳

        Judy said she had to drop me down to the number 3 spot on her prayer list. Honey and now Gene are taking up the first two spots. I told her it was OK to move me down because I’m through the worse of things and on track to get a job. 🙂 I didn’t tell her this, but I moved her up to the number 1 spot in light of her story! 😀

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      2. Patrick, I have found that the Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus helps me (Rosary and Divine Mercy, too of course): From the chaplet:
        O God, incline unto my aid. O Lord, make hast to help me. and then these:
        1) May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face!
        2) May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!
        3) May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!
        4) May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!
        5) Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
        6) The “Golden Arrow” prayer (on the Crucifix):
        May the most Holy, most Sacred, most Adorable, Most Incomprehensible and Ineffable Name of God Be always Praised, Blessed, Loved, Adored and Glorified, In Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth, By all the Creatures of God, And by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

        This is where I got mine:
        This is one of my favorite sites:
        Patrick, I am praying for you, your aunt and your entire family.

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    2. Patrick, I spent the a good portion of time this morning adapting a prayer posted by Susan on her Veil of Veronica blog to be personalized for my adult children. She also references a website I now follow for those who have fallen away from the faith – Since I am now seasoned in editing the beautiful prayer – Author wishes to be unknown, I have adapted this one for you and your dear Aunt Judy.

      Prayer for Aunt Judy

      Dear God, You are the author of all life. Father, You created our loved one Aunt Judy, body and soul. The Holy Spirit breathed life into Aunt Judy at the moment of conception. The Son Jesus Christ has redeemed Aunt Judy. Blessed Trinity, You have given us to the world as pure gifts so that we may care for and ultimately lead each other in relationship with You.
      Merciful Father, we implore You to pour Your mercy out upon Aunt Judy. Father forgive her for she knows not what she does. May our prayers and sacrifices, united to Christ and perfected in His image, be lifted up to You as a perfect offering on behalf of our loved one. May these prayers also be laid before the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary so that she may intercede on behalf of Aunt Judy. Lord, we trust that You will not deny a request of Your Mother Mary and so we entrust our loved one to her completely.
      We ask that you send angels in sufficient rank, number, power and authority to fight any demons off and away from Aunt Judy so that in this very moment, the Holy Spirit may come down upon her, interrupting her day, and convict her heart. May the loving touch of Your Heavenly grace enable her to turn back to You.
      St. Michael the Archangel, lift away and hold back the veil of confusion that covers over Aunt Judy so that her heart may be continually softened and opened to the Truth. St Gabriel the Archangel, deliver the message of Jesus Christ to Aunt Judy, so that the Good News may be proclaimed and heard by her this very day. St. Raphael the Archangel, bring about complete healing to the body, mind and soul of Aunt Judy, so that she may be restored and renewed as a beloved loved one of God.
      Lord, as family of Aunt Judy, we consecrate her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Most Chaste Heart of Joseph. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us to persevere in faith, hope, and love.

      Most Chaste St Joseph, pray for us
      Immaculate Virgin Mary, pray for us
      Merciful Jesus, we trust in You 

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  23. ✝️ Please pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for a young teenager named Shelley. She is 13- or 14-years old and is dying of cancer. Her family hopes to soon put her on hospice care. Thank you very much.


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  24. Hello dearest big guns… asking again for prayers for Globetrotting Tommy and wifey Liz! They are flying via Delta tomorrow, non stop flight to Paris, France!

    Their room is very French looking, and this is sort of cool..out there window is the Notre Dame Cathedral, or at least what’s left of it!

    I told Tommy that there is a true piece of Jesus’ Crown of Thorns there and he got this nostalgic look in his eyes and said he remembered seeing one in Rome when he went on retreat with Legionaries of Christ when he was like 14…so he said he’d look for it.

    It’s just CRAZY windy here today. I think it is all over America. I pray you all pray for them and I pray for any of you that are traveling these days! yikes!

    Love and blessings to you all dearest TNRS and ASOHopers!

    ps. sort of cool…Tommy actually asked me to light a candle for them this time..usually I just do it, but that he asked was interesting…May Our beautiful French Saints, Therese of the Child Jesus, St. Katherine Labour, St. Joan of Arc set Tommy and Liz on fire for Christ…even a spark would be wonderful! Thanks again, family! xoxo TNRS ASOH


  25. Please pray for the repose of Bishop Serba’s soul. He was the Bishop of Duluth, MN. He died of a heart attack this morning. He was the “priest” I saw at the movie about St. Faustina in October. Thank you.

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    1. I should clarify the quotation marks around the word, “priest”. I didn’t realize when I saw him at the St. Faustina movie that he was a bishop. I was tickled to see a priest there, let alone a bishop. XO


    2. Prayed for the repose of Bishop Serba’s soul and also prayed for his whole flock. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is one of my favorite churches and Duluth is my favorite place to visit.
      I feel so sad for their loss.

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  26. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation.
    Eric needsJesus Christ. Please pray God to open Eric’s eyes to his needs forJesus Christ. Pray for God’s grace to help Eric to turn to Jesus Christ and saved!
    Please pray for a breakthrough for Eric.

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  27. Please pray for my ten year old Cousin, Sarah. She has been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer which as spread to her hip and skull bones. I have asked for the intersession of Our Lady of Tepeyac, Saint Francis of Assissi ( my namesake) and Blessed Fulton Sheen. Thank you.

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  28. Good evening my beloved big favor to ask…my step daughter jacqueline & Gavin married 3 months now…he proposed to her Dec 12 Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Hawaii & today he is to divorce her for they had big fight…asking for miraculous prayers…thank you all soooooo much. .love to you all this beautiful feast Of Our Lady of Guadeloupe 🤗😇😘

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  29. Dear Friends,

    Asking for prayers for my daughter Grace.

    Grace suffers from serious food allergies (eggs, peanuts and tree nuts) and had an anaphylactic reaction this evening. She is home from the ER now.

    Please kindly pray for Grace’s total and complete healing from all her allergies. And that she will make a quick recovery from this experience.

    Thank you!

    Jesus, I Trust in You. Please increase my trust!

    Mary H.

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  30. Son-in-law Jerry was admitted to the hospital on December 6th and has been there since. I can’t begin to tell you the hell he’s been through since I last reported. It’s as if he’s like Job and the satan is allowed to do everything but kill him. Our current situation is this:
    The cell transplant totally failed. He has pneumonia. The tumors in his lungs have grown. Some have attached to and eaten through rib bones. Fluid can no longer be drained on his right lung, only the left. Tumors appear to be affecting his eyes as one is bulging and the other is sunken. He is on 20 liters per minute oxygen and has been since Dec. 6th. His lungs are damaged beyond repair and they are checking him for sepsis. This is not even the whole picture. We knew from the beginning that there was no human solution to this. The more impossible is is, the more convincing the miracle, right? Jerry is the most humble person you could ever meet. The nurses warned my daughter that the steroids they gave Jerry could make him angry and combative. Holly said, “ you don’t know Jerry.” Jerry became chipper and even happier on the steroids. We continue to pray for a miracle, a Christmas miracle for Jerry. Please join us in this prayer. Thanks.


    1. Oh Kris, I am sorry Jerry is suffering so much. I am continuing to pray for a miracle for him. He sounds like such a great person. I haven’t met anyone who gets chipper or happy on steroids. God bless him. Prayers for Holly, the children, and you and your husband. xoxo

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  31. Ok, now I’m mad. The satan is now attacking Jerry in the area of his faith. Mistake, BIG mistake cuz now momma bear Kris is mad. Please join me in praying a Miraculous Trust Prayer as I picture myself beating the satan back and kicking him back into the abyss where he belongs.

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  32. Dearest Big guns….plz if you will keep globetrotting Tommy & Liz in your prayers for tomorrow and 4 days in a row. ..they are beginning to sojourn with their big truck and big rv to their next er nursing assignment from Sacramento ca to fort Myers, Florida. ..mostly taking the southernmost states, passing through LA thurs night after working all day last job. I believe theyve had enough of cali for awhile…lol…also…my step daughter is a mess with husband bailing after 3 months married life. Her true mom sided with runaway groom and it has devistated jacqueline. .I’m angry too and not sure how to help in Christian next right step. Please any advice? Beckita?

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    1. Praying for your Tommy and Liz, Linda. Praying too for Jacqueline. Such a heartache. I would simply love her. Listen to her and assure her you’re there for her and, in this, you are the visible Jesus for Jacqueline.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. How beautiful and I just had confirmation of this on relavant radio on charity..inner life..Father said sometimes just sit, listen and be the eyes of Jesus for those who are sick or hurting..thanks Beckita. ..God bless you always 🤗😇😘

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  33. I will be praying a PMT for the President with the intercession of the 17 holy warriors from Paul Thigpen’s book: Saints Who Battled Satan. Since Jerry’s battle was intense but short lived, may this be so with the help of the “Big guns” (Jerry’s PMT had almost all of them plus all my favorites) 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Beckita, Charlie sort of cool..sitting here with Our Lord, I opened up my battered prayer folder to do my flame of love holy hour and somehow. Charlies piece from March 5, 2018 was in front…it’s entitled, “What the next right step really means.” Hmmmmm…I’ll be re-reading that treasure🤗😇😘

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  34. I must thank all here who prayed for my special intentions in the past year, especially the one for last Christmas. God has been so good to us and I am so grateful for the prayers offered here and also to all those on my PMT litany of intercessors (St joseph as terror of demons being a permanent member).
    God bless you all. Thank you!


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