Continuance Denied

By Charlie Johnston

The election post-mortems seem to me like a bunch of geezers standing outside a burning house. One argues that it is because they left the kitchen faucet running; another that too many bedroom windows were left open; while a third sagely opines that the carpets hadn’t been vacuumed in over a week. None even come close to the fundamental issue. But that is pretty common in the latter days of a social system’s complete unraveling. Your car makes a lot more and louder pings and knocks before the engine blows entirely.

I am going to make a couple of traditional observations, mainly because I can’t help myself. But keep in mind that even in more stable days, my criteria for analysis was a lot different than most.

  • The division of the country has already begun. 52 million people cast Republican votes nationwide while 47 million cast Democrat ballots. That Is strikingly rare. It is extremely rare for the total Republican ballots cast to exceed the Democrat ballots cast – and incredible that the Republicans should have had such a bad day with this being the case. So how did it happen? Already, a lot of conservatives are fleeing from blue states to relocate into red states. Thus, you get a Ron DeSantis rolling up a 20-point victory in Florida and Republicans in other states losing by a fraction of a point or two. I should have had a clue beforehand. A week and a half before at the CORAC Regional field day in Lindale, Texas, almost a dozen in attendance had moved there in the last few years from California. Meantime, everywhere I go I hear more and more people talking about their plans to escape from their captive blue state. We have already begun the great divide.
  • We have maintained the form of electoral choice while gutting its substance. When I was doing statewide politics in Illinois, I always built in a fraud factor of two to four points we would have to overcome. If I were doing it nationally now, the factor I would use would be 12 points – and I suspect that might be too conservative. Every electoral “reform” we have adopted the last few decades has diluted ballot integrity. We have motor voter registration, month-long elections, mass mail-in voting, machines that routinely malfunction and can be manipulated online, and mules mass harvesting ballots. Shoot, mass mail-in voting is so rife with fraud that even decadent western European states refuse to risk it. Some conservative commentators say we need to adapt to the “new rules.” Adapting to a system that has the potential for rampant fraud is no way to run a supposedly democratic system. I do not want to get into a contest with the Democrats over who can manufacture the most fraudulent votes. The only state in which we know who won with a high degree of accuracy is Florida – because it is the only state which significantly tightened the rules for ballot integrity and made fraud a felony with almost certain prison time. Since my radio days I have supported paper ballots and one-day only voting. Every fraudulent vote suppresses an honest vote. The Democrats have become the biggest vote suppression machine in American history. The Republic is lost if one side cheats bigger and bigger every time and the other is too timid to demand real reform. The Republic is lost.
  • The stupids may not be the majority, but they are calling the shots. Compared to the routine crimes the Democrats systemically commit, Richard Nixon was impeached for pilfering penny candy. Nixon was impeached, in part, for trying to politically weaponize the IRS, even though he was rebuffed. Barack Obama and Joe Biden HAVE politically weaponized the IRS, the Injustice Dept., the FBI, the intelligence agencies and much of the rest of the federal bureaucracy. With shameless politicization of the agencies, rampant inflation, skyrocketing violent crime, and the collapse of institutional medical integrity, if there really are 47 million people who think this is good, then collapse is the only thing that will turn them from their nihilistic mania. Best to spend our time assembling the ambulances for the rebuilding effort.

I fully believe that God’s intent in these times is to reveal to us that there is no political answer to the problems we face. I thought the way He would do it was to allow Republicans to win a huge victory and then do nothing. That would not have saved the Republic, but it would have bought us a little more time, granted us what in legal terms is called a continuance before show time. The big thought that popped into my head the day after election was, “Continuance denied.”

Bad policy is destructive. Yes, the left will destroy itself but while they hold the levers of power, they damage us, as well. We are better prepared to weather the storm than they are. Shoot, they think they are winning and in the process of creating a paradise – as every dictatorial regime before them thought. They’re burning down the house – and the voters (whether real or manufactured) just gave them leave to carry on.

The reason our leadership is so terrible is because we are far from being a Godly people anymore. Leaders are chosen from the social pool as it is. It was always a fool’s game to believe that by changing our secular leaders we could become a God-fearing people once more. There must be a real revival first to clean up the pool from which leaders are chosen. We were given ample opportunities to restore fidelity to God’s word this last century. But we would not. So God is letting us stew in our own virulent juices for a time, that we might see what we have wrought by the work of our own hands without Him. We will not have honorable leaders again until we have become a Godly people again.

Right now, I am grieving over the loss of my father last week. Whether he is in purgatory or heaven, already I have begun to ask his intercession (along with my Mom’s), to help me and all of us build the means for honest people to work with each other to rebuild a culture of life and light. Look to God, to yourselves and your neighbors, and to your states for the tools to rebuild a culture of real honor, real tolerance, real prosperity, and real peace. Treat the federal government as the destructive anachronism it has become. Over the next couple of years there will be a lot of sound and fury coming from Washington. It is merely the roar of the final collapse, which began with Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the country.

We are called to be builders under God. Leave the continuing destruction to others. Let us devote ourselves to faith, family and freedom under God. Let us be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Let us treat each other as true family and true neighbor.

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50 thoughts on “Continuance Denied

  1. “I fully believe that God’s intent in these times is to reveal to us that there is no political answer to the problems we face…

    The reason our leadership is so terrible is because we are far from being a Godly people anymore… There must be a real revival first to clean up the pool from which leaders are chosen. We were given ample opportunities to restore fidelity to God’s word this last century. But we would not. So God is letting us stew in our own virulent juices for a time, that we might see what we have wrought by the work of our own hands without Him. We will not have honorable leaders again until we have become a Godly people again…

    Let us be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Let us treat each other as true family and true neighbor.”

    These lines resonate completely with me, Charlie. Amen. Amen. May your precious parents, along with all our dear ones who have gone before us, intercede with great accompaniment on our way forward!!

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    1. Amen! There is so much going on that we have absolutely no control over – your advice is sure and true. We must look to family, neighbors and those parts of our state that are willing to strive … and, my goodness, pray, work and then pray some more. We shall call upon our dearly departed to assist us in our endeavors to be a sign of hope and take the next right step, ✋🏼 so help us God.
      Always ongoing prayers for us all, katey (& steve) in OR

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      1. Absolutely, MyOwn! They are our best friends, begging for our help. And when they do get it (sadly, too rarely in too many cases) their gratitude is beyond earthly compare. We may not see the effects of their efforts for us immediately but in eternity we shall, and be so glad that we took some time, however small, to help them.

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    2. “We were given ample opportunities to restore fidelity to God’s word this last century. But we would not. So God is letting us stew in our own virulent juices for a time, that we might see what we have wrought by the work of our own hands without Him.v
      (Charlie Johnston).
      A rainbow flag was on the altar in a “queer mass” celebrated this past spring in Munich by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Synod.
      “Marx: Homosexuality is not a sin. It shows a Christian attitude when two people, regardless of their gender, stand up for each other in both joy and sorrow. I am talking about the primacy of love, especially in sexual encounters.”
      Could this be the “abomination of desolation” the bible was talking about?
      Daniel 9:27;
      “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”
      Daniel 11:31
      “And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.”
      Matthew 24:15
      “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:).

      In the German Synodal documents there is a strong push to change church teaching on homosexual relationships.
      Although the Holy See has come down on these bishops, many are implementing these changes in their own diocese
      “After the paper, which in a scandalous way elevates homosexual and bisexual practice morally and theologically to the rank of a norm variant of human sexuality, was brought down in the vote by 21 courageous bishops, several bishops declared ‐ against every synodality and every understanding of democracy ‐ that they would nevertheless continue to orient themselves in their dioceses to the “rejected” draft. Bishop Georg Bätzing announced on his own that he would nevertheless introduce the text into the worldwide synodal process and also submit it for the ad limina visit of the German bishops in Rome. We ask: What is the point of debates and votes on the Synodal Path from now on, if every “unwanted” result is simply ignored  even by the president (Marx) of the German Bishops’ Conference ?

      “I carried out the things that were asked back then. I do not think there was anything original of mine. I set in motion what we all had requested. I gathered everything that we, the cardinals, had said at the pre-conclave meetings, the things we believed the new pope should do. Then, we spoke of the things that needed to be changed, the issues that needed to be tackled,”
      (Pope Francis).

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  2. Amen charlie amen!!! I totally agree with you that politics won’t solve our worldwide problems from our departure of God’s protection and guidance 😩. I pray so hard for all of us that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary happen asap!🙏🙏🙏

    Prayers and love still being offered up for you and for all your loved ones, Charlie, in this time of grief!!! “…. For the people of the Kingdom, and the people of heaven, shall rise together, shall rise forever AND GOD SHALL RULE!”🥰🙏🌎🥳

    Do I have all the words right? 😂. I went by memory because I couldn’t find that jingle 🥳

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      1. Her voice is sooooo beautiful!!!! I liked the version of Charlie and his two son’s friends (I think those were Chaz s friends???) in from of their fireplace too!!! That was really cute and it just made you want to jump right in😂

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  3. Amen, amen, indeed! The only things in my control are my faith and my own actions. Loving God and loving neighbor are my daily “next right steps”–and trying to get as many family and friends on board with that! God bless you, Charlie, for your faithfulness and guidance!

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  4. “I am going to make a couple of traditional observations, mainly because I can’t help myself”

    🤣 Love it! You’re not alone there, Charlie!

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  5. Another very true article – Thank you Charlie. I belive there is a small typo in in that Charlie meant to say California vs. Florida in the sentence “almost a dozen in attendance had moved there in the last few years from Florida”as I was in attendance at the great Reg 8 Field Day.

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  7. “Over the next couple of years there will be a lot of sound and fury coming from Washington. It is merely the roar of the final collapse, which began with Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the country.” Gosh, Charlie, the worst part of that section for me is the phrase “the next couple of years”!
    I’m not looking forward to that time frame! Sounds as though they will just double down on all the evil. I keep hoping we are not too far from the Lord’s intervention to at least begin some awakening and conversions! I know I have to be patient, but as my dear friend said the other day, “I’m tired”. (We keep praying for each other’s families, one trial after another.)

    Mother Mary told Father Gobbi to ask for the assistance of the three Archangels, for binding, healing, and strength. Gabriel assists with strength and I ask every day for that and help from all three of them! (That’s just part of it; along with the armor, angels, Precious Blood of Christ, Mama, St. Joseph, and on and on. I love my prayer time and all the peace it brings and the assurance that I’m not alone.)

    Hope your heart is healing, Charlie. God bless all here and our families.

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  8. Boy, Charlie, I find this writing one of your best. You made many important observations with as few words as possible. You hit the nail squarely on its head. Our government officials think their laws and ideas will fix our country, but, you’re right, nobody draws God into the picture. We might as well have a Nero as our leader, and we’d get the same results. Yes, I believe we’re going deeper and deeper into chaos and it doesn’t matter who is in charge in Washington. We must pray without ceasing as the Bible suggests. We all expect the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but we need to keeping praying and hoping that it will happen sooner and not later. Yes, Charlie, you are blessed to see the truth and have the great ability to pass it on. Thanks.

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  9. The Triumph of my Immaculate Heart cannot come in all its fullness until I have brought all people of the earth to my son Jesus.
    Marian Movement of Priests

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    1. I am sooo curious . . . What is the meaning of your screen name?


      The only part I can even guess about is 46202 being your zip code.

      Pleeaassse tell me. I must know!!!


  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    Oh! THEY will come clean on all sorts of unpleasantness over “The Holidays” with the hope that BoobLand USA will be, as usual, too distracted to notice ;-(

    Trump Derangement Syndrome On Parade! THEY are Terrified of Trump and his Supporters! …. More Intimidation from DC Swamp Uni-Party & Thugs!

    Mid-terms and the American “Recessional


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  11. Lest we not forget to pray for today’s teens. From a teacher’s observations of the decline in his students over the past 20 years:
    “Adams notes that, in his earlier years of teaching, students were still exercised by ideals of equality, individual liberty and pluralism, even though they had already lost faith with the America that formulated such principles. Many of his earlier students went on to shine in “Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood” and involve themselves in works of altruism. While they may have lost faith with State and Church, they still held many of their core ideals. Now, Adams writes, his students have become profoundly alienated, apathetic, indifferent to everything except the pleasures of the here and now. Nothing seems worth effort or commitment or even interest. ”
    excerpt from ‘The Hollow Men’

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  12. V. Excess of Love Lonely Love November 11 – 17
    Jesus continues to tell Luisa what He endured during the nine months in the womb.

     And the interior voice continued: “My daughter, do not move away from Me, do not leave Me alone; my love wants your company. This is another excess of my love, which does not want to be alone. But do you know whose company it wants? That of the creature. See, in the womb of my Mama, all of the creatures are together with Me – conceived together with Me. I am with them, all love. I want to tell them how much I love them; I want to speak with them to tell them of my joys and sorrows – that I have come into their midst to make them happy and to console them; that I will remain in their midst as a little brother, giving my goods, my kingdom, to each one of them at the cost of my life. I want to give them my kisses and my caresses. I want to amuse myself with them, but – ah, how many sorrows they give Me! Some run away from Me, some play deaf and force Me into silence; some despise my goods and do not care about my kingdom, returning my kisses and caresses with indifference and obliviousness of Me, so they convert my amusement into bitter crying. Oh! How lonely I am, though in the midst of many. Oh! How loneliness weighs upon Me. I have no one to whom to say a word, with whom to pour Myself out, not even in love. I am always sad and taciturn, because if I speak, I am not listened to. Ah! My daughter, I beg you, I implore you, do not leave Me alone in so much loneliness; give Me the good of letting Me speak by listening to Me; lend your ear to my teachings. I am the master of masters. How many things do I want to teach you! If you listen to Me, you will stop my crying and I will amuse Myself with you. Don’t you want to amuse yourself with Me?”

    And as I abandoned myself in Him, giving Him my compassion in His loneliness, the interior voice continued: “Enough, enough; move on to consider the sixth excess of my love.”

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  13. VI. Excess of Love Imprisoned Love November 18 – 24


     “My daughter, come, pray my dear Mama to set aside a little space for you within her maternal womb, that you yourself may see the painful state in which I find Myself.” So, in my thoughts, it seemed that our Queen Mama made me a little room to make Jesus content, and placed me in it. But the darkness was such that I could not see Him; I could only hear His breathing, while He continued to say in my interior: “My daughter, look at another excess of my love. I am the eternal light; the sun is a shadow of my light. But do you see where my love led Me – in what a dark prison I am? There is not a glimmer of light; it is always night for Me – but a night without stars, without rest. I am always awake…what pain! The narrowness of this prison – without being able to make the slightest movement; the thick darkness…; even my breathing, as I breathe through the breathing of my Mama – oh, how labored it is! To this, add the darkness of the sins of creatures. Each sin was a night for Me, and combined together they formed an abyss of darkness, with no boundaries. What pain! Oh, excess of my love – making Me pass from an immensity of light and space into an abyss of thick darkness, so narrow as to lose the freedom to breathe; and all this, for love of creatures.”

    As He was saying this, He moaned – moans almost suffocated because of the lack of space; and He cried. I was consumed with crying. I thanked Him, I compassionated Him; I wanted to make Him a little light with my love, as He told me to. But who can say all? Then, the same interior voice added: “Enough for now; move on to the seventh excess of my love.”

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  14. “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. . . ” Colossians 1:16
    May Jesus Christ King of the Universe reign in our hearts and homes.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Christ the King Day 😉

    ….. Sadly, The Party of Death has plenty Shyster Lawyers & Judges ;-(
    …. the Brits, at least, are On-It …. but …….
    ……….. Shyster Lawyers & Judges …. & Media EVERYWHERE!
    ….. You may Rest Assured …. It’s Trump & Putin’s Fault!

    The Usual Suspects In-Action!
    …. Policies just like those Glory Days in the Soviet Union ;-(


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  16. Great article you posted from the ConservativeTreehouse CD,
    Here are 2 excerpts:
    …”U.K. citizens face the same problem of non-representative government -ruling by dictate and fiat- as we do in the United States. I would suggest the reason, and indeed the similarity we find in various nations, has more to do with multinational corporations now giving instructions to government leaders than anything else.
    …The Green Agenda that guarantees the impoverishment of the peoples of the West by pursuing the lie that wind and solar can take the place of gas, oil and coal? The Green Agenda that pushes the palpable nonsense those of us with petrol and diesel cars today are meant to have electric cars tomorrow – when all the evidence makes plain that you and I are meant to be going nowhere while our self-appointed masters go anywhere and everywhere?”

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Spirit of Antichrist is here … NOW!! …… His Mark soon to follow!

    Any DC Swamp Agency gets to LIE with impunity ’cause … Ya Know!! ;-(
    …. speaking of A Big Lie!


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  18. Interesting post. I would say on one point, that the degree of fraud is very likely above 12% but suggest that there is a better way to look at it.

    I would say that the overall level of fraud for the Democrats to stay even with actual Republican votes is at least 15% and could be a few points higher here in 2022.

    However, I think a better way to look at it is that the Democrats have so bowdlerized the entire process that they have enough control to win all but complete blowouts for the Republicans because in races they target, they can create as many votes as they need to in order to win that race.

    In 2012 it as 4%. In 2016 it was probably 8%. In 2020 it was probably 12%, and in 2022 as they improved their systems, it’s probably 16%.

    The Republican vote stressed their system at probably 15-18% required fraud to stay even in 2022. If nothing is done to fix this in all the other states than Florida, they will have redesigned their fraud creation mechanism by 2024 so that they can hold their own when the Republicans outvote the Democrats by 2o%. And so it ratchets upward, depending on need.

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    1. I came across this article on Substack and *think* it is outside the paywall. It makes a number of claims that make sense to me given other information but which at this point cannot be proven, at least by me.

      However, about halfway down, there is a section where the author and his brother (both of whom are respected new journalists in the anon community) discuss the actual mechanism by which the Democrats steal elections. There are quotes from Gregg Phillips (he and Engelbrecht were arrested and jailed briefly before this past election) that outline some of it, and other information.

      I’m not knowledgeable enough about voting processes to be able to evaluate all this. For example, I don’t know what “PII” stands for (personal identification information?). I’m hoping that Charlie or others might be able to pick this apart and figure it out.

      The key appears to be that the Democrats let in lots of illegal immigrants to increase the population of their cities, they get the personal information for these people, they send that information to China, which reprocesses that information and generates fully (or nearly fully) valid-looking ballots, complete with serial numbers and so on which match the regenerated voter rolls and which are then sent to the Dem machines in the cities and counted. This would explain how the many victims of this on the Republican side don’t fight the tape afterward – they know that the ballots that are fraudulent are actually quite difficult to distinguish from actual ballots.

      If this is a correct analysis of how the Democrat machines actually work, and that is a big IF so far for me, it explains why Democrats are so interested in allowing and encouraging illegal aliens to come into the country. I have until now always thought that it was difficult to translate an illegal alien as a *presence* in a city into an actual illegal vote, but this technique explains (1) why there are so many votes in these cities, (2) how the illegal aliens (who are transferred all over the country after they enter the US) are turned into legal votes, and (3) why the relatively clean state of Florida fought so hard to keep the illegal aliens out before the election. The entrance of all these aliens raises the reportable population of these cities, allowing the expansion of the total vote pool claimed as real, and then allows actual ballots to be generated for those aliens using their PII and the regeneration of the voter rolls after the election.

      It’s a pretty sophisticated system, obviously proven in race after race for a number of past election cycles. Although many of us are despairing that this system will never actually be successfully exposed to the general public well enough to create a real response to clean up our elections, I’m beginning to think that we may finally see that happen.

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Of Course we don’t have to worry here …. Do we!? I’m sure the ChinaJoe Admin. & ABCNNBCBS-NPR/PBS/NYT/WashPo would warn US …. Right!??? ;-(

    Of Course the Big Story here is that The “Official” DC Inflation Index is BS!!!

    Sawed-Off Oedipus Tyrannus and his WEF Masters are calling for The Antichrist …Period!
    …. as are this NWO/WEF Duo:
    …. & Castro’s Boy in The Great White North ;-(
    …. our EU Christian/Conservatives/Patriots don’t have to worry about “Project Vigilant” do they …… US?!
    …. since ChinaPlague Hoax-n-Hysteria did not work out as THEY had hoped for, what’s The Next Crisis that THEY will use to Confuse, Intimidate, Divide and CONTROL US!!?
    We here/CORAC have, in truth, developed our own Project Vigilant ….. Be alert this Christmas Season!!


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  20. I’m so sorry to announce that our commenter, Dr. Dave, passed away last month. His Regional Coordinator in CORAC just heard about Dave’s passing on Sunday.

    May Dave’s soul rest in peace with Christ’s Perpetual Light shining upon him. Praying for him even as we seek his intercession for us as we make our way through this Storm. Praying for Dave’s wife and for all who loved him.

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    1. How sad (for us and for his dear friends and family) that Dr. Dave has passed away! He always had thoughtful insights. I echo your beautiful traditional Catholic prayer, Beckita.

      God bless and keep you and your loved ones, friends ~
      Sister Bear

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    2. Such sorrow, ugh. Oh, he is missed! May God comfort Dr. Dave, his beloveds until that great and awesome day when “every tear shall be wiped away.” +May it be soon, Lord+

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    3. Another heavenly intercessor.
      For the sake of His sorrowful passion, Have mercy on us, Dr Dave, his family and friends. May the Divine Assistance remain with us always and may the
      souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Why the Mainstream Media Is Now the Biggest Threat to Democracy
    …… and The WHO, UN, WEF, Democrat Party USA & DC Uni-Party Swamp who propagated the ChinaPlague Hoax, LockDowns, destruction of Middle Class Business ….. & Global Genocide are pushing this “Treaty” ….. Be Watchful and Vocal.


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