Milk Bottles

By Charlie Johnston

Thank you to everyone who was so kind to my family and me as we went through our bereavement at the loss of my dad. (Complete aside here – people often get confused at when to use ‘and I’ versus ‘and me.’ A simple way to know just from your ear what is proper is to eliminate the previous clause entirely. You would not say ‘so kind to I,’ so the compound phrase cannot be ‘my family and I.’ When I was young I would get confused on this, but once I learned this rule, I have been proper ever since. I make my mistakes in other ways.) So many of you sent notes of encouragement and condolence via email and via snail mail. My brother told me some enclosed some money – and told me he would use it for the carving on the headstone.

In an emotionally charged situation I am very good at hiding my emotions – including from myself. I generally don’t know how I feel about something until the moment has passed and everyone else is settled.

I encapsulated how I felt about Dad in my Memoriam to him. Other things have come to the fore though. I am now the oldest living member of my immediate family. It is bracing to go from the on-deck circle into the batter’s box. There is now no living person in contact with us who remembers me as a baby. The only living person who remembers me as a toddler is me. I have an aunt a few years older than me, but she is from my dad’s side of the family and didn’t get to know me until I was about four years old. That is a little strange to me. I started doing serious political work while I was still in my teens. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, most of my friends and colleagues were 20 to 30 years older than me. I spent a long time being the youngest guy in the room. Those days are long gone…though now a lot of my friends are 20 to 30 years younger than me. It’s strange but also kind of cool. I have become a sort of living archive of several generations I was contemporary with. But this archive isn’t full yet, so I reckon it is time to carry on.


This Friday I will completely delete my account at GAB. I will post no more at that site, period. I have occasionally been disturbed by the seeming strain of anti-semitism that crops up there too often, but previously I had chalked it up to a genuinely principled commitment to freedom of speech. Last week I got a blast email from Andrew Torba, owner of the site, defending Kanye West’s anti-semitic rants on the merits. It is clear to me now that Torba’s brand of Christianity is hostile to Jews, probably Catholics and all denominations which are not his own. I am not interested in participating in that – or being yoked to those that do.


I read a short story once that had one of the greatest lines ever. I don’t even remember what the story was about, but boy, do I remember this line. The author told of a tornado that ripped through town and was so ferocious that the only thing left standing was the milk bottles down at the carnival. That was one ferocious storm.

After an unexpected layoff, there is so much to write about I scarcely know where to start. Could the country and the world be more cockamamie? I guess time will tell.

We know with near certainty that Joe Biden is the “big guy” in  Hunter’s laptop, thus we know that the man most call president has sold influence from the offices he has held for millions of dollars to foreign entities. He is one of the biggest crooks in American history. We know that Biden has weaponized the intelligence agencies and justice department to target ordinary people who dare disagree with him and his “party.” (I hate calling the Democrats a “party” because, in my lifetime, they were once an honorable organization committed to God and country. Now they are just a criminal oligarchy committed to absolute power.) We know that Hunter cavorted naked with pubescent – and perhaps pre-pubescent – girls on videotape. We know that Democrats coordinated with social media outlets to silence dissent and prevent sound information from getting out to the public.

In the Church we know that the Pope knowingly received an offering to a pagan goddess on the altar of Christ. I thought – and hoped – that it was just a mistake, that he didn’t know what the offering to Pachamama was, but he clarified within days that he knew exactly what it was and considered it fitting and proper to receive it. I considered it the abomination which makes desolate. Sure enough, within a few months, the vastly overblown Covid “pandemic” was mounted to force altars throughout the world to shut down. Desolation, indeed! The Pope abandoned Catholics – and their orthodox prelates – in China and calls it diplomacy. The Pope occasionally gives lip service to orthodoxy, but it is heterodox Priests and Bishops he promotes. Every orthodox Bishop in the world knows he has risen as far in the hierarchy as he can so long as Francis is Pope. Three members of the Pontifical Academy for Life are now pro-abortion advocates. This Pope has made the world more unjust, his flock less safe, and attempted to trash even the clearest dictates of Christ and His original Apostles. I pray for the Pope’s conversion while often hearing myself groan, “How long, O Lord?”

The world is weary from wars and rumors of wars. We pray that Europeans don’t freeze to death in this bitter oncoming winter in which their leader and ours have shut down the means of keeping warm. Josef Stalin forced the starvation of millions in Ukraine while food was otherwise plentiful. Now western “leaders” force the shivering impoverishment of tens of millions while energy is plentiful. Doctors and public authorities force people into experimental therapies with frequent, massive, and often deadly side effects to protect them from an intense flu-like virus that has a minimal fatality rate – all while banning or trash-talking effective and common therapies that are saving lives everywhere they are used. After the overblown “pandemic,” confidence in public health authorities and doctors is so decimated that one has to worry whether we would even pay attention if a real pandemic hit until it was too late.

We are in the midst of a storm that is in the process of flattening all the institutions we have always relied on. As corrupted as they have become, I don’t much care that they call their own destruction down upon themselves.

At CORAC we are not so much building something new right now as we are working together to preserve what has been good and true in American culture and western civilization. What has been good and true are faith, family and freedom. There will be time for building anew after the storm has exhausted itself. But for now I am less interested in building than in gathering people of goodwill together – that we may be as solid as the milk bottles at the carnival for the duration of the storm.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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41 thoughts on “Milk Bottles

  1. Great piece, Charlie. There IS so much in flames in this worldwide civil war being fought on cultural lines, in this era, with ashes spurting aplenty and then settling on the ground ’til new ashes be no more.

    I loved diagramming sentences in grade school, so I like thinking in terms of subjects and objects. That said, I love your grammar tip. You got me audibly laughing with: “I made my mistakes in other ways.” I was so delighted when you kept your humor rolling, even when you were half dead with that first bout of covid. I find great comfort in believing that you’ll “Charlie on” in the worst of the Storm yet to come.

    WOW! A living archive you are!!

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  2. Charlie, your first paragraph got me. God knows I need English training. I got a good “giggle” with your comments. For the rest, Charlie you are so accurate in your musings that I can hardly wait for your next email. I may be the only one, but you’re spot on!

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  3. It is strange, Charlie, to suddenly realize that with the deaths of our parents, “we” are the “patriarchs” and “matriarchs”! It was rather sobering for my siblings and me (😉) when my mom died (two years after my dad) and we looked at our eldest brother and said, “Well, the torch has been passed to you.”

    I took pray that we, the faithful, will remain standing like those milk bottles. It’s looking pretty shaky after everything you just listed…. Time to “Joan Up” yet again!

    (And in case you haven’t realized it yet, those gut-kicking moments when you are faced with the reality of your folks being gone…they come often. 😢)

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  4. Thanks Charlie!!!
    Yea, I just looked at Gab a little (for the second time ever), (I actually forgot I created that account)
    wasn’t very easy, but kept searching, and finally found out how, and deleted my account there too…

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  5. How much different would the current pontificate be, if in place of Pope Francis you had Klaus Schwab on the throne of St. Peter?

    Not much different.

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  6. So much good stuff in your writing, Charlie, so accurate. I love the English lesson! As an English teacher, I’m always correcting the “reporters” on TV! 😁
    Yes, all are weary! Bad enough it’s in the world, but evil in the Church?!!

    Beckita, I’m pretty sure it was you who recommended Health Freedom Summit quite a while back. I get their emails and they have such good info. They sponsor so many programs and videos, that I can’t watch them all, but try to at least skim through them. There are often free downloads for health, which complement all Steve’s great information.

    It looks like some good news in Brazil! Pray for them. “Interesting” the media ignores it. The military took out some cartel leaders who are the ones supporting the Communist leader trying to take office. May they take the next right step! “Interesting” also that it is said that the election had interference from foreign countries, in order to defeat Bolsonaro. Imagine that!

    Come Holy Spirit!

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    1. Yes, Annie. I did mention that a friend had been one of the co-founders of the Health Freedom Summit. I understand the need to be selective about what you read. There’s just so much information out there.

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  7. Thanks, Charlie, for the update and the pep talk. I am with Beckita in my hopes and prayers that you will “Charlie on” at least until the end of the storm.🙏🏽

    Always ongoing prayers for all here.
    Katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽💜

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  8. Having experienced loss of parents and siblings, when a parent dies, whatever our age, we are orphaned. When a sibling dies, our childhood dies with them. They know our stories as we do. The only consolation is sweet Jesus and the Home he has prepared for those who believe. This world grows darker by the day. See what is happening in China, where the people have been pushed too far. We pray for them now as we prayed for Austalians. God be with us.

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  9. Charlie,
    You keep digging the hole we are in. Now I have to ruminate on the idea that I have only a couple of aunts and uncles left ( and for not much longer) who remember me as a baby. Oh, dear.

    On another note, babies are sick, cousins and friends are getting turbo charged cancers and yet we can not say anything because people do not believe us. The latest is a cousin’s grandchild is sick with difficult symptoms and the doctors are baffled. The mother took the vaccine while pregnant and then had covid shortly thereafter. My sister and I just keep our mouths shut.

    Two of my children took the vaccine. One for work and last week we prayed him through covid along with lots of advice, ivermectin and vitamins. Because he is 34, I am terrified he will get myocarditis or worse. Yes, I am working on trusting. God help us all.

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    1. Ha, Patricia! Tell those aunts and uncles to hang on!

      As for those you love who have taken the shot and are now showing some of the symptoms that plagued the animal studies, there isn’t really anything you can tell them – except to offer them the Brazen Serpent prayer. Be gentle and don’t try to tell them they were wrong. Just offer a hope. They will figure it out, even if they don’t say anything. And this could very well end up being for the glory of God. Some who develop terrible symptoms will be healed – and if they are unbelievers it may be the very thing that draws them back to God…and through them, others to God.

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      1. Charlie, I hear about similar things frequently among my circles of friends. It’s a bit agonizing ~ because, you’re right, “there isn’t really anything you can tell them.” I have a little collection of Brazen Serpent prayer cards. I can pray the prayer for others (adjusting the wording accordingly), but I think that it would be good for me to start giving the prayer cards to more people in my immediate circle. ❤

        A subtle and important factor is this: You didn't just decide to make this prayer up one day. You were told to write it, and you did.

        Also, I have had personal experience ~ somewhat different from yours, because all families are different ~ of being the eldest now living in my immediate family (I was 39 when that came to pass). Thank God for the Catholic understanding of the Communion of Saints. You are the eldest, and you are not alone. ❤ Blessings, friend.

        Sister Bear

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      2. “Be gentle and don’t try to tell them they were wrong. Just offer a hope. They will figure it out, even if they don’t say anything. ”

        Beautiful life advice in so many areas. TY, Charlie.

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      3. Hi Charlie and all here
        Greetings from “Down Under”.
        It has been a while since I have last posted, but have been “watching and praying”.

        While I have nothing specific to comment about the post (which is on point, as always), I would like to ask for the link/ordering details for the Brazen Serpent prayer.

        During Holy Communion I have had the vision (not the spiritual vision, like the mystics)of the Bronze Serpent in my mind’s eye and have been praying repentance for myself, family and anyone else who has taken the vaccines. But I would like to have the cards just in case it is needed here.

        Not sure what is going on in the US, but we have been asked to provide feedback on the upcoming Synod. Can’t say that I trust the process, but will leave it with the “Royal Family” (i.e. JMJ) to handle. The cynic in me doesn’t buy into the “Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying”, but my hope is in the Lord and that the Roman Catholic Church will remain true to Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium.

        After the last few years, I can’t help but wonder what the Apostles would say about our priests, religious and laity if they were here now. If they were cowards at Good Friday, then they must be appalled now. All I can do is pray as our Lady has been asking for so long.

        Wishing you all wonderful Christmas Blessings to you and yours.

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      4. Charlie, thank you for this great idea. I spoke earlier today with a man who is responsible for the welfare of many people in his organization, and he told me he is vaccinated and boosted. I’ve been wondering how to handle the question he might asks if he visits my mother and me early next year – Why are you not vaccinated?

        I could avoid answering, but that seems less than ideal when we are all wanting everyone to be more honest. I could tell him the vaxxx is a bioweapon, and he will either reject our friendship (if only for self-protection) or he will wake up to the fact that in his position and without doing his homework, he has endangered many people (a possibly shattering realization when he is such a generous and selfless man just trying to do his job).

        Now I think that I will simply tell him the jury is still out on the question and then give him the prayer and ask him to pray it for everyone he knows every day if he wishes, and regardless of the actual vaccine issue, many outcomes will be made better, and then leave it at that.


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  10. “We are in the midst of a storm that is in the process of flattening all the institutions we have always relied on. As corrupted as they have become, I don’t much care that they call their own destruction down upon themselves.” (CJ).
    “Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out.” ― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave.
    Normalcy bias may be hampered by a “lack of knowledge” but also from the desire to remain ignorant.
    When the Apostles spoke, some in the crowd “covered their ears”.
    The Fallen Angels refused to “serve” the new way shown to them.
    So this has been going on since the very beginning of creation!
    Since our nature is fallen, our only way out is supernatural.
    We must pray that those who have corrupted themselves will still have that last chance given when the walls come crashing down. Trying to hold up a collapsing world is truly herculean and I hear and feel your frustration on the political front Charlie.
    On a personal front, I am the Patriarch of 44 people in my immediate family (my wife and I, my children, their spouses and their children), with 44 different problems, desires, experiences and potentials! It’s extremely daunting!
    Now expound the prayer list out to the In-laws families and their children, friends, coworkers, etc and the problems seem forever ongoing!
    At this juncture to: pray, hope and don’t worry” is about all one can do!
    Jesus, I Trust in You.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    The Big Split is happening …. Church & State!

    THEY want Murder, Crime and Mayhem. THEY want BoobLand USA to be demanding that the Feral Gubermint “Do-Something”! THEY want an excuse to eliminate Local Police and Feralize ALL Police …. Ya Know!? …. the very same local police that THEY have defunded, demonized and demoralized since BO promised to Transform the USA and commission a Civilian National Security Force ….. Remember? .. 2008!


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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Sick, Sick & Gettin’ SICKER! …. Evil on Parade!!

    Get a Load of His Lordship telling US Peasants that WE are not allowed to ask Questions! If WE do WE are labeled as agents of Russia. … Intimidation!!

    Billary got away with it as do ALL Powerful Democrats/Global Leftists. Congressional Hearing next year will amount to ZERO ’cause DOJ/DC Courts are corrupt!
    …… You Red State Citizens must demand a Congress of Red States from your Guv/Atty Gen/Legislature!

    Not News to most here I’d expect?

    Nothing to see here! Move Along!!

    The Face of Evil!


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  13. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Please honor those who died there by praying for them and then by asking them to pray for the country for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. Two of those brave young men were Leo and Rudolph Blitz. They were identical twins born on April 9, 1921, who served on the Oklahoma and died on December 7, 1941.

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      1. Thank you, Crewdog. I really appreciate all you do here. I especially liked the above post about the military chaplains. I hope that they are never forgotten. I also hope that they are still on duty saving souls.

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        1. Yes indeed, Joyful, let us be grateful for military chaplains! I always will be, having benefited from them so much of my life. One of them was instrumental in my husband-to-be coming into the Church before we married! Praise God!

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  14. Here is another healing prayer, linked today at
    A Parent’s Prayer

    Heavenly Father, I invoke the full authority you have given me as a spouse and a parent and I lift any curses, spells, seals, hexes, vexes, consecrations, voodoo, or any occult action or any evil affecting me or my spouse or my children who are minors. In Jesus’ name, I cast out all evil spirits that are harming us. In Jesus’ name, I reject them, I rebuke them, I renounce them, and I cast them out! For my adult children, I beg you heavenly father to hear a parent’s plea and free them from any of these occult actions or any evil, and cast out all evil spirits. Father, I beseech you to send a spirit of unity and peace to my family. Heal the divisions in our family; may those family members who are estranged from each other be reconciled in forgiveness and love. May we live together in your peace. I pray for special healing graces for each one of us. Heal the wounds that plague us- heal any depression, anxiety, fears, compulsions, addictions, angers, resentments, and any and all mental and physical illnesses. Restore us to full health. I especially ask for the following specific grace for my family, if it be your holy will (here mention the specific intention silently or out loud). Most of all, may you infuse into our hearts the gift of faith, always trusting in you. Bring back any of us who have wandered from the faith. May we be fully protected from all harm and evil by the Shield of Faith and the Sword of Truth. I make this parent’s prayer in the holy name of Jesus begging the powerful intercession of the Holy Family with the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, and all the saints.

    [Note: This prayer can be found on our website: under “Deliverance Prayers for the Laity.”]

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Librarians are produced by the same FringeLeft “Academia” as Public School Teachers ;-(

    I’m guessing the THEY Elites have THEIR own Stockpiles of Necessaries!

    We have the very same problem here! Millions of Young Not Working and on The Dole &/or Living with Parents/Grandparents with No Compass or Rudder!
    They will become roving gangs criminals or Agents of The National Civilian Security Force …… Soon?


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Immaculate Conception Day 😉

    Home Invasions are Coming as Our USA Devolves & Disolves ;-(

    Far-Out Tin Foil Hat Stuff? …. Methinks not ;-(


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  17. PS:
    Covid19 was/is a Chinese Bioweapon. Was it’s release accidental?
    Doesn’t matter ’cause WEF/Great Re-Set/Democrats Gang have Politicized and Weaponized it for THEIR EVIL purposes! ;-( ….. & THEY have allowed, perpetuated, ignored &/or Covered-Up ALL of the below!!

    The Global THEY want Humans to be Drugged-Up, Poor, Ignorant, Afraid, Hungry, Unarmed, Godless and TOTALLY Dependent on THEM! ……. and, apparently, far less numerous.
    Yep! Sure sounds like de Gubermint of de Antichrist to me ;-(


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