In Memoriam: Dr. Bill Hammer

Dinner in Annapolis. From left, Dr. Bill Hammer, Region 7 Coordinator; Me; Larry Westcott, Communications Committee; and Mary Lapchak, my assistant and scheduler.

Our dear friend, former Region 7 Coordinator Dr. Bill Hammer will be laid to rest this Thursday in Ankeny, Iowa near Des Moines. Bill was an energetic leader who worked tirelessly to build CORAC and stand with those who were working together to help each other and their communities. Bill got around: not only was he present at events throughout his three-state region (Iowa, Missouri and Illinois) but attended and boosted CORAC events in other regions, as well. I visited with him at events in Kansas, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Washington, D.C. (I’m probably missing a few).

I owe a debt of gratitude to original Region 7 Coordinator Gary Shawver. When Gary had to step back to help care for an ailing family member, he recommended Bill Hammer as his replacement. When I first spoke to Bill about it, he was surprised. He expected me to ask him to head a project, not take over a region. After thinking about it for a few days, he jumped in with both feet. Bill set up a great, regular comprehensive newsletter for his region and quickly became an important resource, not only for the people in his region, but for other coordinators throughout the country. I spoke with him often. The last time I saw him was at an event in Belleville, Illinois. He picked me up at the St. Louis airport and got me settled in. Then he kept everyone laughing at the volunteer dinner. (He gave local host Jan Brennan a rubber duck, though for the life of me, I can’t remember why. It did get a big laugh from everyone there).

Bill’s daughter, Sarah, told me that his adult kids used to tease him, asking him if he could talk about anything besides CORAC. I laughed and told her I sometimes asked him the same thing. The man was a builder and innovator, developing projects that were sometimes adopted by other regions and sometimes became the seed for national projects. We will miss Bill deeply.

Below is information on Bill’s wake and funeral. I will represent CORAC at his funeral Mass. I pray that the Lord will receive Bill into glory and, from there, he will intercede tirelessly, first for his family and, then, for all of us in CORAC.

Wednesday, July 27:

Caldwell Parish Funeral Home, Urbandale, Iowa

3:45 – Rosary

4 – 7 pm – Visitation


Thursday, July 28:

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Ankeny, Iowa

10 am – Mass of Christian Burial


Mass will be celebrated by Bill’s son, Fr. Daniel Hammer.



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44 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Dr. Bill Hammer

  1. I just loved this memory shared by Bill’s former pastor – where Bill’s son, Fr. Daniel, now serves for the summer. Fr. Brandon Moravitz wrote:

    “*Rest in peace William Hammer! I am grateful for the role you played early on in my priesthood. You said a simple sentence one day to me early in my priesthood, that has rung in my heart for the last ten years. Those words have consoled me and have kept me going many times! The Holy Spirit used you in the life of this priest big time!”

    Someone in Region 7 told me of how Bill had mentored his teenage son in developing ham radio skills and then gifted that teen, named Benedict, with a gorgeous St. Benedict medallion medal.

    Blessed be God in the ways Bill Hammer touched the lives of so many with God’s Goodness!!

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  2. I’m so sorry for this great loss! May his family and friends and all of CORAC be comforted. May God grant him a quick repose into heaven.

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  3. Lord. grant our dear brother, Bill Hammer, eternal rest. Cover his loved ones with blessings of consolation and peace.

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  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill at the dinner in Annapolis in the picture. I later caught up with him at the CORAC national conference. I served with him on the national communications committee, where he contributed valuable research on shortwave radio listening. He was a regular contributor to the communications committee until he took over Region 7. Region 7’s gain was our loss. He was delightful company and a great resource for CORAC. I was shocked to hear of his passing and send my sincere condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed.

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    1. Go, CD! God bless John Rich!! I’ve never heard of him, but he’s a new hero in the U.S.A.! The song is apparently a big hit!

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      1. Thank you Beckita for posting this. I had the privilege of talking with him on the phone on several different occasions and meeting him at the Chicago talk for Charlie. Bill was a kind man who was a joy to talk with.


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  9. Praying for the repose of Bill’s soul and for his family!

    Asking for prayers. Heading to doctor tomorrow. I’ve had a dry, off and on, cough for about a month and a half now. Was ill earlier last month with what started out as a sore throat and sinus stuff. (Though I’d caught what 3 of my kiddos had; they had ALL the symptoms!! Hubby thinks it was adenovirus, but could have been CVD). My sinus/throat symptoms cleared up within a couple of days and then the worst chills and body aches started about 24 hours later. I used the protocol of FLCCC and Steve. I didn’t use ivermectin. I ran no fever, had no other symptoms. I would wake up every morning wondering if the virus was gone. I could exercise and do all the normal things, but then out of no where I’d get hit with chills and body aches. Tylenol or Advil would take care of them and then I could continue about my day. Never felt tired. Never lost taste or smell, etc. CVD test came back negative (I took it to make my husband feel better). The cough started mid way through the illness. Illness lasted about 9+ days. Having a lot of LPR symptoms which can cause lung issues and cough.

    The cough is still off and on, but now I can feel vibration kind of sounds in my lung. Hubby listened with his stethoscope and said he can hear something. Would appreciate prayers!!

    Thank you in advance – love to all!!

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    1. Becky, I’ve had similar symptoms off and on for over a year, as I am regularly exposed to shed spikes in the residency where my mother lives – everyone except my mother and me is vaxxxed. It shows as asthmatic bronchial irritation and some thickened mucus. I have also heard that a bout of Covid can indeed cause GERD, I believe by interfering with and reducing the excretion of acid in the stomach. That is what GERD is for 99% of the people out there who have it – their older stomach doesn’t produce enough stomach acid to trigger the closing of their esophageal sphincter when they eat or when late at night. Acid then climbs the esophagus and gets rebreathed down the bronchi into the lungs, causing bronchial problems and mucus in the lungs, even as most all other activities are unaffected.

      Although *perhaps* for a very short time proton pump inhibitors *might* be needed, I suggest not. Instead, the answer is actually to *add* stomach acid to your stomach with hydrochloric acid capsules partway through each meal. You start with one cap. If there is no particular reaction, then the next substantial meal you would take 2 caps. No reaction, go to three caps. The reaction you are looking for is a kind of hot, buzzy feeling in your stomach a few minutes or more after you take the caps. (If you get this feeling, you can let it fade or you can take about 1/2 tsp of baking soda to turn this feeling off or down). This is what it feels like to have too much acid. Cut the dose back one cap. For example, if you get the warm buzzy feeling on three caps, drop the dose to two caps per meal for substantial meals and one cap for very light meals. You don’t need anything for fruits or snacks of raw vegetables. Don’t take more than 4 caps at a meal.

      Then, before bed, if you are feeling any GERD issues (or if they wake you up), mix 1-3 tsps of organic apple cider vinegar (or standard vinegar) with some water and drink it down. (To protect your teeth, rinse your mouth out with a little baking soda in water or on the tongue afterward but do not swallow that – spit it out.)

      Others online have recommended “manuka honey, probiotics, turmeric tea and green tea” during the day to heal the GI tract. It seems overall that the spike from a Covid virus, even the Omicron variants, can get into the GI tract and take time to move down and out. Ivermectin might help mop the remaining spikes up, as can astaxanthin, bromelain and Boswellia. And then to heal the gut, a few grams of L-Glutamine, probiotics, and so on.

      I’m working on this problem myself, so I’m still looking for answers, but this protocol is something for me to try. Let me know if it helps you or not.

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      1. Thank you, Steve. I know you and I wrote about this issue when I had possible CVD issues in November and my LPR symptoms raised their ugly head out of nowhere.

        I’m getting back to my protocol for LPR. Praise God the chest X-ray came out fine yesterday (thank you all for praying). I am well aware of all the possible helpful things you mention. Manuka honey is wonderful!

        On a side note: my 16 year old tested positive for CVD this morning. He’s had some pretty nasty symptoms. It’s day 3, and thankfully, is slowly feeling better. The rest of us are doing fine 🙏🏻 But I’ve got Steve’s protocol.

        On that note, I’m finding that doctors around the world are starting to suggest medicines that Steve lists in his protocol that he published a year plus ago!!! I’m seeing NAC being mentioned along with hyberaric oxygen therapy (I think that’s what it’s called) among other supplements!!

        Last question: Steve, about 2 weeks after I got better I went for my annual check up with my internist. He said that since he was already taking blood, we should go ahead and do an antibody test. I went ahead and agreed. But I think I remember you saying that antibody tests should be taken at least a month after recovery from CVD? Is this correct or am I imagining things? My D3 level was 78. I take 10,000 iU of D3/day.

        Thank you all again for your prayers. Love you all!


        1. Becky, 78 is terrific. Yeah, on the antibody tests, I’ve done them two times after feeling ill, testing after a month or 6 weeks and came up negative both times. So when it comes to antibody testing, I kind of shrug my shoulders. They should be testing for something else, not antibodies, but I can’t recall what. Most immunity is apparently not in antibodies but, what, maybe Memory B cells or T cells. The immune system is so amazing, but it can be difficult to read. Two weeks after may be fine. If you get a positive, then it was, I guess!

          Sorry to hear about your son. I hope he continues to improve. I’ve had a few folks close to me get Covid recently, presumably the B5 variant of Omicron. What I’ve found is that if people start improving noticeably after only 2-3 days, they do pretty well, although minor symptoms can continue for a while or malaise. As long as he continues to heal, he should bounce back pretty quickly. He’s got another 2-3 days before the virus is pretty much gone from his system at which point the main issue is the body getting rid of the remaining spikes and spike fragments. So on Day 5 or 6 he should add in the anti-inflammatories and tamp down his level of inflammation while still getting rid of the spikes. Astaxanthin, bromelain, and boswellia target the spikes as well as reduce inflammation. If you have Mucosolvan or Maty’s mucolytics, they can increase comfort and help the healing. Meanwhile, we should all pray the Brazen Serpent prayer on his behalf and send him lots of positive prayer.

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          1. My kiddo was feeling perfectly fine by last night. He said he was tired, but most all other symptoms were gone. Symptoms started Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, symptoms were far worse: nausea, horrific headache. By Saturday morning: low grade fever, diarrhea, nausea and horrible tasting saliva. As of yesterday afternoon, feeling fine with a bit of lingering diarrhea and tiredness. By last night, he was roaming the house totally fine and bored ;). Today is Day 5. I will start the anti-inflammatory stuff for him.

            Praise God – the rest of us are doing well!

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            1. That sounds very good, Becky! Watch to see if anything happens on Day 8 (plus or minus a day). Overall, he should not push hard to get active right away. He should test his physical activity limits carefully every day and stop and rest as soon as he feels weak or fatigued. Then push carefully again the next day, and so on, until he is back to normal. The key is to avoid exhaustion while his body is building back his energy pathways. If he notices any continuing mental issues, he could take Lion’s Mane mushroom caps to help his neurons heal. Otherwise, he looks to be on the way to full recovery. 🙂


      2. SteveBC, along with your other measures, have you considered taking dandelion tincture for the spike proteins to which you are constantly exposed? The recommendations that I have seen say to take a tea or tincture of the leaves. If using the tincture (widely available at health-food stores or online at places like Vitacost or Swanson’s Vitamins), the recommendation is 5 drops in a little water, twice daily, indefinitely.


        1. Actually, I’m trying some homeopathy and working on my digestion at the moment, but I will definitely look into this. Thank you! 🙂


          1. Hey Steve,

            I kept a food journal for several months which helped me figure out some of the foods that make my LPR worse. Manuka Honey before bed helped. Small meals!! Avoid all your trigger foods. Stress makes it worse. Commercial dairy is NOT my friend. I can eat beef in small amounts, but too much and it’s ugly. The overall one tip that helped me the most – DO NOT eat less than 4-6 hours before bed! The longer between your last meal time and bed, the better. I also sleep with an extra pillow which raises my head above my stomach. I’m sure you know all these tips, but wanted to pass along some of what I did and do that has helped me. God Bless!


            1. What matters is that these work for you because you went down to first principles with your journal and found out what is true for your body. I could never last for 4-6 hours without food before sleep – I would be so hungry that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. LOL.

              If I may alter one thing for you, it is the use of your pillow. People have a strong tendency over the years for the head to move forward and off the spine. Particularly for women. As it turns out, you have part of the solution but not all. It is quite important to get your head higher than your stomach, but the best way to do that is to elevate the head of your entire bed by putting blocks or bricks under the feet of your headboard. You want to have a 5 degree slope downward from your head to your feet so that you are lying straight but in a slightly tilted attitude. When you do that, your body stays in a relaxed but active state such that you are less likely to get varicose veins and you will experience other benefits that you will not experience if your body is partly flat and then bent to keep your head up. You actually want to have a bolster-like pillow that holds your neck up and your head back so that your eyes are looking almost straight up at the ceiling. That helps keep your spine, neck and head straight rather than pushing your head forward. The straight but tilted posture activates the body and requires a 3-5 degree tilt in the mattress to do that. Start up 1 inch for your bed and get used to it, then go up another inch, etc, until your bed has a 4-5 degree slope down from your head to your feet. Then instead of holding your hands up around your chest, lay them straight out down along the sides of your body to get even more relaxed. You can look online for information about bed-tilting. You can also look up Dr. Peter Martone DC, who sells pillows designed to hold your neck and head as it should be. Since using his pillow design, my neck has definitely improved. Just be careful to continue to breathe through your nose at night and not mouth breathe. 🙂


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