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We have had a few people who have confused homeopathy with New Age Eastern Mysticism. Since our Health and Wellness Team at CORAC makes prominent use of homeopathy in its teaching of various home medicinal techniques, I asked our Team Leader, Micki Blunt, to address those concerns. I had already done a light dive study of homeopathy and was satisfied with it – and have been glad of the good results many are getting from it.

The concerns disturbed me, though, as they pointed to a larger issue. If we pay no attention to what might be diabolic, it has room to influence us. But the devil is clever. If we are on a hair trigger, the devil has room to push us away from what is good. This is why I have long regarded with contempt those speakers on “spiritual warfare” who attribute everything they personally don’t like to the devil. I have actually seen one who passed out a seven–page list of common, benign things as “satanic.” The man was deceived and used his authority to deceive and panic others. 

One of the most common techniques of the fearful fabulists is to take ordinary items that New Agers often use and define them as “satanic” because of the way that they are abused by disordered people. This is putting the cart firmly before the horse. New Agers also use crystals extensively in their practices. Does this mean that analog ham radios are a product of Eastern Mysticism? After all, they use crystals extensively. Satanists are big on using the pentagram form of a star. Does this make the American flag satanic? After all, it has 50 pentagram-style stars on it.

The question must be, what is something, in itself. Anything good can be used for good or evil. That it is sometimes used in a disordered fashion does not make it evil. There are some things that are evil, in themselves. But to try to come up with a formulaic laundry list to avoid all deceptions is, itself, a deception. 

I was satisfied long ago that homeopathy is a sound, science-based form of medicine that does not rely on any superstitions. We are using it to good effect in our CORAC Regions and will continue to do so. And now, Mick’s piece, which is a reprint of a letter she sent to a person with a particular concern (and I should note that Mick is quick to share with me her concern when something might be not quite right) -CJ:


Micki Blunt speaking at CORAC National Conference

By Micki Blunt

I would like to address your concerns about homeopathy. You are not the first person to express such concerns to Charlie or to CORAC’s Health and Wellness team; in fact, the team has been contacted by several people who have questioned our inclusion of homeopathy in the paradigms which we recommend. Like you, they have stated their belief that homeopathy is based in the occult, or in the New Age, or in Freemasonry.
First, let me say that I understand your concerns. Because of my family’s history, I am extraordinarily sensitive to anything smacking of the occult. I’m guessing that this is because my great-grandmother was a practitioner of the occult (she was half black and half Cherokee; so as well as being a Cherokee medicine-woman of sorts, she practiced the “dark arts” that were not uncommon among the blacks of that era and locale). Her son–my grandfather–was a Freemason (more about him later). Two of his daughters–my aunts–are members of the Eastern Star, which is the women’s branch of Freemasonry. Since spirits can attach generationally to families, my great-grandmother’s involvement in the occult has affected my family down to the fourth generation (wow, I never thought about it until now… but my children’s generation is the fourth; that really makes me view Deuteronomy 5:9 in a whole new light). This generational spirit has affected different family members in different ways. But by the grace of God, the way it seems to have affected me is that I tend to “clue in” when I’m around something that has an occult influence. This has been true since I was in grade school.
This is not to say that I think I’m a mystic or that I have the charism of “discernment of spirits.” All I mean is that ever since I was a young girl, I often become (for lack of a better term) interiorly unsettled when I see certain books or artwork or TV shows and such, or when I hear certain music. This has kept me out of a great deal of trouble over the years, and it has also made me wary of anything that causes me to get that interior unsettling. Thus I have always steered clear of things like heavy-metal music, astrology, centering prayer and enneagrams (remember when they were all the rage in some Catholic circles?), yoga, and such.
When I started to learn about herbalism and homeopathy over two decades ago, my antenna were definitely up. As a math major who ended up getting a law degree, I tend to be a logical, linear thinker who wants evidence and proof of everything. I also tend to view any “evidence” or “proof” with an eye of skepticism until I’m convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. To make a long story short, my studies have left me convinced that herbalism and homeopathy are both based in sound science and not in the occult or New Age or Freemasonry or any such error.
It may be true that Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, joined the Freemasons when he was a young man. This is by no means certain, given that assertions that he was a Freemason seem to have surfaced only in the past twenty or so years, even though he died in 1843. However, I’ll postulate for the sake of this discussion that Hahnemann did in fact join the Freemasons. Well, so did George Washington. But like Washington, Hahnemann was a devout Christian whose faith influenced all that he did. It seems paradoxical to us that a man could be both a Freemason and a faithful Christian; but that was very common in previous centuries: back then, even as today, many Freemasons treated Freemasonry as a sort of “good old boys’ club” rather than as the truly evil organization that it is. In fact, most of the low-degree Freemasons don’t even know what Freemasonry is truly about, given that the truth is revealed “in degrees” as one advances through the degree ranks. I know this because my grandfather was a 33rd-degree Freemason. He broke with the Masons immediately after his 33rd-degree ceremony, which, as he described it, was essentially a “black Mass.” But the low-degree members don’t know this because the members are sworn to secrecy about the goings-on in the lodges and in the degree-ceremonies. My point in all this is that, in spite of his Freemasonry, Washington was a faithful Christian, a talented military leader, an excellent President, and a founding father of the greatest nation on earth; and likewise, in spite of his (possible) Freemasonry, Hahnemann was a faithful Christian, a talented scientist, an excellent physician, and the founding father of one of the greatest medical paradigms on earth.
Homeopathy is not rooted in the occult any more than herbalism or allopathic (conventional) medicine or physical therapy is rooted in the occult. The fact that there are occultists and New Agers who practice homeopathy does not mean that homeopathy itself is evil. These people have attempted to hijack homeopathy for their own purposes, in the same way that the New Age movement hijacked angels a few decades back, and the “gay-rights” movement hijacked the rainbow (a sign of God’s promise to Noah). And homeopathy is not the only medical paradigm that New Agers have attempted to hijack. The occult infiltrated herbalism centuries, and perhaps millenia, ago; and it has also made a lot of headway into allopathic medicine (just look at the satanic bloodlust of the Planned Parenthood ghouls exposed by David Daleiden). But should allopathic medicine be thrown out as a system because some MDs are New Agers? Should no one use the medicinal herbs that God put on this earth because some herbalists mix authentic herbal practice with the occult or with superstition? 
Rather than being rooted in the occult, homeopathy is in fact rooted in solid science. It has been tested and employed for more than two centuries in Europe, and for nearly as long in Asia and the Americas. In the early 1900s, there were over 100 homeopathic hospitals in the US, along with 22 homeopathic medical schools. For example, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor established its homeopathic medical school in 1875, and also had a homeopathic hospital; and to this day, one can find homeopathic references on the hospital’s official website:
Although conventional medicine has long failed to see the scientific underpinnings of homeopathy, that lack of understanding is beginning to change (although most conventional practitioners may not understand or admit this point). If one is at all familiar with nanopharmacology, he will understand that homeopathy is nanopharmacological even if no one knew that word in the early 19th century. Here is an informative article, in case you’d like to read it:
If you are so inclined, here are two short articles that might be helpful. The first is from the archives of Michael Brown’s Spirit Daily website. It discusses a document issued by the Vatican bureaucracy in 2003, a document which without any explanation states that things as varied as “chiropractic…homeopathy…various types of herbal medicine…and twelve-step programs” are New Age. The second article is an excellent article with commentary from a man who is a theologian, scientist, doctor, and Dominican priest. Among many other interesting things, he notes Pope St. John Paul II’s view of homeopathy, which view was expressed the year after the Vatican bureaucracy classified homeopathy as New Age:
If homeopathy were in fact evil, then it would make it hard to explain Pope St. John Paul II’s take on it; and it would also make it impossible to fathom why St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her Missionaries of Charity employed it (and in the case of the Sisters, continue to employ it) in their apostolate to the poor of India. 
I’m truly sorry about the negative experiences that you had when you were studying homeopathy. With all due respect, however, I must take issue with some of the assertions that you made in your comment to Charlie:
(1) “But, there are problems: First, Homeopathy invariably includes ‘muscle testing’ which is decidedly new age”: While some homeopaths and chiropractors employ muscle testing in their practices, muscle testing did not originate with homeopathy and is not in fact homeopathic. 
(2) “I began wondering why it seemed that illness (especially mental issues) just seemed to require an increasing number of expensive remedies to remain ‘in balance’, and few persons ever seemed physically decidedly ‘cured’”: I know people who have used homeopathy to successfully address depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (if those can be called mental issues). Their treatments have been inexpensive (maybe $50 apiece over the course of 2 – 3 years) and have helped them tremendously. I also know people who have successfully used homeopathy to cure or significantly ameliorate frozen shoulder, high blood pressure, arthritis, pre-diabetic blood-sugar issues, torn ligaments and tendons, pinched nerves, seasonal allergies, chronic seizure disorder, and vaccine injury. The total expense for each of these people ranged from around $20 (the chronic seizure disorder) to around $100 (the frozen shoulder, which went from “my doctor says I need surgery” to “my shoulder is 90% better” in 3 months, and the improvement continues nearly a year after the beginning of treatment).
(3) “I recall my instructor telling me that she spent a good part every morning testing remedies to balance herself before leaving for her day”: The concept of getting into or remaining “in balance” may be one belonging to chiropractic or some other modality; but it is a concept foreign to homeopathy. So I’m not sure where your instructor learned this concept, but it wasn’t from the treatises of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
(4) Homeopathic remedies as “energetic medicines” and homeopathy as an example of “energy medicine” similar to reiki: It is true that homeopathic remedies are “energetic”; but homeopathy has nothing in common with reiki or so-called “energy medicine.” Homeopathic remedies are energetic because homeopathy (unlike conventional medicine and herbal medicine, which are based on the principles of chemistry) is based on the principles of physics; and physics is largely concerned with energy and energetics. The explanation of why and how this is so would get into high weeds for which neither you nor I have the time right now. But, as I said above, homeopathy is in fact based in sound science, that science being physics rather than chemistry.
(5) “And of course the dispensing of medicines requires knowledge unavailable to an average person.” Average people (and by that, I assume that you mean people without formal, specialized, years-long medical training) can and do learn how to use and dispense homeopathic medicines. In fact, on September 19, members of CORAC’s national Health and Wellness team completed the teaching of a 4-week homeopathy course via Zoom (2 – 3 hours on 4 consecutive Sundays). There were over 50 students from 4 time zones. The course was offered free of charge; the attendees just had to buy the book for the curriculum that was used–which, incidentally, was “Gateway to Homeopathy 1,” by Joette Calabrese. Since beginning the class, one of the attendees has successfully used her newfound knowledge to treat family members for a moderate acute illness, pain and bleeding from a blow to the face, an infected spider bite, and incapacitating spasms of the back. This course is available to anyone by going to Joette Calabrese’s website: www.joettecalabrese.com. (Full disclosure: I have been a student of hers for years, and I get no compensation or kickback for plugging her and her website.) Furthermore, all of the 15 CORAC regions are in the process of forming regional Health and Wellness teams. For those who are CORAC members (and those of you who are not, please consider joining): if you would like to take this course, please consider contacting your regional coordinator and asking if the regional Health and Wellness team would consider offering it.
(6) “Indeed, there are some homeopathic medicines that used individually are effective; Boiron’s Oscillococcicum, for example, is effective to lessen or cure flu. But, it cannot be processed by anyone outside a homeopathic manufacturer, as is true for all homeopathic substances. Ultimately it seems that without these manufacturers, homeopathy is not useful to a survivalist”: Homeopathic remedies, like herbal tinctures, can be made at home. The process is called “grafting,” and the attendees of CORAC’s recent homeopathy course learned how to do it. In fact, part of the fourth class consisted of their being walked through the process (they all had their materials in front of them). I have been grafting my own homeopathic remedies for a couple of years; I learned how to do it from the book “Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook,” by Alan Schmukler. The book is available from Amazon for about $20. It seems to me that along with herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine is a great fit for those with a preparedness mindset.
In closing, I want to reiterate that I understand and empathize with all of the concerns that you raised about homeopathy. I hope and pray that my efforts here have at least somewhat alleviated those concerns, as well as any concerns that other readers might have; because I consider it a tragedy that so many people who could be helped by homeopathy avoid it, out of a mistaken belief that it is evil or ineffective or out of reach of the average person.
God bless you and yours.
 We are in the first week of our fall fund-raising campaign for CORAC. Won’t you go to our donations page and help us reach our goal of $50,000? And for those who are or become monthly donors, offering ongoing support, I have made arrangements to send out a little gift of a handmade CORAC Rosary. It has a little squirrel on it.
 The anti-God left-wing media and their allies in the Democratic Party these days remind me of nothing so much as the army of flying monkeys from the old Wizard of Oz. Has anyone thought of trying a bucket of water, yet?

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123 thoughts on “About Homeopathy

  1. Homeopathy Rocks, mick!!!! I need to take that course yet! But today I was not feeling up to snuff so I doubled all my Stevebc vitimins and it seems to be working…thanks be to God for I have to babysit tomorrow!!! Yes! I will def sign up for the hemotherapy classes ASAP!!! Nothing bad about it! All good God anointed stuff!!🥰😂🙏😇♥️🥳🐿

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  2. It’s not new age. It’s idiocy. It works for two reasons. One, placebo effect, and two, the intense and focused attention and listening by the practitioners.


    1. Ah, yes St. John Paul and St. Mother Teresa were such idiots! Come on Maryanne. You are a very smart woman and you really don’t have to be so snotty. I have always found you to be gracious with a solid sense of humor. I suspect you are just having a bad moment.

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      1. Charlie, I thought MaryAnne was being facetious. Part one of her comment was EXACTLY what I get from my family if I ever bring this up. The second part was right on. Practicioners DO listen! Part 2 properly negates part one. Smart woman yes, snotty, I didn’t think so.


        1. Ah, Maryanne is a dear, old friend. She is amusingly caustic in private and usually gracious in public. She WAS being snotty, but mistakenly thought she was sending a private note.


    2. Mary, homeopathy treatments are routinely used on animals and work fine. Homeopathic treatments of various animals are authorized and accepted treatments in Germany in laws and regulations. Animals are not aware and therefore cannot have a placebo effect, nor are they healed by having the farmers listen intently to their concerns. 🙂

      I use homeopathy myself for bites and stings in particular. Using Stingstop on mosquito bites generally makes them calm down and stop itching. Rhus toxicodendron has saved me from poison ivy several times. Apis Mellifica is a godsend for bee stings.

      I am not one to fall for some new technique “just because.” However, I will examine and test for myself anything I think might be helpful. I tried Homeopathy decades ago. It worked then, and I have used it off and on ever since. Mick is exposing me to ways that homeopathy can help in even very difficult circumstances and conditions.

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      1. Good Morning, SteveBC. I’m pondering how St. Mother Teresa used homeopathy for the outcasts, for the downtrodden, for the marginalized, the unwanted and “lower” class citizen. The unvaxxed are being pushed into those categories. We are being given/taught the same types of healing methods as she. All glory to God! I am constantly delighted how He uses the lowly, the humble to show His power. I don’t understand how this stuff works and skepticism lurks around the edges but the remedies I have used works. Of course, I don’t understand electricity, sure I understand on the electron level but the power plant level is beyond my pay grade. When I flip on the light switch and have light is all that matters to me.

        I had taken a nasty tumble before the summer conference. I was in tremendous pain. The ibuprofen wan’t touching it. This beautiful woman from the health and wellness team connected with me to get me going on some remedies. It took about a day and a half to start working. It was shocking how much better I felt because I really didn’t believe it would work.(We didn’t have time for an in-depth interview either. Besides, it would have been more of a in-depth wounded animal growling session.) All Glory to God!

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        1. HttP, you mentioned “[t]his beautiful woman from the health and wellness team.” Jacquie IS beautiful, inside and out (I hope I’m not embarrassing you too much, Jacquie!). I’m really glad that she had her entire collection of homeopathic remedies at the conference and that she was able to help you.

          She also helped a gentleman at the conference. He had had a viral infection which led to a secondary bacterial infection from which he had been suffering for weeks. Jacquie figured out which herbal tinctures he needed (she had those with her, too), and she gave him some to use at the conference and after. He later reported that he was pretty much well in about a week.

          In short, Jacquie has some mad skills! 🙂

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    3. Can you explain how the placebo effects work on a dog who received a homeopathic remedy? I know dogs are smart but really, you need to open your mind.

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  3. What a great post. Thank you Mick, I learned so much.

    Because I’m in healthcare, I have a fondness for St Hildegard, a Dr of the church. I have her books and have read them. She had some patients hold crystals in their mouths. I am not advocating this, but what I am saying is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Perhaps in time science will prove St Hildegard’s practices. Homeopathy has been a proven healthcare practice for hundreds of years with little side effects. It’s available to all. What a gift.

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      1. Amy, on the advice of a dear friend who is involved with natural healing remedies, I just received a book which I ordered from AbeBooks at a great price: Hildegard von Bingen’s Physica: The Complete English Translation of Her Classic Work on Health and Healing. 🙂

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      2. Thanks you, Beckita! That’s a perfect recommendation.

        I also have From St. Hildegard’s Kitchen by Jany Fournier-Rosset

        Hildegard’s Healing Plants compiled by Bruce Hozeski

        Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine translated by Dr Gottfried Hertzka who is a medical Dr in Germany and has used Hildegard’s theories clinically, and Dr Wigard Strehlow, a research chemist in pharmaceuticals.

        Another one you might be interested in is Health Through God’s Pharmacy by Maria Treben


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    1. Okay, Patty, so the upshot of this article is that homeopathy does not work…except somehow it often does, but it really doesn’t, but it is not dangerous, unless used for seriously life-threatening ailments. Since we are not using it for serious life-threatening ailments and since even the scientists agree that it is not dangerous, I’m good to go. These are the same scientists, I imagine, who are telling us that the vaxx is great and ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine don’t work – even though every country relying on ivermectin or hydroxy is getting great results while those doubling down on the vaxx are busy explaining why it is really the unvaxxedd who are a danger to the vaxxed, even though most of the serious hospitalizations and death are coming among the vaxxed. I am glad those same scientists agree homeopathy is not dangerous, but I am kind of done with their pronouncements for now.

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    1. Okay, here the author’s thesis is NOT that the sainted Popes and Mother Teresa weren’t enthusiasts for homeopathy, but that they would have changed their minds if they were alive. Not persuasive, even though I have otherwise great regard for Women of Grace.

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      1. I know these things work for sure!!! I’ve been doing Stevebc protocol for not getting sick…every time I start getting sick, I double down in my vitimins and voila!!! Next day, I’m ok!

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        1. Yepyep.

          when my kiddos where little and got a bump that seemed like it would be a nasty bruise, I gave them Arnica Montana and never, never, not ever, did a bruise develop. Many times with eight kids did I use this.

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  4. This article on homeopathy is based on a few false claims and assumptions. One of which is that the founder of homeopathy was a Christian. He started out that way but ended up as a mason and drew on the Druids philosophies when he was working on homeopathic medicine. He was a bone afide mason. Second, the dr you stated who was John Paul11 physician is not true. You can go to women of grace blog site where she fills in the facts on many aspects of the Popes alleged approval of homeopathy. I think if you promote this you may want to visit the Lord in Adoration and ask Him, especially since many souls are at stake here. You believe you are promoting something very good and I don’t doubt your intentions one bit, but the Lord knows all truth and He will surely show you if you have true and good intentions of just wanting truth. We all need Truth right now, and nothing but truth no matter how much we want to believe something. Blessings to you


    1. Dear Patty, I have nothing I WANT to believe. I understand you are fearful – and probably overly cautious. But your comment here is filled with errors. The doctor who was cited as St. John Paul’s physician was true, just that he was not his primary physician. The articles you cite try to contradict St. John Paul’s and Mother Teresa’s approval by saying, in essence, they didn’t really mean it or would change their minds if they were alive today. That is ridiculous hubris.

      When you tell me I must ask the Lord, I tell you the same – and do so without fear. I trust the Lord to guide my steps. That does not mean I do not err. I have done so – and even publicly. Sometimes, good friends have prevented me from error. But NEVER by a panicked insistence that I must adopt their thinking, backed by flimsy evidence. I understand that many people think that anything that disturbs their peace must come from the devil and so, is to be avoided. But they underestimate how tricky the devil is. Often he triggers irrational fear in people who are susceptible to it so as to discredit otherwise benign things. I had an email from a Christian doctor I know well who spoke approvingly and admiringly of homeopathy. He asked that I not reveal his name, as he is in a jurisdiction that is persecuting and threatening doctors who don’t toe the company line these days.

      Not only would I drop it if I saw it was a danger: Micki Blunt is one of the most prayerful women I know. SHE would advise me to drop it if she found something contrary to faith and morals in it – and I would take HER advice, for she has given me good, solid counsel that proves out for at least six years now.

      We can be neither brash nor nervous nellies. We have to have means to help people help each other when many of the normal means of routine treatment may be gone. Already there are officials who are urging that unvaxxed people be refused medical care. (Great job on giving health care over to gov’t). In 1933, Josef Stalin tried to cure famine in Russia by starving farmers in Ukraine in order to increase food production. I know, it makes no sense – but Communist programs rarely do. Now, in America, Joe Biden seeks to solve a supposed health care crisis by forcing the firing of thousands of medical personnel. Both Joe’s created the crisis they claim to care about – but it is we, the people, who are put in mortal peril by their willfulness.

      If you are deeply worried about homeopathy, you can participate in CORAC without making use of the health and wellness methods. If you are so alienated by it that you prefer to have nothing to do with CORAC, I pray you find another group committed to mutual and missionary aid that is more amenable to you. But we ARE going to provide means for people to help each other and others if normal means are not available, as increasingly they are not. That includes homeopathy. May God bless and guide you in all the steps you take.

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  5. Thank you Micki, an interesting article that has spited my curiosity in homeopathy, I believe thatQueen Elizabeth of England is a practitioner of this subject, if so then maybe this contributed to herwellbeing at such an old age. Is there a CORAC IN France or England that I could join ?

    Christus Vincit

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  6. “First, let me say that I understand your concerns. Because of my family’s history, I am extraordinarily sensitive to anything smacking of the occult. I’m guessing that this is because my great-grandmother was a practitioner of the occult (she was half black and half Cherokee; so as well as being a Cherokee medicine-woman of sorts, she practiced the “dark arts” that were not uncommon among the blacks of that era and locale). Her son–my grandfather–was a Freemason (more about him later). Two of his daughters–my aunts–are members of the Eastern Star, which is the women’s branch of Freemasonry. Since spirits can attach generationally to families, my great-grandmother’s involvement in the occult has affected my family down to the fourth generation (wow, I never thought about it until now… but my children’s generation is the fourth; that really makes me view Deuteronomy 5:9 in a whole new light). This generational spirit has affected different family members in different ways. But by the grace of God, the way it seems to have affected me is that I tend to “clue in” when I’m around something that has an occult influence. This has been true since I was in grade school.”

    This was a grace and you are putting it to good work.

    Fr. Ripperger has a booklet on Deliverance Prayers for the Laity, in it are several on breaking generational spirits and freemasonry. You may find it useful.

    God bless you.

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    1. Thank you, Timothy. I have Fr. Ripperger’s book, and I have prayed the prayers for the breaking of the curses that Freemasons invoke upon themselves and their posterity. So has my husband (his grandmother was, at one time, the highest ranking member of the Eastern Star in the state in which she lived).

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      1. They really do work. One lesson I learned from reading Fr. Ripperger and other excorcists is that it can take time, but to just keep pounding the s.o.b’s until they slink away.

        Its a fight, but knowing that enables me to endure.

        Grace and peace to you.

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        1. And I have discovered, Dear Timothy, that a potent balance to these prayers is dwelling on loving and praising God for His Goodness as we love His people around us. 🙂

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    1. I was viewing Joette Calabrese’s website earlier today – http://www.joettecalabrese.com. It is now suspended (as of Oct. 5th at 5:00 pm) Multiple browsers on my PC and phone now show the following message where her website should be: This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
      Does anyone know what is going on?


      1. Marie, I strongly suspect that Joette’s website has been attacked. It is back up now; but she has a second site for students of her Academy of Practical Homeopathy. I got the same message that you got, a few minutes ago when I tried to get onto the Academy site in order to work on an assignment.

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  7. I was treated by a homeopathic doctor back in the early 80’s.
    He had degrees in medicine, chiropractics and homeopathy.
    As such, he thought diet and a correct skeletal structure was essential to proper health. He also taught us about the different minerals the body uses for each major organ and did blood work to look for deficiencies and gave us “tinctures” to address this.
    Later in life, I read about the Feingold Diet to eliviate hyperactivity and ADD in two of my children and another book ‘Eat Right For Your Blood Type’ that addressed the food “allergy” issues we faced.
    As a Herpetoculturis and farmer, correct diet is essential for the health and correct growth of many species of animals. You don’t feed a Koala Bear bananas you feed them eucalyptus leaves. Their digestive system has evolved to eat them and they are essential for their existence. Same with Panda Bears and bamboo leaves.
    That said, because of our natural histories being from different global regions, humans can be negatively effected by diet. This is why many tincture and minerals -“crystals” can have positive effects on us. Our body is a giant, sensitive chemestry set ingeniously created to work in harmony with its environment and has the genetically variable ability to adapt- over time, to different pressures.
    Science has only fairly recently discovered these truths but people have been working with “homeopathic” remedies since time began.
    “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.
    Hippocrates (400 BC),

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    1. I love this, Phil: ” Our body is a giant, sensitive chemestry set ingeniously created to work in harmony with its environment and has the genetically variable ability to adapt- over time, to different pressures.”

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    2. Chicken soup, a hug or two and sweating out has served me well my whole life! ❤

      Only one year, I had a G.I. and respiratory flu that made be feel like I got hit by a Mac truck and that was after receiving a "flu" shot. At that point I added a wing and a prayer. 😉

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        1. Timothy, ’tis a true believer that yeh are, me darlin’ man.

          Chicken soup = Jewish penicillin.
          Whiskey = Irish penicillin.


          Seriously, it’s not called “Uisce beatha” = “aqua vitae” for nothing. We’ve been perfecting it for a couple of thousand years, give or take a few hundred here and there.

          Which, of course, also explains why our plans for Celtic world domination haven’t quite yet come to fruition. But give it time…

          and maybe just another wee small one, while yer’ at it.

          And may the good Lord give yeh a generous pourin’ hand…

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          1. Ha, a few years ago I gave a talk and a gentleman came up to me afterward to ask if I was Irish. I told him I was part Irish. He told me he figured it was so, because he was sure I had “french-kissed” the Blarney Stone. Ha, I did not get the Irish taste for whiskey, but I do love me some blarney!

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            1. Ha, Patrick; me, too! Incidentally, “The Quiet Man” is my favorite movie of all time. I (sort of) quoted its opening line on Sunday when I was chatting with a local priest. I was asking him why he had decided to enter the priesthood. He responded with, “Do you know how long a story that is?” I answered, “Well, let’s begin at the beginnin’,” at which point Father gave me a quizzical look. It turns out that he’s never seen “The Quiet Man” and so is unfamiliar with Fr. Lonergan. It also turns out that he thinks I’m kind of a dork. 🙂

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    3. A giant, sensitive chemistry set is a beautiful description.

      Our bodies are always seeking homeostasis. On a cellular level, you have beautiful gates on your cell walls that sense when you need more calcium, more potassium, and they are made so that ONLY those chemicals get in when they are needed.

      We only see the broken bodily system when it finally can’t maintain homeostasis and presents as disease. It takes * years* to get to that point.

      Preventative living is key, and homeopathy is a great tool in that arsenal.

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      1. It is stupefying anyone can deny God. Learning how all of those minute systems have to work together to correctly perform a function, or build a body is truly awe inspiring.

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  8. Hey friends. The concern about homeopathy is a real head scratcher. I can’t see how using diluted properties of matter (mushrooms, weeds, minerals etc) as medicine differs from traditional pharma using molecules to create medicine. Were the Civil War doctors widely utilizing them suffering from New Age delusions? Is it the “like cures like” philosophy that is giving you pause? Then do you worry about allergy shots which inject minuscule amounts of the offending matter into our bloodstream? Actually allergists are gradually moving toward sublingual formulations (there is already one for dust) because they are less shocking to the system than delivered via the bloodstream. That is homeopathy. There are no spells attached to these medicines — just strictly regulated formulations of highly diluted forms of God’s creation. They are regulated by the FDA. I don’t share this as an endorsement (ha), but to suggest it would be difficult to regulate spiritual properties of New Age medicine. It is purely a matter of chemistry and physics.

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  9. I took the classes offered through CoRaC. After hearing Mother Teresa used homeopathy to help the poor, it was good enough for me. Thank you Mick for teaching the class.

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    1. I also took the class and am grateful that I could learn such a healing skill so quickly to be able to help my family and neighbors in cases where access to an allopathic doctor is not available. That, to me, is a blessing from our Lord. Thank you Mick!

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  10. I also agree with Charlie’s sentiments. Mick is wise, prayerful and diligent in her discernment. Homeopathy and herbal medicines are going to be lifesaving in the coming days, and I ask opponents of good will to reconsider. Even if hard times aren’t coming (they are), we are facing extreme challenges with antibiotic resistance and/or shortages from China. Training families to use and stock alternatives is God’s work. Thank you Mick and Charlie.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉





    Pastor Coverstone Today’s (Fri) post worth watching:






    I don’t know what fear the Pentagon strikes in the hearts of our enemies but THEY terrify me! ;-(



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  12. Mick, Thank you for this account. Yesterday I read thru the homeopathic info on the CORAC site that you have made available, and was impressed by the succinct clarity of mission and information. In the event of unrest, I don’t want to have to read books about each choice and try to decipher what path to take, I would rather just ‘get the facts’ from a trusted source.

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  13. Thank you Mick for this wonderful letter. I will definitely look into the course. I have long believed that God has given us tools enough in His beautiful creation to aid us in whatever way we need. Some are natural and some are revealed through medical breakthroughs. We must always be sure these do not violate His will. If they do they are not from God, (our current vaccines, artificial contraception, etc.) There are also supernatural aids such as Lourdes water that in His mercy God gives us. I have for a long time been a devotee of St Michael and have been in possession of some the stones from his cave in Gargano, Italy. St Michael stone have been used not once but twice to protect people from the plagues that ravished Europe. Just yesterday was his feast day so I reread the story of his cave. I have been using the vitamins and minerals recommended to boost the immune system for some time now, but it dawned on me yesterday that besides these and my St Michael stones I have greater protection from this plague than someone who has been “vaccinated and boostered, and wearing three masks could ever have. Keep up the good work, and God bless all.

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    1. Mick, thank you for this very detailed explanation of homeopathy. I had been skeptical myself. Was treated by a woman with homeopathy many years ago and felt it didn’t help, but I really don’t think she knew what she was doing and might have been a bit “off”. That’s a whole nother story though. 😉 I hope to learn enough about homeopathy to be able to use it with confidence. God bless you. xo

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    1. Thank you for that link, I had forgotten about that!

      As I was going my microbiology and histology I had read that.

      On a cellular level we are so beautiful that DaVinci would consider himself a poor artist in comparison.

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      1. Are you familiar with the Intelligent Design thread of research and thought?

        To my mind, what we are seeing with it is what happened prior to the background radiation being discovered when the great physics debate was between the static universe (no God) vs expanding universe (God)

        As Charlie has remarked, God tends(?) to humiliate the satan and this line of thought and science has the same imprint as the old static-vs-expanding debate.

        God bless.

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      2. Yes, Briana. Absolutely elegantly made are we. God’s Holy Word has declared us to be wonderfully made. Not known to me until recent years is the Passion Translation and all of Psalm 139 expresses so beautifully that God lavished wonder upon wonder in and on each of us. And it’s just waiting to be unlocked in the glory of loving well and doing the little we can right before us. Excerpt from Psalm 139:

        “You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside
        and my intricate outside,
        and wove them all together in my mother’s womb.

        I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex!
        Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking.
        It simply amazes me to think about it!
        How thoroughly you know me, Lord!

        You even formed every bone in my body
        when you created me in the secret place;
        carefully, skillfully you shaped me from nothing to something.

        You saw who you created me to be before I became me!
        Before I’d ever seen the light of day,
        the number of days you planned for me
        were already recorded in your book.

        Every single moment you are thinking of me!
        How precious and wonderful to consider
        that you cherish me constantly in your every thought!
        O God, your desires toward me are more
        than the grains of sand on every shore!
        When I awake each morning, you’re still with me.”

        And if we want to consider the wonders and intricacies of the entire universe – of course only able to get a sort of thumbnail sketch of it all – reread Charlie’s piece “Into the Whirlwind.” (It’s even more exciting if you have a blog book from TNRS.) Now, there’s a vision of energy and quantum physics in amazingly astonishing grandeur which God alone could create.

        We’re sitting on our inanimate chairs at our non-living computers, or holding an inanimate phone, reading these words while all these objects are comprised of whirling and moving atoms – whose movement we cannot feel or perceive – while the principles of physics within them give glory to God, and so can we that He bestowed upon us the understandings we have about them, for He created us and everything good He placed at our disposal from Pure Love. His Love holds all this goodness together. HE is the mastermind behind homeopathic understandings.

        And another breathtaking dive into physics can be had in Sonja Corbitt’s Episode 5 of her current series. (Remember, it’s about so much more than freedom from anxiety and, if you listen, prepare to have your mind blown away by the wonders of God in His creation.)


        1. Beautifully stated Beckita.
          I burst out giggling in delight when looking at pictures of birds, flowers, and butterflies. How much fun God must have had creating these. The minds of human beings are as varied as those creations. The outsides of humans are pretty much the same but the inside of the mind-WOW! I like to people watch. The head shape on the outside-kind of boring compared to cactus, birds of paradise, or roses-but imagining the insides-stunningly beautiful and creative. I can hardly wait.

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  14. “Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.” St. Therese of Lisieux, ora pro nobis.

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  15. I strongly suspect that if we saw all the difference even the tiniest of our prayers to God make, and all the people those little prayers were destined to affect, and all the consequences of those effects down through the centuries, we would be so paralyzed with awe at the power of prayer that we would be unable to get up off our knees for the rest of our lives. – Peter Kreeft

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  16. Wonderful explanation, Mick; now I want to learn more, as I’m trying to see where I fit in!
    Thinking of you often, especially as I pray with a certain rosary! 🙂

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  17. Thanks for the hard work, Mick. There’s the sparks of The Great Fire of God in it, like our other medicinal disciplines.

    I don’t think St. Joan de Arc became so because she was right about everything, I think it was because she gave everything over to serving God. Give me one good willed doer like that over a room full of talkers any day.

    Overlooked lesson from the examples of the Saints: it’s HOW you think. And, how little we know.

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    1. Precisely power-punched: “HOW you think. And, how little we know.”
      PS, MP: I love it when you can break away from your mile high pile of tasks and weigh in!

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    When I read these kind of articles, I can’t help but wonder what EVIL purposes this BigTech Stuff can be put to? ……. & wonder if this kind of “stuff” was what St John was trying to describe in Revelation!?

    C’mon! WH didn’t deploy anyone … PuppetMaster Obama & DC Mafia did!



    …. just like any other Democrat ****Hole Ya can name! ;-(

    When I first checked out this site, it seemed a bit too Alex Jones …. but considering what be going-on that a year ago I would have thought unbelieviable ……….



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    1. CrewDog: Regarding the first article to which you linked, I’ve been wondering for a while how it is that Tucker Carlson has not yet been “disappeared” or otherwise taken out of commission. God bless and protect him and his family.

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      1. Amen, Mick. And Mark Steyn also. If I were the latter I’d be wary of returning to Canada, which seems to have rapidly gone down the slope to what he calls “demented Dominion” status – along with that other Commonwealth country, Australia.

        Not that I, as an Irish citizen and ipso facto (and unfortunately) also one of the European “Union”, can criticise other States for their neo-bolshie dementias.

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        1. Jaykay, that’s true about Mark Steyn. Have you ever read his book, “America Alone”? My husband gave it to my for my birthday the year it was written (2006). When I read it, I was terrified about the future that he portrayed; but a part of me said, “This is America; it’ll never happen here.” Well, it appears to be happening here. God save America, Ireland, and the rest of the world.

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          1. I have indeed read it, Mick. I’ve been following MS for a long time, since he wrote in the Irish Times back in the early 00s, when it still had the semblance of a decent paper (since become a rotting corpse, as have all of the establishment meeja). His breath of erudition is astounding – not to mention his musicality, which I greatly respect.

            God bless you and family, and all here. Cling to the Rock, folks – spes unica Christianorum.

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  19. Very beautifully written, Mick! Well done! As a plus, we get to see a photo of you. I’m definitely going to look into this more. I met a homeopathic doctor once who seemed very impressive and for real and was also a faithful Catholic.

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  20. Technically, wouldn’t taking vitamins derived from plants to “heal” symptoms like scurvy be akin (if not straight out) homeopathic?? 😉


  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉


    More Pew Peon $$Millions NOT going to Schools, Missions or Infrastructure ,…. and the Criminal Pervert NOT in Jail!

    Yeah! I want a fair & FAST trial for this Criminal RedHat and ALL his Vatican confederates followed by a fast frog march to jail!!

    Despite all/any Negative Data … THEY, all sectors, INSIST on near 100% getting De Jab or Else …. Why!!??
    The only reasonable explanation is that THEY can’t afford to have a Control Group, AKA: Not Vaxxed, Out-There to Bear Witness to THEIR Evil Agenda!

    Was there any doubt that SCOTUS would ‘Cave” on The Agenda!?


    Really?, Judge! … Get with The Agenda!!!



    China, Iran, Russia & …. are still Out-There. Considering the DC turmoil/incompetence & Our disastrously divided USA….Tik-Tok ;-(



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  22. Wowsers! I have just had the opportunity to read your letter, Mick! You never cease to amaze me. You are so smart and so productive. I don’t know how you have the time to get so much done! And- I am so surprised by the uproar about this topic. I had no idea it was causing a commotion. I haven’t delved into all this much because it seems so overwhelming and time consuming to learn all about it. Lots of other stuff is on my plate right now. But thank you for all you do!

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  23. Mick, thank you for this very good article/letter.

    I know relatively little about such things; your many years of research and practice, coupled with Christian discernment, are impressive.

    Have you ever read the Brother Cadfael mysteries? He wasn’t necessarily a homeopathist (since it hadn’t been officially invented in the 1100s), but he was an expert herbalist.

    God’s creation is good.

    Sister Bear

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    1. Thank you, Sister Bear (and everybody else, too) for your kind words. God bless you (and everybody else, too!).

      No, I’ve never read the Brother Cadfael mysteries. I’m not a big fan of fiction (Louis L’Amour excepted), but you have piqued my interest. 🙂

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  24. Well friends, as we all know evil is ramping up. It came packaged yesterday wrapped up in scripture from a young woman I have mentored and helped over the years. At first, it was soft, loving and with a mutual agreement that God is good all the time. Then without warning or provocation, attacks on Holy Mother Church, our Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints in Heaven. All under the guise that she loves me and cares about where I am going to end up bc of my beliefs. She says that I have lived under lies my whole life and now must reject all and only proclaim Sola Scriptura and that Jesus Christ is my savior.
    I will stop there. I defended the faith. But the assault continued so I have blocked her. I sent her about 5 books highlighted with important truths and a letter to hopefully help her.
    Please pray for her to come back to her Catholic faith. Prior to this she was involved in some dark cult and had a breakdown. I thought she had returned to the Sacraments–but apparently not. I think she needs an exorcism. She is married and a mother of 4.


  25. I am not worried about homeopathy. One only has to concern themselves when they start relying on things that remove and negate our Lord and Savior in favor of unknown spirit masters/guides. If he gave us herbs, then many of them must be good.

    Off topic: I just saw a black and white photo of Rod S on FB from the old Twliight Zone series .The caption said: “Imagine if you will a pandemic so bad that we can afford to fire healthcare workers.” Yes, we are definitely living in a Twilight Zone.

    I thought I would share. I think laughter is the best medicine…along with prayer God gave us a sense of humor for a reason!

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    1. “If he gave us herbs, then many of them must be good”.

      I agree totally, StJudith! And, if I recall, He Himself also used mud and spittle…?

      Maybe there were no herbs to hand just right then…😁

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉 Afternoon




    Feral Gubermint be controlling all your life soon!






    I’m deeply saddened that Democrats are stabbing each other in the back 😉

    Yep!! Too many Evil Guns!! They escape Sporting Goods Stores nightly in every Democrat USA “Urban Area”! Quick! Round-Up all the White Supremacists!




  27. Charlie, thank you for addressing the homeopathy subject. I attended the class. I am not a nurse and found it a little overwhelming, but I learned so much. Mick is an amazing teacher. She explained everything so well it was easy to follow, even though I am still a little confused about some of it. I have so much more to learn. I was kind of anxious and excited to explore this new way (to me) of health and healing.

    Mick is so kind and so humble, I hope to meet her in person some day. She spent two and a half hours with my daughter and I on the phone one day, (we had so much fun and laughed a lot in between). This showed me how in depth you have to go for more serious ailments and issues. Even though my daughter didn’t want to tackle everything we talked about, she started one of the protocols and it has helped. (She was just a little overwhelmed).

    Thank you Mick! We enjoyed our time talking to you!

    Kris has asked me to join the health and wellness team for our region. I am willing but apprehensive because I don’t retain information very well. (We’ve talked about this before). I did buy some of the books, and I look forward to digging into it more, so I am willing to be a part of it if they can put up with a rookie! Besides, I always wanted to be a nurse when I was little, lol

    BTW- I love the flying monkeys analogy. I have my bucket(s) of water ready!

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    1. Juls, I’m glad to hear that one of the protocols is helping your daughter. Yay, God!

      I know that you called me one day last week, and I forgot to return your call (I think I was in a Zoom meeting at the time). Sorry about that! If you want to try calling again, that would be great. You and your daughter were so much fun to talk to, and your husband had me in stitches!

      Also, thanks for your kind words. God bless you and yours. 🙂

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      1. Thanks Mick, yes and we so appreciated your help! I did try to call, but I called Kris and she was able to answer my question. It was another one about Everclear. Haha go figure!

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          1. Haha Beckita! You should have seen the look on some of the clerks’ faces when I asked about Everclear and told them it was for homeopathy, especially when telling them I needed 190 proof. Priceless!

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  28. In my experience, anything which is a bit alternative to the mainstream will often attract people who are into New Age stuff, which is a bit unfortunate, because that understandably puts serious Christians off. It’s not bad to be cautious, of course.

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  29. We must remember New Age and occult practices need our cooperation to be the evil we fear.
    God created everything and in Genesis He claims it was “good” and that it is a reflection of His greatness and goodness. After the fall, our harmony with nature was lost and evil intent set about corrupting that harmony even more and by the missus of creation disharmony, both physical and spiritual, is furthered by those who wish it. With all the corruption that followed and is still active now (this chimeric virus) some wonder how God, through the use of creation, manages miraculous/spiritual healings? It is by the reflection of the power of its Creator who is spirit, who seeks to balance this disharmony. “I will draw all things to myself”.
    St Raphael had Tobit use the liver of a fish to cast out a demon and it’s gall to cure his father’s blindness:” Then the young man asked the angel this question: “Brother Azariah, what medicine is in the fish’s heart, liver, and gall?” He answered: “As for the fish’s heart and liver, if you burn them to make smoke in the presence of a man or a woman who is afflicted by a demon or evil spirit, any affliction will flee and never return.
    As for the gall, if you apply it to the eyes of one who has white scales, blowing right into them, sight will be restored.”
    God gave the Isrealites Manna which was a food “not known to our Fathers” that satisfied and was never quite the same flavor so it never got boring eating it. Jesus used mud, spit, wine, His hands, His cloake, blood and water and words to heal and show His power. The Apostles even healed by their shadows!
    Lourdes is another example.
    Scientists insisted some unknown therapeutic was in the water and Dr. Dozous brought a woman that had no face from the ravages of Lupus to debunk the miraculous water only to see her instantly healed instead! Interestingly they claim he went to his grave still denying it was a miracle, stubbornly believing it was a natural event somehow.
    We being flesh and spirit Jesus claims the flesh is of no importance and not to worry about it too much. GK Chesterton said of health care that we shouldn’t care about our health!
    Now I’m not advocating we drop everything and Jesus didn’t mean for us not to be good stewards of our bodies. With the sad reality of our limited food value from processing, soil overuse and synthetic additions, it is has become essential we understand how homeopathy can bring our food “values” back to the normal state needed for our bodies health and well-being.
    This is not a bridge too far, that bridge was crossed back when processed foods became a staple of the modern diet.

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