Gangster Government Gears up for War

By Charlie Johnston

I took the above picture of Fern Springs in Yosemite 11 years ago in the course of my pilgrimage. I played around with various filters and effects and loved the way it turned out. (Yeah, I know, don’t give up my day job.) It seems incongruous to the title of this piece, but I am first going to give the proper mindset to respond to the social dysfunctions engulfing us. The image illustrates that mindset.

I have long envisioned my life as similar to a spring bursting forth from the top of a mountain. It came to me when I was a boy. I loved following streams up to their source when I was climbing hills and small mountains while visiting Alabama. When you find a spring atop a great hill it can seem almost innocuous. Yet the water that comes forth makes its way steadily and unstoppably down the mountain to form a clear pool at the bottom. It goes over a multitude of obstacles as it carves its way down. Sometimes it encounters an obstacle that would seem to stop its flow entirely. It just wells up and eventually goes around that obstacle, relentlessly forging its appointed path. The sticks and leaves and other debris it must pass through seem, at first, to taint the water on its course. You spend long enough following these streams, though, and you realize that those impurities actually purify the water on its way. I was very comfortable drinking from streams during my pilgrimage, for I had done it constantly in my explorations as a boy. I discovered that there are two places where the water is sweetest: at the source of the spring and at the pool it forms at its destination.

Like that mountain spring, I am not terribly impressive. I’m reasonably smart, not very strong, plain-looking and, in these later years, have more infirmities than I care to speak of. My best quality is that I keep going. I am utterly relentless. I am not indifferent to obstacles, including my own infirmities and faults, but I regard them with equanimity, trusting that God uses them to purify me on my way. I like sunny days but I know rainy days do more to help me along. I hope that I may refresh some along my way and many when I have finished my course. But all there is is to stay the course trusting that God will help me with my little part of this mystical stream.

It is a good way to deal with life, a way that rarely asks, “Why me?” Instead I ask, “What do you intend for me with this, Lord” with whatever is sent my way. When I coached high school boys in baseball, the boys called me ‘River,’ – for Old Man River who just keeps rolling along. Perceptive boys.


I have been wondering why the left keeps calling any dissent from their agenda “white nationalism,” a movement that, except for a few pathetic vestiges, has been dead since the 60’s. A week and a half ago, when Daniel Cameron, a black man, won the Republican nomination for governor of Kentucky, several establishment press outlets quickly dubbed him the “black face of white supremacy.” It dawned on me then. Our gangster government is gearing up to a war footing. It will be easier for them to justify a crackdown on white supremacy to the timid and lukewarm than to honestly call for a crackdown on Christians and conservatives. So they are redefining “white nationalism” in the expectation that they won’t get much pushback from the timid “good Germans” when they get their chance to crack down on conservatives, Christians, Orthodox Jews, and any other dissenters.

For a time, I had hopes that the legislature might step in to set things right. Certainly, the current House of Representatives is better than anything we have had since the mid-90’s. But it still feels like mostly talk and little action. Which of the conspirators in the many depredations visited on America these last seven years has been held to account? The provocations are getting more blatantly transparent by the day. The Biden administration has funded a university program that defines Christians and Republicans as Nazis. The Michigan man who shot an 84-year-old pro-life woman who rang his doorbell to campaign for the right to life got community service. California and Minnesota have chillingly decided that they can strip parental rights from people visiting the state  – so the state can perform trans surgery and chemical castration on their children. Massachusetts is considering the same type of law. If you have young children you love, do NOT vacation in California, Minnesota, Massachusetts or Oregon. They would be safer at Disney World (and they are NOT safe there).

All of these outrages and more are intentional. The left knows it cannot win a battle of persuasion – and the massive election fraud machinery they have built may yet not be enough with the serial provocations they have launched against actual civil rights. So they are trying to provoke a backlash in order to justify a crackdown against the invisible “white supremacists” and “MAGA extremists” they keep yammering about. We are not as far from concentration camps as we think we are.

There was a time when I thought the judiciary might serve as the cavalry. Those hopes largely died on Dec. 11, 2020, when the Supreme Court refused to hear the evidence of massive election fraud in a suit brought by 18 states, dismissing it on procedural grounds. It was obviously a political decision influenced heavily by Chief Justice John Roberts, who thinks he preserves the Court’s “stature” by avoiding difficult choices. Clearly, they thought that by kicking this down the road, everything would calm down and be “normal” again. It just raised the stakes of radicalism and increased contempt for the courts altogether. To their credit, the Supreme Court did seem to realize what a can of worms they opened up last term – and started to rule on the Constitution and the law instead of Roberts’ preferred politically safe criteria, with Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito taking effectual leadership of the Court. That is why the left is so furiously trying to slime and discredit Thomas (along with their fury that a black man should not worship at their altar of Baal). Just yesterday the Justices ruled unanimously that the EPA can no longer just make up the law on navigable waterways as it goes along. Unfortunately, most leftist judges do not see their job as interpreting and applying the law objectively: they think they are to give semi-plausible explanations for why the leftist position must always prevail. Unless the Supreme Court starts reigning in the rogue judges that constitute, at least, a very large minority of the judicial system (many of whom actively defy existing Supreme Court rulings) the judiciary will be nothing but a speed bump on our road to ruin.

I had a very frustrating week last week, involving setbacks on several major areas of national policy due to Republican timidity. In one case, several of us had teed up a matter that GOP leaders had said they had been waiting on an opportunity for for almost a year. When it was served up to them on a silver platter, they nervously said they had to fully vet it with staff lawyers. They have had a year. Then they said they are going to take advantage, but are going to do it on a strategic timetable. They are worse than Bill Clinton was when, as president, he had a clean shot at Osama bin Laden and decided, rather than rile up Islamic radicals, to just wait and see what happened. His “prudent” caution resulted in 9-11. We are NOT going to be rescued by Republicans in Washington, including many of those who are eager to breathe fire in committee hearings or whenever the cameras are watching.

Since the left is obviously spoiling for a fight to secure an oligarchic dictatorship there are, realistically, two options left: civil war or a division into free and captive states. The left desperately wants civil war because they believe that, holding almost all the levers of power by virtue of the public offices they have occupied, they can prevail and put an end to our constitutional republic that operates by the consent of the governed. They prefer power by the whim of the bureaucrat, preferably armed. Frankly, the system of federalism remains our last, best hope to weather this storm long enough to resurrect a Constitutional system that puts a priority on civil rights (and by civil rights I mean those enunciated in natural law and enumerated in the Bill of Rights – not the tawdry leftist wish list of preferences the activist orcs like to call “rights.”)

Fortunately, some recent incidents give hope that ordinary people are finding their voice – and when ordinary people stand together, the inaction of their representatives in government fade into insignificance.

Already several states have taken action to defy and nullify federal dictates. Florida has outlawed any form of federal digital currency in its borders. Texas has started putting up razor wire barriers along the border that Biden has insisted be so porous. A few states are quietly considering legislation to refuse cooperation with federal law enforcement and bureaucratic enforcement agents. These are dress rehearsals for nullification and, possibly, actual secession. The leftists who have occupied the halls of power are hoping to provoke a violent crisis before enough state leaders and legislatures firm up their resolve to defend the historical God-given rights of their citizens against a federal government gone malignantly rogue.

However this all comes down, the mutual self-help and collaboration we have developed across the country and in hot spots around the globe through CORAC are vital. Many, even now, try to keep their heads down hoping that all will smooth out. It will not. I believe we have entered into the great, decisive conflict between good and evil that St. John Paul declared while visiting Philadelphia before he became Pope. There is no place of safety or neutrality. You must declare yourself and take your stand. CORAC is the place where you can make your stand peacefully and effectively, where you get all the tools you need to work together and make the depredations of the gangster government irrelevant. Do not misunderstand: CORAC does not eschew forceful defense of rights and lives, but we work hard to make it a last – rather than early – resort. If enough people band together to help encourage free states and to resist official depredations we may, with the help of God, secure our liberty under Him without recourse to open warfare. But time is running out. All must choose God or perish, for our government has already declared war on us. It just has not yet issued the formal proclamation.


Several years ago I made a stop near the end of a talking tour that has turned out to be, in retrospect, one of the most fruitful stops of my life. Two sisters, Cathy and Sheryl, had talked to my then scheduler, Mary Lapchak, about a piece of property they had and invited me to stop by if ever I was passing through. The property was an old stone edifice that they had rehabbed, originally as a hedge against any disruptions from Y2K. Since then, it had been used for retreats and some gatherings. It sounded intriguing – and was about halfway between where I was and home, so I came to stay a few days. To get there, you had to go 10 miles on a very rural road, turn left for five miles onto a dirt road, which would take you to the beginning of a three-and-a-half-mile driveway. This put you precisely 2.1 miles directly northwest of the middle of nowhere. (I may be exaggerating – but not by much). The property was magnificent. It was like staying a few days in a comfortably rehabbed old stone castle. But it was not the property that was the gem: it was that one of the sisters was Sheryl Collmer, one of the most accomplished, gifted, and modest people I have ever known.

Sheryl is our Chief Financial Officer for CORAC. She is the managing editor of the CORAC newsletter.  She has written articles for the American Thinker and has become a semi-regular contributor to Crisis Magazine. She helps a few other faith-based organizations but, due to her commitment to CORAC, always checks with me before signing on. An accomplished accountant with a southeast firm, she is entirely focused on the work before her. Most of us knew that rare very pretty girl in high school or college who was not even aware she was pretty and so, was both a delight to the eyes and balm for the soul. Sheryl is that type of soul. She does all things well that she puts her hand to and seems almost unaware that she is anything special. She just does what she believes in. I would wish I had a measure of her modest competence, except that a little bluff and bluster can go a long way to rallying the troops behind a great cause. God knows exactly how to deploy us if we focus on serving Him through serving our neighbors.

Sheryl’s latest article in Crisis Magazine clearly enunciates the lurking danger from a federal digital currency. She will probably be agitated at me for singing her praises so publicly – so read the article and focus your compliments on that. She likes compliments focused on the work, so if you do that, it will take a little of the heat off of me.


Next week we will tape another “7 Questions” Podcast, so get your questions and concerns into by the end of this weekend. Come on…hit me with your best shot.


I appreciate so many of you sending in donations to help us keep the light on. CORAC is, I believe, the best insurance policy against the hard times the left is determined to foist on us. For the last 120 years, different areas of the world could make huge mistakes and depredations and work through it because America was always there as the backup plan. Now that the depraved secular leftists are determined to destroy the country that has done the most good of any nation in history for the world and its people, there is no backup plan except what we make together. You are the backup plan. Help us make sure that our children and grandchildren live in freedom under God rather than chains under woke tyrants. Donate generously to CORAC…and if you have some like-minded friends, get the word to them, too.


When I speak, squirrels listen. (Hat tip to Connie Brickner for this image)

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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61 thoughts on “Gangster Government Gears up for War

  1. The best part of all this news is that Babylon is, indeed, falling. What remains that must come down will find us in a not gunna’ be fun or easy process, but the enemy cannot steal our joy… unless we allow it to be so.

    Thanks be to God for Sheryl Collmer and all her good works. She IS an inspiration!!

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  2. Charlie, that intro was just what I needed to hear. I have been feeling so discouraged and seems like my brain has been going through the wringer every time I read… anything! So much evil and bad news! But now I can imagine myself as that stream, going through, over and around the many obstacles in my path and recognizing that God is “proving” me, preparing me for the final battle before “redemption” (whatever that may look like!). Thank you!!

    I had not put together the Left’s use of “white supremacists” as a term that really refers to anyone opposed to their agenda. Sigh. Guess I’m a white supremacist in their eyes. 🙄 😏

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  3. “Brava!” to Sheryl! Excellent article! I hope we can all take the lessons learned from the past three years and recognize the enemy’s tactics!

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  4. This is how much we must love our neighbor. Nothing else matters but the salvation of their souls. We must speak up and tell them the Truth if they are heading down the wrong path.

    At the World Championships in Budapest, USA’s Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of the pool.

    Looking across the deck, and noticing she was under way too long, her coach, Andrea Fuentes immediately dove in after her fully clothed, pulling her to safety. Anita was unconscious and…

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  5. Charlie,

    This reflection on living your life provides a brilliant guide for all of us mortals:

    “Like that mountain spring, I am not terribly impressive. I’m reasonably smart, not very strong, plain-looking and, in these later years, have more infirmities than I care to speak of. My best quality is that I keep going. I am utterly relentless. I am not indifferent to obstacles, including my own infirmities and faults, but I regard them with equanimity, trusting that God uses them to purify me on my way. I like sunny days but I know rainy days do more to help me along. I hope that I may refresh some along my way and many when I have finished my course. But all there is is to stay the course trusting that God will help me with my little part of this mystical stream. ”

    Referring to the Brandon Administration with its thuggish Justice Dept, FBI, IRS, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Education Dept., and the rest of the federal bureaucracy as run by “gangsters” is too kind. Gangsters, such as the Mafia, have a code of ethics guiding how they steal and murder. The current DemoRat Party has no such code of honor–it simply goes about crushing its opponents however it can.

    I’ve not yet myself given up on a turning away from control of our government by the DemoRat Party and the Establishment Republicans (who are meek forms of the DemoRats). The Bud fiasco has caught public attention and general disgust. Then Sports Illustrated joined Bud with its cover picture that dramatically illustrated just how sick the media have become. And now we have Target flopping over how it has catered to demonic players. Sexual deviants who keep to themselves are worthy of toleration, but when they try to convert normal children, and when the Democrat Party actively promotes them, the general public is alienated. I would guess that most women are beset about how female athletic competition is being ruined by males who facilely call themselves girls and have gained the support of the DemoRat Party. The ’24 election may yet provide a turning despite compromised voting procedures and fraudulent vote counting.

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  6. Re the white supr. label, I was perturbed during ’22 elections when one of our local tv news’ station kept referring to the R.contender as either ‘far-right candidate’ or ‘(ultra)conservative’. I finally called the office to say their partiality slip was showing b/c they never use the term ‘far-left’ or even ‘liberal’ when reporting on the D. candidate. Refrain subjective labels on both parties. They couldn’t stammer fast enough thanks for your comment. The adjectives decreased minimally, but hopefully they realized the innuendoes weren’t flying by unnoticed.

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    1. SANSAN, To me it is totally creepy. I listened to one episode and took the app off my computer. 😱 I want nothing to do with the demonic, not even through actors.
      God bless, katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽✝️

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Shavuot (Pentecost) guide for the perplexed, 2023

    Memorial Day 2023

    Something Stinks about this! Why would a Bishop think that this, whatever, is a Hill worth dying on!?

    Don’t talk to FEDS without a Lawyer … and another witness Ya trust too!

    My Goodness!! …. Unexpectedly ….Again!????

    Biden Administration’s Anti-Terrorism Program Spends $40M to Target Conservative Outlets and Organizations

    Yep! Manifest Evil is after The Children!!

    Trial By Ordeal


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  8. I suppose we can be grateful for small signs. Reading about steps a few states have taken to avoid caving to the evil, is uplifting, but it must turn into an avalanche!

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 🙂

    I’m Hoping & Praying that THIS Pentecost The Holy Spirit manifests Himself in some Galactic Way! Please do likewise!! 😉

    Every abortion/childhood death is another Holy Soul in The Church Triumphant!
    I’m sure I’ve opined here that these Holy Souls may well be the Guardian Angels we count on Every Day!? 😉

    Is the below Tin Foil Hat Silliness? …. or The Agenda unfolding …?


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  10. Well I always thought my state (CA) would get hit by a meteor, but it seems that Japan is taking that lead. In 5 years the “mad” scientist over there predict that they will be able to reproduce babies outside the womb in artificial wombs set up in laboratories. In their words: “to help those suffering with infertility; same-sex couples; and those who “age-out” but want to have babies”.

    Come Lord Jesus, come! End this madness.

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    1. SanSan, I realized a while ago that every time it becomes possible to bring a premature baby to maturity (meaning 9-month point of a normal birth), there is no excuse for abortion after that point. For example, I believe it is now possible to take a 22-week old premature baby and have a very good chance of that baby being healthy at 9 months and ready to go home with the parents.

      Obviously, if that is true, then the only reason that somewhat reasonable people might give, that not aborting will endanger the life of the mother, evaporates at 22 weeks. You don’t have to kill the baby to save the mother, but rather you can move it to an incubator, and both will likely survive.

      Of course, the ultimate destruction of abortion is if artificial wombs can bring even a one-day-old fetus to a healthy 9-month state. Then there is no reason at all for abortion, even the reason to save the mother.

      I’m not advocating for artificial wombs here. I think they will gestate very messed up children who lack an ability to attach emotionally, with all the potential for psychopathy that might bring.

      However, it does show how delicate any justification for abortion actually is, as it is clear that every fetus aborted deliberately past that technical point of survival is clearly murder. A thought experiment: A fetus is 24 weeks old and is deliberately aborted in the womb, versus a fetus moved to an incubator successfully at week 23 and then ripped apart in the incubator at 24 weeks. Is there any moral difference between the two? Yet our sensibilities would react more negatively to the second scenario, as that is clearly murder, so why is the first scenario not murder?

      Now imagine that a fetus that is 1 day old can be moved from the mother – or from the in vitro conception equipment – and placed in an artificial womb and brought to term. That would mean that not only can an abortion no longer be justified at Day 1 but in vitro fetuses that are created now and thrown away can also be considered as murder of a human being that could be brought to term from that point. (And that begs the question of whether in vitro fetuses that would be thrown away now should actually be implanted in surrogate mothers, since that is an already available way for them to survive.)

      Technology can have some very interesting moral impacts, even if that technology itself is not to our taste.

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      1. Sorry B. C. I CAN’T even begin to see the “good” in the means to the end. This is messing with creation. God is in charge of that, not man.
        This ability to save babies out of the womb, won’t change why people kill babies.
        IVF, Surrogates, or lab wombs are not of God.

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        1. Whoa, SanSan, I wasn’t endorsing artificial wombs, at all. I think a fetus raised in an artificial womb, bereft of contact with the mother, would have severe problems, even to the point of being feral and unable to bond to anyone. I would need a lot of testing before I would endorse anything like that. Lots of difficult questions there.

          All I was saying in my comment above is that any *technical* ability to successfully bring a fetus to term as a living, healthy baby (as is currently done for babies as early as 22 weeks in incubators) absolutely destroys any justification for abortion past that time. Someone can’t even justify abortion in order to save the mother’s life, a handy current “moral” escape hatch for those who promote abortion.

          Right now, this means that because of the ability to safely incubate a 22-week fetus to term in an incubator, there is no longer *any* justification, moral or otherwise, for an abortion carried out on a fetus 22 weeks old or older. All the states that currently allow abortions after week 21 are guilty of murder *even if* the justification is to save the mother’s life, since the child can be moved safely to an incubator. Thus, any abortion after week 21 is only for *convenience*, and there is no morality in “convenience” in this situation.

          No states or countries should have a law that allows abortion for *any* reason after the date at which a fetus can be removed from a mother and raised successfully and safely to term outside the mother. As incubators improve, the date moves closer to conception. Though I think artificial wombs are likely to have too many problems (both human and moral), if they do end up being created, there is no longer any reason but convenience for killing a fetus in the womb at any point at all after conception.

          All this talk about “Heartbeat Laws” may be helpful, but the key and inescapable cut-off date is the earliest date a fetus can be successfully brought to term outside the mother. There are no moral arguments for abortion past that date, and that date is currently 22 weeks.

          Would you turn away from an artificial womb if it was shown that a child brought to term in one was in fact a normal, loving child? If a couple got pregnant with a desired child but the mother was vaccinated (by truly evil people) with a vaccine that contained BCG to deliberately prevent her from carrying that child to term? And an artificial womb could raise her child successfully into a loving child for her and her husband? Would it be a moral act at that point to agree that use of an artificial womb for at least that use would be a moral act and win your endorsement?

          My point is not that all such tech should be developed. My point is that the power of technology to impact some of our most poignant and difficult moral debates should not be overlooked, either by those who currently want abortion at any age up to (or even past) 9 months or by people who dismiss artificial wombs as immoral when in fact in at least some equally poignant situation, a very early stage fetus could be saved for a couple otherwise not able to save an existing baby they truly want to have. If the tech works well, why would you not want that baby to be saved by that tech? What is different about a present day incubator, which is currently accepted as moral use of tech, and the use of an artificial womb (a very high tech incubator) if the product at the 9-month mark is a healthy, happy, morally capable. normal child?

          If this tech keeps being developed, the debate switches from pro-life people fighting to prevent abortion to pro-life people fighting to prevent the use of an artificial womb that could save a very early stage fetus? I don’t think so.

          Given all this, I think a powerful part of the debate about abortion and using tech is to realize that at certain points, tech saves lives morally but in other situations the questions related to life turn sometimes on saving children’s lives and at other times becomes using abortion or artificial wombs merely for convenience. Saving a 22-week fetus from abortion is possible and exposes abortionists as merely doing what they want to do for their own convenience. Saving a one-week-old fetus in an artificial womb that actually works could become a moral imperative while using an artificial womb because a mother doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by a pregnancy could be seen as immoral.

          Technical capabilities affect and sometimes starkly illuminate many moral issues. Even questions about saving or killing unborn children.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … Happy Pentecost 🙂


    … & Bishop Sheen – The Holy Spirit

    Pfizer donations to organisations in 2021, of course, had no influence …

    Ya think that our Usual Suspect Gubermint wont weaponized Food/Meds/Fuel!?


    Sex Traffickers Are Victimizing Children All Across The US



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    1. Incredible, Maggie, how this poem was composed in 1915 to mark the horrors of war and but two years later Our Lady came to Fatima, beckoning us to make a return to the Narrow Way with promises of what she could do and what the Father would do if we but listened and heeded her words. Yet, already forces at work in the hidden corruption in our Church and societies were well entrenched in the enemy’s ways and work, and neither the Church’s clergy or laity widely responded to the Fatima messages with vigor. Praying in thanksgiving for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice either as soldiers in the too many wars of the last centuries or as white martyrs who DID take Our Lady seriously, becoming part of her Army, living the messages of Fatima in prayer and deeds. May each one, continue interceding for us from their place across the Veil.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂
    …… & PF be Quoting from the “Scriptures” of Democrat Party & godless Global Re-Set Gang …… AGAIN!!!


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  13. “Every man gives his life for what he believes . . . One life is all we have and then it’s gone. But to surrender who you are and to live without belief is more terrible than dying – even more terrible than dying young.” – St. Joan of Arc

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂
    Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Lunatic Fringe (ALL Elements) have taken CONTROL of Media, “Education”, Big Tech, Big Box Retail, Swamp DC, Blue States/Cities ….. & Democrat Party ;-(
    ….Those Silly “Teens” …Gots to go to a UK Paper to find US News …. News that does not fit The Agenda/Template of the aforementioned Lunatic Fringe:
    ……. Yep! …. See Above!


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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    THEY are after your Children & Grandchildren!!

    Nothing to see here! …. Move Along!!

    Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers Retracted due to Scientific Errors, Ethics Concerns

    Not just Racism & Guns but those that oppose The LGBTQRST Agenda …. Ya Know!”? Evil White Supremacist Christian Nationalists.
    GlennBeck had an interesting guest this morn, James Lindsay. He thinks this June/Pride Month might be a time to watch out for The Usual Suspects to Go-After Christians/Churches with False Flags, BLANTIFA Thugs and DOJ/FBI Intimidation.


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    The ENTIRE DC Swamp is a Cover-Up Op for Democrats and a Persecute/Intimidate/Shake-Down Op for Others ;-(

    National Archives Refuses to Hand Over Emails Between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s Staff



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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    The Obama & Gang Transform America Op … Full Throttle ;-(

    Joe Biden Defends Sex Change Mutilation for Children in Proclamation on “LGBTQI Pride Month”

    Nothing to see here! … Move Along!!!


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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Jesus King of All Nations Devotion

    Get a Load of this ****!

    As long as THEY can Steal Elections in Five Critical States without fear of retribution, THEY will cvontinue the Destruction of the US Republic!
    …… & a BIG Part of Destroy US Republic Agenda is Illegal Alien Invasion!

    A Neighbor sent the below & not long ago I would have ignored it as total BS … now I would rate it at 75% BS. We have been warned about a Great Deception and I have NO doubt it may well be in progress NOW …. from vectors unimaginable ! ;-(


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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    A man who knows too much!?

    Yep! ;-( … `UniParty be leading US down de path of Perdition!

    Sounds reasonable to me ;-(



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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    What State Harassment and Institutional Terror in Woke America Looks Like

    ……. If Ya want to see how WOKEism has totally gone overboard, check out the WIKI Post on V-Dare and founder, former Editor, in it’s prime “National Review, Peter Bigelow.
    Count the number of “Far Right”, “White Nationalism”, “White Supremacy” and “Hate” references. Why!? Cause V-Dare does NOT support THEIR Agendas … and is not afraid to say so.
    ……. More WOKEism on display!
    … Yep! Pro-Life Center is, no doubt, filled with White Supremacists & Deceptions.


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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    What a Great Plan!! … in the crime ridden Democrat Controlled ****Hole of Newark too!??
    Yep! Forego your Right to Bear Arms and, presumably, all the Criminal Violent Perps will become Choir Boys-n-chaste Latin Scholars….. anybody wanna Bet that this Clown votes the Democrat Ticket?

    Let US Pray!


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  22. As parents we finally told our children and granddaughters (25 and 21) that they must change or we can not be around them anymore. They all have left the Catholic Church and support contraception, abortion, gay marriage, trans movement — saying “love is love”. We told them about the 4 last things (death, judgement, heaven or hell) and told them that they were all on the wide road to hell. We said we will pray for all of their souls and pray that one day we all can be united. This was really really hard. But our conscience would not let us rest.

    We tried to stay around them, thinking that our faith and light would rub off on them. Nope.

    We didn’t raise them this way.

    I encourage everyone to listen to a talk Michael Voris gave recently. This is how it’s done.


    1. I’m not a fan of Michael Voris’ style of evangelizing. It smells like triumphant Catholicism being shoved down the throats of the audience. I choose to keep a bridge of communication going with my family and friends who are lost sheep. I like to anchor this in the kind of attitude which Charlie has conveyed in his writing which involves respecting the conscience of others as I expect respect for mine. Added to this, I mention the gold I see in the ones with whom I may disagree and leave it to Holy Spirit to convict the other of his/her sins, thus leaving the door open to further communication as I continue praying and fasting in the style of Our Lady when she visited Mirijana in Medjugorje: Our Mother prayed for those who don’t know how much God loves them. And she consistently introduced her words with “Children, I invite you…” For sure these are different approaches than what Michael uses, but I remember how patient God has been with me in the areas of my heart and life which have needed conversion. I believe He is the Good Shepherd who searches day and night for the lost sheep and I don’t want to get in His Way with those close to me because He sees so much more than I can in the hearts of His sons and daughters.

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      1. “We said we will pray for all of their souls and pray that one day we all can be united. ”

        The door is always open. WE love them so much. Sometimes, people just need to Hear the Truth. Souls are lost, because no one just says it out loud. Stop!, your going the wrong way!


      2. Thank you, Beckita. I also take issue with Voris and other Catholics who believe they have the monopoly on sanctity. This triumphalism smells a lot like the way the Pharisees persecuted Jesus because he dared to call out their elitist ways, straining at gnats and swallowing camels.
        I have been reluctant to write and ask for prayers before but I am still at a loss in a very personal matter. My son and his wife have totally shunned me and kept my grandson away from me and everyone who knows me. My son is effected by Asperger’s and his wife is a staunch Latin-Mass sedevactanist who judges that I am not good enough to be around my son and grandson because I “brought divorce to my family.” It did no good to protest that I was the victim of divorce who suffered every kind of humiliation to keep the family together. I dared to apply for an annulment and remarry when I received it so I must be an adulteress.
        My grandson will turn two years old this month and I struggle with missing him and my son everyday. They moved out to Minnesota to be near her family. I very often ask the Lord the same question that Charlie mentions, “What do you intend for me with this, Lord?” and struggle when there is silence.
        I never laid claim to a high degree of sanctity so I know this must be for my good. I thank you for any prayers you can offer and maybe advice from those who have lived through this heartbreak.
        May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be with all of us who are heartbroken. May He remain close to our hearts and to my grandson, Daniel.
        P.S. I heard through the grapevine that they are expecting again and that baby should be born this month, too.


        1. Praying for you, Marisa, and for your family. Thank you for inviting us to do so. So grateful we can pray in solidarity for one another, the better to hold fast to Christ’s tunic. We know the toughest of this Storm will not last forever. 🙏🕊🔥⚜️

          Many are they who are suffering tremendously with family problems in these days. I sense that the enemy knows God has a beautiful Plan to make all things new and is frantically working to corrupt and destroy as much as possible before he – the enemy – is overwhelmed in his own darkness as the Light of a New Beginning takes hold when a great harvest of souls repent and rise up to make their stand with the Living God. Maranatha!!

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    VDH – The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement

    The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement

    Rush Limbaugh Called-Out The Usual Suspects over THEIR Coordinated Attacks against While People back in Oct 18:
    It’s ALL part of THEIR AGENDA of Division, Confusion, Anger and DOMINATION!!
    …. & Usual Church Suspect pushes The Left Rainbow Division Angle!
    … & Teacher Union, Dem $$$ Launder Op, and ChinaPlague Hoax!
    …. CIA… Secret China Visit … Planning next Election year Hoax? …Eh!??


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  24. Most say pass on the new Padre Pio film.

    Catholic Culture Podcast Network’s tweet: The new film Padre Pio, directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Shia LaBeouf, is ruined by a pornographic and sacrilegious scene involving abuse of a sacred image. In this review of the film, we contend that conscientious Catholics must not see this movie. (I didn’t want to link the yt vid. Search the parents guide on IMBD.)

    J.R. tweeted, It was AWFUL. I don’t even understand why they titled it Padre Pio when it wasn’t even about him. It seemed like it was a film made to create socialist sympathizers. About 90% of the film was focused on the socialist group.

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    1. I think I will pass. Why did they have to add nudity and bad language. I’ll stick with the beautiful films already out there.
      Bishop Barron had a long interview with Shia LaBeouf about his conversion testimony. I wish he would have added that Catholics should not see the film tho.


  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    I’m awaiting news of PF at the Kremlin for a “Peace in Our Time” moment!

    Something else for The Usual Suspects to be enraged about!

    Should be: Biden PuppetMasters & Minions Corruption ……

    J6 Defendant on Ray Epps: ‘They Are Protecting Him Like Crazy’

    More True than Not I fear ;-(


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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    Drivel from Rainbow/Left “Catholic” Rag “America”. Written by a guy who, obviously, is ignorant of History, Military Ops, USA’s current Political/Economic/Fiscal/Military Situation. …. Ukraine is NOT of Strategic/National Interest. Past time to STOP pouring OUR Blood and Treasure into the European Sink Hole.
    Time to “Bring the Legions Home” and defend OUR own borders and The Republic as founded!

    Another good article on Cloward-Piven … Happening NOW!

    Madness in once Golden State!


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  27. The smoke over Pennsylvania is very eerie. I know it is from wildfires in Canada but it feels very strange indeed. The air quality is simply awful.

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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Please pray for my Bro-In-Law, Walt, who died today … and my Sis Cookie … their Gang of Five who were all able to be at his bedside.
    Walt was a devout Catholic his whole life 😉
    My HS Senior Class Play was “Lil’ Abner (Dog Patch) and I remember the below lyrics.
    “With all our ammunition gone and faced with utter defeat,
    Who was it that burned the crops and left us nothing to eat?
    Why it was Jubilation T. Cornpone;
    Old “September Morn – pone.”
    Jubilation T. Cornpone, the pants blown off his seat!”

    We have a DOD …… entire DC Alphabet Swamp filled with Jubilation T. Cornpone Radicals ignorant of History, War Fighting, Economics and the Faith & Visions of Our Founders.
    No ammo, WOKE Ranks … AND thanks to Green Mandate Idiocy we have “Burnt the Crops” and drained Our Oil Reserves plus crippled The Grid!
    ………. Oh!! ….. what’s The Deal with all those Illegal Alien Single Men of Military Age … including a bunch of Chinamen …. that are overrunning Our Border and being Flown Around the USA … on Your Dime!? … Eh!!!!



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  29. For the sake of His sorrowful passion,
    Have mercy on Walt and his family
    and on the whole world. Amen
    Jesus, we trust in you.

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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂

    I’d like to think that TNRS/CORAC is our Friendship Group 😉

    Yes! …. Fix Bayonets!

    Should Christians Declare A State Of Emergency, Too?

    Rogue FBI/DOJ … In-Action!


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  31. I’ve been slammed these days so somehow I missed this…but it’s really really good!

    “Fruit That Will Last
    Everybody in the world wants meaning in their lives. The meaning of life is one of the most fundamental questions all men must grapple with. It is unavoidable. Like the old song says about love, whole generations are now looking for meaning in all the wrong places. It has led to an existential crisis of despair.
    Young people, particularly, are vulnerable to enthusiasms born of mere appetites. But satisfying an appetite is always transient. You get hungry again. St. Augustine described it as a restlessness in the human heart, a desperate restlessness that can only be stilled when it rests in God.
    Some try to find meaning in what they condemn, often in the ugliest terms. But who can condemn anything without being painfully aware in their secret heart of what is contemptible in themselves? Often the greater the shrieking about evils outside oneself is, the more desperate the shrieker is trying to quiet the internal condemnation of their own contemptibility.
    Others in this day try to find meaning in their sexuality, devoid of marital love. It is a terribly impoverished idea. Sexual activism is not a source of meaning. Because it does not still the restless heart, acolytes of this method keep moving to greater and greater depravity, hoping to find meaning in their rebelliousness. When it does not avail, they demand that others celebrate their perversions, hoping that this forced external approval will give them the peace they so lack. Eventually, unable to process their own growing self-hatred, they accuse others of being haters.
    As offensive and ugly as these modern seekers of the meaning of life are become, they are pitiable. I feel deep sorrow for them, for they have fallen into a loop that spirals ever downward into deeper and deeper despair and emptiness. This is not for what God created them.
    Many of those of us who are Christians have done good work in defending our faith and forming groups in which we can preserve it. We know that meaning is found in knowing, loving and serving God, our Creator. We know that that love is best expressed by knowing, loving and serving our fellows. We begin to find meaning when our love is turned outward in service to and the care of others rather than inward in search of self-actualization. The man who seeks to be a true neighbor may become great. The man who restlessly seeks to become great will rarely even become an honest neighbor.
    All this is good and proper. Right now our faith needs defending and preservation. But we are fundamentally called to evangelize. If we came upon a camp of people who were starving, near to perishing, we would rally our neighbors to feed and, thus, physically rescue them. Right now, confronted with a world that is spiritually starving, screaming and groaning in agony, too often our only response is to desperately seek to avoid being counted among their number. Those who are searching for meaning in all the wrong places are spiritually dying behind the gates of a hell they have created. Our Lord, however, tells us that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church. Without neglecting the defense of the faith it is time to go on offense. God has laid out a banquet and a whole generation is starving. Let us feed them.
    I know that the satan has succeeded in making several generations think, without examination, that any sort of religious faith is mere superstition. That is why, as we preserve the faith, as we defend ourselves against the constant assaults against the faith, we must spend some time contemplating how to proclaim the faith so that the sufferers might see it with fresh eyes, hear it with fresh ears. It is a vexing problem in a world grown so cynical and desperate. It is the same sort of vexing problem St. Patrick faced when evangelizing Ireland, a land almost entirely populated by druids and pagans. And yet, the Lord promised the gates of hell will not prevail over those who proclaim the faith. So, it is time to start driving the snakes of self-actualization, disordered sexuality, promiscuity, abortion, the will to power out in a way that people will hear. I don’t have many of the answers, but I think about it all the time. I trust that, as we bend our thoughts and prayers to this, the Lord will lead us in His way and His time.
    When it becomes one of our great priorities, we will bear fruit that will last. And it will be a pleasing offering to the Lord.”

    Charlie Johnston

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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …! 🙂
    ….. &

    5 to 1 it’s a Deception/Distraction Op!?
    ….. a comical Deception Op from WWII:

    The Balkans are boiling over … again …. and Macgregor has some insights there and on the Dam Buster Op in Ukraine:
    ….. speaking of the Balkans:



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