The American Iron Curtain

The Capitol is seen through razor wire at sunrise in Washington, Friday, March 5, 2021. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

By Charlie Johnston

A quarter of a century ago, fearful of my capacity to confront the challenges I saw on the distant horizon, I resolved to work to banish sin from my life. When I told my original spiritual director, the one I call Towering Intellect, he looked at me in absolute exasperation. “I thought you were smarter than that, Charlie,” he said. “Don’t you know that if you focus on banishing sin, you are focused on and engaged with sin? The only effective way to banish sin is to drown it in a sea of love.” Thank goodness his tart reply snapped me right out of my errant approach.

Of course, love is not just some schmaltzy emotional feeling as the modern world mostly defines it. It is to will the good of another. You don’t love your children by indulging their every whim. You govern and discipline them, teaching them in the process to govern and discipline their own unruly passions and appetites. So it is with your friends. You don’t love them by agreeing with every word that falls from their mouths. You honestly tell them what you think, and then support their good whether you or they are ultimately right. Many books could be written on how to properly apply love in the daily circumstances of your life – and none of them could be reduced to the mere schmaltzy emotionalism our impoverished generation thinks love is.

That is what the Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC) is all about. We are in the midst of our Lenten fundraising campaign. In this video, I talk a bit about what we have done so far, what our goals in the immediate future are and how you can help. Please donate to help us all help each other to weather the trials that now engulf us.


I chuckle every time I see the media write that the protesters in Washington on Jan. 6 sought to “overturn the election.” I was among the million and a half people gathered on the mall. What we sought was an honest and vigorous investigation of the mountain of irregularities in the 2020 election before certifying the results. The media is either ignorant or liars in assessing the motive of the crowd. So why do I chuckle? Well, it occurred to me that perhaps the media agrees with me – that an honest and vigorous investigation WOULD overturn the election. So I chuckle to see them tacitly conceding my point.

To watch people in Congress and the media (including the folks occupying the office of president and vice-president) who spent all last year defending and encouraging those who were actually rioting, burning, murdering and looting in cities across the country call that slice of people who got way out of hand in Washington an “armed insurrection” is downright bizarre. Of course, that narrative took a hit as the FBI confirmed that no actual firearms have been found among the folks scooped up in the net of this witch hunt following the “armed insurrection.” No one on the pagan left cares: the point was not to protect public safety, but to establish a narrative smearing conservatives and traditional people of faith as “domestic terrorists.” They’ll keep calling it an armed insurrection. Of course, when it was your business being burned down or your loved one being attacked or murdered by rioters, the pagan left said that was just free speech, so shut up, racist – and the response was to defund the police so that rioters would have an easier time attacking you. When they get a bit nervous, they call in the national guard for themselves.

And so, an Iron Curtain has descended around Washington, D.C. During the Cold War, the iron curtain in Europe was designed to keep captive peoples inside authoritarian countries. In this new American Iron Curtain, the idea is to keep the rabble out as our betters issue edicts to rule the rest of us and make America into a dystopian nightmare. It is ironic that the two entities most enthusiastic about “open borders” – the Vatican and the Democratic occupiers of Washington – are both literally surrounded by a wall of protection. All of us in the common rabble must fend for ourselves (and with reduced police protection at that) while the ruling satraps have actual armed guards to protect them from getting a hair out of place. If any of the rabble take it upon themselves to try to defend their property, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the lie – as the liberal couple in St. Louis found out when they tried to defend their home from an actual armed mob. The condescension and presumption of our new pagan left ruling class makes Marie Antoinette look downright populist in comparison.

Yet it is all coming visibly unglued. Even as the ruling elites have hidden themselves behind the new iron curtain, they become less relevant (if no less annoying) by the day. It was surreal to watch Joe Biden, a week after Texas and Mississippi announced their full re-opening, declare that if we were all good little boys and girls, he would let us have a couple of friends over for the Fourth of July. While many of the easily intimidated are still frightened, Covid Panic Porn is a dead man walking. The pagan left is loathe to lose any of the control they wield by telling us we are all going to die unless we do what they say, but way too many common folks are now noticing that red state governors with a light touch got uniformly much better results than blue state lockdown apostles – and that blue state policies got a LOT of people unnecessarily killed. Since everyone who tested positive for Covid at any time was listed as a Covid death (except for George Floyd) whether they died from a gunshot wound or were killed in a car accident and since the ordinary flu suddenly vanished almost altogether, we will get no useful statistics from this politicized medical scare that will be helpful in future challenges. In a weird sort of “backwards day,” leftist scolds started calling politics “science” and science “politics.” Thus when they demanded you follow their narrative, they called it following the science – and if you quoted actual science to them, they called it politics. I am sure there has been a more feckless expert sometime in history, but Dr. Anthony Fauci in his relentless politicization of public health has become the Baghdad Bob of expertise among the current ruling class. He has almost single handedly destroyed public confidence in expertise.

The military got into a weird Twitter battle with Tucker Carlson, after he criticized them for elevating social engineering concerns over mission focus and readiness. The new “woke” military leadership, in the process of purging open Christians and conservatives from its ranks, maintains that “diversity” – not training or readiness, makes it the toughest military in the world. Ha! After a mass purge of his generals, Josef Stalin maintained that the political conformity and commitment to the Communist Party of those who survived made his military stronger. After two years of catastrophic disasters in battle, Stalin figured out that training, preparation and mission focus actually were more vital than political purity. Our military will, too – and I’m kind of glad they are purging real soldiers from the ranks. That means fewer of them will be wounded or killed in the crackpot schemes the pagan left will dream up over the next couple of years.

Immediately after the courts, the legislatures, and many states refused to examine the mountain of evidence of massive election fraud last year, I floated the idea of secession. I largely abandoned that as I spoke with officials in several red states who were determined to go the route of nullification – of refusing to enforce unconstitutional edicts from Washington and setting their states up as Sanctuary States for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I did make the caveat that if ruinous spending got outrageous enough, red states would have to consider secession to repudiate debt that is not theirs and is contrary to their values – and that if the feds started looting red states to pay for blue state incompetence, secession would have to be seriously entertained as a defensive measure until the leftists have destroyed themselves. Well, here we are already. The nearly two trillion “Covid relief” bill had very little to do with Covid relief and everything to do with bailing out blue states while pumping money into leftist institutions. Normally, general federal relief is distributed based on population. This time, the Democratic Congress fixed it so that incompetent and profligate blue states got anywhere from three to five times as much per capita as red states. This was not Covid Relief – it was the Biden Blue State Bailout plan. If you are getting a rational pension plan from a red state, your tax dollars are now being used to finance the golden parachutes of folks in blue states. Before long, several states will have to begin serious debate over secession. It is either that or let the rapacious feds loot red state citizens at will. You might want to take a look at FH Buckley’s interesting book, America Secession, to bone up on the issue.  

The bottom line is that we need not focus too much on how to defeat the left. Their insanity and detachment from reality is accomplishing that quite nicely – at a much quicker pace than I expected or that they understand. I always said that most people would not confront the threat until it was at their door. The pagan left is pounding at almost every door in America right now. What we must do is live our ordinary lives, openly and joyfully assuming God – for a God-centered life is a joyful, nurturing life. Many on the left are waking up to the self-destructive madness of their faction. We must not offer these potential converts an equal and opposite madness, but a way that taps into the springs of life – and that is through Christ. So we must not neglect the technical and strategic means of preserving liberty, but we must do it under God – ever mindful of the need to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us.

The pagan left has reached the point where it cannot be easily parodied. They are more to be pitied than feared. As they self-destruct, they are forcing those of us who are Christians and on the right to do what we should have been doing a decade ago – building our own platforms, forming communities that are free speech and religious sanctuaries. Don’t waste time and effort fighting what is already passing away into irrelevance (other than for actual self-defense). Devote yourself to building what is necessary to preserve our faith, families and freedom. Make no mistake, as the left works to intimidate us, they are actually immolating themselves and making us stronger. The City of Man is crumbling. Let us devote ourselves to building the City of God.

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197 thoughts on “The American Iron Curtain

  1. Thanks for speaking sanity into crazy stuff, Charlie. Dov Fischer is another delightful writer. I like how he thinks.

    Always enjoy hearing how your confessor guided you to focus on the virtue of Love… and so, we are called to the great work of building a Civilization of Love as Babel crumbles unto the dust that it is. Nice shift in elevating “remnant” to a higher meaning for our cause of Love.

    MP, appreciate you and your works of art with the many and gently embedded details in the production of the videos.

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  2. Still trying to access Corac website and, still getting the message that my email address is not recognized even though I have received email from the Corac site. Anyone else having this ongoing problem? Getting frustrated.

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      1. Just as a reminder, you have to register on the Community Forum to establish login credential, get access to the forum and other controlled content. You can register here:

        Folks who only complete the Volunteer Application are not automatically registered on the Community Forum. Same for Get News & Updates form.

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  3. Sure happy, Charlie, to read your words of how the left is becoming “unglued” and crumbling. We see the pieces of it happening every day. Just look at Cuomo! It’s as if the Lord lets the mighty fall before our eyes. It happened in the Church when all the sexual evil began to really be exposed. “Pride goeth before the fall.” Can’t happen soon enough for me!

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  4. Thanks for this succinct summary, Charlie!
    The way I see it, the “American Iron Curtain” works both ways…keeps those pesky politicians inside! 😄
    I have been searching and searching for information on what, if any, amount of bailout money would come to Oregon given we have a Balanced Budget amendment in our state constitution. All I can find are totals, but not to each state. I will keep searching. If all else fails I will simply write to my senators and ask them. Let’s see, “How many dollars will come to Oregon to bail out our balanced budget?” Or is that too sarcastic? 🤔
    Praying for all here ~ stay safe!
    Laetare! Katey in rainy Oregon 🌧

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  5. When I graduated from high school in 1977, one of our speakers had escaped from the old USSR. He still would not talk about who or how he had escaped. It was a very impactful speech. The US sure has a lot of ignorant young people who haven’t a clue what living in a communist country is like. I read one headline this morning about Bill Maher touting how advanced China is. Good grief!

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      I guess Bill Maher has never travelled the length of China.
      One of my wholesale buyers for Taiwan told me it takes DAYS to travel through China because the infrastructure is so primative outside the bigger centers.
      If Maher is only concerned with technology and certain areas of “advancement” any country can have a head up over another but China, as a whole, is not because it’s leaders do not consider it’s own people to be important, just power and global influence.

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        1. Surely did, Linda. I zoom with her on two Tuesday early morning times each month as well. The facilitator yesterday was her daughter, Annie, who also facilitates the Mothers of the Church series which is a zoom experience as well. 🙂

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            1. Truly… and it’s the whole package of DFOT, ASOH and CORAC – and all Apostolates doing the good works of our days – with all the ordinary people joining to bring God’s Kingdom more fully to earth that is SO heartening.

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      1. Beckita—I was in East Berlin in 1975. Unbelievable desolation. My husband was in the Army at that time and had to wear his uniform when we went in so as not to be accused of being a spy. How joyful it was to see that wall come down!

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  6. “Don’t you know that if you focus on banishing sin, you are focused on and engaged with sin? The only effective way to banish sin is to drown it in a sea of love.”

    So true. This isn’t taught much unfortunately.

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    1. That is really beautiful!!!

      “Don’t you know that if you focus on banishing sin, you are focused on and engaged with sin? The only effective way to banish sin is to drown it in a sea of love.”

      Sounds like something St Theresa would say🥰

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  7. Hello again everyone! 🙂 I’m still praying A LOT for/about everything, and everyone here! 🙂 I have a prayer request to share. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worked for almost six and a half years now at a company that’s just over a mile from my house. Our company was sold last year to a bigger group, and we just found out on Friday that they are going to be moving us to a new building (and combining with another company at the same time). This building is in Vernon Hills, Illinois, which is at least 45 minutes away from Spring Grove (where we’ve been, and where I live). It will likely be more like an hour or so commute one way for many of us, as a good number of people like myself live close to the Spring Grove facility. We won’t be moving there until the beginning of May (May 3 is supposed to be our first day). I can’t drive because of hand and eye coordination issues. I could possibly carpool with another employee who lives only a few miles from me, The problem is that this is not a guaranteed arrangement, and I know that his schedule might be different then mine. Also, I know that he has some ongoing health issues, and has had to leave work several times in the last year as he wasn’t feeling well, etc. Even getting a backup person in the area could be a challenge, for some of the same reasons with the first coworker. I also wouldn’t be able to attend daily Mass in person during the week, but I know that I could do online Mass, and Jesus knows where I’m at, etc.
    The Jewel grocery store that’s about a mile and a half from my house is also looking for both full and part time help, so that’s another option. In the meantime, my dad really wants us to move up to the property that my parents own in the western U.P. of Michigan (just outside the town of Wakefield, Michigan, about 20 miles from the border with Wisconsin. He’s been after my mom for the last several+ years to move up there. Of course, we have to sell this house first, and all this against the backdrop of the ongoing insanity by our “leaders” both here in Illinois, and in D.C. Sadly, my dad is not a practicing Catholic, so he doesn’t understand our faith (at least he’s not hostile to it). He generally looks at things from a mostly secular perspective, but he also says and believes things like pro life, religious freedom, supported President Trump, etc. As I’ve said before, I have no idea what’s going to happen, or how things will play out, but (especially in light of my own personal ongoing situation now), I know that God’s in control, and he is and will help us through it all, no matter what! 🙂 Again, PLEASE pray for us (myself and my family), and my current coworkers, as we navigate through all these things. 🙂 Thank you all so much and God Bless! 🙂

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    1. Praying for you and your family, Brian. Your Dad sounds like my husband. Both good people. Let us know how this works out for you all. God bless you.

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    2. It looks like I’ll be leaving my current job at the end of April. As i suspected, the employee I was told to check with about riding with him can’t commit to taking me. It’s really problematic to ask other people for the same reasons as I mentioned above. I’m going to be filling out an online application for the Jewel grocery store that’s a mile and a half from my house. I can only work part time for them, as you have to travel down to the suburbs of Chicago to the headquarters of Albertsons, the company that owns the Jewel stores, to be interviewed for a full time position (which I thought was a bit strange, but whatever….) So at least I should be able to keep working after the end of April. Again, this is against the backdrop of everything that’s going on in our country now. 😦 I half expect the economy to crash sometime (perhaps very?) soon, but one day at a time……. God’s still in charge, and I know that he’s got an ongoing plan for my life. 🙂 I keep striving to focus on taking my “next right steps” each day. 🙂 Thank you everyone for the prayers, and PLEASE keep them up! 🙂 Praying much for all of you as well! 🙂

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      1. That’s the spirit, Brian. All will be well. Your good cheer in the face of it all made me smile. I surely feel almost daily like I/we experience a little of Heaven on earth when we lift each other up in love and joy as family. ❤

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      2. Brian, praying God’s will in the decisions you have to make, and thank you for your prayers for all of us as well.


  8. Agree with the comments on the creepiness of the WH…
    I think we should have a friendly contest to name Fauci with a catchy name like Baghdad Bob!

    How about Dr. Kno ScYense Fauci….who is next?

    And tried donating online but got stuck, so snail mail a’com’n!

    God bless ya’all…..that’s me brushing up on my Texan talk🤠🙏🏻😉

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    1. That would be Y’all. Sometimes even all y’all! But come on anyway! There is room for all y’all here in Texas – RED y’alls anyway!

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      1. I wonder if the overflowing camp facilities on this side of the southern very porous curtain are biden’s way to ruin Texas? Apparently we are a thorn in his side, this stubborn red state. If so, the Homeland folks will NOT bus those kids elsewhere, they’ll merely release them. Boom, Texas, you are BLUE!!!

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  9. I don’t know about anybody else but to this day I laugh out loud when I imagine the rickety square-wheeled clown car. 🤡🤣

    Some things never stop being funny.

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      1. So awesome, I nearly exploded my canner! It was like that far from the red danger zone!!! But God is good, as usual, I caught it just in time.

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  10. Every night I listen to the news with disgust. It is very clear to me that the Democrat part of Congress is anti-God. Period. We can also call their lawlessness “Communism.” Every night I wait to hear that truth and justice will be served like we saw in the good old fashioned movies of years ago when “the good guys” won in the end. There is no way the “good guys” can win in this environment. The crooked outcome of this Presidential election is the last straw. What is happening in every branch of our entire government is completely diabolical. I say it again……..diabolical! I go so far as thinking the Antichrist is now in our midst. Like the victory at Lepanto, we can get things turned around by using the best weapon we all can use….and that is the Rosary. Let’s put on sackcloth and follow the good examples of past successes by way of fervent prayer of the Rosary. We can do it ! Keep praying, keep trusting Jesus with all your heart. May all God’s Holy angels and saints protect the USA. Amen. Thanks, Charlie, for your enlightening article.

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    1. What you write is exactly so, Judy. At the same time, we have g.r.e.a.t. hope. If you haven’t yet been able to do so, please do sign up at CORAC and take a look at Charlie’s visit videos. They are brimming with guidance, counsel, and insight which will help us all see how these ugly things must come to pass and, by this means, the Left is destroying so much that people are awakening in the best sense of the word.

      I would wager that 99% of the folks on this site DO and have been praying the Rosary for a long time… and we will not stop. In addition to praying the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and/or whatever prayers someone’s spirituality has led them to embrace, our goal here is to also engage in the prayer of doing. God is watching to see if we will make a stand for Him as we become silent no more.

      Amen to your closing prayer! 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Beckita, for your encouraging words. Indeed I will look into CORAC. St. Padre Pio said……”pray, hope and don’t worry.” In essence you said the same thing. Thanks again.

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        1. Well said, Judy. And around here, we are big on praying via acknowledging God always, the better to take our next right steps that He can make of us a sign of hope. Grateful for your presence with us. 🙂

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  11. Someone commented in a previous post “Aslan is on the move”

    As Charlie has previously stated “the time of sifting of souls has begun”.

    The Catholic Church with its avenue of forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation has something that the non-Catholic churches don’t have.

    and Milos has decided to consecrate himself to St. Joseph in this year of Saint Joseph.

    To me, what Milos is doing/has done is a sign of hope.

    The Grand Pastor is gathering his flock it would seem.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Claudette. Your voice is always welcome at this table of plenty… plenty of faith, hope, love, solidarity, and encouragement as we make our way through these days. 🙂

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. 😉


    I could care less about Puppets Prez/VP and the Capitol Hill Clown Show ….. that’s a distraction!
    I want to know, exactly, Who/What is behind them?
    Of Course, I and most here have already figured out The Big Picture ;-(
    It’s Satan and Global godless Communism! Whatever “Name” they try to hide behind it’s the same Death Cult of Paris 1789/1870, Russia 1917, Germany 1933, China 1949, Cuba 1958, Venezuela 2015, ……. USA 2021 ;-(
    THEY thought the USA was “in de bag” four years ago but along came Trump/Deplorables to disrupt their Timeline. Now they are franic, angry and obsessed to Get’r Done and damn the costs. Why the haste!? Perhaps The Power behind them knows ….Time is Short … for Them?
    Pray, PRAY for Divine Intervention! I’m Hoping-n-Praying that this Easter is The Big One that my late friend, Bruno, was always telling me about 😉

    Evil Forces, Puppet Masters & Great Re-Set!



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  13. Totally off topic…but I wanted to share this: For those who have access to videos through Amazon Prime, there is currently a wonderful Christian movie available (at no additional cost) on the topic of human trafficking. Joel Smallbone of the Christian band For King and Country plays the role of a courageous man who, although down on his luck, rises to the occasion and rescues 2 young immigrant women.

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    1. Lin, I love that movie; and the theme song (performed by Smallbone and his brother, with their band) is really incredible. Thanks for the heads-up that it’s on Prime for free right now.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS ..Noon 😉

    Do Ya need any MORE Proof? …. I don’t!

    Vatican low on $$$ …Where are perfumed Vatican princes gonna find their 30 Pieces of Silver … Eh!??

    We are living in an Age of Universal Deceit …. State …. & Church ;-(

    Why no Legions of FBI Agents and Urban Assault Vehicles here?
    …. Oh! .. Yeah ….. Never Mind!

    All The Usual Suspects despise & are “out to get” Oath Keepers …. and send a BIG message to any Conservative Resistors Out-There ….. but the very same Usual Suspects play Three Wise Monkeys when it comes to crime/violence perpetrated by BLM, Antifa, Illegal Aliens, Union Thugs ….. Radicals of ANY Stripe if they are aligned with the Left Agenda! It’s where we are then ;-(

    Carving up what’s left of the Golden Goose ;-(


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  15. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE ERA OF PEACE! The following is from the Mass readings today:

    Isaiah 65:17-25
    New American Bible (Revised Edition)
    A World Renewed

    17 [a]See, I am creating new heavens
    and a new earth;
    The former things shall not be remembered
    nor come to mind.
    18 Instead, shout for joy and be glad forever
    in what I am creating.
    Indeed, I am creating Jerusalem to be a joy
    and its people to be a delight;
    19 I will rejoice in Jerusalem
    and exult in my people.
    No longer shall the sound of weeping be heard there,
    or the sound of crying;
    20 No longer shall there be in it
    an infant who lives but a few days,
    nor anyone who does not live a full lifetime;
    One who dies at a hundred years shall be considered a youth,
    and one who falls short of a hundred shall be thought accursed.
    21 They shall build houses and live in them,
    they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit;
    22 They shall not build and others live there;
    they shall not plant and others eat.
    As the years of a tree, so the years of my people;
    and my chosen ones shall long enjoy
    the work of their hands.
    23 They shall not toil in vain,
    nor beget children for sudden destruction;
    For they shall be a people blessed by the Lord
    and their descendants with them.
    24 Before they call, I will answer;
    while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
    25 [b]The wolf and the lamb shall pasture together,
    and the lion shall eat hay like the ox—
    but the serpent’s food shall be dust.
    None shall harm or destroy
    on all my holy mountain, says the Lord.

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  16. Great piece Charlie. Ha, I forgot about the walls around Vatican too, looks like a bit of hypocrisy of Pope Francis in this regard… How far the society fell away from God… the increasing woke generation makes the Monthy Python gigs look like a boring reality. I just overheard this morning, during an online school session for first graders, a teacher telling kids how exciting it is Kamala Harris is a vice president… Not to mention now they want to start mandatory Covid testing for kids every week in our district, which at this point of pandemic seems to be irrational, it looks like somebody needs to milk the dollar cow even more ( who is going to pay for all these expensive rapid tests that need to be repeated every week? Besides, isn’t it violation of RODO if you force parents to let their kids’ genetic material be collected? It was not even explained how the testing would be done – we were just told our kids are required to have a weekly “SHIELD” rapid testing or they cannot attend school in person…. “SHIELD” – ha, this is typical Democrat wording for anything that in fact is usually contradictory!)…
    The Lord, Himself, is the only source of Wisdom. The stupidity of the leftist woke generation just proves they have detached themselves from God or sadly they have never found God in their lives. We just need to be patient and stay plugged in in the only source of Wisdom – God, revealed to us in His only Son, Jesus Christ… Stupidity cannot overcome Wisdom.

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    1. Just a follow up. Today, again the teacher went political, and he was reading the book “Kamala Harris rooted in justice”… I ended my session immediately for my son, posting a comment: “Kamala Harris rooted in justice?! Mr. …, please do not indoctrinate kids with ill conceived ideas!”.
      This is what they teach 1st graders? I guess online classes kind of expose some of the teachers…

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      1. For sure Pawel– and good for you. I think that’s what Charlie means for us to do– speak out against evil and lies. Speak truth to lies. We can’t be complacent and let things like that go.

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        1. A great example for us all, Pawel and Kim. Taking your next right step;

          “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

          As the Book of Proverbs tells us;

          “Deliver those who are drawn toward death,
          And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

          If you say, “Surely we did not know this,”
          Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it?
          He who keeps your soul, does He not know it?
          And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?”

          Proverbs 24:11-12

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  17. Sort of strange thing occurred to me today…. so I’m thinking 🤔….ok Easter is in 3 weeks! Then I thought about it being Lent right now…but it feels to me like we’ve been in Lent for about a year now and I don’t think it’ll feel like Easter on Easter! Lol. I think Lent will continue until our poor bleeding world comes to know that Jesus IS THE CHRIST and how important Our Mother is to Jesus and to us🥰🔥🐿😁

    Anyone else feeling this way? Lol Not that “feelings” really matter but it does seem like a pivotal moment in time 🤔

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    1. Definitely pivotal, Linda. Honestly, I have felt this way for a number of years… like we’re living so many dimensions of import in faith: Lent, yes, but also Advent, a contemporary Exodus, the Paschal mystery, layers of the Book of Revelation, and certain other passages in Scripture.

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      1. Ahhhhh Advent!!! Yes!!! I knew you’d have some wisdom to help me with these feelings from sadness to hope!!’ That’s it!!! Advent!!!🥰 🙏 thank you Beckita!😁

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        1. Yes, a victorious Advent Linda! Jesus already died for us and resurrected for us and Satan wants us either to lose that joy or never find it or diminish it as much as he can. Easier said than done, but I have an impression, to crush Satan in our own lives,and collectively in the entire world,we need and must rekindle the joy coming from ALREADY DONE for us redemption by our Lord Jesus Christ. But indeed life is an Advent, waiting to meet Him face to face and battling all frustrations (including the ones especially now!) and misfortunes here on passing like clouds Earth. We must battle ( and feelings of sadness and hope just prove that we are in the battle!) whatever comes in our faces primarily by rekindling our joy coming from the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every day. Every day is a micro Advent.

          “God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.” – 1J5,11

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          1. Funny you mention all this Pawel! Today I was full of saddnes! My neighbors on my left are moving to Florida my neighbors on my right are going into a care facility in Cincinnati, my neighbor behind me (Ernie) is dieing and I don’t know who all my new neighbors will be and what will happen to the neighbors that are leaving now…. so fluid…. so at adoration today I just simply cried all my worries concerns and anxieties out and afterwards I asked Jesus to please bring me back to joy!🥰 He’s so awesome! He did. I don’t like change and things are changing real quick like I reckon, so I’ll going to keep asking Him to fill me with joy during this transition! God bless you Powel😂

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  18. Regarding the military purging good soldiers from their ranks:

    Our oldest is graduating college this spring and is planning to join the Marine Corp as an officer.

    We have SERIOUS doubts right now about him going ahead with this. It’s been his dream for years. He is patriotic, valiant and deeply Catholic. He will also have a new wife after this summer.

    I would love a piece of advice from Charlie and you wise folks as this is an unprecedented situation in America.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. EJ,

      We are in strange times but if your son wants to join the USMC I believe it’s a fine thing.
      Just like College, he will have to be aware of the PC Situation and, as my Ol’ Navy Dad would say, keep his own council, ….. and a heightened Situational Awareness as we all should be practicing!
      He will learn many things that will be helpful in his/our future.
      Unless he is going into Aviation his service commitment will not be onerous if he decides to Press-On as a Civie.


      Liked by 6 people

      1. Very much appreciated, Crewdog. He is driven, and I know God has a plan for his life. It’s an uneasy feeling to let your child go out into the world during these apocalyptic times. God’s Will be done. Your words are so helpful, thank you!

        Liked by 4 people

    2. Fwiw…

      My view is why fight for the enemy?

      A similar example would be a talented, Christian working in corrupt public school system, advancing the agenda of the globalists.

      God bless


    3. EJ, I have no advice to offer; but I will offer my prayers for your son, for his discernment regarding the military, and for a happy marriage for him and his bride-to-be.


  19. Am being checked out for some visual issues, Visual field issues and some swelling in optic nerve. Visual symptoms began developing one week after I took the first shot of the Moderna Vaccine. I can’t say the two things are related as opposed to an unpleasant coincidence but I can’t say they are unrelated either. A prayer or 2 for me on this please. Thanks and God Bless.

    Liked by 6 people

  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS ..;-)

    Of Course! …… Newsom gettin’ nervous ;-(

    90% ($1.71 TRILLION) Democrat Slush Fund!

    Good Luck with that request!


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  21. Since the information about the experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccines is so censored (because of the Iron Curtain climate), I decided to post a link to a very important video concerning them. It’s an interview with Dr. Geert Vandern Bossche, a world-renown vaccine developer. He is sounding the alarm to world governments and asking them to stop the mass distribution of these vaccines to communities across the globe. He is saying that the distribution of these gene therapy vaccines in the midst of a pandemic can end up being a catastrophic medical disaster. (This sounds eerily similar to what Charlie has been saying about these gene therapy vaccines, doesn’t it?)

    Please be informed that Dr. Vandern Bossche is no anti-vaxer. He is a very prominent vaccine scientist. Just have to read his bio on Linkedin to see all of the organizations that he has worked for. One of them being the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He passionately states he is putting his reputation and credibility on the line by coming out warning the world about the danger of releasing these experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccines during a pandemic.

    Dr. Del Bigtree who produced this video explains the very scientific evidence of Dr. Vandern Bossche in layman’s terms. It can be easily understood that we are heading for a global catastrophe caused by these vaccines being released during a pandemic.

    In a nutshell, the mRNA vaccines permanently change a person’s innate immunity, one that God gave us, into a specific virus immunity. If a host comes in contact with any other virus that this specific virus immunity was designed to fight against, then this person is unprotected against this variant virus, and this person’s innate mmunity has no ability to fight against it!

    The video is 1 hour long and it is worth watching if you are on the fence on whether or not to get this mRNA gene therapy vaccine, i.e. Pfizer or Moderna.

    This is so serious. It needs to be shared…

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Yes, Texas. I’ve been pondering and praying about this new information since Sunday afternoon when a doc friend sent it to me. I’m glad you brought it here and, as a companion passage, I re-post what Charlie has written concerning his sense that the “vaccine” will turn out to be the “greatest medical disaster in history.” I include this to remind us to remain calm going forward, relying all the more on God the Father and His Plan for this time. We all know people who have already, in good faith, taken the shot. Some in our community have discerned to do so. Praying, in the spirit of Romans 8:28, that God will draw great good from this situation in which we find ourselves. “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”

      Charlie wrote:
      “I know a lot of people are very fearful about their loved ones who are getting the gene therapy vaccine. Don’t be. Remember that nothing is lost in God’s economy. Let me tell you what I think is going on here.

      God intends to bring all back to Him who are willing. Last year, in a Tower of Babel moment, we were hit with a serious virus that, even so, was within the normal range of such things. It had some unusual characteristics that made it deadly to a small but identifiable portion of the population. We went into a frenzied mass of raw panic, characterized by ever-changing advice (Don’t wear masks! Wear masks! Wear two masks!) – and this contradictory kaleidoscope of misinformation was from public health authorities. Ambitious little tyrants started issuing broad commands to shut down the economy, destroy people’s lives and livelihoods, leave old folks to die alone and uncared for while their loved ones were begging to see them. This was all for “our own good.” We quarantined the healthy while confining the sick to absolute viral incubators. Here in the City of Man, we relied on everything but ordinary prudence and God. God is not mocked by our officious little power games and ego trips.

      Yes, I do think this experimental gene therapy being called the Covid vaccine will be the greatest medical disaster in history. Yet God is always responsive to the call of those who truly wish to come back to Him. He does not will the destruction of even the rebellious and is ever glad to take them back. When the Israelites in the desert began to grumble and speak vile things about Moses and God, God sent them a plague of poisonous snakes to punish them. Yet when the people cried out and repented, God told Moses to make a fiery snake and mount it on a pole – and when the repentant people bitten looked upon it, they would not die from their snakebites (Numbers 21). That serpent on a pole became the symbol, even in these times, of true medicine. So, yes, I think a lot of people are going to be bitten badly by this gene therapy “vaccine,” but I also think that all who took it in good faith and suffered serious adverse reactions before we knew how bad it would be will become martyrs to the Lord and will intercede for us both here and in heaven. Once it is clear how bad it is, everyone who repents and calls on the name of the Lord will be healed. And then we will know once again where our only true source of security lies and will once more turn to true medicine rather than the shifting kaleidoscope of politicized medicine that stalks the land, changing only to augment the power and influence of the few rather than the good of all. Some will NEVER call on God and, so, be lost.

      Once we respond by tossing all the hucksters who have profited off of, lied to oppress, and even killed the vulnerable for political gain out of any position of public trust, treating them like the venomous serpents they have made of themselves, we will be back on our way to God’s friendship. So those of you who have loved ones who have or will take the gene therapy, have no fear. Unless they are beyond any repentance of the belief that man is god, all that will happen is that God will manifest a little of His glory in them when they call upon His name in repentance. And rejoice for all those who rejected God who will embrace Him anew when He is clearly the sole remedy for our self-imposed disasters.

      Nothing is lost in God’s economy – and much is gained.”

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Very good comment, Beckita. Yes, there are those in our community that have opted to take these vaccines, as well as the members of my own family which includes my adult children, some of whom have opted for the mRNA gene therapy vaccine, and ultimately, each one of us can only decide what is best for our own life, spiritually and physically. That is called free will. We each have to discern what is best for our own body, mind, and soul.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I, too, have family members who have been vaccinated, Tex. They were actually hot on the trail for getting it and, unfortunately, I think, it was fear-driven. I think that one of the finest discussions (and I’ve posted it before) concerning discernment – not only for discerning whether or not to vaccinate, but for anything – is this:

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        2. Well, my dear sister, a hard core Democrat, took the vaccine but actually has no idea what exactly vaccine it was. This proves some people do not pay attention if it is an mRNA experimental vaccine or a different experimental vaccine… It looks like they all are experimental vaccines since there was not enough time to even have tests done on animals. I won’t be surprised if encountered with the virus in the future, even Popes might hit the lottery getting an expedited pass to the eternity.

          Liked by 2 people

        1. I’ve seen this letter too, San San. Counsel-from-Charlie reminder for us all, coming from both ASOH and visit videos: This is a time to protect our credibility with those whom we know and wish to usher back to God. The information swirl is real. Vetting is essential. Giving new news time to be considered and checked for corroboration by independent reliable sources is a good move. We need to be very careful about widespread distribution and promotion of Dr. Vander Bossche’s opinion until we’re able to get more insight and information as to its validity.

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    2. Thanks for posting. This is what I believe to be true….our God given immunity will be forever changed. Our beautiful T-cells will be blunted – like when people contract AIDs – the T-cells are unable to do their job. People died from AIDs “related” issues — bc their immune system was compromised!

      I am praying and sitting among “powered kegs” watching my family members get the Moderna vaccine.

      With polio, there was NO CURE – therefore, a vaccine to help humans eradicate the disease was necessary and amazing.

      COVID as we all know has its own “cure” rate. Yes, some people die–not of COVID but COVID “related” complications. But mostly people survive the “flu”. And become “stronger” bc they fought the virus themselves (strong T-cells).

      My 45yr old daughter will take 2nd vaccine Wednesday. My 19yr old granddaughter will take 1st vaccine Saturday, then the 22yr old granddaughter is up to bat. SIGH! 😦

      My 30 yr old “nurse” adopted daughter just had her 2nd vaccine. I am at my wits end worrying, even though I know that God’s Hand will have to intervene on their behalf’s.

      I believe their immune systems will be compromised in the future – how terribly sad.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Yep. My 35 year old daughter got the 1st shot of the Moderna vaccine on March 4th. (Unbeknownst to me.) Her own rheumatologist recommended that she get it as well as all his other patients. If they are going to a rheumatologist, that means they are dealing with autoimmune diseases already. It seems nonsensical to recommend vaccines to immuno-compromised people for a virus with a 99.99% recovery rate, especially with early-treatment, and preventative therapeutics, for our adult children’s and grandchildren’s age groups!

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  22. A Hill to Die on!

    All, I am beyond rage on the inability of world renown MD’s and researchers to get any health agency in any English speaking country and the WHO to have their data acknowledged or published on the FACT that Ivermectin can prevent and cure COVID-19 at all stages.
    It has been proven by Health Care workers all over the world using their own funds to gather data in rigorously designed trails to prove this! No one is listening!!!

    No government is listening. It is beyond belief how far the Big-pharma.(?) or powers, whomever thy are, can control information at all levels.

    See Dr. Tess Lawrie and her latest interview on Trial site news:

    Lives are being lost.


    Liked by 6 people

    1. Jasconius
      They could not make this vaccine situation more confusing. It could be a lot clearer if they reported all the data. But why would the left allow that.

      I do not plan to get any covid vaccine for moral reasons alone plus for the research noted above.
      This vaccine is another tool bey Gates, WEF, WHO and any other One world reset goal to reduce population. They already promote abortion, birth control, euthanasia and now phony viruses.
      I am waiting for the consequences. I may need some surgery and am wondering if they will do it without the shot. Or if they do the surgery, will the follow-up visits be banned due to no vaccine being received. At this point, I put it all in God’s hands.

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  23. As always a reflective and far sighted look ahead of what we should be prepared to do regarding the level of additional burden and persecution they put on the red state coffers and built over time through better management. The country and world truly have now, and I think will get worse, in which goodness and Light are not treated as evil and Darkness. Darkness gets to openly parade around bragging what it has done using their own lies and deceit and telling any that will listen to them how full of pride they are for their contribution to a fair and just society for all the people.

    What a crock!!

    For me, being patient with some of these instigators of evil and destruction, in particular those causing the destruction to the moral fabric of our society in those areas that especially affecting children, is hard to handle. However, there is no doubt your Spiritual Director was right in directing you (anyone) that it is God’s love and mercy that our hearts must be open to God’s mercy and love to show them true God’s charity is the best incentive for change. I will need to pray more to Our Lord to help me meditate on that truth and apply it to CORAC.

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  24. Great faithful and well covered commentary. “The City of Man is crumbling. Let us devote ourselves to building the City of God.” Fruits of reflection from St. Augustine by the Holy Spirit. Sign of Hope! Amen… love it!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think it’s important to also remember, that many of the immigrants crossing our border come from Christian/Catholic backgrounds. They may not support the current regime in the end, but they will use them to for now to get into a better country. Maybe some will be a plus for our side.

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  25. Sort of cool Fr Frances gave us all a blessing after Mass this morning with a first class relic of St Patrick!!! ☘️ What a great honor on this great day!!! Also, I’m getting my hair cut 💇‍♀️ and Charlie Meghan asked about you and wanted to know if you made it back home ok!!! Lol. She thought you were a very nice man!🥰 Then we went on ranting at the way vid vaccines 💉 are being made to us who refuse to be their Ginny pigs! Ha! Just love Meghan!!! Told her if she ever runs for governor she’s got my vote for sure!

    Happy St Patty’s day everyone! Did y’all know he is actually Italian??? ☘️☘️☘️

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  26. I am able to be less active for a bit due to the ongoing eye issues. Dr. has ordered testing and is testing for inflammation, RA which refers to autoimune issues and TB among other things as he is considering a likely steroid for optic nerve swelling. Remember these issues started a week after the Moderna vaccine and autoimmune in my mind points to an immune system reaction following the vaccine. Hopefully it will abate with TX but in the meantime I believe God is using me as one canary in the coal mine about potential dangers of this Vac so here I am singing.

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  27. Pray for us, St. Patrick! Oh that we would be imbued with your missionary spirit as we TNRS as ASOH in CORAC style!

    From the Confession of Saint Patrick, Bishop


    I give unceasing thanks to my God, who kept me faithful in the day of my testing. Today I can offer him sacrifice with confidence, giving myself as a living victim to Christ, my Lord, who kept me safe through all my trials. I can say now: Who am I, Lord, and what is my calling, that you worked through me with such divine power? You did all this so that today among the Gentiles I might constantly rejoice and glorify your name wherever I may be, both in prosperity and in adversity. You did it so that, whatever happened to me, I might accept good and evil equally, always giving thanks to God. God showed me how to have faith in him for ever, as one who is never to be doubted. He answered my prayer in such a way that in the last days, ignorant though I am, I might be bold enough to take up so holy and so wonderful a task, and imitate in some degree those whom the Lord had so long ago foretold as heralds of his Gospel, bearing witness to all nations.

    How did I get this wisdom, that was not mine before? I did not know the number of my days, or have knowledge of God. How did so great and salutary a gift come to me, the gift of knowing and loving God, though at the cost of homeland and family? I came to the Irish peoples to preach the Gospel and endure the taunts of unbelievers, putting up with reproaches about my earthly pilgrimage, suffering many persecutions, even bondage, and losing my birthright of freedom for the benefit of others.

    If I am worthy, I am ready also to give up my life, without hesitation and most willingly, for his name. I want to spend myself in that country, even in death, if the Lord should grant me this favor. I am deeply in his debt, for he gave me the great grace that through me many peoples should be reborn in God, and then made perfect by confirmation and everywhere among them clergy ordained for a people so recently coming to believe, one people gathered by the Lord from the ends of the earth. As God had prophesied of old through the prophets: The nations shall come to you from the ends of the earth, and say: “How false are the idols made by our fathers: they are useless.” In another prophecy he said: I have set you as a light among the nations, to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

    It is among that people that I want to wait for the promise made by him, who assuredly never tells a lie. He makes this promise in the Gospel: They shall come from the east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is our faith: believers are to come from the whole world.

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  28. St Patrick, together with an army geared for the conversion of a nation comprised of priests, judges, smiths, soldiers, cooks, gardeners, brewers, farmers, masons, carpenters, brick-makers, artists, tailors, poets, and musicians, traveled the land, establishing the faith, churches and faith communities.”
    CORAC has a great example to follow in St Patrick!

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  29. Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ fellow squirrels!!! Hey great message from Anne today in regards to how Jesus feels when we go to visit Him! I know for sure me and MP have Holy Hours today!!! Woo woot!! 🥰🥰🐿🐿 Jesus sure does love us🥰

    Liked by 4 people

        1. You’re welcome, Linda. 😉

          BTW – Have you planted your Luffa seeds? I harvested a bunch of Yellow Giant Hollyhocks and Teddy Bear Sunflowers from last year’s plants. I planted them in egg carton sections and have spouts after just one week.
          I also purchased bags of Moringa Tree seeds from Wendy Cukierski’s family Apostolate – buy 1 get 3 free. I have way too many! I am not in a 4 season climate and will have to grow them indoors in pots over the winter. They are quite medicinal!
          I have SO many seeds!!! Please let me know if you’d or anyone here would like some seeds. Any and/or all of the three mentioned.
          I love this time of year! ❤

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  30. I posted this on FB today after checking my writing with a magnifying glass:
    5h ·
    Shared with Your friends
    To ffacebook fack checker. Do not tell ME that adverse events from this vaccine cannot happen. I am the one experiencing vision loss. If testing shows that the cause has been developing over time and is not due to the vaccine I will post it, but if testing shows that the cause is likely acute with no longer term cause the likelihood of a vaccine related cause would be greater!!
    And with that said my wife is still concerned that I am posting negative posibilities about the Vac. Afraid folks will die because of it. I suppose it is like having 2 revolvers with 100 or less chambers and one bullet. Which one are we going to point at ourselves and pull? If I had to do it over again I would have taken the COVID one for sure unless I find there is some other cause after all testing is done.
    Daily check in God Bless Bob

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    1. Bobg,

      Praying for you. How this must weigh heavily on your heart. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Perhaps this is the martyr, your suffering will save others and convert others. And I do believe God created these days for miracles. Expects a miracle. The year of Saint Joseph.

      Thank you for keeping us updated. We do care. Including your intentions in my rosary and at mass tonight.

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    2. We all know about the intense battle going on between good and evil.
      This sounds like you are under attack.
      You did this for the sake of your family- hence good choice.
      (which upsets the evil that wants to destroy the family)
      May we all pray that God gives us extra graces to endure the battle.
      “Jesus Loves You!”
      May Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph stay very close to you and your family.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. So glad that Pope Francis formally affirmed that Catholic Church cannot bless homosexual marriages because God cannot bless sin! … Won’t be surprised if a schism is coming e.g. from the German episcopate… Waiting for Truth and Wisdom to shine full-time!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’ve often thought we’ll have multi-fractures over time. Striving for personal holiness and making our stand for and with God will win the day. I absolutely L.O.V.E. your closing attitude and prayer after noting the difficulty, Pawel!

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