Letter to a Friend

By Charlie Johnston

I drove from west central Illinois today up to the Chicago area. It was pleasantly nostalgic to be driving roads I had driven hundreds of times before. I passed by places where we had had picnics and gatherings in my political days – and a memorable debate site. Passed through Galesburg, where I once had my favorite apartment ever. Once I got into the Chicago area, I was chatting briefly with a young woman – and she brought up the subject of the absurd masking mandates and shutdowns near Chicago. I asked her if she ever wondered why the states which have had the lightest touch and fewest restrictions are getting so much better results than the areas that locked down hard. She surprised me by saying she HAD noticed that and was wondering why. So I told her. She muttered, “Stupid politicians.” The woman could not have been out of her twenties. If the young folks are figuring it out, it is just about over for the ignorant, bossy authorities. 

I am a big supporter of refuges, properly understood. Several of my key lieutenants own or have funded places that can be used as refuges. I am, however, adamantly opposed to – and even horrified by – the narrative that has steadily risen of the Lord establishing refuges where the faithful are going to be taken to sit out the storm while everyone else gets whacked. I think it not only contrary to what God intends for us and calls us to, but deadly dangerous to the faithful. How many people would go into complete despair when no angel came to lead them to a refuge? How many could be physically harmed waiting for an angel that doesn’t come? I say there are no good boys and girls to be taken away – that we all bear significant responsibility for the disorder that has come into the world and the Church. Most of us have not ever actively tried to undermine the faith, but over several generations we have failed to effectively defend it. The “angels gonna come and take you to a place of safety” meme is not only a delusion: I believe it is a satanic deception trying to lure people into what would be a fatal complacency. Frankly, I think it is just a Catholic version of the rapture – a doctrine that took root in some Protestant circles two hundred years ago. The true refuges will be headquarters, command centers, and outposts of the City of God, places where God’s people can actively coordinate to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.

A friend sent me something he had read a couple of days ago and wanted my take on. He was so impressed with my response, he told me I should post it here. Since it is something I have been thinking about, anyway, I decided to do so. I have edited the letter to obscure the identity of both the friend and the piece he was asking about. Following is that letter:

“…I am sorry, but one of my frustrations of the last two months is that mystical religious writers seem to me to be adding their own glosses (unintentionally in many cases) driven by their own fear and despair. I understand that as everything is so close. I, myself, pushed myself to the brink of dangerous exhaustion which finally hit this last week – so I very much get it. But these are people who have the greatest duty to stay steady. Ah well, I was told way back in the 90’s that in these times, the minds of even some of the best will be clouded over. I take some comfort in the fact that even a great prophet, Jeremiah, was prone to nearly unhinged panic attacks. 

“…the bottom line is that some have gone so far into rebellion that they will never turn back – and so are lost. That is a source of great sorrow. In my life, I have gone through a progression – God let me deceive myself because there were certain realities I couldn’t bear until I had sufficient training. For most of my life I thought the storm could be averted. Then I thought if I pushed hard enough, we still had a chance to avert it, unlikely as it was (this was my default position for most of the 90’s – as I frantically tried to forestall the storm). Then I was given the understanding that the storm could NOT be averted and was, in fact, a great blessing – the very means by which we could be renewed. A sort of divine chemotherapy, if you will. And then I was under the illusion that all living could be reclaimed and renewed, so I dedicated myself to that. It was just in the last five or six years that I was given to understand that many have made an existential choice to deny God (and) His sovereignty over them. It is as foolish and self-destructive as denying water’s sovereignty over your thirst, but there it is. It gave me a much deeper understanding of the agony in the garden – to realize that Jesus knew that, despite the magnitude of His gift and His passion, many would still never accept Him and life – and would go on to perish. It has been a deep sorrow for me, as well. But I have no time for that. I have seen how the old crumbles away – and some of the most faithful think all is lost – when it is actually what is outside of faith that is crumbling. We are getting unhinged by the sight of the winds and waves which seem to be threatening us. I think some who have some genuine mystical gifts are seeing, for the first time, the magnitude of the trial and of the losses to come – and are unconsciously trying to manufacture safe havens for the faithful as a warning. But we must NOT retreat from the battle. It is where God intends us to be. It is, in some ways, our penance for our infidelity over many generations. Many will be lost. But we do not know who those souls who will be lost are and which souls can be reclaimed if we will only answer the Master’s call to us and repeat the call to them. Truly, this is the time when we must be in the world but not of the world – and call as many as will hear to join us. The only refuge is in Mary’s Immaculate Heart – and if we retreat from the battle to seek physical refuge just to protect ourselves, we adopt an “every man for himself” attitude that is displeasing to God and contrary to what He intends for those of us who claim we will be steadfast in His service. We are sent – and we must go forth and remain steadfast in the going. (Some are falling prey to the temptation) of Jonah, seeking to hide from God and avoid the mission he was sent on. 
We are witnessing the destruction of the satanic empire on earth – and almost unnoticed by us is the beginning of real renewal. WE are called to be the tools by which God accomplishes that renewal – and we must be fruitful and multiply our number (yes, that passage is not just about physical children, but about a great spiritual harvest that we are called to gather). If we retreat to the toolshed that we may be safe from the storm, with what tools shall those who might hear be called to renewal? If everyone who calls on the name of the Lord in the world were to retreat to supposed safety, I will remain in the midst of the storm, calling to all who can hear. And I would say to every mystic that, yes, it is a lot tougher and uglier than you had at first imagined but this is no time for retreat. Man up and give everyone who can hear heart to do Our Lord’s bidding and GO FORTH into all the world and call His people back to Him. 
Sorry, I get very upset when people, seeing how rough it really is, think abandoning our call will provide us safety. That is a subtle temptation from the devil, himself, urging leaders to quit the battle and encourage others to do the same. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!”

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  1. This is a heartening reiteration of many themes about which you have faithfully written, Charlie. For sure, getting on with the roughest part of the Storm is what many have been praying for and anticipating… for many years. Really, there’s just no way out of it – the evil, the corruption, the untold souls gone to hell already – no way out of it, but through it. So grateful I know not what tomorrow holds. Better to live each day, one at a time, and on some days, moment by moment.

    It IS a heart-wrenching reality that some do not choose God. But I do know for sure and certain, it’s not for lack on God’s part. He pursues and pursues and pursues, day and night, night and day. Indeed, we pray on into the darkest darkness that the hardest of hearts might have the slightest crack, that a simple ember of awakening light could be fanned into a flame of faith.

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    1. Beckita I am having difficulty finding and connecting with Charlie’s current website. Please connect me at ____ and connect me up again so I will start getting the new postings sent to me at my email. I suffered a medical incident, had a car accident and was out of it for awhile, maybe came close to death. and then I had trouble remembering my password. Finally got things going again. I am doing much better now and with my wife’s help can function again with God’s help. May God bless all here and I thank everyone for their prayers on my behalf. jas

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      1. Sounds like a heck of a personal storm you’ve been through, JAS. Praise God you’re here. No one but the reader can do the task of signing up. I share this link about Techie Questions and you’ll see how to sign up to get notified of new posts: asignofhope379.com/some-answers-to-techie-questions/
        Continued prayers for you, JAS.

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        1. Beckita Steve BC has not tried to contact me as far as I know. Help. I have been feeling better, back to a dull roar. God continue to bless and guide all here as we swiftly approach the triumph. I have a strong sense that June will be another turning point. jas

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      2. Praise be to God that you are recovering and being loved and cared for, jas. Praying and wishing your and yours a blessed Easter Season. ❤


      3. JAS, I apologize that I have not gotten back to you. Things are very busy here, as you can imagine, since it is true for pretty much everyone.

        It sounds to me from your comment here that you would like to get alerts for new posts in your email. Is that correct? If true, then perhaps you can get direct access to the page linked to below, which contains the Google Doc that covers this issue:


        It is possible that you are getting alerts but that your Mail program is thinking they are Junk and putting them in your Junk Mail folder, so be sure to check that folder as well.

        If that is not your problem, then please leave a more detailed description of the problem you’re having with the site, so I can better diagnose what’s actually going on.

        Meanwhile, please get better every day! 🙂

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  2. “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” Amen Charlie! … In other words: Attack the evil by expanding God’s presence within ourselves and in the structures of the society!

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  3. I just tell people I expect things to get worse.
    I know Charlie says that things are moving quickly but I want them quicker still…. I just want it to be over.
    Oh well, one day at a time…

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    1. There is another take than simply getting over the awful tribulations in society now. As Charlie wrote,
      ” Then I was given the understanding that the storm could NOT be averted and was, in fact, a great blessing – the very means by which we could be renewed. ” Charlie nailed the purpose of our mortal lives.

      Consider that there is God’s Heaven. Consider that we come here for an Earth life as spirit from Heaven where there is NO STRESS, and thus only minimal to no opportunities for spiritual growth. It is the very storm of life on Earth that provides the opportunity for spiritual development not available in Heaven. This is a point that I believe is lost in the Buddhist philosophy of withdrawing from life to reduce exposure to passion and this to avoid frustration and disappointment. Instead, our life here is enriched by dealing with stressful conflicts and overcoming temptations to be immoral or passively ignorant of what justice requires of us.

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  4. Thank you, Charlie. Excellent letter. This is gonna hurt…it’s a tuff one. However, I keep repeating that it because “I was born for time as this.” So, I am sure, Christ has a purpose, and it will become very obvious as time gets more difficult. And you want to know what really really bothers me?…if that when it becomes so bad, that there will be so few to help, care or even pray and love. After that ordeal in Dallas with that young pregnant mother attending Mass, and was nearly arrested by the priest for not having her mask on (police came into church and tried to handcuff her). I realized how far people have now gone, and a year ago, I would not have believed this. What is happening? I thank so many who are pushing on, giving hope, and will not let go. I listen to Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry, Fr. Altman, so many of the laity standing up and yet my husband said, when I played the video of the Marshal Taylor video of this young mother’s ordeal, he asked “where were the people at Mass as all this was going on! Why was no one standing with her!” That was what sent chills up my spine! And no recourse. God must have so much love for all, because this is just beyond belief. This is a difficult Lent. And I pray, I will receive some knowledge or understanding as we are going through this. Yes, we were all there when we crucified our Lord…. it does make me tremble…tremble. Ave Maria, O’ Sorrowful Mother.

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    1. That young woman and her family are dear friends of mine. I got her story the day after it happened – and I am so glad that now it is going viral. Her father was a prominent official in Texas – and may yet become an even more prominent one. That Priest may well rue the day he decided to play tyrant dictator – and Bishop Burns of Dallas is going to have to do better than the mealy-mouthed statement he issued on the matter. I have a picture of the woman’s wrist being seized by the police at the lowlife Priest’s demand that I will post later this week. It’s not a great picture, as it was taken by a family member in the heat of all this – but you will get the idea…and I have the family’s approval to post it.

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      1. The young woman’s demeanor during the D.T. Marshall interview made me happy. So young and so serious. No “happy talk” there, although there is real happiness and joy.

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      2. God bless that young woman and her family. And may that priest repent of his tyranny, or else be brought low. And may the bishop grow a spine and defend his flock, or else be put out to pasture himself.

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        1. “or else be put out to pasture himself.”

          Like too many of them, this seems to be exactly what he’s already been doing…

          (“To the shepherds, thus says the Lord God: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who have been pasturing themselves”)

          Sorry, Mick, couldn’t resist 🙂

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      3. Today my daughter was shamed during Mass because she wore no mask. There were school children present. The priest spoke to her before Mass but didn’t say anything to her privately about not masking. However, once he was on the altar he told her she was not to approach the altar to receive Communion, but that he would come to her. He did not want her up there because he didn’t want her to make the children sick. Charlie — you met her when you came to our home to speak. Needless to say I’m livid, but I guess we’re lucky he didn’t call the cops on her. I will be writing to our bishop about this and sending this priest a copy. This kind of persecution will surely accelerate.

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  5. Beckita…that is my prayer for all lost souls, but always more intensely for my adult son, who when 4 years busted into the room I was sitting announcing to me that he wanted to die before me to get to Heaven first! Now he says he no longer believes😢. But I pray for that picture above to become a reality for his heart and others. Like Charlie says…..FULL STEAM AHEAD !

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    1. Yes, I have a son, 16 now and he told me he is an atheist. When he was younger he used to tell me that his heart feels warm when we talk about God and he was interested in psychology and the spiritual. He was always trying to do what is right.

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      1. In situations like this, Itaca and Leel, I remember two powerful things: 1. The foundation of faith which parents fostered – to the best of their ability – in their families and 2. Our Lady of Fatima’s words that souls are lost because good people are not praying for them.

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  6. Charlie!!! You have heartened me this day!!! Thank you!!!

    “We are witnessing the destruction of the satanic empire on earth – and almost unnoticed by us is the beginning of real renewal. WE are called to be the tools by which God accomplishes that renewal – and we must be fruitful and multiply our number (yes, that passage is not just about physical children, but about a great spiritual harvest that we are called to gather). If we retreat to the toolshed that we may be safe from the storm, with what tools shall those who might hear be called to renewal? If everyone who calls on the name of the Lord in the world were to retreat to supposed safety, I will remain in the midst of the storm, calling to all who can hear. And I would say to every mystic that, yes, it is a lot tougher and uglier than you had at first imagined but this is no time for retreat. Man up and give everyone who can hear heart to do Our Lord’s bidding and GO FORTH into all the world and call His people back to Him. “ CJ

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉



    It took a Loooong Time for Nike to Wise-Up …..soooo there was LOTS of Pushback 😉




    Controversial!!?? …. Only to the likes of UPI & ABCNNBCBS-NPR & their Democrat Puppets! I tru8ly DO NOT believe this is a winning strategy even in most Blue States?
    “More than 25 states are considering controversial legislation to exclude transgender youth from athletics” UPI


    YUP!! Time to disarm all those White Supremasists! ……. after Democrats clean-up THEIR Cesspools and jail ALL the corrupt “Public Servants”!



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  8. NY is very pleased with this new app which reports whether you have had a recent negative covid test or are currently vaccinated so that you may participate in special events. I am seeing so much in place for the creation of a caste system. Antifa and anti-Christian bias are about to join forces with the cult of health, I think. It is not far fetched any longer to imagine stores having special hours for the unvaccinated to shop, churches having separate Masses or seating areas for the unvaccinated. When things do not get better, this group will be blamed. All of this is the result of a cultural shift which is creating a new morality for people; one which seems to begin with good and noble ideas, but subtly shifts people’s perceptions so that they eventually judge what is right and good by simple adherence to a man-made system. This system stands in direct defiance of God’s ways. So the way forward for us is clear, we will live as witnesses to the truth and beauty of God’s way as God-fearing people of free-will however we can. We will do things in a new way in order to preserve our freedom to live as God’s children, we will have to be prayerful, strong, creative and resourceful. I think we can rely on God’s protection in these times, but this is first and foremost a time of battle. If God preserved us from all bad things there could be no engagement in this battle, and He wants us to engage because it is better for us. So I think that it may be that while some places may experience a miraculous preservation and some may be guided out of the fray, it will never be completely. I just want to make a quick remark that I also have this idea that those who are given greater physical protection will also bear a heavier responsibility. In addition, I think that God will demonstrate His power and genius through an incredible variety of paths for people and families. Not charmed yellow-brick-road kind of paths though. One of the greatest joys after coming through such a horrible time will be recounting all of the works of God during the battle. Because there is no greater joy than knowing that we are loved. The darker the path, the deeper that knowledge will be. Anyway, all my husband and I can do for now is what we think we should do. We’re sort of adding some homestead-type infrastructure this summer because we can and we think we ought to edge towards sustainability as the world edges towards instability. Whether or not this will be something that will help us or anyone else is irrelevant because we can’t know that. We are doing a good thing within reason using opportunities which have presented themselves for the sake of our family while asking for God’s blessing and help in the spirit of humility. That right there is what matters.

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  9. “I take some comfort in the fact that even a great prophet, Jeremiah, was prone to nearly unhinged panic attacks.” (CJ)
    More parallels:
    History tells us how, once a nation/institution becomes corrupted and turns from God, it is soon destroyed.
    Jeremiah had good reason to feel like he did. His whole world was uprooted when he announces that God will judge Israel’s sins with an exile to Babylon. And then, he lives through the horror of God’s word. This wasn’t just a call to conversion but a loss of everything in his world as well.
    Jesus too calls Israel to task when He predicts the fall of the Temple because of the infidelity of its leaders. 40 years later the Roman destroy the Temple.
    Today we see a similar tone in our own leaders in both politics and religion. Makes sence the prophets of the day tell of impending doom for the whole system!
    I think the “refuges” are actually the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the cenacles and prayer groups the earthly refuges. We see a parallel to this by the buildings and lives not destroyed by the atomic bombs dropped in Japan. They claimed this miracle was do to their “following the messages of Fatima”.
    Dispite every effort of the enemy,
    the Lord has always kept a remnant to seed His church on earth and there will always be one. We who help spread or create the seeds of this future remnant may or may not be here to see them grow- but neither did the Apostles (accept maybe John) and this has always been the way for even Jesus left this world and left this up to the Church as His hands and feet.
    I have no delusions that if I’m a good boy I will live through all this and dwell here for a 1000 years in the “New Jeruselem”, etc. But if I do, that is His will being done, not mine. My hope and mission is to be the stop-gap between any generational sins in my family so future generations may be freed from these sins. This may require a martyrdom from me, either through blood or through a white martyrdom. But sacrifice I must. And when I have fought the good fight and finished the race, I hope to have kept the faith and ended, or at least confounded, the enemies tyranny over our posterity.

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  10. “Sorry, I get very upset when people, seeing how rough it really is, think abandoning our call will provide us safety. That is a subtle temptation from the devil, himself, urging leaders to quit the battle and encourage others to do the same. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

    I don’t understand if my internal reaction is “on” or “off,” but when I hear that things will get much worse, etc., I think about my own personal tragic loss and fail to see how a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g can compare to the scope, breadth, width of all the implications of this loss. That is, for my husband and I, our world already has been rocked to the point that we are living for the eternal. It is hugely challenging for us, yet we do it, to engage in the mundane comings/goings/plannings of this life, and again “risk joy.” All of those mundane and necessary things seem almost pointless, quite honestly.

    Except, except, (one more time) except—the small little mundane is exactly where The Lord is. And it matters to Him, not to mention those in our care and I daresay, it matters to our greater community also to a smaller extent.

    There is a distraction within me that feels I should be “doing” something More. A restlessness. But there is only the small, continual tasks of the day–which we are blessed with and are quite lovely. Why do these tasks feel “empty” Perhaps that is a temptation to bear.

    There is MUCH I don’t understand, TYG! Time to rest in God. Beckita once posted a lovely song/picture of an eagle with the words: “Be still and know I am God.”

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    1. “Except, except, (one more time) except—the small little mundane is exactly where The Lord is. And it matters to Him, not to mention those in our care and I daresay, it matters to our greater community also to a smaller extent.”

      Exactly, Littlelight. The Little Way. Every tiny deed and prayer has great value when we’re hidden in the bosom of the Church.

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  11. Charlie, Something happened some time ago, while at a clandestine meeting of the MMP with it’s national director leading the Cenacle, that makes me whole-heartedly second your reflections here. He made a pronouncement after our prayers that all who held their cenacles would be spared from the coming Chastisement. I gasped in horror at his words but also at the ROUND OF APPLAUSE that he received and sighs of relief and self-congratulation.
    He went on to state that the world would be totally transformed afterwards so that even the babies to be born would be born without original sin. I was trembling afterwards, whether from indignation or the fortitude of the Holy Spirit, I don’t know, but I had the audacity to approach him afterwards and ask him, “If Original Sin is wiped out as you say, what will happen to the sacraments?” He did not have an answer. It took every ounce of energy not to take my shoes off at that moment and shake the dust off them to storm out. I should note that Father Gobbi’s messages never included either of these ideas.
    This attitude has been here for some time. I was so sad to see it then and even sadder to know it continues. May God have mercy on us. I will remember to pray for these deceptions to end during my novena to the Divine Mercy.
    I am still part of the MMP to this day. You cannot abandon what is good because the satan pops its nose in from time to time. “Test every spirit. Retain what is good.”
    May Christ bestow His holy peace into our hearts during this Holy Week and during the Holy Triduum. I thank God for you all.

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    1. Holy Smokes, Marisa. That IS a load of distortion added to the locutions received by Fr. Gobbi… which actually sounds more life fear than trust in Our Lord and Our Lady. Proud of you – in the best of ways – for speaking up and correcting Fr. C as you did.

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    2. Marisa, you are a wise woman! I too, admire your response and reasoning and see that kind of balance is the fruit of the Holy Spirit at work in you. TY.

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  12. Hi, Charlie: When a refuge owner said to me, ‘angels will lead the ones who need to come and don’t know about it’ and, ‘those who know and are coming will be hidden’, I didn’t think of anything supernatural, but natural. ‘Hidden’ could mean there is a wreck on the road and I just pass by as the cops direct, and, ‘carried by angels’ could be getting a lift from someone already on their way who sees you walking or hitchhiking by the side of the road, whom the Holy Spirit inspires to stop and offer. I think everything will happen just that naturally and we need to be in prayer and aware. Otherwise we’ll miss the cues. I’m weak in recognizing cues and worse at cooperating. I worry that I’m trouble!! Hahahaha. Anyway, I think it all fits together and is not ‘either/or’, but ‘both/and’. There are many ways to pray and God is faithful. We just have to do out part.

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    1. Some may intend the idea of refuges to be something figurative, Scooter, but I have heard people defend, again and again, in sure and certain terms, the literal idea that angels will lead people to caves or by candles to where it is said that people will not endure the purification of the Storm. Can’t begin to imagine how overwhelmingly frightened one would be if s/he believed that suffering literally would not visit him/her as we go through the toughest of what’s yet to come.

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      1. I think some have forgotten how all the apostles died. They were either crucified, beheaded, or speared to death for their faith. Only John died of old age. I just pray for the courage needed to go forward. HR 1 passed in the House. It is now called S1 in the Senate. It’s intent is to gut the Constitution and power of the state legislatures. Will there be any Democrat Senator who will recognize what is being attempted here? It is an outright power grab to change us into a socialist aka communism ruled nation. Mark the day that bill is signed. It will be the day our constitutional republic died.

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      2. A friend just sent me this quip in Latin. Thought it was appropriate given the topic. Here it goes:
        Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you.

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  13. Thanks Charlie, as I read, Do not retreat! The image of confidently going to Mass and public places (I’m in Texas)without a Mask and being full of joy is the kind of army God needs right now. And sharing the Joy of the Risen Christ!! There is no life without Him!

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  14. When the topic of refuge comes up, a couple of things usually come to mind.

    1) The real life “refuge” of Immaculée Ilibagiza who survived the Rwandan genocide by hiding out in a 3′ x 4′ bathroom for 91 days with 7 other women. She recounts that harrowing, but redemptive story in an autobiography entitled “Left to Tell.” Was delighted to have met her once at an Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival. We spoke of many things, none of which were about refuges.

    2) The pop culture “refuge(s)” of “The Walking Dead.” Shoot, the zombies in that series are the least of it. It’s the other survivors that are most problematic. No sooner does the core group find a refuge, then they’re up to their necks in trying to defend and keep it, usually having to flee for greener pastures that always seem to turn out to be even more challenging. So far those people in the show are still suffering, but maybe growing a little along the way.

    3) My “refuge” which is more or less a wilderness escape as some weekends allow. The riparian greenbelt along the river is particularly peaceful. Even so, I would NOT like to have to survive out there for any extended period of time, and I’ve been trekkin’ around the wilderness since my youngest days.

    Common thread: suffering of some sort, but that can be a blessed good thing if God is drawing us into Himself.

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    1. It’s been several years since I’ve read that book, but your post just reminded me that she didn’t just resign herself to whimpering ‘woe is me’. She was ASOH to the other, by encouraging the other more despairing women to pray fervently; plus, prompted by the Holy Spirit, she TNRS by asking the pastor who was concealing them, for a Eng. bible and dictionary, and studied both diligently, which aided her obtaining a job at the U.N. after their escape.

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  15. Just sent Melania Trump a message asking her to please pray a daily rosary. Maybe a little tacky but I opened with “Dear (Real) First Lady”. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

    On the Contact page there is a pull-down to choose President Trump or Melania.

    I hope they have a good staff of message screeners. One can only imagine (or not) the demonic vulgarities and hatred that will be thrown at them.


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  16. Thank you to all who prayed for our safety and move. My husband traveled over two very icy passes. Semi-s were backed up for about a mile because of the icy condition. He saw a suburban type of vehicle that was in a terrible wreck. It was completely smashed. We don’t know the outcome of the wreck but please pray for those unknowns. Mike thinks it probably had a fatality. Your prayers are much appreciated.
    Thank you Charlie for another important post. By the grace of God it seems as the storm is speeding up I am slowing down, shifting into a St. Therese’s little way mode. Living within the Lord.
    Today, as I picked up garbage outside, I found four rocks in the shape of hearts. It is written in stone. God loves us. God loves us. God loves us. He is in charge and even in the most mundane-picking up garbage-He is reminding me He loves his creation. Oh, how I pray with my whole being for those whose hearts have grown cold. Hear the call of your Savior, dear ones. Lord have mercy.

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  17. This is such a powerful confirmation of Charlie’s exhortations, I couldn’t resist.

    All these God-inspired writings are the true vaccine, that we all need to take (in addition to or in the place of, according to our personal discernment), as many times as necessary for it to stick, Lol.


    From Anne a Lay Apostle, Direction for Our Times, July 15, 2004St. Damien of Molokai

    Click to access Volume-7-body-d.pdf

    My brothers and sisters, you are serving Jesus and that should give you the greatest joy. There is nothing more important than saying ‘yes’ to him each day and stepping out in faith. You do not even realize the many ways in which he uses you during the day. That is as it should be when you are a servant. I found my greatest strength in my practice of remaining in the present. I never panicked because I did not worry about the future. It was enough for me to serve Christ in the moment, in each poor little soul he placed in my path. The more you serve, the greater joy in the service. Some of you have found this already. One becomes a better climber when one has been climbing, and the path to Heaven, regardless of the difficulty, becomes simply a day’s work. What beautiful servants Jesus relies on today. There will be an army of servants for you to work with very soon because Jesus is calling many and sending great graces to enable people to hear his call. Many will serve during this time and souls will be saved. Please, my friend, put Jesus first in each moment. This is not a time for half-hearted commitments. This is a time for dying to self and living for Jesus completely. If you begin this journey at all you will see what he can do through you if you are willing to allow him to work. With your ego firmly under control, you will marvel at the goodness of Jesus and the preparation he has given you without your awareness. Use every skill, every strength, and serve the Kingdom. We will all help you, as we keep reminding you. You can call on our help and we would like to put you into the habit of doing so quickly. It will be second nature to you when difficulties come. Brothers and sisters, the time of darkness is ending, it is true. But the enemy is not finished. He rallies people to his service to persecute the children of Mary. He seeks to erase God from God’s world. This is the process you are witnessing, except now you see people fighting back. Heaven’s children are waking up and shaking off the lethargy that overcame them. So the battles begin in earnest. So be it. Heaven is ready. You are ready. God will have his world back and his children will be safe again, but not without the struggle, which is what we are preparing you for through these words. Children of God, it will become clear that people are choosing sides in that people following the enemy will persecute God’s followers and delight in doing so. It has never been God’s way to extract revenge for the sake of revenge, or to allow his children to do so. You will be called upon to answer in love. There are a great many readers pausing, I see. This is difficult, I know. I had my share of enemies on Earth and this was difficult for me, particularly when I was being castigated for doing good in a time when few were willing to assist me. Their response was to slander me. I tell you this so you know I understand what I am saying to you. I understand that it will be a great Christian challenge. But we, the saints, lived for these challenges and so must you. Do not fear that you will not serve. You will make mistakes, as I did, but generally Jesus will use you successfully to further his will. Love your enemy. That is the message and that has always been his message. I will help you

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  18. These are very real thoughts & concerns going through people’s minds…

    The thoughts of killing or being killed to get through “The Storm” is really unhinging people (those of us that are actually awake & aware), as it seems to be getting more unavoidable by the day…

    The reality is much different up here in Canada, as the majority of society is blindly accepting Liberals as their saviors, believe the fake news on TV, thinking the vaccines & police state measures will save them, we’re in some ways worse off than the blue states in America. It’s difficult to wake people up to what’s happening, as they prefer to trust & hope our Liberal left instead of God. I feel like I’m on a ticking societal timebomb! I’m not sure what a “sign of hope” would look like in my current societal climate…

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    1. “I’m not sure what a “sign of hope” would look like in my current societal climate…” The Little Way, Al. The little each of us can do right before us with those around us. It really is that simple. Peace.

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      1. Yes Beckita, there’s little else to do other than The Little Way, as the message has already been deliverred to our modern day Nineveh and most of it’s citizens mock & scoff at that message.

        We can only do as Charlie is doing and just simply wait for people to wake up to their growing misery that they have brought upon thrmselves, something that’s easier said than done as we observe…

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        1. Well, Al, I think The Little Way is the way above ways. I pray people awaken, but the evil is too much for any one of us. The mightiness of The Little Way’s doctrine made St. Therese a Doctor of the Church. We know, at the end of our lives, we’ll be judged on how we loved and The Little Way is a way of Love.

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    2. AL2, I highly, highly recommend making full use of the free! publications in the free! online library on Direction for Our Times website.

      The Vol 7 link about talks about the exact real-time problem you succinctly describe: “The thoughts of killing or being killed to get through “The Storm” is really unhinging people (those of us that are actually awake & aware), as it seems to be getting more unavoidable by the day…”

      St. Anthony, July 10th, 2004, page 17. Scroll to it and read. You won’t regret it.

      You can also sign up for daily emails. Also, they have monthly (free!) zoom meetings. There is a whole way of life that focuses on our Awesome Triune God and His power, love and hope and His Divine will. Zero focus on fear/confusion/despair, etc. Zero. But NOT Pollyanna.

      Anyways, the answers you seek to help you remain focused on TNRS and steady-on in God’s service are there. At least I’ve found this to be true. I am so grateful for this resource in these times, as I am so grateful for Charlie/All TNRS’ers and THIS home, here!

      Weapons, man, weapons Let us all continue to arm ourselves. God bless you, yours and us, everyone!

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      1. There’s a bounty of heartening at DFOT, Littlelight and Al. In addition to the monthly Zoom meetings connected to the Journey through the Volumes this year, there’s a bi-monthly early morning Zoom with Anne as well.

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      2. Thanks, I’ll need to re-read it a few times as I try to digest it.

        Naturally, we’re going to separate the mountain of nice thoughts from the humble & practical acts of doing, as we try to get through these times.

        If we cannot acknowledge the problems, then we wont know the solutions either…

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        1. There. You said it exactly in your last line. In light of TNRS, where does that next right step land for each of us in pursuit of solutions? In the Capitol Building? Xi’s war room? A Freemason lodge? CNN’s headquarters? Zuckerberg’s island hideaway? Biden’s basement? A coyote den?

          God help us all if my next step lands me in Biden’s basement, but reckon it’s landing me in the car next to pick up my youngest from school.

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            1. Well, it’s certainly something to ponder, Al. What is small and big to God? God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. And we have Jesus illustrating the point by putting such great value on a simple cup of water. Will smaller stuff seem like small stuff when we see them in God’s light? We’re both parents. Surely that won’t seem like such a small thing when shown and revealed for what it is in His Light.

              This is where I think folks either get what Charlie is about, or teeter and go off the rails. The man has exhaustively talked about TNRS, do the little things right in front of you, give hope, etc. Yes, I know he talks about a number of temporal matters with some solid analysis, but… the man is not sharing to knock us off the rails. In a real sense, I figure he’s trying to get as many as possible into the proper mindset to take that little “cup of water” seriously. Likely folks are gonna need it. Seriously.

              To be honest, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the things the world considers big stuff. No matter. It’s really not.

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              1. Yep MP.

                “Walking the path” is more experienced based through doing than knowlegde based through simply knowing the theory.
                Knowledge without God’s grace leads to destruction.

                We’ve made our clear choices against the globalist evils and spoke out against those, and now we need stand back firm in choosing God, and wait.

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  19. Stevebc I’m trying to ask you a question about the dtap booster but for some reason I couldn’t log onto your Steve’s front porch. Our kids want us to get the dtap booster since newborns are susceptible to whooping cough first 6 weeks until they themselves are vaccinated. I just have this sneaky feeling this vax could further hurt me n mikes health and maybe we just wait the 6 weeks instead so as to not harm our grandchildren. What say you??? Thanks Steve!!! 🙏

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        1. Linda, on my computer the links in my above post failed to load properly, so I edited the comment and now hope the links will take you where they should. Sorry the original comment links didn’t work right.

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          1. Thank you Stevebc!!! You are a Godsend🙏✝️😇 sort of funny..,I spoke with my Dr friend after Mass Wednesday and he looked at me and said, “You don’t seem like you have whooping cough!” Hahahahaha we both got a pretty good giggle out of it 😂

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          1. Jlynnbyrd I just watched it!!! It was soooo beautiful!!! Sometimes don’t ya just wonder if these folks aren’t Angel’s from above in disguise 🥸 🙏✝️😇. That was so beautiful and thank you for sharing it with me! I shared it too!!! Spread the 💕 love


              1. I remember Charlie said we’ve all probably encountered one but just didn’t realize it! I’m always on the lookout🥰✝️🙏😇🐇🐣📿

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  20. Heartbreaking that this mentality is so common that seems to be a “normal” phase of life in the coming of age. Lord have mercy and bring us back to the path of love. ❤

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  21. So Beckita… I don’t know if you know this about me , but I often consider you like a spiritual advisor… I’m hoping you can help me to understand what the last sentence in Anne the Lay apostles 3rd locution means that was given out today??? 🤔

    3 of 5
    March 27, 2021 (1)
    Mary, Mother and Queen of the Church
    Because mankind grows and develops and changes, spiritual service to mankind must also grow and develop and change. Service must adjust. Anne, some matters never change, but others simply must adapt and evolve. Different periods of time on Earth present different challenges. These challenges affect God’s children, my children, and they affect how the Church cares for God’s children and represents God on Earth. It is an awesome responsibility to represent God. Which person could claim to do so consistently? Without pause? Without mistakes? There is no other person who could make that claim.
    Anne, I make that claim. I represented God consistently, without pause. I made practical mistakes in my life but my mistakes never misrepresented my beloved Father, whom I adored without pause. My love was his love. I did not depart from his love. I offered God’s love to others consistently because I did not become disillusioned by the cost of following that love.
    People on Earth may have moments where they glimpse the majesty and power of God. They may have moments where they glimpse a certain extent of his total sweetness and his kindness. Those moments can cause them to live differently, to choose to serve God that day, or even to make a lifelong choice to serve God. Anne, I lived in those moments. I never parted from the awareness that God loved me fully and that he cared for me in every circumstance. My Father, my beloved Father. I would have done anything necessary to move toward his divine will, his precious and marvellous plans. Every circumstance in my life caused me to contemplate him deeply. I never finished contemplating my Father’s love. I still contemplate his love, and direct every person to the great love our Father has for all of us, available through Jesus.
    My commitment to God moved me without pause into the role he established for me. There was always another marvellous plan in which I could participate for my Father. All was an adventure of accompaniment in my life. God never left me. It never occurred to me to leave God, because again, I had no rebellion in me. I was not tormented in that way. Did I suffer? My sufferings were many, but I never suffered temptation against God or against his marvellous plan for me. I never entertained such temptation. I marvelled at how blessed I was to know God because I could see that other people did not possess the same awareness. This, Anne, caused me to beseech God without pause. When Jesus, my anointed son, came to be, I understood that the Father had created me for a plan that would always be unique. I knew my journey through time would include moments that could not be understood as separate to the supernatural power of God. Thus, I accepted that the supernatural power of God would always be working around me and I came to expect it. I did not allow trouble or hardship to distract me from God’s power. If God allowed something which involved me, I knew it was part of the plan we shared and I moved through it with determination to do my best for him.
    My son, my saviour. He came to help people. He was not only from God, he was God. There would be no benefit in recounting the extent of all that occurred in the life of my child, my saviour. There are some realities that human beings can only comprehend in the next life. That said, the plan for the life of Jesus Christ rested in my heart and was the biggest, most wonderful plan God could create for his children on Earth. I was one of his children on Earth, and I was in the position to assist him with the most unique task that could be asked of a woman. It was for this reason and this purpose that I was created immaculate. I am the mother of Jesus and I am the mother, created by God, of all humanity.
    Because God created me so specifically for my role, Jesus took delight in me as God’s special hope for women. Anne, it is time humanity understood that they have a Father, a Saviour, and a Consoler in times of trouble. Humanity also possesses a mother created by God to provide something more, something sublime and sweet, something uniquely feminine. This “something more”, my contribution to the Church, is needed now, at this time. My hope is that many, many women will answer my invitation to unite themselves practically with me in service to God for the renewal of the Church of my son. My hope is that the Church on Earth will humble herself and accept the urgency of renewal in the hearts of each of my children, most especially my sons in the priesthood. Will this be painful? If personal renewal does not cause some sorrow, some remorse, that is a signal the process remains incomplete

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    1. I’m loving these fresh words from our Mother, Linda. I love their focus on renewing the Church and the ways the leadership and team members at DFOT have taken up that cause. I especially love how Our Lady is calling women to live out their feminine genius. And, yes, men have their own kind of genius. 🙂

      I’ve shared before, and repeat now that, recently, a passage from the CCC caught my attention:
      “773 In the Church this communion of men with God, in the ‘love [that] never ends,’ is the purpose which governs everything in her that is a sacramental means, tied to this passing world. 192 ‘[The Church’s] structure is totally ordered to the holiness of Christ’s members. And holiness is measured according to the ‘great mystery’ in which the Bride responds with the gift of love to the gift of the Bridegroom.’ 193 Mary goes before us all in the holiness that is the Church’s mystery as “the bride without spot or wrinkle.” 194 This is why the ‘Marian’ dimension of the Church precedes the ‘Petrine.'”

      Our Mother is interested in nurturing each of us into greater holiness aka LOVE.

      That closing line, to me, speaks of repentance. I think Luke 18:9-14 is what Our Lady is speaking about. Cardinal Sarah says: “Don’t deceive people with the word ‘mercy’. God forgives sins only if we repent of them.” True repentance is brimming with sorrow and remorse. Of course, we can’t let the enemy of our soul beat us up with our sins. That’s not healthy and it’s not of God. We must repent and then rise to begin again.

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    2. “…Will this be painful? If personal renewal does not cause some sorrow, some remorse, that is a signal the process remains incomplete.”
      Mother Teresa said of love: “Love to be real, it must cost — it must hurt — it must empty us of self.” Which is to die unto self…”
      Unless a grain of wheat (us) falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat (we in our fallen nature),but if it dies (to self) it produces in abundance (by supernatural grace.)
      I hope this helps clarify Our Lady’s comments on true change being “painful”.

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    1. more info regarding https://avemariaradio.net/support-archbishop-naumann-sign-the-petition/
      (Archbishop Naumann who chairs the U.S. Bishops Pro-Life Committee challenged President Biden)

      The radical left-wing group, Faith in Public Life, has said Archbishop Naumann’s “personal, single-issue, culture-war attacks” are “dangerous.” They are especially angry that Naumann took issue with President Biden calling himself a “devout Catholic” while advocating for taxpayer funded abortion.

      So what has Naumann actually said?

      On Biden, Naumann has been clear: “I want to protect my people from being misled. His actions, right now, do mislead… [t]hey do create confusion for people in terms of what the Church believes and teaches.”
      (the above is from: https://catholicvote.org/petition/we-stand-with-archbishop-naumann/?REF=0329EWRG )

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  22. I reported a likely adverse event from the Moderna Vaccine. Optic nerve neuritis which began as some visual field loss a week after the vaccine. It was diagnosed last week as due to auto immune issues which are causing optic nerve swelling. Am currently being treated with meds to reduce inflammation. AS this is an autoimmune issue, with no previous autoimmune issues in my life and as Drs believe this has had an acute as oposed to chronic onset and began a week after the shot, the probability of it’s being a likely cause is increased but not completely certain as these things have happened apart from vaccinations. That is why Dors. know of these things. Pray God whe inflammation will go down over time and vision will improve. And pray God everyone else who chooses or did so to get this vaccine has a good outcome from it. Including many I know. As for me no booster doses for sure.

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    1. This is heartbreaking Bob. My wife has suffered from probable vaccine (early polio?) induced fibromyalgia for decades. Your warning here may have helped many to decide against the current jab. I’m joining with Beckita in praying for your healing.

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    2. Continued prayers for you Bob and for anyone who is having adverse reactions to the vax. May St. Lucy intercede for the healing of your eyes and your vision improve. God bless you!

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM … 😉





    I know that I have posted this “Question” before but ….. The Situation has gotten, almost unbelievably, worse since I first penned it 10 or more years ago. Sadly, this could quickly & easily be rewritten to reflect The Situation in the Catholic Church today …. Worldwide! … With many of the same cast of Evil Characters ……. that include Powerful Prelates and their “trusted” minions ;-(
    Take out the USA and Mother Church and Earth becomes a much darker place! Evil is Here/Now commanded by Powers & Principalities …. Earthly & Otherwise. ;-(

    “Imagine this: “A foreign power/group, with a deep visceral hatred of the USA, sets out to plan and implement a 50+ year program to destroy the USA.
    With the assistance of “front groups”, fifth columnists in the Federal/State bureaucracy, judiciary, unions and “useful idiots” in the media, they attack our moral fiber, long held religious beliefs, social traditions, military, currency, local police and business large and small.
    They then attempt to re-make US into the image of their most radical constituent elements.”

    Now tell me how my above scenario is any different from the actions of the Democrat Party these past six decades? …. Eh!!???






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  24. Bobg,

    Praying for you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Thank you for the update! Keep us posted!

    May God heal your eyes and improve your vision and may you be protected from any other adverse reactions.

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  25. https://luisapiccarreta.me/the-twenty-four-hours-of-the-passion/fourth-hour-from-8-to-9-pm
    (you have to scroll down to the 4th hour)

    …You take the bread in Your hands; You offer it to the Father, and I hear Your most sweet voice say, “Holy Father, thanks be to You, for always answering Your Son. Holy Father, concur with Me. One day, You sent Me from Heaven to earth to be Incarnated in the Womb of My Mama, to come and save Our children. Now, allow Me to be Incarnated in each Host, to continue their salvation and be Life of each one of My children. Do You see, O Father? Few hours of My Life are left; who would have the heart to leave My children orphaned and alone? Many are their enemies—the obscurities, the passions, the weaknesses to which they are subject. Who will help them? O please, I supplicate You to let Me stay in each Host, to be Life of each one, and therefore put to flight their enemies; to be their Light, Strength and Help in everything. Otherwise, where shall they go? Who will help them? Our Works are Eternal, My Love is irresistible—I cannot leave My children, nor do I want to.”

    The Father is moved at the tender and affectionate voice of the Son. He descends from Heaven; He is already on the altar, and united with the Holy Spirit, concurs with the Son. And Jesus, with sonorous and moving voice, pronounces the words of the Consecration, and without leaving Himself, Creates Himself in that bread and wine.
    Then You communicate Your apostles, and I believe that our Celestial Mama did not remain without receiving You. Ah, Jesus, the Heavens bow down and all send to You an act of adoration in Your new state of profound annihilation…”

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  26. As we enter the most Holy Triduum, may Our Lord strengthen you Charlie, Beckita, and all of us and our loved ones with an even greater love for Jesus and a deeper understanding of what He chose to do for our salvation. May we walk through the next three days holding our Mother’s hand as her heart is pierced once again, may we join our sufferings with Jesus through His Passion and Death, and may we find our faith strengthened and renewed when Jesus rises on Easter Sunday.

    Don’t forget the Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday!
    Have a Blessed Easter ASOH and CORAC family!

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  27. Charlie, thank you once again. I like this, “Then I was given the understanding that the storm could NOT be averted and was, in fact, a great blessing – the very means by which we could be renewed. A sort of divine chemotherapy, if you will.” What a great analogy Charlie! The idea that the satan and his minions are like a cancer and through divine chemotherapy we can be renewed. I like to think that our prayers, fasting, and giving of ourselves, joined with Heavenly help, can be a strong chemotherapy to fight off and weaken those evil spirits seeking to destroy everything in their path.

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  28. 🥰 What a beautiful mother we have!!!

    4 of 5
    March 27, 2021 (2)
    Mary, Mother and Queen of the Church
    Often on Earth, people meet someone and recognise the similarity of the person to their family members. People can recognise the imprint a person’s family leaves on them. By this I mean that the people in our families affect us as they shape us and form us.
    For this reason I say that the Church, the family of God, should represent God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, through ongoing communication with the Holy Spirit. The Church on Earth should also represent and communicate me, its Mother and Queen.
    How does the Church communicate its Father? Through respect for every person he created. The Church communicates God the Father through respect for the Earth, the home he created for his precious children. Mankind, the greatest creation of the Father, was given the Earth to come to know God’s love and to offer that love to others. Humanity is the most important creation of the Father. Preserving a safe home for humanity must become a priority which is accepted, not as somehow more important than human beings, but because human beings are so important and sacred to God, the Father.
    The Church on Earth should represent my son, Jesus Christ, through its interest in each person and their immortal soul. Each person should know that they are loved, that they are so loved that Jesus would die for them, each of them, again if it were needed. It is not needed, but no sacrifice would be too much for Jesus to make in order to show them how precious they are to him. A human being is precious because they were created by God, not because he or she lives a perfect life. Apart from me, all people experience a fallen nature which results in rebelliousness. When a person is wounded by others or by the events they encounter, they may experience rebellion. The Church is necessary to assist people in healing and traversing their pain. The emphasis on sin, which is often the expression of pain, has resulted in a misrepresentation of the purpose of our Church on Earth. The enemy of hope has inflated this to the degree that the Church is not recognisable as a beacon of hope to all who suffer anguish.
    The Church on Earth should represent the Holy Spirit, the Consoler. Each person should know that while they are capable of sin, and they do commit actions that are deliberate and that wound themselves, others, and God, they are also capable of remorse and regret, of sorrow which heals and restores them. This healing process makes the person stronger and thus makes the Church stronger. The Holy Spirit, the Consoler, must be represented more accurately, with greater energy and consistency. If everyone understood that emphasis should be placed on the restorative possibilities available to them after sin, they would be so busy about happy work that they would not experience their fallen nature as much as their transcendent capacity for virtue.
    What would we look like, my beloved children, if this were the case? Can you reflect on this for yourself, the next time you worry over sins of your past? Can you rejoice in the goodness that came from your decision to step away from sin and to embrace the fruit of the Consoler, which is virtue and dignity? Can you see that our Church should be celebrating the second piece and not the first? Finally, can you see that for most of my children practicing their beautiful Catholic faith, this is not the case? They worry over their failures and sins to the degree that their joy is diminished.
    How might a mother feel about sad children? If you answer that question, you will understand my motivation for allowing God’s children to know me better.

    How might a mother feel about sad children? When my children were sad or are even today I try to cheer them up with love, comfort, sacrifices and prayers 🥰

    Pretty amazing that that’s how Our True mom feels and acts towards us, her many children 🥰🙏✝️

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    1. I thought of you this morning, Linda, when I received and read this message. Did you notice how she addressed the remorse, regret and sorrow you were wondering about? Our Lady speaks of it as part of the healing process of repenting and recovering from our sins.

      “Each person should know that while they are capable of sin, and they do commit actions that are deliberate and that wound themselves, others, and God, they are also capable of remorse and regret, of sorrow which heals and restores them. This healing process makes the person stronger and thus makes the Church stronger.”

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      1. Yes!!! I was thinking of that very point Beckita and it makes me truly feel closer to Our beautiful Mother!! And it’s so close to how we as moms feel for our own kids when they mess up and hurt themselves and others! What a beautiful journey we are on with the kingdom of heaven and especially with Chris Our King & Mary Our Queen!!!❤️❤️❤️.

        I pray that I may always be that sign of hope for our sisters and brothers who do not yet know the love and mercy of Our God and Our blessed Mother. I’m guessing all the Saints in heaven are that way as well. Ahhhhh🥰

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  29. After the Lord’s Supper- Agony in the Garden:
    “My child, do you want to know what it is that torments Me more than the very executioners? Rather, those are nothing compared to this! It is the Eternal Love, which, wanting Primacy in everything, is making Me suffer, all at once and in the most intimate parts, what the executioners will make Me suffer little by little. Ah, My child, it is Love that prevails in everything, over Me and within Me. Love is nail for Me, Love is scourge, Love is crown of thorns—Love is everything for Me. Love is My Perennial Passion, while that of men is in time. Ah, My child, enter into My Heart, come to be dissolved in My Love, and only in My Love will you comprehend how much I suffered and how much I Loved you, and you will learn to love Me and to suffer only out of love.”


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  30. Trying to register for Easter mass, but basically almost all the spots in all the churches around ( within 45-minute drive) were booked already yesterday (Wednesday). I was actually lucky yesterday to get 3 spots in one of the parishes. What I also came upon in only one of those parishes I searched online, they came up with a simple idea: The priests for 30 minutes after the mass are giving the Holy Communion to those who did not have enough luck or speed to register for the mass in person, so these less fortunate people can attend online and receive the Communion in person. And there are no limits how many people can receive Jesus in the open air!
    Nevertheless, a sad thought comes to mind : is there only one church among so many where priests actually believe in real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist?

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    1. Who would have believed we’d come to such as this in our Church, Pawel? Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition, but it is yet another reason why we n.e.e.d. this Storm.

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      1. Yes Beckita, that’s a sad thing. Most churches here ( meaning priests who are in charge of them ) are happy to do Easter basket blessings in their parking lots, but are not willing to do the essential thing they are called to do – to give Jesus in the Holy Communion to the thirsty souls of all the parishioners… Can’t the priests “waste” additional 30 minutes after the Mass to give Eucharistic Jesus to the hungry souls gathered in the parking lot?! Isn’t it what they are called to do?

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      2. However, I should not be surprised… I remember back in the pre-Covid days, when my wife, my son and myself ( with many other parishioners ) arrived for a Sunday evening Mass and had to kiss the door knob – the Mass was cancelled due to Super Bowl…


  31. Charlie,

    Your letter was such a well-defined and urgent ‘Call to Arms’. It addressed everything we need to know about how to fulfill the role that, before time began, God had already chosen us to play in this spiritual battle between good and evil. It is a humbling thought and that for most, one that many probably would rather pass on to a more prepared soul, or, secretly wish someone else would take their place because they are scared or lazy to go through the training and personal preparation (primarily spiritual). Being open to ridicule, being publicly proactive in taking a stand for God’s role in all aspects of human society, giving up one’s daily comforts are difficult to do. I think the most difficult thing however is what Charlie noted is that most people do not realize that we have to change our views regarding our role in the actual known or unknown evil that we have allowed to enter our lives, and society as a whole. This is a hard thing to accept. We must seek God’s help to understand this sin, acknowledge it, and then act upon our change as God requires of us.
    In reading your letter, it made me think more about the fury yet to come which will attack us spiritually, emotionally, physically, even to the point of death. In war good and holy people, loved ones, are lost. Soldiers and leaders are fooled by the enemy’s tactics and the confusion they cause. Things will not seem to be moving toward the direction of God. The most brilliant human leaders are no match for Satan. But our fall back is when we fall, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope.
    A personal thought: In reference to falling and getting up. I have often noticed that when a person falls, frequently when they get back up, they are actually a couple of steps further ahead of the spot where they fell. Looking from a spiritual perspective, I think that extra distance will at times reflect the extra graces we received from getting up again from a fall that was of particular difficulty for us personally. God is not so much disappointed that we fall, as he is rejoiceful in our struggles to get back up once again. If think if we fall 1,000,000 times but get up 1,000,001 times Our Lord would be joyful. Thank you for your mercy Lord.

    But we all should know and never lose faith or hope that the victory has already been declared. We have been called to be His instruments to achieve victory by executing the role we have been chosen to perform to the best we can.
    I think it is important to remember that it is a privilege that God chose us, at this point in human history, to be one of His soldiers assigned to Mary’s Army. An epic humiliation and defeat of Satan’s grasp on God’s children and creation is imminent while the start of the renewal of a God-centric church, people, society and world is at hand.

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  32. Still having difficulty accessing asignofhope379.com/some-answers-to-techie-questions/
    Continued. My computer is not responding well along with continuing health problems due to age. feeling much better though. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. God save us lest we perish. jas

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    1. Amen. Way to go in perseverance and fortitude against the current! Glad to see you here. Are you a member of a CORAC region? If so, perhaps another region member could lend a helping hand? If not, maybe a family or friend? Just a thought. God bless you JAS. I am praying to the angels that you so graciously sent to watch over me about this time last year, to watch over you. {{{{{JAS}}}}} ❤

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  33. On Grace force Charlie talked about a place where you can go to get formation about how to prepare for the end times like planting seeds and just other survival skills where is that on his site


    1. Welcome, Lanie. The CORAC website is the place filling with the resources you seek. When you join CORAC, you have access to those materials and can interact with people on the forum there: corac.co


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