Joseph’s Way

(Dream of Joseph – Rembrandt)

(I wrote this little story way back in 1996. I love to post it at Christmas. I hope you enjoy it. – CJ)

By Charlie Johnston


The true son of true God was

adopted by a man, that all men

might truly be adopted by God.

Taking on our humanity He gave us a

share in his divinity. And so, we are

become a new race – sons and

daughters of the living God.

I: In His Father’s Tent 

“Why must the girls marry the old men? Most like the young men better.”

Jacob’s right hand twitched; the chisel in it jumped and nicked the fleshy pad in his left. His son’s voice startled him. Save for the scraping of the wood, the tent had been silent all morning. He looked up from his bench and glared at his son. No use. Joseph was planing boards at the far end of the tent, his back to the father. Jacob’s beard lifted in wry amusement. His enigmatic son says something interesting – and does it with his back turned. How appropriate.

“Are you thinking you’d like to be married, then?” the father asked, his lips pursing to suppress his mirth.

Joseph kept planing.

“No, Father,” he said. “I just thought…well, we all laugh and play together as children, then the girls are gone. They enter the house of an elder and we don’t speak any more. It must be…fearful. And maybe lonely for them.”

Jacob was thunderstruck. How to respond to this outpouring?

“You’ve an eye for beauty, Joseph. Perhaps one of your childhood friends will bear a daughter who will be ripe when it is your time.”

Jacob knew immediately it was a silly, stupid thing to say, but he could think of nothing else.

Joseph was silent. There were many boards yet to plane today. Jacob watched his son’s back for a moment, then took up his chisel and turned back to his work. It was not until late in the day that the raspy rhythm of chisel and plane was broken again.

“I saw a woman stoned,” Joseph said.

Jacob looked up, amazed again, but wary now. “An adulteress?” he asked.


“That is our law, handed down from Moses.”

“It was horrible,” Joseph said, his back still to his father. “She was all purple and bleeding, pleading for mercy. But there was no mercy there. Can this be what God intends?”

He turned to his father, eyes full, a hint of tremor on his lips. His hands kept to the wood.

Jacob’s left hand lay flat on the workbench, his right clenched a fist around the chisel. His eyes were steady and fixed on his son.

“Who was she taken with?” he asked.

“A friend of her childhood. She was barely 14.”stoning-bible2

Understanding dawned. The father closed his eyes and lowered his head. When he lifted it again his gaze was penetrating and clear.

“Did the three of you once laugh and play together?” he asked his son.

Joseph turned back to his work. He had overplaned this board. It was ruined. Jacob saw it, too.

“Gather the wood scraps together now and take them to your grandfather,” Jacob said. “It will be cold tonight.”

“But Father, I have ruined this board. I must…”

“You must take the wood scraps to your grandfather.” Jacob’s voice was low, even gentle, but it compelled obedience. “The sun will soon set. There will be time enough tomorrow to correct your errors.”

The father turned back to his work as the son gathered together the scraps. Jacob worked late that night, pausing occasionally to examine with wonder the single misshapen board his son’s meticulous hands had ever formed.

II: The Coming of the Ark


Until his world crashed, Joseph had been preoccupied with a fantastic dream. Six times it had come, every third night these last few weeks.

It always began in a tent; a tent like his father’s, but not his father’s. Joseph was alone, doing detail work with the chisel – the sort his father always did. It was magnificent work; impossibly rich ebony, finely filigreed and ornate, more beautiful and delicate than any he had ever seen. He was lost in the work, intent on each detail when the tent began to fill with a brilliant, gently pulsing light. Turning around, he looked into the eyes of a lean, sinewy man of about 30 (his own age) who, nonetheless, bore the flowing, white beard of a patriarch. He somehow knew this to be Moses. Behind Moses was a box; the sort in which a queen might keep her most precious jewel. It was simple, yet beautiful: olive wood rubbed and oiled, inlaid with a pale blue ivory. Joseph went to it and knelt in wonder, astonished at this unlikely source of bright, throbbing light that yet did not blind. Unable to take his eyes from it, he asked, “Is this the Ark?”

“Guard it well,” Moses replied. Then Joseph would awaken. The dream should have come again last night. It might have, had Joseph slept at all. Mary came instead. It was late afternoon and Joseph was surprised to see her. It was not yet time for her to come into his house so he seldom saw her alone. She delivered the blow with a gentle, almost playful, smile.

“I am with child,” she said.

Joseph was sure he had not heard her correctly but was so confused he could say nothing at all.

“I am with child,” she repeated.

His mind raced. How can this be? Why is she smiling? Is she taunting me? No, she never taunts. He finally asked, “Who is the father?”

“Pray and you will know,” she replied, and then was gone. Joseph had never felt so alone, so forsaken, so completely and utterly crushed. And yet…that smile. Mary was not upset, certainly not frightened. In truth, she seemed joyful. How could she be joyful about such devastating news?

Joseph had long ago dismissed the idea of marriage. After witnessing a stoning he had dedicated himself, body and soul, to God, in reparation for all those without mercy and as an offering for all those in need of it. He would never have thought to court Mary. She was the most beautiful, graceful and refined woman in all of Galilee. Except for yesterday, she had never failed to bring a measure of joy to everyone she encountered, whenever she encountered them. There was an air of mystery about her; wisdom and peace flowed from some secret place in her that Joseph doubted anyone had ever penetrated. Yet she could be bold. It was Mary who told Joseph she wanted him to be her husband. After his initial shocked wonder, he delicately explained to her that he had entirely dedicated himself to God.

“So have I,” Mary replied almost gaily – and that was that. They were betrothed.

Joseph wondered what God could possibly intend for him with this humiliation. Though he had felt called from his youth to be a husband and father, he had renounced it for the sake of mercy, putting it entirely out of his mind. When Mary came to him, he thought surely God had sent her. How likely was it that any woman, much less this magnificent woman, should both love him and share his mission? And now this. What should he do?

A vision of Mary, purple and bleeding, flashed through his mind, filling him with horror and revulsion. dream-of-st-joseph2
He would not accuse her. He would never accuse anyone. But he could not take her into his home. A quiet bill of divorce – that was surely the answer. He would appear to be the scoundrel and she might have difficulty finding a husband, but she would not be put to shame.

Preparing to make his evening prayers, Joseph remembered Mary’s smile; her confidence and joy. So instead of asking why, he cried out, “O God, my God, what do You intend for me in this horrible situation?’

Nearby, the Angel of the Lord waited for sleep to overtake Joseph. The Angel had a message of supreme importance; news that what Joseph thought was an ending was, in fact, a beginning.

III: God With Us


Although he was glad to have found it when and where he did, Joseph would long be troubled by the memory of the wood.

It irritated him to have to travel when Mary’s time was so near. He found no work along the way; his tools were just an extra burden for the donkey. When Mary’s time did come, he was prepared. He had expected it to happen on the road. He had not expected to be unable to find a place for them to stay. Joseph was beginning to think the child would be born in a field when they came upon an old cattle shed. Joseph could not see how it kept the cattle in; it certainly would not keep the elements out. He had thought to use a manger as a makeshift cradle for the child, but there was none. Piles of hay were scattered indiscriminately about the floor. His heart sank. For a moment Joseph was overwhelmed by his own inadequacy – but only for a moment. Mary’s need was urgent.

Joseph looked around the shed and spied a pair of warped boards lying at the rear. He was filled with both gratitude and dismay as he examined them. The grain was fine; there were no knots. The wood was flawless. Only the workmanship was shoddy. The tools would prove useful, after all. Joseph had never worked at such a reckless pace. It took him scarcely half an hour to fashion a serviceable cradle. At that, he finished just in time.

Mary was gasping; the child would wait no longer. Joseph turned the full force of his attention on his wife. He took control with confident ease. The delivery was uncomplicated (thank God for small favors!). He cleaned the child and put him in Mary’s arms, then gathered together some hay and sticks to cover the holes in the roof. Finally, he was finished.

“You’re a good husband and father,” Mary murmured, handing him the boy.

Joseph’s brows lifted. “How so?” he asked.

“Everyone sees the blessing in honor and prosperity. Few can accept the blessing of humiliation and hardship.”

Joseph nodded. “The lower the net is cast, the more it gathers. nativity_shepherds_by_murillo2
Heaven is too high for us. I was thinking it must have pleased God to cast his net low tonight.”

“Why, Joseph, that’s profound.”

“Are you so surprised?” he asked, a wry smile curling his lips.

“The things you do are always profound, but you seldom speak of why you do them.”

They rested in quiet contemplation, cuddling their child and nuzzling together. The cattle lowed gently beside them.

After a while, Mary said, “That’s a lovely cradle you made.”

Joseph regarded it thoughtfully. “It will make a fine manger when we leave. The wood for it should not have been lying there, though.”

“Oh, Joseph, not everyone is as orderly as you.”

“That’s not it,” he said.

Mary looked at him quizzically.

“Were it not for the cattle, I would have thought this place abandoned,” he explained. “But that’s not it. It’s the Romans. They love to collect such boards for use in their instruments of torture and execution…”

Joseph sat up straight, suddenly alert. Someone was outside the shed. Were they to be turned away from even this place? A boy stepped into view – a shepherd, then two of his companions. Joseph was puzzled.

“Please, sir,” the first boy spoke for them all. “An angel told us the Messiah is born tonight…and that we could see him here.”

Joseph and Mary glanced at each other in surprise, then Joseph smiled and bade the shepherds enter. They knelt before Jesus, who slept contentedly in his mother’s arms.

“A most approachable king, this son of mine,” Joseph thought, surveying the scene. A bit of Scripture bubbled into his head: God’s ways are not man’s ways. This Messiah would surely startle and challenge Israel’s expectations of what God’s ways are.

IV: After the Temple


“I saw a woman stoned yesterday.”

Jesus’ voice did not startle Joseph. His son had been working with furious intensity all morning – always prelude to an outburst. The father paused to look in his son’s direction. The muscles in Jesus’ back rippled with rhythmic resolve and the shavings flew like sparks. At this rate he would finish two or three days work before the sun had set. Every board would be perfect, too. It was a continuing marvel to Joseph that his son should be both so passionate and so precise. The father resumed his carving, but kept his eyes on the son. Jesus would elaborate soon enough. It was always best to wait for him.

“I could have stopped it,” Jesus said.

“Why didn’t you?” Joseph’s voice was measured and calm.jesus-teen-joseph-carpenter-shop

“It is not my time,” Jesus replied. “Now is a time for obedience and restraint. I can master nothing until I have mastered these.”

“Even at the cost of a woman’s life?”

Jesus stiffened, his back straight now. The plane trembled in his hand, troubling the wood no longer.

“She lives,” he said softly. “The gates of heaven will open for her. But this is not what my father intends.”

“What, then,” Joseph pressed. “…that sin should continue?”

Jesus whirled around, eyes flashing. His voice was tight with suppressed fury.

“No,” he said. “That mercy should abound. All have received it from above. It will go hard for those who are miserly in giving what they, themselves, have received in abundance.”

Jesus’ anger suddenly gave way to stunned wonder. Joseph’s eyes were radiant with joy, but his lips were pressed tightly together and his cheeks were wet with tears. Wonder became alarm when Jesus saw the deep gouge in the mantle his father had been working on. Jesus had never seen him like this. He went to his father.

“I can fix that for you.”

Joseph shook himself, as if waking from a dream, and gazed at the mantle. Tilting his head in curiosity, he looked back at his son.

“How so?” he asked.

“I can make it take any shape I want.”

Joseph’s eyes narrowed. “Have you done this with your work?”

Jesus’ face flushed. He lowered his head. When he spoke, it was scarcely a whisper. “No, Father…just some sticks in the field.”

Joseph pushed up from the bench. He began to pace, stroking his beard in thought. “I see,” he said. “Why work at all then? Why not just take a stick and grow it into a house?”

The pacing stopped. Joseph looked directly at his son. Jesus regarded his father with dismay and confusion. He tried to speak, but all he could muster was a dry, choked rustle.

“I’ll tell you why,” the father resumed. “Because it is wrong. You are a man, Jesus. You did not become such to cover over shoddy work. That is a mark of lowness in a man. If you are to be lifted above that, you must always work the wood properly. No shortcuts – ever.”

Jesus’ eyes met his father’s stern, loving gaze. For a moment the son remembered having chosen Joseph from all eternity. He pushed the memory away; his father would not be pleased. Now his own eyes filled with tears. Joseph was a worthy man.

“Yes, Father,” he assented.

Joseph clasped the boy’s shoulder in the semi-embrace favored by reticent men. Father and son worked together in silence that afternoon, savoring occasionally the comfortable communion between them.

V: His Father’s Way


The Baptist was shaken to see Jesus standing before him, waist deep in the chill water of the Jordan River.

“I need to be baptized by you, and yet you come to me,” John said.

Memories of Joseph flooded Jesus’ mind. Smiling gently, he told John, “Allow it now. It becomes us to fulfill all righteousness.”

The Baptist plunged him into the water. Rising, Jesus shook his hair and beard, then departed for the desert.

His father was well pleased.


In my Father’s house are many mansions…

I go to prepare a place for you – John 14:2


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    1. Blessed Christmas to you, Sister Bear! 🙏🏽🎄
      Cannot thank you enough for contacting all the CoRaC folks in R14. If we waited for me I would still be trying to make it perfect. 🙄
      God bless, katey


  1. I spent part of today contemplating the boyhood of Jesus..this seemed to fall in place after contemplating Mary’s difficult journey culminating in her baby’s birth. I feel sure riding the donkey brought on labor. Your writing just added to the beautiful contemplation of today’s readings. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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  2. Thank you Charlie. I love this story. I keep hoping you will put some of your other reflection stories.

    Merry Christmas.

    On a side note, my partner has just told me he has caught Covid (He has started with a fever, chills and now coughing every now and then) and I just started with diarrhea, today. Apart from that I feel ok. I’ve been taking vitamin D and I’ve been secretly given the Ivermectin horse paste to use in case of Covid. I haven’t taken the jab but everyone else is now on their 3rd and they have started to give it to children.

    What should I now take? I know that the important thing is early treatment. I’m thinking of taking Ivermectin once we are positive. ( I only have enough for 4 doses…)

    I honestly hope I finally have Covid. I’m 43 and in good health. If I get it then, they can leave me alone about the jab. I do want to get over it as quickly as possible. So for those who has gone through Covid, please tell me what has helped you.

    2022 promises to be a very eventful year.

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    1. Itaca123, with Covid, Immediacy is Life!

      DO NOT WAIT FOR A POSITIVE TEST! You cannot go wrong by acting as if what you have is Covid, but you can go very wrong if you wait. If your body cannot shake it off after 1-2 days, the longer you wait to treat it, the sicker you may very well get. And if after 7 days or so, you shift into Phase 2, you will sustain serious damage. Start treating it RIGHT NOW!

      Go to my web site and use the information as you will, but do not wait a moment longer. Drop everything else and deal with this NOW.

      SteveBC’s Anti-Covid Cookbook

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      1. He did test positive.
        I gave him 0.5 ml of the horse Ivermectin that was sent to me as I only have 4ml.

        For myself, I have something as I have flem and yesterday diarrhea (but that could be the seafood…) I was taking 7000ie of vitamin D with K2 and Mg. I will buy today what I can from Amazon…

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          1. ForTheSake, have you actually used this formulation? I can’t find a list of the inert ingredients in this IverCare formula. Some pastes are OK, some have inert ingredients not good for humans. Do you have good information about the inerts in this formula?

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              1. CMB, some folks have used this one:

                Ann Barnhardt has a page that reviews several formulas, rejecting some and saying OK to others. However, in general, to figure the ingredients out is quite difficult for most of us, so caution is very important.

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            1. No Steve, I have no idea.
              When there was a video at :
              I bought the Durvet brand that was pictured on the video, but you-tube took off the video.
              Now the above link is new with additional information.
              When I looked up the horse medicine on
              I see that the Durvet brand no longer makes Ivermectin, but that the Ivercare brand does.
              Thanks for letting me know about inert ingredients.
              No, I haven’t bought any of the Ivercare, nor have I used any of the other.

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              1. For the Sake, I think Durvet Is still making all of its products, but Amazon no longer sells the one I mentioned itself, while Other Buying Options exist there. The 1% liquids appear to have 59% propylene glycol, which some people might be allergic to. I’ve never emphasized IVM in the veterinary field but recognize it can be useful in a pinch. It’s just that a person must have some idea of the ingredients of *anything* they put in their bodies, and finding out what is in these products is nearly impossible if you aren’t in the animal care field, as Barnhardt has been. I’m not a big fan of using these products because of this lack of knowledge. If you can’t get human IVM, the best bet is to find one or more products that are available and where you can determine the ingredients are fit for humans and use those instead. FLCCC docs recommend Black Seed Oil as an alternative to IVM, and there are others. Eventually, this will sort itself all out and IVM will become recognized as important for human health, but first we have to get a lot of criminals out of the pipeline.

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                1. You crack me up! TY! I also, more often than not, need to reduce it to this level, to be able to function. God bless you, yours and us, Everyone!

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            2. We used Durvet Ivermectin paste ,1.87% with good results, but the package does say “not for human use.” May kill dogs. No sign of inert ingredients.

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              1. Nance, certain dogs (collies in particular) lack a certain blocking mechanism in their blood-brain barrier to keep the IVM out of their central nervous system, so IVM can kill them. Humans are only rarely at risk of that issue. The inert ingredients are not disclosed because this is not a human product and the maker claims proprietary nondisclosure. Some people may have an allergy to one or more of the inert ingredients. I suspect but do not know that one ingredient *may* be propylene glycol but I really don’t know. Anyone using this product should be alert for a sudden allergic reaction or to a sensitivity that takes a bit longer to show up. If no issues, it should be OK to use with careful monitoring for possible reactions.

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        1. Itaca123, diarrhea and phlegm are typical of Covid and given your proximity to someone who has it, you are likely sick with it, too, unfortunately. Treating it as if it is Covid cannot hurt you but waiting for confirmation when it is Covid definitely can make the ultimate problem much worse. Hang in there and do all you reasonably can, and I will add you to my prayers, the ultimate treatment. 🙂

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          1. I have been treating myself as if I have Covid. I tested negative but it was the nose test. ( Good grief was that awful!!!! Never doing that again!!) Yesterday I felt a little more tired and a slight uncomfortable head. (It didn’t ache…) My symptoms are just a sense of my body is uncomfortable. I’ve had colds and stomach flu that were much worse.
            I hope I have Covid, then they can leave me alone about the injection. Everyone here is getting the 3rd dose. I hope I get it and and it will get people questioning what is going on. I want to get it just so I can say, ” Look, I not vacinated and I’m fine! I’ve got very mild symptoms. This is what I did…”

            This morning George seemed better. His fever was lower and when he sat up he didn’t appear as weak or shaky. He is coughing less. Yesterday, he complained of some chest pain which concerned me a bit.
            I’ve been giving him what I have, some horse Ivermectin ( half of the full dose that I’ve been told – 0.5ml.), the high dose of vitamin D (7000) with K2 and Mg.
            And fresh lime water for vitamin C. (I was given a bag of limes a few weeks back.)
            Tomorrow I should receive what I bought from Amazon. The Quercetin, Selenium, Zinc and vitamin C.
            I would much rather have the human Ivermectin but it is difficult to get.

            I don’t like talking about the whole Covid situation here because I’m angry at the lies. I hate the fact that it is only when it becomes personal that people start questioning.
            They started injecting the kids here. George was going to get his booster on Wednesday so he could continue to go out, even though he understands that it doesn’t work. Even the observation of the fact that we are in the same situation as last year when there was no vaccine doesn’t faze anyone. They questioned the vacvine before but now they just go back in line for the boosters when they are called.
            I am surprised that will all these 3rd boosters there hasn’t been more personal adverse affects. People are unwell for about 24 hours and thats it.
            Anyways, I take it a day at a time and I looking forward to the time when this crazyness is simply part of history. I keep reminding myself that this is only a moment in time. It will end.

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            1. Ah, good, I hope if you have it that you have the Omicron vaxiant. That seems to be spreading very rapidly and acting like a vaccine should. Very interesting process.

              Like you and so many people, I’m getting very tired of the whole subject, and also like you, I just shake my head at how so many people are entranced by the supposed vaxxxines and line up for tests when they have no symptoms. My appreciation (poor word for this) of the power of the Narrative and the enormous success the Powers have had in programming so many people so easily has grown over time as I have increasingly understood how it was all brought about.

              Only 5% of the original vaxxxine lots actually caused significant issues. Many lots appear not to have had any RNA or DNA in them, though they may have had other things. Many lots were simply saline. A lot of people who think they got protection got saline instead and do not have protection. A long-winded way to say that I suspect that a similar lot structure applies to the boosters, particularly if the folks doing the injections are using the same lots as were provided last spring. The folks you see may be getting saline, or a mix of the other bad stuff but not the main stuff, while others are getting whacked with full doses.

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              1. With baby Jaxon today Stevebc…pretty sure mom n child had omicron. Went out as fast as it came in. Fever. Aches. Tired, Hes back to normal today. I hope I get it. Sort of. Lol tbd. Most of her coworkers were down with Covid but this thing was super fast. Without u recommend Ivermectin if I do get it? Just curious.

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                1. Good to hear it went out fast. I have a slew of things I recommend at my website. You can check that out. In particular, if you have IVM, yes, you can take it at the first sign of symptoms, or you can use one or more of the IVM equivalents I recommend as well. Depends on what you have on hand or can get quickly. I don’t recall if you’ve already had Covid or not. Omicron can infect people who have had Covid already, but it appears to just come in and go out quickly. Delta is still circulating, however, so we all need to act as if symptoms can turn into something serious. Although I have been recommending to everyone to treat *everything* that might be Covid as Covid and start treatment literally within the hour symptoms first show up, the introduction of Omicron is leading me to let people watch their symptoms for a couple days and see if those symptoms start declining on their own on Day 2 or continue harsh or get worse. If the symptoms are already retreating on Day 2, it’s probably Omicron. If symptoms are bad and getting worse, or simply staying the same, I would begin aggressive anti-covid treatment no later than the evening of Day 2.

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                  1. Thanks sooooooo much Stevebc!!! I really appreciate your advice! Don’t know if I’ll get what they have/had but probably a good chance of it since baby Jaxon slobbered 🤤 on me for 12 hours today!😂😂😂 ahhhh the things we do for love! He’s so darn cute 🥰 6 months old now!👶🏼

                    Not sure I’ve had Covid yet…just getting over the last flu they gave me I’ve had since thanksgiving and last day today of round 2 of steroids!😫 Boy oh boy those steroids can really mess with ur head😫. Darn near made me crazy. I checked neg for the last 4 week bug for Covid but Mike said it’s the sickest he’s ever seen me and even wondered if I would make it through. The cough was soooo bad that there were times I felt I couldn’t come out of it and the lung was deflating. All my dr said was according to the rapid test it was NOT Covid and then proceeded to lecture me very sternly about NOT being vaxxxxed. He wasn’t happy with me at all but I know he only meant it for my well-being. Poor doc has lost a lot of people these past few years and I think it’s traumatized him quite a bit!😫

                    Anyhow thank you again for you good advice and if I start to feel ill I’ll just start my ivermectin and your protocols on your website.

                    Stevebc thank you for loving and caring for us all on this site!!! You, my friend, are a Godsend to us all!!!

                    Say hi to moms for me!!!

                    Happy New Years to you and all your loved ones!!!🥳🥰🙏🎄🐿

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                    1. Thank you Beckita!!! Globetrotting Tommy just called and just had test he’s sick now too😫 he’ll know in a couple hours. I’ll probably come down with whatever it is too but it can’t possibly be any worse than what I just went through😂😂😂 God surely has something big big big up His sleeves with all this suffering going on these days 🥰

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                    2. Thanks Mick!!! So far so good! Globetrotting Tommy rebounding nicely. I’m not feeling up to par but not sure I’m sick either 😂😂😂 Boy oh boy Charlie was right that God is going to wipe out any petty religiosity (or something to that tune) in us this year 😂😂😂 Jesus we trust in you!


                    3. You’re welcome, Linda. BTW, the tests for Covid often fail to diagnose Omicron. The only way for you to know (and to get your doctor off your back on vaxxxes) is to ask him to give you a lab test for Covid antibodies. That is more reliable than the rapid tests and should identify antibodies for Omicron, but I don’t know for sure. The symptoms you describe are almost identical to reports I have seen from all sorts of people I know or read about, and it goes through families like lightning.

                      If you want to mess with your doctor’s head, ask him to draw up a list of all the patients he lost over the past 2 years and identify them as having been vaxxxed or not and *specifically* what they died of (“with Covid” is not the same as “from Covid”, for example). It might sober him up a bit. Most people can’t see the obvious until it’s down in black and white.

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                    4. Great points Stevebc!!!! Omgosh yes the antibody test would be most beneficial right now!!! Ha!!! Didn’t even think of that!!!

                      I have a check up with my dr the end of January so I may just try your logic on him!!!😂😂😂.

                      He asked me once what my plan was if I got Covid ! He’s Catholic so I assumed he would get it but he didn’t!😂. I told him my plan was to try to get to confession every couple of weeks and try my hardest to stay In a state of Grace. Well he just burst out in laughter and told me that was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard!!! Hahahahaha. I smiled.🥰

                      All our priests are sick currently and my own priest is visiting home in India so my own prescribed RX has been a bit challenging as of late but we all know here, that God can still give out His graces when the sacraments are unavailable!🥰

                      Jesus we trust in you!!!🥰🙏🥳🎉⬆️

                      Happy New Years Stevebc and God bless and protect you so very much and forever too! !!🥰🥳🎉😇🐿

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                1. Joanne, there have been rumors for a long time that many lots merely had saline and not the actual mRNA vaccine material. The Expose UK investigated this using official VAERS data and published this article on 10/31/21:


                  Karl Denninger published this response on 11/2/21, confirming the Expose’s article (language warning):


                  Read both of these and then think through the possibilities. There is at least one more study of this information that says essentially, the Pharma companies knew the vaccines were so deadly that they had to salt the lots they produced with harmless bottles to reduce the likelihood that we would be shocked awake AND they systematically tracked who got what and what happened. Think how many people around you got vaxxxed, had no issues, and then became proselytizers to everyone else that they too should get the vaxxx.

                  The latest detailed from-the-ground-up calculation for the deaths caused by the vaxxxes is over 400,000, and I think this is way too conservative, with the actual number being about 1M now. Consider that for every vaxxxed person who dies, probably nine are partly or fully incapacitated. Employers can’t find workers, and everyone says that’s because the government is paying them to stay home. I think that’s incorrect. I think this year about 10M people have had to leave the work force. That’s an employment shock fully capable of explaining why so many employers are having trouble hiring employees and why so many employers are operating so short-handed. And all this damage was done by 5% of the lots produced. Since those lots were widely distributed and larger than most other lots, I suspect somewhere around 10% and *naybe* as many as15% of the people vaxxxed were vaxxxed by these bad lots. Imagine the devastation we would be seeing if the other 85% had also been vaxxxed with the bad lots and were continuing to be vaxxxed as the boosters roll out and 100% of everyone were getting the bad lots?

                  Fortunately, that’s not happening, but the past is enough, for goodness sake.

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                  1. Knowing the human capacity for error, maybe, the big pharma adjusted the vaxxx contents as adverse results and death were reported. But both reports lend credence to the pharmaceutical companies using the entire population as test subjects IN ORDER to test efficacy. The worse part is how the elderly receive little treatment early on and died. You could almost forgive the ignorance if the Fauci gang hadn’t crucify doctors early on who advocated for therapeutics. I find it hard to trust even my primary care doctor. She works for a large hospital system, Penn Medicine to be exact. The powers on high there dictate what protocols are to be used. She will not buck the system. I was very sick back in 10/2020 with a severe and visible infection on my leg later diagnosed as MRSA and they made me feel quilts that I wanted a face to face appointment. Her nurse came to me at the lobby chair I was seated in and admonished me for even being there. I had to lift my pant leg to show her the infection from ankle to knee to shut her up. Exposure of our absolute stupidity and herd mentality especially in the so called intelligentsia is astounding. Thanks for all your information and work on Covid.

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                  2. This is a telling sentence, SteveBC, the gist of which I’ve heard and have been thinking about for quite some time: “Think how many people around you got vaxxxed, had no issues, and then became proselytizers to everyone else that they too should get the vaxxx.”

                    Russian roulette requires that only one chamber out of 6 (I think) in a revolver has a bullet in it. If intentional, only SOME vaxxx lots, seemingly randomly distributed (but tracked) would be deadly.

                    Most people just don’t know they’re involved in this wickedly crafted game.

                    Am I too suspicious?

                    Saint Roch, pray for us.

                    Sister Bear

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                    1. My mind works the same way, Sr. Bear. My training in lab sciences/brief exposue to that and years as a RN, stuff I’ve seen, etc, help (?hinder) me to connect the dots in a certain way. However, I have to really work on the due diligence part. It is overwhelming.

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      2. Stevebc my daughter in law has been ill with fever and unbelievable tiredness over Christmas and now our grandson Jaxon is sick too. Of course they all stayed home. Liz’s coworkers are pretty much all down with covid so she’s assuming it’s Covid but keeps testing negative. (She’s a nurse in Cleveland) she’s thinking perhaps it could be the omicron variant because that one doesn’t always register with the rapid tests. Do you know anything yet about the omicron variant? I’ve heard it’s not as severe as the Delta? Thanks Stevebc. Just curious. Figured if anyone knew the answers to these questions it would be you! Ha!

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        1. I think the Omicron variant for almost everyone is *much* milder than Delta. It comes in swiftly and leaves swiftly, yet gives the patient full natural immunity. It’s almost like a vaccine should have been. If they improve quickly, then it is probably Omicron. If they still have it after 7 days or so, that would not be good, as it means they likely have Delta instead. I hope they are treating their cases aggressively.

          If they have been vaccinated, that would increase the likelihood it is Omicron.

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          1. Liz felt better in two days (double vaxxed) and just like you say it came on fast and left fast!!! Jaxons came on fast too. She said a little Tylenol and he was playing again🤗. I babysit Wednesday so sounds like it would be nice to get that one off it’s the omicron! Thanks Stevebc!!! God bless!

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    2. Hi Itaka, in my case Mucosolvan syrup (Ambroxol Hydrochloride is the main ingredient ) killed my poor Covid overnight. Never experienced a few hour recovery from the worst condition to pretty much dead silence after Coviddo left within like 8 hours. Available mostly in some of the Polish stores (delis).

      Never used this online Polish store,so call them first:

      In tablets available on amazon, although might be generic, I see a different manufacturer here:

      After recovery I found this:
      “Ambroxol Hydrochloride Inhibits the Interaction between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Spike Protein’s Receptor Binding Domain and Recombinant Human ACE2”

      “Azithromycin and ambroxol as potential pharmacotherapy for SARS-CoV-2”

      So not knowing I took accidentally a medicine for Covid, and in my case it had no mercy for my Coviddo de Sarso.

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      1. Pawel, I’m going to make you famous. 🙂

        I’ve been following your reports but could not find the detailed documentation I needed to do more than indicate Ambroxol HCl is interesting enough to try. You found that documentation – thank you! Now I understand why it was so effective at turning off your case of Covid. It’s a powerful assist in the early days of a case of any spiked virus but particularly for Covid and its spike.

        I have already put this product into my new anti-covid write-up. Now I will be able to emphasize it specifically.

        Unfortunately, the tablets have a pretty dirty formula. I’m sensitive to several of the ingredients. I am also including a link to Zdrowe Ziolko pharmacy’s page, but of course I can’t read it.

        Can you please translate for me the exact English terms for *all* of the ingredients in the liquid form from Zdrowe (both active and inert ingredients) and their instructions for measuring out a dose for someone taking it (possibly different for adults or kids).

        The tablets provide 30 mg of Ambroxol, so I would like to know if you took a dose equivalent to 30 mg in the liquid you used, or if you took a lower or higher dose.

        Thank you!

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        1. I would also add I took Mucosolvan first being I believe around 10th day into Covid, at the point it was probably worst in terms of coughing.

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          1. Pawel, that is incredible news. Normally by that time there is so much damage that settling everything back down and then recovering is quite difficult and takes a long time. Thank you so much for this critical piece of information. It astounds me.

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              1. I remember a comment SteveBC made a while ago – Steve correct me if I’m not exactly accurate – covid = vaxx.

                In short, spike proteins can do a lot of damage to one’s body.

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                1. Yes, Beckita. A very high percentage of the damage done by the Covid virus during an infection is due to the spike protein, not the virus (although it does have some impact itself). This is particularly true in Phase 2 Covid, which is basically caused completely by the spike the virus brings in.

                  The vaxxxes don’t have actual spike proteins in them. Instead, the vaxxxes involve injecting little biological machines that force the cells of your body to make trillions and trillions of spike proteins, which give you instant Phase 2 Covid. So that is why “Vaxxx = Covid”.

                  Some interesting analysis has demonstrated that only 5% of the vaxxxine lots issued in 2021 for the first two injections actually caused serious damage. However, these lots were widely distributed, so the actual number of people who got the injections got at least one bad lot. People in that portion of the population are the ones dropping hard.

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                  1. An interesting take on a compilation of studies and treatments on COVID-19 by an independent researcher.
                    I have included a couple snippets from it since it is rather extensive.
                    “In April 2020, Swiss scientists confirmed that COVID-19 was a vascular endotheliitis. By late 2020, experts had already concluded that COVID-19 causes a form of viral sepsis. They also know that sepsis can be effectively treated with antioxidants.
                    The correct treatment for “severe” COVID-19 related sepsis is non-invasive ventilation, steroids, and antioxidant infusions. Most of the drugs repurposed for COVID-19 that show any benefit whatsoever in rescuing critically-ill COVID-19 patients are antioxidants. N-acetylcysteine, melatonin, fluvoxamine, budesonide, famotidine, cimetidine, and ranitidine are all antioxidants. Indomethacin prevents iron- driven oxidation of arachidonic acid to isoprostanes. There are powerful antioxidants such as apocynin that have not even been tested on COVID-19 patients yet which could defang neutrophils, prevent lipid peroxidation, restore endothelial health, and restore oxygenation to the tissues.
                    Because of the way they are constructed, Randomized Control Trials will never show any benefit for any antiviral against COVID-19. Not Remdesivir, not Kaletra, not HCQ, and not Ivermectin. The reason for this is simple; for the patients that they have recruited for these studies, such as Oxford’s ludicrous RECOVERY study, the intervention is too late to have any positive effect.
                    The clinical course of COVID-19 is such that by the time most people seek medical attention for hypoxia, their viral load has already tapered off to almost nothing. If someone is about 10 days post-exposure and has already been symptomatic for five days, there is hardly any virus left in their bodies, only cellular damage and derangement that has initiated a hyperinflammatory response. It is from this group that the clinical trials for antivirals have recruited, pretty much exclusively.
                    In these trials, they give antivirals to severely ill patients who have no virus in their bodies, only a delayed hyperinflammatory response, and then absurdly claim that antivirals have no utility in treating or preventing COVID-19. These clinical trials do not recruit people who are pre-symptomatic. They do not test pre-exposure or post-exposure prophylaxis.”


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                    1. Phillip, that’s a big yup. It’s called sandbagging. All those involved in those studies could reasonably be tried for murder, since they supported a Fake Narrative that caused tens of thousands of deaths that could have been cured by those same drugs (excepting Remdesevir, which was approved because it makes the situation worse for many of those who are given it and resulted in many deaths).

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                  2. Sundance at CTH and Dr. Malone’s insights…


                    My take is that the vaccines are a bioweapon and covid is the engineered pretext.
                    As you note above, omicron is a defense…..and that gets into all that Q sort of stuff.

                    We are in a war right now. You are doing awesome work for the Kingdom.

                    God bless you Steve BC

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                    1. Timothy, I believe the virus was part one of a binary bioweapon. It provided the excuse, er, mechanism to scare people (through control of the Narrative about the virus). That allowed the Evils to do all the emotional programming in 2020 that they needed in order to get people to take part deux of the binary bioweapon, the vaxxxines, in 2021 without questioning them. The virus was transmissible and scary, but the vaxxxines (at least 5% of the lots) were the real killing portion.

                      However, without the first part of the weapon, the vaxxxines would not have been accepted as people’s savior (and I use that word deliberately). I found it rather eerie to watch how so many people reacted psychologically to taking their vaxxx shot. It became clear that the programming was so effective in many people that taking the vaxxx answered such a deep psychological need that it was almost like getting religion and a heroin shot and super sex all at the same point. Highly addictive for more shots later and as well, turning their recipients into proselytizers (if it didn’t cripple or kill them, of course).

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                    2. Excellently insightful,Steve. I think – not in judgement, but in observation – of Chapter 4 of St. John’s First Epistle. I’m pondering how, lacking a rock solid connection to God – a connection born of trust and an ever-deepening reliance on Him – places us outside a dome of protection against man-made fearmongering (driven by the enemy of course, because God n.e.v.e.r. sends fear bombs into our psyches).

                      To me, this is a type of indicator of one’s faith, a litmus test – if you will – concerning to what or to whom one’s conversion is anchored. The tried and true, and often unread and un-contemplated, Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks to a first and fundamental conversion as well as an ongoing conversion.

                      This knowledge drives my contemplating and noticing that firmly bonding ourselves to the Person of Jesus is uber critical in these times (and foundational to acknowledging Him so as to better discern any NRS) as both protection and as a blessed avenue to total openness toward God’s Works. Who can imagine all that God will make new as this Storm reaches its heights? And, at this moment, not a soul on earth has full knowledge of all this will entail.

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  3. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …. Merry Feast of Stephen 😉

    Bing & Rosemary (Click outta ads)

    Beyond Belief!! Come Lord Jesus … with St Michael and Warrior Host!!!

    You may rest assured that this was/is not an Exodus of Welfare Slaves and Illegal Aliens.
    Speaking of Dark Reasons ….. does this “Priest” have a Bishop? If so what does Bishop think? If Bishop is hiding under his desk they BOTH need to be defrocked.


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  4. How chaste and good Joseph must have been. After knowing that Mary was with not his child he was protective towards her. And then after protecting Mary, didn’t he deserve to have a real appearance of an angel ( not in a dream, that could be dismissed easily ) like Mary had in the Annunciation?

    By the way, in the current pandemic situation, how are the parents protecting their children? Recently my neighbor said that her friends vaxxed their 11 old child for Covid, now this child is paralyzed from the waist down.

    My siblings did vax some of their kids (looks like it is coming for the youngest too), dismissing any of my arguments by saying “wikipedia says dr Malone spreads information”, etc. . I called it an extreme foolishness to vax kids in the face of the data coming in ( and of course VAERS is questioned that it is not accurate, etc. ).

    I wished my family for Christmas health, and those vaxxed among them (apparently all the adults) a lot of health.

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    1. A good question, Pawel, but based on a faulty assumption, I think. When you ask didn’t Joseph “deserve” a regular visit from an angel, as if that is the more honorable course. Yet God chooses to speak in the way that we are most likely to be able to bear. We know that Joseph took his family to Egypt because of an appearance by an angel in a dream – so it is very likely that Joseph was very familiar with the difference between a normal dream and a visitation in a dream. The truth is that a visit from a heavenly being, even if you are accustomed to it, is a very intense thing. It is very easy to get distracted by the wonder and fearsomeness of the thing among other effects. Even so, God is a very practical Fellow: He speaks to those who will hear in the way best suited to them – and however He authentically speaks, it is a not a question of honor. The honor comes from being able to authentically hear Him however He manages it.

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      1. Your answer provides so much wisdom.
        I have a very religious friend.
        She was praying very hard for a sick priest. He fell, but didn’t break any bones.
        She was talking to St Joseph about not taking care of him. She was shocked to hear him say
        “I did”

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      2. Your answer, Charlie, is good and right. I have asked my Angel to not appear to me until time to take me from this life. I’m certain I would die from fright. God has allowed for me to feel the presence of my Angel. One time as I was walking into Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, I felt as if I were moving into a great crowd…I asked Him, “What is this?” And it came in a flash – Angels! so I went to my knees – the only appropriate response.
        On another is snowing like crazy here. I don’t need a visit by my Angel to tell me it is safer to stay at home.
        Love & prayers, katey in western Oregon. ❄️🙏🏽✝️💙

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      3. I guess Charlie my understanding is based on my vague short lived dreams I don’t remember the next day. So probably that is the case here, Joseph probably had such powerful dreams, visitation dreams , that they were not only close to visitations in an awake state, but in his case they could be even more powerful, meaning his eyes were closed, senses asleep yet he experienced powerful presence and message that couldn’t be questioned by a possible delusion of senses or a disguise from satan. Another reason for this form of communication from heaven could be it might happen if there is not much time for discernment (do not divorce Marry tomorrow! … Go and flee to Egypt right away! ).

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        1. Pawel,
          The dream of St Joseph was not just some passed on story but a part of the “revealed” Truth contained in Scripture.
          The Apostles wrote these things after Pentecost and the Church defines them as required to be believed as true revelations inspired by God as the Third person of the Holy Spirit.
          There was no doubt in St Joseph of the authenticity of his dream’s message and source based on his response which was immediate and frankly effective as the rest of the story tells us. Just his immediate reaction can give us an insight to the christian traditions that St Joseph was himself a mystic and therefore well aware of a true message from God even when received in a dream.

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  5. Charlie, different passages stand out each year, seems like you were ahead of the curve re devotion to St. Joseph.
    Beckita, just noticed the past couple of days that EWTN tv playing a novena to St. Joseph but I don’t see any feast days on the calendar for beginning of January?

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  6. Here below is a conversation between Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and Dr. Joseph Mercola. It’s pretty thorough, but quite lengthy. The important take away strongly suggests everyone should have a cvd health protocol in place for the safety of their family, especially the vaxxed! When sniffles or sore throat happen, do not wait for test result – assume it’s cvd and take action immediately.

    A couple of weeks ago I awoke with a sore throat and sniffles ensued. My son said “probably an allergy”; not my take. Fortunately, I had hydroxychloroquine, zinc, etc. and took the prescribed amounts immediately. Within 24 hours, symptoms mostly gone but I continued for 5 days as prescribed. Because I had this prophylactic on hand (which I never took though), I was able start immediately and then called in a refill, and am all set for the future.

    Dr. Zelenko has a prophylactic protocol of Quercetin with zinc, D & C which he indicates to be equivalent to the hydroxy or ivermecton prevention protocols. There’s also the hydrogen peroxide/saline/iodine nebulizer suggestion (note: in this latest video, Dr. Mercola now recommends it as a daily prophylactic – says he himself uses this every other day). Can contact a doctor directly through the FLCCC website (see below link) to acquire a prophylactic prescription for hydroxy or ivermecton with accompanying antiobiotic, zinc, etc.

    On Christmas Eve a US warship paused deployment after a cvd outbreak among 100% immunized crew. Please take responsibility, get informed and be prepared. The time and energy invested now will bring the reward of peace of mind and the benefit of preventing serious sickness and keeping the family out of the hospital.

    SteveBC’s Anti-Covid Cookbook

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  7. Forgot to mention that there was a conversation with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Navarro not long ago discussing concern about the new “nu” variant, for both vaxxed and unvaxxed. Dr. Malone strongly suggested to contact your health provider asking what there protocol is for covid. If the response is that they do not have a protocol and that you should go to an emergency room, then Dr. Malone said to find another doc, now.

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    1. Isn’t it amazing that we have specialty doctors for everything but covid- I guess they would be swamped.

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  8. Charlie, a few months ago you said that Jesus didn’t know He was God until His 40 days in the desert. How do you interpret today’s Gospel Reading? If He didn’t know Who He was, how can He say that He has to be about His Father’s business? I stopped reading your columns because of this. I hope I misinterpreted what you said. If I did I beg your forgiveness.

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    1. I don’t recall ever saying that. Could you quote me on which article? Jesus has two natures – a divine and a human. In His divine nature, He knew all things at all times. But I do believe He segregated His divine knowledge from His human knowledge during His human formation. He always had access to His divine knowledge, but I don’t think He united the two after the Incarnation until after the desert. I can certainly see disagreeing with this, but I have no clue why it would lead you to stop reading me. Don’t you know that I have more than a few very orthodox theologians with whom I bounce ideas off of? We disagree at times, but everything is within the scope of legitimate inquiry.

      The concept is a difficult one. If Jesus kept access to His divine knowledge at all times, it is hard to make the case that He was a man at all – just God in a mask, like the Greek and Roman pagan superstitions. If He had NO access to His divine knowledge during His years of human formation, it is hard to make a case that He was God. Of course, one would expect the things of God to be much more complex and nuanced than the things of man – but I don’t have much truck with those who either insist He knew everything from the time He drew His first breath or that He knew nothing until some terminal stage of His human development. To be truly God and truly man is a most difficult thing to contemplate.

      As you can see from this story, I have Him accessing His divine knowledge briefly just after He was 12 (in the scene with Him and Joseph). I would not have done that some 25 years ago when I wrote this story if I thought what you think I thought. With Jesus, everything is a choice: both to accept His own death and then to raise Himself from the death. We understand that there are many mysteries in our faith (things that do not contradict reason but transcend our grasp of it). I think one of the most under-appreciated is the Incarnation, itself.

      In any case, it is possible I made some sloppy formulation that caused you to think this. That is why precision is so important in talking about these things. Alas, as much as I keep that in mind, sometimes I, too, express something in a sloppy formulation.

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      1. While I agree with previous comments that some folks sometimes cling to pious legends, I also think it’s true that others sometimes translate into human terms what is too mysterious and sublime for them to grasp –– as if either approach provides the last word.

        If God came to reconcile humanity to Himself, why would He segregate those two natures rather than have them in perfect union, without giving up a grain of the attributes of either nature? God unites. How would segregating (or even suppressing as some posit) add anything to either.

        We know what it is to be human (e.g. – we suffer in the flesh, but also have joy), so maybe it’s of more help to contemplate what the attributes of God consist in. We know He is all knowing, all powerful and all good. I tend to focus most on the “all good,” because I think His greatest attribute is Charity, and the Gospels are testament to that Charity, despite us only being able to grasp a sliver of that.

        Look at a flower. We’re all capable of taking in a flower with our human faculties. Can you see the God-given life force that sustains it? Nope. Any more than Jesus’ friends could see his Divine nature until He revealed just a sliver on Mt. Tabor.

        Was this Divine nature with all His attributes any less present in the Babe in the Manger?

        The angels appearing to the shepherds was no doubt a compelling and even fearful thing, but how much more compelling seeing that Babe!

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        1. Need to correct/clarify myself here to say that His friends could see/witness the His Charity as an attribute of His Divine nature (though maybe struggled to understand a sliver) all throughout the Gospels… and after. The transfiguration on Mt. Tabor was another facet… another manner of seeing.

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      2. Charlie, I think the article Maria is referring to is the one you posted on October 4 entitled, “The Family of Man, the Family of God”. You later acknowledged your error and added an update to the top of the article with the note of error.

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        1. Maria,
          These mysteries sometimes require dialogue in order to be better understood:
          We did conclude in the October post by Charlie with quoting the Chalcedonian Definition that Jesus never lost any part of His divine or human nature and they were totally present in Him during His life.
          But since:
          “Doubt serves as a stimulus to the understanding for the investigation of truth” we continue to debate what this actually means, so here is my understanding of it.

          We struggle to understand what is said when Jesus became man and took the “form of a slave”. This ment Jesus took on a body bound by the consequences of original sin. Though sinless, He could feel what it was like to have a fallen “nature”: Cold, hungry, tired, lonely, sad, afraid, pain, heartbroken, etc.
          Jesus’ “body” was not yet”glorified”. (“Father, glorify Thy Son”). He entered this physical glorification after His resurrection but revealed beforehand His Hypostatic Union and Spiritual Glory during the Tranfiguration on the Mount where His Godhood shone brightly to the three apostles which has been called by some a brief suspension of the miracle which hid His Godhood from them.
          By divesting Himself of the “rights and privileges” of His divine nature He only disallowed them from overshadowing His human nature, His divine nature was not removed and this was evidenced during the Tranfiguration. “One in being with the Father” was never stopped, this is why He always knew what to do, and could show His divinity by His miracles, prophecy, hidden knowledge, etc. By allowing His human nature to grow and mature like a normal man, Jesus “grew in stature, wisdom and favor before men” but He was never in any way separate from His divine nature and this is why He was always “true God and true man”. Any time He seemed to act ignorant by asking questions, etc, it was but a teaching moment for us, like a teacher who askes his class a rhetorical question prodding them to think of the answers he already knows.
          The fear of Jesus not being just like us somehow is not uncommon. We desire a comradery with Him and He delights in this and it is the exact reason He created us, to share in our humanity and adopt us as sons and daughters.
          Jesus was like us in all things but sin. I think it is a very distinct reality to have never sinned and to be perfect. Being tempted and having the “temptation” to sin are two very different things. As God, by His very nature Jesus cannot sin. Sin is an offense against God. God cannot offend Himself. Jesus could never sin because it is impossible for His Divine nature to sin (offend Himself) and as the Chalcedonian Definition points out, Jesus never lost His divine faculties nore put them “aside” as they are inseperable and are a union of both- truly a “new” creation.
          [ “Two Natures unconfusedly, unchangeably, indivisibly, inseparably; the difference of the Natures being in no way removed because of the Union, but rather the properties of each Nature being preserved”].

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          1. Here is another insight:

            Click to access The-Virgin-Mary-in-the-Kingdom-of-the-Divine-Will-Book-2.pdf

            On Page 58, thru page 60 Our Blessed Mother tells Luisa:
            …”My child, the little Humanity of Jesus continued to grow,
            united hypostatically with the Divinity. My maternal womb was
            very narrow – dark; there was not a glimmer of light, and I saw
            Him in my maternal womb, immobile, enwrapped in a deep night.
            But do you know what formed this darkness, so intense, for the
            infant Jesus? The human will, in which man had voluntarily
            enwrapped himself, and for as many sins as he committed, so many
            abysses of darkness did he form around and within himself, in such
            a way as to be rendered immobile to doing good. And so my dear
            Jesus, in order to put to flight the darkness of such a deep night, in
            which man had made himself the prisoner of his own tenebrous
            will – to the point of losing the motion of doing good – chose the
            sweet prison of His Mama and, voluntarily, exposed Himself to
            immobility for nine months.
            My child, if you knew how martyred was my maternal
            Heart in seeing little Jesus immobile, crying and sighing in my
            little womb! His ardent heartbeat palpitated so very strongly;
            fidgeting with love, He made His heartbeat heard in every heart, to
            ask – for pity’s sake – for their souls, to enclose them in the light of
            His Divinity, because for love of them He had voluntarily
            exchanged the light for darkness so that all might obtain true light
            in order to reach safety.
            My dearest child, who can tell you what my little Jesus
            suffered in my womb? Unheard-of and indescribable pains! He was
            endowed with full reason – He was God and man – and His love
            was so great that it was as if He put aside the infinite seas of joys,
            of happiness, of light, and plunged His tiny Humanity into the seas
            of darkness, of bitternesses, of unhappiness and of miseries, which
            the creatures had prepared for Him. And little Jesus took them all
            upon His shoulders, as if they were His own. My child, true love
            never says ‘enough’. It does not look at pains, and by dint of pain it searches for the loved one; and when it gives its own life to give
            life back to the beloved, only then is it content.
            My child, listen to your Mama; do you see what a great evil
            it is to do your will? Not only do you prepare a night for your Jesus
            and for yourself, but you form seas of bitterness, of unhappiness
            and of miseries, in which you remain so engulfed as to be unable to
            escape. Therefore, be attentive; make Me happy by saying to Me:
            “I want always to do the Divine Will.”

            for more info
            Fr Iannuzzi

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  9. Sure Steve, here are ingredients of the liquid form – Mucosolvan syrup:

    Active ingredient: Ambroxol HCL
    5 ml of the syrup contains 30 mg of Ambroxol HCL

    Other ingredients:
    Sucralose, benzoic acid,hydroxyethylcellulose,strawberry aroma PHL-132200, vanilla aroma PHL-114481, purified water.

    Recommended dosage:
    Kids age 1-2 years: 2 times /24 hours and each time dosage is 2,5 ml

    Kids 2-6 years: 3 times /24 hours and each time dosage is 2,5 ml

    Kids 6-12 years: 2-3 times/24 hours , each time 5 ml

    Adults and youth over 12 years:
    2 times /24 hours and each time dosage is 10 ml

    Regular use of this medication:
    Acute and chronic inflammation of lungs and bronchi.

    Made by Sanofi-Aventi, Warsaw, Poland , owned by French Delpharm.

    There are also slow-release capsules (Mucosolvan Maxx), you take 1 per day, each contains 75mg of Ambroxol HCL and it has to be taken in the morning or before noon at latest.

    Ha if anybody should be famous because of that, it is my wife who bought it to relieve my constant cough which stopped after one application after taking 10 ml of this medicine, that is I fell asleep and got up with a feeling something just left or moved back to China.

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  10. Steve, please make not me but my wife Maria famous and rich 🙂 (although not a celebrity, I don’t want to be left alone 🙂 ), she remembered from our stay in Poland that our son was prescribed a very good syrup for coughing (Mucosolvan).

    I took 10 ml dosage of the syrup so 60mg of Ambroxol HCL taken before going to sleep made me born again in the morning :).
    Of course I continued taking the Mucosolvan syrup for about 3 days afterwards, two times a day, just in case Covid de Sarso would want to move back. I tested positive (pcr)for Covid 12/05 (before this I was out of sorts with fever for a few days), took Mucosolvan late night 12/09, was born again morning 12/10 . I tested (pcr) negative 12/12. My Covid symptoms: fever, cough, messed up taste, sweating, disorientation and I heard music for a few days out of tune.

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      1. Yes that must have been a factor too StGiuseppe! Thank you to everybody who said Hail Mary for me, I indeed needed it and it surely helped. I need to give credit to my wife too and of course to God in the first place. So this how it happened exactly according to her recount of the events: she got to that Polish deli store to buy a cough syrup ( perhaps the idea to get me syrup in a Polish store was a grace earned by Hail Marys said by the community here ) because my cough was really bad. She said once she got there she said a prayer because there were many different syrups and she was confused so she asked God to help her find the right product. Then she saw Mucosolvan like the only syrup that drew her attention and it was not directly in front of her but to the side (not sure which side, it doesn’t matter anyway I guess). And then she remembered we did use this syrup in Poland when our son was sick and that this product worked well and actually was prescribed by our pediatrician. I believe our son was around 8 months old then so I guess this syrup is pretty safe to use if guys so young take it. And it is also a strong medication if the only mentioned use of this product is “acute and chronic inflammation of lungs and bronchi.” Thank you for prayers!

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    1. Thank you, Pawel. I’ll be incorporating your data into my paper in the next couple days.

      By the way, your list of symptoms indicates you may have suffered a little neurological whack. I can’t say if it is continuing. However, I do have a recommended item you might like to try for the next several months, and that is Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which helps the body repair neuro damage. If you’re interested in that, please click this and scroll down to the right section:

      (L) Stuff I Like for L

      Don’t forget to ask your wife her opinion of it. 😀


      1. Thank you Steve, will submit to my family discoverer for approval.

        I would also add prior to Mucosolvan for a few days I took daily Zinc 50mg, Vitamin C 1000mg and D3 5000mg, but my condition was getting worse and worse until Mucosolvan kicked out Coviddo. However those vitamins might have had some important role in how Ambroxol HCl worked…

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        1. Pawel, you were not remiss in expressing your gratitude early on. After hearing about the “astonishing” activity, Our Lady’s involvement seemed quite apparent, especially in and through your beloved Maria. May you both continue in good health and much peace with this acquired natural immunity.

          Now if we could just lift one more Hail Mary to lead us to a local market for that Mucosolvan syrup that seems to have come so *highly* recommended.

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  11. A totally free daily subscription to LifeSiteNews has been a blessing to me throughout this plandemic. Propaganda is being pumped out at an alarming rate by all of the MSM media. If there was any one action that I’d recommend to keep current with the truth about US, Canada and World news events, it’s reading and/or watching Life Site News. They even have a specifically Catholic issue!

    To prove the point, here’s a highly informed, practical article on how to best to avoid and resist coronavirus shot mandates. It includes links to every type of resource including legal assistance should you find yourself backed into a particularly tricky corner.

    Please give the above a quick read and save the link as a bookmark for either your family or someone else that God has already planned to place in your path.


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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …. Merry Feast of Stephen 😉

    Submit or face the wrath of a corrupt feral gubermint!

    Biden’s PuppetMaster did this!!

    All Sailors/most Indians were were Vaxxed and CDC sez…….. Why THEY can’t tolerate a large % of Un-Vaxxed Purebloods Out-There fouling up The Agenda!!

    Joe Dan’s Take of the serious in a humorous way:


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  13. Since I heard Moronic is an anagram for the latest variant, I substitute it every time I read the word. It is good for a chuckle. I propose people should use this widely and freely 😀

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    1. LL, I know the desire to do this, to call Omicron Moronic. However, as far as I can tell, Omicron is an extremely sophisticated way to vaccinate almost everyone on the planet with almost no casualties and displace all the truly bad variants that have been introduced. Be careful with your language as it may turn out to boomerang back on you when we all someday in the future find out who made it and what it was designed to do. 🙂

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          1. No, I don’t think so!

            So, what I did was, being overwhelmed ——-by having to re-process Grief during otherwise wonderful life events: Holidays, wedding, bday, anniversary, kids moving (more loss)—traumatic grief = layers upon layers, it keeps needing re-processing. Overwhelming exhaustion is Normal during such efforts.——-I tried to simplify it.

            Simplification is all okay if done correctly. The correct way is to acknowledge, humbly, that more info is needed, to verify. Otherwise, it is easy to become an agent for darkness, by spilling more confusion and untruth.

            So I thank you! You are doing important, life-saving work. I was delighted to hear that perhaps the new variant might be a cause for good. I am most interested in reading more about that. It is Hopeful. But a reminder for extreme caution is most prudent in these times 🙂

            God bless you, yours, us, Everyone!

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  14. I think it was discussed here before, but we are usually taught that Mary did not have labor pains, because that is an effect of original sin: death, sickness, etc. It makes me sad for people to misinterpret Mary’s qualities if they don’t understand that you’re just telling a story, Charlie. It may have been Thomas Aquinas that taught the birth of Jesus was like light passing through a glass window. Another writer reminds us that Mary was just like Adam and Eve before they sinned. She had all the privileges that God gave our “first parents”, and she never lost them, never had “concupiscense”, the tendency to sin.
    Mama Mary is so dear to me that I want people to know how amazing and awesome she is, what her rightful place is, and why we can trust her totally to help us. She is, after all, the Queen of Heaven!

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    1. “The most holy Mary remained in this ecstasy and beatific vision for over an hour immediately preceding her divine delivery. At the moment when she issued from it and regained the use of her senses she felt and saw that the body of the infant God began to move in her virginal womb; how, releasing and freeing Himself from the place which in the course of nature He had occupied for nine months, He now prepared to issue forth from that sacred bridal chamber. This movement not only did not cause any pain or hardship, as happens with the other daughters of Adam and Eve in their childbirths; but filled her with incomparable joy and delight, causing in her soul and in her virginal body such exalted and divine effects that they exceed all thoughts of men. Her body became so spiritualized with the beauty of Heaven that she seemed no more a human and earthly creature. Her countenance emitted rays of light, like a sun incarnadined, and shone in indescribable earnestness and majesty, all inflamed with fervent love. She was kneeling in the manger, her eyes raised to Heaven, her hands joined and folded at her breast, her soul wrapped in the Divinity and she herself was entirely deified. In this position, and at the end of the heavenly rapture, the most exalted Lady gave to the world the Only-begotten of the Father and her own, our Savior Jesus, true God and man, at the hour of midnight, on a Sunday, in the year of the creation of the world five thousand one hundred and ninety-nine (5199), which is the date given in the Roman Church, and which date has been manifested to me as the true and certain one.

      “At the end of the beatific rapture and vision of the Mother ever Virgin, which I have described above, was born the Sun of Justice, the Only-begotten of the eternal Father and of Mary most pure, beautiful, refulgent and immaculate, leaving her untouched in her virginal integrity and purity and making her more godlike and forever sacred; for He did not divide, but penetrated the virginal chamber as the rays of the sun penetrate the crystal shrine, lighting it up in prismatic beauty.

      “The infant God therefore was brought forth from the virginal chamber unencumbered by any corporeal or material substance foreign to Himself. But He came forth glorious and transfigured for the divine and infinite wisdom decreed and ordained that the glory of His most holy soul should in His Birth overflow and communicate itself to His body, participating in the gifts of glory in the same way as happened afterwards in His Transfiguration on mount Tabor in the presence of the Apostles. (Matt. 17:2).”

      The Mystical City of God
      by Venerable Mary of Agreda
      (This book was often quoted by Mother Angelica)

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      1. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I read this account on the birth of Jesus. I love these apparitions of Venerable Mary of Agreda. So blessed by it.

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      2. According to this revelation to Ven. Mary of Agreda, Our Lord knew He was God and Man from the beginning, as follows:

        (Still in His Transfiguration presence, Ven. Mary of Agreda continues to describe St. Michael and St. Gabriel were there at a distance in human corporeal forms witnessing this occasion and how they received Him in their hands …. and they presented Him to His Mother:)

        “In the same moment in which the holy angels thus presented the divine Child to His Mother, both Son and Mother looked upon each other, and in this look, she wounded with love the sweet Infant and was at the same time exalted and transformed in Him. From the arms of the holy princes the Prince of all the heavens spoke to His holy Mother: “Mother, become like unto Me, since on this day, for the human existence, which thou hast today given Me, I will give thee another more exalted existence in grace, assimilating thy existence as a mere creature to the likeness of Me, who am God and Man….

        “After this interchange of words, so full of mysteries, the divine Child suspended the miracle of His transfiguration, or rather He inaugurated the other miracle, that of suspending the effects of glory in His most holy body, confining them solely to His soul; and He now assumed the appearance of one capable of suffering. In this form the the most pure Mother now saw Him, and, still remaining in a kneeling position and adoring Him with profound humility and reverence, she received Him in her arms from the hands of the holy angels…”

        The Mystical City of God
        Popular Abridgment
        The Divine History and Life
        of the
        Virgin Mother of God
        Manifested to Mary of Agreda for the Encouragement of Men

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Merry 4th Day of Christmas 😉

    Jesus, I Trust in You ….. Is the best option!
    I’m guessing that 22 ain’t gonna be Peaches-n-Cream and a Bed of Roses!

    A Little Late to the Fight, Bill … where was Cdl. Dolan? …Eh?!?

    Yep! ;-(

    Let US Pray that most Americans reject ALL the Radical Left Agenda and plan to Do Something about it!!!


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  16. Charlie,
    This was the trigger that I had to send you my message. Thanks to the person who posted the date of your column. I didn’t know you had posted a second message. There are so many offensive things that are been said about Our Blessed Lord and His Mother that I marvel at His Great Patience with us! This article is from the Catholic Register, EWTN site. I don’t know how to link so I pasted the article. May the New Year bring blessings, peace and Holiness to all here!

    (Edited the column to provide the link to the article ~ Beckita )

    Archbishop of Lima: Jesus Died as a Layman and Without Offering a Sacrifice

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    1. True point, Maria, concerning the offensive denial of Church Teaching which abounds in the world today. That acknowledged, I’ve been closely reading Charlie for 8 years and have never ever seen him express anything blasphemous.

      God bless you as well!

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  17. Dear Friends, please pray for my granddaughter’s boyfriend Ian, who is very sick with Covid. His father recently returned from Scotland and the funeral of his brother-in-law who died of Covid over there. Now the father is sick plus Ian is very sick and can’t breathe. They said they have a variant from India….don’t know what it’s called. They are considering putting Ian in the hospital. Prayers for both Ian and his dad would be appreciated. They are in Minnesota. Thank you so much! God bless you all.

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          1. Another thought might be to speak with a Covid specialist. Here’s a list from Steve’s Front Porch. I contacted “SpeakwithanMD” on a couple of occasions last year. After completing the online form explaining the situation, I believe they will connect you with an appropriate specialist. In addition to the Ivermectin, Ian may benefit from Budesonide nebulizer or something else specifically for his breathing if he doesn’t improve with Ivermectin alone. Also, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko once mentioned he was also available for covid patients.

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          2. Ah, there it is. One of the warnings on I think *all* vaccines is that they should be given *only* to people in good health and not sick or wounded. That’s because studies show that (again, I think) *all* vaccines depress the immune system by as much as 50% for about 5 days after administration. Most likely Ian already had a developing case of Covid and his immune system got knocked down right when he needed it most.

            Let me unpack this:

            1) The flu shots have been pushed for the past couple decades on an annual basis in order to accustom(/program) people into taking vaccines as a matter of course, so everyone would take the Covid vaxxxes when Covid was released. They are largely useless, contain nasty adjuvants including mercury, aluminum and egg protein, and I think do more harm than good. Here is the CDC page showing the ingredients they say are in the flu vaccines:


            There are other ingredients you *don’t* get told about, like XMRVs and cancerous SV40 cells and more. Why in the world would you ever put something like this in your body? If you follow the Key Steps in my Covid Cookbook, you won’t get the flu. I haven’t had a case of the flu since 1993.

            2) As is true for many vaccines, there are natural ways to prevent or cure or gain immunity to pretty much all the diseases for which we have vaccines, and following the current vaccine protocols for children results in chronic illnesses at 4 times the rate of unvaxxxed children (and *lots* of money flowing into Pharma coffers for *decades*). The only time you *might* need a tetanus vaccine is when you are a child and when you are 65 when that immunity lapses. My research into tetanus showed me that you *never* need a booster. Further, it is clearly stated on the tetanus vaccine box that it should not be given to anyone not healthy at the time of the shot, yet doctors routinely demand that people entering the ERs with wounds should take a tetanus booster, which is against the directions and depresses the immune system for days after administration, all when the person is fighting possible infections in their wound.

            Besides, curing tetanus is pretty easy. *If* you fail to clean a wound properly and happen to be one of the few hundred people in the US who might get tetanus (modern wound care is a marvel), you take large amounts of Vitamin C, which is a universal anti-toxin that will mop up most of the toxins the Clostridium tetani bugs in the wound are spitting out, and you super oxygenate the limb where the infected wound is located or use HBOT to super oxygenate the entire body, to kill off the C tetani in the wound. That’s it. That’s all you need. I know because I got tetanus from a wound in my foot that I did not clean properly, and I cured it with Vitamin C and an antibiotic (but would have used Ozonation if I had known anyone at the time who did that). So repeatedly vaccinating hundreds of millions of people for tetanus when the cure is so simple and reliable is a total waste of resources and causing huge collective damages to those who will never get the disease.

            I also have an herbal solution for shingles on my website, so you don’t need that vaccine either. I think the last vaccine I had was in the 1970s.

            When the truth about vaccines comes out in the next couple of years, I am pretty much certain that people are going to be *furious* at how they have been manipulated and how, systematically and with malice aforethought, Pharma has damaged, crippled and killed generations of children. But hey, maybe that’s just the opinion of yet another anti-vaccine weirdo.

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  18. Thank you so much, Everyone who is praying for Fr. Wang. He remains in the hospital, continuing to be thoroughly tested and evaluated as discernment carries on concerning best ways to tend to his heart health.

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Merry 5th Day of Christmas 😉

    I’ve always kept my decorations Up thru 6 Jan. Last year I started keeping my lighted Christmas Cross Up till Candlemas.

    Persecution in India!

    Supreme Court Case Update from AFA President, Tim Wildmon

    Beyond belief…. and these Home Kits seem to have filled Emergency Rooms with crazed CNN watchers who think they are dying from Runny Nose Omicron Symptoms! Yes! I admit it!! These-Days I AM a Conspiracy Theorist … this ALL Was Planned to Terrify BoobLand!


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      1. I don’t know if the picture will come through, but I received this in an email:
        It is a sign that gives the top Omicron symptons- runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, sore throat.
        (edited out link ~ Beckita)

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      2. Yep, that article’s information is disgusting; it just keeps unraveling more and more! A toxic ingredient, imagine that! Additionally, everybody who wants to fight these jabs, keeps ignoring that they are only EUA and not legal to be required, from what I’ve read. The only one that’s not EUA is Cominarty, and it’s not in the USA.
        Your people, Lord, are tired and worn out, can you please send the Light of the Holy Spirit to fall over the whole world?!
        Prayers that Father Wang is improving!

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      3. regarding the symptoms of omicron-
        it was a joke i received in an email…
        after giving all the symptoms, it said “Run For Your Lives!”

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      4. now seems everyone in family (all are 3 vaxxed and flu shots) who “tests” negative have symptoms and those who “test” positive have no symptoms…..go figure Love staying out of the fray.

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        1. update on the family…..everyone is now positive, after “testing” everyday for a week at home and at hospital…..mild colds……that is all

          they say we should probably get tested too, we said, no thank you–were fine

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Merry 6th Day of Christmas 😉

    Witch means the Sisters will all but Go Out of Business!
    …….. And on the USA Front! This orchestrated Global Re-Set Destruction of the USA Republic by The Usual Suspects will Dry-Up Charity Worldwide ’cause Middle Class America will be Broke!!

    The cumulation of many it appears ;-(

    Of Course!! Legal Travelers/Aliens must meet ChinaBioWeapon Requirements but near a MILLION Illegal Aliens don’t and ALSO get Midnight Flights around the USA on Your Dime! ….. with little Blow-Back and many will be voting next Election Cycle!
    ………….. CNN & The Rest are near silent on the Border Crisis but expect US to worship at the Altar of Lord Fauci ;-(


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  21. I hope it is ok, but I’m going to do my update here. To make a long story short pretty much everyone in the family is positive for Covid now. But symptoms are light. Here is the timeline.

    Sunday George 2vax- medium symptoms and somewhat concerning. Fever, cough, body aches, weakness. Still has someinor symptoms mostly coughing.

    Monday- ME!
    I felt off Sunday and in the morning. Early afternoon I noticed my arm ached. Then little by little my whole body ached, legs, head, fingers, heels, teeth? I got a fever by bedtime.

    Tuesday- brother and sister-in-law test positive. 2vax They had a slight fever and diarreah. No major symptoms.

    Wednesday- Nico my 5 year old get a slight fever and headache. (He is fine today)
    Grandparents 3vax test positive in the evening but they don’t have any symptoms.

    Thursday- (Today) other brother-in-law 3vax test positive
    I don’t know his symptoms.

    Overall, it has been very quick. About 24 h of feeling unwell.
    The worse for me was the first afternoon. I felt off in the morning but fine. The aches came very quickly in the afternoon. The worse symptom came at around 8:00pm and I had a sharp pain behind my left ribs and a little behind my right ribs when I would lay down. I had to stand up and walk. I ended up taking Ibuprofeno ( a fever and a muscle pain reliever medication) to fall asleep. I woke up the next day feeling good with symptoms gradually coming back during the day but at a lesser intensity. The second day I also took a nap.
    I had a slight fever the first night and then the next day and night. I took Ibuprofeno the 1st and 2nd night to ensure I slept well.

    Now, on my 4th day, I mostly have some muscle soreness, (thighs, arms, back), stiffness and an irritated throat. If times were normal I would be fine to go to work, George too.
    I cough once in a while to clear the flem in my throat. The syrop with Ambroxol helps a lot. A couple of times yesterday I would start coughing and had more flem and I realised that it was time for my dose. My syrop has 30 Ambroxol per 10 ml (half the Polish syrop).
    I have been functional everyday. Well, Tuesday was a TV day but I have been able to get up, ect. I wasn’t bedridden and Tuesday afternoon the symptoms were less than Monday. The symptoms were uncomfortable and annoying but not unbearable. I’ve had colds that were more ‘problematic’.
    My nose and lungs stayed clear. My breathing hasn’t been affected. I haven’t been congested.

    Before Covid I took Vit D3 – 7000 with K2 and Mg. ( It was all in one pill, meant to be taken once a week but the I took daily)
    Monday- I had the syrop and Tuesday I received other supplements from Amazon. Vit C, zinc, Selenium and Quercetin and the Black Seeds.
    We have some fresh limon/lime which I would take in warm water.

    I honestly wish this variant on everyone so this crazyness can end. The worse is being in quarantine for 10 days…

    One last note… I tested negative on Sunday and today I went for PRC test and I am waiting for results.

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  22. Asking for prayers for my dear friends Barbara and Keith. They live in Superior Colorado and the fire is just a couple of streets from their home. They have been through an awful lot in the past several years, this may be a bridge too far for them. Please pray for either a miracle for them or the strength to rise above this crisis, yet again. Thank you. MKM

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    1. I just spent an hour at our church in Littleton, Colorado, at Exposition, praying for all those who lost homes and were evacuated. My girlfriend is a doctor in Louisville and had to evacuate their clinic/hospital. She said it was frightening. Truly, I cannot imagine…

      I will pray for your friends too.

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      1. Thank you, Jesus! I prayed every time I woke up last night for God’s mercy!

        So, so sorrowful for all those who lost homes. The video from the news is horrific.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Merry 7th Day of Christmas 😉

    Cupich’s Fair Haired Boy Pfleger in Our Face again …. & do NOT be going to a Latin Mass……… Come, Lord Jesus!

    You may expect NO good results from this.

    Prayer Needed!

    VDH is quite correct, as usual, THEY are pushing THEIR Evil Agenda at ALL costs!! Let US Pray it explodes soon ….. so we can pick up the pieces and restore what’s left of The Republic!

    No Maybes about it!

    What happens when you Defund/Demoralize/Demonize the Cops and intimidate/disarm the Citizenry!

    Methinks The Fix is In!


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  24. This is an off-topic share that I hope can help others dealing with (any kind of ) stress, fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, etc.

    I recently found this resource about “Tapping” on Alliance of Hope forum. Life has being moving at warp speed for us. Yesterday and this morning are the first opportunity I’ve had to sit with it quietly. Anyways, this is such a positive coping tool to add to an arsenal of healthful healing tools The Lord provides. I dearly wish I had known of Tapping’s existence years ago. Without further ado.

    God bless us, Everyone!

    and Grief interview transcript (A Must Read/Listen):,-73,792

    mp3 audio of above transcript:
    [audio src="" /]

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    1. LL, I dabbled in EFT aka Tapping in school and subsequent training and backed off when I learned more about the Catholic stance on this modality. There are different schools of thought still yet I caution learning more about it’s origins. ❤

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      1. Thanks for sharing your remarks of caution, Jen. When I was processing trauma in therapy, I had the opportunity to experience EMDR. I sought input from Fr. John Hampsch who was a trained psychologist and he said EMDR was a wonderful intervention without any conflict in regards to Church teaching. I noticed that Sonja Corbitt refers to EMDR as an excellent technique for finding sweet relief from the lingering difficulties associated with trauma. Praying, Littlelight, that Our Lady will lead you to a way that brings you relief.

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        1. I once had occasion to do a bit of research on EMDR, and I agree with you, Beckita.

          Apparently, certain types of back-and-forth, both sides, bodily motion serves a similar purpose. Think about the effects of “walking it off” in this regard. In the olden days, more people walked places, sometimes long distances, which could have had natural therapeutic effects beyond physical fitness. That’s my theory, anyway.

          God bless you, LittleLight.

          Sister Bear

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          1. Aaargh, it’s true, it’s true, —any kind— of physical activity/fresh air one can manage is very, very, very good for all this. It wouldn’t be hard to find solid clinical data on the subject—-it abounds.

            Well, I got a new garmin watch so I could load it with music and get re-excited about running again. Running definitely helps balance the cray-cray but one must fight become bored with it.

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        2. I immediately responded and afterwards then looked up EMDR. It seems that eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) for posttraumatic stress disorder are different modalities.
          Yet as I stated, there are two schools of thought on EFT. Discern.
          Now, however, I am interested in learning more about EMDR, which I believe many years ago my Dr. of Physical Therapy used in diagnosing and/or treating my chronic Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).
          So many acronyms, so little time! Sigh.

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          1. From a first-blush look around, it seems that EMDR is a powerful tool (careful care needed) that needs to be wielded by an experienced professional you trust. Trust being the key word. In these times of medical tyranny being revealed (TYG!) it may be stretch/?impossible? to find a solid professional grounded in Judeo Christian ethics.

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          2. If I may, could it be harmful to limit the tapping just to the kind of series outlined in the grief interview?

            I did one on procrastination and it seemed to help. I appreciate the insight that procrastination is linked to deep feelings that need to be resolved. I would add, under the care of The Holy Spirit. (i.e.: God what do you make of this? What do You desire of me here? Help me to walk in Your ways) This seems spot-on.

            I don’t like the new age mindset at all and wholeheartedly reject it. But I must say the physical touch of the tap combined with the mentally balanced words (e.g.: I can’t fix this, but I am doing a good job in trying, I love myself and accept where I am at, how wonderful I am trying! This trying is an act of hope I can give +Jesus+ etc.) seems to calm. Its as if the skin “hurts” and this calms the sensory pain. It does feel “safe” Along the lines of weighted blankets.

            It kinda reminds me a bit about how Physical Therapists prescribe the yoga move “downward dog” for Plantar Fasciitis fix. There is no mystical garbage in it, they use it because instead of doing two cumbersome stretches, you can do one and get the same result. I use it as it is the most efficacious, direct way to stretch the two muscle groups I must stretch to protect my plantar muscles from tearing. It hurts to do it and I am not thinking of anything other than doing the work I need to do to keep the body moving, LOL.

            I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, Jen. I heartily TY! <B

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          3. Ah, Jen! I have had BPPV and it’s NO fun! Thank God it hasn’t happened recently. The first time I was sent by referral to our hospital’s Vestibular center and the dr. did the Eply maneuver. What a relief! I now have a sheet on a do it at home version and that works for a mild case.


      2. I wondered about that as I saw some of the promises on some of the linked sites. O Dear! I guess the take away is caution, and all things in moderation. TY, Jen.

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  25. Happy New Year’s Eve everybody! Just a quick update….our Ian seems to have turned the corner and is now feeling better with every day. Thank you for your prayers! Please pray for his healing to continue! You guys are great!

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  26. A hopeful beginning of a turnaround to covid craziness is beginning within the Church and from the bottom up, with parents.

    “America’s increasingly authoritarian Covid regime is producing some unexpected consequences. Private and parochial school attendance is surging, as is home schooling. This country may be witnessing the beginning of a vast populist movement by dispossessed parents to reclaim their rightful place in the education of their children.” Catholic Action League of Massachusetts

    My New Year’s resolution: One Hail Mary daily for the priesthood to seek Truth and to fearlessly lead God’s people back to reality. (It is alleged that St. Teresa of Avila appeared to one of her nuns saying she would gladly endure all the sickness and sufferings of her lifetime again in exchange for the opportunity to offer one Hail Mary.)

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      1. Beckita, here is something along those line of challenging tyranny. It’s a beautiful 9 minute video by Dr. Zelenko with a spiritual message, not about medicine. It’s uplifting and a similar word to what some others are saying, rise up!
        Strengthen your people, Holy Spirit! Come, Lord Jesus!

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        1. Thanks for reposting- I missed it the first time around.
          I wonder if he is Jewish- certainly a faith-filled man.

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Merry 2022 & 8th Day of Christmas 😉

    The Church Cedlebrates the Magi tomorrow. I celebrate them on 6 Jan … as usual! 😉

    Tell US it ain’t so, ChinaJoe!
    ……..Oh!! Another Cure that will be panned by ChinaJoe Ventriloquist’s Admin, WHO and Media Masters!

    Go Hogs!! Beat Penn State 😉


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  28. ” Let us trust in the Lord’s help and in the motherly protection of Mary, Queen of Peace. Let us put our hope in Jesus, the name of salvation given to men and women of every language and race. Confessing his name, let us walk trustfully toward the future, certain that we will not be disappointed if we trust in the most holy Name of Jesus. ”

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    1. From an interview with one of the Medjugorje seers: “The beauty of Our Lady is hard to describe,” he said. She once told the visionaries she is beautiful because she loves.” 💙

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  29. A new study claims the “Flu is back”.
    I was reading a study on how viruses can disable other virus from taking hold during an infection and this may have been the reason we did not see much of a flu season last year. It is a similar survival technique that all plants use (generically called a “phototoxin”) which helps keep other plants from competing with them for needed space. It is the reason penicillin (a mold) is useful as an antibiotic against bacteria.

    As Covid-19 mutates some forms may be loosing the ability to deny other virus from co-infecting their host and this may be why we are seeing a return of the flu.
    It also may be because the Covid-19 virus has been held back enough by a persons immunity to allow the Flu virus entrance so they test “positive” for Covid while having the Flu as well.

    Israel Reports First Case of ‘Flurona’.

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    1. Thanks Phillip, I think you’re right! At daily Mass this week the pastor apologized for his absence the past couple of days mentioning he was sick and was careful, if it was covid, not to bring it to us. He was tested five times for covid, all negative. I thought to myself – he must have the flu!

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