A Walk Through the Valley of Death

By Charlie Johnston

Greenwood, South Carolina – When I was in my early 30s a faction of “liberal” Republicans and Democrats on the County Board embarked on a lawfare campaign against landowners in Lake County, Illinois, the third-largest county in the state. It was also my home county. Their mouthpiece was a “Republican” who did not believe in the concept of private ownership of property. Though he often denied it, he finally admitted it in an interview I did with him while I was in print journalism. The brains of the operation was a man I had once been allied with, a man who was determined to stop all development in the county by a three-pronged approach: dry up water and sewer permits and seize undeveloped land through eminent domain to use for “open space” for “all the people.”

The controversy began slowly with the denial of sewer service, even to areas that had already grown beyond the capacity for effective septic tank systems. The most effective opposition to that policy came from the staff of a defunct, but still legally active, local sanitation board. Brains, as president of the county board, appointed me, his ally, to that board in the expectation I would figure out a way to dissolve it. I probably would have, except that there was a very large residential area in the unincorporated part of the area we were responsible for that had no sanitary sewers. The extensive use of septic systems had caused multiple outbreaks of hepatitis and other ailments among children – and threatened a substantial lake with the runoff. But Brains was adamant that no county sewer would be extended lest it set a precedent that would weaken his determination to halt all development via denial of basic services. This was the beginning of the controversy.

I was determined that the area in question get county sewer service, both for public health and the protection of the waterways. Brains considered it an acceptable sacrifice for his main goal. We had long been allies and the political establishment noted the growing gulf between us. I had originally been attracted to Brains’ organization because of his consistent and inspiring idealism.

In addition to being a county board member, Brains was a township supervisor. In the Chicago suburbs, township government is a peculiar, but very useful, political office. With few responsibilities, a good salary, and the patronage of three other township offices and four board members, it makes for a very good base of operations to facilitate a full-time political career at the local level. Most township supervisors are also county board members. The two offices combined make for a very comfortable salary, indeed.

The growing public divide between Brains and me led to what is still the most shocking private political meeting I have ever had. Brains set an appointment for us to meet for an afternoon at his township office to finally hammer out our differences. I went in expecting to secure county sewer service for the affected area. I had compiled the statistics on the excess illnesses that occurred in the area, almost certainly due to exposure to eruptions from the vastly overstressed septic systems and the environmental degradation of the lake. He was adamant that it was not going to happen. “Please explain to me how this helps the public good,” I pleaded. “Brains, this looks like it is all about power rather than service.” He exploded. “Grow up, Charlie. It IS all about power. It has always been about power. You have to talk about the ‘public good’ to gain it, but it’s always about power.” I was so shocked I didn’t hear a bunch of what he next said. But then he said something that shocked me even more. First, he told me that everyone knew I was his ‘heir apparent.’ (He vastly underestimated the scope my peculiar ambitions reached for. I had no intention of being limited to a mere county post – even in a county bigger than some states). To facilitate fast-tracking my ambitions, he was offering me a post of honor, prestige and money in exchange for my support of his power grab. I was stunned. I knew some thought I was the typical fellow filled with lust for titles, power and comfort – but I thought those closest to me understood me better. I lusted for justice and honor, to serve God and His people. I don’t say it as a particular virtue: I have plenty of vices. But I could not use the language of honor to betray it and still live with myself and my God. Even worse, to make good on this offer, he would cut the throat of another ally to give his position to me. Though that ally was not particularly gifted politically and had no chops as a strategist, he had never done Brains any harm and had served him loyally. It was neither the first, nor the last time I was made such an offer, but it was, by far, the most shocking in its naked cynicism and cruelty. I quietly told him that, in that case, we would just have to be opponents and left, still reeling from the idea that he could possibly think this offer would appeal to me.

And so, indeed, we did become open, public adversaries. That faction promptly abandoned all restraint. They began using eminent domain to condemn farmers’ land to use for “open space.” This was, of course, for “all the people,” even though the public was barred from most lands seized in this manner. They also routinely offered each farmer about 1/3 of market value for the land they sought to seize. If the landowner took the county to court, the farmer invariably won because of the lowball offer. The county didn’t care: it was operating under the ‘deep pockets’ theory. It figured it could afford to keep appealing until the landowner submitted, as few had the financial wherewithal to sustain such a continued financial battering and perpetual fight. The brutality of the process, itself, led some farmers to negotiate a higher lowball price than a mere 1/3 of market value in order to avoid being financially ruined by the sustained legal battle – even though they would almost certainly prevail legally. It was hideously cynical and evil – but effective.

I had a very popular regional radio show, so I led the charge into a pitched battle. I didn’t do most of the work. That came from farmers, the Farm Bureau, a few contractors and people just outraged by the injustice of it – but I was the political leader and the organizing principal everyone rallied around. There were many very large protests and ‘tractorcades.’ Eventually, I left the radio station in order to attack both Brains and Mouthpiece in their township bases. I directly managed the campaign against Brains and his slate of seven others – three township officials and four board members, while offering regular counsel to those running the race against Mouthpiece. Oh, did Brains and his people mock and taunt me for giving up a secured future to pursue this pipe dream. After all, he was a 20-year incumbent who had always had re-elect numbers of over 60 percent. I figured he must be a little nervous, though, because he contacted me several times offering to forgive all if I would just come back into his fold and lead his political effort. As if I would ever consider joining the brutal battle against ordinary people for personal gain!

At that time in Lake County, Illinois, activists from all over the county would gather at the courthouse to await results in sort of a party atmosphere. The radio station broadcast live from the county building. Though I could not work for the radio station while playing an active partisan role, they figured the polls would all be closed by the time their broadcast began, so they asked me to act as their guest expert on the broadcast, to which I agreed. I was mildly annoyed at all the people who came up to congratulate me on running a great race, but commiserate that it was impossible to oust a 20-year incumbent. Finally, before the broadcast began, when the chief judge of the circuit offered me the same wisdom, I angrily retorted, “The surprise of the night will not be that we win, but the margin by which we do it.” Everyone in his group looked at me like I was crazy – but no one offered me that bromide again. When the final results were in, all eight of the people on our slate had won – and our lowest vote-getter won with 59.1% of the vote. Over in Mouthpiece’s township, he was defeated, though it was not the comprehensive victory that we had won against Brains and his people.

This slowed, but did not stop, the assault on farmers in the county. Half of the county board was up for election every two years. We immediately set to work developing the strategy to take out the land-grab Republicans who were up that year. I announced as a candidate for Brains’ seat. Seeing the writing on the wall, Brains decided he would not run – but he did back his son-in-law for the seat. That was not the end of it. I entered into one of the two most brutal periods of my life with that race. Brains and company began an ugly campaign of slanderous rumors against me. Even worse, one of the county’s major newspapers allied with Brains and printed libelous lies against me every week for almost a year. It culminated with them writing a tear-jerker about how I had abandoned my children, left them penniless with the utilities turned off and my former wife having to go on welfare to support them. At the time they wrote it, they knew that it was not even close to true and that, in fact, I had sole custody of my children. I held a press conference to denounce the story and the year-long battering, one which my former wife attended. God bless her. The writer of this story weasled up to her, hoping to get some dirt. She looked at me and asked if this was the guy who had written that stuff. When I told her he was, she asked if she could hit him. I nodded that she should not do that. So she turned and spit in his face and tearfully told him that, “Charlie is the best man I have ever known.” He slunk away, realizing that he had badly misjudged this situation. God love her. There are good reasons Carrie and I could not make it together, but we have remained friends who care about each other.

The ugliness got so bad early on that the county Republican chairman (who was also a legislative leader in the statehouse) asked me to come to his office for a sit-down. He suggested I should consider withdrawing from the race and letting them find a replacement candidate because of the brutal assault against me. I told him I would gladly do so if he could find a solid replacement – and would thank him for doing it if he could. But I reminded him that this was the chairman’s old seat – and his faction was bound on revenge for the defeat they had suffered in the township races. Whoever was on our side running for this seat was going to get pounded. I told him I had come to think this seat was probably unwinnable for our side – but that we did not have to win this seat. We had to win the bulk of the county. I asked him who he knew that could take half the pounding I was receiving for more than a week or two. If we were to keep them pinned down in the rest of the county, we had to keep them focusing their fury on this seat. Both the chairman and I knew that I would keep fighting right until election day, whatever they threw at me. If he could find someone we both felt confident would do the same, I would gratefully quit the field. Thinking about it in that manner, he concluded that our best bet was for me to keep fighting on. In the end, I lost as I expected I would. But I was astonished that, after a year of being pounded with sustained ugly lies, they were only able to defeat me by less than 600 votes out of over 20,000 cast. We swept away the land-grabbers everywhere else in the county and the legalized theft of people’s land ended.

I filed suit against the newspaper that had slimed me, but refused to add those who we could prove had slimed me with rumors to the suit. I figured they were caught up in the frenzy rather than instigators of it. After a couple of years, we prevailed. Within a decade, that 50-year old newspaper folded shop. I heard it could not get libel insurance except at exorbitant rates after its campaign against me. It is very rare for anyone to prevail in a libel suit, particularly if they are legally defined as a ‘public figure.’ A newspaper can tell any lie they want about a public figure provided that the lies do not accuse him of a crime. They can even accuse him of a crime if they do not know with certainty that the accusation is not true. They thought they had skirted that line very carefully. Their error came in the tear-jerking piece. Had it been true, I would have been guilty of non-support of my children, which is a crime. It was common knowledge that I had custody of my children, so they could not make the case they did not know.

Not a single one of my tormenters ever apologized. Almost all did, however, seek me out over the next couple of years seeking my counsel and going out of their way to be kind and respectful to me. Some came to be committed supporters as they realized I could have taken them down, too, but declined mindless vengeance. It was a brutal experience – and though I held strong, the three or four years as it began and in the aftermath was the only time in my life when I drank to excess. I suspect that is part of the reason why I have no taste at all for alcohol: in some way it recalls that brutal period. You may be tough enough to take a pounding and keep going, but you are going to be bruised.

Many pro-lifers are, rightly, very pleased that Mark Houck, the pro-life sidewalk counselor who was raided by some 20+ armed FBI agents, was quickly found not guilty in his federal trial. What is really bad is that the video that the Injustice Dept. used to gin up charges against Houck clearly shows that it was he who was accosted by a pro-abortion escort rather than the other way around. That is probably why it took the jury little more than an hour of deliberation to exonerate Houck. I am pleased that our friends at the Thomas More Society were instrumental in Houck’s legal defense.

We should not lose sight of the fact, though, that Houck should have never gone to trial in the first place. I get flashbacks to the land-grabbers of 35 years ago as I see the Injustice Dep’t raiding pro-lifers while virtually ignoring fire bombings of pro-life centers and going after parents who object to woke indoctrination in schools as ‘domestic terrorists’ while studiously ignoring actual violent criminals. A veteran law enforcement official I know recently changed careers. He told me the final straw was when a judge released two men he had dead to rights on first degree murder on $50,000 bond. “The only crime they take seriously anymore is political dissent,” he told me. Would the Injustice Dep’t have liked to win? Sure, but they accomplished their main goal when they charged him, beginning a nightmarish ordeal he should have never had to have dealt with. They are sending the message that if you dare dissent from the party line they will put you through hell. The chilling effect on dissent IS the primary point. Maybe half the judges in this country are actual judges who seek to apply the law. The other half are political hacks with gavels who seek to give the left the results it wants by making sophistical explanations on why the law does not mean what it actually says. You still might prevail, but your odds are about the same as they are at the Blackjack table.

When there is no effort to honestly and evenly apply the law, there is no law. We have effectively become an anarchic state in which there is no justice, only power games. The worst lowlifes in our society now command the reins in almost all institutions. That gives them a leg up. But there are a ton more of us than there are of them. That gives us a leg up if we exercise that advantage effectively. The left cannot destroy us, only cull the herd. But if we allow the culling to intimidate us into inaction, then they can destroy us.

I learned many things in my extended ordeal over 30 years ago. Perhaps the most important is that the anticipation of an ordeal is more fearful than the ordeal, itself – even if it becomes much worse than you imagined. Impotent rants and rages will destroy your effectiveness. You need to see things as they are, for once you succumb to the paranoia of seeing everything as a threat and everyone as a potential enemy, you lose the capacity for discernment and end up either paralyzed with fear or striking out at random phantasms. You need to be deliberate. Before the serial beating began I had sat down with the columnist who wrote almost all of them. To my astonishment he told me how much he hated me and what he was going to do to destroy me. I did not engage in emotionally satisfying but impotent rage against him. Rather, I went home and typed up a statement of what he had just told me, then went and had it notarized so that, if he did follow through on his threats, I could give evidence of his malice. That document became an important piece of evidence.

Some years later, in the first statewide race I managed, my candidate was fearful early on that he would have to undergo the sort of ordeal I had, since this was a much bigger race. I told him that it would be significantly harder than he thought it would be, but that I was attacked in a very rare case of a demonically-fueled feeding frenzy – and that it was very unlikely he would have to deal with that. Sadly, thirty years later, demonically-fueled feeding frenzies are the left’s go-to tactics.

My favorite Psalm is the 27th – and my favorite translation of it is the King James Version. It is very intimate to me, for I have lived it several times in extremis. I WOULD have fainted unless I had believed I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. The final lines snap my head every time: “Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and he will strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

I have been sick for over a week and I think it a blessing. I have wondered how to prepare you for the shape this great battle is likely to take, neither minimizing the difficulty we must face nor minimizing how trust and love will sustain us through it all. This great battle I fought asserted itself in my memory. Though it was commonly known to many of my contemporaries at the time, I don’t think I have ever recited it at this length. Yes, it ended in sweet victory, but I cannot recite it without making the batterings and bruises fully present again. If I had fainted or quit the field at any time, the outcome would almost certainly have been much different. I did not give in to rage or to petty retribution, but, oh, I was so weary. After the township sweep when the land grabbers’ power was seriously compromised, a farmer’s widow, in her 70s (remember, I was in my early 30s) tearfully thanked me for my steadfast work. The process had begun with her and she feared she was going to lose her farm at a third of its value, but the tide had turned. That was one of the moments when I saw the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

There are great issues to be dealt with. But the dealing of them will come through many of us deciding steadfastly to deal effectively with the many mundane issues that will make victory possible. In what I have come to think of gratefully as my small dress rehearsal for the current great crisis, all the statements of principle in the world would not have mattered if we had not done the many mundane things that made the victory of those principles possible. The members of my township slate complained constantly that I was a slavedriver, working them harder than they had ever been worked. But that is what it took to have a chance and I knew it. I will never forget the reception I got at their victory party after the election night broadcast was finished. You will have much to endure, but occasionally you will get the sweet taste of being a conquering hero – but only if you are irrevocably committed, with iron personal discipline, to giving the blood, sweat and tears to obtain it.

This is what CORAC was formed for: to give us the tools we need and forge the alliances that will allow us the chance at victory – all the while trusting that God will cover the gaps in our ability if we work resolutely to do what we can every step of the way. I would not beguile you into believing that this will not be hard or that you will not be left with bruises. It will and you will. “We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” – Eph 6:12.

The devil has gathered his forces and filled them with demonic rage in an assault against our faith, threats to our families, and an effort to topple our freedoms. It is ours to rise up against this demonic assault and collectively say, “You shall not pass!” If we do so steadfastly, in full knowledge of what we confront, we will, indeed, see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. How sweet the seeing of it will be!


A new chapter of CORAC squirrels in Charleston, South Carolina. Thanks to Ms. Deen Stratford for gathering us together.

I will speak in the Charlotte area this Saturday, February 4th. The organizer is holding it at a restaurant with a buffet luncheon, so is charging $25 a person to cover his costs. Doors open at 1 p.m. Eastern time and it will be held at:

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If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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53 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Valley of Death

  1. Wow!! Thank you so much, Charlie. I love the power of your personal stories which provide counsel. Who could survive and, in many ways, actually thrive in the midst of any crushing ordeal without an intimate relationship with the Lord? Living your fundamental principles – through thick and thin – shines through the predominant story you have shared in this post. You have given us SO much to contemplate as we journey further into this Storm of storms. Your story brings to memory something you wrote as you were recovering from your initial wicked bout with covid:

    “My feet have borne the burden all my life, even as no one else knew there was a burden to be borne. Our Lord has sometimes affectionately called me the little boy who is willing, for that is what I have been – when it has been against every temporal interest I have, I am willing. When I have been believed to be a delusional fool (including privately, by myself), I am willing. When it hurts so hard my feet bleed and I can’t catch any breath, I am willing. I may be a fool, but I am the archetype of the true believer: I love the Lord with all my heart, will, and soul – and I love His people and want us all to banquet joyfully together in heaven. The joy of this vision is worth a world of suffering…and I have willingly done much of that in the Lord’s service. Truthfully, I haven’t suffered much these last few decades. The meetings and visits are more like a foreshadowing of the joy of the fellowship of the family of God. So now I get an invitation to a little late-in-the game votive suffering. Don’t want to miss that honor, for whenever God wraps a package that gruesomely, He’s got a doozy of a present inside.”

    Pope St. John XXII (who must have rolled over in his grave at every warped implementation of the documents of Vatican II – something he never intended by invoking the Council) is known as saying that we’re saved in bunches like grapes. And, so, it is a great privilege to be on this journey together in this community and in CORAC. May the building up of each other, spur new measures of hope, faith and trust in the Lord while overflowing into the places we each live and move and have our being in Christ. May we be little Lights of Christ all over the world… because Mercy! The darkest darkness to come will need every point of Light possible as we carry on. It.will.be.hard. Yet again, Mercy!: the very fiber of God’s Justice. We’re capable of destroying ourselves without the discipline of the Lord which is needed… a discipline which we have brought upon ourselves.

    In all the hustle and bustle of tasks which need tending to each day, while aware of the crazed events unfolding in this disordered and disoriented society and culture… and, actually, all over the world, I am buoyed in strength, hope and trust by carving out time for Sacred Silence with the Lord. I HAVE to be renewed. I HAVE to give to Him what I cannot control or impact, the better to focus on the little I CAN do. Even if no extraordinary insights emerge during this time of Silence, any questions I lay to rest in Him for His guidance somehow get answered, if not that day then at a later time when I least expect it.

    Charlie, you invited us to join you in prayer, back in 2021, and you gave all those prayers to the Lord for His purposes when you wrote:
    “So join me. Go forth and light a candle for me. What we are doing, I believe, is boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of Christ here on earth – that they may keep peddling their cheap kingdom…but it has no power over us anymore and we are sent to proclaim it need have no power over anyone anymore. The Lord is sending us out to proclaim His great day: Good news for the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, release from darkness for the prisoners and the restoration of sight for all those who have been spiritually blinded, lo, these 30 years.”

    I’m renewing my response to this invitation and will be lighting a candle each evening, from here on out, for you in your work, for all of us, and to keep an ongoing vigil as we know the hour is late. The enemy will have his moments, as you write: “The devil has gathered his forces and filled them with demonic rage in an assault against our faith, threats to our families, and an effort to topple our freedoms.” And, as we make our stand with God, the Day of His Victory is at hand.

    I believe in the sun even when it is not shining;
    I believe in love even when feeling it not;
    I believe in God even when he is silent.

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    1. Well written Jewels!

      Beckita, thank you, along with Charlie of course, for your steady hand of guidance, encouragement and wisdom as well! Praise God for blessing us all with you both in our lives.

      With deep love and affection…r

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  2. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM
    https://i.postimg.cc/fbDjg74Q/merry-christmas-candle.gif https://mailchi.mp/jkmi/summer-campaign-1068017?e=b654649ef1



    ….. Great News!! Even in Old Blighty the BlowBack MUST have been … 😉
    ….. Now! Pray! … Likewise in Great White North!!



    Bill Gates is NOT Our Friend!

    ….. China & Mexico are NOT our friends ….. never have been!






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  3. Wow.

    Thank you, Charlie for your fiat to God and for helping us all. TY! I sure am glad you did all that then which is fueling the bonfire of Hope, now. God bless you!

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  4. Charlie, that picture at the beginning made me laugh! And then I read your message…truly, you must have felt like that little cat. And by the end of your article, I felt like that little cat! 🥺

    I know, though, just how right you are that our path has to be one with God. Thank God for Corac! Thank God for raising you up to this challenge so that we all have a place of refuge and strength. God bless you, Charlie.

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  5. Charlie provides a very important illustration of the local level governmental corruption that forms essential support for our corrupt state and federal governments.

    The near-total corruption of our precious Rule-of-Law has occurred at all court levels.

    Unless one has been caught up in corrupt judicial proceedings, the stories of said seem unbelievable because we are told constantly that we are actually free people and that the systems of limited governance set in place by our ancestors are functioning as designed.

    All three branches of government are cesspools of corruption, though the judicial system may be the most critical to good honest governing.

    What a shock it was to me some two decades ago to be corruptly prosecuted-along with the love of my life, simply in order that local government be able to ‘legally’ steal our honestly acquired real estate. We were processed through judicial meat-grinder legal proceedings for two years and eleven months. She was only associated with all this only by her relationship to me and her deeded half ownership of our home. The government hunger wasn’t to be satisfied with half the real estate. Her indictment was just an essential part of the naked land-grab. There was no real crime, and hence no victim of crime to testify, though the state assumed that position, since it was framed as the people of the state vs the defendants.

    What a surprise that government prosecutors lied, cheated, and suborned perjury, and that local police issued veiled (“you don’t want me as an enemy”) threats to me for pointing out police perjury and other dirty hijinks.

    Long…very long, story short, luckily for us my father was a business success and willing and quite able to write a six-figure check payable to the County Sheriff, in order to purchase ‘justice’: no prison just two years probation for me and a dismissal of charges-that should never have never been levied-for her.

    There was no trial by jury as required by elements of the Bill of Rights. The day of jury selection I noticed the look on potential jurors faces: so, these are the criminal bums that are interrupting our oh-so-American mad-dash for food and entertainment, they must be guilty, else why the prosecution? As with some 97% of American criminal proceedings, this one ended via negotiated plea bargain…something unknown to the Framers, as it clearly amounts to coerced testimony of guilt.

    Her hearing regarding the dismissal of her indictment was conveniently scheduled for just after my appeal rights expired. In other words, she was held hostage in order to secure the windfall for the Sheriff’s Office.

    Interestingly, this mark on my record disabled my 2nd Amendment rights, though subsequently they were restored…by the same judge that presided over the case…with the approval of the County Sheriff.

    Charlie and CORAC are doing good work and I shall be soon mailing a check to support this important effort.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, smitty. What an ugly saga of persecution. Praying for you and yearning for the time when people all over the world are blessed by the promised Era of Peace.

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  6. Brilliant Charlie, brilliant..

    you write ” An inner Ring” for the current generation.. C. S Lewis woud be proud of you,

    warmest regards,

    Karen in Cambridge UK

    (who used to work at a Law Firm which represented large supermarket chains)

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    1. Thank you, Karen. I never begrudge anyone of good will from having a different take than I do. But if someone insists I must mimic their take because of friendship, they ask too much. They must modify their demand or our friendship must end. It grieves me when a friend I have relied on makes such a demand, but I owe them nothing but friendship. I owe God everything – and above all, an honest heart. I would say that Lewis, “An Inner Ring,” was one of his most deeply insightful essays – but what essay did he ever write that was not deeply insightful? I do recognize your comment for the high praise it is…and I thank you for it.

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  7. By having lived long enough to be certified as aged, I may comment from that perspective. Charlie’s life of struggles to do right and help all others to live with peace and dignity exemplifies what our mortal lives ought to be about. God has no need for our assistance in shaping the world; instead, what we do well honors God with our lives. We need not succeed in changing the world to suit our goals, but we ought try– a life well spent is one that has fully engaged in the struggle to do what we know to be right.

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  8. Thank you for this piece, Charlie. I also love Psalm 27, especially the last verse. My favorite translation of it is the NIV: “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord.” I wrote this verse on an index card when I was 23 or 24; I would read it whenever I was discouraged, confused, or suffering. I still have the card, at the ready for whatever hardships are coming. 🙂

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    1. I like the KJV version, in part, Mick, because that last line says – “and he will strengthen thine heart.” To me, that meant that, in troubles, He will not necessarily lighten the load, but will give you more strength. When I went through my greatest extended crisis (this story was an outline of what was only my second greatest), when I would be near the edge of fainting, I would pray for the Lord to give me more strength rather then to make things easier – and He would, indeed, strengthen mine heart.

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      1. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom, Charlie. Simple yet profound b/c in the past would be so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t be capable of that mindset, but now it’ll be a frequent prayer.
        All your tribulations met with fortitude are mind-boggling…

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)













    Disease Driven by CLIMATE CHANGE is the latest thing THEY want you to be terrified and distracted about! ;-(





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  10. Hi Charlie,

    This truly was your Jesus in the desert temptation moment “But then he said something that shocked me even more. First, he told me that everyone knew I was his ‘heir apparent.’ (He vastly underestimated the scope my peculiar ambitions reached for. I had no intention of being limited to a mere county post – even in a county bigger than some states). To facilitate fast-tracking my ambitions, he was offering me a post of honor, prestige and money in exchange for my support of his power grab. ”

    Matt 4:8-10

    Much respect

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  11. Charlie, this is an amazing story with many lessons, but the story most applicable to me at the moment is where you tried to do everything for work and for your children after your divorce. After a couple years of prioritizing my mother’s care and letting my own care lag, I am having to get back to an exercise program and am going to have to spend more time sleeping. The hours of time available to me to do work in any particular day is shrinking. How do I do it, how to navigate through this overabundance of necessary tasks?

    Well, that other story consoles me and gives me some guidance on how to proceed. I must do what I can to care for my mother and care for my work and my neighbors, even as I also care for myself so that I can continue on the other two. I find myself periodically remembering that other story of yours and choosing deliberately to do what I can and leave the rest to God. I deeply appreciate that story, as it is helping me almost every day now.

    I must admit that I am daunted to think there will come a time in our lives, in my life, where today’s story above holds me up the way that other story now does. That will be a difficult time. I can only hope I can hold up as well as your example provides and that if that time comes for me, I will be surrounded by others even more suited for such a situation than I.

    Thank you for your stories. 🙂

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  12. “Sadly, thirty years later, demonically-fueled feeding frenzies are the left’s go-to tactics.”

    Dr. Robert Malone reacted to Project Veritas’ bombshell video, focusing on the banality of evil on display in Walker’s (Pfizer researcher) remarks.

    “Here is the rough beast in the flesh, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. Devoid of empathy. Avarice its purpose. It’s face glowing with joy, oblivious to the profound human tragedy it enables, reveling in the damage wrought to the web of humanity and the structure of a nation. Oblivious to the horror embodied in its words, in the very fabric of its language. Possessed by a deep belief in its own entitlement. Oozing dizzy narcissism. Celebrating corruption. Completely devoid of wisdom, introspection or self-awareness of the fundamental perversion of its soul.

    A senior emissary from an immortal corporation, which courts have defined as having rights formerly restricted to human citizens, and which chronically preys and feeds on human suffering. A corporation which shrugs off massive fines for illegal activities as just another inconvenience, a mere business expense.

    Look deeply into the face of this ambassador from another world, listen carefully to these worlds. This is how we got here. This is the culture that has given us this global human tragedy.

    Behold the banal face of unrepentant evil.”

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)












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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)







    Let’s PRAY that BalloonGate has a BIG Silver Lining for The Republic!





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  15. Hello all. I haven’t posted in a long while. I attended a Corac meeting yesterday in Waxhaw. It was an informative meeting. I realized after I left there were other things I wanted to mention. But anyway, I can’t seem to get the Corac website. I forgot my password. When I hit password reset, it says it will send me a link to reset. The link has not been sent, and I was wondering what to do. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    1. Great article, Maggie, thank you. As an aside, I finally found eggs today at Costco! 😁
      Some have said, maybe even Charlie, that there are no conspiracy theories any more; they’ve all come true!! Notice the chicken problem as well as the burning of so many food production plants.
      Today Spiritdaily had a little video “Is this where they’re hiding the food?” We truly live in times that sound like a work of fiction!!!

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)




    Pope says Church conservatives exploited death of ex-pope Benedict












    “Lies, damned lies and statistics” – Benjamin Disraeli




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    1. If anyone has not yet joined CORAC, you’re missing out on treasure for trekking through what we must. The constant camaraderie, shared reasoning, knowledge and wisdom, along with the spiritual and practical up-building occurring on Signal is a pearl of great price… the Kingdom in each heart is reaching out among the ranks, the better to reach out to those around us, both now and in the midst of the worst to come. Glory to God and thanks to Him, too, as He blesses us in these endeavors.

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  17. https://www.danielgreenfield.org/2023/02/equity-is-new-communism.html

    …”What they have really succeeded in doing is infecting the American corporation and workplace with a consolidated leftist activist class to a degree that not even the wildest Communist conspirator could have imagined a few generations ago.

    This is a crisis that is rapidly leading to the downfall of the United States. Woke corporations, from tech monopolies to finance platforms, are contriving to make the Constitution a dead letter. Elections are being rigged not only by nonprofits, but by vast amounts of private capital. The evolving new social credit system and totalitarian system is a public-private-radical alliance.

    America’s institutions are being captured from the top down. And equity, like environmentalism, is one of the key forces responsible for politicizing what was once apolitical. Equity, as many have observed, is not equality, but equity, more importantly, is tyranny.”

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    1. Pretty amazing, Sorrowful, to see writers of the day assessing cultural matters in terms about which Charlie has been writing/speaking publicly for close to a decade now.

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  18. Charlie I just listened to your brief and it’s just splendid! You say just concentrate in the little right in front of you and trust God or You’re not going to make it through🥰. I like that. I’ve already been doing that with babysitting so much that’s all I can do😂. I have already told God I don’t rightly care if I make it through or not as long as I stay on the straight and narrow and hopefully someday reach the kingdom and bring as many dear souls with me as I can either by prayer or fasting and just doing the task He has for me at each moment in the day🥰. It’s completely freeing! Jesus I trust in you! Please help me to acknowledged God take that next right step and be a sign of hope! Thank you Charlie for This piece btw its wonderful and for being our great teacher in these times!🥰🙏🎉🕯️⛪️

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  19. Thanks again Charlie. I don’t know why, but I am still surprised by the endless supply of people who are willing to the satan’s bidding as a lifelstyle.

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)








    Got this link from a friend. Seems to dovetail with much of what has been posted here.


    I’m sure all here will be tuning in with rapt attention to The Words of ChinaJoe’s PuppetMaster tonight. A “Speech”, no doubt, filled with flights of fantasy, science fiction and vitriol aimed at those who object to The PuppetMaster’s Agendas!



    Naughty Word Alert.



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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM




    This is NOT Insurrection… That’s only 6 Jan DC Hysteria .. See!!??



    ..Yep!!!… Be terrified and do what WHO/CDC/NIH & Klaus Tells You!!


    How long will God allow this mocking of Him!??

    Bill Gates & Chinamen buying-up Farmland …. what could go wrong!


    My Goodness!! In FringeLeft Controlled NZ Chicken Farms in flames ;-(


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    1. CrewDog, did you see the cross-post by Seymour Hersh on Robert Malone’s sub-stack this morning? Why would any person, politician or military, consider that freezing and starving people to death is a good thing? Yes, we all suspected that the US was responsible for blowing up the NordStream pipeline, but the persons responsible must have no conscience whatsoever.
      I also suspect that the president’s apparent senility is to get him away to a safe place so he need not stand trial.
      Oh, dear, there are my conspiracy theories leaking out!
      I am just sick about our country ~ only God can save us and the Republic.
      Always ongoing prayers for all here ~ God bless, katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽✝️

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  22. Charlie frequently addresses the remarkable way God accomplishes His prophecies and how they almost always defy our expectations in seemingly impossible situations.
    This story is just such a one.
    “Even when things seem to be beyond hope, God finds a way, often in the most unexpected manner, to deliver for those who have faith in Him.
    So, when you’re feeling down, read this little history of the Babylonian Captivity and the remarkable way God delivered on His promise to the Jewish captives and know that, if He can deliver in such unexpected ways as that, He can certainly handle what you may be facing. As Psalm 39 puts it: “Many are the afflictions of the faithful ones, but the Lord will deliver them from them all” [Psalm 39:18].

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      1. Well Beckita, Crew Dog posted it first! I just highlighted it because the message was so similar to one of Charlie’s main thrusts here and it gives a shout out to Charlie and to the way he sees how God sometimes does things.
        In my noticing this connection, I’ll accept your post on it being a “great find” especially because it corroborates Charlie’s point but CD needs his accolades too so:
        Great find first CD! 😇.


  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)











    I’ve started watching this five part CHD Series and I think all here should do likewise. ….. IT is happening again ;-(

    Don’t Worry! be Happy!! ……..!!?? …. ;-(






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