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By Charlie Johnston

In the last two weeks, news erupted that Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich had banned the saying of the Hail Mary or St. Michael prayers at the conclusion of Mass. I talked to a few Priests in the Archdiocese who told me they had received no such public edict from the Cardinal, nor had they been privately told by the Chancery to ban the same. I made sure to check on any private word because back when Cupich was Bishop of Spokane, he had forbidden Priests to participate in pro-life protests outside abortion clinics. When he received blowback, he amended that to urging Priests not to participate because the political climate had become too toxic and polarizing. Priests should not contribute to that, Cupich said then, but should give witness by the power of their “unity” with each other. Ah, if only men like St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict had refused to defy the Nazis in WWII and instead had shamed them by the power of their silent, impotent “unity.” After Cupich was elevated to Chicago, I heard from several Priests in Spokane who told me that, yes, under public pressure, Cupich had revoked his order for Priests to refrain from public protests against abortion, but had sent the quiet word out from the Chancery that any Priest caught up in such an action would quickly get a very undesirable re-assignment. (Priests are not just assigned to Parishes – there are many administrative roles they can be assigned to, some desirable, others a way of burying them).

Having confirmed that there was no written edict and no quiet word from the Chancery on the matter, I corrected the record in defense of Cupich as a matter of fairness. Even so, it was a pitifully sloppy piece of reporting on my part. One of our alert readers, Crystal, called me out on it. Crystal was a long-time Parishioner at St. Joseph’s Parish in Libertyville, Illinois where the controversy began and is now a parishioner at St. Gilbert’s in Grayslake, where I was received into the Church and later taught RCIA for years. Crystal said, in part, that, “A group of women who are in a rosary group and are concerned about the state of the world decided it would be good to say the St. Michael prayer after mass as the priest was processing out. Anyone who prays this prayer realizes it take about 35 seconds. When these few women would lead it, a few fellow parishioners joined in. The pastor did not like that and asked the women to stop. Shortly after that, Fr. Emmanuel read his now infamous statement that Cardinal Cupich had asked for the St. Michal Prayer and the Hail Mary not to be prayed after mass. Quote from Fr. Trout’s letter to the parish which can be found on the website:
“At the same time, in accord with sound liturgical practice and in keeping with archdiocesan norms, which I personally confirmed with the Cardinal, the recitation of prayers must never interfere with, interrupt or distract from the public liturgy of the Church.”

Crystal’s comments sent me back to the drawing board. What I found was that Crystal was correct. For whatever reason, St. Joseph’s Pastor Fr. John Trout, did not like these traditional, orthodox prayers being said after Mass. He took it upon himself to tell Assoc. Pastor Fr. Emmanuel Torres-Fuentes to order it halted at the Masses which he celebrated, for it was in violation of the edict Cdl. Cupich had given that, “the recitation of prayers must never interfere with, interrupt, or distract from the public liturgy of the Church.” Fr. Trout added that he had confirmed this with Cdl. Cupich directly.

The problem is that the formal policy of the Archdiocese has nothing to do with the saying of the Hail Mary or the St. Michael prayer after dismissal from Mass – and only the most mendacious of observers could interpret it as forbidding it. Fr. Trout could very well have confirmed with Cdl. Cupich that the quoted passage is, indeed, the formal policy of the Archdiocese – but it has NOTHING to do with what Fr. Trout ordered Fr. Emmanuel to do, while intimating that is was an order from the Cardinal. It is scarcely more logically coherent than saying, “I have confirmed that the Cardinal prefers scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, therefore you are not allowed to say the Hail Mary or St. Michael prayer after Mass.”

Ah, but Fr. Emmanuel unwittingly created a new problem by announcing that those prayers would not be allowed anymore because the Cardinal said so – which is what Fr. Trout had told him, but was not actually what had been said. It was only Fr. Trout’s mendacious interpretation of how the actual rule could be used to suppress pious devotion. Fr. Trout issued a formal statement that tried to thread the needle by incorporating Cdl. Cupich’s actual policy which HE had misrepresented and ordering Fr. Emmanuel to apologize for falsely attributing the mendacious interpretation of Fr. Trout to Cdl. Cupich. Poor Fr. Emmanuel: he gets it from both ends – actually trying to be obedient and honorable.

In the midst of all this, I noted that, while Cdl. Cupich never issued such an order, he also has never objected to that characterization of the actual norm of the Archdiocese – and, to my knowledge, has not issued any clarifying statement. Both Fr. Trout’s statement and an incisive commentary on them by Fr. George David Byers, a Missionary of mercy, is found on Fr. Byer’s blog.

I called the media relations department of the Archdiocese Wednesday morning. They don’t have a person answering the phone. Instead, a machine tells you to leave your question and contact information and someone will get back to you. I asked if the Cardinal’s policy is to ban the Hail Mary and the St. Michael prayers after Mass and, if not, if the Cardinal is going to clarify the situation with a formal statement. They did not return my call.

That afternoon, I called St. Joseph’s Parish in Libertyville and asked to speak to Fr. Trout. This time I did get a real person who I was told was the Pastor’s assistant. I told her who I was and that it was concerning this controversy. She told me Fr. Trout would get back to me. Again, I got no call back.

It looks to me like Cdl. Cupich wants to have his cake and eat it, too, just as he did on the public protest of abortion issue back in Spokane. The ambiguity of it all suppresses pious, orthodox devotion while evading formal responsibility for making such an order.

Both Cdl. Cupich and Fr. Trout like to speak of “unity,” while decrying any public expression of orthodoxy or even recitation of settled Catholic doctrine as divisive. Crisis Magazine published an article recently which covered the divisiveness of introducing innovations that contradict Church teaching or try to coerce consciences for mere secular reasons.

I was not actually incorrect in what I wrote last week on the subject – but I was incomplete and, though unintentionally, deceptively so. I know you do not come here to get part of the story, sloppily crafted. You come here to get the rest of the story. I pledge to go back to the roots of my ethos on straight news reporting. I will not trim my sails on my opinions, but I will make the calls and do the footwork to make sure I am stating those opinions from an unimpeachable foundation. I am embarrassed – and grateful to Crystal for getting me back on track.

So no, Cdl. Cupich did not order that the Hail Mary and St. Michael Prayers not be said. But he is not unhappy enough with the results of this confusion to formally clarify the matter. Until he does, he (and Fr. Trout) are worthy of all the opprobrium they have been getting and more.


A couple of short and happy takes – I have an appointment I must be off to.

San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone penned a piece in the Washington Post in which he openly goes beyond Eucharistic Coherence and discusses the need to formally excommunicate officials who are Catholic and vigorously try to promote abortion. He notes that method was used to end overt racial discrimination by Catholic public officials in the ‘60s.

Washington, D.C. Cdl. Wilton Gregory struck his toe tentatively into orthodox territory yesterday when he said that Joe Biden is “not demonstrating Catholic teaching” on life issues.

I am profoundly grateful that my Archbishop, Denver’s Samuel Aquila, has directed Priests throughout the Diocese to say the St. Michael prayer publicly after Mass. He also got all the Bishops in Colorado to issue religious exemption letters to Catholics who want them, for he knows the rest of the story on the statement that the Church approves of the covid shot is that it insists it must never be mandatory. So nice to have a courageous and orthodox Bishop! As my friend, Bishop Rene Gracida is wont to say, “May his tribe increase!”

If you are anywhere near St. Cloud, Minnesota, make sure to get out to the conference tomorrow. It is an all day event that will begin with a patriotic Rosary at 9:11 a.m., followed by a spiritual warfare presentation by Deacon Dan Dullinger. A shooting range will be open for enthusiasts and there will be presentations on sausage-making, communicating via ham radio, and natural and herbal medicines. In the afternoon at 1:30, I will give a presentation followed by questions and general discussion with attendees. Not only that…organizers have some 2,200 lbs. of dried navy beans on hand – and all who attend are invited to fill a bucketful to take home before they leave. But it is a BYOB event – Bring Your Own Bucket! (only for the dried beans; there will be brats, beans and beverages available on-site to keep you from fainting in the mid-day sun) For information on where it is and to let them know you are coming, call Kris Rehfeld at (605) 228-3539 or Dino Kremers at (320) 309-3655.

Also, if you want to join us for the Texas Right to Life Celebration of Life Dinner in Houston next week, today is the deadline to register for complimentary tickets. Email Laura at Hope to see you at one or both of these events.

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  1. Thanks for the work on clarifying the mess in Chicago, Charlie, (good grief what a twisted set of details!) and for the happy takes. Praying for the gathering near St. Cloud this weekend and for the upcoming Gala in Texas. May your driving be safe and all events be blessed!

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      1. Mick you need to learn the art of being a Gypse! (2. a nomadic or free-spirited person.) I could see y’all getting a big ole RV and like globetrotting Tommy n Liz n Jaxon just go from conference to conference and shindig to shindig!!! 😂 ha! I’d love that too btw!!!🥰

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  2. Charlie, as to your reference to:

    “San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone penned a piece in the Washington Post in which he openly goes beyond Eucharistic Coherence and discusses the need to formally excommunicate officials who are Catholic and vigorously try to promote abortion. He notes that method was used to end overt racial discrimination by Catholic public officials in the ‘60s.”

    I just wrote back to Maggie, a spokesperson of the Archbishop, to say that his statement about possibly excommunicating promoters of abortion is *meaningless* when he won’t even inhibit them from receiving holy communion. Come on man!

    Fr. Dennis

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  3. Is there a way to get notifications about new comments without commenting and checking the box to receive new comments? I get as much info from comments as I do from Charlie’s blogs, but I don’t always have anything to say…

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      1. You’re so kind, Linda! I know I have rather just jumped in on this site, not knowing any of you or you me, but oh how I would like to know you all! So many times I feel I have stepped into a “cloud of witnesses” and feel such an outsider. What a blessing this has been for me!

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          1. I am in Colorado, but can’t at this time join the zoom meetings. I have started my binder of important information…ha! Which may turn into multiple binders! I foresee the internet going down so I’m trying to download/print as much as I believe I will need, but doing so with Charlie’s warning that God may change my direction! So, at this point, I’m really focusing on my faith. Daily Mass with my homeschool kids has been such a blessing!

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            1. Jewels, if you haven’t yet done so, you can also join CORAC without volunteering at this juncture. Joining at the website gives you access to the resources there. It also allows you to view/hear Charlie’s visit talks which are also valuable.

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    1. Thanks, CrewDog,
      That post from Israel was very thought-provoking. In my naïveté I thought Israel would be smarter somehow.
      Praying for us all and for the whole world. Lady of All Nations, pray for us.
      Katey in OR🙏🏽✝️

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      1. MOBY

        I think Israel is highly secular, which explains the stupidity. If it weren’t for Christians from around the world praying for them, they’d REALLY be in trouble

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        1. When I read, several years ago, that Israel has one of the highest abortion rates, I was floored. Since the military is mandatory for every person, abortions are almost a given for young women. I’m listening to the Bible in a year with Fr. Mike Schmidt and never realized just how the pendulum swung from faithful to turning away from God throughout the Bible. I guess, as our priest says, “there’s nothing new under the sun!”

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          1. Yes, Jewel,
            My husband and I are listening to Fr. Mike, also, and the same thought occurred to us. It seems a miracle that God continues to love us and call us back. But then, I do the same with my own children.
            God bless, katey in OR

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            1. Myownbackyard: I think your comment is so very insightful. When in doubt of the Father’s love and forgiveness, think about how many times you forgive and reassert your love of your children. Thanks!

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    2. Air National Guard pilots, Lieutenant General Marc Sasseville and Heather Penney, rushed into their F-16s on September 11, 2001, knowing that it might be their last mission. Fortitude over fear…

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  4. When I read this all I could think was, “why don’t all people have the integrity to admit when they say something that is not quite right?” Charlie, I have an even higher regard for you than I did before, which was already very high!!

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    1. Hear Hear, Cindy! Charlie has lived this ethic for a lifetime. This event is a reminder to us all about how each of us errs and even as we may feel embarrassed, or whatever emotion rises, it is dignified and honorable to simply admit the error and continue giving our best at whatever we feel called to do.

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    1. He always has, Linda. In the summer of 2018, I read everything Rod Dreher wrote about the network of Bishops associated with McCarrick. Fr. Blase Cupich served as secretary to the nunciature in Washington DC from ’81-’87. He was in DC during the thick of McCarrick’s heydays.

      You can take note of some key Bishops named in this piece:
      Then see Cardinal Cupich’s Episcopal lineage here:
      And here’s a piece on the social networking in which priests and prelates covered each other’s behinds throughout this sad era in our Church, now revealed. No wonder Our Lady has ‘oft expressed her desire: Pray for priests.

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      1. It’s so sad Beckita 😭 I will pray for him very much. Along with Schumer, pelosi, Soros, gates, Biden etc etc etc ugh!!!😂😂😂 Lord have mercy on our poor bleeding world! Trading away eternal reward for paper, paste and power😝

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          1. Lots of wood 🪵 to chop! Ha! But then again, I’m not presuming of my salvation either…. That one part in the Bible scares the living dickens out of me, “Depart from me, you accursed! I never knew you!” 😬 Fear and trembling! 😩😂 Jesus, please save us all🙏🙏🙏

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            1. There’s a balance to be struck, I think. Fear and trembling can be a motivator, but I choose to base my motivation on Love. Perfect love casts out fear – and, yes, there’s a healthy fear of offending the Lord to be honored – but I’d rather dwell on contemplating such truths as: “The greater the sinner, the greater right that sinner has to My Mercy.” (Jesus to St. Faustina)

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              1. Ah yes!!! Thank you my beautiful spiritual advisor🥰🙏😘. Its true what you say!!! There is hope for all!!! I so pray God reveals to those fighting God currently that it’s better to work FOR God than against God🙏🙏🙏

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                1. Dear Linda, our hearts have been being revealed to the Lord as we have made our choosing known to Him. There ARE people in this world who have chosen our Mother’s adversary and thy DON’T want God. Because we cannot read hearts as does God, we’re not certain who will have a change of heart, so we pray for the conversion of all, knowing that if someone rejects the grace, it’s not lost. It goes into the Treasury of Grace for the sake of those who will receive such a blessing and profit from it. Remember when Our Lady of Akita said, ” If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”? While God’s Mercy is everlasting, each one must seek Him and keep His commandments and when any one of us falls, we must repent, confess – however someone does that in their walk of faith – and begin again on the narrow way, that way to complete freedom and happiness.

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                  1. This is soooooo sad but true, Beckita !😫 Doesn’t it make you want to cry?😭

                    “There ARE people in this world who have chosen our Mother’s adversary and thy DON’T want God. “

                    I have an interesting story I heard just last Thursday.

                    A dear friend of mine, Mr John Schumm who I PERSONALLY FEEL is a LIVING SAINT as I feel MANY if not ALL of you are here at Charlie’s site, developed a real bad case of covid last February?!?? (May not be right on timeframe)

                    But anyhow, he was my French teacher back in 1979 at Sandusky High School! Daily masser even back then and by his conduct in class, I could tell I was being taught by a very holy man!

                    He never married, but devoted himself to his mother and sooooo many students that all highly esteemed him!

                    When he got Covid this past year, he was intubated and was on the very very close edge of the next life for months!!!

                    Sooooo many people prayed for him, and by some miracle, he survived and was rehabilitated and is back to daily mass! 🥰

                    I finally got to speak to him this past Thursday after a funeral Mass and I asked him, “Mr Schumm, I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you have an encounter with Christ while you were so close to death?”

                    He replied that he did indeed have a very profound dream, but my guess was it was much more than that.

                    Although he wouldn’t reveal to me the “dream” in it’s entirety, he did say that the two things he learned are:

                    1) The power of prayer is sooooo much greater than any of us realize and 2) that he has since learned that EACH AND EVERY DECISION WE MAKE is either FOR GOD, or NOT!

                    He said we must make EVERY SINGLE CHOICE WE MAKE, even seemingly small choices, by 🤔 thinking to ourselves, “What would Jesus do?!?!”

                    It was fascinating to hear a man’s near death experience out loud!

                    The last thing he said to me is that none of us know how much more time we will be allowed to serve on this side of the veil. Make every choice count!

                    Isn’t that beautiful?!?? Ha! Sounds a lot like acknowledge God, take The next right step and try to be a sign of hope!🥰

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                    1. I’ve heard that before and each and every time it gives me chills, ah. Wow. TY for sharing. God Bless Mr. Schumm and us all, everyone!

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                    2. It. Was really amazing to hear his testimony Littlelight. The thing I noticed about mr Schumm was the peace he conveyed. He used to be really afraid of covid and death strangely, he used to really mask up and stayed at quite a distance. Now he seems fearless. I also noticed a new twinkle in his eyes!😇

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  5. Life is becoming stranger. When I was a kid 67 years ago, I remember yelling at God demanding to know why I had been born in such a boring time. Apparently it was to be prepared to live in challenging times. Now I carry a small pink squirrel rosary around, much like a toddler carries a favorite blanket.

    I am a pretty traditional Iconographer and have been wrestling with how to portray St. Joseph when the client wanted him to have carpenter tools and lilies and no baby Jesus in his arms. Nothing worked! Finally I asked him for help as all ideas seemed bla. To my astonishment in the current sketch he now has raised fists, hammer in one fist and lily staff in the other fist. He is a bit pugnacious yet calm facial expression. I don’t know what the client will think of it. The Church is in chaos. His icon is supposed to be a mate to Our Lady Undoer of Knots which will be on the other side of the bookcase. Folks here laughed and think it is wonderful, but I have my doubts. Yet it reflects the current situation. Every five years or so the icon i am working on does something surprising.

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    1. Sounds like Holy Inspiration to me! My sister is an artist and she is constantly moving between frustration from lack of this Holy Inspiration and then overwhelmed by what happens on her canvas when she paints without thinking. God is so amazing!! (And why are we constantly “amazed” by this?!)

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    2. I too would love to see both if possible. What made me take note is by coincidence or ?, I have developed a daily habit of asking both St. Joseph and Our Lady Untier of Knots for help for a few years now. It is interesting to me that you mentioned the two as companion pieces. Hah.

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    3. Katicos: Oh for boring secure times and for me my former naïveté. I lost all of it around 2008 when the O was elected. It was then I surmised that “progressivism “ was code for communism and the O didn’t one wit believe in the Constitution. Years ago in about 5th grade after a lesson on the Roman martyrs and on my daily @1 mile walk home from school (uphill both ways😁), I remember thinking, “Well, I don’t have to worry about that HERE”! Of course that was before I learned about WWII or the Holocaust or watched the justification of abortion in my 20’s, etc.,etc. Naïveté- really nothing more the ignorance of man.

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  6. Joe with yesterday’s vaccination mandate is way behind our shepherd in charge of his sheep in the Chicagoland’s vineyard. I feel personally bullied by Cardinal Cupich. Could be a better politician, at least should have waited for Joe and governor Pritzker.

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  7. Walking into a pizzeria yesterday. No sign on the door or anywhere inside with the recently renewed mandate to wear masks. Inside at least 10 employees humming around with no single one having a mask on. What a refreshing sight of normalcy and rebellion here in Illinois and the employees looked happy and were joking around…

    Those tyrannical cockroaches in power should be stomped on in a somehow transparent and honest voting process. As an immigrant myself, I’ve been wondering why so many of our citizen brothers and sisters from black communities vote for Democrats after literally being enslaved for so long pretty much by Democrats themselves. And I think it’s like in schools or at work – people stick with the bullies out of fear and out of hope for a better outcome for their lives, and they continue to stick around and empower them by votes even if they are continually battered by even more taxations, racial divisions and false promises. It makes sense to me that the Critical Race Theory is being desperately pushed by Democrats, because this theory is critical for them to stay in power. And apparently it has always been but perhaps to do it openly now is a sign that they are feeling they are losing power. And the Joe, the senile unity guy, is a perfect contradiction of the unity and senility. And enticing, classy and cool Barack pushed the same agenda. And many of our shepherds, under the mantle of seemingly happy hapless pope, instead of protecting us are roasting their sheep, allowing them to be bullied and their souls to be dragged by fear, uncertainty and often by despair.

    I think I’ll be eating more pizza. And I am sure God like back in the days multiplying bread and fish, or sending down manna, will provide for us and will multiply pizzerias of freedom as well. How I wish a giant pizza smashed down all the tyrants on Earth…

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    1. My niece told me that she and her husband have taken to calling him “Poor Joe”–“what is Poor Joe up to today?”

      When she said that, I realized just how sad these figures are, how sorry I feel for “poor Joe” and “poor Francis”–they are so lost, so empty. How sad, how utterly heartbroken God must be to see His children in such a spiritually broken place. My heart breaks for Him, and thus I pray for their true conversion before it’s too late. 😥

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  8. In the craziness of what is going on, I am grateful for this site. Your openness and honesty helps to keep me grounded and truly focused on what is the most important…my faith in my God and His word. May God continue to abundantly bless you Charlie and your dedication to God’s calling on your life.

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  9. I realize my post has nothing to do with the current topic but please indulge me. I work in the defense industry and will be subject to Biden’s vaccine mandate (with no option for weekly testing). I have a wife and kids that I support so I will wait until the last minute before they fire me and then get the vaccine. The J&J seems like it might be just a little safer than the mRNA vaccines so that’s the one I will get. I know Steve has written on these vaccines and some readers here might be in contact with scientists and doctors who are knowledgeable. I was curious if anyone was aware of any drugs someone could take immediately before they were to get the vaccine shot that might in some small way neutralize it or ideally make it inert.

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    1. Excellent question, Mark. Here’s a link to SteveBC’s site, Steve’s Front Porch: Click the heading, “Healing Matters,” at the top of the page then you’ll see “Healing Protocols” which you can hover over in order to select, “Covid-19 and Vaccine Protocols.” Praying for you and your family.

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    2. Mark; Holding out until the last possible minute is your best play. There’s a fair likelihood this latest desperate gambit by the cabal will fail. Possibly a court challenge, I don’t know but name one success this fake administration has scored.

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    3. You are living that verse/ passage where St. Paul writes, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her”

      Well done and God Bless.

      Praying that other options open up for you and yours

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    4. Ah, Mark, I do not envy you. That’s a tough place to be.

      First, please be aware that my fairly informed guesstimates for people who take the vaxxxes is that 1/3rd will be dead and 1/3rd will be incapacitated and unable to work within two years after taking the vaxxx. (This is of course absent Divine Intervention to save people.)

      Not only do you face the terrible odds that taking the vaxxx will leave your family without a breadwinner or perhaps having to take care of you after you become too damaged to function, but you also face a relatively high probability that your current company will fail and your pension will go poof.

      If you were to quit, your odds of being able to survive the next two years and to find work and rebuild a successful career in the New Economy are far higher, but I know that the cost of walking away from your current situation is definitely real. Pretty much everyone now faces very difficult choices. Just know that the good energies of our species are heading for an ongoing and amazing rebuilding, which may or may not include your current company. I suggest you opt for hanging in as long as you can, since Chris J is correct that most mandates will fail to go into actual effect, and when up against the jab, make them fire you – and walk away. However, you have free will and can decide to take the vaxxx after all.

      If you decide to take the vaxxx, Beckita is correct that you can learn some good ideas by reading my two papers on Look particularly for IVM and similar ideas that are able to denature the spikes you will be flooded with. Look also for ways to break up or otherwise get rid of the spikes as they are made for weeks (at least) in your body. You need to take Sappanwood to keep your spleen cleared of spikes and damaged tissue, because they get packaged up and rise up your vagus nerve into your brain and can cause Parkinson’s. You’ll want to take anti-inflammatories like curcumin and astaxanthin which can get into your brain and calm inflammation there so your microglia will not start attacking your neurons, causing brain damage. Well before taking the vaxxx, be sure to get your Vitamin D3 serum level up to 90 or so and keep it high afterward. Also drink lots of Chaga Tea. Both are good regulators of your immune system and will help keep your immune system from developing either or both of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement or auto-immune diseases. A few days before the vaxxx, start taking 1 cap of Lumbrokinase and after the vaxxx raise that dose to 2 caps a day. Add a 1/4 tsp of Rutin powder. Both will help reduce the tendency many people have to develop large numbers of micro-clots in their capillaries or have massive headaches and strokes and heart attacks due to macro-clots in the lungs, the brain, and elsewhere. A week before the vaxxx, start taking the 8-mushroom formula I recommend to help prevent and heal damage to your brainstem that could result in significant motor issues. Well, you get the picture by now. If you have access to a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber, go from the place where you get the vaxxx directly to the HBOT clinic, do not delay, and over the next 3-5 days do one session a day. I think that will burn out most of the stuff that’s been injected, but I don’t know for sure.

      Just to confirm, you need to be aware that most if not all of the major damage done by the spiked virus in a case of Covid-19 is done by the spike. You are going to be injecting literally trillions of spike-manufacturing adenovirus DNA particles into your arm (along with huge numbers of other dangerous particles that contaminate the production vials).. 75% of those particles will leave the injection site and flood through your body, making the spike virus for at least weeks and (if the DNA gets reverse-transcripted into your nuclear DNA) for the rest of your life. The vaccine spike is *not* the same as the virus spike. It is much more damaging. Make no mistake, you are taking the most dangerous part of the Covid virus, souping it up and injecting it into you, What could possibly go wrong?

      The J&J vaccine does appear to be less damaging than the Pfizer or Moderna vaxxxes, so some of the numbers above may be less. However, it is nonetheless dangerous. It’s only actual benefit is that you get to keep your job. Think *very* carefully once you get to the point where it is truly being forced on you. Meanwhile, look around the job scene for positive options you could move to. Many good employers which are not forcing people to get vaxxxed are crying for employees. As many current employees die or are forced out of the work force by their vaxxx, those who are hale and healthy will be able to name their price, as company desperation for workers soars to critical levels.

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    5. Hi Mark,

      Peace be with you!

      Check out On twitter : Nashville Angela for current injury stories as well as circle of Mama’s :

      Where you will find actual testimonies of the injured and of the deaths associated. There are actual video footage.

      Also, I have taken lot#s of the injectables from my Vaxxd family members and looked up deaths and some injuries. Each lot number has deaths associated with them. The median number at least 5. And many, many injuries – as in thousands.

      I noticed a lot of young people deaths in the obituaries and the Obits take up many more pages these days. It’s hard to believe until it’s someone you know or close to you.

      I believe Steve BC has very good advice.

      Praying for you and all here!

      I suggest the Surrender Novena it is so comforting and gives peace.

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  10. After reading so many studies on SARSCov-2 and the myriad of survival and contagion mechanisms found in the Coronoviri complex it has come to my attention why a vaccine FOR a Corinoviris has never intentionally been made (until now?). Whether a vaccine is “leaky” or not, the natural history of coronoviri is their amazing ability to “mutate” within a population and ultimately reinfecting that population every season but with lessor or greater effect depending on the virus’s seasonal variety and the populations resistancy.
    The interesting phenomenon of SARSCov-2 is the add-on’s from the labs. Many of this virus’ effects are novel in Corinoviri because of the added mini-sequence of HIV and malaria RNA (structural proteins) into the genome of SARSCov-2 which gives light into why medical treatments for these diseases (like like hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectine) are so effective in treating Covid-19!
    The hypoxia is a malaria effect and the viruses ability to shut down the immune system during its “phase 2” period is an HIV effect. These do not occure with regularity in other Coronovirus infections.

    “They assert that this unmistakable presence of concentrated EIAs, in relation to HIV but also with the Yoeli Plasmodium parasite (1 long mini-sequence of 38 nt), the agent responsible for malaria, would not be natural and would reflect a strategy of attempt to develop a vaccine from a research laboratory in China.”

    The parallel of fear to this reality comes to light as they took a rather inert cold virus and turned it into a deadly pathogen-carrying vehicle by gain of function research.  The rush to cover up this by using a natural source such as the wet farm theory or any other type of distraction is to hide this reality.
    Since the earlier studies on mRNA therapies have shown some progress in slowing transmission and symptoms dispite the serious side effects, the bet was to introduce this in hopes to stem the tide of the virus becoming the dreaded Pandora’s Box of all escaped bio-weapons!
    Some experts predicted the virus will mutate AWAY from these RNA additions but recent symptoms show these additions are still present in many outbreaks. It is baffling that the medical authorities do not want us to use the very remedies that will defeat the more virulent additions to this chimeric virus.

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      1. I am reading the recently released book, Ending Plague: A scholar’s obligation in a age of corruption. I highly recommend it. By Francis W. Ruscetti, Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively. Frank Ruscetti speaks publicly for the first time about his time as a research scientist in government service. (He is now retired after about 40 years of service). What he says backs up much commentary by Judy Mikovits….. I am now convinced that the explosion of autoimmune diseases, autism, and ADHD are caused by animal retroviruses that are now in the blood supply and transmitted via vaccines. These viruses may be harmless to animals but once in humans they create havoc……One very interesting anecdote: The question was raised, When was the first know case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? That was in 1934 -35 among 198 doctors and nurses at Los Angeles County Hospital who took the experimental mouse-derived polio vaccine. They all developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is anecdotal but there is more evidence in the book that animal retroviruses are the cause. Scientific evidence. If you read the book, you will be horrified what goes on at all of the federal agencies that are supposed to look out for the heath of Americans. New discoveries are often ignored, dismissed, or denied due to rivalries, political agendas, greed or the need for personal fame / honors. The parties who resist new scientific evidence often repeat experiments (supposedly for verification) which are really designed to fail and then insist that the findings of the first experiments were totally false. It appears there is little honor anywhere, but many quotes from brilliant, honorable scientists and researchers are found in this book. As I said, I recommend it. Moral courage is such a rare thing!

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        1. Resourceful, stjudithwanttobe.
          I suspect that the newly prevalent peanut, dairy, gluten, etc. food allergies in young children are also connected. The restrictions, division, and expenses associated with the extreme measures supposedly warranted is a heavy burden to families and public venues that serve food. Mind-boggling, imho.

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    1. Phillip, thank you for this informative post. RE the baffling part….I believe that it is all about the money…..By the way, I have read that low dose interferon supplements are extremely helpful in killing the virus along with vitamin D, zinc, and all the other things we have talked about.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    The other Biden Diplomatic embarrassment last week:

    ….. I’m sure ChinaJoe will send a strongly worded letter about this?

    Ya don’t think BigBro Gubermint Tyranny is here!? … Read below articles:


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  12. Well, well …

    ‘The infamous Auschwitz tattoo began as an IBM number. And now it’s been revealed that IBM machines were actually based at the infamous concentration-camp complex.’

    ‘IBM Says Its New COVID-19 Passport Is Your Ticket to Normal Life’

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    1. The ongoing situation reminds me the”Schindler’s List”. Back then some people were desperate to get fake passes, employment passes ( actually Karol Wojtyla was working in a quarry to save his life, wasn’t he? ) so they wouldn’t go straight to the extermination camps. Now, from what I hear, some people are desperate to fly to certain countries, to be enrolled in the system as “vaccinated” and get covid vaccine papers.

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    PRAISE GOD! 11 Sep has passed without a repeat of 20 years ago!
    …….. and The Hogs Beat Texas ….. Go Hogs 😉

    ……. but No Time to Relax!
    …. & they are still In-Charge … Entire DC Swamp infiltrated/politicized ;-(

    Never Forget the Below too!!
    The Very same Crowd who armed Libyan Terrorists have now armed Afghan Terrorists and any other Terrorist Group they care to share that, USA, $93 BILLION of Military Gear with! Oh! … & THEY armed Mexican Drug Cartels too! Op Fast & Furious

    This looks legit? We are living in that World of universal deceit where telling the Truth is a revolutionary act … as some Worthy once quipped ;-(


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  14. Here at St. Thomas Beckett parish in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, was a custom that priests at the conclusion of the mass would pray St. Michael prayer. Today it was not the case. The slide with the St. Michael prayer was quickly forwarded so I don’t know what to think of it.

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    1. Ya already know the answer, Pawel, from your previous post …… Our “Shepherd’s” won’t do it!’
      …so ……:

      …& St Michael, Archangel & St Thomas a’ Beckett, Martyr too 😉


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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I’m praying for Larry!

    HullyGee! …. I can’t imagine Why!!??

    Sadly, Just as Planned … There can be NO other explanation now!

    …also … Just as Planned! China On the Move! I wonder if The Big Guy is getting his 10%

    Ah! … We gave THEM $93 BILLION in Arms, Ammo & Spares and ..??..
    ’cause Diplomatic Apeasement Policies work so well! … Move Along!


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  16. Please pray for a miracle in CA, that the gov. is recalled in the election that finishes tomorrow. There are already reports of fraud. May the Lord give us victory that will spread across our nation! Thank you, Jesus!

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    1. I already voted for Larry Elder and believe he is pro life. But I also found out that he doesn’t quite have the right reason of “natural law” as his compass. He has no problem with men dressing as women using women’s restrooms. This was very disappointing to find out.

      Oh well, God’s “choice” will prevail here in sick CA.

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  17. I have 10 mins at the computer before my broken legs starts talking–but I wanted to share some insights I’ve had of late:
    1. Israel’s “deal” with Pfitzner to jab their entire population. At least 80+% fully jabbed, yet many getting sick and/or injured because of the jab. European countries now banning travelers from Israel.

    I wonder if this will T-up to be another “holocaust” of our Jewish brothers and sisters? I hope I’m way off base on this one.

    Praying that God’s intervention comes soon.

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    1. I see its potential to be a worldwide genocide, San San. I also recall Charlie writing that God can draw good from this horrific scenario, BUT those who discover their plight as one who took the jab (and now suffering and fearing death) must turn to Him – and just as the Israelites did in the desert when they looked upon the saraph which Moses crafted at God’s command, they must turn to Him, repent and change… just as we all must do.

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    There are two recent videos that are must watch and share. One with Robert Kennedy Jr and one about Monica Smit (today’s Joan of Arc)

    Robert Kennedy’s in depth dive on the military complex, Falchi, Gates etc is mind blowing. I lived the history, but never “knew” what all was going on in the background. Now I know and you can know too. Also, his in-depth report on Falchi and the amount of power and money this demon has had for many years — more than Gates!

    Anyway, I hope you all take the time to watch the videos and share them far and wide.

    God bless.

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    1. Also, please pre-order Robert Kennedy, Jr. new book “The Real Anthony Falchi” – it’s on Amazon for pre-order. When 20,000 are pre-order it goes on the Times Best Seller List and gives Amazon powers a blackeye. Always fun to participate in 😉

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    2. I just watched the video on remnant tv, using Sansan’s link. However, I had to then click on the video that is featuring Kennedy speaking about the “deep dive” he did on Fauci to write his book. All I can say is WOW! The picture of the video to click on shows Kennedy and says “Can you handle the Truth?” I have never seen such a complete picture of the process from Ike’s warning about the military industrial complex, to the intelligence agencies evolution, to the whole complicated process that brought us to where we are now, listening to Fauci for everything we do. Astounding research by Kennedy, and I admire him more than ever for exposing all this.

      Some of us, that is, have fallen for it; some of us are the resistance! Please take time to watch at least Kennedy’s portion if you can skip ahead. It is a true education and hopefully gives us more strength to resist the evil. His new book must be amazing. This is a spiritual war, as we already know!

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  19. Been with my kid at a doctor’s today, a pulmonologist. We were directed to the room for the unvaccinated. The doctor expressed his excitement of the soon coming mandatory vaccination of 5-11 year old kids. I told him I will not have my kid vaccinated, told him some reasons, gave an example of what is going on in Israel. I was advised that it is fault of the young in Israel, and all should be vaccinated to get the herd immunity and that his colleagues working in Covid ICUs are fatigued. At least he seemed to be very sincere and believing in what he was saying. I was told he is just giving me scientific data and will not argue or go into politics. He added with joy that schools will do their job getting kids vaccinated. I am considering moving to Florida.

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    1. Or Texas… You’re certainly in one tough state for the stuff that’s going on, Pawel. Too many in the medical community are locked into the protocols – from government agencies, their own specialty associations and pharmaceutical companies.

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  20. Thoughts that have been persistently visiting/revisiting my contemplations for a string of contiguous weeks…

    Jesus had 3 years and got a tremendous amount accomplished, but I suspect Jesus the Man would have preferred more time, notwithstanding that He was going to have willing servants continue the work. As for men, we’re slow to act. Why? We’re slow to understand. I’ve used the word “nimble” repeatedly and it may have been misunderstood. I’m primarily using it to mean “quick to comprehend.”

    The big sticking point for those men was understanding/accepting that the Messiah was going to die an atrocious human death. Willingly. Eager to accomplish His Father’s will.

    What’s our sticking point? What are we tenaciously clinging to –– for whatever reason –– that keeps us from understanding?

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    1. I love your meditations and reflections, MP. Fantastic question to pose for our own pondering. There’s no way to answer (and I’m chuckling even as I’m serious) without taking some time in silence, then pondering how God has trying to get our attention, followed by opening up in conversation with Him about the good and the struggles of our lives, then getting with Him and His Word as we seek HIS wisdom and guidance. (The chuckling is because this is the very process in which one engages when entering into the current series with Sonja Corbitt AND its purpose is to find those sticking points that keep us from understanding, the barriers.) 🕊🔥⚜️🙏

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      1. Well, I have not read anything about Sonja Corbitt so I’ll add my grin to your chuckling. Right now my regimen is what it has always primarily been. Holy Scripture, silent contemplating, prayer (with me doing my fair share of the talking), working that is hopefully working fruitfully, and a wee bit of rest. Rinse and repeat. Also, history repeats.

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        1. Awesomeness. Sonja’s the Bible Evangelista with the “Freedom from _______” series which I promoted and wrote about here recently. She also speaks and writes about rest as a discipline… rest in all aspects of our being.

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  21. I like sticking points.
    I think when God gave us free will it instilled a type of competitiveness within us as we need a sence of accomplishment to be properly fulfilled. Sticking points challenge us and initiate the competitive nature of our free will if we learn to judge righteous judgement to what the real “sticking points” are to in us.
    I find some personal sticking point about myself in just about every spiritual writing- of lesser or greater strength, I read. Our fallen nature, the “filthy rag” it has made us, has an amazing variety of them and in just about every nook and cranny of our being. Spiritual writers prick us in these areas and these stuck areas are moved a bit- sometimes painfully! This gives us the saying: “Sometimes, the truth hurts”. Nice God’s grace is sufficient to help us fulfill our goals if we choose to allow Him to use us for His purpose dispite our unworthiness. While the sticking point challenge inspires my competitive edge I also see in them how far I am from perfection and why I need God and why along with these challeges comes my humble desire and need for help from above.

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      1. “The essence of audacity and audacious is “having the bravery to do something that could offend others.” Because of this, the word has both a positive (bravery, bold) connotation and a negative (rude, impudent, disrespectful) connotation.”
        Because God is Love, it becomes difficult for us to understand why Jesus might purposefully be rude or disrespectful, yet we read not just a few times of His calling some “hypocrites” and “pigs”. But Jesus used ALL of creation to show His power as God and sometimes used “tough love” in calling out His creatures. His bold audacity in calling the highest among the Jews insulting names lends us a view of the power He welds over all of creation including calling a spade a spade. But Jesus said He was “meek and humble of heart”, and it is true humbleness for Him to condesend down towards His creatures to become like us in all things. But by doing so, He elevated all things for His purpose.
        Scripture says that on his way to Calvary He: “set his face like flint”. This too is a form of brave audacity toward the pain, shame and humility He , as our God, was being treated by His creatures and how by this humiliation, He inacted the greatest form of love for: “No greater love than this for a man to lay down his life for His friends”.
        I guess when Jesus set out to “place everything beneath His feet” and use all things for His purpose He did not leave out sticking points nore audacity.

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        1. By “sticking points” I mean “obstacles to growth.” The positive facet of audacity is “showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.” Obviously that is my frame of reference. What’s more surprising and bold than Calvary? I know you know this stuff, Phil… I’m just getting a little weary of the confrontational approach to anything I have to say, the tit-for-tat, game of one-upmanship and whatnot. Not that I’ve ever shied away from confrontation (if it’s productive), but this is time better spent elsewhere, and it’s frankly boring.

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          1. Well, you did “challenge” me to find humility in audacity so I rose to it (I thought).
            I consider every conversation here about faith and Jesus. My tit-for-tat is just my inspired opinion and I was actually commenting to what Beckita continued on about sticking points, you just started the conversation. I also thought we were free to add to the experience here and acknowledge that every saint found a different road to God type of kindmanship. If you pause for a moment to read me in this light, and not in “Phil is being confrontational again” light, what I say takes on a whole new meaning!
            It’s kind of like when you watch a movie and they play it with scary and then funny music. It changes the whole perspective.
            I’ve always been inspired by what you write. I admit, sometimes I don’t get it. But obviously, sometimes you don’t get me either.
            Fair enough.
            One of the first things I noticed when I came here many years ago was how much Charlie “challenged” my then way of thinking. I could have just stopped reading him, but the same thing had happened to me when I read a book by Fr Grochel. So I knew it was “me” and not them.
            My worldview was tight and inward and I kept it warm and safe inside my only little worldview.
            But God had a different plan for me. So here I am many years later still being “challenged” to look at things differently by Charlie and now, by you.
            God bless you both!
            And may God bless everyone here too! 😇

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    Just where are, of late, the Stories of Plague Horror from China… Eh!??
    We are at the time when Learned Insiders could easily make the argument that it was ALL a Set-Up with China, BigTech, Global BigBox and Democrats (godless Global Left) emerging smelling like the a Rose ….. and the rest of US smelling like …. ;-(

    As usual, the comments are the best part;-)

    THEY never learn! Coporations don’t pay taxes; the Little People who buy their products do! ‘”Rich” People will figure out avoidance and/or, like Corporations, will just move offshore our sell out to China. It’s ALL part of The Agenda, Gang ;-(

    Bush Clan = Global “Great” Re-Set Gang ;-(

    It’s where we are then! ;-(

    I Pray so!


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  23. PS:
    Read the articles in CTH that concern ChinaBioWeapon.
    Then tell me that the Medical Industry Bigs are not Runnin’ Scared if THEY don’t reach THEIR Mandate Goals.
    Goals that could give THEM cover when the horrific Death/Disability Stats are honestly figured.
    THEY are ALL stuck to the Criminal Tar Baby called ChinaCovid Global Re-Set Conspiracy.


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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Wishful thinking?

    Si vis pacem. para bellum!

    …….. So … what’s Obama’s WH SockPuppet gonna do?

    ….. Ransom Payments?–13tpSOijNF6/index.html

    Yup! ;-(


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  25. We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise You. Because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world. May keeping our gaze fixed upon the cross guide our steps, hearts and minds to service.

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  26. (Received today from )

    Today, I greet all of those workers who at this very hour who are being forced to choose between keeping their job and getting the Covid-19 vaccine or being fired for not getting the vaccine.

    Through this brief letter I extend some encouragement in your trials. The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima can also offer a religious exemption.

    Some of you have already paid the price for the truth about the Covid-19 vaccine and its causal link to abortion.

    I am deeply touched by the witness of a lady in the U.S. who writes:

    “Today was my last day of packing up the remainder of my stuff. As I would not take the vaccine, I was told to leave last Friday. They called over and asked me to tidy up my desk and said that today would be my last day. My boss is hoping that I will cave in, get vaccinated, and come back. I am extremely sad.”

    I am moved by the witness of this woman. I would say to her: “Today you pack your things from your place of work, and while you pack, your treasure is being transferred to the room that Jesus has already prepared for you in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

    There are thousands and thousands of Catholics like her who have the courage to choose Christ and who will not throw a pinch of incense to Caesar, just like the very first Catholics of old.

    I encourage all of you to hold fast to your conviction and to your faithfulness to Christ.

    The sufferings and the losses that you will have to endure are tiny when compared to the
    reward that God prepared for you in heaven.

    “For I reckon that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

    I urge you to continue on this path that you have chosen of witnessing to the truth that unborn life is sacred and that the trafficking of fetal body parts is an evil industry that cries out to Almighty God for His justice!

    As you seek His Kingdom, first and above all, believe that you will be provided for.

    Jesus and Mary will open up new ways to provide for your families. I also exhort and encourage the lay faithful of means to step in and help your fellow Catholics to find new meaningful work.

    My dear brothers and sisters, these are the prices that we knew we always had to pay to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

    And now at this very hour the payment is being required and so we must pray that we will pass the test and be faithful to the Lord Jesus. I give all of you God’s abundant blessing!

    +Athanasius Schneider
    Auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan’

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  27. In my fb memories today! Wow!!! Talk about appra po!

    A sign of hope

    The grace of a single step

    “I tell you this because,If things do not smooth out, none of us is going to be able to be to clearly see the way ahead of us. Don’t regard this as a terror to Tremble over, but as a problem to be managed, an obstacle to be navigated, trusting that God will open up a way before you. But you have to commit to stay the course in both the lightest and the darkest moments. God’s grace is sufficient for you, too. But you won’t know it as intimately now, as you will after, when He guides you through anyway, when you could not see the way forward. Your persistent determination to walk through to the end In His service is the raw service you offer to him in order to open yourself up to His grace.” CJ

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  28. Evening 😊

    I think Kim (from west TN)…did you mention your doc prescribed IVM for you or was that someone else?? May have been Nashville area. I’m having trouble finding a doc here who would prescribe IVM and wondered if the doc you (or someone else) mentioned offered telemedicine.

    Thanks and God Bless!!

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    It Won’t Go Away, Francis: Old Rite Catholics Kneel In Rain Beside Unused Church

    We hung CRIMINAL MONSTER humanoids @ Nuremberg for this kind of HORROR!!! …. & we have CRIMINAL godless Global Re-Set humanoids NOW being sued for violations of the Nuremberg Codes (1947) over The ChinaBioWeapon Jab or Else Crime Against Humanity Op …. & The Usual Suspects are in Spin, Smear, Distract and Demonize Mode … as usual ;-(

    Talk about The World Turned Upside Down … and this Gen Milley, apparently, pledges allegiance to “Can’t find de Head” ChinaJoe and Signed Off on The Afghan Fiasco and the absolute Democrat Hack incompetents who engineered it! …… with China making Big Moves in the Pacific AND Afghanistan with their Iranian Pals!! Oh! The Usual Democrat/Media Suspects will hail Milley as a Patriot for opposing Bad Orange Man Trump!

    I have NO doubt that it’s True and in normal times I’d expect that Milley’s Butt Kissin’ Staff would be making plea deals to avoid Life Terms in Leavenworth … NOW!!??


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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Sounds reasonable to me … but… it still does not address my old question!
    Why are THEY in Hysteria Mode over Resistors gettin’ de mJab!???
    …. & is “news” being suppressed about “Increased Risks”??

    …. & SanFran Nanny “In on It” … along with other ranking DC Dems no doubt!

    I was hoping for the best … I think The Left will “Claim a Mandate” & double-down on LeftWing godless Madness? … & credible reports of massive voter fraud will be ignored!


    IT’s gonna happen some day!


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  31. ” Our Lady of Kibeho requested that the visionaries reintroduce the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary to the world. She promised that the recitation of this rosary in conjunction with (not in place of) the traditional rosary would result in forgiveness of our sins as well as the understanding of why we commit such sins, so we can avoid the snares of the devil and fill our hearts with the love of God. (
    This recitation below has meaningful art displayed with each of the 7 sorrows, along with the narrator saying the first half and silent while viewer responds.

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      1. I often think of the Just Man, how his wait was short, and that he probably led the rest of the procession, following just behind The Savior, into the Heavenly realm. Even how grateful Jesus was for his earthly father and friend. He might have gotten a bum’s rush in life though, from his siblings and other folk. Small price to pay.

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      2. CD,
        I think the lives of Joseph and Mary were so totally focused on Jesus that they did not hope in anything else. I’m sure there was a profound joy between them and a hope in the eternal that precluded this short life on earth knowing Our Savior most intimately. I believe “Death, where us your sting?” was most profoundly acknowledged in Mary when it came to the death of so sweet a life as St Joseph’s and any sadness turned to joy by knowing he was so profoundly loved by Jesus and was most assuredly given many sweet and affectionate promises by Him as was given to the Good Thief on Calvary.
        The Mystics give a splendid peek into the realm behind the veil and obviously, much insight of the 7 sorrows of Mary came from this source.
        There has been some recent revelations that St Joseph was fairly similar to Mary in His mystical union with Jesus but with the obvious caviot that he still retained the stain of original sin. This is not unpresidented as John the Baptist was elevated in holiness in the womb by Mary’s greeting to his mother. Jesus even claims John to be the greatest born of woman and John even states his greatness when he claims that: “the one who comes after me is greater than I”. With these realities stated in Scripture about another short lived but profound life it is not unreasonable to expect St Joseph, who was the very Father of Jesus on earth, was actually very great too.
        We also have the vision at the Great Miracle of Fatima where St Joseph is blessing the world. There is also a litany to St Joseph proclaiming his greatness and power.

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        1. Hear, hear jewelsword13. Here is another one that melted my heart. God is so good. He reaches out and reclaims us in the most amazing ways when we lend ourselves as His Mystical Body. ❤

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    YES, Nicki! Something MUCH bigger is going on!

    YEP! THEY are dividing America EVERY WAY THEY can!!


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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    In case ya haven’t figured it out? Christian Persecution is NOW!! ;-(

    … & PF continues to Push de Vaxx & undermine those who object ;-(

    Milley is not a Traitor &/or Shredder of The Constitution .. See!?
    The Whole DC Swamp of Democrats/RINOs & self serving bureaucrats is filled with the above and why THEY can’t investigate/prosecute/dump Milley, Austin or Pelosi!
    Besides!! Orange Man Bad as are all of his God, Constitution, Gun and Bible Clinging Friends! ;-(

    In hindsight the Bush Gang has always been with the Global Re-Set Crowd, AKA : New World Order ;-(

    Big Bro is watching YOU!


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  34. Does Catholicism have the equivalent of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate?

    Sensus Fidelium is the sense of the Faithful and I just read that Abpb Fulton Sheen wrote that ‘correction’ would come from the laity.

    The impetus for this question is Gov. DeSantis giving the finger to the puppeteers behinf biden as described by CTH

    God bless

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    Of course! It should read; Biden’s godless PuppetMaster demands…….

    You may rest assured that NONE of THESE Criminal Perps involved in the below articles will see Justice on Earth ;-( …. (Read the CTH comments!)
    The Hysterical DC Swamp are seeing THEIR Agenda in Trouble on many fronts!
    THEY desperately need BoobLand USA distracted! I’ve read a couple of sites I trust in saying False Flag Events are coming! The Free the Jan 6 Patriots DC Rally this Saturday may be a “good opportunity” for THEM ;-(
    Net Search phrase: … dc rally september 18 2021 … and see what the hysterical Usual Suspects are saying/doing!
    Why when you go to does it redirect you to the WH Website?
    Do you think that Swamp DC THEY are NOT colluding with the likes of BLM/ANTIFA to infiltrate/attack Anyone/Group that opposes THEIR Agenda!?
    TeamAmerica just put out a Do Not Go and avoid DC Alert.
    The Chairman of the JCS thinks it’s A-OK to collude with CCP/PLA so what Anti-USA person/entity would THEY not feel comfortable with? Stay Vigilant & Ready!!

    Oh!! … but look at all his medals!
    REMEMBER! If Benidict Arnold had been killed @ Saratoga instead of wounded, he would have gone down as one of the greats among American Heroes …. Instead $$, ego and the love of a woman .. DC is full of Milleys ;-(
    … Taliban with Guns A-OK! …. USA Citizens not so much!


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  36. Some wonderful news… I have been praying that God would rejuvenate my spirit and heal my broken heart, which has lingered for over a year after my grandson’s death and, also, due to my on-going illness.. It has been hard to find real joy…This week has been truly amazing. I find that I have been paired with two very strong Catholic and spiritual people at my workplace. We have been finding out that we have much in common, including world views, life experiences, and personal sharing of strong faith experiences. I never thought that I would have these conversations with like minded and faith-filled people in this worldly workplace, but it happens regularly now since we work in close quarters and have been paired just because someone thought we would get along. We smile, laugh, share special prayers, and enjoy coming to work. You know, I had this tremendous feeling of peace come over me yesterday. It is the type of peace that I only have felt after going to healing services which I used to attend when I could travel. Now my travel is limited. So Christ found a way to bring the smiles, the joy and the Spirit to me. This is no coincidence! Thanks be to God and Our dear Blessed Mother!

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